Prime Minister's Questions: 13 June 2018

Prime Minister's Questions: 13 June 2018

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Questions, to the Prime Minister is, to Gareth Thomas. The. Prime Minister Thank You mr. speaker mr.. Speaker tomorrow marks, one year on from, the Grenville tower fire I know, that members from all sides of this house will join me in saying that this unimaginable, tragedy, remains. At the forefront of our minds on, Monday. I had the privilege to attend, the very moving, vigil in memory of those who were lost that night and, I was honored to take part in an iftar with members of the local community, let. Me again reassure, the house that, we are doing everything that we can to see that the survivors, of Grenville get the homes and support that they need and the, truth and justice, that they deserve. Mr. Speaker I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the England men's football, team the very best. This, morning. This, morning I had meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house item had further such meetings, later today Gareth. Thomas I, am, I'm sure the whole house will want to join the prime minister in her comments, about the Greville tragedy. Twelve. Months ago and my, constituents, certainly will want me to echo her good wishes to the England, Football, team yeah. Can, I ask the prime minister though last year the top five cooperatives. In our country made, more than four times the corporation, tax of Amazon. Facebook eBay, Starbucks. And yield the Prime Minister I'm sure will ought to praise the patriotism, of those who have signed up to the Fair Tax Mart campaign, but, might this not be an opportunity, to encourage, the Department for Business and the Treasury, to take a more proactive and, supportive, interest in the growth of cooperative, and mutual businesses. Can. I thank. The Honorable gentleman for, his, comments. About his constituency, and the. Support, and thoughts. That they have for all those who were affected by the ground floor tower fire on the, issue of Taxation he may have noticed that actually, HMRC. Has been requiring, some, of the large companies that he that, he has referenced.

In His question, to pay more tax and has ensured that we get that tax from them and of course they look fairly across all types of institution, that operate in this country mr., mark Harper. One, of the key reasons why people voted, to leave the European Union was. To get back control of immigration, policy so that we could welcome people to our country, based, on their skills and their talent not, not. Based on the country, from which they are from, you. Can't say in the European Economic Area, which we're debating later today without continuing, with free movement of people so, can i the Prime Minister to stick to our policy, of leaving the single market getting, back control of our immigration, policy. Not listening, to our many labor voices. Who want to continue, with unlimited, my. Gracious for the European Union. Can I say to my right honourable friend I absolutely agree with him the neighbor party used, to say that, they wanted, control of our borders now, what they want is free movement we, will take back control of our borders. Jeremy. Corbyn. Thank, You mr. speaker, I wish the England team all the best in the tournament, in Russia and hope it goes really, really, well this. Week mr., speaker is an, England, win. This, week is national, carers, week mr. speaker and I want to take this opportunity to. Pay tribute to, those thousands. Of usually. Unpaid, carers whose, commitment to family and friends too, often goes unrecognized. Mr.. Speaker as the Prime Minister pointed, out tomorrow, marks one year on the anniversary of, the Grenville tower fire I'll be meeting families, again tomorrow at their silent March but, the sad truth and reality is that, many of them are still, waiting, for the security, of a permanent, home one, year on from that disaster. Mr.. Speaker when the Prime Minister met, President. Donald Trump last week did. She do as the foreign secretary suggested, and asked him to take over the brexit negotiations. I'll just have to Arab mr.. Davis. You're. A senior, and supposedly, cerebral. Member of the house. In. A leap year anyway. You. Must attempt to recover your composure, man I'm worried about you and I'm worried for you, the. Prime Minister thank you Thank You mr. speaker on the brexit negotiations, I might remind the Honorable gentleman right, honourable gentleman that before December, labor cast doubt on whether we would get a joint report agreed we did before, March he cast doubt on whether we get an implementation, period and we, did but. I wanted mr. speaker, if I may just, to respond, to the comment that the right honourable gentleman made about. The very important. Subject of. Providing. Those who were the, victims of the Grenville tower fire with permanent.

