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President Donald Trump Changes One Word. What About The Rest? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Well today the president of the United States switched, from. Insulting. His, Director of National Intelligence yesterday. By, name and, the, thousands, of intelligence personnel, in Washington, and around the world who supply the president, with the very best intelligence, that they can provide the president went from insulting, all of them, yesterday. To. Insulting, his voters, today, the. President told one of those Trump lies that no, one else in, the history of public. Life in America, would ever attempt, to tell Donald. Trump and everyone, in the Trump White House know, that most Americans, know that Donald Trump is an uncontrollable, liar the president knew he had no hope of convincing most, voters today that. He didn't mean to say what he said yesterday the, president knows that most voters most Americans, most, children. Are way. Too smart, to, fall for the lie that Donald, Trump told today, but. Donald Trump must. Not see, his voters, that way. Former. CIA director John Brennan yesterday, said that President Trump's comments yesterday were imbecilic and, today Donald Trump took, imbecilic, to, a whole new level Donald Trump gave, his voters an intelligence, test that, he seems to be very confident, they will not, pass can not pass, he. Said that he forgot to say one. Word, yesterday, that, would completely, reverse the meaning of one. Sentence, that he said yesterday the. Line that Donald Trump changed today came in the middle of his response. To this, question, which definitely, was. Not an actual, answer to. The question. Would. You now with, the whole world watching it's helped President Putin would, you denounce what happened in 2016, and would you warn him to never do it again so. Let me just say that we have two, thoughts you, have groups that are wondering why the FBI. Never took the server, why haven't they taken the server as, the. Whole world knows Donald, Trump did not have, the courage or the integrity, to denounce, what, happened in 2016, yesterday, and he did not have the courage to warn Vladimir, Putin standing, right beside him to never do again instead. Donald Trump rambled through a response, in, which, he. Ended up, saying. This. All. I can do is ask the question my, people. Came to me dan coates came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia I have. President, putin he. Just said it's not Russia I will, say this I don't see any reason why it would be but, I really, do want to see the, server, but. I have I, have, confidence. In both parties, the.

President Very clearly just, said I don't see any reason why it would be. It. Would be Russia what he meant was it would be Russia that mounted, a cyber war on the, American election in 2016 and today, the president tried to repair all of the, damage that he did yesterday by simply inserting one, word. In that sentence. I, got. A transcript. I reviewed it I actually went, out. And. I, realized. That there is a need for some, clarification. It. Should have been obvious I thought it would be obvious, but I would like to clarify just. In case it wasn't in, a key sentence, in my remarks I said. The word would instead, of wouldn't. The. Sentence should have been I don't see any reason, why I wouldn't. Or, why it wouldn't, be Russian, so. Just. To repeat it I said the word would instead of would and. The. Senate should have been and, I, thought I would be maybe a little bit unclear. On the, transcript. Or unclear on the actual, video the. Sentence should have been I don't see any reason, why it wouldn't be Russia. Did. The self-described. Stable. Genius come. Up with that all by himself. Obviously. Not that's why he had to read a written, statement we, know Donald Trump doesn't write anything and Donald, Trump is not reluctant, to share his idea that his, ideas that's why he tweets around the clock and this was an easily. Tweetable, fix. 24. Hours ago, 24. Hours ago now Trump was at home in the, White House watching. Television and seeing the massive, onslaught, of criticism he, was getting including, from Republicans, for saying what he said yesterday and the, line that he decided to change today was, quoted many times last night so obviously, yesterday, and last night Donald Trump didn't think there was anything, wrong with saying. That. He couldn't see any reason, at all why Russia. Would, attack our election, in order to help Donald Trump but. It took a full 24, hours for Donald Trump to try and, insert, that one new word into, that sentence and whose idea was that. NBC. News national correspondent Peter, Alexander is reporting, tonight that, a source familiar with the conversation, confirms, to NBC News that vice president Mike Pence and Secretary, of State Michael, Pompeo had, a private conversation with President Trump to urge him to make clarifications. On his comments from the news conference with firemen Putin in Helsinki, and so the two mics came. Up with the one-word, solution. Just, changed that one word and everything's gonna be okay Donald. Trump will, not survive, the Muller investigation, or an impeachment investigation. If his lawyers are not. Much much better than the two mics, there. Were many. Problems in what, the president had to say yesterday, but the one the, one that the two mics were trying to solve was. The spot where the president seems to equate, the, integrity, and judgment of Dan coats his Director of National Intelligence with, the integrity and judgments of his, new friend Vladimir Putin the. President said my people came to me dan coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia I have, President, Putin he, just said it's not Russia I will, say this I don't, see any reason, why it would, be. That. Is what the president, said yesterday, and, changing. That one word changes, only the meaning of that one sentence, it doesn't, change the meaning of any. Other sentence, that the president said yesterday it doesn't change the part where he equates, dan. Coates and Vladimir. Putin let's. Listen to that one more time. All. I can do is ask the question my, people. Came to me dan coates came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia. I have. President. Putin he. Just said it's not Russia I will, say this I don't see any reason why it would be but, I really, do want to see the, server, but.

