President Trump Hosts the Tax Cuts for Florida Small Businesses Roundtable

President Trump Hosts the Tax Cuts for Florida Small Businesses Roundtable

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Oh what. A group, aquatic. Dude these. Are my friends, these are great friends and we, have great friends right here, so thank, you very much everybody we really appreciate, it we've. Made tremendous progress. In. Our country, we're. Working, on new trade deals that are going to be great deals. Where, as you know very tough, on Cuba. Not. Fair not fair what happened with, tough but this is our we're. Gonna celebrate a little bit I love behind, us USA, open for business whose, idea was that that's. Marco. Marco. And. It is it's open for business we're doing, tremendously. Companies, are moving back into our country now we have billions of dollars, and even trillions of dollars going to be coming back in already started, Apple three hundred and fifty billion dollar investment. In. Really. A new campus, beautiful. Beautiful campus, and plants. And. I've always wanted that so many of the companies are bringing back their money they're putting it to work, Chrysler, is opening up a big beautiful, plant in Michigan and so many other car companies and, it's, a whole different story they all want to be part of it and I, want to thank senator, Rubio it's been a great friend. And. Mario I want to thank you you have right. From day. Our. Secretary. Of the Treasury he's right there and our Secretary, of Labor, thank you Alex Thank You Stan. Not. All of my choices were good but they were great ones. Tomorrow's. Tax day and we're going to hear from everybody, and every I mean we have heard from so many people they're so thrilled and remember this this is the last time you're going to fill up that long. Complicated. Horrible. Return. I would say that some of these tax. Some. Of these companies that do all that work when getting. A lot of money for doing your tax returns, they're not going to be too happy with us but that's about the only business that won't be so.

Tomorrow. Last. Day very, importantly. Next. Year it's going to be a simple for. The most part one-page it make it a little bit bigger but. It'll be simple, and easy to do and very. Importantly, you're gonna have a lot of money left over from what you have and. We. Did get one Democrat. To. Vote for us and Senator. Nelson was hostile, to it and let, me tell you if for any reason they. Get in meaning the Democrats, they're going to raise your taxes, way up high they're going to terminate this out of course I'll veto it that's alright but eventually they. Want to terminate, they want to terminate and they want to raise your taxes, and we. Cannot let that happen because this country is starting to rock with our businesses, coming back and it's starting to really rock. So. We've. Had massive. Tax cuts that I mean massive, we've. Had, tremendous. Success from, the company's, standpoint and from the people standpoint, they're going out they have a lot more money to spend and you know. Something, happened that we didn't even expect nobody talked about it when we first had it passed it, started, with well, AT&T. Well we might as well give them credit but, they gave thousand, dollar bonuses, to their employees so that's a lot of employees then all of a sudden other companies, came along and now, you have all of the big I mean so many of the big companies they've given bonuses, to, the people that work for the companies that was unexpected. Nobody thought that was going to happen and most. Importantly, we waited till February first and you see what's happened to, your wallet when you're getting a lot more money, in your, weekly or monthly checks, than you ever thought possible. So. People are really liking, it and, very. Importantly it's great for the country our, taxes, were the, highest, or among the highest but just about I would say Marco, they were the highest in the world from a business standpoint that's why businesses, were leaving now. They're. Not the lowest but they're on the low side and businesses, are pouring back into the United States and that means jobs that. Means jobs. So. We've created. Since. Election, day that beautiful, beautiful day was that a great. Mario. Was saying we got a big, big percentage, vote over here didn't we yeah we got a big percentage, vote but, since election, day we've created three million. New, jobs, three, million. And. People. If I, would have said that prior. To the election, that will create in a short period of time three million jobs they would have said that's ridiculous, that's an exaggeration how. Can it be possible we, would have taken a lot of heat but we've created three million new jobs and now the number is even higher than that so since election, day three million. New jobs unemployment. Rates for. Hispanics. Are, there, any Hispanics, in the room no idea. For. Hispanics. The. We have the lowest level, ever, recorded. In, other words you have more employment, I think of it lowest, level. Employment, rates for, African, Americans, the lowest, level. Ever recorded, and. I'm, really proud. Unemployment. For women for, women lowest, level in 18 years women out there. So. That means if, you, are a woman and Hispanic, or a woman. And, african-american. You're, really doing well right that. Means you're really doing, remember. What I used to say they used to take heat for it what do you have to lose I'd. Say what do you have to lose everyone, said ah say if it, was a rambunctious, Stadium, or something I'd say what. The hell do you have to lose right and I get criticized, by those people to fake media back there. Thank you no. I get I'd. Get criticized, for using the word hell I severed, a heck of a lot worse than that. But. The economy Larry Kudlow is here someplace where's Larry Larry, cutter where's Lee come on Larry stand up he just gave me. He. Just gave me a number, he. Said the economy is, entering, the greatest, boom, in many, decades in other words it's now at the, phase early, phase would you say that Larry of the, earliest, and greatest this could be one of the greatest booms ever I think, it will be actually because the companies, are so strong and they're ready to rock what do you think Larry, good. I thought you're gonna say that can you imagine if he didn't could you, imagine he said no I disagree with that. Right. Everybody's. Going to benefit, yourself. That's, right and very. Important, and by the way John Bolton is here we just had a big.

John. That's pretty good I didn't expect that I'm a little jealous are. You giving him all the credit oh. You. Know that means the end of his job you know. He. Did did he do it did our generals, do a great job get on this. And. You know. With. Way over a hundred, missile, shot in they didn't shoot one down, the equipment didn't work too well their equipment, and, they. Didn't shoot one you know you heard oh they shot 40 down then they shot 15 down they what then I call I said did they no sir every single one hit its target think of them. So. We have the biggest tax cut in history bigger, than the, Reagan tax cut because in any tax cut but what else the, individual, mandate is gone that's, born Obamacare. Which is about, the end of Obamacare. So. We. Had Obamacare. Beat then one senator, decided, to go thumbs down do you remember that evening do, you remember that no nobody remembers, thumbs, down yes it's all right because, Alex, Acosta. Has come. Up and you know this is a plan that a lot of people have wanted for a long time associations. And we're, gonna have tremendous. Signups and Alex one is that, tell. Me if you could when is that going to be ready where people can actually start signing, and doing it in groups and through cooperatives. Etcetera, that's right mr. president we hope to have that by, this summer, it's, gonna be incredible, you're gonna get tremendous. Insurance. At a very low cost so. The individual, mandate, is that Anwar. Is up that's the big energy that, nobody thought you know it's funny I didn't want to do it I said now let's not do that and then, a person called up who I have a lot of respect for the energy business is, it true that you're, gonna get n war as part of your tax cut plan you. Know they put a lot of things in so. We had the individual, mandate we have Anwar I said yeah it's true what tell me about it cuz I'm not inclined to do it I said for very specific, ways he. Said well I tell you it's pretty amazing, he didn't benefit by but he said they've been trying to get this passed since. Ronald Reagan nobody, could get it done no president, could get it done nobody it's impossible. It's perhaps, the most the, biggest the best in the world in terms of energy in terms of a field he, said nobody's, been able to get it done as. Soon as I heard that I said I called up I said put that back in the bill quickly. Right. And, we got it done Marco we got it done that was a big deal and that's, a lot of jobs in Alaska, that's a lot. So. Just. Another thing because you know the tax cut is is massive, and not since reagan but this, is bigger you look at the whole bill it's bigger than anything ever past but. Very importantly, and that's a tremendous, asset, to our country but, we did another thing that people don't talk about much we cut regulations, at a level, that nobody's, seen in the history of our country more, than any other president so I'm here 15 16 months and we've. Cut more regulations. Than any president, whether it's four years eight years or, in one case 16, years nobody's, even close and we're, not finished yet. Where. Roads and highways would, take 1718. Years to get a permit or not even gonna prove you know a lot the worst is it go out 17, years and then they're voted down, you. Now we're looking to get it down to two years and maybe even one year and maybe, get rejected you know nobody's, gonna say it's not gonna get maybe it gets rejected, but if it does it's gonna get rejected quickly, you're, not going to take an entire lifetime, to get something approved and, then all of a sudden you find out and I've had projects, well it took years and years and then you go fortunately. They, got approved but, I've had projects, that took four five six years to get approved big, building, projects, and I said to myself going into the final approvals, I said you know if, these five people don't.

