Prime Minister's Questions: 14 March 2018

Prime Minister's Questions: 14 March 2018

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Questions. To the Prime Minister. Boxster. Thank. You mr., speaker, I'm sure members across the house will wish to join me in, offering our heartfelt, condolences to. The family and friends of Professor Stephen, Hawking who died earlier today professor. Hawking's, exceptional, contributions, to science, and our knowledge of the universe speak, for themselves as, his children have said his, courage, and persistence with, his brilliance and humor inspired. People across the world mr.. Speaker members will also have seen reports of a number of suspicious packages, targeting. Muslim, members I'm sure, the whole house will, join me in condemning this unacceptable. Which. Has no place in our society I can, tell the house that an investigation, is underway and steps, are being taken to bring the perpetrators, to justice mr.. Speaker I'll be making a statement following p.m. cues updating, the house on the Salisbury incident, this, morning I have meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others in additions, to my duties in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further such, meetings later today Vickey, Foxcroft, I, want. To thank the Prime Minister for, agreeing to meet with me to discuss the. Work of the cross-party youth violence Commission, youth, violence is complex, and needs long-term, solutions. But, some things can be done right now, such, as legislating. To ensure, that all knives and sharp instruments, in shops are locked away or stored, behind counters. Ensuring. No one can steal them and use, them will, she do this. Lady. Has raised a very important, issue and as she says this is a complex problem and we need to ensure we have long-term solutions, for it my right honorable friend the Home Secretary, will shortly be publishing a new serious, violence strategy which will put an emphasis on n interventions. Early, with young with, young people, but, it's important we have tough legislation on knives but, we also do need to, restrict. Work in partnership, with retailers, we have recently consulted, on new measures including, restrictions on live sold online and in, March 2016, we reached Rio m/sec, reached a voluntary, agreement with major retailers about. How knives were displayed and the training training, given to sales staff to, support action to tackle knife crime but the Honorable lady's right to raise this as a an area of concern. On. The subject of Northern Ireland does. The Prime Minister stand by the commitments, made in the joint report of December and will. She confirm that, we will accept nothing that. Will undermine the integrity of the United Kingdom. Can. I confirm to my honorable friend that we stand by all the commitments, we, made in December we've. Been clear that our preferred option is to deliver these through our new partnership, with the EU with, specific, solutions, to address the unique circumstances in, Northern Ireland if needed and the, work were undertaking, with the Commission will include that on the final so called blacks back strop which, will form part of the withdrawal agreement, that, cannot be the text that the Commission has proposed as I've said that is unacceptable, but, we stand ready to work with the Commission and Irish governments to ensure that all of the commitments, on Northern Ireland made in the joint report are included, in the withdrawal agreement, Jeremy, Corbyn Thank, You.

Mr.. Speaker I along. With the prime minister absolutely. Condemn the. Vile messages, and threatening packages, that have been sent to Muslim members of this house and, also, the rise. In. Islamophobia. And the abusive. Messages that are being sent to Muslim families, all over this country it has to be utterly. Condemned, by all of us as we, condemn, anybody that, attempts to divide our country by, racism, of my extremism, in any form I think we just have to stand united with. Any community that's under threat at any time. Mr.. Speaker I'm. Sure the whole house would join me in supporting, what the Prime Minister just said about, Stephen, Hawking one, of the most acclaimed scientists. Of his generation, helped, us to understand, about the world and the universe was, also. Concerned. About peace and the survival, of the world but is also a passionate. Campaigner, for the National Health Service. And he said I have, received excellent, medical, attention, in Britain, I believe. In universal. Health care and I'm not afraid, to say so mr.. Speaker if we believe, in universal, health care how, can it be possible that, someone, lives and works in this country pays, their taxes, but, is then denied, access the NHS, for life-saving. Cancer, treatment, can the Prime Minister explain. First. Of all join. With the right honourable gentleman in saying there is absolutely, no place in our society for, hate crime or racism, whatever, form it takes we, should stand, united, against. Such behavior, and such, activities, and. Can I say to the right. Honourable, gentleman that, we do ensure and I'm pleased. That we have a good record on the cancer provision that we're making we now see more people surviving, cancer. In this country as a result of changes that have been made developments. That have come in the National Health Service than, ever before, of, course we continue to work to ensure that the situation, that we're putting that the treatments. That we're making available are the. Best treatments, that we can I'm. Not aware of the particular case that the right honourable gentleman has raised with. Not. Aware of the particular cases right honourable gentleman who's raised with me but we do want to ensure that all those who are entitled. Who, are entitled to service. With the treatment. Through the National Health Service are able, to achieve it there are of course questions around particular drugs, that are made available to, individuals, for treatments, which of course we continue to look at Jeremy, Corbyn Speaker I would indeed be writing, to the prime minister about, the case I'm concerned, about it's a man it's.

