Power Lead System Income Proof - Best Home Based Business Opportunities - Residual Income

Power Lead System Income Proof - Best Home Based Business Opportunities - Residual Income

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Hey. What's up guys it is Paul farmer from Paul G farmer, calm, today I'm gonna be showing you my power lead system, income, proof and results. To. Date today is actually, February. 27th. 2018. And over. The last week, even today. I've. Been pretty much under the weather I really have availed it too much. But. This system just keeps on, producing. It just keeps producing Sarma I wasn't. Gonna make a video today. But. You know I really want to share what's going on and, you. Know so you know I'm out the positive video if you tired to get through it but. I'm. Gonna do my best to get through it okay so here. We are on, my wall. Paul G farmer. And. I just literally put a post up and this is literally what you need to be doing to build this business okay. For those of you that don't know power elite system is a marketing, tools and. Training. Platform. Where. They basically have funnels. That work, as is. Okay. So if. You have a funnel that works as is meaning you have a capture page something, where people put their information in, you, have a sales page and you. Have a. Follow, up sequence like emails that go out on your behalf. Automatically. And, then, you just get traffic to it, and. Follow up. You're. Gonna start seeing results it's. Just gonna happen okay just there's no other way around it and I, just, put up this little post here showing. The, importance, of traffic, as you, can see I'm running traffic. We. Teach all of this in our group in. Power lead system like I said that's a training platform, sweet, I'll get to that in just a minute but. If you just want to come to my wall and read over it you. Come to my wall Paul G Farber. And. You say I, broke. It down to four steps and this is really all it is it's very very simple, okay first. You want to get the funnel very. First step get the funnel you can see it here leads are flowing calm I'm gonna show you a little bit of it, then. You want to get traffic as you see I'm an example, getting, traffic you get free traffic. Traffic, we teach you how to do both it's, very simple, paid, traffic is faster, paid. Traffic you could scale free. Traffic you can't really scale okay. Follow. Up follow up when I say follow up this is where the this is where the bigger money is okay this, is where people get to know I can trust you very important, that. You're putting yourself out there you're sharing your story sharing results, back, to the thing and then. You want. To attend our weekly training. So we have training Wednesday Thursday and. Sunday. We, do Carmo show-and-tell a chair share our results for the week it share how we got them and, it really is that simple so, if you're watching this video you're. Trying to figure out how to make money online just go to this link leads are flowing calm, get, started, seven day free trial and. You. Know you'll be on your way now I'm gonna show you some results, and, then I'm gonna wrap this up. Alright. Guys so we are in my back office of power. Lead, system. And as you can see there's just a lot back here. Let's, go through it really quick so I've done this in like every video I put out tons. Of training tons, of training power lead system is training, and marketing, tools this is what you'd, want to get if you, want to learn how to market online if you want tools, to help you market online this. Is what you want to get no matter what you're promoting it doesn't matter what you're promoting this, will help you first. Of all we have endless free leads okay this this course here's about three to four hundred bucks. Outside. Of power lead system you come into this to, power lead system this is fifty three ninety seven, a month, you're. Gonna you're, gonna get this basically, free okay you don't have to pay for it alright, this, roadmap to riches maps out how you can make ten thousand dollars residual.

