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Podcast with Professional Forex Trader Quillan Black - Cuebanks

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When. On the Menino's outro video then, trade law Sophie well it sounds cool batao, muy, muy, muy especial, Quillin, black, queue banks and Instagram. Though most admit holiday, ok. Miss. You told, digital. In, quillin's. De nosotros. My. They're. Really glad to have you here like for real like we have in mind you but seems forever we, started this like, jordi. Out of like yeah. We. Want to be you know and all, that stuff so first. Of all please. Quillin Bank was, put them like the. Army. As : black is pretty much to justice like, um. A. Visionary a visionary, on pure entrepreneur you know I have. I've. Always foreseen. How I want to live in the future you know always like strive types to get to that point when, and everything, that I do, with. The business I've. Been seeing myself here, you know I'm saying from even when I was like 20 years old because, I pretty much been bitch of myself being great at what, I do and just like doing, a lot of work to this it's that certain point so I mean fooling. Black just a person that strives for greatness in whatever. You doing um and, you. Know always. Tries to actually help, others to actually get to a certain point as well you, know. Also. Not a little dis but, how did started, like did. Yours you know you've only things like this like is, it or when they just I have to get out of the this. Place where everybody, is, you know so so pretty much like on before you. Can we're talking about I was like I'll saying that like I kind of had no choice but to you. Know go that on for no route because I couldn't get a job because. I I got my green card super, late like I got my green card when I was 20 21 so. Which means that well. I had other friends that were working at like 17, 18 years, old yeah I had no choice because I had to make, money elsewhere, you know so the. Entrepreneur, rock kinda came because. I had no, choice first and that came from I mean does this selling. Stuff or fixing, stuff or you, know it's trying to like you know connect. With more people on. Like a different level and offer. Them like some kind of value that doesn't. Have to deal with the judge you. Know so that's where I started from first and then that actually evolved. Into me doing all of my online stuff when, it came down to it so I mean I kind of had no choice so my. Mindset, just kind of came naturally I, feel like. Bringing. Yeah. We, all seen you like you started well you start you worked at Target, at Target breaking, the target story is is ACN.

It's That big deal like everybody loved that and. Even, before target, I was working at a warehouse I was. Working two warehouse six. Days a week about. Eight, to nine hours a day, for. Three years you, know so remember. You said in the five big person it was like a super. Small matter was like $700. Are they paying 600. 600. In like $23, you know after, taxes and yeah. But. It was bad because it was both salary a Saturday, so it means that we could work as long as we want, to and we're, not getting any kind of overtime with the role on salary but, I I. Did, that for three years because my first check that I got from that place was $300. All, right but, Delta my first time ever making a, check but check of that amount, because me before that I was you know trying to do, all the things to to, make money so me, getting my first work. Check that kind of showed me like oh god I thought work so and so and and make this I wasn't. Really understanding how, much time I'm actually giving this company you, know but over the years you, kind of started like you're untrained so I'm tired of so so. On that. Kind of made me appreciate and, kind. Of understand how money, works first just from that first paycheck but then over time I kind of understand, that like you I'm given this, company a lot of my time you. Know okay, um I. Broke like when. Were you in target. Yeah you were in target like if, you like discover, trading, or it was before Atari it was a little bit before, target, because on I first did stock options first. Saw. The features which is just you know just like a little something. Similar, to binaries but at the same time that kind of introduced, me to the whole trading. Industry um and. Then one came to target you know that's when I was already starts like dabble, in forex. On, by that time period but I wasn't taking its fully fully seriously, but, um I started to dabble without the devil then eventually um, when. I started making like some good income 3 born holidays. Holidays. Founded, all days I hit, my on thousand-dollar, day April. 2015. My first thousand dollar day walking, out of class actually, because. Yeah because, on ice. Actually just go to class and then work class work class billable so those weren't a aud/usd days, okay you I. Was written a you very. Very often um just like you. Know this um random pair that I don't even trade now by the same time like you know just me actually making that kind of money and seeing how I gotta make that money without working, at Target um I. Was. Kind of like understood, that if I put all my time, into this craft me, having $1000 they could turn into a fork, a day or a 10k day eventually, you, know so, um yeah, like I kind of just not. Rebound, trading, when, I was working at Target but I was starting, to actually get into the rhythm of you, know being on the charts more and that kind of stuff I don't side target I think you you one time said something, that a broker. Forex, came. On and like because, you are like on those like stuff yes I yeah they're like an, ad from a forest, broker. And that's how you like kind of the scored the. Forex trade. Not now itself exactly, yeah I have clicked on it I open an account, and on it. Was weird because back then I never understood, you know like um units.

And Whatnot, which means that like I was, trading a hundred thousand units which is like now in now. Versus the standard lot but back then it was trading in units so I was like okay, like I press this press this press that I don't, understand what's going on but I was present but know what's. Going on so I mean the. Lack, of of, terminology. And lack of knowledge back back, then I couldn't, trade it you know I could just only press. Buttons and see like what happens you know but, on eventually. You know over time like I kind of learn all all that stuff right there but all started from that one ad yeah and then all that forwards, the thing though but I never understood it you know. That's. Crook. Like well when you discovered, this forex trading huh how did you start studying for it like how do you got prepared for it so um, I feel like people always have, the. The. Confusion I whenever I say study um, study, means like. I'm looking up terminology. I'm looking up. What's. Up kenick analysis, what is this what is that what is that because I want to comprehend, all of these main aspects, of things um, so. When, I would like while, I was studying I was just looking up stuff I was, on investing. Calm investopedia. Looking up terminology, and I'm looking. What buy and sell prices as priced a bit prices, looking on all of these certain things so like whenever I got on charts you know I'm more knowledgeable about what's going on so, that was looks like me studying, around. That time period so I'd actually be more knowledgeable. When, I first. Started understanding what, was, understanding, what everything means it yeah you are, going to the car like a basically, yeah yeah, yeah you have to you know I feel like once you're actually going about learning that way learning. Becomes a lot more smoother, than you actually being bombarded with all this information at one time you know because every single day I was so fascinated by the entire craft. That I was looking up things every, single day it, makes sense because sometimes. People get into stuff, without even, and, they would even say stuff we, don't we don't even knowing what Dad, think I mean what everything means exactly exactly you know I feel like though those small things is what makes you actually get to the point that you can understand the big things because, you can't understand.

