Power Lead System Income Proof & Results - How To Make Money Online - Passive Income

Power Lead System Income Proof & Results - How To Make Money Online - Passive Income

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Hey, what's up guys it is a paul farmer from paul g farmer, dot-com. This, is me right here you're on my facebook page right here and what i'm going to be doing today is i'm gonna be sharing with you my. My. Income, proof and results. My power lead system and can proof and results okay so, if. You don't know power lead system, we're just back up here power lead system, is a. Marketing. Tools and training. Platform. Now, what it provides obviously. Is tools that you can use to market any business, doesn't matter what business you're in you, can use it to market any business, and. That's actually how it's designed it's designed, to be used as a tool, to. Market, a different, MLM company, business, and, affiliate, program, that's, what it's designed to be used for plus. They gave you all the training you need the internet marketing, training. Everything. You could possibly need, to get started. Making. Money online is, housed. Under. Power lead system here so i've been in this program since, April, of. 2015. April, of 2015, and. The. Honest truth is I never took this business that seriously, I only use the tools I'm, a product, of the product so for the longest time since. April 2015. I really wasn't promoting, it because you. Could be what's called a customer, where, all you do is use the products so, maybe you want to come into power lead system you want to start using the products for your business, your MLM business whatever, that may be, your. Offline, business whatever, you have what's. Gonna happen here is you're gonna be able to create pages beautiful pages, capture. Pages sales pages that. Are gonna help you and even. Autoresponder. Messages, follow-up. Messages, that, are gonna help you, actually. Generate more leads and create more income in your business whatever. That may be, so. Just, to give you an example what a capture, page is. These. Are some capture pages, examples. Of capture pages okay all the capture page does is captures. Your. Person's. Information or person's information and it's, going to direct them to a you want to direct them to it can be a thank-you page it, could be a sales page where. The telling the selling is done for you you educate, your prospect, it's all done for you 24/7, out. Hours. A day right here's. Another one okay. Here's another example, here's another example and this, is an example of a sales page just so you can see, we. Have a nice big headline, you. Have a, video it's, about a five minute 44, second, video and this, is actually talking about some, of the things. You get in power lead system, so for example, you, get unlimited custom, lead capture, pages, built. An email, autoresponder system. Professionally. Written, email, campaigns, so. You don't even have to write the email it's already done for you step. By step traffic, and lead training. So there's tons of training within. The system. All. Right and then. As you scroll through we'll talk about how. You can become an affiliate, with power lead system which I'm gonna be talking about today and you, could actually earn very, well with, this program. For. Very little for. Very little just the way it's set up so you can use this as a customer. Which. Is awesome you know because you don't want you, don't want a business where it's just about you, know making money only this, is a tool that and, training, that people can use to build their business and that's a beautiful thing and. Then. You know this is the sales page this is the example of a sales page we have other sales pages, that are available it's. Gonna talk about the cost and everything it. Does to telling in the Sun it does the educating. For you it, gives your prospect. Enough. Information, to, make a decision or, at least take interest, and, then they're ready you can just start a seven day free trial so that's how that all works alright so what I'm gonna do now is, I'm going to go share a little bit more about power lead system remember I told you there's an autoresponder so, you would find that here under email, I want, to jump over the training okay so the training the. Training is really powerful.

