Planning a Vision Board Party for Your Travel Business

Planning a Vision Board Party for Your Travel Business

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January. 12th is vision, board day that's this Saturday, and so, most. People who, do vision boards do life vision boards they do a vision, board about you, know all the areas, of their life and the exercise. Of doing a vision board is to, get it out of your head and on, paper, so, that you can actually see, a representation, of, it so that you are more likely to achieve it the, ideology, behind vision. Board is is that we as humans, are, the. Only creature, in, the world who, have the ability to influence. Or, set. The pace of their future by defining, in their, mind what they want so, if you want a goal all you have to do is visualize the, goal and you can then begin to set the motion and motion what it's going to take for you to achieve the goal and so, a vision, board is a powerful, way for you, to set, in motion the. Realization. Of whatever it is that you want so. Travel. Is a great, thing, that people, want right most. People, when you ask them what are their dreams. Include. Some, sort of travel, so as travel, agents, and travel, professionals, it is incumbent, upon us, to host vision, board parties, for our customers, so that they can start to visualize, all of, the different places that. They could go to. Achieve, their, vacation. Goals or their, bucket list goals or their. Particular. Destination. Goals right and for, you as a travel agent, if you specialize. In a particular destination, then. You, get the opportunity to speak, truth, into them, about. How this really can be a reality, and so let's talk about how, best to do that all right so hopefully that makes sense and you guys are jazzed about an, actual. National day, that, you get to celebrate for, your, business, I love that I love the fact that there's three days in January all, that, travel agents, and the travel profession, can take advantage, of four marketing, opportunity, so that's like a no-brainer like, in January, this year and next, year you don't even have to think about your marketing ideas all you have to do is just schedule, them and play in them and start building marketing, campaigns, around getting people invited, to them right isn't that exciting, all, right so I think a great idea for you to do either a physical, event. Right or a virtual. Event and so what do I mean by a virtual, event where, you, would be hosting, a live, like I'm doing here you, would. Create. The events in facebook. You. Know in any other in, any form that you choose you know Facebook is my choice my, forum of choice but you would create the, event on your, page you, would create an email, series around, that and invite people to that that's what Murchie, love it or you. Actually have a physical, located. Event right so you you, know rent out a space somewhere, or. You. You know your local library, my local library you can actually get. That space for free so you schedule, this space and you pick a date and a time and then you do, a marketing campaign to invite people right so it's either a physical or a virtual event that you will do. All right so step one in your, vision. Board, party. Travel. Themed obviously. Is to plan at your party right what. Does that mean well what, is it that you want to do we, want to determine in this planning, step do you want to have a live event or do you want to have a virtual event and let me tell you if you have a virtual event obviously more people can join and, more. You. Know more time that you can have to have people there but, I love live. Events, because you get to touch the people you get to see the people you get to interact with people and I think as we are we. Are online entrepreneurs. It becomes, easy, for us to forget, that we are actually working with human beings that our bodies right so, having a live event I think would be a great local, thing for you to do in this first step what you are doing is planning are you going to do it then, you, know how are you going to deliver it are you gonna do it deliberate live we're gonna deliver it virtually now if you've never delivered, a virtual, event.