I Have I, have, confidence. In both parties. But. I have, I, have. Confidence, in both parties, that sentence. Came after. After. The sentence that the two mics tried. To change the. Two mics did not change that sentence, I have confidence in both, parties. To. Make the two mic story work they, would have had to change that sentence, too they would have to change that sentence, to I do not, have. Confidence, in both parties that have put another knot in there I do not have confidence in both parties and then, they. Would have had to invent a sentence, that Donald Trump never said which is I have confidence, in Dan Coates who told, me the truth about what Russia did and I have no confidence in president, Putin's denial, the. One word fix fixed, nothing the. Two mics failed but they obviously engaged, in a mighty struggle with Donald Trump because it took him 24, hours to go along with their plan but then even. After executing, their plan Donald Trump ruined their plan by, taking his eyes off the. Words they had written for him and. Adding. A few words of his own. Let. Me be totally, clear in saying that and I've. Said this many times I accept. Our intelligence. Community's. Conclusion. That. Russia's, meddling, in. The. 2016. To, the play could. Be other, people also a, lot. Of people out there I, accept. Their conclusion, but I don't could. Be other people also as soon, as he takes his eyes off the, words that the two mics had, written for him Donald Trump destroys, what the two mics sent, him out there and do he, says it could be anyone, who did it anyone. What. Does Dan Coates know he's just the Director of National Intelligence, well. Trump doesn't have confidence in him it could be anyone no. Confidence, in the FBI no conference, in the CIA no conference in the NSA no conference in anyone involved in the American investigation. Of what happened in 2016, and certainly absolutely no, conference in Robert. Muller's indictment. On Friday giving. The names, the. Names of, the, 12 Russian, military officers, who were launching, the cyber missiles, into our presidential, campaign, to, hurt the Clinton campaign and help, the Trump campaign no one believes what, Donald Trump said today no one not know not. One member of Congress believes. If not one elected, Republican, in Washington, believes what Donald Trump said today today's comments, were aimed at Trump voters and no, one else because, Donald Trump knows no one else will believe a word of what he said today and so the question for the remaining, Trump, voters tonight, is. Just, how many insults, can. They take. From. Donald Trump the. Question for Trump voters tonight is is Donald. Trump right above them. Will. They believe anything. That he says anything. Will. Trump voters believe Donald, Trump's ridiculous, lie today which, Donald Trump himself. Contradicted. In things, he said yesterday and again in things he said today after, he told the lie, only. An imbecilic, audience. Can. Fall for an imbecilic performance. Donald. Trump proved once again today that he firmly, believes, that, the voters, who. He once affectionately, called the poorly educated will, believe anything he wants them to believe and, will accept any insult. To their intelligence as long, as that insult, to their intelligence comes, from, Donald Trump as it. Did today. Leading. Off our discussion now Ned price I'm a senior director and, spokesperson, for the National Security Council in the Obama administration results, of a former CIA analyst, Jill, wine bags former, assistant Watergate special prosecutors, here and Tim O'Brien executive, editor of Bloomberg view and the author of Trump. Nation the art of being the Donald they are all, MSNBC. Contributors. And yet, I want to go to you on on what Donald Trump did again today he. Once again today. Publicly. Said he does not believe, the. American, intelligence community does, not believe Dan coats it could be anyone, who. Did this and he, said that in. A mission he was obviously, primed. For by. Others in the White House apparently Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence he said that in. The middle of that mission where he was supposed to go out there and express confidence in the intelligence community, well. That's right wrote Lawrence if you think our heads are spinning trying to disentangle, trying. To fathom how, the White, House could think we are so in basilic, to use your words just imagine.

