Pol Pot: The Man Behind the Khmer Rouge

Pol Pot: The Man Behind the Khmer Rouge

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Two things before we get started today one, there are weird pronunciations. In this one I'm looking, them up when I can I have a laptop right here sometimes, it doesn't exist sometimes there just aren't the pronunciations, available, I'm doing, my best but have a go me in the comments if you want second, thing this video is brought to you by Squarespace. Whether, you need a domain, website or online store make it with Squarespace, check out Squarespace, comm for a free, trial, find. A link below alright. So for three years and eight months Pol, Pot ruled over Cambodia with an iron fist the, legacy that he left is, horrific millions. Of families were torn apart hundreds, of thousands, were terribly tortured, and. 1.7. Million, of his own people were. Put to death so, how, did, it end this way well, in this week's biographic, s-- we attempt to seek answers as we, delve into the, life of Pol, Pot. The. Man knew the world would come to know his Pol Pot was borned, Saloth, SAR on, January the 25th 1925, in. The small village of prax, above in Cambodia, his was a peasant family and from an early age he found himself working long hours in the rice fields, the Salaf clan were better, off than many being landowners. Who worked their own rice fields, Tsar's father loth owns nine hectares, and would employ local, workers at harvest time his, mother sock nem was a devoutly, religious, woman who brought up her children as Theravada. Buddhists, saw was the second, to youngest of nine children, however three, of them died early according to his brother nap, Tsar was a considerate. Kind and hardworking, child, during, the day he and his brothers would work in the fields then play in the rivers and on the outskirts of the jungle in the evening they would gather around an open fire and sing the teachings, and histories, of a local religious leader for, the vast majority of rural Cambodians, life revolved, around the rice fields, in the village if you ever traveled, beyond the borders, of their birthplace, however, loft wanted his sons to experience. More from life so when he was six tsar and his older brother were sent to the cambodian, capital, but on pen loth, had a cousin by the name of meek who was employed as a consort, to the king of Cambodians, the boys were sent to live with him no longer considered, as peasants Tsar, and his brother were now among the privileged as such they were educated, by the French colonial rulers, in a school where the teaching was done in the French language Tsar studied a French literature, and history filling, his head with the events, of the 1789, French Revolution, and the reign of terror that followed under the orchestration. Of maximilien, robespierre, former, schoolmates rather that saw was a quiet introspective, young, man who kept his thoughts to himself he, was an average student at best apparently, being held, back two years most. Of his classmates were the children of French officials, or Catholic, Vietnamese, Cambodia. Was officially. A monarchy, but the king he, ruled in name, only with, the real power lying with the French colonial government, at this time the French were tied up in a bitter struggle to hold on to their power in, neighboring Vietnam there, the communist army under Ho Chi Minh, was leading, the struggle for independence, the, Vietnamese revolutionaries. Had started, to Train small groups of Cambodians, and infused them with the desire for independence from. This European rule this, was a movement that was spreading, throughout, all, of Indochina. At this time. At. The age of 20 Sur traveled, with some friends on a pilgrimage to the famous, temples at Angkor Wat this, site was the rallying, point for Cambodian. Nationalistic. Pride the, trip left a lasting impression on the young man in 1977. He stated if our people could build an co-wash they could do anything. We must revive, on national, soul and pride in order to defend the nation builds, the country well and preserve, it forever the, trip marked the awakening. Of SARS political, consciousness and his drive for independence, in 1947. He passed the exams and gained entrance, into the CC, sawara Secondary. College and pnom pen the, following, year he failed the entry exam into, the upper classes and he had to leave the school with, his academic career seemingly, at a standstill he began to study carpentry, then in 1949, he won a scholarship to study at an elite engineering, school in Paris. For. The first few months he indulged, in the excesses that Parisian, social life had to offer but things, changed, when he came into contact with some fellow Cambodians. Who had views that built upon the spark of nationalist, pride that, had been ignited at, ankor wat the, great began meeting at Tsar's apartment, and discussions, soon led to the formation of two groups one, who advocated, working peacefully towards, independence, from the French and the other who were in favor of armed, resistance from.

The Very start Saab, was in the latter camp he and his like-minded, friends they pointed, to other countries around the world where, armed, overthrow was, working, and they. Noticed they all had one thing in common the, rebels were all communists. There, was a vibrant, communist, movement in Paris at the time and sirens those of his group who worked for armed rebellion, began attending, meetings saw, began studying, the teachings of Karl Marx but found them difficult to understand. However, he readily, cottoned, on to the writings of Joseph Stalin and became a lifelong, advocate of, Stalinism, with his emphasis on, rapid. Industrialization. Totalitarian. Government and the cult of personality in, 1951. He joined the Communist Party and by the time that he returned to Cambodia in, 1953. He had committed himself to the cause of the Cambodian Revolution. Once back on Cambodian, soil sir journeyed, north to join up with cambodian, forces who had attached themselves to the Vietnamese, communists, in their fight for independence from the French he, now lived, in the jungle as a prospective. Guerrilla fighter but first he, had to do an apprenticeship. For, the first few months its duties consisted, of maintaining, the group's vegetable, patch he later recalled most, everyone, there was Vietnamese there were very few Cambodians. For, a long time there was nothing, for me to do after, a while they let me work in the kitchen but really, the Cambodians. Were there in name only. Victory. Was achieved by, Vietnamese, communists, in 1953. Following the French disaster. At the Battle of Dien Bien Phu the French pulled out of not a severe Nam but Cambodia. Also however the new nationalist, Cambodian, government was, headed, not by a communist, by, the King Norodom, Sihanouk, still. The top third of Cambodia, was under the control of Viet, Minh, sarens other local communists, urged the Viet Minh to continue, pushing south until the entire country, was communist, but the leadership of the Viet Minh resisted. Their surgeons, a truce, was arranged with the king sir, now return to / phnom penh where he continued, to work for the political Underground's his day job was as a school teacher where, he taught history by, night however he worked to establish contacts. With every strata of society from, intellectuals. To peasants, in order to garner, support for the coming communist, revolution, around, this time sir met the man who would become his closest, political associate, and second-in-command. Nuan, chair chair, later recalled, that sir had an innate ability to, charm people and bring, them into the party having the ability to explain things in a way that simple. People were able to understand, sir, also met up with a revolutionary, students, who he had worked with in Paris by the name of King, van sack together, they worked on plans for the country's first free and open, political elections, sir, winter vans ax house for breakfast every morning to work on their party's manifesto however. Their work did not come to fruition king sia nukid, renounced, his throne and formed his own political party, the sangkum he threw his hat into the 1955, general, election, and won becoming, Cambodia's, new prime minister see anouk had achieved this victory though, by throwing his political rivals, into prison for serb the sham election, marked the end of any hopes, he may have had for a democratic.

