President Trump Hosts the 2018 White House Business Session with Our Nation’s Governors

President Trump Hosts the 2018 White House Business Session with Our Nation’s Governors

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Well thank you for the warm welcome, and. I trust you all have had a productive, and in, meaningful, morning, the. Governor sandable to governor Bullock, to. All of America's, governors who are gathered here for this important. National. Meeting, on. Behalf of the first family and our, entire cabinet thank you for being here today, and. More. Importantly. Thank. You for your, service. To the people of your, state and to, the people of this nation. We are proud of our governors across America. One. Year ago President, Trump told all of you at this gathering that in his words under. This administration we're, going to have a true partnership a true. Partnership of collaboration, and cooperation with, governors in America, and as, a former governor I'm. Very proud to see, the progress that we have all made, together. For, the American people since. Day one of this administration. We've. Been partnering, with each and every one of you in good. Times and, in challenging, times on we've. Been working on the issues that matter most of the American people jobs energy combating. Opiate abuse land. Management and so much more we've. Been inspired, we've. Been inspired by the leadership of, governors. Of our states and territories in, the midst of hurricanes. And wildfires, and. We commend, our governor's for your outstanding, leadership. In, these challenging, times. Through. All of it we've, generated. Real results for the American people thanks. To the president's leadership and all of, your efforts, we've. Made remarkable progress in the past year 2.5. Million new jobs unemployment. At a 17-year. Low wages. Are beginning to rise all across America, business confidence, is soaring and the. American economy is roaring back. We. All share the credit for that we. All share the responsibility, of serving all the people of this great nation so. We. Thank you for your collaboration and your partnership in the. Progress that we've made. But. Today is about partnering, with you, for. What matters most. Ensuring. The safety and security of our children and schools. As. President Trump said in the immediate aftermath of, the. Horrific attack in parkland. Florida no, child no teacher should ever be in danger in an American school and, president. Trump as he will reiterate to you today. President. Trump has made school safety. Our administration's. Top, priority. One. Week ago in this very room the, president and I met with the, family, of meadow. Pollack a beautiful, young lady who lost her life in the terrible attack in Florida we met with other students, and families reeling. From that attack, we. Also sat with families from Sandy. Hook and from. Columbine, who, still bear the scars in their. Hearts for similar incidents, that, took place in their communities. And. As the president said and I. Can echo will will never forget, that, time. President. Trump has been busy listening to law enforcement officials he but. At the bottom line he recognizes. That Public. Safety and education are. Principally. A state. And local, function, so. Today we want to hear from you, America's. Governors we. Want to hear what you're doing we. Want to hear your ideas, for reform at, the federal level. It's. Good for me to be among some former colleagues, and friends, and. And. Let. Me share, with each and every one of you I've now. Served with this president for over a year, we've. Become very close. I, cherish. Our friendship. What. I know of this president, is he's got broad shoulders and, a. Big heart and. Like. Governor's all across America, I also. Know that this president, is all about, results. As. The. President said quote it's not enough to simply take actions, and make us feel like we're making a difference, we. Must actually, make that, difference. And I. Promise, you he means. It from the bottom of his heart. So. Today I urge, you to bring your candor and your counsel to this president and, know, that he's listening he's listening. With the, respect, that, she generated, from knowing the jobs that each and every one of you do every day for. The citizens of your states all across this country and, I, know in. My heart that with. President, Trump's leadership, with. Your leadership in your states and with. God's help will end this evil in our time.

So. Now it is my high honor and, distinct. Privilege to introduce to you my friend and a. Leader who is absolutely. Committed to, working. Together with each and every one of you to. Advance the safety, and the prosperity, of the American, people the 45th, President of the United States of America, President, Donald Trump. Thank, you everybody. I Rick. Thank. You very much. And. I want to thank our, vice president, for that, really lovely introduction, that was very nice Mike and I appreciate it this. Is a time of great opportunity. For, our country we've, created nearly 3 million jobs since the election, a number. That nobody would have thought possible. You. Go back and take a look at what they were saying just prior to the election nobody thought it was even. Possible. And. We've done many other things as you know and I won't go over them because I want, to be hearing from you today but. Many other things that frankly nobody thought possible, GDP. 3.2. 3, 3 I think. We're gonna have another really, big one coming up this current. Quarter maybe, a number that, nobody. Would have thought. Would. Ever be hit but, I think we're gonna have a very good number because of the stimulus, because of the massive tax cuts that. We're all benefit, whether you're Republican or, Democrat you're benefiting, tremendously, from those tax cuts Apple's. Investing, 350. Billion in the United States and you. Look at what's going on it's it's, really quite something. You. Just read a week. Ago Exxon, is now coming in with 50 billion dollars and many. Many companies. Also. Something. That nobody expected they're, also coming in with massive. Bonuses. For their workers nobody, thought in terms of that we, know that everybody is going to get a lot, more income, and we've seen that as of February 1st everyone say wow I have an extra. 250 dollars in my paycheck, and that's. Pretty, good stuff so we knew that was going to happen we didn't know that hundreds. And hundreds of companies millions. And millions of people were going to be getting large bonuses, because of what we did and. One. Of the things were working on is fair and reciprocal. Trade, deals we're. Not being treated fairly you. As governors are not being treated fairly and. When. I get too tough with the country you're always calling oh gee don't do that but I must say it's more senators, in Congress men, and women that call you.

Haven't Been calling so much you, want to see great deals but. We have to make the deals fair, you. Know with. Mexico. It's an example we probably. Lose. A hundred, and thirty billion dollars, a year now. For years I've been saying for last. Year and a half I've been saying 71, billion but it's really not, and. They have a VAT tax of 16 percent and we don't have a tax and. At. Some point, we. Have to get stronger and smarter, because. We cannot continue, to lose, that. Kind of money with one, country we lose a lot with Canada, people don't know it Canada. Is very smooth. They. Have you believe that it's wonderful, and it is for them not wonderful, for us it's wonderful for them, so. We have to. Start. Showing that we know what we're doing World, Trade Organization. A catastrophe. China. Became strong, you look at it it. Was going like this for years and years and hundreds, of years it's, going just like this I'm a great I have. Great respect for President Xi by the way so. I'm not blaming them I'm not blaming Mexico, I'm not blaming anybody I'm blaming us because we did. Such a poor job for so many years I'm not just talking about President, Obama talking. About, many. Many, many. Presidents for, 30. Years 35, years but. World Trade Organization. Makes, it almost impossible for, us to do good business we. Lose the cases, we don't have the judges. We. Have a minority of judges. It's. Almost as bad as the ninth circuit nothing's. As bad as the ninth circuit it's almost as bad speaking. Of that Daka is going to be put back into the ninth circuit you, know we tried to get it moved. Quickly because we'd like to help duck I think everybody in this room wants to help with, daca but. The Supreme Court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels so it's going back in and. There. Won't be any surprise I mean it's, really sad when every single case filed against this is in the ninth circuit we lose we lose we lose and then we do fine in the Supreme Court but. What does that tell you about our court system it's a very very. Saying things so doc is going back and. We'll see what happens from, there so. We want fair. Trade. Deals we. Want reciprocal. Trade deals. Scott. Walker has a wonderful. Company quote, Harley. Davidson in Wisconsin, right great, so. When they send a motorcycle, to India as an. Example they. Have to pay a hundred percent tax, hundred percent, now. The. Prime Minister who I think, is a fantastic, man called. Me the other day he said we are lowering it to 50, percent I said okay but so far we're getting nothing so we get nothing, he, gets 50 and they think we're doing like they're doing us a favor that's, not a favor and you, know what I'm talking about it's a great company when, I, spoke. With your chairman or the president, of Harley, they. Weren't even asking for it because they've been ripped. Off with, trade so long that. They were surprised that I brought it up I'm the one that's pushing it more than they are but. It's unfair and India, sells us a lot of motorbikes so, when they have a motorbike, a big. Number by the way they have a company that does a lot of business so. They have a motorcycle. Or a motorbike that comes into our country, the. Number is 0, we. Get 0. They. Get 100%, brought. Down to 75, brought down now 250 okay, and, I, wasn't sure he. Said it so beautifully. He's. A beautiful man, and. He said I just want to inform you that we. Have reduced, it to, 75 but, we have further reduced it to 50 and I said huh. What. Do I say how am I supposed to be thrilled and that's. Not good for you people especially, as, as. Governors, it's just not it's just not right, and we have many deals like that now, with, all of that being said let's talk China. Because. China we, probably lost. 504, billion. Dollars last year entre 504. Billion I. Think. That President, Xi. Is unique. He's. Helping us with North Korea who by the way wants to talk as of, last night you heard that they want to talk, and. We. Want to talk also, only under, the right conditions otherwise. We're not talking you know they've been talking for 25, years other. Presidents, should have solved this problem long before I got here and they've. Been talking for 25 years and you know what happened nothing. The. Clinton administration. Spent billions and, billions of dollars they gave them billions, they. Built things for them, they. Went out of their way in the day after the agreement was signed they started they. Continued, with nuclear research. It. Was horrible. The. Bush administration. Did nothing both the. Obama. Administration. Wanted. To do something, he told me it's a single biggest problem that this, country has, but. They didn't do anything and, it, would have been much easier in those days than it is now I think most people understand, that. But. We've, been very tough with them. China's, been good but they haven't been great, China has really.

Done. More probably, than they've ever done because, of my relationship we have a very good relationship, but. President, Xi is for China and I'm, for the United States and. Russia. Is behaving. Badly because, Russia is sending, in what, China is taking out. So. China is doing pretty good numbers but Russia is now sending. A lot of stuff in, but. I think they want to see it come to an end also I think everybody, does talking, about. Tremendous. Potential. Loss of lives numbers, that nobody's ever even contemplated. Never thought of so. They want to talk first. Time they, want to talk and, we'll. See what happens that's my attitude we'll, see what happens but something, has to be done. Today. I want to hear your ideas, on a number of critical. Issues. But. Most importantly, we want to discuss the public. Safety in. Schools and public. Safety generally. But. School safety we can't have this go, on, I'm. Grateful that Governor Rick Scott is here and we thank him for his leadership in, the after, meThe of the terrible tragedy, in parkland, Florida, horrible. Our. Nation, is heartbroken, we. Continue, to mourn the loss of so many precious innocent, young lives these, are, incredible. People I visited, a lot, of them. But. We'll turn. Our. Grief into action we have to have action, we. Don't have any action it happens, a week. Goes by let's. Keep talking another, week goes by we, keep talking two. Months go by all of a sudden everybody's, off. To. The next subject then when it happens again everybody's, angry and let's start talking again we artists we gotta stop, by. The way bump stalks were writing that out I'm writing that out myself I don't care if Congress does it or not I'm writing it out myself okay. You. Put it into the machine gun category, which is what it is it becomes essentially, a machine gun and nobody's, gonna be able it's gonna be very hard to get them so we're writing out bump stocks but. We have to take steps to harden our schools so. That they're less vulnerable to attack this. Includes, allowing well, trained and certified school. Personnel, to carry concealed, firearm, it's at some, point you. Need volume, I don't, know that a school is gonna be able to hire a hundred security. Guards that are armed, plus. You know I got to watch some. Deputy, sheriff's, performing. This weekend they weren't exactly. Medal. Of Honor winners, alright. The way they performed, was, frankly. Disgusting. They. Were listening to what was going on the one in particular he was then he was earlier than you had three others that. Probably. A similar. Deal. A little bit later but a similar kind of a thing you. Know, I really believe you don't know until you test it but I think I really, believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon and. I think most of the people in this room would have done that too because, I know most, of you, but. The way they performed, was was.

Really A disgrace, second. We must confront the issue of mental health and, and here is the best example of. Mental. Health this kid had 39, red flags. They. Should have known they, did no they didn't do anything about it that. Was really a. Bad. Time I have to tell you nobody bigger for law enforcement than. I am, but. Between. The. People that didn't go into that school and protect those lives and the, fact that this should have been solved. Long before it happened, pretty. Sad so. We have to confront the issue and we have to discuss, mental health and we have to do something about it, you. Know in the old days we had mental institutions. In. A lot of them and you could nab somebody, like this because you know they did they knew he was something, was off you. Had to know that people. Were calling all over the place. But. You. Used, to be able to bring him into a mental institution, and hopefully, he gets help or whatever, but. He's off the streets you. Can't arrest him I guess cuz he hasn't done anything but you know he's like a boiler, ready to explode, right so he's he. Just you, have to do something but you can't put him in jail, I guess because he hasn't done anything, but. In the old days you'd put him into a mental institution. And. We had them in New York and our government. Started, closing them because of cost. And. We're gonna have to start talking about mental institutions, because a lot of the folks in this room closed, their mental institutions, also so we have no halfway we, have nothing between a prison, and leaving. Them at his house which we can't do anymore, so. I think you folks have to start thinking about that third we have to improve our early warning response, system, so that when friends family and neighbors, do. Warn the authorities about, a violent. Or dangerous individual. Action, is taken, quickly and decisively look, you had the one mother if. You remember in Connecticut, so horrible, that was she was begging. Begging. To. Take her son in and help him do something anything he's so dangerous and nobody really, listened, to her and he, ended up killing her and, then. The rest you know what happened, it. Was a horror, but. She was begging, to. Do something about her own son.

