People Help Androids Protest In Detroit Become Human • Scared Buddies

People Help Androids Protest In Detroit Become Human • Scared Buddies

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Hey everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm Zach and today, we are two humans, that are trying to overthrow the human race in a video game playing, a game called Detroit, becomes humid, we're Androids, and we're taking over Zach as always, can you get us a five word recap, of what happened last time for those who didn't tune in here's all, you need to know stripper, robot, snow, love. Fighting. Simon. Bobby you can't get any clearer than that why don't we dive back in and see what mayhem, we couldn't get up it's. Our baby. Okay. We're. Bro bye I don't enjoy that the sad like a robot we're just gonna do this huh, and. That's the video what. Have you discovered love. Hank, Hank. My relationship, with lieutenant Anderson, no problem, at what the Hank Connors classic. What's happening, is - oh that's only it's a shot strictly, case I'm just with, her anyone, else she doesn't know what word can it be a deviant, you seem. Lost. Nope. Everything's, fine sincere. I. Don't. Think she can do anything to us okay I thought I knew what I had to do. Yes. Sucks man no we don't care about your opinion she knows everything anyway, sure, we can't lie to her she knows truth, truth, I don't know oh. Oh. Wait. Will she turn us off now I, don't know what to do I may have to replace you collar. Confident. Yeah we will be good no I will succeed, yeah. Connor, so cute. Freckles. There's. Our boy just, two cops, getting. Over that coin Connor. Sorry. Lieutenant fry, this is where she. Was yeah, can't wait for Connor to somehow rat everyone, out they haven't checked the roof yet should. We check the roof and try to get caught her out oh why. Is that want me to keep walking with them let's do our own thing yeah, fresh, blue blood as, we. Thought deviant, was shot oh, you're. Brilliant Connor, look at that look at that Oh, camera. How they run switch this yeah yeah oh. What's. That, my. Name is Connor. My, cyber life. This. Is good crime. Scene all right FBI. Does, not like local police trick. But worth people it's. All the crime investigate. Yeah let's. Sync up fresh. Blue blood, oh let's, trace, that's, gotta be Minka, Kelly that's. Our, boy I don't. Want to catch him but whatever deviance didn't break in the stuff would have seen what was happening what, are they what a minute maybe. They didn't check the cameras or maybe they're all in, this together. Maybe. That's, what's going on interrogate. Androids in the kitchen I'm, on it there's. Well there's a lot more stuff to do we ask that you recognize, our dignity, this will help in our hope and now the bring. His instability, down I really, need him to break free oh. Let's. Check out, his eye palace, pupil. Reflection. Whoa.

That's. That's, pretty cool. Registered. As Marcus oh I. Don't want to involve Carl in this wait so we know now. We that's wild. Something no, no we don't see anything identified. It's modelling cereal. Anything. Else that's, fine he's he's safe, nothing, did. We lie I don't think so oh we did this is great, baby boy Connor. Fine. Okay. More of the same yep this is exactly. All. Right let's go to the kitchen, dad or we could try find Simon upstairs, oh I. Was worried about what this dude Connor, just. Gonna do without us let's, go to the kitchen oh we're, gonna interrogate you guys okay, look for reaction, I guess oh this is fun okay go for it function, what is your function, I am, a broadcast, operator, I don't know if I can spot anything maybe, witness, on, this guy now yeah were you present when the deviants broke in I do, not remember. That. Seems, suspect, a scanner of memory has anybody accessed, your memory recently, not, to my knowledge how, do you not remember that, guy's off one of you saw the attack on the surveillance cameras, and said nothing which means there's a deviant, in this room and I'm going to find out which it is we don't really want Connor to do. This anymore so if we think this is the guy right which. One would you want to do on that guy you think, it is would, you want to kill him I would threat to do or threaten the guy let, me deal actually let's, cut, a deal yeah. Hey listen man we're on the same to give yourself, up. Maybe. I can convince the humans not to destroy. I. Explained. Hardball but if. We're doing wrong I think it's one of the ones on the end I think. Let's. Kill him we're getting a little too I don't know. Why, should you all be destroyed if only one is deviant, dead you're done you dead it's you. Oh. Shoot, this is gonna be a thing what is this. But. I did this correctly oh sure. Okay we got we got to die we, got okay wait wait what call. But. You called, I'm. Looking, it's us as far so go right there huh oh you're right you're right get it get it get it get it. Oh. That. Was scary, oh I'm gonna kick. This dude. Oh. He's. Gonna kill what, do we do take. Hey. So. Many people yeah but hang close that's more oh did. We get shot up too it. Kind of looks like we did, oh. Oh, we. Should have just we, should just shot that guy we should have got a trick poof they tricked us with the. Probability, of Hank we did what we did, do we regret it maybe we'll find out that's this fun time, thanks gonna be so traumatized, see see Connor died twice now yeah, Luther's, neutral that's kind of odd. I've. Done a full bond with Luther yet we, had the carrousel moment, what's that Luther we made it to a house what I do baby. Hello. Chuck. John I'm looking for Rose is. She here she doesn't want to talk go, away I guess we got to the place we were trying to go oh yeah, please please. What. Can I do for you. How. Old you could help us help. You yeah, I am. A an Android it's better if we talk inside, I'm already a fan of Rose already, yeah, she doesn't need to do anything to prove her itself, to me I hope they don't betray us it looks though that he's sketchy we need to keep an eye on that guy go inside where you going well you know checking out the house taking, the long way to Alice. Hey Alice. What's up cold, car oh we've, been standing, outside for him far too long, what's your name. Called. She's, running a fever they. Better be nice I mean she seems very nice. But. You never know, that's, true. Yeah. Oh she's in oh she's. Been out in the cold too long, you talk like you win. See. This is the game play we need none, of this pick. Up the guns dad. Get. A good night's sleep and we'll set off again tomorrow, why. Do you humans hate us we can. Do anything you're a human. Come look up okay that's better miss to be truthful, complicated. I don't know what you like but I made you roses world famous spaghetti that's, not back on your feet in no time well this is delightful should, we check these bills close those curtains. Tomorrow. I'll. Stay with it awhile oh he. Protec, said. Let's. Dish that sweater it's cool so are you gonna tell me what a deviance doing in the snow with a little girl, uh. Sincere. Her father was beating her.

