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Upon. All ambassadors were, torn from his visit to the lesion home ward he described, them as the most noble and wise species. He'd ever encountered, and with. A glint in his eye encouraged. All his fellow high-ranking, leaders to, visit they award to gain a new perspective and. Enjoy a complimentary stay. At the Sano's of enlightenment. And the implantation. So. We returned today to the alien civilization, series for, look at parasitic, and symbiotic, aliens. Bit. Of a tricky topic because, parasite, is a somewhat, vague wart as is symbiotic, the. Specific, biological tone, is in super precise either but, it's only doesn't mean quite the same thing as we did when we came up with a ward, originally. It meant someone, who eats at the table of another and in, that context. It's really about the same as saying mutual, a bit of slime that was more popular when I was young for post who lives off others without giving anything in return, this. Again can be a bit vague since, one could argue any, hunter or predator was a parasite, on whatever species they hunted as opposed, to a formal, or hortal who is arguably, in a more symbiotic, relationship, you. Eventually eat your flock or crop but provide food and protection in, the mean time so. Like a lot of terms we look at in science fiction we, want to be careful about overextending. The definition, for the same reason we wouldn't count a person as a cyborg, because, they had a pacemaker or, metal filling in a tooth the. Strict biological, definition is an organism, that lives on, or in another organism the, host causes. Some home by doing so and is, adapted, structurally, to this existence, which. Is to say it's body has evolved heavily to fit this role after, to the point that it wouldn't be functional, without it when. We think of parasitic aliens, though we tend to think of critters that control, other people's, minds or eat and replace us brain. Bugs who land heel and wiggle into your ear or catch you by yourself, and eat you and mimic, you to others, there. Are countless films, books and TV shows that have used this such, as John Carpenter's 1982. Film the thing which. Is merely the third or fourth adaptation. Of the novella who, goes there by, John W, Campbell the, legendary, editor of astounding science. Fiction magazine. Where so many of the authors of the Golden Age of science fiction got their start you. Can pick up a free copy of who goes there and also get a 30-day trial of audible just, use my link, slash Isaac. Or text Isaac - 500, - 500, so. We have a lot of examples from science, fiction to look at and, we'll get through a number of them today but it's also worth noting that we have a lot of surprising, examples, from nature - some. Are simply out like gross and entirely, home Fulcher their host while, others actually provides some benefits, and all, arguably, symbiotic. But, we tend to assume that critters like this couldn't, really evolve a civilization. Because, they're not really smart themselves. Indeed. Many of our examples, for today from fiction could only be considered ludicrous, from an evolutionary perspective, and, for. Many others they're parasitic, nature is more behavioral they. Only latch onto us and feed in a metaphorical, sense it's. Worth mentioning though that quite a few parasites, do engage in mind control or impersonation. For. Mind control we have any number of fairly revolting, parasites, that either directly infect the brain or perhaps the spine or sometimes, even just the digestive, system and create, cravings, for food their.

Hosts Normally, would not have an. Alien, parasite for, instance Mike into someone's stomach and cause them to have a craving for minerals heavy in tungsten, because, it needs tungsten, to live many. Of these are nearly brainless, even, compared to they're often rather stupid, hosts yet can annex their mode of functions, and control them we've, got a type of fly that infects ants with eggs which, when the lava hatch crawl, into its brain eats, it and Casta, to continue to act and walk like normal till. It has a chance to bear yourself somewhere, so the fly can finish maturing, this. Can happen with no brain at all either, we've, got a fungus that infects caterpillars. And actually, causes them to plant themselves by. Burying, their head upside, down on the ground and and uses them for nutrients. As a stock it's pounced from this. Can also sometimes, be a bit symbiotic. We've got a type of acacia tree that ants love the nectar from so. Much so they'll protect that tree from animals, and weeds which, sounds mutually beneficial, except. The ants not only get addicted to the nectar but lose the ability to digest anything, else still. These are all fairly simple organisms, indeed, those last two will mindless but for parasitic, behavior, by impersonation. We've got some clever ones perhaps, the best-known example, is the brown-headed, cowbird, that lays essays and other boards nests, often, after destroying the eggs already, there and it's called a brood parasite. As it relies on other animals to actually raise its young there, are many species that do this but the cuckoo stands out as boards, are generally considered the smallest class of animals after mammals. Indeed, a few are smaller than many mammals which, would indicate this is a plausible evolutionary. Pathway, for species to take on the road to higher intelligence. A parallel. To brood parasites, of social, parasites, like, certain types of bees than Veda hive replaced, the Queen and that the workers continue to feed them and care for their own young that's. A strategy that's often implied in a lot of secret alien invasion scenarios. Where, for instance an alien, might impersonate, a leader we've. Also got klepto, parasites, that steal, food gathered, by the host and that's, got some interesting extreme, variations, like the tongue eating louse which, infects, fish cuts, off their tongue and latches on the stump to replace it regular.