Recently. You had a grandmother, that got, to see the. Notes of, her grandchild. And she reported him and they nabbed him he was ready to go in for a school look like, she. Reported, him and there. The law enforcement, did. A very good job fourth. We must pursue, common-sense, measures. That, protect the, constitutional. Rights of law-abiding Americans, while, keeping guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others. And fifth. We must strive to create a culture, in our country, that cherishes. Life and, condemns, violence, and embraces, dignity, now, with. All of that over, the weekend. I cannot believe the press didn't find, this out I can't believe it I think. They're getting a little bit I could. Never use the word lazy you don't want to say that we. Don't want to give them any more enthusiasm, than they already have but I can't believe they didn't figure this one because. I had lunch with Wayne, LaPierre Chris. Cox and David Lehman of the NRA. And. I want to tell you they want to do something and I said fellas we got to do something, it's. Too long now well we got to do something and we're. Gonna do very strong background checks. Very. Strong we've got to do background checks if we see a sicko. I don't want him having a gun and you know I know it was a time. When. Anybody, could have I mean even, if they were sick they were fighting and I said fellas we can't do it anymore and there's no bigger fan of the Second Amendment than me and there's no bigger fan of the NRA and these. Guys are great Patriots, they're great people and they, want to do something they got to do something, and. They're. Gonna do it I think, quickly I think they want to see it but. We don't want to have sick people, having, the right to have a gun plus, when, we see somebody is sick like this guy when the police went to see him they, didn't do a good job. But. They have restrictions, on what they can do we, got to give them immediate access to, taking those guns away. So. That they don't just leave and he sit there with seven different weapons. Got. To give them immediate access, don't. Worry you're not gonna get any, you. Won't don't worry about the NRA they're on our side you guys have for you are so afraid of the NRA there's, nothing to be afraid of. And, you know what if then our with, you we have to fight them every once in a while that's okay, they're.

Doing What they think is right I will tell you they are doing what they think is right but. Sometimes we're gonna have to be very tough and we're gonna have to fight them but we need strong background, checks for a long period of time people. Resisted, that but. Now people I think are really into it and John. Cornyn great, guy senator. Mitch. McConnell, Paul. Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, hopefully. Are going to work on some legislation I hope you guys they started, already in fact. John has legislation, in we're going to strengthen it we're going to make it more, pertinent, to what we're, discussing. But, he's already started, the process we've, already started, it and. The. Other thing we need hardened sites we have to have hardened sites so. Just in concluding. We. Have tremendous. Things. Happening, the. Country is doing well and then we have a setback like this that's so, heart-wrenching. So. Heart-wrenching and. We. Have to we, have to clean it up we have to straighten, it out you know it's wonderful that we're setting records in the economy, were setting records. Black. Unemployment, at. An, all-time historical. Low Hispanic. Unemployment. At a historical. Low women unemployment. At an. 18-year. Low eighteen years, and. Actually. I did very well with women during the election nobody wants to give me credit for that as you know but. Eight. And I'm very proud of it to me these are incredible, statistics, and very. Importantly, we're doing our. Companies are doing well the fundamentals, are beyond what literally. Beyond what anyone's ever seen this, isn't a bubble you know there was bubbles, in the past because these companies were valued and nobody understood where were their money, where's. The money and, these. Are really strong companies, we're building now we have tremendous, underlying. Value, I want, to bring the steel industry back, into our country. That. Takes tariffs, let him take tariffs, okay maybe. It'll cost a little bit more but we'll have jobs let, it take tariffs, I want to bring aluminum back into our country these, plants are all closing or closed. Recently. We put a tariff. On washing machines because we were getting killed believe. It or not on washing, machines and solar panels. That. Was 2 months ago you have to see the activity, on, new. Plants, being. Built for, washing machines and for solar panels we, had 32, solar, panel, plants, of the. 32 30, were closed and. 2. Were on life to. Life, resuscitation. They were dead. Now. They're, talking about opening, up many, of them reopening. Plants, that have been closed for a long time and, we. Make better solar panels. Than. China one, of the knocks. Were that the solar panels, were lousy they weren't good, we. Make a much, higher. Quality. Solar. Panel, so, after. 2 months we're. Opening up at least 5 plants, and other plants, are expanding, on the washing machines which by the way it sounds like sort of a little hokey to say Washington it's a big business, it's. A very big business. But. Then you look and you see Clark like I won't, mention I, won't. Mention countries, I would never do that, but. How. Many Chevrolet's, are in the middle of Berlin. How. Many, Ford's.

Are In the middle of Tokyo not. Too many, in. Fact Ford, sort of closed up their. Operation, in Japan because they couldn't get cars in there I spoke to Prime Minister Robby, another great friend of me is a great person, but. I said listen you're sending us millions of cars and. If. We send you one and if we make, it so perfect, they actually told me a case where they made this car so good this. Was they spent a fortune they had the best environmental, the best this the best skins the best everything, you can have in a car the best safety. They. Brought it in and after. Inspections. That lasted, forever it was, rejected. You. See that's a form of tariffs too maybe. That's a more deadly form of tariffs. That to me is just. As deadly as. 50. Percent and 25. Percent and a. Hundred, percent in men cases, so. We're gonna straighten it out we've already started I mean the first year is just we laid the seeds you know a lot of it is statutory, where you. Can't do. Anything unless you go through a process, well. Now through. Our, great team we've gone through that process many, of the said other words you'll do a rule you have to wait 90 days that's sort of what's happening with the bump stocks I'm waiting for the next process but it's gone just don't worry about it it's, gone, essentially. Gone because we're gonna make it so tough that you're. Not gonna be able to get him nobody's gonna want him anyway you know bump stocks you. Shoot rapidly, but not. Accurately, I don't know if you have ever heard what a bump stock does the. Bullets come out fast but you don't know where the hell they're going, that's. Why nobody even. Really, too much came to its defense. But. But he used it in Las Vegas he, was using bump stocks in Las Vegas as you know so we're getting rid of them, so. You're. Gonna ask questions, I'm gonna help you folks we're gonna get all, of the things that we want to do whether it's transportation whether. It's safety whether, it's, law. And order. One. Of the things that the past administration would not do is give this incredible. Equipment that we have excess, military, equipment wouldn't give it to your police would. Not give it to your law enforcement they, didn't like. The idea of, the administration, of armored. Vehicles, I guess. Maybe. They'd, rather have you look, why wouldn't they want that people. Were in danger people were being killed people are being shot people are being hit with rocks during. Some. Bad times in some rough places and we've. Given, out hundreds, of millions of dollars worth of our excess. Military. Equipment, to your police forces, and I will tell you every time I go to one of your cities they. Come up to me the police and they say thank you so much for that equipment we feel so much. Safer. Where they can go in an armored van up to a site and not. Worried about being shot or hit in the head with a rock and, to. Me it's common sense but you know what, can I tell you but I will say this your your. Group really appreciates, it so, with that I'm gonna ask Brian to say a couple of, words and then, we'll go around we'll take some questions, maybe, we'll have Rick Scott come up second. And. I'm here as long as you need me let's, let's. Get it all out we. Want to help the governors we want to help our states and we, want to make our schools safe, right, please. Mr.. President thank you and I truly appreciate, you I appreciate all the members of the cabinet on, behalf of all the governor's I want to thank you for your hospitality in the first lady's hospitality. Yesterday. Evening it was an extraordinary, night and truly a privilege to be able to. Visit. And enjoy. Fellowship. Mr.. President. Appreciate, again your having us all today we can talk about issues with regard to infrastructure. Workforce. Development. Combating. Opioids. Prison. Reform, agriculture. Health care workforce. All. These different issues and those are things that we all need. To talk about but. The, issue of the day is school, safety is, public. Safety mr. president. You. Know I shared this last night, mr.. President after the. Massacre. In Las Vegas the mass shooting, where. We lost 58 people over, 500. People were injured, this. Was a person, who used those bumps talks and I personally, want to thank you for, taking action to eliminate those, because, it, essentially, was a killing, field down. There where we had 20,000. People who. Were. Simply, helpless and, that. Is an important first step you mentioned in your remarks school. Safety and public safety and we need to have this national conversation, with. Regard to what we're going to do I suppose. You. Were looking for some, suggestions, some ideas. And it'll, come in the form of questions as well but I would suggest. Mr.. President with regard to the scope of the FBI.

Background Checks, if we could broaden those mr. president, because I know in my state our, background, checks are much broader when. We do an FBI background check, it does not include an adjudication, of mental illness, it. Does not include an adjudication, of a domestic violence protection order or conviction. For domestic. Violence, I think. Those are things that nessa lutely. Need to be included. In there are other categories, that would be included in an expansion, of FBI background, checks, we talked about this at dinner with. Regard to Governor Scott and again my heart, goes. Out to you into the victims there. In Florida and Texas and everywhere else where. This has happened and it we, need to have this national conversation we. Need to bring the. Strength the wisdom of all the governors and everyone else across the country to have this conversation, something. Else that we have done in Nevada with regard to school safety as. I included in my budget more. Money for social workers in the schools we've had shootings where we've had bullied students, that. Didn't have access to resources at the schools so now we have a social. Work in every school, so somebody come to that mr. president we talked about that last night and that's. Something else that we can do but, again. Having. A room together like this there's, no problem that we cannot solve every. One of us brings. A unique experience. That, we. Can come to solve this problem you're. Right mr., governor mr. president, is a is a parent, of a daughter who. Attends a middle school where there was simply a rumor, that something. Could happen and one, day later half the school was absent, we. Can't have parents, living in fear we, can't have students, living in fear they, can't teach the, kids can't learn and the, it's, just no way for. This our. Education, system to operate so I know that I'm going to offer my experience, to you mr. president and I think I can speak for all the governors of the United States of America, that, we're here to solve this problem, once, and for all you are right we need to take action now, the, status quo is unacceptable. So with that god, Bless You mr. president god bless our great country. Well. The first thing I wanna do is I want to thank the president for. For. Making something happen. All. Of us as governors know and any jobs we've had you have to get something done. If. You. Anybody. That's gone through one of these and. If. You've gone to the funeral of a 14-year old girl that. Parents. Just loved her you. Know that you have to make a change. So. What we've done in the last I, guess it's a little less than two weeks we've looked at what other governors have done we've. Brought people together, I'm very. Appreciate what the president's done by bringing us all together to talk about this and also what he did last week by bringing people together because. It's created. Momentum. To make sure something happens this time that we don't go through this and nothing, happened. So. Now I say the way I've done this is broken down into three things number. One, we're. Gonna have school safety, no. Parents could in our state's gonna say I'm, concerned, whether my child can go to school safely, if, you go to school in Florida you're gonna know that your child can come home safely, if you're a teacher if you're working with these schools you're gonna know you're gonna come home safely that's, step one we're. Gonna spend five hundred million dollars I have two weeks left in my legislative session I'm not, waiting for the federal government. We're. Gonna invest five hundred million dollars we're gonna have a significant, law enforcement, presence in every public school in our state. We. Are gonna we've already been investing. Dollars in in, hardening our schools we're. Not only gonna invest a lot more State, dollars but, we're gonna say any local, dollars that go to capital outlay by our school districts the, first thing all those dollars have to be spent on. Is hard to school hardening. It's. The most important, thing we can do is harden these schools. So. We're gonna do it number two and by the way the way it's gonna happen is our sheriff's, are gonna oversee. How all the money is spent to make sure that, the money's spent the right way there'll, be a plan annually, and the money will be spent the right way number.