Something That's all the way over, here if you haven't dabbled, and understood, the small things leading. Up to that big yeah you know yeah. It's. Just like a day-by-day, small. Bites. And bites and bites of small information that, eventually lets, you understand, on bigger picture and when you had. Like a better. Idea all. The meanings of these words. When. Did you or how did you start like you know this. So, to speak discovering, market structure and everything so um. When. It came to the that kind of stuff once, again I was still dabbling so like this market structure but also on the bigger picture end it's like Elliott, Wave analysis, okay because that gives you like the concept of like you know what how actually how. To market actually flows in a certain formation, yeah and. Understanding. Just a portion of that I put. Things in in my own way of understanding. It so it becomes a lot more easier to me because I feel like the, way how they explain certain things on the Internet it's. Very very complex yeah it is totally, they they, over, complicate. Certain things so, when you kind of dumb it down a tad bit um, it's. Easier to digest in, your in, your mind and, um and. Yeah so like I was dabbling about okay so what is technical, analysis like what is that stuff you know so me, looking up trend lines being looking up there's me looking up that those. Small things eventually. Led, me to then, applying, what I'm learning on. This side applying. On the charts in seeing, how it actually plays its part when, it's actually on the charts over, time that's when actually learn, how to actually draw things better and whatnot by the same time I have, to actually understand. What, is other. Way of analysis what is structure what, is a trend line whether it is, support. In a resistance, like what is all of these things that's, deals with technical analysis you know so it's like it's really just having, the topic first and then pinpointing. All those subtopics, under that main topic so basically you start with the basics, as, soon as you were like if I say miss media and missing has come you. Started reading all that and Lalah sune us you were like getting, more info you're like darling, applying death more than death one death yeah yeah till you go to the point that you were not ready to a structure, and stuff yeah but, in the entire time that I'm doing that I'm also on, the charts it turns out it's like yeah I. Feel like the the worst thing that you can do is just read that into the entire time read and take notes Riaan take note because it's. Gonna play it got the flight you got a retake notes apply a retake no supplies like that's like that's the flow of it because you, can't just remember.

All This information, at one time okay, while. You're applying it your pre you're learning it a lot faster than you expect because you're actually on the live market and energy, I'm usually how it works and, you. See how it works because compared, to a person that just reason the entire time they're sold by the book and things have to form a certain kind of weight versus actually being, on the charts you could you learn, how to break certain, rules okay. You pretty much understand, the golden rule you know yeah. Hey. Brother once, you understood like all these technical analysis, thing in an American market structure and everything oh you got it like control. Him yeah how did you start managing like the emotional part of things uh um that's. That's. Like a that's. Like. An experience-based, thing I feel like you only learned that from experience because. On you can't just just read something that speaks. On, emotional. You know control, or because. It's. Not gonna really give you any kind, of experience on that you, could um gain insight, on like okay so this, person was greedy because of this and this and this this yeah, but, you, have to actually go through with those certain things yourself, because everybody's, emotional, are different in different situations. You, know so, on I grew that so much because like I feel like it's your friend so I'm telling you don't. Don't, like use a beer at outside, account because you coming boys they hear that all right I mean that makes sense and he has experienced everything but, like it might be one day like until, you actually go, do that I'm below the counter counting. That you, truly believe oh yeah I cannot, do that, yeah. And um I feel like um I went through I've, blown a, Manny. Accounts, in my beginner. Days honesty by the same time like that's like my learning curve but you have to go through that because you. Have to be able to go. Through the point that you blow an account and then your. Deposit, again you know I'm saying like everyone.

Goes Through that phase like they blow, an account they, deposit, immunity they blow an account they deposit immediately and then you, know this is like they go through that entire cycle so that's all normal so like, even like the new traders now when they actually complain about I'm like yo that's. All normal rule I've been through all that stuff I don't talk about it because that's so long ago but, same time like in the beginning stage you have to blow those accounts because, you have to pretty much it's, kind of like when, your own parents tell you you know don't, touch the store it was hot yeah, then you touch the stove and then you get burnt you know see and have to kind of burn yourself, to kind of like say okay that's hot I don't want to do that it's. Like. A necessary. Pain yeah, you have to because, if not you're not gonna be able to learn how to control that emotion, you know losing, money is. Probably one of the most important things when you're trading, up your light because it kind of gets you numb sort. Of thing that's right like, like I could lose $5,000, up today on the charts in like I don't. Give a about it anymore because I've, already lost $5,000, $10,000. 120k. Days and everything I've lost all that before you, know by the same time like I make, sure that I learned from those mistakes. Yeah so when it comes time again, you know I could overcome, that I can make my 30 K days 40, kgs 100, K yeah you, know that was good yeah and the. Only way that I was able to make that much payday is that I was able to withstand being, down a certain, amount remember that account what was down like. Almost, fifteen. Thousand seventeen, thousand if I never had that emotional. Stability, yeah, I I. Wouldn't have been able to overcome. That and then see the. You experience, that it's easier to like overcome that yeah yeah if you had never had like that trial. Done before you were probably just like close because all say oh oh yeah yeah that's right you do it'll, scan like oh let's closest because it's not going my way like, instantly. Yeah and then, you would have felt like when. You. Could have seen how much money you could have made like like even with this gold tree that happened like today. And yesterday like I miss, all do you, know cuz I I got stopped out by trying, to be too. Conservative. You. Know. On. That bad drop from yesterday, the day before that and today. If, I was able to you, know be okay, you know with that unnecessary, draw it on with a 25 well I think that's funny when you when you know talk, about the twin loss because, like it. Was like it's the most even earlier this year or something that you said like I can handle it a lot I can't do another, 20, months not that 20. Lots and, recently. Like giving this Friday you were like I don't fluctuate in July or something yeah and you're like 6.6. Or something yeah, yeah nothing, yeah no I know but it's 20. Lots are still hard for me to. Deal it's at times like I can do 10 10 10 10 40. Lots but 20 20 at times is a lot harder to deal with because the. Numbers, are one faster, so that's so that's where the emotional stability comes, in again you. Have to be like this, is why. Scaling. Your your lot size over time is so important because you have to be able to control, how. Your. Psychology, on how fast these numbers are moving like a person can't be a brand new trader and go from a standard lock but actually, a point 10 and then, next week they're they're doing three Lots impossible. Because, I'm, sorry moves like super, fasten if they're in drawling like it's like holy think, that things are moving 30, times faster, than what you were just these. People. Paychecks, being, like open. Down in seconds, yeah. Money can go, like this you know and I all, of a sudden you're down a crazy. Amount how, did, you go from you just like tell. Nots only kind of to like almost being like sixty, lot C for something because how can you handle, like more, numbers. That, being because I mean they they are big numbers yeah yeah very fast like how can you look all that don't fit us on your level of skill and imprecision. Because, once you're precise, enough a twenty lot doesn't, really mean much you know I'm saying I even, though I'm afraid that I took it wasn't like that I'm thursday/friday yeah those drawdown.

