Prime Minister's Questions: 30 January 2019

Prime Minister's Questions: 30 January 2019

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The Prime Minister. Toby, Perkins. The. Prime Minister, Thank You mr., speaker and mr.. Speaker I'm sure that members from all sides of the house will. Want to join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to, all those affected, by the collapse of the Brahma Dino dam in Brazil, we're. In touch with the local authorities, and we stand ready to provide whatever support we, can mr.. Speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further such meetings later today. As. They associate myself with the comments of the prime minister about the tragic situation in Brazil, my. Son is one of thousands. Of young people to have their life chances transformed. By their studies at Chesterville college the, college is funding, like Fe, colleges, across, the country is, 30, percent down, in, real terms since this government came. To power, what. The further education funding is in crisis, why is the education, of young people who go to further education, colleges worth, so little to this government. Could. Not be more wrong it is this. Which. Is it is this government that is ensuring that by 2020. The funding, available support. The. Funding we're putting into further education is. Ensuring. That we are providing, the best life, chances, for young people, who are going into education. It. Is this government, that, is taking, steps to ensure that young, people, are able to take up the opportunities, that are right for them for, too long in this country the. Assumption, has been that the only way to, get on in life is to go to university, and other, ways like apprenticeships. And further education, colleges have, been not, being respected, in the same way it is this government that is ensuring we have that respect, for further education it's. This government that's ensuring, we have the respect for technical education as, well. Thank. You mr. speaker it's. My right, old friend aware that last year was, the worst on record for. The deaths imprisonment. Or hostage-taking, of journalists. With, 80 across the world killed, in the course of their, work does. My right friend agree the, journalists, fulfill a vital, role in a free society and. We'll see him sure that every opportunity is, taken to put pressure on the governments with the worst records, to respect, media freedom and to take action, to protect international. Journalism. My. Right honourable friend has raised a very important, issue and I certainly agree with him about the important, role that a free press and journalists, play in our, democracies. And I'd. Like to thank him for raising, this issue because, I know it's important, to him but many members across the house and as he says sadly, in 2018.

We, Saw 80 journalists, being killed. 348. Are currently in prison and 60, of being held hostage around, the world and, we're deeply concerned because these numbers as my right honourable friend says have risen on the previous year that's why in 2019. Replacing. Our resources behind the cause of media, freedom were, helping to train journalists, around the world such. As in Venezuela, where we've seen an authoritarian, government suppress. Its, critics, and, this year and. This. Year we plan to host an international conference. In London, on media. Freedom bringing. Together countries who, believe in this cause to, mute trip to mobilize an international, consensus. Behind. The protection of journalists, this is an important, issue this government is putting its weight behind it. I. Joined, the prime minister in sending, support. To the victims of, the bra Mahina bra Mohinder dam collapsed. In Brazil and I'm very pleased that all support, is being offered to the authorities, there to try and deal with that crisis, mr.. Speaker following, the vote in the house last night against, No Deal the Prime Minister is again. Going to attempt to renegotiate, the backstop on the basis of finding alternative, arrangements. Could. She set out today what these alternative, arrangements, might be. Last. Night the House voted. Such a clear direction on, the way that house could agree a deal and, that's why and that is about dealing is the right honourable gentleman says with, the issue of the backstop as I said yesterday there are a number of proposals for how that could be done my, right are we're engaging positively. With, proposals that are being put forward by my right honourable friend the member for Loughborough and my honorable friends the members for Northwest Hampshire, Wycombe a North East Somerset. Others including, my honourable friend remember for altering ham and sail west have put forward other proposals, such, as a unilateral exit. Mechanism, I'm. Just telling the shadow foreign secretary. If. The. Point of advice if she wants to shout things it might be to interest them in response to what I'm saying rather than just. They, put forward proposals such, as you know natural exit mechanism, or a time limit to the backstop and the political, declaration, already references, alternative, arrangements, and raises. A number of issues that can be a proposals that we address such, as mutual recognition of Trustee trader schemes. That. Was very clear to me I don't know about anybody else. But, it would be it would have been nice mr., speaker it would have been really nice if the Prime Minister had acknowledged, that, she did whip her MPs, to try and support No Deal and was, defeated, on that and. Mr.. Speaker. The. EU, said, at the weekends, they're, willing to renegotiate if, the, government's, red lines could, change could, the Prime Minister, today set, out which, of her, red lines are going to change. It's. Been absolutely, clear with my contacts, with European Union leaders is that they want to deal what this House voted for last night is to, leave the European Union, with a deal but it also crucially. Showed what, it will take to see. A sport in this house for, for. A deal in the future I think the plan that was set out last night shows. That we can obtain, a substantial. And a, sustainable. Majority, in this house but the right honourable a gentleman, talks about, not being clear about positions.