Two Mental illness we're. Gonna have mental health counselors, in every school to make sure that, all of our students, can go through counseling or meet with the mental health as often as they want. We're. Gonna do it. We're. Also gonna have threat assessment teams Virginia, did that after, their. Shooting we're gonna have that in all of our schools where you'll have children. Families. Juvenile. Justice teachers. Principals, local law enforcement all, together and say what's it were the threat assessments, in our schools we're, gonna do that, next. We're. Gonna invest more dollars in mental health in our Children, and Families program we do that around our state but we invest more dollars to make sure we have youth teams, all around our state to help them, finally. We're not gonna have you're not going floor to have access to a gun if you if you're struggling with mental illness are you. Gonna make violent threats, you're. Not gonna have access to a gun in our state you shouldn't have access to a gun and you're not. So. What we're gonna do is we're gonna have a. Violent. Threat, restraining, order that a family member a mental. Health. Individual. Or law, enforcement can go to the court system it'll be there'll be drew process, but, they can make sure that you don't have access to a gun if. You've been involuntarily. Committed. Because, you're a threat to yourself or others you. Will not have access to a gun you'll have to give that those guns up there'll be due process you can get those guns back we're, gonna make sure that doesn't, happen we're, gonna make sure as you do background checks all this information, is out there so we can make sure we know who, has the guns so. In our state we are going to get, all this done I'm gonna get done the next two weeks I've been talking to my legislative, leadership every. Day they're, committed to be to, be a partner, but, in Florida I want to make sure every. Parent, knows that. Their, child is gonna come home safe, and sound every day Thank You mr. president. Thank You Rick and thank you Brian very much great job you've done too is the, Chairman thank you okay. Would you like to say I think I can bring this over it might be easier just to pass this around a. Lot. Of insight into what each school needs to provide public, school. Safety, so. As I mentioned a little earlier to this group mr. president, I suggested, that we, give them our local, folks a list of things, that they can do quickly. Like. Limit, the number of entrances, that. School. Has for 2/n, on the building and, then. Equip, every child above the sixth grade, with a chip, activated, card to. Enter that influence. And, also. You, can consider putting in a metal detector at. One, or two or three entrances. Since you limiting the number of entrances, also. A surveillance, system and that. Surveillance system can be tied to the virtual. Alabama. On visual, Center, at the Education, Department so it's instant. Information all. At the same time certainly. Training in mental health. Situation. Is fine but for the immediate, I just, think we need to give some guidance to local people and limit the access to inferencing, and equipped. With surveillance systems, metal detectors, or whatever they choose to do where's, the money coming from, they've, got some local money but in our state budget there's been a technology, fund, and. Senator, and I working and he introduced the bill last week to. Be able to free. Up some of that money for use by. The, public site, for school, safety so. These are not costly, things but they're things that can be done immediately. To. Improve, school. Safety. Thank. You. Thank. You very much kay how about going around the room anybody. Has some, great. Ideas or suggestions, governor. Right. We. Have a program, called the extreme, risk protection, order, system, that has been supremely, effective. In allowing. Family, members that realize, there's a risk to have them separated, from their firearm, it, involves, a judicial, decision that involves a hearing, and it, is saved lies I'm sure in the state of Washington, and I, would commend it to you for national, attention because it makes sure that when you have an uncle that might be you have concern, about depression, it allows, law enforcement to, separate, your your uncle and depressed uncle from his firearm, if, you have somebody in your family that might have some violent, tendencies, after.

A Hearing an ex-parte or a potential ex parte order you. Get an order to actually allow law enforcement to. Remove them it's been an operation, for a year it's been extremely successful I, would commend it to you second, issue now. I know that you have suggested. Arming. Our teachers, and, I just no no not your teachers not arming, a small portion that a very gun adept that, truly, know how to handle because I I do feel governor it's very important, that, gun-free. Zones you have a gun-free zone it's like an invitation for, these very, sick people to go there I do, think, that there has to be some form of major. Retaliation. If they're able to enter a school and if, that happens, you're, not gonna have any problems anymore because they never go into the school you're never gonna have a problem so, it would just be a very small group of, people that, are very gun adept anyone go ahead if I may respond, to that let me just suggest whatever, percentage, it is I heard at one time you might have suggested 20% whatever, percentage, it is speaking as a grandfather, right speaking as a governor the state of Washington, I have listened, to the people who would be affected by that I have listened, to the biology teachers and they don't want to do that at any percentage, I've, listened, to the first grade teachers that don't want to be pistol-packing, first grade teachers I've, listened, to law enforcement, who have said they, don't want to have to train teachers as, law, enforcement agencies. Which takes about six months now I just think this is a circumstance where we need to listen, that, educators, should educate, and they should not be forced upon, this responsibility. Of packing. In first, grade classes, now, I understand, you have suggested, this and we, suggest, things and sometimes then we listen to people about it maybe they don't look so good a little later so, I just suggest we need a little less. Tweeting, here a little more listening and let's, just take that off the table and move forward all right thank you very much you know we have a number, of states right, now that. Do that and I. Think with that in mind I'll call on Greg Abbott great, governor. Of Texas great. Right. Here. Texas. Authorized. Schools. To, adopt, policies to. Implement, a school. Marshall program, where. Individuals. Would, be trained, to. Have. A weapon right, to be able to use that weapon and we, now have, well. Over a hundred school.

Districts In the state of Texas, where. Teachers. Or other. People. Who work in the school. Do. Carry. A weapon and are. Trained to, be able to respond, to. An attack that occurs now, it's, not always a school teacher it could be a coach it could be an administrator, it could be anybody. Who works in that school but. Is a well thought out program, with, a lot of training in advance. And. Candidly. Some school districts, they. Promote it because, they will have signs out front a warning. Sign that. Be aware there. Are armed. Personnel. On campus. Warning. Anybody coming on there that they if. They, attempt. To cause any harm they're, gonna be in trouble, well. I think that's great and so. Essentially, what you're saying is that when a sick individual, comes into that school they. Can expect major. Trouble. Right, major. Trouble if the bullets are going to be going toward him also and I. Think that's great and you know what's gonna happen nobody's, going into that school correct, that's. A big difference, I. Was. Really, well said thank you very much anybody. The. Governors are so cool and I can't believe it. Mr.. President so well-behaved, today I can't believe this, we'll start acting up soon. Mr.. President, I just want to say that in, Arkansas, we have a very similar situation. Or, program, as what Gregg has described, in Texas, I have, the belief that no. Teacher should be compelled, and. Most of them want to teach and focus on that but, others are concerned, about their students, and have training and specific. Capacity, if you've described, and so, we have licensed, certain school districts, and. Those, who want to, be. Trained more, significantly. So. That they can handle an active-shooter situation and. So we have over 13 schools in Arkansas, that, can't, afford a school resource officer, they, prefer to have those either in the classroom, or. Assistant. Coach or someone that would, have a response capability. And that's, the key thing so that flexibility. I think, what the governor's want to say is that there can't be necessarily.

A National, security, plan but. The states can develop, this. And, we. Did make some recommendations back, in 2012. Though in reference to federal grants some. Of the biggest expense, is training. Some. Of the biggest expense, will be hardening, of. Our schools as Governor Ivy suggested, and so, I hope that your Department of Homeland Security, and. Looking, at some of the grants, that come from DHS. In terms of security, fighting, terrorists, some, of that money can be utilized by local jurisdictions as. Well for, the protection, of number, one priority, of protecting our students, in our schools yes, and governor you know how well we're doing it you, know it's a never-ending quest, but, with. Respect to ms-13, and these people are really causing, havoc in certain communities and with. School children and. People walking home from school what's, going on and we're moving them out by the thousands, but we have to get, immigration laws, that allow us to do what we have to be able to do they. Are so soft no country in the world has immigration, laws so soft like we do so, that's also a part of it I appreciate what you said thank you very much governor, yes. Well. Address. The Congress, and asked them to look at the HIPAA laws particularly, with mental illness because we need help. From the federal government to loosen, up the law so that we can do the truly, good background, checks on people good, and that's what we're going to be doing and, as you know Paul where we're. Really I think I'd have the support of the NRA having, to do with background, checks very strong background checks and a very heavy section on mental, health far. Different, than what we've had in the past thank you Paul yes. Each. Of our states are different and as I've, thanked you before this was not something that we were engaged in before with. Previous administration. I. Do see that there is a huge, pool of retired. Law enforcement officers where. Municipalities, and, counties have actually, invested, a lot. Of money into training them and now, they're retired and often. Because, they are receiving, a public retirement. They. Cannot go back into that. Similar, kind of retirement plan if they, go into an educational. Plan, they. Can actually work, for a school, be. Trained. The school doesn't have to train them but, also they can learn and figure out where cameras, and different, security, pieces, need to be implemented. Within the schools because. Of their experience, in training and so, this is a pool of folks that. We can immediately put. Out without having to expend a great amount, of dollars and keeping, our schools and our school. Personnel safe as. Well set and the fact is that if, you have a teacher or you have a coach or you have somebody that's very adept only adept a lot of people don't, have anything they don't know what it looks like they, can't lift it but only adept, at weaponry. And guns and. Only. A small number you don't need that. Many, but we all learned a lot over the weekend or last week when you saw a man, that was properly, armed standing. Outside probably. Afraid to go in and now. It turns out that there were probably four of them, they. Don't love the students they don't know the students the teachers love the students and they want to protect those students the other thing is cost, the. School in Florida. Was so large Ric such, a big school you would have had to have a hundred one hundred and fifty guards I mean you would have had to have a lot of guards to, have that building properly, man then. You have an armed camp, whereas, doing. It like I think you're suggesting and, like many people in this room agree, with it, costs almost nothing I would actually give a bonus to every coach. Teacher, etc. Because they should go through training as good as they are they should go through a very strong. Strenuous. Training but I would like to give them a bonus so let's say you gave them a thousand. Dollar bonus, for the year and you'd. Have fifty or sixty of them in the school compare. That to paying, forty. Fifty sixty thousand. Dollars each where. The school's gonna get that kind of money somebody.

Suggested, Last night we're gonna harden, the doors we're gonna make it impossible to get in I said that's good, except. In one instance if the, killer gets in and he closes the doors and you can't get into the school, they. Said I never thought of that don't. Forget I was in the real estate business and when, you harden those schools you're not gonna get in but if they get in then. You're not getting in law enforcement is not getting it somebody. Else at all we have something, that we're working on what do you see the cost of these things smoke. Fills, into the school smoke. Or so, yeah we guys standing there with a weapon, and now he's, getting crazy, because there's smoke all over there all he's gonna do is shoot. Endlessly. He's, gonna go nuts this is another plan this. Is a new one I'm. Sure put out by some company that wants to make a lot of money smoke, is gonna fill the room and fill the hallways, that's. Not gonna help and then. Law enforcement, is going to go and fight through the smoke they're not going to know what they're shooting this, is a serious, plan I, think. I talk that particular, person out of it, but. I really, I do when you talk about hardening, the other thing is says harden you. Harden. Cost, to. Your schools and your communities, and the federal government will be, astronomical. When you start putting in main doors closing, other doors, changing. Hallways, around change you're. Talking about, hundreds. And hundreds, of billions of dollars and you can do it for nothing as, you. And myself and, our great governor from Texas, and others I think there are nine states that do it that way and they're thrilled. They're. Thrilled and you. Know what it says come on in folks come on in but they're not coming in because, they don't want to get shot look. At this guy Cruz. He. Leaves with. The students he tried to sneak away and I'll tell you one policeman who did a good job was the one that caught him a couple, of communities away, wasn't even Rick in that community I know all those communities, but it wasn't in that community sort of far away and. He said that's the guy I think that maybe did it based on a description and, he went out and he got him, now. They would have gotten him anyway I guess but, who knows how much more damage would have been inflicted, so. He did a great job look law enforcement, is great but, we, all learned something when we saw Peterson. Standing. Outside of that school he wanted no part of it he heard the power and he heard, probably. The, screaming, and the bullets and he. Wanted no part of it and then. Three other guys came to help they wanted no part of it I was. A terrible. Terrible. Job, the only worst job is that. They didn't NAB this guy early because he had 39, red flags that was a worse job, so. We I think we learned a lot but, if you don't have retribution if, you're not going to do something very serious, to these guys when they walk in they're going to keep walking in you're gonna have this all the time. You're. Gonna have it they have to know they walk in they're going to probably end up dead and if. They know they're gonna end up dead they're. Not going into that school. Question. Yes. Matt I. Don't. I don't beg. To differ with with, most of what has been said here but, most of what we're talking about are things that are. Costly. Have, monetary, cost I do. Think, it's important, for us to start at every level with, the Athiya office with our respective offices as well to, seize the bully pulpits, that we have to talk about the culture in this society. And. I would challenge those in the media who, would want to mock and ridicule this, and would. Want to say that anybody who advocates, for this to. Find some fault in that person, as a reason why that person should not be the one advocating. For a higher level of moral authority or, higher mores, to. Think twice because these are your children and grandchildren as, well and when. We mock and ridicule the. Very foundational. Principles, that this nation was built upon, where. You treat people the way you'd want to be treated where, you respect, human life where. You respect, the dignity of women and of children and of people who, we, have been creasing. Ly degraded, in our society, this. Culture, of death is becoming pervasive, and, if it's not addressed by, all. The imperfect people in this room with. A sense of purpose in a sense of aspiration I think. We're gonna see a continued, trajectory, that's not good, many. Things have not changed there, have always been guns and there, were fewer restrictions. There. Have always been guns and homes in fewer rules it, isn't to say that these rules and these restrictions are necessarily. Bad but. What has changed is. What, we do or don't do as it relates to acknowledging. The value and the dignity of every, human life and when, you couple that with the number of psychiatric, drugs that, are increasingly, systemic.

