Prime Minister’s Questions: 27 February 2019 - Brexit, public spending, homelessness and more...

Prime Minister’s Questions: 27 February 2019 - Brexit, public spending, homelessness and more...

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Order, questions, to, the prime minister mr., Virendra. Sharma. Speak. A question of a wonder the, Prime Minister, thank, you mr. speaker, mr.. Speaker may I first say that UK is deeply concerned about rising tensions, between India, and Pakistan and, urgently. Calls for restraint on both sides to avoid further escalation. We're, in regular contact with both countries urging. Dialogue, and diplomatic, solutions, to ensure regional, stability, we're. Working closely with international partners, including, through the UN Security Council, to deescalate tensions and, are monitoring developments closely, and, considering. Implications, for British nationals, mr., Speaker I understand, that Eve Griffith, akai in your office retires, at the end of the week she has worked for four speakers and I'm sure the whole house will want to join me in wishing her the very best for the future. Mr.. Speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further such meetings later today, mr. Virendra, Sharma, Thank You mr. speaker and thank you for that initial. Response. Mr.. Speaker in the face of her total failure, to secure, the agreement. Of this, house when. Will the Prime Minister call time, on, this, fast, extend, article, 15 and put her deep versus the remain to the people. Made. A statement in the house yesterday answered, 82 questions, in the house yesterday on these issues we, will be bringing a meaningful boat back by the 12th, of March as I said yesterday if that, meaningful vote is not is rejected, again by the house then. We would then on the 13th of March bring, four have, a vote in this house on whether, or not this house accepts, leaving. Without a deal on the 29th, of March and if, that is then, if, the rejects. Leaving down today on the 29th of March then, there would be a vote on a, short, limited, extension to article 50 but on his final point I continue, to believe that actually it is right for us to deliver on the result of the referendum that, took place in 2016. Julia night. Thank. You mr. speaker they 2017. Birmingham bits bin strike led, to mass fly, tipping across the borough border in my beautiful town at Solihull, with. The threat of another strike ever-present will, the promise to join me in urging Birmingham Council do what often seems beyond, it be, a good neighbor, sort out these strikes we've seen just a taster, for what would happen under a hard left labor government. What. Can I say - I. Say, to my humble friend obviously this is a matter for Birmingham. City Council to, resolve for, labor controlled, Birmingham, City Council to resolve rubbish, piling, up on the streets because of the failure, of a labor council to get a grip I think, not only does it show what a hard left labor government, would be like it, also shows all of us that under labour councils, you pay more and get less. Thank, you mr. speaker there, is an urgent question coming, up on Kashmir but. Just to say this that from our side of the house we strongly support dialogue. Rapid. Dialogue, between India and Pakistan in, order to reduce the conflict reduce, the tensions, and deal, with the root causes of it before, more lives are lost I also, joined the Prime Minister Mr Speaker in wishing. Eve a very happy retirement she's been absolutely brilliant in your office and over, many years of people rushing in no tea at the office making totally unreasonable demands.

She's Always sorted. It out so could you pass on to her the thanks of lots, and lots of backbenchers, over many many years. Mr.. Speaker the Bank of England forecasts. That growth for this year will be the slowest, in over a decade, does. The Prime Minister blame her shambolic. Handling, of brexit. Or her. Failed austerity, policies, for this damaging, failure. The. Right honourable gentleman first I think he should, have seen the report that actually showed that the, expectation, is that we will have higher growth in this country over the, coming. Year than they will have in Germany but, he talks about the economy he, talks about the economy let's just say what we see in the economy under a Conservative, government more, people in work than ever before. Unemployment. Of its lowest, since the 1970s. Borrowing. This year at its lowest level for 17, years and the largest monthly surplus. On record. Conservatives. Delivering, more jobs healthier, finances. An economy, fit for the future. Well. Mr Speaker I know the Prime Minister is very busy I understand, that but she possibly hasn't, had a chance to look at the Bank of England forecasts. Which, suggests there's, a one in four chance of the UK economy dipping, into recession. Manufacturing. Is already. In recession. Car, manufacturing. Declined, at the steepest, rate for a decade, down, five percent, in the last quarter alone Honda. Jaguar, Land Rover and Nissen of either announced, cuts to jobs or investment, in recent, months does. The Prime Minister, blame her, shambolic. Brexit, or her. Government's, lack of industrial. Strategy for. This very, sad state, of affairs. I've. Just explained, to him what we seized in positives, of this under. This government, in relation to this economy and the consistent. Growth quarter, by quarter that we have seen in our economy, this. Government, and what do we know would be worse thing for, the economy in this country it. Will be a run on the pound capital, flight. Mr.. Speaker as manufacturing. Industry declines, its skilled well-paid, jobs that are lost but the Prime Minister is right there is something is increasing and that is the income, of the top fifth. Richest, people in this country which went up by 4.7, percent last, year while. Incomes, of the poorest, fell, by, 1.6. Percent with. The poorest, people worse, off will. The Prime Minister, now commit. Will. The Prime Minister now commit, to ending the benefit, freeze, or does, she believe that. Rising, poverty is, a price worth, paying. Or. Perhaps it might help again to look at some of the facts, the top 1%. The. Top 1% are, paying 28%. Of, income tax that's. Higher than at any time under a labor. Income inequality is. Lower, than, that that we inherited, from a labor. And the, lowest earner saw, their fastest, pay rise in 20, years through the national minimum living, wage that's, conservatives. Building. A fairer society, and delivering, for everyone. Some. Of us cannot forget it was the Conservative, Party that so opposed a principle, of the national minimum wage from. The very beginning, but mr. speaker mr.. Speaker the, government, could perhaps start, sir tackling. The scourge of low pay in their, own departments. The, business in Justice Department's, pay some of their central London workers as little as seven pounds eighty-three. Per hour and, they've been on strike again this week hoping, to get a London, living wage could the Prime Minister intervene and make sure they do get the London, living, wage, so they can continue doing their very valuable work for both of those departments, low. Pay mr. speaker means many workers have to claim universal. Credit just, to, make ends meet this. Month the, work in pension secretary, admitted, that. Universal. Credit is driving, people to food banks isn't, it time to, stop, the rollout and get, it right or does she believe, that, rising poverty is a price, worth, paying. Repeating. His previous question, but, can I just say to the right honourable gentleman first of all he, talks about he talks about universal. Credit in my own what we have said with universal, credit is that as we roll it out we have made changes to it as we, have seen the. How, it has been operating in my first months as Prime Minister we cuts the taper rate so, people could keep more of what they earn since, then we've increased allowances, to a hundred, percent of, a full monthly payment. We've, scratched the seven waiting days. That.

