Price Action: How adapting forex strategies and forex indicators to binary option turbo trading - IQ

Price Action: How adapting forex strategies and forex indicators to binary option turbo trading - IQ

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I trade us here's a new video first, of all the risk warning your message capital maybe a twist don't wait was money you cannot ever and this video is not an investment advice I had to do a booty is because. We are here some kind of consolidation, after, arranging we are in conservation area, and I'm pretty much sure that we are leaving now because the downtrend, is another. Major that trend is all in our favor it's a downtrend, and also. This is a down 20 so, we have to. 2. Plus yes. On our favor, and this is on, the odds-on all FEMA and so it's it's a reason why did put there also, if it didn't. Change market, and the. Movements, can be crazy here I'm pretty much sure that we are heating down so. That is the reason why I get to put and, so. Let's, wait for. Another, opportunity here. We, have some kind of strong, support. But. I'm pretty much sure that it will be broken ok so I given do a put here yes, so this, will protect it from this level here you see 1 2 3 4 touches. And that's a reason why I did a put here because, I'm pretty much sure that, this will be broken after the first touch it's, not anymore after, reliable, support. Larry and that's the reason why I did I put now. And is. What the my entry point was good because, so I get protected, also from, this. From. This. Resistance. Very now, so let me. See. Ok, this now is doing some kind of crazy so. Let me draw fast. Some people. Not she level yes so. I gonna decide, if I can do another put, here another call we see something. Like this here. Ok. I'm. Gonna do a call now I do. A call the cause of the rejection, yeah so, let's see what will happen. Because. The. Thing is that the 160, 1.8 Fibonacci, level like I told you it is in other videos, it's, not ok it's not a, Fibonacci. Level, which will be broken so easily, yes and because I saw this candlestick, here this rejection. Of this one yes, I entered. Into the trade this one I didn't show up but this one told me that we are not going to eat down, to, the two hundred sixty one point, eight because the one hundred sixty one point eight is almost. A good, people. Not see extension. Yes which will. Not be broken, so easily yes, you, can count, on this level, that. There will be some, kind of reversal, yes, you. Have only to be carefully. If there. Will be some kind of consolidation, okay I think it's what it was an apple tricks I have, solar so new some trainings. Training, techniques so now we are going to talk about. How. To trade, how. To adapt, Forex strategies and indicators, to binary options turbo, train but before I do this I have, to mention again my mindset, playlist. Watching, my channel. The, playlist about mindset, watch this, studies. Is with. Loops, its videos yes about the practice, account how, to increase, your scale yes to get a pro trader and. To finally, get consistent, profit watch, this video about the, win rate how. To can increase your win rate I'm at. The moment doing. At. The moment the correction, has the correction, of. Reviewing. Of. Transcripts. To, make. To. Make you to you available, after, I have finished I'm. Some. Kind of a. Lot of a, lot of stuff to do yes, and. I, need maybe. One or two weeks to complete this I, hope, you will. Not die, waiting. For it but. I'm, working on it every. Day so, I, get, only two maybe. One a sheet day be finished. Because it's. Some, kind of time, consuming but. It will come to you if you, are if. You Jelani Facebook, group or not it doesn't matter I will make it available to anyone so. This. Is not the problem. Watch this videos but watch this video because you. Need to understand, all of that stuff yes about the win rate about, the discipline, stuff which is really important. Then. What. About. The money management which. Comes, along with the win rate and, then, the motion type RTS, which tells, you that you need confidence this, is a mindset. Series, watch, this playlist, the gabelus give it a try. It's, really good so then watch, this video about chemists, ik Nexus, I have, to tell you all the time today, I saw a post, post in the group in, the group from a, 1:1, from one shop, who. Have mem. Of the group who, have posted, his success. Was, this kind of sickness he, has combined, to kind, of stick together and has. Seen. That this must be a doji, and so he traded the evening, star after that because, he understood, that the, candlesticks. Before we're. Together a doji, this was a great moment for me to. See this. That. Somebody. Has. Watched. His videos, hand adapt, my. What. I have told him in the videos yes and, could. Do a winning, trade was this yes this is a he. Has done. This. Kind. Of setup only that this was not a textbook. Evening, star it was evening. Star was too chemist, except in the middle which, were, together at, oh gee that was a great moment for me I like this if people. Watch my videos and understand, the concept, behind and adapt. This this is really cool so, what's this about chemist Achmed's, it will improve your scribing style yes then watch this video about, the. Rejection gas is a video.

