Prime Minister's Questions: 15 May 2019 - inequality, food poverty, climate change

Prime Minister's Questions: 15 May 2019 - inequality, food poverty, climate change

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Order, questions to the prime minister mr. Alan brown. Mr.. Speaker may I start, by, thanking the Mental Health Foundation for. Organizing, this year's Mental, Health Awareness Week, having. Good mental health is vital to us all and that's why we're investing record levels in mental health mental health we, want to ensure that people receive the treatment and care when, they need it, mr.. Speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial. Colleagues and others in addition, to my duties in this house I will today be joining world leaders, and Internet, companies for, a summit in Paris on tackling terrorist, use of the internet. Mental. Health week Israel, that's, our speaker instead of a transplant, providing Marcus, that's been calling on and, improved an extended. Life project. Which has received are their sentence, after receiving, allowed me to admit, they. Fall in rate with these answers and comfort, that's what happened, to any nerves so, rather hard having if I assess them to get these answers well, the prime minister make sure the, UK. Service. NHS part, and times a transplant. Service, undertake. A case review they. Identify. Wireless noggin and say wasn't part of error and why, red flags will identify post, operation, as well. The. Honorable gentleman has clearly, raised a very concerning, case, and obviously. He's given some details, of that case here on the floor of the house I will ensure that, a relevant Minister looks at the issue that he has raised because, obviously, it is a matter of concern if somebody receives, something that they believe is going to be it's give them their life and it. Is a malignant, transplant, a transplant. From malignant, organ, as he said in this case so I've been ensure that the Department of Health the relevant minister looks at this palsy. The. Prime Minister's often spoken about how important, it is to ensure, that everyone gets a fair chance in life and that of course includes, carers. So will she join me in, welcoming the, award to Annette Collier that was made at Friday's, pride at Rugby Awards run, by our fabulous like radio, station and, it's a leader for rugby young carers, and her great dedication. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. Is helping, youngsters in my constituency live, their own life. Well. I think can, I say my honorable friend for highlighting this particular issue because we obviously recognize, the importance. Of supporting young carers we've published across government, carers action plan which is committing to improve the identification. Of young carers education. Opportunities, and outcomes as well as access to support and services, I'm very happy to, join my honorable friends in congratulating Annette, for this award and thanking her for the amazing work she's done and continues, to do to support young carers, and also, to congratulate, rugby fm for, identifying, people in the community like Annette, who are doing so much to help the lives of others. I, joined. The Prime Minister in acknowledging. Mental Health Awareness Week and I want to send my support, to all those campaigning, all across the country to, raise awareness of, mental health and also a message that all of us can do something about it by reaching out and talking to people going through a mental, health crisis, and also ensuring. This proper funding for our mental health services, I would.