Income On the lowest level of power lean system okay let me just go back over here real click. You. See all these boxes what, this means is there's different products so we have the gold level okay, I'm gonna put a little compensation plan video so you can watch that and see what this is all about. There's. A gold level like, I said this is fifty three ninety seven, as an affiliate if you just want to be a customer, which you can't be a customer. Just use the tools and promote whatever you want to promote using the tools using, the training. Then. You could just be a gold customer, it's 30 bucks above done, okay but if you want to earn I'm gonna show you my earnings if you want to earn like I'm earning, then you want to be an affiliate that's, an extra twenty three ninety seven a month so your total, is fifty. Three ninety seven. A month, okay I, do want to stress this you cannot skip, you, cannot skip, products. Like some people take oh you, know I'm gonna bypass the. Monthly and. I'm just gonna jump over to social profit Academy you can't do that okay everyone. Has to have gold you cannot skip, products. Okay so, that's really important to understand but this. Is fifty three ninety seven, a month this gives you your residual, income plus they pay you fifty percent matching bonus on everybody, you bring into your business which. Really really really, adds up so. You. Know that's without you doing it so for example, if you have somebody come on your team they, make a thousand, bucks you, make five hundred of that they, make two thousand, you make a thousand, it doesn't matter they're, on your team you. Get the money okay. Okay. So I'm just gonna give you my best advice you, could take it you could leave it doesn't matter to me just. Understand, that this, is how I get the results I get this, is what I do this is what I did. Understand. That and then you you make your plan accordingly, okay so, I, have. All the products, the, reason I have all the products is I don't want to leave any money on the table simple, as that I want to position myself to make the most money the training, is very good, but. I want to position myself to make the most money I want, to take this seriously, when. I started, I'm like I want to create a full-time income now actually. When I first started I didn't, really know what I was doing I didn't, come all in big mistake lost thousands of dollars because of it I left, thousands, on the table because it because I wasn't marketing, it I wasn't taking it seriously, you're, gonna see though big. Difference big difference in income when you, do take it seriously so. What. You want to do is fill all these up okay so we have free ad secrets as a one-time payment its, 147. Only only, 147, one, time pazi $100 Commission's plus there's some other bonus in there as well. I'm not gonna get to that I guess I'll put a compensation, crime video you see that social. Profit Academy, 497. One time pays a four hundred dollar Commission's okay that's all you guys need to know you just need to know if you, want to take this seriously you want to make a full-time income you would like to do it faster, than later, right you like to do it sooner than later, then, heed, my advice go, all-in do whatever you got to do to find a way to position, yourself like, guys this is this is this is serious right, too, many people, are struggling, like right now like I gotta tell you you know, over. The last week I'm feel good if. I had a job if. I didn't have this system, if I had take the system seriously, I'd have to drag my butt to work feeling. Like crap all day I used to do it all the time and, I get sicker right so. Instead. I get a stay home relax watch, watch watch. TV, if I wanna watch TV listen to personal, development person. You know read read stuff whatever right just relax I don't have to go fight the elements I don't have to go sit in traffic, I don't do any of that crap you, know look like I'm. Not saying that to brag, I'm just saying like this, is the opportunity, you can have but, you gotta get your head on right you got to change, the way you think like you gotta believe you, got to believe that this is gonna work for you cuz it will work for you what, I said at the very beginning get the funnel get. Traffic. Follow. Up okay, that's that's it I think it to the trainings and share the trainings okay then that's that's, all there is to this business is so simple, but. You know you might be sitting out all well no there has to be something else he's doing something different, yeah I make a video like, a week at once a week I get out on webinar once a week you know this.