And That, have very severe, warnings. Associated with them related to depression and suicidal, thoughts you. Put all these things in a mess and no one among us is bold, enough or willing to step up and challenge the fact that this is a problem this. Is why it, goes unchecked, and I would call on you sir as I'm, calling on my fellow governors and myself to. Seize the opportunities. We have to, call America to, higher action, as it relates to our mores, good thank you thank, you man and that's why we're here and I, think you know I don't know if it's gonna be mentioned but you have to also look at videos they're vicious you look at some of these videos I mean I don't know what this does to a young kids mind somebody growing. Up and forming, and looking. At videos where people are just being blown away left and right the, Internet. Movies you. Look at these movies that are out today I see just by a commercial the level of, craziness. And viciousness. In the movies I think, we have to look at that too maybe, we have to put a rating system on that they have a rating system for other subjects, maybe we have to do a rating system for that but. It has to have an impact on it just says it doesn't take many minds if it was 1%, or less that's that's. A lot it's all it takes just takes one person to do tremendous. Damage so I think it's something we have to look at also, question. Yes, governor. Mr.. President. Again thank you for having us I approach this certainly. As a governor. My. Approach is as a gun owner that, 11 year old son got his first year this. Past fall he's a good boy, I approaches. As a victim I had a nephew. Shot and killed 11 year old on a playground, I. Approached. It as a parent. With. Three, young kids saying just, like every other parent grandparent we need to do everything we can to keep, our kids safe I think. Parenthetically, sometimes the language that we use can, help define some things that certainly.

Understand, The, idea of hardening, schools. But that seems like we're hardening, potential. Military targets. I think, we as leaders need to be saying we're gonna do everything we can to make that school safe for the kids I, think. That there are steps, and many of them you, begin to reference, that we could take that could make a difference, if we can look at this as a public health issue. You, mentioned, the next system we. Can improve, the instant check system and, we also know about a quarter, of the guns that are sold don't, even get into that system, so. A universal, background check, we, know that 10 percent of, our homicides, each year, are in intimate, relationships, so. The orders of protection the, domestic, violence making sure that's in NICs as. Governor Scott mentioned red, flag laws, making. Sure that law enforcement families. Have a way still. Using due process, to. Actually remove guns, from people that might be that imminent. Threat I applaud. You on bump stocks, that's one, of those things that there is no other reason and we could certainly look at the higher magazine. Capacity. As well, as one of those things that you probably don't need and. I encourage. You as you go on the path of looking, at what you can do in schools I used. To be Attorney General and ran the law Enforcement, Academy too and graduate. These peace officers each and every year I want, to make sure if somebody, is armed, in a school that, they have that training, that, we know that, he or she, it's. Much, more as I think you recognized and just carrying, concealed, that. They have that training that I as a parent can, say that this person under, pressure will, know what to do with, a firearm before we start introducing the. Firearms, in to, our schools I think we're at a unique hopefully, were at a unique moment where. Certainly. As I said you know 43, times since I've been governor been, asked to lower the flags 12, over the moon for mass shootings, in the last 5 years, it's. Almost on the one hand to the point that we're getting desensitized. But, on the other hand here is a moment where everybody's. Talking where. We can hopefully, start, saying what, could actually meaningfully. Impact, this not just for today but for, the future so thank you so much and I hope that those areas, you'll. Certainly, take. Both the bully pulpit, and the leadership in Congress thank you very much great points it was great being with you last night you mentioned, two, words under, pressure and, a. Lot, of people never really know what that means because you know they train a whole life look at Peterson, look. What he did in Broward. Where. He. Thought he was probably a, brave guy, but he wasn't a brave guy under pressure he. Choked and other people choked a lot of people choked in that case and. We. Have to, have. People trained we have to you know you have to have some. Kind of a budget where it works when, many, of the governor's happen, to you. Know like the idea of trained people within schools, but the press has to get the word out honestly for instance I went through a very detailed it could be 10 percent could be 5 percent could be 20 percent these, are really gonna deaf people. Very few people would qualify on. Top of being gun adept they have to go to. School and they have to learn and you know maybe there'll be a bonus given to those people and maybe there should be frankly, because they should go on a yearly, basis, to school they, start with training and then they have additional. Training every year and I think they should get a bonus but it's it's, a very small amount of money compared to what it would cost I think would be very effective but when, the press covered it the, headline was Trump wants, all teachers, to have guns Trump. Wants teachers to have gun I don't want teachers to have guns I want, highly, trained people that, have a natural, talent. Like. Hitting a baseball or. Hitting, a golf ball or putting how come some people always make the 4-footer and, some. People under pressure can't even take their club back right. Some, people can't take their club back and. You. Don't know what it is those, words are you know those words are hard to train for. But. You want to have the number of people where. People, know.

They're Gonna be think the, bad guy has to understand, that, there's a big price to pay when they mess around with our students you, can't just say oh we're gonna you know harden our schools we're gonna blow smoke into the rooms we're, gonna do all this stuff that is not going to work you. Have to let, people know that. They're gonna suffer the ultimate price and you, know what and I said it before you're not. Going. To have incidents. They're not going to do it because they're innately cowards, but I love what you said I agree very much with what you said a question. Governor fill. Mr.. President October the 1st of 1997. Luke Woodham 16 year old student came into Pearl high, school in Pearl Mississippi after, he had bludgeoned his mother to death that morning with, a 30-30, lever-action rifle. Killed two students, and began to shoot at others a vice. Principal. Who was an army reserve officer, went to his vehicle retreat, as 19. 11:45. And stopped. That shooter before he could kill other children, in, Pearl, Mississippi when. I heard you speak, of your idea, that was, the concept, I believed. In find. That army, serve, vice-principal. Give. Him the training he necessarily needs arm him, and stop, this madness. Thank, you for many, of these people are teachers too they retired, there twenty years in the Marines they can handle a weapon world, class. They. Don't even need the training but they should get it anyway everybody should have very strong training but. You, know you have many like general Kelly standing, back there I wouldn't, mind if he was a teacher. Like. Him to be our, teacher and if. He happened to be concealed, carrying, concealed, I feel, very good about that, that, to me is better and he's, on the set don't forget the other thing Phil there, on the site they're, not outside they're, not 20 minutes away in a police station where an alarm rings and they go and by, the time they get there they don't know the school they don't know the floozies people know everything intimately, I think. It works look I've been watching this for, I've. Only been doing this for two and a half years, after. That I was a civilian and I had a nice life I had, a very easy nice, beautiful life I actually got great press I was. The king of getting good press governor you know that was. Only what I did this that I got bad press but. But, you know what I've been watching this folks from a different slant. Many. Of you most of you have been politicians, for a long time I've. Been watching, you I've been watching everybody, for thirty years I've. Been watching this situation, nothing's, done it's, the same thing, nothing's. Done to have a meeting they, all go home two weeks later it's.

A Little bit sadly, and I hate to say it other, than the parents, who were so devastated and, the families, that are so badly affected, and the people that were hit you, know nobody, ever talks about the wounded they. Talk about the 17, dead but I've you, know I I saw people that were so. Rick, so seriously, wounded nobody ever talks the. Maniac, on the Westside Highway, that ran over eight people they keep saying he killed eight people, he. Just took. It's essentially, a park it's like a beautiful, stretch along the Hudson River that I know so well he's. Going down 80 miles an hour down the West Side Highway and he said hey look at those people I'm gonna turn it and he. Killed eight people what they don't talk about are the 14 people. That was devastated. They. Go to put themselves in shape and to work out and they're. Very proud and they, end up missing a leg and missing an arm. We're. Missing two legs and an. Arm and. Nobody. Ever talks about those people they talk about the people obviously, that. Died they don't talk about the people that are so devastated. And you, have that you have many people I saw a lot of those people you, know hopefully they're going to be okay. After a long time, in rehab but a, lot of them won't be and. We got to remember them - those, people are great people got to remember them - okay, how about one or two more. Yes. Governor. Again. Thank you I've enjoyed, hearing, from my fellow colleagues, of what's going on in their respective states, and. It. Reminds me this is a very complex, issue there's. No simple solution. Unfortunately. For us I think there's roles to play for the federal government some. Of the things you're proposing but. I think most of the solutions that come from the states, we. Have some states are doing things with arming personnel. Inside the school system, that they seem to think is working well I know. I'm, working with my legislature. As recently, as last night in talking about what is the cost for. Education. What is the cost you're a businessman, to do my business that's right some of that is in fact embedding. Law enforcement. Trained personnel, and whatever form or fashion you want it's going, to be an additional cost that's, the result of society, today how. We've got to this kind of society governor, Bevin and some of the things, that are desensitizing our, children, the, challenges, of life today and its complexities, who knows, but. I do believe this each state, is gonna have to find their own way. Based. On their own culture, based. On their own politics. Based, on their own unique demographics. And we'll learn from each other we'll find what works and will homogenize probably. Together but. The states these little pilot programs. That's the beauty, of our. Concept, of federalism in these states out there, finding solutions to the problems that a loopy, 'pl this, is the problem of today, safety. In our schools, I look, to learn from all of you as we tried our own way in Utah to, find a solution that's very critical and timely. Issue thanks. For your Thank You governor I appreciate it and you said something very important, the. States can do these. Various programs without. The federal government also and we're, there to help and we'll. Help monetarily, which is very important, because a lot of the school budgets especially, they don't have the money I mean where are they going to get the money to put a hundred guards, into the. School in parkland, I mean it's very tough, it's a tough situation, but. The federal government can help out but a lot of these solutions. That we talked about whether you agree, with me or you agree with somebody else you can do them, pretty. Much by yourselves, within your state. Like. Our. Great governor of Texas, Greg we, have, an attitude on, retribution. Because, I say the only way you stop it is retribution I don't, think you're gonna stop it by being kind I. Don't. Think you're gonna stop it at all you're gonna have problems but if a, state feels that way I say. You have to go and you have to do what you have to do I. Guess we have nine states, that are, doing what you're doing Greg, at least nine you know and some are coming and they're coming fast, but. The. States can do a lot of this work themselves.

I Can do most of it and we'll, back you up regardless, of what you want to do if you agree, or disagree with, the. State of Texas and other states that, do, it differently, I think. That's fine just go and do it yourself we will be there to help you no matter what your solution, is but. This is largely, a state, issue in, terms of that school. Security and in many cases it's a local issue, y

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So I wonder in FL how long it will be until People just run around saying they made a violent threat against me without any proof as another way for the government to grab guns

A father walk program in safety. Parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, along with teachers who have military, police, security background or license to carry. Could volunteer to petrol their own schools. If your family is in that school your going to be very vigilant. They could have background checks, special training. Only the office and teachers needs to know who they are. They could come dressed as janitors, kitchen help, lawn keepers, librarian, Hall monitor, teacher assistant, administrator ect. They could volunteer one day a month. parents who are not comfortable or have to work could start a fund and help raise money to hire a off duty office to take there turn.

no chips cards. it can be stolen, lost, or copied. A chip is just a company way of looking to make money. plus some child religion would reject that.

Governor of Washington, what a disgrace - just because he spoke with few teaches who were not interested in carrying, he assumes none of them are (which is not true). A teacher can carry his/her weapon outside for personal protection, but cannot at school? Madness. Gun free zones are indeed invitations to an open season.




So we shut down all gun shops and the gun running cartels at the border fill the demand void and get even stronger. Are you willing to build a wall or increase security there to stop them? Nope. Many people think it would be safer if drugs were legalized and regulated. Then at least we'd have a clue on the market. On guns, the Democrats want the opposite - to make them illegal and no longer subject to regulation, taxation, etc. A war on guns? Good luck with that.

The Geoffrey Giuliano Channel Okay, Hitler.

Too bad Trump can't fix crazy.


The Geoffrey Giuliano Channel Actually the Soviet Union already collapsed on its head.

Yes I like Trump too, but if you really study and watch all, you will find even him is deep state, 100% prove, he is still alive.

the Babe Ruth of bullshit, believe me

Get it done! ..Mr President!!

How deadly should weapons be that protect individuals????????? The answer is at least as deadly or more deadly then domestic terrorist weapons. If terrorists are domestic they have a great potential to be working with our volunteer tax money as you can observe. What ever is useful for protecting a massive cancerous government with endless promises and endless lies. SO TO SHOULD DEADLY WEAPONS PROTECT THE INDIVIDUALS. The more bullets at faster rate of speed is better. I love AR-15s even though we trained on Vietnam era AR-15s. This weapon is perfect for individuals and 9 mil standard side arm works. Yet individuals might need grenades soon the way some talk of militarizing our homeland like a 3rd world country. P.S. How much is enough protection to protect your family??? Is your faith in Government? Should you worship and glorify them??? Perhaps like the immortal pharo yes??? No Arm your families if bump stocks take them out the criminalsthen law uniting people must have them when NOT IN GOVERNMENT COSTUMES. When officials are costumed they should be equally armed or individuals should be more armed. Either way since people are in fact GOOD then GOOD PEOPLE Will help each other!!!! We will unite in the end We the people are the strongest force left on earth. We should never ever forget where we came from. And how difficult our freedom was to take. And just what liberties our men have died for. The problem with all these suggestions Mr President is We have not applied them to government because We have a bunch of insane overlords do all manner of crimes beyond human comprehention. With a government so huge and not firing half of them we need tons of protection FROM them and thier vampire ways. You know its about the Substance that they stole while the American people slept. Any way 3:15 am time for Bible reading. God Bless America Tell them to pry your guns out of your cold dead hands 300+ million times. Thanks good day!

