Power Lead System Income Proof - Best Home Based Business - How To Make A Full Time Income Online

Power Lead System Income Proof - Best Home Based Business - How To Make A Full Time Income Online

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Hey. What's up it's Paul farmer from Paul G farmer comm and I'm gonna be going over my power elite system income. Proof and results. Today, for. The following week and. Before. I get to that is we must say if. You don't know what power lead system is let me just jump over there real quick. If. You don't know what power lead system is it's. A marketing, tools and training, platform, I have. Actually, personally, been using this platform since. 2015. April of 2015. Just, using, the tools to, to, help market, my. Business, and. That's really what it's all about is, its, marketing. Tools and training to help you market whatever business doesn't, matter what you're in doesn't, matter what you're doing you could benefit, from power, lead, system. From, the capture pages they provide the sales pages the. The marketing, training and, everything. Else that they provide, absolutely. It. Is designed, to, help the business owner that's that's what they designed it for so it. If you're watching this and you learn another business, definitely pay attention because, this. System is designed, to, help you build, your business so. Just. A little bit I'll just go through it just real briefly you get an autoresponder. When, you come into this so it has a pre-built, autoresponder. It, integrates, with Aweber or get response, if you want to use that they, have. Campaigns. That are already programmed in you just select what you want. All. Kinds of web pages all, kinds of websites, capture. Pages sales, pages, everything. You could ever need to. Build, your business all kinds of training promote your business lead. Vendors, ever. Even, a blog you can even go and get get your blog created. Right here real simple, and they, have. A nice beautiful. Looking blog under, one roof so that's really fantastic plus, all the training that's provided. You. Know we have a free. Endless leads right, here and those free leads 2017. Which, is a fantastic training. That's sold for at least, $400. Outside. Of power lead system we can go buy it on the market and, you get this completely, free when you become a what's called a gold member in power lead system, so very. Powerful training, lots, of modules. Goes, over how to attract, people to you what to say to them and give you scripts everything, you could ever need. Plus, just a ton more training, back here there's no map, to riches which, basically gives you a detailed, blueprint. How you can make a. Six-figure. Income within. Eight months using, power, lead, system, as. It is okay there's there's, power VIP, Club which has more. Training more pages. As. You can see there's just a lot of. Valuable. Information here, plus they do a, webinar. Wednesday. And Thursday, these dev training, basically every day but this is the live training Wednesday Thursday where. You can. Learn.

How. To create five hundred dollar days and learn. Internet marketing training plus, they give you pages, replicated, pages that you can use to share with, others and provide value for them okay so I'm. Just gonna jump right into it and then I'm gonna come. Around a little bit and explain how. This comes to me okay so in January, I, did. A previous video in, January. I did, ten, thousand just over ten thousand, dollars in. Earnings, in January, which. Is uh absolutely, fantastic. Because I only, started, taking this this this. Serious. Let me just go back a little bit I only started taking this program seriously, in, September. Late September, 2017. And when I mean seriously, what I mean is I purchased all the, products. And, what all the products, means is you have, everyone. Comes in and gold okay so gold that's a fifty three ninety seven. Dollars okay so it's, thirty dollars to be a customer, if you're a customer you. Can do use all the tools back here. But. You cannot earn from, power lead systems impressive. Compensation. Plan very lucrative compensation. Plan, so if you want to earn from the compensation, plan it's not a mandatory thing. But trust me you're gonna want to earn from that is it's just something you're gonna want to do. So. You want to become an affiliate, so it's $30, plus 2397. That's, fifty three ninety seven. A month, so. Basically fifty four dollars a month is your, your. Business, cost which. Is i'm gonna show you an example of, something else and it's absolutely nothing, fifty, three ninety seven, to run a business a profitable, business is absolutely. Nothing okay. Then. We have some upgrades, it's called free add secrets, which, is diamond these. Two here are one-time, payments, okay. One, is. $147. One time one time one time never pay again and then, this one is for ninety seven one time basically. Your, full startup, cost if you want to do this where you're gonna create a full-time income within, a few months. You're, gonna want to position yourself the best and you're gonna want to purchase all the products, it's just my advice it's. What I did because. From, 2015. To, late 2017, I didn't. Have this social profit, Academy, I didn't have it and, because. I didn't have it I didn't, market this business I didn't, take this business seriously, I didn't, bother to really study the compensation. Plan and see, what I had and it, costed. Me thousands. Of dollars easily. Thousands. Of dollars because I did not make that step, okay so please. Please. Do not make the same mistake, I made I tell you this because it. Was, a huge mistake, you. Know I kicked, myself for, being lately. That stupid, cuz it was stupid it was a stupid decision on, my part not. To, not. To upgrade. Not to be all into my business that was stupid, because I wanted. To create a full time income I didn't, want to just play in the little kiddie pool and make little tiny little money no, I wanted, to make the bigger money I, wanted, to set up my family and I, couldn't, really do that at these lower levels, like, this is just kind of like barely, getting started okay but if you want to take it seriously, and you want to really you. Really want to create the most income, this is where you want to be you want to, this should be green for you okay if any of it is red that, means you're missing something now of course you can just start at golden if that's all you can do that's great that's better than nothing but may, can set an intention and. Make. Sure that, you, are gonna be upgrading, as soon as possible, because I promise you when you decide to take your business seriously like I said I made over 10,000. Last month when you decide to take your business seriously it. Pays off and it pays off big when. You when. You kind of just try it see. If it works. It. Doesn't work it's not gonna work you have to be committed 100%, anyway. Let's. Get to it okay so Commission's. Earned here we go. So. This. Is this week so far I'm at 875. This is Tuesday the week starts over on Sunday. So. Far I've had one. Social profit, Academy, that's, the 497, so, as you can see even. Just one week not even a full weekend. I've, already made more than I would have paid all in, so I want to paint more about 700, bucks to. Come all of my business, and I've already made more this just, this week just, this week for. That okay, just understand, that I want you to to, understand. Just how fast, is multiplies, and, what. It can really do for you so I don't. Want you to get hung up on the on the minimal startup cost, that's like 700, bucks and, when I say stuff see you, can start lower and and.