Also Like mr. speaker to pay a tribute to the, former Labour MP for berming Moore Saints Brian Walton who passed away this week he was a very formidable figure in this house and a very. Strong political interviewer. Which every. Politician really loved being interviewed by at the time but they they, only said that afterwards, I. Think. Mr. speaker it would also be only right that the House of Commons pays tribute to a leading, Hollywood icon. And campaigner, for animal welfare Doris, Day who passed away this week, and I'm tempted to quote some Doris tEG's songs, but I won't. Alright. Whip crack away. No. I. Do. Apologize, mr. speaker I've obviously started, there a parliamentary. Sing-along, here. And. And. Speaking of icons, mr. speaker, it would be right to acknowledge, that it's 40 years since the members for Huddersfield, and birkenhead were both elected to this Parliament for the first time in the 1979. Election. Mr.. Speaker in the last two years nine. Of the UK's, richest, hedge fund tycoons, have donated. 2.9. Million pounds, the Conservative. Party is this, a government, for. The many or in the in, the pockets of an elite few. Can. I first of all respond. To some of the tributes, that the right honorable gentleman played I'm sure, that across the house everybody, would, wish to recognize, the, the sad, passing of something who gave many, hours of entertainment through, her films and and, career Doris Day I also. I, also would, like to congratulate, the Honourable members for Huddersfield, and Birkenhead. On having. Been elected into this house 40 years and having spent 40 years in this house I also note that 40. Years ago of course, it, was the election, of Margaret Thatcher. And. Margaret, and ander, and it was always said, it, was always said that, Margaret Thatcher had, indeed enjoyed. Being. Interviewed, by Brian. Walden and he. Did indeed not only have a career in this house but went on to have a very respected. Career in in, television, journalism, as a broadcaster. And and. Interviewer. But, can I say to the right honourable gentleman he raises, issues about. Fairness and about and, about equality, and those. Who, are better off in our society. Can, I just, say to him that income inequality, is down. Since. 2010. As. Conservatives. We want everyone to be better off everyone. To have good jobs. But, that's always the difference between us and labor labor. Want, to bring people down, we, want to raise people, up. Mr.. Speaker, the. Nobel, prize-winning. Economists are, Angus Deaton said. The UK risks, having extreme. Inequality levels. Of pay wealth. And health, of the, g7, countries only. The United States is more unequal. Than Britain, is, that something the Prime Minister is proud of. Gentlemen. But what is important, as I say talking about income inequality and, fairness as I say income inequality is down since 2010, the, lowest-paid had seen their wages grow the fastest, since 2015 the. Top one percent are, contributing. More income, tax than, at any point, under, the last Labour. Government. Millions. Of people lowest-paid are no longer paying any income tax at all. Mr.. Speaker real wages are lower than they were ten years ago and, how, can it be fair that, we live in a society where, the average chief. Executive. Of a footsie 100 company. Now, earns a hundred, and forty, five times, the, annual average, salary. In this country, and some, of the lowest rates of pay are amongst. Young workers. That's. Why the weekend, I announced that the next Labour government, will abolish the youths rates because. Quite simply if you're, old enough to do the job you're, old enough to be paid the wage to do the job does, the Prime Minister agree with that principle. Has. Announced. Was actually will cost young people jobs. That's. Not just what I'm saying the, director of the IFS, said the policy would end up having, quite. A negative, effect on young people but, we don't need to rely on quotes, to, know about what would happen to young people under a policy like that we just look at the record that the late last Labour government, had on youth employment under. The last Labour government, youth unemployment. Rose. By, 44. Percent. Under. The Conservatives. In government, youth unemployment, has fallen by, 50, percent. I seem. To recall mr., speaker it was the Conservative, Party that opposed, the, national minimum wage in, 1997. I seem, to recall it was a Conservative, Party that predicted. Millions, of jobs have been lost because we, wanted decent, pay for people but. Why mr. speaker does, this government continue. To punish our young people, since, 2000. Well since. 2010. The. Conservative. Party with the Liberal Democrat, accomplices. Have, treble. Tuition, fees. Abolished. The educational. Maintenance, Allowance and, cut. Child, benefit, and while, wages. Remain lower, than a decade ago and, housing. Costs have soared more. And more food banks, are opening up in Britain in, Great Yarmouth one. Has just been opened for, pupils, at a school, and last.

Week, The. Department of Business established. A Food Bank for its own staff, in the, building there, on Victoria, Street can, the Prime Minister tell us what, is going wrong in modern, Britain that a government office in the centre of London has, a food bank for some of its very low paid staff to, get something, to eat. I. Think, but the best way to ensure, that people, have a good income and a stable income for their families is, to ensure that their in work and this is the fourth question these are. The, fourth question, he's asked, me and in, none of his questions, so far as he welcomed, the fact that employment, is at record levels. And unemployment. Is down at, a record-low, and. The way the right honourable gentleman talks you, would think that inequality, started. In 2010. But. Who was it who said Oh. From, a sedentary, position it, did. Who. Was it who, said if the last neighbor, government. They. Ensured, that the gap between the, richest and the poorest, in our society. Became. Very much, bigger. Not. My words the, words of the right honourable gentleman a king his own. Mr., speaker. My, question, was about food, banks. In. A government, office which. Sun seems, to me to order, I'm very, very very worried. About you mr., Spencer you used, to be such, a calm, and, measured fellow, you're now behaving, in. An extraordinary. Eccentric. Manner almost, delinquent. Calm, yourself, young man and your condition, will improve Jeremy, Corbyn, mr., speaker my question was, about a food bank in a government, ministry which seems to me to suggest that, it's in work, poverty. That, is the problem, in Britain, the, Trussell trust handed, out 1.6. Million food parcels, last year half, a million of which went, to children, and as. A new report out today from the end child, poverty coalition, which shows that child poverty has risen by half a million and is becoming the new norm in this country, the. End child poverty coalition, called our ministers, to, restore, the link between, inflation. And social, security will, the Prime Minister do that to try and reduce that, is graceful levels, of child poverty, in this, country. Talks. About helping those who are low pair it is this government. It is a Conservative. Government that introduced the National living wage. And. What do we see what, do we see, that. Some more under labor someone, working full-time on national minimum wage would. Have taken home nine thousand, two hundred pounds, a year now, they take home over thirteen. Thousand. Seven hundred four. Thousand, five hundred pounds more under, the Conservatives. For the lowest-paid that's, the Conservatives. Caring, for the low pay. Mr.. Speaker they may have changed the name but. The Institute of Fiscal Studies says, that child poverty will rise to. Over five. Million, by, 2022. At, the current rate because, of the strategies being followed by, her government. When. The wealth of the richest, thousand, people in Britain has increased, by fifty, billion pounds. In one, year but. Is not enough money to properly feed our children or pay, workers a decent, wage then, we have failed as a society. This. Country, is seeing the rich get richer, while the poor get, poorer while the government is in the pockets, of a super-rich elite more. Children, in poverty, more. Pinched nurse in poverty, more, people, struggling. To make ends meet, when. Is she and her. Government going to reverse the tax giveaways, to the super-rich, and make. Sure they pay their fair share of, taxes. So we can end, the. Scandal, and it is a scandal, of inequality. In modern, Britain. Well. The right honourable gentleman talks about in fact as I pointed out the, top 1% are, paying, more, in income tax today than they. But. What are we seeing for labor in just, the past week Labour. Party, has a plan for a system, where, everybody in this country would get benefits. That. Means handouts, to hedge fund managers, paid, for by tax hikes on working, people, Labour's. Policy, money, for the rich made by taxes, on the poor. As. Already noted, 40, years ago Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and Joey during. Her Premiership. She convinced people like me and people from modest backgrounds right across the country that it's the Conservative, Party that's the party of opportunity. And aspiration. Does, the Prime Minister agree that education plays a pivotal role in unlocking. These opportunities and enabling social mobility and will, Education, and Skills Funding receives. The attention it therefore deserves, in the upcoming spending, round. Of. Course we're already putting record. Levels of funding into our schools forty three point, five billion pounds, of course he's trying to tempt me to talk about the spending review that is upcoming, but I can assure him that we're committed to improving education, for every child because I absolutely, passionately. Believe that we should, be making sure that, how, far a child goes in life doesn't, depend on their background, or their circumstances, or.

