Practical Business and Marketing Advice for Dominating 2019 | Keynote at NAC | Philippines, 2018

Practical Business and Marketing Advice for Dominating 2019 | Keynote at NAC | Philippines, 2018

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Thank, you minute alone thank. You thank. You thank you thank you. Thank. You. Sit. Sit thank you thank. You so much. Thank. You thank you sit sit sit. Thank. You I. Love. You back I. Mean. We could do this the whole time I don't give a fuck. I'll. Just stand here listen to you. Sit. Sit all, right let's. Sit down let's do this. So. Thank. You for having me I'm super excited to be here. There's. A lot of different things I want to cover I'm super excited about the format, I hear. We're gonna be doing the VIP, Q&A, up here which I'm super excited about so, I'm looking forward to that part for, me it's. Been, a pretty exciting, last couple days of touring through Asia I've given a couple speeches, and a bunch, of different themes are popping, up and I think in general I'm spending a lot of time trying, to figure out how do I bring the most value to. A conference, what's going through the mindset, of the, individuals, why are, you, even here on. A Sunday, afternoon what can I bring value, in a world where so much of the content that I'm putting out is widely free, like what what's, this about obviously, it's, fun to do it live and it's fun for me to visit the, region and I'm very humbled to be here but, I think for, me I'm trying to think about the take homes and it's really interesting the. I, have a sneaker, coming out, tomorrow. In the States called clouds and dirt it's, the, first video. That Dirac made. For, me let's hear it up for D Rock. So. The. First video we ever made was called clouds and dirt and the, reason, we did that I think it's important, because if, you think about it it's no different, than the, first issue of a comic book you're, establishing, the origin, story and I think when. I think about my. Career and more importantly, let's take me out of the equation when I look at the. People that are winning and when I say winning I think, the biggest issue we, have right now is how we define, winning I think, way too many people are defining winning based, on how many followers, somebody, has how, much money somebody has what things somebody. Has and for me I've realized, as I'm going, through this process it's, unbelievable, how much to me the, happiness, factor. Factors. Into winning like what am i are you happy. Like you know by, many. Standards there's. So, many different people that, maybe winning or losing based, on your singular, judgment, but. The, reality is you have no idea of what's really happening within their mindset, and what's happening in their home you're looking at the outside facade, and I think as this, world, continues. To grow we've. Become incredibly. Adapt. At, making. Us look, a certain way in, our social media versus. What's really, happening, in our head and that's something we've always done we've, always bought, homes, that were too big cars. That were too much closed.

That Was too much because, we are unbelievably. Interested. In other, people's, opinions. About us versus. Our own opinions, about ourselves and, so, when, I think about why. The first, film we ever made was called clouds and dirt it's, because it's my basic, thesis in life and, definitely. The reason I'm successful in business, has a lot to do with clouds and dirt because it's about the macro, and the micro, it's. About the strategy. The. The, why to, me what, really, makes me. Contemporary. Right now and why this is a, growing. Audience and where my business. Is coming from is coming from two reasons, one, I'm in. Write about. What the world was gonna do and I map strategies. That played out that, worked my, macro, thesis, was right it, was very simple it wasn't super complicated ten, years ago I decided. That this device. Was. Way more important, than most people thought it was and I decided, whoever. Won, on this, device whoever, controlled, the home screen, whether or not was email or text messaging, or social networks whoever, won that the. People, that won, on top, of that three. Layers the Internet, the. Platforms. On top of the Internet and then the people that know how to use the platforms, on top of the Internet we're gonna be the winners the internet was gonna win, the. Platform's Facebook. YouTube, they. Were gonna win and then the people that knew how to execute, next. The vloggers, the personalities, and the startups, that knew how to make content that it was a very simple, thesis I executed. Against, it but, that's only one part of it the other part of my macro was not just my strategy. And business it was that I figured, myself, out at a very young age that the. Game the. Game itself, was what. I loved it. And. I'll be very frank it saddens, me that so many people in the, audience's, kpi, is figuring. Out a way to max about money. So, that they can then deploy that money to buy things that think will make them happy. The. Reason that makes me sad is I've, just seen it not work out time and time again, people. Think it's, the money that makes them happy or the, thing they can buy with. The money and the reality, is it just doesn't play out and so for me the macro, was not only was I right about where the attention. Of every, person. Was gonna end up and then execute, within it I knew. That building. It and eating shit. Building. And eating shit was gonna make me happy, I. Recognize. That eating, the dirt is the. Thing that makes me most happy which. Means I'll never be upset. Everybody's, in a rush. You know I how, many people here raise your hands have talked to have, heard me talk about patients raise your hands, great. So. I've. Had a very interesting epiphany. To be very frank with you I didn't. Realize that I, love, the patients so much and push, it so much because, I loved the process, of course, I love patients, I never. Want to stop as a matter of fact on the way here I would say to somebody I the. Word I was like I'm just for, playing my business, career because. I never wanted, to end I always want to work I have no interest, in ever retiring, I don't want to buy a fucking, Island I. Don't. Want to sell, vaynermedia. Right, even, my, business, goals of buying the Jets the second I buy them it's gonna be fucking hard to win a fucking Super, Bowl right. I love, the process, I want. The process you, need to figure out what your process is, because. To be successful. You have to understand what's so amazing about the Internet why does every 15, to 20 year old want to be an influencer, because, they can. Let. Me just say it really quickly why does every 15 to 20 year old want to be an influencer, because, they can you. Can make. $50,000. A year you can make, $100,000. A year just. Being you having. Brands. Subsidize. Your life or selling, t-shirts or whatever may be the. Reason most, teenagers. In the world in, the world want, to be a Kol, or, an influencer, is because. It's practical. Here's. The problem, with it. Everybody. Can do it it's. A supply and demand issue, everybody. Can start an Instagram, and YouTube account. Tomorrow. Which. By virtue means, everybody, can which. Means you're competing with everybody, which. Means you have to be good. This. Is a very important. Point because the reality is. Actually. Work hard enough to, be, good enough versus the next person, you're, gonna have to put in so many hours in. The game and the. Only way to put in the hours to differentiate.