How This is playing out at Langley how this is playing within our national, security workforce. You know as I was digesting, all of this yesterday and reflecting. Upon what has to be one of the most shameful, days of the Trump presidency I heard, from a former colleague, from. Who's still currently, at CIA and this person started his message with what, in the hell are we doing what, in the hell are we doing and he wasn't talking at a policy, level he wasn't talking about bilateral, relations, between Moscow. And Washington it was an existential, question an existential, question that, has to be on the mind of all, of those or at least many of those who have dedicated their, careers with, little, pay and even less recognition. Risking. In some cases life, and limb to protect their country for a commander-in-chief, a first, customer, who is willing to trash, them on the world stage and to trash them in front of their, nemesis. No less and you know we talk a lot about workforce. Morale and the federal government and the implications, therein you know there may be less productivity, of worker or unhappy if they don't get, their annual pay increase but there are real implications. When it comes to our national security workforce, and especially our intelligence, community, and what. Scares me about all of this Lawrence is that sometimes, we don't see those implications, until it's far far too late, Joanne, banks we saw again, today a demonstration, of why Donald Trump's lawyers don't want him to go anywhere near a grand jury or anywhere near an interview, with, Robert Muller, here, he is trying to correct a statement that he made yesterday and trying to do it in the most unbelievable. Possible. Way by. Trying to insert this one word and then, in, that, process of, trying to fix it he says the thing again that he wasn't supposed to say. It. Is a big mistake on his part but. Even, the idea of correcting. One word is, absurd. Because, it isn't just the one sentence, or the one word that was upsetting to the American people yesterday it, was the whole context. It was his standing side by side with, President. Putin and ignoring. First, of all he said that Coates, said he, thinks it's Russia Coates did not say he thinks it's Russia he said it is Russia, all of the intelligence, agencies have said that a detailed. Indictment. Was issued, and it's being prosecuted now, by the National, Security Division of the Department of, Justice, that names twelve, GRU. Russian. Military, intelligence, officers. As defendants. And it, lays out very clearly. The acts that were done by, the Russians, under, the leadership of, Putin. And when, Donald Trump stands, there and says well, there is nothing I could do except ask the question, that, is not true he is the President of the United States he. Could say I will not meet with you I will not negotiate with you I will not cooperate with you unless, and until you, extradite. These twelve men to, stand trial, in America, and even, Putin, said it's up to our justice, system to, resolve these, things if that's truth and he should be grateful, for the opportunity to. Send these people to America, to stand trial and for people to see exactly, what Putin and the GRU. To, interfere, with our election, and we need to protect our election, we need to take action, to stop this from happening four, months from now so.

Tim, O'Brien Mike Pence is one of the co-authors, of the new version of the Trump statement so I think, it could be interesting to listen. To what Mike Pence said yesterday, about. Donald, Trump and this is after, Donald. Trump had completed. The press conference, Mike, Pence seemed to think yesterday, that every word Donald Trump said was great let's listen to this. And. Earlier. Today President. Trump completed. What, he described, as a direct, open, and deeply, productive, dialogue with. President Putin in Helsinki. What the world saw what the American, people saw is, it President Donald, Trump, will always, put the prosperity, and security of. America. First. So. That's the guy yesterday. He saw nothing wrong with what Donald Trump said yesterday well. And then obviously walked, into the same world when the Trump did after all this at the news which, is that everyone. Watching. That show, globally. Saw. Trump behaving, exactly the same way he's been behaving over the last year he has repeatedly, been a pop an apologist, for Vladimir, Putin he is repeatedly. Tried to absolve the Russians from any involvement in, this and and, and nothing was really new about that conference got for two things he was standing next to Putin and it, was and it was televised. And I think they all realized, when they came back home that they had to somehow try to roll this back but, you can't roll Donald, Trump back as you saw he even even, scripted. He could not stay on script because we know already there's, a voluminous, record, about, how he thinks about this and he, is not going to going to acknowledge that Russia played a role sabotaging. The 2016, election, because, it cuts to the core of a couple of things he's deeply concerned about one, of which is the Muller investigation, jeanne. Shaheen and other Democratic, senators are now calling. On, how the, interpreter, the us interpret who was involved to. Participate in the hearing jeanne, Shaheen said I'm calling for a hearing with the u.s. interpreter, who was present during president, Trump's meeting with Putin to, uncover what they discussed privately this in sure can help determine what POTUS shared promise Putin on our, behalf and a net, price that is unprecedented. But the meeting was unprecedented and, we've already seen, that, Donald Trump can't. Keep his story straight from one day to the next in, terms of dealing with Vladimir. Putin and these. Translators, do often. Take notes because, the state, as we saw yesterday for example with Larry Putin he can speak at length and for, a translator, to translate. It. All they have to write down certain notes about what if I were Putin said what. Do you make of this democratic, demand. And the Senate to hear from the translator, well, you're right Lawrence that this would be unprecedented, but all. Of this is unprecedented I think we have to throw, this quaint notion, of precedent, out the window when, it comes to the motion, that senator Shaheen put forward look the fact of the matter is that this translator.