Of Course that's. Your choice but I am, here. To teach you how to. Make. The bigger income because, I'm pretty sure that's what you want I don't, think you want the tiny income, right I think you want the bigger income of course you could do a lot, of damage at the gold level if you're consistent. But why would you leave money on the table that doesn't make sense to me so. So. Anyway this is where I'm at this week last. Week was. A slower week for me okay, I. Didn't, really have the. Upgrades, come in okay, I had, one but. I didn't really have a lot of upgrades so I, ended. The week with about, 1,300. Bucks okay. Coming to cost of 1,400, but, still, still. In my, opinion, is not, bad for a week of, earnings. Right, it's. Not bad okay and, they do if they do fluctuate just, a little bit you know so like this next week is 20. To 20. To 40 now I'm not really doing anything different, from week to week I'm. Basically, following, simple steps which are this okay so you, set up a funnel, okay. You set up a funnel a funnel consists of a capture page which. Basically captures, the information, of your. Prospect, and then, it goes to a sales page and then it goes to a. Follow-up. Series okay, an email, follow-up series it goes out and send emails out. So. That's step one so you set up your funnel let me show you how to do that fast start training we, have a fast start training exactly. How to do it doesn't, take you long to do. The. Rest is simple okay the rest is you, get traffic and you, follow up get, traffic follow, up if that's all you know, you're. Gonna be successful get, traffic follow up get traffic follow up now it could be free traffic like I showed you here's. Here's one source of free traffic okay, absolutely. Works, you. Create videos very, powerful, way to do, it like I'm doing right now and. There's just many many different, ways to go about free, traffic, okay. The fastest. Way to build your business and the fastest, way to scale is with paid traffic, that's. How you're gonna get your results fast that's, how you're gonna have to be able to show, social. Proof and that's gonna really launch your business so that's, what I really advise I advise to add free and paid marketing, at the same time and then. Just make sure you're following up you're. Providing, value and power, lead system makes it easy to provide value because every Wednesday, every. Thursday, they provide. Training, that you can send to your prospects, you can send to your list so you don't have to create the training they create it for you plus our team, freedom, takers does. A training, on. Sunday. Evening, where we share our results all kinds of social proof and it's it just works okay so. Anyway that's that alright let's go oh let. Me look at my email okay let me show you by email. If. I can get to it. Right. Here okay so. Here. We go just. Blow this up a little bit. Okay. Here we go all right so what, I want to show you here, and this, is really important, we understand, this is uh. This. Is not. All me okay. But, this, system is very consistent so if you do the things when you do the things that we teach you to do. These. Kind of results, should happen for you very similar, okay because I'm not doing anything fancy like I said I set, up my funnel a pre, done funnel, okay I didn't, create the funnel I didn't, make the videos I didn't make the pages I do anything I was already, done all I do is plug cold, traffic. Into. It and you. Know I do my free marketing, as well and this. Is what starts happening okay, now, I just want you to look at the dates here and. You. Can see Goldmember, you're gonna get a lot of golden number so if you paid traffic you get a lot of gold numbers gold members are good because gold members mean you, are creating a residual, income they pay you $20. But. Plus there's a fifty percent matching, bonus now what I'll do is I'll include a compensation, plan video just click the little icon.

