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if you cannot find a way to earn money without working then the tendency is that you will have to work for the rest of your life this is where the concept of passive income comes in it's basically earning money while you sleep so today we will conduct our passive income honey gain review don't worry guys uh this is 100 free efficient and accessible to anyone who has internet so what's the coverage of this video for our overview we will talk about what is honey gain how does it work is it safe how to earn passive income how will i receive the payment and we have a bonus at the end free and instant five dollars for starters so let's start so honey game basically is an app okay that produces passive income okay it you can make money just by sharing your internet so you're for those who have extra internet connection you can also for those who have unlimited this is good for you know if you have unlimited wi-fi connection for those who have limited data you can set uh in your phone a specific amount that you want to share so that the other company could use it don't worry they will not use or get your personal info we will get to that later so it is an easy way to earn passive income with honeygain you can start making money just in a few minutes just install the app download it install it on your device it can be your let's say laptop or cell phone or tablet sign up and make a free account then relax automatically as long as you are online then it makes money so this is what i'm talking about earn without compromising your security especially nowadays there are a lot of phishing websites or uh others accounts or viruses that wants to get your personal information so for this one uh your internet connection data connection right or the internet data is sold to companies separately uh trusted partners and and the uh and the app itself explicitly said here with binding legal implications that it does not gain access to your devices storage with honey gain earn without having to worry so let's see what this one is talking about i know every one of us is very meticulous and very uh reluctant on sharing our personal info that's why we have to give a specific amount of time discussion for this one so basically uh you are sharing your internet no uh a traffic by inter other internet uh companies with high reputation so they use it to check their advertisements and whatnot okay so the company or the one who is buying the internet connection uh has been through a lot of uh screening okay only trusted companies and all the connections made through the device are securely encrypted and the hana gain app itself will not gain any access to your device's storage okay so basically that's it let's see let's see here you go make a difference by helping out so basically help other internet users like you as well as reputable companies to share the traffic of data or internet connection making crucial online operations like geo block operations like streaming geo block content possible okay so let's see what it's talking about again so this is how your internet connection will be used now by sharing your internet connection to honeygain business partners can access the web from your location so that gives them a geographical advantage okay that's how you help others to view the internet as it is seen by real people without any location restrictions remember we uh there are a lot of restrictions in the internet right especially in the netflix like example you cannot access because this video is not available in your country some have to use vpn and whatnot right so that's how you help others to view the internet again here's the most popular cases for uh for your network one is seo or ceo plus business intelligence so having an uncensored view of the internet clients can collect real and obscure web statistics which are crucial for making internet a better internet for everyone so basically it's opening up okay the internet connection or or the connectivity in your area also there is what we call brand protection especially nowadays it's very easy to fake a brand a lot of fake items as beings has been sold online so what honeygain does is that top brands can scan the web for copies or counterfeits of their products as well as other intellectual property violations giving you some peace of mind while purchasing items online so it does not only earn you money it makes uh it has a purpose on making the life online more secure accessible and efficient so basically tells you this one's fake this one's not okay also there's the ad verification remember those annoying uh verification asking if you are really human so this is what it does with add verification companies can check whether their ads are running correctly right and uh on the right website this is what i'm talking about earlier where they're intended to be shown so for example there's a specific ad in the philippines that they want to be advertised okay or in america so they make sure that in that specific area the ad is being advertised so also there is what we call app testing so thanks to honeygain there are app developers who can streamline their testing flow okay under especially in the international companies so that everyone will experience the app content that it was intended to do now against the geographical boundaries it's basically uh improving the life of people who use internet and lastly there would be lastly oh no second to the last there would be content delivery some contents can be geographically restricted that's what i'm talking about earlier in the netflix right like music ipv or volte so thanks to cd people like you can access geo blocked content making the internet a truly borderless place so that's what we do regarding content delivery and of course the price comparison honey games takes credit for making e-commerce and retail more competitive