Was Only like about $2,000, and. Then the profit was like around $9,000. Yeah you know saying what verse is a person that doesn't have their accuracy, down, point like on point they're gonna see five, seven eight thousand dollar and draw it on before they actually go in profit so it's like depending, on how good your entry is that, that, determines. Your level of risk for that trade so, that's, why I stress, entries so much because that's literally the. Starting points of you know being able to up your lot size over, time as well because, if you're not precise, on your entries you, can't really up your lot size okay anytime soon yeah, so those being disciplined enough so you could get you know down so with the risk I know, like, user like with a skill that dependent, that determines. Your risk well, likely go a certain way about how much you're willing to risk that's right like you doing very percentages. By an amount of money I always like before. Enter any, trade, I always know how much what is it to, lose its. Not even how much I'm willing to make because how, much you're willing to make an always change your, goal can be let's. Say um. Five. Hundred dollars for for. That trade but then things are still being maintained and still you know valid for that direction, and now your. Reward. Just went up to fifteen hundred dollars but. All that matters is your level of risk so you got to pretty much enter a trade and know how much I'm like how much you're willing to actually lose off that tree immediately because. If not then you're, not gonna know what's it expected. Up yeah so, you do that by you. Follow certain rule like a. Percentage, of my account, Oh. I'm. Doing 10 lot I'll, probably be be willing to lose, like around on 4500. Which is technically 45. Pips alright you know um so every, single time I'm answering like between Allah a twin lot it's a bit different because the numbers move, a lot faster and it's every man so I'm not gonna be willing to risk forty five pips anymore um I'm gonna probably your wrists like around 20. Pips or so cuz that's still gonna equal outs like around that forty five hundred all, right you know so like before I even answer any trade how, much am I wanted to lose based off the lot size I'm entering in in this out I go about it the, percentages. I feel like this is, so complex um I, don't. Have time to do math every single time that I'm training you solve like a fix amount of money that you're really nervous is, how you go about it yeah alright based, on the tree every single trade is a different level of risk every signature like how often can you feel great yeah exactly how confident, is how clear it is I'm how much pop understand, what's going on all that has to be understood before I could say, I wanted to lose so and so so you could be risking like I don't know. Forty. Five pics on a confident. Great I don't, know four four, thousand yeah. And, on a trait, you're not feeling that confident you're risking mm, yeah. Yeah exactly, but if, I up the lot size on 420 lot I have to drop. My risk a tad bit because I, don't want to I can't risk forty buckets with. A 20 level now that's what eight thousand dollars plus I'm like damn that's gonna hurt me yeah no I'm, not willing to do, that right there so if. I have a very very clean trade that I could have minimum, risk that's, when I put a twenty lot you, know those. Trades are when I have that minimum draw it down and everything, is smooth but I had to be just as confident even execute, that trade in the first place also in so, it's all based off just a level, of confidence clarity. On, understanding. Overall - you, know base your risk and the, reward of that caesarian trade. About. Like, the skill you know about, how to you, know improving. The skill. Did you always improve it like in life traits or did you like back-tested, a lot um. I'm. Always, back testing in a sense because I don't like whenever I'm on webinars, I'm always back testing like that like that is back testing um but. I've only, like I only. Practiced demo one time when, I was up in up, in my mom like when. I was going from like extending lots in to lots and I'm trying to go to a five lot I demoed a five, lot and I mean were where, I was - I was in Indiana for like about a couple, weeks and, I, demoed with, the five lot for like about three. Four days to, kind of get like Martin my, mind adjusted to like how fast everything was moving okay, like. I had like 90% of the trades that I actually took with, the bagua and after that I got pretty.

