Price Action: How to read market pressure examples, types of market pressures forex

Price Action: How to read market pressure examples, types of market pressures forex

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Okay. Hi traders here's, a new video first. Of all the risk warning, you're invested committed may be a twist don't to a twist money you cannot effort to loose and this video is not a bed full of ice I'm preparing, to do a put here yes I don't do a put the, entry point was a little bit late but I need to put because that is one of those kind of, what. I say, trading. Setups, which I'm explaining, all the time but this time this. Video will, be not about. About. Cyclist. Akkad analysis, this video, will be about market. Pressure and, that is a good example to, show you how market, pressure is working, here yes and we. Got here every, Bursa you see here doji, then that comes up Hema the bill Shurmur and this beauty, EMA is a sign, that we, have. Strong. Bearish. Trend, coming, up yes or. Also. A, strong. Bearish trend come up which, shows. Selling. Pressure yes, the. Thing is you have to understand. A few, things and that is what I try to show you in, this video so, let me see if I can show you those, things until. I will explain, them closer, so, let me see first. Of all you. Have to understand, too you see here I have prepared a sheet here how. To read, examples, of market. Pressures, types of market, pressures pressures, so, market, pressure what does mean market, pressure the, word market, pressure is all the combination. Of this what market, pressure yes, is only. Can. I say it's, a pseudonym, yes for trance, trances. And for. Momentum, yes, there is what's market, pressure also and. Why. Is coming. Up this kind of pseudonym, it's easy because, if. You have a specific threat. The, price will. Be trace and, to. Understand. When those kind of retracements. Are coming, up all those kind of country, nation, says, will. Come up you need to understand. How the market, is moving our price is moving and that, is the particular part, of the. Market. Pressure market, pressure is. Based, what is not a pressure I can say always to. Break it simply what. Is moving. The market, there are two things which are moving the market I have explained, this already in. Some other video and important, this is that you understand, that, also. Those things will work together like, a gear and I will show you why. And so it's not it's important, than to understand, those concepts, so for, example, you need to understand, that here, about. The. Rejection. Part yes way I have explained, the four keys yes sir the, trends, the key levels the kensic but an enter rejection, there, is a important, video which I would say it's a basic, database of, knowledge. What, you need to, understand, those things which will come up here and, then, you need to understand, that there, will be, fake. Breakouts, fake, break outs are almost, good signs of market. Crashes it is it's this kind of fake break outs will, occur, because of market, pressure because, they're, coming by us if they're coming sell us in yes and that, is what market pressure is about this and. You. Need to understand, also that. Part. About the. Market. Condition, yes because if. You have a strong. Trend yes, you have strong, market. Pressure yes if you have a handsome you have medium, market pressure and if you have conservation. Area or ranging, market, the, market pressure is, going, no is, there's also market, pressure but it's going in no direction. Yes and that is what's about because. Market, pressure is almost, the, direction, in what the market, is movement, in what price is going to move yet obviously. You cannot predict it 100%, yes so you have to understand. Those things before we can, talk about, market, pressure so let me see because always when, I get those. Questions about, market, pressure they, came up with the, weeks weeks, weeks here, which they are yes but. You have first to understand, more something heads so, if, you. We, are talking about market, pressure as we meet those four keys yes and I will put them here so I make. This clear so what, is moving, market. Market, is moving to, strain, two to two. Forces, are moving, marketers. And those, two forces is, like, in the physics and the, elemental. Forces, which. Are, in how our universe for, example, we have the. Gravity, VT as a gravity, which, is one of the elemental, forces, everything, is no, gravity. Yes and length we have for. Example the. Electromagnetic. Attraction. Yes, it's another one so there are four forces I will go to exam. Of physics. But I'm talking, here about the. Elemental. Forces which are moving market and that are.

