President Trump Participates in the 2019 White House Business Session with Nation's Governors

President Trump Participates in the 2019 White House Business Session with Nation's Governors

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Thank. You very much please thank, you very much. As. Governors we all, sort of get. Together and we, have a good, time but we also were, going to accomplish a lot it's gonna be a very good meeting tremendous. Things are happening, for our country I'm now right. After this meeting I'll leave for Vietnam where I meet. With chairman Kim and we talk about something that frankly. He. Never spoke to anybody about but we're speaking and we're speaking aloud and I think we can have a very good a very, good summit I think we'll have a very tremendous, summit, we want the nuclearization, and I. Think he'll have a country that will, set. A lot of Records for speed in, terms of an economy, and I. Told you last, night it was a lovely dinner but I told you how, how. Well we did with our trade. Talks in China and, it looks like they'll, be coming back quickly again, and we're, gonna have a another. Summit we're gonna have a signing, summit which is even better so hopefully, we get that completed. But we're getting very very close. Ambassador, light hyzer steve. Minuchin, a lot, of folks in the room have been helping and that's. Been great and I just see our great secretary. Sitting there on drug prices, first time in, 54, years that, drug prices have actually gone down this year so. Mr. secretary thank, you very much that's a great. Today. Is my honor to welcome our nation's governor's back to the White House after, a wonderful, evening last, night and I'm deeply grateful for, your presence your partnership, and your friendship many of you are such good friends as we. Work together on behalf of all Americans, we're. Here to forge, bonds of cooperation. Between, our federal, state and local governments. As we strive to deliver a safe bright, and prosperous. Future for, every, community, in. Our magnificent. Nation, thank. You as well to all of my cabinet, secretaries. Who are here today to share their energy, expertise. And, devotion. They are devoted, they worked so hard and, they're. Doing a terrific job there, are, few. I say there are none but there are a few administration's. That have accomplished, what we've accomplished, over the, last two years in the first two years, it's. Been pretty incredible with tax cuts and regulation, cuts more regulations, than any other administration and, history and that's very important, and, we still have regulation, but. You don't have ten, of identical regulations. That you have to get approved and wiped. Out from different departments, so we've really cut it down a highway that would take 17. Or 18 years of approval, now, takes probably. Two and we're trying to get it down to one and it may be rejected, on various. Grounds including, environmental, but. We have it down to two and we think we can get it down further so. It'll be that'll. Be something you, know you have many highways and many roadways and they're tied up for many years and. That won't be happening too much anymore in my State of the, Union address, I outlined, many bipartisan. Priorities. That. We all share delivering, fair trade, rebuilding. Our nation's infrastructure. Which we are going to work very hard on because as governors that has to be music, to your ears. And, I would like on infrastructure. I would like you to call your senators and call your Congress, men and women and get, it done because, I'm ready I want to sign I am totally ready. Reducing. The price of health care and prescription drugs, and we've made a lot of progress. As, I said first year in 54. Years that, prescription, prices. Have gone down which, is a big. Statement but we can get them a lot lower we're in the process mr., secretary, of doing that creating. A safe and lawful immigration system and keeping. America, safe. We're. Gathered, today at a truly, incredible, time, for, our nation things, are happening like rarely, ever before, since the election, we've, created more than 5.3, million new jobs including.

A Half a million brand-new, manufacturing. Jobs and that numbers going to go over 600,000. Manufacturing, jobs in, just, a very short period of time and. If, you remember manufacturing. Jobs who are never coming back to our country well they are coming back and they're coming back very strongly and we have companies. Opening. Up in the United States that we thought we lost that. Would never be back and some are coming back and some are brand-new and they're big and they're. Coming in they're moving in which is one of the reasons we need people to come in they, have to come in through a legal process but. With a 3.7. Unemployment. We need to have people coming in we need workers frankly. Because we have all of these companies pouring, in we. Were just discussing a great, new governor of Michigan, last night where, you have some good news coming up very soon and we have car. Companies, opening, up in Michigan, and Ohio and Pennsylvania and, so many other places I was with Prime Minister Abbey, of Japan and he. Was saying could be seven, different, plants, in a very short period of time, not, to mention all of the plants that have already opened so. We need people we have to have people and they have to come in but they have to come in Legally and through merit, nearly. Five million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps during this very short period of time, blue-collar. Jobs are growing at their fastest, pace in many. Decades the, unemployment. Rates for African Americans. And you've heard this many times, Hispanic. Americans, and Asian Americans, have, all reached their lowest levels ever recorded, and with women it's, now 64, years lowest. In 64, years soon it'll be historic, so. America, now has really the hottest economy. On earth, whenever. I greet a prime minister or a president or, any leaders, of any countries they always start off by saying congratulations on. Your economy, it's. Been incredible. Congratulations. And many of them are trying to follow our formula. Which was cutting. Taxes, cutting regulations. And, many other things we give incentives, and we work, very hard at getting companies to come back in those, companies that left we in particular we want to work they left our, country they, fired all of their workers they, moved to another country they're. Now coming back it's a great thing in a, few moments our first session, or in vocational, training and workforce development will, begin we. Want every citizen, to gain the cutting-edge skills they need to enjoy a rewarding, lifelong, career many. Of the governor's here today have identified, this. As a very top priority, my, daughter Ivanka who is going to be speaking later as she has been so much involved. So incredibly, involved where is Ivanka, Ivanka. Keep. Keep going created. My daughter's created millions of jobs I don't know if anyone knows that but she's. So. Because of our roaring economy, there, are more opportunities, than ever before to get sideline, workers, and these, are people that lost jobs that have never gotten them back but, now they're coming back and very very rapidly, get. These sideline, workers, back into the labor force last. Year my administration. Created. The council for American. Worker and launched. The pledge of America's, workers where, we've. Gained commitments. From private, sector leaders to, hire and train more than 6.5. Million Americans, think of it 6.5, million and these, are jobs that for the most part would not have happened I was. Also proud to sign a modernized, perkins vocational. And Technical, Education Act. Into law we. Believe two, simple rules by. American. And higher American. It used to be a terrible, thing when you said America, first, people. Said all sorts of things. It's, terrible. It's a horrible it's America, first it's, make America, great again it's whatever you want to call it but, that's the way. I mean. You know very well and some can say and some can say proudly but we, would focus so much in other countries, it was almost like we put those not almost we put those countries ahead of ours we actually took those countries, put them ahead of ours we.