On Various things I'm, very pleased that he is now going to I'm, very pleased that he is now going to very. Pleased he's now going to meet with hurt me and, there are a number of issues that I want to discuss with him for example he talks about a strong single market relationship, with the European Union in the future, he. But he was also and, I want to know whether that means he wants to accept all EU state aid rules for, example because in the past he's objected, to state aid rules and he can't have it both, ways so we need to know with greater clarity what, it is right honourable gentleman believes, in and perhaps perhaps. Next time, perhaps. Next time one of his own backbenchers. Wants to ask him about his position on a second referendum, he'll actually take a question, on an engine. Mr.. Speaker last time I looked at the order paper it said Prime Minister's, question, time. And the, Prime Minister has herself, has. Herself, and, I quote the only possible, deal was, within her redline so it's perfectly, reasonable to, ask which. Of her red lines has changed, this. Morning the brexit secretary was asked tonight quote what is the alternative to the backstop, he replied well, that's, what we're exploring. Can. The Prime Minister tell us which, options. Are being explored. One. Of the earlier questions the right honourable gentleman gave me perhaps also, if he listens to the answers, to the questions he. Wouldn't, have to repeat the question. Looking. Forward to meeting the prime minister later on today. Because. I, want. To put forward Labour's, alternatives. Which could come out a majority in this house. And. Are about protecting jobs, and the people's living standards across, this country mr.. Speaker this morning the breakfast fee brexit. Secretary, makes it Minister rather said that, alternative. Arrangements. Means looking at technology. Very, interesting question so can the Prime Minister be very clear what. Technological. Advances. Is she expecting, to be made in, the next 58. Days. Horrible. Gentlemen. They. Want to hear about these matters the, Prime Minister. The, right honourable gentleman I have spoilt, it out that there are a number of options that people are putting forward that we are working, with them on and working positively, with the men I've already referenced, a number of things that are in the political declaration, on alternative, arrangements, but do set out a various, aspects, that could be looked at I reference, one of them in my answer to his in my answer to his question earlier but what I would also say to the right honourable gentleman is that. He you, know last night the house did, vote to reject No Deal but, it also voted. To do what the European, Union has consistently. Asked, this house to do since, it rejected the withdrawal agreement, which was to say what it was that the UK wanted, to see change, last. Night a majority. In this, house, voted. To. Maintain, the commitment to, no harp or talking northland and in Ireland to, leave the European Union with a deal and to, set out to the European Union what it will take to ensure, that this house can support a deal that, is a change to the backstop that is what I will be taking back to the European Union that, is what we will be doing to ensure that we can avoid no, deal he stands up regularly, and says he doesn't want no deal i working. To, ensure we, get a deal he has opposed every move, by this. He's the one who risking, No Deal, Jeremy. Corbyn, that's his figure I would be grateful the Prime Minister would actually acknowledge, that the house has voted to take no deal off the table and. Can she assure the house that if she is unable to, secure. Any legal, changes to the backstop, that she would work, to find a solution based. On a comprehensive. Customs. Union, a strong, single market, deal and the guaranteeing, of rights and protections, rather, than, go back to the alternative, that she's been threatening everybody with for, months and months which, was to crash out without any, deal whatsoever. To. Reject no deal but, that cannot, be the end of, the story the. Only, way the. Gentleman. Says of course Marc I think that's that I think that's the first time he's, actually accepted. That, you can't just, vote to reject No Deal you have to vote for a, deal. Kerber, so. Far he has opposed, everything. This government, has put forward in relation. To a deal and he said he said previously he. Will reject any deal that the government, puts. On the table willy willy now he says it's Prime Minister's Questions, but, people want to know his position as well. Will, he ensure, that, if this government comes back with a revised, deal that, ensures we don't leave with no deal he will actually support it. It. Really is time mr. speaker that the Prime, Minister acknowledged.

