Pewdiepie and The Rebranding of White Nationalism

Pewdiepie and The Rebranding of White Nationalism

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A gunman, with an automatic, weapon has opened fire on a mosque in central Christchurch, this can now only be described. As a. Terrorist, attack in the most extraordinary fashion, he. Live-streamed. What. We believed was his attack, in the, Al Noor mosque in Christchurch. It seems it was filmed with some, sort of GoPro, head, mounted, or body mounted. Camera, the, footage showed him firing, indiscriminately, at, men women and children from close. Range, he changed. Magazines, seven. Pounds on March, 15th, after ending his Facebook livestream a gunman, opened fire on two different mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand the, total, number of, people, who have died in this horrendous, event. 49. Ultimately. Killing more than 50 people making, this attack the deadliest in New Zealand's recent history, he. Wrote a 74, page manifesto in which he describes why, he's doing what he's doing and in, that manifesto, a few things become clear he's. A white nationalist who believe that Australia and, New Zealand should, remain white who, saw the immigration, of Muslims as a threat he, believed in white genocide which argues that through race mixing and immigration. White, people will eventually become extinct. And he makes several references to youtubers. Right-wing, speakers and other voices that are popular in social media, before. He embarked on his killing spree he, said remember, hoods. Subscribe. To beautifully, well I don't personally believe that PewDiePie, is responsible. For this terrorist incident and many, of the things that in the manifesto, can be boiled down to shitposting. The, incident, got me thinking about how white supremacy, has been rebranded in an age of social media and it reminded me of a conversation, that I had at YouTube HQ. I'm. 28 years old and I've been a youtuber, since I was 15 years old I started, making videos in my bedroom where I come to speak about how frustrating, my day was tired. Of. Continuously. Trying. To.

Maintain. I called. It a new, log but, I was later told that most people refer to it as a blog YouTube. Was a home for me a place for me to freely express myself in ways that I didn't totally feel comfortable, in real life I documented. My pursuit of education and then later my transition, that started after I was accepted to the College of my dreams I cultivated. A small yet dedicated, following but I never, really wanted to be a youtuber. I don't feel like. Dealing. With the bullshit that goes on in the comments I get enough of it privately, I don't feel like dealing with it public publicly, I wouldn't. Say I really became one until after Trayvon, Martin was killed and the reaction to his death revealed to me that some of the people I considered, friends didn't. Truly have a positive, view of black people as a whole but, saw me as one of the good ones, so. This inspired me to shift my content, from discussions, of my personal, life to my newfound passion for social justice I wanted to express how I felt about what was happening in the world while, also educating, people where I could this content became popular because at the time I was one of very few people creating, content like it and of. Course in that process I was, introduced to another side of YouTube a side of the web where people instead, of challenging racism. Frequently. Made excuses for it and this, is where I discovered that there is actually, quite a prevalent, presence of content, that was at least sympathetic. To white supremacy, and at most actually, advocating, for white nationalism. I've seen YouTube change in the over decade that I've been, it, used to be where we post cat videos but today we've seen the rise of influencer, culture and, for, some posting videos online is their career while. Some of these people make a living telling jokes or unboxing, the newest gadgets others make money propagating, hate upon, discovering, this I dismissed, it white, supremacy, is obviously. A bad idea that wouldn't hold up but, what I looked into these channels I saw that some of them were quite popular and many, of them were able to make hundreds, of thousands, of dollars through crowdfunding, sites like patreon. I wondered. Why that was, why. Are people from different parts of the world using the same language when they discuss white genocide and supremacy, why. Are these channels, doing so well and why do so, many people listen to them but. In order to figure that out I had to dive into white supremacy, as an ideology, and try, to understand, why something that seems to me so terrible, can, seem so attractive, and entertaining, to others well. To figure that out I had to go across the pond and back to around the time when I started my youtube channel in the early 2000s. In the early 80s British, fascist, activist John Tyndall established, a far right-wing political party, called the British National, Party Tyndall, had a long history of organizing.

Neo-nazi, Groups in the 50s and 60s and had made several attempts, at gaining a seat in the House of Commons and the European Parliament to no success. Your. Policy is to send them home, to. Send them home where possible, or at least to resettle, them if there's not an immediate own available, to resettle, them somewhere in the world you, see so to so many. Immigrants. This. Is him. Well. It may be but. That, is, not what is regarded. By the majority, of the population you, talk of compensation, do you see but what happens when money fails to persuade, the. Family to go. We. Made, it perfectly, clear that. This, is going to be something implicit, testimony. Most, of the VM Keys actions were street rallies and marches that promoted the idea that only white people should, have access to British citizenship, and warning. Of the impending white genocide where, the white race would eventually be, out bred and effectively, replaced, by immigrants of color, Tyndale, and the BNP have launched a drive for new recruits to the cause a, prime. Target is a young white working-class man, they. Look for them around, Scotland's football grounds. The. Propaganda, of, movements. Like the BMP, is, very seductive. Indeed and. You. Go up to some kid on the football terrace. We've. Got no job, perhaps. The government have been kind, enough to put him on some scheme where he learns to cut grass or something like that for two years and. The. BMP offered. Instant. Solutions, you. Think. That's. A butyl approach is. I. Knew. Your family ever been in the armed inmate. Which. The youngster is likely to reply yes, my father my grandfather. Yes. And. He fought for this country, for. You. And. The government giving it away to. A. Lot of bloody. Asians. Once Chinese. God knows what. Your. Father forfeit, for you, is. Stolen, from you by traitors, have. You got the bottle have you got the guts to fight put it back it's your country. Now. You see an, approach like that has. Everything. The. Boy, in that position. Needs. The. Ku Klux Klan the, League of st. Andrews European. Neo-nazis. The British National, Party, these. Small and disparate, groups on the extreme right have, one common, connection, a hatred. Of the Jewish people we, hope to convince the. British people that the Holocaust, is alive and that. The sway of the Holocaust, has, generated, enormous, race. Hate for, the German people and for, any right-wing. Nationalist, like ourselves, the. Holocaust, has, definitely. Been overthrown, by. The works of the revisionist, historians, there, is absolutely, no doubt about it, remove. The Jew you removed the problem, pure. Unadulterated. Pure. Under little tractor there, are now under, private john. Tyndall. To. Me the BMP was a blatantly, neo-nazi. Group complete, with hitler references, so, it would be an understatement to say that they had a branding, issue that. All changed when Nick Griffin took Tyndall's place in 1999. Walking. Into a political party that had failed several times to secure seats in parliament Griffin. Was a breath of fresh air with, new ideas he. Wanted to modernize the, movement and make it more digestible to, the British public he, started to rebrand the BMPs, message to focus on immigration, the incompatibility, of certain racial groups with white people and the dangers of Islam, whether. It's called immigration. Asylum. Or managed migration, it's, now a third-world flood, which, is wrecking this country, after the BMPs neo-nazi, reputation, had so laid their image Griffin, would stress that they were not a racist, movement but were simply, a movement responding.

To Anti-white, racism he. Focused, on white working-class people, who, were unsatisfied, with the Labor Party and felt that immigrants, were taking their jobs, regularly. The BNP carried, out community service in mostly white working-class, areas, while, wearing the BNP logo, this, slowly but surely started, to change the public perception of the BNP the, BNP obviously, posed 16%, of the vote in Barnsley what do you think about that, actually. Do, you think it's a good thing that the BNP I've. Got a representative, in Europe yes. Could. You tell me why. Because, the BMP, scored, very highly and it's called 16%, in Barnsley, what you think's behind that. People. Just better, put the same old-same I think. Under. Griffin's leadership, the BMP gained two seats in parliament with one going to himself and by, the time he was ousted from the BMP in 2009. They, had won over 50, seats in local government, white nationalism, wasn't, restrained to Britain and white, nationalists, around the world started to see Griffin as a political, genius he. Had taken white supremacy, and made it so digestible. And positioned. It is so reasonable, that it started to gain traction in, the, April of the year 2000. He met with a group of white nationalists, from Texas, at, this meeting he stressed his methods of selling white nationalism, there's. A difference between, selling, out your ideas, and saying, your. Ideas and, British National Party isn't, about sending. Out these ideas between. Your ideas - but, we might determine now to, sell that. Means basically to, use. These saleable words as a same freedom, security. Identity. Democracy. Nobody, can. Criticize them nobody, can color you and attack you while those ideas they. Are saleable but, that's one thing once. By being rather more subtle we've got a certain position where, we control these broadcasting, media perhaps. One day the British people might change their mind it's like yes every last one was gold perhaps, they will one thing, but. If you're popping out as your something, to start with even, again absolutely nowhere so. Instead. Of talking about racial, purity, we talk about identity, the, ultimate goal in, all white ethno, state how. Do they get there by. Putting a more presentable face onto white nationalism, and softening, their message sitting. Right next to him during this talk was, former, Grand Wizard of the KKK. David, Duke it's, no shock that methods, that worked in the UK it would also be translated, to the United States on. October 27. 2016, mother. Jones published an article titled meet the dapper white nationalist, writing the trump wave. The, article profiled, Richard Spencer who created the term outright a movement, about white identity the. Article makes several references to Spencer's, usage of memes such as Pepe the Frog as useful, tools in spreading his white nationalist, message the, article also gives you a look into what white nationalist, movements look like today, Spencer. Believes in an idyllic future. Where the main criteria, for citizenship, would be whiteness, whiteness. Is loosely, defined by him but it would for sure exclude, most Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Muslims. And Jewish people white why did youse need a safe space do you want to say so G I want a white ethno state a state I can't live in nah, why would you be against that sorry, why would you be against it well let me see there, was slavery. That was a kind of fool. There. Was apartheid. And. That, didn't work out so well, didn't. Work out well for nots now it, didn't work out well for anybody it was a very very bad idea and. Africans. Have benefited. From their experience, with white supremacy he's, hopeful that non-white people will agree to return to the land of their ancestors as in his view that would be the best for everyone this, interview was conducted before, the election, but Richard Spencer was incredibly, excited, at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president Donald Trump came along and I feel like my, movement, and my ideology we.

Can Be a kind of Vanguard for, a presidential, candidate that his, his, arrow is pointing, in our direction, in fact he argued that if Trump did win it would be in part because of the alt Rights effective, usage of memes the idea, that, Hitler. Has, a monopoly, on. Identity. For white people is just simply ridiculous, a month, later after Trump won the presidency, while at a conference in Washington a video, was taken of him screaming hail Trump, hail, our people hail victory to. An audience of men doing a Nazi salute after. That he did a series of interviews for various news outlets discussing. How a Trump win is a win for the alright and a win for white nationalism, at large and many. Of them complimented, the way that he trusts. When. Most of us think of a white supremacist, we think about an obnoxious, skinhead, or a hooded KKK, member burning, a cross on our front yards but, Richard, Spencer dresses, like a church boy he's. Well-spoken, he's, charismatic and, to, some people he's, good-looking, Spencer, was solidified, as a figure, worth speaking to with ideas, that were worthy of being spread to. Me this confused, me because the Spyders church boy looks his rhetoric is inherently. Dehumanizing. To myself and other people of color spencer. Dreams of a future where people, of color just, pick up and go back to lands that are completely foreign, to them so that he can secure a white ethno state in America, it. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is unlikely, to happen and if it does it's unlikely to happen without violence, to. Me his ideas, are bad and his goals are hurtful but. Whatever founding, principles, in this country is our right to freedom of speech Spencer's. Existence started a debate about whether or not we should give people like him a platform, especially. Because at the time the media was so fixated. On him in the, August of 2017. A statue, of Confederate General. Robert E Lee was going to be torn down in Charlottesville, Virginia upon. Receiving this news Jason.

Kessler A white supremacist, activist, and member of the alt-right organized. The unite the right rally after a year of protesting, the statues removal, Richard. Spencer was, a featured speaker, this. Rally would be the alt rights first big event the, movement, had mostly functioned, online so a lot of people could easily dismiss, it as a movement, for basement-dwelling, white, men who were angry at the world knowing. This the daily stormer an incredibly, popular blog, among white supremacists, published, a post all but, begging the attendees, to look presentable hip. Sexy. And dangerous, in the, blog post andrew, Anglin advises, the men attending, event to not wear anything that could possibly resemble. The uniform of previous, white nationalist, movements, while, the blog was flanked with examples, of how well-dressed Nazis were he, stressed that not to care if any Lea had as he said too, much baggage it, even tells them to go to the gym and to wear fitted pants and t-shirts not, skinny jeans or belly shirts because that would be too feminine and we don't want that they, were as they have in the past trying, to rebrand what white supremacy, looks like an even heavenly advised that the movement should have a new uniform, at, the rally most of them wore beige khakis, in polos that were fitted, for the most part we're, honoring, the founding, fathers, who were white were honoring, all of the. Great, white, men who, are being smeared. The. Interesting thing about this rally was that while they tried to hide their racism under the guise of free speech and their uniforms, they, didn't really do a great job they couldn't, really hide the violence, and vitriol behind what they believed in through, the crowd you heard. And. A, variation of that phrase. Obviously. Referring to the concept of white genocide where, white countries, are out bred and replaced by those who they deem as non-white. White. Supremacists round his car into a crowd of protesters killing. A woman named Heather hare and injuring, several other people, jason. Kessler's initial response to an audience during a news conference about the incident, was I would like to condemn, any, of the violence, that happened, yesterday I guess, about, anything. That led to folks. Getting hurt but, a few days later on Twitter he, stated that Heather Hare was a fat disgusting communist. Who deserved to die because, communists, have killed over 94 million people and her, death was just payback, he. Would delete the tweet the next morning and blame it on ambien, xanax, and alcohol ultimately. The unite the right rally did not make white nationalists, look good and Richard, Spencer and other white supremacists, distance themselves from Kessler. When Kessler was organizing, the 2018 unite, the right rally he, distanced himself from Spencer, because to him the, alt-right had become synonymous with neo Nazism, and that, isn't who he says he is when, I first met Spencer he, made my skin crawl he, was, just a creepy individual. Everything. That he said was stilted. Like he was not being. Completely. Forthcoming, about. What. He was saying right. He, had a poster. Of Adolf Hitler on his, wall. At. The time I was thinking all this neo-nazi. Stuff, in that was popping, up on 4chan, was, more, ironic, more, for shock humor. Later, on I would, come, to find out that that is not the case and that's part, of why we had so many problems that unite the right because. The. That. Neo-nazi, contingent. Was not a bug it was a feature and that's directly, due to the influence of people like Spencer, who, I think are taking legitimate. Populist. Anger by, white people about the discrimination, and replacement. Policies, against. Them right now and he's diverting, it into this neo-nazi, garbage. That every. White person in the country is gonna turn against, and is your message for today that white supremacy should, be the, main, message. Here of, course I'm not a white supremacist, no. It's that white people should have the same treatment. As any other groups we should be able to stand, up for ourselves we're, becoming a minority than in the United States and Europe by 2050. I think there's a lot of anti white discrimination.

In This country that is not being faced and people, have to walk, on eggshells because other, groups have. Organizations. Like the n-double a-c-p or, the AVL that, will stand up for black people or Jewish people if they, are being harassed, because, of their race but white people don't have that and we. Don't and because of that I feel like there's unequal, treatment, similarly. Richard Spencer denies that he has a white supremacist, but instead calls himself and, identitarian. With, race being the foundation of his identity much, like March the, Nazis, are the only ones who ever did that I'm talking about you. Screaming. Nazi. Slogans, in charlottesville, but. First off I I don't I don't go around screaming, slogans. And. Anything. And the, slogan is actually, you, will not replace us right, and I also heard you. Might have heard that you were you there yeah. Sure. Some people shouted. That so, what and see these sorts of semantics, are part of the rebranding, of white supremacy, remember. Nick Griffin reframe, the bnps historically, neo-nazi. Platform, as not, racist, but simply critical, of immigration. And concern for the state of white people this. Pivot is important. In selling the message that their concerns, are valid in, the same way that wearing a Nazi uniform would be too obvious say. Outright, that they won all-white ethno state would seem too racist and most. People at least in theory accept, that racism is a bad thing and they wouldn't want to co-sign it but, they might be open to hearing story, after story of, how certain non-white, immigrant, groups are dangerous. And should, be prevented from coming into the country Kessler, and Spencer may disagree with each other and identify themselves differently but they both still dream of a society without people, of color they. Still believe that non-white, people immigrating, into America, will lead to white, genocide they. Still believe that immigrants, especially when they're Muslim are incompatible, with white people and shouldn't, share space, the. Unite the right rally did a great job at demonstrating, how white nationalists, want to be seen and how they truly feel they. Carefully tried, to curate a presentable, version, of their message and it didn't work, several. Different white supremacist, groups with different ideologies but largely the same goals came together with different approaches, this also shows that their ideologies, are intertwined. Whether they're a proud neo-nazi. Or Church, boys concerned, about the future of the white race remember. David Duke the, former, KKK leader, an American, politician who was sitting next to Nick Griffin while he, spoke about the long-term goals of the rebranding, of white nationalism, well. He, was also at the rally and he had this to say about it what does today represent Union the cameras right here what does today represent you. This. Represents. The. Promises. We. Believed in that's why we voted for Donald Trump because, he said he's going to take our country back. Remember. That one of Griffin's long-term, goals was getting white nationalism, to the point where it was legitimized, by the government, and slowly, but surely the, goals of white nationalism, can be reached and that's.

The Thing people, can debate about whether or not Trump is a racist but, either way the, racists, seem to think that he's on their side some, of the things that he's saying, issues. That we've been tackling for years now we talked about globalism, we talked about America, first these. Sort of things bringing back American, jobs these are things that he's, hitting wrong so it's. Put a lot of our. Nationalism. Sort of becoming mainstream and white nationalist, at large believed that even if they have slight disagreements. With Trump ultimately. He's, working towards their goals and this, has caused some people to become emboldened. Especially. As Trump minimizes, their impact and refuses. To alienate, them back, to PewDiePie when, he heard that his name was mentioned in a terrorist attack he, quickly moved to disavow the terrorist and his actions, but, people began to point out that PewDiePie, had previously, done things that many people would consider we're, dog whistles, to white supremacist, and they also pointed out that he was currently following several, people that many consider to be the gateways, to white nationalism, Kidd. O'Connell took a screenshot of those people and posted it with the caption, here are some of the Nazi scum PewDiePie was following until recently why, is he following them because PewDiePie, is a Nazi, I don't, want to dismiss O'Connell's, point here that many of the people on that list flirt with white nationalism, and some of them I'd say Nazism. However. I think that dismissing, them all is Nazis, and PewDiePie, by extension is one overlooks. The reason why people often follow this particular, group of people I know that it sounds like splitting hairs but I think part of understanding how, white nationalism, has been rebranded is, understanding. How white nationalists, target people who don't, yet hold white nationalists. As I pointed out earlier the, BMP focused most of their energy towards, recruiting men who were young working-class. And felt as though there was currently no position for them in society, and this, tactic, started long before the internet would become a haven for young men who felt exactly. That way young men in that position frequently desire, some sort of guidance and when you're that lonely it's, sometimes, easier to find that online, youtube. User Faraday, speaks recently, published a video discussing, how he went from being a fairly, progressive person, to falling, down the ultra-right rabbit hole through some, of the people that PewDiePie, used to follow I fell, down the. Alright, rat, hole one, thing that was always true for me throughout high school when I was younger was I was always much a very liberal person fast, forward, to my graduation, and I. Go, to college I come from a poor rural background, and I. Thought that I was, going. To get myself out of this situation you. Know get an engineering, degree, go. You know get, into environmentalism. Maybe solar panels, or something and I was gonna change the world and accomplish. All my dreams and get away from all these like it's. Funny looking back conservative. Type. Of a. Society. That I felt was too regimented, in wanting. To control me but when. I went to college that's. Not what happened I got depressed, and. There. Weren't a lot of people like me there like. I didn't work the wrong crowds and, I. Just. I got. Depressed I got lost I was looking for the wrong kinds of validation, and I ended up flunking out I became. Very. Depressed upon. Returning, home my, friends, had all left I was. Alone, I didn't have a good relationship with my family I would stay in my room and, I, would, just surf the web all day and I. Went back to YouTube you, know something that was comforting, for me when I was in high school going through you know these types of experiences, take this type of frustration. And, what. I was looking for was I was looking for a way to fix myself eventually, as, I, was. Looking through all. These videos this. Little, video his. Youtuber, popped, up in my sidebar, it was stefan molyneux it's that fun resonated, with me because Stefan. Had shared, the same experiences, that I had shared Stefan. He, had. A traumatic childhood he, had issues with his mother he, had. Issues with the rest of his family he had issues with the society, around him he was angry of society around him that never stepped in and did anything to, help him and these, were all things that I felt with its brain was so true to me and then he taught me you know he he, started talking about how, he was able to get out of it he blamed a lot of. His. Situation, on. Liberalism. He was charming, and intelligent and, he had a different, message with it with content, that had a different, format that I was used to and and.

I Just I wanted, so hard to, believe that this person who. Was like me, was. Able to fix themselves ice. In my mind I set him up as an authority figure as. I watched Morgan's content, I mean you know for the first couple months and, it just self-help, stuff but. Then I started to notice that he had all these other videos, about. Politics. And social. Commentary. And you, know he would talk about like the relationships, between men and women, and he would talk about you. Know the state behind it he, always had the veneer of like. He was a Renaissance man calls, himself a philosopher that is trying to bring the objective, truth to the world his philosophy. Was called objectivism, I, was. Young and naive when. He would feed me this, information, about history, and, about. You. Know what. He saw as scientific, facts. And. His theories and, his social commentaries. Because. Of the benefits, that I've gotten from him and the. Pain that he had relieved for me I, built. I assumed. I assumed. He was honest, slowly, over, time I, started to adapt. A lot. Of those ideas. That he had about society, about politics, but top of that he had more he had guests on his show and so. When. He would bring a guest on they. Would have their own little pet issue that, they would want to talk about. Islam. Feminism. All. Types, of things I thought, will staffs, vetted these people and he. Talks it positively with him in the video and he agrees with them and so, I would set them up as an authority figure and then. I would start go, to the year their YouTube channel and I would start consuming their content, mind you Steph's ideas this was 2014. When. I found him his ideas were a lot more mild and. So. I, got introduced to people like Crowder and Shapiro, and, I. You. Know once I started listening to them I started believing in to a lot of the conservative, principles and then. From there I, got. Introduced to people like Lawrence southern and Kevin McKenna's and then, finally, by the end of it I'm you know and I'm, listening to Jared Taylor talk. About racial, differences, and. It. It. All had this sense that it was all connected and they had clear out burbs on. Who the enemy was and and who was reliable you, know the left the, liberals, the communists, you know there was always this conspiracy. At the gates that the left is trying to take us down and it seems implausible because, the left does, seem to have a domination, on things like Hollywood, and, a. Lot of the culture, and, so. The. You know these conservatives, they would play it up like they were victims, like their, free speech was being taken and their values were being destroyed and I bought into that rhetoric I started, out as a libertarian. My. Knew when I would provide Stefan's content before that I was a liberal but. As. I listen to stuff on it picked. Up libertarian. Ideas well what happened, was I would get to a point where, you, know I wanted the libertarianism. Because I wanted a free society but then I realize that well, we can't have a free society if, there. Isn't social cohesion and there, isn't a strong structure to bind this together and. So. I would, start I, slowly. Found. Myself turning into a conservative. I started, out as a libertarian and then, because I thought that we needed a social cohesion I became a conservative, and then from there I thought that, the.

Conservatives, Weren't going far enough you. Know we call them Cox and. And. I. Started to believe. That, we. Needed strong borders, and we needed a national, identity and we. Needed to raise the birth rates, and. To, me it wasn't necessarily white birth rates I saw it more as like we. Needed more intelligent, people having children as, I started to learn more as I listened to people like you know Jared Taylor or, you, know Molyneux, who started putting out a lot more race content, talk about race I raised an IQ, talking. About the bell curve, and. You know they use this term called race realism, and, the idea is that there's, differences, in the races depending on where they evolved, in the world they're, immutable you. Know they're tied to biology, I bought, into that and because, of that I started, to see society as, a product. Of, this. Company, you know the the, combination between culture, and race and race. Being, so important, because it's tied to IQ, I brought, more and more into it I went further down the funnel and at. The point where I landed. I wouldn't. Call it fool all right and I didn't go that far but I did entertain ideas and especially during the era about, a strong. Leader a, unified. Party and you. Know we had to expel, the invaders, which I saw was like Muslims and, and Marxist. And we had to expel the traitors which you, know once again we're like the Communists. And and then, anybody, that was promoting, degeneracy. Within our culture, I just kept falling deeper. And deeper, into this and it appealed to me because it. Made me feel a sense of belonging it made me feel a sense of of progressing. Forward, both. Progressing, forward and preserving. What, we have there, are many dangers, in the way that white nationalism. Has been rebranded but one of the biggest ones is that it doesn't seem like white nationalism, it's. Very rarely presented, to you as someone trying to sell you a luxury, condo, on the ethno, state you. Have to be convinced, and it's hard to convince someone who is raised in a diverse society that. Diversity. Is the reason for all of their problems another. Danger, is that it's been rebranded in a way where it can be denied, remember. Nick Griffin said there's, a difference between, setting, out your ideas, and setting, your. Ideas annamaria, National Party isn't about sending. Out these ideas which. Were your ideas too but, we might determine now to, sell, happening. Is basically to use. These saleable words as I say freedom, security. Identity. Democracy. Nobody. Can. Criticize them nobody, can come you attack you all those ideas they. Are saleable, but, that's one name once. By being rather more subtle we've got ourselves in a position where, we control these broadcasting, media perhaps. One day the British people might change their mind it's like yes every last one was gold its, strategic. It's intentional, plausible. Deniability is part, of why these ideas, can grow and spread and they. Know this most. Of the people on that list don't produce content, that is blatantly white nationalist, but, they often create content, that feeds into its ideologies.

