President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business

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Thank, you very much Juanita you have been fantastic. In your kind words this. Is truly an incredible organization. Thanks. Also to the members. Of. NFIB. Board, of directors, who I've spent, time with just took some wonderful. Pictures with good looking group I have to tell you and Board Chairman, Steve Schramm. Thank. You thank you Steve. Thank. You. Together. You've been a powerful, voice for America's, small businesses, and now you have, a true, friend and, ally. In. The White House. I'm, honored, to be with, you today for really this historic. Celebration. This was something when they asked me to do I didn't think about it for more than about a second, I said I'll do it you are very special people and. Let, me officially, say on behalf of the American, people happy. 75th. Anniversary. To the National, Federation of. Independent Business. I tell you you deserve a big, happy. Joining. Us today are some terrific people, who work very very hard and actually. They are starting, to get a lot of credit, in fact we had our highest, poll, numbers, today can you believe this so they're doing a good job. Our, highest. You. Know the old story when I was campaigning I only mentioned, that when we're doing well in the polls when we're not doing well I don't talk about it like. All of you you do the same thing, secretary. Minuchin. Steve. Thank, you very much doing a great job. Secretary. Acosta. Alex. And, administrator. Linda McMahon Thank You Linda, thank you. They. Are fighting hard for small business, and for large businesses they're fighting hard for our country frankly. Each and, every, day and they're doing a terrific job, most. Importantly, I want to thank all of you the small business, owners who are the. Engine, of American. Prosperity, and I you know I've been saying it for a long time but you really are you look at even the stats so you look at the numbers you look at the taxes, that are paid you. Look at the jobs it's all about small business, so. Small businesses really I say this to Linda McMahon all the time head, of small business, but small business is really big right Linda it's, really big, for. Many years Washington. Tried to hold you back and tear you down crushing. The Americans, small business, with crippling taxes, and oppressive, regulation. But. All that has changed starting. In November. 2016. The, Trump administration is.

With You and we. Are with you 100%. And, always, will be. Instead. Of punishing. Entrepreneurship. We, are now promoting. Entrepreneurship. Especially. That guy in the corner. Main. Street is thriving in America, is winning once again you know we're respected. Again this, country. Is respected. Again. Before. Going any further today, I want to take a moment to, address something. You've been reading a lot about the. Illegal. Immigration. Crisis. On our southern border it's been going on for many many decades and, many. Years and it has its ups and it's downs and. All we need is good legislation. And we can have. It taken care of we have to get the Democrats, to, go. Ahead and work. With us because as a result, of Democrat. Supported. Loopholes, and our federal laws most. Illegal, immigrant. Families, and minors from, Central, America who. Arrive unlawfully. At the border cannot. Be detained together, or removed. Together. Only. Released. These. Are crippling, loopholes, that cause family. Separation. Which we don't want as a, result, of these loopholes roughly, half a million illegal, immigrant, family, units and minors. From Central, America have. Been released into, the United States since. 2014. At. Unbelievably. Great, taxpayer. Expense. Nobody. Knows how much we're. Paying for this monstrosity. That's. Been created over, the years, legislation. That nobody, has any idea what they're doing they don't even know what it means and you, have to see this it's a mile high, child. Smugglers. Exploit, the loopholes and, they. Gain illegal, entry into the United, States putting. Countless, children, in danger on. The perilous. Trek to. The United, States, they. Come up through Mexico. Mexico. Does nothing. For us you hear it here they. Do nothing, for us they could stop it they, have very very strong laws. Try. Staying, in Mexico for a couple of days see how long that. Okay. They, do nothing, for us and I see it through NAFTA, I see with a hundred billion dollars, plus that. They make on trade through NAFTA, one of the worst deals ever, made. By, this country, a disaster. And we're, trying to equalize, it, it's. Not easy but we're getting there, it's not easy, and. We're gonna take care of our American, farmers, and we're going to take care of our, manufacturers. And our manufacturing. Jobs but. They're making. Unbelievable. Amounts. Of money and that's, not including, the drugs, that, are flowing through our border, because we have no wall and, we have no protection the, drugs that are coming in from Mexico and through the southern border is disgraceful. So we'll see whether or not we can make a reasonable. NAFTA. Deal or deal doesn't, have to be called NAFTA, we. Can do one on one with Mexico. One. On one with, Canada, and by the way Canada. They. Like to talk there. Are great neighbor, they. Fought World War two with us we appreciate it they, fought World War one with us and we appreciate it but we're protecting, each other, there. Was a story. Two. Days ago in a major newspaper, talking. About people living in Canada coming into the United States and, smuggling. Things back into Canada, because. The tariffs, are so, massive. The. Tariffs, to get common. Items back, into Canada are so high that they. Have to smuggle, them in they. Buy shoes than they wear them. They. Scuff em up they. Make them sound old or look old. Now. What, she did horribly, Dairy. Dairy. Two. Hundred and seventy, five percent tariff. So. Basically, that's a barrier without saying it's a barrier and, I. Told them if they don't change their way so we have a tremendous deficit, people, say well there's really not that much of a deficit, well they're, not including, two things energy, and timber, and those.