He's Got to move on from the red lines she's put down in the first place and she. Doesn't acknowledge that, in answer to my questions, or indeed anybody. Else's, mr.. Speaker our responsibility. Is to bring, people, together, whether. They vote. Mr., speaker we are the, houses of parliament we, are the House of Commons we do represent the entire country, and the point, I'm making is, we, should bring people together whether, they voted leave or remain. And. Indeed. I look forward to meeting the Prime Minister to discuss a solution. That, could in my view, unite, the country, changes. For the backstop alone will not be sufficient. Businesses. And trade unions, are very clear that any solution any, solution. Must, involve a customs, union and the, strongest, possible deal with a single, market to avoid, the damage of No, Deal the Prime, Minister, may, have possibly. Temporarily. United. Her party, but, is she willing. Mr.. Speaker, is odor, odor. Mr.. Ellis. You. Were at one time a barrister, of one rank or another in. The course there. Is no way that you would have been allowed to shout, from. A sedentary position in that way and the, judge would have ruled you out or I don't know whether that's why you stopped practicing, law and came into Parliament behave. Yourself, young man you can do so much better when you try Jeremy. Corbyn, figure as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. The. Prime Minister, may have succeeded may. Have, succeeded, in temporarily, uniting. Her very divided. Party. But. Mr. speaker. Is. She. Willing is she, willing to, make compromises. Necessary. That, are more important, and that is to unite the country on, a going-forward, to, secure jobs and living standards right across the UK. Can. I can I say to the right honourable gentleman he's a fine one to talk about coming together when it was only last night that he agreed to actually meet me. He's. Time. And time again he's, told me to listen to the views of the house, he's just stood up and said the back stop is not the only issue in the withdrawal agreement, last. Night the House voted, by, a majority, to say that the issue that needed to be addressed was the backstop. So he he, needs to listen to the house and to recognize that and his, proposal, last night he put poor two proposal, last night which reference, the customs, union the single market and his, proposal, was rejected by. This, house, but. I'll tell him what this government has been doing over. The last week we've been getting more teachers, into schools we've, been assuring, they're giving more money to councils, we won a majority, on brexit, what, did he manage his, brexit, plan was voted down he, opposed ending. Free movement and he won't rule out a second, referendum he's, no plan for exit no good plan for our economy, and no plan for our country. Thank. You mr., speaker first. Time buyer numbers, which collapsed, under the last Labour government, are, now at, a ten-year, high thanks. To initiatives, like help to buy and the, first time buyer stamp duty card but. There are still many people in their, 20s, and 30s who, want, to buy their own home. Will. The Prime Minister join me in, asking local authorities, to use their existing powers. When, they grant planning consents, to make sure that as many properties as possible, are designated. As starter, homes or, discount. Market, sales homes to, help those people in, their twenties and thirties realize. The dream of homeownership is. An. Important issue not only in, pointing, out the, very, good news that we see that. 10-year high in the number of first-time. Buyers but, also the opportunities, that are available for local authorities to provide. For this and we, obviously are, clear that the planning system has a key role in delivering more affordable, homes and the national planning policy framework, revised. Last year was. Central to this it includes a wider definition of affordable, housing and local authorities are expected to consider the new definition, which, includes, what my honourable. Founders reference starter homes and discounted, market, sales homes to, identify, the types of affordable, housing their communities need and, as an expectation that major developments, will make a minimum of 10 percent of homes available, profitable.

Ownership, Including starter. Homes and discounted, market. Sales homes so, we've made good progress on, first-time, buyers there's more for us to do and this government is doing it. Thank You mr., speaker, two, weeks ago the. Prime Minister told this house to. Vote down this deal in the. Hope of going back to Brussels in negotiating, an alternative. Deal no. Such, alternative. Deal exists. Yet. Last night, she. Told the house she. Will go back to Brussels, and seek. An alternative. Arrangement so, what is it has. The Prime Minister. Inadvertently. Misled, the house or. Has this government's, incompetence. Reached, a whole new level. Appears. To have admitted in what, he's saying is, that the deal was brought to the house and the House of Commons, rejected. That deal therefore. We look to say what can be changed what can we take back to Brussels, what can we fight for to ensure that the deal can get the support of this, of, this house but, I'd also, like to say the opportunity I was going to respond to the right honourable gentleman's point of order last night but unfortunately. When I looked she'd left I think to go into a Sky News, interview. I want. I want, I want, to just confirm. Absolutely. Confirm. Absolutely. The, commitment, of this government, to the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, and. The remarks the right honourable gentleman made last night in in relation, to that were frankly irresponsible. That, is responsible. Order. The. Right honourable. Gentleman has. A right, to be heard, the. Public, would expect, him to be heard and he, will be heard and attempts. To shout, him down are, not just rude. They are irresponsible. They are undemocratic. And they should certainly, not have the sanction, of anyone. Who, sits on the Treasury bench stop. It it's low-grade. It's useless, and it won't work Ian. Blackford, Thank, You mr. speaker that was a graceless, response, from the prime minister who is acting with sheer, irresponsibility. I have, to say in her answer what she demonstrated, there's you know my principles, if you don't like them you can have some more mr.. Speaker, last. Night in majority, of Scottish, MPs, rejected.