If I'm not mistaken is a State Department employee. At the very least is a US, government employee and, this translator. Not only, has information that could well be relevant, to. Ongoing, congressional. Inquiries but is certainly, relevant, to our national, security is certainly, relevant and. Is in, fact what was agreed to behind, closed doors between. Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump and just today the Russians, as, we expected, all along have started to roll out statements about, oh yes this agreement, that the two presidents reached well we didn't hear about any of these agreements the two presidents, reached only. One other person, on our side did and it's this translator, it's incumbent, upon, the. US, Congress, to perform, this oversight, role because. The White House is not interested in being candid with the American people Congress. Must Congress, must get to the bottom of what, exactly was, agreed to for. Our own national, security sake. Jill will Robert Muller subpoena, the translator. To testify, to a grand jury I'm. Not sure that there's anything. Directly. Relevant to the Muller probe, in this except. If he, did actually talk, about anything. To do with the, interference. In the election, and although, he says that he raised the question. He doesn't say that they had any lengthy, discussion, about it with, all the things facing, Muller I would, say that the translator, is not going to be high on his list, nor, do I think actually, subpoenaing. Donald, Trump should be high on the list because we've. Seen time, and time again that. His answers, do not have any relationship, to the truth or the facts and so, why bother asking him, any questions, that you will not get truthful answers, to we, need to have more. Interviews. Of, people who don't, have a. Preconceived. Notion, of what they're going to say regardless. Of what the facts are and, there's. A lot that still needs to be done I hope, that Muller can be left alone and that we can stop attacking, him this was another attack, on the Department, of Justice he, Donald. Trump ignored. The. Indictment. Which is so, detailed, that it's hard for anyone to read that and not see, that, President Putin was, in charge of. Interfering. In our election, that is a big threat to our democracy and. It's something that it should have been the number one thing, on Donald, Trump's agenda, in protecting. America, he took an oath to protect our, laws and to see, that the rule of law took, place and he, is absolutely not, doing, that and that concerns, me the most of all thank.

You To everyone, for getting us started on our first panel, tonight thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe, by clicking on, the button below for. More from, the last word and the rest of MSNBC.

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and what is worse is he also changed the printed document he was to be reading by removing the line "to bring people who meddled in the election to justice" and added "there is no collusion". Repeat a lie often enough and it will become true

Trump isn't an asset to Putin is what he meant.

Can WE(as US) afford possibility of having either of ONLY TWOO possibilities of his final, (and the MOST EGREGIOUS to the date SO FAR), incedents which is clear for everyone to see, not only with your ears and eyes, but this time comes the power of first hand witness - when you see and hear what's said in YOUR PRESENCE. Because when we watch TV - it is almost 99.99% equal to being only 8 feet away from HIM who said IT

Hey MSNBC Fake News! Why are you NOT asking for the server which the democratic party is refusing to turn over? Don't you think that would solve everything as to who is truly colluding with the enemy of America? Of course you do which is why this stupid fake news outlet is collapsing!!!

You at least have to give him bravery medal for being shameless?

Give another few days and we all will forget and they will win midterms and 2nd term.

DId he Burp on 6:56?

Well, you said it, you HAVE TO be an imbecile to believe an imbecile like him

what is it with Exxon mobile sponsoring your program?

This abysmal president may disregard America's IC, but real Americans thank God for them. Never doubt this.

We need to know what Trump gave to Putin during their two hr. private summit. Bring the US interpreter to Congress, and insist Trump answer Mueller's questions , immediately .

Trump must not be very aware of himself or he did this to anger people even Trump is not this dumb.

everyone is talking about the one word would instead of woudn't, and no one talk about the "but" follwing is supposly confidence on is intellegy agencies, it is not a matter of one word, but the all context of the speach that was givving is confidence to Putin instead of USA agencies, your president is a liar, he is dangerous and i woud not woudn't but would say that he have an angenda to dimunish the image and power of the USA arround the world, clearly i don t understand how he can still be sitting in this chair

There has NOT not been any collusion.