When. I saw what was happening. Something. Snapped inside of me I had to protect her. Mom. Ran. Away my, husband, passed away two years ago, oh my gosh I beat this field train madam. And I we've just been trying to scrape by oh I just try to lend, a helping hand when I can she. Is the best thought. About more help Android's cross the border it's probably, safer, for you to stay here until things, settle down she's pulling, for us rose. Come quickly Oh Oh what the heck is in here wait there's others, in here hey let me in why you telling me this is right now let me in let me in I love her more than anything. What. Will I do without her we. Got to save these androids. Re9. Is on that wall what. Hey. Go back to bed yes. Luther. Be, resting. You. Need to rest take, her outside. Oh so, she doesn't see this it's. Okay. Not. After what those deviants, did today it's. Too dangerous. I knew, he was nervous no I'm fine not going to prison because you want to help these freaks. Oh. I, don't think we should have seen that I'll go see about getting, you across the border tonight she, is so sweet I hope this goes well all I want to do is protect her yeah, but, I swore already protecting Alice there's, something I need to tell you. It's. About Alice no, what no what. You're. Fastening. Oh. Dad. Nice. Can, you look in the cabinet. Yeah oh I. Think you should talk to Adam it's the police we. Look like humans. Okay. I deal, with him find, evidence, of deal no no there's, that jacket find it hurry. Take, some, hope laundry, I. Hope. The laundry that's where everyone else is right yeah that, way it's just like riche are you sure we're. Calm just. Keep calm everything, will be all right okay, we got one left we got one left closet hall closet right. There yes kind of it she takes so long in the. Situations, that okay. Go to the door open, the door that's all we got. Good. Evening ma'am Hey sorry to disturb you we've, had reports of androids, in the area what, would be the problem with that do you mind if I ask you a few questions, oh we. Got to nail these questions. He, is. Looking. Spooky. We're just gonna make Kim coffee yes, does anyone else in the house. No. No. Just us Oh looks I meant to make coffee but I took nobody. No. There are no androids here there's. Your coffee should, we've said yes I mean we probably should have said a lot of things but who knows what. Can I do for you dude oh. He's. So he's not coffee helps why is he just monitoring, our house and not talking to it it's like thank you I think it's like if, we would have had the jacket there and we, had said we didn't, have androids, in the house he, would have been like what's this we, should have talked to him beforehand, my, name is Adam is. Everything all right Adam, the androids. Upset. We're tired. Just. Shaken, up without this deviant, business. You. Know anything about deviance, have. You seen any, did. This guy, needs to be you know you, sound sketchy. I know I. Better. Go thanks. For the coffee and, tell you something oh. There's. Somebody else in the house washing. Machine no that's the laundry room washing machine washing machine washing machine it's nothing the the washing machine it's. An old model that's what we told them not ID, sorry. For the convenience. We. Did it that. Could've gone so, bad and everyone likes his battles. Get. Yourselves ready. Tonight. We did. Last. One that's not hot I really hope we didn't peel Connor permanently. Broadcast. Is all over the news, now, humans know we should have shown them that we're prepared to fight violence, is never the answer, if. You're not willing to fight for your freedom maybe you don't deserve it whoa whoa whoa that's enough. Marcus. Is here I'm the leader now we, build your future there are five cyber life stores across Detroit, we're gonna attack those stores and set our people free yeah this. Is gonna be another, tough one. Choices. Right choices, here that's what we are too then. Just. Merchandise, on display in a shop window yeah, neutralizing. Alarm systems and secure the area yeah ten minutes until all our teams attack all. Right neutralize, alarms okay waiting, for nothing. Let's go mister. You see the alarm system top. That. Would appear to be it there it is. Okay. They're. Working on it network. Access. Looks. Like that's a way in hello, join, our cause. With. Us now. Brothers. Invert. Hello. Welcome.