Bret's At the Scottish Parliament the, Welsh and this. Oughta, stop. It it's utterly. Irresponsible. Chanting. In the background, let, the right honourable, gentleman ask his question, and the Prime Minister answer. It that is what the public would, expect, Ian Blackburn thank. You very much mr. speaker the, Scottish Parliament the. Welsh Assembly unless. House of Commons has, rejected the Prime Minister's, deal the, UK government, told Scotland, and 2014. Being, part of the UK meant, continued, EU membership the, UK government told us would, be part of the family of equal, nations Prime, Minister Scotland. Wants, to stay in the EU. Not, my, desk government, ignored, in Scotland, Prime, Minister do you accept, that you've, promised, Scotland, everything, you've delivered nothing. The. Right or gentleman Scotland, is part of the United Kingdom it. The, United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union, but if the if the right honourable gentleman wants to talk about the impact of Scotland, in the future perhaps he should look at the latest figures that came out just this morning, on exports. Over. 60 percent of Scotland's, exports, go to the rest of the UK, that's. More than, Scotland's, trade with the rest of the world and over, three times more than with the rest of the European, Union, and yet, he represents. A party but, wants to erect a border, between, Scotland, and England, the. Biggest threat the, biggest threat to the future of Scotland, is sitting on those benches. Mr.. Speaker there, is a clear choice between. Remaining. In the customs union or, a fully functioning, UK. Independent. Trade policy, does. My right on real friend think, it is time that the leader of the opposition alters, his red lines repeated. Twice in this question time accept. The will of the British people and, allow businesses. To thrive in a post brexit world by, having a free trade policy. Absolutely. Right about, what we are. Aiming. To ensure that we get from the leaving. The European Union which is that ability to. Have that independent. Trade. Policy, that is so, important. For us as we leave the European Union yes, I want to have a good trade relationship, with the EU but, I also want to ensure that we are able to have an independent trade, policy with those trade deals around the world and that this country, should be a champion, for free trade around, the world that's, the way not, only to, enhance, our economy, and to bring jobs to this country, and enhance our prosperity but, actually that would be a benefit, for the countries around the world including. Some, of the. Countries. Whose economies do. Need to, be helped and improve some of the people who are some of the poorest in the world will, be helped by those trade arrangements, that's what we are going, to deliver that's, our commitment of the British people and as my honourable friend says it delivers, on the result of the referendum Andy, Martin, Thank, You mr. speaker my. Constituent. Lyn Sherman, who has two terminal, illnesses. Reapplied. For her pip on the 19th of September, but, did not receive a home visit assessment, until, the 6th of January. She. Has still not received, a decision, on her claim does. The Prime Minister consider it fair all sensible, that in addition, to losing her benefit, miss, Sherman has also lost her, blue badge her, bus pass and Harry. The. Honorable gentleman has raised a specific, constituency. Case and. The. Honorable gentleman has raised a specific, constituency. Case and I will ask the relevant, Department, to look into the details of that case. Q. Mr. speaker on the 12th of July last year my, constituents, took their son Jack to, Leeds Children's, Hospital, for their, surgery four crania synostosis and the. Surgery went well but after that care he, declined. Post-surgery. His. Parents raised concerns, as. He declined so much by the 16th of July a nurse. Raised, concerns, regarding, sepsis. Jack. Continued to be treated for gastroenteritis, on the, next day Jack died of overwhelming.