Is To. Put in the hours. We. Look for. So many angles, I am fascinated. By, how. Many people are looking for the angle for. Did me feel like Carrie I hear all your stuff but like, whether they meet me in a conference like this in QA or, on the street or in a business meeting they're, like yeah yeah yeah but just give me the one thing. My. Friends there's no one thing, they're. Like but the Hat like do, you really think there's some magical, fucking hashtag, out there that's gonna blow up your fucking accountant. Like. Do. You really think that's how it works, I'm. Just completely, fascinated. By. Everybody's. Lack, of patience. And lack, of process and so really my macro, I'm, starting, and this is listen, I'm really excited because I I promise, you this and you'll see in my content for the next five to seven years I will reference this, trip and this speech because, I'm starting to realize. Calm. Down calm down you, still might fuck it up so let's relax you. Stop thirty five minutes and 13 seconds it's relaxed but, I realize, that I'm starting to put the pieces together that, the. Macro is not just having the right business strategy let me give you a macro voice is, gonna win, Alexa. And Google and Apple, are gonna build voice devices, everybody, in this room over the next 10 years is gonna, gravitate towards. Voice devices, apps are gonna be built on top of the voice devices, and the next Spotify, and the next SoundCloud and annex YouTube and the next Facebook the next trillion dollar companies, will be Voice apps it, will be a huge industry everybody. Here should go home and read, ten. Hours a fucking week about voice apps voice devices, everybody, here should go by in a lecturer you should absolutely have one just work with your fucking Siri that fucking sucks today. But. Gets better voice. Will win I'm giving, you the macro, strategy voice will, win put in the bank D rocks filming somewhere it's done, there's plenty cameras here voice when that's done it's gonna happen, now what. Everyday. Get emails from people like Oh Gary, this sucks like I had, the idea for uber before it happened, who gives a fuck about your idea. Do. You know why nobody talks about copywriting. And pant and patents, anymore like they used to 15 years ago cuz, they don't mean shit. The. Game is about execution. The. Reason most of you don't execute, is because other people's, opinions, about you matter more than your own about yourself. No. Shit you can't work and put out as much content, you're worried about other people's opinions you. Literally, stop. Posting. More content, on social media cuz, one random, account named. Duty, face 47. Said. That you were ugly or stupid and that stopped, you. My. Friends you. Have to get your macro right you have to know where, the world's going or where you think it's going you, have to know what you can do about it cool so now I just said the voice is gonna win what, just went through all 2,000, people's heads did, you say and take, a step back I'm gonna become an investor, and I'm gonna invest in the next Facebook or Twitter on voice is that your move did you take a step back and say you know what I've, been thinking about doing a podcast let, me make a voice app along. With that podcast and try to win there did, you take a step back and say you're gonna start advertising on Voice apps when they first come out to, sell your t-shirts, or your course or your real estate like what what what did you decide, when. You heard voice was gonna win. But. Most of all, you've. Got to be in a good enough place to. Execute and win and you've got to understand, it's about pattern, recognition for. Me. Whether. It was baseball cards. Or lemonade, stands or the liquor store, my. Career has been basically, the same if I was standing here in 1996. When I launched I would tell you that the internet was gonna win for. All the youngsters in here a lot, of people thought the internet was a fad, that. It wasn't going to be a big thing. Next. It was gonna be email then, it was gonna be Google AdWords then it was gonna be YouTube then, it was gonna be social media it's, all been the same thing it will always be the same thing before. I was, in the business world, it was television, cable. Before. That Network, television, before that radio. Before, that, newspapers. This, is not very complicated. This. Is very simple. Communication. Is, how people make decisions you. Want to sell something you need somebody's attention then, you tell them you.

Tell Them through words you, tell them through audio you tell them through video my, friends this is fucking simple, this is fucking simple, as shit don't. Get it confused this is simple as fuck the phone has one if you, do not have. Content, on LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter YouTube you. Don't exist. Do. You understand you don't fucking exist if. You're not putting out something today somebody, else is you're, losing market share I don't give a fuck how much money you're making and how good you're doing you, are not standing, still, either you're moving forward and you're moving backwards, it's as simple as that so, if you're not posting five seven fifteen thirty pieces of content a day on these platforms, you're going backwards because, tons of people are it's. That simple the. Question. I have is why the fuck aren't you doing it. How. Many people here have been watching my content for more than a year raise your hand. Thanks. The. Problem, is if, you're, a year-plus, in like half this room is and you're. Not posting twenty thirty pieces of content day regardless, of what your job is regardless, of what's going on, you're. Just hearing me you're not executing. You. Can read about push-ups. But, if you don't do them nothing, happens and, so. What's. Really. Important, to me is, my. Mainly. Interested in legacy, and my. Legacy is, at the mercy of you see. Most people like that, you don't do anything you, know why because. You keep giving them money. Most. People like that, you don't do anything because, you keep giving them money the reason to keep giving the money for courses, and things, of that nature and books and events is because. It makes you feel like you're doing something. Paying. For information, and doing nothing with it is being. A fucking sucker. So. It's, true and so, for me I'm, trying to figure out how the fuck to get you to do shit my. Concept, of fucking pounding it in your head for free every. Day seven, days a week on every platform in every format, is working. To some degree the. Problem is it's, not working for most and. So. I sit, here today in. This room with, you. Desperately. Trying to figure out why and, every. Day that goes by the more. And more it's. Getting very clear to me why you're not it's. Getting clearer to me that you are valuing, somebody's, opinion, more, than you're valuing, your own you. Actually, are worried about what your parents, think you're. Worried, about what your siblings, think your girlfriend, thinks your, buddies, think the, world thinks, you, have allowed outside voices, to. Be more powerful than your own and it.