Means To bring about change in his country he confirmed his commitment to violent overthrow and threw himself towards. Working toward that goal in july of nineteen, fifty-six sir married a fellow communist party member by the name of coupon, re like sir she had been educated in france and was equally committed to the revolutionary. Cause they, soon became the power couple of the under, and communist, movement. Life. Was increasingly. Dangerous, for the Communists, under the rule of C Anouk he had outlawed the Communist Party and given, them a new name the Khaimah Rouge the, pace of imprisonments, killings and general, terror was stepped, up as the Prime Minister sought, to stamp out any and all opposition to his rule the Communist Party secretary a close friend of Sir was taken, to the outskirts have been on pen and killed, is during, this climate of fear that sir accepted. The leadership of the Khmer Rouge it, was constantly, followed by the police who knew, who he was but not his position in the party by, 1963, things had gotten too hot for sir in the capital city and he left to dwell in the jungle in the north here he was taken in by the Viet Minh who had set up camps on the Vietnam Cambodia border, they were now focused on a new enemy within their country that's of course the United States from, there Cambodian, bases they would regularly, travel into Vietnam to make lightning strikes before retreating, back over the border in response, the Americans, dropped hundreds, of thousands, of tons of bombs in North Cambodia, in an attempt, to kill, the Viet Minh in the process they killed over the course of the war nearly, a hundred, and fifty thousand, Cambodians, the American bombing had the effect of drawing more and more people to the Chi LaRue's and, soon served, no longer had to rely only on the Viet Minh he, now had his own guerrilla camps stretched out along the border and he himself he had transformed, himself in the mould of his hero Joseph Stalin he, was the unquestioned. Party leader and he now went by the name Pol Pot he, lived apart from the rank-and-file, of his army and only allowed a select few the privilege of having an audience with him Paul believed that the lifeblood, of his revolutionary, forces would come from the peasantry, but he also believed that they needed to be molded so their sole allegiance.

Was To the party new, recruits would undergo, an intense period of initiation, where, they would be locked in a Cell until they were proven to be obedient Paul, instead uses a rigid, disciplinary, structure, which included, group meetings where members, had to confess their weaknesses, and seek, forgiveness. In. 1970. Prime Minister C Anouk was overthrown, by a military dictatorship he, escaped to the north and sought to establish an alliance with his former enemy the Khmer Rouge bolstered. By the supporters, of C Anouk the Khmer Rouge numbers rose by, 64,000. By the spring of 1964. Many, of them were now armed with Chinese, supplied rifles, Pol Pot's army had gradually, filtered, down from the border area and now controlled, two-thirds. Of Cambodia by, December of 1974, Pol felt in a strong enough position to make an assault on the capital the crime Eruzione circle / Phnom Penh and began to close in those who could fled the city as the streets became war zones within, five days the military government was overpowered. And the, revolution was over April, the 17th 1975. Was, day zero in the life of a new Cambodia, Cambodia, was, now called Kampuchea. And it was under the control of its Stalinist, leader Pol. Pot now, just before we get into the really really dark part of this video Pol Pot's reign of terror I do want to thank today's sponsor I know ads in the middle of these videos are a little bit disruptive but these sorts of videos I think they're important, to make and they would be impossible without our sponsors, so I really, do hope in exchange for this long video about the life of Pol Pot you won't mind a quick word from the fantastic, Squarespace, if you've got an important message to share you can do it with Squarespace or maybe you like me and you need a place on the web for people to find you or maybe you're starting a new business and you need to set up a website for an online, presence, or a store well you should do all of that with Squarespace and with Squarespace it all starts, with a stunning, template, they really are super good looking or if you hate their beautiful templates I promise you're won't you, can start from scratch and make your own Squarespace make it all super-easy to make something that looks amazing, furthermore you can easily move over an existing, domain and if you've hosted websites anywhere else just, move over to Squarespace it's easy to do and then everything, after that point is just a lot easier with Squarespace there's, no patches, there's no updates, there's no tech crap that you have to deal with all the time no one likes any of that further Squarespace, does have 24/7, support before making this out I went on and I tried it to see if I could reach someone just randomly and, absolutely, could solid.