One. Of the things I think is just amazing is, when you become an, affiliate. With power lead system so to, be a customer, it's 30 dollars when, you become a customer you. Unlock, basically. Everything in here except for the, there's. Some other paid products some upgraded products I'm going to talk about, you. Don't get those trainings, but you get everything else you get all the capture pages you get the sales pages, you. Get to Train most of the training a lot, of training a lot a lot of other training and it's. Just a lot of value, for very little, all right so one. Of the things I wanted to really focus on here though is its endless flips, this, endless, free leads. 2017. No it's gonna be 2018, of course and. What that is it's a facebook, course, it's not a Facebook, it's LinkedIn, is Twitter, social, media and, what it does is it teaches you how to get unlimited. Leads. For. Free, for. Free. In, this program, okay using, social media, if you're not on social media and you want to make money online and, get on social media because that's where the money is you. Leave it a lot of money on the table if you're not on social media so this, teaches, you what you need to know to, start attracting people to you how, to connect. With them and how. To close the sale right, so this. Is a very powerful program and if you were to buy this it's about 400 bucks on its, own you can go buy this for 400, bucks but if you're just an affiliate, let. Me explain what that means it's just $30, as a customer. Now. To be an, affiliate, it's 2397. A month to be an affiliate, to be able to market the power lead system and earn commissions. From it which, to be honest you're going to want to do because, you can just earn so much from, it. As well as build your other business as well. Also. Roadmap, to riches this is a great one to read to, get a good feel for the company now. This company, we. Use priceless, possibilities. That's basically the software, component, of it that's. Been around since the 90s, okay, power elite system started, in, 2013. So, this is not a brand new business this. Business has been around for a good amount of time and it, is proven, it, pays on time ever, time I personally. Have never had an issue with them not paying on time never. There, was one day where, something. Happened with the payments, so, it was a little bit delayed for the day but, they still paid on time the same day right it still paid the same day paydays, Wednesday. So. Roadmap. To rich is this is a great read, okay it's a PDF all about the company gives, you a step by step outline, of what to do and how, you could actually earn up to that $10,000, residual, income within, eight months by. Following the plan in here and that's just based, on the. Lowest level which is called gold, and, that's. Just $20 residual, income okay, that's, the lowest level and this, gives you a blueprint, how to get, to ten thousand dollars a month really fantastic. Power, VIP, club, okay, this, houses. More, training, and, more. Capture. Pages more, sales. Pages, just. More okay, so. Here, we have training, more, training from the business, any questions, you have about any, of the programs, in here and any of the tools will. Be found in the training, there's, traffic. Training, there's, email, training, video training, you name it the trainings in there so. That's, a good place to go as well my, point here is I just want you to understand, there is a lot of value there. Are so many people that, come back to me and they were just blown away by the value, that this program, provides, there's, blown away like they're like I barely pay anything and I get all this it's. Really quite incredible plus, they. Do live. Training, just about every day of the week the, main trainings, are Wednesday and Thursday, and those are done free you even get a replicated, page to share with other people so when they watch the training they.

Like What they see if you're an affiliate, they click the button they go sign up you, get credit for it so now, what I'm going to do since, I've talked about the product, I'm. Gonna jump back over here real quick and I'm gonna go over just a few things okay I'm gonna go over how. To make the most money okay, and then, I'm gonna show you my results alright so what, you want to do when coming to power lead system if you're serious. About making full-time, income and, you want to do it relatively, quickly this, is what you want to do okay there, are these, green boxes, when, you come in it's gonna be red you might have one green but the rest will probably be red you, want all of these, boxes, to be green now, what does that mean okay so here. We have. Gold. Okay so, you become gold and then you want to become an affiliate so everybody, comes in becomes gold so. They pay their thirty dollars but then you want to become an affiliate, so, you can start promoting power. Lead, system, and earn commissions. And and. What's. The fourth, benefit. And, by one point benefit. From. The generous. Compensation plan, okay. The, next level here is free, add secrets. Okay we call it diamond, this, is a 147. One-time, payment, and what this is gonna pay you is. $100. Sales. Over. And over. Okay this isn't a comp plan video I will put a comp plan video. In here under a card so you can watch that and see what this is all about but. I'm gonna kind of cover it a little bit and then you got social, profit Academy, which is. 497. One-time, remember, one time and you, get $400, Commission's and these really start adding up this is the difference between making. $300. A week going. To $1,000, a week and above this is the difference okay so, if. You're serious you're watching this you're like you know what Paul I want. To, become. A full-time. Earner online I want to make a full time income online. This. Is how you do it pay attention I'm showing you what to do okay so what you want to do you. Want to get gold. Diamond. And platinum. I'm, going to show you why in just a minute the main reason, is well for one the, trainees phenomenal, in these programs, tons of value this is not just we're, buying air here tons, of value tons of training okay that, you can use to for, anything you want. But. So. You have your residual, which, is $20, of plus, plus. At gold you can earn 50%. Matching. Bonuses. On, all. Of your directs, so whoever you bring into the business you're. Gonna earn 50%, so. For example, if you have somebody that goes out makes a thousand, dollars at the gold level in a month you just made five hundred dollars you didn't do anything they, went to work, you made the five hundred okay what, if you have two of those people now you made a thousand, dollars again, you didn't do anything and this, is it including, the. Diamond, or, the platinum because remember a diamond. You, make a hundred dollars to sale I'm a platinum to make 400 now there's also right. Here a. 25%. Bonus so, if your team goes out and makes a hundred dollar sale. Right. And. They, have diamond, you're gonna make $25. If. They don't have diamond, that $100, is gonna go to you okay, same, with the social profit Academy, if. They. Have, the social profit Academy which is called platinum. You. Make $50. Just because, they made it okay if, they. Don't have it you get the $400. And these. Programs here, they're, gonna send out emails telling, them that, they missed a commission, now, I missed. Two, of these platinum commissions, that's. 800, dollars lost because, I didn't decide to upgrade so, I really, encourage you if you're. Serious, and when I say serious, I mean you, want to go full-time online. Because, that's what this business can do for you it can do do, it for you. Relatively. Quickly I'm gonna show you this I'm, gonna show you proof, I'm gonna show you proof, of what, I'm talking about really, works okay but that's, what you want to do okay just keep that in mind so when you get started you go to the link below this video you want, to do all of these and what your cost is gonna be it's about $700. Okay plus, the 53 97, a month it's what you're gonna pay for gold but you want to do that because your that's your continuity, that's, your residual, income and that grows and grows and grows okay, so as long, as you're doing what I'll teach you to do it, grows, and grows and grows, so. Now. Let's. Go look at some results. All, right so I'm gonna go Commission's, earned. And. What I want to do so. Obviously. This is uh this, is back. Away. This is this is this week okay so I'm at 310, right now this. Is Tuesday. I'm, just getting going on the week and, I, just want to show you what's been going on for the month of January. So first I'll show you, last. Week okay my earnings from last week so here we go. Mm. Oops what happened here there. Goes two, thousand, two hundred eighty five dollars there you go you see that there are two thousand, two hundred eighty five dollars that's, in one week that's not a month that's a week okay.