Wake Up let's do, it we need to do dude we gotta lift you the science so we gotta do making good time he boop beep, boop bop interloop created. Oh. I'm sorry next time you need to take cover I'll send you a memo that is exactly, how I water citrus part of this is it you told me watch out and you did not tell me what it was. Like. Natural, let's. Kiss. It. Goes back to, everybody. If it was like north. We're. Coming I didn't do something whatever do that again got it. Okay. Wherever, she's going I'm. Going because she yells at me if I don't do what she says even, if she's unclear, about it they did can you move the Sun for me because I can't do it myself I go, free. Now. You're. Free this is such a good power he has yeah really sudden yeah. I'm. Just, wrong. Now we can get inside the store okay, how, do you plan on doing three more people, oh wait need to find a truck to ran the store front we got to find a truck so if we run into anyone, that. Guy just save them well if we run into him here it is. Found. The truck steel, trip all right will do yeah don't. Worry cuz yeah. Now. I know why he wants us lo Oh No if only we were strong androids all right Oh. Android. Time baby what, are you waiting for, that's kind of cool I guess Oh. Jump, it break it into the system with our robot, breathe, we're. Killing this mission we gotta break that lock I wonder, what you do without me I don't, know find these mice. Until. Less. People let's, get. In the, truck, right. Yeah. Well, I'm just doing whatever she's told me to do, Ram. The store let's do it we've. Been so that's stealthy, make some noise we, should completely, just forget all of that and RAM the store I knew we'd end up doing something fun, should. We have saved more robots and that's better here we go. We're. Going, into the Apple store. If. There was another way I'm pretty happy with this way yeah they can't give us any other out that was cool that's, weak people s oh wait, again. Yes. You're free yes. I'm. Happy they're not making I see this to each individual, oh yeah hey you guys are with me now we roll out at dawn she's, having a moment with this one oh it's her there with you okay ooh. Let's, get them out of here, yeah. Oh. Oh I'm. Your leader from this day, forward you can walk with your heads held high you. Can take your destiny, and you'll have a nice job to make up this rallying. Cry it's. Up to you to decide fight, with us Oh or. Something bad. We're. With you I'll follow you. We're. The leader now we upgraded, even more than advice follow me, this, is great all right let's freaking go get. Go I'm gonna send the humans okay, wall Marcus maybe slow down oh okay. We didn't sign up for the humans. Be pacifist, or violent this is our decision send, our message bench. Yeah you can click on it and then it'll say tag it yeah, tacky, tear, off is vile is buying food shoes are simple Oh something. Looks like a peace sign oh shoot, I thought. This was time-sensitive it doesn't feel that way as much this elbows, oh man I jack or turn off just. Turn off you, don't need to see this. Oh. Breaking. Is piling, do, that, in real life you could put the pipe down well maybe we'll just tag a bench thought. Even. Well. Jack go like to that but we'll do it we won't do that anymore car let's just hit car, yes. Move. On roof on road yeah that's gentler. Yeah, this is nice. Pacifist, Oh tag, it again yeah, tag it so these can see our message we have a dream I think therefore I am one, planet two races equal rights for Androids. We. Have a dream a. Dream. Is, Oh pacifist. Is great oh we. Got we got away with that broken window. Hack, it up baby, yeah. Android. Parking no more this. Is now just a normal thing, so, yeah. We. Are nonviolent. It's not boiling what about that one yeah right there that that like waiting area yeah well yeah bus stop the, bus stop. Back. There, we go. Hundred. Percent I. Think. We just hit a hundred okay. We, did it they're coming, okay. Oh no, everyone, fall back to Jericho yeah, fall back fall back sent a message without violence just like you wanted, you're. Reaching out to them when all they feel for us did, we broke the window I hope you know what you're doing we're doing, violence. Violence, we're, better than that unless, there's no other choice welcome. North. Oh shoot. Well, is this just gonna put me on video I'd like that but. I'm the guy. This. Is bad oh. My. God they. Killed them her other self, got shot oh. I'm. Scared so we gotta make a big call here here, we go it's not like the fate of a whole race is in our hands arguing oh. We. Have then this would start a war we can't do this right now. Spare. Spare. They're. Not gonna like us they're.