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And Enemies of the party he devised a great purge to weed, out those non conformists, a state, secret interrogation center, was set up to imprison, and torture those who were expected, of being traitors the, families of those arrested, would also be, taken to the prison and tortured. If a child was too young to be interrogated, it would be taken, away and simply, killed immediately any, adults who survived their torture, were taken, out to the killing fields, and beaten to death of. The 14 thousand prisoners who passed through the gates of the main interrogation, Center in Panem pen only seven, survived, many, of those killed were loyal, Khmer Rouge supporters, who, were falsely accused of treason Pol. Pot's had succeeded, in imposing his ruthless, iron-fisted, control within, the borders of Cambodia, but, there was a new threat to his regime just over the border the Vietnamese having seen off the Americans, now turned their attention on Cambodia. A border dispute threatened, to bring, these two countries to, war as, the tensions were rising Pollard of his latest purge right, on the border zone he suspected his defensive, forces in that area of colluding, with the Vietnamese after, being viciously interrogated. More than a hundred thousand, soldiers and party officials along, with their wives and, their children were. Executed, as a result of this wholesale, massacre of his own defense forces, po left his eastern border with Vietnam, opened to invasion and that invasion, came on Christmas, Day, 1978. Taking, just 13, days for the capital of the Phnom Penh to fall Pol Pot managed to slip away and escape into the Jang but at least his three-and-a-half year reign of terror was, over in total, it had cost the lives of nearly two million. People the, Khmer Rouge may, have been over at the party persisted. For nearly twenty years a remnant continued, to wage guerrilla, warfare from its jungle bases Pol Pot set up a base near the Thai border and rebuilt his military force with the aid of the Chinese, and Thai governments meanwhile, the Vietnamese had installed a new government made up of Khmer Rouge supporters, who had escaped Paul's purges. From. His base in the northern part of the country Paul gave occasional, interviews to reporters, in which he would invariably, accuse, those who opposed, him of being traitors in 1985. It was announced that he was retiring from, the leadership of the Khmer Rouge shortly. Thereafter the, Vietnamese clamped down on the Khmer Rouge moving into, their stronghold, and decimating, their bases Paul managed, to escape into Thailand where he remained for the next few years in, 1988. He went to China to undergo treatment for cancer the venom YZ withdrew, from Cambodia, in 1988. Prompting Paul to return from Thailand for the next eight years the, Khmer Rouge ran guerrilla, operations, against government forces in 1996. The government began engaging in peace negotiations. With individual. Khmer Rouge leaders leading, many of them to defect away from the organization, meanwhile, Pollard suffered a stroke and was paralyzed down the left side of his body but this didn't stop him from handing, out death sentences when. He heard that his longtime right-hand, man Sampson was negotiating. With the government he ordered his arrest and execution. Around this time 11 members of Paul's family were also killed though it is unclear whether he ordered those killings on June, the 19th 1997. Pol was arrested by the head of the Chi Minh military who had had enough of his murderous ways a show trial was conducted for the ordering of the execution, of sun-sin and Paul was confined to house arrest for the rest of his life. In. His. Final years Paul had become an avid listener to The Voice of America radio, show on the night of April the 17th 1998. He was surprised to hear that the Khaimah Rouge had agreed to hand him over to an international, tribunal for crimes against humanity later, that night he died him Abed Pol, Pot's body was requested, by the Cambodian, government for, inspection, however he was cremated by his followers before the government could get their hands on it this has led people to speculate, that he actually committed suicide rather, than being handed over to the court as a result neither he nor anyone, else has ever faced justice, for, the horror of Cambodia's.

Killing Fields so, I'm not going to ask whether you enjoyed that video but I do hope you found it informative and, maybe brought this part of history to light for you if you did like it please do give us a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell, if you do want to hear about our videos just hitting subscribe doesn't, do what it used to on YouTube so do, hit that Bell as well so you find out when we put out new videos and if you're looking for something else to watch right now why not check out some other bios linked to on the screen now and as, always thank. You for watching.

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Because Pol Pot regime gave Thais access to mine the gems in Pailin provinces exchange for help.

There are still blood stains on the floors and walls of S21 jail in Phnom Penh. Torture racks, boards full of photos of the condemned still stand Bones scattered throughout the grounds at the killing fields. The whole spectacle has become a macabre tourist display of cruelty. It’s still a surreal scene of total carnage and the poverty that has ensued a tragedy, beggars child prostitution Cambodia still pays the price of lose generations. I thought I had a stomach of steel but Nearly 10 years later and memories of that place still shake me and I ain’t even Cambodian or religious. That smell, the heat, you just know that most people on the street older than 40 are likely killers. It’s pure ☠️☠️☠️ Cambodia will take generations to recover if ever.

@10:10 you mention his name change but not why, two words, political potential. A nick name given him while on the rise.

Pol Pot was born on May 19th, not January 25th. I should know because May 19th is my birthday.

I have to admit, your videos are both very entertaining and educational. Good job, keep making these videos, they are really good, and a rarity on YouTube

Amazing as always

It's rather upsetting to see that on a video about horrors like these, the only thing people can talk about in the comments is how hypocritical liberals are. I think you will find that, in terms of the political spectrum, liberals are centre and communists are far left. Also you are generalising the entire left wing, saying that all liberals say what you are saying, when in fact this is incorrect. Some do, others don't. In any case I think it's very immature to comment about how much you hate liberals on a video about hundreds of thousands of people being killed for no reason. Pol Pot was not a liberal, anyone can see that.

I miss Cambodia. It is a beautiful country but was led by a wrong people.

Awesome. Could you do one on Ho Chi Minh or General Giap?

They should do one on John McCain

theres something not right with this guy

All this in 3.5 years !! I can't believe the intensity of horror.

Interesting video thank you. It's horrifying to think that today universities and a large number of young people think socialism is great and every country should be a socialist dictatorship. Videos like this should be enough to convince these deluded people that it never works and results in misery for everyone.

Ok, I understand mispronouncing personal names and stuff, but how in the world did you manage to pronounce Khmer as Ca-mer throughout the video, now that's embarassing!

The United States was a supporter of this regime.