Confident, That's. When I started treatment five Lots so like I recommend. Anybody that wants up there up there less over time to be able to try to go on demo for a couple days and then look at that new lot size just was you have faster numbers move yeah we can't so you don't get like a movie. Like that because. Your mind has to get you know condition, for that new movement right you know you can't try. To put on a hundred lot and then expect your mind to be ready for that kind of thing right your heart rate is gonna increase. You. Know it's, gonna be like. Gluten, yeah that's great yeah and you're gonna get stressed, out you know and um even. Like when it comes to small stuff like you know being glued to the screen I remember once. You enter the trade you you already had that set amount that you're willing to lose ya period which means that if, you look at your phone where you don't look at your phone the, risk is still there you. Know saying so your risk could it could be negative. Four thousand dollars all right if you look at your phone or don't it's, still gonna be risky mother's, so, some people just like you know get their very very confused, as essa like I have to watch my phone I'm in a tree if, you were it's. Gonna be a disability it's still gonna lose that same right now we know. Exactly. Saying but that's like that's, the I feel like is uh is. A growing pains in a sense you, know because you have to get get get used on understanding, that like the market has nothing to do with you the, market doesn't know you yeah the market, doesn't. Care about your giant data it's just something it's just showing, what it has to show and that's it you know so that's. When everybody was like oh the. Markets after me the market you know I don't, believe. Any of that on sees I feel like it's kind of like a religion, in. A sense like I believe in market makers. Seem. Like a little he's like they have a relationship with the market like they're so percent with the market like almost right to stop me start together me like no Sebastian it's just data show. Me of two currencies, like that's. Wrong or weak they are and then once you actually come down to like that understanding. Um I feel like things are a bit more easier as to saying that like you know this. Literally just showing data that's it that's, all so, from there is your, performance. As to how much do you understand what's going on at at point you. Know. And. Brother. Well me. And Jose we always follow you your precision, you, know trading you. Know we've seen like the. Precision it's getting better by the day you're, treating yeah yeah so, that's. Because just because of experience, or like. It's, it's because um I, mean. They're there certain times I have like terrible answers to but, on for the most part like like, my great trades are like some bomb-ass entries but also I'm watching how, things are forming and whatnot but, on I, have. To get better, entries, because I'm helping my lot size over time also so like I can't, you know have the same amount of drawdown that I had with a twenty lot with a big deal and yeah, you know so like things have to get more precise, and I try to figure out how, can I get can get better like what what do I have to look forward to be more precise. About this entry and so on and so on so every single entry I'm, trying to like get more and more in depth just. So I can understand, like when is the perfect time to actually enter that bit that's, very great so. Yeah. It's, kind of like my job to just like get, more, precise. With how I'm going about my technicals, and how I'm understanding, the charts yeah, that's your way of like minimizing. The risk now yeah like not to have the risk just, get better interest, yeah better entries good that on that way you could you know drop, your car. Lots of overtime right and if you don't on you'll go every. Single year and have the same lot size and and, unlike I said on a webinar I was like it yeah if you're. Doing the same lot size it, back-to-back years, you're.

Not Growing and, in your trading like, that's just real like you can't do a stand a lot in 2019. And then to us then a lot and play - yeah. You know you know on 2020 you you. Can't there's. No kind of growth there right every, single year you should be growing in some kind of way you know and that's just like with with with anything education. Experience. That you got to be able to grow as a person you, know so that that's when you could actually understand. That you have to grow your lot of times over time also you, shouldn't be able to be stagnant whenever, you're, trading because that's not gonna help you up and, that also means you have to also, go through a lot. Of pain yeah you got to man I go through a lot of pain I go, through a lot in yeah, like. I said like I'm already known through that you know how. Worried look I've already lost money up I've already made money yeah so now it's kind of like just neutral in. A sense and so like whenever I'm on a charge so I'm kind of like robot. Mode you, know like I mean when I lose I'll go win a trade or or, lose afraid I'm not gonna feel any kind of way about, either. Way it goes so, part, of the experience, but. You have to go through you know be super gross I feel like it's like it's like to shut it again on your coming yeah, it's like a kind of painting. You need to feel yeah to, be coming into that then be like a robot like yeah and, once you get on that robot mode um I, feel like that's when you could take your trading to like an exponential level at that point because you're not um you, know being, so emotional you are it's like oh my oh my god. That. Also makes it so simple because is, it's. Very simple here you have to go through a lot of pain yeah, to, actually get to their soul say you want it's that simple it's. Like with anything though working, out I'm getting better at a sport you have to go through a lot of pain with a lot of condition matter a. Lot. Of throwing up maybe, I don't know a lot of pain to get to that point that you're doing in your sports be you know pro yeah, and sometimes we humans. We complicate. Everything so, much yeah definitely and well, also to our listeners and everything though, we. All have to learn that. Some. Sometimes although. Maybe training, looks complicated, but, it. Made me look complicated that at the, end of the day you, have to do simple stuff yeah simple comes years to actually get to. Yeah. I always say Trading, is on it, it's, simple, but it's not easy yeah it's, simple because it's literally it's. Not hard to understand. What we're trying actually get out of the markets. But it's, it's hard in a sense because you. Had a to, take in fact of the emotion, and all of these other up and down like yeah the craziness that could actually take effect with that which is not um. You. Can't really see that when you just look at a chart you got to be able to go through that up and down stuff like the psychology, issue is agreed with. The revenge trade in it like you gather go through all that stuff which is not a part of the subject this is a simplistic, form. Of trading, but trading is literally buy. Low sell high yeah, that's, it that's all but it. That's, the simple, part, of it but besides, that you don't see. The whole psychology, part of it yeah I feel, like that the most the. Most complex concept. Or. Component. In trading it's. You yeah, yeah it's reverses you as you use you versus you and and that's always the most challenging thing because you're gonna um. You. Could have. Your ego and it involved, as well like if, you could be negative in a trade and then you're saying I'm right I'm right I'm right I'm right it has to go my weight not, really. People. Don't, even put a stop blows because they know like I know it's gonna go my way and thing Oh count, gone crazy, yes I'm dancing, and. You have to grow through, that point yeah you know and if and, and. I, believe that you always have to be honest with yourself all right if, you just blew your account knowing that you, didn't put a stop loss and then you put that blame on somebody else that's.

That's Not even physical, um I. Feel like you know that's when you're kind of just you, have that ego like. You're right in front of you you gotta kind of drop, that and understand, that you. Know the market isn't working you know we have no control over and some people I feel like Instagram. Right now like they. Are like trying to just, show off to somebody or like I don't know they're like always like fighting. Like it's like they're trying to fight with somebody like trying to prove like they're like the best I'm like this I'm like that yeah I like that's, when they start doing like those, stupid-ass mistakes yeah it was like if, you're just doing it for yourself you should be like how does a honest, and just like you, don't have your ego don't do the best of mistakes just keep it simple and like faith, yeah, and. I, just feel like that's, why I um I don't. Know I don't really like you know entertain a lot of things on Instagram anymore, because a lot of people just stay there they. Don't understand that like it's never it's. Not a competition it's, not a competition it's literally just a point that we're. All trying. To double the road. Is trying to get get get better in our everyday lives and on this is a way out you know and, on when. You actually put it in it's like more of a competitive, type of sport now um. Everybody. Tries to downplay everybody, else yeah when in reality I. Want. To see you do great you do great you look great so, we do all this, ball out that's right. Because. When. You're like. There's, only so many people that I feel. Like is on my level um to. Even let you let's, do this let's do this like that's why it's just always me and Ryan just hate everything, else because like I, need. People to get good at what. They need to so we could all just have fun and always do random. Random. Trips and you know does all this like this really eat us into our our, everyday life just hanging out with our sports cars it's. Like. When you get to that point like you kind of understand. Out like you have to root on your teammates you, know when, you turn into a competition like like. What's the fun in that yeah, you know you're gonna have fun or you're gonna bawl out all by yourself I also, know it's like that's like, I also match that I like, how. You're an Instagram because I see a lot of traders like oh let's try to like downplay and fight and like our, service. I don't like I'm everything. Out with cat yeah. Kids. Are like he's, like chillin with like his, cats yeah his daughter um maybe. A photo, of his car like good they're not great and I got oh. Okay, or something he's like making more money than people that try to like proof all there's wrong like, that's, why he's so cute I'm just rates like I mean that's gold that's.