And While they're all different and some of them even disagree with each other they, often work in Congress frequently. People, are drawn in with things that are innocuous. Initially. Young men may be drawn to jordan peterson because seems like a father-figure that gives sagely advice, however. As you follow him you hear more and more about things like birth rates immigration. Levels and the proper role of women in society under. A man he'll. Collaborate, and interact with people who flirt closer and closer to white nationalism. And people, who may have been following, him for sagely advice, are now introduced, to people with, more severe ideologies, so. While Jordan Peterson, on his own may not believe in the alt-right as a movement as someone who is against identity politics, even for white people following. Him frequently, leads you to following people with, more blatantly, white nationalist, views who, also discussed birth rates immigration. And the proper role of a woman in society, so, these different speakers connect through similar criticisms, and while they may have slightly different ideas from each other frequently, their, audience, is the same and that audience is also, part of pewdiepies audience, so, what, now is PewDiePie. And Nazi, I don't. Think so I do, however believe that, he's incredibly, useful to those who want to spread white nationalism, and he's, being courted by those who know that his platform is probably the most effective at doing this think. About it white, nationalists, have been fighting for decades to, mainstream, their ideology, in a world where everyone seems tethered to the Internet having, the support of the most subscribed to person on YouTube means, a lot not only to those talking heads but to PewDiePie's followers, while. Someone like ben shapiro isn't, a white nationalist he, and Spencer have similar, ideas about immigration and how Muslims are incompatible, with American, culture, Sudeep. Is also mentioned ben shapiro several. Times and shapiro has even hosted a segment on his channel from. What I can tell PewDiePie, thinks ben shapiro is, a meme, and doesn't really take him seriously, or anything, he says seriously, however. Maybe that's not how it's being seen by his audience, people, who both support, shapiro and think that he's ridiculous, and meme worthy might see his existence, on PewDiePie's channel as, support, it, has the benefit of not alienating, people who support some of the more damaging, things that he says while also maintaining his, audience, who laughs at him PewDiePie, tries, to be apolitical so he doesn't criticize Shapiro. But, while Shapiro may post something worthy, he is at his core very, political. While Peter Pan has said that he doesn't support hate or hate groups he hasn't, done it in a way that would actively, alienate, the white nationalist who follow him. Situations. Like this have always confused, me because well sure you, can't really control your followers, you, can make it clear that you disagree, with their ideologies. You, can make it clear that you don't want the support of people who hold certain beliefs but. Doing, that will potentially mean, losing money and I. Get that like. I said I didn't, always want for this to be my job but now it is and whenever, you make a bold stance especially, one that goes against the status quo you, often experience, a huge loss, well. I've tried to be apolitical I've recognized. That living, functioning. And succeeding, as a black transgender woman is incredibly. Political, my, mere existence is, the fodder for political, discourse, of debate my, experience, is minimized, in the ongoing conversations. About whether or not I should have access to civil rights I've. Made the decision to stand up for what's right even, though it often comes at a great loss that's a decision I've made for. What I believe, is the greater good but. It's one many, won't make it's. My concept that got me invited to the YouTube headquarters in 2017. Where I met with various, teams and got the chance to sit down and ask the CEO of YouTube what she's doing about this intentional, rebranding, of white nationalism, and how it had the capacity to, radicalize, people towards terrorism and the. Answer I got was both. Expected. And. Incredibly. Depressing.

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You should also talk about how they use the average cis straight person’s misunderstanding of LGBTQ+ folks to seduce more of them to the alt-right. Their “attack helicopter” “jokes” and stuff became pretty widespread, from my point of view as a non-binary trans person. Because of those “jokes” and memes, trans people are immediately seen as mentally ill, over-the-top (when we tell people what our gender, pronouns, and name are), and “asking for too much” when we talk about the basic rights we STILL don’t have

I cannot believe this video got demonetized. That just seems so wrong to me.

thank you for this Kat!!!!

An interesting and well done video!

Good video. Going in, initially I thought you were going to actually called Pewdiepie a nazi. Having the his name and face so closely put side-by-side with alt-right and nazi ideology might be viewed as disrespectful, but I understand why you did it. For one, it gets people clicking and viewing a video which has an important message, valuable information and a new perspective that the general Internet audience needs to see, but also, for the obvious reason that it is relevant to the subject matter in question (due to his unfortunate association with the material having been forced on him by the general public and mainstream media). I agree with most of what you said and I'm glad that unlike some, you at least acknowledge flat out that you don't think Pewdiepie is a nazi, because guilt by association is so tiresome, however, where I will disagree is when you say he has not done anything to disassociate from them, when he has actually said on more than one occasion that he wants to get white nationalists off of YouTube which is pretty bold considering, as you said, his apolitical nature as an entertainer. (Non-political YouTubers don't really owe their audience a firm political stance, but also like you said, as a black, transgender online personality, you don't always get that luxury). While I'm tired of people on the left constantly throwing false accusations publicly of center-left, centrists or critics of feminism as having any level of association with nazis or the alt-right, I do think that even accidental or light association should be carefully examined and actively talked about. We should all always self-analyze to make sure we are the best versions of our character that we can be to serve humanity as a whole. While I don't always agree with your videos, I absolutely love hearing your perspective. Great work!

curse that cliffhanger

Absolutely fantastic video, I'm British-Pakistani and your analysis of the BNP was spot on. I've seen so many white people, including my own cousins, fall for this ideology because they have nothing else to represent them. The British right is utilizing the entrenched class system in our society to further their bile. It's insidious, dangerous and needs to be addressed.

When Spencer said “Black people benefited from White Supremacy“ I literally CHOKED ON MY COFFEE. Is this what you see?!? You are in favour of racism and literal genocides and then argue that they are GOOD or BENEFICIAL for the victims in any way?!?! Or at least try to argue that way?? And people believe that and support him?!?

People who listen to what you see are a joke

when will pewdiepie talk about the mouthfeel

i just want to give my personal take from this as a pewdiepie fan: i came in instantly going to dislike this but after watching parts of the video (not all cause its a long video and i don't have all the free time in the world, i apologise if i have missed a point that contradicts what I am going to say) i just ended up neither giving a like or dislike. What you say about white supremacists and racists trying to use his platform to gain more traction is a lot more believable to a point where i could see even pewdiepie somewhat agreeing with it if presented in the right tone (I think most people would get into a defensive mode when being related to racists) as for people like Ben Shapiro (who, I'm gonna be completely honest, i don't know much about him, I know he is far-right, jewish, against trans people and against Muslims but i don't know any of his reasoning behind his beliefs) i think pewdiepie did a good job of not boarding to any political side and kept to the memes which made it so he wasn't making fun of him to much for some debate to start (jeez imagine ben shaprio vs pewdiepie) but not promoting him enough to let him gain a new audience. I don't believe pewdiepie had anything to with the mosque shooting, and while yes racists could possibly use his platform as a means of spreading their beliefs (in a non direct way so to speak), to me it seemed that the sick individual was brought into nazism way before anything to do with pewdiepie and I really don't think any one directly is responsible for the shooting (for e.g trump and Candice Owens and i really dislike them two) and also the fact that pewds did seem to be shattered by the event in the tweet he made. overall if i had to give criticism i think the thumbnail could instantly draw away people but over all decent video from what i saw.

I’ve always felt solidarity with Black people as a Jewish person because growing up I first experienced racism when my elementary school was broken into and tagged with swastikas. From a very young age I experienced racism and then as I grew older in the US and saw the anti blackness that fills this country I realized that we have very similar experiences.

Great job dissecting the ecosystem and tactics of these groups. I don't delve too deeply into this stuff beyond irl political fallout, I find the whole mess really confusing. Think I have a better handle on these amorphous distinctions and roles now. ❤

This...... is CONTENT!!!

This is an extrordanrily well made video that will probably never reach who it needs to unfortunately. I hate to say it, but most people are going to listen to someone who looks like them rather than someone actually intelligent.

Terminology point: “The Government” in the UK refers to the cabinet and the executive branch. So, MPs not in the executive, and judges are not considered to be part of “The Government”. This is a great video, and this is a minor point, but the BNP having seats in Government, would be a much more significant problem than just getting MPs into Parliament. It would be on the scale of Trump getting elected.

White people are going to support those monsters because it's how they receive unearned privileges. And they want poc to go along with it too.

i watched that video of the guy who came back from the alt-right rabbit hole, a good proportion of the comments were arguing vehemently that none of the people he mentioned were actually alt-right. it's scary how effective their rebranding is, that people are so willing to argue the funnel isn't there until it suddenly is. irony and satire is such an effective form of plausible deniability on youtube, essentially saying "haha, i'm not into that... unless you are," is all these people seem to need to get off the hook in these conversations.

Thanks for this video. I don't live in America and you educate me about how racism is intertwined in many american and european societies

Concidering Pewdiepie is in your title, you didn't talk very much about him demonstrating how he's usefull to the Alt Right.

Those BNP videos gave me awful flashbacks to Griffin on question time and Mark Collett, who was a more local nazi fuck

As a pewdiepie fan of over 6 years this video has been incredibly informative. I hope my fellow felix fans DON'T open fire on this video but I doubt it won't happen. I'm looking forward to part 2

This video is to long to show my Black student union at school but as one on D the officers I know I for sure will be shouting it out cause this is so interesting like I said in another comment this should be on Netflix

Pretty sure you're a superhero, Kat!

Wow this is really cool you did a lot of research this should be on Netflix

This is mostly irrelevant to your video, but I just realized that I've been quietly subscribed for so long that I completely forgot you were born with the opposite equipment. Maybe people will say that to me in a few years.

I just wanted to say the thumbnail for this video is absolutely next level, I love it!

Just wanted to drop a comment. Love your videos and you’re an amazing soul. ❤️

Happy to see the comment section so receptive to this video. In before pewdiepies fan base tries to troll this video with out actually considering the information and history given. You gave incredible points that are tangible to the average person that isn’t versed in this subject.

Great work as usual, Kat. Thank you for this.

It is fucking terrifying that white nationalist still exist today. I'm honestly scared


I love this video and I learned so much, but putting Pewdiepie in the title and thumbnail here is rather ingenuine, talking about all these awful men here, but branding it with his face is sending the wrong message, especially with you actually saying that you don’t believe he’s a nazi. He also has made his views clear that he does not want to be associated with those people and he does not agree with them. Anyone who actually watches his videos knows his stance. He is not a symbol of white supremacy next to those awful men in the video. But how many people actually make it to the end of the video, where you say he is not a nazi? Most just see his name and face next to clips of incredibly racist and disgusting men.

Excuse me? Really disrespectful you’re assuming Pewdiepie as a racist, he literally accepts everyone so stop

Watch the video

She didn't say that?

I can already imagine the stupidity that will take place in the comments... stay strong amazing video!

I’m high so idk if this is weird to say but I love that you literally inserted a montage of cute outfits and looks at 37:23 ofc you would do that

Shared. Thanks for the video, Kat. It must have taken strength and courage to make.

"While I don't personally believe Pewdiepie is responsible for this terrorist incident…" Then why is he in the thumbnail next to Hitler? Edit: LACI GREEN is on the list of bad people Pewdiepie follows. Jesus Christ, that's like _two different levels_ of guilt by association.

"Hail tRump! Hail our people! Hail victory!" --Richard Spencer Hail victory. Hmm. You know the what the German translation of "hail victory" is? "Sieg Heil". No. White supremacy has nothing to do with Hitler. Nonono not at all.

great video once again!!! I think it’s great that you examined the BNP. not enough people know how horrible they were and their place in the history of white nationalism, even in the UK.

Excellent expose‘ Kat!

Thank you, this video is excellent. Super concisely showing how the rebranding of White-Supremacy happens and just how intentional it has been. Makes me think, this definitely has overlap with some other kinds of violence, like mass shootings, I saw a really good video about how the ideas from that have spread out 'like an evil spider' (On the Columbine shooting by YTer 'Ask A Mortician' link: ) Really liked in particular how you showed adjacency to these ideas can be enough to indirectly promote them. I know that just using the same language and hanging out in the same circles does this, but you're absolutely right they could chose to call it out and they don't. What's really scary is how close these racist ideas are to the surface. I think of it like a chain of idea venn-diagrams, overlap with one person can lead you to adopting the ideas of the people they overlap with. And it's not a long chain because it doesn't need to be. Anyone on that list of of people Pewdiepie followed is more likely to be suggested to his viewers, because that's one of the ways YT works. Lauren Southern was on that list and she literally has said she is a white nationalist, so that's only 1 hop over on the venn-idea-chain.

Showing the manifesto like that will probably get the video blocked in nz... It's illegal to own or show.

I just never understand when the White Americans say they want to 'take their country back', because it never was 'their' country in the first place, so frustrating.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for creating this. Thank you again for another fantastic video, Kat.

Ben Shapiro and Richard Spencer don't share similar views on Muslims and American Culture. Ben's argument is that immigrants from non western cultures need to assimilate if they want to live in America. Richard Spencer believes Whites are superior due to their race. How you conflate these two is baffling. How much research went into this?

I frankly don't understand why other white people are so threatened by immigrants and POC and the idea of being "outbred."

This video is brilliant , thank you for being brave to put it out there it sure isnt easy . I can already hear the crowd of 16 yo pewdiepie fans just losing their shit at this...urgh...

Ben Shapiro is islamophobic, and white nationalists are too. That doesn't mean they are very similar otherwise, and therefore it doesn't seem like the connection between him and Pewdiepie is super relevant to the topic in my opinion. Also many of these people do disavow white nationalism

This was fantastic, I got chills. It's bizarre how there have to be layers to the ways terrible beliefs are communicated. An ex's parents were very upper class (I'm British) and looked down on anyone not living up to their standards, and yet at dinner once I heard his mum say disgusting things about Asian people. Because it was couched in pretentious terms, however, it was somehow OK. People like them hate openly racist people because they just come out and reveal the darkness in their own hearts, when they're absolutely just as bad.

Thank you so much for this video. It has a connection on what’s happening here in Brazil too. Lov ya! ❤️

My wig flew. sooo sharing this!

This video was very engaging and well researched. You’re so underrated kat.

“They’re target was young white working class men.” It always is...

If my parents knew english i would show them this video right away , they don't believe that this is as bad as it is they just thing it's couple crazy people and since they are in their 50's they don't understand how big that problem is on youtube

A Neo Nazi does some neo nazi shit, Neo Nazi: it's just a meme dude can't you take a joke

I'm SO GLAD a friend sent me this video. Great content, so well researched! Hate isn't just a random thing that happens out of nowhere for no reason - we need to understand it to fight it properly.

Excellent work, Kat. I'm better equipped to deal with these topics after watching this video. I can see why this took the amount of time it did to come together.

Fabulous video! Super glad my boyfriend turned me on to your videos and I look forward to showing support through Patreon soon! All the best!

Honestly every second of this video after the intro made me sick to my stomach and my skin crawl. Great job on this video though.

It was pretty upsetting to make so I'm glad at least.the point got across

White working class and youth needs to realize they are just pawns in the Alt-right and white nationalist's agenda just like how disenfranchised Muslim youth is to ISIS. They could die tomorrow to further extremist causes and nobody would give a shit.

+Kat Blaque also thanks for doing this. It must have taken so many hours of editing and researching.

This is so true and that is what's really sad about it. They Target the lonely and they finally feel like someone cares about them, but they don't

this video is so important and amazing!!! the whole thing is so well put together and informative

Glad you made this video!

Can't wait for all the douchey shitposters to arrive This is a really great video regardless

You've helped me put words to a lot of feelings that I've had, but couldn't articulate. Wow. Thank you, Kat. I can't wait for pt. 2!

Man... I am shaking having watched this entire video. This is brilliant!

For me, I think the biggest issue with PewDiePie is that he COULD lead an anti-racism revolution if he wanted to. He has a large following, he could easily mount a massive defense of human dignity and support racial justice. The fact that he keeps getting linked to white nationalists and now mass shooters and still chooses not to use his platform to fight hate shows me that, at a bare minimum, he just doesn't care all that much about racial violence. He sleeps soundly. Maybe he's not a nationalist himself, but boy is he super comfortable in their embrace.

This comment is woefully misled. It really bugs me that people on both sides of the spectrum see Pewdiepie as some white nationalist Messiah when he doesn’t associate with or encourage such behaviour. He does not endorse white nationalists and when he does renounce it it gets no attention because guess what no one cares about political discussions if its not being used to enrage people. There’s an unfortunate link between some aspects of meme culture and neo-nazis. It’s no one’s fault and you can’t spend your entire career fighting sth you and your fans know you aren’t.

I guess that's my only real qualm with him as well. But that's also my qualm with most YouTubers. The sad reality is.they don't actually care and even if they did, expressing as much would put their careers at risk. Unless you're appealing to the politics of rich people, generally speaking, making political content isn't lucrative. He makes more money at least trying to see politically apathetic.

some amazing points were made here. so articulate as always.

I'm so happy you did this video even if I feel like, in a way, people will still find ways to gaslight and hide how much of an issue this is. I think the only thing I disagree with is that this rhetoric started with Trump's election in the US. In my opinion, it started with the creation of groups like the Tea Party during the McCain/Obama & Romney/Obama election era who, later, fizzled out and rebranded into other groups when they realized their failures came from their overt white supremacist beliefs and goals. In a way, the Tea Party and the Republican candidates of those years was our BNP. Beyond that, I feel like people give Pewdiepie way too much room to maneuver and do incredibly harmful actions. He has a platform of millions upon millions, even passive acceptance of white nationalist rhetoric on his platform can be incredibly damaging. He doesn't even have to identify as a white nationalist to be one of the best white nationalist out there. Just giving them a platform with no pushback is enough due to his popularity and, in all honesty, I find it irresponsible and damaging as fuck that him and his audience can't seem to understand that.

Fantastic work on this Kat, truly.

Whew! This was a great video Kat! And it's going to have multiple parts? Thank you for putting in the emotional labor in researching for this topic, and educating. This was very eye-opening, and seeing so many parallels between the Nationalist rhetoric of 1980s Britain and 2016 - 2019 America just made my stomach sink, realizing that history is repeating itself.

Good work Kat! Can't wait for part 2. :)

Your videos are always great, but this one especially so. Thank you so much for making this!

I'm glad you made this video, thank you for making it

Thank you for all your hard work, Kat! This was amazingly done!

this is way better than any of Shane Dawson's "documentaries"

Cool story bro, needs more recycled pizza.

lol!! Those are such jokes

COMPLETELY AGREE! I love this content a lot more


This video is so important! You’re consistently doing the work TV journalists/talking heads should be doing or paying you for.

This video was very good

What a great video! I really love your long, researched videos.

omg thank u for this. as hard as it is to admit in my rabbit hole over here i thought i was the only one thinking this correlation

This was very well put together.

This worries me. This scares me. My province just elected a government that has links with White Nationalism, homophobia and sexism. Large swaths of my province are working class, many towns have long histories with the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy. At the core, the wet dreams of William Pierce’s *The Turner’s Diary* gleefully promotes the complete destruction and genocide of people who don’t fit within their White Supremacist vision; this is at its very core the fantasy shared by many, many White Supremacists. This isn’t hyperbole. What concerns me is the need to rewrite history and to criticize the past without looking at the present. We want to ignore the experiences of people, whether it fit within what we wish history was - whether it be the removal of “slavery” or “slaves” in school textbooks, or removing Kate Smith’s statues because of a movie that featured her singing racially charged songs - without allowing for a nuanced discussion. Meanwhile, we actively have racist politicians, media personalities and online groups that promote bigotry. The past is easy to chastise or change - the present day, not so much. And all of this serves for us to repeat our mistakes... And this is it, I am constantly feeling overwhelmed with dread as I get older as White Supremacy because more mainstreamed and commonplace - the less power I have over stopping it. I can vocalized my opinions. I can vote... but, still, nothing I have done has changed the course. And the fact that many larger media outlets don’t focus nearly as much on this issue, the fact that huge online conglomerates and media sources rather focus on _hot topics_ rather than actually targeting the truly scary and alarming issues... man, who knows. I think we all need to be made more aware of the ongoings of those in power. Sorry, I just went on a weird tangent but I feel really overwhelmed like we are just rehearsing Cabaret. Also, it is or isn’t very shocking how many larger popular YouTuber holds these type of values. Or, are enticed into these values... because they use predatory methods on disenfranchised youths. Also, fuck Ben Shapiro.

Sending you good vibes Kat love the video

you did that, Kat

I'm subscribed to Pewds, not going to hate on anyone.

I legit just finished an essay on this for one of my grad courses, perfect timing! I just wanted to say this is wonderfully researched, argued, and edited! I think this is one of your best videos yet, and I've been watching you for a couple of years. I know this must have been an incredibly hard video to research and make, so I just wanted to say thank you for doing it because I think this is such an important topic and I haven't really seen anything else here that addresses it directly. What really shocked me when I was researching my own essay on this topic was how long this 'rebranding' has been going on for, especially because I feel like a lot of discussions of the alt-right don't really link the movement to earlier forms of white nationalism. I love that you included a section on the historical predecessors of the the alt-right in your video and how you linked the BNP with the white power movement in America. One thing that may interest you (or you may have already come across in your research), is that a lot of BNP's rhetoric can be linked to the French New Right movement in the 80s which is where a lot of this rights-based and identity focused language comes from. I also really liked how you talked about how YouTube radicalizes these young people, not only the algorithm but these 'alt-light' figures themselves who associate with more extreme white nationalists. I always find it difficult justifying to people why people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are so dangerous and I think you point really put that into words for me. Thanks again for the great video, super excited for part 2!

Thank you, Kat. This video was really eye opening and you did a great job at explaining how racism is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s sad but hopefully this video will wake people up.

Finally someone is talking about this!!!

This video is great, and I'm glad you made it. RIP to your comment section though. What always gets me is white supremacy is inherently hierarchical, so if they were to get their "White Ethnostate", I wonder how they would go about who is going to be "on top" and who is going to be "on the bottom." Will is be by money or will it be by "how white" said white person is, because people seem to have forgotten that there was once a time where there were levels to whiteness and those who were "the most white" were automatically considered better, and treated better, than those who were considered "less white."

Wow this was absolutely amazing! All of this is so true and puts into words of what I've been thinking for the past year or so. Please continue, Kat with your amazing work and I can't wait to see more!

Great video, Kat. It is important for social influencers to disavow Ethno-nationalism. “National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatical ethnic or religious or national chauvinisms are a little difficult to maintain when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars.” — Carl Sagan

This topic *can not* be talked about enough. Thank you for taking it on Kat, can't wait for the next part!

So it was you who spoke to YouTube and got them to censor our videos? And you wonder why white people don't want anything to do with you.

Stay tuned for part 2 because thats definitely not the conclusion of the conversation.

Thank you so much for making this video!

Your title and the opening of the video is slanderous just by the very nature of it suggesting that PewDiePie had anything to do with it or it's his fault at all. If I were him, I'd check in to legal action

+Kat Blaque it was after the intro, but let's not split hairs. I heard you say it just to cover your behind after the intro that makes heavy inference. That's some pretty big bias. And the whole video about those evil white supremacist male characters rant on about...? I will guarantee you that the amount of white supremacist out there is less than the LGBT population. Which I believe is about 10% of the total population. Something around there. I believe you and others on the left side of the aisle are seeing ghosts. This whole video could have just been summarized in 2 seconds if you popped on, said I hate Trump, and white males, and left. More creativity needed.

I literally say in my introduction that I don't think PewDiePie is responsible for the terrorist attack.

Nationalist have to realize their arguments make no sense. I think this “passive” white nationalism ideology is going to only grow and become more violent. This was excellent coverage Kat! ❤️

I slightly agree, but I also think that White Nationalists believe their ideals only make sense to themselves, and the sad/angry white boys of the world, since they are the White Nationalists main target. They don't care if their argument don't make sense to the layperson, so long as they are able to sway other whites that have those inclinations to their side, so they can grow their power, and have their hate crimes more openly accepted, as opposed to, "it's accepted but polite society can't admit it".

This type of content is SO important. Thank you for making this

Thanks for highlighting the far right in the UK the same ‘rebranding’ was used in a lot of propaganda around pushing for Brexit. Then there’s the old ‘Southern Strategy’ employed by the Nixon campaign.

Great video, Kat. Very well-written and well-researched. I think it does a lot to expose and scrutinize the psychological manipulation that goes into grooming radical and racist behaviors. Not only does it help the people who agree with you to recognize these quiet manipulations when they happen, but it might just open the eyes of someone who's falling prey to them. Thank you. I'll be waiting for part 2. :)

I came to the comments to say exactly the same thing as Future Cat. Some of us have been working hard to centre Muslims in the narrative about the massacre. That means we tell their stories, their heroism, and we do not watch the video made by the murderer or listen to his voice. I recommend everyone follow Khaled Beydoun on social media, who posted tirelessly to humanise the Muslim victims, survivors and heroes. A content warning would be great for what’s shown here. I persisted with the video because your perspective is powerful, thought out, and we have much to learn from you. I especially appreciated the historical framing that the rise of the National Front gives us. Really helps put the current plausible deniability in perspective. Thankyou for this video Kat.

Kat Blaque thank you for this video, Kat.

This is a brilliant documentary. Thanks so much for this resource. I'll be signing up for your patron ASAP. X

+Kat Blaque Thanks Kat.

Kat Blaque Link where Jordan Peterson talks about race and IQ Link of Indian Dr talking about how Aryans used religion and race to control people and how it’s BS The genetic disorders which affect Ashkenazi Jews because they are so closely related which J.P. never talks about. While he speaks of race purity

Kat Blaque Brilliant documentary. I have provided some links for you which maybe you might want to include in part 2. Sorry for how long it is I love to chat

Future Cat: That's fair. This was a pretty hard video for me to make and I couldn't sit with most of it, but i think seeing it and hearing it is part of us understanding the terror of it all. I respect your reaction and I apologize.