look at that we are retailers we are selling our extra internet and yet we earn so basically this is a good opportunity for us to earn positive money without lifting a finger our global network and enables users to find the best prices for products being sold online okay so let's go back later i will show you the user interface right so for this one let's just finish this uh starters what not so how does honey gain works very very simple simple very easy so first one is download it and set it up so install the app on your device and connect them to your internet second run behind again okay securely a honey game security shares internet with no access again no access your privacy is safe no access to personal data third is that let it gather so basically you're just using internet don't worry in my own personal experience my internet was never hampered it was it never became slow right so especially if i am in a certain location and honeygain does not take that privilege of having a strong and reliable internet for me so let it gather your connection is used to gather bits of information from the internet again if you are not using a unlimited internet plan then you can just set in your phone a specific amount of mobile data that you want to share and if you want a honey game to use uh your battery even if you were not charging or whenever you were charging so basically what i'm trying to say that is that it has a very specific settings where in you can control right and for the fourth one it helps businesses companies use to gather bits of uh internet okay from various services and lastly the passive income part it lets you get paid right by employing your internet connection devices so the estimate earnings is that 19 per month especially when there are three devices recommended but take note we will discuss later that we can have more than three devices okay okay so basically the factors that influence how much you earn uh basically depends on your location especially your ip address is an important factor to determine your earnings especially the speed of your internet right because you are lending it the fact that some locations are more valued by our partners than the others and then the number of ip addresses around that area so the earnings largely determined by the many devices connected to different ip addresses you have basically if you have one in basically it says if you have one internet connection and uh let's say uh your laptop your phone and another three tablet is connected in that specific internet connection then uh that the data transfer would be uh lower compared if you are using one internet connection and one hundred game device like your laptop so in my case what i did was another life hack is that what you can do is you get a separate internet okay one internet one then one laptop one internet two and then laptop two now you will think that isn't that more costly definitely not you just have to ask your friend right if you have a trusted friend to install hanigap honey app okay honey gain up to their devices especially if they are far away from you and then log in okay log in their devices to you out to your account and automatically you will get 100 of their uh internet connection sharing to other now let let me show you an example of that this is the interface of honeygain so this is what i didn't know see in my account there is uh eight active devices who earns honey gain for me okay 100 of their earnings goes to me of course because my account is logged in in their devices so basically what i did is uh i talked to my relatives and i made them download the hana gain app and then i log in my account don't worry you can log in your account to as many devices as possible or as you want so this is what happened so iphone one two three four five six seven seven uh laptop or computer devices then i download honeygain and their devices and log in my app so basically whatever they earn it goes to me because they are not interested no but you can also do referral system later on we will discuss that i have one phone right connected to my account okay so lastly i am talking about the internet being air speed so basically your internet speed or ping affects or have an effect on your earnings best performance in networks who have around 50 mbps but i know for us in the philippines there has been a connectivity issue experiencing right now so i think even for me right uh my mbps is just around 10 or sometimes lower around 5 5 to 10 so again that's still good i'm still earning a good amount right so what it says here the best performance only 50 mbps or more ping so let's find out there's uh more information the help desk so just quick some quick numbers no 15 more than fifteen thousand uh users surveyed hana game performance and we have a monthly growth rate of 30 percent 150 per uh countries covered and average single payout 26.58 okay this is the review now let's get to the good part the honey gain interface so basically guys let me show you this is the data i have shared in the last 30 days in my area right so for this one i was able to share 8.89 gigabytes of data so each day right january 24th 25th 26th right this is the amount of data i was able to share so what i did is that that i just let my uh internet or i just let the honey gain up running in my devices so you don't need to open this uh this website all the time you just have to have this okay running this one the honey gain app right so for the honey gain app we will have we have the currency the honey okay that's being gained so each day depending on what you share you earn so it is automatically translated two dollars okay so for dollars the minimum payout would be 20 okay so that is equivalent of twenty thousand honeys okay so once you gather twenty dollars is uh you will be able to ask for payout but mind you guys this is uh a patient's game right so the patience is a