Can't Do and we're gonna help other countries that we have great relationships, but we can't do that anymore it's America first, today. We also will, discuss the bold action, we took to address economic. Inequality. By establishing. Opportunity, zones as part. Of our historic, tax cuts it's incredible, what's going on I don't know I think some of you really see it okay, you, see what's going on with the opportunity, zones. Far. Greater than anybody thought and we've done a lot of them and they have great incentives, and money, is being put in by very. Rich people and rich companies, in areas. That you would have said nobody, will ever invest in we. Established, incentives. For investment, in more than eight thousand, seven hundred distressed, areas, that, you have designated in, each of your States, you're designating. Some tough, places I say. Can they give us some tougher places than that they, are tough and it's. Incredibly. For the first time ever it's. Really, working the concept, was always good but it. Wasn't done properly I, want, to thank you for partnering with us in this critical effort to lift up neglected. And totally forgotten communities. I also. Want to thank every, governor here today who, was supporting, our new US, Mexico. Canada. Agreement, the u.s. MCA. I've, I've, long said that NAFTA, is the worst trade deal that any, country has ever signed it, emptied, us out we had a surplus, with Mexico and, Canada and we. Went to a hundred and thirty billion. Dollar, trade deficit, with the combination of Mexico, and Canada and this. Deal. Will bring it back we're opening it up to farmers, were opening Canada as an example and Mexico. To farmers, they. Were close it was a closed shop they had all sorts of non-monetary. Trade, barriers, and they. Had monetary, trade barriers, they were judging for certain certain. Agricultural products. In almost three hundred percent. Tariff nobody ever talked about it nobody ever knew about it and I'd. Go up to Wisconsin and the farmers would say so we can't compete they're, charging us two hundred and eighty seven percent to be exact, I said. You got to be kidding and we did something about it so the u.s. MCA is very important, it'll help our dairy farmers, in Wisconsin, our, winemakers. In Oregon, and Washington and, California our. Automakers, in Michigan, and Ohio and, Pennsylvania and.

All Over and dozens. Of other states and ranches, and farmers, and growers and manufacturers. From coast-to-coast it's, a very very comprehensive, deal, it's. A deal that nobody thought we'd be able to get approved I was, able to get it approved to be honest with you by using tariffs, I was putting very substantial, tariffs what was getting ready to on Canada, who. Is very tough to negotiate you, know we think of Oh Canada. Well. Oh Canada is tough they're. Tough and. I said look you, know you're either gonna do this and we're gonna put 20-25, percent tariffs, on your cars that you ship in here by the millions, and every. Time we had a problem we just said that's okay don't worry about it we'll put the tariffs so under they said okay fine that's okay we'll sign. It, was tough, it was a really tough negotiation. And same. Thing with Mexico, but in the end we got it done and it's. A great deal for us and it's a very good deal I think for Canada and for, Mexico. They have to get it approved also, we have to get it approved let's see what happens and I think, it probably will be it should I think from our standpoint I, know. How much they hate me but, they have to hate me even more not to get approved, okay that's the only thing I can say to be, a prosperous. Nation we must also be a safe nation, we, pass groundbreaking. Criminal, justice, reform, and I have to thank so many people for that but, this. Was where super conservatives, got together with super liberals believe it or not I mean I'm looking at names on both sides and right. Down the middle criminal, justice reform where people are put into a jail. For. A pretty, minor Act there's, nothing minor but a pretty minor act and they're put in jail for 45 years in 50 years and there's no chance of ever coming back and. It was a very and, it's very tough by the way a lot of conservative, signed it and signed it very willingly. In fact they pushed it they were pushing it I think as hard as the. Other side but. It's very very, important. Many states here today are following the same roadmap to help former, inmates become productive and law-abiding citizens, and one, of the things that's helping the inmates so much you know this probably, better than I do the, economy is so strong that inmates, for the first time are getting jobs when they come out and I, have a friend who's hired seven, or eight I can't. Say everyone, was perfect but he said five are, I'll, always have them they're, great they, got a chance nobody would hire them because they have that whatever, it is in the background and it's, a very tough situation for them in the past but the economy is so strong the economy. The strength of the economy, became. Our best friend they couldn't get workers, and now they're, hiring people that they normally wouldn't have and the, results are incredible companies. All over the country are saying wow they, are really, they're, really doing a great job and it makes me very happy I think without that very, powerful, economy, couldn't happen so. Finally to protect our communities, we must secure the border, against. Human trafficking drug, smuggling, and crime of all types the. Human trafficking, is a. Tremendous. Problem we're, mostly, women and they're. Tied up and they're taped up and they're put in the back of cars and the car does not come through the port of entry I mean you watch this everyone comes to it 90%. Of the drugs don't come through the port of entry, ninety. Percent of the drugs and the big stuff goes out to the desert, makes a left and goes where you don't have any wall. I'm gonna call it a wall you know they'd like me to call it a barrier it's, a wall it's. A big beautiful powerful, steel, wall that.