Just remember guys, no one has actually tried "real" communism yet XD

No u

It's a holiday in Cambodia, it's tough, kid, but it's life. Holiday in Cambodia, don't forget to pack a wife... Jello Biafra for POTUS. .. The main thing wrong with communism, and the reason why it most often fails, is the government confiscates everything and then doles it out, while falsely claiming that it all belongs to the people, but it obviously has been stolen by the government. They keep the lion's share for themselves, thereby becoming fascist overlords. If everything was actually the property of the people and was shared equally, then there would be no need of any government. Communism is just fascism with a different face.

XD u dont know anything about communism and fascism.comunists want to confiscate the means of production like factories, they dont care about your toothbrush.

Please consider a video on Colonel Alexander Gardner... There is nothing on YouTube about this very interesting man

Thanks squarespace for sponsoring this vid. This was a darn good one

My Führer

Việt Nam 1979

Could you do one about Eamonn de Valera please?

Have you considered doing one on Cass Elliot and the Laurel Canyon. There's an intriguing conspiracy about the CIA/Illuminati and the Canyon's stars.

Simon, I love all of your YouTube channels! Keep up the good work!

The Khmer Rouge was communism at its purest.

Nice video! But please leave the plugging for the end so I can simply close it. I don't want squarespace. Thanks

A video on Pinochet would be interesting.

I think your pronunciation in Khmer is close enough.

Here's some interesting biographics for next: Yasser Arafat: A Freedom FIghter or a Terrorist. Yitzhak Rabin: The Prime Minister Who Tried Achieve Peace. Simon Wiesenthal: The Tale of The Nazi Hunter. Muammar Gaddafi: The Mad Dog of the MIddle East. Leon Trotsky: A Communist Revolutionary and Stalin's Greatest Enemy. Vladimir Lenin: The Founder of the Soviet Union.

Do Alexander Hamilton please

I'm from Long Beach CA ,which has a sizable Cambodian community..many my age went through that experience. The stories I've heard are sobering... just mad..:(

One inaccuracy I can point out: Duch stood trial.

what happened to Sar Patchata?

Dead Kennedy's anyone

Hello Mr. Whistler and Co. very competent video with minor yet forgivable errs, it would be rather lovely if you would do a video on the of most unassuming players in history that changed our world entire, Gavrilo Princip.

Great video.  Thanks.  Interestingly, the members of Pol Pot's party never referred to themselves as the Khmer Rouge.  The movement introduced itself as "Angkar" which means  "the Organization".  This was done to maintain secrecy, with which Pol Pot and his followers were obsessed.  Only in 1977 did the Cambodian people learn of the existence of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.  Sihanouk coined the term Khmers Rouges, which simply means "Red Cambodians."

The perfect explanation of a Communist. "They speak in a way so simple people can understand" I agree. Simple is as simple does.

Go commit deathspcito

This biography was a bit incomplete and i will fill the holes here. Cambodia was known as french Indochina were Vietnam was big brother Laos was the middle brother and Cambodia was the little brother everyone picked on. Another person who also played a very important role in the takeover of the khmer rouge was king Norodom Sihanouk who was crowned in 1953 by the french and he was also a close friend of Kim Il Sung dictator of North Corea. Pol Pot was a buddhist monk in his younger years and he was also a rabid admirer of Maximillien Roberspierre and regim of le terruer of wich Pol Pot copied to the letter and he was a Maoist and NOT a Stalinist like he claims.

I've been to Cambodia and it's so crazy that there are no old people. Wonderful place, super sad history.

Next time you come here, I can show you where they are :)))

Socialism is terrible. Period.

Disable but still able to kill !! What a man !!!

Love how you hit people with the have a go in the comments

You still need to videos on these men .Josef Goebbels .Rudolf Hess .Herman Goering .Reinhard Heydrich You've already done Himmler,Eichmann,Mengele and Muller so once you've these 4 you've done Hitler's top thugs then you can made a video on the big boss himself.

Could you do a review of Lon Nol. and a review of the other Khmer factions that grouped in the refugee camps post Vietnamese invasion. Were any Khmer Rouge interviewed for this video? Were any of the Vietnamese soldier invaders interviewed?

Please stop ads in the middle of the video it’s ruining your otherwise wonderful content


Pathetic horrible man. Wish he suffered a horrible and slow death.

The UN's "Zionism is Racism" resolution was ratified in the middle of the Cambodian genocide.

Anti glasses gang unite


oh thank you...i was just waiting for this biography

Square space's logo is a little phallic. Go look, I'll wait.

The left in the US idolize Pol Pot and Stalin.

I love this channel, summarizing the lives of people i have heard about throughout my life.

Can you do Mansa Musa?

in my country,Indonesia on 1965 the communist party try to do coup by capturing 7 army general and torture them and dump their body on small hole called Crocs hole And after that,communist is pretty much hated by anyone and even forbid to talk during New Order Era even today fortunately it is not like Pol Pot did

And that is on nutshell

Dude, you and your team did it once again....

Pol Pot was born on May 19, 1925

Amazing how some of the most brutal men in history, always get away with their crimes! Very informative. Thanks for the upload!

I thought paul potts was just an opera singer shame on him ☺

Why do they all sound like characters from Star Wars?

Hippity Hoppity You are now my property

Khmer is pronounced Keh-mayor

Yup. You're saying Khmer wrong. You're saying KI like kite with the Kh, the Kh is KA like Katrina. The MER is said fine, it's like air. Love the channel. You and anybody that helps you do great work.

@Eternal Moderate - FINE THEN! Goodbye and SCREW YOU!

As far as the ads go just a news ticker across the bottom of the video would be better than the way it is now.

I thought it was pronounced Ka-mare Rouge.

