Ping Lacson at the Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park

Ping Lacson at the Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park

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Hello, Rotarians, colleagues, and friends. We are assuming why I and we are streaming live on Facebook where most of our fellow Rotarians in various districts are engaged right now to watch this very special episode of the Zoom Cast of the Rotary Club of Christmas card. I'm director Nikki Eduardo Together with me are my guest fellow white up Alexi is high Hi, It's awesome. everybody. Hi. What are you doing? D'Angelo And we have a Morales and of course, we also have other New Castle, Kenny Kenny and Muerto and my fellow anchors will be gathering all your questions that you would like to ask all our guest speakers so that once we've ever we are going to have our about that. here's the question that's left. so uh

Doctor Joy greet our members on Facebook. I would like to welcome everyone, you know, who are with us tonight and also to all our um all those people are watching live on Facebook. Welcome everyone. Doctor Alex, say hi to everybody. Hello, everyone. I am the And I can feel you from where you are charts all over the Philippines. and of

course, there's David D'Angelo. and let's have a meaningful night and let's give a warm welcome to our guest later on. That's right. JP, say it. Hey, that's great to everyone. Good

evening to all the roars out there. It's a Friday night. Let's enjoy it. As we don't know, we have Rotarians from different districts but we also have international Rotarians right here with us. So, once again, now that we're live, from Alex or Dr. Alex, did you

mention together with Rotary and Joy our guests from the Biscuit Hello, Ronnie and have a good evening. Rotarians from all over the world. Good evening to Rotary and I think you'll you'll be joining us from Indonesia and some Rotarians from India as well. So, good evening everybody. Also, we'd like to acknowledge the presence of LCP, coronavirus of RCM, Esa PE Adela Manzano as LCP, Nora Blanco, Mahala Marie from RC, Nara Central LCP, Essa, at the of RC.

Ramos of RCA, Alabama Center Point, and of course, we have LVP, Jennifer, Australia, How are you ma'am? I'm good evening. good evening, good evening, and of course, I have here my good friend snowman from Australia, Michael Gillis. Yes. Hey, how are you my friend? fine. Here, Michael.

just uh talk to you the other night. I know and you never sent me in this stuff you promised. That's right. Now, you're going to meet the good Senator tonight and I hope everything that you want to export here in the Philippines will all happen. Okay. So good evening to each and everyone.

We're now live So, we're just waiting for our special guest. So, um it's the doorman here with us. So, uh please uh check the door if the center comes in. We also have uh from abroad. we have PPG, A How are you? Good evening. Good evening. We also have Rotarian

Raj Kumar How are you? Welcome. I'm fine. I'm from Nepal. Yes. welcome to Human Life in Nepal. It's nice to meet you Hi there, fellow actors. your friends,

and I'm from District 9800. Living in South and East. Happy to be able to all of you. Good evening. Welcome to the Rotary

Club of a Madrigal Park. Do that. Namaste. I think roar. Lacson is here already SOS Lacson. Okay. Yeah. Alright. That's it with like

ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to acknowledge the presence of the honorable senator Ping Lacson. Ladies and gentlemen, a blessed evening to each and everyone here with us tonight in the Zoom Cast hosted by the Rotary Club of Ala Madrigal Business Park. Ladies and gentlemen, our Zoom Cast. We are zooming live. We're zooming live right here and on Facebook and so uh stand by. We're going to begin the

program just in a while. So, stand by for the Again, our Zoom Cast focuses on exciting people. ladies and gentlemen. uh um and people,

entrepreneurs and business people who most of the time have exciting advocacy to give our fellow Rotarians and uh colleagues in France insights on the trends and topic that are valuable to society and to add to the advocacy of our rotary, the Zoom Cast being recorded live on Facebook. So that um Rotarians and colleagues can do this again and again tomorrow. You can watch us again, ladies and gentlemen. So, we are going to begin our Zoom Cast, ladies and gentlemen and on behalf of LCP. Justin Hall. Go I would

like to call this meeting to order Starting with an invocation fellow hosts and anchors, please admit those who are trying to come in to our show tonight As we begin our program. We'd all like to ask our fellow friends and Rotarians to bow down our heads for the invocation You'll be and watches. Help us to be In times when we don't know. This We us.

kindness with your to a place where we'll be. I'm in one of you. your man's life. Let this be When you He was so Mala.

Pilipinas. I want to be a rose. for the world. The Ladies and gentlemen, a blessed evening to each and everyone.

