Pence speaks at Workers for Trump event

Pence speaks at Workers for Trump event

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Him to see. The men and women. The blue-collar. Men and women. That have built this nation. And will build it. Again. So it is my privilege, and my honor. To introduce, to you. The next. Senator. From the great state of minnesota. Jason. Lewis. Well hello, northland. How are ya. Wow what a crowd. There's more people here than at the democratic, national convention. And you're awake. Wow it is so great to be here thank you pete stauber. What a great job congressman, stauber, is doing for the eighth, congressional, district. I mean he's doing such a fine job and his service in law enforcement, before that pete thank you for your law enforcement, service, thank you. And speaking of that there really is somebody else i need to mention. When it comes to law enforcement. I like to tell people i never knew much about cops until i married one. Uh but i married into a law enforcement, family, uh my father-in-law, served 28 years, on the saint paul pd. And my lovely wife lee. Served the saint paul pd, for eight great years lee would you stand up right there. I guess you are standing up right. I kid her a lot she's so short when she stands nobody knows, but. It's so great to be here and so great to welcome the vice president, back to minnesota. How about that. And man oh man, what a convention. Huh. I mean it was. Four days of optimism. I'm telling you you look at that democratic, national convention. And it looked like a. Uh you know if you had trouble sleeping. But there we were the republicans. Celebrating. America. Celebrating, with people who still think there's more good things about america, than bad. Now every politician. Is faced with a first big decision. And it wasn't. Trump. President, trump's first big decision. As you know. Was to pick a running mate. And boy did he hit it out of the park, with mike. Pence. And i know from firsthand, experience. One of the great honors of my life was serving in the 115th. Congress. And working with the trump administration. And i can tell you no one, but no one was more engaged, with congress. Than vice president, pence. Now what i. That sounds nice but what do i mean by that, when there was a tough vote, when you needed to rally the troops. When we needed to get over the edge, the president, sent vice president, pence to the halls of congress, and he got the job done. And boy, did we ever get a job done, in the first two years of the trump administration. The first tax reform and tax cuts, in 30 years. Deregulation. For minors, energy independence. Va, reform. Career, technical, education, reform. And criminal justice, reform including, my bill, the juvenile, justice reform authorization. Bill signed into law by the president. Now just imagine, when we flip minnesota, red. What. What we can do in a second, trump-pence. Term. And that's why i can hardly, wait to work again with vice president, pence. In the united, states, senate. Friends here we are in beautiful duluth. A city. Dependent, on the fortunes, of the iron range. As we get energy. Logging. And yes, mining, rolling, again like never before. The fortunes, of this town are going straight, up and they're not coming, back. We're talking about an energy pipeline. We're talking about getting inbridge. Built. And we're going to get it done. We're talking about opening, up polymet. And yes twin metals. And we're not forgetting, our loggers. No we're going to get logging, going again as. Well. I think forest biomass, would be a nice renewable fuel. Look there's so many things that we can get done. And so many things that will get done, by the democrats. In the wrong direction. Public, order, is the first duty of government. And that is why we need to restore it and restore it now. We saw what happened in minneapolis. The other night. These folks aren't going away. With democrats, who coddle them. We all want justice. A riot, is not the way to get it. Fact is when it comes to public order. Putting minnesota, first. And ending, these overreaching. Lockdowns. Once and for all. This is the administration, that will get it. Done. Public, order, get the economy going again by ending the lockdowns, and putting america, and minnesota, first that's the trump pence administration, right there, which is why. It is my great honor. To introduce. To all of you. The vice president, of the united states, mike. Pence. Is. Well hello, minnesota. It is great to be with all of you today. And join me in thanking, a man who has represented. This state with great distinction. In one chamber of the congress, and i know he is going to be the next. United. States. Senator. From minnesota. Jason, lewis, thank you for your leadership, and for those story words. And to congressman, pete stauber. Congressman. Tom emmer. Congressman, tom tiffany, it is great to be in the north star state.