Means That people get their money sooner, and we've bought in a two week overlap, for those people who are on Housing Benefit the, question. The. Question, is, why. When we were making all those chain, to universal, credit to, benefit, the people who are getting, universal. Credit did, the Labour Party, oppose. Every. Single, one of them. Can. I just give one example mr.. Speaker, of what's happening, take, for example the. Food, bank in Hastings. Represented. By the DWP. Secretary. Its, demand, has gone up by 80 percent after. Universal. Credit was rolled out and the Trussell trust reports. That a, significant. Proportion of referrals, are relating. To benefit, changes delays. Or sanctions, a huge, increase in food, bank uses mr., speaker 4.1. Million of our children, are growing up in poverty last. Week the resolution foundation said that UK child poverty was, on course to hit record measurement. Levels, will, the Prime Minister, take, action, to prevent this will, she start by, ending, the to child, limits, will, she end the, benefit, camp will, she restore, the, 1,000. Your, Start centers, that have been lost under her government. As. We look at the welfare system what we want to ensure is that we have a welfare system that is fair to those who, need to use the welfare system but. Is also but, is also, fair to all, those, people those, hard-working taxpayers. Whose, taxes, actually go to pay for the welfare system, he, talks he, talks about child, poverty, absolute. Child poverty is at a record, low, and we know that a child growing, up in a home where all the adults work, is around. Five times, less, likely to be in poverty than, a home where nobody, works and under, this government the number of children in worthless households, is at a record, low. So when a stanza will you recognize, that, work is the best route out of poverty and will, he recognize, that, while we're talking of work he should welcome the fact that we now have more people in work than ever before three, and a half million, more people than in 2008. Mr.. Speaker it clearly isn't working because, so many people who, are themselves working, very hard sometimes, doing, two or even three jobs, have, to access food, banks, just to feed their children. She. Used to talk about that just about managing, well they're not managing anymore. Income. Inequality is, up in. Work poverty, up child. Poverty. Pensioner. Poverty, our homelessness. Our, mr.. Speaker, austerity. Austerity. Austerity. Is clearly, not, over, people. On low incomes, are getting poorer while, those at the top are getting, richer the economy. Is slowing. Manufacturing. Is in recession, and this, government's. Shambolic. Handling, a brexit. The. Right honourable gentleman will not be shouted, down it, isn't going to happen the attempt, is foolish, it demeans, the house stop. It grow up Jeremy. Corbyn Baker. Austerity. Is clearly not over people. On low-income are, getting poorer while, those at the top get richer, the economy, is slowing. Manufacturing. Is in recession and this, government's, shambolic. Handling, a brexit, is compounding. Years, of damaging, austerity, their, policies, are driving people to food banks and poverty in the, fifth. Richest. Economy, on this, planet, are. Any of these any of these burning, in justices a priority. For the prime minister. Right. Honourable gentlemen manufacturing. Is not in recession. Pay for the right honourable gentleman but it is not the case it, is that is not the case of what he says about the lowest earners as I said earlier if he'd listened to my answer, the lowest earners have seen the highest rise, in their in their, pay for, 20, years as a result of the introduction of the National living wage the national living wage introduced. By a conservative, led. And. If he's talking about actually helping, people who are in work let's. Talk about the fact that we've cut income tax to help people keep more of what they are we've. Frozen fuel. Duty so we're helping people where the car is a necessity not, a, luxury since. 2010. Those, measures, have saved working. People, six thousand, five hundred pounds. From. The way the right honourable, gentleman talks, you'd, have thought that he would have supported, them but, what did he do no, he's, voted against them over, a dozen times, and. That's, the reality it's. Working, people, who always pay the price of labour. For. Rural, areas access. To emergency care is hugely important, with distances, and journey times. Extremely.