Homes. Just, so that I can make clear to the house 203, households, were in need of a new home every. Household, has received, an offer of temporary, or permanent accommodation. One. Hundred one, hundred and eighty three have. Accepted, an offer of a, permanent home but. I'm. Just wanted to say this because it isn't just about the buildings it's not just about the bricks and mortar of a, home, people. Who suffered. That night are having to rebuild their, lives, many, of them lost somebody, members. Of their families, with whom they had been living and making a home for years they. Lost all their possessions, they, lost their mementos, they, lost anything that reminds, them of the person, they loved, when. They move into that new home they. Will be restarting. Their lives and I wanted, to pay tribute to all the victims of the Grenville tower fire, for. The strength, and dignity. That they have shown. Mr.. Speaker, I to pay, tribute to the families for all that they've been through and all the fortitude, they've shown but, sadly the, reality, is that some of them have still not got, a permanent, home to move into it's, very important. For the mental well-being of everybody they have somewhere they can call home and they know it is their, home. Mr.. Speaker last week the Prime Minister confirmed, we would leave the European Union in, March 2019. And, the transition, would end in December 2020. But. We now, know the government is working on the basis that transition, could continue, for a further year till December. 2021. Could, you be clear today which, December, are we talking about. Is. Quite wrong in his the. Way he's got this to the house so let me be clear to the house I think, what he's trying to talk about is the backstop arrangement, that we have agreed. It's, been very clear what this backstop, is. This. Is arrangement, this, is an arrangement that will be put in place in, the circumstances. In which it is not possible to put the future new customs, arrangement, in place by, the 1st of January 2021. And it, is there to ensure that if, that is those new customs arrangements, are not in place that, we are able to continue on the basis that there is no hard border between north and ireland in ireland we, expect, the future we are working to make sure that the future customs arrangements, overall, deal, with the issue of ensuring, no hard border between north and Ireland and Ireland we, don't want the backstop to be necessary, we. Are working to, ensure that, we can have our future customs, arrangements, in place on the 1st of January 2021. I'm. Not really sure whether it's a backstop, or a backslide, that she's talking about. Last, week. Last. Week I asked the Prime Minister and I'm sorry to bring this subject up again because it's probably quite painful, for her but when is the government's, brexit, white paper going to be published, because. She did say it would be put and be published before the June a EU council summit is that still the case I. Didn't. Actually say that I said the white paper would be published, and we will be publishing it we will be bringing ministers, together. We, will be bringing ministers, together after the tune counts and the white paper will be published there after.

It. Gets ever more confusing. Because at the weekend, the cabinet, office secretary told. The BBC, that it would not now be until, July can, I offer a solution to her instead. Of worrying about this white paper on which the cabinet would have to agree how about making it a green paper in which all their disagreements, are in the open and we can all make a comment on it. But. If the government does not mr.. Speaker, as look, slightly have. It's detailed, proposals, ready for the June summit, surely. The Prime Minister can't be going to Brussels without, anything, to negotiate. On so. Is she going to seek your delay to, that summit while the government decides, what, its position actually, is, I. Could. Just help the right honourable champion but jr. appeared council is not a summit, about the brexit negotiations. There, will be many issues that the European Union leaders will, be discussing at the June European, summit including the, important, issue of sanctions against. Russia I will. Be pressing to ensure that we maintain sanctions, against, Russia because. The Minsk agreements, have not been put in place and, indeed I think there are some areas where we should be enhancing, that sanctions. Regime he, says he, says look, to my right honourable friend the. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster said. That the white paper will be published in July and that's different from what I just said I have to say to him, after. The. June, European. Council, is July. But if he wants if he wants to talk about differences. Of opinion. I'll, tell him I'll turn in what division really is its, labor, members. It's. All very well the, deputy, leader pointing. Like that. Division. Is members. Of the Labour Party. Circulating. Instruction. Manuals, on how to, deselect. All, the labor. Mr.. Speaker, you've. Got to face the fact you've, got to face the fact there, may now be a meltdown. Mr., speaker. They're. Not actually, my words but, those of the foreign secretary. Even. As his fellow cabinet, ministers, are preparing, people the government's, negotiations. Which he clearly thinks are going to end in disaster and, last week he also took aim at the Treasury was sitting absolutely, next to him calling. Them the heart of romaine. He. Criticized. Them saying what, they don't want is, friction, at the borders, what, they dumped what they don't want any, disruption, to the economy, so. Does the Prime Minister, back the Foreign Secretary in, wanting, more, friction and more, disruption, to the economy. On. This issue Labour, said they wanted to do new trade deals. Said. They, wanted, to do order. Order, I want to hear both the questions, and the, answers, and. As the record shows order. And it require ly assistance, in this matter as the. Record shows that will always, happen however, long. It takes and. There's. A lot of noise and much, to stick you motion from members on both sides of house but I want to hear the questions and I want to hear the answers the Prime Minister were grateful because. The, honorable members well serviced absolutely right we're in government, not labor. And. We've. Set out our position, on the border but, what we see is a Labour Party, that, said it won't do trade deals and now, wants to be in a customs union that will stop that they. Said they wanted to control our borders, and now they want free movement they, said they, would respect, the referendum. And now they won't rule out a second, referendum and. That's the difference between us the. Conservative, Party in government, are going to deliver on the will of the British people. Mr.. Speaker in the parallel, universe inhabited, by the foreign secretary, you're. Apparently not respecting. The referendum, result unless you want friction, at the borders and disruption, of the, economy, mr.. Speaker the, cabinet, is divided. And they're briefing, against, each other they're even whispering, during, Prime Minister's question, time and, the. Prime Minister has. Been left with no white, paper on which to negotiate, last. Week the transition, period was delayed by, a year in the space of 24, hours and yesterday. A deal, with her backbenchers, was reneged, on within, hours. Meanwhile. The, economy, is weakening. Industries. Increasingly. Alarmed, at the sheer ineptitude.