Why I like um you might think in my bio says prime figure. Because. At the same time like you're. Gonna be by yourself at the end of the day regards, to the back so like why, do you have to impress everybody else like if if. Something is not gonna like. A high post on a couple years ago I was like do like are, you guys are always um. Fussing. About how this person is making money how that person make money all that matters, five years from now is that you made the money yeah think, about right versus. How it's, like if you're, trying. To get everybody's, neck as to how they're making money or how they're going about their, certain way it's. Not gonna matter if in five years you, guys are probably not gonna even talking about yours you, know so, it's like it's all about just that you're on your grind now to actually make the money to actually benefit, your family and future versus. You know being so competitive with somebody else that's not gonna really matter in five years and I think that this applies to everyone. It, doesn't matter their, level of wealth, yeah, we're just training, skill or training, or skill and whatever other. Could. You say any. Other industry water yeah because, you thought sometimes sad to see. People. That you admire getting. Involved, in these, games. Yeah, with, others, checking childish behavior it's, a waste of time you know and I feel like it's immature but yeah that's not like someone else loosing he's not gonna make you money yeah that's right I don't I mean I know the currency market like if someone else like what you're Wayne is like someone else's money at the end of that but like it's not real like if these guys friendliness, is gonna grow my accounts. Bring. Your your, everybody. Can make money out of Forex, yeah it's the markets yeah, you versus yeah you know we, could all catch the same more than eight friggin, thousands, yeah, that's the vessel to come down to you know but on like. Just even, like giving. That. Energy, to something else that that that's negative it's not gonna help you go you, know so that's what I don't even tolerate negative energy ultimate because it. Doesn't make sense like it's, a waste of time you know yeah I don't tolerate it you know that's why I gotta try to be positive. Uplift. Others, that, are around me um and. You know hopefully everybody, can be great you know because all, that matters at the end of the day like I said is that we. All just grow we. Always grow as individuals we. All just grow mentally. We all just grow to, actually benefit out of you for life. You know one get our families and everything else because that's what it comes down to is, building. For the future that's. All that matters. And. Just. Going back a little bit to the thing that you said that that if you, to. The lot size right if. You only you've. Been using, that same lot size for, one year and the next year years in the same lot sighs I really, connect, with that because I was doing that mistake you know a couple years ago and I. Was all, using, the same a lot of sites like point. One right no use at a time the same same load size. And. I. Remember. That you said that in one of your winners and, it was like oh my god I've been making a. Mistake for so. And. When I operated. The, lot size I mean, it was hard at the beginning because. The money was moving faster though in. A couple of days you, know going. Through the pain you know really living it yeah it, was like nothing you know and. I'm ready doing, every single field not only technically but, also. Mentally. Also cuz, I'm put it this way um, and, I said I. Said it's the other day I was like you, don't know what what you're not able. To do one till you do it yeah right which, means that um you. Don't know if you were able to do a point 20 if you never attempted a point when it yes you know saying how you you, you could have been a ready for point 20 but you don't even know that because you're not even attempting so, like the biggest thing you, had to be able to attempt new things to even see, if you're capable of that new thing right yes you know um I, want. You're able to to do that you're forcing, your yourself, to grill you. Know versus. Waiting like oh like I'm waiting for so-and-so to tell, me that, it's. Time yeah, that's. Not gonna happen you know you to be able to you. Know be accountable. For your growth you. Have to say okay I'm gonna attempt, to do someone so yeah you know like even before I started doing higher, lot sizes now I have, to attempt, to do, a higher law side so even know if I'm capable of doing a higher left side because if.