I Don't want you to be scared because, it's super easy it's, not it's, not gonna be any different than you doing actually, to me is easier, because right. You know you could be dressed up really nice in the top part and the bottom part you could be in your pajamas so you can actually O's you're. I'm, not in my pajamas at the bottom but you can actually host an event and be in your pajamas I'm not, doing the event maybe you could do a pajama, theme to party right it doesn't matter you know have fun with this hopefully that's what you're getting out of this message is that this is an opportunity, for you to create an, event, for, your travel, business that. Is really, fun and gets people jazzed, up so I want you to also have fun with it as well so step one plan. The party and that what, you want to do is determine if it's live or if it's going to be virtual. Second. Part of that planning, step is determining. What the theme of the, event is going to be around are you going to do destination. Are you going to do type of travel right, may be destination. Let's, say you specialize. In Jamaica. Maybe, it's going to be a Jamaica, themed. Party. Right virtual, a vision, board party and what you'll do is you will eat talk about the future steps you'll, be providing, some, information. About different, types of destinations, in Jamaica, that you, a person, could go give, some history about that and then, that tell them about that, you know right so you could do like a tour of Jamaica as a part of that and you'd give them some information, that. They could go to so they could cut out and create, the, pace, of those different areas of Jamaica based on the interest right so you want to decide your theme as a part, of the planning right is. A destination, is it bucket list specific, right so all of the places that they want to go to in, their lifetime. Maybe all in a particular year. That would be something that you could do around a theme tip. That I want you to remember as a part of the step one is is, that you. Want to make sure that, you have gotten with your key travel. Suppliers as, a part, of this and determine if, you can get some brochures printed North, Shore's because. What, you could do is have those printed brochures, sent. Out to your customers, who are going to attend, particularly. If you're doing a live event you could send, out the, ARMA, have, them available as, a part of the live event and you're going to want people to cut them up right cut them up and paste them and when, we talk about supplies, have. Them available right so talk to your suppliers, if you are Jamaica. You want to talk to you Jamaica, specialists. Right if you are doing cruises, and they're going to the Caribbean you, want to have your. Supplier, as a part of this process and ask, if you can get brochures, most. Of the suppliers that are out there have collateral. And. What I mean by that is they have marketing, collateral they have marketing, images, of all the destinations, that they represent. Like I was, looking at Royal, Caribbean, I think it was at Royal Caribbean, or, Norwegians. Marketing. Collateral they have an entire site dedicated to. Pictures. Right that you can use in your marketing so it's not like you've got to go swipe pictures off the internet you can actually, they, have a site where you can download those, pictures, you could create if you're doing a virtual event you, could create. Zip file of pictures. For, all of the different destinations. That you have and send, them to your customers, as part of the prep for. The, vision board party all right hopefully that is making sense to you guys and the. Creative juices are flowing there. And. You are understanding how you can really. Put the information together but key is talk to your suppliers let them know what you're doing and find, out what type of travel related material. You, can provide to the attendees, of your, vision board party all, right so, part. Of the step two is is, that you want to make sure that they've got images, that. They've got magazines, they've, got brochures, they've, got whatever the. Theme of your party, is going to be around that, you've got plenty of material to. Give to them as a part of the vision work. Party. Okay step, two set, a date, simple, right set a date just make it happen right I don't want you to think too much about this you don't mean you know weeks and months to plan for this set, a date make it happen because the minute you put it on paper then, you know that you've got to put all the place all the things in place to make this happen Cap'n, right so, set a date, make, that I will recommend if you are doing a, virtual. Party. Evening. Times are, the best participation. Times for, you to get the most amount of participation, so, if you do evening times Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best times mondays.

Or Horrible, times for people because obviously it's the beginning of the week Saturday. Mornings, are also another good time for you to do, a virtual. Event, webinar. Type. Of thing so that you can get, the maximum amount of participation, that you can get so I would set a date make it for the evening time, you. Know something, like this since it's going to be an interactive, talking. Type of thing I would, plan for at least 90, minutes, 90 minutes. To two hours because it's, gonna be a lot of downtime cutting, showing, talking. Through this so it's, not a training class like. What I do so I try to keep my classes, you know pretty short and sweet but, you know this is an interactive type. Of event so you want to plan for about 90, to 2 hours, 90. Minutes to. 120. Minutes of a, time, when. You plan for this so set a date a date at a time Tuesday. Wednesdays Thursdays are, best times if you're doing a virtual event Saturday mornings, are also great times to get maximum participation just. Because of people's schedules, or what have you. So, number. Three stuff, that you want to do and setting, it you're. Setting. This up is is that you want to develop a marketing and a communication, plan. Ultimately. An invitation. And so what does that mean if you are new to marketing, and your number one job is marketing, and you have no idea what, that means let's. Talk a little bit about what that means so, from, a marketing perspective is, is if you are in this business you. Know I just, told you right if you are new, to me I just told you your number one job is marketing, so that means, that you should be consistently. And constantly building. Your email list right, you, should be building up a list. Of people, who are interested. In your business you've targeted them you, have, you, know extended, out some sort of stranger offer to them and they. Have, gotten. On your list if you don't know what a stranger, offer is my, recommendation is. I will probably uh post a link, to a previous, video that I've done that really sort of this, explains. The, differences, of the different stages that your customers, are on but, strangers, don't know you and, you need to extend them an information. Piece so that they can get on your list you, need to be building your list every day all the time as, much. As you possibly can right and so this, is who you would market to is your email list you could also if, you are, gonna do let's say you decide to do this in the, next six weeks and this is not something you're gonna do in January but you're gonna maybe host a live a vision, poor party in February. You know as part of love your love, yourself, and let's do a vision party right you know I mean there's all sorts of things I can think of in terms of doing it around the month of February, whatever. The timeframe, is and you're, going to market what you want to do is if you want to attract strangers, to, your event then, you. Know a free, type of event like this would be a great idea for, you to attract people, now I will tell you strangers. Are, scarce. With their money and strangers. Are scarce with their time so, if I don't know you it's, not likely that I'm going to want to dedicate a two-hour, block, of time with, a stranger, right that's just that's just not the way consumer. Behavior, is they don't know you they don't like you and they don't trust you, so, dedicating. Two hours of their life to do something that they may want to do still, is not likely so this. Is why a vision, board party is great for, people, that are familiar with you or are getting to know you so that they'll want to invest this type of time with you so if you don't have an email list my recommendation. Would be that you, let's, talk about how, you can create an email list right you need to have some sort of offer maybe, it's a download, on.