I think what you had to say in this video was incredibly important - thank you for making it. I wish though that you hadn't used the livestream footage from the mosque shooter. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and although I didn't personally know any of the victims of the shootings, like almost everyone in our very small city, I was affected by the horror of what happened here. Our media in NZ have been very careful not to show any of the video, or the manifesto (and in fact both are now classified as offensive publications in NZ), so the clips you showed are the first time I've seen even those "harmless" parts, or heard the shooter's voice. I was surprised just how much seeing those tiny clips affected me - I felt physically sick, and had to turn away from the screen, and almost turned off your video entirely, except that I wanted to hear what you'd have to say, because I know it would be insightful. Of course, you weren't to know that someone from Christchurch would watch your video, and I don't want to censor you, but for the first time I truly understand what trigger warnings are for, because my first thought was "I wish I'd been warned I was about to see that".

Thanks, Kat. I really appreciate that you decided to make these. Over the past couple years since I gave up software engineering to be a comedian, my work has evolved to focus more on social justice issues and in particular since I started making YouTube videos, about four of my last 6 videos have included some anti-fascist content specifically. The video I'm working on right now talks in detail about why a lot of the problems both from fascism and within fascist groups stem specifically from an obsession with heredity / genetics. It's a review of Carol Dweck's research in her book Mindset, which outlines the way all that antisocial behavior is a logical conclusion that stems from their belief that DNA is an all-important predictor.

Your perspective is important and highly valued by so many of us and I appreciate all the effort you put into these videos ❤❤❤

Everyone needs a scapegoat

You wouldn't know a Nazi if it jackbooted your door in at 3 am.

I see you're shadowbanning and silencing any sort of criticism. What did i expect from a moronic far left extremist like you.

Excellent video Kat

Thank you so much for doing this!!!!

In my 11 years of watching videos on this site, honestly the best video I've ever seen come across. Liked, subscribed and cannot wait for more content Oh and also, does your channel deliberately not display your number of subscribers? I wasn't even aware you could do that aha

I can imagine how hard it was trying to figure out how much of Faraday Speaks’ video to include while editing lol.

Gosh Kat you really inspire me and your thought process is so great to listen to

Just came to say your a racist black women that's extremely ignorant and so lost in her own privilege as an American citizen that you feel the need to go around and say anything you want and just ignore people who tell you that your blatantly wrong you havent experienced true racism and true hate


All these people are always talking about how the white race is dying out and being replaced but no one explains why this is bad. They’re just fear mongering without giving real reasons to fear. What is so bad about mixing cultures? No one is going to force mixed couples, and it doesn’t mean either culture will go away or that one will dominate the other. Also, this is no “white” culture and whatever American culture there is, is shared by the PoC who have been here for almost as long or longer. The heritages that make up “white” culture have even been prosecuted by other white people. How can Irish be part of a white ethnostate when they used to be shunned? What happens when a white enthnostate realizes its made of different cultures? Will it decide Italians or Spaniards aren’t white enough and turn against them too?

Can’t wait for the second part!! thank you for all your content over the years and for helping me become a more educated individual! Love and support always! ❤️

Please do a video about Jordan Peterson !

I view conservatives like a dirty disgusting plague that infests people through there delusional honey words hellbent on inequality and destroying the planet.

Well hello paranoia. Vids like this just means i can't look at any person for weeks without wondering wether they're a horrible person. Including myself.

I watched this entire video and had no idea she's a trans-woman...she is beautiful! Keep these videos flowing, plz.

glad to see you back girl!

Thank you for this video, glad to see a youtuber tackling this issue !!

Excellent video. My next video tangentially relates to some of this

Pewdiepie do have superiority complex, when he gets called out for it....... he declares everything as joke. he was my favorite. i stopped watching his vids since last yr and i witnessed his transition .

thank you for keeping the shooters name and face out of this

This is so good, makes me feel guilty about not properly paying attention to you before even though I was subbed. Fixing that now

In my opinion, immigration is the new colonialism. We are stripping 3rd world nations of their smartest, most ambitious people and bringing them to our countries to help improve our own lives and line the pockets of the super rich. Imagine of the last 60 years of immigration didn't happen and those people stayed in their own countries, building them up instead of propping up the West... I think we'd have far less poverty in the world, and far more balance. Maybe the West wouldn't be as rich, and maybe all 3rd world countries would be much, much better off. How liberals and communists don't see immigration for what it really is and who it benefits is beyond me. I'm actually a left winger who is changing my tune on immigration because I see it as stripping them of their most valuable resources - smart, entrepreneurial, ambitious and motivated people... and we're using them to line the pockets of the super rich in the West. How can you be upset over centuries of colonialism stripping nations of their resources, and then turn around and be pro-immigration aka pro colonialism for the resource of people.

​+MrMarinaMalina What exactly am I wrong about? You can't simply declare me to be wrong, not provide any counterpoints and tell me to just go "read stuff". Am I wrong that we are stripping third world nations of their talent, and even their desire to improve their own countries by incentivizing emigration? Am I wrong that sustained growth of Western nations in housing (loans) and the stock market (consumer growth) benefits only the super rich? Do you have any other method of uplifting the entire country that doesn't involve stripping it of its most important resources? Or do you only have "if you were the person who FELT like you had to leave..." The people themselves could have improved their own nations if they had stayed in the same way they're improving ours. That's the whole point. Government is not holding them down in all cases. It can certainly be argued that some of them are, however without knowing how those countries might have turned out had the most intelligent people stayed to improve them, it's not really an argument. I think it's selfish and greedy of us to prioritize our own economies over theirs.

These governments that have a problem of highly skilled people leaving can take measures to incentivise these people to stay. Forcibly limiting their options you actually make it easier for these governments to not do anything to improve

+beayn reality is not that simple. Restraining all immigration is not the way to go to uplift these countries. If you actually were the person who felt like they have to leave their country to live happily you'd think differently. Please, if you care about this topic, read up on it. Consider why you could be wrong

+MrMarinaMalina Only because we keep taking all the talent and skill from their original nations. If let's say 10 million entrepreneurial people left India for other Western nations, had they stayed in India and created jobs there at least 10x that number would have benefited from their ambitions, so in essence, like colonialism of the past, we've stripped their ability to grow, and thus denied billions around the globe their ability to realize their own potential. Would you rather affect the people of an entire nation, or just pick and choose a few people to benefit? It's incredibly pro-Capitalism and pro-Colonialism when you really look at the bigger picture. A few people realize their potential while the majority suffers and rich white men line their pockets with gold from the sustained growth of the West.

I see what you mean but minimising people to resources and capital is wrong. For some of these people it's the only way to actually freely live their lives and realise their potential.

Pewdiepie and Kat fan here! I definitely felt the urge to comment early on but i managed to fully watch the video in its entirety prior to me commenting now. Great video! Im looking forward to part 2! A question for you. Do you feel like with large youtube personalities that ignorance plays a bigger factor than willful supremacy (Genuinely believing in supremacy)? I only ask this because Pewdiepie is a topic for discussion on your video. I disprove of his affiliation with figures like Ben Shapiro and following other right wing people such as Steven Crowder, but i also understand that Pewdiepie didint grow up in North america and (In my opinion) doesen't fully understand the implications of how a person's political views can be oppressive to marginalized groups. He is a white dude from Sweden who grew up in a country where white people are a massive majority. However, because he casts such a wide net with close to 100 million subscribers on youtube, the impact of even the slightest utterances can cast massive waves and indirectly, hurt people that werent meant to be targeted. Will you be visiting Canada? Love your vids!!!! Edit: I disapprove of his affiliation with figures like Ben Shapiro etc.

Keep up the amazing work.

But has Pewdiepie not made it clear that he doesn't support white nationalism? Does someone have to spell it out even though it's heavily implied? Also: H3H3 are jewish, they're not nazis or white nationalists lol. Plus they've spoken out against stuff like that. Just because they hosted Peterson (who's despicable) on their podcast, for example, doesn't mean anything on a deep level. They've had people from both sides, and the audience chooses whether or not follow him further. That is why people need to check themselves as they listen to "the other's" opinions, because certain aspects can seem to make sense but they don't hold ground.

I didn't make the list, Kit O'Connel did. Ethan and I have been at the same events, doesn't seem like a bad guy

But I actually don't blame h3h3 for anything and they shouldn't have been on that list, I don't think she made it, but PewDiePie is a different story

I think PewDiePie might be a white nationalist sympathiser or a racist. Definitely a sexist. H3H3 are Jewish but it doesn't really mean they can't be biased against Muslims and Arabs for example. It's the sense that I got from listening to them talk about issues in Israel. With both PewDiePie and h3h3 the biggest problem is simply that they are not smart nor well-read, so most of the time when they are speaking about social issues it's nonsense. They are easily susceptible to bullshit

This also goes into policing comedy and I truly don't know where to draw the line. Comedy and comedians have never made it a point to be martyrs for edgy teens. As stated in the video, the internet boosts people towards that, and teenagers haven't lived long enough to understand the complexity of various social issues intertwined into media.

Great example of a typical leftie video that just says the right is bad without saying why or disproving any of their points or concerns.

Believing that white people are the Master race and wanting to erradicate people of color from their homes is not an idea worth examining. I refuse to defend my humanity to those who've already determined I am inhuman.

You need a video explaining why racism and white nationalism is bad? Seriously?


mixed race tim poole is a white nationalist eh? I better let him know And orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro is a nazi. Are you high?

+Kat Blaque 3:30 tim poole on screen and you say sympathetic to white supremacy 24:11 many people on the list flirt with white nationalism, ben shapiro pictured

Give me the timestamp where I personally argued either of these things.

lol Tim Pool, the mixed race Bernie supporter is "sympahetic to...or advocating for white nationalism"? This is actually retarded...

Alright i’m gonna to try and be civil but you took the pewdiepie clips out of context also claimed he has never talk out about white nationalism. Pewdiepie and i quote “fuck anyone who is white nationalist” and you say you don’t think he is a nazi but you put him in a video with about nazis and don’t even get me started on the thumbnail. Also i’m open for debate but anyone who is saying “you’re tolling” you can fuck off

I actually point out that he has called said he doesn't support hate or hate groups and that's actually using the language he used in one of his tumblr posts. I didn't make the claim that he never called these people out. What I said was he hasn't done it in a way that would truly alienate them. Which is different.

the points made in this video have been repeated countless times since the new zealand shooting. the "pewdiepipeline" is pretty much the same exact arguments as this video but was created first and with better production value. not to mention the central point here that richard spencer is "rebranding" white nationalist has been beaten to death in every major media story on spencer. we get it already. i wish there was some new information or points to be made in this video but there isn't. Not an original thought to be found here.

Another great video

Hello Kat, great video. I haven't watched your videos for awhile. I hope this is not rude, but you look different.Has something happened? You look great regardless

I bet everyone wanted to be in your group when y'all had group projects in school.

I literally did all the work in most my school projects lol I'd do the whole thing and tell them to what to say lol

Martin luther king fucked us up. What is wrong with white people only wanting to be around other white people. If they want all white America let them have it. Who gives a fuck. We can go to Africa and kick all the white and Chinese out of there. We don't need to mix. What is wrong with that?

Why should black people leave America to go to Africa? They worked to build America day in and day out. In fact they have a bigger claim to America than white people.

Thanks so much for making this video. You're so brave.

Thank you for making this video, it was extremely well edited and cohesive

...did I miss something about Laci, last I heard she was just considering some “red pill” ideas, not flirting with White Nationalists, what’s good... whats up with her these days

I think Laci is most likely probably not a white nationalist. She's dating someone who has made arguments for white nationalism or rather, defending its validity. Though I actually don't think that person is politically literate enough to be an actual white nationalist.

If a journalist interviews a Nazi is that an endorsement of their views? No. But does giving them media coverage, and airtime normalize them and therefore help them? Potentially Yes. So it’s more complicated than people simply not caring.

This is brilliant!

Love how all the main comments are in support of these claims. I watched the video and do agree with some but not all.. this video seems to be an attack with false accusations on people she doesn’t agree with and the comment section is in full support of this video. All who oppose the video are deleted or hidden in replies?

Kat Blaque I may be a little harsh with saying false accusations as it is more of an opinion that you have. I really just commented because I looked at the comment section and didn’t see anyone at a disagreement. The video does bring in a lot of attraction though! Congrats.

I've only deleted a few comments and those comments were trollish. I've approved a bunch of ones that disagree with me. Can you give me the time stamps of the portions that are false accusations?

Genuine curiosity here: What has Laci Green done that flirts with white nationalism? I know she's ~problematic~ for various reasons but I thought her whole brand was intersectional feminism, in fact she's the first person I ever heard use that term. Also what has Ian from h3h3 done? I haven't followed him for a couple of years now but I don't think I ever saw any concerning content (he was making more commentary and silly videos then, I guess). Again, genuine curiosity as I was not aware of that and their names really stuck out at me from that screenshot of pewdiepie's following

I wouldn't call Laci Green an intersectional feminist by any means. Especially with how she conducts her feminism and herself. I also wouldn't call her a white supremacist or what nationalist. I think what she does do, however, is make a lot of arguments for why those ideologies should be spread. She has pretty eagerly shot down people who express frustration and maybe fear with people like Richard Spencer being given a platform. She has physically warmed up to people who do actually hold white nationalist views. So while her personal politics might not exactly be there, she's not exactly fighting against it in a way that helps the poc who would be displaced if white nationalists got what they want. I think she's probably the most harmless person on that list, after Boogie and after Jontron.

Kat I feel like I used to hate you but i don’t remember why? I wasn’t even a hardcore anti sjw, but I guess all it takes is a response video from someone you trust to paint the “opponent” as completely bad I definitely used to dislike Francesca Ramsey (is that right, the MTV Decoded host? I think that was her name.) after watching Andy Warski’s many videos on her, or Armored Skeptic’s hour long video about her backstabbing him or whatever, in hindsight she was probably fine. I wouldn’t know since I never cared to seek out her side All I’m saying is it must be so easy for those people’s fans to dismiss left tube creators bc their faves might’ve made a response video. I dislike people like Blaire and Shoe now not because I simply disagree with them, but because at one point I was a fan of both and know what they’re like. So really, I guess I’m just saying I’m glad I gave you a chance, rather than hesitating bc an anti sjw I liked once might’ve said you were bad. A similar thing I have with Anita

Kat Blaque Andy does indeed suck. I’m one of those that had no good reason to dislike you, and just with how youtube is, I think you’re right, I doubt the majority are holding good faith criticism. Love you legend

I definitely think that there are probably some real genuine reasons why people dislike me, but so frequently on this website, it's never about things that are actual reflections of how i feel. One of Andy Warski's most popular videos is a video response to one of my videos that argued that what the Irish experienced was different than what black chattel slaves experienced. His entire premise? That I think slavery is ok if it's white people being enslaved. Never said that, never suggested that, I don't like slavery at all, but if he repeats the lie enough times it's believed. I still have people asking me why I think white slaves are okay. kinda annoying. Interestingly enough, i was going to include a bit about Armoured Skeptic in this video towards the end, but I left it out.

"I dont believe pewdiepie is responsible" but I put his name in the title for click bait. Classy.

Watch the video.

i was so ready to be mad about this but i honestly agree 100%

Hey, at first I thought this was going to be a terrible video, but uh, you actually did this really well, you changed my view of the world for the better. So thank you! Many people just throw words at others and expect them to understand the deep history behind the topic, you go out of your way to explain those things. Thank you!

I'm happy you used Faraday Speaks' video in this. I watched that video, and I feel like many of the people in the comments were dismissive of his experience and the importance of the message he was sharing. I hope that more people will pay real attention to the pipeline he's speaking about.

I really appreciate this video; not just for its content, but also for its tone. So much of the response to white nationalism on YouTube is in a joking tone, and your seriousness is refreshingly honest and earnest.

Oh I look forward to the backlash you will get for this.~

Well the obvious clickbait thumbnail for starters.


I love how Kat can constructively talk about controversial topics.This is very well put together I'm excited for part 2

wow. we dont deserve the effort but i am so very grateful you put it out there. youre amazing. please know that.

Glad I clicked on this video, thought it was stupid from the thumbnail and title but once I listened I noticed it as one of my main concerns today as an 18 year old Hispanic. I hope white people see us as people. I’m just scared with each day because all this, this stuff about nationalism, it seems closer to my life with each passing year. I want to live, I want to work hard to contribute, I want things to be fair, not just for me but for everyone. I want ALL of us to be happy and at least respect and understand each other. I actually have friends who are white who said the same thing about Mexicans, that we “take their jobs”. My father didn’t intend for that. We wanted to escape the horrible corruption in our own country and escape the poverty and escape the sons of bitches in office. It’s not easy as “hey president, could you stop fucking us over”. Like Venezuela, we had criminals as RULERS, they were NOT Presidents. The cartels in Mexico, it’s fucked. Even as a child I knew. They kill children, they kill their own children because those cartels were are own people. But ofc there’s corruption everywhere. Just see us as people, no matter if you meet the handful of stupid Hispanics. See us as people, please.

Ironic that the Nazis (sorry "white nationalist identitarian race realists") chose the removal of a Confederate statue as their cause to protest the loss of their national founders/history/identity blah blah blah at Charlottesville. The Confederates were traitors and there's nothing American about them. Yet they call white Americans who actually stand up for democratic values and equal rights "race traitors." The irony is too rich, and for all their whining about their superior IQs, it's also far beyond their comprehension.

Great video. I know you've been testing out different types of content lately and I really hope you continue in this direction. Do you think there is a similar "leftist pipeline"?

+Kat Blaque yes, a very scrappy bunch. it seems that despite what some would have us believe, the Cultural Marxists have dropped the ball in funding Big Leftube. I agree with you, but I also think there's a difference in content type that is less conducive for organizing. lots of the left content i have come across is video essay style - so it's usually well thought out and researched and isolated- as opposed to the vlog stream of consciousness approach - which then translates into the interviews where the pros and cons of eugenics are discussed just to "share ideas". I'd like to see a leftist Rubin-style figure who can be a hub to platform these disparate creators. come on leftist elitist!! fund the Marxist YT agenda!!

Ah, I see. I think there are a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest one is that we aren't all really that connected. I love pretty much everyone on "left tube", but we are all in vastly different worlds, states, etc. Whereas, it's pretty common for these people to find people who have the funding to bring all of these people together. I think the right has always be a bit better at unifying.

+Kat Blaque No, no, no. You misunderstood. There's a lot of talk about this right-wring pipeline that funnels people into increasingly extreme white supremacist content and a lot of it is based upon how people in these communities platform each other to amplify their message, i.e. Ruben, Shapiro, Molyhneaux, etc. There are lots of great leftist YouTubers that make smart content that gets at dismantling a lot of those things - this video here for example - but I wonder why, in my opinion, there isn't the same network happening on the left. Very rarely do the leftist YouTubers I follow platform each other to build connections in the same way that the IDW and those type folks do. I just wonder how much that network effect helps in pulling people down the rabbit hole - much how Faraday explains - and whether similar tactics can be employed to pull people out. Just a thought.

I think that's a worthy conversation, but I suppose what sort of insidious thing do you think the left is trying to do?

I found this interesting, but I cannot get over the fact that you put Tim Pool in the rank of neo nazi folks. Ive been watching his videos for a long time now and i don't think you can describe him in such terms. That would be dishonest. That's all i had to say.

I'd say most of the people featured in that screen shot aren't actually nazis or white nationalists. I think there's intersection, but very few people on that list are truly white nationalists.

OH... There's a part two! I was like "what did she say??!!" Then I looked down at the comments. XD This was both incredibly informative and seriously disheartening. The most disheartening thing is I know many conservatives are moving closer to the alt-right just through virtue of endlessly supporting Trump.

A cliffhanger?! Needless to say I subscribed!

Hight quality documentary. Thank you so much for doing this.

Kat, this is one of your best pieces to date, thank you so much for putting this together. I’ve followed and watched you for years and you always continue to improve and be amazing. Thank you so much.

Do you think Jordan peterson flirts with white nationalism?

+Kat Blaque He isnt racist & he despises anti-semitism. I Came from Mr. Beat channel, and im not sure i'll stay tbh. Only question rn would be: Can you explain 34:34 ? I Havent heard a single instance Jordan talked about *birthrates* anything even NEAR close to what white nationalists' bad narrative creators try to sell. Also I dont know who exactly are you refering to at 34:54 with "more severe ideologies"? Ethan Klein? Joe Rogan??

Yes, but he gets framed as more racist than he actually is.

This was really informative, but hard to watch. I can't even begin to imagine how it was putting all of this together, but it is needed. Thank you Kat, and to all of your donators

I see on the list of people who are tied to the right that PewDiePie followed, Laci Green was there. I thought she was a leftist, what happened?

I wanna make it clear, that's me showing someone else's screen shot, not me arguing that all of those people are nazis etc. Laci is a bit dicey. I don't think she's a white supremacist or a white nationalist, but she certainly believes in giving those people platforms. She's also dating someone who regularly makes white nationalist arguments. Though to his credit, I don't think he gets that he's doing this and is the unfortunate result of the rebranding of white nationalism, which positions something like "why can't white people have their own space and protect their own country" as a genuine question with merits.

Ugh, the BNP, what a fucking embarrassment. I'd forgotten how odious and dreadful Griffin is.

great video kat. i think this is one of your best in a long time. you really dug deep into the history of this topic, and how the way these figures speak to [usually] vulnerable, young white men psychologically impacts people. honestly it's one of the things i'm most worried about for this generation, especially since seemingly casual enjoyment on the internet can lead to legitimate radicalization in the long run. this video was a good mix between education and commentary, and i know you've been working hard on it for a while since i follow you on twitter. sucks it got demonetized of course, but you did end up with a really great video, so i hope you're satisfied with that at least. :)

America as an WHITE state???? Um....... did he forget about the NATIVE AMERICANS?

Oh no. They'll have to go back to China. Science is very clear - that's where they came from during last ice age that's where they will go back. Because, you know, Jesus...

a phrase that really jumped out at me while watching this video is part of one of the white nationalists' chants at the charlottesville rally: "one people" (heard at 17:15). it's a phrase that can mean a lot of things in different political contexts, and it's almost always interpreted positively. but their interpretation of the concept is so abhorrent and destructive. the far right is convinced that different "peoples" -- divided by natural and artificial boundaries, customs, languages, cultures, and above all, races -- have differences that are so ingrained, even biological, as to be irreconcilable and inescapable, and that any degree of attempted assimilation is bound not only to fail but to destroy society. when they talk about "one people", they mean that where they live ought to consist solely of members of one racial group (whites), that the exclusion of all others ought to be enforced, and that others should somehow acquiesce to this agenda or face violent extermination. it's truly a horrifying aspiration for humanity. when i imagine "one people", i think of how much positive change could be effected for all of humanity if we recognized that, despite the superficial things that divide us, we are far more alike than we are different -- that, underneath all the bullshit, we really, truly are ~already~ one people. though the far right's true-believers would hesitate to acknowledge it, there was once a time, not that long ago in human history, when the physical characteristics that are now interpreted as markers of 'race' -- skin tone, hair texture, bodily proportions, etc. -- were considered differences as inconsequential as what one's favored foods or leisure activities were. racial ideology -- the idea that these surface-level differences are in fact deeply consequential, not because people have historically treated and thought of each other differently because of them, but because they are profoundly reflective of immutable discrepancies in aptitude, achievement, and character -- has been extremely harmful to the progression of humanity. were we always doomed to fall prey to it? are we doomed to stay with it for the rest of our existence before we extinguish ourselves from the planet? i wonder and worry, recently more than ever. thank you for your video. as painful as the topic is to learn about sometimes, i might do some further reading on the history of far right ideology to understand how we got to the mess we're in today. hopefully we'll all find our way out.

Sometimes I just sit back and marvel that a new era of American fascism was started in part by grown-ass adults angry that girls got cooties in their video games.

The weirdest part about that faraday speaks video is Stefan Molyneux is far more extreme than Ben Shapiro and Crowder.


Kat, nice vid, I especially digged the initial breakdown of how the alt-right party evolved into something more manipulative, but a lot of the people you listed clips of later on in the vid are actually centralists and genuinely don’t agree with the Alt-Right, the problem is the mainstream media bunches them all into the Alt-Right category and because of that Youtube tends to then reflect that tag in its recommended list. Then other creators take clips and show them in their own political videos and it just further propagates that all they do is spread white hate. Also, all the stuff you mentioned Peterson discussing, I’m not sure what the problem is - it’s not the topics that the man is discussing the define him but his answers. Also, he doesn’t just discuss women’s roles in society he discusses *all peoples* roles. There’s literally videos of him stating that if men don’t find responsibility in their lives they’ll remain Peter Pan for the rest of their lives. A telling bias (to me) of your video, is that you didn’t feature any of the black highly vocal conservatives in your vid. Both on YouTube and in the Political sphere(apologies if they’re coming in part 2), but if you’re going to talk about Peterson but entirely ignore more inflammatory figures like Candace Owens, Larry Elder, etc, then to me you are skewing the narrative. For instance, Candace Owens is on the record for stating that she is the most Pro Build the Wall woman you can find. If she was white and still argued for improving the black community BUT was also on the record for saying stuff like that she would be labeled an extremist alt right. The views of many of the people you listed aren’t exclusive to whites, that’s why you can have people like Ben Carson, Dr. Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell espousing the same values. What they all embody is western values, that’s not the same as white supremacy, as much as the media wants to convince us different. What most of the people you showed do have in common is that they are all white, and most of them have views no more extreme than some of the black leaders I mentioned, I’d say for Peterson even less, yet you chose to only show the white individuals to make it seem as if only whites are concerned about these topics, and not other ethnicities, and in doing so you’re simply suggesting they are afraid of a “white Genocide”. Shapiro is actually a practicing Jew who wears a yamaka proudly, to associate him with white supremisist and show clips of Nazis, monsters that gassed his ancestors just 80 years ago is kind of whack. It suggests to me that you haven’t considered that there might be a very large difference between the appreciation for preserving Western Values vs White Nationalism. anyways, like I said, good vid, I just don’t agree with the second half of it to a degree, but that’s fine, to each their own.

I love your channel

Jordan Peterson is hated by the alt right, Ben Shapiro and Eithan Klein are Jews, lacy green is a feminist and the other people are centrists... how are they white supremacists?! Also how does following them make a person one?!