At, The top it'll I and, it will take you to the compensation. Plan so you can kind, of learn what that's about and understand. It better but basically, gold to twenty diamonds. Are a hundred and fast. Are are four hundred that's basically how it works okay now, if you're getting a fast start from your team and they have faster already the, Platinum level then. You're gonna make four fifty. Dollars if they don't have platinum it's gonna roll up to you and you're gonna make four hundred dollars okay and they're gonna get an email telling them they just lost sale they lost four hundred bucks not a fun email to get I got a couple of those my. Mistake, I didn't upgrade right, diamond. Same thing. One hundred dollars. If. My team gets this I make. Twenty five okay if they have it they don't have it rolls up to me when our bucks there's a few other things in here that uh. About. The compensation plan but again I'm gonna put a video you can just watch that and learn all about the compensation plan okay so I just, want you to kind of look at the dates 589. Entries, now these, are all sales, all sales. Basically. Dating back to September and, I'm just going to scroll through now watch this line and you can see what's. Happening, every, single day okay every single day there are sales coming, in to. This business every. Single day and and the thing is. Once. You get some people under you and, you plug them into our system what we have set up all the training, I'll support all the guidance. They, go to work and they, start making things, happen they start building their business and because, of the leverage built in to power lead system. You. Know you're gonna this is what's gonna start happening you're gonna start seeing your emails just going nuts sale. After sale after sale you just see the dates I mean look at the dates right here it's, really quite, incredible, how. This happens. Right. So that's just one page. Now. Let's go back one week okay and you, can see just every, single day there's multiple, sales coming. Into my business and, I. Have to say like I've never really. Experienced. Anything quite like this. Except. For. When. I did rev shares back in the day and those. Terrible things. But. You, would see stuff like this because people would be buying adpacks, every. Day and, you'd be getting Commission's, every day but, this, is not like. Not. Not like a rev share at all it's not a rev share this, is just an affiliate program, but. People are going to work there's leverage, built into the program so you're seeing all. These sales coming, in non-stop. I. Mean this day after day after day after day it's really incredible, I'm. Not gonna keep going all the way through it I just want you to kind of get the idea of, what, happens here so how exactly this has happen and, now and I've already said how it happens. It's. Simple. Okay, you run traffic, to a funnel, so, let me show you the funnel this, is a funnel. And. These are ready to go out the box very. Simple, I. Didn't. Create this it, was created for me, they. Come here old $500, a day ok that sounds good I want to learn more about that they put in their information that's, called a capture page okay, from the capture page it's gonna go to the sales page. Okay. There's a sales page has, a nice five-minute video right here five. Minute 45 second. Video, explains. It doesn't telling and selling for you you don't have to do the explaining, beautiful. Page, lots. Of images. Colorful, images. Information. That is important, for them to learn about the business information. About, the compensation plan and, the. Product okay so great. Looked at sales page and then from there what happens is they, go into a, email. Series that. Drips on them that brings them back to this page give. Some more information, and, educates. Them and shows, them the benefits, of being a part of power lead system so that's. Basically. The funnel, so your job once. You get started once you click the link right below and, you, purchase, all the products. What. Your job is and all you have to do is first get your funnel set up which, is we have a fast start training then. The next two things basically, are, get. Traffic and. Follow. Up now if you work a full-time job I've got people on my team that are working, full-time. Jobs I mean twelve hours a day or, more and they're, working this business because of the simplicity of it. Basically, it's drive.