Who, Their parents are, but, it actually depends on their individual, talents and their, hard work everybody, in this country should be able to go as far as their talents of their hard work will take them hian Blackford. Thank, You mr. speaker can I join the prime-minister than the leader of the Opposition and welcoming, Mental. Health Awareness Week mr.. Speaker, pending. Your approval we now know that the Prime Minister's, three times defeated. Brexit, deal will return yet. Again in June can. The Prime Minister tell us has, he back groom agreement, been reached with the leader of the Opposition, to sellout, the people of Scotland and, force harsh shoddy deal, through. The. Only party that wants to sell, out the interests of Scotland, or the SNP, and one there. Not. Quite sure mr. speaker what that had to do with the equation, you might at least try Prime Minister to answer the question the. People. Of Scotland are, none. The wiser of what is going on and Lee's secret Tory labor talks, Scotland's. People, and, the will of the Scottish, Parliament is, being ignored mr.. Speaker enough, is enough. Why, is the Prime Minister so, afraid of, giving, the people of Scotland are saved the. Fact is at. The European, elections next, week the, people of Scotland will, make their voices heard. Whether Westminster. Likes, it or not, next. Thirsty, the, people, of Scotland can, vote SNP. To, stop brexit, and send, a clear message that. Scotland. Will not be ignored any, more. To. The right he. Talks about the people of Scotland not, knowing where things stand well the people of Scotland will know where things stand if the right honourable gentleman his colleagues vote for the withdrawal agreement, bill and ensure that we need that European, Union, and if people want to vote for a party but not only is a brexit, party, but also as a party in government that can deliver brexit, they should vote conservative. Nigel, ever. Thank. You mr. speaker can the Prime Minister confirm. That. If we were to stay in a customs union and a single market that, we'd have to pay billions, into the European, Union that we couldn't do three, trade deals around the world and we, couldn't control our own immigration.