Rick Scott is like a 14 year old girl. Hes old perhaps we will attend his funeral soon. Florida's wont find it so sad. What, Rick Scott you are not only a homosexual you are a dangerous bald homosexual. You also are a freaking complete lunatic. Good psycology comes from your Bible you absolute IMBICILE. And you are danger to free people with your psudo-law. The solution is teach your OWN children and don't rely on Government Indoctrination Camps! GIC schools... Ohh Good Lord our government is a bunch of Freudian lunatics. Lord Help us all. WOW... these people need to be investigated. We must do thourogh background checks to FIRE and filter these LUNATICS out of our government. We have had known PEDOFILES in HIGH LEVELS of GOVERNMENT. Individuals must be armed to ritetously kill pedofiles if they purpotrate thier attacks. The warning sign is Dennis Hastart former speaker of the house!!!! What other wierd ass pedofiles are working in our government???? Or selling heroin or printing endless money or on and on and on. Im concerned about American individual people!!!! Period. Government costumed agents can eat glass as they deserve. Individuals need freedom from the endless lies and usurpations. Schools??? What about GOD and our FLAG??? The stripes NEVER FORGET OUR STRIPES!!!! Armed individuals. We MUST First reduce government by way of firing and filming them with cameras. Second we must train these homosexuals the rules of protection and engaugement. Courts and actual due process not Kangaroo courts or worse they kill in the street with out question? If the killer is government who will be hard against them????? Law enforcement must be trained this is who needs hardening. Yet more so we must fire the bosses. We delete endless laws then all of a sudden law enforcement is great again. Defining mental health is terrible when attaching it to guns. Good people have good guns these people would immidiately immidiately put some one down. Armed Americans are terrifying to criminals because they are NOT identifiable!!!!!!!!!!!! The enemy is not identifyable many times as well. Few are bad many if not most are GOOD. Consider moms and dads consider empowering them not stripping the implied rights. We MUST practice and teach GUN SAFETY!!!! We must not say guns are good for government yet they are not good for GOOD PEOPLE. You cannot stop the crazy individuals or government without armed individuals. Or foriegn invaders. If you must indoctrinate children do so with the Bible. Not by promising FAKE SAFETY. We cannot legally provide safety. Train gun safety not train government to be the mommy and daddy!!!!! This is dividing families and ends very very badly. You do not want a 3rd world country here. Promote individual arms.. yet Im starting to get it this is because of leftists. Lord God Almighty help us all!!!! Train our individuals, promote individual arms mabye by 2020 we can be free and have liberty!!!! And some thing that resembles leadership. Yes 30 years promote individual arms and just pretend like some one else did it. This might be good lying. Please stop selling heroin this is bad lying. Stop selling weapons over seas and arming the enemy. Promote individual constitutional carry. Military are the best. Cops should perhaps be ex military. Military is the best for subduing the enemy. Yet not this federal DHS or other garbage. Remember 300+ million arms when people see the bad ones the more armed individuals will illuminate them swiftly. Any kid should not have arms in school because the parents must be around when kids fire arms. Teachers and governments and TV and android phones are not parents. God Bless you'se guys!! Please reconsider your words. People are good it is in the law far before your silly gentile and fools law!!! Pagan law is for pagans real law comes from your father in heaven. We might not always know what he wants but we damn sure better figure it out, some how or some way!

My suggestion is how to respond to a terrorist or someone who enters safe spaces both inside and outside schools with the intention of killing someone at random, including himself.

i like trump but my ass bump stocks were used what a load of shit

Some of these governors states are billions of dollars in constant debt. Such sorry leaders. They don't know how to handle money.

No God, No Peace

Homeschool your children, and protect them from the Enemy

Great President! But didn't the psychiatric drugs make people crazy?


What about smart response?!

Sally Frederick Tudor is celebrating success! To show my support for the wonderful work that the N.R.A. does for all of us American Patriots and helping us to keep our The Second Amendment rights!


With democracy, functioning for everyone to see, fake news,becomes redundant, positive results make efficacious leadership, evident,my salutation

What a tool

But there aren't really that many kids killed I'm school I don't think. So we don't need gun control not anymore that is we need less they take away peoples guns for getting into an argument with somebody.

329,999,999 Mental Patients

"Look at these hands"! -Donald John Trump



BOOOO This Suxxxxx

President Donald Trump is the best!

How embarrassing, I am watching Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker sitting there chewing his nails. He needs to be more professional and engage in the conversation.

Trump, Who Cited Bone Spurs To Avoid Military Service, Claims He Would Have Fought Off Parkland Shooter Without A Weapon “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” Trump has previously expressed disgust for seeing blood, saying that “it’s just not my thing.” “I’m not good for medical. In other words, if you cut your finger and there’s blood pouring out, I’m gone,” he told radio host Howard Stern in 2008. In the same interview, he went on to describe a charity event at his Mar-a-Lago resort, during which he looked away when a man fell off the stage and started bleeding. “He was right in front of me and I turned away. I didn’t want to touch him … he’s bleeding all over the place, I felt terrible,” Trump said. “You know, beautiful marble floor, didn’t look like it. It changed color. Became very red.” FRAUD. FAKE. FAILURE.

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Amen, President Trump, Vice President Pence, and this Administration offer 'Results!' like no other. Thank you and God bless! Trump 2020!

Mr .president..i waiting india

Public Service Announcements ... metal detectors, school cops/ vets(they need jobs, they are patriots, and they are not going to fold under pressure), surveillance, one entrance/exit. all go through detectors. This is usual in urban schools.

FL with corrupt Sheriff Israel is going to give the monies to Sheriffs to distribute??!!

"It's not simply enough to take action that make us feel like we're making a difference. We must actually make that difference." - Mike Pence One of the wisest things ever said.

I president

Trump wishes he were a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. But Trump isn't Close to being as Rich as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Money Wise, Trump is a nothing compared to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Trump will be remembered as a Braggart Bully who grabbed Pussies.

Great speech by our POTUS.. Thank you Jesus for our President.. I didn't see Jerry Brown ?

If the age to own a gun should be 18, the age to buy a drink should also be 18. Like why is this even a question? Both should be 18!

I will support you Donnie ,I’m one of the murderers ,rapists ,so call drug dealers -you referred to when you started your campaign but anyway. You make it so hard to believe anything you say.!youbhave a good message but then you always have to go back to negative about Barack Obama it makes you look so petty and insecure. Nobody is disputing who the president is , You Are my presidents. I try so hard to have faith in you but I just can’t tolerate the exaggerations. For What it’s worth ,you act like my father, identical you’re a likable guy, business man. Donnie you just discriminate against So many AMERICANS. Mr. Obama was an excellent president. I am sure you can be a excellent president if you just left behind the stereotypes . Deathwish, 1, 2 and 3 were kick ass movies in the 70sand 80s. You’re likable guy Donnie you just make it so easy for people to hate you because you won’t , you won’t be sincere.. I’m rooting for you Mr. President, because if you fail we all fail and nobody wants that. For what it’s worth, More guns is not the answer. Gun reform is the president is your key to reelection. Right now Mr. President they are repairing that school in Florida with not bulletproof glass not special locks that need a special key to open but the cheapest material Mr. President. They don’t care about our kids Mr. President so you have to for everybody. Minimum those kids to know that they’re behind bulletproof glass Mr. President Pretend your grandchildren went to that school in FLORIDA mrs President. God bless you, God bless America,#realDonaldTrump

As long as NOT Sheriff Israel overlooking anything because more kids will die.

When local cops fail under Democrats upholding Obama's legacy Americans get forsaken. It's time for Federal School Marshals alike Federal Air Marshals for our schools when Democrats forsake children of America.

Why do we even need guns? Just take out the 2 Amendment, make some changes in the constitution. We already have police for our protection. I mean this so stupid...!!!! If everyone wants gun then why do we have police for?To give driving tickets!!?? No one should be armed neither teachers nor any civilians. We are mot living in 18th century anymore. Repeal the 2 Amendment!!!!!!!

Parth Parikh The American answer to "Why do you even need a gun?" is: None of your business. Free country - I can say, do and buy what I want and I'm willing to live with the consequences of extraordinary freedom. You want to live in an ant farm? There's Cuba right there for you, 90 miles away. On the issue of police: Ask black people if they trust the police. The Republicans fought for over 100 years to give black Americans the right to own a firearm just like anyone else. To take that away now is very controversial. It is believed by Americans that the right of self defense is a normal human right. You shouldn't have to alert the government and then wait for them to show up when you're under imminent danger. And not everyone lives in cities which explains why rural people support guns much more than urban people. Also, changes to the Constitution require a very serious majority across the states. President is Republican, both Chambers of Congress are Republican, 5/9 of the Supreme Court are Republican and something like 30 to 35 of the 50 state governors are Republican. I see no realistic prospects for repeal at this time.

Bad idea by Rick Scott throwing money at a problem, unless the $500mil will be used to pay for CCW and weapons training for competent teachers and staff.

Matt is spot on!!!

Appreciate the Gov who spoke at 51:! Lucky state (Matt Bevin? Kentucky?)

Law enforcement needs to do its job!

Who was that last moron that had to mention tweeting? How is that relevant?


I think violent subject matters desensitise ppl to a certain extent, but the governor Matt is right about the psychotropic drugs. This country is being over medicated to calm ppl down. I was an overly energetic kid and today they would probably lable me A.D.D, but that's how u grow and become responsible. Not drug these kids

Mental illness is caused more from the poisoning in our water, food air and medication that exacerbates and causes more symptoms and illness ftom the same medication thats supposed to help the current illness. But we know its only a band aid and a way for them to further poison the population. Clean that sick swamp and you've then mostly cured all other mental or other deadly illnesses!!!!

That Washington Governor who just lectured the President and didn't listen to the President re professional armed respondents in schools and put it like a kindie teacher was going to have to "pack" a weapon. Interesting "packing heat" same language that false reporter uses. This Governor needs to go. He's a swamp creature and its obvious. Get rid of him President Trump.

Actually I'm a suffering "chemo" brain at this time being Stage 4 Cancer, so please forgive my inability to remember the Govenors name. I am usually quite adequate at remembering. But, alas today, I am bed bound and angry at listening to Washington Governor twat on. And no I am not American, but Australian, but probably know a lot more about the USA than many Americans themselves. One part of my knowledge is that the swamp needs to be drained, much of the world relies upon the USA and its nationalism which has been eroded by the Clintons, Bushes and Obama. Let us pray that President Trump can bring about Godly changes that allow the Constitution to be respected again. :)

Adela Lyle 2 NEWS you are clearly not an American

No chip card!! Unless they are left at the exit door when students leave the school and then sign in and pick up the chipped card upon entering the school. Because its a gps device and we all have a right to privacy. So no one should potentially be tracked when school is out! Mr President. This is a concern of any unnecessary tracking, potential or otherwise!

Not even Americans want to buy chevrolet. They only do because they are broke

Impeach Trump

AlexTheGamingFan.... Oh geeze kid. I've seen you on the White House channel before. You don't even know why you don't like him. Please go educate yourself.

That douche bag from Washington can suck it. Totally disrespectful.

Eat shit and die asshole

Yes ,as children growing up we were protected from things, children are innocent and we need to protect their innocent. To many children are on the internet, games and other things left unchecked at what they are doing.

I think that every COUNTY from each STATE has the area where is more violent. So, in each one of these #REDFLAGS schools has to have the X-ray backpacks & shoe machines. It has to be just like in the airports. Its gonna take a little more time for maybe 2000 children get inside of the classrooms, but then there will not be ANY KIND OF MISTAKE like this sad episode that happened.

This was a Damn waste of a Political Conference/Meeting President Trump no matter WTF he said It was mostly Agreeing to Disagree with President Trump I F*** hate most of our Governor's, they have there heads so far up there ASS a sad disgrace

Loved seeing the common sense being spoken here and hearing only a very small amount of...well I guess you'd call it liberal jibberjabber



Aunt Geek which one will be eager to shoot an armed child?

An unused police car which parks at the entrance of a school, shopping mall, or any soft target location is a good deterrence to any lone shooter except JFK, MLK, or RFK assassins.

May the Lord protect our President and his Cabinet!! The Deep State is not happy that little by little more Americans are noticing that he's not the monster the Dems and the corrupt media portrayed. This man is working hard for all of us without getting paid. God Bless America and Donald J Trump!!!!!!!!

only one smart man in the room, less tweeting more listening


Start taking their pensions away.