I don't call any of those people white supremacists, especially not the Jewish people on the list. I also make the argument that ultimately pdp isn't defined by that group of people, who have various ideologies. I started my channel long before the OC.

Kat Blaque yes, I did. Believe it or not I have been subscribed to you from the beginning (like beginning beginning, we both live in the OC girl). So I don’t mean any of this with disrespect. Essentially you are drawing out this hypothesis/theory that these type of people that have a following of white nationalists therefore that connects them even if they don’t share those beliefs? I don’t understand the connection that you are trying to make and I do think it is misleading to the ignorant folk. I’m commenting on that specific portion of the vid. Not the UK politics. I was just looking for a less bias commentary.

I say all of this in my video. Did you watch it?

I remember the BNP posters and now it's UKIP lol same story different messenger.

The 'Subscribe to Pewdiepie' line is most likely a reference to Pewdiepie being overtaken by T-series (a large media company vs a standalone creator) as the most subscribed to channel on Youtube, and the pseudo campaign that was started to prevent that. I don't think that line was meant to link the attacker's ideology to Pewdiepie. But it seems even more fucked up to me if he was genuinely referencing a meme before committing mass murder. Thanks for calling out Youtube on this, though I find it ironic that this was the first video of yours they've recommended to me in months -_- The alt-right rabbit hole part was pretty frightening.

Also evident in that guy's video, these people are trying to move the middle line between left and right, to make everyone who is remotely normal into a corrupted brainwashed 'leftist'. It makes you also feel like there should be even numbers on both sides of that line, so people start to step over where the old line was.

You know what's really dumb - that there's no way to talk about the problem of falling birthrates without being lumped in with the right wing, and consequently falling into right-wing circles. It is a real problem. It's partially a problem of capitalism - we have an economic system that only knows how to grow, and would have to be tossed out if we decided that we had to move to a "steady state" economy. But it's also an evolutionary problem, because, like every other species, we evolved in an environment where there are checks on our population growth. We've overcome those checks and that's part of why we're in the climate mess we're in, but we also haven't yet figured out what it would mean to stop growing. But like, we on the left have nothing to fear from discussion of birth rates, IQ, or "the proper role of women in society." We have nothing to fear from discussion of anything. If we act like there is no legitimate way to discuss these questions, or that even wanting to discuss them is suspect, then we ensure that the alt-right have control over how these questions are framed and discussed.

As racist as the Alt-Right is, they are correct when it comes to Israel. Zionism is a racist, ethno-nationalist ideology, yet the U.S. political and corporate Establishment -- both Republican and Democrat -- support it. Richard Spencer has cited Israel as the type of state he wants to create for white people. He calls himself a "White Zionist." It's easy to go after low-hanging fruit like neo-Nazis and White Nationalists, but we need to put the same amount of effort into criticizing Jewish Supremacism. Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a good start.

This was really well made and and important. I'm glad it's getting quite a bit of attention, you deserve it!

Amazing video, I instantly subscribed when it was over.

We're not saying PewDiePie is a racist. We're saying the racists think PewDiePie is a racist.

This is a brilliant take

Just subscribed to your channel. I am very eager to hear how that conversation went, even though I can sorta already guess how that convo went down. For the record I'm betting they went with a hyper-idealistic take on the Jackie Jackson "marketplace of ideas" nonsense, but expecting that truth would always win out over nonsense. In spite of history generally working in the other direction. Being half-Jewish in post 2016 America definitely has made my existence more inherently political too, so I definitely relate to that.

I have to say it. This is possibly the best video you have made to date. Everything about it is so well done. The music, the sources, the production, the editing: carefully and skillfully produced. I want to thank you for giving your time and energy to make such an important video. I look forward to seeing the next installment. Great job!

This is a really good and important video, thank you for making it:)

This video hurts to watch, but it's sadly necessary. You did a great job, and I hope it makes a difference in getting people to oppose white supremacy.

I’ve been waiting weeks for this video and you did not disapoint! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making this, it was a great watch and I’m pumped for part 2.

This was kinda clickbaity as Pewdiepie is not a main part of it. And obviously, he has nothing to do with White Nationalism anyway, as you say. But beyond that fault, it was a very nice watch. Made me think and come to some understandings. I'd always avoided stuff about the christchurch shooter so I was a bit uncomfortable you actually put some of his manifesto in here. But. I realised after reading some of it what a huge change this made. Something I feared would happen, but didn't quite understand, was seeing him as a person. As a person with a sense of humor and charisma. Someone I could like. But that's just it. These people who go on mass killings are people, not monsters. They are the sum of their experiences and teachings. When they are nice and smart and funny people, it doesn't make me want to join their side, it just makes me feel so sad. That the shooter themself is another victim we lost. A casualty we too often forget. School teachers and parents need to start being executed. Because let's not use scapegoats here, it's not Youtubers at fault. Yes they might teach these children the wrong things. But they wouldn't be able to if they knew the right thing already. This is why most of us can watch alt-right videos and laugh. I laugh at Ben Shapiro quite a bit. Jordan Peterson once, cause god he is too boring to watch for fun. But when you leave someone's head empty, it's gonna collect whatever it can into that space. The only people that can stop this are the people who keep being allowed to get away with it. Teachers and parents need to be given a zero tolerance punishment for when they let children stay ignorant to reality. Plug those holes with knowledge so hate can't get in. Because hate is taught. Racism is taught. Sexism is taught. Youtubers are not responsible for teaching. They are not paid to. They do not enter the 9+ month process of creating a person. They are not to blame. Whoops what a tirade. But yeah you got me thinking about things.

She said come back in a week for the tea!!!

It's probably going to be more than a week. lol.

*I want to thank you so much for creating such a well documented, easily digestible, and historically accurate video on this topic. As someone who doesn’t know much, (and admittedly has been afraid to learn by fear of guilt of association,) it is so important that these things, specifically online communities, are seen for what they represent between the lines. Thank you for bringing this to light. Thank you for helping us all be more well-rounded content creators. And thank you personally for helping me understand a horrific topic in a way that I can now have a slightly more educated and factual opinion about. Appreciate you.*

You're very welcome.

Hey Kat! Nice vid. Can’t wait for part 2! I saw that you mentioned Kit O’Connell in your video and Idk how you feel about him but I wanted to let you know that he’s been outed by a women’s org as a macktivist. Here’s an article explaining the details: Would love to hear your thoughts.

Compelling stuff. I remember the first time I’d heard that white nationalists, particularly Skinheads, had rebranded and changed their look to gain access and acceptance into the mainstream. I looked at white people wearing polo shirts VERY differently for a while.

These are the white supremacists that I grew up with. Not white men in hoods burning crosses but white men in khakis and polos spewing hate at non white people. Writing academic essays on why non white people are genetically intellectually inferior and yell racial slurs at me. This video series in important and I'm so glad youre doing this.

Whew sis they really out here running white supremacy like their local Starbucks. I'm glad you're showing how these groups are trying to establish legitimacy . I know the tea will be hot for part two!

I hope this vid pops off. I found a job that in a business where I don’t really mind where the funds come from, because ultimately it redistributes them from the wealthy to support service workers because this is a hectic capitalist free for all existence that we live in. Also there is no manufacturing involved! So in my daily existence my soul isn’t being sucked in that regard everyday. Anyway its a privilege, and it also pays more than the cents or a couple of dollars more than the “minimum wage” I’ve only been able to find work in before, where I was basically existing in debt. Anywho this is my third comment I’m leaving because I want your engagement to shoot up without reading something abhorrently vile. But this video reminded me that I’ve been wanting to be a patron of your vids for so long and I can afford to do so comfortably now. It’s so I can support you in this work that you do. So I finally did it! Congrats!

Aw thank you!

excellent video! concise and precise!

As a brit who watches a lot of breadtube I'm really glad that you covered a lot of the British side of this phenomenon, I really appreciate youtubers such as yourself informing me about how things happen in the states but too often it's assumed in the UK everything is all figured out, which obviously is far from the truth. This is a really well researched and well rounded piece, honestly, great job, and thank you so much x

Thank you so much for taking your time to put together these videos and dealing with idiotic commenters who don't listen. I really appreciate the information and value your online presence!

excited for the next part, great video :)

They will keep using different guises, signs, signals, and tactics. People who are centrist will surely be brainwashed into think certain ways and they will never know about it nor will they know it was white racists that did it.

this was really well done kat, if at time really eerie and uncomfortable to watch. that bit where fuckface spencer is trying to argue with that black man that black people are the ~real racists~ makes me what to watch him getting punched ten million times over. it's so important that people like you and contrapoints keep pointing out these nazi dogwhistles so that people don't fall prey to their bullshit "identity" and "western culture" rhetoric. ugh.

I've been waiting for this video

Honestly I don’t want you to lose money for sharing your opinion but am glad that you got demonized, showing that anything political can get attacked by YouTube, not just conservatives (not white nationalism, conservatism, they’re opposites) but I do also appreciate that you put effort into this kind of thing, but I don’t support the clickbait.

Thank you thank you thank you for blurring the face and not naming the shooter. I really appreciate it as mainstream media tends to glamorize these shooters and ignore psychlogist and academic suggestions to not name and infamize shooters.

Such a chilling ending leaving me on a cliffhanger. Looking forward to Part 2.

Kat Blaque Link where Jordan Peterson talks about race and IQ Link of Indian Dr talking about how Aryans used religion and race to control people and how it’s BS The genetic disorders which affect Ashkenazi Jews because they are so closely related which J.P. never talks about. While he speaks of race purity Link of a video of how PewDiePie uses humour to hide racism. Very detailed and speaks about micro aggressions and how he was taught, by others who he follows and interacts with

Kat Blaque Brilliant documentary. I have provided some links for you which maybe you might want to include in part 2. Sorry for how long it is I love to chat

lol my town Barnsley mentioned, never a good thing

Don't let this type of content scare you from educating yourself on different sides of politics. I suggest everyone do their own research on these topics because I promise you that this isn't it

what is this

Kat is Breadtube now, good game comrade.

I still get shaken and feel small when I hear them chanting about jews. This was a well done video Kat. Upsetting but important.

This gave me the creeps so bad!!

The "woe is me" script many of these guys use fails to provide an adequate link between them being sad, and them turning to racism for comfort. Plenty of people have problems, but they don't take it out on others by becoming a nazi. These are just subconscious cultural beliefs they hold onto. Of course the times that white men "had it good" relied extensively on the subjugation of other people. That's the problem. Yet they are nostalgic for these problems. They don't have a culture older than eugenics that they know about to fall back on. One has to be very out of touch with the rest of humanity to turn their sadness into nazism. Why aren't these guys in therapy? Cognitive therapy? This gnarled evolution of their selves is really bizarre to me.

This was such an excellent video especially the part where you realize that these white nationalist loonies have been using the same talking points for a long time.

bookmark 24:22

This video is superb!

I’m genuinely so glad we have you and contrapoints. Thank god.

The brainwashing is strong.

great video!!!

supremacy is the issue. I love everyone regardless of creed. we are all human. none above others

I'm loving this video so so much. I will be sharing it to my friends who are still feeling dubious about denouncing white supremacy Thanks Kat.

I have to pause the video so much because I get so angry ugh lol

Kat, thank you. This is so important to talk about.

Thank you for making this, Kat. Your efforts are important and appreciated.

“We just believe that white people should have the same treatment as everyone else...” in what world do you live in where white people (especially cis-het white males) aren’t treated BETTER than everyone else? How delusional can you be?

I appreciate the emotional labor you had to do just to make this. Of course, research, writing, editing and filming too. Very tight content and very important.

This is incredibly detailed, balanced and substantiated. It’s clear how much hard work and research went into it! As someone who grew up in the area of London where the BNP actually got voted in (all the adults around me were BNP supporters), it’s so important to me that this message is shared. Thank you for your amazing and important work, Kat!

Wait, women find Richard Spencer attractive? He always looked like a creep to me.

You don't get it. Debate Nick Fuentes!

really well researched and I'm so glad you approached the issue with Felix fairly. I'll be honest, I really enjoy his meme videos and I think he's a really funny guy. I feel like a lot of people want to make out that he's a Nazi with some kind of covert conspiracy up his sleeve when after following him for a long time, that seems ridiculous and a case of wanting to find a clearly identifiable enemy in him where I don't think it's that simple. It worries and upsets me when he makes political stuff criticising the left and yet his criticisms of problems on the right are few and far between. After seeing the list of who he follows and him letting Ben Shapiro on his channel I feel uneasy. I hope he watches this and thinks about it because he seems to jump on the defensive very quickly when he's criticised. I get it, it must be tiring being called a Nazi all the time because of an edgy joke years ago and constant apologies, but this could be so easily solved by a really clear denouncement of people like Shapiro. I think its a case of his pride rather than him worrying about alienating his audience, and him not getting the gravity of the situation - and perhaps, even scarier, these people approaching him and using the criticism to seduce him into thinking they aren't really all that bad. Really looking forward to the next one.

lol poor Ethan Klein xD


I'm black and I think you're a disgrace to black people across america. stop making videos and stop spreading misinformation and hate.

Your silly. What part of this did you consider "misinformation", or hateful for that matter?

What part of this do you consider misinformation?

Funnily enough, I had to drink some tea to watch this. There is so much detail in this! Your editing is incredible and this is so well sourced. Thank you so much for putting in so much work into this!

this is an amazing video but tbh having 8 whole uninterrupted minutes of Faradayspeaks felt sort of unnecessary? he's saying important things but they could have been cut or summarized, idk.

Keep up the excellent content, Kat.

Wow, this utter attention seeking click baiting shit.

To the people who are commenting that he's, more recently called out White Nationalists and White Supremacists, I'm aware! I wrote a bit about it on Twitter ( I also want to note that I am going through and approving comments that haven't made it past the comment filter. I've approved comments that both agree and disagree with me, but I will probably stop checking comments at a certain point. So just be careful how you word what you're saying. Try to avoid slurs and cussing.

WOW, this was amazing. Can't wait for part 2

It seems like a lot of these young white men turn to white nationalism because society tells them they are entitled to be on top, but because they can't see the advantages they have when there are still things they are struggling with, they think they are at a disadvantage.

"I'm a white supremacist, not like THAT racist, those people- my racism is not THAT" (seems like the white supremacist way of talking). This is so well made Kat. I will keep sharing and hope that more people see this. And when I get my student loan I'll put some money in.

These people will insist that minorities are treated equally, or well, but they're terrified of the idea of becoming a minority. I wonder why that is???

It's ok guys, they were just being Nazis "ironically." That's totally a real thing and it's totally normal and cool.

Just get rid of democracy and establish white male rule again. It's best for everyone. Blacks can get off welfare and go back to work and white women can start having white babies again. Democracy is a failed concept. Especially in a polyglot state and even in a mono-racial one where women are the majority of voters. S Africa was a great country under white minority rule. The ancient Greeks were far outnumbered by slaves and foreigners but didn't dream of giving control of their country to them. A 50% white country might be ideal so whites can have servants and won't have to do menial labor. I doubt very many non-whites will want to leave

After watching this video i want to fucking die

Kat, this is so good!

Incredibly thorough work here, very strong.

Black people sold black people as slaves. Truth hurts.

Bruh did you even watch the video

BEST video essay I have seen on this topic yet, I'm not good at writing (or explaining) so this is a really good resource for explaining why it's so dangerous to others, THANK YOU

This was excellent! I can’t wait for part 2. All through this, I was thinking about how much it makes sense. If you look at how anti-black racism has been rebranded in the US (see: what Lee Atwater said about the Southern Strategy - the clip is on YouTube), this sort of movement to make racism palpable has been happening and continues to happen. You can even see it in policy if you read from various critical race theorists (Michelle Alexander, Ian Haney-López, etc). The only reason white supremacy (as a whole, not just the alt-right specifically mentioned in this video. Though as you laid out, the extreme and less extreme do work hand-in-hand whether conscious or not) has been able to maintain stability is because of these constant attempts at image improvement and (false) recontextualization.

Jason Kessler voted for Obama twice (Not racist) and supported Democrats (Not nazi party) You people claim he is a "White supremacist" based on him joining the Proud Boys which is not a white supremacist group. Fake news labeled the proud boys racist when in actuality its more of a "Male pride" group that was made as a joke. Gavin has stated multiple times the proud boy were not a white supremacist group and Gavin even abandoned the proud boys when racist people started joining. It seems that you people have been gobbling up fake news so much that you are now creating your own fake news based on all the bad information you believe. There is truly no way to help you. You all need to educate yourselves or continue to be a part of fake news outrage culture until you get hurt or go crazy.

Controversy makes you rich!! That's how they sustain themselves!! By sparking off a controversy one becomes the topic of debate and thus stays relevant!!

You were one of the YouTubers who inspired me to start my own channel. Im glad you found such a passion for social justice. Your passion has inspired me and others. Thank you for creating such important and informative content.

Yeah you do not have to accept all of an alt-right figures ideas in order to help them along. It is common to hear ' well I do not agree entirely with them but I like them and they make SOME good points ' .

Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y Thank you, Kat! Can't wait for the Part 2. P.S: You look gorgeous

Just waiting for someone to say that you're calling PewDiePie stupid because you said he is being used by the alt right (at the very least). I had white gay republican man get upset with me about that. I said that he needs to stop using his Mexican husband as proof that he couldn't possibly be racist (that's just foolish obviously, plenty of men hate women yet get married, have sex with women, and have daughters, and plenty of racists interact and have close relationships with people of color as well), and then he was outraged at my insinuation that his husband is stupid. Hey you're the one who thinks people who are being used are stupid, not me pal.

Never forget Heather

this was such a good video Kat, i’m eager to see part 2

Here before the brofisters or whatever take this video down

brofisters was my favourite gay boy band back in the 70s, cmon man

Is it really fair to show Tim Pool along with Nick Fuentes? Really, a mixed race minority who has made documentaries exposing racism in America? Really?

is it just me or does the guy at 6:14 look like merlin?

It's crazy because I was watching Game Theory and they were adding that any clear racial leaning that influenced the whole t-series drama was just people "needing to be open-minded" not that there's something that racists find admirable in Pewdiepie that they don't do with anyone else. Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, MatPat, these people have hugely similar fandoms to Pewdiepie yet lack the racist demographic that Pewdiepie is lifted up by. And it's insane that anyone think it's just a coincidence.

Also, just learned about that Laci Green mess. Jesus. I knew there was something off especially after she started dating that guy but I'm not hip with Internet culture. Literally just unsubscribed from her. Man. This was like as bad as JonTron but I actually witnessed that as it happened in real time. Dude is crazy.

The clips from that tape are really quiet

If there's a part 2 you should discuss Joe Rogen being a platform for nationalists. The guy doesn't hold people to account. His show just ends up being a bullhorn for alt-right guests.

He has made Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson look dumb on two occasions. I think his worst offenses are trying to make Alex Jones look okay ...and then after Jones was booted from various websites talking about his 'feud ' with him, Which I think was just a marketing views scheme.

I saved this video to watch while i eat and relax.......why!?!?

This was great and super scary. I know it's a scary time but man does it feel even more dark now after watching this vid. We need to turn the tide of nationalism and white supremacy and it starts with going after the social media platforms that allows this filth.

lol tfw you look into something way too much

Kat, your content is a much needed treasure. Can't wait for part two!

The Swedish Moron is either a useful idiot or is truly a supporter of white supremacy who does the "just joking" move to excuse himself.

Fantastic and thoughtful video. Great cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next one.

Shit. I remember coming across Stefan Molyneaux. I read one of his books, and learned a lot about right-wing anti-authoritarian perspectives which he was attempting to sell as anarchism. Glad I had the good sense and prior reading to recognize his arguments as corrupt/anti-social versions of anarchist ideas. The route to anarchism and punk politics is eerily nearby starting points toward fascism. Right-wing "libertarianism" is essentially anarchism without compassion.

I can’t wait for part 2.

Let's rundown the victims of White men: Blacks Even White women Native Americans The environment Animals Asians We're all going to hell and RightWing White men are the blame #seeyouinhell #ethnostateLOL

New Zealand was never white. The aboriginals lived there for yrs before the British invaded it. These people are mad.

You’re doing such important work, Kat! Can’t wait for part two!! ❤️

To some people he is good looking.

The list at 24:12 showing who Pewdiepie follows has Ethan Klein.... who is Jewish..... with a wife from Israel...... how tf is Ethan a Nazi???

I remember when Nick Griffin become slightly ‘popular’. I’m mixed race but I was raised by my mother and her family who were all white. They were all prime targets for this movement and while they would never openly support it due to myself but quietly they would. My own mother even would speak highly about the ideals the BNP brought up.

Woe woe woe, you ended on the Youtube HQ answer .. and ... what was it? Did I miss something? Is this a .. to be continued? *gasp* I'm dying here, scouring for your visit video now, wondering ... what the!

Cliff hanger

Fascism is like a strict cannibalistic diet. Once there's no more targeted groups left to hate, they will turn on each other for desperate survival. Beautiful video, Kat! Love and friendliness must triumph hatred. Keep on fighting the good fight!

Great video, it’s good to hear you talking about this.

i never comment bt shit this video was great. u did a great job kat!! u always do

Thank you so much for this video. In the past few years I’ve noticed the rise of the alt-right and I try my best to educate myself on their hateful rhetoric and movements so that I can recognize it when I encounter it in real life and fight it.

You had me most of the video, but then came "Jordan Peterson is a gateway to white nationalism", "Ben Shapiro's ideas similar to Spancer" and the like. You seem both naive and cynical at the same time. Regardless, good luck.

That's pretty rich coming from the guy who is subscribed to a bunch of actual nazis

fuck these delusional manbabies, honestly. fucking disgusting.

Oh wow this got pretty upsetting pretty fast

As someone who existed in the sort of centrist anti sjw kind of community. I sometimes wonder if the only thing that stopped me going that was was me being an lgbt+ person and maybe me growing up in a poor single parent family. I hope not, I want to be better than that.

This was fantastic and very similar to my thinking on the issue. PewDiePie isn't a Nazi but he's sort of allowing them to co-opt some of his platform. Also in response to that person who pointed out that he followed quite a few far right and even some alt right people there was a guy claiming he also followed left wing creators. All those creators were either YouTubers who aren't really political or like centrists/unpopular leftists who flirt with the right. He didn't follow that many people either. I do think he needs to do a lot more to let them know they aren't welcome on his platform.

Discusses about pewdiepie about two minutes in 40 min video about why he cannot possibly a Nazi but Titles it "Pewdiepie and the re branding of nationalism" And projects a image that is the evolution of Hitler. The things Youtubers do for traction in their channel without respecting that these people who they are accusing/slandering are real life people who have to go through real life shit.#clickbaitshit

The saddest thing is i didn't even know about jontron and laci green until i watched this.

I remember the days when nationalism was everywhere in South-Africa where everyone was proud to be a South African. Shame that South Africa is the third or fourth out of 3-4 countries that changed hands from whites to blacks and became corrupted hellholes for the people who tried to insert communism into them namely the blacks. I suppose that fools will be fools but every fallen country in Africa leads me to believe that we cannot have diversity as it simply causes friction and strife between different groups. Nationalism is very important to any country be it white, black, coloured,Asian or even fucking green. It ensures that people in a country love and respect eachother,are happy to do they're jobs and based on South Africa alone it can be seen that it vapourizes crime. My point is that Europe for the whites. North-America for the whites Central and North Africa for the blacks South-Africa for the whites and so on and so forth. White countries for whites, black countries for blacks. Asian countries for Asians.

+Kat Blaque Can't lie, I do like your videos. Wish my Great X5 Grandfather was still alive to see this, but he was whipped to death trying to escape from a plantation.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE display OF JOURNALISM/HISTORY/EXPLAINING. thank you for creating such a great run down of this movement

Excellent video. Another fine addition to breadtube

This is gold in video form and I'm here for it

Very interesting to hear Nick Griffin speak on rebranding ideas to sell them. I hadn’t seen that before. Especially as he had a part in UKIP here in the UK and that has succeeded with infiltration and rebranding the racist concepts further than the BNP have. When you join the police in the UK you have to declare if you have ever voted for the BNP but they never asked anything about UKIP, and it was clear when I worked in the police how many of my colleagues had ‘voted leave’ in the Brexit referendum. I think the rebranding and reselling of alt-right concepts is a much bigger problem than we realise. The argument TERFS use here is that we don’t engage in ‘debate’ and they are being silenced and their rights infringed by no-platforming etc. I had not linked the rebranding concept across all these groups prior to this video but now a lot of these issues are making more sense to me.

Worst ending ever! Don't leave us hanging girl!

I originally disliked the video before watching then had to change it to a like afterwards. I think the title will turn a lot of people away but I understand that using this title can potentially help it reach a larger audience. It’s a tough decision but great video overall. I’m an African American male and I also watch people from the “intellectual dark web” but I understand how although they are not alt right, their views on certain issues can lead viewers down that path. I just wish that more people would understand this and catch themselves like the guy in the video.

I got a big smile on my face when I saw Part 1 at the end of the video. Looking forward to more of this series, Kat. :)

AHHH that ending!!!

Oopsie doopsie you just got a dislike

Uses Pewdiepie’s name for views. Mentions him for only 3 minutes at the very end. Says he’s a white nationalist in the title but the says he’s not. I’m so confused. Felix hasn’t done anything. He just has a lot of fans and his channel isn’t a politics channel so why would he talk about it?

amazing video kat!

oh I LOVE an investigation. You go Kat

Is this a joke?

Really hard to watch videos like this. Love your work, but hard to do a video that conveys how horrible these people are without being hard to watch because you have to show them. I got about 20 minutes in. Keep up the good work!

kat this is really fantastic!! so thoughtful and deep and I really dig the documentary style!! well done and i cant wait till the part two! (and im low key considering just dropping a link to my conservative ben-shapiro-loving dad to prove to him that hes basically a white nationalist)

Sub to pewds

What? why is there a tim pool clip in there, I'm genuinely curious

Bump this PLEASE DONATE YALL she works so hard! Thank you so much for this video! I was trying to piece together how this movement took us by "surprise", how we underestimated the hate that could make its way to more blatantly oppressive policy. Thank you for the historical references and the timelines. Thank you . I honestly thought of a parody during that speaks segment "kat blaque's content helped me become more compassionate" lol. I found your content around the time of mike brown and i was so grateful for not only your intersections being represented but the contenttttttttt. It made me challenge myself to educate myself more on the issues that do and do not affect me. To challenge history and see it differently, to seek the truth, to seek my ancestry as well. To begin asking what is important in life. Learning and growing is a constant journey we should always be willing to listen to experiences that arent our own so we may better understand our actions. That cliffhanger though im dyinggg lol

Wow Kat this video was chilling!