I Do it that kind, of tells me are so I have to be a bit more accurate here, or here here or. If, I try, it and I'm seeing crazy drawdown I'm not ready for yet because I have things to work on so let me just stick to where I am now until, I'm actually ready or more precise, even tried to hire lot size again you, know so kind of like points you guys to where you cur in the art and your. Precision, level you know so you have to be able to at, least try, yeah, trying. That's the biggest thing trying you know yeah. You know I'm really grateful for that because. That's. One of the the, reasons why my training has. Grow so much yeah yeah. All. The things that you said and I. Took. Action, yeah. Brother. Something, I wanted to ask like what like, what this precise entries like. How. Do you do, it on all our techniques, right yeah always, how, do you do. Guess. I've. Seen like in the market sometimes like all our time frames it gives the entry but, it, doesn't work out back sorry, so how have, you managed that this thing though it's, not even just about the lord time, it's. Never just about one thing ever. You, have to be able to understand multiple. Aspects. At one time to be able to understand, you know how the, entry should actually be which, means that um. You. Have to be able to understand what what you're seeing on the local amperes also but, also be able to understand where, that current, is based off your higher time analysis. So things have to actually make sense on both parts if things just make sense on the lower timeframe wait but you have no idea s, of what's happening up here you're. Gonna go and blind technically, because up up here has not shown you anything to actually help, signify, that down here is getting ready, for that certain entry so you have to be. Sufficient. At both, analysis. On, little timeframes and higher time frames actually get that precise. Injury that you're katroo I'm trying to look for you. Can't as be so stuck on little tiger the entire time you, can't just be so, stuck on higher time of the entire time you got to have a nice median in between both and understand both to. Actually make things make sense it's, a don't fluence on the correlation of the time from a sudden I remember, in a webinar recently also like gave, at least, of, like one may say a good grade I was like you need to be, very that your. Heart. Abnormalities lot, of analysis, candlestick, analyses. Your. Edge if, they're an trees your egg seats all, but it was like I wrote a gold on it was like like. Remain, things anything I think yeah, and on I like like for example like, let's say, these two things like make sense let's say if I had H. Four bars exhaustion, on the entire, time frame enclosed with like a bear scandal but buyers its ocean up top on say. A, lower time for analysis you probably had a break of a support, which then helps. That higher time for analysis means that you have the bar that's option right well you look but you also broke a little time frame on, level of a support as well that helps, you indicate, that that exhaustion, that you seen on a higher time frame is actually valid you, know then versus. Let's. Say, bye-bye. Exhaustion, on at age four timeframe again all right but, on all those anchors all you have is just a pullback was just what the support is not even broken yet that's. Not valid right, because technically on the, previous one we actually broke the support, right which actually then help, help signify. That the violence option is valid, range versus, it not being broken you're, just having a short-term pullback which then can be is a continuation. Of that, low temperament analysis, that is going to be a bullish candle on the hearth analysis, yes, you don't say it so it's not like you got to be able to actually correlate those two things to make, it make sense with. The higher, time frame and low time it has to acting minimum, I'll, make sense on both parts because if it doesn't but it is any kind of like off, balance. In between both and is it's not gonna be you know in in your favor so both time frames has actually make sense to help your time, frame correlation, I think in one of their gold trades you, also said like you. It's a very tight spot for example that's the one you can go even lower it, was an entry even like a one-minute entry yeah yeah because, like I said something like the h4, candle, was lit has two like two hours left or something about it's still a lot of time it, was like a very important, level like accession level and then you start seeing the transition but you didn't have like enough like data, yeah like do do do much analysis, so you want lower lower lower correct, along you grab like on an entry in one minute and then there was like a perfect gauge or the week okay yeah that's crazy oh well. That. Was only possible because I understood, m5, I'm 15 I'm 13 I'm saying like I understood.

Every Single line dream no no but I understood every time frame that's what both that, that one minute that's why I went. Down there if, I wasn't clear about what, was above that then I couldn't go on the m1, chart so. Before. I even go down to a little time I have to be fully. Clear. As to what I'm seeing on that higher, Tiger in first so, that's when all that I was, able to take advantage above that m1 timeframe, yeah every now been a bit, of a tight area but. That. Was that situation not, like you. Said like you. Were like very specifically it's not like I'm always gonna be something I'm right now like it was like because, how, hard wasn't, they five, minutes 15 minute that if they didn't, have enough candy, to analyze, so you had to go over and I used, it yeah I remember it. Happened, before with the five minutes entries. You. Said on the course, I went like yeah, like, you, made up it was like an old confluence video you, did like an answer and five and then after that everybody was like every, single time I invite, more entries and five renders, and fight for renters and you're like it, was like it's a case by case scenarios. Like I wasn't like, you need, to know when, to apply, certain things I want to ban certain rules yeah because if you always do that I have five. Very. Specific breaks like when you're on a very good spot to do a trade like you know it's very you, know I don't know like. Liquid spot I don't know yeah like if if it's like an area that like. I said like I can't, really understand, what's going on based off of that those, couple candles. That one panel I have to go to a photo library I have no choice because I have to understand what's. Making that kind of form like how it is like. What is making that that that by the exhaustion on on. A tight timeframe I gotta figure it out yeah that's, what I'm actually applying the little time frame analysis you know but, on if I don't you know um I, have. To you know stick to that certain time until, I could actually be be sure about, when, I should be able to go down to the lower timeframe so, it's like it's. Never gonna be always m1 it's never always gonna be m5 it's never always gonna be. M15. Is that we're all gonna be M 30 is always, literally, case-by-case. Yeah, every, single every, single tree is always a different, flow, that I'm actually going but, basically you have to do you have you need two, things. Higher. Time frame and over time frame those. Have to be in sync. You don't. Have you. Only have the higher time memory you'll have the lower time frame it's like no yeah especially, that because I'm like maddened on people that that, never ever dabble in m5m. 15. And 30 I know they're, not having, um. Good. Draw down they're having probably 30. 40 50, 80 pips and draw down every single time which means that well. A lot of times they're not looking there they're lot sighs yes, that's what up a lot of people that you might see on Instagram now they cover their on that size why. Because, they. Could have probably been doing like a point. A point to but, they're, probably in a crazy amount of drawdown but it doesn't really affect, them because it's a lower lot size so they cover their their, own tanks, you know versus, a person that is doing like a 10 lot they. Have to be precise. A person, that's doing a point when your point and they don't happen precise. Too much you can have draw them those kind of no. I mean with with the big ones yeah with like a 10 20 you can have that much stroller yeah you you need to be forced to be perfect yes exactly, and you're gonna feel that drawdown. Thousands. Of dollars right. Okay but a point you could. I could flow you. Know and you're so, good well you should have a little high timeframe we miss in, sync with to the lower time when I feel that kiss before. Like way before I saw like the 4-hour chart and there were some sashan, I entered. Trade any when when. Not, my way you know I lost money and I. Feel it because of you I figured out like. It. Didn't do anything in a long time person like it was just retracing, the reason yeah exactly it just kept kept falling I was buying yeah, like. You didn't hit nothing happening all over time like you're high, or something like that yeah alright so.