I'm from FL and I do not want more regulations on are weapons and more responsibilities on our police officers. Not when we can arm good qualified people who are willing to volunteer.

"North Korea wants to talk" ??? !!! ??? !!!!!!!!! NICE MOVES, MR. PRESIDENT.

NK wanted to talk to Clinton, and did. Then they proceeded to advance their nuclear ambitions with American money!

Pence, please sit down, and shut the f..k up.

Trump's plan is the best. Arm the teachers.

I guess now all the shooters will go to Washington State

Straight talking great man!

I wonder how many libtard, or demoncrap governors were there?

I counted 1, the douche from Washington.

Gov. Scott, wake up! Thank God for president Trump!

Best Potus ever. Every goddamn speech is spot on. Tough guy, Don't mess with him. Top leader.

Whats the temperature in Russia right now?

India is a cunt in the world. Period. Get these fucking assholes out of the our country. We owe them nothing.

Whatever you do in your states, even if you disagree with me, we will support you! That's a true leader. A bigoted Obama woulda been like "it's my way or the highway."

rick scott you are a fool putting a massive police presence in a school wont help. Their cowards that do not respond and are only worthy of eating their pistols.

Mr. Trump, social security keeps a false diagnosis of skitzophrenic when 3 doctors have said its PTSD -- which it is. Completely criminal, and I ain't going to put up with it anymore. I have multiple physical disabilities as well, and even though I've had all the proper medical documents for years it's still not on my report, just that I'm a schizophrenic. Absolutely criminal! Financial terrorists. Along with criminal law enforcement, which is who they are trying to cover for. This can not, and WILL NOT be tolerated any longer. You can send anybody you want to send. But prepare their mommies for them never returning, before you do...cuz they ain't. Had enough of you fuckers! ???




Let's get started! Get your Trump 2020 bumper stickers, shirts, buttons, etc! 8 years!

What about the witnesses at the Parkland school who reported seeing shooters in military gear?


Well done Mr Pres

Only felons can be denied gun rights. You can't proactively take someone's guns without violating the constitution. You'll not get our guns and it would be foolish to try.

F*ck Mike Pence.....He is a globalist traitor who supported the TPP and stealth immigration. Trump needs to watch his back around this scumbag.

This Isreal clown and his deputies turned out to be "all hat and no cattle".


Please Mr. President, do something with the criminal censorship on YT and everywhere its out of control And Unconstitutional. Why How is this going on HERE?? You have EARNED my trust along with countless others.They have to be stopped. Thank You again Sir! It's a mess We know but we are grateful .


These Democrat governors have huge delusions of grandeur. Their Liberal mindset has completely eroded all logical reasoning. Absolutely terrible, that some of those men are in charge. Total shame.