Vote For it I've wasted millions, and millions of dollars and, I've, wasted five, or six years of my life trying to get a project to prove it's not right you, know if something's good if it's good and if it's gonna get approved so we. Have the biggest. Regulation. Cut and I'm not so sure that the, regulation, cut marco isn't even more, important, than this massive, tax cut but it's right up there and we're, continuing, to go so we think that things that would take sometimes, two. Decades, to get approved can be done in two years and even one year and again, if they're not environmentally, good if they're not safe if it's not great for our water and our air and all of the things that we watch and we think. Are so important, we're not good all prove it but, we're gonna have fast approvals, we have many many jobs that started, now that would never start, if the other administration. Came in and that's, why you see the job numbers the way they are the job numbers are through the roof and the training numbers, are through the roof and you, see it and I, just they don't talk about regulation. Much I think it's as important, as the big massive tax cut so I just want to let you know that a business. And consumer confidence, in, our country is, at an all-time high Larry, just gave me the numbers and there's nothing close so we're at an all-time high and. The. Tax cuts for a family, let's talk about just families now because number, one the jobs you have choice you. Know we're creating choice for our great veterans, all right choice this, is a different kind of choice. This. Is a different, kind of choice this is choice for job in the. Past jobs, we weren't doing great and you'd have one job and you'd hold on you really have choice we our people are hiring and wages. For the first time in 18 years are, going up because I used to make the speeches I came down here and made one, wages. Were stagnant and. Even going down people made more money 18 years ago and today, they're working two and three jobs first. Time in 18 years where wages are going up, congratulations. Enjoy your money right, there. So. Today. We're, joined by Florida, business owners and workers who, are experiencing, the incredible, results of the tax cuts and I'd like to invite each of you to share some of your stories, if we can start let's, start right at the end of the table Thank, You mr. president like a very prosperous guy I have to say trying.

To Be trying to do my. Name is Alberto Baio I'm. A Cuban American descent, born, and raised in Hialeah Florida and very proud of. My. Family history in trucking has, been goes, back to day since 1972. My. Father opened Palmetto transport, in 1992. And I. Was successful. Enough and happy enough to take, the company over in 2004. Due. To the surging economy, we have now in South Florida and to, the tax reform I've, been able to invest in newer technology, they, want to buy more equipment and hire, more employees for, my business and mr., president I just want to say thank you for making America great again well thank you. Marco. I'd like to you have been such a help I'd like you to say a few words before we, thank. You mr. president being. Here I think it'd be remiss if I first didn't thank you for being a champion for the cause of freedom and democracy in, this hemisphere. That. Was very clear this weekend the vice president's, presence at the summit of the Americas whether, it's on Cuba or on Venezuela the. United States has led the way in fighting. For freedom. And. I, want to thank you for John, Bolten because I said the day that he was hired was a bad day for Maduro, and Castro, and a great day for the cause of freedom. And. I. Want to thank you for fighting for the American worker because. Behind all these businesses, they're gonna be the first ones I tell you is the American worker the American worker has been forgotten for far too long the people that put in 8 10 12 hours a day six seven, hours a day six or seven days a week there's dignity work isn't just about money it's about the dignity that comes with work and they've been beat up in the north for far too long whether, it's taxes, whether, it's jobs sent to other countries, now this, tax reform is about them but you're doing something else it's very important, you're finally, doing what I wish previous. Administrations, have done you are taking on the cheating and the stealing, the Chinese, have committed against our economy. And. Finally. I want to thank you as well for the child tax credit, millions of parents across this country will have more money in their pocket come, tax. Time next year because, of your leadership and, of your work, and if I may for 15 seconds a lot of those people covering this do so in Spanish rather than let them use an interpreter can I just say. De. La gracias Senor Presidente or, Sharon Campion. Afterward, that mo Gracia la libertad Anatomy. So. I. Was. Going to ask is he better in English and Spanish but they didn't stand for the English and they stood for the Spanish so, I don't have to ask. Very. Good actually, I just said they saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. Very. Good Thank You Marco very much we appreciate it and you know. Doral. Right. Down the road I own, it surround. It I, don't. Think about it anymore I will tell you. Surrounded. By Venezuelans. As you know a lot of Venezuelans. Those, are great great people, and we are working very hard on the Venezuelan, Horror, Show that's happening and I. Think you see that I think you know that but, I got to know the Venezuelan, people because, so many of them are in that area the Doral area and I. Will tell you these are great people so between Cuba, and Venezuela. And, really. Hopefully, everyplace, else you are very well represented so, thank you very much. So. Go ahead. Thank. You darling. Thank, you. Good. Afternoon mr.. President. My. Name is dr. Patricia McKenna, I was, born in Cuba, October. 27, 1948 and. Came. To this country in, 1967. Since. 1984. I have practiced, dentistry in. Miami-dade county for, my business and my practice the. Tax law that was passed on December. 2017. Has, brought improvement. To, the practice, like, we were able to buy new, and last generation, equipment, my. Office, whom Cara family, the industry, includes. Is a large. Facility with if the a dental, unit is a small, corporation, where our clinic, has for, dainty, some 14, employees, and all. Of them have, been officiated, from this low, secretaries. Hygienists. Assistant. Have, all received bonuses. Also. An increment, under check your. Motivation. Is. Noticed, due, to the changes, in that tax policies, we plan to open more positions, in the front office and ask a hygienist, it. Is a pleasure to, have you here with, us and, I, am glad that, you, are taking, action to make America, truly great again. So. I know maximum, and you, built a great company and, now. It's become you, just said even greater so go ahead let, us know how many more people you hire.