Are The two big. Things when, it comes to Canada, now. We have to change our ways we can, no longer, be. This, stupid country, we want to be the, smartpak. So, hopefully. We'll. Be able to work it out with Canada. We're. Very good relationships. With Canada, we have for a long time and hopefully that'll work out but. Canada, is not going to take advantage of the United States any longer and Mexico, is not going to take advantage of the United States any longer and when I campaigned, I said. I will. Either renegotiate. NAFTA or, I'll terminate it, and. We'll start from an even, base and people are afraid of that you know I've. Had so many people they come up they say ho please, don't terminate enough they said but it's no good yeah but we know what we have it's. True. People. Are worried, because they know what they have if you look at I love the American farmer more than anybody they. Have backed me I love, the American farmer. And. By the way tell. You a little while cuz it's in one of my notes the, American, farmer, virtually. Will not have to pay any more estate tax on their farms when they pass, away and, they want to leave it to. Their children and, that. Goes for almost all small, businesses, you won't have the estate tax to pay anymore which, was crippling that was in our bill. See. A young guy is standing up now he's, too young to be leaving it so. That means he's a beneficiary. I don't, don't. Act too happy, there's a wealthy, father there don't act too happy. Said. Your father oh. Wow. The, answer is yes okay and you. Know what you're both happy okay you're both happy and I'm honored, to have done it because. It was destroying, the, estate. Tax small businesses, and farms destroying. Them people. Were more mortgaging. Them to the hilt to pay the tax and then they couldn't pay the interest on the mortgage and the. Banks would take them away you don't, have to pay the, estate tax any longer. In most, cases in other words. Loopholes. You. Have your farms really big you start to pay. It's. A pretty big level you know that pretty big that would have to be a pretty big farm. These. Loopholes, have created, a massive. Child. Smuggling. Trade can you believe this in this day. And age we're talking about child. Smuggling. We're talking about women. Smuggling. In this day and age the. Worst has been in history, because. The Internet, has, led to this you. Think back 200, 500 a thousand, years ago the worst it's ever been women smuggling. Child's. Mother. Since. Last year child, smugglers. Who, are very very sophisticated they've. Learned the, loopholes, in this horrible, rotten, system. That, the Democrats, have to help us fix. Because. We need the votes we. Could have the Republican, votes a hundred percent we, still don't have enough votes people, don't understand, that we, need Democrat, votes to get it fixed. These. Smugglers know these rules. And regulations better. Than the people that drew them as a, result, there has been a three. Hundred and twenty, five percent increase in minors and a. Four hundred and thirty five percent increase in the. Smuggling or attempted, smuggling. Of, families, and minors, into. Our country, we're stopping, them all the time by the thousands.

