Part 4: The Top 10 Stocks

Part 4: The Top 10 Stocks

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Okay. Now let's move on to the next part of our show of course we asked our members of our growing very community, about, the stats that you want to talk about so, we have connected them and we have them here and, we asked of course our technical, experts to come in each, and every stat so we just do this. One. By one so, are. You ready dumb. In all right so let's flash the screen right, here so, first thought. That this is Metro, Man or enemy he know, what, is it well. I, think never. Bankers, has had, a very depressed, situation, in the last few months but fortunately. And pompously, its magnitude, seemingly. Turn things around them, and. You. Seem to turn the minutes actually be able to break over in downtrend, line and it's now cascading, all that sideways trying to get into the more leverage on. Price. So. I think the hand up in this another night now it should be on its way strive to be able to make more of a show so frightful. See. Gravity, Euler's formula and. Probably. See a little sideways. But. Okay. So. Given. The start so when, they start riding on it so I mean, I. Think. You can only start to get to a gradual, purchasing jokes like. I said since I don't think that they're beautiful back to your denying those if, you want. Enter my. Position, as. Prices, continue to. Do, slightly, lower than even a teeny bit more implicitly. Major stopping support and. Actually. Usually started resounding, you can add more as you feel more confident, that the company, is starting to be able to see that. We talk about dying so however. Potential. Resist. What's. Your target to. Be. Some short-term. Person will not get lucky. Will. Be on the next one we have API. That's. Why. Like. Remember we're seeing reheating point yes so if you look at winter day of eme. Germany. Is, essentially, 208, the past one year of training okay, right so you're. Doing it over the past one year of creating that's, the break-even point individual. Stock right. So what's happened is that over the past year people were Ricky who are still losing money like, four or five days ago people. Are essentially losing money on on. API because, they finally, their profile is Wolford red degree, of, it right, so normally, we would be hesitant on asking. Them to but. I'm normally would see this resistance, and so this kind of clearing resistance, today we finish at five five fifty four and things as. It closed today so, this. Guy's this guy's trying to make its way higher right you, have to take into consideration that, there might be a trend. Channel that's, showing, up so you might see some resistance. Wound up in the short term but. I think that the fact that this type of clear that they later, diem a. Significant. Up choices. Vision underlying strength okay so. Happy. Building. Standing. Stockstill. Park okay. So all, right here. Let me mention that it's men and all that exactly. Employment, going, to go through the challenge, so what. Bank that laughing. Yeah. Yeah. The final. Six. Right. Now is final six so my butt level, it. Could just easily Caspian, up and down going forward but, ideally the, Walt ideal is that stays above that 5:30, - which fun to learn to unity, so. What is dating that's really strong be something that means all you. Thank. You so. Next so. - the. Blueberry, - the third, stuff. That they want is. Unfortunately. The. Gaming. Sector. Actually. Someone from different country wants a kind of dominant, people. Who Shing I'm not feeling, it again and, because, of that did. Hit. A particular.