And That, we will never betray the promise that we made at the last general election, that. We will deliver, the, full brexit, unlike. The, broken promises from the party opposite. I'm. Happy to confirm to him that we do indeed remain committed not, just to delivering direct systems of securing a majority in this house to do just that but, I could reassure him on his specific points, in leaving the European Union, we, want to we will end free, movement restore, full control over our immigration, policy open, up new trading opportunities, around the world and end the days of sending fast payments, to, the European, Union and we will not pay for market, access and he, mentions, the last election, and commitments that were made at the last election because he and I both stood on a manifesto, promising. To deliver the best possible deal for Britain as we leave the European Union delivered. By a smooth orderly, brexit, as we, seek a new deep and special partnership, including. A comprehensive, free trade and customs agreement, with the European Union I'm committed, to those objectives I believe that, we've negotiated a, good, deal that delivers on those I'm determined, to deliver it is. Discern. This. Government, say, they are committed to tackling climate. Change yet. Too often the. Evidence suggests, otherwise take. The examples, of their. Support, for, an oil, refinery in, Bahrain. But. Their refusal, to help. Award-winning. Tidal. Energy specialists. Nova. Innovation. The, reality, is ninety. Nine point, four percent of. UK, export, finance, in the energy sector, goes. On fossil. Fuel, projects. If this government is serious, about addressing, the. Climate emergency. Will. They prove it by, investing, in the future not. The past. We. Are investing, in the future and, not the past that's why we've been encouraging, issues, like electric. Vehicles the the, battery technology, that is taking place here in the UK but he talks about our, interest, and our support, for the what, we need to do on climate change just look at our record our renewable, energy capacity has quadrupled since, 2010, annual, support from renewables, will be over 10 billion by 2021. 99%. Of solar power deployed, in the UK has, been deployed under the, Conservatives. In government. And we have been decarbonizing. At a faster, rate than any other country in the g20. Mr.. Speaker. It's. Vital, for trust, in the Prime Minister, and the government for. Dates to be set and then stuck to. Can. We have a definitive, and, unalterable, date, for. The release of the green paper on adult care. I say. To my, honorable friend he's absolutely right that we need to abide by a will abide by the government's, commitment to publish. A green paper in relation to adult, social care we. Want to ensure that when we do that we are able to bring forward proposals, that deliver. The answer, to the question, or possible, answers to the question we have to ask ourselves which. Is how we, can ensure. That support, for social care that social care system is sustainable, into the future we, will be publishing it at the earliest opportunity and, it will set out those proposals, to ensure that social care, system is sustainable, in the longer term. You. Must have speak of best looking a bit threadbare over, on these benches to say maybe, they should examine the, reason why the. Government can barely, secure, double figures in the opinion polls the, UK is now an inch of national, laughingstock with. A backbench, just wanting, ongoing as does the Nisshin she's, now going to be bringing back her withdrawal agreement. For a forced tanking, as a backbench. Queue up to see they would supporter has the road now just, not run out play Minister and for the sake of her nation, who she please just, go and let, Scotland, go to. I can. Say to the, right honourable gentleman that from his references, to those of us across this house it's obvious its charm offensive become less next speaker, has already started. Can, I also say to him it's in the interests, of Scotland. That it remains part of the United Kingdom and, it's the interest and it's the interest of the whole of the United Kingdom, that we deliver on what people voted for in the referendum a deliverer brexit.

Thank. You mr. speaker. 15200. Children. In Somerset and now in good and outstanding schools. Compared, to 2010. Great. News but. Despite. Five point nine percent more, funding, per pupil going. Into Somerset, teachers, and parents are coming to me increasingly. From Taunton Dean to say that they are under funding, pressures. And, they, are in the fifth lowest for prime for secondary school funding and the bottom third for, primary school funding so, with the Prime Minister agree, with me that to give our children the very best opportunity. In life we, must correct this funding injustice, in Somerset and with a strong it economy, overseen. By this government we can and we should do it I. Think. The comment she makes about the increasing. Number of children in Somerset in good and outstanding schools, we. It is indeed as she says our management, of the economy the strong economy that enables us to put more money into our public services like education that's. Why we are putting a record level of funding into schools this year giving, every local authority more. Money for every pupil in every school but, also of course we have introduced, the new funding formula to make the distribution more fair across, schools across the country because what we want to do is to keep on improving the, education, for every child so as I said in, response to an earlier question from, my, honourable friend we have the opportunity, to, ensure that every child can go on and achieve their, full potential. Rosita, feel. As. This is Mental Health Awareness Week does, the Prime Minister, agree with the Labour Party, that it's time to scrap tests, for pre teenage, children such, as SATs, and in Kent the 11 plus that, we know caused them to experience stress, anxiety. And. A sense of failure. What. Is important, as we as children go, through their education, as we make sure they are receiving the right education, for them and, we make sure that schools are providing the right quality of education, and simple. Tests, that enable, that those. Judgments, to be made about, where children, are in relation, to their learning. Through their school career I believe, is right it was right that those were introduced and it's right that they continue. It. Is mental health awareness week, and it's also exam. Time, and in, transfer, to Anglia, Ruskin University the. Staff and students, care deeply about supporting.

All Those with mental health issues, so, will my right honourable friend the Prime Minister, urged, the, secretaries, of State for, health and education, to. Work together to. Provide a specific. Funds so. That our universities. Can develop new and innovative. Ways. To, help. Students. With, mental health crushes. My. Friend is right to raise the, issue of mental health in universities, and it is important, it is a priority for the government NHS. England is already working closely with Universities, UK through. The mental health in higher education programme, to build the capability, and capacity of, universities, to be able to improve, student welfare services, and improve, access to mental health services but, I will ensure and I will be happy to ask both the health and education sectors, to consider options to look at this further mr.. Barry Shermer. Mr., speaker the Prime Minister is now well aware that I've had, the privilege of serving people Huntersville for 40 years but, is she aware that when I came into this house I was a passionate, Euroskeptic. And. The, reason, I and. The reason that I changed my mind I saw. How. The European. Union delivered. Prosperity. Cleaning. Up the environment, keeping. The peace keeping, our security, it changed, my mind but the value, to, all the people in this country as well as my constituent, as staying in the EU isn't, it time that the Prime Minister, spoke, out, the. Truth about Europe. Rather than the big, lie of the UK. Party. That. I think H I, this. House voted for the for, the referendum, the, government of the time said. That it would abide by the decision, of the referendum the, people voted the people made their choice and I think it is right that this. Government delivers, on that choice and delivers brexit, and the Honourable gentleman mentioned we've, mentioned earlier him coming into this house and he's been serving his constituents, for 40 years he, mentioned prosperity, actually. In 1979. It was a Conservative, government that, came in and turned around all, the problems, of a Labour. Ross. Thompson. Prime. Minister on behalf of animal lovers across the country me congratulate. You or introducing, Lucy's law to Stanford, and, bad practice, of puppy, and kitten farming. However. This, law only applies, to England, and with the Welsh, consultation.