Of A government how. Much more damage is the, Prime Minister doing, going to do to this country before. She realizes, the, important, thing is, to get a deal for the people of this country not, one to, appease the, clashing, giant, egos, of her, cabinet. It's. The Labour Party, in opposition that are trying to frustrate brexit. A party. Trying, to stop us getting a deal for the British people this, government, will deliver on brexit, this government will deliver a brexit, for jobs this, government will deliver a brexit, look good that, is good for Britain and if he wants to talk about the economy, if, he wants to talk about the economy the last Labour, government, left, office. Lest office, with. Half, a million, more, people, out of work than, when they went into office, what's, happened onto the Conservatives. We. Have seen nearly half a million more people in work, just. Over, the last year. That's, conservatives. Delivering. On a Britain. That spit for the future and I've heard that the right honourable gentleman is trying to organize a music, festival labor. Our, Passover. Our. Passover, the fact it's going to have a solidarity, tent which obviously won't have any Labour MPs, within it. But. I'd have to say to him I I, don't know if all members of the House are aware as the headline act at, labor live the. Headline acts at labour life are the Shadow Chancellor, and the magic numbers. How, suppose camera order we must now here amidst courteous fellow Richard, Drax. Thank, you very much mr. speaker would. My right or friend join a growing number of her ministers, who are very supportive of, our, bid for a one-off grant of 18, million pounds, to repair away miss harbour walls and improved flood defences. This. Work not, my wall way Miss Harbor. If. Only mr. speaker. This. Work this work is essential. Man. Mission, is to be granted to redevelop. An important, retail and housing area, and their result there. By safeguarding, existing. Jobs creating. New ones and providing, more homes. Can. I first of all say to my animal friend I commend him on the work that he's done I know he has worked hard on this whole issue of flood, defences, I'm sure however that he will understand that ministers need to consider the various options. For allocations, of the fund very carefully, we need to ensure that we're getting the best possible outcomes across the whole country and. The, scheme that. He has referred to is, on the list of projects, that is being considered for the 40 million pound fund it's, intended to support high-risk communities and, we anticipate I can turn in we can anticipate, the decision will be made by summer 2018, Blackford. Thank. You mr. speaker. The, Prime Minister, gave, a commitment, that, she would treat Scotland, as part. Of a union of equals yet. Last night she. Pressed ahead with. A power grab and donate, composition. Silence, Scotland's, voice, having. Broken, constitutional. Convention, and plunged, Scotland, into. Constitutional, crisis. Now. Commit, to bringing forward emergency. Legislation, so. That the will of the Scottish, Parliament can.

Be Heard and more, importantly, respect, to. The. Right honourable gentleman that we, do. Expect, that the outcome and it will happen that the outcome of the whole process of brexit, is going, to be a significant, increase in Holly Ruth's decision-making, power, it. Is not it, is not the case but, this is in, any way a power grab we. Over. 80 areas. Of, responsibility. Of decision-making, are going to flow direct. To Holyrood only. The SNP. Could say that getting 80 areas, where they go more areas where they're going to take decisions, was, a power grab if, he wants to be concerned about the process that this house has followed in relation, to the legislation, his. Real question, should be why it was the Labour Party, who, maneuvered, last night used procedural. Maneuvers, to ensure that there was no debate about the amendments. Mr.. Speaker I really do hope that the people of Scotland listened. Very carefully to what the prime minister said because the, reality of the situation is, that powers. That are enshrined under, the Scotland Act in 1998. Are, being grabbed, back by this. And, the friend peas from Scotland, would, not give them the courtesy, of even, debating, it last night. The, people of Scotland will, not be disrespected. By. This Parliament, mr. speaker, under. The circumstances. Given. The caste respected, sure I have, got no option, but to, ask this house no. Sets and private. I'm, not hearing that at this time and, I'm not obliged to do so is my clear, understanding. Ordered, the original order the. Right honourable gentleman resumed his seat I'll happily take advice but I don't think I'm obliged to hear that at this time. What. I'd say to the right honourable gentleman is I think the standing order requires, the matter be put if it is to be put forth with it order, order. It. Might, be for the convenience of, the house for, the matter to be addressed, at the conclusion, of Prime Minister's Questions and if the Honorable right honorable gentleman, who had not signaled, to me his intention, to do this now wish order, or daughter order. I'm. Always grateful for the moral support with right honourable lady the member for Brock's to even when it is chanted from a sedentary position I realize that it's done for my benefit, but I think I can handle the matter we could have that we could have the vote now but, we could Otto we could have a vote now and or, it could be taken at the end if, the Honorable gentleman which, is to indicate, a desire to conduct such a vote. Now so. Be it. Thank. You. Well, my advice I've, had, mixed. Sequence. Of advice is, that our order this, has not happened for order. My. View is that it is better for the votes to be condado my. View is that it is better for the vote to be conducted. At the conclusion. Of questions. To, the Prime Minister no, I'm not order, order, order. I always admit of the maximum, number of votes and divisions as the right honorable gentleman should know from his experience, in Mouse but I hope that he will trust, me that, I know of what I speak there, can be a division and it will be at the end of, this session not. Now, that, is the end of the matter the Prime Minister. Resume. You'll see resume, your seat mr.. Blackford. Resume, your seats. Resume. Your seat. Resume. Your seat. Mr., Bradford I'm out order. Order. The house will have heard very. Clear. Order, please. The. House will have heard very clearly. My. Acceptance. That that can be a vote on this matter, order. Mr.. Lyndon I say. To you and I say it in the kindest, possible spirit.