I’m sure he’s nice but I absolutely loathe this guy’s voice…

Better dead than red

One of his best friend in that period and was with polpot for 4 years at the genocide time still live in france protected even by medias, jaques verges,now he is lawyer and is seen as the robin hood of the french justice...never been interogated, nothing, and also he still defend some khmer as a lawyer in cambodia, combodian people throw rocks at him calling him the devil in front of the tribunal; but as usual France just protect this war criminal since this period, wtf. The number of war criminal that studied in france is just insane, thanks to the bourgoies communist teachers. Even kim jong-un studied in france not long ago.

@ 14:55 its sounds a bit like '1984' and 'animal farm' or Orwellian. Oh wait! can you review George Orwell next?

Your videos are very interesting, history has many subjects to choose from, keep them coming

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I clicked like, though Pol Pot was horrific. I believe it important to learn these lessons to prevent their occurrence.

No worries on pronunciation of things. You do your thing Sir. Amazing information in a short span.

i would never mock you simon. you're too respectable and kind to others

13:15 Where the ad ends

Pol pot was cool. He followed his vision...he wasnt a sheep. Hats off to anyone w balls to go for it. Their morals are stronger than yours. Cry me a river bitches

0:41 why does he kind of look like Elon Musk in this pic?

Pol Pot the most evil leader ever he's a Stalin and Mao put together Rest In Hell Pol Pot.

wait, they were peasants and then one day daddy sent them to live with the king and they suddenly weren't peasants anymore? how exactly does that work?

"Went China for his treatment of cancer" well the brain cancer called Communism?

Purge and murder 100K people at the Vietnamese border just as war is immanent. Real smart move.

150k casualties of U.S. bombing over ten years vs millions killed by the Pol Pot reign. Hmmmm......

Please do a bio on Alister Crowley

The man who destroyed my country...

Is Bluetooth next?

These videos are absolutely terrific in every way (well maybe not the actions perpetrated by the subjects of the videos).

What evil and horror

Super good looking...square space! Better looking then ... oh let’s say Apple? Touché!

I do like the videos but will never click like on them. I also refuse to support the sponsors. YouTube has enough ads and will be ruined if we support ads inside content. Its just too much and too long

13:14 to skip the ad.

I skipped over your advertisement. Haha!

Still remember going to the killing fields then straight back to the hostel to drink my own bodyweight to try cheer up

He was a nationalist. He was a socialist. You could say he was a national socialist.

That's why I hate communist regime and Cambodian people were dead more than 3 millions people not 1.7 million why I said like that because my family also victims during that time and they told me vietnamese want to rule Cambodia country and kill them all. One more thing, Does anybody believe that Cambodian kill their own people

Literally the worst leader of all time

"He had trouble understanding Marx.." really says it all with Pol Pot. His interpretation of communism is childish at best.

Could you do King Leopold 3?

Communism is like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole

Simon , When is the vedio on Mahatma Gandhi coming? This is my 10th request

Yea I'm Cambodian I feel VERY VERY BAD that he THAT MAN killed 1.3 - 3 million people

i like thevideos, alot of good information. but ads in that place are, i an all humble honesty, disgusting.

You sir are going to do great things keep up the hard and amazing work!!!

Thanks :)

How do these sick animals get away so many times. They should have been hunted down and tortured

Pol pot is my Cambodian hero

This guy I like...

Make a Tito video

instead of being pol pot he should of smoked pot then he might of been a nicer guy

"Seen off the Americans" If by seen off do you mean beaten to a bloody pulp by the American military forced to sign the Paris peace accords then the Americans choose to leave after that happened the Democrats in congress refused to hold up the US end of the bargain of the Paris accords in supplying the South Vietnamese then after that the North invaded the Democrats again refused to allow President Ford to destroy the advancing NVA until it was far too late

"He started studying Karl Marx but found it difficult to understand" well the unhinged raving of a madman is often difficult to understand

Ah Communism you never fail to be bloody and shitty

Can you do vedio on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.......We can't really understand the truth because the political parties use his legacy for their own interest. My main question is......why did the military thought it will be a good idea to have him removed?

Remember one Cambodian family near us growing up. I was very young and they later moved away. One thing imprinted on my mind was their arrival in USA. They told us how they were 3 days away from The Killing Fields and escaped on foot, walking to the mainland of China, pled for asylum and eventually coming to where they lived. I took it for granted, in part because of my age I was told the clean version, it wasn't a major topic even on the news, and they were rather restained and didn't speak of it. Later, I researched on my own and started understanding what happened. Thank you for filling in more of the story.

Mao, Kissinger and Bush senior created PolPot to experiment with population extermination. PolPot is the least culpable of them, although he is guilty of it.

Good vid but put the ads at the end?

He makes Hitler look stable

Shitty pants

The role of Ta Mok is rarely discussed and desperately important. He was more powerful than Pol Pot: by the time the Vietnamese invaded, his cadres had gradually replaced the KR administrations in all but a few provinces next to Vietnam and were heading for Hun Sen's province we he decided to do a runner.

Can't say I enjoyed it Bit as you say it's very informative. As I find all of these videos Keep up the good work.

Socialism an ideology by psychos for psychos.

In case this didn't convince you that Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were monsters, they also made it illegal to eat by yourself outside a designated time without designated utensils and to hold any kind of religious belief. Both of these could get you killed. They also committed genocide against the local ethnic Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and other minority populations, as well as Catholics, Muslims, and Buddhists, on the grounds that they wanted a "pure" Cambodia.

In short an academically challenged peasant determines that communism is a good idea and ends up killing everyone. Why are the mentally inept always bandwagoning for communism? But don't worry. "It wasn't real communism."

At least his last few years were miserable.

maybe the bombings have something to do with the rise of the khmer rouge. Hmmm....