You. Know why planning. Your, vacations. Are so important, you know I'm actually doing a trainee on, Saturday, on. This very topic and I'm giving material as a part of the attendees, of that training so that you can solicit, people to, actually participate in planning sessions with you so, that. Would be a great stranger offer right having, a guide that, talks about Jamaica, and, if you've never traveled Jamaica you know the top 10 reasons why Jamaica, is the shiznit right that would be a good a stranger, offer to have them you know people who download. That are interested, in your destination, and, when, you invite them to your vision board party, that would be a natural next step for them to go before, they potentially, buy, a Jamaica package, right with you right so hopefully this is all making, sense to you guys give me some love you know how I love that. Yes. Absolutely, Zee this will be recorded. The. Revolution. Is being recorded. So. I. You. Know if if marketing. Is all about where. Are the people in the. Relationship, with you a vision. Party is a great, marketing. Event for people who are familiar with you and know you and are. Familiar. With your brand right, and it's also a great way for them, to get introduced, to you with, working, with you so, that they know that you, can take care of their needs based on what it is that they want to accomplish in their, travel, year right so again the relationship is not just one package, your, goal is to get them to consistently, book with you repeatedly. Right not just this one vacation. Or this one business trip but that you are the go-to person, for. Them for every time they want to travel right every time they want to plan a vacation every, time they want to do a group trip every, time they want to do a reunion when they go when they have a honeymoon or anniversary. Whatever, it is you. Want to make sure that you become their go-to person time, and time again so that's really about building a relationship not, just doing a one-time, service for them all right so the next step we are on so, really again I just want to harp, a little bit on number three which is about developing the marketing plan if you don't have an email list what. I really want you to be thinking about is what can you build, that. Can get people onto, your, email list right can. You create, something. A piece, of collateral, either. You, know a video a blog post, a guide a cheat sheet. Anything. That, people will, want to exchange their email address for this piece of information again. You are not trying to sell to them strangers, at this point you're just trying, to start a relationship okay. So once. You build that email list your marketing, plan for your, vision board would be to extend an invitation out, to people are already on your email list maybe, it is, not, only your email list you're doing a social media post on your personal, page if you have a really good following there now. If you are new to Facebook advertising. And, you. You. Know about business pages, and you've got your business page set up then, you will know that. Facebook. Doesn't do anything for free right you, can. Post on your business page but, Facebook, is designed, organically. To give you about 8%, visibility. On your. Your business page without paying for it so if you post on your business page and let's say you have a hundred followers, on your business, page Facebook. Is going to only deliver, to, about 8% or eight seven, to eight people possibly. 10 people, will, see your, post, now, I will tell you if you do a video about, your, vision board party and that is a part of your marketing plan Facebook. Will deliver video more. To, more people organically, for unn hey traffic, then they will just text. And images, so that's an idea so if you want to do a, video. They. Will deliver it to more I don't know what the percentages, are on video but they do deliver video on at, your business page for free at, greater numbers and they do written, material, now, once. You do that that. You know let's say you have a hundred people on your business page or whatever. Number of people on your business page and you. Do a video you'd, want to boost that video, to. Your, audience. So that you can get more eyes on the video or the posts. So that they can then realize. It's there and then take, advantage of this so your communication plan needs. To be how are you going to attract strangers, and then how are you gonna get your existing, community. Of people. In attendance. To your, event, right obviously on your business on your personal page Facebook.