Sepsis. This. Is now the subject sadly, of a of a coroner's inquest but, what my constituents. Want is. To ensure that this never happens again, to another, set, of parents Jack was just three, days short, of his second birthday the. Hospital is since then introduced. An early warning system for pediatric. Sepsis, but that's come that came too late for Jack become my prime minute come my, right or my friend the prime minister assure me that she will do everything in her, powers, to ensure that no other parent has to go through what my constituents have been through. Prime. Minister. First. Of all can I say to my honourable friend that I'm sure the whole house will, join me in sending our deepest, condolences to the family and friends of Jack a terrible, tragedy that has occurred and the, loss of such a young life, can. I also say that we recognize, as indeed, I'm sure our honourable, friend the member for Dudley South will confirm that sepsis, is a devastating, condition, and it, is important, that the NHS carries on developing, its program, of work on recognizing, sepsis and improving, outcomes I know NHS, England and NHS Improvement, are working, urgently. With the Royal College of pediatrics, and child health to establish, a single, England, wide, pediatrics. Early warning system to improve the recognition, of sets, and responsive health care services to children and young people, nothing. That, we can do obviously. Can bring Jack back or compensate. For the devastating. Impact. On his family, but, I can reassure my honourable friend and, I hope he will be able to reassure his constituents. That we're going to continue to do all we can to improve the care for those with this devastating condition. Lynn. Smith. Speaker. The, prime minister will know that there is a rising, tide of racism, in our country. Since. She came to office race, hate crime, has increased by a hundred percent. To. 72,000. Separate, attacks, last, year what. Is happening, to our country on her watch. Can. I say to the Honorable gentleman that when I was, Home Secretary, I took measures to ensure that we improved, the recording, of hate, crime because. Actually. No, we didn't we didn't have a full picture of what was of, what was happening my, right honourable friend the Home Secretary, has recently reviewed. And revised our hate crime strategy, but, the point underlying, what the Honorable gentleman has said which, is that week none of us should. Accept. Hate crime we should all be very clear from this house that there is no place for hate crime in our society, and wherever. We, see racism. In whatever. Form, we should all take action, to eradicate, it. Vicki. Ford Thank. You mr. speaker in her discussions, with EU leaders will the Prime Minister be making it crystal clear that, this government stands, firmly behind all, of its commitments, under the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, mr.. Very. Happy to give my honourable friend that absolute. Assurance. And commitment, we, stand, fully behind our commitments, under the Belfast and Good Friday Agreement and that everything, we do will be in the light of those commitments Tracey. Braben. Is. A community, made up of small towns and villages and, buses. Are a valued, and essential. Service. So I'm sure the, Prime Minister will sympathize with my constituents, anger, at the recent cuts to services by. Arriva, announced. This week so, much so that commutes. Are thrown into chaos people can't get to the shops and one headteacher told me that, they were concerned, how their pupils would actually, get, to school doesn't. The Prime Minister, agree with me that people are more, important. Than profit. And isn't, it time to invest in bus services, after years, of cuts and bring, them under public. Control. The.

Honourable Lady we recognize the importance that buses, play in local communities, and that's why we, spend 250, million pounds, every year to. Keep fares down and maintain an extensive, network and, that benefits, people up, and down the country and we particularly, put, money into. Supporting. Free bus travel for older and disabled people because we recognize, how particularly important, buses, are to vulnerable people now, we're looking, at what we can do further to improve access for people with disabilities. But we have been putting money in to ensure that the remains and extensive, bus network which is a benefit to local communities. David. Duke it. Once, ladies have supported a majority. Of this House voted in favor of a deal. Ideal, to deliver on the dimeric Democratic, will of the, people, of the United Kingdom and to leave the EU will, my ray or girlfriend continue, to stand stand. Firm and in the next phase of negotiations, against, the fishing nations of the EU and, their vain attempts, to maintain guaranteed, common access to our water. Leaving. The Common Fisheries Policy becoming. An independent coastal, state is so, important, to this country to enable us to enhance. And give opportunities, to fishing, communities, around the, United Kingdom I recognize it's particularly important. In Scotland, but there. Are fishing communities around the whole of the UK who will benefit from us becoming an independent coastal, state and I'm very clear our, position is there we have that agreement and it's not a renegotiation, in vain, Thank You mr., speaker the secretary, the Prime Minister will be aware of the report. By Sir John Gillen and to the laws and procedures around, serious, sexual offences, in Northern, Ireland a very serious preliminary report which already reveals, that, there's a declining, conviction. Rate in Northern Ireland that we've, the longest, delays for, getting cases to trial and those that want to go to trial there's a 40%, drop out these, are serious issues and I'm wondering what the Prime Minister is going to be able to do to ensure that any law, changes, that Sir John Gill and recommends will be able to be implemented in Northern Ireland.

Say. To the Honourable gentleman's offices this is a very clearly, it's is a very serious issue and it's something I understand. The judiciary in Northern Ireland on the default justice. Authorities, are keeping under close and active consideration, of course, it's the Honourable gentleman knows policing, and justice, is a devolved matter in Northern, Ireland as is the length of custodial, sentences, now, the Secretary, of State for Northern Ireland in recently passing, the executive, formation, next size of functions, bill enables. Two bombers to continue to take decisions, in the public interest to ensure the continued operation of public services, but that can is not and cannot be a replacement for a devolved government, and I think the example the honourable gentleman has given is yet another reason why it's important for us all to work to get the devolved administration. Up and running the, map alarm a thank. You mr., speaker the Prime Minister, will, appreciate that the government is spending 50. Over 50 percent more, per, head in real terms in education, than, in, the year, 2000. Achieving, much better results, my said mr. speaker, however. There are still some challenges with resources and funding, in many areas across Hitchin, and Harpenden especially. In small rural schools, would. The Prime Minister commit to, special, consideration. For, education, in the upcoming, spending, review because. I believe that this would command widespread. Support across, the house I. Think. The, Chancellor was listening to the remarks, and the comments that my own, friend made in his question in relation to funding, it is absolutely, right as my honourable friend says that we have been putting more money into schools and it's also right that we see we see more children, 1.9, million more children now in good or outstanding schools. Than in 2000, and 2010.