Excellent work, Kat.

i think the only bad thing about this video is that unfortunately, youre preaching to the choir. i still believe making content like this is important, and i obviously commend your bravery to actively oppose these views at the detriment of your own source of income. however, this video will not be seen by many people to which this applies, and those that do see it will watch with selective hearing and nitpick the hell out of its contents. i guess i just wish it wasnt the case.

the journalist jumped OUT‼️

Could it also be a possibility that he doesn’t speak out against those groups to not alienate them and possibly give them a direction to go that isn’t down the funnel? If that’s the case then he could very well be stopping countless people from falling down the funnel and lessening the effects of white supremist? ... or nothing at all/helping them. That’s possibility too

Wow Kat you really knocked this out of the park, great work!

These fiends are dying out whether they want to or not. Their efforts are for naught.


This is the type of content I come to YouTube for. Thanks Kat!

Mind blown! Thank you thank you for such a thought provoking film

Great and very thoughtful video

great video, it's really good to spread where current groups actually came from and turned crypto.

I wouldnt give a white ethnostate very long befoee it started cannibalizing itself once it fell back into only wanting the "right" white people i.e. not irish etc

DahliasDarkside Exactly. Revert back to how they used to view each other.

I will point out that the "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" statement is a meme now thanks to the rise of T-Series. It's also important to consider whether or not some of the people behind Pewdiepie only support him because he's white while T-Series is an Indian company, though... I feel like that was definitely a factor for the terrorist

+DeoMachina and I would never say otherwise but you totally missed my point.

Pretty sure white supremacists are bad, Brook They literally want me to die

>S Africa was great The people I know from South Africa tend to disagree Don't act like the government wasn't also shooting white people dead or throwing them in jail White supremacy is designed to put white men on top, but not all of them. Just a minority. Don't think you'll be living it up in such a state, because if you're as dumb as you look the only benefit you'll recieve is not being a slave. (you already have that benefit btw)

Any comments on Sri Lanka? Didn’t think so

These white people killed 3 million+ people during Bengal famine

Awesome content and great research! I love how Trans womxn like you and Natalie Wynn take up the mantle of educating. It must be draining on many levels, I had no idea a video could be demonetized if it was political, but we support you and appreciate all your hard work! It's folks like you who are actively changing the world

For real though this is a great video. There are lots of videos on this topic but no one but Kat seemed to do any homework and look at the modern history of it. I’ve watched thousands of these videos and this is the only one I would recommend to somebody as educational. Kudos!

Dislikes are 404: Error Dissent Not Found

Just a quick criticism on the video making itself, I dont think this video needed to be 39 min, you dont need 10 min of unedited clips of people talking. Just cut out the important parts to really drive your points. Good luck on your future videos.

Wow, I haven't seen this video. It's so original that you can tell it wasn't made to take advantage of Youtube's soulless algorithm whatsoever.

14:15 "and, _to some people,_ he's good looking" savage

literally everyone makes excuses for this nazi just because he's rich

Kat love your vids! Just want to say one thing though and that's that PewDiePie actually has multiple times spoken out about how much he disproves of white supremacy and Nazis and multiple other topics. I know he's not completely innocent but I truly believe he is bettering himself over the years and slowly getting more mature just like anyone who is young and niave. What more can you ask of a human than that? Especially if your the first one to pioneer being an influence to a young generation with memes it's hard to know what to do. I know your not attacking him and being reasonable but i just want to clarify it for myself. Anyways keep up the good work! Both you and PewDiePie.

Surface level highschool bullshit. Not an adult thought in this entire video. When you reject politics in its entirety, and realize ultimate truth, I will allow you to speak, girl.

I just watched a show that was talking about the Nazi regime possibly putting aside gold and diamonds to make sure the 4th Reich could be funded and resurfaced. Very creepy to have this pop up. That is not the world I want to live in.

if you think Ben Shapiro our Stephen Crowder or Rubin or Pewdiepie are voices of White nationalism and Nazism you definitely have brain damage lmao

He didn't cause it. But he didn't help stop it.

Lauren Southern isn't hateful. You're all so oversensitive.

Watching these white nationalists gave me reflux.

Nazi: No one can disagree with Freedom. Leftists: We'll show you!

And what about the black peoples who want to remove white ppl from the farm of south africa in violence ? Is it ok ?

Evil, racist, and sexist white male here, gee whiz I wonder how I can oppress some minorities and wamen?

Remember kids being white and being a nationalist is not a bad thing

Remember adults, white nationalists require genocide to enact their values.

People "radicalize" online because of systemic oppression and deplatforming. When people aren't able to speak peacefully about their ideas or feelings they resolve to violence to secure their freedoms. The violence in Charlottesville was the direct result of the local government there abandoning its responsibility to ensure protection of protestors 1st amendment rights.

+Iron Nation The terrorist even researched his chosen type of attack before the event lmao How are you only just finding out about this What ancient script are you reciting from

+DeoMachina That has no bearing on how the chain of events led to the violence. Anyway, have a nice day.

+Iron Nation The terrorist attack happened well away from any points of conflict. You're aware the trial is concluded yeah? The actual facts are now public domain? We all see you for what you are. Your side loses this one, and you're going to keep losing from now on.

+DeoMachina The planned event was canceled by the Mayor in violation of the court order permitting the event against the Mayor's wishes. The Mayor and local gov ordered the police to stand down, such that they didn't keep the two sides of the confrontation apart from one another. This led to two large frustrated groups aimlessly milling around getting into fights, which eventually culminated in Fields driving into that crowd of people. Had the Mayor and municipal gov obeyed the law and the police done their job its likely Heather Heyer would be alive today.

Even when the protest was allowed to go ahead, the fascists rammed a car into a crowd of innocent people anyway. Remember people, they cannot be placated. You can never give fascists what they want, because so long as it's your choice and not them forcing you, they don't have what they really want yet. Don't be fooled.

Kat holy hell this is amazing

Great analysis, Kat. It's so easy to take the viewpoint that racists and white nationalists are evil monsters that how they develop is often forgotten. Othering can be done by the left as well as the right, but that will only remove the chance to discuss complex issues and prevent dangerous, hateful ideologies evolving.

This video is important. I didn't even think to click it myself despite frowning upon Pewdiepie and also meme culture's laxity and almost romance with nationalism and discriminatory attitudes. YouTube actually did me good this time by autoplaying it and I love the quality of it, the content is wonderfully presented. Kat, you have rekindled my humanistic compassion to challenge casual and subtle discrimination, especially the jokes and memes and passive remarks, although I'm often laughed off as being too PC, I feel that I'd rather be labelled as overly PC than stoop to a level where I can make such semantically dark/evil/negative remarks without thought. If I can get someone to think more before they speak, maybe their compassionate beliefs will ground them in love rather than steer them towards hate. I've tried hard and still try to stay up to date with what is right, and not just "what I think is right", but what is right for all, what brings us closer to understanding and equality. It's a tiring journey and its hard at times, but with creators like you producing such wonderful commentaries and opening discussion on these "difficult" topics, I wish you well and I wish society well in its hopeful progression to a more compassionate future.

This is amazing. Such a clear, concise connect-the-dots map for people who haven't followed it up to now.

I came because of the pewdiepie in the title and how memeable his constant rebranding is. But instead got absolutely educated. Instant subscribe.

I found it unbelievable ( and funny) when Spencer is trying to make a case about his movement in the interview (at the 19:40 mark), by saying whites are going to become a minority and that there's a lot of anti-white hate and discrimination , and thatthey're having to walk on eggshells. It is laughable that to him a little discomfort (by calling out his white supremacist views) are a form of discrimination.

This is such a wonderful piece of work; congratulations, great job! Absolutely blown away by the articulated though process.

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the end credits???

Why does tim pool hang out with nazis

Maybe physically they do, but he seems like a total psychopath

Wow. This is actually a good take.

Great video. Thank you for making. I noticed too the rebranding involves recruiting "attractive" (in the conventional sense) women to recruit more disenchanted young men into the movement. Take The Rebel for example. It does just that. Also interesting that white nationalists hardly ever do interviews or discussions with people who disagree with them. They rather cocoon in hateful echo chambers, which YouTube itself (algorithmically) is in part responsible.

Can we talk about the irony of white AMERICANS wanting people to return to their ancestral homes? Uuummmmmmm.... HI.

+Kai Decadence Oohhhh. K cool, thanks for clarifying. And yeah that is an interesting perspective for sure.

+Homoneurotic oh I wasn't saying you were saying that, I was just talking about the sentiment in general. I remember when I was younger at school, there were this group of black and Hispanic kids who would rant on and on about how awful America is and in the back of my head I was always thinking (if you hate it so much, move out of the country when you get out of high school). But yeah. I get the irony on the white nationalists part as well and its ridiculous, I agree.

I wasn't trying to say anything about America being awful and I'm sorry if it came across that way. In a sarcastic roundabout way, the point I was trying to make was that America is not the ancestral "home" of caucasians. Because indigenous people exist. And caucasians arrived a few hundred years ago. So if white nationalists think everyone should "go home" they would have to also "go home." In their (awful) terms, America wouldn't be their "home" either. Just trying to point out the flaw in their rationale.

I'm sorry but with how some non white Americans act like how they think America is this awful place, I can sorta understand from that side a bit. If you hate it so much here, go somewhere else kind of deal.

It would be neat if Pewdie Pie actually saw this.

Richard Spencer - I don't go around shouting slogans. Also Richard Spencer - HAIL TRUMP! /

To label Pewdiepie as having ties to white supremacy is reprehensible. Non of the channels he follows have any kind of "pro-white" message, other than prehaps, Stefan Molyneux who's message has slowly morphed from libertarianism to nationalist garbage over time. I've never heard a more Orwellian condemnation than to be guilty by association. Pewdiepie has publicly disavowed white supremicists and to claim he avoided it is a lie.

+DeoMachina E;R

Molyneux literally said he's a white nationalist Southern too, and she's gone as far as to throw in with actual terrorist organisations who attack refugees Shapiro seems to harbour a hatred of Arabs, kind of implying a preference for "white" jews in Israel Who have I missed

Good documentary but be prepared you will be bullied because you put pewds face on the thumbnail it's a new face of cyber bullying. Keep it up. Problem is everything is a meme ,if you protest -you are against humour, if you reason- you don't understand humour.

Right wingers tell black people to get over slavery, yet when you want to bring down a statue they cry about heritage.

I would say it isn't so much heritage but just a part of history. Not a particularly pleasant part of history but a part of it nonetheless.

He's not responsible.

This video is extremely important and its demonetization is a crime, ao I just sent you a tip. My way of saying thank you!

When part 2 :(

DeoMachina Obama wouldn’t even use the term so I’m not sure what you mean by “everybody.”

+Dalton Heitmann Nobody argues that Islamic terrorism isn't a threat or isn't a problem though Everybody freely admits that So like, what do we need the video for? It's like making a video to say "getting cancer kinda sucks guys". We all already agree on that point. White supremacy though, people keep trying to defend it and its proponents How many news articles have there been trying to get us to empathise with nazis? Way too many. How many people flat out deny its a problem at all? Again, way too many.

The JuanTrueKaiser well I certainly don’t expect her to make any 40 minute videos about radical Islamic terrorism...

Dalton Heitmann this is a video essay. Not a regular daily news channel. What do u expect?

What's your point? In every country, all races have been guilty of committing a heinous crime that resulted in the death of hundreds+ White, black, Asian, etc. Everyone. It's just a part of the human experience.

Shapiro literally called for a genocide so like UHHH

+DeoMachina That's false, she never did that!! It's been proven that is false information. Do better research.

Southern literally flew all the way to Italy to join a terrorist group on their voyage to shoot flares at drowning refugees I have literally never hated anything so much I'd cross continents to attack it, so whatever runs through her veins is pure poison.

Exactly. It's bad on both ends of the spectrum. Blsck people can be just as toxic as the white nationalists. Anyone can really.

lul she never said he was a white nationalist in the title you illiterate kid... read it again

I got a better name and I will call it the buttering pipeline

Kat Blaque is it like the rebranding of biological women the trans cult is spearheading?

if people weren't selfish and actually listened to both sides of arguments they (hopefully) wouldn't slowly trickle into the alt-right

it's like they believe blue is pink and there's no convincing otherwise

+Dalton Heitmann lmao sure dude President Barack 'Drone Strike' Obama wasn't cognisant of Islamic radicals or anything

+DeoMachina are you dumb? please give me a source where it states that

+B Tchaikovsky If that didn't happen, how did she get arrested by the Italian coast guard? She kind of has to be at sea to be picked up by them.

Huge click bait, but very good content

Great video! I like Felix but I'll admit that when he featured Shapiro on meme review, it made me doubt about his intentions.

This video was so well thought out, well edited and brilliantly made. You've earned yourself a subscriber, keep up the great work. Absolutely loved this.

nice 40 minutes of nonsense there

Honestly if everyone in the world has more melanin then cancer rates will drop so I dunno what these white nationalists are so upset about.

The thing that bothers me the most is when white nationalists who live in places they stole from dark skinned indigenous people and then get mad when other people show up in those places too.

DeoMachina but did he refer to them by name? Nope....just given an award for peace efforts

Interesting video. Didn't know much about the BNP before this even as someone living in Britain. My understanding is that they had a small rise in popularity when Nick Griffin came along then people saw through his bullshit and now they have faded into insignificance thankfully. As for the "dog whistling" hypotheses I think that is a dangerous slippery slope. For example there is a sensible conversation to be had about what is a healthy level of immigration, but according to some that is considered "dog whistling" for white supremacy. When you start to think like this you start to see insidious subtext in everything, this kind of conspiratorial thinking is a common trapping of human psychology. Again, interesting video, looking forward to the next part.

There are some good points here, although as a side note just be aware your video is on the top page of r/breadtube. Which is voted as the most mentally ill/unstable violent/pedophile incel ridden racist subreddit on reddit. That is including r/chapotraphouse and r/politics. I hope you distance your self from that subreddit in the same way pewdiepie tries to separate himself from white nationalism.

20:00 @Kat Blaque It seems that in the subject - object discussion, subjector and objector have been ignored.

this is by far the clearest video that i have seen that addresses how nazis and the like rebrands hate.

Why is Ethan Klein on the list of alt-right twitter account?

Man you guys are brainwashed.

You can say all you want about white nationals these hate filled people have no empathy for anyone but themselves.They will follow no matter what.

Stop linking Pewdiepie to this horseshit. He reviews memes and dr Phil videos. Making something out of nothing.

Kat, looks like PewDiePie watched your video. Well, I don't know if he did but he seems as affected by your criticism in his latest video about ending the sub to PewDiePie meme and declaring he is not a racist.

As a white person, I would HATE to be stuck on a continent with only white people. No no no. Give me authentic Mexican food or give me death! lol.

Great video, recommend changing the click baity title. I’ve been a subscriber of pewdiepie for a long time now. Most if not all his content is all humor. He doesn’t intend to offend or hurt people in some of his content. Unfortunately someone used his name for something so horrible. The “subscribe to pewdiepie” meme was a positive movement at first but he has 90million people subbed to him. Sadly it brought awful people to it. If you watch his video he explains it. To end this, I love all people I only see human. We bleed the same color. I hope the world gets better and this mess ends.

Yeah I'm sorry but pewdiepie part is still utter bullshit and your own philosophies, basically blaming others with stuff, stuff that you do yourself

I don't think pewdiepie is a racist, the NZ shooter wanted to start a race war and pigeon hole non racists as racists, it's disgusting and deliberate trolling on behalf of a serial killer.

+Dalton Heitmann Yeah he did, a bunch of times actually Even watched some of the US military taking them out live

It’s pretty gross when Sargon, Crowder, Shapiro can make a living flirting with white nationalists and never get demonetized yet this does. Pewdiepie really did ruin YouTube with the adpocalypse huh?

Si un·e francophone parlant couramment anglais passe par là, tu peux traduire la vidéo stppppp

Well every white male right of Bernie Sanders is a white supremacist in your mind so your opinion is heavily biased wouldn’t you say?

13%. 50%

And Donald Trump doesn’t think that white nationalism and white supremacy’s rise is a problem in the US or in Europe. Meanwhile, there’s been an increase in hate crimes and white terrorist attacks and even the FBI (among other organization) says that it’s a problem.

Very thorough and to the point! I just found your channel and this video and now I’m gonna sub to you as well. Keep it up.

Love this video! Not really buying their sob stories of being naive young white racist men vulnerable to becoming white supremacist. Please they can save it. These people are devils.

You go, Kat!

Are you insinuating that Tim Pool is sympathetic to white nationalism? Genuine question. His clip directly follows Nick Fuentes’.

Time stamp 3:30

pillowcase assuming the worst about someone because of their skin color, gender, and humor while having the gall to pretend she’s not racist herself because she thinks she can’t be against white people. So basically she thinks if you disagree with her then you are a white supremacist, which is objectively racist, inaccurate, and unhelpful. The thumbnail literally has a picture of Pewdiepie next to Hitler for God’s sake.


You mean agree with you? You do realize that people can make jokes, have different political opinions and beliefs and not be “alt-right”.

DeoMachina a “white nationalist” or a nationalist who happens to be white? Words mean things, and being a nationalist means putting one’s own country above others and has nothing to do with race. Anyone of ANY race who acts only on behalf of people of the same skin color is a racist in my opinion. If we can’t coexist as Americans first, then what hope is there?

Dalton Heitmann And I’m sure Obama hated Christmas to didn’t he? xD

DeoMachina yeah I’m calling massive bullshit on that one

DeoMachina so does literally every other hostile group of people of any race. What, you think white people are the only ones guilty of wrongdoing?

mayocide when

Terrible, terrible job on Jordan Peterson. This is where you really start to reveal the trash, and dishonesty of your own politics. Jordan Peterson doesn’t speak of anyone’s “role” as fixed, and merely points out that, a) there are general, evolutionary/biological roles, and b) the more egalitarian the society, the more women still choose their “roles” en masse, for themselves. He is not saying, nor has he ever said, women can not or should not do this or that.

Ummm wait how is it not true that white people will eventually become extinct? The trajectory shows this is a fact.

Good video Kat, in fact probably your best video ever, thanks for sharing.

kat i’m blown away this is your best work yet

"black people have benefited from their expirence with white supremacy" Im sure the 10 million congolese who were killed in the Belgian Congo would disagree with that but ok


thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

+Farthest Prawn lol, what a baby

35:52 Kat: "While they might have slightly different ideas fr-" Dave Rubin: "I like iDeAs"

White supremacists are raised to be ignorant and be proud of this ignorance. Unfortunately there's no stopping these lunatics from what I can see. They will continue to breed

Could they have picked a whiter uniform? Basic... Take a tip from the Original Nazis, they weren't fat and at least had style.

It's not just the racist stuff, but also talking about Christchurch. Anyone that isn't MSM has had their videos demonetized if they talk about the shooting (monetization might have changed by now idk).

You are really misrepresenting a lot of people here: Peterson, Shapiro, Pool etc.

Hold up, this ain't Animorph

Can whites be left alone? Thank you.

*I'm proud to be white*

I was willing to watch until you started calling people nazis.. total nonsense.. cya

White people just want to survive. Stop hating us. The "white nationalists" dont want to kill anyone.

So following your argumentation line we should ban all political content of any type including yours because it leads for a far Z position? because that's your whole premise X people are the gate keepers of Y those lead to Z. Those that watch feminism content will be pushed into socialism ideologies and those be pushed into communism leading to the next genocide of jews, you people live in a fantasy bubble with very flawed argumentation lines and somehow think that has to be applied to the "right" people... if anything i fear are the idiots.

you're retarded

i really enjoyed this. thank you so much for putting so much time into it

Is trying to make pewds into a white nationalist a new fetish? It seems to be longer and harder with each new event.

Felix was just a bait that people took which helped his cause, thanks for covering that up

Mr. Honkler, I don´t feel so good..



Lolz at the stupidity of this video. It helps to have a functioning brain BEFORE trying to create logical connections to things

That's right, we're everywhere. Die Schwarze Sonne geht auf

*HONK* Everyone is a White Supremacist *HONK*

Kat is a black nationalist so she sees anyone that opposes her as a “white nationalist” when in fact they aren’t at all. They’re just good non-bigoted people.

The worst kind of supremacists are the feminists and BLM cronies.

I don't see why Pewdiepie has to answer to ANY of this.

Really good until 24:13 .. where you show just who Pewdiepie was following. People like Count Dankula for example, who are nationalists at heart (without the "white"). I have never seen him do anything but shitpost, use memes, joke around. He is mainly for scottish independence and freedom of speech. I like the fact that you don't dismiss them all as nazis though (as people like Molyneux certainly aren't): you can be a nationalist and proud of your heritage, country and culture without advocating for violence. You can consider certain cultures to be incompatible or mutually exclusive (because they obviously can be). Also, consider that Pewdiepie caters to an international context, where "nationalism" is a generally a broader term when not applied only to America.

Yes! More race baiting! The world has a good looking future!

Aaaaaaand subscribed. Thanks for a great and very interesting video!

Sending you love and strength ♥

Oh no sis there’s a mini spencer and pewdiepew in like all my AP classes

Mmm... Richard Spencer is my dream man.

It’s scary how cult-like a lot of these alt-right communities are (not to mention that Molyneux’s ideology/followers have already been labeled a cult). The Behavior and Thought sections of the BITE model (used to determine whether a group is a cult) seem particularly tapped into by the alt-right and white nationalist thought leaders. A few of the points on the BITE model that I think are met by far-right groups: *Behavior* 1) dictate where and with whom you live 2) restrict/control sexuality 3) control clothing and hairstyle 4) exploit you financially *Information* 1) divide information into insider vs. outsider doctrine 2) generate/use propaganda extensively *Thought* 1) instill black vs white, us vs them, good vs evil thinking 2) change your identity 3) use loaded language and cliches to stop complex thought *Emotional* 1) love bombing (the hypothetical BNP recruiter mentioned in the video used this tactic) Also, the presence of a clear leadership and hierarchy, as in the case of Molyneaux’s cult, is another red flag that the group is a cult

According to the Constitution (just found this out because I'm taking a class in government), free speech is NOT protected when it could cause militant and/or harmful actions. I know WHY this hasn't been addressed and silenced, but I do believe it gives us a chance to shut them down and squander their dangerous ways.

Thirsting for part 2. This is so important and horrifying. Outstanding work, sis!

I thought you were going to call Pewdiepie a Nazi or something but instead you defended him... huh, nice going

36:30 shupport shapiro


I too like Chris Ray Gun

And they NEVER have

She begins the video with "I don't blame pewdiepie"

+Unknown Username

Pls crawl back to frenworld, 4chan or into sewage.

Yeah they've killed MILLIONS

Not really. Demography of diffrent societies evolves and while the developed countries are first to follow this, the other parts of the world will follow. So either they will also have less children, or a lot of their people will die out anyway, because of poor living conditions.

Love, where are you getting this from?

Unknown Username it’s a generic comment. You can’t clickbait a title, along with putting Pewdiepie on the thumbnail and not expect backlash.

Did you..... Watch the video? She defended him lol

+Farthest Prawn she begins the video with "I don't blame Pewdiepie". I don't understand. Please show me, ( use timestamps if necessary) where you feel she did ANY of that in this video. I'm just trying to understand

+Farthest Prawn you didn't address the point. All 3 of those people, especially Southern and Molenyeux are white nationalists. Not white people who happen to be nationalists. White. Nationalists.

+Farthest Prawn the op mentioned white nationalists. Someone responded. R u good dude?

Kat Blaque also your video is extremely interesting and informative. These are all questions that I have too and I just want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to exploring the answers we need

Kat Blaque I have a strong suspicion that part of the reason the shooter mentioned word for word "subscribe to pewdiepie" was to make his video trend

Wow just one more black naci racist ;) Nothing new on youtube ;)

Ok so i promised i would whatch the whole thing before saying anything and i still think most of the points u made linking pewds and most of the conservatives discussed here to the alt right and nazis in general were complete garbage. Sorry i tried but i just dont think u really understand what they are about, like at all nice try tho.

Jews are just as racist as the Alt Right - Ben Shapiro Milo Y, etc. Israel receives 35 bil $ annually for being an apartheid state.

For all the people that are engaged in this - watch my comment BEFORE commenting something.

Also, you are a strong beautiful woman

I know this is a serious video, but I cannot stop laughing at these white nationalists' talking points like white people being discriminated against

Wow Kat...I know you're an amazing content producer anyway, but this documentary was really impressive! Being Black British, it was great to see you talk about white nationalism over here, as the UK is often ignored. I always thought there was something crazy about how many people seem to have white nationalist beliefs, but yet claim that they aren't racist. It's why it's so hard to debate with these people on sites like twitter (which I've now stopped doing for my own inner peace).

I truly can not understand how they can say that people need to go back to their own countries buuuuut America didn’t start as a white country.

Cringe and bluepilled

+Unknown Username cringe and bluepilled

Where did you get that argumentation line, love? She didn't say anything about that. Also, feminism has had at least 2 centuries to lead to the genocide of the Jews. Nothing yet. White nationalism, however, lead to mass murder a couple months ago.

+T 138 based and Redpilled

+Unknown Username Please crawl back into the closet or into a gas chamber

Original nazi uniforms were straight up made by Hugo Boss

"Authentic Mexican food" Mexican is a nationality not a racial group.