Will Deliver that content to, your business I mean to your personal page at, greater numbers, and they will your business page but be very careful about, that because at, Facebook at the end of last year did. Start, limiting, the content, delivery. Even on the personal, page as to what's. Being. Delivered so you want to be really careful about, that, piece. All right so, that, is number three marketing. Plan so hold on a second I'm gonna have to cut this out of the video develop a marketing a communication, plan make, sure that you've got a plan in place not. One, time so, I always tell people you know people will tell me oh well I I did a post I did one post and I didn't get any response or I sent out one email and that, no one responded, to me and nobody do you join my event, emails. Posts. Seven. Touches, I want you to think of the magic seven it takes seven times for, people to. See, you. When, you have a message to say right to know you to even see that you exist, right people, are very, busy social. Media posts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they, all have a shelf life right so you may just have been missed in the feed so, your, marketing, needs to have multiple. Touch points in, there multiple different ways that you touch people right. So if you're doing social, posts you should plan for let's, say you're, gonna do a. Vision. Party in two weeks right you should plan for probably, five posts. At different. Times over that two-week period, five to ten posts over that two-week, period, so, that people don't miss it right you should do emails, you should do three to five emails, in a, sequence, so. That people get it and it doesn't get missed right you should do three, to five videos, about, the topic right so it's not one. Time and hit it it's multiple. Times right you got to hit people multiple times with, the message and the invitation it's not just a one-time hit, so I really want to stress that that, when you have an event and you're marketing, a particular, item, it's not just one time you want to do it multiple times that you want to plan that out to make sure that you've got enough visibility on, your event so that you get the attendance, that you want all, right so hopefully that makes sense that's probably one of the biggest mistakes that people make, is that they don't market, it enough they, don't sing, it enough they don't say it enough they they think that they're being redundant, and that yeah I mean until, the time that you get sick of saying it you probably still haven't said it enough right, so it needs to be said multiple, times that, you're having an event you need to let people know until, you're probably sick, to death of saying, it okay.

Alright Number for supplies. Right. Well what kind of supplies do you need to have for, a a, vision. Board party so you need to put together your supplies well a vision board party is pretty simple right the objective, is for people to cut out pictures and, to paste it on a board right, they can do that virtually, they. Could do it on a PowerPoint, they could actually you, know a piece of paper and cut it out you, define how you want people to do their vision board right, and in, so, much you also want to define what, supplies that they would need my, recommendation. Is is that, you would include the supply list as a part. Of the Welcome email so once, people signed, up for your. Vision, board a party right, you would want to have a sign-up page to have people, sign. Up so that you can then send them a welcome email that's, also a way for you to make sure that they're on your list you. Sign. Up you send them an email and, in, the email you, tell them the type of supplies, that they need to have ready for the vision board party scissors, if you want them to cut out stuff let, them know that, you know as part of the Welcome include, maybe your zip file of all the types of images based, on the theme that you, that they can use from encourage. Them to bring. If you're doing a live event or if, you're doing virtual, that they do some, research on. You. Know bring their magazines, if you're, doing a live event or even if they're doing it in their home you, know have them scoop up magazines, maybe, point, them to some magazines, that, are around. Your theme, whatever. It is be, very clear about the types of supplies that they want right that you want them to have these, the worst thing is is that somebody comes to your party and they're ill-prepared right, they come and you, know they think that, it's not like it's, not cutting out pictures or, it's not you, know what you intended, to be because you did not communicate what. The supplies and what they should expect so, in. Excuse. Me inclusive, of the supplies what, I would do is make sure that you really kind, of, architect. How you want, the party, to run right and so. You, know that sort of takes the fun out of having a party right the party should just kind of flow but. This party is an objective German party your, customers. May not know that but I want you to know that this is a marketing, event that, has a very specific, objective and you. Need to be getting something specific, out of that and that is twofold. You want, to wanna build your email lists out of this marketing, event - you, want to build a relationships. With the people that you. Want. To work with so that they know that you, provide, the services, that you provide and. Three you ultimately, want to get sales from, the, people who attended, this right you want them to come to you to book their, dreams. Right, then book their dream travel so. Make. Sure that you structure, the. The. The party such that you're kind of going through that flow right so the beginning of the party is about organizing their thoughts letting, them know all about the opportunities. Maybe the middle of the party is you know putting it together and, then you know the third step is them showing, and talking about it and you. Know, them. Interacting. And showing, all of it and then. The last thing is maybe, you doing a brief call to action, which is you, describe, how they can either book, a. 2019. Plan for you service. Appointment, with you so that you can get all of their plans, scheduled. And their, vacations. Planned out, or. Maybe, you're only going to do one of them but again you're gonna have a major call to action at the end of that party, with, an action, for them to get with you to either do a two thousand a whole year plan or to, get one of their vacations, planned but that will be sort of the structure of the party okay. Last, step. Is to. Host it to get her done right you're gonna host the party you, are going to show, up in, all, of your high-energy, amazingness. And you're gonna host the party and you are going to have an amazing, time with these people and.