Traffic, For. Your paid depending, on your time depending. On your budget, and. Then it's follow up follow. Up and the system does, the follow up but we also teach you how to do a little bit of that as well okay so. Before. Ending, this I want to show you one more thing okay so on Super Bowl Sunday I want. To order some links okay I put a post on about, this on my Facebook wall and. I just want to show you okay so I told, you power lead system to start is like, 30 bucks right 53. 97. Being affiliate. So. It's. Like 53 97 to be an affiliate so if, I come over here, I just want to show you this this. This kind of, it's. Really shows you how why, why, a home-based business is, really just a simple, thing to do it's a much more cost, effective, affordable thing to do and the, profits, are just off the charts. So. Let me just do let's, see just go to getting started this is ona wing stop because to be a franchisee. And these. Are the requirements, okay, and. Remember. I said 53, 97, a month is your monthly expense. Remember. I said if you decide, and I really highly encourage this, if, you decide to come all in in your business meaning you purchase all the products the goal to diamond and the platinum and position, yourself to make the most money it's. Like 700 bucks okay. Look. At this okay so, if. You want to own a wing, stop if you want to be a franchisee. We're. Talking. 1.2. Million right, 1. Million two hundred thousand. Dollars, that has to be your net worth plus. Six hundred thousand, of it must be liquid. Meaning, you have that money. Now. I don't know about you I don't know how many people have, 1.2. Million sitting. Around six hundred thousand. You. Know a lot of people don't have 50 397, to their name which is shocking. To me and sad. But. Just, look at this okay so if you're looking at power lead system be like wow you know I don't. Know $700, seems like a lot of money look, at this, it's. A drop in the bucket and and this is even everything, okay you need a minimum of three store. Requirement. For development. Plus. You need to have, restaurant. Management, and development experience. Multi-unit, restaurant, management. Development. Experience and franchise, ownership, is preferred, so we're talking all kinds of requirements power. Leases was no required but anybody can join and you. Can get going right away and start getting a profit, following. Some simple steps okay so I want to show you just a few more things about this that. Let's. See here. Trying. To remember where it was, okay. Investment, here we go let's, go to the investment, part of this. Affordable. Investment, great returns what. Aren't 1.2, million six, hundred thousand, be liquid three store minimum now. Let's look at these fees okay, hey you. Got a development fee, okay, just, look at these fees okay I won't read them all but. To. Me it's. Like I. Don't understand, why people get so hung up with such small little touchy things, when. Here. Here is an example of what, it really costs, to run a business okay. Site. Survey, fees twenty five hundred bucks, architect, engineering fees you. Know fourteen, thousand eight fifty three permit. Expedient. Or you. Know professional. Fees leasehold, fees business. Operating. Permits, decor, package, you. Sprawl the way down this, is what we're talking seven or thirty three thousand two or forty nine, dollars. Does. Not include, the real estate lease costs, okay. Let's. Go back to power lead system fifty. Three ninety seven. To start seven. Hundred dollars all in okay. And. You can create a six-figure, income by. Following simple steps let me show you that okay. So. This. Here, is in, the back of power lead system it's. Under. Training. And you go to, rich. Roadmap, to riches so they, give you a free 7-day, trial you can click the link come in check this out yourself find it yourself go training download. It look at it yourself but. I just want to show you this okay first of all, priceless. Possibility. Which. Is the technology company, that created. Power lead system was started in 1996.

Okay. Then. In 2013. They. Launched power lead system now you can read about this other stuff how, Michael. Price. Worked. With Tony, Robbins, company, Tony. Robbins, right Anthony Robbins, the. The motivational. Speaker. October. 2013, so this is a stable, company, it's been around a very long time and it, pays on time not like Logging's fly-by-night, programs out there that just pop up and disappear, it, overnight, you, know never, pay their people this, pays on time every, time beautiful. Right so, I'm just gonna scroll down the lace and. I want to show you one thing, and. I just think this is really awesome this thing basically. Gives you a roadmap of how power lead system works how, you can create a six-figure, income how can you earn six hundred dollars per month in one or twenty days as. I showed you today, you. Know this week I'm above that easy easy. Okay, so there's a plan for that but, let's get down to the $10,000, okay I'm, not gonna dissect the, plan but. This plan is based, on only the, $20, residual, income that's, all it's based on okay, so. As you, can see in month, eight we're. At over $10,000. We're. At over $10,000. That, is just, with, the. $20.00, residual. You get from gold that does not include the. Fifty, percent matching bonus. Right. Here does, not does. Not include, the fifty percent matching bonus, it. Does, not include the, free ad secrets, and it does not include, the social profit Academy, okay. So. To. Me. I'm. Just very excited about that because I know, by. Following the simple steps that we have laid out for you. That. And using. The system and just plug. It into it and being, consistent, you. Can get to ten thousand plus a month, residual, income and to. Me I think that's phenomenal, that's absolutely phenomenal I have a stable company a company, it provides the tools and the. Training that, you need for, whatever business, doesn't matter what business it is to be able to start for, be. All it in your business for about seven are bucks I mean to. Me that is absolutely, phenomenal and, it's. Tough to beat that okay so anyway. That's all I got I hope you got got some, value from this I hope.

