Pola Pikir Sukses Seorang Trader || Success Mindset For A Trader

Pola Pikir Sukses Seorang Trader || Success Mindset For A Trader

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Then, see the movement by movement After it's breakout, turns out, it's correction again If it's still in the correction area, then it rises and breakout, it will be stronger. *Opening Music* Good evening everyone who stood by! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. I hope all of you are healthy now For you who are newbie, I hope you can accept the knowledge easily For you who learned and practiced a lot, I hope you can read the market, analyze it, doing risk management easily and get consistent profit For tonight, we'll discuss basic material. I remind you, for you who still can't get consistent profit because of your ego, can't control the emotion Before starting the material, I'll review this morning analysis. Pay attention to XAU/USD. I've given you the analysis this morning.

turns out, it's not too different from our mapping this morning. I haven't deleted the lines since this morning The position is still like this The projection was there will be consolidation today. It's up and down between 1749.49 and 1703.73 The reality is it's just between 1723 and 1740.34 Pay attention to the up and down. It's almost same. The green candle rises and it's rejected by Seller again. It rises again and rejected again

How could I read it almost valid? I read the movement by movement and I have experience. I have much experience in reading and understanding the character and movement. Based on the experience, I can use it as the basic to read the next possibility Remember that the market always go back to the past price Even when I give you an illustration as the analogy, I often said that...

For example, the first price of chicken is IDR 20.000 Then, it rises and reaches IDR 25.000 Customers assume that the chicken price is expensive (high). How do they say that the chicken price is expensive (high)? Because they use the previous price (IDR 20.000) as the basic. When the price is IDR 25.000, it goes down to IDR 22.000 So, customers will say that the chicken price is cheap.

How do they say that it's cheap? Because the previous price was IDR 25.000 Why don't they use the old price (IDR 20.000) as the basic? Because the closest price to the current price (running price) is IDR 25.000 It's also same if we read candlestick There are many candlesticks, we read the last candle. The basic is the history and the most decisive candle is the closest candle To read the steps, we need to be careful, we need experience and do more practice Why is it so hard? It's because we assume that it's hard. If we think that it's easy, it will be easy. Let's go back to the analysis I've explained that today's market will be consolidation this morning before the candle formed Consolidation means the market is flat How can I read this? It's based on the past experience. When there is long trend,

before it rise or continue to go down, it will be consolidation The consolidation takes time After that, we can see the movement When it starts to be breakout, it starts to rise again It will rise stronger when it passed the strong psychology level The strong psychology level is at this top This is the strong psychology level If this psychology level can be passed, it will rise stronger So, it must be embedded inside our mindset. When it starts to rise, we focus on Buy. Then, we just wait for the trigger. Before it rises strong, pass the strong psychology level, it will be around there Now, how to take opportunity in the sideways condition? I've told you this morning, we can see the lower time frame; M15. We'll find many triggers and clue there.

For example, I enter to the empty XAU first. I enter M15 time frame. Then, if we zoom it out, the candle changes every 15 minutes. I limit it with daily like this There will be clue in M15. The clue about the up and down movement There is also psychology level at the left side At above, at the left side, there is also psychology level. Pay attention when it's in the psychology level, if it's not breakout, it will go back.

when it goes back, doesn't mean it will go down strongly. It could be correction. We call it as correction when it's in the 50% area. or it's around 61.8% if we use Fibonacci This is correction area So, if it against the direction and it's still at a half of movement, it's correction. If it rises back in the correction area and it breaks the psychology level, The breakout is here So, we can order on the next candle. It's here.

It's for ordering Buy, not Sell. Because the direction goes up When we use low time frame, don't look at another time frame. Focus on it until it finish We order Buy until it finished, then we exit. We see it again. We decrease the target. Maybe, from 100 Pips to 50/60 Pips Then, pay attention to the movement by movement. After it's breakout, turns out, it's correction again.

Please remember that if it's still in the correction area, then it rises back and breakout, it will be much stronger. After it goes down, it rises again. The rise movement is breakout again There is psychology level at above. It's breakout again. So, we can utilize it to order Buy again there When it's at the top, pay attention to the end There are changing color candle, star, Doji, and confirmation candle There are many opportunities. We can take Sell position there

The reason is it's unable to rise The volume of green candle starts to decrease, then, the candle color changes There is Doji which strengthen it. There is confirmation candle (red candle) here We're sure that it will go down again When it goes down, doesn't mean it will go down long. It means that there is opportunity to take order again We can order Sell there There is trigger which can be used as the reference If we take order in this candle, we can get profit from it. Don't do order in a long time. The important thing is we must wait for the right moment

Then, the triggers qualified the rules. After that, we take order here. Then, when it goes down, test it in the correction area too Where is the correction area? The correction area is in this middle If it pass the correction area, it has chance to continue to go down again. So, where is the breakout area? It's here Because the top red is still small, so the strong is here. Then, we take order after this. But, be careful when there is psychology level at the bottom How could we take it? there are many rejections Then, there is also rejection here There is also rejection at the green candle So, this is psychology level The market power starts to decrease in the psychology area Then, it starts to be rejected again Then, the color changes again It goes down and unable to continue, it rises again. We can use this as trigger to order Buy When it tried to pass it many times, but it was unable. There is confirmation candle here

Then, it starts to go down and it's unable. When the green candle starts to be thick, we can utilize it. When it rise, pay attention to the top. There is psychology level If it's unable to be breakout in the psychology level, then changing color candle show up, please be careful. It can be clue that it will go down again. When it goes down, it's tested in the psychology level again Will it be breakout or no? We test it If it's down breakout, we follow to go down. If it's up breakout, we follow to rise.