Let Them know that you are here for them as their service provider, in. Travel right and that, you are the person that they should come to when they want to have fun and they want to think about having fun with their friends and family right on vacation. Right because you can make those dreams happen that's, what your job is right that's why I love what, we do because we, need to do fun things right, and we really, are, the, thing the. Person that when someone comes to us they, should think immediate. Relaxation. Because they don't have to worry about all the nuances. That make, an amazing trip, happen that's your job right all, right so. The. Tip for you during the host that I want you to do is either. And. I'm actually going to sort of take this tip a little bit different I wrote down a tip that I want you to take notes but, you may be actually busy. During. It that you can't take notes so you want to record, it even, if it's live so, if you're doing a live event I want you to get a tripod get, your phone get. Somebody to record, the event for you so, that you can watch it later and take any notes because, what you really want, to be able to do is, take. Heed, of, the, people, and what they're saying during, it right like because you're going to hear people say oh I would love to go to X place right I would, love to do X thing I would love and you want to be able to sort of create a catalogue, of the, interaction. That you've had with. The people who attended, right so if Sally says, you, know she must have said it 15 times that she would love to go to Africa, and maybe Africa, is not your specialty, maybe. You wanted to become your specialty, to book this trip right because an Africa trip right the commission on that it's probably gonna be pretty good and maybe that's something you may want to be interested in and now that you've got a customer, who, is expressing, interest, in that that may be something that you want to gain knowledge, in right, so really I want you not to lose those precious moments, and that, precious, information, because. At the conclusion. Of the, event I want you to go through the video and make, sure that you've got you, know Sally won in Africa, Jane wanted, you know, Jamaica. Right, and she wanted to go on this place please what are you gonna do you're gonna follow up at the conclusion, of this and the, more customized. That you can follow up with the customers, that attended, the, more likely. You are to get, that business right so hopefully. This is all making sense to you guys. April, great I'm glad I always love to get you know the feedback during the course to make sure that it's making sense so again. Record it do not skip, this step do not think that this is lighting if you're doing it virtually, all, of the software that you do I use oom for my sort. Of interactive, meetings I would host a meeting I would invite people there I would record the meeting. Zoom. Is a really great tool. The. Paid version, and you wouldn't need to get the paid version I think it's $15 a month if you wanted to do a webinar I, mean a meeting where you host and you invite because you can open up the room and everybody can talk and. You can be in there you can record it you can actually create breakout, rooms it's. Really an amazing tool so any sort of meeting. A tool that. Would be a great thing if you're gonna do it virtually you can do it Facebook, live, the. Only thing about Facebook live is is that it's only, interactive. Through written it's not interactive. Like an actual meeting so I would recommend like a meaning, um, type of tool if you're gonna do it in. Virtually. Obviously, if you're doing it in person you're gonna all be there together so, that's going to be okay. But. Just don't forget to record it I love, zoom to zoom you, know I love zoom and I hate zoom my. Love hate relationship with, zoom is as follows zoom. He eats up every, amount, of physical. Resource. Memory, on your computer, so you can do nothing else when, you are on zoom so it could be a reflection of the fact that I need a new computer or, it. Could just be that zoom just literally, eats up all your memory and you get you it moves very slowly when you're trying to get other things that but, okay so that's my tip on hosting the party make sure to record it so that you can go back and get all the juicy nuggets about who liked what so, when you send out your follow-up. Emails, on the. Event you can send. Out custom, emails because, you know if you have ten or fifteen people I wouldn't, send out a generic, email I would send out a very specific email, to each, individual. 15 persons because I would have captured, information. About those 15 people based on what we did during the course of those two hours that, would make them a good candidate, to schedule, a vacation.