Viewers Will note unlike, in many episodes I, did, not suggest me, a drink and a snack before, beginning as many, of these little monsters are, rather unpleasant. To look at or contemplate. However. There, is the symbiosis valt, and for instance a species, might replace something stung with itself and steal, some, food that way but give a heightened sense of taste or smell, in exchange. Humans. Have a huge number of somewhat, symbiotic, bacteria inside. Us ranging, from our gut bacteria that. Helps us digest food, to mitochondria. The separate bacteria, like powerhouses, that, live in a thousands, in each of ourselves and make up 1/5, of all typical, cell by value, nor. Does all intelligence, keep us from being mind-controlled by something much stupid, or the, influenza, virus is often, considered parasitic. Indeed, it's sometimes, called the perfect parasite, in that it's thought to make people infected with it act more social, thus being around more people and if more of them any. Parasite, that relies on its hosts interacting, with each other to spread benefits. From a more social, species so. For instance one that could cause you to feel drunk might be very effective keep, that one in mind for later as, we'll discuss how alien, beer may, represent, one of the more likely, scenarios, for, being destroyed by aliens and. Yes I did say alien. Beer it. Still seems very unlikely something, could evolve to higher intelligence. By being a parasite let, alone one able to parasite kudos with an alien, biology, however. Here's, three caveats, on that forced. That, impersonation. Pathway, the cuckoo uses benefits. From higher intelligence. And mimicking. A critter doesn't. Necessarily, require compatible. Biochemistry. One, could imagine something taking a chameleon, pathway. Second. A species, that evolved, with technology. Might, no longer act in a way their ancestors, did like, I don't tend to go swing around trees or even chasing mammoths, but it probably shapes their philosophical, outlook and how you'd interact, with them they, might be very predatory, or parasitic. Even, if they weren't openly, hostile. Pearson's, popliteal is from Larry Nivens Ringworld and, known space series are a good example of that especially. As we get to know them they, all initially, described as trisexual. With two genders that are smart and a Thor described, as non-sentient. We. Later find out that it's not really a third gender at all one, fertilizes. Another as normal, who then lays an egg in some unrelated, creature with an overpass door like a wasp this, is also all third caveat, because, while here we see they developed, a close enough relationship with. That species they lay their eggs in two, ago them as part of their race it's, not hard to imagine more, symbiotic, versions, of this interestingly. While. We don't hear much about that egg bailing host species on, saw, the puppeteers. See to their needs the same as a farm or to his livestock, this. Isn't a lovey and warm relationship, but, it is arguably, mutually, beneficial, you. Can also have back and forth evolution, where parasite, and host or symbiote. And host push each other to evil, this, is presumably the case for one of science fiction's best known symbiotic, races, the, trill from stall track that's, a weird evolutionary. Path basically. A big swimming, brain very, Akins the gold from the Stargate, franchise or. They own ice or cousins the symbiotic Tokra, but, let's imagine an advanced form of that fly from olio that gets into ants brains eats, the brain and replicates. Their behavior, we. Often say a good parasite, is one that never actually kills, the host and of course symbiosis relies, on this too so, imagine it didn't quite eat the brain but, hijacked, part of the brain and the nutrient, system feeding it grows, on the ants back like a big hump spawns.