Isn't Rocket science guys, this is very simple, right so, well. I'm not trying to make it easier than it is but it really is simple I spend about one to two hours a day if, that on, this, business and it grows and grows and grows but, that's because I'm putting down the foundation, I didn't, start there I started, you know a lot more hours so I was pushing hard I was doing free strategies. But. Then now I'm doing mostly paid traffic. And I, do a little free strategies. But the paid traffic feeds into the free the free feeds it to the paid and it works together right in harmony right it really helps, scale. Really, helps you build your business fast so anyway. Here. Roadmap to riches shows you how to make ten thousand dollars a month with just the $20, residual, income that you're from Gold okay that's it no fifty percent match no, diamond, no platinum none of that power. Leads power, VIP, Club that's more training, more, tools. All. That okay so I'm gonna stop there I'm just gonna get right to to the results, because, I don't want to be on this all day I'm just don't, feel very good so as. You can see right now not over a thousand, dollars this is Tuesday the, week started over on Sunday, and. I haven't been feeling good I haven't really been doing much I wasn't on the webinars Sunday so, to. Be over a thousand, bucks on Tuesday. That's. Pretty incredible if, you ask me that's pretty incredible and, again I'm not really doing that much that's, just this, week so far, last, week I did. 2425. Again, I wasn't feeling good all week. This just happens, this, happens because you do the things I talked about at the very beginning which. Were what let's. Go back get. The funnel just get it 7-day free trial get the funnel get. Traffic right. Find, a way, to, get traffic whether you got a do free you. Got to do paid I don't care how you got to do it just find a way that's. That's the best advice I can give you you, know people make so many excuses that. Keep them from getting, to where they want to go they. Prevent, themselves from getting from running want to go because they of fear, because. Of like oh well I don't have that how many times have you said I don't have the money find. The money we're, not talking a ton of money finding the money there's a way to find it I guarantee, you, if you're serious, you'll, find the money if. I had a job okay, if I had a job I see, people go to work every day and there's nothing wrong with that you know I'm not against jobs I'm against, it I'm, against, jobs when it's something people don't want to be doing but they feel trapped and they have to do it that's, what I'm against. If you love your job great, that's awesome but. If you feel trapped if you're like I have to do this then. It's time to wake, up you, don't you, don't have to keep doing it there are options, okay so. These are the options get the funnel, find. A way to get traffic now if I was working a job I would. Either go, and try to work some overtime I would. Set, aside a budget write a budget, on paid, marketing and spin that budget no matter what whatever that is $50, a week.

$200. We I don't know what it is but I would set that aside because what you're doing is, you're. Buying your, freedom. Okay. That's, what you're doing you're buying, your freedom and you've got to understand, that this. Works when you work it right follow. Up okay, this is just you being a real person this. Is me this is my story this is what I'm doing that's all that is we, have all kinds of trainings that are pre done all you do is send them out there on replicated, pages it's very simple right, there's, also a message, series that goes out for like a month automatically. But. I do, tell. You okay so my advice follow. Up for to the follow-up that's where it's at and attend. Our weekly trainings like I said okay these are the main things, make, sure your position, to make the most money let's. Just jump back over here you can see I did over two. Thousand, dollars the week before over. Two thousand, dollars this was just about two thousand, dollars this was a lower week that's, two thousand, so, you can see once January, hit you, know my numbers. Really. Started, to climb. And that's, just because I've been consistent, doing the things I'm telling you to do and over. Time what happened is my team built up there's all kinds of leverage built into this compensation, plan and, it. Just flat out works it, just flat out works. Don't. Like, there's no reason to go oh is it gonna work is it gonna work for me of course it's gonna work it, will only not work, if you, don't work it if you don't follow what we teach you to do if you. Like, just kind of tippy-toe around it, won't work but if you do what. We teach you to do, which, is simple what I just I just went over I literally just went over this it. Will work for you you could do these kind of numbers not, right away, this didn't happen to me right away I got, serious about this let's just look back okay I. Don't. Like people like to see this because. All. Right let me just see. Here let's go to. So. I got serious about this September, late September, okay. September. I know. Is late September is when I started getting serious you can see for 13 that's, like my highest month ever out, of I started, power lead system in 2015, I was using it as a customer, basically I mean. I was an affiliate but I wasn't really earning from it so. As. I tracked back I mean you guys can see this like look 32 bucks 126. 10 $10, you know I wasn't, making crap I wasn't making hardly anything, like you can't do anything with this I was still paying every, month I was paid for it because I was using the tools I was, using the training but, I just wasn't really, pushing, this because frankly. I didn't, feel like. I should. Because I wasn't all and I was the main reason I wasn't, all in I wasn't position, to make the most money and I did well me, money. On the table so I was off doing other things but. Then you look I. Mean. This is proof I can't show you any other proof than this you know like this is to. Me like if you see this you should be like okay I'm signing up boom yeah, boom I'm, in okay, you, know what if he can do it I can do it I'm nothing special I was a teacher I got, laid off from my teaching job I knew, nothing about marketing, I came online I struggled, for years and years and years 2012. When I started I struggled, for years and years and as. You can see you know I say, I say it like this look if you go to college okay, if you get a master's degree you're gonna go to school for like six years minimum, minimum. Six years right, so I started, my online journey in. 2012. Right, and now. I'm, coming up on my six year mark that'll be in March and, I'm. Basically. Got a master's, degree in, internet, marketing basically. That's what it is okay so you can see the numbers, you can see the progress you. See what's happening, here and. When. I started taking it seriously I mean this is literally when I got, all in okay when, I got all in this is what happened because when I got all in when I bought all the products, when I decided to take it seriously when I decided to stop making excuses and. Just go I'm gonna build this thing I'm, gonna see what I can do with it right I'm gonna make it work no matter what what I did, that this. Is what happened okay, this, is what happened, that's.