Session With me or have. Them do a booking, request, a book out whatever, it is that was on their vision board party all right okay. So, we've, gone over the. Steps. Right steps are pretty easy, so. Let's go pretty quickly on. Kind. Of the flow so I sort of alluded to the flow which, is you, know the first thing is is you want to have introductions. And. Instructions. Right so you want to set the stage for your. Trouble. Your. Travel related visual. Board party when, you get ready to conduct it right so on a day of the, vision. Board party you know you know set 5 to 10 minutes around, for introductions, so people can meet each other and then, you just give them the instructions on how you're gonna flow, the. Meeting party, you know it's a meeting but it really is a party right so you want to give. Them the instructions on how you're gonna do that right write, them out so that you don't forget whatever, it is that you're gonna do but again you know I kind of, recommend. Introductions. At the beginning the, second part is is to allow people time to create let, the flow the creative juices flow. So that they can do give, them about 20 minutes, 20, you, know 20 to 30 minutes to do that right, so that gets you at about 40 minutes right there. You. Know tip, for, you during, this creative. Process, is to give them prompts, right, so, maybe, have a 5, prompts. To get people's, brains, thinking. Right like, for, example what. Are the top three places you you've, always wanted, to go that you've never been before, right, what are the top, five, places. That, you've been before, or you know top, three you know I always do everything in odd numbers but you know do the, top five places that you've been before but you didn't really get to exploring you want to go again right give, them prompts. So, that they can their creative, juices can be flowing again remembering, the theme, make sure your prompts are in relationship, to your themes because again you've already sent them some up receiving. Material, to help them during this process all. Right and then in your conclusion phase, of, your party, you, want to remind, them to take action you want to make sure that you have a very clear, defined action, step that you want your customers, to take after this party it's great, to get them to come together and, have, a kumbaya, feeling, but if you don't have them taking, action people won't do it but people will do what you tell them to do so, give, them something to do which is to book a consultation with, you right, it's a book um or maybe, you, have a form right, and it's to do a custom booking, right you, heard, Sally, say, that, she wants to go to Africa, your. Recommendation. To Sally when, you send her the follow-up, email right. And even at the conclusion, of this is Sally, click. On my custom, booking, form and make. The request, for, Africa. Who do you want to take when. Do you want to go let's get that on paper right you want them to be very specific. About, doing, the next step right so do not forget this conclusion, it's, not just, and particularly. When you're live and, particularly. If you have wine or drinks like that right because all my live events I always have some, sort of spirits right I always got to remind myself to do that action right because you know I'm flowing and I'm you, know sipping on my wine or whatever I'm sipping on right, but again this, is a purpose-driven. This is an event that has a purpose and an objective integer, of it do not forget this last step okay all, right so. What. Did you guys see that's it you're done you've hosted the party you've, gotten some great leads out of this party and hopefully. You've got some people who are. Ready to book. Awesome. April good I would love it I are, you thinking about doing a live one or are you thinking about doing a virtual one, you. Said you loved zoom so you're certainly, prepared. To do a virtual. One. Zoom. Is really pretty inexpensive. And is really a good powerful tool I actually, used. The. Additional. Thing. For, webinars, because then I can host my master. Classes, and that kind of stuff on it but the, meaning part of zoom, is very easy to use you. Can schedule, it you can even do a landing, page in a sign up page require, people to do registration. Through the page and. It can I think, you can do that through, that, maybe on the on the right on the webinar side it may not be on the meaning side so what I just said is on the webinar side. But. If you have Constant Contact which, is you, know the email. Provider. That I recommend, you can do a quick, a. Quick. Little. Excitable. Your. Vision. Board party and that's, how you can get emails added to your list pretty easily so, you.