Box Of rejection where I have told you the, three major. The. Screen. Three. Major points which have disappear. So spit to. Get. Cold. Water to ATF and this. Are the Swiss yes it's a. Little. White okay, so this. Other three. Give. It a try. This we, do a bot so rejection, will cost it--wait only with rejection and also a few minutes ago we would have seen that I trade only with rejection and this expense. Earnings, explains, you how it, goes mr. rejection yes risk, an idea if, this rejects, here from this level yes. It, projects from this level here goes down then I gonna do a put yes this, is how it works. Okay. So. This. For. This, then. Here watch, this video about major. Key levels yes I can only tell you watch, these videos they are really important, and obviously, all the candlestick. Pattern which, I'm going to use every time its own is that how only seven or eight I have, to do a video about. Both. The head and shoulders, and adverted, head and shoulders. Let, me show answer the train for us we Black. Rose ends this free white soldiers, but I don't do so often sir, inverted. And a, head and shoulders and adversity virtual it's a sweet breakfast I don't use a Mesa, a either either. That. I'm not a chemist ik which I use this candlestick, which, I have explained, here and this shot patterns this. Last. Case pulled eggs this a candlestick patterns, for cuffs which I'm going to use and you see I have already, done. The one two, three. Four, a half done already five of them yes and you see I have. Done. A more explanation. And had one, eternal does have more explanation, to make them more valuable because. At the end I want. You that you understand, from the street everything, but I'm looking at it and I'm doing this so watch this videos about the casting, also I have. Done the world into it. If you understand, this you're going. To increase your win rate and, your trading style so now we are going to talk about Forex, and the binary, option to low trading and, they. Are we are going to start and. We wanted, to. Please. First. Understand. What, do the forex trader at fourth grade at boots first. Identifying. Identifying. P95. He, then. T-50. Trade. Opportunity. Okay, opportunity. Opportunity. So. This is the same stuff yes what also, is. The binary options. 200 trader - yes because you will have to identify. Your. Trading. Opportunity, and the, difference, is only one that, the. Binary, option. Trader do, does one thing not Jesus. Forex. Trader thus, weights, a risk to, reward and, the, binary. Option, - or trader has, only his fixed. Pay out yet and so, if. You do a week's risk to reward you, have to try to choose the max, payout, and. Max. Payout. Assets. Yes, so let me show you how, we. See how I can do this to. Make it some kind of more. Clear so the. First thing is, identifying. The opportunity. And the. Forex data works, trader thus. Doing. This by, weight. The, raise, the risk of. Reward. Yes so, let me move, this, so. We can do this in this manner copy. This. Copy, paste, no. I, have. To copy this one copy paste so. The. Good in this manner here so. Number. One this, is how. You manage with the way risk. To. Reward, so. And. Us. Binary. Option trader. The, only possibility, is to identify a good trade yes I'm going to do this you, have to choose a good the. Good asset, yes. You have to choose a good asset. Hi. Whose. Whose. Whose. Best. Layout. Okay. This. Is how you can, do, this what / 4x tweeted us with. A waitress to reward you choose the best payout. Mostly. Above 80%. Test, I do, it in this marathon. Because. If. You used my above. 80% if, you use my. Win. Rate simulator. You know you need the, higher you know higher the payout, you know what more. Lower can be your win rate and this, is waters rate, risk, to reward yes, no lower. Your win rate it's, means lower your risk yes because you. Can do more profit, in this case okay, this is what does the forex trader then, the second. Is, the. Forex trader is, doing. Create. A plan yes, because. He don't had he has more time because, her, he trades are mostly, on the higher time frame yes, and this, means he, is. Doing. Twitter, Burlington, is nothing, SM, following. Yes follow, this. Trading. Rules yes, trading, system, to work sir francis it's. The same what a binary. Option. To be' trader has to do that he, do it doesn't create a crew prepared, he follows, only, follows. Follow. Only this. Trading. System. Rules, yes this this what is this a money management. Strategy. Or. Set. Up switch he has his. Stop-loss, when you notice, suppose he's stopped. When he stopped with, trading. After two losses or something like this this is, what.