Crucial Just, the Prime Minister therefore agree with me and the 40,000. Pembrokeshire, people who've signed the petition against, proposals, from remove, any, from, the local hospital, that Welsh government to look again at this and ensure that communities, like mine aren't, left with second-class services, that put lives at risk. Raising. This issue and obviously I recognize, when the, concern that people feel when, they're live particularly, those who will be living furthest away from the, planned new hospital, as he who has said in his question, obviously health. Is a devolved matter for, the labor, Welsh government, but I would urge them fully to consider the impact of these changes on local, residents we want to be able to ensure that people, can access the services they need wherever, they live in the United Kingdom Blackford. Thank, You mr. speaker I'm sure the house will want to join me in welcoming the, president of, the Dutch Senate and the Dutch, parliamentarians. That are with us could. Mean a heart, of the Cobell KaBlam here. Mr.. Speaker. Hundred. Thousand, jobs in Scotland, are. Under, threat from an audio, brexit. The. Scottish, government's, top economic adviser, has. Warned, that this could create a recession, worse. Than the 2008. Financial. Crisis. The. Prime minister, must rule, no no deal right. Here right. Now why, is she stone black, meaning, the people of this country. The. Right honourable gentleman might not be surprised if I point out to him that there are only two ways for, ensuring that no deal is taken off the table and it's no good it's, no good, members, of the SNP, shaking, their head or muttering, from a sedentary position they. Need to face up to the facts, we will not revoke article, 50 because we're leaving the European Union, so the only way to take no deal off the table is to vote for the deal. Thank. You mr. speaker and I think it will be for Parliament, to decide and of course that are our options, we, can extend article, 50 and, we can have a people's vote Prime. Minister look. At the faces of her, colleagues she, is filling no one Parliament. Will not be bullied into a, false choice of accepting, her, very bad deal or, no deal at all and peace, from Scotland, must. No decide, will. They stand up for Scotland, normally. Stand up with the extreme, breaks appears, and, the Tory benches, today, the Scottish National, Party will. Move an amendment to, rule out no deal under any, and all circumstances. Scottish. MPs can, back the SNP, or betray, voters in Scotland, mr.. Speaker while, the Prime Minister, finally, end this brexit, madness, and bought, for the SNP amendment. Tonight. Per. Se to the Rajon word gentleman he talked about an extension to article 50 or a second referendum that doesn't, actually solve the problem that. Doesn't deal with the issue the, issue is very simple, do we want to leave with a deal or without a deal and that's the question that SNP, MPs and every other MP, will face when, the time comes, but then he talks about betraying. Voters, in Scotland, I'll trail, him what's betrayed, voters in Scotland, as. SNP. Scottish, government, that, has raised. Income, taxes. MP. Scottish, government that has broken its manifesto, promise and raise the cap on annual council tax increases, for homeowners, and, an SNP Scottish, government that means people are facing the prospect of an extra tax for, parking their car at their workplace. Oh. Order. Order. There is a fest of undignified. Arm, waving. And bellowing. Mr., Kerr from, a sedentary position calm, yourself, man take some sort of soothing medicament you, will find beneficial. The Prime Minister and all of that in a year in which the Scottish Government's, block grant from Westminster.

Went Up, the. The, real people betraying, the people of Scotland are the SNP, Scottish, government. Thank. You mr. speaker. Yesterday. We, heard of the horrific. Anti-semitic. Attack. On an, elderly Jewish gentlemen in North London tonight. Honorable, and right honourable colleagues from across the house will be breaking bread with the Community Security, Trust charity, that, exists, to, defend against, anti-semitic. Violence. Well my right honourable friend agree with me that we can never be, too blase, about anti-semitism. We, can never be, too. Tolerant. Of anti-semitism. And the party, opposite, can never be too apologetic. Can. I say first of all I'd like to join my honourable, friend in. Recognizing. The work that is done by the community security, trust they do such important, and valuable work throughout, the year and it's I'm pleased that the government is able to support the work they do my. Oral friend is absolutely, right you can never be too apologetic. Of what auntie's about anti-semitism but. I think this actually sums, up what we've heard sums up labor under their leader they, lose the Honourable member for, liveable Wavertree and they, keep the Honourable member third RB north. It, tells you all you need to know about the Labour leadership present. But not involved. And perhaps, perhaps. If the, Labour leader actually wants. To take action, against, racism he would suspend, the Honorable member so Darby north. Ohto. The honorable lady, must. Be heard laila moran. One. Homeless, person, dying on our streets is enough for a national shame, yet the latest figures show that in 2017, there, were nearly, 600. And in, that same year the vagrancy, act was used over a thousand, times to drag homeless people before, our courts, Crisis. Center, point sent, mangoes and then peas on both sides of this house are agreed it's time to, scrap this, law what, the prime minister consider. Meeting with us and the, charity, so we can make the case for why we shouldn't, wait one, more day. The. Honourable lady as, I think I indicated, in, the. PRI, miss questions in answer to questions last week we. Have seen certainly in terms of the number of people sleeping on our streets we've seen those numbers down for the first time in eight, years but, of course there is more to do on. That on. That issue on the wider issue of homelessness there's, more to do in terms of building more homes and we are doing that but I will ensure that the relevant minister from the relevant Department meets the Honourable lady discusses. Just. Robert Neil, Thank, You mr. speaker. Residents. In North Point house in my constituency, in Bromley have, a cm cladding, on their building they, are paying up five thousand, pounds a week for a waking watch repairs. Remediation. Will cost three million pounds they have a fire brigade enforcement. Notice expiring. On the 30th, of April. The flats are valueless. They cannot raise the money against, them the, freeholders, and the developer, despite. Personal, intervention by, the Secretary of State for which I'm grateful refused. To accept liability. Under those circumstances, will. The government accept, it may be necessary to intervene directly to, ensure that those innocent, plat owners are not out of pond. First. Of all he's obviously raised a very important, issue and I know as he said he's been in touch with the ministry of housing, communities, and local government and also with the Treasury about this, we, as I've said previously we do fully expect building owners in the private sector to take action, make, sure appropriate, safety in place and not to pass cos on two leaseholders and we've written to, all relevant building, owners reminding. Of their responsibilities, they, must do the right thing and if, they don't we're not ruling anything out, I would also point out to my honorable friend that local authorities have, the power to, complete. Works and recover the costs, from the private.