Don't. Tell, me, what, the procedures, of this house are. Can. Be a vote at the end of this session and not. Now. I'm not, gonna oh no, no, mr., Blackford order. Resume. Your seat mr. Blackford, under. The power given, to me by, standing, order number, 43. In light. Of the persistent. And repeated, refusal of, the right honourable gentleman to. Resume. His seek when so instructed. I order. The right honorable gentleman, to withdraw immediately. From. The house for. Order, for. The remainder, of this, day's. Sitting. He. Is to in. Right he wears right well we'll have to have the vote. Very, well very. Well. Relations. I'm, better order order. Order, order. Order. Order. Order. Order. Order. Mr., J war dinner, you're. A mini jocular. Fellow b or a little over excitable, today calm. Long. Time to go I, say. Or dare. I, say. Only to the house order, I say, only to the house what a pity because, there are Scottish National, Party members, of parliament, who had questions on the order paper, and. As colleagues, now I always, like to get to the end of the order paper they, would have had their chance and. They've, lost that chance by their own choice. Mr.. Luke Hall. Mr.. Speaker with the amount of people leaving it feels like one of my after-dinner speeches. Youth. Unemployment, in, Thornbury. Yay, no. No I I, recognized. That how order I recognized the house it is. In the stage of some excitement even mr. Hollin breakers normally. A a model, of solemnity. Is. Looking as though christmas has come early but. I. Beseech. The house to try to resume. Calm, not. Least out of courtesy, to members, with questions on the paper to. Whom and to whose questions we, wish to listen Luke, Hall. Youth. Unemployment synth or radiators, down 23%. In the last year and, scrapping stamp duty what over 80% of first time buyers means more people in South Gloucestershire can, afford a home of their own does, the Prime Minister agree that wants to party opposite can only offer higher taxes, fewer jobs and broken promises on student debts this, government will be focusing on fighting opportunity, for young people up and down this country. What. Can I can I say to my honourable friend I'm pleased to hear that the number of significant. Number of young people in form breanne yet who now have jobs under in world and in fact if we look at the figures since 2010. Nationally. Youth unemployment. Has, fallen by, around. 141. Every, single, day since 2010. But. He's absolutely right it's not just about ensuring, young people are in jobs it's helping, them get more get, on the housing ladder and, get that home of their own that's, why we're building more homes and that's why that cutting staff duty it's been so good for young people but. Enable, them to be in work and enabling. To have their own home sandy. Martin. Thank You mr. speaker, can the Prime Minister tell this house what actions, she has taken, to, ensure that no further, EU, citizens, that, have been reson in this country, for more than 30 years are, going, to be refused, British citizenship.