A Man who's lived in this country for 44. Years, worked. And paid his taxes, obviously, is an older gentleman, and is now being denied cancer. Treatment, and I suspect he's not alone in this, and I urge her to discuss, this with, the Home Office and other mr.. Speaker I received. A letter from Hilary this week a British pensioner, and this, goes to the point the Prime Minister just said and she says I am. Now having to pay for my thyroid. Medication. Because, the CCG. Needs, to save money I've worked all my life paid national insurance and this is not, fair, last. March the health secretary said it's absolutely essential. That, we get back to the 95 percent, target for, accident, emergency weights. And he said it should happen and I quote in the course of the next calendar year well. The calendar year is now up can. The Prime Minister explain why this is no longer possible. Well. First of all on the individual, case I look forward to receiving the details from the right honourable gentleman Mike may I may I just though take this opportunity, of reminding. Him that I think he raised a case about Georgina with me last October, and hasn't written to me about. So. So, as I say I look forward to receiving the details of the case the team has just set. Out what, we have done in relation to to, cancer, treatment is ensure there are more diagnostic. Tests, taking, place we, see more people being seen by a specialist, for suspected, cancer. And more people starting treatment for cancer that's, why I say, that we have seen an improvement in, the cancer treatment that is available to, people in this country, and in, relation to accident, and emergency I'm, pleased to say that we do have more doctors working. In accident, and emergency we. Have put more money in the chance to announce this last year both for winter pressures and to, ensure that accident, and emergency departments. Are able to provide the, treatment that is right for the patient before them because for some people actually they don't need to be in an accident and admitted, to hospital, they need to be seeing a GP we're, working with the NHS, to ensure that the treatment, that patients, receive is, the treatment, that is right for them. Mr.. Speaker my understanding, is Georgina's, case was resolved, before the Prime Minister was Dinah's either in the America, following. My raising, it here. When, it proves it what. If nothing else mr. speaker it proves the power of Parliament, mr.. Speaker, key AME, waiting, target, have not been met since 2015. NHS. Miniature, NHS. Managers, are saying they won't be met till. 2019. And February. Was the worst ever month. For accident, and emergency, performances. NHS. Providers, director, Safran Corddry said this. Is the first time we've, had to accept the NHS, will not meet its, key constitutional. Standards, if we, want to provide quality of care we need the, right long-term, financial. Settlement. The, NHS is clearly in crisis, so, why wasn't there a penny extra of the NHS, in yesterday's, statement by, the Chancellor. Can. I say to the right honourable gentleman we didn't wait until yesterday's, spring statement, to announce more money for the NHS, we, announced it in the budget master. As, a result, of that the NHS, is getting two and a half billion pounds more in the forthcoming financial. Year 1819. And more to fund the nurses pay settlement where that is resolved. Mr.. Speaker. Under. Labor the, 18-week. Target, for non urgent operations. Was in place the target has also been abandoned, by the Prime Minister when will that be reinstated. Prime, Minister well, the gentleman, talks about under labor things. That were being delivered perhaps he might look to see what what, labour are doing in Wales. The. Latest annual data the. Latest annual data shows, when we're looking at 12-hour, weights in A&E but, 3.4, percent of patients waited. Over 12 hours in Wales compared, to 1.3, percent in England he wants to talk about meeting targets, he should talk to a Labour government in Wales. Mr.. Speaker. NHS. England, abandoned, its ane targets, until April, 2019. It's a bit rich for the prime minister to be scare mongering about Wales, while, she's. Abandoned, the targets, in England. Mr.. Speaker a, recent. Not. Order lots of questions to get through and they must be heard Jeremy Corbyn a recent. Nao report, states that NHS, funding, will fall, by. Nought point three percent in. 2019. People's. Lives are at stake is the, Prime Minister really, saying hey, any, doctors, are wrong NHS. Managers, are wrong Royal, Colleges, are wrong health, unions, are wrong and actually it's only she that, knows best about the NHS.