Let's Just kind of examine, this just a little bit. We got residual. Commissions okay five hundred twenty dollars plus fifty percent matching we. Got the diamond, which is 675. We got the social profit Academy, that came in a thousand. That's. That's three upgrades. But. The thing is one person, went to did. The split pay cuz you can do split pace we made Twitter on that and then. You got social. Profit profit, Academy, generation, - this, is from. My. Team okay. My team getting platinum, sales that's, what that's from so that's what I made last week okay let's. Just look at the whole month as a whole. Let's. See here we're gonna start right here this is the whole month as a whole right. So. We start off with three thousand, four hundred seventy dollars that's, in a week two. Thousand one hundred seventeen, fifty sixty. No four fifty two. Two. Eight two thousand two hundred eighty-five dollars and I'm at 310, so let's just add that up and see. What that is for a monthly, income all right. See. If I can do this. I, should. Write it down. Alright. So let's go ahead and calculate this so I actually wrote this down so I'm just gonna put, in the numbers. Seven. Zero. 2000. Okay. Plus. All. Right guys so I'm at UM. 9800. 88 for, the month so far okay so we still got what two days left, today's the 30th one so today and tomorrow. For, me to hit 10,000. And go over 10,000, in a month so, to. Me I don't think that's too bad you know I'm pretty excited about that we're growing in the right direction I'm. Definitely starting to grow every single month so that's that's phenomenal. And. One, of the goals I had coming out of the new year okay so when I hit January, I'm like I want, to get to 10,000. A month in. Our. 10,000. By. Spring. Okay by spring so I. Am. Going. To hit. 10,000. Pricer passed 10,000. By. This month so that's really exciting to me and basically. All, I'm doing, is following. Some, simple steps that we have outlined I use, a done-for-you, system. A, done-for-you. Funnel. Okay, I use, a done-for-you funnel. Which. It consists, of a capture page a sales, page and then, a follow-up series okay. Done for you I don't I didn't make it I just use it alright I get. Traffic both free, and paid, traffic. Now I'll do an hour video where I break this down a little further and really, dissect, it but this, is essentially, what I do okay. And that's. It okay and then once, I get that traffic what, I do is I follow up by. Providing, training. Sharing. My results, and then. I just rinse and repeat more traffic, follow-up, more, traffic follow-up. More traffic. Follow-up so what's gonna happen here is let's. Just jump over to my email now. What's. Gonna happen is you're gonna start getting a lot of gold tails okay, so when you drive traffic you're. Gonna get a lot of gold tails everybody else come in gold so. You get a lot of gold sale it's gonna happen and some of those gold sales are going to start upgrading, to. Diamond some. Of them are gonna start upgrading to. Platinum and now. You're, gonna really start generating, some income, now you teach your team to do the same thing you're doing and. Now. You have, what's called replication, now. You have, what's called. Duplication. Okay, and, what happens, is all throughout. The day you're, gonna start seeing sales coming, in coming in coming in, right, that's just going to start happening because, your team is going to work because you've created. You've. Laid down the foundation, okay the first three, to six months, is you, laying. Down the foundation, I'm, not gonna go too deep into this today I don't want this video be too long but. That's all there is to it you get it done for you funnel like they provide we provide that for you you, get traffic and, you. Follow up and if you follow those steps when you do you. Send people to our live training that kind of stuff when, you do this, is what happens okay you see. I'm. Just gonna show you I really.