Like, The former mayor of Ipswich was. Can. I say to the Honourable gentleman I'm not aware of the particular circumstances. Of the former mayor of Ipswich what. We have done and what we have done in relation to the. European. Union citizens who are living here in the United Kingdom as we, leave the European Union is negotiated. A very, good arrangements, which ensure that their rights here are protected. In. Congratulating. The. Member. For Heric and North, Essex. Upon. His knighthood, and I do say with some warmth. And feeling as we've known each other for 30 years I call, Saburo, jinke. Thank. You mr. speaker. Can. I join. With my right honourable friend in. Remembering. The anniversary. Of the, Grenville fire. Can. I commend, her for, the way she has established the. Inquiry, that, is looking into that tragedy, because. Can I testify, to her having met victims. Of the Granville fire as she has they, are showing growing, confidence, that. They will get the. Findings. Of that inquiry, that they want to, make sure that such a thing never happens again and that is I think a testament to her personal, courage and persistence in making, sure that, the inquiry. Was not blown off course by, the understandable. Anger that followed the immediate tragedy. My. Personal congratulations to. My, honorable. Friend on his. Knighthood and, can I say that I absolutely, agree. With him and the importance, of ensuring, that the, inquiry. Into, the Grenville tower fire is able, to provide the truth to, get to the answers of exactly, what why. What happened happened and to. Ensure that justice is, provided, for, the, victims and survivors it. Is a statutory inquiry, it has, the power to compel witnesses and, the production, of evidence, I think that is important, anyone, who is found to have misled the inquiry, would, face prosecution I, hope, this gives confidence to. The, survivors, and and people, in the local community that this is an inquiry which will indeed get to the truth Julie, Cooper. Thank. You mr. speaker, my constituents and as lifelong. Profound, learning, and physical disabilities. Is, doubly incontinent. Cannot, wash dress or cook for himself is no notion, of personal safety and left unsupervised. Is at risk he's, able to live independently thanks. To the support of his elderly mother who is herself unwell. And by, virtue of a local authority social care package, now. Ian's pay publication. That he needs to fund, has, been refused, on the grounds, that he can cope unaided, does. The Prime Minister, agree with me there, is something very wrong with the system there, punishes, citizens, whose only crime, is to be born disabled, was, she going to investigate, on behalf of the thousands, of vulnerable people who will be made to suffer. Can. I say to the Honourable lady that obviously she she raised a specific, case and I'm sure she will understand I don't have the details to address that specific, case and I don't think it would be right to do, so here in this chamber what I can assure her, and other members of the house are that individual, cases that are raised with me in Prime Minister's Questions, are taken, extremely, seriously and, this one will be no exception, so I will ensure that the cases looked at urgently, by the relevant minister. Obviously. Cases are complex they are multifaceted, but, the case will be looked at urgently. Nadine Doris Thank. You mr. speaker, my constituents, have been incredibly. Tolerant in the face of the fiasco that has followed their commuter, journey following, the reorganization. Of the timetables. However. Added to their misery is the fact that when trains do turn up they are incredibly. Overcrowded. I have, written to go for you three times and ask them could, they please conduct a risk assessment, on, the, safety of my passengers. Might my, constituents, who are their passengers, as they come, in to Lantern 3:20, oviya have refused, to answer me the, Prime Minister, please use my good officers, to ensure but. Are they overcrowded, trains at the moment and those suffering because. Of the regulations. Than just our say can. I say to my, honourable friend that she raises an important, issue and the, experience, that passengers, for. Copia Thameslink but also northern, have, had. As a result of the changing, timetable, in the way that was done is simply unacceptable and it. Is important, is that they improve the services, they have plans in place I think go via Thameslink. For example, are introducing. A new timetable, that is better. Than the pre Mae timetable. Which will have 200 more plan journeys but, of course passengers, need to know they, passengers, want to feel that they're able to travel in trains, that aren't too.