It's. Really overwhelming a feeling. To. Think that. Almost. 60 years ago at age 13, I, arrived. In this great country of ours and. That one day six days later was gonna be next, to Marco. Rubio greatest, senator and, one of the best presidents. My. Name is max Morris most of you people know me as max, said. This before I'm a pyro I. Was. One of over 14,000. Children that came from Cuba without parents, and lo. And behold, you. Happen, to arrive, with the finest, most. Generous country in the world and. My. Notes look, similar to the president, believe it or not he's got just dancers like this so just really because, we talk from our heart so we. Don't have to read very much to tell you our, story. It's. A story of many. Many millions of people who come to this country to look for an opportunity and our. President. Has. Now restored. The capacity, of people, like me that, started a business from the trunk of our cars, to become a very prominent company, where we impact, over 50, 40 thousand, families and. Think. Of mr. president very. Happy. That right. Before he was elected we. Had a town hall meeting and I took the liberty of elected, him I said we're gonna elect you in November and we're gonna see you soon I'm oh my god I look prophetic, today. Just. To give you an idea, but. The impact, of. The. Tax. Laws. Pass. By. Mr., Trump our president, who. By, the way he didn't get everything that he wanted but still we. Set off more because he has to deal with some people who still do not understand, what really makes America, great but I'm pretty sure in time they will but. Just to give you an idea my. Company. Who, runs and/or supplies, over 400, gas stations, in the South Florida area we. Have hire over 40, people that. Differently. We have not been able to hire if not, for these tax cuts that allow us to have. The extra income to do this for. Example something, very simple, the. Fact that we can now write off the equipment that would now normally, we had taken us 10 15 years to write. It off now we can do it immediately imagine. How many businesses, that produces. How many families, are working how many how, many people need to install that equipment, and so on and so forth Thank You mr. president because, it's not only the tax laws is that regulations. That. They're the, ridiculous, regulations, that we had that, prevented, people to. Do what I did, 31. Years ago starting, a company with, nothing and. Became a very prominent, company, and this. Is the only country in the world that you can do this and. I hate to get emotional. It. Happened to be in the petroleum. Industry and, of. Course we supposed to be bad people because we, damaged the environment, when. In essence we, probably protect the environment, more than anybody else and it, was this president, that allowed the construction, of, the, Keystone pipeline. Which will then believe. It or not will provide cheaper. Oil cheaper, fuel to all of us and it. Was mr., Donald. Trump our president. Made. That happen immediately. That's. The typical Latin, person. I'm. Gonna stop now because, they told me only one or two minutes. Today. I just. Want to tell you that. Those. Of us who have been successful are. Now. An example, of all, our children to. Follow in our footsteps, and. I, challenge, my colleagues. To. Understand, that. If I gave everything that I have today. It. Would only be 10% of. What, I was even, when. I came to this country. On. A sidenote. He. Owns corral I live, it because I've been at the rail since 1988, thank you very much where he took something that was rundown that it was absolutely. Third. World country, and made it into the nicest place that we have in South Florida thank you very much nothing less I don't. Actually. He was much quicker than I thought okay. So. I really have a great story please thank, you good, morning mr. president, thank you for allowing me to be here with you today it is a great honor thank you my, name is Adina V I knew my family and I arrived, in 1980, during the Mariel Exodus, we. Brought nothing with us only the clothes we were wearing however.

We Didn't come here for a handout we, came here because this was the promised land a country. The promised political, stability, respect. Of law opportunity. And freedom in, 1984. We opened our first restaurant in South Florida, Las Vegas Cuban, cuisine today. We operate 15, units including, La Casita ubon Miami International. And. We. Employ over 400, employees in, South Florida we. Were hit hard during the last administration's, tax hike and are most grateful for your tax and jobs Reform Act. It. Allows us to keep more of our hard work to earn and earnings, allowing us to reinvest, in better and new operations, thereby. Creating, more jobs I. Personally. Think it's better for the country than, studying tadpoles, in some dry River down in California. Government. Helps small businesses, by letting us do our jobs and getting out of the way by, unleashing, the American spirit, your'e incentives, have created huge demand, in the labor market so. Therefore, in order to retain and hire new employees ow, hourly, employees, have seen an approximate. Wage increase, of about 20 percent in this, short time period, people. Are earning more in their book therefore, this gives them confidence to go out and spend more a win-win. For everyone, on, a personal, note I'd, like to say that I've been a supporter from day one you announced your candidacy and, I have Facebook to prove it good. Having. Comes from a country that promised, everything and only delivered misery, I knew. That eight years of promoting appeasement apologies, and entitlement, was taking the us down a path of no return, lastly. I leave you with a thought from a great cuban thinker who's they might be, it. Is a sad thing not, to have friends, but even sadder must have been not having any enemies that, a man should not have no enemies is a sign that he has no talent to outshine, others, nor. Character, to inspire no. Valour to be feared. No. Honour to be rumored nor goods to be coveted nor, anything to be envied. I am. Grateful millions of us had the good sense to elect a man who believes in the greatness of this country so, that it may be preserved at all costs, for future generations, thank. You. I. Think. The politicians, are being beaten today. So. Mario give us a good few, words. But. I mean let me first. Let. Me first agree to what our fine senators, stated this. Community understands, freedom, what. It takes the. Loss of freedom and your, support. In. This hemisphere but particular, for the cause of our free Cuba and a free Venezuela is something, that we thank God every, day for no. Long number to. Mr.. President one of the things that I never thought I would see and I was getting frustrated is, finally. Moving the US Embassy, to Jerusalem, thank.

You. As. You saw mr. president this highly, is very special this is a hard-working, community, these. Are hardworking people these are folks that again. Most. Of them came, from a place where freedom does, not exist they. Work hard and, they. Understand. That, when. The, federal government takes. Their, money, again. It's their money, and. Kind of does, some things that are not very productive they. Understand that's not the way to do it and you. Heard it here today. This. Bill has. Made it possible, for. Hard-working. Men and women in places, like this like Hialeah, to, keep more of their hard-earned money. And for, that obviously we're all grateful but. You. Know folks know me as an appropriator, but I'm also on the Budget Committee and if you look at where we were folks, look. At where we were CBO. Had the forecast for. The next foreseeable future, ten years of less, than 2% growth that's. Where we were headed that, was the new normal, and I think a lot of people may have kind of given up but. Look. What happens when you. Cut regulation. The lower taxes, you'll free up the American, people good, things happen so we're very grateful and no place in. The country is, more emblematic of the hard work of the American people the Entrepreneurship, that here in Hialeah welcome to our young. Max. Mentioned, something that nobody, thought they'd ever seen that's when your expensing, the. Expensing. Of, equipment. And other things that you're gonna be investing, in where you can write it off in one year nobody thought they'd ever see that and that's, had a huge impact I think that's even bigger than the trillions, of dollars that he come back from foreign. Lands because as you know the money was locked out there under the old laws you could never bring it back in it was impossible, almost and the, taxes were too high if they did bring it in was a very complicated thing.