Nothing. Else then. Zig Trent, yes. I will remove this year Trent yes and. The. Key level so, that are, those, one which, are moving, the market, only those, tools that as the, strongest. Forces, which. Are able. To move the market or to hold. The market, or to reverse, a market, as the price that, are those, two kind. Of forces, that are the forces here which we are forgetting. For getting. Good, training set, ups that are, not, so much important. Yes because they, are only. Variable. Oh this, kind of forces, which I'm talking about the Trent answer. Kilobits. So. If, we have Q and that is also the reason why I cannot. Say that you have to trade every, candlestick. Yes, and that is also the reason why you cannot. Come and say hello. What. Kind of candle, is this what kind of pressure, we have CIS, because, you have to understand, that every. Kind of chemist, ik every, kind of trading set up every, kind of herbs. Market. Pressure has. Those, two forces yes, let me remove this. This. The two forces, here which, are moving, this kind, of price and, that, as a major, force, so, if, we have a key lab you. Can have the best market, question but which is a strong. Key level the, trend where I say I say, the Trank the price will, reverse, yes, if you have a strong level yes. Where. A bias, will come in or sell at will come in some. Price, will, reverse, yes, no, matter what kind of trend, to have yes, obviously. If. You, have a strong, trend. Key, level yes will. Most be also broken that it depends, almost, from that what rather pressure is coming from so I will explain with this closer. Because when I'm when. I, get the questions, yes because, the. Candlestick, pattern for example there are candlestick. Patterns yes let me get, some chemists ik pocket so I will, I will, forget, small here, is this kind of setups, which I have already done, yeah so I can explain, this better on, those kind of things here, which I have explained, here so let me show you this. I. Let. Me see it so I will copy this so this one here is, a good example so. If we have so. Such a kind, of scenario, yes, and that is what about yes so, we. Have the key level we have the trend, so we have already. 40%. And. I will try to explain this in this kind of meta what's the percentage, obviously. You cannot say this with percentage, but you have already the front for, the 40 percentage, of success. Rate yes so why, you cannot. Trade every, kind of chemistry, because, if, you train any kind, of chemistry. You, have not, the. Filter, not the rule to. Wait. For the right candidate for example, a, dragonfly. Doji here on gravestone, doji yes or. Inverted. Hammer or. Pillbox. If you do not wait for those kind of candlestick, and to drink every, kind of candid, yes then, you have already, twenty percent less because. The. Candlestick. Pattern which makes a successful trading, setup, is missing, because to trade every, candlestick, you have no rules that means to create every kind of thing that means if you get a doji, in a, ranging, market or, a doji, in a consolidation, area between two, mas new, trades and next chemistry, because to trade every tennis thing and that, is almost the. Problem. At CCS because, sometimes. Who have the right market, condition, and you can do this yes you can try every candlestick, because, you. Know. Where the tea, lemon is you, know where as a trend is yes, and what in what direction the trend is heating yes and then you can do such kind of, every. Candlestick, training but if you. Won't. Be a successful, trader you cannot. Wait. All I. Can, say taste, it before yes, if the market is a new conditions, that's because that is like using, some kind of strategy where. You, start, with the strategy, and see are you are losing okay I will stop that is, not the key the key is to, understand. The, concepts. Behind says that means if. You have so. We have if you have those two, things which. Are moving the market, you, have already, 50%. Of, the, market pressure yes, you know already because if, you have a strong, trend or you have a trend yes, you know market, will go sleep continue. The, trend till, the, trend ends, yes and why. Does a trend, and the, trend will, end because it it's, a key level so, if, the key level is strong and the. Trend is. Or week yes, you will get a reversal, if, the. The. Key level this week and the, track is drop you, will cover trend when price will continue so, if, you have this so. I'll show, you the CM this kind of example we, have a downtrend. Then. We have the key level you see this here yes, then, we get the candlestick. Pattern and that candlestick, pattern, in this kind of consulate, econ constellation. In this kind of scenario. Set. Up yes this candlestick. Pattern, is telling, us that we, have, selling. Pressure okay. Mostly. But, you. Have to understand, that if this, one one of those two conditions will, change yes.