Closing This week does, my right honourable friend agree with me the unless SNP, government, now Act introduced, Lucy's law there, is a real, risk of Scotland, becoming a hub for unscrupulous. Puppy farmers. I. Think. My humble friend is a very important, point I'd like to congratulate. Him on the work that he did on this issue because I know he he raised it, regularly. And championed, this particular, course but it, is ironic, that as, an MP for a Scottish seat he was able to help to change the law here, in England and ensure that this was bought in where, the assembly government in Scotland are not winning to change that law and I think the SNP it's time the SNP government but one with the day job and actually started legislating, for things that matter to people it's got. Thank, You mr. speaker. The Prime Minister says that it's her deal, No Deal or no, exits, from the EU but. We voted, against her deal and we voted against No Deal for good reasons, but, she's not shifted, and she's out of time will. She admit now that all, that's left is no, exit, or will, she go back to the people. Response. To the question about going back to the people I believe the people were given the the, choice as to whether we should stay in the European Union in 2016, in the referendum they, voted they gave their decision, and I believe it is up to this government, not just this government but this house to. Respect, the, decision, that was taken when, we gave we as a Parliament. Gave people that choice. Simon. Thank. You mr. speaker at a crucial time can I take this opportunity to highlight the absolute vital importance to supporting, British steel, and in particular the world leading special, profiles, division at skinning Grove in my constituency, this. Is a profitable, business and a jewel in the crown of UK steelmaking and, can I urge my right on my friend to deliver a productive. Outcome to the talks that are ongoing as swiftly, as possible. Friend. Has raised an important point about the about. British. Steel and obviously, I can't, comment on the speculation, about. The, future of grayble capital owned British steel I realize, this is worrying time for, those who are employed, there and their families, as, everybody, would expect across this house the business department is in regular contact with. A wide range of sectors and companies and but, of course last last. Month the, government did enter into a commercial agreement with British steel relating. To their obligations under the EU emissions, trading scheme which. Has provided, support to that company this, is Sharon Hodgson. Speaker. Three, weeks ago the Prime Minister received a copy of the children's, future, food inquiry's, report and. Delivered. To number 10 by Dame Emma Thompson, and six young, food. Ambassadors. Who all experienced. Food. Poverty, on her. Government's, watch the. End child, poverty coalition, have found that, half a million more. Children are, having their lives blighted, by food poverty, than at the start of this decade, when. The Prime Minister meet, with, these young, food ambassadors. And. To discuss their right to food children's. Charter, as soon as possible. The. Honourable, lady I haven't actually seen the Charter, yet and so I will look carefully at that charter but as I've said in, response, to a number of questions on this on, this issue what, is important, it the week is that we have in this country an economy, that enables people to get into good jobs that's.