To Do but if they did bring it in the taxes were so high it made no sense so, we. Have trillions. Of dollars coming back into our country but I believe that expensing, a very simple, clause. That we got in Marco wasn't easy but I think the one year expensing, could have a bigger impact than almost, anything else in the bill so thank, you very much I appreciate it yes, sir go ahead please. Thank, you for inviting me. Like, Max my. Name is Guillermo Otto set off like Max hey. I came to United States in 1960. From Cuba also, without, my parents. The. Uncles that I came here to this were, they. Was they were in the caps in, the human invasion so, I was here by myself with my brother at that time which. Is a story, that, is very common. To. All the people, here, you'll. Find that most Cubans have a story, and, one. Thing that you mentioned and. When you were describing it was were motivated, and we're passionate about the, things that we do and, Continental. National Bank, which. I'm the president of was established, in 1974. It. Was the first cute American Bank in the United States, National, Bank, I joined. Continental. In 1976. So I've been there first time, how. Your, your. Expats. Have. Impacted. My institution I can tell you that and. As a. Regular. Says evolution. They can want. We. Look at the autonomy, to plan our future last. Year was a very. Strong. Most. Banks, not. Grow 20 percent with who are assets, by 20 percent because thanks, to the economy I can, tell you that we're ahead of the pace. One. Of the things about employment. Before. You, can hire anybody that. You want it because there were so many bankers at work, not. Anymore, now. We compete, against each other we have a group of bankers here we're stealing from each other and you better pay top dollar in, order to get that that. I. Really. Necessary. Individual, for your purposes, to work, with I want. To pursue and, our loan revenues. Are over, the top from last, year at this point in time I want. To personally thank you. So the actions that you're taking, in. The world and, your. Thank. You. Thank. You. Mr.. President thank you for for, doing this here in the city of Hialeah this is a very. Meaningful place. For a lot of us Jose, Maya owner of Biscayne Bay Brewing Company, we have a craft brewery actually based in Doral but, I actually grew up five blocks from here in an apartment building just down the street I attend. A middle school next door at Jose Marti middle school and I played on these cords of these fields, and in so many parts in the city of Hialeah I'm a proud product as a single highly of parks and recreation system. Mother. Marlene and my father Nicholas Millea both, immigrants, from Ecuador in Cuba and for, me to be sitting here with you today living. On my dream as a small business owner surrounded, with so many amazing leaders and other successful business owners is, a testament, to why this really is the greatest country in the history of the world so thank you so much for. Just. An amazing, benefit to the craft beer community it included, a 50%. Reduction in the excise tax on our. Beer which has helped all of us small craft brewers were all small manufacturing, businesses that are growing reinvest.

In Our businesses, Biscayne, Bay Brewing Company has been able to buy additional, equipment, about a hundred thousand dollars and equipment, also. Because of other benefits, in the tax package that, have allowed us to increase our production by 40 percent that has, led already to two jobs being created and, potentially another four before the end of the year and that's just one brewery we have 6,000 craft breweries across the country so the economic impact of this is tremendous, then when you look at how, that impacts, American farmers, who, sell grain to craft brewers American, hop Brewers that, sell hops and even companies like all-american container, I saw Tomatoes here in the audience today we buy our bottles, from them and they are an amazing success story in and of themselves so the impact, of these, laws. And your policies, have, just been tremendously, compounding, I think it's important to continue to fight for those. Issues I think all of you leaders that are here that fought, the fight in Congress and and also you, yourself who who went around and sold, this important. Package continue, to fight it let's find a way to make some of these permanent in our case the excise tax cut, sunsets. In a couple of years and it's critical that we just continue to fight for this continue to fight for econ. MacCready and like everyone mentioned the opportunities, that we have in this great country that so many of us don't, our, parents didn't have in theirs it's, why you, know so many of you continue, to lead and it's important that we continue to do this and we're here to support you I know Hialeah will always be behind you but, all of us in the, business community are incredibly grateful so thank you. I. Really. Appreciate the, support that, we've had from Haile and from Florida state, of Florida I was. Remember. That famous evening, Donald. Trump has won this, state of, Florida. That. Was a long evening for them they had a lot of we had a lot of great success, and. I think most importantly. Somebody. Actually not even a friend. Of mine said that, President. Trump has actually, produced more. Than he's promised, and I think if you look at what's happening, with the economy with the regulations. With the taxes, that most people said would never ever be able to happen you know they used to call it tax, reform, and that's, why first almost 40 years they couldn't get anything passed because they used the word tax reform, so I met with the politicians, and you, know I've only been doing this for like two and a half years so I said what's. The problem how can you not get tax. Cuts they. Said well we don't call it tax cuts we call it tax reform, I said that's your problem, tax reform does it work because. We, do have tax reform but people don't understand, that you know what we're doing is cutting taxes, we're also reforming. But that could be an increase in taxes, we're cutting taxes, so, we go the tax cut and jobs. Plan now I wanted to call it they asked me what, would you like to call it I said how, about this. Is after the word reform how about the tax, cut, cut cut cut plan. And. They, thought it was a little tacky I said.

But It gets the point across but. We did go at the tax cut plan so, it, was, very big I just want to. We. Lose, a tremendous. Number of jobs and, money with. Almost every, country, we, do business with and. In many cases our friends are worse than our enemies in. Terms of trade deals they're, being renegotiated. We're. Straightening, them out if, we don't straighten em out we're going to terminate them and we'll start all over again. But. Our country, has been taken advantage of, for many many. Years, whether. It's China whether it's Mexico, whether it's I, could name I could name almost every country, the. European, Union as an example it's very hard to do business we lost a hundred and fifty 1 billion. Dollars. With the European, Union last, one hundred and fifty 1 billion dollars, it's very hard for us to get our products, in but they send their cars, in like Mercedes, like, BMW. Would like lots of other things and, we're. Straightening, that out we're not gonna let it go on any longer we can't let it go on any longer so you'll be able to set your product in. Japan. And, South Korea are, so many countries just and it's its massive, numbers I mean. Mexico, nobody knows this we. Lost last year, in terms of a trade deficit. 100. Billion. Dollars. With Mexico, we. Can't keep doing this folks and we're not going to so we're renegotiating NAFTA, which, was probably the worst deal, ever made in the history of trade. But. With China, we're. At, 375. Billion, dollar trade deficit, so. We started a process and, we'll see how it ends up but, we're, gonna win you. Know I always said we, had an imbalance, of five hundred and four billion dollars, and I, always said when you're down five hundred and four billion dollars, you can't lose okay. We lost years ago by presidents. And others allowing, this to happen they should have never allowed it to happen, but, we're gonna bring it back and we're bringing it back strim it's already happening people see it it's already happening, so, I just want to thank all of the people of Florida all of the people of Hialeah you are spectacular people. Hard-working. People I love you. And we will go on two things. I think that maybe, our. Economy, in our country have really never seen before we have such tremendous potential. Because. Of people like you thank you all very much for being here tonight.