With All the hard-working. Men, and women. Of workers. For trump. It is great to be with so many friends i'll have more to say about all of them in a minute. But speaking of friends of mine. Allow me to bring greetings from another friend of mine. Who i spoke to just after i landed here in minnesota. And when i told him i was back in the north star state i, i don't know about you guys but i thought he sounded just a little bit jealous. So let me bring greetings from a man who loves the state. Of minnesota. And believes. In november. We're going to carry. This state i bring greetings from the 45th, president. Of the united, states of america. President, donald, trump. And i'm really honored to be with all of you today. I don't know if you heard about it but we just finished, up. The republican, national convention. With a south lawn addressed, by our president, that was incredibly, stirring. Incredibly, inspiring. Contrast. That with the democrat, national, convention. Jason lewis and i were talking about it that he said he said to me that see their convention, seemed more like a. Zoom, hr, meeting. Our convention, was a celebration. Of. And i'm here to talk about all of what we've accomplished, and what we can yet do but to be honest with you i'm here for just. One reason, and one reason only. And that is that minnesota. And america. Need four, more, years of president, donald trump, in the white house. It's on. Minnesota. You know the president, in that address, last night. Really laid out a vision. And the choice in this election. As president trump said we've got a vision for our second terms more jobs, better wages. More support for our heroes, in uniform, at home. And abroad. And as the president said in his words voters have never, faced, clearer. Choice. Between the two parties. It's a choice between whether we allow. Joe biden, and the democratic, party to advance a socialist. Agenda.

That Would demolish, our cherished. Destiny. Or whether we stand. And fight, for the american, dream. That's what this election is all about. So i thank you for coming out. Today. We were in duluth, on november, 7th. To. And we came just, that close. To winning, minnesota. And i just know. That the day after our convention, ended the right place to start. Was right, back, here in duluth, the road to. Minnesota. We're going to win this state. On november, 3rd. And i'm excited to be with all of you today but like all of you let me also say that our hearts are with all of our fellow americans. In louisiana. And texas, and states that have been impacted, by. Hurricane, lora. You've seen the images of the devastation. The worst storm, to strike. That part of our country in 150. Years. We grieve for the loss. Of lives and those families. Are in our prayers. The president will be traveling to the region, to. Review the damage, and ensure that the families and communities, have all the support that each one of us would. Want to make sure that we have. Our message to the people of. Louisiana. Texas, and all of those areas affected by hurricane, laura. Is we are with you today. We will be with you tomorrow. We will be with you every, day, until we rebuild, bigger and better than ever before. That's our promise. So thank you. Well like all of you i'm here because. I stand with president, donald trump. When this president, stands up for faith. And family, and the american, flag. I, stand with president, donald trump. When this president, stands, up. To the radical, left and their socialist, agenda. I stand with president, donald trump. And when this president, stands, up, for american. Jobs. American. Workers, and american. Miners. We stand. With president, donald. Trump. You know four years ago a movement was born. And it looks like it's doing pretty well here in minnesota, today. It's a movement i just heard about of everyday americans. From every walk of life. Here in minnesota, you people, you believe we could be strong again. You believe we could be prosperous. Again. America, said yes to president, donald, trump in 2016.

And I know that minnesota, is going to say yes to four more years, of president, donald trump, in 2020. Because with this president. For this state it's about, jobs. Jobs. Jobs. You know the choice in this election, couldn't be clear. The stakes couldn't be higher. You've got a president who's done more for this country's economy. For our rights. Our liberties, than any president, in my lifetime. And i have to tell you. As the proud father of a united states marine. And the father-in-law. Of the united states navy pilot, i couldn't be more proud, to serve alongside. A president, who cares so deeply. About the men and women of our armed forces. And their families. Under president, donald trump our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines. And coast guard are finally getting the support, that they deserve. To defend this nation. We've rebuilt our military. Revived, our. Economy. And this president, has also stood. Without apology, for all the god-given, liberties enshrined, in our constitution. Like the freedom of speech. The freedom, of religion. And the second amendment, right to keep and bear arms. And this president, has stood. Without, apology. For the sanctity, of human life. In our first three and a half years this president has appointed more than 200. Strong, conservative. Judges. To our federal, courts at every level and president, donald, trump. Has stood, for law, and order. Every. Single, day. And will stand. For all these, things for four. More. Years. We made great progress. We made great progress, in this country. The first three years of this administration. But i'm here to tell you none of that would have been possible. Without the strong, support. Of jason, lewis. Tom. Emmer. And pete, stauber, in the united states congress, they have stood. Strong. With president. Donald, trump and would you join me in thanking them one, more time for the principled. Conservative. Leadership. That pete. Sauber. Tom emmer and jason, lewis. Have done for. America. Thank you man. It's amazing to think in those three short years. Strong, support of our partners in the congress. And with your support. We created the greatest, economy, in the history of the world. We restored, the strength of our american. Military. We respected, in the world again. And strengthened, the constitutional. Foundation, of this nation. In a, word. We made america, great again. And then. The coronavirus. Struck our nation from china. But i'm pleased to report to you before the first, case, of coronavirus. Spread happened. Within the united, states.