You Can see through which is very important to be able to see through and if. You don't have it you're not gonna have borders you're not gonna have a country pretty soon because we're. Spending a fortune we're doing an incredible job the Border Patrol has been, amazing. The military, has been amazing, I called in the military and, they've, been amazing but if we had a wall would save a, fortune. Not only on drugs that are being smuggled into the country and you're talking about billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of drugs but. Would save it just on not, having to pay, military. Not having to pay so. Much in the Border Patrol the Border Patrol can go to other locations, and other places but. I'll say this border, patrol and ice. And, I'm, proud of ice because they go into areas where a lot of people don't want to go including. Law enforcement these, are tough tough people that they're dealing with and you need to have people the ice people they're tough but they're, incredible. I mean they're just incredible, in so many ways they, are patriotic, people. They love our country. They. Want it to work and they'll go into situations that, you want no part of when, you look at these ms-13, gangs. Sheriffs. All over the country have told me we're very happy to have ice come in and take over because. This is a group of people that. Hard. To even understand, how they could have developed. This, way they're, mean they're sadistic. The, crimes are incredible, we're, taking them out by the thousands. And we're, bringing them back to where they came from and in, some cases were putting them in jail but. You know then we pay for them for the next 40 years but. We're bringing them back where they came from, and I told Guatemala, and I, told Honduras, and I told El Salvador, three. Places where they.

Send Us tremendous, numbers of people and they're rough people they're not sending us their finest, it. Doesn't, make sense why would they send their finest they're sending us some very as I. Would sometimes say, rough hombres, these are rough rough, tough people. Many criminal, people. And I told these three countries you know we send them five hundred million dollars a year I said, we're not sending it anymore and you. Organize, caravans, and these, caravans, that are coming up we had one and we've broken them up I don't know if you can see we've broken them up we've gotten them broken up in many cases now before they get here but you. Take a look at Tijuana, Mexico, thousands. And thousands, of people are sitting, there trying to get into our country, and if we didn't have a wall there that we've totally renovated, and fixed if we didn't have that wall it. Would be impossible even, for the. Military, to stop, because. Don't forget unlike, other countries and this is a good thing I don't want to create controversy. Because. I do I hate gotcha I see. But. Unlike other countries, we. Don't let people get shot you, know. We don't have people standing there with, with. The. Most, sophisticated machine. Guns in the world and use them many. Countries do many. Countries, do we can't do that we can't do that this country can't do that but, the barrier does it very simple it just doesn't let them in so you take a look at a place like Tijuana, and other places it's. Incredible. What, that wall has done and that's not even the upper you. Know the most the, best of our walls we have a great system now we have a prototype we. Have AI I, expect, to have 250. To 300, miles of wall built in the very near. Future. Secretary. Neilson is here right now and we have we will shortly have about 200 miles onto construction, we. Just started a forty seven mile patch we, have different patches we've. Been it out tough we have a much better prototype, it's actually a beautiful wall. It's a beautiful-looking. Actually, it you, know I've always said part of the wall was the previous. Administrations. When they did little walls they built them so badly so. Badly it's so unattractive. So. I wouldn't want them in my backyard and the. New one is incredible. Looking it's a piece of art in a, sense it's still and it's, by the way more effective and, it's more effective so, we, are doing a job we're getting it up we have beautiful prototypes. We're working with the Army Corps of a with total prose and, I, don't know if you saw when I put on Twitter but I put on Twitter a piece. Of it that's not the new prototype the new prototype is started in different locations, but we're. Going to be pretty soon having well over a couple of hundred miles of wall up we. Don't have to go 2,000, we never planned on going 2,000. It's 2,000, from the Gulf to the Pacific, it's 2,000, miles but, you have many natural boundaries, including. Really. Tough waters which you don't need the, wall we have very. Very rugged mountain, areas which you don't need the wall. Actually. If we do a really, good, job and, if we have some money left over we might even throw them in areas where you. Would say you don't need them because they'll figure away that will be the area that will become the weak spot it's like water it just seeks its own but. These people they have they. Have the, traffickers, they're vicious they're. Smart, the Coyotes how about the name coyote, they. Have people tied up put, in the back of trucks and vans they. Can't go through the checkpoints, they. Have to go through, open. Areas can't walk through you can't go through it because even if they don't do much of an inspection of your truck in your car they. Do open the back door or they do look through a window you can't have women, sitting there that are tied up so, when I hear the other, side say, and, we have some of the other side here but when I hear the other side say oh no everything, goes through the checkpoint that's absolutely, false you, have areas where you literally have roads that are carved in the sand that, it's used so much they go right through these roads they go right they hang a left and hang another left and welcome to the United States is nobody there to even talk to because, you talking about it 2,000, miles you're talking about a lot, of area so.