Crowded And certainly. This is, an issue that I'm sure that go via Thameslink will be looking at very, seriously, we are working with Department of Transport is working with the company, and northern, to ensure that we can provide the services, that people deserve they, pay for a ticket they booked a ticket they pay for a season ticket they, deserve to have a decent journey. Thank. You mr. speaker the average, length of time that. Australia constituent, has to wait to, go to the Gloucester. And Cheltenham Centre, for a pip, appeal is now 41, weeks it's. 31, weeks really si appeal now, during up, here at a time, constituents. Are now losing Motability, cars, and suffering, enormous, hardship, will, the promise of promise to, get a grip, of this and to make sure that, this hardship, is not endured any longer. But. Of course it's, important, that people are able to have their appeals heard in a timely fashion of my right honourable friend the work on pension secretary, is looking is exactly this issue to see what can be done in the tribunal, system to, ensure that, people get a more timely result. Mr.. John Whittingdale. My. Rightful, friend join me in, welcoming the, speaker of ukrainian parliament his don draper ruby, to, westminster, although he I suspect, he is utterly mystified, by the event. Will. She take this opportunity. To, reaffirm reaffirm. The support of the UK for, Ukraine which is in the frontline against, Russian aggression and, does she share the concern of Ukraine as well as Lithuania, and Poland about. The strategic, threat of the Nord Stream to Russian. Gas pipeline. Can. I say to my, right honourable friend but I'm very happy to reaffirm, the, United Kingdom's commitment, and support for the Ukraine I was, very, pleased in a matter of a few weeks ago to be able to have a further conversation with President poroshenko, about. The support that we are able to give to the, Ukraine the work we're doing with Ukraine, -, in the reforms, that are being, put through but, also as, I mentioned, earlier in response to a previous question I think it's important, that the European Union maintains the sanctions, on Russia, because. Minsk agreements have not been put in place and fully implemented, and I think we can continue to need to show the. The, Russians that, we do not accept, what they have done in the Ukraine, Stevens. Thank You mr. speaker. It's almost a year since the government promised its domestic violence, and abuse fell and publication, of that bill will trigger a cross-party, amendment, with widespread, support to decriminalize, abortion across. The whole of the UK which. Is long overdue will. The bill be published, before the summer recess and will the Prime Minister give a commitment today on the floor of the house that, her MPs, will have a free vote on decriminalization. First. Of all the Honourable ladies raised a number, of aspects of this issue the first one I would say is that, the, reason that the. Domestic. Violence and abuse bill will be published in draft first but, we have been taking our time through the consultation to. Work with those who are involved in working. With the victims of domestic violence and abuse to hear to the from, the victims, and survivors of domestic violence and abuse because, we want to make sure that as we bring this legislation together, in this new bill we are getting it right for people now, she refers, to the issue of abortion I believe. That, is absolutely, right that a woman should have the right to a safe and legal, abortion. I is, regards Northern Ireland. I believe. It is the best way in my preferred ways for that decision to be taken by. The elected, politicians in, Northern, Ireland because, it is a devolved, matter as, regards, as regards, votes as regards. Votes on abortion, in this house they, have always been treated as conscience, matters and therefore. They, will be subject, to a free vote, Julian, Lopez. Nice. Decides whether to fund new treatments, the neuroblastoma a vicious childhood, cancer which is affecting my constituent, Ilyich hatin will, the Prime Minister encouraged nice and drugs companies to do a deal to provide new treatments, for children in Britain instead of families fundraising, to receive such treatments, in America, I. Know. My my, honourable friend has raised, this issue on behalf of her constituents, I believe she has a constituency, case which, is particularly which, it raises. This particular issue nice, is developing, guidelines for the NHS on the use of Danube. Tuck simmer betta I'm. Not sure if I pronounced that correctly for, the treatment of high risk neuroblastoma, and, it's.

Not Been on able to recommend the drivers are clinically and cost effective use of resources in its, draft guidance but, it has consulted stakeholders. On its recent on its draft recommendations. It. Is an ongoing nice appraisal, it is not for government to intervene in that but they will take all the comments that, are made very obviously. Into account when they're making their final guidance and I. Think the manufacturer, of the drug is currently, making the drug available to some NHS, patients through, a compassionate, use scheme has, agreed to continue the scheme for patients who are currently receiving treatment. Brendan. O Hara. Mr.. Jacob, Riis MOG. Mr. speaker, buttburn, and bogdan, are called. The noble Lord Lord Hailsham. Ximena that we rejected, yesterday, a constitutional. Absurdity. Whilst. It is essential. That this house holds, the government, to account and, has, meaningful, votes on many things. Does, my right honourable friend agree, that. It is absolutely, essential. That the separation, of powers is, observed, and, that in any compromise. Amendment, it is clear, that the job of the government and, the job of parliament is different, here, what. Can I say to my, honourable friend that. I'm happy to to be clear about this situation. Of course what we've seen is concerns raised about the role of parliament in relation to the brexit process, what. I agreed, yesterday is that the as the bill goes back to the Lord's we would have further discussions, with colleagues over those concerns, and I, have agreed this morning with the brexit, secretary, that we will bring forward an amendment in the Lord's but there are a number of issues. A number of things that will guide our approach, in doing so my, honourable friend is absolutely, right about the separation of powers and the different role between, the. Government and the, and, Parliament, as my, right honourable friend the brexit secretary, made clear yesterday in the house. If government's, hand in negotiations, cannot be tied by, Parliament, but. Government, must be accountable, to Parliament government. Determines, policy, and Parliament. Then, we need parliamentary, support to be able to implement that policy but. As the, other aspect, of this that I am absolutely clear. On is that I cannot countenance, Parliament. Being able to overturn. The will of the British people. Parliament. Gave the decision, to the British people the British people voted, to, leave the European Union and as Prime Minister I'm determined, to deliver that Pete. Wishart. Not. Here. Djaq. Lopresti. Thank. You. Thank. You mr. speaker, 15, months ago the then Secretary, of State for Communities and, Local Government poured. In the planned expansion of, the marlatrips causeway in my constituency, a plan of which represents, a huge economic benefit, to the Bristol and South, Gloucestershire areas, there are three phase of construction. Jobs. 3,750. Permanent, jobs and 150, new homes at stake in this expansion as, well as a significant, amount of infrastructure. Investment now, will the Prime Minister urge the new Secretary of State to start as he means to go on and make a good decision quickly. What. Can I say to my, honourable friend that obviously. He's referred, to the independent, public inquiry and that after that took, place my right honourable friend the housing, secretary called. This decision in is considering, the inspectors, report what, I can say to my honorable friend is that I understand, that the secretary state hopes to issue its decision on or before the, published, target date at the second of August F Smith. Took. Nearly 5,000. Council trains in just three weeks for, the transport, secretary to, notice the Northern Rail crisis. This. Government, can't run our railways, properly, will, the Prime Minister agree with businesses, council. Leaders and over, 25 newspapers. From across the region and give Transport, for the north the powers it needs to do the job.