Just Want you to look at the dates so you can see the consistency, of this thing okay so today I had a golden member come in, yesterday. My, team produced, a fast start and a diamond, now I had more gold sales come in in and. Then I had a diamond, on the 28th, and you, know as I scroll through you can just see these dates okay there's, no possible, way I can make this up you. Need to see the. Consistency, day. After, day after day that. These sales just come in come. In and come in and you, could have this too when, you follow exactly what I teach you to do okay so first, step you want to do is get started by clicking the link below this video the next step is if you're. Serious you want to make a full-time income like, I'm doing, then you want to come all in you want to get all the products, okay it's about seven hundred bucks you're gonna have to get a domain name you get that from GoDaddy Namecheap. Whatever, or. You could buy it from power lead system for Footwear for twelve I think it's twelve ninety seven for the year which i think is very reasonable and then you're done okay, and then we just go to marketing, so we get your everything. Set up and, start marketing and the. Set up process is very simple I actually created a fast start guide that, walks you through the, important, parts, what's, going to get you up and running fast, getting, sales, getting leads getting sales okay and all we do is just scroll through here and you can just see look at the dates this is January I'm just going through January, I'm not gonna go through all them I have 534, entries, here but. You can just see every, single, day without. Fail, there. Are sales coming. In to my business now I gotta be honest with you I've never seen anything, quite like this, where sales just come in like this. Consistently. I've. Been in other programs, and once. A week twice a week but, nothing, nothing nothing nothing, like this so very. Powerful program. And. I just wanted to share that with you okay so that's. About all I got let me just show one more thing here, I just, want you to know that we have supports, because I know that's a big issue for many people, you. Got to have that support so we have we, have actually a couple groups okay so we have what's, called freedom, takers, let, me to see if I can get to that real quick here, here. We go freedom takers, and. Our freedom, takers group houses, a lot. Of training, right here in the file section okay. In the, pin post you're gonna read over the pin post on, your. Computer, and that's gonna explain what the group's about you're, gonna find my fast start training in, the, pin post it's going to teach you exactly what to do but we have additional, training here, in the files it's going to teach you some free strategies, it's gonna teach you about paid, marketing, and, basically answer all the questions you probably need you, have probably have I, are. Gonna run into about, this program, okay. Also, as you scroll through the group this, group. You're. Gonna see people that. Everyday, people. That, are getting results and, they're, posting their results. Non-stop. In. This, group you're free to come in this group just uh go to freedom takers, and, you can come in and see for yourself, just what's going on here it's pretty pretty. Amazing I in fact can I keep up with all the results, I was, commenting on, everyone. Does, posting, results but I can't keep up with it anymore because there's so many coming in I mean just look at how I'm scrolling through just, about every, single, person coming, through here, it's. Showing result, and, that's, fantastic. You know that's absolutely fantastic, okay, now, for our people, that are serious. They, want to create a full-time income they, want to do it in a short amount of time we. Have what's called the platinum group okay now, the platinum, group takes it to the next level right, this, is where we give you everything, you, need to know to.

Create A full time income online and, do it relatively. Quickly within months look at months like I've done within months and we. Don't hold back here, we show you exactly, what. You need to do to. Create a full time income with, power lead system and, there. What we've, done a two-week, mastermind. Step by step training showing. You everything so, you go through that training to know what to do how to do it why we do it everything a blueprint. A daily. Blueprint, you can follow and again this is free this is just a bonus, for, you taking. Your business seriously. It's. Just a bonus that you get access to that we put together for you so email. Swipe copy tons, of emails so you don't have to create emails. We. Have you, know examples. Of those that you can use you can model, you, could take the swipe copy the subject, line you take the body you can make it your own that's, there now our continuing, to add more and more this, is where we we put the best stuff okay so it's. Just a bonus you get when you decide. To, purchase, all the products, in power lead system okay so I don't know what, minute on that on this video I, do hope, you. Can trust you got some value I do. Hope, and trust that you see that this absolutely, works it's. Working for me it's working for many others so, there's no doubt there should be no doubt whatsoever if, it will work for you it's, just a matter of you clicking. The button or, the link I'm sorry the link below and getting. Started, plugging, into our training, go, through the fast start and you're. Gonna make it happen okay so thanks, for watching and I'll see you on the next video. You.

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Get the exact system I've used to create a full time income online here: http://LeadsAreFlowing.com

Wow! How do you get paid? Can you get paid by paypal? what are the options of getting paid?

They use an ewallet called Paylution. You can have it transferred to your bank account or use the debit card that Paylution has.

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