Unbelievably naive blurb by Trump. How dense is he to think this would work....unbelievable.

yap just like when he said that there were very fine people on both sides.

"You can keep your doctor".... Ummm !!.... Yeah!

What I meant to say, is no I have not given Vladimir Putin head, not in a traditional sense!


Let's see the translator's!!!

SNAP out of it MSM!!! His correction changed the news cycle to now be about WOULD vs WOULDN'T. Get back on track with the REAL NEWS. He is a TRAITOR!

We ask "Why would he NOT have the affair. Why would he not have sold out his country? He is totally PRO-Russa. NO doubt. They bailed him out of economic disaster to the tune of at least $400,000,000!!!! Those are the numbers reported by folks I consider very very credible from many many sources.

Lawrence O'Donnell, please consider and point out the so-called intended statement: Why WOULDN't Russia interfere with our elections. That is not the opposite or total reversal at all of his original sentence. He said he intended to say, "Why wouldn't Russia interfere [in our elections]. HOw is that better. Consider the song: "He shot the sheriff; why WOULDN"t he shoot the sheriff. It is all cool he shot the sheriff." HE KNOWS HE LITERALLY DID NOt wALK the sentence back. He didn't walk it back He said of course they did interfere and why shouldn't they. He excused them. He believes both: his security people and he is IN with Russia doing it. It's ok with him. So he is IN PLAIN SIGHT playing us all, and his staff also. What I wonder: Is Sarah Sanders committing treason also? Is anyone who follows trump committing treason? I do think that is TRUE.

They think it is Russia----stupid---they indicted Russia is not the same as they think---

What CRAP, trump!

I hope the Cheeto cucklord chokes on a bigmac

My people have short memories and are selectively outraged! Actually this is the first time Trump admitted he said something wrong LOL but my question is how many people remember when Obama supposedly misspoke on many occasions? When he called Michelle Michael on various occasions on video? What about when he said his Muslim faith and the news person corrects him and says you mean your Christian faith? What about when he misspoke about how many states America had? What about when they couldn't get their anniversary date right of how many years of marriage they had? And not just Obama. Many presidents misspoke but why is it so important now? Things that have been happening for decades are just now becoming an issue when Trump's name is attached to it! How can you hate the government one minute and say it's a pressing you and then love it another minute!

Everything that happens is portrayed as the end of the world and I find it hilarious! I don't understand that hypocrisy. I don't understand where the news was when all these same things were happening a decade ago!


trump's plan is genyus! he wants to lull russia into a false sense of security, then, when they let their guard down....POW knock 'em for a loop! Strategic genyus! Bigily!

Just the fact that he didn't expect the backlash shows he hasn't a clue what he's doing.

Alla thiS. Is a distraction, children separated from their families!!'

Trump accused Russia of helping Syria stockpile chemical weapons.., yet rimmed Putin for 25 minutes on live TV.., leader of the free world????

"We have two thoughts..." Who is we? Why is the first thought to answer a question no one asked? Did "we" think of the supposedly lost server...or was that Poooty dictating the answer? He said Dan Coates "thought", but Poooty "strongly stated", which shows who he is allied with, and it is not our own American intelligence agencies. Trump is 100% traitor.

I wish some one would kick Mike pence in the nuts. But 1st down trump oh I forgot he has no balls then again Mike pence does not either and there are leaders cowardly Leaders.

GOPs responsible remember that.



What an absolute embarrassment, but even worse, a danger to the entire world. Impeach. Indict. Imprison. Immediately.

Isn’t he a genius?

I know that I may not be the smartest man in the world, but I’m not that stupid either. Donald Trump, please do not insult the little intelligence I do have.

"I don't know why it wouldn't be Russia" is still saying Russia is (or possibly it's Russia.)

trump is an asinine liar counting on the American people being as asinine as he! Anyone who truly believes his BS that he meant to say "wouldn't" IS asinine! Those in congress who actually believe trump made his "clarification" & now we move on, needs to be voted out in November due to stupidity. One last point, if trump is senile enough to make such a critical mistake he should never be allowed to have a private closed door summit with an adversary much less qualified to be President. Get rid of the weak loser!

Scary. Putin obviously has dirt on Trump. He's not realising it. In turn, Putin controls him.

BTW why does no one mention Jill's t.t.Rump pen?

How pathetic is this President. He is definitely a Putin flunky, running the country like he ran his businesses!