Will Always dominate, you for, the rest of time and I can give you unlimited fucking, tactics, I can give you the fucking money and you're, gonna fucking lose. So. Please, if, you, allow me if, it took being in person, together you. Have to figure out who's voice is louder than yours and figure, out what they're up to. Why. Are, they, giving you that advice a lot of times they think they're giving you advice that's, good they. Think they're, doing the right thing. But. My friends, this is a mental, game this, is a mental, warfare this is absolutely. That because, the reality is. Actually. You know what this is a fair question and honestly, we're here so please be honest by show of hands how many people aren't, are not. In the, professional. Place they'd like to be raise your hands raise it hi hi. Don't, lie hi hi, stand, up stand, up if you're not in a professional place that you want to be, do. It I'm gonna wait. There's. Nothing embarrassing I'm, standing. So. Own it don't be full of shit don't, try to act cool because you're sitting and it makes it look like that you're good stand. It if you are not in the professional, place that you want to be, cool. Everybody, who's standing I have something, that you need to hear and I need you to listen very carefully. This. Right now the, last 10 years of the, global economy and how much money's in it and this. Because. Of the internet and the devices has. Made the, last two, three four years the, easiest, time, in the, history of business to, be successful. Right. Now we, are living dead smack right. Now dead. Smack in the easiest. Time in. The. Last three to four hundred years, to. Make money and be professionally, happy if your, fucking standing, we. Need to figure this the fuck out because. If you're not winning right now. You're. In deep fucking shit when, shit hits the fan. So. If you were standing, you. Need to figure out why that, is and, I promise, you it is not. Because. It's hard. It's. Because you haven't figured out the right macro. Either. Your mindset, of what's getting you you can sit down thank you so much either, the. Mindset. Or. What. To do the lack of self-awareness. Is, enormous, in the system right now and so. For me the. Way you figure, shit out the. Way you figure yourself out, is you try shit. You. Try shit I used. To think it was super basic I would stand up here over the last second say try shit and, I just wouldn't understand, why, people, wouldn't and it, keeps getting me back to the same place the, judgment, and. Look I have a very specific agenda, in, Asia, over the next decade it, is to change the conversation of, the way kids are parented, in Asia I. Have. One agenda. There. Is a. Global. Issue. Across. The world from the United States to Europe Australia. To. South America, that, over. Indexes. In Asia which, is that parents, are, fucking. Up and. They're. Fucking up because, they care about what, other parents, think about their kids, they. Want you to be a fucking lawyer and doctor. Cuz that seems cool to their old friends. It. Is amen here's, the problem, you're. Fucking up too. Cuz. You're taking their money and. You. Are acting. Like you're not and. So. We have a very intriguing, moment, in time, really. Intriguing, and I'm, trying to really hack it because here's the part that, I'm most passionate, I, always. Say don't listen to what I'm saying watch what I do I've, been producing content for 10 years I was, unbelievably. Quiet, in. 2014/15. 2013. Right, building vaynermedia, I was quiet I wasn't putting out a lot of content there, was a specific reason I wasn't, passionate about saying anything right, I I, did, for 11 years of my career I, wrote, crush it I came out as I hey this shit is really like this you know if you go read crush it right now it was written in 2008, it's ridiculous, how much that played out in personal, brand it's the whole book that's why I wrote crushing, it because, I was like fuck it's still happening and a lot of people are winning and it's fun to be here I mean like one of the most interesting things about the, Philippines is how, remarkably, underpriced.

The Ads are, on YouTube. And Facebook and Instagram how. Many of the, they're doing incredible work here, yet, there's not as much money coming, into them so you could take advantage of it everything. I believe in and you hear me talking, about is a better, deal in the Philippines, than it is in the US is a, better, deal in Southeast, Asia there's a reason, I want, to open an office in Southeast, Asia for vaynermedia, it's, because it's. Thank. You it's. Because, it's, better. Here. I love when people cry, when they're, not in bigger, markets, they're, like oh you. Know we only have 30 million people I only have 10 million people really four million people I important, it's easier. America's. The big leagues, there's. A lot of people doing it there 300. Million gets spread out against a lot of people there's, more abundance, in. Southeast, Asia right now for, this execution. Than. Almost any other part of the world and, so. To. Me, we. Have a remarkable, time and the, reason I want to be, out here talking, about this now is and, I mean this everything. I believe in is about, to go away. Let. Me explain why, I'm so passionate about this it's, early, and it's, underpriced. Think. Of it as real estate beachfront. Property, of, places. That get hot are a good, deal when, they first become available and over. Time they. Get properly, priced over. The next decade, Facebook. And Instagram ads, are, gonna go from three four five six seven dollars CPMs, to, twenty thirty forty fifty dollars CPMs, in, the same time, people's. Usage. Is, going, to change, you're gonna start not. Converting. As well in the feed so. Right now I can get in front of all of you on Facebook, for. Six seven and eight dollars to, get in front of a thousand, of you and a. Hundred. Of you are gonna do something with it and literally. In 48, months it's, gonna cost me. Fifty. Three dollars to get in front of a thousand of you but only 20, of you are gonna do something with it that is. Very basic math. This. Is historic, this is exactly what happened with google, google. At how many people here we're doing Google AdWords marketing, in two thousand two three four raise your hand. Remember. For. The six of us that just raise their hands all, of us we fucked up we should have spent more money right. Every. Time there's, a deal, you're, regret not buying a lot of it. Think. About every good business thing you've ever done if I take you in a time machine and tell, you what would you do you would bomb or you. Would have done more that's. Exactly, what's happening right now with Facebook, and Instagram and it's happening right in front of your face and so. I am desperate. To talk about it because, it's right there and it's. Going, away quick and let me tell you why it's gonna go away because. BMW. And coca-cola, and. Mercedes-benz. Are spending, their money on dumb shit right now they're. Buying television commercials. They're. Buying billboards, they're, buying print ads they're, buying banner ads on websites fuck. I don't even I haven't even owned a computer in four fucking years like, banner ads on websites in. A mobile only world. When. They, realize, that and, their. Money goes into, Facebook, and Instagram for, real not the bullshit money they're putting it now all. These prices will go up, so. I implore you I. Implore. You to take a step back and understand. The moment, in time that, we have right now and. Ask.