President Trump took unprecedented. Action he put the health, of america, first, he suspended. All. Travel. From china. And he saved, countless. American, lives. And i can tell you firsthand. The president's, unprecedented. Action before, the month of january, was out. Bought us invaluable. Time. To launch the greatest national mobilization. Since world war ii. The president's, direction we marshaled the full resources, not just of the federal, government but of. The entire, american, economy we forged a seamless, partnership, with governors, across. America, in both political, parties. And we called upon. Our great. Private, sector, free enterprise, system, in america. We reinvented. Testing. And produced. Billions. Of supplies. That we delivered to our amazing. Doctors. Nurses. Hospitals. And health care. Workers. In fact, i don't have to tell you in minnesota. A great health care tradition, in this state. The, work of our doctors, our nurses, our health care workers throughout this pandemic, has been nothing, short, of heroic. And join me in thanking, all of those who've been there for our families, struggling. In this pandemic. Thank you for your care. Thank you for your professionalism. We are grateful, and proud of you all. And while joe biden said the other day that. No miracle, care is coming. I'm proud to report to you because of american, innovation. Because of the relentless, drive of this president, the expectation. Of the american, people. We've been developing. Treatments, therapeutics. From day one. We just approved convalescent. Plasma, that was developed. Right here in the great state, of minnesota. And we are on track, to have, the world's. First, coronavirus. Vaccine. Before the end of this year. I want to say from my. Heart. To all the families, of more than 1800. Families, in minnesota, who've lost loved ones that. And to those that are struggling, with serious, illness today. You're in the prayers of the american, people. And we're going to continue, to work every. Single, day. To make sure. That our health care workers, have the resources. And support. To give your family. The support that any one of us would want a family member to. Have. But thanks to the courage and compassion, of the american people. We're seeing positive, trends all across the country. Even in the wake of the outbreak, and the sun belt we'll see we're seeing downward, trends. We're slowing the spread. We're protecting, the vulnerable. We're saving lives. And we're opening, up america. Again. And we're opening, up america's. Schools. You know because of the strong foundation, that the president, poured in those first three years. We've already seen, 9.3. Million. Jobs, added to this economy, in the last three months alone. Including, 56. 000, jobs. Right here in minnesota. And in the days ahead as we open up america, again i promise you. We'll continue, to put the health of america, first. As we work to bring this economy, back we all have a role to play. And i know you will. But we also have a choice to make. Come november, 3rd. I know you got early voting starting, so it's. Real soon so it's. Time to make sure people ask a fundamental, question. I asked it at fort mchenry, just the other night. As we see this economy, coming back as we see, america. Regaining, our economic, strength. You got to ask your neighbors and friends. Who do you trust to rebuild the american. Economy. A career, politician. Who presided, over the slowest, economic, recovery, since the great depression. Or do you trust. A builder. A job, creator. A man who will lead, america. To all. New, heights. We need four more years, of president, donald trump in the white house, to bring america, all the way back, and then. Some. So we've gone through a time of testing, but we're coming to that time for choosing. And on jobs, on values. On safety and security, the choice could not. Be more clear. You know i watched as much of that democratic. National convention, as i could. Near as i could tell though they didn't talk too much about their agenda. They were mostly spending their time attacking america. And attacking, our american, president. They haven't talked too much about their agenda. And frankly after i looked at it i don't blame him. I mean that might be why i was told on the way here that might be why joe biden hadn't been back in minnesota, for a thousand, days. I mean think about it, think about it men and women. In the midst of a global pandemic, as america's, starting to recover joe biden wants to raise taxes by four trillion. Dollars.