Owners Of high-rise residential, buildings, but I'm sure that a minister from the MC, mhm CLG would be happy to meet with my animal friend to continue to discuss this matter to, ensure that the residents are given the peace of mind they need by the action being taken Elin Lucas Thank. You mr. speaker, in the event of a No Deal brexit, the government has just decided. That imports. Of medical, supplies are to be handled by the same company. That forced hundreds of restaurants to close because. It was incapable of delivering chicken. To KFC, it. Is literally horrifying. That the PM's governess. Is literally. Putting people's, lives at, risk through. Bargain, bucket supply, deals so. What guarantee, can she give to patients who are watching us now looking, at this pantomime, and fast in this house now what. Guarantee, can she give that, they will be able to get their vital, medicines, when they need them in the event of that No Deal brexit. The. Honorable lady that the Department for Health and Social Care is taking. The steps necessary to ensure that medicines, are available we've, been clear before that it is not, necessary, and patients should not be stockpiling, medicines. The medicines. Will be available, but if the Honourable lady is so concerned, about the impact, of No Deal then. It's. No and it's no good the Honourable lady shaking. Her head there. Is a very simple. Answer, if, she doesn't want No Deal she should support the deal. The, Sun newspaper, reported, yesterday of a 1.6. Billion post, EU, fund for. Deprived, areas. In the north predominantly held by opposition, MPs, will, my right honourable friend ensure, that this fund is available, to constituencies, like mine in Harlow where we have significant, deprivation, and, disadvantage. Say. To my right, honourable friend we will be introducing, a fund to ensure our towns can grow and prosper and the, details of this will be announced in due course by, my right honourable friend the community secretary, but, I can confirm - my right honourable friend but, Harlow and indeed other towns across England. Will be able to bring forward ambitious, plans to, help transform, their communities and of course we'll be working with the devolved, administration's. And working, in Northern Ireland to ensure that towns in Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland also. Benefit, from town deals Sir. David Crosby. As. A former, shop steward in watts convener I completely, understand. The need to approach the cliff. Edge in order to secure a deal but. Rational. Negotiators. Never, go. To the edge all, hands, and jump, into the abyss so. When will the Prime Minister, recognize, that constructive, discussions. Should, take place without. The nuclear, option of, mutually, assured destruction. Gentlemen. Constructive, discussions, are taking place this house was clear what he wanted to see changed. In relation. To the drawl agreement, and the, package the deal that we had brought back from the European Union and we're making progress and having no exactly the constructive, discussions, he's talking about old, Freeman mr., speaker public, trust in politics is dangerously, low failing. To honor and deliver the EU referendum result, cannot be an option I campaign. To remain but I'm a hundred percent committed to leaving the question is how most. Of my voters in mid Norfolk said they wanted to be in the common market not, a political, union, given. The clear warnings, from the life science and agriculture, sectors key industries in Norfolk about the danger of No Deal could I welcome the Prime Minister's decision to give this sovereign house the vote and ask that if the house votes against she'll. Look at after instead, of the backstop giving, us the common market to point naught that most British, voters want. As. I said yesterday, in, the answer. To questions I think it was in answer to a question from our right, honourable friend the member for Harlow the first name of the government of my first name is to bring back a meaningful, vote but can command support across, the house such.