You. Can get also, in, the Hansa market, yes let. Me show loose this. Kind of scenario. Then. It will go up yes. And that is only a question, yes that is only a question. About. The. Question, about the, the. Candlestick. Pattern yes, the. Transference yes because, if it is only the weak strength yes, you. Can expect, that and. You have a strong, acid area yes whatever. So you, can expect that price, will, go up, yes, that, is what about that is why I'm telling you that, if you have such kind of scenario such, kind of of. Spreading. Setup, you need a strong trend to do a continuation, and not a reversal, yes that is what what. I try to explain, the, same is when it also falls, this up or another, kind of scenarios. Yes it depends, almost from. Those two things here, from, the trend and from. The key level so if you have some trend and the key level yes, you, can, focus. On, the, waves and that, will be mostly. Icing. Second part of this video or, maybe, I try to. Explain. This also in this video so then. You can focus on sir on. The, rejection. And on, the candlestick pattern, yes and on, the wicks yes also because if you have those kind of chemistry pattern, which I am explaining, in my ebook we. Are talking, about the mi inverted, Hema that, a chemist ik pattern I would say that, are something, like irregular. Verbs yes so, for example, you. Have some normal candlesticks. Yes like, let. Me let, me get something so I can explain this to you so. For. Example I will copy those one here, all. Those one. So. Let me copy them and then. I will show you. What. I mean. So. We can talk also about about. The. Weeks and how. To reach the, pressure of those weeks yes. And what this weeks are telling, you so, so we have here some some. Kind of. Candlestick. Pattern. Which. Are really common to see the oh geez and so on and, those. Kinds, of candlestick, patterns, yes. Do. Have do. Hand. Okay. So. Okay. So we have now this kind of chemistry pattern so and I will now explain what, is going on yes so if. You have the, trend and the key. Levels that are the basics, yes because, if you know the trend you know the direction, where price will move that, means not that you have to focus, on the end of the trend the trend should, be at the beginning as or, at.

Least, At. The beginning yes because the, trend can't end at any time so, if, the thread is over, and also you, are, can be. I'm. Useless yes, so, and then you have the key level you, focus, on the. Chemistry. Pattern if you have such candlestick, pattern right here for example this engulfing, candle yeah yes this, is a bearish engulfing cabbage. If you're such kind of beauty and goofing head I will put. Them out for, example yes you, don't need to think about. Weeks. Yes. You don't need to think about weeks because you, have. This kind of candlestick, pattern which is like. Like. It we're gonna were obsessed like I, am. You are yes. He/she, eat be. This. Is this, yes. And so on yes and, that. And then are not the person are not the problem, because then you can learn like in English yes and then, you know that that, another problem the problem, is if you try. To, understand, market, pressure based on chemist excessed which, are not so which. Don't, tell you something, sometimes, you get chemist ik patterns, okay mystics which. Are not telling anything for example. This. Kind of spinning top so let me get this spinning, club so we, will do this now from, the basics, so, we get here the spinning top and. I will do two spinning top says. So. Let me see this I will, do two spinning tops the difference, between those train stops will be only, the color because, that is also important, yes because, depending, on the color of the candlestick, pattern, yes the. Pressure is changing yes. And, then you have or you obviously, have also to, to. Observe, the movement of the, granny, can all the previous candle yet which is running so, important. Is because sometimes, I get the question. What. Is the upper wing is this now buying, pressure or is, this Senate pressure yes this, alluring is this buying, pressure or is the selling, pressure so the. Problem, is that, it cannot, be said, because, sometimes. You see how this kind of chemists ik here, and this. Gravestone doji you, see this gravestone, doji is. Has. A permit this, Apple week yes is obviously. Often. Selling, pressure yes because price. Tried to go a path, but. It came down, again, yes it goes above it came. Down so, we have selling, pressure because. The price tried, to go up but, the selling pressure pushed. It down so, but, the. Same is minute, yes if, you get the. Two. Examples inverted. Hammer so, that means a tsunami I will move this away I, try, to do this. In. This manner that to understand, it all yes, because. So. I have to get. This in this math or at UC. So. That we copy this copy and also, it would take a little bit longer it doesn't it isn't that doesn't catch the sky because so you understand.

