Price Action: How to trade three white soldiers and three black crows on binary option turbo trading

Price Action: How to trade three white soldiers and three black crows on binary option turbo trading

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Okay I trade us he, has a new video first, of all the risk warning the invested capital may be a twist don't, wait with money you cannot effort and this video has gotten investment, advice so. This. Video will be about two sweet white soldiers, and the sweet black girls sweet, white soldiers, are sweet bullish, candles, and sweet black rose as we bearish. Candles yes and. So. Let me see if I can show you some cranes, here we are in uptrend, you see the 200 below the 100 so 100 all, the 50 the fifties blows at feeder 20, and all price, is about a 20, yes. So. We are in an uptrend and, so. I gonna do some call trades, here the. Three black roses real white soldiers, are not so common but often. After those, will come some retracement. Yes and, this is what you as panel option to betray that can profit, fun yes. That. The. Two can. That. You can profit promises, because. You know that after so we like, green, candles, there will be okay, I too will put here because I saw that the price, will go down to as idea because, of this dragonfly, doji I think. I have I, have, done also, a graphic of this. And. This, is how you have to treat them if you see that this will go down yes it, doesn't matter if upward. Or downward because, here is space yes it means it can go down to here because this price. Twice to go straight, between, souls and I'm pretty much sure that, this will go down casa because, this, shows. Me that distance, will be some kind of evening style, this is where I enter death because. I already saw that this will go down and this. May. Be go, down to this level here yes you see if going down now because, I was pretty mature because, this dragonfly, doji, is that let. Me see if I can show you this here. Let. Me see if I can show you this here. So. I'm gonna try doji, dragonfly, doji here, dragonfly, doji here, it's what something like this yes here. This was described, by Georgie, only that there was a after the downtrend, but to see it case builds major if it goes down it goes down yes, and, this is how you have to interpret it so let me see if I can okay now I will do a call yeah because, we, are still in an uptrend we, got a rejection from this level here from the one deviation, and we are in general the major trend is an uptrend, and so, I didn't, call here because I am pretty much sure that price will go up further only.

Because We are have some major trend in our favor and this. Was only, a little bit going. Down but now it's going up because we got erect already the rejection you from this level and just see how it's going up and after this I'm gonna show you how, to access, free white soldiers, yes, if. You understand, this through. This easy principles, about, market, the. In the money are you us yes so, we have no a spinning top but, a staying top here at this level is, dangerous. Yes, I need a good rejection yes, from. This level as. I don't do any trait because, it. Looks like that the uptrend, will finish now and. That's. The reason why I would, not take it rate if I hadn't, get some, rejection here from this level but, now because. We are an uptrend, we got maybe a rejection, from the 20. Ema20. Texan, from the 20 a I wanted, to a call here because we are still into an uptrend, yes you, see the 20 ma is still doing, some support. Support. Here yes is supporting, and you, see its it done it cannot, break this level may be so. Let's see what the next cane is doing and then I'm going to do a call or not, so. Let me see what could happen and then, we are going to start the board sir three, black crows was free white soldiers, yes so, let me see initial. Rejection, yes. I. Need. A rejection. And. I. Didn't saw I mean projection. And I don't, gonna do a put here because we. Had happen not touched this. And when if we don't, have touched in the last 30 seconds, it could be touching this and breaking, this and this would not be good so, we have to wait yes. Because everything. Can happen here because this, much, this and I don't know if this, resistance. May. Be a support level will hold or not so, then see what will happen if, this will be some kind of Hema inverted. Hammer I'm gonna do a quartet. Eggs, we. Are going to start, the. Video as it would take too long yes. Till. To. Be gonna start, let me see it here is, some type of Hema so, I'm gonna do a corner, let. Me see, no. Confirmation, okay. Go, a lower down, yes if I get if. It's now going up again I'm. Gonna do a thought ok I will call because I saw it got rejected from, this level here yes, and this tells me that we, are still into, an uptrend, and this. Don't want to touch the Dom treasure as a 20, the 20, ma and that's, the reason why I did the Collier and sir this is so simple yes it is so simpler you. Have only to understand. What market, is going to try if, obviously, it was like. Always to fool yes but, if. You have. A clear view on that, what is, happening here yes and to understand, how market, behaves, yes, and if, you understand, the trend stuff which I have told you in the last videos, yes about, the VMAs. And everything, you can use it for to your favor yes ok, don't we get the doji. Now. We're, doing some some. Crazy stuff yeah and, it's going to be crazy to see, ok I don't know what if I think it is growing out of the top uptrend. So now, we are in ranging, and so, we leave the market at the moment but, because this, is where you have not to trade because, it would go it, is coming like this yes you don't know the direction. And I told you you have only to trade if you know if, your market. Gives you a clue and at the moment packet is not giving it to it will take too long till. It goes here yes, and then at, the 50 EMA, there, the market would be giving another clue, about, how, it is going it's, going more down or not depending, on how it reacts on the 50 EMA, okay obviously, it's, to. Dust or read already on the one deviation, yes, but it doesn't touch it this, is all kind, of series, of dangerous, risky, yes, because in, this area here and you see also the pudding events are narrowing yes. Is going always. Narrow. And narrow and this means yes we are coming into it some kind of consolidation, area, and price. Starts. To consolidate. At. The, 20 ma, so ok let's start, with service. We. Said stuff about. About. Three. Black clothes and the three white soldiers, yes and how to treat them but, first of all I have to say watch, my videos about the mindset I have to said you said I think I say this all the time because it's important, give it a try watch this video you find us in the playlist. On. The channel there's. The place is called mindset. Yes, and watch. These five videos that are really important, if you don't get consistent, profit you will know after, this, after. This own 5 videos, you'll know why if there, is, a problem of your skill if it's a dessert, if this is a problem, of your win radius which, is culminated, with your skill and. If. It is a problem of a discipline, yes maybe. The money management is not so much the problem because, the management is, mostly, adapting, to the win rate you have yes, it have you ever good win rate you don't need such a good money, management because, you have a good win rate yes but.