We're Doing really well on the wall the emergency, you've all been reading we do have an emergency we have an emergency, of people pouring into a country that we don't want, criminals. Smugglers. We, have drugs pouring into our country, we can't have it we can't have it we cannot allow this to happen to our country most. Drugs most of the major drugs are coming through the southern border, this, will make it no you're never going to stop it completely but we can stop it a lot one. Of the things that ambassador. Kizer and steve. And all of the people that are working with China the fentanyl is a tremendous, problem it seems to be made a hundred percent in China. A hundred percent now China's, paying us right now billions. And billions of dollars of tariffs, a month, every. Month billions. Of dollars I love it personally, I love it but, they're paying billions of dollars and it's hurting them it's not good for them and I. Said to President Xi I, said. President you have to do me a favor as part of our trade deal that has nothing to do with trade or certainly very little but we're. Having shipped over here from China. Fentanyl, it's killing 88,000, people a year and probably more that's just the ones we know about it's deadly, a little. Tiny, spoonful. Can wipe, out a state, it's, hard to believe can. Wipe out an entire state, a spoonful. Of this stuff. And in. China they, have a very, very tough penalty, for drugs it's called the death penalty, and. I said to President Xi you don't have much of a drug problem do you have a drug from no no drug, problem I said. So. You have one point four billion people and you don't have a drug problem that's. Right no drug problem I said what, do you attribute that to death, penalty, quick, trial. They. Don't have trials at last 19, years, at. The end of a the judge dies everybody, dies the only one living is the one that did the damage. No. They have what's called a quick trial goes quick it. Doesn't take a lot of time and if, you're a drug deal you say you know what maybe I'll just sort of stay out of China seeing a Singapore, the same thing so. I, said to President Xi I said you know if. You would criminalize, the. Sale of fentanyl into the United States you would be saving many many lives, it. Took me one. Minute and he, agreed. Because. It's not criminalized, I think they view it as an industrial drug, or something, it's, not criminalized, and as. Part of our deal and Bob don't forget to put that down but. As part of our deal I think we're going to get a criminalization. Of fentanyl being sold into the United States it'll, stop. We, report and and I have to tell you I have to really, thank, President. Xi both for that and he has been a big, help with respect, to North, Korea I have a very very good relationship with kim, jeong-hoon, very. Very good but, we. Need all the help we can get and as you know about, 92% of, the goods going into North Korea go through China and president. She's been very. Good he's been very very good now you, know it helps that we are in a strong, trading position, but, nevertheless, he's, been very strong and he's for, the most part held it at the beginning he was perfect, I told him the other day at the beginning you were perfect, now you're good not. Quite as good you got to get better but, maybe, we'll make it deal than then we won't have to worry about that any longer so that'll be something really great but he's been great, and defending, all as they're already working on that process and you.

Know I said do you need any other approvals, no I said well that works a lot different than this country he, needs no other prove oh when I got the basketball, players out, the. Three basketball, players that. Was a beautiful scene I was in China and, you have these three you know potential, stars, and I guess they're going into the NBA Draft or just have what. I said, would. You do me a favor, three. Players were just arrested, they. Were arrested, for stealing, in. Louie Vuitton. Sunglasses. And. I. Wasn't happy with those three players because, they never gave our country, much credit. For having gotten them out and believe. Me they'd be in jail stealing, in a store in China is a very big offense and I said would you do me a favor I was having dinner with him at this incredible. Show that he put on in a ballroom. The, likes of which few people have ever seen, it, was incredible, evening Melania, is here and, I'm talking and it, just happened and they, were arrested, they were put in jail and I. Said mr.. President could you do me a favor could you let. The three basketball, players out he didn't know about it he called over his people he's got ten people standing behind him everyone is central casting central. Casting. Glasses, head. Boom. He was over he. Came back he, reported, within two minutes explained, basketball, players Bom, Bom and, I. Said it would be a great thing if you could possibly let. Them out he. Goes so be it they. Are out I thought, I said is, this different than our country, it's. Just a little bit different and we got him out then we came back into one's father said well we don't know that Trump helped I sent. A consultant, that consultant, would have gotten nowhere but. You. Know we just have a great relationship with so many of these countries and I, think in, some cases it's, tough there are many countries that take advantage of us very seriously both at NATO and, on trade the. European Union is very very tough very very, tough they don't allow our products in they don't allow our farming Goods in you people know many of you represent, farm States they, won't you know that better than anybody they, won't allow our. Farm products and they don't take any they. Have these non you, know monetary, barriers. That are brutal they're worse than the you know than others the, cars they charge us big tariffs and, it's. Very hard for a car to get in number one but if it does have to pay a big tariff or as we charge them almost nothing, when they send their cars to. Us Mercedes. And BMW. And all of the things that they said so. We're taking care of it I mean we've informed them that look if you don't have you're not gonna play ball President, Obama and eight years couldn't do a thing they wouldn't even meet with him they. Say we have no intention of meeting they. Wouldn't even meet with President. Obama they wouldn't meet with President, Bush, EU. Is one. Of the toughest, may be the toughest maybe in certain ways tougher than China just smaller from, our standpoint but. They. Have to meet and we tell them have to meet sorry and. If you don't meet we're going to tariff the hell out of you and they're. Gonna meet I mean they're gonna meet but we we lost. Last year with the European Union one, hundred and fifty 1 billion, dollars, been going on for many years think. Of it 150, 1 billion dollars, we take their product they, don't take ours we don't charge them tariffs, they charge us tariffs, other, than that it's a very fairer arrangement, by the way we pay for their military because, we pay almost getting. Close to a hundred percent for their military I've gotten them to put up over a hundred billion dollars toward NATO which. Has made a big impact but, so. They have to treat us fairly we won't have a great relationship I, have a great relationship with, the leaders but, we have to be treated fairly so. Overall we're doing a great job for our country our country has rarely, done better maybe never done better from an economy, standpoint, we're very proud of it and we. Have tremendous potential, when we fix these trade deals because, we're being ripped. By everybody, we are just being ripped cuz, we. Lose eight hundred, billion dollars, a year entre think of it it's an incan city nobody.