But. They still get through we have no wall we have no border security. Without. A border, you, don't have a country you'd, have a country. Under. Current law we, have only two policy, options, to respond, to this massive crisis, we. Can either release, all illegal. Immigrant, families, and minors who. Show up at the border from. Central, America or we can arrest, the. Adults, for the federal crime of. Illegal. Entry. Those. Are the only two, options, totally. Open, borders or, criminal, prosecution. For. Law. Breaking and you. Want to be able to do that we don't want people pouring, into our country, we, want them to come in through. The process, through the legal system and we, want ultimately, a merit-based, system. Where, people come in based, on merit. Keep, in mind those who apply for asylum, legally. At ports. Of entry are not, prosecuted. The. Fake news media, back there doesn't talk about them. They're. Fake. They. Are helping, they. Are helping. These. Smugglers and these traffickers, like, nobody, would believe they. Know it they. Know exactly what, they're doing and. It. Should be stopped. Because. What's going on is very, unfair. To. The people of our country and, they, violate, the law people, that come in violate, the law they endanger, their, children, in the process, and frankly. They, endanger all, of our children, you see what happens with ms-13. Where. Your sons and daughters are attacked violently. Kids. That never even heard of such a thing are. Being attacked, violently. Not. With guns but with knives because, it's much more painful in. Inconceivable. Here. We are talking about business. Inconceivable. That we even have to talk about ms-13. And other gangs they. Attack, violently. The most painful, way possible, and a. Bullet is too quick and we're. Allowing these people into our country. Not. With me we're taking them out by the thousands. We're, taking them out by the thousands. So. What I'm asking Congress, to do is to give us a third option which. We have been requesting. Since last year the legal authority, to detain and promptly, remove, families, together, as a unit, we have, to be able to do this this. Is the only solution, to the border crisis, we, have to stop, child. Smuggling. This, is the way to do it and ultimately. We, have to have a real border, not, judges. Thousands. And thousands, of judges, they want to hire who. Are these people when, we vet a single, federal judge it goes through a big process everybody, that's ever met, her. Or him, they come they complain, they don't complain they say he's brilliant, she's brilliant he's, not smart, enough to be a judge now, we're hiring. Thousands. And thousands. What, country, does this. Judges. I. Won't. Say I. Refuse. To say it I hope they picked that up back there they won't. Now, what seriously what country does it they. Said sir would like to hire about five or six thousand, more judges, five or six thousand, now. Can you imagine the, graft that must take place you're all small business owners so. I know you can't imagine a thing like that would happen but, here's a guy they. Say could you please be a judge come on get it they line, up to be a judgement it's. Horrible. We. Don't want judges we, want security on the border we don't want people coming in we want them to come in through a legal process like. Everybody, else that's waiting to come in to our country. And. It got so crazy that, all, of these thousands. We now have thousands. Of judges border judges, thousands. And thousands, and by, the way when we release the people they, never come back to the judge anyway, they're gone they're.

In Your system, that's it if they're, good that's great and if they're bad you'll. Have killings you'll have murders you'll have this you have that you have crime. Your. Crime, and remember. These countries, that, we give tremendous far, and aid to in many cases, they. Send, these people up and they're, not sending their, finances. That sound familiar. Remember. I made that speech and I was badly criticized, oh what's, so terrible what he said turned. Out I was a hundred percent right that's why I got elected. We, want a great country we. Want a country, with, heart but. When people come up they, have to know they can't get in otherwise it's never gonna stop, whether, it was President, Bush President, Obama President. Clinton same policies. They. Can't get him changed, because both, sides are always. Fighting, this. Is maybe a great, chance to have a change but, one of them says we want to hire 5,000, more. Judges. I don't. Want judges, I want border security, I don't. Want to try people I don't, want people coming in do you know if a person comes in and puts one foot on our ground. It's. Essentially, welcome, to America. Welcome. To our country you never get them out. Because. They take their name, they. Bring the name down they, file it then they let the person go they say show back up to court in one year from now one year. But. Here's the thing that in itself is ridiculous. Like. Three, percent come, back. The. Other thing they have is they have professional. Lawyers. Some. Are for, good. Others. Are do gooders, and others, are bad people and they. Tell these people exactly what to say they. Say. Say. The following they write it in I am. Being harmed, in my country my country is extremely, dangerous I fear from my life say that congratulations. You'll never be removed. This. Is given to them by lawyers who are waiting for them to come up and, they're. Not all bad people. There. Are practical, people but. In a way that's. Cheating, because. They're given up statements, they're not coming up for that reason they're coming up for many other reasons and sometimes, for that reason, there's. Been a. 1,700. Percent, increase, in asylum, claims over the last ten years think, of that think. Of that, we're. A great country but you can't do that. Smuggler's. Know how the system, works. They. Game the. System they. It's. So easy for them they're. Smart, they. Didn't go to the Wharton School of Finance. They. Did but, you know what. They're. Really, smart. The. United, States has just surpassed Germany. As. Having, the most asylum. Seekers, of any. Nation on earth can you imagine that can. You imagine and Germany we talk about Germany, they allowed millions of people in and by. The way their crime from the time they started, is. Up more, than 10% and, that's one, of the reasons it's at that level is because they don't like reporting, that kind of crime so they put it down as different. Kind of crime but. Their crime is up more, than 10% since, they started taking him and I heard, somebody said that crooked Hillary Clinton, was. Questioning, that statistic. She. Said it's not true it's, not true didn't. She already have her chance I've been I've. I'll, tell you what when you read the IG, report. With. These really, dishonest, people, and I. Was never a deep state guy, let. Me tell you we got some bad people. That. Are doing bad things but when you read that IG, report, about. How she got away with, what she got away with it's a, disgrace. It's. A total, disgrace. And, you ought to see the hearings that are right now on television but, that, folks, are being you know they're going on to the mainstream fake. News media they want to focus on immigration because they want to keep the, cameras, away from the hearings, because.

