PART 2: Trading Like A Business

PART 2: Trading Like A Business

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Acts. Like we're. Going to continue. On, Tuesday. Are. Covering. A topic that, was. Something that I. Ended. Up doing to try to kind. Of reframe, how. I was approaching trading. One. Of the problems, that I had and you know was that when. I was trader I was able to. You. Know for. Whatever reason, I was able to run businesses, I had a construction, company and a, hot. Tub stores and. They. All. Did very well and, and. So I asked. Myself a, question one, day I said you know why. Is it, that. I can do something that's as complicated and, difficult as, running several. Different. You. Know not easy businesses. And I. Can do just fine at that but. For something that seems as simple as trading I'm unable to do it why is that. So. The, answer, to my question was. Because, you're not trading. The. Same way you run your business. So. That was an aha and, I thought well what if. What. If I could. What. If I tried that. So. That's, kind of why you're here today that. This, is the result of an experiment, that ended, up. Being. The. Cornerstone I learned my training around from being a struggling, and I'm. Going to actually go and say failed a traitor to. Somebody, who actually generates. A regular income from trading. So. For those of you that are here and. If you weren't here on Tuesday. I'm just, gonna warn you this is, not one of those webinars, where, I'm going to show you lots of indicators, I'm not, going to show you the, mechanics of, trading, I'm not going to show you trade setups, this, is a. Okay. This. Just. Don't understand, that, most. Of training, is, mental. And it. You. Know now I'm gonna say 80%, mental 20%. Mechanical, mechanical. Being. What you see okay. Gonna, be the chart it's going to be the indicators, and the setups, and all. Stakes. Of trade that, you know about indicator, and, how, I display, these trades, and. Kind of trade setups I take we. Do have. And we. Know we understand, even, though the stuff I'm talking about today is probably, more important, to your training. The. The, you still want to know more about the, setups, and the indicators. And stuff. We. Do have. It's. The code of our, YouTube. And. See you and watch our videos here some links or you may be Connor can throw those links and chat for you. Couple. Of links for you that are gonna they're. Gonna really, help, you, understand. The first. One is a. Seer. Of video, so they. Try. To you. Know take it all in at once only. About 30 minutes, worth of videos. And. You'll. Get a real idea of what I what, we do and how we trade, and and, the theory behind what, we do and why. It works so well okay. The. Next link, is going to give you our trade. Of the day videos. There's. Probably. As much, information about what. We do in those trade of the day videos, because, I, will. Call out the the. Trade. Ahead of most of the times when I can. I'll, tell you what I'm what, I'm looking at. I'll, tell you what. Win. Them and. When. I'm in the trade I'll let you know that I have whether I bought or sold it and then, when I exited, the trade I tell you so all of that's on the video and. And, if you watch a few of the videos you'll start to see a. Repeating. Pattern I mean, you only have to watch like three or four or five videos and you'll, start no sale like saying you. Can watch video, number 119, and go to video number five and, you, can say well these look like same trade, because. We trade the same thing over and over and over again we've had people that come, back. After. Being on vacation or. Or having taken off we had a guy recently. He. Retired from his full-time job and just decided to travel the country for a few years and. Then came back to training and, nothing. Changed he. Was back in the saddle within, just a couple of days and not a whole lot different so we're one of those few companies that you. Know we found something to works change, it we, continue, to do it. So. We I. Went. Over this briefly on, Tuesday, I'm going to just go gloss, over it real quick here, what what I'm gonna be talking about today part, two of trading.