President Donald trump cut taxes, across, the board for working, families. Business is large and small and we're going to cut taxes, again, with four more. Years. Joe biden wants to bury our economy, under an avalanche, of red tape. Got his own version of the green new deal. Two trillion, dollar, environmental. Boondoggle. Where president, trump. Signed more laws cutting federal, red tape than any president. In american, history. And we're going to keep, lifting. The burden, of red tape off american, businesses. And i don't have to tell you here in minnesota. Joe biden and barack obama, tried their best to shut down mining in the iron range. I mean remember joe biden actually told a group of coal miners, that they they'd have to, quote, learn to code. Well president, donald trump, stood, up to china's, steel, dumping. Imposed. Tariffs, and opened, up, the iron. Range, and president, donald trump will always, stand. For the way of life. Of the hard-working. Men and women. Of northern, minnesota. And the iron. Range. Where joe biden. Wants to end fossil, fuels. President donald trump has made america, energy independent, for the first time in 70 years. I mean it's not just those tariffs, on. On the iron range, joe biden actually wants to go back to economic, surrender with china across the board. He actually said not long ago that he wants to repeal. All of the tariffs. That are leveling, the playing field for american workers. Well president, donald trump, stood, up, to china. Will keep, standing. Up to china, to put american, jobs and american, workers. First. But joe biden's, record. On trade goes far beyond, our relations, with china. He voted for nafta, and i don't have to tell all of you all across the heartland, we know what, happened there. Back in the hoosier state we literally saw almost entire, communities. Shuttered, as. Factories. Closed, and. And moved. Jobs, south of the border. Did you know since nafta literally, 60. 000, factories, closed. All across this country. President donald trump. He said we could do better. And as i stand before you, today.

Nafta. Is gone. And the. Usmca. Is the law of the land. You know the experts, tell us that the. Usmca. A deal that puts american jobs and american workers, first. Could create, up to, 589. 000 new jobs across this country including, 50, 000. Manufacturing. Jobs. And speaking of manufacturing. Remember. Remember the last administration. About this time four years ago the last president. Was asked about manufacturing. Jobs they'd lost 200. 000. Manufacturing. Jobs under their, administration. And he said i don't know i don't know how you're going to bring those jobs back he said what do you have a magic, wand, remember that. Well we didn't need a magic wand. We just needed president, donald trump in the white house. 500. 000. Manufacturing. Jobs, created, in just three. Years. So it's been. It's been about our security, it's been about prosperity. But as i said it's also been about our values. And this president from very early on has, stood. For the religious, freedom of every, american. Of every. Faith. The freedom of religion, is called, our first freedom. And even a casual, study, of the american, founding you understand that people came here for many things and. Chief among them was the freedom of religion. That's why this president took such strong, steps, early, on. He's the first president, in american, history to ever. Convene. An international. Conference, not once but twice, on religious, liberty, he spoke, the united, nations, about america's, commitment, to freedom. Of, religion. We ended, the enforcement, of the johnson, amendment, so that pulpits, around america. Could be free, once again, and we ended, the assault. On the little, sisters, of the. Poor. I mean you think of a group of nuns. Taking a pledge of poverty. Spend their entire, lives. Just helping the poor. But under joe biden and barack obama they became a target. A target of the obamacare. Mandates, and believe it or not. Joe biden. Actually, said after, a supreme, court decision that upheld, president trump's leadership. Sparing the little sisters of the poor.