Can. I just point out to the right honourable gentleman he talks about scaremongering of Wales I was pointing out the facts, about autism. And. That's why we do see well, that's why we do see people in Wales often trying actually to get treatment in England, rather, than, in rather. Than in Wales but, also. Say to the right honourable gentleman we are putting more money into, the National Health Service we. Are putting more money into the National Health Service but, what you need in order to be able to do that is to ensure that you have a strong economy to. Provide the money for the National Health Service what, do we know about the Labour's policies, it would cause a run on the pound crash our economy bankrupt. When. People are dying because of overcrowding and, long waits in our hospitals, I think the Prime Minister should get a grip on it and ensure the NHS, now has, the money that it needs to deal with the patient demands, in. A recent interview, the. Health secretary, said of NHS, staff when. They signed up to go into medicine they, knew there would be pressurised, moments, what, they also expected. Was a recognition, an annual, pay rise without, cuts in paid leave proper, funding, for the National Health Service and when there are. 100,000. Unfilled. Posts, clearly. Not enough staff around them to share the burden we, started, with Professor Stephen Hawking and he said just a few months ago there. Is, there. Is overwhelming. Evidence, that. NHS. Funding, and the number of doctors and nurses are inadequate. And, it's, getting worse does. She agree with professor Hawking. Very. Happy to point out some facts to the right honourable gentleman we, have fourteen thousand, nine hundred more doctors, working in the National Health Service we. Have we, have almost thirteen thousand, nine hundred more nurses, working on our wards, why, did we put an emphasis on, nurses. Working in our wards because of what we saw under the Labour government in Mid Staffordshire. And I. Just say to the right honourable gentleman this that, what we need to do to ensure that we can provide the funding, for the NHS, and we are providing record. Levels of funding for the NHS, is to. Ensure that we take a balanced, approach to our economy, that's, an approach to our economy that deals with our debts keeps, taxes, low on working families and puts, more money into our public services, like hospitals, and, schools Labour's. Approach would increase the debt neighbors, approach would mean less money for our schools and hospitals and it would mean higher taxes, for ordinary, working people because. What we know about the Labour Party is it's always ordinary, people who pay the price of labour. Yeah. Last. Week's launch of a consultation. On all aspects, of domestic, violence will, be widely, welcomed, in Gloucester and across the country so, will the prime minister who has done so much on these issues confirmed, today that, the government intends, to increase spending bed, provision, and where, necessary women's. Refugees so that those who have survived, get, the help and safe haven that they deserve. My. Friend, has raised a very important, issue and this is an issue which I have not only obviously. Given, a considerable, attention to but, my right honorable friend the Home Secretary, can continues, to follow that it's. A very important, point we are entirely committed to, developing a sustainable, funding model for refugees I can, guarantee that funding, refugees will continue at the same level as today and because, I know how critical this support is to, the vulnerable people at a time of crisis, and we will ring-fence, the, funding for short term supported, housing overall, including. Refugees, for, the long term indefinitely. That, means no refuge, should worry about closing, or have any doubts about our, commitments, to ensure that we provide a sustainable funding model for them. Thank, You mr. speaker. Can, I hit. Myself with the remarks of the prime minister and the leader of the Labour Party as far as heat cream in the last time before B and of course thoughts, are with the family, and friends of the dr., Stephen Hawkings mr.. Speaker for. Months that. Devolved administration's. Have been waiting for the UK government to table. Amendments, to colossal ever on. Monday, these. Long awaited, amendments, were published, but without the agreement of the. Devolved governments can. The Prime Minister tell the house why. These amendments, have been forced, on the devolved administration. In. One sentence, he says he was waiting, for this amendment and. The reason, that we were taking time was because we were talking with the Scottish government and the Welsh government and then we do publish he complains that we've published it he really is good is the piercer story strange. The in Rockford, Thank. You mr. Speaker I would encourage the prime minister to listen to the question because it was about agreement.