As A business this, actually came to that I was developing a, mentoring. Program and. This. Was one, of the lessons in the mentoring program, and I've decided to share. It with you guys. It's. Suspection of me going back and trying to think. Of these AHA, that I had as, I started to turn my trip getting. Around and I was not such, a bad trade or anymore in fact started. To gain some traction started, to gain some consistency, so. We. We, created a mentoring program to, help other people do it but it ended up being very. You. Know time-consuming. For us mentors, so we kind, of phased it out but we are going. To be bringing it back a. Trader. Rx 2.0, that's gonna be less time intensive, for me and Connor. And put some of the burden on you. Guys because, being. A mentor, also. Makes. You a better trader you. Know it's, amazing, how that works, so, a lot of what you are, hearing, today came, from the original trader rx, program and will. Be in the 2.0, when we're done with it and we launched it the, 2.0, will be, part. Of our own Stein package, so if you're a nine Steiner you get it for free anybody, that already is at Einstein, a. Package. Owner about. This for free it's just something. We're. Doing to enhance that, Einstein, package we're always looking to enhance, our Einstein package so, this will be coming out in the next couple of months I think. Okay. So if. You. Remember. That. He on Tuesday. If you watch the video or if you were here. If. I walked up to you at a party, and I. Said. Hey. What. Do you do. Well. How are you gonna answer. You. Know that seems to be the thing when you're introducing hi it's Tony honey what do you do about. Trading. Business. Right. This. Is even. Though this seems like, well, you know how can I have a day trading business if I don't know how to trade, nobody. Knows that. It's. Really. Funny and when you start to identify, as. Something. You. Become that thing okay. So. It's a really good idea to go through the, the. The. Takeaways, that we did last night and, do. All of those things and start to identify as. Somebody. Who owns a, trading, business now you say well I don't know how to write I'll, tell, you a quick little story um. You all know I was in the construction business so when, I first started the construction business all I pretty, much all I did was decks that was. Initially. Gonna be just a deck. So. I'm in after, working. A buddy's deck and I looked up and there was a wood fence and I started thinking well, I have all the tools to build a wood fence I've never built a wood fence before, but. I have, all the tools I don't, know how to do it but. Shoot. I bet I could so. I went home that night and put together an ad and ran an ad for wood. Fences, I had. No idea how to build a wood fence but I knew I could do it if I had somebody hired, me to build a wood fence for them by, golly I was gonna build a wood fence I was gonna make sure I was successful, at that building, that and, as. It turns out you, know I did somebody hired I I. Built. My first fence, and the next thing you know we're in the fencing business and off we go. Had. I said well I don't know how to build a fence so I'm not going to I never. Would have ended up with this very successful. Fencing, business that I ended up selling off to another company and they're still in business. So. You. Know I I myself immediately, as, a fence, building. Especially. To, my customers, okay. So. I told. You guys of. An exercise. To, go, out and and so. That you can get something, tangible. Right you you, you can start a business in your mind, but. It it it really has no value until. You give it value and when you give, it a name it now has about it's something tangible so. Tell me I want to know from those of you that were here on Tuesday. Tell. Me we came up with for. Your, business names. Anybody. Now. If you already have a business. Name, that's great and, and. That's. Something that you know it's probably because, it's something that I suggested, to you a long time ago and you saw, the value in it and you. Created, your your trading, business but if you if Tuesday. Was the first time you heard this in it. You never really thought about it but. It sounded like a good idea to you and maybe you would just try it. Who. Didn't. Have a trading business as of Tuesday but has one now. Nice. Excellent. About. The rest of you. Excellent. Glad. You do anybody, that learned about this on Tuesday and and has, has, gone about creating, a business, probably. Most of you didn't. Awesome. Probably. Most of you didn't bother oh. Hey. Larry. I like, that. Probably. You. Know and, I'm gonna get probably, 10. 15, 20 percent maybe actually, did it well, have already done it you, know had already done it in the past, but.