Sector Which actually, before that was, actually doing pretty decently, well right right, I understand. Bitterness, was more devastating to. Be good but. Now the prices, are falling Matthew Peters know things, just you know they're just a little bit monster quarter I don't, think it's out of the woods just yet this and so, I think we may need a bit more time to see if you can afloat its ground here about. That, me. And this. Week, beaches. Are forward and before, they. Start to show us that the closest fear together so, I would. Probably be quite hasn't nothing behind it, how do we do that, takes particular. Modulus and there, stood up with them show that you know. I'm. Gonna take a bit more time, but. When, is what about me both will already be, there, probably. Around. The 1430. Visitor. If. They were in there. They're. Training drinking, this you being a dragon you. Gonna put your two hands of the wheel. Does. The minute you're driving, a peanut build that mean you're about to watch. Crash. Once twice or three times not. Rantala. Think you're not going to be this being much long so. If. You make a mistake and you still have not pulled the trigger to exit bum that means she must love you stop for. Dear life no matter what I say here being about, there what okay, so. My. Suggestion, is if you're still in there watch. Your dose if it breaks it then it's, not going to call it quits the, first or something else it's moving that might be the best thing to do it faster, to recover your money and. This finally, shows some technical, strength all this junk exciting. And. Of course we know that I'm cycling. Please. We. Have lots, of good usable thirteen fifty or 13 was it exit strategy okay it doesn't vary, contract we ended, it up. This. Is it the, new landlord do, you know what and that's why they looking, outside uses, when, these sell, triggers, actually, happiness I know the pie expression, for those bodies, near too high I know it might be painful. But. You'll see what happens later on it was all the way so much deeper, that. The you know ok, Turkey but we don't hurt for a smaller it's good now it's been hurting you every, night. Can't. See and the different goes for just press a button and. If, I'm doing you're not using that I gotta might look like a food dispenser, I'll vomit at the ready oh. That's. It becomes much harder to make the hard decision, early yeah, doesn't cost you so much and, then just wait for the. Now. That. Have asked me a pinion, several, years ago whether. It is result, XP. Yes and then. What happened was. Very. Recently, when. Individual, called me and said that, SBS, people number 307. That this thing that, was like last year. Over. The past several years they have to carry that burden um I mean trampled. By issues. Okay. So moving, on the next alluring, succesful at mega. Mega. Road was. The primary guys take a beating based on the piece on the. Server's. Day. Down. In the pole and, so. We. Wanted it to stay above that, bad. Maligned, oh yeah. The dotted line now that that's been broken several. Days, ago when things broke down I. Think, it's gonna be a large range moving forward from finder. Hopefully. Will number will make it all the way back down to 420. And. It will probably consult data book above this for 50 levels ideally, you want to consolidated, important.

In, Order for underlying. Strength to really show, itself but. If this thing breaks the 450, level that they are now 420, level is definitely in play so, for. Those who are building there's been careful what. Da. There was news today that psi. To deal with JPMorgan, o for. A big. Landmark. Project. I'm confident and passionate so, hopefully. We'll. Have some rather your feet going into tomorrow. So. I, need. To be a little bit more carefully, little Homer characters we are basically 50/50, at the stage of Dragon Bridge reward right that's got four fifty to five, and then five or. Twenty. Brings. Up today's. All. Right thank, you very much, so. Nice how about the. Venom. Is actually showing its. Dominance. Their property, issues and I know a, lot of property, stocks have felt. The weight because of rising interest rates, he. Knows present, be surprised to be honest we're probably was actually. Coming. From that, note that you saw in July or maybe we're driving, back to do. 4543. Testimony, and. It's. Moving up into an upward channel right also if you look for potential entry, you wanted people to come closer to the. Chapter, and see. It. And. Go, and, take. It one second time however. Since. We want to do a three stretches into Iran there, is a wider, chance. Just. Be careful also major, high for young about style 47:13. So here by torture, 45, 47, 50 doesn't do too much pops up late right so i think in this particular case of this nice. Video pattern in the bottom putting. Prices are ready making your outside a bit bigger maybe. Not. Since 200, heavy might come out this so. We first. Look. For mutations or internationals, are ready to. I, think, we've talked about this before. I, guess. For, the purpose of our audience, but, meaning but alone because of the patient at this one meeting that ended, its battle. Training now. In are, we surprised, it's ethically, steps. You sleep with, example. Large behavior when you're talking about overhead. And desire so, since you're coming mountain, area with previous leisure times online we, were there there, are some people just pocket, a particular, price and maybe grab, you can get these guys out convincing, to Sarah convince you people to come by them in and, the only way you can do that is by keeping prices back into a certain beta dress if you, gotta see that they have an answer to post our gate here the guy, 277. And. So. You can pinch mark these people into shell if. You stop in to about that you want to come same with the lower price because, she gives you for, a. Slingshot. And. I think that make you look like this alright. Okay. Go. Ahead still, it, doesn't require. That whatever, just a little bit sending, out of that my collaboration. So, Samara, maybe the reef usual earlier. In. July right so, in July to August leave, all the way up to the 30 22. 2:32. 9033 level 6 and. If you notice that there's the bump degree line you see this is really evident that the 200-day, really what's, the resistance for cetera yes so what happens is that if you're coming from 2750, and then maybe, to 32, to 33 bucks that means that there's 20% that, could just mean bad right. And. Normally. When you see that kind of little, that's very you. Don't really take money off you, look that's really close, to position, already at that's not right even I've, got 20 percent I'm great even I'm taking money that's what happened here so, what, happens a lot of people are taking money at that time and then all of a sudden you still asleep. Now. It's hot it's waiting on to the blue line which, is a support, level it actually house from there today so it's up significantly, today with a half. So. But, that thirty to ninety two number. The Green Line is going to go away right, right so what happens they go from 30 to 33, bucks all the way down to 29 something that's another 10%, so. As if the thing for you rally again another, 10. 70%. People is are making money again off the table all right so. In, the short term I think that that, reminds me would be able ringing but. I think, that as long as this thing bases out over the next few weeks I, think. That this day is this. Is something that we really have to watch because it brings above that green line you. Might actually have something lots of you have members okay but people like level, also want to see if you should assume. That these at time is. Not even remotely any. One. Things are coming, forth wanted to show them when, you're looking for office. Party, 2/3 or now one. Of the things that you want to see whether your spot is a strong or, a weak bit, would, be how.