I Fired you up just. Go to the link below and, get. Started you know do. Your seven day trial see whether it's you know here's. What I say though okay. Don't. Just do some day trial commit to this this, works there's more than enough proof I'll, just show you real quick in our freedom, takers, group, let's. Go to freedom takers we'll pick. This. Is our freedom takers group. This. Is where you're gonna get additional, training. We. Provide support, training. We do a weekly, training, on Sundays. And you. Can come in here and you can see for yourself, you're free to join the freedom, takers. And. You can come in here and. You. Can go through I wanted to see if it's gonna move it's a little slow right now but people, are welcoming, new members into, the group all the time there's, proof progress. Results, being showing all the time. Okay. See there's, a gold membership right there someone came in there's, an all in that means that's over five hundred dollars this person made so, she just made over five hundred dollars, because someone decided to go all-in someone, decided to take their business seriously, and, I wanted, to be able to create a full time income quick, right. We. Have a co-op a traffic. Co-op which basically makes it very simple for you to do paid marketing where. You don't have to go find the vendors trying, to find the vendors if you've never done that can be very, expensive. And time-consuming, so, you, can plug right into our co-op, it's ready to go and start. Getting eyeballs. Getting real people to see your offer and start getting signups because people that do the coop they get signups okay they get cold members. See. Here's another gold member being welcomed in here's. A platinum, membership alright. Someone just came, in at platinum that's a $400 Commission, here's. Another platinum, okay. And. Gold. And. This goes on and on and on and it goes on all day every, day. It's really crazy so that's. That now we also have. For. Those of you that are serious. And you get, all the products, we have what's called the Platinum members, only, and, this is where we really dive deep and, show you exactly what, to do to build your business fast. Day day by day what to do what to do each day. Then. This is an extra bonus that, you get this. Doesn't come up our leases are just a bonus that you get all this I'm showing you it's just the bonus you get, for, doing what you should already be doing okay so anyway, that's. All I got thanks for watching be, sure to subscribe to my channel I do videos all the time I'll see on the next one.

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To start creating a residual income today go to http://LeadsAreFlowing.com

Great video, Paul! Thank you

Power Lead System, ABM, Millionaire Mailer, etc, etc, etc. These seemingly unlimited number of programs are promoted by the same people one after the other, all over YouTube. It leaves someone not having any idea which one, if any, to choose, and also makes one think that all of these folks are having to work a dozen different things to make a living, as no one by itself is sufficient.

Terry I completely understand what you are saying. What I teach is to focus on one thing until you do in fact create a full time income. I have been very transparent about what I do and have even shared the mistakes I have made in the past regarding joining too many programs. The truth is if the program is solid you can create a full time income with just one. Many people believe its best to join many programs so they have multiple streams of income. If you haven't had any success though this is a bad idea. Even if you have it can be challenging to say the least to manage all of them. I have been actively only promoting PLS now since September 2017. You can go and watch my previous videos and clearly see that. Not only that we have live and recorded training that will benefit anyone who truly wants to create more income online even full time income. I'm not saying PLS is the best program out there but what I am saying is if you want a simple system and you want to be taught what works we have the community to do that. Plus PLS is solid and its a great opportunity. I have said this on many videos as well. I chose to focus on PLS because I knew it was proven, I knew it wasn't full of hype and besides that I was already a product of the product using the tools for 2 years plus before deciding to really start marketing it. Understand the people making good money with this program do the work. While it may be simple their success didn't just happen. It's a result of following a proven plan consistently over time which anyone can do if they choose to.

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