@Biographics how about Sir Weary Dunlop ? Have a look and see what you think.

Too bad the Democrats wants the us to be like the khmer rouge

another example of how sane our world is :) as if by killing or imprisoning the leader, the people who did the killings and injustices will magically be turned 180 degrees. :)) this world is boiling inside, that i can see. whether you kill the leader or not, humanity still will be bananas

Sounds like the leaders of Democratic Party. Crazy how history just keeps repeating its.

Oh yeah bi, get the crazies stoned thats a great idea. /S

I wend through Wikipedia i read about the leaders of this army most of whom died of old age, i can’t prevent my self from thinking such week creature who can even preserve him self is able to do such terrifying actions :killing millions with out a shred of remorse.

For the correct pronunciation of "Khmer Rouge": /watch?v=IG-TpOAUHQM

do the W.Rothschild, JP Morgan, Hillary Clinton, or Kissinger next. monsters all.

Pol Pot 2020

That is one of the most jarring advertisement placements I have ever seen.

I only heard about this genocide a about a year ago because of a film called first they killed my father by Angelina jolie decent film tbh

Idk if it's just me, but he sounded like he was close to crying while at the part of explaining the horrors of the Khmer Rogue.

its annoying how people outside of Cambodia know this better than some people even from Cambodia.......the films: first they killed my father...and also: the killing fields...talk about this era

In a way, Pol Pot inspired A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Despotic overhaul of the former system. Straight out of Karl Marx's play book: "Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads..." - Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto paragraph 3

He killed 1/3 of the population of his nation.

Yep. My visit to Tuol Sleng Prison went about as well as my visit to Auschwitz. It's a very similar and sad experience that really makes you think. Only with way more rain.

I lost my 2 grand-aunts and grandfather to this regime.

Just FYI Pol Pot was not a communist.

Why do we have to suffer watching another presenter's face for the majority of the video? Just show the historical images and videos and a voice over. Too annoying to watch...

You stated that US bombing killed 150,000 Cambodians. The lowest estimate I've seen is 150,000 to 300,00 & the highest is 600,000. So you took the lowest end of the lowest estimate & presented it as a fact. Dodgy.

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It was probably much higher, what the U.S did in both Cambodia and Vietnam were war crimes, plain and simple, but of course, people will deny it until their blue in the face, which sickens me.

You're a legend Simon

You have no idea what your talking about. Here, watch some videos by Kyle Kulinski on Secular Talk to understand just what exactly Democratic Socialism is, because you apparently have no understanding.

Some Khmer Rouge officials have in fact been convicted of war crimes in the past couple of months. But at their age, it's obviously far too little far too late.

great video man

Communism always doing the opposite thing it preaches

skip to 0.26

+Owain Shebbeare I lost brain cells reading that... I am not saying it wasn't REAL communism, Real communism HAS been tried and has succeeded greatly. Pol Pot wasn't communism AT ALL. If you knew anything about his government or policies you would know he was a crazy nationalist claiming to be a communist. And just a side note, the US murdered more Cambodians than Pol Pot did so.... So if anyone is the revisionist its you crazy Righties.

Keep saying that, one day it might be true once revisionist Lefties have rewritten everything. Just as Hitler was a Socialist, Pol Pot was a Communist. The "But it wasn't REAL Communism..." argument isn't an argument at all. He based his government on Marx and Stalin.

This genocide is not mentioned as much as other tragedies. Thanks for the video

kim jong un is a pol pot rip off

If more sponsors would only let the content providers (in TV networks the ad is the content) do that one simple apology for interrupting what we wanted to see, they'd probably find fewer people fast forwarding through the ad) Props to SquareSpace for letting Whistler do the ad his way (at least I think it's his way). Very informative video as well.

2 million killings. And yet some still think socialism is a viable option.

He is a hero

Socialism kills? You don’t say

That was a total paraphrase of an earlier BBC documentary

He was a monster who killed around a quarter of the population of his country. Question - why do you keep calling him "Pol"? He named himself Pol Pot which was short for Politique Potentielle, I don't think he ever just used the name Pol.

Oh, yeah, let's study Stalin and learn how to kill 20 million of your own people. Pol Pot was truly the devil.

Do a video on the Tieneman massacre

It wasn’t just a simple border dispute. The Khmer Rouge was looking to regain the territory known as Kampuchea Krom (Lower Cambodia) which is the Mekong Delta. It was eventually annexed centuries ago by the Vietnamese who supplanted the indigenous Cambodians. It was the Khmer Rouges delusional vision of restoring the country to what it was at the height of the Khmer Empire that built Angkor and other temples. A deadly mix of communism and nationalism.

is any bod watching on crismass day 2018

Sadly his party is some how still in charge of Cambodia. Granted they aren't killing millions anymore but it still amazes me the people put up with a regime that killed 30 million for their people

This channel has reached the height of ignorance. Western heroes are glorified. Eastern heroes are spat at. Please read some authentic books before making an unauthentic video on Asian leaders.

"But it isn't real socialism" says the drolling college professor

The man seems to be getting a lot of bad press here but I thought his version of Nessun Dorma was excellent. Never would have thought he would go on to be a mass murderer.

Liked the video, hated Square Space for totally blowing the mood of discovery...

I was a soldier and served in Cambodia 92/93. Pol pot should have been tried and hanged. The spineless United nations did nothing

This video explains the What, but not the Why. His transition from a French educated student to a maniacal dictator is just glossed over, leaving me wanting for more.

Every time a country adopts one of the liberal political ideologies of fascism, socialism or communism, the world ends up with another genocide.

The Khmer Rouge had also persecuted Christians (who were Catholic), Muslims, Buddhists, along with ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai people. You overlooked this.