Know There's just no reason why you shouldn't, be doing this this is a great opportunity for you to get multiple. People together talking. About travel, talking, about what it is that you specialize. Who. Are, likely, to book with you based, on that specialty so I love, it so let's see what else other comments we've got coming on oh goodness. I'm missing a lot oh, good. Glad I'm glad you liked it April she. Says that it's very good. Information, and very easy. Virtual. Unzoom perfect. Yeah. Kya this is a very easy. Thing to do one zoom I definitely, think if you want to reach as many people as you can you. Know cut your expenses and you, know you, know you don't have to find. A location you know to food and all that doing, a virtual event I think is a great opportunity, and I think it's travel agents, you, know I think we you. Know in, the online space, this. Industry. Really, has huge, opportunity. To leverage online. Tools. In, a greater capacity then, I see, a travel, agents do so I would love to see you guys do that. Awesome. Great Stephanie says she loves the idea of doing a live party you know I love a party so doing, live events, I don't do nearly as much live events as I would like to 2009. I intend. To do at least one, major. Live, event but live events, you know so. The flip side of that is we do everything online right, and we forget that we are dealing with human so actually, getting, out into your community and doing something that you host live. Is a great way for you, to get local business, as well because, then if it's a live event then you can go locally, in your community, and market for the event as well right, so great. Opportunity, I think live or virtual, is great. Okay. So April. If you have the version that where you can share it live on Facebook, that, is the webinar, version, I think you pay an extra 60 bucks someone excuse. Me for that version and you, can share it on Facebook, but again. So. Here's how you. Know the. Only problem with the webinar version, is it's, like this right, so you don't get to interact with, the people as if, you were in a meeting so, that's. Kind of the the. The. Thing that I don't like I, think, that for this type of event you want to interact with the people you, want that, office. Speaker you will be unmuted and talking. Once you've done the instructions, and you want people talking to each other I'm interacting. Because, it's like a party right so you would do that so you. Know the webinar, is a one-way street just, like lives, with Facebook are one-way right so I am broadcasting. You, only get to talk to me via. The. Word unless, I bring you on to life and that's all cumbersome, nobody's got time to be doing that during your vision, board party so, that's the reason why I would structure it as a meeting, as opposed, to, structuring. It as a webinar or, a live, event now, if you want to let people know about. It. You could broadcast. I don't, think you can do that on zoom'. You can't have a meeting and then broadcast the meeting you can only broadcast the webinar so. That's. The thing you know you could you know have you. Know a camera, set up and. Stream. Your, virtual, events, live like. You could like, I've got a camera recording my video right here but, you could have that be live I mean there's all sorts of kind of crazy things that you can do to, make this happen. Yes. The free version does cut you off at 45 minutes, but I will say this Zee I invest. The fifteen dollars for zoom, if. This is something that you want to do do. It for a month and then you know cut. Your subscription, off like you can do that with zoom because. You. Want the interaction, like you do not want to miss because really this is about you, the, delay and alive right. It takes a couple of minutes or seconds for me to see what you write you, know the moment has passed and, you want people you want people talking in this party right, so that's why I'm saying you want a meeting a type of space, that you can do go, to meaning, something like that that is allows, you to have an interactive session.

Yeah. Talking live. Is. Is. Is, good, but. For this type of event again, interactive, is what you really want you want the interact if you want people buying. Off of each other and hearing people's ideas. About where they want to go and what they want to do and if they've ever been there or you, know you want it to be a conversation, just like when you're in a party so again I want you think about this this is a intentions. Attention. Purposeful, party that you have the intention for but, you want it to be a party right you don't want people not talking in a party all right I I don't. Want to be just talking in this party I don't Sunday, would, not want to be the only one speaking in this party I would be, egging. You on Z, in this meeting to talk to me in the party I would not want you to be in your car in this, party I want everybody, present. In the party doing. What I ask them to do to be participating, in the party right so that's the difference. Is, not really, interactive. It's, more, one-way, communication. You get to see me it's talked to me but still have the same thing as actually doing a meeting. Perfect. All right good okay so what is your next step so I've kept you for an almost, an hour and I'm gonna skedaddle. Next, step is hey, this is one of two, great. Travel, related professional. Opportunities. For you guys this month like I mentioned there is a, plan, at your time off day, on the 28th, of January. Which is I think I don't, remember if that's a Tuesday Wednesday I don't remember what day it is but that, is a day where, you. Know there's an organization. That. You, know submitted, this holiday. 58%. Of Americans do. Not take. Their, vacation. 50:58. I think it's 58 or 56 % of Americans. Leave, vacation on the table right and as travel, professionals, we. Have a huge opportunity to impact, that number by helping, people plan, their time off so, in, looking. At that statistic, what I discovered, is you, as a professional may not even think of yourself as the person who, would do that right so I've created a course and. I'm hosting that course on Saturday, and. It's called how to help. Your clients plan their time off where in this course I'm going to teach you how you can conduct the service how you can offer this service to your, clients, and I'm, also going to give you some marketing information rights I'm gonna give you a blog post I'm gonna give you a planner. That you can give to your clients before the the time how, you walk through the planer during, the item. You can offer the service for free or you can offer it for paid write great, opportunity, for you I think it's a great stranger, offer however. You can also offer it for paid write charge. A fee for this service to plan out their year, and schedule. Out all of their vacations, for the year right entirely. Up to you but I think it's a great opportunity for, you as a professional, to add a new service that.