2018-04-20 10:40

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It is ridiculous... especially as it is because of Obama.. fatso. And your so called bonuses amount to fuck all... peanuts. The only ones who have benefited are the one percent. All you have done is bring Businesses back to the states and have them pay low wages in the US instead of in Bangladesh. Any boom is on the back of Obama's presidency. All you will do is create a working poor.. and an even richer elite. Can not wait for the impeachment you self congratulatory clown fish.

Why do I find myself clapping when no one else can hear me???

Trump is so awesome in his ability to cut through the crap to speak truth to power.

Hell. Is right, especially for those who have nothing better to do than pick at someone else! :)

Thank you for that. I hate those long papers, makes it too hard.

I am a woman-owned, small start-up in the area of healthcare and wellness. I aim to breathe life back into the wellness programs for companies and help individuals navigate the healthcare maze. Perhaps this will generate jobs. President Trump's Administration has zoomed in on encouraging small-business as well as returning jobs back to the US via NAFTA revitalization. A well-deserved reform to spur economic growth. Cuts from the top can teach states to reform from the front line of their demographic communities. America Strong Does Matter!

I feel so proud of my country, our people and our President. Thank you President Trump and team.

Stop Discrimination against American workers. Employers are only hiring illegals and abusing US work visa programs and collecting the 15k in federal tax incentives while Americans are still unemployed and can not find jobs since 2012 to present. American citizens We need massive class action employment discrimination lawsuits!! There are no jobs for American citizens. Companies are abusing and only hiring illegals on guess worker and US work visa programs. Where are the 3 millions jobs president trump said he created????? He's lying his ass off. I'm not seeing it. Illegals end up western union there paychecks back to there home countries and not contributing to the US economy and local Businesses. We need massive employment discrimination lawsuits. Hispanics and illegals all have jobs in Florida. American citizens are held hostage on unemployment and not hearing anything back from employers after applying to jobs. This is going to change my vote in 2020. Guaranteed!!

“Three millions new jobs” – this is very well!

This was amazing Mr. President.

We LOVE you Trump!!!! Keep breaking the swamps little asses every day!!!!!! MAGA!!!!!

Tell your make-up person to use less white around your eyes. It makes you look clownish, like an anchorman.

wtf used lasers to start California and Oklahoma fires too


why does Trump have white hair one day and red the next and watch this video PASS this on asap Turks killing Syrian refugees and children to harvest their organs

Amen USmade! I'll have to admit... I have been pleasantly surprised by President Trump!

Our President is working hard everyday to keep America great again.

Thank you for your leadership Mr. President, we need to pressure Mexico to stop facilitating illegal immigration from Central America. The Mexican government is turning a blind eye to the human trafficking problem generated in their country, they even allow illegals from Central America to get on trains to get to the border. We need to stop this problem

Thank you President Trump #MAGA

Dunder Head

I love POTUS DJT and everything -- but Maximo's point is not logical. We do not save the planet by getting cheaper oil. I doubt the MSM will jump on this fact though, b/c they are pathetic and they do not hire competent people to work w/ them. That is why they are losing so horribly. #Trump2020

This whole show is a Staged PSYOPS. Study it. Look at the environment. Study crowd reaction and the words of every person and you'll understand. Also take note this was a day or two after a possible Nuclear War.

Sam A I knew along time ago. Do you want me to tell you a Secret? The world will not end anytime soon because the world will soon look to Extraterrestrial Intelligence as their Saviour. Thanks to Lucifer.

Wow you're telling me the official youtube channel for the White House is trying to convince me they're good. And you want a pat on the back because you only just figured that out?

..little Marco - the gun banners water carrier

#MAGA = Moron-In-Chief Abusively Grifting America #MAGA = Make America Gullible Again #MAGA = Morons Are Governing America #MAGA= Mueller Ain't Going Away

This is not *TAX REFORM* as publicly advertised, or as in the *TAX REFORM ACT of 1986.* This is classic stealing from the poor and the vulnerable, to make the rich even richer while piling on more debt on behalf of the country - a *cowardly legislative HIT and RUN* The *FAKE TAX CUT* fraudulently passed *does not resonate* with the American people.

great guy

Let's Do It!! #MAGA

If america is open for business then why did you rejoin T.P.P?

President Trump at business roundtable in Florida: America is “starting to rock...That’s why businesses are pouring back...”


keep up the great work Mr. President



God bless you Mr. Trump sir! I'm proud to call you my president! Keep pressing on!

Doess that mean Ivanka will start making her clothing in the USA instead of China, Indonesia, Vietnam and God knows where else. Not to mention your shit clothing line.

God Bless Our President Donald Trump! Outstanding job, very happy for our country. TRUMP 2020

I ❤ the USA

look that fake latina irina who the f is she some latina? FAKEST LATINA EVER SEEN

Mr. President Trump keep going and make America great again. The people of America want jobs and good economic where they can put food on the table for their families. Nothing can deter us from social media.

Let me tell you trumpers what your President has done, he went to the scared Islam land and called it holy he said we all need to come together. Isis's is receiving money from the Syrians and the Syrians have gotten military equipment from trump. We can not come together with Islam ever......

Congratulations, in Syria there was a very accurate blow to the axis of evil.

I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT MAGA2020. These people are true Americans who came here wanting to contribute and live the American Dream. I'm proud of all of them - just like my dad who came over as a teenager with no money on the Queen Mary from England. America was his dream, and he found work in the automotive industry. He was proud of it and received the largest retirement party ever given at that time at Detroit Diesel. I display his Citizen certificate on my wall to remind me of how lucky I am.

What follows the "greatest boom"?   The greatest bust!

God bless him and God bless the pussies he grabs.

Great Job President Trump God Bless Act 2:38

You've got to admit, he certainly has a swagger to him

HnR block charged me $324.00 dollars to do a few taxs! I'm pissed ! I got to find me a CPA ( preferably a republican one ) . Not this liberal twinkle ass I'm working with . I'm done with them .

Thank you President Trump!!!!

I dont mind that Trump wants to hear one great story after another. But, I do want you to recognize that all of these people created their companies a long time before this leader was elected. If its possible, lets see how many new companies are actually built. And, none of these businesses are publicly traded, and are only service oriented. I appreciate this short bump, but until you actually see large scale manufacturing, and you are writing off your equipment in one year? That's a dangerous concept, and sure there will be a big set of purchases, and then ..... yeah that's right nothing , because why would you keep buying something when you don't need it. I promise you what goes up will come down, and historically, when that drops these service industries shed jobs quicker than you have added them. And the last time we de-regulated, most of you MAGA people did not survive or keep your homes.

President Trump is actually doing a very good job taking care of American people!

oh what a sack of shit. a great sack of shit!

MAGA !!!!