0:36, 1.76 mil is an estimate, it could be as much as 3 mil, there really was no data on Cambodia's population, and no records of the Khmer Rouge's killing to say how many died.

I wonder how bad some of these leaders would be if they didn't have an enemy (imperialist west) to gain power from.

Please do Papa Doc Duvalier!!!

Am I the only one who can't stop humming "Holiday in Cambodia"?

Dignified and informative thanks for making this great video

Utterly the most ineffective and insecure leader ever. Dude was probably paranoid of his own shadow

I appreciate the way you treat darker subjects, respectfully but unflinchingly. It's a hard line to walk, but you do it well.

I'm a liberal and this video is nothing but Propaganda. Pol Pot and Stalin were heroes. There was no gulags and there was NO Killing Fields. Communism is the most peaceful political ideology of all time.

I don't know the story of this man but I will do some more research on him and Cambodia because of your comment. European are quite ignorant when it comes to non European littérature. Most European can't speak a non European language, that makes its difficult for them to get diverse sources, narratives and understandings, to make broader assumptions when it comes to the rest of the world.

Do mao!

Example of nazbol.

"Average student, at best, held back 2 years". Average must be really low these days if he was anywhere near close.

I did find this video informative. That's the most joy anyone could get out of such a tragic story. I (like most Americans) know little more about Cambodia beyond jungle, rice fields, and bones. I guess the last one is the tragic lasting impression Pol Pot left on the world at large.

Was there last year, bones are still coming to the surface at the killing fields. There is a tree they would smash the babies off.

i can't wrap my head around why anyone would do this. if you're the dictator of a country, why destroy your own economy and population?

Love your commentary

Pol Pot Was Able To Rise To Power Because Of The Radical Progressive Socialist American Democrat Party That Pulled Funding From South Vietnamese In 1975 Breaking Peace Accord Treaty That Won The War For The South... Pol Pot Was A Puppet Of The Communist In Vietnam... He Would Have Never Come To Power In Cambodia If The Communist Loving American Democrat Party Of The 1970's Had Not Gained A Majority In Congress In The 1974 Elections

The end of every socialist peoples revolution.

So france had an upper class, and universities in Cambodia? What horrible colonialism

And you should learn more who were the Grandparents of Salot sar ( Pol Pot ) . To control one nation it doesn't take for 10 or 20 years , It takes 2 or 3 generations .

I think, you should learn more who are theViet Minh.

Could you do the other higher-ups of the Empire of Japan like Tojo and Yamashita?

Anti glasses gang

Simon! Didn't think I would ever, and do mean ever, making a mistake. Your research is always accurate. However, you forgot duke. That's how you pronounce his name. Brother number 4. He got seven years.

Nice troll. If you are serious then you are an a-hole

+anonymous 1 on Pol Pot I can agree but Stalin and Lenin were demonized in his videos.

Dude maybe he didn't do many videos on Eastern leaders but Pol Pot deserves to be spat upon. He is not a hero

Good joke

Who would have thought, the guy too stupid for school and unable to understand political literature (aside from tyrannical stalinsm), would fail to set up a functioning government and make dumbass decisions that ruined the life of millions of people.

and this man conveniently leaves out how the Jesuits were the puppet masters here as they are everywhere else

I heard of Pol Pot but didn't know too much about him. There's a guy who plays chess on 14th Street Union Square in NYC his name is Saravooth, he told me his whole family was murdered by Pol Pot Army.



I have many good Cambodian friends, God Bless Them!!! Pol Pot should have been hung! Communist burn in hell

Note that Pol Pot was an eighth child.  Given the birth order rules, an eighth child is the same as a fourth child - an extremist.  Hence Pol Pot joins Gramsci, Lenin and Hitler as proof of this concept.

Better dead than red.

Holiday in Cambodia

Pulled pork

"It just works" is not something you want to be saying for promoting :P

His cruelty toward his own people was on such another level that I've literally had nightmares about it. Guess another Pol Pot videos is what I need...

Very informative. Thank you for making this.

Vietnam threatened to invade Cambodia, Pol Pot executed the members of his army defending the border. Oh, this man was a brilliant military tactician. You know a dictator is blood thirsty and evil when the country is freed by the Vietnamese.

This is what Communism is. Communists have ALWAYS been evil and barbaric. All the skinny jeans wearing Millennials who think they want Socialism or Communism should watch this and see if they still want it.

Pol Pot official NSA documents before dying: he reportedly said "I did it for the lulz" before dying in his sleep

When I was young I only read animal books. Then my teacher told me to read a book about an actual person. So I went to the library and I pulled out a book on the person with the coolest name I saw and that man was Joseph Stalin. For half a year I thought I was a communist and that the USSR was the greatest nation( by the way this was like in 2007)(edit) I was 7years old The moral of the story here is: books can be bad. books about communism or even worse. and books about Joseph Stalin need to be burned.

Rest in hell polpot

stop mid vid com

"Sar began studying the teachings of Karl Marx but found them difficult to understand" Communism in a nutshell

First they killed my father.

Saloth Sar Saloth Sor Saloth Ser Saloth Saer Saloth Soar Saloth Swer Saloth Sah Saloth São Saloth swa

Worlds most evil

+Mongol Viking on Pol Pot I can agree but Stalin and Lenin were demonized in his videos.

I visited Cambodia around 10 years ago and it's one of the most beautiful countries i've ever been to and one of the most generous people i've ever met. But there is a psychological sadness in the people, you can see it in their eyes. Like an entire country is suffering from PTSD.

People need to stop calling pol pot a communist because he was not one he was an opportunist who used the idea of communism to get in power how do i know this because in 1981 he renounced communism.