And A man. Simply. Wasn't good enough Prime. Minister. Famously. Claimed that the UK was made up of equal partners, what. An irony know. That she's overseeing, the devolution, demolition. Of the devolution settlement in. 1997. The. Tories were happy to, oppose the re-establishment of, the Scottish Parliament. The. Laws haven't changed, now in 2018. They're happy, to systematically. Destroy the. Settlement, that the Parliament. Come upon the Prime Minister once again stop, this attack on devolution, and. Redouble. Your efforts and, working, with the devolved administration's. And finding. Agreements. Right. Honourable gentlemen this is a government that have actually given more powers, to the Scottish government this, is a government that will be giving more powers to the Scottish government significant. Extra powers will be devolved to the Scottish and Welsh Government's, as a result, of the decisions that we're taking around. For exit but, we have given more powers including, of course the tax raising, powers it's just a pity that the Scottish nationalists, have chosen to use their tax raising, powers to increase the taxes on people earning 26 thousand pounds or more Jeremy Quinn. Mr. speaker Walsh um last week held an apprenticeship fair, building, on the success which, since 2010, has, seen a 70, percent reduction in, youth, unemployment. We. See increasing, exports, increasing. Productivity, increasing. Real wages with my right honourable friend again remind, the house that, is that sustained, economic performance, that, underpins, our investment, in our valued public services. Can. I commend Horsham holding that an apprenticeship fair I think it's very important, that we give people young people the opportunity for. Those apprenticeships, but my honourable friend is absolutely, right we, can only fund those public services if we have the strength in our economy, providing, the income for us to be able to do that and in the last few weeks we've seen manufacturing output. Which, is now grown for nine consecutive months, that's the first time, since, records, began in, 1968. We've. Seen the best two quarters of productivity, growth since the financial crisis. And the lowest year-to-date net borrowing since 2008. And of course employment, near a record, high that's, what conservatives, are deluded delivering, a strong economy new, jobs healthier, finances, an economy, that really is fit for the future. Mr.. Speaker, last. Week GKN, workers, came to Parliament typically. 25, and 30 years service, their, mums and dads before. Them working for a British, engineering, icon. 259. Years old, sat. Opposite, were the three fabulously. Wealthy owners. Of Melrose.

Determined. To stage a hostile, takeover, of their company, break it up and sell it off can, I ask the prime minister daesh's she told Parliament, she would act in the national interest, the next 10 days will, decide the future will. She used the powers that she has to intervene, to block this, hostile, takeover. In the British national interest. The. Honorable, gentleman as he knows the, the business secretary has been speaking to both of these, companies on an impartial basis, we, will always we, will always act in the UK national interest actually it's this government, but, it's under this government that we've seen the changes introduced to the takeover code to, provide greater transparency, to, give target firms more, time to respond. There, are a narrow range of scenarios where ministers can intervene on mergers on public interest grants but we will always ensure that we act in the national interest, under ooh salut. Three. 3157. Medical. Students, are going into general, practice this, year which, is excellent, news but. We are still losing too many experienced. GPS, in their, mid 50s due, to the tax penalties. On their old pension. Scheme, would. The government look at a targeted. Time, limited exemption. On this, dedicated, group of commissions, who do so much for the health of us all. My. Own boyfriend this is an important, point, as he will know experienced. Senior hospital doctors and GPS who become a member of the National Health Service Pension Scheme benefit, from one of the best available defined, benefit, occupational. Pension, schemes and we provide generous, tax reliefs to allow everyone to build up a pension pot worth. Just, over a million pounds tax-free but. That. Put the issue that he's raising is that GPS, are not penalized after. If they work after age 55 but. Many may have exhausted the, general allow generous, allowance for tax relief that is available but by that by, that time but. I can say to my own boyfriend that the Chancellor of the Exchequer was, of course listening, to the question that he raised mr.. Virender Sharma. The. 13th. Of April, this year, represents. The 99th. Anniversary. Of the Jallianwala Bagh in. Amritsar, in India. Known. As Delhi, Ahmedabad Massacre. In which more than 1,000, peaceful, protesters, were murdered, by, soldiers, under the command of general, Dyer will. The Prime Minister join me in commemorating. The, massacre, and meet with be and others, campaigning. For this shameful, episode to, be remembered. Minister. The, Honorable gentleman has raised a, very specific issue and a very specific point and I would be happy to look at the question that he's raised with me and respond, to him in writing leo Doherty Thank You mr. speaker in my constituency farmer. In the borough of Rushmore, is the birthplace, of British aviation and. Now home to a thriving range, of aviation. Aerospace and. Defense, physicists, including the Airbus Zephyr, will, my rollable friend the prime minister join me in extending, our best wishes to the Zephyr team as, they look forward to making a world record-breaking, attempt. For, high-altitude unmanned. Aviation. I'm. Very happy to, join with my honourable friend in wishing, all the very best to the Zephyr team in the, attempt, that they are making but, he's right with his constituency, plays a very crucial role in the aerospace industry and. I'm pleased to say that we're continuing, to work with that industry, through, the aerospace, growth partnership, to, ensure that we can further enhance that industry, and we wish the Zephyr team well they're less discern. The. UK, has the lowest growth in the g7 so. Why is the government's. Answer to this to, give handouts, to. Some of the wealthiest bankers, to fund an already lavish, lifestyle. Paid. For. By. Taking the crumbs off the table of those on universal. Credit whose, children. And on free school meals. Minister. First. Of all the other gentleman might not have noted noticed that, the wealthiest, 1% of, people his country are now paying, the biggest share of tax. 28%. Ever did. Than, they ever did under, a Labour government but. If he's or if he's referring, to the bank levy can I also say to him it was the Conservative, Party that introduced, the bank levy that has raised 15 billion pounds, and is predicted to raise a further 11 billion pounds, that we can spend on public services, it is, the Conservative, government but. Is changing, the way we do it so we do it in a better way so in future, in future, we, will be raising nearly, 19, billion, pounds, from extra, from the banks over the next five years, that's three billion, pounds, more money from. The banks to be spent on public services, Neil Parish. Great. British food is produced by hard-working, farming. Farming. As. We produce a new British agricultural. Policy, does my Rhydon friend, agree with me that food, supporting. Food production. In this country is, a public, good. Minister. Very, happy to to.