Those Hearings, are not good for them in. Fact they're a disaster for. Them the whole thing is, a scam. It's. A scam and, what's happened is a disgrace, so. We, have a. House. That's. Getting ready to. Finalize, an immigration, package, that, they're going to brief me on later and that. I'm going to make changes, to, we. Have one chance to get it right we might as well get it right or let's just, keep it going but. Let's do it right we have a chance we want to solve this problem we, want to solve family, separation. I don't want children take it away from. Parents and. When. You prosecute. The parents, for coming in illegally, which should happen, you. Have to take the children, away now. We don't have to prosecute them but then we're not prosecuting, them for coming in illegally, that's not good we, want, to end the border crisis, by finally, giving, us. The, legal authorities, and the. Resources, to. Detain. And remove, illegal. Immigrant. Families, altogether, and bring them back to, their country, we. Have to bring them back to their country. Now. Think of all that aid that. We give some of these countries. Hundreds. Of millions, of dollars we. Give to some of these countries and they. Send them up well I'm gonna go very shortly. For. Authorization. That. When countries abuse. Us by sending their, people up not. Their best, we're. Not gonna give any more aid to those countries why the hell should we why, should. So, this is a. Responsible. Common-sense, approach. That all, lawmakers should embrace Democrats, and Republicans, who remember, we need the Democrats, people, say oh you have the majority well in, the Senate we have one but you need 60 so, we'll be it if, we get a hundred percent we'll be at fifty one hundred, percent, will. Be at fifty one so we need nine votes, we need ten. Twelve, thirteen, votes we have to have, Democrat, support. Because. We need to, go not, just a majority, unfortunately. Which we could get we, need to go to sixty, sixty, out of a hundred, we, need, Democrat. Support they, don't want to give it because, Democrats.

Love Open, borders let the whole world come in let. The whole world ms-13. Gang, members. From all over the place come, on in we have open, borders and they. View that. Possibly. Intelligently. Except, that it's destroying, our country they. View that as potential, voters, someday. They're. Going to vote for Democrats. Because. They can't win on their policies, which are horrible, they. Found that out in the last presidential, election. In, fact their only policy, was that Donald. Trump is a bad guy he's a bad, person. Vote. Against up and they said it so many there's hundreds, of millions of dollars of negative, ads nobody's. Ever been hit like that I used to go home I started disliking myself. I. Said. Man am i that bad. The. Problem is they never told anybody what they're doing they didn't talk about tax cuts by the way they. Want to take away your tax cuts and they want to substantially. Increase your, taxes, they. Didn't talk about crime. All. They talked about was Trump so. When people got to the booth they said ah we're gonna vote Democrat, we're, gonna vote that but then they get it they said but what does she stand for what are they stand for, they. Just say Trump no, I'm going with Trump and that's what happened, we, got tremendous, Democrat. Support. It's. A beautiful, thing that was a beautiful, night dear green I was a beautiful. That. Was some night. That. Was something, but. You have to stand for something and you, have to stand for, safety, and security, of our country we, can't let, people pour. In, they've. Got to go through the, process, and, maybe. It's politically, correct or maybe it's not we, got to stop separation. Of the families. But. Politically, correct, or not we. Have a country, that needs. Security. That needs safety, that has to be protected. So, we're here today to talk about small business, and the, incredible, progress were, making as a country, we really have made unbelievable. Progress. And we're. Making with the help and support of, our wonderful friends, at the, NF. IB. And. You've, heard these numbers, and if I would have said these numbers, during. The campaign the fake, news would have said this is the most ridiculous. I wouldn't have said these numbers I would have said half, who. Would have known. But. Things have kicked in better and. As, an example you saw the poll. That was recently taken small business poll the most optimistic. In history, of the history of the poll. That's. Why I figured that probably this would be a fairly crowd. But. Nobody. Would have believed these numbers if I said I'm doing a big campaign, we have created, more than 3.4, million new jobs since, election, day 3.4. Million. Think. Of what that means, and. By. The way we do need people coming, through the border we do need people and. Again. We. Want people you know I have a lot of companies, moving in big companies you. Look at Foxconn. And Wisconsin. They're coming in they need thousands, and thousands, of people Chrysler. Is moving from Mexico, back into Michigan. Many. Car companies are coming back into our country, many, companies. Are coming, back they're, coming back from where they went now they're coming back because. Of all of the things we've done with regulations, with tax cutting but. We need, people to. Take care we have the lowest unemployment rate, 3.8 percent we, need people, so, we want people to come in but they have to be people that can help us and can help these companies, fulfill. What, they want to fulfill. Unemployment. Claims are, at, a, 44. Year. Low, that's a great dumper. Maybe. The one that makes me happiest, is, this. Because. I remember I go around I'd say what do you have to lose vote for me the Democrats, have always been with you vote. For me, they've you know bad education. The most unsafe. Parts, of the country, all of these do the. African-americans. I'd say what. You have to do what. Do you have to do vote. For me what do you have to lose. Unemployment. For african-americans. Is that, the lowest level, in history, it's. Like what do you have to lose I. Would. Go around and, talk, and. Some, people would say don't say that it's not I'd say look it's true. So. Badly. Treated and now. The. Lowest level. Of unemployment. In history. For. African-americans. And for, Hispanic. The. Lowest, level.