I'm director Dickie Eduardo of the Rotary Club of Madrigal Business Park. Welcoming each and everyone to our regular Zoom Cast. Ladies and gentlemen, the Rotary Club of Alabama, Madrigal Business Park. As always, uh invited uh uh guests who are vital to our advocacy and tonight we invited a very special person to speak to us Tonight is a very special night because the guests, our guest is a guiding light of Philippines Society. None other

than the people Senator. the honorable man Morena Lacson Senior the honorable Pompeo Lacson served as senator from 2001 to 2013 and from 2016 up to the president. ladies and gentlemen, We are happy to tell you that the good Senator is an from Cavite and he took grade school at the Yuma Elementary School at Imovie and High School at Imo Institute and then he became an alumnus of the Lyceum of the Philippines and finally, the Philippine Military Academy Ladies and gentlemen, after his graduation, in The good Senator was commissioned in the Philippine consul. Then, a

major service at the Armed Forces of the Philippines responsible for maintaining peace and order and enforcement of laws in the country. before he served at the senate. he became the police general of the Philippine National Police and from 1999 to 2001 and by then, he became the Senator and as that a small part of the Philippines senate passing laws and just to give a few, these are the some of the laws, the free irrigation law for farmers, the anti hazing law, the anti crime law, the national ID law, PMP ranked classification law, and the anti terrorism act All the great deeds of the good Senator was a legacy. of his late mother Maxima Lola, Iman Lacson, Ladies and gentlemen, uh Maxima Lola, Iman Lacson, now. Lola. I was was a market vendor and a disciplinarian who instilled distinctions between, right and wrong with her children and in this it grew to be part of the senators. uh motto in life that what is right must be kept, right and what is wrong must be set right today, fellow Rotarians, we invited a good Senator to give our fellow Ro and colleagues insights that will help our social civic Rotarian community and transforming people and society. Fellow Rotarians,

would you warmly welcome the honorable papi Ping Lacson, The people's Senator that devotes a feeling of fear. A word I prepared not to use in all my 50. years of public service. Truth is, I have never seen our country at the grips of fear as we have in recent years, I would be lying to you if I said, I do not fear the unknown as we continue to search for in the futures many uncertainties, not much for myself but for the future. generations. You and I would

agree that today's uncertainties are mostly rooted in the global pandemic and it's unprecedented challenges to humanity. The atmosphere of fear and surrounds the world changing the way we have lived our lives and as we transition to the new normal, the fear is still lingers prodding us to ask is the worst yet to come. As we speak, our nation is still struggling to recover from its harsh beating from the pandemic. In a recent global study, our country has ranked second to the last out of 53 economies in terms of resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sentiments of the

people on the ground prove to be the most telling signs forty 48% of Filipino families considered themselves fooled based a recent social weather station study. some 4.2000000 Filipinos experience. hunger in the past 3 months and jobless Filipinos hit 4.14 4.14000000

in April of 2021. Meanwhile, our national debt has already ballooned to 11.07 11.07000000000000 pesos almost twice as much as a 5.9 5.9000000000000 Peso 3 trillion

debt. We had and the generations to come Among them are the youth leaders in in the virtual audience tonight from where we stand there are two paths diverting before us. One which will lead us to the brink of falling deeper into misery and another which leads us to our survival that our nation deserves no pity In fact, almost half a century ago, we were a model of development Second to Japan in in the East economies in Stark contrast but then many believe that Tiny Singapore had little chance of survival with its general poverty and disorder.

It's transformation was however miraculous. I think he's now nation with more abundant human, and natural resources. I believe the answer lies in their legacies that we should aspire for our nation. You know, nonsense yet sensible leadership and efficient public bureaucracy. an effective and honest to goodness control of corruption. Quite interestingly, this country do not bearer away from a proven brand of public management me to a broken record as I repeatedly questioned the government's policy of borrowing more than what we can actually spend creations in the same years amounted to 330. 331 billion

pesos on the annual average as business managers, you know, it is basic. It is basic as it is common sense that borrowing money excessively which would later turn out a news. It's not a sound financial policy as it means higher debt interest payments and imbalances on our overall cash flow come When the pandemic hit the economy on an unprecedented scale, we were left with no choice but to even increase our borrowing to cover the growing deficit due to the steep fall in our collection of revenues, I could not help but wonder if you would be in the same predicament if we had the same fiscal discipline as that. a private corporations in setting the right it plans to spend on this is logical. allowing for greater accountability and better outcomes for any corporation.