So, *pence* is a *putin lover* too. This means there's no way he could legitimately assume the presidency.

WoW love her pin! So true!

why is the U.S. Intelligence community still waisting time and money to protect this guy? he doesn't care about this country. It is all about himself, he is giving up this country to try to live open a window to make his trumpf tower in Moscow

What do you expect from Vice President Mike Pence? He is expected to idolise President Trump, blindly follow him to the extent of losing his integrity, dignity and worth as a human being.... or else, he will be FIRED!!!!!

Even forgetting the contradictory sentences before and after, the words "don't see any reason why" automatically betray any attempt to switch the "would" for "wouldn't," because of their exclusivity. As "wouldn't" the statement implies an emphatic and _exclusive_ confidence in the intelligence reports, to the point that it would have immediately soured the suspiciously amicable atmosphere of the conference. This is honestly the worst lie the man's told in its sheer idiocy.

*_Vote in November!_* Unless Mueller's investigation reaches a point that forces the GOP to demand Trump to resign, Trump can't be held accountable until 2020, but Republican representatives can be held to account *_this year._* Make it clear that if they continue their support of Trump, or will just stay quiet because of the corporate tax cuts, union-busting and preservation of gerrymandering that they love so dearly, or to avoid the wrath of the thoroughly corrupt party establishment and an increasingly erratic, bigoted, vitriolic and paranoid minority of white voters, they will not be public servants any more, as they clearly do not serve the public interest. Abstaining from voting helped us get here. More abstinence will not get us out! *_VOTE!_*

So boring. #fairytailes

High up Republicans are accepting this stupid explanation!

"To Preserve, protect and Defend"

I guess Putin must have something huge on Trump to get POTUS that nice to him and ready to defend him no matter what. Hum, What that could possibly be? I'm curious.

if tumpf thinks himself as a "Patriot" he should renounce right now to avoid damage, even more, this great country

Only trump's supporters would believe something this stupid.

Yeah....... that's it......

what a clown!

For Trump and his advisers, the American people are dumb, imbecile, ignorant and can easily be manipulated like puppets or robots...God help USA......

Trump returned to his GASLIGHTING tricks. Glurk, glurk, goes the base.

Dissaproving of pres. Trump is like approving of human trafficking.

masons are judges. c.I.a agents. Puttin is mason. ect

masons lie.

How embarrassing it is to be an American these days.

Whatever. President Trump is doing what he promised; making America prosperous again and I'm not a Trump voter. FACTS vs FEELINGS  #WalkAway

Why "I wouldn't or it wouldn't be Russia" Freudian slip... I think so

Trump has been defending Putin since becoming president, I saw a video on YouTube a while back where Erick clearly said: Russia is one of the best investors for the Trump family.

Trump, you are a coward..shame....unqualified to be a president....

So....what does rand Paul have to say now after this walk back...

What's in a word? 'I did mend to say i didn't launch nukes at China..Not did. So no need to nuke us back China. It should be obvio.'...'BOOM'

Good ol' Donnie Trump - M.R.G.A.

more trump derangement syndrome.

MAGA! God bless President Trump and God bless America!

It wasn't aimed at his supporter. It was just said to give Republicans some cover.

You make an hour show about a one letter mistake a person makes when they are on a world stage! Go fun yourselves. Ridiculous fake news idiots, your grasping at straws, it sounds ludicrous the way you go on and on with the petty Criticism!

Lmfao, oh my god.

Clarification? Pfffft!

The devil is with you cousin! You sound like an imbecile! You say stupid lies to make a living! You are a slave to your devil handlers!

Both Mikes probably told Trump that his supporters would believe this mess because they believe anything he says.

Thank you Mr.President and Jesus. Most people don’t realize what that is

Trump is Putin's fluffier! and nobody does it better!

Putin called for the meeting If he believe Trump was going to confront him on interfering in the election he would not have ask for the meeting never mind have gone to it. Unless the whole thing was in the bag

I thought he would resign already. too much executive power.

Never said, thanks FBI, CIA, SOLDIERS, OFFICERS, AGENTS. No thank you, at all? Hmmm, s'pose it will take a EBD class to get you to that, Mr President?

GUILTY as sin ,are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!

The puppet is too weak to stand up for what is right. Wake up America.

It is clear that the President of the United States is a Russian asset, he is compromised and is acting on behalf of a hostile foreign power! Donald Trump is a traitor. it is time to take action call your representatives to protect the special Council Robert S. Mueller III. And vote. Talk to your friends and family especially if they voted for Trump, be kind help them make an informed choice to help our country.