Thus The binary option tool trainer then, the step three is, when. He has identified and, he has, followed. His training. System, and. Training rules yet the. Third step what the Forex trader do thus, is the entire. Crate. And. This is the same what also the Binary Option trader, does yes the door panel option trader enter. Also. Z28s, or really clicked and here enter the trade after yes identified. Is. Identified. His. Training. Opportunity, to opportunity, yes, and this. Training opportunity was, confirming. With his trading routes he, and us that way then, comes, Kyle's a step number four step, number four is manage, is, this, way manage, the trade this is. This. Is something like, he, used this, market, feedback. Market. You feedback as, the Queen's he. Looks what price - yes and, and. How. This, is no question this, with, this, new information yes, this new information. Informations. About. The market either, side he. Decides if, he wanted to. Get. Out of the okay. Here. That use. Model, to adapt, toward. That so. We do it. Faster. So then this. Point, fear point, four is not. Important. For us because we can not as binary, option, to trainer we cannot, manage, the trade yes, but if. You have some, higher, expiry, times you. Can do also some kind of many straight the trade if. You gonna say yes. This. Would be something sell, options L option yet there's, also some, kind of managing, so that I let me. Manage the tray also, but. You. Have an expiry time of one minute like, a trait you don't have this this, manage, the trade because sell, option is not an option as for me it's never a real option I stay, in the trade if I go to lose I have. Unfortunate. I for, me it's not not. Option. But for somebody who has high expiry, time it, can be sell, option can be option, if. You, don't want to lose everything, yes for me it's not an option so then, the point number five is. Exit. The trade on the Forex trader. Yes. And, we. As. This. High it means make. Money, make, money for, the Forex trader yes make money. From. The trade money, make. Money from. Turk wait. As. A binary option, to trade up you can not exit, the traitor exit, rate. Exit, by self yes it, means expiry, time yes expiry, time yes. So. You, don't have the, possibility to make that money yes because it. Depends, from the, time expiry time so then, the. Next point which, every Forex trader has to do and thus it will give you some kind of journey to, journal. The asset trading journal learn. Learn. From, Turks, way, just means yes. Understanding. And if they identify. With. Them. 10. T5. Weakness. Weakness, in. Stages. Stages. 1, 2 5 so, and this is also because.