Zulu Armand I dont care about those places. I care about our motherland, europe

You are an awful person

This was a very hateful video, glad I’m not you

I really hate this idea that white men are being duped into these ideologies. That it was just their mental health or economic standing or lack of resources that got them to fascism because I'm not awarded the same on anything, we call that privilege. They were and are active agents in white supremacist movements and they should admit that if we are to move on. Enough with the coddling, I can see some merits to this idea but ultimately it doesn't hold up in its entirety.

Some will always dominate and others will always be oppressed. White people are very good at noticing when there is the slightest possibility of being dominated and they very quickly start taking a stand against it. That's why they don't get dominated despite having always been a minority in the world's population. It's actually an admirable quality when you think about it. Don't get mad at one group for being better at it than others. Individuals are not responsibility for their oppression but groups are responsible.

Hacks and liars. What's new.

In many ways, videos like this are so difficult to watch. But in addition to them being necessary, they're also engrossing. You mentioned something that really caught my attention...Being (or not being) apolitical. I've found this to be quite prevalent in the so-called "Skeptic Community". When I was first introduced to many of them, the ones that caught my attention, were the atheist channels. So many focused exclusively on the subject of theism vs. atheism, that their political leanings were never discussed. In fact, I didn't watch any of them with politics in mind, I watched them because they found creationism and evolution & science denial as bizarre as I did. Over time, many of these channels evolved (or in this case, de-evolved), and either went full anti-SJW, or became fence-sitting centrists (a strange position for an atheist, I always thought). My rather long-winded point, is that it's almost impossible for any substantive content creator to remain apolitical. Those that attempt it, are usually only trying (and in my eyes, failing) to do so because of fear of losing revenue, or cowardice. Anyway...A terrific and chilling video. I look forward to watching the next chapter.

The irony of the white nationalists using tiki torches during their marches. Make your own torches, dammit. Tap into that luscious Euro blood and tie a cloth to a stick. Be proud

Okay, here's a hot take - Spencer is a white nationalist. Pewdiepie is not a white nationalist.

i know this was hard for you kat. you did good for us though exposing this. black solidarity and support through the rough comments i'm sure you got.

Fantastic journalism.

Now you lied about Jordan Peterson.

24:19 lmfao, which one's of those are obvious nazi's? Ethan Klien and Boogie!? How can't you people see how delusional you are?

Europeans have a right to their nations to survive into the future. To call out mass immigration into our nations isn't in any way 'supremacist', ironically the only supremacists are the ones naming white separatists as such because its only a lie made to legitimize Europeans replacement. Now if we were calling for the third world to be colonized by whites, that would be supremacy. You people have to be intellectually challenged or delusional to think being against immigration is equivalent to being a supremacist.

You're a retard. Of course your PayPal is 'cuteartsychick', tells me all I need to know about your intelligence.

Well this was dumb

Very good video Kat, a little late to the party but it went fast and was very informative.

This b is like slow death

I think there's a difference between US nationalism and British nationalism, for example. While both are (of course) racist and xenophobic, nationalism in most of Europe focuses more on heritage than skin colour itself.

Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this video

*Swedish White Man Bad*

He doesn't.

+TAL 138 based and Redpilled

12:50 I guess all white people should return to Europe and let native Americans and indigenous races , Mexicans and or Latin origin people reclaim the continent that was stolen and plagued by diseases brought on the “ mayflower “

At 2:55, thats the hindu swastik, not related to Nazis...

Yes! I personally as a finnish White man feel as if my culture and heritage is not respected and frowned upon...

So anyone right of Stalin is a white nationalist? Video is very well done but many of the people mentioned aren’t even close to being one. You mingle conservative values and Nazis a little too close and loosely. Muddy the waters a bit.

You made many good points during this video. Just to undermine it by framing pewdiepie as a racist and ruining it.

Omg you are so articulate and educated. Thank you for being here.

"Australia should stay white" I wonder how aboriginal people feel about that sentiment.

Amazing work! Honestly it’s difficult for me to digest certain informative videos on this topic and ones related to it, this, however, was amazing. Can’t wait for part 2!

this but unironically

imagine being against immigration lulw

+Merkava Mk.4M Windbreaker oh no found a bootlicker

I can’t believe you’d defend Islam, the most homophobic, sexist and violent religion yet you can identify the negatives of white supremacy. They are one in the same

Do some research into Islam

Loving this type of content

Hi Kat! Rising nationalism 1. of people who fell through the education systems and 2. of people who have been privileged by skin colour, gender and/or religion and feel victimized because their privileges are levelled - is a very serious problem worldwide. Thank you for informing so intelligently and calmly about something that upsets me greatly. I am looking forward to part II. Kind regards from Europe! (Edit: Why doesn't your channel show the number of subscribers? I am a new subscriber and I don't understand that.)

This video was really good

great content

So like this was a great video obvi, my thing is what are we supposed to do about white nationalism ya know? Like what’s our response supposed to be?

Lmao I think it's so funny that people think Laci Green is a gateway to Nazi-ism.

All those videos of people saying they voted for a fascist because they're 'sick of the same old same old' or 'wanted a change' - THIS is why all schools should have politics classes, not just the private schools!

The shooter didn't have the "support" of pewdiepie and people are putting way to much weight on the phrase "subscribe to pewdiepie" he could have just said it as an internet meme and i don't think it has any connection to the shooting. He would have done it wether subscribe to pewdiepie existed or not

YouTube needs to de-platform everyone on Rebel Media and start there.

So....Why didn't whites have those agency's???? BECAUSE they were the ones discriminating against others. Lmao I can't!!! A agency no one would be using for anything sensical...they are literally calling other races ageing slower ,other races having better fertility...REVERSE RACISM lol that's called genetics.... Take OUR country back it's never-ending comedy from these types, since when is this THERE country?

Thank you for this important video.

What a surprise a black guy begging for money

Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie

Your a racist kat and your going to hell. I bet your a atheist

But a mass shooter wouldn't write 'subscribe to pewdiepie' in his manifesto just because it's an internet meme:/

I still love Pewdipie idgf

The main problem I have with this video is painting Shapiro, Crowder and Peterson and all the other moderate conservatives as white nationalist or at least painting them as if they’re right on the line between them because they are no where near it I don’t watch them that much at all anymore but I used to so I know them well and they don’t even come close to a white nationalist considering I’ve met some white nationalist and they are even more crazy than the ones in the videos. And I’ll write some other things I had some problems with below. The biggest one I had a problem with by far is the line about Peterson saying that he said or that he’ll say in his speeches “that women have certain roles in society under a man”... That is 100% false not sure whether you did that on purpose to make Peterson look sexist or further your point or you misinterpreted something he said (which can happen because he uses a lot of verbiage) or genuinely made a mistake but Peterson has never said that, that I know for a fact. In fact Peterson is more left than right but he does have some obvious right qualities. Shapiro is definitely against the left the crazy ones anyways but he’s the main target of white nationalist because he’s a Jewish man on the right which makes him even more hated than normal Jewish people plus he’s never said anything that’s out there he has pretty standard conservative views. He is a pretty standard conservative if anything he’s more liberal than most conservatives. (In General he’s more liberal because there are areas where he’s pretty conservative but overall a tad bit more liberal in my opinion from my experience) Crowder just really dislikes the psycho liberals and makes fun of them and ect although to be fair I can’t comment much on crowder cause I’ve not watched him much at all. He’s like a moderate Milo. Which brings me to my next point I think I get what you were trying to say that conservatism can be a gate way to the alt-right which is true but that’s like saying “did you know you can blow bubbles with bubble gum” it’s the same with the left and every other ideology or genre or anything that has ever existed if you listen to leftist commentators that can lead you to such ideals as Marxism or the alt-left with groups such as antififa which is considered a domestic terrorist organization The point is “yes you can blow bubbles with bubble gum” and “you can also get water out of a lake” if you play FPS games chances are you’ll get recommended and or you’ll buy more FPS games if you watch right wing commentators you have a higher chance of being exposed to the Alt-right if you watch left wing commentators you have a higher chance of being exposed to the Alt-left and if you drive a car you have a higher chance of texting and driving. The reason I didn’t like this part of the video is because it felt kinda pointless.

This is a very,very informative video, but I expected more on how white nationalists utilize memes to soften the message, and the whole culture of "it's only a joke, y u so mad". Having said that, I have to say the research was great and overally great, great, great video. Keep it up please. Pewdiepie is a bigger problem than he seems.

I’m dedicating an entire video to white nationalist ideologies and such. It’ll be part 3 though

This is an awesome video. I'm not quite sure how I found your channel but I'm subbed.

Nazis were socialists, Democrats are socialists, therefore Democrats are Nazis. Punch a Nazi.

Kat Blaque is it? So is calling Crowder, Shapiro, Petersen, and Felix similar to Nazis or that they turn people into Nazis. Incredibly ignorant or incredibly dishonest tactic to drum up hate against just normal good people. The fact is, there aren’t enough real Nazis like the ones you showed so you have to make normal people into Nazis. Also, you get hellacious more views is you use Felix. Just awful of you in many ways.

That’s really silly logic. Incredibly silly logic.

Low IQ people. Hitler liked dogs, Pewdiepie likes dogs. Therefore Pewdiepie is Hitler. This isn’t just low IQ, this is intentional slander to provoke hate. This is evil.

Kat Blaque yes on both questions. You liked many comments of your viewers who outright called him a white supremacist. I can provide screen shots. You intend to call Felix a Nazi without being quoted as calling him a Nazi. You are actually the far-left equivalent of the far-right Nazis. You are the hate groomer for your movement that you claim Felix is. It’s incredibly ironic you can’t see that.

Are any of my viewers calling him a Nazi though? Did you listen to what was said? The thumb nail is intentional

Kat Blaque that’s what is so insidious about your tactic. You superimpose Felix’s face over Hitler in you thumbnail yet claim by saying he’s probably not a Nazi in the video you aren’t responsible for your viewer calling him a Nazi. You hide behind your dog whistles of hate.

Did you watch this video? I say several times I don’t think Pewdiepie is a Nazi. I say it right in the beginning too.

I love it. Subscribed.

Problem with topics like these when you even making the connection with people who have a vague connection with Hitler in a thumbnail, you are making a big accusation. Pewdiepie, while he can be anything you've stated, he is a well liked, down-to-earth person who most of the time is not connected to any of it. I'm not saying making the correlation is bad, but it comes across as dehumanizing. Nazis=bad, white nationalism=bad, putting right winged people in your show=bad? The right won't budge if they try to understand your reasoning only to see people they see as a human just like them to be portrayed to the image of one of the worst icons in history. It doesn't solve anything. There won't be a meaningful conversation out of this.

+Kat Blaque it doesn't matter. People can't see the difference between white supremacist enablers and people they like that doesn't preach bigotry all the time. It has turned into an idea, a system of 'evil'. Therefore, making that any link between Hitler and pewdiepie will shut them down. 99% of the time, the guy is an entertainer who doesn't have any influence in politics. If one shooter out of 90 million people is a fan, that's a very, very low percentage. Honestly, I never thought I would talk about this. I'm leftist because I don't have a choice. Being queer and black while living in Europe surrounded with white people who dehumanise me every single day. I'm an activist for equal life opportunities. I never, ever, would defend white supremacy or try to reason with them. But as you know, liberals aren't perfect either and you know that. While I don't disagree with you, people who need it the most, won't hear you. This is just confirmation for people who share similar beliefs. Sure, giving a hug and trying to have a debate with people who deny someone's existence is not possible and fighting back by telling 'the truth' is a great wake-up call because it's needed. Buuut. This video isn't that. It's accusatory and clickbait. I watch your videos for a long time, it's the first time I feel this way. But hey, it's just my opinion. Without people like you, people would feel lost. Don't let my criticism change anything you don't want to do.

Why do you think people would sooner argue to reason with white supremacists than they do people who are impacted by them? Why do people pretend that those who need to be heard the most are the people who want to cause harm and sow discord?

Kat Blaque is it? So is calling Crowder, Shapiro, Petersen, and Felix similar to Nazis or that they turn people into Nazis. Incredibly ignorant or incredibly dishonest tactic to drum up hate against just normal good people. The fact is, there aren’t enough real Nazis like the ones you showed so you have to make normal people into Nazis. Also, you get hellacious more views if you use Felix. Just awful of you in many ways.

+TheVollottaja for decades, Europeans are having 'troubles' with immigration. Every several years or so there is hysteria about a minority group. Immigrants who were welcomed because nobody wants to do low-end jobs are later hated after they settle in and have generations of children who want be acknowledged as a citizen, but also want to embrace their family's culture. Or countries that have been colonized and now those people are going to Europe to live there. Just by existing with white people is causing hatred. People who have different beliefs are suddenly accounted for because a very, very small percentage out of millions of people are terrorists. Immigrants who literally do not have a home to go back to are seen as pests because a few people 'ruin it'. If white people do a crime, it's on that individual. You even want to think about their mental stability and background. When a minority does it, anyone who even shares the same skin color is accused. They won't think why that person even committed it, there will only be pointed fingers. You know why? Because people in Europe are supportive of minorities, but if only one single suspicious person is causing anything, white people will act 'see? They aren't good people after all, they're savages'. They weren't supportive from the beginning, they want to find reasons to confirm their suspicions. Can't you see? By giving them a label, it makes it easier to not see them as human beings and it's easier to dehumanise them into pests. Do you have a problem with criminality or do you have a problem with minorities? Is your culture actually in danger or are you projecting something else?

+Cludora no see I get what you are saying. Its the People that come here as refugees and disrespect my culture with no regard that piss me off

Living and born in Europe as a black person, it's often a dog-whistle that always goes to nationalism and xenophobia. They want to protect their lands and feel threatened that people will 'take their culture ' whenever a group of dark people come to their country, even when they don't have proof of that. Also, they think their culture is more important than people who don't look like them or don't share the same beliefs. So if your culture has blackface, if you give criticism, they will hold on to their traditions. Change, growth and mindfulness is different than getting rid of the traditions. But the problem isn't changing traditions (they do it all the time), it's when a tradition is changed when minorities talk about it. For example, Dutch people had a black chocolate candy used to call 'negerzoenen', meaning 'kiss from a negro'. When the company that uses the name changed it, white people don't liked that, they are angry that black people are changing their ways of living and their culture. You know what truly happened? No black person caused it, the company itself decided to change the name because of a marketing campaign. If any other company changed their name, nobody would care. So in the end, it's all the same, just better hidden microagressions.

do you not realize you are yourself extremely racist? I've never seen someone with so many double standards.

Good video.

Give me 5 examples of my racism

@Smash 456

Stephen Walters My gosh dad, get out of our life.

@Kat Blaque Can't lie, I do like your videos. Wish my Great X5 Grandfather was still alive to see this, but he was whipped to death trying to escape from a plantation.

@Kat Blaque Thanks Kat.

This is a well put together video , I truly enjoyed it and i learned a little about a group of people I am not familiar with . Great job

White nationalist: yeah we know African Americans have been living here for eons but lets just send them back to their HOMELAND!!! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Native Americans: I'm bouta end this whole manz career.

I’m glad you exceeded my expectations with this and I agreed with you more than I thought I would. I like your perspective on PewDiePie. While I can see that what he’s saying is meant for purely humorous and ironic purposes, there are people who won’t take it the same way. I’m always surprised by just how many right wingers say they love edgy jokes, but throw a fit whenever they themselves come under fire, despite their ridicule of leftists for reacting the exact same way. I think that PewDiePie is unaware that a decent number of his followers take what he says a little too seriously (with a huge platform like his, there’s bound to be a good number that do so)

So where does this Faraday Speaks guy fall now? Like, I know he bounced all over the place on the political spectrum, so I’m curious, especially seeing that he (seems) aware that his being a white nationalist was a big issue. I’m just curious, where does he fall on the political spectrum?

This video is the best articulation of the connection between white nationalism and pewdiepie/Ben Shapiro/conservatives as a whole. This is something I might show a club I’m in at college, can’t wait for part 2!

Thank you for shinning a light on this insidious tactic by blatant racists to conceal their true natures. The light of truth always reveals the often hideous realities many people try to avoid!

What you do is very important! I do think you can control your followers to a point. You can make your channel inhospitable to whomever you wish. You can't control trolls. Yet, you can delegate their position. This is why I have no tolerance for moderates/skeptics/centrists. They are useful idiots. They legitimize cancerous ideology and aid it as it matastasizes. They compromise and lend credence to nazis. They are worse than the far right in the sense that they seem reasonable. As bad faith actors they should receive the same venom. Plausible deniability,indifference and sympathy=tacit support. That's all that's needed for this disease to take hold. It cannot be legitimized or given platforms. These people want to bastardise free speech and free association. They want to commandeer it and use it against us. These ideas must be pulverized as they are uttered.

Whiteness is more than just skin colour - it’s being the “perfect” white person, so, to be super misogynistic, able, cis, have no mixed ancestry or family, “the right ideas”, be rich, and so on. As the one person in your video put it: “it was bad for everyone”

6:44 Interesting argument. How does he know that freedom is why someone fights in a war? How does he know that the people fighting for freedom intend for it to be given to their children? Does he think that people who had parents who didn't fight in the war don't deserve freedom? How can freedom be stolen? Is freedom limited?

@Kat Blaque it doesn't matter. People can't see the difference between white supremacist enablers and people they like that doesn't preach bigotry all the time. It has turned into an idea, a system of 'evil'. Therefore, making that any link between Hitler and pewdiepie will shut them down. 99% of the time, the guy is an entertainer who doesn't have any influence in politics. If one shooter out of 90 million people is a fan, that's a very, very low percentage. Honestly, I never thought I would talk about this. I'm leftist because I don't have a choice. Being queer and black while living in Europe surrounded with white people who dehumanise me every single day. I'm an activist for equal life opportunities. I never, ever, would defend white supremacy or try to reason with them. But as you know, liberals aren't perfect either and you know that. While I don't disagree with you, people who need it the most, won't hear you. This is just confirmation for people who share similar beliefs. Sure, giving a hug and trying to have a debate with people who deny someone's existence is not possible and fighting back by telling 'the truth' is a great wake-up call because it's needed. Buuut. This video isn't that. It's accusatory and clickbait. I watch your videos for a long time, it's the first time I feel this way. But hey, it's just my opinion. Without people like you, people would feel lost. Don't let my criticism change anything you don't want to do.

@TheVollottaja for decades, Europeans are having 'troubles' with immigration. Every several years or so there is hysteria about a minority group. Immigrants who were welcomed because nobody wants to do low-end jobs are later hated after they settle in and have generations of children who want be acknowledged as a citizen, but also want to embrace their family's culture. Or countries that have been colonized and now those people are going to Europe to live there. Just by existing with white people is causing hatred. People who have different beliefs are suddenly accounted for because a very, very small percentage out of millions of people are terrorists. Immigrants who literally do not have a home to go back to are seen as pests because a few people 'ruin it'. If white people do a crime, it's on that individual. You even want to think about their mental stability and background. When a minority does it, anyone who even shares the same skin color is accused. They won't think why that person even committed it, there will only be pointed fingers. You know why? Because people in Europe are supportive of minorities, but if only one single suspicious person is causing anything, white people will act 'see? They aren't good people after all, they're savages'. They weren't supportive from the beginning, they want to find reasons to confirm their suspicions. Can't you see? By giving them a label, it makes it easier to not see them as human beings and it's easier to dehumanise them into pests. Do you have a problem with criminality or do you have a problem with minorities? Is your culture actually in danger or are you projecting something else?

@Cludora no see I get what you are saying. Its the People that come here as refugees and disrespect my culture with no regard that piss me off

@Merkava Mk.4M Windbreaker oh no found a bootlicker

@Unknown Username cringe and bluepilled

@TAL 138 based and Redpilled

@Unknown Username Please crawl back into the closet or into a gas chamber

@Unknown Username

If we keep calling Felix a nazi, then they have more fuel. He isn't but we are literally pushing him into their hands and that is dangerous.

This video will most likely push people to the right.

What an amazing video! Thanks a lot!

I am confused about why that person included H3H3 in their screenshot of people who, as you said, flirt with white nationalism when he is a jew. Not a criticism for you since it's not your screenshot, but does anyone have any idea about why someone might seem him that way?

Reporting all hate comments.

Good argument. I think your summation of Pewdiepie's (albeit indirect) position in all of this is fairly accurate, though I disagree as to his motivation. I don't think that he's afraid of alienating his fanbase and losing money. I think the reason he doesn't do more to clarify his stance on white nationalism is out of intellectual laziness and disinterest. He simply doesn't care about white nationalists unless they do something obviously bad; he doesn't seem to seriously consider the long-term deeper ramifications beyond the surface level. I do believe that he disagrees with hate groups in general, but he isn't critical enough to detect mundane everyday racism, mostly due to where he grew up, if I'm guessing; which means that his ironic humor often overlaps with the alt-right's sincere belief. The best reparation he can make is to take more time studying the world in general, and to become more ideologically critical so that he could pick up on malicious content and know how to deal with it on the spot before it's too late, rather than his current m.o. of thinking it's no big deal and joking about it. My point being, Felix is I think unconsciously tolerant of mild racism, but I don't think he's intentionally twisting things out of fear of losing his audience. If he were afraid of losing his audience he would have reinstated his defunct "Fridays with Pewdiepie" segment long, long ago. There definitely is a connection that we, and Felix himself, should explore and take seriously. My only reservation is as to how much of it is conscious or intentional. The best-case scenario would be if Felix got more conscientious about this and became an active critic of alt-right BS; if he gets cancelled and shunned, we'll only be doing the alt-right narrative a massive favor. But overall, great video that went into a lot more backstory and context than I was expecting. —A new subscriber

i found your channel today while researching socialization! love love love it! would love to talk to you as i progress with my paper!

It's interesting that the youtuber describing his dive into the alt right mentions that the person he first followed described themselves as being a philosopher who held the view "objectivism." Objectivism is also the title that Ayn Rand (of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead) gives her philosophy, and her novels (along with her world-view, to which the novels are very, very closely connected) seem to be quite popular among young people who would also describe themselves as libertarians. Just wanted to note it as another connection that may well be relevant to the story of how people end up with these more intense ideologies. The speech Rand writes for her character John Galt at the end of the novel Atlas Shrugged is pretty vivid when you have the connection to these more toxic ideas in mind (or, dare I say, the connection might just occur to you even if you didn't have it in mind).

If PewDiePie wants to take a non Political stance then he should, his videos aren't about politics despite people always trying to make them about that. There seems to be all of talk about authority figures here and i think really the solution the problem is to teach people to engage with ideas and not personas. As someone who had at one point followed Crowder, Ben Shapiro etc, I didnt see them as authority figures and I watched their videos to see if there ideas had merit, and I found they didn't, and stopped watching. If someone sees someone else as an authority figure and then adopts their ideas because of it, the blame is on the person who was willing to believe anything their stand in daddy tells them. It's less about ideas and more about status, about standing and respectivility. And I don't think PewDiePie's video on Shapiro make him look respectable, they make him look like a joke, or at the very least someone who practices discourse in bad faith (ie the destroying snowflakes meme.). I think people who exercise good faith debates and reasrch claims on their own will not fall down this rabbit hole. These people prey on the weak minded, but is it their fault or the fault of those who adopt ideas mindlessly, based on how they feel rather than their merit? Maybe it's a bit of both, but when it comes to people who are not spewing those ideas like PewDiePie, he isn't responsible for those weak minded individuals because he's not preying on them like the political YouTubers do.

When did boogie become a Nazi? I must've missed something...

Thank you for this @katblaque. I know it wasn’t an easy video to make. But soooo necessary.

I love this. I just discovered your channel, this is excellent. Btw I love how you change the editing of your outros so the voice over looks out of synch with the video. Very cool!

Did that uncooked chicken breast tell that man that “Apartheid was a good thing for black people”?????????

The radicalism on either side is terrifying and loosing common ground, loosing sense, winning young or vulnerable people. The spiralling down of our world feels so intangible/no way to grapple and redirect

I was just listening to this as a casual podcast then I heard “Crowder and Shapiro” and im kskdlflfld

I'm scared

I've been thinking about this as well. how youtube has changed so much..

I am highly engaged!

I am very happy to have found this channel. But in a way I am suffering from subscribing to white approval, as c0ntrapoints pointed me here. Or maybe as a trans woman I am looking for more sane trans people to watch? All this is very complicated.

Exactly. He seems to be unaware of his influence but I am sure after he noticed everyone being racist towards Indian people he will be more aware. Or at least I hope.

"Further down the funnel" As an Adman. Yikes.

Where would the native Americans go?

This is why I love your content and recommend you to my friends.

You are so concern about your people but the rest can't do that? what is happen with christian and whites in africans and/or islamic countrys like nigeria or south África, etc? Why you dont speak about that ? That is less important to you no?

It’s just like that one Malcolm X quote. “Racism is like a Cadillac. There’s a new type every year” I see not much has change

Alt right is using memes to win the youth over so let’s counter them with better memes gang

The fact that this even has 1000 dislikes is really sad.

This is a clickbait. Maybe you didn't even wanted it to be clickbait, but it is what it is

In scrolling through your uploads, it looks like exactly the sort of content I've been consuming for the last year at least. Why does it take a video about how white LeftTube is for you to show up in my Recommendeds??? I will never understand how the YT algorithm works.

just have to say that lip colour is amazing. Need to know what you did.

This video is so well researched and put together, it is truly horrible to see all of the connections between these groups and people. Thank you for this high-quality content and for your emotional labour.

Your videos are so important to me, this one is huge. I'm polish and I currently live in America, I'm an immigrant and my family was one of millions to be tortured and enslaved by the nazis in the 40s. I lost many family members, people that could have been in my life. There is a nazi movement in Poland and it's something that boggles my mind. I try to keep up, do research, explain to myself why people like me walk over to the side that wanted us all dead just a half century ago. The rise of popularity of far right ideals in Europe is terrifying and I can only read so much till I feel disgusted and depressed.