Future Americans (if the nation continues to exist) will have two stories to tell school children. The one where George Washington says "I can not tell a lie". And the one where Trump cannot tell the truth.

The President is the best thing to happen to the USA. Americans are not stupid raise the tariffs so an American made product is the same price as a foreign made products. If other countries tariffs is higher then ours lets match them . Keep American consumer profits in America so the tax revenue is used in America not in other countries.

trying to wade through someone else's lies is the most daunting task....this man is flawed beyond belief...I voted for with all Presidents, I always hope they succeed with what will be truly the best for our country....all of THIS is perfectly destructive....anyone that defends him at this point is a FOOL!

In PUBLIC, Trump was practically on his knees... OMG, what did he do when they were in a PRIVATE meeting? When will we know what he promised Putin in return for never releasing the Pee tape? Maybe Trump handed over the nuclear codes... who knows ? Do any of us doubt that Trump is capable of doing just that? A real retraction would have come immediately upon boarding AF1... not 30 hrs later and after Newt Gingrich has scolded the Donald for being a puck!

If only this were" The Gong Show."

Theory! Trump is in awe of Putin! Trump see's in Putin, everything Trump wants to be! I think he sat there with Putin like a miscreant school boy and Putin gave him 100 lines..And then told Trump what those lines were..Then said to Trump.."Go out and repeat your lines!" And Trump, full of fear and admiration..Did just that! Trump had no concept of the chaos he caused, and still doesn't! Despite his forced denials..He will go on repeating those '100 lines' again and again!

Debilitating BONE SPURS.... Believe that, Believe anything. Republicans are the most disturbing intelligence insulting narcissistic putrid deplorable lying low-life species on earth. My family is full of them, & where I learned to hate the ground they walk on. They honestly think they are better & smarter than everyone around them. They will use & amuse their self to affirm that. There are no words to describe how foul they are. IMHO

I fired four workers after hearing their personal views.... you can thank trump boys. You can sue me if you like, but you can thank trump you have no legal recourse.

You are a mean, angry liberal.... that makes your words null and void!


Maybe he was not talking about Russia but he was talking about Rossie? LOL

It doesn't matter how real his incompetence is. Trump and his pals (alex jones included) will just keep repeating the old words. "Communists, globalists, satanists, fake news." and maybe ''they're all reptlians." you're fighting stupidity with facts, exactly where imbecilic individuals have no grasp on.

So sick of STUPID...

Trump 2020

pence must be impeached too. He is a traitor in chief clone. So be it.


We, must always derive some nascent Good, even from the Bad. At least, for Today, TRUMP's Troglodytes know what a Grammatical Conjunction even Is!......

The look on Donald the Donkey's face when he entered the the press conference says it all....its the look of a man who was reminded by Putin that he..Donald Trump in fact is an accessory to aiding and abetting in a tax evasion scheme by Russian citizens and benefited from it directly or through his can easily conclude that most of his holdings are likely to be ill gotten gains from proceeds of criminal activity...are these properties not subject to seizure by the authorities?

He thought it would be obvious. The problem is, it was. He's a lying, treasonous snake.

After reviewing the transcript....Trump is exonerated...he did say WITH large fries....

Who is it in his employ that helps him lie? Rewording things. Twisting things. Is it Sanders? Who writes her lies? Does she write them herself? These people need to be disciplined/fired. None of this is ok.

Trump is taller and bigger than Putin, but on stage Putin stood like a giant, and Trump looked like his little coffee boy, "Yes, sir, no sir." This was very embarrassing.

David Hickman, per Rachel Maddow's interview, acknowledged that they were able to identify hackers by name, address and country of origin now. Trump is simply being obstinate in his refusal to accept Russian interference in the 2016 election as a fact. I recognize that it offends his version of manly pride, but interference of our election processes by a foreign country is a more important issue. Now, where are our elected leaders going from here. Will Trump lead? Will Trump whine in the corner that it's all someone else's fault. Same question for Congress! Are they capable of constructive action?

Switching "would" to "wouldn't" wasn't a clarification it was a lie. When Marco Rubio accepted Trump's lie as a clarification he owned that lie. He bought it hook line and sinker.