The cop who stood outside while the kids were being murdered is a "FINE" example of a republ$CUNT in action. GOP=HEROS in their own minds and supreme race...LMAO!!!

~~~~~~~BUNCHA WHITE N$GGER TRAITORS==================================================================================WHITE N$GGER'S====LIARS, RACIST D$CKLICKERS, WAR PROFITEERS, BULLIES, CHILD MOLESTERS, TAX EVADERS, SEXUAL PREDATORS, PERVES and the WILLINGLY STUPID KOCH boy S$CKERS. America needs no Enemies when we have a ready made crew of "republ$CUNT~WHITE N$GGER TRAITORS SH$THOLING AMERICA SINCE 1968."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally psychotropic drugs have been mentioned.

Thank God for our AMAZING President Donald Trump and vice President Mike Pence

Bumpy Trumpy iffin yer not directly dirty in the RUSSIAGATE then yer SO F$CKIN CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT that SEEING U BENT OVER in LEAVENWORTH takin a big BLK one hard n dry will bring alot of folks a smile or two. NEW REALITY SHOW see the WHITE N$GGER TRAITORS in the White House and the republ$CUNT party take it HARD n DRY in the LEAVENWORTH!!!

Do not ban or restrict ANYTHING. Not guns, not media not even Bump stocks. It sets precedent to what is not a logical or statistical based position, only an uneducated emotional one. - Gun violence mortality rate from it does not even crack top 30. To which shootings make up only an incredibly minuscule portion of. - Gun violence mortality is not a growing problem. In fact, it has been steadily DECLINING for years despite the number of guns increasing. - All rifles, include non semi-automatic ones, do not even make up 3% of those mortalities. And those rifles make up more than a third of the countries guns, around half of which are semi-automatic.They are also some of if not THE most popular home defense and hunting firearms. - None of the gun control laws would have changed anything. Even pro gun control advocates that tried to study the issue by going over every case came to that conclusion. - You have a better chance of dying from choking on your food then dying in a mass shooting. To quote Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." You were elected to give us back freedom not take it away.

I'm ashamed of my cowardly governor in Washington state. This states politicians are all money grubbing Clinton Democrats.

What about metal detectors?

America has turned into a standing joke, there is nothing happening other than disasters. There is a clown standing as a president and everyone believes he will bring wisdom. No. He won't. All they want is more money. Giving teachers guns is the most retarded idea ever. How is it safe for a teacher to have a gun when someone could steal it? There will be gunfights across classrooms. Thats not a teachers job. You gave guns to police is that not enough? With all that money and $600 billion you spend every month on the military can you not put instant police reports from all schools? Even now you are cowardly avoiding responsibility and hiding behind all your supporters. No, you will not end evil. You will never end it. You have gun shops in almost every state and you say you will end evil? Building a massive wall between Mexico and America is ending evil? No it fucking isnt. What is happening in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Palestine? Millions dying and nothing is happening. Dont say that has nothing to do with America and that they shouldnt deal with it. They Loved Syria. All the oil and natural gases in the soil disappeared into thin air did it? The jewels and rare rocks disappeared from the mountains into thin air? Shut up. You are not doing anything. You are fighting with your own countries freedom. On one front you have north korea on another front you have the middle eastern conflict and then finally your own country to manage. Which one you doing first? North Korea? You want to talk to NK? They wont do anything! Give over them, focus on more important topics. Another issue is the Mental illness Institutions. There is no difference between an institution an asylum and a prison. Why are people getting scared and depressed? Cause the freedom they was promised didnt come. People are scared to go shopping. 6 year olds are scared of going to school. And dont tell me you can't change the constitution and remove guns cause it is too late. Background checks dont stop anything. That shooter in the hotel had no record whatsoever but somehow he killed loads of people. What are u doing huh?

What a difference a GOOD PRESIDENT makes!

Now I get it after reading these comments, not relinquishing those guns meant for own safety not giving a shit to other American casualties, All these shouting about PATRIOTISM, USA, US, AMERICA. In actual it all goes to everybody for himself

Arming a teacher with a gun? Is this guy sane? Your PRESIDENT? OMG!!!! If the teacher were to shoot. God bless him, I mean the teacher not Donald Duck

In simple terms, Trump is a pampered and arrogant person. When seeking ideas and solutions (not his forte),jumping into conclusions hastily to show that he is smarter than the whole room fearing someone might claim the credit before him. In a sense, he is exposing his fear and weakness when he repeatedly brags about being the "best" by constantly stepping over his predecessors and "the world has ever seen" Being an smart Alex spurting it out before fine tuning the intricate mechanics, claiming it to be his brilliant idea and pointing the finger whenever things go awry. His hastiness is very obvious in his flip flop decisions. Another gesture shows his immaturity and personal problem solving and thoughts by tweeting when alone without his advisers, wanting the world to weigh in by his thoughts or decisions immediately. Thinking that he would not be held responsible in private tweets but claiming it official as he has let known. Words of a President? Pertaining to White House decisions or announcement by tweets? Is he going to clarify which is personal social tweets and which is official? Immaturity and irresponsibility is apparent. To sum it up, working with him is a haunting experience, expecting immediate solutions to cover up his hasty mis-remarks on viagra, hoping not to be back stabbed or trodden, with the word "you are fired" ringing in your subconscious mind.

Yes... Yes... Yes... Not only is President Trump making America Great Again... Hes going to keep it Great with another run and win the next election in 2020 Yes Yes Yes...

I think they brought up a good point in remarking that we should take a few steps back & take a few lessons from the past [I mean, more innocent times] & RE-EVALUATE OUR RATING SYSTEM ON TV SHOWS, COMMERCIALS &/OR MOVIES & THEIR VIOLENT SCENES BEING POUNDED INTO OUR CHILDREN'S MINDS & SUB-CONSCIOUS!!! I'm afraid, we've gotten in over our heads & too loose with rules preventing or slowing a natural progression of men / children; pushing back a warmer heart & scattering the ideals & human moral codes. We're are going to have to go back in time to reestablish what's more important - the joys of life or killing each other for the sport of it or because we're different! ~ Peace!

The cost? Pretty easy! I think Colorado solved their education costs with taxes from marijuana. As a matter of fact, legalized marijuana creates plenty of revenue! Time for this country to take the item that already has a Federal patent and go public with it, make it legal and give those gun training bonuses to teachers!


to question this man's competence is grounds to question your question...

Governor of Washington looks like a fucking jobber.


We all have to change from the inside out! In every school sharing Bible Truths: Love, Truth and Grace, and... responsibility, hell and brimstone as well probably! The “science” Psychology is only 100 years old and it mostly does not work!! I often saw more damage of that Sigmund Freud, the sick starter of only ‘soulish’ - senses, what you see, hear, feel... Gods Word goes to the root, and taking responsibility about your ‘emotions’: body, soul AND spirit, 1Tess5:23

I was a public healthcare err was , prior to disabling injury, Anyway, there are public health non-violent communication courses, that would be beneficial for people/ gun owners to take to learn the triggers behind violent out bursts. Men feel did dis-empowered in today lopsided culture. I am just arguing with a gentleman in MD over me being pro-Trump and in his argument he makes a reference to being ex-military and has an AR-15 in response to our discussion. But it just restores his sense of 'being a man' in protecting his family, restores his sense of manliness, not all of us have fat bank-accounts, condos that make women's panties drop. I am disabled recovering from horrible accident, women just laugh at me, the inverse to when you pre-President Trump, celebrity Trump walks in a room and women's panties drop. Professional women need to realize they may be the bread winner and change their view on dating and how that changes the game socially. Traditionally women only marry up, meaning only marry men who make more $ then them. Ladies that needs to change that, this isn't 1884. Everybody wants to give you a hand-up, meanwhile men struggling to take care of themselves and family, just get kicked-down by everybody around them, and it's called far competition.

Trump's life should be extra protected (especially the neck) when Uranus is at 4-5 degrees Taurus (more or less). The move into the Constellation of Taurus begins this May -- but the transit will be in full effect and aspecting Melania's Sun (men in her life) in Taurus beginning mid 2018 through early 2021 at circa 4-5 degrees in the Constellation of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for that particular degree is: " 4-5 deg Taurus -- A Widow At An Open Grave." Please pass this message on.

Hopefully no one will show up for this farce of a business session. trump's a JOKE of a President!!!!!!

So glad we don't have that Child toucher Joe pedophile as our vice president anymore.

How to make schools safe again...? That is not rocket science. Take Mom out of the work force and put Mom back into the home to be real Mother not a hobby Mother. Put Satan and all false religions out of the schools and give God back His rightful place in the school system and place the Ten Commandments on the walls of the halls. Dispose of the high pressure scholastic expectations and let kids learn at their own pace and reward the kids for their accomplishments instead of demeaning them for their short comings. Return that thing called recess to the school day. Do away with unnecessary and harmful vaccinations which only dumb down the kids and offer zero protection form dis-ease. Return the board of education back into the hands of the parents and teachers. Build schools that do not look like prisons. No cell phones allowed during class hours. Schools were not hostile environments in the 50's and they do not be to be so today.

President Trump, a blueprint for future Presidents.

sounds like another gun grab circle jerk. we wouldn’t have these issues with concealed constitutional carry nationwide & stop gunfree zones. an armed society is a polite society. all this bs is infringement of the right to bear arms. the ratio of rational gun owners to psycho shooters is a million to one.

First they will go down the road of mag capacity and then when they realize a person who trains themselves to kill loads of soft targets will simply carry more guns or learn to quickly swap mags essentially simulating a higher mag capacity then it will be that we need to ban the semi-auto. Instead of looking at the amount of deaths consider the amount of shooters, in a year you have 1 maybe 2 kids that go the way of mass shooting. In the last two decades almost everyone of those kids have one of two things in common. No father in the home or they were on medication or both. Even if you employ the gun restriction on mental health folks, they will instead go to some place with knives or some other fast killing mechanism. In China for example they have a 100% gun control policy, and instead people do mass stabbings. In one case 300 people got stabbed in the subway. At least with a gun you can hear the source and know to run. The clear solution for school shootings and the only solution would be arming exceptional individuals to be marshals and then placing that sign saying this is not a gun free zone and individuals on campus are armed. The Colorado theater shooter for example skipped 8 closer theaters to go to the 9th only because that one was the closest to him that was a "Gun Free Zone". In another case the Texas Church Shooter he walked into a gun free zone but his rampage stopped as soon as the second gun arrived on the scene to which he also later died from wounds. In US history no NRA member has ever committed a mass shooting but they have been responsible for ending them or dying trying to end them. That the NRA receives so much criticism is like the ending of a tragic hero story. You save everyone's life but everyone hates you.

What a rambling idiot!!!!! So educated & articulate!!! lol

school vouchers, revenue neutral, students actually receive an education, avoid dnc propaganda and pc culture, parents get to choose, which the DNC hates. Private schools do not have school shootings.


TRUMP 2020




this foo crazy


This LYING SOB has the nerve to say that he would have went in that school unarmed to confront the shooter. He is a LUNATIC and his suggestion to arm teachers could is as idiotic as his fake tan and haircut. WORST PRESIDENT EVER ... IMPEACH !

Did you even graduate? 130 kids have died in school shootings since the 90s. Couldve been a hell of a lot less if staff had a way to defend people. What about that coach who died shielding students? What if he could fire back? He couldve saved lives including his own. According to the CDC 500k-3M lives are saved every year by lawful gun owners. 12-18k are murdered each year. And i wonder how many of those deaths are due to law enforcement not enforcing the law like what happened in Florida. And people like you dont want to hold them accountable for failing to enforce the law, rather you want MORE laws, rather than expecting and dare i say DEMANDING law enforcement be held to a higher standard and not get away with not doing their jobs. And on top of that you want to strip everyones basic right to self defense away from them. Its just insane. Grow up kid, realize your'e being used and played.

"Any normal adult" ... hahaha ... we had hundreds of school shootings ... how many times did an unarmed adult enter the school ? Did you graduate from Trump University?

C. A.M. any normal adult who cares about kids woild have. He also said the governors would have. Calm down.

Building a house in Mexico with materials from United States cost 10% sales tax + 16% vat tax = 26%, thats a lot of money to build a house in Mexico, + $1000 a year for long term land lease, if you want fee simple or own the land, lawyer cost is min $12,000, i have been there tried that, there is a lot of americans in San Falippe , there is a recession there for the last 10 years, many people have lost most of the value in their homes, i looked at lots of homes that cost above $500,000, all right on the beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez.



Trump for 2020 , an honest caring man. Left can't get past honesty.

p.s. no DACA, send them all back, they can learn about there own country. they had to learn about America didn't they ?

I will be signing up with the NRA again with a 5 year commitment, i am also boycotting Denny's for running CNN 24/7, 3-years now. also voting out all rinos, i'll take an honest liberal over a lying Republican.

The subject is Treason by our President and most if not all of his cabinet. The “Proof” is abundant it is just a matter of acquiring the evidence in such a way as to have it hold up in a court of law. All of Trumps defense is based on loop holes and slander.


What a BULLSHIT artist!

gov should not raise children!

Criminals will always find a gun. Common sense stringent controls are  a must for the average citizen. We have a right to defend ourselves and our own. I feel a mandatory test should be taken for skill in handling the gun, safe keeping, etc. The citizen pays for the test and doesn't get one until he passes the test. No more 5 questions and you have a gun. Many hunters use  the gun recklessly and should be retested. We have to renew our auto licenses...why not a gun?

Where in the Bible says that "In the last days the bad will be good....and the good will be bad...?" Our POTUS Mr. Donald J. Trump left his good life of comfort just to free us, the citizens of the USA, from the horrific NWO and from the spooky illegals, and yet... he and his good helpers are so criticized...???? THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT TRUMP. Most people are your followers and back you up 100% MAGA 2020

Mirenita Mia that’s not what it says or means. Isaiah 5:20 ‘Woe to those WHO CALL evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.’ It’s referring to the fact that social righteousness is NOT good in the eyes of God just because public opinion says it is. God does not change and there is no shadow of turning in him. Sin is still sin! Public opinion says, oh homosexuality is loooove. No, it’s sin. It’s perversion and still an abomination in the eyes of God. Public opinion says, ‘those who denounce homosexuality are haters and evil, but the opposite is true. Calling evil good and good evil. Shacking up and fornication is still evil. Oh, but we looove each other! Really? Love him or her so much that you chose to defile their body and curse ya’lls relationship by not waiting until you’re married to have sex? Again, calling evil good. Guns are bad and killing is evil. Murdering is evil but sometimes killing is necessary. I will not try to have a conversation with someone trying to murder me, hoping to change their mind. I hope to stop them dead in their tracks before they do so to me. Liberals say Trump is evil because he is racist because he doesn’t want our country overrun by leeches. Really? The Bible even mentions not giving water to the countries trying to destroy you. Why will you give them strength to destroy you? I hope this cleared it up for you. As for Trump? #TRUMP


Trump ego, LOL finding it normal.

the #1problem with background checks is that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL... UNALIENABLE...CANNOT BE INFRINGED UPON.... if this fails to stop them passing such illegal thoughts, who police's the process to secure it away from becoming weaponized.... this is rhetorical...none can secure this hence the purpose for the UNCONSTITUTIONAL labeling...

Regarding Pence, the top priority needs to be the removal of all Uncostitutional laws, protocols, personnel, and precedents from our government past and present to secure our Great American Future. Take care of this, and the balance will rapidly fall in line...

Ok, so if bumpstocks are full auto weapons, then logic follows that while they’ve been available, there have been no real problems, excluding Las Vegas, which no one will release info on.

I've cared for mentally ill for years. They have a caregiver for 2 to four. Our elderly have a caregiver for 13- 18. The mentally ill get there own homes while the elderly are put in institutional nursing homes. Our elderly pay for their care while mentally ill have spend downs to make sure they keep getting the same amount next year. It is do wrong!

Love our President! He will learn Scott Walker is a puke. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt. But Scott is like the snake who says , Take me in! I hope someone close warns him. Maybe he is just keeping his enemies closer!

Lets get our youth off the violent games they play and the murders on TV every 29 seconds for a start....thats your liberal agenda folks and they wonder why we are violent, let along the movies...and HBO, thats the real story!

Trump is an ineffective leader.

WHY IN THE F.... would the governor of Washington announce that his schools are gun free???  What if another NUT CAKE like Nik Cruz living in Washington State hears these comments and gets the same idea ???

I am pro-Trump from the beginning, but it does need to be clarified that some people go into the massacre with suicide as their last act. These people don't fear a hardened, well armed school. The security of anything takes time because everything has a "backdoor" as they say in the computer programming world. Surveillance cameras with drones firing pepper spray, tazers or even shock grenades would be an additional deterrent. As for the cowardly cops, well placed cameras with viewing accessible from outside the building, would not only empower law enforcement, but also assist those inside the building in moving about  the building to a safe exit. Arming inclined employees of the school, sending video signals throughout the school to both faculty and law enforcement, and the use of remotely triggered shock grenades in areas where the perpetrator is located can buy time for student/employees to escape, but also stun the perpetrator enough to implement an attack on ONLY the area of danger. Changing the gun law age to 18 is not an idea I agree with, since the military uses and has even drafted 18 year olds. I do think an age of 21 would be more appropriate. Not all those with a mental illness are dangerous to others or themselves. In fact, being in a rage is being distanced from reality. That's why it is often referred to as "going mad". A depressed mother over the loss of her new born should not live in fear because she can't protect herself, all because she is grieving. People with a documented propensity for violence should not own guns. But not all mental illnesses are the same nor are they equal in their capacity for antisocial behavior, lack of empathetic feelings for their actions towards others, and their relentless intent to act on them.

trumps a boss!!!! so strong

What a worm !

I wanted to let the whit3 hous3 KNOW that ALTHOUGH I'm getting notifications on youtube When i click on no video over a week noW just type iN THE WHITE HOUSE