Yourselves, Why. Why. Are you not doing more of this, single, thing and the interesting, thing is I'm, most worried, about both the clouds and the dirt the, people that are most winning, in this room who feel who's having the best year of their professional, career raise your hand good. You. Scare me even more than the people that were fucking standing. The. Reason you're not doing, all of this as hard. As you can is cuz. You are having the best year and whatever is doing that is what you're focused, on not, this, ridiculously. Underpricing, every day I sit with companies, that say to me Gary, I, get all this but, we're up 9%. Doing, television our business is up 9% and, I, look at them and I say Rick. What's, wrong with 35%. There. Are two things. That are always scary. To me having. Way too little, and having. Way too much and. So. For. Me we. Are clearly, in a, very, unique, time if you, are a historian. About, the business world and society and. This. Room the, fact that you're even in, it on, a Sunday. Means, that you already have, the theoretical. Advantage, versus, the masses, to, be opened, to execute, within this my, problem is I just think 90%, of you want, to be here to feel good, about doing, it versus, actually, doing it and I'm. Trying to figure out how, to unwind that and figure out why. Why. In the world do. So many people who could easily make a couple, hundred thousand, dollars a year selling, t-shirts on, Facebook. By just running Facebook ads think, it's smarter, to buy unlimited. Amounts of Bitcoin. I'll. Tell you why people, like. Lottery, tickets. People. Bought cryptocurrency, at scale because, they thought it was gonna change their lives. Right. Wasn't Bitcoin, supposed to be a hundred thousand dollars a coin today. So. I'm, trying. To understand, why that was seductive, I get, how it works I understand. That. Makes sense to me in desperate, times the. Problem is we're living in times of abundance, this. Is fucking ridiculous. Abundance. People. Aren't willing to eat shit, people. Aren't willing to put in the grind work it's. Sitting right there and I'm. Desperately, trying to figure out why you're, not doing it let me give you a couple tactics, a couple things to talk about. Super. Interesting thing to, look at how many people are gonna be to be business raise your hands, b2b raise it hi I'm just trying to get a sense so I can give you some stuff okay real, quick for the b2b people it, is. Meaning how much LinkedIn has exploded, in being a Content, play like, Facebook, over, the last three years I've, been doing quite well with it but in the last six months it's gotten remarkable. The organic, Reach is through the roof and if, you, are in b2b here and you are not posting, one, to three blogs a day you, can do written blogs I embed videos and then transcribe, them it's. Remarkable. The ads are, not as good as Facebook because there's a floor but. If you, are a, personality. That cares about business, or you're in the b2b space and I, would actually argue even. If you don't think your. Brand or your personality, belongs, and Linkedin if you would interpret, it to business. People are watching, it and come from that angle and respect, the context, of the room, I believe, that LinkedIn, right now is a remarkable. White space in marketing. And I highly recommend you, know the things that I always dream up when, I aspire, to bring value to a conference is and, I've seen a lot of your faces. When I positioned. That a lot of people like huh, and then. She, was like yay so, she's clearly killing, it on fucking LinkedIn and.

You. Know my ambition is that you go back and this puts a seed in your head and you go and read for three to six hours but, most of all you go and do for six months you know this reason so. Many people are failing in today's new environment, is, it. Takes work it's. You. Don't just run a Facebook ad and it works you, might suck at running Facebook Ads people. Are practitioners, and. So. They're not good, at the craft I've. I have, spent. Tens. Hundreds. Of thousands, of dollars on Facebook that did not achieve the. Goal that I had for it and, so. There are people in this room who've run a thousand, dollars worth of Facebook ads it didn't work and you've decided Facebook, marketing doesn't work. Number. Two. Twitter. Is going. Through an interesting time and a lot of people think it has to do with Trump and this kind of stuff and that's fine it's, it's not that what, what's happening is Jack and the, original team came back 18, months ago and it's just little tweaks little, tweak here a little week there but. If, you, are just starting out, no. Matter what you're doing or if you're in a small base the fact that, you can go to Twitter and search. Words and jump. Into, the conversation and. Go. From not being known at all to. Creating. Contexts and relationships, with people in the industry or customers, is remarkable, the problem is nobody, wants to do it because it's not scalable. But. When you're at zero and you're, trying to establish your brand or business I think. It's remarkable to go into Twitter for two hours a day and reply, to people talking about football. Or, scarfs. Or courses. Or haircuts, or jam or camera, lenses or or the fuck you care about. To. Me I don't understand. Why. Somebody's. Not willing to put in the hours when. They're asking, for. The audacity of changing, their lives and living it on their terms. Running. A business or. Making. Money on your, terms. That's. Sustainable. And is. A good life is. Extremely. Rare. So. Of course it's gonna be super hard and Twitter. Search is super. Hard because it takes a lot of time but. It's two things that, are super interesting me it's. Super works and it's. Super, free. It's. Free. The. Amount of people that tell me, gary, always talking about free why should i speak for free why should i do this for free and.

I. Always ask them like. You. People, always push me Gary you have to know what you're worth you can't do it for free you have to know your Worth and I'm, like but the markets, telling you that you're worth zero. Okay, like, people like like you're only emailing, me because you haven't sold anything but. You don't want to do it for free, the, market has told you you're zero. There's. So many, macro. Things fucked up right now I can't. Believe, it as I get older and uncover, them. Not. Wanting to work for free means. You have a big fucking ego without, achieving anything. There's. So. Much audacity. There's. An unbelievable, lack, of humility and. So. To me, this. Is a very interesting time and I'm gonna say it again because I like to recall, it so that you understand, why my head is here, this. Era, and by, the way how. Many people here consume my content, raise your hand. Thank. You. You. Know where I sit on this, it's. Only four or five things. For. The people that don't let. Me take a step back because I didn't see as many hands as I need and I want to make sure I bring you value number, one you. Have to figure out how you communicate. To the world are. You video are, you audio, are you written word everybody, here if you do not produce content, for the internet you might as well get up and leave because that means you fucking are finished. This. Is no longer 2007. You, can't debate this, anymore if you do not produce content, for the internet you do not exist, so. If you believe that were finally, accepted, it how. Do you communicate, how. Do you create content to the Internet is. It written word is it audio is it video how many of you here listen, to podcasts. Any of them raise your hand raise it high I want, everybody in the front to look around raise it high keep it high this. This, is a remarkable. Amount of hands thank you so much if I ask this question three years ago, 80%. Of the hands that are up would be down. For. Me podcasting. Is remarkable. I, think. More than half of this room should. Have a podcast. It. Takes no engineers. There's an app called anchor I'm not associated, with it at all but some of you see me from on I just think it's a good thing it's fucking free you, record, it on your phone as if, you're on the phone you. Don't need any infrastructure, no sound engineer, you press three buttons and you are in the podcast business. Written. Word here's. A look dirty little secret, and I'm, I'm being a little more tactical, which makes me happy so take advantage of it because it's rare. Long-form. Copy on Facebook, and Instagram work. Post. Of everybody. Spends so much time great, about the picture and they, fucking mail in the words. Everybody. Here on Instagram is trying to grow because it's completely won right and everybody's. Fuckin triple, filter, I mean there's people literally spend like 12 minutes filtering, their fucking photo. And. There's you know and then if you're a personal, brand and a human I mean I don't know if you guys know this the only thing that I'm, sure that Instagram, taught me is somehow, every, fucking person is attractive. Every. Single person is spending so much time on, the photo and don't forget a lot of you are trying to position yourself as a business person. So. Please. Understand. That one of the huge white spaces on Facebook and Instagram is writing. A ton of shit it. Works take. That with you as my fact back to LinkedIn I don't know if you felt this what's, been really interesting about LinkedIn and it goes against, kind of my, natural state just. The written stuff and I mean like literally. And you see what I do on Instagram with the pictures and stuff like that that works on Instagram on LinkedIn.