I Know a lot of you cuz I got a lot of email. After. Tuesday's, event I got some questions I got people telling. Me that it was a. Really. Good event for them and it was an eye-opener. And all that so I get some really good email. But. I want to know. How. Many of you actually, did it and. How. Many of you were too busy okay. How. Many of you just want to listen to, somebody. With great ideas and. You. Pick through those great ideas, and decide. Which one are good for you an. Awful. Lot of you are. Going to just. And choose what, sounds, fun to you if. This. Running trading as a business doesn't, sound fun. Then. You're probably not gonna do it okay, you'd, rather go let's go watch another webinar let's watch more videos, let's download. More indicators, keep, doing more of what we're doing because that's the fun part okay. So. You got to ask yourself if you saw it I heard it on Tuesday and you. Didn't do anything about it. Why. Not are you approaching trading. As somebody, that wants, to be a professional. Trader, or are. You doing it as a hobbyist, okay. That's a question you need to ask yourself, am, i approaching, trading, like a hobbyist, am i doing the parts, that seem fun. That. That. I find interest, in or, are, you, willing to do the hard work to. Get, where you need to be now. That being said I. Don't. Fault anybody for being a hobbyist trader I, mean. A lot of people just find it interesting and fun. They. Think they want to do it for a living they think they want to make a regular income at it too consistent. But. They, don't approach, it that, way. Okay. They're they're trying to pick and choose the the, best and for, the information. Seems the most fun. Don't. Ask yourself that all. Right a little introspection. On your part okay. So. I got a question. All. Of you here. Have. Just applied for, a. Job at, my trading business. And. The. Job is. To. Trade. My, account. For me I've got better things to do, I'm. Just want to train somebody. To. Do. That my my lead as as my lead trader and just follow. My trade plan. You're. Looking for a new job I have a valley, trader of my trading business. Now. I'm. Going to spend time with that, lead trader and we're. Gonna go over, every. Part of the trade plan, inside. Out upside down. No. Matter what you, have. To, follow the trade plan at the end of each trading day. You. Have to stand before me, and. Say. Here's. What I did and, here's. Why I did it and, here. Exactly, right, here is where, it is, on the trade plan it says I could do that, okay. That. You never say well I thought, or I. Felt, or, you.

Know I was. Hoping. No. No. You can say I traded, it because, of these rules period. If. I, hired you to do that job the, way you're training now. Are. You gonna get fired. Would I be forced to fire. Or. Would. You be perfectly. Capable in, that job. Sure. Is quiet out there. Have. A feast. Then I'm gonna. And. Again. That comes back to, accountability. Right. Now. I feel. Excited. But. Think about that could you stand in front of me, or, somebody. Else that that, you might respect as a, professional. And say. Well. I couldn't. Follow the plan. So. The. The. Whole idea of this is, that. A lot of times. What. You're doing, is you're thinking too much about. All. The, ramifications of. What you're instead of just doing, your. Job. Okay. So. Whole idea is quit. Trying. To, be the boss while, you're sitting down and trading. Okay. Of your of your business, and. Here's. Here's what I mean. What. We want to do what, you want to do is, to. Divide. Up your business into different responsibilities. Okay, now, this goes back to me saying, okay, well why why, is it I can't trade, but. I can do all of these other businesses. So. Successfully. Well it was really easy when. I because. I don't do bookkeeping I hired a bookkeeper, you. Know I I, don't do accounting, I hired an accountant, I you. Know I had people I couldn't, be on every. Job site so I hired a lead carpenter for every job. Site that I had going on you. Know I can't do ever had to hire, people out I had, to train those people and then, I had to create JA actually I created Job Description first. And then trade those people trained, those people. But. Ultimately for you and. For. Me when I was going through this exercise there on me I had to do this that was all me, okay so so. This is all you. You. Have to do all of these things but, you're, basically going to be wearing different hats at, different times of the day when you're doing different parts of your business. Trading. Is. Only. One part of your business, just. Like construction. Was. Only one part of my business I. Got. In the construction. Business because. I like to build things I, like the. Satisfaction. Of creation. You. Know by the time I was. Really generating. A lot of success in the construction, business you know how much stuff I actually, created. Very. Little, you. Know I was I was a hands-on, kind of guy but. I had too many projects, going on and I had to manage all of this project, and I had to manage the bookkeeping, and I had to manage the accounting, and the cost accounting, and the and.