This Once for one forever is that it's. Not, all so, easy, yes so I will, remove this kind of candlestick, here yes I will. Put here this, kind of scenario. Which. I'll trade, mostly. The inverted. So. And we can do this also in this right here, we. Got this here so. I will do this. And. This, will happen is such. Such, scenarios, will happen yes. So. Let, me show you this. And. Who will see this also yes, coming, up so. We. Have this kind of scenario I have charged and sure I see, if I can do. This right here with the weeks and everything's, okay, we. Get no this kind of careless. Take maybe there was also some, kind of get that. They would be not that's, a problem so let me see I will, move through the retire so okay, you. Will have this downtrend, and at the end, comes up this kind of scenario here, this kind of, this. Kind of. Inverted. Volitional one of my favorite ones yes which, I which. I have shown you so of you when I trait them so what. Does this candlestick, tell, us this, can spectate, us the, same, scenario. What, is telling, this, canister, here price. Ghana. Bath, yes. Then. Selling, pressure, pressed. Press. This price bell so, we have here what selling, pressure yes but, what. Is the. Scenario is this that mostly. Yes. I don't, say ever every, time yes but, mostly. This. Will more, probably. Going, up. Yes. So. This will doing more probably, going, up. Instead. This will going as I said the pressure is the same yes. It's, both selling. Pressure but. The reason why this will. Go mostly, going down yes and this, is going up mostly. It's. Only, depending. From, those. Two, things which, I have explained, before the major. Forces. Not, from the weeks because. And that is what you have to understand, the, weeks yes, I'm telling you the same stuff. Yes they are telling you that we, have selling, pressure because. Price, gone up and was, pushed, down price. Gun up but, was pushed down the only, difference, is. From. One point the, threat the, killable and the, second point is how, the real body the, real body is in, relation. To. To. The, rest rest. To the weeks to. Week, to the nor week and what. Cannot this, this. Kind. Of. Real. Bodies that means so and it's right now to do, this a little bit more. Confirm. I try to show, you now, how, this. Will, act, on, different. Candlesticks. So I will, remove this kind of, this. Rick, here I will remove this week a little bit so I will make it a little bit smaller because. I cannot do this. For every, kind of candlestick. Because, the antenna sticks are so different there are million different, candy stick set and I. Cannot, do this for every one but I will show you how. You can, understand, where, pressure is coming from and what, pressure means, so. Important, is first of all that to understand, and I, will have to do this, in this case and I will remove this and put this a little bit more down so, we have more. Space maybe I will remove also this kind of scenario because I wanted, to get this only to show. You. To. Show you. And. To get this candlestick pattern so, because. We have here no wig, yes, we have here no another sorry we have here no really body means. That's. The power of the. Trend yes. It's, much, stronger, as. You see we have a downtrend, this, candlestick, is confirming, that we have still a downtrend, yes it's a red, candle a bearish candle so. The. Contribution. To. The pocket pressure and. That, is what I have to. Do. Young, wait I will do this in this case so. I will make it much, much more clay clearer because, that, is why I'm telling you that you have to watch also the other windows, because, you, have to understand, that it's a contribution, yes, the contribution. Of everything, which, is working. Like a gear together so the, market pressure is. Makes. Part of the thread. You, have a trend, if you have a trend and you have a candlestick, like, this is a red candlestick. You. Have already, selling.

Pressure If. You get, now this kind of candlestick. Here yes when, you see that price will go up and then. We'll go down again, till it goes, at Greystone, Toji that. Means, that. Selling. Pressure is. Stronger. Than buying pressure because do, you see anything, of grinia, no you see no greed that is, not true yes, because this, candlestick is great doesn't. Say anything so, if you do, only. From the mathematics. Our trend. Is down candlestick. Is down yes. Then. Let's. See that this will be not a chemist ik like a gravestone doji that would be a chemist ik like this one here for example yes, but. We are talking now about the doji, so you, have those two things this. Things which are mostly. Have. The greatest, impact, of. The. Market pressure is. The. Threat in this case. Answer. Ends. The candlestick here this candlestick, which is showing that we have the downtrend, still don't 20s, because it is a strong. Candidate, so then. There's coming this kind of candlestick, yes which shows who wished this week we are not talking about a normal doji, the doji, the, doji is, completely, not true yes because, the. Upper weak and the lobby is similar, so you, don't know what has happened and then it will mostly, also, continue, but this is not neutral, this, has already some. Kind of direction this, shows you selling, pressure this, shows you nothing. Is it there's no selling, pressure no, buying. Pressure in the scandal, yes so you, cannot expect anything but, mostly you have to, expect that the trend will continue after, a normal doji, with, same leg look like oh Jesus, who's the same length shadows, yes, and which you, can expect that it will continue so, here, you expected, it will go down further because you are selling pressure and because. This one here is nothing, giving, against. The. Two points. Of downtrend. You, can expect that is going down so why this. Going up here mostly. This. Will going up mostly, because, we. Have a downtrend. Then. We got. Buyers. Coming, in yes by us coming in here the bias would be silenced. Yes by, us are doing trouble, are showing, you the area they are present the. Sellers, are under, under, under, doing. Them under pressure and they are side exams so at the end there, are no any more buyers and they are selling nothing anymore, yes because they, were press. Cross, press down yes so here we. Have the same scenario we, have bye-bye. Buyers, coming in they, got pressed, down to, this level but. There. We are remaining, of you yes remaining. Of you which. Are. Blocks. Eyelids, completely. That, means that. There will be mostly. A reversal. Coming up but it depends, that obviously, from those two things which I have explained here the trend in. Tequila, yes, those two methods, are telling, you. What. Will. Happen next inject the same scenario, here what, I am talking for the market. Pressure in the direction. And the transplants. And hold, the trend will continue, it's, also valid, for the, rejection, part, yes because. The. Rejection, yes is also. Only am inner part. Of a confirmation. The, same is a market, pressure is a confirmation.