That We are able to leave with a deal and the arrangements, within the political declaration, I believe, have significant. Benefits in relation, to issues such as customs, but they also provide, for us to have an independent trade, policy, and to bring an end to free movement am, i my own will friend talks about trust in politics I believe those were important, elements of what people voted for in 2016. And it's important, that we deliver on that. The. Prime Minister previously. Committed to a meaningful vote on her brexit deal but, had to be forced by the courts to hold it she then committed, to that meaningful vote in December but, pulled it at the last minute and when her deal fell to, the worst government, defeat in history, instead, of listening to MPs she carried on regardless so I asked the Prime Minister what guarantee, will she give this house other than her word that, we will be able to vote to stop a no deal brexit, before the 29th, of our. Try save the honorable lady i set out clearly in my statement that yesterday, i have repeated, it in answer, to a question today the. The process, that the that, the government will follow we. Want, to leave the government policy is to leave with the deal we, are working to ensure that, we can bring back that deal she talks about the rejection of the meaningful vote and not listening to Parliament actually the constructive. Discussions, I'm having with the European Union at the moment are exactly, about listening to Parliament because, on the twenty-ninth but it's all very well to shadow trade secretary, shouting nonsense he might not have noticed that on the 29th, of January this House voted by a majority, to say what it wanted to see changed, in the withdrawal agreement, and that's what we're working on so, John Hayes. Thank. You Thank You mr. speaker little. Bittle, movers it's more than the death of a child and, for, Brees parents. That. Grief is beyond, words actions. Speak louder, which, is why I've championed inspired. By, the Honorable lady from, swansea east the children's, room your fund will. The prime minister tell us when. The good work of her minister the members of childhood, will confession. And that fun. Will begin to bring support. And solace Mr Speaker we can't, mend broken hearts, here but, those who've loved and lost deserve. Better, than, delay. And doubt. Right. Honourable friend can I thank him for the work that he has done on this issue together with the Honourable member for, swansea east, I think. He's accepted, across the house that it isn't right that grieving parents have to worry about how to meet the funeral costs and when they've lost a child and we. Have as he knows a confirmed the parents will no longer have to meet the costs of burials or cremations, fees, will be waived by local authorities and paid for by the government the, relevant ministries have been working on the most effective, way to deliver this and I can confirm that this will be implemented by the summer. Bombo's, channel Ambus. Thank You mr. speaker. In. The last few months in my constituency, a 98. Year old man was killed in an that rated burglary, an, Asian, couple were robbed two held hostage and beaten in their home school. Children were mugged at knifepoint and straight, of burglaries, have been committed across and filled South gates my, constituents. Do not feel safe, does. The Prime Minister recognize, the severe consequences, of underfunding our Police Service and will, she commit to restoring funding for. Community, policing to, pre 2010, levels. Gentlemen. Of course we, we, recognize concerns. That there are about serious violence it's why my right honorable friend the Home Secretary, has, brought. Forward things like the offensive weapons bill the serious violence strategy, setting, up the serious violence task, force in, relation, to funding for the police the Metropolitan, Police will receive up to two and a half billion in funding in 2019, 20 that's an increase, of up to 172 million on, 2018-2019. But. If he also wants. To ask questions about funding for police in London perhaps you should speak to the neighbour mayor of London. Just, in greening. The. Government's, review of higher education, still under way does, the Prime Minister agree that the reintroduction, of, maintenance, grants, would be one outcome that.

Could Clearly aid social, mobility for more disadvantaged, students. My. Right or my friend first first of all I recognized. That she has been a huge champion for social, mobility and, continues. To be championing, that social mobility, she. Is she is asking me to provide a solution in relation to higher education funding, and Student Finance before, the augur report, has been has. Been received, and has been published and, all, I can do is assure her that obviously, the work has been going on by her Philip augur and his panel in relations looking at this and we will look very seriously, at the proposals, they bring forward Stephen. Hepburn. In. In. My constituency. Of djaro there's a wonderful young lady four year old Harriet. Corp whose. Life would improve. Dramatically. If you had access to the cystic fibrosis drug. Or, crumby, it's. Available in Ireland and many other European, countries and is due to become available in Scotland, will. The Prime Minister. Intervene. Personally in, the negotiations. Between the NHS, and vertex. To, ensure that Harriet's, family, are not forced, to leave the home and move, elsewhere along. With many other families, in the country I. Say. To the, only, gentle obviously, I'm sure the whole house will recognize the concerns of Harriet and her family in relation, to this issue we. Do want to ensure that patients, have access to the most effective, and innovative medicines, but, obviously at a price that represents value to the NHS and NHS England has proposed, its best ofer offer for, a drug and this offer is the, largest ever commitment, of its kind in a 70 year history of, the NHS, it would guarantee immediate. And expanded, access to both account, or Camby and the drug khaled. Echo for patients who need it we've. Been following closely the, discussions, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has, offered a meeting with the global CEO of vertex, NHS. England and nice in an effort to move this forward and for the benefit of patients John. Whittingdale, is, my rightful friend aware that, five years ago today, Russian. Special forces seized. The government buildings, in Crimea. And raised. The Russian flag while. My right friend confirmed, that the UK government remains. Committed to the restoration, of Ukrainian, sovereignty over. Crimea, and, will she look at strengthening. Sanctions against. Russia until, that can be achieved. I'm, very happy to give that confirmation, to my right honourable friend this was an illegal annexation of, Crimea, by Russia and we have been doing everything in relation, to sanctions, that we, can to, ensure that the, appropriate. Sanctions are imposed that, will have an impact we, have been one of the voices around the EU council table that has been advocating. At every stage not just the rollover. Of sanctions, but ensuring that as we look at the actions of Russia here and elsewhere we. Enhance, those sanctions, and put, the right rightfully, put pressure on those who are responsible, Angela Crawley. Have. Used their powers, to increase, Katers allowance to the level of Jobseeker's, Allowance yeah, because, job, seeker because, caters allowance is regarded, as income, under universal, credit this, top up is being undermined can. I ask the Prime Minister F Kidder's allowance is meant to help cover the, extra costs, incurred by providing, care then why are caters on universal, credit being penalized. M'lady. We'll know for well the way in which Universal Credit operates, in order to encourage people to come into work but, I will in in relation, to this matter I will ask the minister, in the relevant Department right. Mm. Of young girls including sadly, some from Taunton D our. Purchasing, so-called, quick fix diet and detox. Products often. Endorsed, by celebrities, on social, media and these celebrities can be paid thousands. Of pounds for doing this NHS. Chiefs say that some of these products can have highly, detrimental health, effects and are, heaping, work. On our mental health services, so in eating disorder. Week and following. The excellent, Westminster wool debate by my right honourable friend this morning from Angus, with the Prime Minister agree, with me that this irresponsible, and, unsafe. Endorsement. Of these products should be addressed.