What We are delivering as a Conservative, Party in government that is what enables, people to have that that, stability in their income that's what enables, people to be able to care for their children, Antoinette's. An. Minister. Join me in welcoming the. Final, evaluation. Of the national bereavement, care pathway, it, found that nine and in ten parents, who'd suffered the loss of a child felt. That they were treated, with. Such stably. And the and. The and the honorable lady has passed the test. Antoinette's. Earn back only did the honorable, lady pass the test mr.. Speaker but so did the national bereavement, care. It. Also found, that 18/10 health, care professionals, felt supported, to deliver good quality, bereavement. Care does. The Prime Minister agree that these results are a rallying. Call to the remaining, NHS, trusts to adopt, the, national bereavement, care pathway, ensuring. That all bereaved parents will, receive better. First. Of all to my, own boyfriend I have realized this is an issue that is close to the hearts of many members across this house including. My honourable friend who has spoken most movingly, on this subject and I'd. Like to thank the a PPG for all their work on this issue because, we do believe. And recognize all bereaved, Hemet parents, should be offered the same high standard, of care and support in an appropriate, environment these, results do indeed show, the benefit of the national bereavement care pathway, it's, already helped to strengthen support for many buried families, across the country and I would certainly urge all, trusts, to adopt this approach hydrant, Thank. You mr. speaker, we rightly condemned, the denial or abuse of trade union rights in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh. Colombia, and many other countries, so will the Prime Minister agree that. The victory, by unite trade union members who won 1.9. Million pounds, compensation. After major, construction. Firms unlawfully. Blacklisted, and denied them work is, a victory. For British. Values does. She agree that Freeland independent, trade unions are a valued, part of our democracy. Will she condemn the illegal actions of these construction, companies, and in, an open democracy guaranteed. Trade union representatives a right of access to workplaces, to speak to employees, about their, rights. I say. To the right honorable lady that I recognize, the important role that trade unions play in our democracy and, the, work, that can be done with trade unions to ensure that we are enhancing workers, rights in this country is exactly what this government is doing we, want to see workers rights being enhanced and improved were, already on track to do that and I, look forward to us continuing, to be able to do that in the future a. Couple. Of weeks ago I asked the prime minister about family Mike efficiency who desperately meet the life-changing, drug spin Raja this morning we have the wonderful news that it's going to be made available in England but will the Prime Minister now press for a managed access agreement, to be put in place as soon as possible because, the children who need this drug can't afford to wait a single day more here. A. Very important issue at the timelines very pleased that NHS, England and Biogen, have agreed, a deal that enables mines to recommend this revolutionary, new treatment it. Does have the potential as my own girlfriend has said to transform, the lives of young, children with. Spinal, muscular atrophy and their families and I. Will certainly ensure, that his request in relation to in making. Sure that, this is available as quickly as possible is acted, on by Japan. The. Research by the victoria, derbyshire show, has revealed that in the last five years four. Children, have been murdered, following, contact, granted by the family courts to known abusers, this, morning over a hundred and twenty MPs have written to the Justice Secretary calling, for an independent inquiry, into, the treatment of victims, of domestic abuse and violence by the family courts does, the Prime Minister agree that, there is something wrong with, a system, that forces contact, between children, and parents, that are known risks, to that child and if she does agree will she Commission that independent, inquiry.

Family. Court system should never be used to coerce or, to revitalise those who have been abused, and a child's welfare must be the paramount, consideration for. The court in any proceedings, I'm pleased. That the president, of the Family Division has. Published, some new draft guidelines just last week which provides greater, clarity on some issues around the family courts such as increasing, transparency. The. Ministry of justice currently, have not seen evidence to suggest a public enquiry is necessary but i will ensure i will, ensure that the, new minister for justice meets. The Honourable lady to discuss the concerns that she has raised. Rachel. Mclean. Congratulate. The hard-working, campaign. Team in Redditch who secured, an increased, majority on, the ready to. Put. In place plans to unlock, radish i will, she recommit, her government's, resources, to, the crucial, issue of regenerating. Towns and, hiring some down the country. Well. I'm very happy to, congratulate, thee can pay all those campaigners, those, elected. Councillors, for the success that they had in the reddest borough council elections. And I'm pleased to see regice regice council, actually moving forward, with its plans to improve, the, improve, the town of redditch and certainly, we remain committed we have allocated, sums, to, ensure that we can see improvements. In towns up and down the country and we. Continue, our commitment to that and as for the invitation, I'm very, grateful fireable, friends and I, will ensure that my, diary Secretary has that and we will see if that as possible. My constituency, my, constituents, Gerald Paragon, was shocked with the crossbow outside, his home on, Good Friday. This weekend, he tired of those severe, injuries, I'm, sure the house will join me in sympathizing. With his family, his partner, and his friends, the community is in shock come. The prime minister join me in appealing. To the public for any, information and. To give live that give, that information to, north wales please in confidence, and can, she give assurances. That the, law on crossbows, will be reviewed, in, light of the, number of incidents, and also, ensure, that the police have enough resources to carry out this now murder inquiry. Obviously. Raised a very worrying case and as he says the thoughts of the whole house are with. The family, and friends, and partner of his, constituent, this is it's. Terrible when one hears of an incident such as this it's. Absolutely right I will the Home Secretary has, heard the, comments, that the Honorable gentleman has, raised in relation to the law on on, crossbows, and I. Absolutely, join with the Honorable gentleman encouraging. Any member of the public who has any information about, what, happened to, get in touch with the police there are of course there is of course the anonymous, route, to be able to give evidence. To give information to the for, it to reach the police without. Without. Being identified if, people are concerned about that but if anybody knows anything about this that, can help to, catch the, those, who are responsible and, I urge them to come forward mr.. Boehner. Thank, You mr. speaker for more than 20 years I've worked with an incredible, group of conservatives, in Wellingborough and Rushton they, raised money for the party they, deliver neat leaflets and they, knock on doors week. In week, out this. Saturday so 40 of us went out campaigning. For the European, elections. But. Unfortunately, so I have here a letter, from those conservatives.