How I did that see, there's a lower one but. Still it's far better when I was making before but. You can see like it didn't happen overnight like, you, know it, fluctuated. Now we're, coming up on you know one thousand two thousand dollar weeks easy easy. And pretty soon to be three thousand dollar weeks and four, thousand, dollar weeks and five thousand, dollar weeks because this, will just keep drawing because I'm following the steps, that. I just gave you I'm. Doing them on a consistent basis, over and over I'm teaching my team to do the same thing okay, we teach you what to do so you can be successful all, right so I'm just going to show one more thing and. This is longer than I thought it was gonna be but. Hey whatever you know I think, it's important to explain, things I think it's important to understand that you know when you're passionate about something you. Get excited, you want to talk about it I can talk about this all day you know I love this, program has. Literally changed my life you, know it's changing my life because, you know, for the longest time I've, been a programmer fall apart I've you know program follow us are building fall apart building, fall apart building, fall apart building, fall apart you get it you get the idea this, is the truth okay, this is what happened it's not that I wasn't taking action, it's not that I wasn't doing things I mean, I was taking the wrong action, but you know I. I. You. Know I felt my face many many times and it wasn't until I finally decided you know what this is a proven program this program has been around since 2013, I've been in since 2015, it's been my favorite program, for a very good, amount of time so, why am I not building it why am I wasting my time going through all these different programs that keep falling, apart why. Am i doing that it's, like a disease, you know I was like there's something wrong with me like oh oh, this one looks easier, let me do this one and, this, one looks easier but you know what happened like all that stuff kind, of just cleared away you. Know it's it's interesting all that stuff just it fell apart and I had no choice and I just decided you know what this is it I'm, done with all this other nonsense I'm done, chasing the shiny objects, I'm gonna put my head down I'm, going, to focus. Which is key focus. Not. Go oh hey look look at this look at that look, oh wow, that new car plan that car plans awesome, I'm gonna go get in there oh good that product over there that's awesome, yeah yeah, I'm gonna, blow that thing up when you have any, success it's not gonna change nothing's. Gonna change for you it's the same thing. Not. Gonna change you know I, don't, know if you watch gold brush yeah. The, reality, show on discovery, I got that show because it. Shows you know entrepreneurs people taking a risk people, thinking, outside the box I love, that show because it shows the hardships, it shows the struggles. But. I you, know one of the things that kind of noticed, that if you're not familiar with the show there's. A kid there's Parker Parker Schnabel, he grew up gold mining his grandfather, was a gold miner he grew up gold mining right and uh. Then. There's this new guy you know he's been doing it for a little while now but he's new. Todd. Hoffman, okay so here's the thing Parker. Parker has. Stayed on one claim for. Every. Season pretty much like he stayed on one claim he's, been constantly. Doing. What he knows how to do he was raised in it you know he knows what to do and. He's been hitting his goals every, single. Time, like, every season he hits his goals he surpasses, his goals in fact this season, his, goal was to hit 5,000. Ounces which is like an insane, amount of gold. It's. Like over six million bucks I think, but. He's actually up, to about 6,000. Now why am i sharing this okay now Todd Hoffman. Todd. Hoffman on the other hand he knew nothing about gold mining he came in cold right and, what. He did is similar. To what a lot of people do online is he. Started in a claim he, got some results or, I did get very good results so he jumped to another claim and, then. You, know he got some results he jumped to another claim and. Then he went to the center claim oh oh you know what oh this. This he, went to the jungle and, he went to the jungle thinking he's gonna get rich like oh yeah you know this is this the best gold ever and.