And. She's raised a very important, issue and I'm sure all members of this house have, had constituency. Cases where they've seen the impact that eating disorders, can have on individuals but also on their families and friends and that impact can be devastating obviously. The government has been taking steps over the last few years we've, invested 150. Million we announced that in 2014, to expand eating disorder community-based, care for children and young people and as, a result 70 dedicated, new or extensive community services, offer, care, but, my own boyfriend has raised a very important, issue which, is about how young. People may be encouraged, to, take products, because, of their celebrity endorsement. And the, celebrities, who are doing, that should think very carefully about, the impact, that these products. Can have in, in, having, that effect, of eating disorders, which devastates, these lives. Speaker. The Prime Minister, and the indeed. The entire house, knows the conditions. Under which her withdrawal agreement. Will. Have a majority, and. The whole house and indeed the country, now knows that a result of yesterday's events. The. Prospects, of the prime minister being able to achieve the, necessary changes. Have. Been undermined. And her negotiating, position, has been weakened I mean, that's the reality of the situation and. Can, we have an assurance in terms of any possible, extension. And. I'd be interested to do what the Prime Minister thinks the purpose of the extension, would be but, can we be assured that, she, will continue to focus on getting those legally, binding, changes, and hopefully, during, any, future negotiation. She will not be undermined, in the way that she has been so far. Can. I say to the right honourable gentleman first of all we, are continuing, to press for those legally binding changes, those are the discussions we've been having with, the European. Commission it is what I have spoken to every European, Union leader about, over. The last 10. Days or so it's what I was speaking to people about at Sharm el-sheikh over, the over, the weekend as well he talks about the extension to article 50 I want can I be very clear again the government doesn't want to extend article, 50 the government's policy is to, get the legally binding changes, so a deal can be brought back to this house and this house can support the deal and we can leave on the 29th of March with a deal. Unlike. Some ministers, who cannot normally take the view of the prime ministers being her word and being binding I do take, the Prime Minister's word as being binding can. I ask. But the Prime Minister. Reiterates. Our manifesto. Commitment, to leave with, a deal or to leave with no, deal and that is our commitment I. Say. To to. My, honourable friend that. Indeed we have you and I've always said no deal is better than bad deal I think, we've actually got a good deal from the European Union it provides, the sisterand rights it provides certainty for business with the implementation, period it. Ensures that we have in the political declaration. The arrangements, for customs in the future for no tariffs no quotas, no, rules of origin and. It, covers a number of other areas that I think will be positive, will, indeed be positive for this country there is an issue that the house wants to see change that's what we're working on in relation to the Northern Ireland backstop I want us to leave with a deal I won't be able to bring back a deal that this house can support. Mr.. Speaker. Violet. Graduands, was walking home from nursery with her grandma, I'm max. Of 24, to 17, she, was hit by a stolen, car driven, erratically at 83. Miles an hour in a 30 mile zone the, driver and his accomplice, immediately. Left the scene the, driver abscond. In the country, tragically. Four year old violet, grace died, in her parents, arms the following, day and her, grandma, suffers, with life changing, dangerously, the, offenders, have since been sentenced, to tariffs that do not fit the gravity, of the crimes in, October. To 17, the government, published the response to, the consultation, on, driving, offences, and penalties, related to causing, death or serious injured, and confirmed. Proposals. To, increase the, maximum penalty. For causing, death by dangerous driving. From. 14, years imprisonment, to life along, with other tariffs, for serious, driving defenses. And stated. That government, would bring forward proposals, for, reform of the law as soon, as parliamentary time. Allows, today. After just one week the, public, petition, violet braces law stands. At more than, 74,000. The, government, is repeating, this.