The guy is under unbelievable pressure from every quarter, but just keeps steaming ahead. Fantastic, just wont wilt; in fact the more they throw at him the stronger he seems to get! Is Getting Ready To Show Their Force! I sense something in my spirit that Russia is getting ready to show their force. I heard this at 8:48 a.m. on 4-17-18. I could be right or wrong. I do not know exactly what is getting ready to take place. God has not showed me any details. Pray Saints! I am praying and seeking God like you are saints. I am sensing they got something planned up their sleeve. Could Iran and Russia be buddying up together? IDF official said to confirm attack in Syria: ‘First strike on Iranian targets’ just the other day this was in the news-Russia warns of 'consequences' for US-led strike on Syria Read Article: This Prophetic Word I Found On The Internet I Shared With You From Last Year April 27, 2017 At 2:31 A.M. By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth: An Urgent Prophetic Warning To America!“Father, We Your Children Pray Keep Us Saints Safe In The Days That Are Coming Upon America! Only You Know Exactly What Is Coming. Lord We Wait Patiently Upon You! O’ Lord Do Not Let Us Christians Suffer With The Un-Godly We Pray!!“Come Lord Jesus, Come!! We Await Your Arrival In Jesus Name!!”Revelation 19:1-16-Heaven Exults over Babylon-After these things I heard[a] a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, “Alleluia! Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord[b] our God! 2 For true and righteous are His judgments, because He has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication; and He has avenged on her the blood of His servants shed by her.” 3 Again they said, “Alleluia! Her smoke rises up forever and ever!” 4 And the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sat on the throne, saying, “Amen! Alleluia!” 5 Then a voice came from the throne, saying, “Praise our God, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both[c] small and great!” 6 And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Alleluia! For the[d] Lord God Omnipotent reigns! 7 Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.” 8 And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. 9 Then he said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!’” And he said to me, “These are the true sayings of God.” 10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Christ on a White Horse11 Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had[e] a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean,[f] followed Him on white horses. 15 Now out of His mouth goes a sharp[g] sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Prophetess Dawn O’brien Servant of the LordPlease Click below to SUBSCRIBE for More  TODAY GIVE YOUR HEART AND LIFE TO JESUS! Please keep “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner” in your prayers. Thank you for caring and showing your love for others. All gifts to the ministry are tax deductible for “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. If You Want To Send A Prayer Request, Something For Me To Look At, A Word Of Encouragement, Pay Pal Donation Or Anything Else Send It To This Email Address: Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner P.O. Box 161273 Altamonte Springs, FL 32716www.dawnsheartfeltcorner.org “America You Are A Harlot!” At 11:24 a.m. when I was looking at this Time Magazine featuring President Donald Trump with the flood coming in and it being stormy I heard the Holy Spirit say, “America You Are A Harlot!” The news media wants to get you and I distracted with that pornographic actress Stormy Daniels. She lives a promiscuous lifestyle. Now isn’t that strange everyone’s focus has been on President Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. They have been speaking about this for weeks which she did a 60 minutes interview on CBS news.Stormy Daniels Strips to 'Make America Horny Again,' Right Across From Mar-a-Lago of the word “Harlot”- A prostitute or promiscuous woman.I then looked up the word “Babylon”- a city devoted to materialism and sensual pleasure. Any rich and magnificent city believed to be a place of excessive luxury and wickedness. Any society or group in a society considered as corrupt. Could this be the United States? Read: Revelation 17:1-5 Amplified Bible (AMP)-The Doom of BabylonThis prophetic word was given to me by the Holy Spirit on April 12, 2018 at 5:47 pm “America you are in Grave Danger!” warns of 'consequences' for US-led strike on Syria Read Article: Missiles Are Just The Beginning!At 8:45 am on April 16, 2018 I heard the Holy Spirit say, “These Missiles are just the Beginning!” THERE IS MORE TO COME I hear the Lord say. What you are seeing right now is a Cat And Mouse Chase!Definiton of “Cat and Mouse”- A series of cunning maneuvers designed to thwart an opponent.   Definition of the word “Thwart”-to stop something from happening or someone from doing something.Prophetess Dawn O’brien Servant of the LordProphetic Word 4-11-18, “You are Placing Your Men in Harm’s Way!” Word 4-9-18 -I will strike America with a bomb, I hear the Lord say. Many will die from this. This will only be the beginning of what I will allow to come to that nation. America is disobedient and does not follow my ways.AMERICA IS AN IDOLATROUS NATION! AMERICA WILL FALL! GO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE PROPHECY: Stream 3-31-18 “America is About to Take a Turn for the Worst!” Stream 3-24-18 Time of Sorrow at Hand! 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Why does Trump continue to have these "roundtable" events where people just say flattering things about the tax cuts? Is it just so he can feel good? It's not a debate or an idea gathering session.

You were Flawless!

another victory for USA! thank you PRes. TRump!

It's all happening! Life is still messy but it's beautiful to see American Business and workers moving as a unit. Yes me and my knuckleheaded brother Sport discussed tax and spend vs. a tax cut with performance minded bonuses for Business that could be passed on to workers and businesses alike. I was right and the President listened and put a team on it. That's my legacy, and I didn't waste my life. To the lady, I hear 100 percent. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

IT's nice to see Rubio and Trump reconcile. The humility of Rubio is an act of God's grace.

Awesome President Ever Lived on Earth!!! President Trump!!!!

34:17 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....buzzkill

28:11 Great jab at Dimocraps! (Sticks the knife into anticapitalistic liberals)

With all the stuff this president has done already, he can sit back and do nothing for the next 2 1/2 years, and STILL get re-elected!

Trump's foundation closed when he started being president. What did his foundation do, as it seems the foundations and non-profits are in trafficking? You are all NWO whores!


Trump is. Joke Con Artists...idiot...job are declining..because of scarcity of creation of job ..job are going hire automation work force..temp service job are hold back job from worker whom seeking real survive...job shoild be paying $ in the fuck can get a tax cut that haven't taking place yet...all dummbass people at this table...

YOU, Mr. President, only believe in MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! And, you are full of narcissistic personality disorder, with selfish behaviour! DISGUSTING!

Seems this is all you've been slated to accomplish so long as the Jews hold your presidency hostage, Donald. When are you gonna be a real man and stand up to these scumbags ? Fear nothing. We are behind you. But you have to want it, just like someone who quits smoking has to want it. Dump Israel once and forever. Let them fight their own damn wars. To MAGA, we must all be free of Jewish influence and aggravation.


C` mon Mueller bring us Donnies orange head!

Marco Rubio  ..we love ya man !!! Blaze on through DT !! people... straight ticket Rep .......DEMS DO ZERO 42 people didn't like tax cuts...dumb dems them out !

Any Leftists watching this remember when our previous jihadist in chief (Obama) said about the factories and the jobs coming back to America "..what does he think he has? A magic wand or something?"