Joe Biden said that he would work, to impose. Those mandates, in obamacare. Back. On the little, sisters, of the poor, but we're not going to let it happen. We're going to re-elect. President, donald, trump, for four, more. Years, and we're going to defend, the religious, liberty, of every, american. And where joe biden. Joe biden. Actually, supports, taxpayer. Funding of abortion. All the way up to the moment of birth. I couldn't be more proud. To serve alongside. A president. Who stands without apology, for the right to. Life. Where joe biden is actually, calling for historic. Increases. In funding, for planned parenthood. The largest, abortion provider, in america. It was my great privilege. As president, of the senate. To cast the deciding. Vote. To allow states, across, america. To defund, planned parenthood. And president. Donald, trump. Signed. The. Bill. You know the choice in this election could not be more clear. Especially, when it comes to the safety. And security, of the american, people. This president, knows that. National, security, starts with border security. This president has often said if you don't have borders you don't have a nation. Joe biden. It's for open borders. Sanctuary. Cities. And joe biden, wants to give free lawyers, and free health care to illegal immigrants. By contrast. President, donald trump has stood, strong, for the rule, of law. And we've already, built. More than 300. Miles. Of that border wall. On the southern. Border of the united, states. And with four more years, we're going to build it all. And we're going to fix this broken, immigration. System once and for all. And from the first day of this administration. This president. And our administration. Has stood for law, and order, and we have stood. With the men, and women, of law, enforcement. Every, single. Day. Like one of our strongest. Allies, in congress. Who was actually a police, officer. Here in duluth for more than two decades. Before the people of minnesota, sent him to washington, d.c, he was injured. In the line of duty. And now he's brought a perspective, on law enforcement. At such a time as this that could not be more valuable. Not just for minnesota. But for america. So join me in thanking. Congressman. Pete stauber, for his service. In the uniform.

Of Law enforcement. And his service, to. America. And i can tell you our president, knows your vice president, knows what pete. Knows. Is that most men and women who serve in law enforcement, are the best people in this country. My uncle was a cop in chicago, illinois, for 25, years and. Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops. I mean i don't have to tell you people in minnesota, there's no excuse for what happened to george floyd in minneapolis. And, justice will be. Served. But there's also no excuse, for the rioting. And looting. And violence, that has. Followed. President trump and i will always, support the right of americans. To peaceful, protest. It's one of our god-given, liberties but writing and looting is not peaceful protest. Tearing down statues. Is not free speech. Perpetrating, violence, against innocent, civilians, and law enforcement. Is not peaceful. Those who engage, in these actions, will be held, to the fullest, account. Of the. Law. You know at the democrat convention, last week joe biden didn't say one word. About the violence. And chaos, engulfing, cities across this country. So let me be clear. Whether in kenosha. Portland, or minneapolis. The violence. Must. Stop. As president trump made clear when he called on your governor, months ago to send in the national guard in minneapolis. He said again this morning. When states ask for help. The federal government, will act, quickly. And we will end, the violence, on the streets, of our city. Too many american, heroes, have died defending, our freedom, to see americans. Striking, down, americans. We will have, law and order. On our streets, for every, american, of every race. And creed. And. Color. The american people know we don't have to choose between supporting, law enforcement. And standing with our african-american. Neighbors. To improve, their lives, improve, their schools, and. Create new pathways, to live the american dream. From the first day of this administration. We've done both. President trump has demonstrated, you can stand unwaveringly. With the courageous, men and women of law enforcement. And you can fight. For jobs, and opportunity. And educational. Choice, and excellence. For members of our african, american, community. We've supported, law enforcement, we've supported, our minority, communities. And will continue, to do both, for four more years. You know. By contrast, joe biden. Says that america, is systemically. Racist. And that law enforcement. In america, has. And i quote. An implicit. Bias. Against law enforcement. When asked whether he'd support cutting funding, law enforcement, joe biden replied. Yes. Absolutely. But under president, donald trump. We will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue, line, we're not going to defund, the police, not now. Not. Ever. As the president, said last night on the south lawn of the white house when you look at their agenda. Joe biden would be nothing more than a trojan horse. For the radical, left. For an agenda that would. Literally, take our nation. On a path to socialism. And decline. That's why minnesota. And america. Need to vote, again to send a president, who will continue, to lead our nation. On freedom. And opportunity. For all, we need four more, years of president, donald trump, in the white. House. Men and women of minnesota. Workers, for trump. Not only has the choice in this election never been clear but the stakes have never been higher. Last week joe biden said that. Democracy. Is on the ballot. The decency, was on the ballot. But i think you all know our economic, recovery, is on the ballot.