Why then do we see a different scenario in our government? in the preparation of the budget plan For example, the development budget coordinating council or DBC through the Department of Budget and Management imposes a budget seal for the different agencies to work on what we Endure is the bankruptcy of our bureaucracy where government spending is wasteful and unnecessary. in resist change and it sticks to it all to it's old ways From the business standpoint, Hindi Lo we also failed to harness innovation and invest in human capital Private corporations have been long ahead of the game in terms of utilizing digital tools in maintaining a competitive edge and efficiency in business management in contrast to the government bloated bureaucracy with contractual hired, mostly not to work as part of human capital but for political exceeds and accommodations That said, I'm confident that following the digitization trap is the way to spouse effective and performance in monitoring revenue collection and public expenditure. Just imagine, minimal if not totally none of of the human intervention in tax and and customs collection and automated processes for government transactions. that

would mean lesser and ultimately zero odds of and tones and all other forms and levels of kickbacks that is The vicious cycle of graft and corruption in our country. You would agree with me that at this crucial time, we need a catalytic government that is eager to do more by maximizing existing resources, refuses to be trapped by a bankrupt bureaucracy and departs from the trouble and mental ity we need the Bnb not too long after we found out that the solution was right there with us. a disciplined and reported police force No more cops in the streets. No kickbacks in

procurement and they're strictly supervised. No take policy imposed from top to bottom to balance financial and logistical resources trickle down to the front line units good government as we are nearing the crossroads of these trying times and fake news. double speak and lift service Cloud. our vision on which way

to choose. We can only be guided by one principle. What is right must be kept right What is wrong must be said, right? Even if the spokesperson insist that Trump is right. it is high time times. Thank you and good good evening to everyone.

Thank you very much, Senator Lacson for the facts and insights that you shared with our fellow Rotarians. Now, uh my fellow anchors here, Doctor Alexis Joyce, Santa Teresa, David D'Angelo have a gathered questions that uh our guests and fellow Rotarians here would like to ask for from you. So, Anchor Jp, what is the for the night. Alright, good evening, sir. Senator. Ping It is with

great honor to have you here with us tonight. Thank you for tonight and of course, as mentioned, we are prepared some questions that we have gathered among our guts. Let me start by asking you what made you finally decide to run again for the presidency brought back to the days of my childhood. and I thought it's over.

Pilipinas. uh at the backdrop where you know, requests or even pro from Senate President Soto or senate president uh who had requested if I that I should not close the doors to a possible run for the presidency. He told me it was only after leaving a legacy to fight illegal drugs because that's what he was thinking because he was he used to be chairman of the dangerous drugs board apart from a former vice mayor who also presided over meetings in Quezon City. uh on how to fight illegal drugs in the city. So, a combination of so many developments brought me to uh announce and declare or decide you know, along with Senate President Soto to go for it. In fact, I think we are the first budget plan is based. No. of

operations, different departments present their budget plan and present would present their projects the budget of the country and follow the lead of private corporations. So, we with the end in or with the purpose of attaining that balance budget and uh you and they use proper use of uh the national budget by the different agencies for it. So, anyway, my question is this, let's fast forward it to you. Winning the presidency.

Let's say you win. What are your top five priorities or goals in your first 100 days as president? That question is a Rafael. top priority in this these trying times is the pandemic and there are things that need to be done to be attended to one. example, with the figures, say for example, twenty 20 billion dollars. to the Philippines and yet, when we look at our records, 10 billion dollars in a record.

now, import or imports from China, So, what gives in terms of that alone When we talk about 10 billion dollars, that 50500 50500000000000 No. but it's been 15 billion pesos and say ten times more or even twenty times more. So, this is what is happening in our country. and uh that's why I'm proposing to delete a private corporations. You can talk that

the fiscal discipline a private corporations Thank you, senator. Thank you so much for the message. You're actually a father and grandfather's. They were telling me how it was and I'm I'm I'm looking forward to my grandfather and I think right now sir Senator, we have my next question in coming in from David Deangelo. So, David, think so. Yes. Because you know, uh during this rainy day, it really poured hard for the past uh two or 3 days and there have been flooding everywhere but you know, not one nation can address the uh the uh global warming No, it is a conglomeration of the community of nations especially the Philippines insignificant but we can do our part, you know and uh I think we have enough.