If I put that same picture with a quote versus, just writing the. Copy the, copy will destroy. It on LinkedIn, so. These, are the nuances, and the, tactics, that so, many people ask before the reason I don't get excited about them is they're. Very easy to see I keep, telling you just watch what I'm doing if, you went to my LinkedIn and see that there's a bunch of written copy there I do nothing, for my health I do. Nothing for kicks and giggles this. Is all being fucking thought about I don't do a podcast seven, days a week because, I think it's funny I, do. It cuz it works I do, it cuz audio is important. My. Friends I put out a couple of months. Ago maybe a year ago a strategy. Called the dollar eighty strategy. On linked on, Instagram. What, it was was go, to ninety people. Leave, your two cents on, there, comments. I believe, in it more not less how, many people here is anybody here verified, on Instagram. Anybody. Okay. Instagram. Leaving. Comments in, communities, versus, you know you go to Instagram you search the hashtag. You. Search words that are associated to your business you know your business and you. Go to 80. 90. Different. Accounts, that are posting, and you, leave comments, and you don't leave comments, like yo or thumbs up you look what they're posting you read it you take a minute you think and you write something of value the. Biggest problem right now is everyone's, in short term and numbers. Let. Me get to 150, accounts, I'd, much rather you get 219 and read it carefully cuz, you'll convert twelve out of nineteen verses. Warm out of 150. Damn. Everybody's. In with numbers. Numbers numbers you. Know why most people don't grow on social networks over the last decade they, care more what the audience is doing for them than what they're doing for the audience when you post on Instagram, you're looking for them to give you likes. The. Amount of people that tell me that they're struggling I look at it and they have not replied, to one person. In the. Comment, section, of their, posts, you're. Trying to build a community, yet. You are not part of it. Audacity. Taking. Things for granted, only. Looking at it for what's in it for you, who. Made. You so entitled, that you think you should be an influencer, or a millionaire. Or successful. We. Have way too much entitlement. Way, too much laziness, way. Too much audacity. In the, system, and I am passionate to, get rid of it not. Because I think I'm cool, and I'm scolding, you I'll, be very frank with you Manila, I don't, give a fuck if you do anything I talk about I. Can't. I can't go to your house and make you but. I will not change my. Tune my, favorite, thing that's happening right now in, my comments, on YouTube and Instagram and let, be very clear here if you want to learn what I do if, you, want I read, all of them, I. Read. All my comments, because that's how I know what to do next. The. Amount of people that just post and leave no. Engagement. No, reading comments is a. Clear, indication, to why so few people win. Post. And leave post. And leave, imagine. Hosting, a dinner in your home and. Putting. Down a plea and leaving the fucking house. That. Is what 98%. Of you are doing on Instagram the, place you want to win and you. Think following. And unfollowing, or, algorithm, the scripts where all this dumb fucking. Hackers, you fucking, hackers, I. Literally. Just said follow, and unfollow and, like twelve you just looked at the person next to you and smile and said fuck that's us I. Just. Don't understand. How you don't understand, how life works, short-term, behavior. With no good intent behind, it that is completely, predicated on, what's, in it for you has never worked for anybody in the history of time. Shortcuts. Impatience. And. That's. What got me all the way back to the last part which, is okay, this, is what I've been watching for a decade, this, has been my passion and frustration, for a decade I'm finally. Starting to understand why. This. Is way, deeper. This. Is 100. Percent. Entitlement. This. Is a hundred percent what's. Been going on for the last twenty to forty years with parenting, this. Is a hundred percent. That, you glamorize, the products, I asked. Myself why don't I give a fuck about louis. Vuitton or supreme. Or, fucking these, watch it why don't I give a fuck because. I realized subconsciously. Every. Time I see somebody completely, being about that I know that they're not happy. They're. Leveraging it to disguise. Everybody's. In the makeup business, everybody's. Full of fucking shit. And. That. Sucks. Because I don't know if you heard it's, really hard to be a human being and, since. You you. Will never do anything as, remarkable. As having a life in itself I, just. Hate that you're pissing it away, based. On trying to keep up with the Joneses. Like. So many of you are depressed because when you go on your Instagram, account your, friends, on vacation, in Bali or like.

Has. A bottle of champagne, or. Like like don't, you understand, that everybody's just a PR agent of themselves, on social media. Like. How many more times do you need to see families, posting, unbelievable. Happy pictures, on Facebook for months and months and years and years and then finally there's a post that says me and Karen have decided to split. Are. You watching. Are. You watching. The. Single, greatest abundance. Opportunity. In the, history of mankind is happening directly in your face it's called the Internet it's only about 25, years old it's happening, while you're alive not, only were you lucky at 400. Trillion to, one to be alive you, weren't born, during, the Black Plague or World War two or, all the other shit that other people, were born with no you were born during, 50, years of global prosperity and, so, much money in the system it doesn't know where to put itself that's. You, so. If. You're actually unhappy. During, right now you're, actually the worst humans of all time, I'm. Being, serious, and, I'm. Not trying to razz or hurt feelings I'm really I I hope you understand I know a lot of you know me I have no interest in that I'm just trying to ask you to fucking look at life from a different angle. You. Don't meet people, literally. Go, into debt and then, not like their life for, the next 20 years because, they needed to buy a house that has six rooms more than they need because they needed to make 10 they're more successful than they are we. Have to Radek 8 that guys. We have to eradicate, keeping, up with the Joneses. I'm. Gonna personally kill the Joneses. The. Joneses, are fuckin cancer. Like. Guys. Everybody. Else sucks -. Please. Stop living, your life on somebody, else's terms, because. I give, you and millions, of other people give you very basic information every, day that works. Run. Facebook ads you'll, make money. The. Informations, basic, is fuck what's. Not basic as this this. Is the fuckup thing this, is the game this, is the game this. Is the game, and. The, sad truth is most people are losing this game you. Guys spend more time upgrading. Your phone than, you upgrade, your mind. Please. And, upgrading. Your mind isn't getting more educated, upgrading. Your mind is understanding, why you do things for whom and how. We. Need to take a massive, collective step back, massive. Step back and say what the fuck are we doing here what. Are you scared, of why, are you not doing that, scaring. You who, is this thing. The. Reality, is unfortunately, the, thing that scares you are usually the people closest to you the ones, that love you. Be. Very, smart. About who gives you advice and, how. Happy they are. I'm. Happiest, fuck. But. If you listen to the last hour it feels kind, of Razzie and negative meanwhile. A lot of other people say they love you and this and that but, they're miserable as shit. Do. Not judge, a book by it's cover. Get. More thoughtful. Because. Here's. The part that bothers me the most if. You don't figure your shit out now and execute. You're gonna be double depressed in seven, years when, the opportunities, are nowhere close to, as good as they are now, Manila, this. Our fucking time please. Please. Figure. It out and get, your shit into motion you have one life to live do. Something, about it. Thank. You. Thank. You so much mr., Gary, Vaynerchuk. Thank. You. Can, I please, say because, ladies and gentlemen, 45, minutes is not enough with, Gary Vee Chartreux. Please. Everyone, sit, down we still have something for you in the, next few minutes we, are opening, the floor to something.