Of Those, things which, you have before. Analyzed. Before, you do this, you have subtract, and the key level and the. Key number can be everything also only here, something, like this here this, level and so on so let me see if I can because, I know you want, to hear from me, that. I can tell you what. Is selling pressure what is buying pressure and so on yes so, if we have for. Example on. Those kind, of candlesticks. Yes because, you. Have to differentiate. The. Candy, sticks which are not telling anything that. Means spinning. Tops with, the same size of weeks if you have chemist X which, has the same size of, weeks the, pressure, is. Equal, that. Means you, have to focus on the body and if the body is for example in such kind of spinning top grief. Yes. But. To have the same weeks, on both levels s, that. Means that. It's most, probably. Yes, it is not always so because, that is also important because you can't get also trapped by a consolidation. Area and then all of those kind of market, pressure analysis. Are not valid, anymore yes because if you are in a consolidation. Area, those. Things are not anymore bennett because in consolidation, area, candlestick, pattern doesn't care about, it because, price, is trapped, price, is trapped between two, EMA's, price, is trapped between two, support. And resistance areas price, is correct, between, who. Knows between, anything as a trend lines or what is, or, a price is trapped in a. Chart. Pattern yes a try, symmetrical, triangle, or, something like this then, you can, not anymore. Rely. In, such, conservation. Area, so. Strongly, on, candlestick. Pattern on wigs because price. Will, remove that is what I'm talking about then, price is in between of key levels and this, price is in between of kilobits, the. Weeks has, only an underrated, value. Rejection. Has only unabated. Value, value because, the. More, major key, forces, the major forces, which are moving price, and that is what you have to get in your head, ah the. Trend, and the, key level and. Everything. Is under. This that means. If. You are have price in a strong trend a candlestick pata in a strong trend for, example you have a strong, downtrend. And, to, get this kind of inverted, bullish, Hema this. Inverted bullish hammer we're, probably going, down, yes. Why, it's going down because.