The Expired time will closest, earthquake, yes, and after. This step. Of 6 you head also as, to betrayed. Earlier on from the. Train it means you, have to analyze, also the. Witnesses. Yes off stages. One, two five. Also if certified, is only, there's. Nothing, because. Its expiry time but this is a crucial part yet because. Forex. Trader and this is what as a Forex trader has an advantage. He. Has only and, as I told is already he, has only the, price there's a market, against, him market, yes, is against him only, market against him only. Market that, means price yes. And. And. Obviously, some car some also, a little bits of broker but, not in this manner like, as. Winery. Option for trade is only, market, and. Okay. Only market, I can. Say market, and broke up there is because of Walker wants, also money market. Plus, broker, with, the Commission F so, market, plus broker and. And. The. Binder will option trader yes yes. This. Money. Market. There's. Always because, price is, price. Market. Prosper. Oka and plus. Time. Yes, because you, have to finish the. Critic, has to finish in. The expiry, time, as. You, can reduce so, easy this yes and this, is the most problematic, stuff, why, so, many, strategy. Says. Forex. Strategies, and profits, indicator. And. Strategies. With a negative of based on indicator. Doesn't. Work out because of the time because, you, will have almost, only, one. Candlestick. On one minute expiry time when you use one cabinet, kinetics, yes, and this means you have, to get some, kind of. Strategies. And, and. Indicators. Which help you identifying. The. Direction, of the next candle. Or the next few candles and mostly. Is the main difference, between the, Forex tweener into biometric to, latrina and that is a time the, time decides. If you are going to if, you can adapt any kind, of forest, strategy, or not because if. You are a Forex trader you can't enter into a trade, too. Early but, it's not a problem to enter too early as a Forex trader because at the end you. Have no time limit if you, enter too early as a binary, option, toggle trader your, trade can be a losing. One only, because you entered too early. To. The important. Stuff at the end is that you learn from the first seek four five steps here is you. Have to identify which. Candlesticks. And which. Which. Indicators, are, telling, you so. It gives you so much information to. Identify, if, the next candle, or the next two planets depending, always if you are doing one minute, one. Minute can, stick, one. Minute timeframe and, one minute expiry. Time all you do higher the expiry time, that. Is the difference and if, you do - spiral, time you can do also. Using. Some kind of other indicators, yes like. Parabolic. SAR maybe. Or. Other. Linkages. Arrows I this, can be used if you use more than one minute if you use one minute, you, cannot, use any of those indicators. Only, because of the reason you have to use price action mainly. Because, you. Have to act interact, fast if you use a higher. Time frames yes on your binary option trading you, can adapt, much more the, Forex stuffy. Is because. The. Four, strategies and, four exam. Indicator. Strategies. Because. You, have more time yes. What's. All Forex, about yes if, you have binary, options, over trading 1 minute or trading it's. Easy to, this explained. You if, you have a pin bar for example if Kimba is the shoe short if in for X in Sousou shot yes, because, dude, enter, and. It's. A pin bar and you set, your stop loss on the top of the week and so you happens all the time to, seeing, the. So, candlestick. Unfolds. The developing, end as a chart, going down or whatever, if, it goes up you've, got, your. Stop-loss trigger, and you are out of the trade this, is not a case on the Binary Option trader, if you enter, into the trade the, only thing which can be, helping. You and this is not ahead it's a sell button yes and you know if you enter into the trade that is what I'm telling, you with manage the trade you cannot manage to create, to. Be honest because all, the push them sell button or you will extend it out it's, not so easy and that other means different, so if you get some kind of foreign strategy. Or. Some. Kind of indicator, on the Internet at all or. Some, video, to video or something and you, see and. To understand. You won't understand, to how you can adapt this you have always, entire, the. The. Mind the part. Of the time yes and how. You, can adopt this and this. Manner that you can adjust. And. You, will expire with time with, it. Mena's. From. Indicator or. Or. The, strategy, yes because they are so, many crossing, EMA strategies, that, can be not adapt to a one minute expiry. Time yes because when the p.m., is a crossing it's already to make and so. It's also with. Oscillators. Yes, like the s I or the stochastic if. They are crossing it's mostly, too late yes and if you enter too girly it's already, too you're, gonna lose because you enter too early and it doesn't cross anything.

Then. And this is what what. The problem is so have, this in mind yes, what. That, if, you try to adapt. Forex. Strategies important, indicators, to binary option 2 but really you have always, entire, mindset. Time and. And. Said, to use some, kind of, fast. Indicators. Which. Gives, you enough, information or, like, I do you, say you're only price action combined. With indicators. So you. Can. Eliminate. Reading. Factor, so okay that was the part about how, to that. Forex strategies indicators. To binary option to trading if you liked this video to a like if you didn't, subscribe subscribe, and if. You have anything to say let me, know what kind of strategy, you are using what, what. Do, you think about the. Indicator. And, I. Would, say stay safe and bye bye.

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