Even Knows what that means and, we're. Fixing that all up we start with Mexico, Canada China, China's the big one china's 50%, of the number even, more, and. We're doing very well that could happen fairly. Soon or might not happen at all okay why not happen at all but I think it's gonna happen and it could happen fairly soon the relationship, is great so, I just want to thank all of the governors for being here you're very special people I think, we have 17 brand-new governors right. Brand, new ones very smart ones like my friend, huh. Congratulations. It's a great you're gonna have you have such an easy State. That's. So easy, great. State of Illinois what an, easy state I don't, know have, you found it to be easier or tougher than you thought. I'll. Help you I'd. Help everybody out I'm gonna help you congratulations. It's, an honor to have you all at the White House thank, you very much thank you.

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We have all seen how good Trump is for the CCP, but now the media controlled by the CCP is propagating everywhere that President Trump is an idiot. Very ironic, isn’t it?

Best president I love president Donald trump

Need prison reform! Murder/hang. Rape/hang. Molest children/hang. Kidnap/hang. Car jacking/hang(with or without a weapon.) Robbing anyone with a weapon/hang. Drug dealing any drug that you can get hooked on/jail on first offense , hang on the second offense. If you are here on green card or you are a LEGAL immigrant and your family is here and you do one of the above, you hang and your family members are removed from the country and band from ever coming back! That’s reform! Court house steps would be a place you wouldn’t want to go to. MAGA! President trump you are doing a great job! I pray... Jehovah God keep you, your family, and your cabinet safe. May he watch over you and guide you. I pray he slows the evil ones and makes them quake in your presence. Through Jesus Christ, I pray for you! God bless you if you are his selected one. Amen! I say this because there will be the great deception by the evil one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who’s party that hails from

Hello, Mr. President Donald Trump! We are always grateful to the Mr. President Donald Trump! We sincerely want MAGA! We are absolutely opposed to the communist Moon Jae-in! We desperately want a government of free democracy and market economy! Please save my country South Korea from the Moon Jae-in regime! God bless America!

Thank you, President Trump. Keep up the amazing great work. God bless you!

Suppose you wanted to destroy a nation. How might you go about it? Well, for starters, you could flood their lands with millions of people of another race. Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left. Then you could call anyone "racist" who objected to any of this, and get them fired from their jobs. Have you noticed something? This is exactly what is happening to White people in White countries right now. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Best president by far. Thank you Mr. President for your hard work by put in US back in the game, God bless you and your family!

President Trump - DOING what the American People have WANTED DONE FOR DECADES!

Trump tells you all there's an "800 Billion" trade deficit in some nonsensical comment and none of you care to fact check it. The comment below this one, some MAGA is commenting about his hair. Do ANY of you actually know what the trade deficit actually is right now? Does it bother ANY of you that he's LYING?

Crashburn 32 oooo k Hilldabeast lost and Obama is honest faithful and just. You voted for him twice and he lied about everything.... that’s an understatement. Fact check fast and furious. Fact check miss “you’ll have to vote on the bill to see what’s in it” healthcare. If you like your plan... keep it. If you like your doctor...Keep your doctor. Remove your head from your ass... think logically. Don’t follow your boy friend “partner that claims to be a girl but has a small D...” think for yourself and wake up! WWG1WGA

2017 was 566 Billion. Has it gone up or down?

Diversify and expand your economy. The globe is a trove of products and services. MAGA n Trump all the way.


Welcome to VietNam

We love winning president ! Trump !

What a loser.

Best president!

Did you know it is LEGAL to discriminate against some one BECAUSE they are a Veteran?

What's going on with YouTube? I have reported some assholes remarks over and over again. He keeps posting them on every post. I reported it and they took it off and then four seconds later YouTube allows it to come back on the post. I reported it 11 times on one post and it kept coming back after I deleted it then you tube would think about it and put the post back after they said they were reporting it and removing the post. What the hell?

Hey nice job defeating ISIS...They still are operating in Syria mainly in the *Allied* zones of occupation. Isn't that odd? Did you hear about the mound of Yazidi skulls they found? Oh ya nice job pulling out of Syria. US troops are still there. No one seems to know or be able to explain it. Now you gonna go "liberate" Venezuela? You are not fooling me. How about finishing a thing before going on to the next idiotic adventure. I thought I heard you say something about no more foolish costly pointless wars?

Nice to give those under him credit and a nod for their work.

Is that lefty governor Newsome from CA there? How about my illustrious Gov from the state of CT? Told us he was only goihng to have tolls on trucks, but not on vehicles. Guess what - he did a complete about face now that he defeated the Republican and we are going to have tolls on every vehicle in this state!

Keep it up Mr. President and God Bless America!

start posting on twitter and fb that mueller is scared of little adam schiff lol maybe mueller will investigate him

God bless our President Trump for protecting our country. Eliminate welfare you will have plenty of workers, Mr President. Thank you for all you have done; you are a modern day George Washington. I am so looking forward to another 4 years.

Haha, omg the video was funny where Trump doesn't know what a Memorandum of Understanding is so the Chinese negotiator says okay we'll use the exact same document but now we'll call it a trade contract instead and Trump says okay that's better. Trump didn't even comprehend that the negotiator was mocking his ignorance, as if what you call the document makes it different. What an embarrassment to the US trump is. Please get somebody to take 5 hours to try to explain to Trump that an MOU is. Oh man that was funny, thanks for the laughs WH.

Stay Strong Mr. President!!!

Mr. President, you rock. Keep up the great work making America great, and the world a safer place.

The End Of The Anglo-American Dictatorship...