And. Then obviously, the emotion, who and. Are. Not. Under, if you don't have confidence and confidence you get almost only, if you get responsibly. Tea, for your trades then, watch the videos about the candlestick, mast like. Rosie I'm going to finish this up the slide maybe. Today. Or tomorrow. Maybe. In. Two days I'm, really fast, on doing this I, have, only 2, 2. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 14. 16. Maybe. 60, 70 slides. To do as I, have done almost 2 4, 6. And, so on so, the let me do another here. Another slide, this will be the new one. And. And. This, we have to transport, er, down yes. To. Transport, it down because this will be maybe, the last one I don't know if I will talk, about other candlestick, pattern but, because they are the only one, which I'm going to use often. The rest will. Can came. Up only a few times every. Every. Few days. Yes, it's, no sort or not not so much often, but if you trade a lot you, will in, call them come encounter, them also often so let me think about how I will do this we get, to we, need only two of those here so. I gonna show you this, we play. Close and the sweet white so jut I think I get this one yet here so, or this one we get this this, is was already done, so, that when we see I will do this so, we have an uptrend, yes and, okay. This is okay I don't, need her old boss I need only two. So, copy. And. Then. I'm gonna show you this way three, black crows and say sweet white so it's so and, and. How, you to trade them okay so. This. Will be deleted, here we. Don't need any it's a reversal, pattern but, it, could happen under, on the, support and resistance levels but mostly, they don't appear, on support, and resistor. They, appeared, anywhere I guess so. Let me do this in this way I, I, will remove this. Yeah. And. I'm. Gonna remove this year also. So we get only the two trends, and. It's. A there's, a black, cloud and it's me like soldiers are continuation. Patterns for forex traders yes this is that. Is the one. Part yes but for us Binary, Option trader, I don't, know why I can't I cannot, delete, this I don't know why, he. Tries to connect here I have. Some some, kind of issue I have. To pause this. Okay. I had, some, problems with the internet connection but now it's resolved. Ok, so I can continue so I will move all the stuff here and then. It's, I'm gonna show you how to trade Z this. Is three white soldiers, and sweet back rows. Okay. The three the, three white soldiers are looking like this, it's. This way black ghosts are looking like this so, let me. Close. This ah yeah okay I will remove this also because the tough meta because if, the, tower goes the path on yes we trace mode it will also pattern.