Order. Order, order order, this is a matter of the utmost sensitivity. I, respect, that and that's why I'm allowing the Honourable lady to, go way beyond the normal length but she must now put a question with a question one, sentence, to wrap it up very well thank, you Mary reamer Prime, Minister when. Does the government, truly tend, to, bring the proposals. For the reform of the law. Can. I say it's the Honourable lady first of all I'm sure that. The feelings, of the whole house will be with violet Grace's family at this terrible tragedy that has occurred and, I know from, a constituency, case that I had the. Concern, that parents, and family members and others have when, they see somebody. Who has caused. A, death by, in this way by their driving being. Sentenced. To a tariff which they feel is less, than it should be, the. Government has taken this very seriously, that's why we've had the consultation and we, will indeed bring forward, the our, proposals, when parliamentary, time, does, allow, but, I will ask a minister, to. Meet with the Honourable lady to discuss this matter with her Thank You mr. bone. Thank. You mr. Speaker I don't know whether you're as surprised, as I was yesterday but, yet again, the. Media had reported the, baton, reports, of the cabinet, meeting it. Straight. After in fact they've referred to colleagues. In front of me as camicazi, pilots. Prime. Minister to sort this issue out would, it just be easier to televise, cabinet, meetings. I. Want to hear the Prime Minister's answer, this, is a very important question let's hear the answer the Prime Minister, might say Mr Speaker I wasn't sure when you were doing a thumbs up when that was the, Aflac question was whether indicated. That you had a a view, on the televising, of the cabinet, meetings or or not can I say to my honourable. Friend he has tried various, ways to approach this issue I seem to matter last year at last time he asked me this question it wasn't about televising, cabinet it was actually about, apply. Ascending, his CV, in to, be a cabinet. Minister perhaps, he's a linked perhaps he wants to sit around the cabinet table and be on the television all the time, well. We never knew the Honorable, gentleman the member who willing but I had such ambitions, but maybe, it lurks within him who knows for my own part I was merely acknowledging. Welcome, and friendly, visitors, to, the house. Order.

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May cares nothing about the homeless or about people dying on the streets.

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The fake news of "hard left" as applied to the prospect of a Corbyn Labour Government and the 2017 Labour Manifesto. Judged by public opinion, such a government will be dead in the centre of what people want. It's long past time to stop judging the political spectrum by the views of the oligarchy, the political elite and the 1%.

Antisemitism being used to distract from real issues.

The car manufacture decline is the result of . Changing market demands . Regulations about emissions . The encroachment of electric vehicles . Rising costs of motoring due to low emissions zone and other rather sledgehammer measures.

Government: We've done XYZ initiative which saved taxpayers £6,500! Also government: Introducing new initiative X which will cost £450 per year, initiative Y which will cost £850 per year, a cut in your child benefit, oh, and there's more than one person working in your house? Tax credits slashed LOL

Don’t forget that there are local council elections on 2nd May. We need all the help we can get.

Ab Aha ????? Actually it’s still just London

+Benjamin Bingaman "Labor" certified Russian troll. Cant even spell it right.

Cat Funt Wrong wrong wrong many people are against state of Israel even if you voted for another party even a great deal of shoes her against zoinist regime But even a labor party member can give a logical reason to be against Israel

kane preton racist. Typical labour voter

comments would be disallowed soon.

Faced with the current opposition, I have concerns! However, if something new came though the door, I would welcome them with open arms. :)

I agree!

Hello, how are you? Oh Mr. Jeremy Corbyn! I voted for Remain and I will again! I also voted for Mr. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and I will again! I will assist Mr. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, regardless if Great Britain/United Kingdom stays or Leave's the European Union! This Brex**it mess is the mistake of the evil Tories and evil Tory UKIP! (Right Wing! ) I feel very sorry for Mr. Jeremy Corbyn! Mr. Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister, not President of the Democratic Societlist Republic of England! Thank you and Good Bye

J Hilton cry baby. I’ll take the country now over Venezuela without the sun.


To all in ENGLAND! WARNING! !! Please if you can read the Lisbon treaty! See what you are letting the muppets in parliament do to you! and are people! !!! Treasonous! !!

Just a word of caution! I met a Chinese man, and I asked him if he done take aways? I didn't realise that he was the Chinese Chancellor, his answer was yes 3 from six is three, now you see economics at its entirety and simplicity

They have a really special political culture. But not really effective in finding compromises. They scream most of the time. There is no real debate.

Lair May Lair May Lair May I get that Nodding Dog on right of May a bone for Easter, the people that May mention are mostly on Benefits to Survive

christ that May is a total bloody liar

+Yaojing Chen quite funny to me how they upload it here so the public can see what's going on. But having the public actually comment on it wasn't ok. Considering the crap you see in YT comments usually it's not really that surprising though

Can Corbyn do anything but complain. He offers no solutions. “Can the PM....?” “Does the PM....?” He is neither right or honourable

@18:00 dead cat on the table

The UK want leave without Theresa May.