We, Will of course be looking carefully across all elements. Of public public, expenditure, when we come to the spending review but as I said to my honourable friend I'm sure, the Chancellor has heard the, the. Lobbying. That my humble friend has indulged. In in his question in relation to this matter the rumors particularly, for small rural schools Stephen, Morgan Thank. You mr. speaker unlike this government John Lewis has never knowingly undersold, portsmouth but, last week, partners announced, their closing light in Li a much-loved. Store in the heart of my community, since 1865. And that's, just one example, retailer. After, retailer, store, after store job. After. Job when. Will the government finally. Bring our high streets back from the brink. Obviously. I recognize. This is a concerning, time from the employees at my Tinley in South. Sea obviously. It's a commercial decision, for the company to, take we, will be ensuring that the. Department work and pensions and Jobcentre, Plus will work with the company to understand the level of employee support required. And, I have to say to the honourable gentleman that if he is worried about jobs in his constituency, the, policies, that would cause most, damage to jobs in his constituency are, the policies, of the Labour Party and his labour. Last. Week SMP, laid Murray Council, announced a number of devastating. Cuts to local services, many, of which will impact, young people, from closing libraries. And swimming, pools to, ending, the actor Schools program, and. Increasing. The fees on music, tuition, these young people are affected for the highest paid senior managers, in Council are, not so, well my right honourable friend agree with me that the smpm, money should focus on, services, rather than managers. Government, to deliver a feeder funding meal for money. Well. Can I say tomorrow friend of course the UK, government, has increased, the Block Grant as it's going to the Scottish government next, year so. Decisions. Decisions. On. Cutting, budgets are, a matter of priority. For, the SNP rather necessity. Extra. Money has been given to them it's a question of where they want to put that money on what they put as a priority, and I think it's it's, a time. That the SNP empowered, local government in Scotland, rather than hoarding, power at Holyrood. Next. Week is World. Cancer day, last. We are, a, gret, that st. Clare's hospice and Jarl closed, through funding, difficulties would. The Prime Minister use her officers, to facilitate, a, meeting. Between me and the relevant health minister disabled. And secure and ensure. To. The health care, for the terminally, ill in the future in the journal constitution. Gentlemen. I will ensure that a relevant Minister meets, with him and addresses this issue with him. Rachel. MacLean. Numbers. Of women in the workplace now, more, and more women will experience the, symptoms or perimenopause or, menopause, while, they're at work a mr., speaker often incentives, are not well understood by the general population, and. They include much more than just hot flashes, and night sweats, so. Will the Prime Minister please join my campaign which. Calls on employers to update, their, wellbeing policies, so, that women can get full information and. Probably, support so, they can continue contributing, at, work. My. Thank. My humble friend for raising this issue because obviously. This is an issue that I think many members across this house will recognize, and recognized. As an important issue and we. Recognize. The difficulties, that women going through the menopause face, we. Are encouraging, employers to adopt, menopause, friendly, policies such as flexible, working we're. Giving women in, from and giving women information. About healthy lifestyles, that may help to improve their experience of, the menopause my worth certainly, as my honorable friend is doing encourage. All employers, to take reasonable steps. Including. Those, that cheat my own event is reference to support employees so, they can indeed can, be able, to continue to, carry. Out their jobs and contribute. To our economy in, the way that they have done so far. Tribe. Minister, we. Are 58. Days away from a cliff if, we plunge, over. Into. A precipice, of abyss, our. Country, will be a poorer country in every sense of the word, last.