virtue for this app for this passive income because there are times that you will have trouble uh securing a huge amount of data or sharing a lot of data hence might hamper the gain of your in uh your money however again as i've said this is just passive income right so passive that you earn without doing anything so also we have here the daily uh it's like the bonus for visiting this site daily so it gives you free honey so just click this try your luck okay and this one would open then you just click open so randomly from 10 to 20 000 you can gain so for now we gain 50 credits 50 honey credits oh look at that from 24 it was automatically added making it 25 so currently our money that to be transferred to our account would be 25 so guys uh is what i'm talking about now if you want to earn automatically five dollars without lifting a finger just uh check the comment down below uh and or that video description i have the link right i have the link for referral automatically you will have five dollars okay and that does not make anything for me or that not it's most uh it is more of helping you guys out so the good thing about referral you got this one i have almost 1 500 referrals is that whatever they gain is 1 500 i would receive 10 of it so that's it i uh i will not gain automatic five dollars or what not so the referee the referee would again receive uh ten percent but that per that that but that ten percent sorry will not be deducted from their earnings okay let's say this one the first referral if he gained if that person gains let's say 100 honey gain credits right the 100 percent he he or she will retain it in his in his or her account and i will get 10 uh honey gain credits like right the 10 okay so i just want to share this to you this is the transaction history another interface of honey gain so basically this is where you look for your pay out okay request for payout this is your honey gain winnings sometimes uh this is updated randomly uh let's see uh different times of the day so so far this is the on-again winnings that's what i did earlier right this is this is the one i did earlier this in the past this is what i was able to land in february 19th i guess i was pretty we see at that time and this is the income from referral right so majority of what we gain from honey gain is from referrals because we have uh able to build a good foundation so this is the referral system okay this is the number of referrals i have so if you have more questions just visit the frequently asked questions okay so for that let's now go to how will i receive my cash that's a very interesting okay so for this one you can choose for your next payout would you like it to be on paypal or in bitcoin so in our case uh you just choose paypal so for people guys just make a paypal account within less than 5 minutes or 10 minutes stops right you will be able to set up your account just click continue so it says here are you ready to collect your earnings 25.01 so usually it takes two days two business working days for uh the system to process the payouts so please be patient don't worry if you have any questions just uh just message or email their uh help desk they are very responsive okay so what we will do we will request for payout and then they will send a verification code in our mailbox and then we enter it and automatically right automatically uh the money will be processed so let's just fast forward right so this is my uh this is what i earned in the past so you will receive an email it says here dear honeygainer congratulations on reaching your payout limit with honeygain so again for the first timers they will send a link wherein you have to register in tipalti incorporated right so in the party it's the it is the one that will send your the money to your paypal account so it's very important just fill in your personal details like email address a phone number your real uh name and address okay so and then register your paypal account in there it does not uh need too much the account used for honey gain so you just have to wait for confirmation afterwards you will receive the money to your paypal account again uh let's see so once you receive your money this is what it says right you've got cash and again once again we'll send you an email okay you've got cash so uh the payment for this one is 819.89 usd automatically translated to 925.33 pesos sent to my paypal account today so uh why why is that at the minimum payout was 20 right well however why did i receive such uh 19.89 only so because it has a

transaction fee okay the paypal has transaction fee of 1.43 dollars okay so it's part of the let's see it's part of the the oldest transaction so let's see did it really enter my paypal account so let us see oh my i have to log in for that and we will have to check okay so for that one let's see i think it was not loaded here all right so for the paypal account also again let us enter our account so it is very risky not sharing your internet uh your anna okay let's see let's see so once we enter our uh paypal account it will show here again it you it will show that balance for the paypal right this is a very extensive review and look at that let's check all the activities so this is just to show you guys now this is just to show you how the money entered my paypal account and if it is legitimate so this one this is it guys so two weeks ago i received that look at that 125.33 so yeah this is that's it 125.33 i received that okay automatically okay it was added to my account this is the details right so that verifies how through our uh honeygain app how secured it is i hope you were able to get something for our video if you have any questions regarding the app just comment the link down below and this is darth vader reminding you that you are blessed to become a blessing once again guys god bless

2021-02-23 12:06

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