Agree With my humble friend the importance, of food production in this country I'm, also happy to commend. The work of hard-working farmers, up and down the country but, also all those who work in our food production industry. And we, now have as my honourable friend will know historic. Opportunity, as we leave the EU to, deliver a farming, policy that is going to work for the whole industry, Bridget philipson. Just. Minutes ago Facebook announced, that they will be taking down several pages associated, with the extremist, group Britain first. There's, the Prime Minister join me in welcoming that, but does she not also accept, that there needs to be a clear role provided, by government to. Give guidance to social media companies, on how they operate in our democracy. I certainly, welcome that announcement by Facebook, and, I'm pleased to say that my right on will friend the Home Secretary has been working with, these companies to ensure that they do do, more they do act more clearly in taking down material, that is of an extremist, nature but I'm very pleased to welcome the announcement that Facebook is made and I hope other companies will follow and Marie Morris. May. I first congratulate. The Prime Minister on her pioneering work in fighting, modern-day, slavery, however. Has, she been advised to the central plank if a law enforcement, policy isn't working, with, 65, prosecutions. Of traffickers, abandoned. Last year because the victim fear as to their safety and, no reparations. Orders to compensate, victims for. The old deals made, against convicted, traffickers. Honorable, friend for raising what is a very important, issue, impact. At the meeting. That I chaired recently. In a matter of two, weeks ago I think it was of the, modern slavery task force that I have brought, together to bring people from across government but also from law enforcement, from the. Judiciary. From, a sorry from criminal. Justice more generally, and, from, others, to look at how we're working with this we, were addressing exactly this, issue of prosecutions and, how can we we can ensure that prosecutions. More prosecutions go, ahead in future and perpetrators, brought to justice.