Night This, House voted, that, there could be no question of, a No Deal brexit. Will. The Prime Minister, honor the. Will of Parliament and rule, out a No Deal brexit, because. To proceed, with a No Deal brexit, would, not only impoverish. Our country, it would be contemptuous. Of Parliament. And, he's right that Parliament, last. Night voted, to, reject No Deal what, Parliament also voted, for last night was to say that it wanted to leave the European Union with a deal and a, trek it identified. What was necessary to change in the deal in order, to enable that to happen and for the support of this house to be given to a deal and that's, where we should be focusing because, we can only ensure, that we avoid no deal by having a deal by, agreeing, a deal and by this house, supporting. A deal and voting for a deal, Simon. Clarke. May. I commend my right arm or friend for a commitment yesterday, to return to Brussels and reopen the text of the withdraw oral agreement that's the right thing to do when people in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, will welcome it because they want to leave with, a good deal for our country, can, I commend, the compromise, proposed by my honourable. Friend the member from Northwest Hampshire which I think is excellent has every chance of success in uniting, this because, Parliament and this country, behind a good exit. Friend. But obviously there was a very clear message from house last night as what needs. To happen in terms of returning. To Brussels but also we're engaging positively. With the with, the proposals, that he as he said are on will friend the man from Northwest Hampshire and others have put forward in. Relation, to dealing, with this issue of the back stop. Mr.. Speaker next, week marks five years since, the train line at Dawlish was washed away in storms five, years on that train line remains fragile we, need money not, more press releases can. The Prime Minister help unblock the, 300 million pound upgrade that the DFT is sitting on and use the anniversary, next week to help the southwest Plymouth, on the rest of the far, southwest keep, our train line open and stop, it being fragile and precarious.

Obviously. Passengers, do expect, better and I understand, that by, that from the Department of Transport the first phase of work to protect the seawall at Dawlish began in November, with essential repairs to the breakwaters, and that's, part of the 15 million pound, wider investment, to make the railway at Dawlish and a mouth more resilient, to extreme weather. And, can. I just reassure. The. Honorable, gentleman that, world's, leading engineers, have been carrying out those detailed, ground investigation. To develop that long-term solutions, protecting, the railway in a way that minimizes disruption. For passengers, and Network, Rail will, be a reporting, soon on how they will deliver these but I'm absolutely clear delivering, this improvement to the Southwest transport, infrastructure, is a professional. Priority it is essential, for unlocking, the region's economic prosperity. And jobs, and that's why we're giving it the focus we are. Has. Increased its proportion, of pupils. Attaining. The required level of Key Stage two. Standards. From 35% to the mazing sixty-seven, percent over. The last year, well, Meritor friends join with me congratulating. The pupils, the teachers, and the head Simon Robinson and 13. Other primary, schools across era wash for all improving, that Key Stage two performances. I'm. Delighted to hear, of the increased performance that Cottman hey junior school we. Are seeing the education, of children being, improved regardless. Of where they live all their background, so. That they can get the education they need to fulfill their potential, I'm happy to join my humble friend in congratulating, the pupils and the staff of that particular school but also if the other schools choose reference to cross Herrera wash constituency. Who have seen these improvements these are important, for the future of those children Marsha de Cordova. Thank. You mr. speaker, yesterday, evening met MPs, from across the house voted. Against, a No Deal an outcome, that the TU seawalls would be devastating. For jobs and which, the CBI this morning, says businesses, will be speeding, up preparations for, the, people hit hardest, by a No Deal will, be the ordinary people in Battersea and across, the country so.

Wor The Prime Minister finally, listened. To this house to trade unions, to businesses. And to our constituents. And, categorically. Rule, out in No Deal. To. The Honourable lady the. House rejected no to you last night but I hope that she when the time comes we'll play her part in avoiding, No Deal and we'll vote for a deal. Mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister knows that I want to make, sure we leave the European Union on the 29th, of March she knows, regretfully. I couldn't support her deal two weeks ago because of the backstop its impact, on our relationship between. Great, Britain and Northern Ireland and. Trapping, us potentially in a customs union I am welcome. The fact the house gave a clear, majority, yesterday. To, renegotiating. The backstop, if, she can deliver that then, I will vote for her dear lo I'm confident. That we'll be a sustainable. Majority. To, get it through this house and the legislation, so can I ask my right, on will friend tell, the European Union there is a majority in this house for that deal to, get us out of the European Union on good terms and I would ask my colleagues to, give the Prime Minister space they're not going to crumble, tomorrow, we're, gonna have to hold our nerve and. We can. Can. I say to my right honourable friend he is absolutely, right about the importance, of the vote that took place last night because, that vote agreeing. The, what, it was necessary, to change in, the withdrawal agreement, in order to achieve, a majority across, this house winning, that vote with the majority gave. A very clear message, to the European, Union that actually a deal can, be can. Go through this house but it has to be a deal that recognizes, the concerns that the house is expressed, across, the whole of this house in relation, to the backstop that is what I'm going to be going and fighting, for the change that this house has been very clear it wants to see in the future and then as my right honourable friend says I'm confident, we can see a sustainable. And substantial, majority, across this house for leaving with the deal. Is. A carer for the elderly she lived with her girls at a flat above Barclays. Bank because. Her husband, left she cannot pay the rent without claiming, universal, credit she. Does not have a guarantor, so, Barclays, agents, are evicting, her another. Private landlord, evicting. A hard-working. Family on universal. Credit will. The Prime Minister, intervene, and ask Barclays. To grant her a tenancy, so, that her girls are not just two more in the hundred, and thirty thousand. Children in this country in temporary. Accommodation. The. Honourable lady that obviously like. One of her honorable, friend she's raised an individual, constituency, case and the details of that individual constituency, case I will ask the relevant industry to look into. That case and be to be to being well she asked me she, are she's asking me to take her position, purely. On the question that she has asked me I want, I am asking Minister in the relevant Department, to actually look into the case and be able to assess, that case and to. Respond, to the Honourable lady. I lost earn q mr. speaker this afternoon we, shall be debating, the crime bill which amongst other things will, facilitate the cross-border exchange, of data which, will enable us to investigate, crimes such as terrorism and pedophilia, is. It the responsibility of all of us in this house to wholeheartedly.