Law And order on the ballot. But as i said at fort, mchenry. There are things on the ballot far more fundamental. And foundational. To our way of life. In this election i think it's not so much whether. America, will be more conservative, or more liberal. Whether america will be. More republican, or more democrat, more red or blue. The choice in this election is whether. America, remains. America. Whether in this moment. In our generation. We will stand up for everything, that has always, made, america. Unique. And exceptional. Our commitment, to freedom. And liberty, and justice, for all. But i have to tell you looking out at all of you. I know we're going to choose. We're going to choose the path, of freedom. We're going to choose the path, of opportunity. We're going to choose four more years of president, donald trump, in the white. House. And i believe it's going to happen because, i see, faces, like yours everywhere i. Go. Just like four years ago. When the pundits were all counting him out. I never did. Because i was out traveling among the american people. You know i watched our campaign in 2016.. He would go to cities. And literally, draw tens of thousands, of people i would go places, and literally, hundreds, of people would show up. But it was all the same. It was people who. Who knew we could be strong again. Who knew america, could be respected, again could be standing, tall again. And the great news is. As we travel across this nation, more americans. Of every background. Are understanding. What the stakes are in this election. I get. I get some of my best information, from the c-span. Call-in. Line. Apparently, one other person here does too. Stayed up a little late. After one of the nights of our convention, i heard a, i heard a. A woman a lifelong, democrat, call in maybe like a lifelong, democrats, many of you that are standing here today. And she just called in and she said you know. After listening, to them for a week and listening to this president. She said i know what i'm going to do. She said i'm going to cast a vote for freedom i'm going to cast a vote for america, i'm going to cast a vote to re-elect. President, donald, trump. It's. Happening. You know you may not know that i actually. I actually, started, in politics, as a democrat. I was the youth democratic. Party coordinator, bartholomew, county indiana, back in 1975.. You know i heard the voice. Of my second favorite president. We talked about a strong national defense, he talked about an america's. Prosperity. Built on. Less government, less taxes. Talked about in america, grounded, in our. Highest, ideals. And timeless, values and i knew the party i belonged, in and i, i'm seeing people come our way every, single day. You know my grandfather, was a. Immigrant to this country he drove a bus in chicago, illinois, for 40 years he was a proud democrat but my grandfather, wouldn't democrat. Wouldn't recognize, this democratic, party today. And so i want to say. All my fellow republicans, who are gathered here today, i'm honored to stand with you all the independents, who are gathered here today at this, workers for trump rally we're grateful for your support. But i want to say to all the democrats, who are gathered here today and all across minnesota, join us. If you believe in freedom. If you believe in a boundless, american, future. Built on timeless, american. Ideals. Join us and re-elect, president, donald trump, for four more. Years. And we're seeing people come our way every day in fact we're joined here today. By a small business owner who served for 12 years, as the. Democrat. Farmer. Labor, mayor of duluth. Today like so many democrats, across the heartland, he's supporting, president donald trump for four more years. Would you join me in thanking, mayor gary doty his wife marsha. And their granddaughter. Kennedy. We are honored, to have, your. Support. Thank you mayor. Thank you thank you both. And your granddaughter, is wearing a trump-pence. Shirt i gotta like that. In fact. Six mayors, of traditionally, democrat, parts of minnesota. I learned on the way here are actually endorsing, president donald trump today. I just met the mayor of virginia, minnesota. And the mayor of two harbors, minnesota, they're both former democrat, farmer, labor party members. But now they're supporting. President, donald trump for four more years will you join me in thanking. Mayor, larry, coffey, and mayor chris swanson. Come on up. Guys. Vice president pence it's an honor to have you here today.