Don the Con lying his ass off again.

The only thing “gun free zones” do is deliver the sheep to the slaughter. The second amendment allows everyone to concealed carry. All other laws are null and void.

Donald J Trump is Captain America, restoring faith in America from coast to coast. #MAGA


At exactly 7:17 in the Sarah Feb 27, 2018 and 5:34 while waiting for Sarah, the press could be heard prior to Sarah starting, insulting our President, TURN off the microphone abilities for these news people to hold up their microphones and dictate to the rest of the room BEFORE THE PRESS CONF. starts, unless this is on purpose than great job, if not, there is a huge problem here. Dont know how to tell WH and Sarah directly so hope they get this, pass it on.

Given the fact that self defense is an alienable right, I fail to see where the government could stop a teacher from arming themselves if they were inclined to do so. I guess if a school accepts block grants, they are at the mercy of the federal government and if the teachers want to work in these publicly funded schools, they too are subject to federal law, which evidently ignores our 2nd Amendment rights? If the teachers in this school had a few guns handy, Mr. Cruz could have been stopped right away. Instead, the teachers had to use their own bodies as armor to protect their students. Heartbreaking, indeed.

That's why Trumper won. Great President who still talks about fixing trade AFTER the election! Bring the jobs! Thank you Mr. Prez!

God bless you my President. Along with putting guns in school. Can we also bring God back. Or at least not make it illegal to speak of God.

What is this push on Bumpstocks? It was only used in the Vegas Shootings, no others. I did not vote for Trump to limit Firearms or accessories in any way!

So many bots in here

Talk to North Korea? About what?

Gotta love the governor of Washington (40:00) who said "Maybe a little less tweeting...more listening" ! When Trump does a Q&A with intelligent, articulate people like this, the contrast is even more startling. The Emperor has no clothes! At (51:45) a governor takes Trump to the woodshed for cheapening the public discourse. Trump didn't even seem to notice the comment was primarily directed at him. Trump responds by ranting about how we need a rating system for films (already exists), and blaming video games, NOT semi automatic weapons. Archie Bunker lives!

Yeah he has a big heart alright, FOR THE RICH!!!!

I'm Canadian and I disapprove this message !

The President is showing practical common sense on this school safety issue. Governor Inslee does not come across as being as rational as President Trump does on this question of marksman teachers in classrooms. Inslee was twisting what the President was saying. The idea of motivated, expert teachers who are willing to keep a weapon handy in case of need is a very good idea. In fact it is consistent with first aid principles: remove the hazard is rule #1.

Wake UP. Democrats wants your guns for one reason. The Same as Hitlers. So they can fuck us up and we cant do shit about it. Raising the Age to 21 This year as is be considered . Not just No Hell No. what next year.? Some of us know they will grab a piece at a time. When I was 18 the democrats had A Draft for War that I did not agree with that war unless we went there to kick ass And Win. IF at 18 we are Old enough to go to war or go to prison then we are old enough to vote to drink to smoke AND as the 2nd Amendment says Own a gun. Enforce the ruels in place now and in CA for example. Put CC back in place in LA. It is the LAW.

Donald Trump is a great man God bless him and his family ❤️❤️

Teachers and governors who oppose teachers having firearms are products of liberal education indoctrination. Monteros Tucuman sigue los terroristas confundiendo a todos usan niños grandes y artimañas para atacar el sistema

and don't allow the teacher's unions to come in and screw this up!

Vet, train, and arm teachers and staff! and allow vetted veterans to volunteer.

We support you President Trump. Keep friends close and Jesus Christ closer. Blessings to you and your family

May I add a suggestion to Hillary's sentencing list? A lifetime ban on ALL electronic devices while spending her life, if she doen't get the death penalty, in prison thanks to King Trump. I'm Canadian, I can call him that. :) He saved the world, believe me!! He is a saviour. People have no idea how President Trump saved the WORLD from the NWO and their nasty plans. I am sincere in my appreciation of your President. Hail King Trump!

He's not THE Saviour, he's a saviour...just to be clear :)

Gregg Abbott... another asshole.

The left need unarmed innocents to die to keep their cause alive. The leftist DacaCrats are only concerned for well being and "rights" of the illegal aliens and criminals. Get rid of as many as possible in 2018 and Get Trump some help to protect our country and especially the children and innocents.

Mr. Don if you go against the nra you will not get my vote. Nor my congressman.

Dear, President Trump, *please* *PLEASE* have one of our freedom of speech teams investigate the censorship of free speech on YouTube. Many, many citizens came to understand what was *truly* at stake in the 2016 election through the efforts and hard work of truth channels. Now, these hardworking citizens who love their country and countrymen, are being removed from YouTube's community because they continue to speak truth. Channels such as "Bombards Body Language," which provides well thought content on body language psychology, was just removed from YouTube because her opinions are not popular with a left-wing agenda. I'm sure you are aware of other names who are constantly attacked (Veritas, Cernovich, etc) for similar reasons and it is all *shameful* and *disturbing* at the length certain factions will go in order to keep citizens ignorant and uniformed on important issues. Bottom line - our freedom of speech is *at* *stake* and that is not in our country's best interest. Mr. President, you are working so very hard to have a transparent government that is *For* *The* *People* - I plea to you to address speech censorship on communication platforms, especially YouTube. Thank you, Mr. President, for reviewing my plea. *God* *Bless* *the* *United* *States* *of* *America* #MAGA ❤

If pence is not in trumps Conner which I hope and believe he is For his own life I hope he is as we know what happens to traitors

I do not like what Donald Trump is doing. Does he mean now that he is going to give guns to the teachers? Teachers can do bad things too. And a mentally ill person might not do as much harm as a sane person with a gun. There is a simple way to solve this without guns... put prayer back in the schools. What the schools lack is God's protection. And the New World Order does not please God. So if that was a Novasordo Catholic School it had little or no protection! And still that is not enough... we need the Consecration of Russia which only the one and true Pope can do.

Dirty Dem! 41:00 Trumps tweeting has nothing to do with it.. TRUMP -

My police are really chicken about citizen protection due to gangs and sanctuary city environment. Maybe with better equipment they will extend and do their job for protection for the citizens of our town. They laughed at my injury due to attack in park.

Just heard President Trump will run for President in 2020. He will win it for sure. In the UK we see President Trump getting the job done. All we need now here in the UK is our Brexit , then we can trade nicely together ! :-) Nigel Village, UK

I think Trump would run into the school, it is like his nature to do that.

hey whats up you gross fucks i love looking at mikes white hair while bouncing on my boys white dick. sorry if that was kind of upfront i just want trumps seizure inducing son to sneeze on me

Mississippi Governor remarks helpful.....a programattic use of Veterans, newly returned, being placed into schools for this role and their new career in school helpful to expand.

Around 28:20 , "I am going to be here as long as you need me" ... Businessman qualities in action...

thankyou Mr.president beware of athanarcky

How can someone take this pos serious he lies so much, my dog is smarter then all Trump supporters and all he does is lick his balls..

Will CT Governor contribute to this discussion...given Sandy Hook????

Dear president Trump I so much appreciate all the work that you are doing. After being through some difficult times myself I understand completely how difficult it is 2 assume the mental position of someone far more evil than yourself! Please consider the fact the FBI just didn't fail they abdicated the responsibility the sheriff's agency didn't just feel because of one man two men three men for men they abdicated the responsibility from the top down! This is sabotage of your Administration though you would never think of it the opposition has please know it! It can only Empower you as it did me!!!

The idiot from Washington needs to be smacked right in his face. Repeatedly. With a brick.

Armed school staff is different from "armed teachers' all due respect to Gov of sounds like a Dem talking respond, to "staff" & say "teacher'.....a very liberal anti trump union force....

CON MAN =maby he ran a casino before he was president Definition of con man : a person who tricks other people in order to get their money : (con artist & White lie) Hope Hicks Acknowledges She Sometimes Tells A lie about a small or unimportant matter" for Trump — (headline) The New York Times, 27 Feb. 2018

You know why I believe him, because of nasty people like you who can't think or speak with any level of respect or kindness just spew your hateful ways! Thanks for proving me right again!

Thank you, this information, Thank you.

Some media, including Breitbart, is totally skewing what Trump is saying and making him look like he's doing the opposite of what he actually is. People need to actually WATCH the entire video, and not read the propaganda or watch cherry picked pieces of it which are out of perspective. This is about STATES RIGHTS. He's not imposing anything mandatory.

Okay, now when are all the governors going to get together to talk about how they're going to combat VOTER FRAUD?

hardly a davidson Nailed it. Thank you Matt.

The last guy had the best ideas. The USA IS made up of very different ideologies.

No of the Biggest issues IS. We do not need the public to own assault rifles. That is what is ridiculous.

So insane how many fake accounts the gov uses to comment on vids like this... propaganda so obvious it's insulting.. but the masses eat it up.

Hey guys. We didn't need this stuff before. You are falling into the 1984 social senario, Non of us needs.

Military Police?? President Trump there is an underlying psychological effect that makes this idea Dangerous. Super duper armed Cops creates a Genra of violence much nastier than the good old Jed Clampet, Andy of Mayberry cop.

All of this climate crap with many thanks to geo engineering and Haarp.

Yo, bad move on the anti-machine gun position. Americans should be able to own tanks, gunships, and fighter jets if the can afford them and obtain the proper licenses. Think back to 1775 when civilians were testing their weaponized submarines and floating mines.

Matt has hit it on the head. the biggest issue. A higher moral standard. the world is disgusted by our approach to violence

bullies are cowards so facing resistance can have a deterrent effect. I live with a violent bully so I know this to be true.

I would like to see the protection of guns inside the school in some manner. It is only gun free for the victims. I am a grandparent and I see the locig of this as one approach. Stopping violence in the media is the biggest impact.

Beautiful way to talk about it ☺

Someone is censoring these comments. Just like China and Russia would.

O thank goodness for you Mr. President Donald J. Trump, the magnificent, the most high and righteous ONE, where were we before you, how did we survive great one without your leadership and guidance, what would our future be without your promises and the word which you bestow upon us. always see that they are most righteous and fulfilled to the utmost degree of honesty, you are our shining knight in armor, you will jump in front of the bullets, you will make sure that no one abuses anyone in this country ever again, because you never take your eye off of your job, you never go golfing, not like all the others, you are always putting us first and we worship you for that sir, thank you so much sir, please never stop reminding us of how wonderful you are, and we will never stop putting you on your pedestal, bless us old great president and never stop tweeting us lord. thank you for your sacrifices and your great example to us all, what a wonderful christian you really are, i would let my 18 year old daughter ride with you in your private jet any old day, she is really gorgeous too so i know you would be pleased and a perfect gentleman regardless of what those women say, we, BIG DON, we trust.

Trump train heading to prison.

Thank You President Trump, I am rooting for you to roter rooter that swamp, it runs deep! Sending love and guidance to you every day to stay strong and not be deceived while you drain that swamp and restore The USA to our Republic where we are free from foreign banks that control our monetary system and back our money once again with real assets, As an astute businessman I'm sure you are implementing these improvements as well. We love and pray for you as your efforts directly effect our future.... and please stop the black op chem trail program asap!!!!

Your'e clearly willfully ignorant. Ideologues like you are dangerous people. Why dont you take some of your own advice and actually learn about the world. Gun violence by definition correlates to guns. Derp. Hey did you hear China's president is looking to get rid of term limits. Hey did you hear about that Dictator in Venezuela? If their citizens had the right to arms to defend themselves maybe they wouldnt have all lost 20 pounds on average and wouldnt end up under totalitarian leaders, t hats always the first things dictators do, disarm the people.

Honey, look at Germany, the UK, Austria, France .... get a decent education in gun violence and its correlation to guns ... its a SCIENCE !

Rounding up children at 6 and forcing them to go to kiddie prison is the root problem. It degrades and humiliates them, treats them like robots to be programmed, and creates an environment conducive to bullying which is what happened to the shooter. Private schools are much better but home shooling is best. Turning schools into a military base isnt the answer.

The 2A was meant to guarantee the people could have guns for defense and to maintain their freedom from threats both foreign and domestic, but it doesnt guarantee every singly individual can have a gun. If you're crazy or a criminal, or threatening people with your gun for no reason, its ok to take that persons gun. You just cant pass a law banning all guns.

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The lying pedophile treasonist is going to prison, GOOD FKN RIDDANCE! !

Yes ! Thank You , LORD JESUS CHRIST for putting President Trump in the White House to Protect our Freedom in America and our Constitution and also our Freedom in Christianity . Continue to guide our President Trump and VP PENCE . Hallelujah !

Funny, I interesting, watching~. Thank you.

@POTUS this is a easy fix? Post 2 county sheriffs on duty at all schools and fund it federally forever & maybe 2 retired sheriffs volunteers but pay them! Crime is on the way up! Because of all the poverty! IF you fix Poverty crime will dissipate!

Make our tariffs and barriers = their tariffs and barriers = problems solved! May we suggest just copy and paste them in the exact words they use? To save time and money debating the issue?

Ding Dong Donnie yabbers on like a special needs toddler, - no wonder his only fans are dim witted, low functioning yahoo's. The ugly orange primate sounds like a dumb ass inferior, - grade schoolers present more intelligently than that messed up shit show. And what the fuck is with that weirdo hair do? Has any self respecting woman ever fucked that repugnant blob of white blabber without asking for cash. Donnie's less than a disgusting primate.

how many deaths inbteewn the army guy and florida but if they dont have access to a gun then teachers wont need to be armed

and what abouy video games they glorafy shoot them up games there are age rating on some of the games why

if the us tighten gun laws how much haeder would it be to buy a hand gun in austraila and how many guns will be taken off the black markey

how would it cost schools with a gun aministy or a buy back plann

why not just introduce gun control its not like the cowboy and indian days the wyld west

is there any other country in the world with all the same shootings at schools colleges or come close to 65000 gun deaths in one year

everyone knows america has a gun problem but also what about the guns that cross the boarder the same gun in mexico cost less than half price in america with alot less law on purchsing a wepon

When I say trade nicely together I do also mean fairly together. On a trip to NY I went to buy a pair of Levi jeans, these were $30. On a trip to Paris the same jeans were $110 !! I said to the shop owner "in NY these are $30 ! " He said the jeans are taxed a lot when they arrive in France so he has to sell them at $110 to make any profit. There was a guy behind me who heard us. He said "I like motorbikes and would love a Harley, have you seen the price of a Harley in France ? I can't afford to buy one! I checked later that evening.... good job I was sitting down at the time. Somebody is screwing somebody here I think ! :-( Nigel Village, UK

This looks like a geriatric ward. Trump just lost the next election. We the American people will keep our bump stocks. Read the fucking constitution.

Nationalist RepubliKLAN Agenda does not work for the people. they're a Russian backed organization that is here for the gun companies. just like DICKtator donald Jong Un trump is being played by Putin. two traitors to the people both of which care nothing for you just your money. why do I tell you trumptards this?. just because your arrogant ignorance makes you all so fun to fuck with. the same reason a retard like trump can manipulate you with failure, and blatant lies. LMAO this is the only cure


FINALLY a real conversation about this. Wonderful conversation. So awesome. Makes me proud. This gives me hope.

God bless President Donald J Trump, most powerful man on earth and the reason the earth is much safer.

I think your bleeding from your red hair ,like you say about women bleeding do you see anything in the mirror.humpty dumpty

How could you blame others just for money from the NRA, send your big hunter sons into the school see if they would go you lying cheat I hope the kids see through you and your bimbo wife needs to stop the biggest bullyi at home she looks stupid picking that agenda ,when all you do fatso is bully I think we should all bully you you fat ass

I'm done your stupid , not dumb stupid

What you want teachers having shoot outs are you people stupid? Here is trump double talking for the NR A not blaming the guns wanting teacher to have let me see. GUNS He so double talked those kids now he has to protect the NRA lets have the N R A protect and pay for protection for our schools look the bottom line get rid of guns is the real answer Trump like the senator said quit Twitter and listen how about you go protect kids by getting rid of the NRA ,get the money from the billions the NRA has

Your not fooling us with brains , your not fooling your greedy base ,your fooling your poor stupid people who really believe in I feel sorry for them here is the truth humpty you lost the popular vote , so that should tell you oops your IQ kicks in ,lol the ones with brains , your the worst person to ever live in the White House you are a the laughing stock of the world ,you have ruined America ,but you will be stopped ,even from grabbing women's pussyes , men like you fall or get sanctuary maybe look at Russia ? Isn't that like home. Lol

Now you want teachers to kill ,your putman killers ,your crazy!! teachers do not want to kill people ,duh , Trump your the only one pocketing Americas money Quit trying to grab women's pussy, grab your own you pussy, your IQ shows saying you would run in the school without a gun lol you dodged the wars , clown in the whitehouse circus is in town bozo hairdo too ,quit blaming other administrations you know nothing your Sarah plailin only your stupider difference you need a babysitter you have embarrassed our America the greatest country on earth , and how I know your base your voters that you fool, are stupid or racist see you can not fool people with brains , they see through you your fake talk doesn't fool people with brains , the sad part is not the greedy who love you ,it's the poor dumb people who believe in you

There is spooky pence , who now speaks for God ,at least in his own mind , this guy is a uncaring so called christen , doesn't believe in abortion which I believe no one does ,but for him to act like he cares about the alive children , why are kids having to take a stand? Wait God told you more guns from the NRA right pence you fake, broad shoulders Trump? Lol NRA over kids lives you two make me sick

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed documents from the Trump Organization as part of his investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. This is very upsetting. What about HILARRY AND OBAMA? WHEN CAN WE LOCK THEM UP??? MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!

Double-talking con man


President Donald John Trump And Vice President Mike R. Pence has been At Midland High Was Gun Fire A Student Death

Trump and Pence are so disgusting. Time for decent Americans to demand those criminals be locked up!

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