Support, That bill. Friend. Absolutely. Yes this is a very important, bill in the, impact. That it will have I'm sure everybody, across this whole house wants. To ensure that we can deal with terrorism. With pedophilia and indeed, with other organized. Crime the exchange, of data is an important way of doing that and I hope everybody will see the importance of the sport for that mr.. Nigel Dobbs mr.. Speaker in, recent days we've heard the Irish, Prime Minister talk, about bringing, his troops up to the border in the event of a new day we've heard the Irish, Deputy, Foreign Minister talking, of people jumping, out of windows isn't. This highly, reckless. Talk, extremely. Dangerous in, the present circumstances that. Sort of rhetoric should be toned down and instead, focus on what Michel, Barnier said, the other day that even in the event of a new deal we, would sit down and, find operational. Ways to have checks and controls away from the border isn't that the way forward and it blows a hole and the entire concept, of this backstop. Can, I say to the right honourable gentleman obviously. It, is important, that we'll I'll be speaking to the tea shop later today and it, is important, for us to work with the, government, of Ireland on the arrangements, that will be in place, in the in the future we obviously have, sent a clear message in this house about what needs to happen in relation to the backstop, but. We were obtained our commitment, to no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and look. To working with the government of Ireland and with the European Union to ensure that we can all maintain. Our commitments, under the Belfast and Good Friday Agreement in that commitment to, no, hard border on the island of Ireland. Sunday. We commemorated, Holocaust, Memorial, Day when, we remembered. The darkest, period in Europe sisterís, were, my rights on friend join with me in thanking, the, Holocaust Educational, Trust its, youth ambassadors, and the, incredible, survivors, who, go give their personal testimony.

To, Young people so. They can all remember what, the ultimate destination, of racial, hatred and, anti-semitism. Truly. Is. It's. Absolutely right to raise the excellent, work that the Holocaust Holocaust Educational. Trust does and. The youth ambassadors, I've met some of these youth ambassadors, who, have, understood. The. Importance. Of learning the lesson from the Holocaust understood, the importance, of acting. Against, anti-semitism. Wherever. It occurs and, indeed, of a wider racial, hatred and also. As he as my humble friend says the, survivors, from the Holocaust who, have given their time to. Ensuring, that nobody, is in any doubt about where, man's, inhumanity. To man can, lead they. Have done a really important. Job and I pay tribute to, them and their continuing, work it's, important. That we all recognize. The. Terrible. Things. That can happen when we let anti-semitism. Occur. We, should all be fighting against honest anti-semitism, wherever. It occurs. Thank. You mr. speaker in, the, cold of Sunday. Cain. Walker, was, found dead on the pavements, of Birmingham he. Was 31 and. He became one of over. 2,600. Homeless people to, have lost their lives in the last five years when. Will the Prime Minister recognize the. Scale of homelessness today is a moral emergency, and we cannot wait until 2027. For this government to end homelessness for good when we need action now. Minister. First, of all safety on the magenta we all want to ensure that everybody. In this country can have a safe and secure roof over their head that, nobody, has to be on the streets sleeping rough that's, why we've made we're putting money into this we've made taken a number of initiatives and issues like housing first which. Are already, showing, benefits, in helping, people who otherwise would be homeless and could end up on the streets in having, a home and dealing, with the issues that ensure they're able to stay in that home this isn't it this is something, that we recognize the importance of and that's why we're putting money into it that's why we're acting that's why we, are ensuring, that action, is being taken across the country to deal with this thank, you order.

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