I’m hearing a lot of people saying that they sound like a broken record, says you?? 99% of these comments are about that. You aren’t politicians, you are not experts. Stop complaining about everything

The government in the UK are no more than Nazis that is why we got a German queen they are Nazis and they are robbing us with fines car park fines right through the UK this country yes they are Nazis when you get a car park fine of Babergh mid council and it funnier they take you to the own Court the magistrates they are full and Nazis in was Magistrates

all there laws need go

Any of their family, children and relatives who have killed people suffering from anti social personalty disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia need to have a lie detector test.....They need to be put down!

Spread this message to everyone across the whole UK & the world.

That bastard Anjid and his family have killed common people and elite people's families.

Don't let that megalomaniacs family out of the house.

+ninjabunnyzz just to avoid any misunderstanding, I have to make it clear that I am not a supporter of YT by all means. The only reason why I subscribe that channel was that I forgot to logout my account in the ps4 and my flatmate use it to subscribe that channel.

They keep asking the same questions because she still hasn't answered them.+2101case

Don't think laber is getting voted in any time soon he's too negative

All scum

Theresa May is a lion, she has all that has got, to be a leader, Very much underrrated!

NO DEAL, NO PROBLEM. Leave the EU on 29th March 2019 with NO DEAL.

Monty Python is intelligent! The house of commons did a great job. Under the line best thing for Britain would be to stay within the EU. Of course the PM is in real trouble,because there had been a referendum. there are deep conflicts between Britain and the EU. What is the main question? The foreigners? the Rumanians the Bulgarians? The border? Britain is a member since 1973, but of course the EU has changed a lot meanwhile. Best way would be a Norwegian or Swiss solution and a Brexit. Britain is the 5th richest econoy worldwide and the 2nd strongest in Europe. this makes the Brexit so painful.

Apparantly an electric motor requires an inverter ? Says europe.

Support the deal.

Haha they could use this speaker's help at the South African Parliament, the speaker there does not know how to keep the order. 30:15 You should have thought about it before letting in all those hard-culture types from third world countries in...! haha Idiots. Pre-2010 he says? haha Simply look at who is the Mayor of London now..!

Why does Blackburn always remind me of Fraser from Dad's Army? It's not because he's Scottish, I think it's because he's always so bloody gloomy, I'm just waiting for the day he stands up in the Commons and shouts 'We're all doomed!'

That's always been the great criticism of Labour- they point out the largely irreparable ills of our society, blame the Conservatives for these but never actually put anything forward to counter them- useless in government and opposition it would seem.

The Tories finished? They've still got a six point lead in the Polls, I don't think they're finished.

Theresa May stuttering about Universal Credit shows just how little she truly knows about's Led to more low income families and job searching individuals having to turn to food banks to ensure they're fed and they say were not a third world country...

2:47-3:01! "with the labor council, you pay more and get less!"


The first gentleman talks about the failure of the Prime Minister on Article 50 and yet time has proven perfectly by British members with how successful it is following through than just it's introduction. 1:08 (was there any wonder and/ or reason as to why they brought an obvious non UK born citizen to ask this question) 2:01.

Awesome intro. You can bet that Indiaclinton's power/ occults are wrecking havoc on the corners of the Pakistan community, as many of them convert to Christianity (for example).

+LetsActuallyGo just to avoid any misunderstanding, I have to make it clear that I am not a supporter of YT by all means. The only reason why I subscribe that channel was that I forgot to logout my account in the ps4 and my flatmate use it to subscribe that channel.

Thomas Atkinson

Wow I can’t believe this actually has a comments section . Typically a lot of these channels don’t have comments sections because they know the content will speak volumes

+George Nope. She mustn't have seen my comment.

Well that didn't work !


@George Nope. She mustn't have seen my comment.

@Lilbrodie Bruv I meant if the Scottish grew a pair they wouldn't need the SNP there. Always going on about wanting independence while choosing to remain dependents on either England or EU.

@Benjamin Bingaman "Labor" certified Russian troll. Cant even spell it right.

@iain millington People celebrate his failure, hence burning the Guy on the fire. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic fighting for the Spaniards & it's all irrelevant now. The Spanish always got their arses kicked by the British. Nothing out the ordinary. I don't even bother celebrating that one.

@Dean She's already betraying the people by carrying out Brexit.

@LetsActuallyGo just to avoid any misunderstanding, I have to make it clear that I am not a supporter of YT by all means. The only reason why I subscribe that channel was that I forgot to logout my account in the ps4 and my flatmate use it to subscribe that channel.

@Yaojing Chen quite funny to me how they upload it here so the public can see what's going on. But having the public actually comment on it wasn't ok. Considering the crap you see in YT comments usually it's not really that surprising though

@Harrison Shaw Of course I voted and we were told they would act upon and deliver the referendum result ,however what we've seen so far are attempts to stop and delay that result by a majority of europhile MPs hell bent on remaining in the EU.

@Phil Steel I doubt anyone in their right mind wants a Labour govt. They're even worse than Tories.

@bob rail tithead

@Andy Cale you must be talking about yourself. Have you watched the video? Because you must have been too sleepy if you missed it. Take some caffeine pills or something similar. Corbyn asks good questions and the only thing May does is to point out the problems Labour has caused in the past.

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