You've Got to be clear of like okay this makes sense that make sense and now and now to execute you know really, it's just the home other incurved you know in the server and everything in sync yeah yeah and what also is being distant, enough to understand I like you gotta make, sure so-and-so is, in sync before you could then don't. Get to that next step yeah if. You tried to be pretty much for entries every single time then it's not, gonna really benefit you tooth lunch yeah, bit of a wave the technicals, I know, that you recently started also doing fundamentals, yeah yeah yeah like how Suckley, are you like I read just like reading. The articles, yeah. Um. Bloomberg. Calm investing. Calm. FX. Live on, Forks live but, you're not going like that into. Detail no fundamentals, just like kind of like being aware of what's going on that's, it that's it and I feel like that's good enough also you know um that actually gives. You a bit more insight as to what's. Happening with with. Us we're in currencies. Regatta. I started going into Bloomberg, because they, even have like live news yeah. Like you can even watch TV kind of I'm being like oh we're events. That are currently going on yeah I'm like you can that can. Get like an edge on that, currency, pairs you know like like, something's, going on with it but who like give it like extra, liquidity or, like, maybe you. Know it's gonna get weak or it's gonna get strong and then when you mix it with your botanicals, you can get like very precise entries and get advantage of that hole yeah because me the British way um. The. Fundamentals. Are. The, technicals, is a, visual. Representation. Of the fundamentals, yeah. Like what you're seeing or what, you're reading about fundamentally. Is, being. Shown. Technically. On the charts like, you're like you're seeing. What. They're talking about in like a more technical analysis, form which, means that by the time that they're talking about the whole fundamental. News it's. Making, sense based off of your technical side yeah so it kind of goes hand-in-hand in a sense so both of those have to be insane to kind of like get more. Clarity. And like the edge in a sense um when, you're actually doing your treatment, like it makes trading a bit, more fun also because you had more, reason as to why something, should turn. Around twice I recently got a pound I was. It. Was loan session so it was very looted the, Parliament, was together and everything it, was like leaving a lot. Of like sellers accession I'm like a very strong like area like, I saw the whole transition happen, I'm. Like okay these like is that good, that's fine yeah like based on the technical side yeah I've been like I start seeing the people on, Bloomberg, live and they're like telling. Like compliments to each other and start clapping and all of that and like you see Lee through there the. Empty, for people, people, kind of going up and up and up and you see the people on Bloomberg like after, in happier, green or it's so nice like it was so funny cause like what they were doing was least we're showing and happening exactly example. Yeah yeah and up. Like that makes it fun because I mean over. Time like when you do your like. Your site attendant goes for years and years and years that you you you want to learn more also that can get you better as well and, I feel like the. Fundamental aspect, kind of adds more like. That extra. Fun. To it yeah it means to kind of like fall in love with it all over again because you had like another. Reason. As to what you look, for for more information, to help. It. All sucks and I was like maybe. Why certain moves are helping oh and like it does unless it's, like the reason that happens but you can identify. It with your technicals, and take advantage of it yes it's like yeah how's it it's, fun actually good to see it's like an art how they sink yeah, and when thing a lineup it makes things easier you know any and then that's when you could actually you, know take advantage of your a lot sizes and that kind of stuff because it. Makes sense fundamentally. Now yeah and also technically if it's in a certain area that it could actually go. To a certain direction or trait it's actually pushing us or nourishment.

Um. How. Do you, balance. Training. And, um. I mean. I'm still working on it you know then um it's it's, it's not easy it, is I mean my daughter I don't have to take this like a 24-hour. Job yeah. But. Um I mean I tried to. You. Know whenever. I have any, kind of free time she's sleeping, or doing. Something that I don't have to watch, it too too much that's. Why I'm doing, the extra work that I have to do so it's, like me taking advantage of that, our, free. Time that I have now versus when I met when she wasn't born you. Know I could just be doing nothing and procrastinating. For hours and hours and hours so, now like it's no kind of time to procrastinate. I'm always trying to work and it's put, in work until I whatever project that I'm actually working on versus. Just. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah brother. Like, the trait like the, session that you have time to trade, that day or you uh I never ever, really watch sessions, to too much I pretty, much understand, like what session, things. Are the most on liquid in a sense. Like. Mongo is always, in. West Asian because. The fear that I'm trading is always the most volatile like around that time period so, like once it's it, it. Was like around five six, o'clock or whatever, I hate, and Entering, trees there because a lot of times its low its low long liquidity. I. Might just be floating, and, profit. Draw it on profit draw it on for hours, and hours and hours on till and awhile session the following day so, those, times I don't even look at a chart to too much because I'm gonna stress my myself out and it's not gonna be any kind of benefit, when it comes to make a profit on that certain dream it's gonna flow. Unnecessarily. Until, actually, get to that and. Why session again yeah that following, day so. So yeah I don't really, watch sessions I just watch my charts. If the opportunity looks good. Look, look looks good and a good time. Appeared. Of the day then up and to the market but it was a good, opportunity but, at the same time it's I say, 7 p.m. around. Here uh-huh. How, are the past because more, than likely it's gonna consolidate. For a long period of time until the, father's warm up it's more a matter of just like when, it's liquid yeah, yeah yes, yeah that's the biggest time also um understanding, that like if I do have a good opportunity though, to a, point that a certain price point that might, not be hit you, know in, 12, hours I'll. Enter there but I was, kind of be on edge and in a sense have, myself lost set in an area that I don't want to actually hit and, then after that I'm writing it out but, at the same time I'm I'm, not really looking at a time all too much I'm looking. More on the charts than I am on the actual time. Of the day okay you know but uh but I understand, that like the. Times that my peers move the most is NY system so I'm, always kind of iffy about entering. Um what. When. It's far away from that and why session work because. I'm gonna be and draw it on or like whatever but it was worth it I'll, take advantage of it so you tried to date as small, as I can you. Try, to enter trades in the morning yeah. Or like let's. Say five, five, six seven o'clock leading. Up to and why session that's like probably like the best times that I've, seen the, peers that I trade move you, know that's. One of setting, know and I think like a loan to them in Europe have both open so yeah the mostly yeah, yeah definitely you know that's also that on most trade long time appeared. Also does I'm always trading on like now for the past like four five months has been us. Thirty gold, and. GJ. Like, you J every, now and then but, on GJ. Us are you cold because it's like a nice flowy in between those three pairs right there so, I do. My damage and, we so. Every. If you see an opportunity like, an armed 12, o'clock in the morning. Yeah thank, you I hate. It because. Depending. On the direction, I'm, going and also like unless say if. I was selling on gold right I wouldn't, mind because you. Know SWAT fees come around as positive swath you so I don't I wouldn't, really care to answer anything. Around. That time period but if it's a by opportunity. Bob, plucks coming around soon I'm gonna get a swap fees it might be sloppy, like it all depends.