But. In forex our continuation, pattern because, after. There will be this retracement. Often. Into the trend will continue so, we have here the three white soldiers, then. They're coming. Mostly. Bearish. One this is three White's altered because the kind is our white yes is this bullish its white is bullish and black, is bearish, so. In, terms that comes something like this yes in this is three here this, we are the sweet white so just. Let. Me write, this here three. White. Soldiers. Yes and. That. Looks. In, this and you, see after this, way several. Mostly, some, kind of. Retracement. Of, sister. Or not stroller so strong. Bullish. 20, again one two three then they were twice but yes all over us it depends, always yes and. Mostly. It's also, so, that you, get this we into. So. In this manner that you have to be. Carefully, yes. After, this we white. Soldiers, you have to check. If there will be some kind of rejection, of any, kind of level here. Like. This for example here on. This, area here yes, and it's, a week or something and, then. You can enter into a tray yes. Because. Who. Knows and ok this other three white soldiers, and two can't write them with salute wasteful and oil but, it was after this candle, yes mostly. Mostly. After. The scandal, mostly, it will continue. To, go up like. That, yes. So. It's looks like the world if you see it's almost one, yes who can predict. It on the next that's, going, this and then there will be again. Down. To. Go will go down again ok, so this. Is how. Retire you have to Trade Center and also, this one here copy intend, it will go Dantas and always, this green candles, here yes, other. Answers. We. Are. The three white. Soldiers. So. If. You don't have seen the other videos, yet about other candlestick, pattern candlestick, math and so on, give. It a try because you. See, what this means here that is always on higher time frames and so there's a new candlestick, mass mostly. Something, like a doji, yes to have sweet of those white. Soldiers, and then the red candle, there's this it. Means as it ends this all time it's a some kind of doji yet so this, is how I have to do the arrow. Let. Me draw the arrow here this is it, cold it goes down yes and, after. This we have completed, the. Candlestick. Pattern the most realistic. Pattern, which I gonna use yes. So, let me complete. It completely, directly, directly, here is the subjection, stuff, here yes copy. I will. Make this a flight, as, soon as I have finished, this. Available, to you so. You. Wait, for a rejection, here from this level here yes and, maybe, from this level here - yes, and then you, can enter into a portrait, yes after the sweet white, so just but only, for. One candle, maybe yes a pending you have to review how, strong, the trend is yes and then you can see if it for, one candle, or two cannons, but, you, will see that will be some kind of reversal but it will cut the thread cultivation. And the same, stuff is here on the swim black crowes yes the swim the clothes I have to do a little, bit higher yet then. You have three black crows here, and then, you get one or two of. This green one yes so, the trace not of this strong. Jewish. Don't, rent yet mostly. It covers, three of those yes, and then as a downtrend. Continue. Oh yes and it goes what's. Go scores are down yes, sir. Then something, like this yes and, it, looks like, this and you know. After. The next week yes it what if they don't looks like, this yes mostly they look all, different but. If, you get sent a rejection here I'll just level. You. Know okay. I can. Do a call, he is because. That others, with others, we the. Sweet black. Crows yes this, way black crows. Because. Black is a channel. Of the bearish one yes bearish, and. And. That's. Why, they got to name bureaus, at Red Cross and other the, white soldiers yes I don't, know because really, it, looks like the route would be go forward, yes. So. Okay. This is this and. Your. Aunt, are after, a rejection from this, level, obviously. You, cook look, at some, some. Major key level around there yes which. Gets, your odds in your favor is and. And. From this level here and then, you do a call yes but, remember.

It. Will mostly not be. A strong. Reversal. It will mostly only, be a good placement depending. Also on the twenties so you have to be a little bit carefully. Yes, because then, after. This retracement, sat down trend will. Continue yes. Of the black sweep across so. This was, this, one yes, and, let. Me copy this here to this level and so you. Have the, explanation, out, when you want to sweep across this this, I have two. To. Three black. Cross. And. Let. Me do a circuit. To. To. Show bit better so, we get her lips her lips where. We ended up sir we, have told her lips okay to the intercept, so I learned, were so good here this way yes. Okay. I, have. To do transparent. Baby. Transparently. And so this way yes and, copy. Paste. Only. To make it more clear this. Way yes and, if. We are already copy, and. This. Way yes. And. Copy. Paste. This. Way okay so this, is how therapy, is one, two three one, two three one, two, three and one two three, you can try, to check. The chart and finding. Them, let me see if I can show you some, here, on the chart. So. I, can, show you them here you see one, two three and then there is a retracement yes. Then. Let me show you are. Not so often coming, up yes. Let. Me see if okay we have one two, three and then this one you see one two three and then this will trace mantilla, of this, strong uptrend one, two three and then it goes down like, I showed you this on the image and this. Was a textbook. Swing, white soldiers, yes. And. So. You can expect after sweet cannulas, pivot herbs we black out sweet bullish. Just. As we go white soldiers, and if, it's with a. Bearish, one you know it's, that. Are. Three. Black crows so, this, was this I. Can, only tell you to watch this videos, about. About. About. The trend, which. I have done here about. The trends, and watch the videos about trend stick math was, the videos about some objection yes because when I talk about rejection, it's. Always this video, yes about some objection so give it a try because. It's, important, I do everything only, based on with direct rejections, yes I, have. To look here let. Me see I gotta take this year. Copy. Okay. Copy and I will post it up later put it also here in this one because. This is all here about the rejection yes so I put, it here in this right and then, I get the error and the rejection is CIS from, this level to, ejects. Down yes and this one also. Rejected. Yes from. This. One me is from this level here and. That's. The reason why I have to do another pin, here to. Make it more clearly that we got rejected from, this level and that's, the reason why you have to, were 40, is because. You understand, that to got a rejection here, from, this forums estimate, from this level here maybe yes so, something. Like this so. Okay and then, you know it will break this to the the trendline so, this is how, how, it goes yet and. Okay. This was, this, part about. About. Blacks. We play close, ancestry. White soldiers, they, will not come, so. Often and on your way but, when, they come you can, you. Can you can now identify them, and to know after those three capes often, a retracement so, you don't know that, you don't enter into a continuation, track, yes how. Does we you, have to be carefully, and. It's. May be I. Think the screenplay crows I see white soldiers, are. Mostly, it's. A it's, mostly. Coming. Up three. White soldiers in an uptrend yes, and. Sweep. Light falls in a downtrend there's, a Forex trade I use in its continuation, is because they a goal a long term you. As a binary. Option, to or trade I have to try to get the retracement order, traversal. Which. Is coming up so, okay I think this was enough so if, you like the video do a like if you subscribe, subscribe, subscribe and. If, you, FM. Some things who say that to. Do. Do. Comment. So I would say stay safe and.

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