May, Not be travel, niche specific but, certainly, is value, Pacific's. Specific. I, love what I do that. But its value specific. Right and you can let. Your clients, know cute hey I'm here for you are you, one of those Americans, who are leaving vacation, on the time on the tip is this not something that they've got to figure out it's already given to them if they're in the workforce and then, get vacation, and they're not taking it that's missed. Opportunity. For them studies. Show and in this course women talk about the numbers but studies show that people who take vacation, and plan for vacation, are more likely to take vacation, right and you should position yourself, as a travel agent to help them maneuver, that, and make sure that they're taking the time off that's already a benefit, for that so it's not like you've got to convince somebody to. Plan. Vacation. Or find the time to take vacation, if they're. Working they, already most likely, have, paid vacation, days off but, most, Americans. Most, people, wait, till the last minute to plan or they don't at all and so this masterclass is, really geared towards you. As a professional. To position, yourself, as the expert to. Offer the service, as a part, of your agency, for, free or for fee depending. On how you want to do that but I'm gonna have it structured so you can create the service, deliver. The service, and then market the service to your customer, base okay that, course, is going down on Saturday. At 11:00 a.m. it's 47, dollars you're, gonna get a lot of information in that course you're also gonna. Get access to that. Is going to be a live course. Where, it, is actually going to be hosted on on zoom' so if you do want to ask questions, you'll be able to ask questions live, to me if you're not able to make that course you'll be able to, get, the replay, and you, can always send me an email if you have questions on that you'll also get collection. You'll get access to marketing. Material, and also. The planner to give to your clients, and use and I actually have, already demoed, it out to a couple of clients I've used it myself for, planning, this year's vacation and thus, far I've gotten some really great feedback on the planer so I think, that you guys will love it the. Link to register for. That is up. Above again. It's 47, dollars once. The class happens. Up to $97. So I think this is obviously the time for you to get in on it now and then also you the benefit of having me live if you have any questions, in, the setup of that okay. I'm also going. To throw in. Yeah. Sign up April click, on the. Link above. So. There, is a link to the registration right, above the, below. The title and so all you to do is click on that register, for that and you're in there like swimwear. So. I say, that cuz that a friend who told me that ten years ago and I just so love that saying alright, so I hope to see you one Saturday, that is your call to action if you've any questions on. Ok, so Z. You've got government employees, convincing, them to vacation, but, the thing about being a government employee is that they get vacation, time right. So they, get vacation, time I mean if anything about, working for the government as you get vacation, you get a lot of vacation and a lot of time off. You. Know and I'm not even just talking about vacation time they get a lot of PTO, time. Right they get all the government holidays off and get all. These things off right you know I know, right, now if your friends, are government employees and they're being furloughed. Right, now because of what's going on in America with Trump it may be a difficult, time for people to want to think about planning vacation. Right, but getting the knowledge now and, then as soon as this is over you, know suggesting. That to them in the, upcoming months it's still something that you can do so I you, know I obviously, want to be sensitive I don't recommend if you're you know a lot of the people that you know are government.

Employees Who are, not, getting paid right now that you start talking about planning, their vacation, that's probably not good timing on your part but, you, know having, the service, year around even, though the day is on the 28th having, the service available, is still, a great idea and it's a great service to have an offer in your business. Okay. So, registration. Is there, yeah. Not now with the shutdown would not recommend this but learn. The information now, get it all set up so that you as, soon as the shutdown is over you can start to, mowed it out. To, your customer, base all right and so for those who sign up today only. Today, and, even if you see this is a replay, you see it tomorrow it won't be available to you but if you sign up today I will give you my 12-month, marketing, inspiration, calendar, as a bonus for free for, signing up for the class today so that's only available for those who sign up today if you, are part of. Travel. Agents United. T&Z. The class comes to you for free that's part of your memberships, so don't, worry about that don't worry about signing up but if you are not a part of tae membership. Do sign up and I will give you the 12-month inspiration, calendar as soon, as it's off the presses next week for, free and that is a 12 month plan are full of all of the calendar, ideas. And space for you to plan for your entire 12. Months of marketing, ideas, all right so this is Sunday over and out I hope you have a great rest of your day and, that, we will talk soon bye.

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