Can. I say to the. Honorable gentlemen but we have given transport, for the North unprecedented. Powers to influence decisions, about transport, investment in the law but. What's more we'd back to the mark with two hundred and sixty million pounds, of government funding, so, it has the powers to deliver a transport, strategy which the government was formerly consider has, powers to fund organizations and. Deliver transport, projects, and those, and their other powers are exactly what Transport for the North requested. Thank. You mr. speaker that the Prime Minister I know is aware of the, severe difficulties, that my constituents in Hitchin and Harper dinner faced with recent trip, delays, to train services, would. The Prime Minister, reassure, me and my. Constituents, that. Going. Forward the government will do everything it can to ensure that GTR. And Network. Rail get, into shape to ensure a better quality and higher-quality strain, service, both now and into, the future. Can. I can I say to my, honourable. Friend that, as I said in response, to, the earlier question from our honourable friend the. Immediate, priority, is to ensure that we're seeing an improvement in services for, the passengers, on go via Thameslink and, that is why they have introduced, a new timetable which, is not, the what. Will be the final, timetable, but is better than the pre maytime timetable. But what we also need, to do is to ensure that they take the action so that they can bring forward that, proposed new timetable which will, provide, more services and, better services, for passengers, but, in the long term what, the government is working to do is to bring train and track together so, that we don't see problems like this in the future. Chris. Law. Not. Here. All, these opposition, opportunities. Are being lost I think that that, shouldn't continue Chris Williamson, the. Prime, Minister will be aware, that.

Schools Are often targeted in war zones and a couple of months ago I met year, seven students from Lise Brook school in my constituency, who implored, me to ask the Prime Minister to, sign the safe schools decoration, which you understand us subsequently. Beasts signed so my, question, to the prime minister today is does that declaration, mean that she will now veto, future. Arms sales to brutal, regimes, like Saudi Arabia which. Has been targeting, schools as part of its military campaign in Yemen. Honourable. Gentlemen the issue of the. Education. Of girls and. Boys in conflict, zones is an important, one it was one which was addressed at the g7 summit we. Have been clear as a United Kingdom government that, we are providing, financial support to, ensure 12 years of quality education for. Girls, particularly. In developing countries, and the, g7 summit gave, its commitment, not only in financial, terms to provide as we contributed, more to provide for quality, education but also to focus that on those areas where there are conflict, zones and where particular action. Needs to be taken to ensure that that education, can be provided. Very. Sadly my constituent, Jena turbulence, to life last week aged 95. Jena. Survived, the, Krakow, ghetto, altruist, Birkenau burqa, knelt and she, became known as, the bride of belsen when, she married her. Liberator. Will. My right on friend join with me in, celebrating. The life of Gina who, dedicated, her life to, informing. Young people about the horrors of the Holocaust and. Assuring. That although a light has gone out her, legacy lives. Can, I say to my honourable friend that, I am, happy. To join. Him in paying tribute to Gina Tuggle and to. The work that she did over. So many years she was one of the first survivors, to go into schools to share her story I have, seen as I'm sure other honorable and right honourable members have the, impact, that a survivor, from the Holocaust going, into, schools and explaining, what happened, has on young people, it is, moving, and she so showed considerable. Determination. And strength and I think her. Example is truly humbling and it's. Right that her legacy is going to live on in the National Holocaust Memorial, and the accompanying, education. Center that, will be housing, her testimony, for generations, to come we must never forget what. Gina taught us we, must fight hatred. And Prejudice in, all its forms. On. Her working holidays, in Wales the Prime Minister must have seen our beautiful. Beaches, but. Plastic, is killing, our oceans, and polluting, our seas, what. The Prime Minister, stay, in here, for a few minutes after. PM cues and listen. To my ten-minute. Rule bill on plastic. Pollution. Support. It so, we can save our seas. Then. I say to the Honourable lady and I go walking where's I tend to walk up and down hills rather than on the beaches but I know that Wales has some fantastic beaches. And she's raised a very important, issue about, the plastic, she's, raised a very important, issue about, marine plastic, and that is an issue which I think the UK public as well as members across this house have shown great energy, in picking, up this course and wanted to fight against, plastic. Waste and indeed, the UK is going to be leading the newly formed Commonwealth. Clean oceans Alliance jointly, with, Vanuatu, and we're, committing 61, million pounds, to fund global, research and improve waste management, in developing, countries to tackle plastic, pollution so, again was another issue that we took forward in the g7 summit as well and got commitments in relation to dealing with plastic.