Of Unemployment in. History. And for, women, the. Lowest, level. Of unemployment, in. 21. Years. Soon it will be history. Just, like I promised, during the campaign, our, economic. Policy, can be summed up in three very. Beautiful, words words, that you probably know better than anybody in this country jobs, jobs. Jobs. And. I. Shouldn't. Say this. To. The people in this room because. You'll. End up not having liked, my speech. But. Wages for. Working people are. Finally, after 22. Years rising. Again, in our country I'm sorry to do. It's the only thing you can hold against, me but I think you're also very happy about it actually I know you will according. To the NFIB. Latest, survey the, share of small businesses, raising. Worker. And. Benefit. Pay has. Just, set a new all-time record. So it's a new all-time record. We've broken many records, I could go on and on. Business. Optimism. Is the highest, that's ever been in our country, that means more hardworking. Americans. Are able to support, their family contribute, to. Their community, and live. The. American dream, at, the, center, of, America's. Researchers. Are, the massive, tax cuts that, Republicans passed. And that, I signed into law six. Months ago this week not one Democrat, voted, for. The tax cuts and they, are suffering now because they got to lose a lot of races that they thought they were going to win they, wish they had that boat to do over again we have numerous states, for. Senate where. I think they're going to be in big trouble, it's. The biggest tax cut and reform. In American. History. And you know the story not since Ronald, Reagan have, they done any major tax cutting and they've wanted to many many times I tell the story all the time I said I don't understand, it cutting, taxes, should not be hard to sell right, is there, anything easier, we're gonna cut your taxes, and you can't get it through so. The leadership came, to my, beautiful. Oval Office it is a beautiful, office great. Office and they. Talked about the tax reform I said what's the word reform, what. Does that mean reform, does that mean you're gonna raise taxes, what, does it mean no. Sir we have the tax, reform act of. 2017. I said. No I don't, want to go reform, nobody, knows what reforming then I look back at all of the times they. Tried to pass tax cuts, they. Don't use the word tax cuts they use the word tax reform. I, said. Nobody knows what reform means. They. Want to know about tax cuts they don't want to know about tax reform where we're going to raise your, taxes. Where we're gonna take away your businesses you're gonna take away because tax reform, we're gonna take away your farms, they. Don't want the word reform. They. Want the word tax cut sir could you give us a name I'll. Give you the name. I'll. Give you the name it's called the. Tax cut, cut, cut, cut, bill, of. Twenty-seven. That's. A true story right Steve, that's. A such a true sir but even I thought that was maybe a little bit hokey with the older cut so we just go tax cut bill. Got. Rid of some of the cuts they got the word and. We got it passed but would think of it not one Democrat vote. At. The heart of our plan is tremendous. Relief for, working families and small businesses. A typical. Family of four earning. $75,000. A year will see a income. Tax cut of more. Than. $2,000, in some cases much more than that, slashing. Their tax bill in half. And more. We, delivered, a historic, victory for, American, small businesses, by, allowing you, to deduct twenty percent, of your business income, people, were shocked. Capital. Investment, is soaring, on small businesses, and big businesses, because, you can now immediately, deduct.