Very Special. All right this, was supposed to be a private session with Gary Vee but, the organizers. And Gary decided, to be so generous they, are going to open the Q&A, for, everyone. -, yes. Very good, for everyone to listen but. The people who will get to ask questions, are, the. People in front. VIP. And, solitaire, you are, going to be asking, your, very well-thought-out. Question. Or shitty, or, City okay we'll take study questions, any time we, have to like stations one on this side and the other one on this side if you, have a smart question just, queue. For. The Q&A and. Please. Take note no, long, life, stories. Take. Care when I was a little boy no please. Go, straight to the question, and please you, don't have to say Gary we love you so I could follow you no we, already know that so. Go straight to the question so that more people can ask good. Thank. You Gary. Yep, great. My, friend okay. All. Right. Okay. First. Question I, have a couple all, right um why. Haven't, you been in a shark tank yet cuz. I said no oh they, offered it to you, sure did that's awesome why why did you say no because. I tend, not to like me too you know when I think about my brand I like doing things where. I'll get, the credit not, the platform I see, right, so, if. I was to be Shark Tank now and sure takes an incredible show I'm. A fan I love that young kids watch it I think it's positive I'm a big fan of shark tank the, reason I decided not to do it is at. This point it's a mature brand, right. And I'm going into somebody else's house sure, and I can't. Like, it's not going anywhere higher it's, on the decline right so I think of shark tank the way I think about American, Idol right. What. I'm spending my time on and why I switched from CAA, to William, Morris recently, is while. Shark tank's doing what it's doing um. And it and I think it's American, Idol I'm trying. To develop something that could become like the voice okay. Right like I want to make the business show we're on the face of that. Disrupts. Shark Tank not, be season. 11 Shark, Tank Gary Vee sorry, couple more questions okay, yeah, all, right did, your guessing, on Joe. Rogan's podcast. When you were there the first time did, it force you to get into shape no. Rogan's, yeah Robinson, I don't know if it was a bad angle but I was already in shape when I went on that show. No. I got, into shape because, it's a good idea literally, what's really interesting is, everything. I just talked about for 45 minutes is the. Business and mental version, of why I figured, out getting. Into shape I was 38, years old, and I was not in good physical shape and I, knew it was a good idea to, live longer to be in better shape but. I couldn't fucking figure out the angle, and literally, on a plane it, hit me that. I'm. Not good when, I'm accountable to myself I'm. Great. When, I'm accountable to others I like. Doing for others that's my selfish, move I'm a good boss I'm a good leader I'm good, with, my community, so. I realized if I hired somebody full-time and, that became, the team I wouldn't, want to let him down and, I literally figured, out my health by. Doing something rogue and, so. Know it Brogan. Didn't inspire me together. Alright, um you, predicted, the fall of Toys, R Us yes how the fuck, did you do that because. It's. The same reason that I know that. Everything. I just talked about is right for 80% of this audience it's just in the math they. Were not, doing. Anything, right, right. They were not winning, online they, were not average they they would spend more money on doing flyers than. On social, media right and I knew that the toy business was, moving into a place of direct-to-consumer, ok if you have a child globally.

You, Know that they live on YouTube kids and if, you look at why slime, or. Shopkins. Or any of these trends happen that they happen at YouTube kids and then they go direct to consumer, between. People, selling directly on Instagram, Walmart. And Costco, and. Amazon. There was no place for Toys, R Us sure, alright, I'm gonna ask about what was hard last question I'm gonna ask about two people one, is a foreign, celebrity, one it's a local celebrity you know both of them what, was the interaction like, with, the greatest Instagrammer for all time the, rock. That. Was super, fun because the rock is, so. Willing. To still live in the dirt even. Though he's floating, in the clouds at, all times so it was you, know when you meet people you're always curious how. Are, they right are they similar to Sam the other thing I think, the rock is ambitious. As fuck, right and that, excites. Me what. Was the Internet where does the interaction like, with, will die so Mitch, so I loved will because will, is super humbling for me because he was so inspired by the content, that, I brought, up and obviously he had a very unique. Life. Story of like adversity, that led him to where he is today. The. But, utter, kindness. And good, inside, of wills body is, ridiculously. Inspiring. And if you don't know who he is you should really, pay attention all right well that's your. Most sorry sorry, I promise to give it a round one last one last okay your, most viral, post ever are these for me abut what the one that really hit me the most is not. Giving. A fuck about what other people think yes, do, you wanna could. You. Say. It again. Like. This no biggest it I think it moved a lot of people and it was a whole fucking keynote I just gave right. Like and, to your point it is the answer, literally, literally, if you, are unhappy, in this room or, not as happy as you could be it is 90%, likely. That, you're upset, with your mom or dad. When. I say don't give a fuck about what people think it's easy for you to not give a fuck about what he thinks I'm. Talking, about the people yes, I'm talking about the, people closest. To you yeah you've. Got problem, with the people closest, to you to, get into I see, the life right now we're I don't give a fuck about what my mom my dad and my wife said I, respect. Them tremendously. I care. Tremendously, but, at its core it's, gotten. Very quiet for me which, is why I'm so happy thanks. So much for coming to Manila madam thank you so much you got it okay. Great hey brother wait a year to ask you this question thank you I want to fast-forward 300, years from now okay and how. The world will remember you then yes so I believe, that you won't be remembered as speaker author entrepreneur I, believe, you'll be remembered as a 21st, century philosopher, yes and I, just wanted my question is of all, your philosophies, what do you think will, be the philosophy that, will be still talked about 300, years from now. Thank. You. Probably. Especially. How I think the next hundred years work out yeah that. Kindness. And gratitude. And good is. Always. Just. A little bit stronger than, fear and hate. And negativity. Personally. I think your. Philosophy, on parenting, yes is something, that's gonna hugely, impact your generation, of followers I should, hear in the Philippines, thank you I think and, it's interesting cuz it's bubbling up and I've been louder about it I agree, with you that if I had a bet and obviously I know what's going on in my head and my actions, in, the, same way that that don't. Give a fuck or there was a video I made about you. Know for 40 to 60 year olds which is like how, many people here are over 40 raise your hands, such, an interesting crowd, for me we're. You just we just have so much more time right. We just have so much more time this. Parenting, conversation.