And Flies, off and lays another egg in another lands, over. Time this, could set up a symbiotic relationship with. Feedback encouraging. More intelligence, in both parties, and potentially, the sharing, of sensory, functions, if the, parasite had a better set of eyes for instance to spy its host this. Could get very integrated. With time and increasingly, complex and potentially. Even end, with the host intentionally. And knowingly, transferring. Mature parasites, from, other hosts, and sticking, them on their kids, indeed. Being, able to put a smaadahl, portal wise or parasites, on your kid to act as a babysitter, and teacher would, have some major survival. Advantages, with. This system in place that. Parasite, no longer benefits from having any motive system itself even, to jump on to its host and actually, gains from being smaadahl, and Wisel, and Longo lived since, those would be the preferred babysitters, so. You could end up with something that was a parasite originally. And now, was essentially, nothing but a symbiotic brain, one. Can imagine them eventually becoming a high-tech democracy, that always selected the brain slugs since, everyone was so used to them as a wise, parental. Authority figure, it. Wouldn't be very likely, it could infect another, species let, alone an alien one but, there's some ways around that too forced. For other species the same planet, we often talk in sci-fi about, colony, organisms, or brains, that are essentially networks, of fungus allow Jay, such as the pattern jugglers, in our stove annals revelation, space series, or the Xena fungus, from Sydney Oz Alpha Centauri one. Can imagine those as your Olli brains, in hijacking. Every animal nearby like. That fungus we mentioned that hijack caterpillars. And we, so only have plenty of examples of, plants that already somewhat hijack, many species for, their survival, and reproduction, relying, on them for pollination, or eating, food to be carried away and planted so.

You Might have some algae intelligence, in a pond that hijacked, every fish and frog and insect, to do its bidding, in which case increased. Intelligence is handy since, it lets you better control your minions, in what is now essentially, a hive mind, it, also has every motivation, to kill off any species it can't control, as. To non hive mind alien parasites, that's, how to of course fiction. Has plenty, of examples the. Xenomorphs, from the Alien franchise who. Lay eggs in you that kill you when they hatch again. Like a wasp we. Also had the two units from Warhammer, 40,000. A setting, with plenty of pea sites including. The Emperor of mankind who. Eats a thousand, people every day though. This is all goopy symbiotic. The. Tyranids, are definitely, not symbiotic. But all a bit more subtle than the xenomorph sometimes, by, infecting, people with what they call gene stealer coats hybrids. Initially, raised by infected, parents, whose, brains have been ravaged, so they can't even realize their cute new bundle of joy is a monster, an example. Of a brood parasite, like the cow bored of course. Later the tune is just turn everything biological. On the planet to sue and, reconstituted. Into more portions of themselves, slightly. Evolved from the original, form a more, believable way to parasitize, a whole planet, however. While, they make good fiction its, home to imagine how something from another planet could, ever take over your brain so, much like vampires, another, parasite, of fiction, they, make good stories but, wouldn't seem to possible, but. If you're on alien, planets, it usually, implies you have space travel, which, implies you have technology. You could, engineer yourself to incorporate, biological. Enhancement, possibly. To adapt to a new environment or, even, go post biological. The, Borg from Star Trek would be an example who, act like all algae intelligence, of a moment ago they. Steel body is to act as minions, basically, this. Is actually. An example that, could be a credible, threat to us, given how devotion, we expect to be from aliens, biologically. As a, cyborg, though you wouldn't really need to interact with the divorce Nova systems or biology's of your hosts, you, could in theory simply. Locate, the motor neurons, for the host and puppet, their bodies using electrical, impulses, in much the same way as the Gould did but, not in a biological way, the, host could still be a whale and living, on in their own brains but, unable to interact, with, the outside ward. They, are plenty of other samples, to the vex, from the video game destiny all you even the repose from the Mass Effect franchise. Especially. As allegedly, in the original plot they, will indeed farming and reaping, civilizations. To, Bower their intelligence, or perspective. To solve a problem the. Borg also, steal knowledge assimilating. Cultures and technology, and that's, an example where you might see parasitic, tendencies, in