In. This country in 2017. There are. 2120. Children. Who, were identified as being possible, potential. Victims, of. Child, slavery, can. They I know the Prime Minister's personal commitment, to tackling this issue but. Surely, we ought to have more data we have no idea, how, many of those children go missing we. Have no idea, how many are, deported, and we have no idea how. Many re trafficked, in this, country, in 2018. A modern. Democracy that, is simply, not good enough kind, of Prime Minister tell us what she's going to do about that. The Honorable gentleman has raised a very important, issue and it has been a long a concern, for a long time where, children are identified, as the victims of slavery the victims of human trafficking and when. Sometimes we do see them sadly. Being. In being in a position where they are then able to be taken out by traffickers. And resubmitted. To the horrible. Circumstances. That that brings to them we, don't return just, on the point that he's making about asylum and deportation, we don't return on accompany children who don't qualify for, asylum or humanitarian, protection unless we can confirm that there is safe and adequate reception. Programs and arrangements, in place in, their home country, and if we can't confirm such arrangements, we grant temporary leave up until the child is seventeen and a half and last, October 2017. We confirmed, our commitment to roll out independent. Child trafficking, advocates, across the country this, is a system, that we piloted, previously, which will give support to those child victims, to ensure, that they are given the support, they need and that they don't fall back into the hands of traffickers Lucy. Alan. Many. Towns and cities across the, country, Telford, has had some, experiences. Of distressing, cases, of child sexual exploitation. The. Authorities, in Telford have, now agreed to, conduct an independent, inquiry to find out what happened, and to give victims officers, will. My right honourable friend, join me in congratulating two. Brave, women campaigner. Holly Archer, and Sunday. Mirror journalist, Geraldine, McKelvey, for their work in bringing this about and will she agree to do everything, possible to ensure this, inquiry starts, without, delay, and leaves, no stone, unturned. I. Think we have all been shocked, by the horrific. Case that we have seen in Telford. Of some of the most vulnerable in our country being preyed upon by, ruthless, criminals, sadly, of course this is not the first example, that we have seen taking. Place across our, country I'm. Very happy to join my honourable friend in congratulating Holly and Geraldine for the work that they have done this, is not easy but it's right that they have brought this to light and that action can be taken I'm pleased that the authorities, are now, going to conduct an inquiry it is as my own boyfriend says important. That it begins its work in order to get, to the truth and does that as quickly as possible and, I understand, that my own will friend will be meeting my own will friend the parliamentary Under Secretary for crime safeguarding, and vulnerability, to discuss this issue Joe Platt. Shortly. After, the Prime Minister took office she said that she wanted to put the government on the side of the poorest, in society. She. Even stood in front of a crumbling sign that said she wanted a country that works for everyone, but, with the recent IFS, report, stating, that 37. Percent of children are set to live in poverty by, 2022. What. Went wrong Prime Minister. We. We, have seen. 200,000. Fewer children living, in absolute poverty, in this country under, this government, we continue, to take action, to ensure that we are helping, that we are helping families to get a regular, income by helping people into work that we're ensuring, that the lowest paid in our society, get that pay increase through increasing, the national living wage and, ensuring. That we help people with the standard of living by cutting the taxes for 31 million people. Aware. That the inspirational. Music man project, in Southend that, works with people who had learning difficulties. Has, now set, a world record for, tinkling. The most number, of triangles ever. My right honourable friend, agree, with me but that is yet another reason, why Southend, should be made a city. She, please now, organize, a contest. With our honourable friend, so that southend-on-sea, becomes. The first post. Brexit, City. Minister. I'm. Very happy to congratulate The Music Man project, in Southend, for the record that they have achieved in tinkling, triangles.

I'm, Sure, I'm. Sure that, my honourable friends has heard his, bid for Southend. - to become a city I have to say to my honourable friend that, of course there will be a number of members of this house we'll be putting forward their, own towns. For that for that accolade in due course Anu says he had to have a cathedral I didn't know it had to have tinkling triangles, mr. speaker sir. Vincent cable. As. The Prime Minister will, be aware. The Prime Minister, will be aware of that this week the, notorious. Rapist, John Wall boys was. Released from high-security, prison, one. Of my constituents, who gave evidence at his trial as a victim, wants, to know why he was not tested, first in open, prison conditions, and why, he at, the parole board is not required, to publish, the, reasoning, behind its release decisions, including. Evidence of country. No. There is a case before, the courts at the moment and I understand as part of that case the parole board will be required to explain the. Reasons, why they took the decision, but in terms of the overall issue of parole, board decisions and transparency, of that when, this John this, decision, became, clear my, right. Honourable friend the then justice, secretary now, the Chancellor of Lancaster, called, for, work, to be done which has been continued, under the current justice secretary in law Chancellor, to, look, at this whole question of parole board decisions, and the transparency, around them Heidi. Allen thank, you very much indeed mr. speaker, thank. You I am. Immensely proud to have the world leading research, and teaching hospital, of Addenbrooke's in my constituency South Cambridgeshire, the, scale and excellence means they rely heavily on doctors from overseas, but. Of late they've struggled to bring some of those doctors in because of restrictions on the tier 2 visa numbers, and with, applications, reducing. From the EU 2 it's becoming a real problem please, can the Prime Minister wish for me and my hospital, that, she's aware of this challenge and she has a plan to address it. Mr.. The. My, humble friend I am aware of that particular, issue of, course in the in, the longer term one of the things that we are doing is to ensure that we can trade more, doctors here in in.