Again. Came. Up empty nothing then he jumped to another claim then. He jumped to another claim and as, he's, jumped to claim to claim to claim. He. Hasn't earned hardly anything. And. Now now, I'd only think he's gonna be doing any more but anyway. If. There's a lesson in there, stick. Focus. Right focus, focus. If, you're, jumping around all over the place how, are you supposed to build anything and the. Other thing I hear is oh I want to build multiple streams of income well I get that I understand, that but build one at least first. Build. One first make, at least $5,000. Before trying to jump into something else and lose your focus. Just. Some advice you, know take it or leave it but anyway, and, I didn't planning and this is just kind of come and spread the moment here. You. Know I just like to share advice and share what I know works, and the, mistakes I see people making that, are preventing. Them from having. Success, okay and, I'm not a guru I'm, not making that much money honestly I mean it's. Like a tiny tiny bit compared, to some of these other guys out there but you, know I'm on my way I'll be there eventually. Because. I know the process I know what you need to do is just rinse and repeat but anyway. You. Can see this monthly emails they send out these are all sales with seven or eighty-five now you, can see this morning I had like eight gold sales arrive that's. $20, each, I. Just, want you to look at the dates I mean his consistent, it's like every single day there's stuff coming in diamonds, diamonds fast. Start. Some. Of these are from my team some of these are for me. You. Can see it's just very consistent, every single day every. Single. Day, I, look at the 24th, I've been out just an insane day forget how many came in on the 24, earth. 23rd. And. So. That's that's just that's not even like a week. They rarely okay, if, I go I'll, go one more. And. I'll wrap this thing up okay. So. Here we go 22, 21. You. Can see it's just very consistent, every single day like clockwork every, day, sales. Are coming in, every single day every. Single day there's not one day I, mean there were some days earlier on where I missed some days but now. Not one day goes by without, me having sales coming in not one day okay, so, this. Program rocks it's it's a solid, solid program, great ownership you can't go wrong we have a fantastic, team, we. Have a full group. Let. Me see if I can just jump over there real quick. Right. Here. It's. Called freedom takers. You. Can go check it out just type in freedom takers go check it out and in. This group we give you step-by-step training, guidance. Everything. We're coming up on 2,000, members which is incredible, and actually. We have by, time these people are at it will have 2,000 members which is absolutely, incredible and then people just post their results, like. Non-stop. In this, group. 24/7. People, are posting the, results they're getting so, it's not just me it's. Not just me getting results. This. Person went all in, very. Excited about that awesome, awesome, decision. Gold. You. Know and they just post the results all day long all, day long results. Coming through here so the. Proof is, undeniable.

There's A platinum okay, that. Just came in gold. Platinum. All. That, fun stuff right so. That's. About all I got okay the only thing the only other thing I want to say is we have a platinum group for, you that decide, to be stick this series go all in you, want to create a full time income fast, rather, than slow. We, have what's called the platinum group this, is only you. Have to have all the products, to be allowed into this group and you have to be part of freedom takers already okay if you're not on freedom takers then, you. Can't be in this group. Okay. So anyway, uh that's, it you know we, got training you here we did a full two weeks mastermind. We're, constantly adding more and more stuff in here that's not in the other group so, that's, just a bonus just something to help you out and. Have. More success you know so anyway that's all I got thanks for watching. I'll. See make, sure you click on the link right below this video get, the funnel and get started, you. Can't go wrong and I'll see you on the next one.

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Per usual, another great vid Paul! I'm constantly following your success videos and others in our group. I'm slowly building momentum too. You're right. It takes time and dedication.

Get the same system I've used to create a full time income online within a few months here: www.LeadsAreFlowing.com

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