Not Gonna like us but that's just how it won't punish a crime with. Another crime, it's. Gonna go down for, Jericho, maybe. We interrupt this broadcast with, breaking movie, show us being good police, report, that Pro Android, graffiti, was, found in the neighborhoods of cyber life stores, and they're still invest public opinions, on our side. Machines. Now be just again yeah androids. Become a threat to our security now this the, beginning of a terrorist campaign, conducted. Right here. Well. Yeah we haven't one of them over but. That was I think that was as good as we could have gotten cuz Jericho didn't go down you know I'm proud of what we've done so far yeah I'm just like so curious, as to like what's. Gonna happen, I guess, we'll find out next time it might be the last one might. Be I don't know can, we finish.

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Little tip: if you pick ‘troubled’ options, it’ll make Conner’s software instability go up faster...


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He won't love him that much if you keep on killing him tho. Everytime Connor comes back after dying, it reminds Hank that his son will never come back.

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If anyone is interested in watching another blind playthrough of D:BH, I'm doing one on my channel as well and just posted a new episode! I'm so interested to see the different choices Kelsey and Zach make. I have a feeling they're not going to be unlocking the North romance option lol

yes they will. Because I think that in order to do it they have to ask her about her past: they are curious, so they will ask, you really have to hate North in order to not get her to fall in love with Markus.

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@Shy Dreameress yep! If she distrusts you and you can't convince her you're still loyal, she'll shut you off. If you fail too much, too, and can't convince her it was for non-deviant reasons

@QueenOfFabulous oh really? cause i heard that kelsey saying the next episode will prolly be the end and i believed it is gonna be

@eideena oh cooooooll that'll be fun

I think they meant they thought they were near the end of the game not that theyre going to stop playing

Not a spoiler at all.

Marie not a theory. She’s an Android. I already played

Like a decent person would do thank u very much

I hope they don't. Or at least not so much that they choose the Kiss option when the Sing option is *SO MUCH BETTER*. (If people know the scene I'm talking about.) I can really do without the North romance as a whole though.

I have been trying to get these names in so many times on the 100 baby challenge but you never seem to get them so can you name a- Boy- Jakeb,Martin Girl- Caitlyn, Hailey Thanks

One of the best series of scared buddies yet. Just keeps getting better. We Stan the King and Queen of Buzzfeed

Ooooh if y'all got Bryan Dechart on here for an episode that would be amazing. He's the actor who played Connor and he's got a gaming channel and streams on twitch!

If you guys took Alice, Kara,. and Luther to Jericho instead, you would have found out a VERY KEY DETAIL about Alice. Now you'll never know until you finish the game.

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Alice: why do humans hate us Zach: you're a human Say sike right now.

Yes! Have them replay and go the violent rebellion route!

@Fingal Fingal Oh my gosh! That would have made me cry!

In the scene where the cop comes, I didn’t hide all the evidence and the cop was too suspicious. He didn’t believe me when I said the noise was laundry and he opened the door and saw the deviants. He was going to kill us all but Luther came down from upstairs and killed him, but also got shot himself. He died in Kara’s arms and I was like “Nooooooo!” I’ve watched a few LPs and I’ve never seen this happen to anyone else!

Idris Elba meme

Wil she turn us off? Me:probably

Zach "I just do whatever she says, even if it's unclear, because she yells at me if I don't." Love it.

Really hoping that someone screens these comments for spoilers. We get it guys. You've played it before. You know the big secret info. Please stop posting the spoilers in the comments so that we can get a real reaction from them when the moment comes up.

Play dead island next!!!

Markus really looks like Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy!!!

Can't be Pacifist all the time Freedom don't come free

Cops can't come in your house based on reports! They need a warrant unless that law changed by 2038.