To Dress the prime minister. They. Say that. Her deal is worse, than staying in the European, Union, that. They want. Us to come out now, on a No Deal racist, and sir, more. Importantly, they've. Lost confidence in, the Prime Minister and. Wish her to resign, before the European, elections, Prime. Minister, what. Message. Do, you have to say to. These dedicated. And loyal conservative. First. Of all quotes can I say to my honorable friend I say to, those members of the Conservative, Party across, the country who, campaign, regularly. For. Elections, of all sorts we've just heard as though that group in Redditch who succeeded. In getting excellent, results in Redditch Borough Council elections, all conservatives. To campaign I first of all thank them, for, the time and effort that they put into promoting. The, conservative. Course and secondly. I would say to conservatives. Up and down the country who, are concerned about delivering, brexit this, is a government that wants to deliver brexit, and has been working to deliver brexit, sadly. So far so, far the House of Commons has not found a majority to do that if if. Everybody. In the House of Commons had voted alongside with the government and the majority of conservative, members of parliament we would already have left, the European. Worst. Speaker. The. People of horns in what green are completely, distraught, at the British Council worker, harass. Amiri who has been taken and put, into prison in Iran suddenly. The Foreign Secretary is currently having a meeting with me in the family on Friday but please, could she condemn this action by Iran and, could she please speak. To President rouhani urgently. About, this terrible situation thank. You. Obviously. We are concerned we're always concerned when we see sentencing. Of any individual, purely on the basis of their employment with an entirely legitimate, institution. Which is what. Is the case it's, utterly shocking I'm deeply, concerned by the turn of events that has taken place and my thoughts are with the individual, and her family at this time as. The Honorable a D&C the, foreign secretary is taking this issue up the the government, will oppress. The case and the concerns that have been raised in relation to this but, I'm sadly, the arrest of this individuals shows that Iran's attitude, towards, entirely. Legitimate. Organizations. Which, are trying to foster better relations, and cultural understanding between, countries, but this is an issue that the government as the faultless years noted Fonseca will take up firmly. Steve Kerr thank, you mr. speaker, the Prime Minister is rightly regarded by, Scottish, conservatives. As a trenchant, champion, of the Union. Goodness. For that, so, will she agree with me that the UK, shared prosperity fund. Is an, opportunity, to strengthen the Union and will she confirm, that. That fund will be led by the needs of communities, and will, not be, Barna ties. What. Can I say to my, honourable friend it is absolutely, right that we have an opportunity with the shared prosperity fund, to, ensure that we, are recognizing. The. Ways in which we can reduce the, disparities, between communities. And between, nations within the United Kingdom and it is absolutely right as he says that this should be led by, the needs on the ground and we should make sure that money is spent effectively. And delivers. For people and that's our intention, thank. You. Yes. I think, the right honourable gentleman's, point. Of order of which I think I had advance, knowledge should. Be heard in, an atmosphere of calm. And. Respect. If, there are colleagues. Enormous. Ly attracted, to conducting, their own private, conversations, which I'm sure of the most intense interest due them perhaps, they would be good enough to do so I say looking mean being with the Honorable gentleman with a stone outside. Of the chamber so. That the rest of us can listen to the point of order, from. The right honourable gentleman member for hemel hempstead point. Of order some my Hennig.

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6:36, Is that under the E.U.?

The United States has ensured peace in Europe, not the EU. This parliament is so arrogant too; they didn't like it when Peter Bone actually did his job by challenging the government on Brexit. The whole British establishment is a joke that needs bringing down and destroying.

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Jeremy corbyn(comedian) : Laugh!

I hope pm stop brexite and she no need to resign before election

দি ফাদার পারসোনাল খবর ইমারজেনসি অডার ইউরোপীয় ইউনিয়ন ই ইউ গভরমেনট হাউজ অফ পার্লামেন্ট ২০০৭ ২০১৯ এর ডকোমেনট ২০২১ মিশন ইউ এন মেম্বর দেশ দেশের বাজেট ২০২১ অডার কাজী ফরিদ উর রহমান দি ফাদার ই গভরমেনট ইউ এন ও আই সি ১৬/০৫/২০১৯

+Mr Sigma Theresa may is the one that wants to control the internet.

Hello, Help them out to stay away from these animals, and re-become better human and honorable. Check Al Green. Gotta go home.

They're also an epic driver of haemorrhagic strokes, even among those who eat and exercise right.

Don't take the pendulum very seriously. It always swings

+Synapptic User hopefully


+Empleo Justinian III what is BNB??? Acronyms are only for people with balls

I do wonder - as the parliament is still in no Position to decide anything... isn´t it time for a General election? A new Brexiteer or not Tori Leader would´nt change anything. I can´t see how anyway., Rhe fear of a second Referendum, which I find rather strange, is too big with Tories + Brexiteers. So what is left really? Asking the Eu for another Extension in october is... distastefull.

Bercow can fck off too. !!!!