Love the WALL--BUILD THE WALL--I see illegal alien predators--Love you President Trump--American citizens love you! Thank you

I Would Like To Encourage You To Build Your Wall And Stop Meddling In Latin America And Specifically In VENEZUELA! Start Realizing That Your Imperialism Is On The Decline. Your Administration Is Full Of Hatred. Your Leadership Is Guided By Hate. And You Hate Non-Anglo Americans.

Not sure who is more 'Merica... That Golden Eagle or Donald Trump

MAGA Trump 2020

The best for sure. Thank you. WWG1WGA

Dearborn Michigan has been taken over by people who are living in 500 000 homes on welfare.whats wrong with that picture.

Kill Donald Trump.

Thank you GOD for preparing this man for the biggest fight for our country, on our soil, fighting the enemies within!!! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Mr. President Trump once you get back all the telemarketers and all the other jobs and went to India and other countries in them back here

Godspeed Mr President, God Bless You and May God Bless America!

Thank you Mr.President !!! Make America Korea Great Again !!! We Love You !!!

President Trump is truly an inspiration. I agree with President Trump on every choice he makes. He has proven to be honest, loyal, and generous. If they don't see that by now; they never will. Where ever the President goes; we(the people)go all.

So proud of my President! A man that never stops working for the American people! Awesome leader WWG1WGA PATRIOTS

We love you, Mr. President! God continue to bless you and keep you and your family safe. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Great President. Trump is the only President that has listened to UNTIED STATES TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE.ITS TIME TO HELP HIM.

A Wonderful President! KAG! Trump 2020!

" 트럼트 대통령은 대한민국을 실망시키지않는다. " (애국)주님이기뻐하시는교회 2019년2월24일/주일예배/창45:1~15/나를 여기로 보낸 분은/ 한상영 목사/신앙상담: 010-9182-4636 YouTube에서 한상영TV '트럼트 대통령은 대한민국을 실망시키지않는다 (애국)주님이기뻐하시는교회 2019년2월24일/ 주일예배/창45:1~15/나를 여기로 보낸 분은/ 한상영 목사 신앙상담010-9182-4636' 보기

We need people. So let make more babies of our own culture? Instead of bringing in other cultures whom many don't respect ours.

Nothing but more word-salad topped with Russian dressing by illegitimate president Fucko!

The wall will be built - 100% certain. Invest your money accordingly..... Infrastructure will be approved - invest accordingly. Thank you Mr President.

Most border patrol agents are Hispanic men and women.

Mr. President, you look younger with this job. You are achieving your goal to Make America Great Again. We love you and your family dearly. God be with you in Vietnam. God bless you and God bless America. Be Safe! 2020

God bless you.

cant stand this mans lying, he panders to the uneducated.

Great Speech Mr. President. Thank you for all your hard work you are doing to make our country great again!

Fuck you trump. Let's hope he doesn't make it back from his bs talks on how he will be opening a golf course in n korea with the leader helping. That's what it is really about since his russia scam didn't work out the way he wanted. What a dumb ass

We love our President Donald J Trump. That is,my President!!!!

Thank you President Trump for being a Patriot and for helping this country out of the mess that the past presidents created. Safe travels and God Bless you and the Summit meeting. WWG1WGA


It makes me so mad when I hear Dems say that this POTUS in incompetent, and other negative things! I, and many others I work with and friends of mine love our President and will vote for him again!

Thank you POTUS for everything! You are amazing and we love you!!

God Bless You Sir, I love you ideas and efforts Thank You!!! Trump 2020, NO SOCIALIST'S IN GOVERNMENT, traitors in thought.

USA strong! Thank you Mr President!

All Lives Matter! we lounched Floch We Are The Next Big Thing

Thank You Our Awesome Commander in Chief & Trump Team for All the Amazing things you’re doing for Us! We Love You, Pray for You & Thank God for You! WWG1WGA

#KAG #Trump2020 God Bless You Sir!

Donald Trump will not be re-elected if he continues to push for violent civil war sanctions and regime change against the people of Venezuela. The Catholic vote will come out strongly against this terrorist administration. The other problem you have is the deficit spending. No fiscal conservative or anyone who truly loves our country will reward the thieves who steal from our children's future.

What a beautiful person. Thank you!

Trump Train

Where is California Governor?! He had better be at this meeting trying to learn something.

Spike Lee is correct! And you’re not my president. You’re a fucking criminal with a shithole for a face. Hope to see that video of your head exploding in a mist of stale, rancid urine as the projectile courses through your empty head. Urine luck, we’re in luck!

Ty Mr.President . Yahu Bless you and keep you safe.

The stupid Dopeycrats are out there saying that there is no crisis at the border - not enough to declare a national emergency. They, and those who support that flawed leftist position, simply refuse to believe their lying eyes and ears. Perhaps they would change their stance if an illegal criminal alien negatively impacted their family. In the mean time, they disrespect the Angel Families. How terrible! How "progressive". Some fucking idiot just proclaimed that asshole Pelosi "president" of the "Rio Grand Area". They can have her. What a piece of work.

Hail! Hail! Hail! Donaldus Magnus!


DAH, AOC stays we only got12 years, party over it's out of time, no explaining necessary



My president!!

Also, who the hell thinks women are leaving our president. I see more female love than male. Interesting....

Welcome Mr President to our country, Vietnam

Matt Gaetz -- DUI arrest and at least 16 speeding tickets.

they should make a new world record for most work done for free and give it to Trump. and that's just rn imagine what he will do in 5 more years

now Jorge Ramos can tell the big difference between Trump and a true dictator of Venezuela

Big fat Donnie, talking out his ass as usual. 90% B.S., 5% exaggeration, and 5% fact. Better impeach him soon before he destroys the country completely.