This. To me is. The. Greatest of them all, every. Single penny spent, on new. Capital. Equipment, one year bomb deduction. I, think. That's gonna be this star as you. Know we're also bringing back trillions. Of dollars from offshore that we couldn't bring back companies, were unable to do it from a tax standpoint the. Amount they had to pay and almost. More importantly was just very hard to do you, had to see the forms that had to be filled out it was virtually impossible so, we had anywhere. From three trillion to five trillion and now, it seems as though Steve were hitting the higher side, companies. Are pouring. Money back, into our country, bringing it back from overseas, investing. It here Apple, just announced, recently they're, going to spend three, hundred, and fifty billion dollars, on. An, incredible, campus, and new facilities all, over the country they're bringing money back and like. Nobody, ever thought before. And you've, heard me say when they said 350. Billion I said, you mean 350. Million because. 350. Million builds a nice plant I know how to build under. Budget and ahead of schedule, I, can. Build a beautiful plant. For. A lot less than 350. Minutes so when I heard billion, I said no no you mean 350. Million right they. Said no think of what that is I think. Of the total amount they're bringing back about two hundred and thirty billion and the, rest they're putting in tremendous. Investment, in our. Country and. ExxonMobil. Is doing the same thing and so many other countries are doing the same thing different numbers it's. Incredible. What's happened, I still. Say however expensing. One. Year expensing. Will be the star of what. We're doing we. Exempted, more small, business, owners from. The alternative. Minimum tax which. You know very well was an enormous waste of your precious time, in your, very hard-earned. Money, that was a disastrous. Tax, and. From now on most, small business, owners will be spared from the deeply unfair, estate. Tax that I talked about and it's, so I'm so. Proud of that because, you're all keeping your businesses, the, family, the farms, you're keeping your businesses, as a result, of all of these taxes, and all of these tax cuts, American. Businesses, now are in a level playing field with. Your competitors, from, other countries, who. Have so, many advantages, including. Subsidy. By governments, you. See what's happening with China we have no choice this should have been done many years ago we. Have no choice China. Has been taking out five, hundred. Billion. Dollars, a year out of our country and rebuilding. China I always, say we have rebuilt, China they've. Taken so much it's. Time, folks, it's time so, we're gonna get smart. And we're, gonna do it right and we're, actually getting a lot of support but. We have to do something about it now maybe something, happens, where they come and they say we agree it's been unfair, for the last 25, years, but. Somehow that doesn't, seem to work so easily. But. We're going and we're going to make it fair we're gonna make it fair with other countries both our friends, and our. Enemies and, I have to say this in many cases, our friends, on trade have treated as much worse than. Our enemies pretty, amazing isn't it but. We know that when, the. Rules are fair and you, can compete, you, will win against. Anyone anywhere, in the world there's nobody like you you're, gonna win anywhere, but, you have to bring it down to a level playing, field more, than six million workers. Have. Already received, a bonus some by you people, or. A pay raise or, retirement. Account, contribution. Or. A new, job. Thanks. To these tax cuts a lot. Of new jobs and people now are able to go around and look for jobs they're just not taking a job and they hate it they hate to wake up in the morning. They. Don't want to go to work now they've. Got their choice they have jobs, that. They could look and they can love, and. If you don't love it you're not going to be good at it millions. Of Americans, are now saying and. Really. Saying, to everybody, that, they're saving money on their, monthly utility, bills, as a, result, of our business tax cuts over 100. Utility companies, have lowered, their prices saving. Americans. An additional, 3, billion. Dollars, a year. Our, historic. Tax cuts also, ended, one of the most unfair.