You, Have some major forces, here the major forces, is a track s squared is one of the major forces and the other one is a key, level why, would this most, probably, it could be going up yes yes. But only if the trend is not strong then, it could be go up yes because this, candlestick pattern, has also some, kind of forces, yes because, that is telling that bias will coming in that means that market pressure will change now with that bias are still there and are, waiting to get in that is a real thing, but if the trend is strong down sellers, are in control, and that will meet mean that this also could, go down so I will. Show you now. What. Those, kind of weeks. Are telling. You so, obviously. If, you have those kind of chemistry. Patterns, like I have explained, engulfing, candle, pin. Bars inverted. Hammer, and. Dark. Cloud Kawa and all those things the, question, of the pressure is not, there because the. Pressure is, still. In favor of this kind of chemistry that means if you have a built-in, bootleggers. You, have a bearish, market pressure yes, in, general. Obviously. There. Will be replacements. There will be. There. Will be. Reverses. Yes coming. Up later but mostly there will be continuation. Yet and that is how, you have to reach, those. Kind of of. Ways. So, I can show you this and, this example here for example because, that our chemist Ixia which, is which I am not telling anything, yes if this if you have this, kind of chain. Sticks they are not telling anything but mostly, you. Can say that. This is in this kind of green candle, here this, is the selling, pressure, yes. Because players, tried to go up I will, show you this. It, will do this with Allah so. Let me do this and then, I will write. This down so we, have here okay. That. Was not good so. Let, me see. Okay. What is this okay, so. So. Let me see yes, okay. So. This. Yeah. It's okay. So. This. We. Will do another. Here. So. When that depends, mostly. If. You have the, trend it depends of it either I should do here eight kind. Of candlesticks. Yes, and all eight kind of kinetics, in all variations, down trend upset and so on but I will I will, show you this only on those characteristics, which. Hours this color to, explain. What, kind of pressure, you can expect, it from. Those, kind of candlesticks. So. We. Have here let me write this down so, we have here. The. Bath is selling, pressure selling. Pressure. And. I. Have explained, to why it's, selling pressure it's selling pressure because, price tried, to go up. So. Selling, pressure. Greater. So. Okay. Selling pressure. Because. Price because. It's a green candle, yes it's. An important, set to understand, that the green candle, yes it's, trying, price. Is trying to go up yes. But. The. The. Sellers, are pushing. Down the price yes so and he, though we, have. Here. Below we. Have buying. Pressure. Buying. Pressure so in that it should be, body. Mind, pressure so, buying. Pressure, yes bias pressure buying pressure so. The. Same let. Me see here price, is, trying. To. Go down yes. Here, also tried. By us try to push the price up we're. Not able to do this so we have here also selling, pressure yes, from. The bath but. We are talking here only from. Normal. Tennis. Days those chemist exhibition, or meaning yes which, are not like inverted, henna or something, yes because, it depends, almost from those chemistry, because it's also a question, of the trend, regression. Of of. All, other things yes but mainly, this, is the concept, but because. I. Can. Explain this to do this the, problem is that those, chemist, ik has also, other, meanings. Yes, for. Example if you have this cut off because. Of see here this is selling question, yes this is selling pressure but. The price will go up is that, is the problem you are going to see selling, pressure and to, mean the next can should be go down yes but, it's important, yes then to understand, that, after the, selling pressure yes the, green, candle is still alive, yes and that, is why the, price should. Go up further because they, were not enough they. Were not enough to, push him down which, would be a clearer sign, like this one for example to, go down so, that is this then, the ratio what. Is also important. So if you had. For. Example I, will do this a little bit greater yes. So. If you have this, kind I, will do this a little bit greater so. Okay. So the ratio, means. This. Is the ratio. This. Let. Me let. Me do this whistle line. So. We have two like this. Hi. Yes. This hi. To. Copy, who's, this hi. Yes. Yes. In relation, to. This. Height that means let, me show you if I can show uses. I. Have, to get some. Some. Arrows, so. This. High. Yes. So. Copy. It paste. So. This, high, yes. In relation. Yes. This, high in relation. To, the site that. Means.