Who would "hate" my President Trump? Mr. Trump has done more for US business than any other President of the US. Thank YOU Mr. President for all the good you do and have done in your career. Love YA! 17-Feb-19

An American patriot called on American bankers JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs to show not only greater profits but also pay more taxes for the sake of Great America. BILL GATES CALLS ON THE RICH PEOPLE TO PAY MORE TAXES. The businessman said that he had already paid $ 10 billion in taxes and believes that his payments can and should be higher. Is the fair share of taxes that rich people pay? Bill Gates believes not. Congress tribute awaits its hero patriot.

Here's a 100 Trillion dollar

Fking stupid White House full of worthless azz belunkers



Can you think of an Asian country where Asians are predicted to become a minority in the near future? Probably not. Can you think of an African country where Blacks are predicted to become a minority in the near future? I didn't think so. Can you think of a White country where Whites are NOT predicted to become a minority in the near future? Did you ever wonder why? The reason is that there is a program of genocide going on in EVERY White country and ONLY in White countries. "Diversity" and "multiculturalism" are just codewords for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

I love America. To bad it suffers so greatly under this pompous asshole trump. Racist dipshit womanizing trash heap.

Don't compromise to communism, espicially Chinese communist party, they are Satans!

The only ppl I know on fentanyl (?spelling) are debilitating illnesses that are extremely painful. One is nicknamed the suicide disease. Legalization of medical marijuana helped some but insurance didn't cover it. Expense is too high.

It's pathetic how so-called Americans are fighting against the Make America Great Again? They may Not be Americans. If so, many are refugees that don't appreciate what they got! They get into office by throwing it in pur faces when people don't educate themselves about who they're voting for. Nor do they vote wisely! The only Great win is President Trump! Who ever created millions of jobs? Cleaning up and protecting the USA? Never take it to heart the unappreciative. Do listen to the insane.. They can be another Ayres etc

How many inside car parts are built in America, probably none wouldn't it be more economically benifical if Canada manufactured car parts to sell to America than getting them from China or japan and losing parts dropped into the ocean in transport problems,not to mention far more efficient time shipping with no losses in the ocean.why doesn't America make inside car parts anymore.

It took Michael Cohen’s damaging testimony to finally get old Bone Spurs over to Vietnam. Keep running you sad old crook.

Every time Trump travels over seas these people go nuts. It’s like teenagers when their parents go away for the weekend. But they’re not teenagers and JUSTICE IS COMING.

Michael Cohen

Hello please forgive me ..really not computer savvy and rural , reallly rural.. just a momment ago a channel that i sub in you tube has encountered a problem ... and i realize a travel has many tasks on the go... i will link what info that might ~? be there channel and am concerned that their you tube may be their own way of communicating to even strangers on net ? they sent out an ALERT ,, sorry of issue yet i want to let the whitehouse know as well as i follow through with what i just let them know .. my words are at there channel site.. hope they are not in extreme distress .. ... if someone with better skills would check into that or that channel . it would me some ease too...~ here is there links~ / i think their channel name is ~? Golden State Times ,,, must add a day back some were commenting about their twitter accounts.. also being messed or gone~.. i follow the spaceweather .com site and solar information ...and those are very informative and a few others too.. you could check if there is solar interference , there was a while back but not today ~! if someone could check their site .. hope it helps them .. they had very good videos too.. , i'm from canada and rural... ~ but gotta help out the neighbours... all the best and thanks for them too.

What an absolutely brilliant man!

Bomb the terrorist bankers! Bomb CIA terrorist! Bomb the pentagon! Bomb the corrupt U.S government! #bombthebankers #bombCIA #bombUSgovernment

We love you and yours Mr. President you keep doing what you doing sir you doing a fine job I'm very proud of you

2-26-19 Long ago California was wonderful . Look carefully at the audience high culture ( W.A.S.P. ) > Jan and Dean - Little Old Lady from Pasadena 2:22 (pkgannon)

The democrats and their controlled media are doing all they can to bring down the President, every article on CNN about bringing Trump down instead of negotiation the biggest nuclear treaty to date, if it were Obama CNN and the other would be talking about nothing else. President Trump when are you going to take the gloves off and start fighting back against the corruption, against the criminals for which there is real evidence. You promised to drain the swamp and to-date not much of anything has happened in that regard. Sessions, the bum, is gone now is your time !

Such accomplishments coming through our President. Yaweh keep Trump strong and supported! Amein.

Trump will be outsmarted by Kim Jong Un *AGAIN* . The President seems to love being around Dictators. *MAKE RUSSIAN COLLUSION GREAT AGAIN!*

--Mexico will pay for the wall. 100 percent. Biggest lie in history. --There is a national emergency at our southern border, so I can do whatever I want. Lie. --We're going to get drug prices so low your head will spin. Lie. --When Mexico sends its people, .... They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. Lie. --There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Lie. --The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. Lie. --I will bring back coal and jobs for the miners. Lie. --No one really knows if Russia meddled in the 2016 Election. Lie. --I am going to repeal and replace ObamaCare. We will have much less expensive and much better healthcare. Lie. --The economy is the best it has ever been in history. Lie. --I don't know anything about payment to Stormy Daniels. Lie. --No collusion. Lie.

Trump now hiding in Vietnam from Michael Cohen testimony to Congress. Bone Spurs Trump hiding in Vietnam. Oh what a difference 45 years make.