Is Probably gonna change the course of my life cuz, its deepest, fuck it's, true as fuck and nobody, wants to talk about it. Nobody. Wants to talk about it and what, no question, now that I'm getting closer to talk about it I promise, you I'm not in Asia for kicks and giggles it needs, to be talked about in this, region, yesterday. Are. You doing good, brother I'm. Gonna go into the semantics, of okay. No. No we're here now if, you are a director. Consumer, beauty brand yes and you were launching in six months yes what would be three strategies you'd focus on are you building on top of Shopify, yes, that's. Good I. Would. Spend all my time and energy on Facebook, and Instagram. Dude. It's so black and white out if if. You, were to start a direct-to-consumer, business. In any, category and you. Just stay discipline. In being, a practitioner, on Facebook, and Instagram you. Will get it to five million dollars revenue in, 20, seconds, a year, 18 months if your average. It's. It's. Literally, that true, it's that underpriced. It's good early google to. Me that's number one and when that when that cost of advertising, goes 10x, you'll, deal with it then where, do you shift your focus to who the fuck knows. Right. And and, it's interesting right because you said hey I want to talk about now cool. So. Let's not talk about 300 years from now let's not even talk about 31. Months from now if you're launching shortly, you've, got minimum. Of 2 to 3 years it's gonna take too much money too fast to actually fuck with the pricing so, it's not gonna happen, where. Do you see Amazon, sitting within that strategy I think you should be on Amazon, as well and not fear that it cannibalizes. Your margin you should use it as a brand building exercise and, you should Amazon optimize, and be very careful to, work Amazon, and Shopify, carefully, use, Amazon. I always think fuck Amazon, before it fucks you right. So, build brand, in Amazon, which, means you'll do sales but, when you're, engaging. With those customers and the first party data start, creating rationale, for them to not be and that's hard because Amazon's convenient, as fuck, but. Certain. Packs certain, experiences, always find reasons to buy on you versus there but I would be on Amazon because Amazon's grossly underpriced, as well. Got. It it's it's the path of the two everyone thinks it's one or the other I think it's both yeah.

Influencers. Man influencers. Are fucking, crazy underpriced, it's, not scalable because you have to DM them all day long but. Like attractive. People on Instagram is fucking money and so what layer of influencers, do you think are still affordable all of them I, see people who are might. Macro, influencers, who have 13 million followers who want 50000, posts, but it's worth 3,000. And I see micro influencers, who, have 4,000, followers who, want $100, of posts that are worth 400, bucks and they're both good so, you think it's still worth spending. Money on influencers, a hundred. Thousand percent especially, in the beauty supply space, yeah. You got it. Hey. Gary how are you um. I'm, Shawn from. Australia fluor why thank. You, first, question I come into Australia. Yeah. I'm actually coming with the week of October. 17th, and I'm. Gonna be speaking in four cities, and. So. You probably didn't have to come here. Same. Question, so. I own, a few gems in Australia and so. Most. More content is on Instagram, yes I. Want. To sort of ask. You what your differences. Between obviously. Story. Near. The IG TV, and. Posting. Just on the on, your timeline so, if, you're gonna post something you on your story. You're gonna do it on your timeline to end on our database, I would I would think about it smarter, than that I would have pillars, for I you know if you look at me right look what I'm doing versus. What you, know I say if, you look what I'm doing with stories um in stories, I'm doing a lot of call to actions a lot, of swipe ups then. I'm doing a lot of things that are valuable for people right that's, where I'm doing screensavers. And different things of that nature, IG the, main platform I'm putting out consistent. Content, of the kind, of my when I would call my main stuff but it's pure content there is no right hooks in there. It's all content, for the masses and IG TV, we're just starting with but we're producing, original content, just for it so I would I would have a different strategy for all three layers because, if it becomes redundant. People. Gonna start realizing. That and tuning, out for two out of the three which, is giving, away. Some of the tools that you could be using, and. Now, on most. More continual, is also a fitness based yes, but. I wanted to I want, to get a lot more personal with with not crowd so I wanna do more family and so, that's where maybe you do a vlog on IG TV while on the. Stories and main, you. See where I'm going yeah you should also be on YouTube, as a gym you should be on YouTube and as a gym you, should probably start a podcast.

Of Going great, today, possible. They got it hi. I'm. Clara Clara, is it okay to be, spiritual. Of. Course all right what's, that one thing in life that you're most certain, are the more certain. Of um that. Doing, the right thing is always the right thing. 100%, I really. Believe in that you. Know because. Doing the right thing usually means. You have to give up something in the short term and that, is so difficult for many they. Don't want to give up the, money in, the short term they don't like feeling you know many people here, lose, in life because. They hate the feeling of somebody house getting, something over, on them. They're. Incapable, of being the bigger person. Doing. The right thing is always the right thing. Last. Question, what. Makes. A thought leader a mover, or a shaker, for you somebody. Who's talking, the truth the, biggest reason I disrespect. 95%, of the people that most people respect, is because. I know they're not telling the truth. Hey. Gary how are you good. Thank, you how are you great, so. A question, it's so psyched that you're here thank you for coming to Manila I'm so happy to be here my, question is if, you would live up to 100 year old which, I plan on which, you plan on by. The way that's very serious back to us 40 year olds like just, very basic, if. You know I'm not deep in the medical space but I've been flirting, cuz as you get older you start giving a shit. It's. A layup. If you're under 55, that you're gonna live to 100 and 510. And. Like pretty healthy and happy to, about 95, so, I'm, planning on living 200 so go ahead what. You're. Probably gonna live to 125. Oh thank you, I'm. Not, planning to, okay. What. Advice would you give to a hundred year old Gary Vee and vice versa. What advice with a 100, year old Gary be give to the present Gera P so. The. Biggest, the. Reason, I think I'm so happy and, so. Much is happening with me right now is, because, the way I'm wired this. Is my perfect time I'm an optimist, so. When you're optimistic. You. Know it's. Really, just easy like I genuinely, believe, everything, is, gonna be okay and is good and I find. The, good a lot. Of that has to do with having more time the. Biggest fear I have is, that when I get into my 80s 90s a hundred, then. I'll start becoming. Resentful. Or not, as happy because. I give so much as. I start running out of time I I, could potentially regret, on not. Taking, whatever, maybe. At that point I don't feel, like I got enough of so. If, I'm giving, right now the advice, to the hundred year old Gary, it. Would be less of an advice it, would be me saying hey hundred year old Gary like don't. Be pissed at me but I'm doing the best that I can right. And it's, a very important point I genuinely think, that people, are always trying to figure what I'm up to and the punchline is I I'll. Be less good. When. I get older, when time is running out I mean that it's very I can see it I can be, self-aware I see it I hope, not sometimes. Why I wish for a quick sudden death in 88 so I have to go through that period because. I know that's my vulnerability as. Far as the hundred year old giving. Me advice I'd. Like to think that he'd be looking down and saying just keep doing exactly what you're doing. Thank. You so much. Hi. Gary how are you yeah, I had three questions short. Questions. First. Question is do you have any plan of selling your speaker's here in the Philippines do I have any plans on selling what your sneakers, here, in the Philippines yes. Thank. You I. Don't. Think this one so the. Low three, the, first two were just in the US the, oh three, is far, more global there is some eight ways to get it in Asia it is available in Australia, like Monday. I find out exactly. Where it is but. For. The OO for we think we're gonna be able to cover the whole world and I will be in November oh yeah, that's perfect that's perfect. Okay. Second, question yes. What. Are you making it up on the spot. No. After you know my favorite part is you, literally said you had three questions, and you, don't even have fucking to know after I'm, thinking I'm thinking about how to say it okay go ahead okay I'm second, question yes to. Everyone on the medical, and dental field okay, um is there any way to like.