Much It will pull about business top way in so. In the case like this it's. True - back quite significantly, off the having particular, major resistant, so, if you give him the opportunity to somebody or survival, cheap price and even comes, to rally back toward your previous high and you're. Giving them the ability to make good money they will take that so. That's why if you see a Sputnik a reaction, the reaction is very light, from, the resistance, of area and it doesn't give the guy who sold their ability, to buy back so well right, right and, make do the provocation. When you world over again but it has better chances, of crossing, over resistance. On the next swing and. So. That's why I think employment, Network, we said you cannot funny folder where it is right now and it recovers and not that's a good thing but if it falls all the way back before 20 vanity that's not a good thing. So. Watch. Your Christmas your treatments, are very fine that's a strong energy for your stocking get ready to fall in that position can, I. Say. Running cell DNA. Alright. Let's. Talk about this very good run at this my, skates I mean the reason is very simple you have a downtrend which ended it's. Now starting to be able to travel, up mistaken. You know back to be able to take, whatever overhangs, with my hair, has. Not broken into, one dbj so while. It's still down there to expect more choppy movements, for to stop their channel are collecting for Cisco if, you can see think about that one day will keep your size which is about 80. Or. Poolside. Here. To do like yeah. Okay. Though. Lord it's me and uh this. Is. The first time FJ that green line entry. In. A long time to never ever ever be. Too. Busy it's figuratively it's this, guy hasn't broken, that green line. Such. A long time and he said people, have been losing money like why, it's average people that continuously. Losing, money on this guy. Executed, all. Of a sudden. Leadership. That. Would be much clearer that. Means that all of a sudden people who have been breaking even all these years losing like all these years for the, past year. Oh. That. Means that something and there's. An underlying strike, that's coming into the individual, stop right, and, this was after the this, was after that you see. Private. Detention right so, the front of the seizures that gap that initial, gap right about the potential rate of the big red candle that's the VC, gap right, that means it after. The gap prices, pullback somebody, came in to board the stock now, shooting, higher so. These are definitely. Fantastic. Signals for protection I know. That on. The metal TV still think, that it's cheap of the stage so that's always, going to be under, fear. Of. And. I think that part of partly maybe because of those people were sold in DC switch. - MJ. MJ so. That's actually really, really. Good where's the floor if, I, have to pick between FF, kids I only pick one or the other no. One good, private types one high school I think, this slow cheaper. Than you better than, us capture yes so, I think this, bodes well for the future to growth engine I, hope. That they can clear that red line the, resistance. Line horizontal, line around 1740. Yes ready but if that thing clears it you actually might have some.