The United Kingdom, but I'm aware of the issue that she has raised my look into it Laura. Smith, mr.. Speaker, last year the Prime Minister, acknowledged, that our social, care system is broken and, promised, to fix it since, then to care providers, in Crewe and Nantwich have. Been placed into special, measures and, another, is worried that it may have to close due to a lack of funding, what, does the Prime Minister say to providers. You state the local government settlement doesn't go far enough and that they cannot, afford to wait for, the government's, green paper. To. The Honourable lady that, as she will know I have always said that, there were some short-term, measures that need to be taken in relation to pressure on Social Care medium-term. Measures and long term in the short term we have provided more funding, for local, authorities two, billion extra was. Announced by my right honourable friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer we, are seeing more money going into Social, Care in local authorities we. In the medium-term need to ensure that best practice, is spread, across the whole country and, we also do. As she's referred to the Green Paper need, to ensure that we can develop a long-term sustainable, funding, model for social clare in this country and that's what we continue to work right. It. Is suddenly a matter of public record that RB s and H boss deliberately, at assets, tricked thousands. Of potentially, viable businesses, to. Benefit their own Bank or individual. Bankers, and, evidence, before the high court indicates. That Lloyds may also be guilty of the same, would. The Prime Minister consider the cause, of the all party, group, for fair business banking, which has been endorsed, by the, chief, executive of, the FCA, Andrew Bailey for. A full public, inquiry into this disgraceful, scandal. This. Is this, is an issue that is of concern to many small businesses of the backbone of our economy and we need to ensure that we do learn the lessons that from, what happens RBS and H, boss and. As, he will know the FCA has reported, areas of widespread, inappropriate. Treatment of firms by RBS, who. Have apologized, and set up a scheme, for compensation, to victims there. Is an ongoing investigation. Which. Is continuing, to be conducted, by the FCA, into RBS, and they're. Also undertaking, two separate investigations, into H boss but, we will continue to work with the independent, regulator and the industry, to, ensure that small and medium-sized businesses get the support they need from, West Thank You mr. speaker, it's just since Christmas, there had been five high-profile.

Gun Crimes in Haringey including. One last Thursday, when, a 19. Year old young man named Kelvin attorney was, shot in the head with, the marksmen opinion, on the back of a moped to. The entrance, of a cinema, in, Wood Green we, know our streets are plagued by a knife crime now, the intent, to kill with a gun takes. The epidemic, to a whole new level this can't go on and it must stop will, the Prime Minister please meet with me and community, leaders to put an end to this epidemic of. Gun crime. Lady. The the I. Suggest, that she meets with the home section who will shortly be publishing, a strategy, in in, relation to this issue with, serious, violence that takes place we're all concerned about the. The use, of mopeds has been known for, snatching. For effectively mugging and that's something that my Rhydon will friend the home said she had already been, were looking, at and working on with the police but on this issue that she's raised of gun. Crime I'm, sure my right honorable friend will be happy to meet her mr. bone thank, you mr. speaker following, the question, from the right on remember for Gatling could I agree entirely what he said the, probe the prime minister's done more. Than anyone in this house to, end this terrible. Modern-day. Slavery but we have one problem sir and that is the treatment of trialed, victims, they, are put in the care of local, authorities, and as the Honourable member said they are then re traffic, could we look at having a system, like we do for adults where safe homes are provided, centrally. Not, by local government so retracting. Could not occur for a minister, my friend, follows, up the I, don't, remember forgetting on important, point about these child, victims, of trafficking and I. Would certainly look at the issue that he has raised the. Independent. Child advocates, that I referred, to in my response to the right honorable member Gatling was. One way in which we feel we can give greater support to these child victims, to, ensure that they we do not see them being. Lost to the local authorities, and being, retransmitting. Right it is a scandal when I mean a, victim. Goes into the care of a local authority and then somebody is able to come along and remove, them from that care and take them back into into slavery.

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