Taxes. Imaginable. Obamacare's. Individual. Mandate. Government. Will no longer punish, you if you cannot afford Obamacare. Sky-high, premiums. Think. Of this you. Pay a lot of money to. The government in order, not to have to buy in health insurance think, of that so, you're paying money, so. That you don't have to penalty. Incredibly. It was allowed but. You're paying money so. That you don't have to buy health. Care that. Was a beauty, it's over, it's gone it's done. And, we. Actually thought, we had the votes and then one man very early in the morning when thumbs down so that was that but we almost got, rid of Obamacare, without. Him and that. Was a very sad day for the Republican, Party that was a very sad day for the country when, that vote was cast that final vote was cast a thumbs down I. Remember. It well. Obamacare. Has been especially. Brutal, for small businesses, you know that better than anybody it caused premiums, and deductibles to. Explode, and, healthcare. Options to. Plummet as a, result, of Obamacare many. Small businesses, small business, employees, sole. Proprietors. Have. No good, or, affordable. Options, but now they do because. We're opening, up our system, I'm. Proud to announce. Another. Truly, historic. Step in our, efforts, to rescue Americans. From, Obamacare. And the, Obamacare. Nightmare, and provide. High quality affordable, health. Care to. Every, American. This. Is low. Cost great. Health, care you. Know before Obamacare, there were many people very happy, they, had no problem, but. Then you, got thrown. To the wind. Alex. Acosta. Is here stand up Alex, this is so important is baby. Secretary. Of Labor. Alex. And. The. Department, of Labor are taking, a major action, that's been worked on for. Four. Months now and now. It's ready to make, it easier for small businesses to band, together to, negotiate. Lower, prices for health insurance and escape. Some of Obama cares most burdensome, mandates, through. Association. Health, plans. You're. Gonna save, massive. Amounts of money and have much, better, health, care it's going to cost you much less. It's. Going to be I think fantastic. And it's very comprehensive, I will tell you a lot. Of people big. Big percentages, of this country are going to be doing that in fact while you're in the room together shake hands form an association good, luck. And. In theory the bigger the Association. The better the deal you're gonna make you're. Gonna save a fortune, and you're gonna be able to give, yourselves. And your employees. Tremendous. Healthcare I'm really, honored by that belief and that's. With. This action, businesses, in the same state or, businesses. In the same industry not. Just the, same state anywhere. In the country remember, I used to say during the debates cross state lines so, you can negotiate you. Now can cross state, lines so. You can negotiate. So. If 20, or 30 of the businesses, in this room get together. Get. Together it's, a Groupon Association you, pick the meanest, most, vicious. Manager, owner, than. The gothe right. Right, to. Negotiate, your healthcare, and, I. Know a few of the people in here they're gonna do very well they. Are in. A while, you. Will end up with better insurance. For far less, money you will end up so, great and Alex, that's ready as of when. That's. Not a bad answer today. I'd, call our Secretary, of Labor and they'd. Say sir he's very busy I said would have been I'm President of the United States whatever, they said he's working on health care, I said. Well Department. Of Labor that's interesting, and that, is some great, plan, we, love it thank you Alex, very. Committed, to it, and. He's now working on an expansion, of that including. Even larger, groups of people so that's really something that's also going to be very exciting, for the first time ever sole proprietors. Will be able to come together and buy. Lower cost group insurance instead. Of getting ripped, off by this disaster, that we, all know as Obamacare. These actions, will result, in very low prices, much, more choice. Much. More, freedom, including. In many cases, new opportunities. To purchase health. Insurance you'll. Be able to do this across. State lines that. Was such a big thing I'd say Alex I want. Across state lines, he. Said don't worry about it and nobody. Else you know this is something we were able to do within the confines, of the existing, laws it's, a fantastic. Thing so it's all set to go get going make. Your deals and. The. Insurance companies, and some. People are forming their own but the insurance companies. Are so excited, about this going to be very competitive let, them go and they've made so much money off Obamacare, folks they, get so rich with Obama take a look at what happened to a premiums, you know everyone hears about Obamacare.

Being A disaster except, for, the insurance companies, so they're, gonna have to give a little bit of that money back negotiate, tough place. Every. American, who owns a small business plays. A vital, role in creating, a safe strong, and prosperous America. And my, administration. Will, never forget. That truth. Every. Day you, turn ideas. Into, action. You. Turn vision, into creation, I know you well and you turn. Dreams, into reality. That's what you do you don't even realize that's what you do that's what you do you. Embody the spirit of, independence, and adventure, that. Turned America, from thirteen colonies, into. The most incredible. Republic. In the history. Of, humankind. See, I don't say mankind anymore. I say humankind, do the women understand, that I. Don't. Know they want me to be politically, correct what. Look. A couple of women are having the thumb-up right you, like that do you like that okay that's, okay now I'm happy about. It's. The same spirit, that inspired, previous, generations. To cross the plains and tame the wilderness and, to. Build shining. Cities, that. Touch the sky we stand on the shoulders of American, patriots, who. Build the great highways, and railroads, who. Dug out the, Panama, Canal. Who. Won two world, wars and, who. Put a man on the face, of the. Moon and if you see what I did yesterday, with. NASA. Right. And you have the Air Force and now you will soon have the space, force because, that's where it's at space. That's. Where it's at. We'll, be the leader. Together. There is nothing. Americans. Can't do. Because. We, are one, people and one family saluting. One, great, American. Flag. Thank, you our. Future. Has never looked, brighter and that's, because, of the hardworking. Americans. Like you and millions, of small. Business, owners who. Took the chance to do what they love to. Follow their hearts and to chase their. Very, beautiful. Dreams. You. Are the ones who are shaping our industry, you are the ones who. Are shaping and restoring. Our, prosperity. We are restoring, our prosperity. You've. Seen, GDP. You. See what projections, are who knows but. Numbers that nobody, ever thought possible. I look. So forward to seeing, some. Of those numbers, but, you see what projections. Are. People. Are projecting numbers, like nobody, thought even, possible, numbers that I would likewise, like I wouldn't have said on jobs I wouldn't have said on growth I wouldn't have said, let's.