Promote On Facebook or Instagram without. Without. Scaring. Off the customers because. I think, so in our Filipino culture um, if you're if you're a parent yes you, have rowdy kids yes you usually tell them if you don't if you, don't shut up I'm, gonna bring you to the dentist or. Something like that I. Fucking. Hate the dentist yeah. So I get it I'm a dentist I get it. So. I, figure. Huh. Absolutely. You, know it's, really interesting I actually think in crushing it you. Know cuz I I that, we actually feature a dentist in the book if. I recall proper I think there's a huge way to do it and, the. Beauty of Facebook ads is you can run them against different demos and understand them I think you need to put out informational. Content but, I think there's an absolute, way I don't think you're gonna convince kids, who, are scared of the dentist to go but, I definitely think that you can win 35, to 65, with. Information. Okay. Thank, you last. Question yes. I. Know I know you're an immigrant I'm an immigrant yes there used to be a time in the Philippines where there, are a lot of people coming to the Philippines, yes greener pastures, but, now there's, like millions. Of Filipinos, leaving, the Philippines yes looking. For greener pastures and of course to make money yes to make ends meet but, now there's so much like, so, many job opportunities in, the e-commerce yes. YouTube, Facebook is, there any way to like tell the to tell. Them to like hey come you can actually come back to the Philippines because there's so many things you, can actually earn here and wine with your family why because. They're actually, there's so many Filipinos. Going abroad leaving, their families, to, bring money look. I think sure. You're. More than welcome to, make, videos, on the side while being a dentist and educating, people about, this amazing opportunity, and running, ads on Facebook, in that the interest yes, there's opportunity, do it the question becomes who, wants to do it yeah. Do you know what I mean like for me, for. Some reason nobody's, wanted to talk about the truth about parenting, so I was like fuck it I'll do it so. The, answer is of course there's opportunity, the question is who's. Gonna do it and why. Thank. You very much. Hi. Carrie how are you I'm good thank you so you've built this incredibly. Massive online, Empire yes do. You have a system, for consistently. Generating. Viral content, no, because. Viral, content by nature is, viral.

And Uncontrollable. I. Have. A system, to produce consistent, content. With. The hope of it, being viral. Do. Many people sit around all day trying, to, figure out how to make something viral yeah. That's. Against, the definition, of viral. Make. Content, make good content, and then have your moments in time do. You know what I mean yeah and let me tell you one thing about everybody. Here who's still waiting for their first piece of viral content, it's. Not as exciting as you think it is, it'll. Do great you'll, build up bigger lists, more things will happen and then, two days later you'll. Just beat it just a little higher it's. Not this great Nirvana, that people think there, is, everybody's. Looking for this quick, thing and that's why people love viral, there's this dream that you're gonna make some sort of Facebook, post or YouTube, video or Instagram, posts and it's gonna change your, life there's. A reason lotto, tickets, work. People. Are looking for the quick fix and. It. Happens once every billion. Half, a million trillion. Times and, then everybody looks at that versus. Looking at the truth. Hippos, and sharks. Do. You know what that means no let me tell you everybody's. Scared of sharks. Meanwhile. Hippos, kill way more people than sharks. Right. Right. Terrorism. People, super scared of terrorism, meanwhile. Texting. And driving will, kill more people in, the world this, week than, terrorism, well. Viral. Everybody. Wants viral, but. What actually works is consistent. Content. Thank. You Gary you're welcome. So. I have I actually have just two questions and I. I kind of want to relate, to the Filipinos I was really glad that you. Pointed out that thing we, had with, our parents yes um well most of the parents actually, yeah it's a general statement but yes yeah and I I think. There's another, thing that there's another huge factor okay actually stops, us here in the Philippines from actually, thinking or like getting. To your mindset which is basically the where the, way we. Rely on the institutions, year for education couldn't. Agree more, entitlement. Yeah entitlement. And so I wanted to ask, what. Do you think education. Is, what. Do you think education would be at. Least at, the most part of the world in maybe ten years once they start realizing the. Thing we have for education, yes so education. Super interesting to me because education, is. Imperative. Like, if you're not smart or knowledgeable. Of something you can't act on it education, is remarkably, important. The problem, is the. Way education is, packaged, and sold around, the world is completely, fucked up right like. The. Fact that people are still memorizing. Information, when. I can tell you anything at any time right, here in one second, is ludicrous, so. Instead. You know institutions. Government's. They make a lot of money doing. Education, the way they're doing it but it's not bringing any value, to the end. Families, of course, it's. A fucking business, it's. Really I'm really pumped you've got the education system, you have here meanwhile, you're subsidizing it yeah that's that's. Kind of sad, yeah, and the, second question is. Earlier. Someone for you now it's something about the future so might as well ask something about the future okay fukken, zero are very scared because I was reading a lot on

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