On The dime the diamond dynamics, of the trade like the direction everything else be the benefit me or hurt me you, know like even like tomorrow. Is Wednesday trip. Us luck Wednesday's oh yeah if I had a bar but Sunnah t20 lot best. $300. For. That dream, dollars times 3 that's not, the dolls and fees. Just. For doing that alone I would try, to avoid that as much as possible so it's like it depends on the. Time of day that the direction, that's the you know what's. Worth it in, a sense so if it's closer to 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock depending. On the direction I'll either take it or I'll probably just hold, out until that, certain, time period passes I could avoid the fees. Because. We treat this London station well and I'm just very aggressive, yes. It's, super aggressive it'll have you on your toes you know but um that's. I mean that's when you're gonna you know see the volatility, in peepers, yeah. Yes right yes we've seen that like literally, moves in London and NY, z yeah that's, cool part because before I treated like I don't, know it was like four o'clock and I treated that and, beating moving all day on till all day I know that yeah it's, stressful it's stressful so, yeah, it's kinda like just saying you, know it's good to all we just close your laptop yes turn the phone off looks like my, empty for look, at it like it's in, a, folder, alright because. When, it's on my screen like. Subconsciously. I could just open it up you know and I hate like, Saturday. Marks. Close on the site. Okay nothing's, moving you know like I'm Michael P it's kind of obvious but like, you're you, get so addicted to clicking, on one hand before that, you've got a kind of status you have to learn to step. Away from it yeah yeah that's probably like the, most important thing I feel like because you kind of get your mind reset. It you know if, you just take, a step back and on let it breathe. You don't trade every single day I mean like you're gonna be in a trade a whole week but that doesn't mean you're enter in every single day my local, portunities, like every single day on me. Um at. Times I would but, there's certain times I really, just try to take a break, like what like even me after. Getting. Myself most hit on that goal trade one and then missing all of that drop because I had 60 lots of top, I said. And then after. Missing that, and. Then. Missing all of that I'm. Turned off I don't, want to treat it the rest, of the week yeah. Because. I've. Missed out on so much that it's kind. Of hard to just get, back inside that knowing, that I miss so much opportunity. Yeah it's gonna be like on the back of your head yeah, already just I, think that happened to us because we were on a GBP trade like, week we got it from the bottom like they actually wouldn't start going and. We got stopped out like and I don't know by we got we got stopped out because we put. It on break even and then a week yeah you're like mmm. Got stopped out for like, let's. Like three beeps or something I'm like even yeah and then the whole thing just like pump the whole it's. Been pumping for like a thousand pieces. We. Went full emotional trying to get enough, you're not it was like, like. I mean you tryna you try to be in like that same, way about your rules are like wrong more than everything what. If they're seen how much money, you miss and it's not even like that you lost your in your from your balance is but it means money that you're, about to make and then just for like us to me does mistake you're like so, so much more so, much it, hurts. Important, Allah I. Think. That's good I would you say that you do was take a break, Gold from training for, a few weeks because your mystical trade we should have done that.

Like, The whole step, away thing is super, important on and once. You're turned off or feel any, kind of doubt. Don't. Don't. Even risk your real winning yeah you know good yeah. You. Said like missing. The money that you've. Missed out on at times hurt more than a money back then, after that it's like you already lost you're ready means the profit yeah and then, after that you enter, because you like oh yeah. Then not only means the profits. That's. Like that's when you select ok it's on I'm not gonna even trade, is which raise, 54 I'm done yeah until, the. Blows are doing that sports yeah yeah but, it's. More the game. Does, understand, that it's not gonna always be you, know yeah. Yeah and also when you make money you know you have to live. More yeah. Yeah definitely. On because I feel like a lot, of people get addicted to the point that you know it's, opportunity, every single day there you know but on you, got to understand, that like you know having we. Do this so we could live yeah, you know um but. If you're doing it it makes us sound it, means to feel like a job at that point if you're trying to be on it every single day even. After like like a bad loss or like a, good winnings and still try to make more money after. You make some money you know it turned into a job so. You gotta just make your money take, a step back believe me get money exactly, and then making, money again take. A step back and keep on doing that you know that's what makes it fun because you actually. Benefiting. From your fruits of your labor. How. How. All the take was born in Hawaii I don't think yeah I would say it's. With, one of my business I cooked well, one of my business partners and. In my, other, friend also and, that, was pretty much just kind of like to help people you know really because it's, gonna what comes up on November 15th of. November. 15th. Um it's, pretty much just to help, people on you know make some passive income you know and I, feel like it could benefit you know me me. As well it's, kind of like we just make some some. Automatic, money you know you look based on your style of trading or assault it's, not exactly my cell like my cell is very in the moment you, know by. The same time it's based on like an algorithm that that, me and a few, friends haven't, been working on for quite a while now and, it's.

Pretty Good it only focuses on GP peers oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like on a focus on that and and. Yet like the kind of profit that it brings in a month it's probably 80%, 70% a. Time ninety percent profit entire one so it's like yeah, that's. Pretty good yeah I'm like I have, said on me I did a 10k. Count and then it brought in. Hands-free. So it was cool so, like to see like how how that's gonna benefit people is going to be very very awesome because. People. Are you like I'm putting out anything is gonna be far yes. I'm. Not gonna put, out anything that has my name attached to it that is gonna be you know that isn't good not gonna hurt ya, so, I'm. Pretty excited for it and yeah, I wouldn't, ask you something would you replace your mantle trading first. Yeah. You. Can't take away the fun from the mainland the. Mana trading is fun night that's what you got actually you know use, your skill, you know you could use your skills the power, management is kind of like you. Know just kind of like that side income it's, very you know stress-free. Defecating, but listen, when you're on the charts there's no better feeling of being on the charts and being a problem yeah right because you know you good about your system. Okay, the Sun is brighter outside yeah. Whatever. A good. Day in, the morning I said about that that that, that, like that day and then the Sun is brighter everything this is vibrant. Outside yes yeah having, a great day you know I mean especially, a. Bro. Like

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