See What happens but, we're doing well as a country, and you're, the ones truly. Who, are making, America. Great again, so. Happy anniversary, god bless you and God. Bless the. United States of America. Thank you very much.

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Call me a Trumpanzee but I am gonna support President Trump no matter what.Trump really cares about this country unlike those other politicians who only care about dollar signs.

i love all countries. i love the United States and hope to buy a home

I invite any Democrat to come visit South Africa, 25 years they have had full power here, I invite you to come to see how leftist ideology like open borders turns out. Now one of the most dangerous countries in the world, murder, rape highest. It's easy to scream and throw tantrums from the safety of a first world country. Same stories, lies upon lies upon lies, but the truth is here to see. Indirectly Trump even gave us hope, make no mistake after most people learned the harsh reality of leftism, Trump has a huge following in SA.

Interesting to hear the president's own comments and how they contrast to Strange how 9/10 MSM sources distort the issue.

15:53 what was said from the crowd?


1000s of 1000s USA company Jews move to China. Now DeWalt MADE IN CHINA not Made in usa. Makita, Porter Cable. Wake up USA people, Trump work for Izrael not for USA

Thank you for talking about the evil of human trafficking that is taking place at our border especially of children. This MUST be stopped!

KIDNAPPING is a crime. GeoGroup, CCA, CoreCivic and related facilities are now the captors of KIDNAPPED children of refugees. KIDNAPPED by FIAT of the Republican Party. A call to arms for the removal of this Administration is sounded. The exit of the Republican Party shortly will not be peaceful.


One problem we have is with the image being portrayed. It doesn't reflect the facts. The fact is we're not taking children away from their parents. We're arresting law breakers and taking them away from the children they forced into this country. This is the fact, this is what you must say. Or the liberal snowflakes will keep crying about this justice. We're saving them from themselves but they rather be kept at risk. Like the children we discipline to keep away from danger but keep running towards drugs and things that are bad for them.

Philippines thanks Mr Trump became the president of America, he has the same attitude with our president to protect the common goods of their own people.


Donald Christ Trump

God Bless Trump God Bless Good Patriots. Yesterday Jesus showed me I'm a Perfect man, Cause I Finally Right Kinfd of Patriot

Thing is, with dairy, doesn’t the USA subsidize them? Canada doesn’t subsidize their dairy farmers. Canada righty regulates their dairy farms and that’s gotta stop. So, get rid of subsidies, restrictions, and get rid of all tariffs. Now that’s really fair.

im so glad trump is the pres. i will vote in support everytime

Thank god for Trump!

i hope he takes 4 terms, and stay healthy. i bet any one of his sons would be a fine leader as well

Please break up the huge corporations that are destroying small business with their monopolies and unfair buying power. Small businesses are being strangled. Because of this small business varieties have dramatically dwindled and many people have resorted to Multi Level Marketing as a form of business when in reality they are just working for someone else.

we need you trump in europe, save us from the EU nazi, s in brussels .. you are a hero trump!

Without a question, one of the Donald's finest, most epic and unforgettable speeches, riddled with common sense, wisdom and so much truth, that everyone in the room was drowning in it. The greatest living American hero and patriot, bar none, and I am above and beyond proud to call him my personal hero and role model.

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Fuck this so called country fuck him fuck all of yoy

Thank you Mr: President ! ! ! You have greatly exceeded all your promises and our expectations, we are praying for you we are an American gold star family. We only hope that with tougher policies on illegal immigration that it will become easier for those of us who are trying to bring family to the USA legally. America was not enough you have made the world a better place!! The most presidential thing I have seen in 60 years was how you handled the situation in North Korea.


00am goin .Law

Throw crooked Hillary Clinton into jail for life.

Thank you President Donald Trump.

u.s. companies incl the pentagon built an ongoing debt of over £millions. as a small long trading British specialist company against my business partners wishes i closed all u.s. trading. rebuilding company finances with such a debt of non paying fuckwit americans including the whitehouse is difficult. Trump has made a virtual bankrupt america feel proud of its debts and despicable foreign humanity and trade policies. we just want americans to pay their debts

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