The Building, and the construction takeoffs, and the plans and the you know and the insurance and the payroll taxes, and you, know, all. Of the, things you don't think about when it comes to running a business that's, what you you have to do as a business owner so you have to wear different hats at, different. Times of the day when you're doing different things so of course you got the boss hat the. Boss is the one that makes sure everybody's, doing what they're supposed to be doing the. Boss is the one who's guiding the business. Alright, so. You're obviously going to be the boss you're. Gonna need a lead trader. You're. Gonna need a bookkeeper. You're. Gonna need somebody responsible. For training. You're, gonna need somebody who's, responsible. For keeping, records. You're. Gonna need somebody who's responsible. For planning. For. Your business okay. And of, course it's the boss's job to oversee, all of that, now, you're all of these people. But, you've got to define, each one, of these positions, for. Your trading business so. That at, certain points in the day you say okay right now, I'm putting, on my trainer hat because, we're gonna work on training, right now so. I'm going to design a training program. Or. I'm going to study the you, know the fast forward program and I'm, gonna implement, that program, so that my lead trader has, a good program, to. To, practice. To become a better lead trader okay see where all this is going like, a business. Now. I'm gonna suggest to, you to. Be, a business. Don't just pretend. To be a business, okay. We. Could certainly all just hit okay I'm in business, and. Isn't this fun but, you. Gotta have to act like a business. Again. This makes it real this makes it tangible it starts to you start to believe in, it the, business, starts to become accountable. To you and you become accountable, to it, okay. So. You're gonna want to set up dedicated. Days and times that you trait or that you do your business. Certainly. You can have part-time businesses. Or you can have full-time, businesses, it depends, on you. Know what type of business you want to have what. Type of success levels, you want to reach you know if you have a part-time. Business and a lot of people do they don't anticipate that, a part-time, business is going to generate enough income to.

To. You. Know fulfill all of their financial. Obligations, but you know a little site income and training can certainly do that so. As your, your you know your your, setting this stuff up you have to decide those things so, you want to set a dedicated. Days and times, this. Is something I'm really big on. Especially. For those of you on the west coast I know, it's hard but. If, you are now getting up. And. And. Getting. Your coffee and, you're, still in pajamas and, you're going over, and if you sit down and you do your trading thing and then you get up and you, take shower you get dressed and you, get ready for your day okay. Where. Have you put the importance, of that job of that business where is the importance, of it it's, what you do before you start your day you know like you, know surfing the internet or. You. Know read the newspaper or whatever. That's. How, people start. Their day a lot. But. You want to do it to start it with training because it's fun and exciting and interesting. I'm. Telling, you if they're, going to work you're. Getting up you're, getting dressed you're, getting your breakfast, you're getting all that stuff out of the way and then you show up for work. All. Right, don't. Allow distractions, don't, try to trade, when there are other things going on find. A time where. Everything. Else is taken care of and you don't have that phone you have to answer, you don't have the kids that you have to work with you don't have the appointments, that you have to deal with you. Find, that time. That. Is your business. Time okay. If if. You, were at the office. How. Much patience, would your boss have, if you, spent most of your time you. Know answer, the phone or dealing with your, kids or you, know, why. Would it be okay, in, your. Trading, business. But. Not okay at the office, where you're working your boss is expecting you to be productive okay. So. Don't allow the distractions. Make. Sure each department. Did their job okay so you're gonna have a list and we're going to talk about this in a minute. Your. Job as the boss is to. Go through a checklist each day and say okay. Keeping. Did their job training. Did their job Lee trader did his job yeah, and on and on okay. You don't get up and leave and go yeah I'll do all that later when I have time, how. Many of you know what you should be doing as it relates to trading but you will do it when it when you have time. You've. Got to make each department, accountable they've, got to have things, that they have, to be completed. By. The end of, each working. Day. Think. That that each department. Is accountable. For yes, you. Are all of these people. But. All of these people, are. Ultimately. Accountable to, you and you. Are accountable to your family. For. The income, needed. To support the family, so. You've, got to start thinking of each of these as individual. People even, though they're all you you. Have a list of responsibilities. As the. Bookkeeper or the accountant, or the you know the training guy or whatever. So. To. Be a business. Every. Business has, to. Have. People. Right. And have. To have policies. So. You're. Gonna wanna write jailed. Description. For. Each employee. This. Is where it gets real okay. The. Having. A detailed. Description. Is. Good. The. Creation. Of that, job, description, much. Okay. Don't go copy and paste a. Definition. Of what a bookkeeper, desc. Okay. You want, to create that, by, sitting down and saying okay if. I, was a bookkeeper of, a you know I and I had an opportunity to get a job at a new company and they have. A new department booking department what. Kind of information do, I need to keep track.