I have an easy test to check if ideas are bad: if it's arguing against someone's basic free existence, it's bad

But Pewdiepie HAS disavowed racism repeatedly. But he isn't a political or social commentary channel, he's a meme channel, so he's not going to change that and devote his channel to politics. He shouldn't need to keep responding because he isn't guilty. The memeification of hatred is extremely disturbing, and an appropriate topic for critique, but the whole purpose of a meme is to detach an entity from its original context and give it a new meaning through ad nauseam repetition in new contexts, so Pewdiepie himself doesn't matter to white nationalists, just the fact that he's a meme. I really like your video, and Pewdiepie being used as a hate meme is a fascinating and horrifying snapshot of our times to analyze, but I feel bad for him on a personal level for being forever shadowed by these nazi accusations. Of course the negativity only reached this level because of his fame so to some extent he just has to deal with it, but I can still feel bad for someone with immense power and visibility because to some extent that's marginalizing too.

Just discovered this channel today, keep on informing the people, comrade!

The thing is that for a lot of Continental and Eastern Europeans it's different. I am in no way thinking one race is more superior on important than other AND I don't really agree with these people but... the main reason at least in Continental and Eastern Europe for the rise of nationalism is fear, fear of unknown and also fear of being blamed for being a racist in a weird way. I am not talking about neo-Nazis and extremists but about the common people who vote for parties that are far-right and nationalistic. They are people who are afraid of a sudden surge of immigrants and losing their homeland and traditions, they don't care about the race really, but it's easy to play with them and make them support racism if it means to them they can be sure their culture and life remain the same. They aren't used to a multicultural environment and most countries aren't multicultural, so it's very scary to have a sudden surge of immigrants, especially when you are a small and very poor country like many in Eastern Europe and you are expected to handle it well. Here where I live there were complaints from the west that the money and apartments given to immigrants weren't good enough, well, a big portion of the locals would consider it a luxury to get help like that, those apartments were better than what like half of the working population could afford. That makes people angry, so they turn to racism to try to protect themselves. Being outbred is a real fear because people in Eastern Europe have suffered a lot under conquest and just recently got it's freedom and has never benefitted from racism like English etc have.

Really good summary of this phenomenon, thank you. This will be a useful video that I can suggest to people who haven't been aware of this, and want a digestible summary to bring them up to speed.

How the hell have I only just heard of you? I've been watching left tube stuff for about as long as it's existed and I feel robbed that I've only just stumbled across you.

Kat Blaque DAM shame! You guys should be well compensated, concerning the revenue you generate for YT.

The algorithm led me to you.

As soon as you see anyone far enough down the rabbit hole that they're following not only Crowder and Lauren but also Stefan and PJW, that is a person you need to distance yourself from

Yupe, you don't have the possibility to be non-political. Your very existence is seen as a statement if not even revolt. Being born female, cutting my hair short or wearing baggy clothes is always seen as defiant. Not wearing a dress to a wedding is rebellious. Just being me is a controversy. Glad to hear your voice, keep up the good work!

The bnp comment about controlling the media is terrifying when you see the state of uk tabloids and the result of that

I used to watch him but then I found he did start getting political in subtle ways and so convinced in his own flimsy opinions. I just watched a video on him hating marvel. Really silly video but I noticed a common thing he believes in similar to most right wingers. “Why is black panther praised so much if race doesn’t matter” the whole “the left is so hysterical” type opinion. I’m white and even with my limited understanding I can understand how races are the same but due to how society is have different struggles and might enjoy being more represented in media. Why is he annoyed that there’s a black superhero movie? I didn’t like the movie but can appreciate it being important for some people. And it’s no worse than the other lacklustre superhero movies out there.

faraday saying he was young and naive. lol. kat i could never have your patience. never.

Ben Shapiro is a white nationalist. He just includes Jews within the white race, something most white nationalist would dispute.

@Kat Blaque this person put up an interesting perspective, I'd love to know what you think!

That's not an ignorant statement. Those people wield the power of turning people to far right ideology by whitewashing narratives, thus normalizing it.

Lol that's like saying the DPRK (North Korea) is democratic just because it's in the name.

You can still love him and his content, but question what consequences may come out.

Neoliberalism is the reason why far right ideas are gaining traction. Remove neoliberalism, remove the soil on which those ideas can grow.

What I'm basically seeing is that white ppl when they feel like they don't get what they deserve, they blame it on people of color and decide to turn to white nationalism in hopes of validation and coddling

You weren't kidding about being forgiving. The whole tone here - I've come here right after your "Why is LeftTube so white" video and the whole situation really bleeds through. This whole thing right here takes no chances on being misunderstood - stuff is stated, and re-stated, not trusted to be remembered. And they give you a thousand dislikes for your effort. That's just... Yeah. It sucks.

Why does everyone hate Jewish ppl, we are literally 14 million people, less than a percent of all of fkn humanity. Let us live tbhhh.

Our goy

Admit it. Putting Pewdiepie on the thumbnail was clickbait.

Following Jordan Peterson doesn't necessarily mean you will agree with the views of someone associated with Peterson. There are too many assumptions with no evidence here

Zero evidence in the video to show PDP endorses white supremacy

Taking a bold stance against a harmful Status Quo can be costly, but it's worth the price.

conservative republican = white supremacist

@Sunne sure centrists suck. I get that. Just figured he actually espoused something Nazi esque and I missed it or something

Not really a nazi as much as he is a centrist. And centrism has a streak of defending the right more than it does the left.

Finally a good comment

It's so insane seeing these people outright admitting that their talk of "security" and "free speech" and "identity" is all just a smokescreen for white supremacy and ethnic cleansing. It's obviously vile but it's also super vindicating after repeatedly being told "not everyone you disagree with is a nazi".

Great video, made me cry a couple times! Thank you for making a video with a 'risky' title. I'm a Pewdiepie Sub and I always realized that Ben Shapiro was a meme, but I do agree he could do more with his platform for the better.

i love this video. the thing that bothers me the most about jordan peterson is that he's done a great job marketing himself. his book about self-help and his notions of self-betterment hold people because those aren't the problem, if that makes sense. if someone is reading his book, i genuinely cannot tell if they picked it up because barnes and noble carries it in the "self help" section, or because that person is dabbling with white nationalism. it worries me that he in particular has been able to crack into the mainstream without people realizing how devastating his politics can actually be, or what they even are

I reckon that's a good read but I'd also add that it's systemic rather than the fault of any individuals. People are made to feel this way; firstly by a capitalist system that promises us the world, then by power structures that put us in a hierarchy based on things like race, and then finally by the white nationalists who put those things together and made people punch downwards.

@Soft Anon Then his point can be summarized with-> exposure to someone associated with W.S. could lead to exposure to the W.S., which isn't too useful of an observation

At no point did she say he does. Did you watch the video? The point was never to call him a white supremacist.

Personally I'd take him as an ally of white nationalists rather than one himself. I think he is a far-right Zionist, someone who looks to justify the rights of Israel to commit human rights violations. He recognises that white supremacists share a common goal here; to promote the idea of certain groups having homelands they're entitled to. By supporting white supremacists, Shapiro is given a cover to promote the worst of Zionism while also making a buck doing so

“Racism” wouldn’t exist if we lived separated. In 97% homogeneous Japan, racism is not a problem to be solved But it would be if there were an importation of 10 million foreigners

Well said. I love your take on it.

I adore your videos, Kat. You really are a hero for what you do, keep being you and keep shining a light on these disgusting people.

I was on the fence if your channel was for me or not, but this video was

great video, i wish the whites in power would grow backbones and call nazis what they are.

I missed watching your videos! (YouTube subscriptions are such a mess.) This one reminded me why I followed you to begin with-- you're smart, you're open, you're honest, and all of your videos are easy to watch for anyone (not just a polisci major.) The editing in this one especially was just off the charts; thanks so much for all the work you put in to talk about such a complicated subject. Will definitely share.

They use a tactic of both negotiations and politcal movements of arguing for the most extreme case you could want and then anything that comes up short of that still moves the acceptable conception closer to what you want. Just keep doing it and you get there in the end. The Overton Window.

I was going to vouch for Pewds and say he was too naive to understand any of this and had real interest in it and disavowed it.. But when I saw the following list my heart hurt a little. I was one of his first subscribers as a little kid. I knew about Ben some of the other ones were... A lot... I'm really saddened and disappointed because him being a foreigner to socio-politico America doesn't give him a proper understanding of our issues and therefore he'd be biased against us people of color and those of us who are queer, that suffer from all of these conservative commentators... Above all him following Lauren Southern tore at my heart. Im unsubscribing after almost a decade. I refuse to enable him any longer.

Muh white nationalism.

Alt right white supremacist ideologies have become mainstream as a result of the reactionary right pointing it out but focusing their criticism on people like Jordan Peterson. The alt right hates people like Jordan Peterson but loves how those who would oppose them are instead directing the outrage at more innocent ideologies.

I left a few other comments as I noticed things but I find it amazing how little actual research was put into such a long video. So much of this is either irrelevant, vague, or just completely wrong.

Faraday is a troll

The tweet with “nazis” pewdiepie follow lacks nazis lol. I count one who’s a white nationalist and another who flirts with the idea.

Important video.

Take the country back from whom??? White people literally took the whole of American territory from the Native inhabitants. What the fuck.

i agree that some of the people pewdiepie was following are borderline-actually racist (crowder, shapiro etc) but dave rubin? i disagree with rubin on a lot of things, particularly his willingness to give far-right influencers a large platform but i would never go as far as to think he has any support for white supremacy. i see him more as annoyingly apologitic to right-wing ideology but i think it is evident watching him that he is not racist

I think it would be hilarious if they were given an island somewhere and then sitting back and watching the number of deportations after they decide there is a whiteness hierarchy and that they didn't understand whiteness properly at the time or some other shit. It would also be super informative to see what corporations decide to set up shop there and justify it as an economic opportunity.

Faraday speaks scarily reminds me of my brother. He at first was liberal on black issues and as soon as he wanted to become a police officer he started to believe in blue lives matter. I asked him about why and he admitted “I took on these ideas because i wanted to belong.” I’m sorry but that’s fucking scary.

Why is H3H3 (a jew) and Laci Green (a feminist) in the list of white nationalists? I haven't watched their content for a long while, but was surprised to see them on the list. Have I missed something that they've posted?

Why did I only just discover you ? Meanwhile YouTube regularly recommends me Dave bloody Rubin

Why do these white nationalists look so damn creepy?

I never expected to be schooled on the BNP by an American like yourself. I always knew the BNP were racists...but, I'm a brit who wasn't born until 1993. Hearing them be that boldly racist in the 80s and 90s is disturbing to me. It's one thing when you hear a right wing YouTuber proposing non-whites should 'go settle somewhere else', but to hear politicians just own up to thinking that is really something else. And the working class people who commented "We just got enough of the same. We voted BNP for something else" that were interviewed have really got me thinking - the same is happening right now. It's just not the BNP anymore - it's UKIP and 'The Brexit Party'. Working class leftists are sticking by Labour, and many are even saying Jeremy Corbyn is the best/most agreeable Labour leader they've known - meanwhile, right-wing working class people(largely the baby boomers) are just angry and claim they're voting for asinine candidates like Farage because they're 'Sick of the same. Sick of Labour and the Tories at each other's throats. We just want brexit and 'the immigrants' to go away". I despair. Because even though Trump's buddy Farage let's plenty of racist jargon slip - he still knows how to beat around the bush better than his BNP counterparts of yesteryear did. Now he's MEP - and I just hope and pray he doesn't make it any further than that.

I like pewdiepie. But it’s just a fact that he’s centrist anti sjw that is waaayyy to willing to let his channel and inner circle become a safe space for white nationalists.

I agree with most of the points on your videos. But I think your video are undermining some important points. First of all I have to say that I agree with the fact that intolerant group of people are getting better at communication. But I think that's only the type of the iceberg. First of all we have to remember that the tribalistic ideas are low efforts ideas that draws easily people without any work. Furthermore I think that sadly tribalism is at play between both sides of the argument. I've been several times down the anti-SJW rabbit hole and I've been several times down the SJW rabbit hole. What I have witnessed is a total lack of communication between the two sides which create growing extremes in both sides there is a problem of echo chamber that create a false image of the other side creating prejudice in the mind of everyone. I've always thought of the history as a fight of ideas to be predominant but history is getting stuck because I think that every argument are getting stuck because of the sides of the argument getting away from each other and stopping debating. If history is stuck I think that we can forget all our hopes of tolerance. We can achieve tolerance only by discussion a good exemple is the story of the black man befriending a kkk leader. Or a more personal story is when I could discuss and listen a friend that explained me the pride month ( I was a indiscriminately not giving a fuck type of guy) Sorry if my message is a bit messy I just go with my flow TLDR : - right wings activist are marginally better at commutation - racist ideology appeals to tribalism - people are stuck in echo chambers - echo chamber breed hate - people are not interacting which stops social progress - main problem peoples are uneducated on how to disagree

Im sad and confused to see Laci Green and Boogie2988 on that list. I dont follow either of them, but boogie always seemed like such a cool dude who would fit perfectly into the community of vulnerability mind set. But then I dont know their paths and only have tangential information on them.

Why is Ethan Klein (h3h3) on the screenshot grouped with people like Stephan and Ben Shapiro? He's pretty liberal

Is it random chance Laci Green was screen shotted in Pewdipies subrciptions? Or...

I usualy be a lefty but when i started to know the lot of rapes and crimes than refugees do in many european countrys like france, britain, deutchland, and the worst example that is sweden i change my opinion, if you are a real person look information about that and later think about what you say in this crap of video

Ok so something i've noticed since this is the second big video project/documentary i've seen about the BNP, why do they hate asians so much? Are there even alot of asians in Britain, not that it matters in relation to his stupid hatred, but like it seems so random.

19:57 Because we needed it when white people weren't giving us basic human rights. I swear the "white men" are oppressed angle is a damn joke.

damn. 11/10 video

i'm curious as to why laci green was on the list of people pewdiepie follows

I've never thought the "church-boy" look WASN'T terrifying. You ever been harassed by a really persistent Mormon? You know, the ones who believe black people are black because they're cursed by God and that when straight white guys die they're going to inherit their own planet? BTW I'm not criticizing you at all here, I'm actually just highlighting the sheer absurdity of the people falling for Spencer's bullshit because of the way he dresses. Most of the hate-mongering nut jobs I've met dress impeccably in the hopes that their shiny hair will make their their paranoid, racist fantasies easier to swallow. You can't even make this shit up, it's too crazy.

So spencer wants non whote people to return to the land of their ancestors. Funny how that doesn’t also apply to white people. And where would I go? Scotland or Austria? Let me tell you, there are plenty of Asian people in Australia whose families have been here far longer than mine. I’m only third gen, both sides of my family came here after WWII- certainly that’s more recent than whatever arbitrary cut off he’d imagine. If he wants everyone to go back to the land of their ancestors, fine- leave America to the native Americans and latinos. Leave Australia to the Indigenous Australians. He can fuck off back to whatever European country that spewed out his ancestors. But somehow, I don’t think that’s what he wants at all.

Not to mention, if he got his wish, and America became all white (except for the Native Americans I’m assuming- where would they go?), he’d have to find another group to push out. And then another, then another. People like Farty McPunchface need someone to hate, someone to identify themselves in opposition to. And if he succeeds in pushing out one group, he’ll turn his attention to the next, with the allowed group getting smaller and smaller. That’s just what fascists do.

Neoliberalism, austerity and conservatism are rocket fuel for fascism, and they will gladly use fascism to protect capitalism.

One thing I don't understand about white natiolism in America is this thing about "take black people back to their country", do they know that if they are white their NOT native to America?

Thank you for doing this video. I tend to cringe and scream too much just seeing this kind of stuff. It's good to hear a voice who can speak about this issue so calmly and clearly.

first vid by k.b. i've watched, was great. rly like seein "whipping girl" by julia serano on her bookshelf. amazing book.

This is the most articulate, well-researched video I've seen on this subject. I wish I could like it more than once. Really appreciate all of the original video clips (even though it is terrifying to hear the those political strategies actually honestly spoken aloud).

This is part of while it soooo important to have out reach for young vulnerable people of all races. If we know young depressed white men can easily be turned into weapons we should work hard to being them into diverse community struggling with similar problems. Depression leads to isolation leads to violence. Radicalization happens to Muslim kids, white kids, everyone.

Really good video with an interesting british slant. Thanks kat

Omg I just searched Laci Green and am shocked and saddened by the turn of a women I once held high respect for.

BeN sHaPiRo Is A nAzI

People like you promote communism and hate. Smearing the right because you can’t win against them in views and subscriptions.

It’s not like Europeans are all moving to Africa and raping all the women to turn them white. But it’s okay when black people do that? Do you know how it feels to be discriminated against because of your race? Yeah, I know. Everyone is discriminated against because of their race, you’re not special. Let’s just all be human please!

I’m so sorry that I’m white. I’m a horrible person for something I can’t change. Sorry for being a Nazi and murdering all the Jews, wait, I didn’t do that. But I still get the blame.

Considering whitey makes up around 8% of the worlds population, one might consider some form of nationalism a fking prerequisite.

It's crazy how the YouTube algorithm works, for better and for worse. The loop Faraday Speaks talked about pretty much happened to me but further to the left. It went Drag Race related stuff > Lindsay Ellis > Contrapoints > PhilosophyTube > Kat. I'm really, really glad I found your channel, but it also makes me think about how it works for other people and. oof.


Brilliant video

Had to laugh 19:17, imagine thinking you have no voice as a white person. Imagine thinking you're on the level of minorities and need people to advocate for you.

I've been a fan of pewdiepie for years and it's honestly sad to see him go down this path. I just thought it was memeing, but then I started getting hints that he maybe might be actually falling for this stuff. Especially when he recommended YouTube channels one of which was a video of a woman defending Jordan Peterson.. hardly apolitical. Now a person that has been there for hard parts of my teenage life seems to be turning into something else. I still don't think he's a nazi and people have over blown him, but it is sad to see him entertaining this stuff. I am biased towards pewdiepie, even reluctant to watch this video, but this video was very informative. I hope pewdiepie doesn't fall down the rabbit hole. He has disavowed the white supremacists that support him, but he does entertain more altright kind of things more than I like. Even doing a book review on Jordan Peterson's book, which probably led people into looking more into him. He may become if he isn't already a gateway into the altright. Idk

That video of Spencer getting punched in the face was social justice.

Nationalism is literally a cancer on society.

Accurate, nuanced, and objective. Keep up the work Kat!!

A good nazi is a knocked out nazi

why the spooky music

Half the population of the world has an IQ below 100. Not exactly rocket scientists. All a lot of them have to make them feel superior is their ethnicity. "I'm a total failure living in a trailer park, but I'm _white!"_

The top reason why he has millions of racist subscribers and viewers is because he's racist himself.Remember when he said the N Word a few years on here? If I am not mistaken,he also gave a faux apology for that too.The corporation you visited to talk about the rebranding of racism is racist themselves.That's why you got an answer you didn't like to your question to them on their infinite nationalism.The non-bronze LGBTQ community are really no better than the racists you documented in this brutally honest commentary.

Brilliant video.

Commenting to bump you in the algorithm. ✊

I had forgotten how good this video is. truly outstanding

No, I am not going to back to a country with the world's biggest murder rate, even though I am 58% European

I fkn hate how white people will turn a blind eye to this a good amount of the time lol

Thanks for posting the video. I never knew about the BNP and it's shocking.

How a person who blames toxic statements on pills and alcohol, like a teenager awkwardly taking back a crush confession at a party, has so much power? I feel so out of touch with stuff..

Daym those clickbait got me

Kit O’Connell is a violent criminal as says that that the CEO of twitter (who’s Jewish) is a Nazi. Even though, Kit is a verified user who is pampered by twitter and an actual member of antifa.

Hahahahaha hahahahaha “White peoples will become extinct.” Ok sweetheart lmao

I would thoroughly enjoy ramming my forehead directly into Mr. Spencer's face with enough force to permanently disfigure it. If you're reading this and are interested David, let me know and I will help you.

I wonder what Richard Spencer thinks of Native Americans I’m a Jewish Native American

You got a sub from this.

Every time you showed one of the alt-righters disavowing other alt-righters because they were too "radicalized" I wanted to punch them. Each of them just kept disavowing each other to try to pretend they were better than other alt-righters while still holding white supremacist beliefs. Gross.

I might be wrong about YouTube's policies and things, but I think playing someone else's videos for too long without commentary can get you in trouble. I love the vid, just don't want you to run into problems on other vids or anything

I'd seen a few of your videos before, Youtube surfing I guess, but after watching quite a few of Contrapoints and Philosophy Tube videos, Youtube suggested to me to watch your video on left-tube being so white. I'm glad I watched it, because it brought me here and to your channels. I think you're doing good work Kat

I’m addicted to your videos ♥️

I watched Pewds since his Penumbra and Amnesia gaming era, I love him and he's not this racist/sexist bigot media paints him as However in recent years I've noticed a lot of his new fans who came for the memes were belittling queer and female fans, and that's a fact

Thank you for this

Evil , evil , and more evil. If you can’t get alone with humans , then you don’t need to breath. Inferior asses always have to play the victim . You instill all this hate and oppression to other races then you want to point and say those people don’t need to exist. I wish the earth could shake these racist white people off like a dog does dangerous fleas. So glad my linage is not with these evil racist white people. I may be oppressed but at least my ancestors weren’t selfish and inhuman. Civilization was a mistake. Replace white supremacy with with justice. Whites can’t compete on an equal level field. They have to receive special advantages. Their happiness depends on your mistreatment , abuse, and subjugation.

He believes they (and by they true native Americans) should collectivise and build their own nation, he is a universal ethno-Nationalist after all Unfortunately I can't see them doing that

I mean, whites are the only group that aren't allowed to form politically racial exclusive organization, you guys have all the corporations, banks, media etc on your side What do we have other than a few online content creators that get banned anyway

Yeah you clearly don't know what fascism is then


Lol (((Shapiro))) supports Mass immigration for whitey but ultra-nationalism for Jews

You let us live too then, you guys have a Homeland, where do I turn to when England is gone!?

Lol I wish

He's a Jewish Nationalist, he supports Mass immigration of Europe and replacement of Europeans, he puts Israel before America He is not a white nationalist lmao

@Anglo Scott lol great point.

Why are people such as yourself so hesitant in calling Shapiro a Jewish nationalist, since that's what he is?

Very good breakdown of the incident-by-incident descent into hell.

honestly as a white brit (albeit one with family who had to immigrate from germany due to jewish heritage, which def affects my world view) I'm both disgusted and BAFFLED by nationalist movements here in the uk. they'll try to extol the virtues of everyone having their own set homeland they shouldn't leave, while also praising the empire for stepping all over the world's collective toes. they'll criticise immigration from within and without europe, while ignoring that collecting and stockpiling imports is baked even into our very language (every wonder why we have so many h's in weird places? the dutch did that one). british history rejects every ideal that white nationalists claim to uphold, but I guess 'outsiders' make an easier scapegoat than the obvious real villains that keep popping up. (psst, it's the rich. the rich have always been the problem. non-white ppl weren't to blame for fucking enclosure yo)

To compare Peterson to that BNP guy who starting talking about the holocaust being a lie is dishonest and you know it.

35:31 to those who came here for pewdiepie

before Jordan Peterson was online like he is now, he was a professor at my school. and never heard him talk about a lot of this stuff he talks about now. he was pretty normal before 2012

i saw the Faraday speaks video too, pretty eye opening

the person who punched Richard Spencer is a personal hero

I believe it's okay to follow people who you don't agree with. I know people who don't like Trump and yet follow his twitter so they can continue to stay in the loop and understand both sides. I truly believe that Pewdiepie is not for white nationalism. I know that he could do more on his platform but a lot of people don't like addressing things that controversial or political and I understand why. He's a very private person who just wants to enjoy life and play games and even though we have all these problems and need people to voice out their opinions and solutions I understand why people hate it so much because it's difficult and frustrating. I really enjoyed your video and I'll continue to support pewdiepie because I think he's great.

You know what you’re this is such bullshit. I’m white, European, I’m a Third generation person to be in America, my family also been here since the mayflower. But because my moms Jewish I’m A) mixed race B) should go back to I’m guessing Israel (even though I’m barely Israeli). Also I know very little about the Jewish religion. It’s bullshit with actual not white people. It’s extra bullshit with Jews because most of us have been here a while and are literally white.

So how is what I’m saying bullshit. Explain it

Thank you so much for this video you are amazing please keep doing it

Hi Kat, love this video, would love to translate it to Portuguese if possible!

To sum up this video, some white people are racist and pewdiepie follows steven crowder, ben shapiro, and ethan klein on twitter

While I’m sympathetic to much in this video, I can’t agree with its inferred conclusion: that somehow having a Censor, charged with awesome power and authority to judge and exclude access and content from a public forum, is in any way a solution to anything. Who is the Censor? And what criteria are gong to be used to judge what’s in and what’s out? As the episode with Maza just proved, all that happens when a Censor is employed is that minority voices, and especially those raising the most uncomfortable and challenging questions, are the first to be silenced. Certainly, Maza and and those rushing to make the executives of YouTube gatekeepers for content did no one any favors, and least of all trans and other minority voices. So, what’s the solution? Argue better. Be more entertaining. Stop dwelling in the word-salad of elitist and arcane academic jargon. In short: win the argument by rhetoric, logic and compelling narratives. And we’ve been doing that. Using our right to public spaces and to speak our stories and our ideas, we’ve been winning. The LGBT+ community, for example, has made amazing strides I certainly I couldn’t have imagined even 10 years ago. And we did it because we couldn’t be silenced, our liberties and right to our place in the sun growing in correlation to the blossoming of free speech made possible by a succession of Supreme Court decisions and new platforms and public fora. Stop looking to the State and Mega-Corporations to make the world safe. They don’t. They only make it quiet and obedient. And before someone types “well down with the system and Revolution,” no human construct is going to do it any better than what we have now. In fact, it’ll be worse, far far worse, in case Fascist Spain and Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the USSR, Maoist China, or the killing fields of Cambodia haven’t already made that point abundantly clear. Empowering hierarchies to police and license thought and speech never ends well. Never. That’s the great truth inculcated in our liberal Constitution, and one we must defend, even if it means letting Nazis march in Skokie Illinois. Because next time, it won’t be Nazis who are band. It’ll be us.

i'm only about 20 minutes in, and i'm so sad... i was totally into 4chan when i was younger, and i used to post edgy memes, but gamergate and /pol/ and such made me leave, i really think a lot of people were just having fun being edgy, but they all got.. radicalized or left, i love everyone, and i realized that being edgy is just kinda dumb, and sorta openly invites such a thing to happen. i don't know how we can fix things with such hatred coming from some people, i still talk to a couple people from my 4chan days, and just the other day i stayed up for hours arguing with a few of them, they are just fixated on race, and things like birthrates, its so strange and it makes me sad... i feel bad for participating in a site that was so instrumental in creating the alt-right... i love everyone and race is just whatever to me, my old friend thinks that maybe north korea is better than south korea... because they have higher birthrates!!! what is that i don't even! i grew up in a racist area in a small town, and i never liked it, it always seemed hateful to me, and black people and jewish people are just fuckin cool. all the others too. trump fucking sickens me, he pretty much represents the worst of everything in humanity to me, and i feel like i've practically lost my country, earlier in life i moved from standard democrat (voted for kerry) to libertarianism, until i just realized its a way to get poor people to act in the rich people's interests... now i've become more and more left since about 2016 or so, i will vote democratic, but personally i'd love to vote brother cornel west into the presidency someday. i guess i rambled a bit, i've been watching a few of ur videos lately and this one made me sad so i typed this winding post. love ya kat!