This what communists and liberals mean when they say “we want equality”

Gods, that was painful. But it filled in lots of gaps in my information. I was born in 1959, so the conflicts in Indochina were happening as I grew up. I remember the body counts on the nightly TV news. I can only pray and hope that humans will learn to behave better toward each other!

I'm sure I payed for You Tube with out adverts!?

Pol Pot was a megalomaniacal idiot. He consistently did poorly in school. He was a communist who couldn't understand Karl Marx. He thought he could actually reform Cambodia into a successful communist state by eliminating intelligence and education. He thought his communist state could survive in the 20th century even though he insisted it be on a technological footing with effectively the 13th or 14th century. It's stunning to me that anyone followed this pinhead and seemingly never tried to assassinate him. It's people like Pol Pot that make me wish there is a hell and that I could know he's in it. I would occasionally check hell's video stream and see what is being done to Pol Pot. I would suggest the tortures he might receive but I would expect devils to be much more creative than anything I could imagine.

Kills two million people, a quarter of the population of his nation, and dies under house arrest. Well done!

"A quiet introspective young man who always kept his thoughts to himself." Another warning flag.

"Filling his head with the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror which followed." Always a bad sign.

Pol pot was cool. Glad we got a story about him to listen to.

Ive watched every biographics vid....still entertained every time. Love your work and tell the team thanks as well

Can we get reinhard heydrich?

he should have died painful and slow death, alone, next to a country road.

Im Cambodian. my father told me about that too. Im so sad to heard that. and I saw alots skull in S21 museum .

I learn this in history class. Pol Pot was actually a smart and outstanding student. He majored in politic and continued his study in Russia. I keep thinking maybe because he studied too much or was brainwashed??

Pure evil

They should have tortured him until he died! A more fitting end for a power hungry dickhead!

He had his reasons

A power hungry monster and a slow witted idiot

SJWs wish they could do what Pol Pot did.

Then they could take him home?

Nah you sound fine in khmer language.

I hate him cause he kill my great great grandma my great grandma say my great great grandma say she is kind person ever my grandma was save by grandpa by run to vietnam im form cambodia

evil scumbab pol pot, nothing good come out of communism.

But but but this wasn’t REAL Communism, real communism produces unicorns, magic rainbows, and utopia. If only the Cambodian communists had a few hipster lefty’s from university on their staff it all would of worked out perfectly.

Isis “avant la lettre”...


Anyone else thinking that instead of reading Stalin and Marx he read 1984?

So, you've been to school For a year or two And you know you've seen it all In daddy's car Thinking you'll go far Back east your type don't crawl Playing ethnicky jazz To parade your snazz On your five-grand stereo Braggin' that you know How the niggers feel cold And the slum's got so much soul It's time to taste what you most fear Right Guard will not help you here Brace yourself, my dear Brace yourself, my dear It's a holiday in Cambodia It's tough, kid, but it's life It's a holiday in Cambodia Don't forget to pack a wife You're a star-belly snitch You suck like a leech You want everyone to act like you Kiss ass while you bitch So you can get rich While your boss gets richer off you Well, you'll work harder With a gun in your back For a bowl of rice a day Slave for soldiers Till you starve Then your head is skewered on a stake Now you can go where the people are one Now you can go where they get things done What you need, my son... What you need, my son... Is a holiday in Cambodia Where people are dressed in black A holiday in Cambodia Where you'll kiss ass or crack Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot It's a holiday in Cambodia Where you'll do what you're told It's a holiday in Cambodia Where the slums got so much soul Pol Pot

Would you smoke pot with Pol Pot?

also pol pot won britains got talent

Khmer is pronounced (Ka-mai). Khmer has difficult pronunciations.

Utterly without compassion or empathy yet always smiling.

Pol Pot didn't use normal latrine system he used a pot

equality = everyone being poor but me

America doesn’t learn, just bombing an entire are of a country just means more people hate you and wants to join your enemies

Free helicopter rides for communists

Are you supposed to pronounce the P in Pnom Pen? I thought it sounded like 'nom pen,' is that bad American pronunciation? My uncle lived in Cambodia towards the end of his life, so i never got a chance to hear much about his time there. He did say it was beautiful though.

+Biographics of course not, I was wondering if omitting the 'P' sound was an American thing

I’m not American

Kaimer rouge? It is pronounces kmer rouge.

He is worse than Mao and Stalin IMO even though they led to more deaths. Mao unintentionally killed millions through stupid policies and he seemed deluded whilst Stalin was ruthless but nothing compared to this monster.

Pol pot is the only commie that communists forget. He was kinda just of a dictator, no theory, nothing.

No ideology on the far far left or the far far right will ever work

pol pot executed an average of 1826 people..... per day


Do P Diddy aka Puff Daddy

POL POT POL POT POL POT who said it?

Everyone's talking about how brutal he is, but I'm just thinking "what kind of name is Pol Pot"?

Derpythetroll16 Video lol I know amirite, gay name!


Worse timing ever for an advert...

communism makes everyone equal.. or equally dead

Noah Noble Except vegan Satanism, that could work

jeff yea but he wasn’t a white dictator so no one remembers him

Joseph James what part?

What u mean?

Vann Rith lol sux bro

my 8th grade math teacher was from Cambodia and had his life taken away by Pol Pot. I hope Pot is burning in Hell

I love the offkey title card piano music it's really sinister

+Gwoob Zeboow mao and ho cho min weren't white and we remember them

+Gwoob Zeboow Mass extermination of people who don't share their political views. It's a hallmark of the rise of any left group to power. Pol Pot wasn't the only one. He won't be the last.

All the messed up leaders felt like their messed up ways have acually achieved something, this man killed 2 million people for streight up nothing

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