For, This business for this trading, business. How. Am I going to keep track of that information how often is that information going to be updated, how, often is that information, gonna be reviewed, and what's it going to be applied to all. Of that falls, into a job description, okay. Right now I bet none of you have thought of any of that none of you I know some of you have been doing this for a while and, particularly, have been in our VIP. Aha, sessions, by. The way you. Guys hear me refer to VIPs, or Einsteins, it's. The same thing we just remained, it a few, months, ago so, if I mentioned VIP in one breath and Einstein, in the next breath same, thing just, so you know okay. So. Some of you have been doing this for a while and and. You're. Doing very well at, it but, this is always good, to have a reminder, to get you back on track, because we all tend to drift off track sometimes okay, right. A company, mission statement, what is the reason, for your, business. If. You, want some, help with that. To. Get started, you say well make a lot of money right. That was my mission statement I want, to make a lot of money. If. You. Were trying to talk me, into. Investing. In your trading business. What. Would you say in three. Or four sentences. What. Would you tell me about what, it was that you were trying to create with your company. What. Was the mission of your, company. Trying. To get me to invest okay. So. That's a good way to get started with doing that, company. Policies, and procedures, what, time do you show up for work how long do you work when, do you go to lunch. You. Know how. Many phone calls are, do you take during the day or when do you take phone calls or. You. Know like. I don't know. Dress, code. You, know, your, your a business, okay. Where. Where, are you going to work you. Know do, you have a as. At your kitchen table or, do. You need to set up somewhere. More private more, quiet where you can focus and concentrate, on on, generating, income. Okay. So. That's, you. Know you, can do that for there's, a lot of stuff. All. Right. So. Here's probably one of the best takeaways, that you're gonna get from me. Now. Remember, this is this. Is something that I talked to our VIPs. Einsteins, about. This. One, simple, idea has. Helped. So, many people, kind. Of wrap, their brain around this. How am I going to go from. The. Traitor, I am today. To. Somebody. Who. Feels confident. Enough. To. Quit my job. Quit. The security. You. Know of a regular, paycheck. Insurance. Of you know somebody, else being. Ultimately, responsible for, me getting a paycheck every. Friday. How. Am I going to win, am I going to know. It's the right time to do that how does that actually happen most, of us really, never think, about that. So. Here's what I'm going to tell. You that I did and. It. Was the most amazing, i, opening, simple. Experience. That. I could have come up with and it has helped me and lots of other people all right so here's what you're gonna do. You're. Gonna make a list of your, personal. Monthly, bills and. You're. Gonna put at the top of the list your lowest, bill, and, then. You're gonna rank that list each you, know each. Higher bill it's gonna you know so it's gonna go from lowest to height on, your monthly bills.

Now. At this point you've already set up a business and you've already set up a business, checking. But, I told you on Tuesday. That. There was a reason, for setting up this business checking, account not, just so you feel like, somebody. You, feel like you have a business there's a reason, for this and here's, the reason. You're. Gonna mark off the. Lowest bill and you're gonna assign, that, lowest, bill. To. Your business. That. Business now, has. An obligation. To. Profit. That. Much money come on that's it that's, the, only thing you care about that's all you're profitable, if you can cover that bit. Okay. For me it was my water bill I remember it was $30. A month, so. I decided, you know, can. I even, you know I'd ask myself can I even do, this training thing I even. Be profitable. So. I had always been saying okay well I have to learn, enough. About this, trading thing, to. Replace, the income that it's taken me over 20, years to get to when. In my construction, and, hot, tub business, certainly. Over 20 years to get. To that level and I. Wanted, to replace that income in just a few months from trading. So. My focus, was let's just say it was $10,000, a month my. Focus, was I gotta. Make a thousand, how can I make ten thousand a month and that was where my mission was I got to make how can I make ten or. 5,000 she says whatever it is for you get I. Got. To make this much money per month and we get stuck, right there we're right there net and and it, just killing us we've got to make it and we don't oh man I'm killing. Me I gotta make this I got, so. Instead. Gotta. Make 30 bucks a month. That. I