More propaganda about propaganda... Chumps will believe anything on the White Man's Media...

You claim you are underprivileged yet you got to meet the CEO of YouTube and the literal biggest creator ever pewdiepie didn’t. You are mainstream you are privelidged

YouTube flying me to San Fran doesn’t make me privileged lol.

Pewds doesn’t care about losing money. He already has enough and he has said that multiple times. You probably haven’t watched enough of his content to see that he does alienate white nationalism. I fact you play the clip where he does that. You played it it’s right there he did it what don’t you understand

Can’t we say the same about you, you could be a communist rabbit hole

I’m not a communist

He literally denounced racism explicitly.

you obviously didnt watch the video... she said pewdiepie wasn't a racist or a nazi

I really like this video. But! Since when is Ethan Klein racist? Why is his channel shown with the others as bad channels pewdiepie follows? And Boggie? He has problems with his mental health. Should his rants be taken seriously? Is it wrong to follow him if you one time in the past liked his content. And Jon Tron? I don't get that part? Otherwise I think the analysis of white nationalism is very objective and eye opening. And I'm sorry they demonetized the video. Youtube sucks in that regard.

I literally argue that these people in the screen shot aren’t Nazis

Thank you Kat. This is an incredibly informative video.

on an unrelated note, ive never understood why people think h3h3 is white nationalist, hes literally jewish

well, I dont think that could stop him from becoming a white nationalist, but when I saw his twitter profile in this video and I was a little confused as to why he was there too

did you watch the whole video... she literally said he wasn't a nazi... the main issue I see is putting up ben shapiro on the episode of his meme review... it does make it seem like (from his viewers perspective) , that he supports his rhetoric

she didn't say to stop supporting pewdiepie, and she said exactly the same thing you said about not always judging people by who they follow

have hope for 2020, and move on from those bad friends :)

Why is pewdiepie in the title? What does he have to do with this?

Pewdiepie is not a white nationalist, but im going to tie him in with WNs and not tell you that until 30 minutes in because reasons. Reasons = Views.

Pewdiepie EXPLICITLY denounced the christchurch shooter. Oh and Kat, a sincere f*ck you for censoring the word wh*te n*tionalist.

I watched the video and it had nothing to with pewd, she just used his name for algorithm views

@ro fair, and also he has hosted Jordan Peterson on his podcast, but they didn't talk politics so idk

Thanks for making this video. I learned a lot.

18:41 hmmm that guy looks like Salvini. how *ironic* .

how long did this video take to put together? it's absolutely brilliant so I wouldn't be surprised if the answer was "a long ass time", I just wanna know because I wanna know when we can be expecting part 2

Very very clickbaity title but thank god you didnt says stuff like pewdiepie is a white supremacist or sth.

White cis straight male men don’t have a identity, it starts with gamers then anti-sjw then white nationalist. We really need to find these men and make them understand help them find themselves.

@Strauch Dieb That was a Fake Shooting PSYOP, Kat! How can you be so foolish, to fall for this basic propaganda.....Like DunBlane, Port Arthur and OrlandoPulse. ! LOL, this psyop fits right into the "WMD" media's playbook. It's scripted, girl


You're desperately regurgitating the "WMD" mass-media propaganda.

the word ‘disavow’ makes me so sick. it’s like they’re children! “I can say what I want, support who I want, do what I want, and there’s no way for people to criticize me because I said the magic word!” it makes me so irrationally angry because it’s SO childish, and they *actually* believe it.

The fact he's the most sucessful Youtuber shows how shitty we are.

Legit you have some of the best thumbnails out there.

Kat just going to call you out trans woman to trans are a racist sexist bigot!!

Ok thanks for the comment.

I’m white. But the fact that folks are making money off of spreading the idea of an impossible utopian ethnostate is disgusting.White genocide (breeding out the “white” to eliminate their cultural influence) doesn’t exist. That’s a fact. We’re practically going back to more racist times, there are so many people who are going to extremism out of some weird fear. Even if white genocide was a thing, why would it matter? You still have your scottish, british, dutch, whatever, culture. White culture isn’t a thing. They’re not erasing anything.

nice click bait

Imagine the insanity that goes with "My family came here, we were immigrants who took land from others. But we hate all forms of immigration today" bitch your family are the immigrants too!

Wait a minute wait a minute... So you're qualm with Pewdiepie is not exactly that you think he is a white nationalist per se but that he isn't doing anything to help fight against racism, yet just recently you've been put on blast for not speaking out against Jessica Yaniv and paedophilia but won't because you feel like you shouldn't be forced to. Double standards much? I'm not even going to mention how unequal each situation is considering JY is a PROVEN paedophile whereas Pewdiepie has nothing to do with being a Nazi but is just accused without any evidence whatsoever.

So, because I believe you actually want dialogue, I'll respond to this. My audience at large, and I'd argue trans people in general, not only understand that trans women can be predators (as everyone else can be), but also think JY is a disgusting predator. I don't have an issue with that. My audience isn't populated by people who defend her or make excuses for her, quite the opposite. PDP has a quite clear and obvious history of doing things that (even in jest or trolling) may communicate to his audience that he is , at least indifferent to white nationalists and nazism. The people who are his followers who do hold these beliefs don't see his apologies as an actual condemnation of them. White Supremacists commonly understand that they will be disavowed in public. Now, the parallel you're trying to make is that I must disavow JY by virtue of being transgender. The difference is that I very obviously don't support sexual predators. That is, in fact, built into the core base of my work. So I do not tend to cultivate a following of people who would look at JY and defend her. I can't entirely say the same about PDP. I am critiquing PDP's flirtation with White Nationalism. You (and others) are expecting me to call out JY because of who I am inherently. Not because of what I've done, not because of what I feel, but because of who I am. In this video, I make it clear that I do not think that PDP is necessarily a racist or a White Nationalist. But I'm not given the same grace by people who expect me to condemn a random transgender person because they believe that predatory behavior like hers is inherently part of transness. Trans people do bad things all the time. I know this. The actions of a random trans person unrelated to me aren't something that I should be pressured to apologize for or condemn. And in my opinion, pressuring me to do so is quite transphobic. I'm holding PDP responsible for his actions, you're holding me responsible for the actions of another person because we share a letter of the acronym. So in short, this is not a double standard, not in the slightest. My audience doesn't have a problem with supporting and defending predators. PDP's has a problem with defending racists and white nationalists.

1:25....she states it. Must not have been paying attention.... Also he click baits as

Just lay an egg... relieve yourself then watch again

1. 1:25 she states doesn't feel he is one. But at the time he was being linked to them. 2. Multiple channels are censoring words because Youtube demonizes people now for everything regardless of context..

Again 1:25....and nah you speed through it. Actually sit down and watch it next time

Now but YouTube allowing their algorithm to suggest this kind of content is rather concerning. I know so many people who've become alt-right or agree with them now, because of YouTube and the rabithole they went down. Some have woken up, but many haven't and maybe never will. Realistically we all know the world will never be 100% safe. But YouTube was about fun, laughter, education, and more. Now commentators have taken everything so seriously for views and will do everything to make money...and YouTube will promote anything that makes money....even promote white nationalists which ruins the experience for a lot of people. And can endanger lives as well.

Might want to reword that or Rewatch the video because she is against Nazis not for them.

Well he has interviewed Ben Shapiro who said in the past about wanting a Jewish only homeland and some anti-muslim/Pakistan things. He's apologized since, but still doesn't make him look good. Some More News did a video about him. Also pretty sure he's supported other right leaning creators as well. Maybe not that extreme though but I don't really watch him enough to know everything.

Well it's only right leaning people that I know support him so....

I like how you listed Ben Shapiro as a white nationalist Pewdie Pie follows when he jewish and wheres a yamaka 24/7. I DO NOT like Ben Shapiro but to bundle him in with people who shout "Jews will not replace us" is wrong.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to find this video. Thank you Kat, if I wasn't Patreon of your channel already, I would definitely become one now.

The site of Nick Griffin turns my stomach. I wonder how many people would have heard Tyndall's rhetoric from the NF and the BNP and found it sounding sickeningly familiar. That Tyndall's rhetoric sounds almost identical to Richard Spencer's dross. Nigel Farage and UKIP took over where the BNP left off. Brexit was a part of it... getting our country back and sending all the Polish out who are taking our jobs... different lipstick on the same pig, another coat of polish on the same turd. And now Boris Johnson is our Prime Minister, the second Tory PM to get in without being elected and he's refusing to call an election before Brexit. At least Trump was elected. And you could go even further back to the likes of Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists just before the Second Word War and the Union Movement before that during the First World War.

Thank you for making this!

Is there going to be a part 2?

does part 2 exist yet?

Also can someone send me a link to kit o connal's tweet ,i wish to examine the people mentioned in the tweet further so if someone could send a link that would be really helpful

I dont see the video pewdiepie made on ben Shapiro feeding his fans into ben Shapiros arms there by extension leading his fans into the alt right when all he does in the vid is mocks bens mannerisms,ideas about the left and ect

Watch the video....

Now but YouTube allowing their algorithm to suggest this kind of content is rather concerning. I know so many people who've become alt-right or agree with them now, because of YouTube and the rabbithole they went down. Some have woken up, but many haven't and maybe never will. Realistically we all know the world will never be 100% safe. But YouTube was about fun, laughter, education, and more. Now commentators have taken everything so serious for views and will do everything to make money...and YouTube will promote anything that makes money....even promote white nationalists which ruins the experience for a lot of people. And can endanger lives as well.

As a white person I literally couldn't care less if white people are "bred out" and eventually everyone is biracial. I literally don't see the problem with that. Like. So what? Who cares? Who cares if white people become the minority? Maybe instead of worrying that we're going to be minorities someday we should focus on cultivating a culture where mistreating minorities is unacceptable and push for a world where minorities are respected? Like, if you're worried that someday people are going to treat you the way you treat them and your solution is not to treat them better, but to get rid of them? That's pretty messed up.

Im kind of shocked and dissapointed on your take on pewdipie :/

Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

impossibro tv already did

I was waiting for someone to make a video about this

Funny how she puts Felix up front and center like the whole video will basically be her putting together the theory that he’s responsible for ‘white nationalism’ C L I C K B A I T

As a Brit, I'm appalled I didn't know most of this about my own country. Thank you so much for this research jumping-off point.

Sad how the bnp reflects a lot of the developments of far right parties in Europe. Like in Austria the FPÖ, a party that was literary founded by SS officers who escaped prosecution after WW2, have successfully rebrandet them in the late 90ies as well and are now in governments

Ethan Klein and his wife Hila Klein are both Jewish and have admitted to voting for Hillary but are on the list of the alt right people.... alright........

Kat, you are THRIVING. I love you.

White supremacy is real. Nationalism doesn’t have a race preference. So your “white nationalism “ is intellectually dishonest and very biased

Richard spencer is so slimy '-_-

You have a pretty voice/accent.

Everyone's making such good points so i don't have much to say ajsbdkbj however i don't think anyone's pointing out that, well, pewdiepie also openly said the N word too. and when i talk about it his fans will freak out and tell me he "apologized" but like... that's not something you can just apologize and come back from, ya know? god i hate his fans.

Highly insightful, you were spot on with the section about BNP, being from the UK, I have seen this shift from the very hostile hooligan type to a more refined covert white supremacist. Fast forward to now, we have a party called UKIP (UK independence party). They aren't the BNP but have reformatted many talking points about immigration etc. Please keep up the hard work as you are covering a very nuanced but important message.

Kat I am so grateful for all of the work you have created. You are amazing and inspiring!

I remember watching a video by Pewdiepie where he played a game about ducks with his friend. His friend spawned as a white duck and he spawned as a black duck. Pewdiepie then said that his friend's duck was better and his friend said that his words sounded racist and Pewdiepie confirmed that it was supposed to be racist. It just shocked me why he would say this.

Thank you for this content!

I'm pretty sure that Kat and most of the people here don't know the difference between a white supremacist and a white nationalist.

36:58 A meme was born.

30:30 Satanist to Liberterian to Alt Right pipeline.

2:07 you look like chris eubank

Bet Griffin is mad that Tommy Robinson stole his thunder.

Felix is a PC reflection of popular internet satire, and as it has become politicized over the years so has his portrayal of it.

Oh and btw White Nationalism has pretty much been used by the KKK and basically Nazis since the 1970s, interchangeably with White Supremacy. Basically as a rebranding kind of thing. Because when people hear White Nationalism they think pride of country or European history/culture, instead of just "white supremacy" over all countries including America.

Pretty sure she did that because at the time, the media and the terrorist claimed he was the possible new Nazi ya. It wasn't out of clickbait. It showed what was happening at the time.

Which take? Because she says multiple times she doesn't believe he is a Nazi. More so an entertainer who doesn't realize what others who follow him are doing. A week after this video is when he openly denounce white supremacy and stopped his campaign because what others were doing in his name

Just Google the tweet or spot the video and Google the names.

@A Gachaully most people probably know who ben Shapiro is because most of his fans like memes and ben Shapiro is a meme so i dont see much risk

@A G how can ben Shapiro fans think that pewdiepie supports bens politics when all they talked about were memes in the video neither pewdiepie ore ben Shapiro engage in any form of debate ore comment on any political issue

Well it leads his fans to look more into Shapiro if they've never heard of him and fans of Shapiro would feel validated or think Felix supports Ben as a political figure if he was on his show/channel.

This was actually a really interesting and informative look at something that's left me scratching my head. Knowing that plausible deniability is a feature and not a bug is really helpful for educating others on the danger here.

"Australia needs to stay white"????? That's a laugh. White people aren't even the original people from Australia! Or America for that matter. The audacity. The idiocy. The absolute buffoonery. Edit: The Historical footage with blatant racism and hatefulness was truly chilling and disgusting. Sadly it's not even that long ago in history.

the ambient songs are closing my eyes for a moment & driving through tunnels by Daniel Birch

WS logic: "see, your father and grandfather, see, fought for this country, maybe were even killed in the war against... [e.g.] Germans. So see, it's not OK to take in people from Niger, we better take in the white Germans. I good at logic."

Set the bigotry, racism and general deplorable ideas aside, the logic of a white ethno-state in America still makes no sense. If everyone would be better in the homeland of their ancestors, why would the US be white? Shouldn't these guys start with returning to Europe and driving up the white population there?

I love the video essay format!

They target the young and vulnerable. Just like predators. White supremacists are predators and they're dooming white men and women to a life of lies.

I found your channel from a comment you left on an audio track of a song from A Chorus Line, and honestly best find of my life

it looks like you can't tell the difference between conservatives and alt-right.

I can. Are you saying that Conservatives have White Nationalist leanings? I'm not, but that sounds like what you're saying.

Do you have a link to the video your talking about I'm just curious about it & if true than that's really disgusting of him too say

I halfway understand what I’m watching. It’s intriguing and interesting but I’m also very lost especially on the Pewdiepie point on him following people that seem to be white nationalist because a good portion of those people that he follows, I don’t see as being that. Jordan Peterson, Keemstar, Ethan Klein, Laci Green, JonTron, and Notch, to me, have nothing to do with White Nationalism.

These ideologies make for strange bedfellows. I personally think that their arguments are laughable but some of the rhetoric I have heard personally is chilling. Many of the grassroots groups have been emboldened by even the slightest perception of acceptance in politics or in the general public and have even expressed murderous opinions towards anyone different. They can’t wait to usher in a revolution or even the end times to find a way to enact these fantasies of murder. It’s so pervasive today that the handmaids tale is a scary possibility under the current climate of disquiet.

As much pain as being bisexual has put me through, I'm ultimately glad that I am Bi because otherwise I would've probably fallen into the same racist trap that so many other young, nerdy, middle class white men have.

off topic but I love your hair

Kat Blaque i believe you are an egocentric, manipulative (intentionally or not), identity politic influencer who wants to reject everyone else's narrative on the grounds that they stand for repression/patriarchy while simultaneously push your own agenda forward in an authoritarianism and repressive manner.

I don’t feel that way, but I’m curious if you can define Identity Politics for me. I make the argument in this video that not everyone is a Nazi and I give people who DO engage in white supremacist ideologies a lot of wiggle room because I don’t believe that everyone is a white supremacist. So what do you mean and can you reference something in this video? I’m also against authoritarianism.

how is laci green a nazi?????? i'm genuinely curious i've been watching her for awhile and like her videos on feminism and sex positivity??

UGH, I love you.

Pay attention in school, kids. If you know history, it's harder for Nazis to lie to you about it.

Kat, you're really cute but oh boy are You wrong here… :/

Give me a time stamp of something I’ve said and explain to me how it’s wrong.

Laci fucking green is a nazi????? Peak retardation from that twitter chick none of those channels are even closely related to nazis .Other than that I thought your video was good.

I didn’t say she was a Nazi. I said that person said that about her. I think Laci has shorty politics but I def wouldn’t call her a Nazi. She’s just dating someone who kinda sorta parroted white nationalist talking points

Jordan peterson is good person

So nationalists are people who keep looking for problems?..These people live comfortable lives in 21st century and still spend all day fuming about skin color?..Introspect and introvert are foreign words to them?..With this mindset even if they killed every non white person(whatever that means) they will still remain in this mindset.They are cursed by nature.

How did I miss this video!? I admit I’ve been a lazy viewer... but you’re truly an amazing creator. I just became part of your patroeon. Thanks for all you do! Hope my small part helps the cause.

i think you are advertising the right.

I watched your videos on this when you first dropped them. Now I'm watching Netflix The Family and thought your videos.

The answer to "Is Pewdiepie a nazi" is kind of a pointless one. There's the saying "a man sits down with 9 nazis, you have 10 nazis" Which yeah, there's the fact that condoning nazis as a sympathizer, well you might as well be a nazi since you're aiding them, but also in that eventually you'll share their world views. Though that's with people... is Pewdiepie a person, or a character? Influencers are hucksters that put on an act to sell you something, that's how they pay bills. So it's not exactly accurate to say a person is their internet personality. I guess it's like asking is coca-cola fascist for selling to nazi germany? Is IBM fascist for providing tech to the nazis? Is Amazon fascist for aiding ICE? Is wayfair fascist for selling chairs to concentration camps? The answer is "yes" because intent doesn't matter as much as results and lack to change after seeing said results. Though the answer also doesn't matter because society has accepted nazis enough to be comfortable with genocide and stripping of freedoms all across the world, and people are far more upset at the notion that they're aiding in genocide than the fact genocide is happening. People are far more upset at the notion to be labeled a gutless coward than to work towards justice for humanity. But by far, people would rather ignore it and continue working, continue distracting themselves from the depressing news and politics. Oh well.

This video is illegal to watch in NZ, the shooter's manifesto is classified as objectionable

If your only anchor to sanity is the un-reality of YouTube and social media then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

About white supremacists dressing up and whatnot, I would like to point out that, in The Dead Zone, by Stephen King, the main antagonist is a psychopath who surrounds himself with violent neo-nazi bikers. HOWEVER, he dresses them up before bringing them to his rallies, so they look like church boys (very buff and dangerous-looking church boys) themselves. It's kind of scary how relevant that part of the book still is.

I have followed pewds since his amnesia era, so I've witnessed the ups and downs of his channel. I get her message, but the thumbnail ( I know it's clickbait) kinda give people the wrong idea in the first place. Still good video though, very informative.

You should watch Lindsay Ellis's video on satire! So relevant!

Also JonTron publically did an interview I think with Destiny basically saying he believed in the Great Replacement and supporting White Nationalism. It's why he left YouTube for awhile and is now back because of the backlash. Honestly check out the channel Pigpuncher. He has a video that shows the levels of separation between Anti-sjws and Nazis, also has a video about how he started to become an alt-right/Nazi as a teenager, but stopped after the rally and death in SC, which snapped him out of it.

Pewdiepie is not white nationalist

Someone else listed Shapiro. Not her.

ya know, let’s all go back to our own country. and let’s give the USA back to the native americans since they owned it to begin with. /s oh my god white nationalism makes no sense

Without even going into the video's actual content, I just want to say that your thumbnail, apparently comparing Felix to Richard Spencer, Nick Griffin, and worst of all Adolf Hitler is absolutely outrageous. I know Pewdie has done some wrong things in the past- we all have, but honestly you're lucky he doesn't sue for defamation.

Two things I know, 1) You are awesome and I can't thank you enough for this video. 2) YT algorithm fucking sucks, how is it that I had not seen you before!?

Someone send this video to those two white devils Brittany "the cunt" pettibone and her cocksucker nazi husband Martin Stellner.

@Kat Blaque We Nationalists are here to stay and grow. We will continue to do so as the world resources dwindles and we will put our own tribe first. Survival is all we care about for our kind. We will defend ourselves against all of our enemies.

We built those Nations for one Two we are the founders which give us the right to do it.

@Kat Blaque Yes you're a privileged spoiled woman

Let's go to Africa. Humans originated from there. Asian, Europe and India are colonized too.

i'm amazed at the stupidity of people who deny the Holocaust ever happened, but use Nazi slogans and salutes...

Oh removing comments that don't agree with your bullshit propaganda?

White people are the least racist people in the US. It’s just true.

I am an Asian, and I think it's natural for white or any nationalism to rise. We could stop it. The media and society is kind of biased against white people. (Asian people are treated even more badly). This is to generate quick profit. Let's assume you are in charge of a newspaper article. If it becomes viral you get money. How do you make more view. One easy way is ragebaits! Like 'Pewdiepie is a Nazi' And they get money by selling these triggering the majority. Now the Right Wing comes into play. They use this things to fuel hatred that give birth to Fascism. I am assuring you that by 2050 fascism will be revived if these goes on. The real problem is the Left Wing Media and Elite Left Winger, the catalyst is the Right Wing group. The end result is Fascism.

Lol what is this utter bs?

The white nationalist movement has been consistently depleting since the 20s, what's changed since the 2016 election is the left merely branding any conservative opinion as "white supremacy" or labeling any innocuous comment from a conservative as a "dog whistle".

The things about Spencer saying how good WS has been for blacks... As a person who is born and grew up in a country which has been on the other end, like being under foreign rule and being treated like slaves even, I have to say this is literary the narrative of Islamic terrorists, the Ottoman empire, the USSR, and many (groups, cultures, countries, that these WS hate so much). I live in a country which was for centuries part of the Ottoman empire, which led to our country falling behind Europe, Russia, and the rest of the world. In addition, it made us an easy target to the USSR which further destroyed what was left. Both the Ottoman Empire and the USSR, as well as current supporters of the USSR, Russia, Turkey, etc., claim that their influence was great and made our country much better. Of course, it's all bull since those countries/empires only used us as means to win wars or get cheap labour and never cared about whether we even survive unless they needed us. But this is a bias that many people show and should be careful to avoid. My point being, all imperialistic cultures, and probably most cultures, period, feel they are better and that their influence, including violence against people in the other end of the world, makes their lives better. Also, fuck those people.

Should I call out people that standing up for their nation , culture and borders as "bad" and can lead to racism and at the end become a extremist because some part of their thinking are shared with extreme ideologies , I had to humiliate extremely many people, and most of them from another race than white. They would probably say: stop insulting us you racist. Personally I do not care what colors the bodies in any society got , only some structure is needed. I believe nothing like IQ is related to race but the environment people are grown. I neither believe that black , yellow, white nationalism is different, I think attaching anything solely on race alone is racist.

Pewdiepie is very much racist by association. A Nazi idk, we will have to check his beliefs. One thing I know for sure, pewdiepie isn't jumping for memes from 'progressive' pundits. He knows what he's doing.

My problem with people like Faraday Speaks is that a lot of us have felt and feel like how he did yet we don't find solace in idealogies that actively seek the destruction of other groups of people. You don't lose your ability to think because you're lonely.

Man I wish I had a jaw line like that

Great, thorough and well researched video. I also do not think Pewdiepie holds nationalist opinions. I would say that who you follow on twitter has nothing to do with what you might think or believe, just that you don't want to exist in an echo chamber. But I concede that this is different for the anonymous twitter user and someone with the reach of Pewdiepie. If he wants a space like that, he could create another account. I whole-heartedly would insist that none of his content is supporting or directing his audience toward nationalist opinions though.

Very well-researched and well-reasoned, I thoroughly enjoyed this watch.

Bullshiiiyt Trump 2020 all day

I liked what you said until you started defending Islam. As an ex Muslim gay Middle Eastern guy, I feel deeply disappointed when "liberals" defend a "Cult" that openly seeks to kill gays and apostates. This defense ,especially by the "liberals", is slap in the face to every apostate, gay, woman...etc who his/her life was destroyed by Islam.

You should be put on a gas chamber.

Give me the time stamp where I defended Islam

Anyone else a 9 year old who came to this video just to dislike it?

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