17:45 GMT Tuesday 27th Feb 2019. British MSM. LBC radio London 97.3 They're pumping the Cohen story and discrediting the President right now. A number of their presenters are blatantly anti American. Nick Abbot, James O'Brien and the one that has insisted that she has very good inside information right from the election - Sheilagh Fogherty, she called his impeachment from the day he was elected. They are all calling for Brexit to be stopped with such vigour it's quite unnerving. I do not understand. Nick Clegg went out of Westminster and into .. head of Facebook. His wife is/was the big lawyer for climate change in the EU. Tavistock is the propaganda machine of the British Establishment as I'm sure you know. What deal did Zuckerberg make after he faced questioning by the EU regarding privacy laws? What? To put Clegg in charge of Facebook? That should be illegal .. Brits have an additional flat charge on their heating bills that goes to sustainable energy - he was behind that move! Now the British Establishment have all the tools they need to politically weaponise the children and youth across the world to blindly support climate change! Wasn't Facebook financed originally by American taxpayers? Google? Tesla? It's mad. Britain has no right being a part of the west. Both the IPU and Marxism are Godless constructs born here in London ... The British people are not free. We are slaves. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OUR LAST HOPE BUT THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY

I was also Amazed. Late in The Evning i Took Rare Putins Pic and Tried To Figure Out What He is Doing. He Fucks Us All/Eats Marmalade Bears Absolutely Doesn't Care=))

When Putin Performed in Front of Country I Tried to Turn on Eastern BLock of Countries. I Was Afraid With Speed it QUICKLY Turned On. Like 40.000 Matches Glued into Road=)

Fantastic,common-sense President. He came in the nick of time.

Democrats: The 'enemies domestic.'

Enough patting ourselves on the back and touting those same accomplishments again & again... we still have a LOT of work to do and the talk is getting cheap. I heard NOTHING in this clip about that baby-killing, sub-human, filthy governor of mine; who I have to assume was sitting there in front of MY POTUS, and being amused. The GOOD people down here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia want him OUT of our state! Ralph Northam is the only life in Virginia that needs to be "late-term" aborted. I'm hoping my Commander in Chief didn't offer that slimy bastard food or drink, and I'm praying that POTUS is planning to protect the lives of OUR babies as much as he's protecting the border. Don't make us good ole mountain boys march up north and get justice on our own... we got no need for baby-killers, and our mercy & forgiveness is in REALLY short supply these days. I'm sure thousands of Virginians (myself included) have asked or demanded him to vacate our mansion and office of Governor, but it appears he has plans to do more harm whilst he can and is defying his well-armed & angry constituency. Help us get him gone, peacefully. Please?!

Hi Team, Request you to please take note: How Pakistani member of parliament yelling fire about USA. Let's make the world a better place.

He is doing things and has done things that no other President has ever done. He's easily the greatest President in at least the last 30 years! 2020 here we come.

Okay!!!! Just saw the introduction of the new nomination for UN ambassador, Kelly Craft. A complete dumbass! Another Trumptrash slut unable to answer simple questions. Excellent work, trump you fucking whore.

vote for y

When America prospers the whole world is inspired to follow our lead...

We don’t need more people, I don’t even recognize my city sometimes and these people you let in are being radicalized to hate whites.

Thank You President Trump! You are a Great President!

Oh no! I offended an American (I think) who supports treason. Bummer. I hope you all get buttfucked by monkeys in party hats you turds. Get out of my country! Go to Russia. I’m sure they will love you.


We a have a great president! May God continue to bless him.

People weren't letting American farmers in to sell farm products in other countries' because USA became just about the ONLY COUNTRY that was producing GMO plants, whereas old eu was making it illegal to sell them (26:03). It definitely wasn't just farm products that were GMOs that "gave reason" to why American products weren't sold overseas, UNLESS (this or that was better, contracted out/ in, or).

I really like Trump for cleaning up America. We were occupied by the nazi's in WWII and after that 70 years of occupation by the clowns! The world had enough of them. As soon as America starts producing healthy food without GMO's Europe might import them. Nobody wants poisonous foods that kill our people, sorry. Any sane person understands that.



IOTT. I only trust Trump rino Republicans are worse than dems

What a turd

What a turd.

Just because you report it doesn't mean you tube agrees with you and only they or maybe the person posting can take it down for good. I'm sure YouTube needs a whole dept. of people to go through and review all reported posts to see if its actually a violation of their policies.

GOP====LIARS, MURDERERS, RACIST, FASCIST, TRAITORS, BULLY's, WAR PROFITEERS, WIFE BEATING CHILD MOLESTING FILTH....reckon America needs no ENEMIES with FILTH like this ROUND??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


an illiterate, whiny, inept, laughable, lying, pompous, frightened, DOOMED, little orange pee- on

North America is a Continent the Homeland of the Sovereign Moroccan Moors of North America . The Moors of Morocco /North America granted the Divine Covenant The Moroccan Constitution for the United States of America Republic , ( NOT DEMOCRACY ) to the Slavics . In the Cycle of Aquarius the Rule of the Slavics Democracy WILL END . Those. that bring Harm to Earth Asia and Her Natural People , will Die like Flies. Aquarius will Not tolerate Liars and Murderers . I Give Praise to Mother Allah the Cycle for Humanity is Here and Now Aquarius . ISLAM

413 russian bots in the comments



Trump behind bars....Make it so

Thank you. This information. Thank you. Funny to me.

We love our president! Sad that he continues to have to explain how the border is open and they will find a way in. These are our state's leaders and yet some of them want the border open! What a disgrace! Treason against the American people! Truth coming.

im tired!!!!!!!!! #1Fokus #Ghostwriter

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