A rubbish PM, a worse leader of the opposition and an execrable speaker of the house. Replace them all or our democracy is dead.


Corbyn talks about the rich. Bit like him then. Has very profitable business interests in Mexico. Wonder what tax he pays and wages he pays his workers. Why Mexico? Looking at the stats, I was surprised how many millionaires are in the Labour Party. Corbyn one of the few then.

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our son is being not taken care of in dont care in the comunity...

I almost feel sorry for her...the worst prime minster ever..

Why are they so out of touch?

I’m furious that the government haven’t delivered brexit and from here on out it’s the brexit party that will get my support. I hope the tories and labour get wiped out by them since that is what they deserve after this betrayal

Still waiting for PMs ANSWER time.

all theses Tories should be lined up and shot for the deaths there cuts have caused time we held the lot of them accountable



Er...why are you watching then Richard...?

From across the pond, please, what is the significance of the green ribbons ?? -- thank you

George Jeremy Kyle would be more appropriate for this lot.

+Baz Robb sorry, but you are an idiot. it was a slim margin and so you have to ty to compromise really - at least try, you know. so please, Keep your undestandable emotions out of it, i can´t hear all this shitty betrayal talk anymore. get a grip.


Thomas Eaves May can't please any of the people any of the time. Added to that she is a compulsive liar. She needs to go. The worst PM ever.

That's no lie.

Conservatives are only slightly better than labour but only just

sam wright And which country would that be? Germany, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia? I can't imagine which but it sure as hell isn't the UK.

Holiday in the Sun , great tune

I was being sarcastic. I hate her.

Many in that house about to embark on new careers. Probably at a megabank or social media monopoly.

Always putting the opposition down, it's getting very boring. People don't want to listen to their bickering . They want to know what they are going to do about the mess they've got the country in.

Lies - only lies.


Drain the Swamp

The Tories ceased being conservative some years ago. What Blairite legislation have they repealed while in power? ... the free speech murdering 'hate crime' laws perhaps, or the egalitarian comprehensive school failed experiment? No, I think not. Now they're preparing an attack on social media as a bastion of dissent, having neutered our mainstream media. No they don't look conservative to me at all ... more like something from a police state.

Then people should stop filling it.

I'm Nicola Elliott from rasharkin north coast community transport has been cut down to two days

Lyes that fbi is!

Lies that the fbi is!


Dallas acted dumb.

O I insist.

Do something on the US?

O I insist

Do I have to let you go Prime Minister

I guess I trust mom threw 10 commandments. Besides I remember being in England as a baby.

I’m ready then.

Ask Diesel then?

I have no meds.

The FBI Dallas is acting dumb? We must act in a hurry?!

We in the US are watching. BREXIT must go through. Vote for the BREXIT Party!

Theresa May shut up


+dgarcia8 do you have anything to back up your opinion? Or are you just blowing bubbles from your fundament?

Renegade Dalek the only execrable one here is you.

If just too much immigrants from EU was the issue, can we negotiate just a fair criteria for issuing a visa to talented EU citizens and keep everything else same. Can this help our country to grow economically?

Even though I am not english i enjoy watching prime ministers questions

wait did just anwer a question about a staff needing a food bank with they need a job

The people were given the choice but the leave campaign was totally based on lies!!!!!

About BREXIT - The leave campaign was based on lies, and current polls r showing that more people want to remain - so why dont u have a 2nd refferendum

Theresa May - About Climate Change - it doesnt matter if u r doing better than the other g4 countries - it matters when climate change will not happen - the uk IS NOT doing enough. If it was - why do I see animals choking and eating plastic - litter more common than ever in my area, thousands of people dying of air pollution related deaths - the expense of electric cars and renewable energy. Also about SATS - ABOLISH IT. I went through it and it was the most stressful period of my life and I have done other tests as well. SATS do not help children but pressurise them.

Out!Out!Out! All of u out - Caroline Lucas for prime minister

@dgarcia8 do you have anything to back up your opinion? Or are you just blowing bubbles from your fundament?

@caffreys1979 They better refund us our tax money for the 3 years they wasted our time....

@Cwmbran1984 that's definitely a 'Too soon?' moment by me there **hangsheadinmockshame**

@Cwmbran1984 Yea and hopefully he'll have the same affect on them.. (as that guy)

@Baz Robb sorry, but you are an idiot. it was a slim margin and so you have to ty to compromise really - at least try, you know. so please, Keep your undestandable emotions out of it, i can´t hear all this shitty betrayal talk anymore. get a grip.

@Mr Sigma Theresa may is the one that wants to control the internet.

@ColinW aye pretty much. Money gotta come from somewhere......

Investing my arse

And Im sure none of these food banks and child poverty issues have anything to do with the migration plague that the UK is under... Right. Whine about poverty as you allow more and more poor into the country.

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