Peace be unto you שלום ושלום Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord who walks in his ways You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands you shall be blessed and it shall be well with you Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house your children will be like olive shoots around your table Behold thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord The Lord bless you from Zion May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life May you see your children's children Peace be upon Israel The Lord bless thee and keep thee The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Donald John Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pence, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Marco Antonio Rubio, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Steven Terner Mnuchin, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Rene Alexander Acosta, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Clarence William Nelson II, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Mario, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Lawrence Alan Kudlow, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle John Robert Bolton, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Alberto Baio, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Madam Patricia, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Maximo Alvarez Pedro, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Madam Nadina, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Guillermo, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Jose Maya, The LORD God bless you IN GOD WE TRUST GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT FAITH GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT NATION GOD BLESS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים GOD BLESS THE NATIONS GOD BLESS MICHIGAN GOD BLESS HIALEAH GOD BLESS FLORIDA GOD BLESS LAS VEGAS DIOS BENDICE CUBA DIOS BENDICE VENEZUELA DIOS BENDICE ECUADOR DIOS BENDICE MÉXICO GOD ZEGEN AFRIKA GOTT SEGNE EUROPA 上 帝 保 佑 中 國 Бог благословит Россию GOD BLESS WE THE PEOPLE a sweet and good year with love אהבה אמונה ותקווה Semper fidelis yuli':):)

Why does he have white all around his eyes, and orange face?? Is that from his tanning booth?

How does Democracy work when you can never trust what a candidate says, how many times a candidate says it, and how explicitly a candidate says it?

"Who's idea was the sign"..." "Lil Marco Rubio??" "My great friend?"..LOL!!!!!

Not only will Trump go down as one of this country's greatest presidents he is also probably the funniest. It's fun just watching him.

This gift from God to our country will go down in history as THE most important president we sill most likely EVER experience. His amazing talent for business and organization is miraculously perfectly tuned for this most difficut job on the planet. God bless and PROTECT this wonderful, rightly focused on the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, AMERICAN PRESIDENT. I will vote for him again and write his name in in on the ballot in the election after that.

Lets make real estate deals great again!!! Thank you Mr President it seems we wish to chose freedom and great business and less EPA regulations. When will these folks understand that they are in the way pf greatness... Say no to government slugs!!! Useless to the core!!! We the people are great we will lead the slugs until they are fired or until they themselves provide great service!!! Its awesome to have a President that shows how great business is!!! Thanks to God we no longer have to deal with the leftist making business unpopular. We will show the leftist that honest business IS better for people then collecting free services all day. And P.S. Marco Rubio you dope don't address my people in Spanish what a moron your in the United States Marco grow a brain... stop trying to show how Latin you are Marco Rubio you dope. Latin speakers should learn English Marco you dope. Go move to Cuba if you want to practice Spanish. I highly doubt you even use this language in your house stop being such a FAKER Marco!!! Marco the FAKER intiendes Marco why not promote American ideology? Marco you dope!!! All the rest of the Latin speakers your great, Marco Rubio you are freaking DOPE. Why did you just make my president look bad like that. Thank you Spanish speakers for learning our language and our ways and respecting our culture we love you. God Bless You P.S. Marco Rubio your a FAKER and a DOPE learn from that man sitting next to our president RUBIO!!! A real champeon go work in Cuba you dope Rubio!!! Small Florida businesses God Bless You!!!

I don't remember ever being so proud of a President in my life. MUCH love and respect, President Trump!!

Kindly remove marijuana from the controlled substances list. This issue does not have to be anathema to the Republican party. It's quite a Republican thing to do. Polling shows widespread support amongst all demographics, particularly my generation. This single issue could grow the party significantly. What other issue could attract so many young people to the party? None. The writing is on the wall. Public opinion has moved in the right direction and it's calling out to you strongly. This plant is no worse, significantly better actually, than alcohol. Prohibition has never worked and has cost hundreds of billions of dollars. There are countless ailments treated by this plant. To limit access or to be content with the status quo is to be uncaring. While much progress has been made I am calling on the president to actively lead on this issue. Talk about it. Tweet about it. Lead the Republicans on this. Inform those last few people who, for reasons I could never fathom, are still against this. Remove it from the controlled substances list as it's the Republican thing to do. Or stand by and watch a Democrat run on this issue and see what happens. Here's a hint: I might have to vote D for the first time in my life.

God bless President Trump! and God bless USA! From South Korea

Maximo rules

The John Bolton applause sent a very clear message to the public. It wasn't a good message AT ALL. Let me tell you that. How did State Dept let this out?

Trump exposed him self. Astonishing liars. God's judgement will come to all off you're super power. He's majesty Jesus CHRIST will deal with all rulers and principalities off this world. Just remember what Jesus said revelations. 1 hour. God's word.


Cough jews cough


I love you Mr. President

You know to man I wanna tell you, I'll pray for you I don't know if it'll do you any good, but for what its worth. I mean, you are still technically the President of this nation.. Its just that a lot of doo doo is coming out

Thank you thank you, What an honorable man!

Stormy weather in the forecast Mr. President. I’ve heard the weather in Russia is perfect for your complexion


We love President Trump in love of Jesus. I 'm very proud to live in this time. Thanks GOD.

trump is the best


the laws that force xrays on people just to get teeth clean. bad law

So many q references

If he wanted you to make more money he would raise minimum wage. But that hurts corporations. So he gave corporations more money and on honor system they’re supposed to pay you more. He never says he cuts taxes for individuals. And it’s the biggest tax cut because it’s for billion $ companies. This cuts will cost a trillion. He raised our debt ceiling too. Immediately. -1trillion in taxes and 1 trillion more debt in just over a year.


Didn't we already have tax cuts for corporations and the 1%. ?????want to hear from the CBO on this one.

Correct, #Trump #US was one of the highest #taxes for #smallbusinesses. NO doubt. I am glad to hear that Apply, Chrysler, and other big American companies are coming back with need it for employment.

Daniel Duerst He cut taxes on billion $ companies not the people. That’s why he said gave your companies a break to pay you more. It’s trickle down economics. Let the rich keep more so they’ll spend and we get what trickles. He didn’t help any of you. God. Read sometime.

tomslog He cut taxes on billion $ companies not the people. That’s why he said gave your companies a break to pay you more. It’s trickle down economics. Let the rich keep more so they’ll spend and we get what trickles. He didn’t help any of you. God. Read sometime.

tomslog - Yeah, but he is only making the U.S.A great, not the rest of America like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, etc. We want the entire America from Canada and Argentina to be great.

Sam A Reply and I'll prove it to you.

EMPOWERMENTalist He cut taxes on billion $ companies not the people. That’s why he said gave your companies a break to pay you more. It’s trickle down economics. Let the rich keep more so they’ll spend and we get what trickles. He didn’t help any of you. God. Read sometime.

Jackie Tjan He cut taxes on billion $ companies not the people. That’s why he said gave your companies a break to pay you more. It’s trickle down economics. Let the rich keep more so they’ll spend and we get what trickles. He didn’t help any of you. God. Read sometime.