Monica Britton I endorse that ship

Danique Le Roux Cyberlife can help

They haven't had a chance to go down that route. It doesn't come up until the Freedom March chapter after Connor meets Kamski

*Chocking *

Pristinesnufflove and also play dead

Nothing good comes of that scene

I hope not, siloPIRATE. I just want her to go on to live her best life. Ya’ know what I mean?

Willow Violet question is, is she deviant?

Wait, so they got Connor killed

Buzzfeed employees are the type of people to give androids human rights

That's true, but don't you need to be in good favours with North by the time Marcus unlocks her backstory to be able to go down the lover path otherwise you just stay friends.

Oh yeah! Guess they weren't close enough at this point. Damn, telling the truth at that burger place really goes a long way

Y'all should've gone to the roof.

Can you guys review how realistic Detroit Become Human fight scenes are such as Connor Vs Markus?

PLAY DEAD im begging you ...... JUST PLAY DEAD. Please like this or comment this they need to play dead and also steal the tickets at the bus stop and not give them back

Can they play Danganronpa (specifically v3) together? Thanks!

Love this series.

is that guy based off of jackson from greys


Where's the next part at please don't end it here I need the conclusion

I am not saying who but one of them plays an almost okay game but the other one gets hyper and makes the other person chose the wrong choice...and well...

When will you upload the finale and the malibu barbie episodes. Some of us don't have twitch you know.

Next part? :(

I really hope we get more episodes out of this series

When will the next episode happen??

Can the scared buddies play life is strange? I would love to see that, thanks! (Love your vids)

? When is the next episode

Is the last episode going online? Cuz i really love this! And i really wanna know what happens

Waiting for next episode :((( lol

Sooo Where’s The New Episode

bruh drop the next part

We need the final installment of this!!!

When do we get another video of this??? I'm invested!!

Love the big steelers energy

Ughhh where’s the next one

New episode? NEED to see how they end this

Where’s the new episode?

It's been three weeks, when do they update this again?

When does the next episode come out?

Please bring this series back!!! I feel like a part of my week is missing :(

Okay so I've been waiting... Where is the next episode? It's been three weeks :(

Will there come another episode?

Why aren’t you guys playing it anymore???

Is this series over??

please continue this series

Please play more of this game, it’s super interesting and fun to watch you guys play this.

Where’s the next one we have been waiting 4 weeks!!

It's been a month since the last episode??

Are we ever getting the ending to this?

When are you posting a new video? I really like your play through, please don't stop!! =)

Please continue playing with Detroit: Become Human! Looking forward to the next episode!

It's been 1 month since yall did this when will u again I'm very sad

God all these idiots posting spoilers JUST LET THEM PLAY THE GAME

More Detroittttttt please

Where'd this series go???

I mean, they're androids so it doesn't have to be realistic

That would be amazing

I hope not, they're full of spoilers

Or if they don't have time they could just restart from the later Crossroads chapter

Come back to me

_They called Connor baby boy I'm wheezing_

They finished it, you can see it on their twitch.

whens next time

I miss Jared and his good decisions

When's the next episode coming up? :P I really enjoy following this series. Waha

I miss Scared Buddies. Please bring it back. I don’t watch on Twitch. I hate Twitch. Please bring it back to YouTube. I want to watch more.


When is this going to be continued!?!?

what happened???? Why don't they make new vids anymore???

does anyone know why they stopped posting these?

Just gonna leave us hanging?!?!?!?

Is this series discontinued?

Its been 6 weeks, when do we get another video?!?!

Natalie Sullivan it’s been a month

cia hope why haven’t they finished it???

when’s the next ep coming out!!1!1!!

Could you please go on with the serie? I love it!

are we getting anymore episodes of this

Can you guys finish the game please!! I want to see you finish it!

I'm just wondering if they're going to make new videos playing this game or if they've dropped it

Play outlast to please


Will you be uploading more episodes to finish the game? I know this series isn't as popular as the 50 baby challenge but I love watch these two together so much and the game. Please consider doing another episode or finishing the game.

Gonna keep fighting for the ending of this

Want so much more!

When is there going to be another episode? Is there going to be another episode?...I hope there's going to be another episode.

Bring back Scared Buddies

I, too, hope there will be another episode. Let's hope there's going to be another episode.

Amanda:*to Connor*What have you discovered? Kelsey:*immediately*Love.

When is the next time? :


Where's new episode

Please finish this season

Why did you stop posting this series

*pokes Scared Buddies* Finish this series pretty please.






I love the Scared Buddies! You guys should (please) do Tomb Raider!

i dont think its possible, just look at the view count and u'll understand why they decide not to upload more of Detroit Becom Human

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