Waste In, that and can, I just say to the Honourable lady with the greatest of respect I'm sorry I think my diary has already been, slightly changed, as a result of what has been happening in the chamber today and I will not be able to regret. I won't be able to sit and listen to her bill. Agree. With me that those people, who want to have a meaningful vote, in this house which would allow this house to vote to stay in the European Union, would. Be betraying, the result of the referendum and, show how much the, Labour Party, have lost touch with working-class, people up and down this, country and. What she further agree, that those people, who want to take no deal from, the government's negotiating. Hand would, only incentivize. The European, Union not to negotiate, at all in any, meaningful way and betray. Not only the results of the referendum but, betray the best interests, of the British people. As. We go ahead with these brexit negotiations. We are of course ensuring. That we're making preparations. For all eventualities. That. Is entirely right and proper for the government to do but as I set out in, honourable, - in response, to our honourable, friend earlier, what I'm also clear, about is that Parliament, can not, be allowed. We cannot I cannot countenance, Parliament. Overturning. The, will of the British people, the, British people were given the vote, given, the choice as, to whether to stay in the European Union this part Parliament, gave that, choice to them overwhelmingly. By the vote in this Parliament it is, right that we listened to the British people and we deliver, what, they asked us to do which is to leave the European Union. Angela. Crawley. Not. Here. For. Numbers of years we used to hold in Estonian store a commemorative March for. Test veterans, to connect to commemorate, their service to our country last, week they were in the House of Commons campaigning, for a medal for their service will, the Prime Minister look look, at their look at their campaign, and with a view to giving them a medal for their service, they they give to this country, but. Can I say to the, Honourable gentleman this is I think the first time that the issue he's raised with me has been raised with me and I look carefully at what he said in the house. Charles, Watling. Thank. You mr. speaker, as. A father of twin girls who are happily, growing up in Clacton, enjoyed. A, very. Equal, upbringing. And education I, celebrate. The announcement, of the g7 supporting. Girls education, will, my right, honourable friend agree. With me that we should support equality. For women across the globe. I'm. Very happy I'm very happy to join my, honourable friend in agreeing with that and in, saying that there are many ways in which we can express that and put that into practice not, just in supporting, girls education but. The work in which we're doing on modern slavery which does affect men as well as women but, we see many women from around the globe being trafficked into other countries for sexual or labor exploitation and. We are leading the leading, the fight to ensure that they have equality, and are not put into that position listen. To you less, not. Here. Tom break. Okay. Mr.. Break is, here. And, he's always here. And. He stands every. Week and. He's gonna be heard mr., break Thank. You mr. speaker the president. Of the CBI said, today that sections. Of the UK car industry, face, extinction, unless. The UK stays in the EU customs. Union, is, there any level, of damage, inflicted. By brexit, that, will cause the Prime Minister, to consider, supporting, a final. Say on the deal for the people and a chance to exit, from a disastrous. Brexit, something, I could also put - the leader of the opposition I say.

To The, right honourable gentleman but as, I've said many times in this house we, are looking to ensure that the future customs arrangement, we have with the European Union enables. Us to have as frictionless trade, with the European Union as possible, no, hard border clean Northern Ireland in Ireland but also enable, us enables, us to have an independent trade, policy, and negotiate. Trade deals around the world I've been clear in a number of answers in this house this afternoon that. I and this government will deliver on the vote of the British people to leave the European Union and I've, seemed to remember that there was a time when, the Liberal Democrat Party thought the people should have the choice. Finally. For today mr. Ian Stewart. Mr.. Speaker today, marks, the Princess, Diana Awards. Stand up to school booties day while. Much, progress has, been made too, many young people take their own lives as a result of bullying in schools will. The Prime Minister, congratulate. The people at the Diana awards, for their work and we, commit her government to tackling this scourge. Can. I can I say my humble friend for raising, this can I say I'm very happy to join with him in congratulating, the. Work of all those involved in the Diana reward and, to say that this is a really important, issue that he has raised we have made progress but as he has pointed out too, many young people are bullied in schools and sadly that sometimes, has tragic, consequences, we, are providing, funding 1.7. Million pounds over the next two years for four anti-bullying, organizations. One of which is the Diana award but, more does need to be done as he says and we will continue to press hard on this issue and, to, work, hard to eliminate this bullying but I must just.

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