What A wonderful, treat. As he just said. There's many people in northern minnesota. And you know this. Who truly. Are republicans. They truly, understand. What's going on. Our job. Is to go out and reach those people. And bring them over. From the democratic, former labor union from the democratic, side. To this ticket. Vice president, pence. And president, donald. Trump. I don't know that. Mayors from northern minnesota, have ever gotten together this might be a historic, moment. To step up on a stage. And i want to have the virginia, mayor. Coffee. Present, just a small token, of our appreciation. Thank you mayor, thank you great words. Great job. Four, more, years. Well good afternoon everybody as the mayor of virginia. I've been tasked, and the honor and the privilege of not only being here today, and meeting, the vice president of the united states mr mike pence, and supporting, donald trump for the next president. 2020. And. Beyond. I've been asked to read this letter and i think by just presenting, it to uh vice president pence i think we all need to know, what we as zion reigns mayors have to say and who our iran reigns mayors are that support. Donald trump and mike pence. As greater minnesota, mayors from democratic. Cities on the iron range. We write today, formally, to endorse, the re-election. Of president, donald j trump, and vice president, mike pence. Like many in our region we have voted democrats. For, decades. We have watched as our constituents. Jobs, left not only the iron range. But our country. By putting tariffs, on our products, and thousands, of jobs, supporting, bad trade deals politicians. Like george, joe biden, did nothing to help the working class, in the last eight years. We lost thousands, of jobs, and generations, of young people have left the iron range, in order to provide, their families, with good. Paying, jobs. Elsewhere. Outside, the state of minnesota. Today. We don't recognize, the democratic. Party. It has been moved so far to the left, it can no longer claim to be advocates. Of the working, class. It has been moved, so far to the left. That it can no longer claim the advocates, of the working class i repeat that. The hard-working, minnesotans, that built their lives and supported their families here in the iron range, have been abandoned. By the radical, democrats. We didn't choose to leave the democratic. Party. The party left. Us. And i didn't realize before that we were really. Republicans. In democrats. Clothing. Yet for. Four years. Something wonderful happened four years ago. Donald j trump was elected president of the united states, and he stood up to china. Implemented, tax cuts, and fought for the working class. Now. Four years later, the iron range is roaring back to life, and for the first time, in a very long time. Locals, are hopeful. Because this president has policies. And willingness, to fight for us, is real. Lifelong, politicians. Like, i'll say just the other, candidate. Are out of touch with the working class. Out of touch with the country needs, and out of touch with those of us here on the iron range and in small towns like ours, across, this great nation. In this election. There is a lot at stake. But the biggest risk is our jobs. Our economy. And our way of life. President, trump, delivered the best, economy. In nation's history. And president. Trump. And president, trump will deliver for us again, he will continue to fight for every american. Regardless, of party affiliation. And continue, to stand up for the working class, so today. Us six mayors. We right to formally endorse, president. Donald, j trump, and vice president, mike pence for four more. Four years, years. Four more years. Four more years. And it's newly signed by six iron range mayors. Myself, larry coffee of the mayor of virginia. Chris swanson, the mayor of two harbors. John champa, the mayor of chisholm. Robert, vicelovitz. The mayor of evelett. Chuck novak, the mayor of ely. And andrea, zapponsen's. The mayor of babbitt, we're proud to stand before you, and re-elect. Donald j trump and mike pence for four more. Years. Thank you very. Much. Wow. Mayor coffee mayor swanson, thank you. I'm humbled by your support. And i can't wait to deliver that letter. Thank you all for being here today. To the mayors for their support. Just as important, thank you for your. Support. The men and women of minnesota. It's on. It's time. I came here today to make sure we all understand, the choice that we. Face. All we've done for this country, over the last. Three and a half years. Rebuild our military, revive, our economy, reaffirm, our commitment to our. Our highest, ideals, and values. The way this president has led us through this. Time of testing but as we approach this time of choosing, we all need to do our part. And i want to encourage, each and every one of you to do like these mayors have done.

To Step up. Just like you have today. Stand out. Reach out to your neighbors, and friends. You know i'll always, believe that the most powerful, media, in the world. Is not your. Big television, networks. It's. It's not your social, media. No it's not uh. Some big newspapers. Or. People driving, influence, on the airwaves. But i think it's. I think it is today and as always has been word of mouth. I think that's what happened in 2016.. I think the american, people, talked to each other. They turned down the sound. And they picked up the phone. You know there's nothing more compelling, than to hear from someone. Who knows you and respects, you about an issue that you believe. Is most important. So i'd like to personally, ask you to just. Reach out to your neighbors and friends send out an email make a phone call. At work at a worship just say you know i was in duluth the other day i ran into mike. And he like got up there and like talked for like an hour just about. Everything, that we've done, and and he told us we're just getting started, when we give four more years to president, donald trump, we're going to make minnesota. More prosperous. Than ever before. We're going to make minnesota. Safer, than ever before. And with your support. And with god's, help. We're going to make america, great again. Again. Thank you very much minnesota, god bless you. And god bless america. Let's go get it. Done. Something.

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