Pay attention to the structure before it's breakout. The structure starts to go down So, we aim for the Sell opportunity Then, we use the trigger Turns out, there is breakout here as the trigger. So, we can take order after it's breakout there. The point is, when we take order, apply the risk management well there are many opportunities which can be taken when it's consolidation This is one of our technique and strategy to get profit although the market is sideways Let's go back to H1. Sometimes, it's hard to see the thick or no candle in H1 That's why I often use smartphone to see it. It will look big there.

If I'm using laptop, it's smaller. Because there is long candle like this which make another candles look small. If we move to the left side, these candles are so small Meanwhile, if there is no long candle, they are big candles Just because there is long candle, it looks small If we slide it again (the long candle disappear), we can see that there are many rejections That's all for the review. Now, I'll focus on giving you motivation and caution for you who still can't get consistent profit. Moreover for you who are newbie Many people consulted to me; "I have A for the budget, I want to use real account now" I told them, "Please be patient first. You must learn a lot" Why do we must be patient first? I know that it's your money But, because you trust me to be your teacher, you want to learn with me, so I must remind you To give you best suggestion When most of us learn trading, we look for the easy ways to get profit. We just look for how to do accurate analysis. How to do valid analysis.

How to do profitable analysis. If our orientation is like that, I guarantee that we won't survive in a long time. Because it contradicts to our emotion. Moreover, we just want to get profit quickly.

Maybe it's because we have many demands. The first orientation from most of us is getting profit quickly Maybe we need to get profit to pay the loan, have more salary, want to buy many things, and etc. If our mindset is like that, one day, we'll feel disappointed. Because we can't only rely on our emotion and spirit. Having spirit isn't enough to succeed in trading Moreover, we just want to get profit If we're profit oriented, be ready to be disappointed. We must focus on the process.

Follow and do the process! If we work in a company, work well. Do all the job well. Follow the process. If we're high salary oriented, be ready to be offense.

Be ready to be disappointed. Because it is not like our expectation. It's not as easy as that for a company to hire a worker with high salary. They test the loyalty How's the performance? And it takes time. We won't get high salary by doing work for 3 months. That's nothing. Everything needs process.

It's also same like trading. Doing trading needs process. Follow the process. When I explain the theory, you just need to follow the process.

When we follow the process, profit will follow us. Don't you feel that you can do it first. It doesn't apply to trading. I tell you the mindset to succeed in trading. Please remember that this is the part of our successful trading key We must have some mindsets What is it? First, just think that trading is easy.

Think that trading is simple. That's why Wijaya trading's slogan is 'Trading is simple, getting profit is easy' Make trading as simple as possible. Think that trading is easy. Trading isn't hard. Because many newbies assume that they must master many indicators for doing trading. Even they look for indicators. When 1 indicator can't be used, they look for another indicator. When 1 indicator can't be used, they look for another indicator.

It's because they look for cozy ways. They don't want to try to find simple way Indicator is for our comfort We don't want to think it too long. When there is up indicator, we follow it rise. If the indicator goes down, we follow Sell. So, our mindset will get stuck there. We assume that many indicators can be more valid and easier to find the opportunity After we can't find the opportunity using indicator, we use robot. Even we buy the most expensive robot.

So, what will happen? It's not easier but it's getting hard to find the best opportunity Please remember that; 1. Trading is easy Think that trading is easy. Don't use many indicators which looks like a professional. Meanwhile, the more indicators we use, the harder we find the opportunity. Because every indicator can be different So, we'll feel confused there. 1 indicator strengthen Buy and another strengthen Sell. I used many indicators at that time.

The more indicators I used, the more I feel confused in determining the order point Because the basic of indicator is same. It takes from the past price data It's just set by programming language. So, the indicator shows up Meanwhile if we rely on the candle which doesn't have indicator, we must learn a lot there.

Once more, indicator takes the past data The past price history. But sometimes, indicators give us late information. The purpose of indicator is to make us easier and faster in reading the market But, if we use too much indicator, we'll feel more confused. We just want to map the price movement, but because we use too much indicator, we'll feel more confused. When the indicators give us the clue, one of them strengthen up but the other strengthen down We feel confused there Moreover, the indicators are too much.

The more indicator doesn't mean make us easier to map the price movement. But it's harder to find the opportunity. So, just use simple chart which use bright colors If the colors are bright, it's easier for our eyes to know it. We'll find the movement from afar Because our eyes know the bright colors easier Then, make it as simple as possible. Don't use too much indicators. If you need to use indicator, just use 1-2 indicators. Don't use it too much. Because, basically, chart is only for mapping the price movement from history I often told you that, to determine the next price, we use the previous price as the basic. So, market will go back to the history price.

We'll practice it to prove it later When the market rises then it goes down again. It rises again. Later, it will go back up here. It goes down again, go back to this price. then, it rises again.

Make it as simple as possible, so we'll feel enjoy when we see the chart If I give you the example, I almost never used Indicator I just use candlestick Please remember that; the simpler it is, the more powerful it is. The easier we read the market. Don't see the market based on the display. If your friends use colorful display, let them do it. The point is, we use simple display to make our eyes easier in seeing the chart. If we see it easily, it will be easier to map the market For you who used indicators for a long time, you may practice and prove simple candlestick technique You'll feel it later. That's about our mindset to be successful in trading The first is think that trading is easy and simple.

to be continued...

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