We had better hope that Pence hasn't actually lost his mind. We should hope that Pence is simply putting on an incredibly superb 2-year long acting performance for the sake of personal political survival and for sustaining the hope of salvaging & reunifying what remains of the GOP after Trump has rammed the ship into the ice berg named Mueller (the zombified GOP base will be angry & confused & looking for heads to put on pikes, so somebody with credibility in their eyes will be needed to talk them down). After Trump gets removed from office, we don't need the Trumpanzees acting on revolutionary impulses to set the country on fire like they threaten to do if the imaginary "Deep State" gets takes their man out.

"America had been foolish. America should be united with Russia." Which is the one word to add or remove?

I am so fed up with Hillary this and Hillary that. We are living in the present. Get your heads out of the past! The 2016 election is over! The current President sucks eggs and must be dismissed. Look towards the future and vote in November.

Jesus Christ Lawrence, she's an INTERPRETER, Not a TRANSLATOR.

I think it's time we see some tax returns and step up the investigation and focus on what Russia might have on Trump. Congress needs to grow balls and hold Trump accountable. Is Trump our president, or does he represent Russia?

POWERFUL? Putin has power over Trump. clarified? bemuddled?

yes, take his revision and see the rest as NON SEQUITUR

Its the medicine it's not Trump

Any child knows that if you write the wrong answer on a test or quiz, they will get it wrong. That child knows that he or she cannot go to the teacher and say "what I meant to say was something else" and expect to get a better grade. Foolish Donald strikes again.

Where are all those who shouted "I VOTED FOR TRUMP", Where are you ? STILL IMBECILIC?

People have short memories for sure. Early in his administration, when he met Putin for the supposed "first time", he said the same things. When he was still around Putin, he said "I believe him (Putin) when he says he didn't interfere" and then when he was talking to "us", he said "he was with our people" on the subject of interference. He's two-facing us consistently. He said what he mean't this time.

Just be very careful what you wish for, Trump is a Moron and undoubtedly the worse President in history..........Pence backs him 100% no matter what, he backs him even when he is doing America and the Free world great harm.........for mine that makes Pence the more evil of the 2.......America may be out of the frying pan if they get rid of Trump.....but they will be in the fire!

The perfect American system is flawed the d iablical Russians and Putin are step by step demolishing the great american democracy Hail to the CZ£Aer a Genius Chess Move making the Great USA a Clints State for the Ruskies


The saddest thing about this whole Trump debacle is that either there are a third of the country who are stupid enough to not see through Trump's lies or that there are a third of Americans who don't care if he has any integrity, or a combination of both. It's left me with a disgusting view of America.

Why is it the c.i.a. cannot find anything wrong with the collusion or the f.b.i. cover up of the clintons?

And if you believe this would and wouldn't crap we should be invaded just for being the most ignorant country on the planet

The Manchurian president

Ridiculous to come back with that lie! I can’t believe this is happening...

he' not even educated ,only he know's is real state business that he can lied that's why he's bankraft so many times never succeed ,he's only good manipulating people's .Never a dime i will invest to him as long as I heard his name TRUMP DUMP

He did NOT forgot to say a word..Mr...Anchor.. But he mis-quoted..or..mis-said...or..mis-spelled---the word. Instead of would not..he said would-not.. wow.. What a president !

An old saying “ za mwizi arobaini”” Time is up forTrump

It would be nice if the news told me the facts without someone elses opinions because I can make my own opinion with the facts

So trump supporters....if you listened to the whole speech how do you spin this in your mind....again....and again .just curious


Not at all, it was given to him by his aides. I'm sure he does not mean it.

Anyone ask what exactly he did or said that shows he put the U.S. first? Just standing on the stage with putin as an equal is nuts.

I took my granddaughter to a GAP Kids store yesterday and mistook a child mannequin for Mike Pence.

Trumpft: The stable genius. LMFAO

trump trashes his own base tape coming out soon.

he would have more flexibility after 2020 election to help sell more uranium to them lol

The deal was clear Trump will testify with Mueller when they show Rudy Giuliani proof that they have of collusion don't twist it

What a Croc top blowback Trump's approval ratings have gone up

This dude is whispering in your ear like he said she said so pathetic man get a life dude get over your Trump derangement syndrome

“It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” ― George Orwell, 1984

He thinks all Americans are stupid...he really does think he's smartest fish in the tank..the ugliest..not THE smartest

Dude!!.one word doesn't change the whole story..come on

he didnt have the BALLS.

Who is this guy?

Trump is really shameless. He kicked the USA under the bus and he sided with KGB, insulting CIA... The eyes of the world are pointing at him, wondering what happens to America.

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