But. You should have a candlestick, which is not telling anything it's, not inverted. Hem are not, some. Normal candlestick. Then, you can say. If. This, one. Here is greater, then. The real body and that, is selling, pressure yes, the. Next candle, will. Probably. Going, down, yes. So, let me show you this. So. I try, to. Do. This maybe, some, other kind that, is women do somebody. Do something. Without. A. Script, and without. Preparation I, need, to get this all a little bit together to make, it more clear so, okay let me show you this. That, will be moved here so. I. Have, to understand, that this is the. PCI. Wishes in, this case so it, may, bind. Pressure yes and. That is what you have to understand, so if this, week here. Then. Obviously, you, have to get this together which, the strata Kranz yes, and the key level because you can have here the best ratios. Yes and the best. Analysis. But if you have here for example this candlestick, because, this, kind. Of week. Is greater yes. Then the real body for example, yes you, can expect that the next candle, will go down yes, that is what I'm trying to explain you here wait. I have, to put this a little bit together. That. Is what what. Those kind of Wick analysis, and chemists it and market pressure stuff is about so let me see. So. Then, you can expect, mostly said. It will go down on the next candle if. This. One is greater, than this area I guess, I don't know how I have. To show you this maybe I will attend, to here some, text, I will, do the text and I do make here there's, a greater sign yes I do the great assignment so into this so you understand, that, this is greater. Then. The real, body yes that is what's about so greater than the real body this. Area, here is greater, than the real body that, means it goes down because we have selling pressure yes greater. Sit, but not, only greater, than the real body also. And that, is also important. Yes. Greater, then, the, lobby. Yes this occupying pressure - yes that it's also important, is that is what I mean that this but only one thing you have to understand. There's greater, this, selling. Pressure weeks, as to greater than the real body yes, and also. Greater. Sends. A lower, lower, shadow then, you can expect, that, price will go down because selling, pressure is an overall, greater. Than. The buying pressure that is what's about so let me see and then I will bring it to an end because I think I have explained, this enough so, then, I will get this again, here I will remove this, completely. Because, it. Would take too long, to draw, this again and, to draw the stuff and copy this stuff so, I will get it completely, here. So. We have here the same the. Same stuff, again yes so, the only thing what we gotta change is here the color of sir the. Color of the cannon because, it's a normal candle it's not a candle. It's. Not a candle, which which. Has a meaning yes because those one which I have a meaning I have explained, how they work yes so. Let me see so, we have here a red candle as. A red, candle, we. Have here again. That. Is a problem I have to remove, this completely. Because. That would be the same scenario that, would be also going down in this case yes but I have to remove, this completely, in this type of area so, yes. I have to put this in this case so. So. You understand, why out so something. Like a pin bar works out yes you, see because looking out after this like a pin bar yes. But. The. Thing is that is why this works out because if this is greater. Not. Smaller greater. Yes. What's. That here. Greater. Yes. If this is greater and. Then despite pressure then. The wheel button yes, and, grow. A greater than the upper shadow, price. Will go up. Most. Probably. Obviously. If you are obviously. Only as. Addition. Yes as, addition. To, the trend and the key level because if there is a key level price, will react, from it and then, it will mostly go down if you have a trend strengths, which is too strong, as a strong trend. This. Kind of weak reading, yes will, not work because. The. Trend is a major force yes not, any. Kind of week's not any kind of kind of stick pattern the chemists ik pattern everything sir it is only, based on those things which the trend is telling, them so if, you have to let a reason, why, in. Strong, trends, you often, get, reef. Candles, something.

Like This in a strong downtrend to get some kind of this candle, like this hammer or, a pin bar and then, you are you, ask yourself, why, it's going down, yes because the trend was too strong, so I think I, have, explained. Almost. Everything. About this I, could, do another telling. You another hour about this kind of market, pressure how to read candlesticks, weeks and all, those kind of stuff but. I injecting, what I tried to explain you is that, you have to relative. It has to be relative. To. So. I should, also do here this, trying to see that, is what I missed, so, you don't understand. This here this this, kind. Of. Has. To be greater also, greater, as the lower. Wave as you see f4. What you to do this also, and, here greater, than the armory if you have the same size of weeks, yeah, you, have to validate, the. Candle. Color yes, the, candle, color and. And. It's a trend yes, that, is if there is no trend the. Those, kind of if you have to presented, ranging. Market, those. Things. Here are, much, more. Valued. Has greater. Value greater. Impact. Because if, you have only a. Lotus, week. Trend those. Things get more important. If you have a week trend and. To get this kind of reversal, pattern here diverted, bullish Hema yes, then. It has much, greater value yes, then in this price trend because if you had one, force, which. Is weak yes, you have to get all other, things together yes, that is what I try to explain, you that is what I, want. To add them to understand, that all, things, are working together, and, all. Things, are. Are. Bear are based on all these other and that is why you are telling, you to watch, all. My videos, to. Understand, all concept. Because if you understand, only one concept, you will not succeed, in, the market because you see everything. Is. Collocated. Is combined, is. Working. Together I like India yes you. Need the market, condition which are trying to meet the key level you need the weeks you, need. The. Candlestick, patterns, all those, kind of stuff so I, would say that would be enough if you like this video to a like if you didn't subscribe subscribe, and if you have something to say let. Me comment, or join the Facebook group so, I would say stay, safe and bye, bye.

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