can. Do. And. I did, and. So. What I did Nick was, okay, once, I hit that where, I could do that for a couple of months I took. My next lowest bill mark. It off my personal, bills my my, my, personal, account. Was no longer gonna pay that bill. My. Business account, had to pay that bill. So. Now I have, to be profitable 80, bucks, a month. Can. I do that that's. What my focus is 80, bucks. And. Then. We go on. And. Guess, what. You're. Transitioning. From. Somebody, who's, relying. On their, job. To, pay their bills to somebody who now has their business. Paying their bills so. Now. I ask you what day do you know that you're, ready to. Quit. Training from your aura. Quit your full-time. Job and, begin. Training. Full-time with your trading business. It's. Evident, itself, that you don't have to guess you don't have to hope you don't have to wonder it's obvious. Your. Training business is already paying your personal, bills. Maybe. It's time for you. Alright. Okay. So as. I mentioned, the. The. Folks. In the, Einstein. VIP, program, who. Who really are the fishy Ares of all of this information the stuff that I have this like this this is just once what, I've been talking about last two days it's just one small part of a. Much bigger program. That, we have in. That, program, the next phase. That the, Einstein. Errs the the vips, will. Go to will. Be the planning, stuff okay so we talk all about planning, and it's a three part series and, so, we talk about how, to, build a trade plan what's. In one of the important, parts of the trade plan how. Do you think through a trade, plan okay. I know, most, of you have, heard, at some point in your training career, that. You, need to you need a trade plan everybody, says I got out of treatment, so. You go into Google and you go trade. Plan template. Enter. And. You've now. You're starting to look at okay well this is what other people do I'm, just gonna use this template, and I'll. Just fill in the blanks. There. I have a trade plan done I'll, just put that over there now I have a trade plan. That. Was my experience with trade plans, the. Other experience, I had with trade plans was. They. Didn't mean anything to me if. I didn't know that. What I was doing had, an edge, so. I could create this great plan but, if I didn't have any confidence in the that the plan had an edge what. Was the point. All. Right so we work you through that in the next and in our next session. After. That we're going to talk about the business plan I can say well. Let's just go with a business, plan so. Oh. I'm the other one of the things I forgot. To mention about the trade plan I always think about the trade plan as the, same thing, as. My. Lead traders, job description, I kind. Of find them you. Know to. Be to me when. You, know interchangeable. So. That might help you as developing. The trade plan some. Of they got the business plan have. A goal plan. I actually. Don't. Prefer. The. Name the word goal although. We all say we have gold so, I talk about why I don't really care for that.

Term. And, then more. On this transition, plan that I just talked about. All. Right so that's what that's what after having, listened, to this, training as a business, series. Our. AHA, sessions. Are geared. Towards okay I'm a, funny little thing I've, just found out on Friday, I'm. Gonna be on Shark Tank on, March, 3rd. Kind, of a Conor is -, my. Son Connor, so. You guys got a tune in on March 3rd and you're gonna just laugh. Your butt off because. I. May. Never show my face again but. Yeah. That's me most, of you don't picture, me with long hair because I've seen the pictures for so long with me with short hair but I haven't, I. Haven't. Kept my hair in a long time. So. We're on Shark Tank and I'm not gonna tell you why. All. Right. So. We we, do have some specials, for you we have three packages, that are. On our website you. Can go to Connors. Gonna put the link in there it's I. Thought, I had it on here but I guess not, it's. For. To get a deal. Michael. You'll. Have to watch on March 3rd. So. We've got three packages, where we've knocked the prices, down pretty good on these, packages, for you if. You've got interest in other packages, Connor service and talk to you you know we've been doing this for over ten years and. The. Kind. Of had a good point yeah. Now we aren't looking for. Investors. For the intentional, trader if that's what you now we, we are not looking for invested. So. We've got these three packages, and. If. You've, got some interest in something else just like Connor know and he'll maybe he can work something up for you so. We've. Been doing this like I said for this is our tenth year, things. That don't change a lot for us we. We. Don't need to change them because what we do works. We. Also won an award. And. The the thing about the award on, the indicators, and the trade group. We. Were supposed to, promote. Ourselves. For. This