I. Just, wanted the guys were keeping very, close watch. It's. Also nice for. Moments. Like this and, she's Harold and that. Puts more weight than that. First. General. Idea. LTC also. That. Helps because they tend to move together if, you've seen that many times before so, that's. A plus. Because. This. Rising. Tide raises all. Sometimes. I like. This let's see if after. Moving if. Putting when I was captured. Sometimes. It's like that theory so normally, this way even a lot of stocks move together as well you see a way out of that what's up I don't know. Okay. So. On it's jolly. Beat and Hollow was something like this is the longest time you thought the babyco I did, not value you, know when I was determining. Birds of the, happy. Then. The first time when Johnny's, position. Wasn't very, nice, not. From a descending. Triangle now. Obviously, firstly. We understood, the strap for ambulance. Coming and. Eventually. Of the rising prices per, Timothy for subjects these, changes. Is the affected that it. Was a bad time could, not provide anything, on that the, earnings team are quite surprised that I, was just talking to a researcher. Indian geez she, was quite happy to see the results for generally and, then the charts reflect exactly that, it looked like a horrific, that was taken, by the by surprise, and now, left to India position and because of that and, now the certifying. Like. I can't talk about her here channel, will control the manger so now, that it's making the actress closer to the goal all. Right. Lawrence. S. Ph s. PH is probably the old stop that. Didn't. Really drop since. January, this year. So. If you look at it it's. Just a big range from 30, to 32. Bucks all the window 13:19. Change during that 50 so those. Of you who are holding those you're holding, SM practice regulation so your portfolio, students over too much okay but, at the same time you're probably closer to a higher degree range so. One. Of the reasons why we. Really think that is. Going to be difficult it's gonna be creep more so we call it creep it incrementally going, up in swings chopping going up in the indexes, I'm one of the heavyweights, didn't. Involve right so, no margin for even. If they mix but a lot the, one of the index any weights held. Its ground the bottom the Mesa at, the same time you're also seeing this guy without really any reason, for.

So. If. You're buying today closer to the 39. To level your upsides very small right, so you want to be purchasing step closer to 35 35. 96. Bucks this, is also one. Of the reasons why I mean like this step I, think first. Before. You. Actually same, grip, so. Listening. For. This particular, stuff your, index Falls people are actually catching, us yeah. That's one of the defenses for the dancing this week I told one of the primary, reasons why when I come to the Philippines I. Really just do things okay, it's a certain and it's. So. Jellybeans just got hit because of my mom. On the sugar, during - plus the contractor. But. Those are over tomorrow if you're really coming, to the Philippines its, Dudley, and his, nest normally its dog gets him and they audit right so those those be, ended. So. If you know it's a so. Hard talking. It was the last fall I was, married last fall and a surprise. All. Right, beautiful. So. Obviously. Shows the strength of other, supporters. For the analysis. Okay. Last. Up survice. ATI. Well. Frankly. ATI is finally, had something beautiful, a bargain. But. You know reason. For that really was because this, was the, spot that was heaviest so oh. And, they literally, emptied their coffers holding. This all, the way down to go that's, why they took an extended time on the market recovering this is the flat lining there, is. A single. Time and even down there they were selling and selling itself, now, just imagine a spot that's being or, foreign sizes with completely empty the east acquisition, right and now you, have the locals, we more likely spot off the vine, campaign, and now the partnership, hiring practices, I don't, have anything I. Write, and animals there they're, gonna divorce, my situation, to be able to rejuvenate, their position and this is why we're seeing a very very sharp possible, prices. So. I think, that that he. Has for coming to the first level of persistent, and dissipate. Between. Or. Lovely, being closer to about, 1450. How they can blow away after, we'll talk a little bit over 15 being, the six-month 98%. To the national but, I think after that about you. Versatility. Who backs for each. IR, wiggle juice. Because. As you've mentioned. Bulbous. A large there's, nowhere think there is no more people. To stay by yourself. Okay. Times. Its absence, of celery how doesn't sit down it's actually absence of soda so everyone, thinks that you need to have buy your vegetable. Up but. In actuality, absence. Of solar alone whereas, people operator collect. All. Right so.

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