You know, if they're still lacking uh The next generation will enjoy the the fruits of the uh of the of the uh airport of this uh present generation. So, going to address the environmental concerns but you're correct. Uh maybe we should uh really think hard about it to declare your emergency pathetic uh climate change Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to say mister president, thank you. Thank you very much. Yes. Directory. Yes, I think uh director is having technical difficulties.

I told me we would ask for for a photo op with you, sir. Yeah. Alright, next one. The second batch. Alright. 123. Smile. Alright, for the third batch One, two, Smile. Okay, for the

last one, last one. please smile on that one. Okay. Okay. Alright. for the last one, one, smile. you. Thank

you. Thank you, sir. Jp Yeah. Yes. And to to all our guests, to all the Rotarians all over the world. Thank you. Thank you

so much for gracing in this event. Thank you so much. We'll see you soon again. Okay. may I ask you a question? You're welcome. and thank you very much, Senator Lacson for joining us. Thanks for joining me as a question for the senators question. Okay, we are done with the question and answer. I

don't know if you would oblige. I don't know. I think we are all I really believe you should allow the people who tuned in to this thing. Yeah, we'll ask

me that. Jake. Yes. Yes. Yes, sir. Senator, we would like to ask.

what if we can ask one more question for coming in from our fellow Senator. Uh we have a question coming in from Sir Ronnie and Sir Ronnie, Ronnie, thank you. Thank you everyone. Uh Senator Thor uh Rome here from Buddha I couldn't invite you as our uh club honorary member Yeah, of course, I'm a member of Metro Cebu. uh Rotary by the way II was assigned there in in 1989 through uh 1992, you know, and uh the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu actually but we want you to become our member You're doing that for me. We'll be direct to

the point then it will be my honor actually one of our member you'll be y'all. That's it. Thank you. okay. I'm very happy. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. It was indeed an

amazing night. you know, uh and uh you know, it's uh really our privilege to get to know the the Senator. So, thank you so much Senator Ping. God bless you. Keep smiling. Keep smiling. Okay, Jp, close the show. Yes. And of course,

everyone, I would like to thank everyone for joining us tonight with our very honored guest sponsors, Senator Ping Lacson. for gracing our show and of course Doc Alex see a lot from him since he already gave his intentions already. So, thank you very much JP and to all my co anchors. Good night everyone. Good It's Friday. Friday night for everybody. to thank you

everyone and to all. thank you so much. with you. Everyone have a great day to all. Good

night. Thank you so much. Happy weekend and stay safe and live strong. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all. Good night. Good night. Thank you, Alex. Thank

you everybody for watching. Indonesia. Thank you very much from India, Uganda, Um Bangladesh, Indonesia and uh we'll be back again. you very

much for the invitation. I would like to say thanks to Justin for the invitation, Wonderful club. Very nice knowledge. We have gained and uh wonderful Speaker. Thanks a lot myself, Nati from India Alex, Alex. This is from India.

Hello. Hi, how are you? How are you? Thank you. Nice to have such a great time. Very well said. we all should work together for the community development as a Rotarian.

Thank you so much. Thank you. I will contact you very soon from India. Uh if I have her number here on uh Whatsapp, show. Thank you.

Hey, Buh bye. Hey, Dickie. Can we catch up tomorrow? That's what we can do. I lost my internet tonight but I care about myself. Okay, now you're

here. certificate of appreciation but we all did tonight. We all got all guests. Jp Joy, Doctor Alexis, and David D'Angelo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. And hello.

I believe that working with Dickie and the people he's introduced me to, we can do an awful lot for the Philippines. That's right. I'll uncheck that. There will be trade

between uh Australia and the Philippines. Yes. because uh I need uh I need to catch up with you tomorrow. I have a whole bunch of things I need to talk to you about. Okay, take note of that. I'll take it. I'm sure you have an office in Philippines in Manila. Yes, yes, yes. Michael, you are

from. Oh, no, I am. I have an office. I am. I am from Melbourne. I am now here in Melbourne. Oh, it's great. Yes.

It's nice to to see you when I heard that you are from Australia. So, I said, where we're in Australia, That's why you caught my attention. Cory, can I give you a little bit of background about myself then? I'm an I'm an exit consulate general for the Philippines. I'm uh I currently run the largest importer distributor of Philippine Food toiletry products in Australia. I'm on a mission to improve the lives of the Filipinos. I am very very

happy with what I've heard from my dear friend, Dickie and how we can do things together but yeah, As I extremely

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