award and. We. Found out that we were, nominated. And. We and they said now we want you to mail out two for your big mailing list. You. Know people get people vote for you we're. Not doing that and. And. So we, kind of forgot about it and then. Somebody says hey congratulations, I said what you talking about you won. That's. Cool so. Anyway we have won awards for our. Indicators in our trade group so you gotta come check us out so. Anyway all right so now. We're to the Q & A says. You. Guys have any questions, on the last two days of anything, that we about. I'm. Happy. To stay here as long as. You have questions, about, what. We've talked about over the last couple of days. Anybody. Anything. Have. Any arguments. With me you have any reason that what. I said makes, no sense at all. Didn't. Make sense you guys are very quiet are you all getting. Ready for a long weekend, already. You. Know we have off Monday, by, the way it. Is a training. Holiday. For, Presidents, Day on Monday. Yes. NinjaTrader. Everything. We develop, us for ninja trader. And. I just found out when, they was a holiday. Only. For the trade room Connor not for work we will still be here at work. Yes. Am. You. Should have gotten it in an email uh. Connor. Put it up look up there. John. Look. Up at, the last link Connor did. Yeah. And there's the part one that bottom. Link and then you go up a little bit and. Sam. Carter put the specialty, length of a special, I thought, I had it on this slide I'm sorry it's not on here I sure. Thought I put it on there. Alright. And. Of, course you can hit us on the website of. Course in the evenings we're not very much, but. You, know we're in and out a lot you hit us up on the website on the chat box or you can send. This email question, if. You like and I'm happy to answer questions for, you about how we do things and stuff, like that if you want or if you'd, rather just hit us up on wet eye and, get. Started, or ask Shinzon the website. Yes. Yes. Michael, and in fact. The. The. NinjaTrader. Getting. To be a ninja. Trader. Partner. Used, to be released basically, you just had to prove that you had you. Know your that your software was safe and good and. It's. Under intentional, trader though Michael not second Frank, you. Just had to prove to them that you had decent software, and. Then. You were in so they ended up having like five hundred. People. Who, were listed as partners. Well since. They became brokers they they, changed, all of that and we had to pass an extremely, rigorous. Test. And. And. That included, background, tests.

Checks. And, all. Kinds, of stuff and not. Just on me but, on my. Employees, and everybody here had to have background, checks done to. Make, sure we were on the up-and-up and as it turns out we were the very first one, approved. To. Be in ninja, traders new ecosystem, so, yeah. We we, have. Been. Through that no. Absolutely not, open source software I put, too much time effort and energy to just give it away. Not. Browser-based. Now that's too slow oh. Absolutely. Sean, yeah yeah, you don't have to. Do your, if you, do a bundle. Package, and. There's some free time in it you just tell, us when, you want to do the free time it's, whenever you want. All. Right Greta well if you want to you know hang out with us in the trade room or whatever just or you. Need some assistance of any kind just hit us up in the. Support. At. The, intentional, Or on. Our website second. Brain trading calm down, at the bottom right corner is a chat section and. We. Didn't help you get started. Sorry about the sound, earlier, it was obviously. A, network. Issue I'm, glad this, backup. Network, was actually better than the primary network today. Yes Sean actually just send it to support, at the intentional, And. That. Goes right to Connors desk. You're. Welcome James I. Hope. You found it helpful. Yeah. If you want to have a conversation right, now Sean just go to our website and then. The bottom right corner of every page is, a little chat box, Connor, is also sitting on the other side of that chat box. No. Food fuel oh. It's. Oh it's now, time, there's probably going to be a romantic, dinner. So you can appreciate a lot of what I was talking about. All right well if you guys don't have any other questions, I'm gonna let you all go off and have your Valentine's. Dinners. Thank, you for joining us. We're. We're, an open door we're happy to answer any questions for you so just let us know. If. We can help and I hope I, hope you guys found these sessions eye. Opening. To some degree and that you can, you. Know you don't have to be with us to do it I think the information that I gave you is actionable. For. But. All. Right everybody, have a. Yeah. George. Ha. Ha. All. Right everybody have a great rest your evening and hopefully we'll see you all soon bye now.

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