Fence Dwlr You're concerned with minimum wages and want to punish companies , I see ( liberal mentality ) . First: What you're witnessing in this video are sth FL companies that are now able to expand their businesses thanks to Trump reform laws , thus creating new job openings for qualified candidates . In other words ;. By giving these tax cuts to companies they are now able to grow their company in size thus hiring more people and give them better pay checks and make a better living for them and their families ,it's a great thing . Where before ( under Obama ) it was impossible. Secondly ; I don't know alot of people that get paid strictly minimum wage only . Example : I used to work in restaurants before, it's not a professional job but yet I was paid $11.50 an hour . How much is minimum wage in FL ? I think it's $7.00 ? You see, I was never paid minimum wage in the first place. Many places of business pay way over that anyway , and now with Trump's tax reform those wages will increase even more no doubt . Now I'm sure restaurant wages will go up as $ 12.50 or 13 / 14//15 an hour, all depending what you do in there . Everybody benefits from this tax reform .Companies are now able to hire more , and people are now able to bring better money home . It also creates job competition . If your current job don't pay well , pick up the paper because the next job sure will .It even creates better job numbers to choose from.

1st tax bracket got nothing reduced, 2nd bracket 3% and 1-2% upwards. That's $1 a day for majority of Americans. Corporations got tax reduced from 35% to 21%. What for? Are we getting raises. A temporary benefit of $1 a day, when the biggest chunk went to corporations? Costing $1 trillion? Not changing anyone's life and corporations only have more economic control A minimum wage increase benefits worker hurts corporations, a tax reduction hurts the economy. Bush gave us a tax refund one year, same thing a $1 a day and we were all worse off with a ridiculous deficit. At the end of Bush people were losing jobs and homes. I'd rather have the cuts a little closer in %. Or Republicans that want to put money in our wallets raise minimum wage instead of us being the after thought and cloaking a ridiculous business tax cut that you'll never see.

Fence Dwlr The company tax cuts is one thing . What Trump did this year was tax reform laws for all people. Wich will reflect differently next year . Whatever tax cut I got HNR block charged me that savings ( those scumbags) . My problem is HNR block fees . I'm done with them .

Giovani22 He cut taxes on billion $ companies not the people. That’s why he said gave your companies a break to pay you more. It’s trickle down economics. Let the rich keep more so they’ll spend and we get what trickles. He didn’t help any of you. God. Read sometime.

trillions of dollars coming into the us economy which country owes trillions of dollars to the us when they are in deficit to many countries they trade with

is china going to give the us its cash injection into the economy buy have much more debt will be incured with inflation interest on the debts owed to other trading countries and with so much deficit would have to of weakened the us dollar and then increase in spending and then tax cuts what colour is the next rabbit donald is going to pull from his hat

what inflation like in the us tax cuts increased spending and now wages going up does the increased spending keep the dollar strong or charge another country for having a strong economy and charge them 100 billion dollars for producing cheaper goods and services but with chinas cheaper goods and services america doesnt have to buy them from china and maybe if the us had import tarrifs their economy would be better off and not be in deficit to china

are these private companies going to inherrate the us debt are they going to pay china mexico canada england or is donald trump going to cut spending except for the new boats air planes and nasa funding all he keeps raving on about tax cuts which coast the country taxs and big bussiness but there are no policies on how to cut deficit all ican see is he has put the country futher into the black how strong is the american dollar a country in debt to every country it trades with would of weaked the american dollar

what country is getting fired apon 40 missles is a lot is it the lasser fefense that has rhree countries involved that can shoot any missle out of yje sky

All taxes are EVIL. Only a weak minded person would accept the idea of legalized extortion.

This is so hilarious lol let's go around ANOTHER table and say trumps a cool guy. So phony

Giovani22 Minimum wage increases all wages.

Giovani22 Filing your taxes this year would not reflect Trump. His tax reform such as standard deduction is effective Jan and that applies to your 2018 earnings tax return filed 2019. So if you saw more money, that was Obama’s too. Your paycheck taxes will change on your paychecks now. But not your filing.

This is the consensus about the tax cuts and deregulation and what is really happening. Reported everywhere but Fox News.

Fence Dwlr Obama increased my taxes so he can give to losers and as far filing agencies like HNR block Trump's is gonna put them out of business and I hope he does.

Giovani22 Like I said, enjoy your $1 a day. Or better save it because everything you purchase or pay for is going up 5%-25% and safety and Heath hazards, like clean water and clean air will be harmful. All for corporations. Time will tell. But, We’ve done this 2-3 times before with disastrous results but every Republican comes in and robs us blind. In 2 years, you’ll be broke. Don’t believe me, don’t save your money.

I don't care about your statistic charts and numbers you wanna give me, means absolutely nothing to me  . What matters is the results and intentions . All I know is that under Obama I paid a lot more taxes. Perhaps your welfare crowd did better under Obama since they got everything for free ( at tax payers expense) I can see why their upset now . Like we say in America " tough shit " Trump is in charge now , its our turn to reign, improve and do better , get on the wagon or stay behind. ( better yet stay behind )

Giovani22 Here are 9 articles reviewing the tax cuts. You don't even have to read them. Look at the titles. One says, wait till voters realize they've been betrayed.

Giovani22 addressing what Republicans think. "In fact, in 2013 Obama signed a compromise bill making permanent the tax cuts enacted by his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush. As of 2013, the Tax Policy Center found that, under Obama, the top 1% of earners paid an effective federal tax rate of roughly 32%, compared to about 27% under Bush. But middle earners paid roughly 12%, almost exactly the same as under the previous president, while low earners paid a bit less — about 2.3%, rather than 3.5%" Obama tried to raise minimum wage for 7 years and was obstructed by Republicans his entire administration. And unemployment was at an all time low when Obama left office. It's continued since. He started. With 10% after bush and git it to 4% which it's still 4.1%. These are 2018 brackets. Poor is up to 10% and middle 12%. Rate Individuals Married Filing Jointly 10% Up to $9,525 Up to $19,050 12% $9,526 to $38,700 $19,051 to $77,400 22% 38,701 to $82,500 $77,401 to $165,000 24% $82,501 to $157,500 $165,001 to $315,000 32% $157,501 to $200,000 $315,001 to $400,000 35% $200,001 to $500,000 $400,001 to $600,000 37% over $500,000 over $600,000 Of 500 corporations, 18 companies gave 1 time bonuses or raises. 12 companies laid off 1,000s and used tax cut to restructure. The rest pocketed it. And I have to make correction. Paul Ryan said Corporations were given 40% tax cuts.Compared to your 1.5% cuts, does that sound fair to you?

Finally a President who loves America!!! God bless President Trump!

America loves you Mr. Trump, well Mr. President!

Looking great Mr. President! Stay strong...

Thank you Jesus for showing Trump supporters what a disgusting sleaze he truly is

Traitor Marc Rubio deserves not a damn thing and most especially gov Rick Scott RETARDIAN, first one to be killed by his own muslim brotherhood agenda's and the journalist turkey cut into pieces and hung on meat hooks ALL the journalists retardians....

Trump finally gives standing O at 26:19. Gotta luv Prez Trump 45 GEOTUS

Very tough on Cuba?


Thank u President Trump my heart fills up with Joy president Trump for 2020 God bless VB u and the white house

I'm a proud to say I grew up in Hialeah. It's true, as immigrants growing up in Hialeah you soon realize this country is filled with great opportunities that can be achieved through hard and ethical work. Trump you had my vote and will have it again for 2020.

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