a non-hostile. Body stealing way aliens. Who love knowledge or poetry or alt and visit, planets with emerging, civilizations just. To get theirs either. By open, trade or exploitation. Or outright. Invasion as. We said the term itself originally, meant someone, who eats at the table, of another a mooch, and the, most effective, folks at that sort of behavior are, the ones who make themselves welcome, it's. A bit of a gray line I guess, the analogy would be a travelling, storyteller, who visited foam houses and towards, toys in exchange for a bed and a meal a symbiotic. Behavior. Vocês, one who did that but, bogel their cellar before, leaving but, did so in just Symone of quantity, and covertly. So they didn't notice and cheerfully. Bade him a good trip and welcomed, him back when he next were torned and. Again same, as a parasite might evolved to be fairly noble, a non, parasite. Can certainly exhibit, parasitic, behaviors, like, that story tunnel the, Stargate, franchise gives, us the Gould as an example of parasitic behavior, and the toka as symbiotic. Ones but, also shows us the vampyre eighth and even, the a Shen a society. That essentially, showed up on other planets, and offered, lots of technology, including life extension, technological. Uplifting, but then would wipe out most a local population, through a stability plague, and a one case reduce the natives to fairly simple and backwater, foe Milus who supplied food to the Deo Empire unaware. They'd been victims, of that Empire, indeed. You might suddenly invade a planet in stages, that way by, offering them a genetically, modified cup that was much more productive, that you could also eat and whose, pollen, who endured people stupid or or less for tile this. Is a common, theme in fiction - aliens. Openly, greet us rather, than sneaking in Hoff was technology, but. Have an ulterior, motive the. Tailings from Gene Roddenberry's, both final, conflict show, up on earth doing nothing but good deeds but, while not implied to be evil as a species, by any means have, a lot of rather dog projects, and memos one.

Of Which was a symbiote, they give people that shot energy, blasts and another, Cody Seibel, viral implant that enhanced cognition, and recall, but, also tampered with your mind to make you loyal to them so. They are friendly alien visitors with, sinister, plots that can. Go the other way too in, another, TV show threshold. There, is an apparently, evil invader base taking, people as grains oval but, it's hinted near the end they, might be trying to help us out, sadly. We don't get to find out as it's only at one season in spite, of having Brett data spinal, and Peter Tyrion, Dinklage in it but. While we can point out the options technology. Offers to let you get around the alien issue we, also shouldn't discount that something might be able to get us as a parasite, even, if it wasn't technological. You, don't necessarily need, the same biochemistry, or adaptation. To a specific, host organism, to puppet or impersonate, someone while. Life probably originated, on earth, deep-sea vents or tidal pools we. Can't rule out panspermia. Life. Distributed, around the cosmos by comets, or interstellar, dust committing a common, basic, biochemistry. Moreover. While, we can't rule out alternate, chemistry's, for life it's, quite possible, all carbon, and water approach is the only viable one and is, almost certainly, the easiest and, most common, one those, elements being way too common, in places with, as plausible conditions, for advanced, in divorce, life, now. We, often say here that you wouldn't want to ever land on an alien planet even. In a spacesuit since. Just sneezing, could infect a planet to the point of total extinction, in, favor of what you had in you however. We're, not really talking about viruses, the, simplest parasite, and, one usually so adapted, and simplified, it can't even infect a species, just, a few million years removed, from its before host hence, why you don't often get colds, from your cat or dog but. It can happen more. Importantly, microbes. In your body not viruses. Just, need basic nutrients. One's probably present on most life-bearing, planets. Giant. Viruses could, theoretically bridge, that gap however with, more than double the amount of genes of their smaller cousins they are often mistaken, for bacteria. As example. Their Pandora, virus, is a huge, virus, with over 2,000, genes most, of which we haven't found anywhere, else on earth and. Many viruses have the ability to survive in the harsh conditions of space often, raining, back down on us from above with. More genes and divorce tea than smaller viruses, the potential, for them to torn symbiotic. And or parasitic, is there, and. The Pandora virus, isn't, even the largest almost, divorce the. More specialized, a cell is generally. The less a DAT board is in changing, conditions however, these, large viruses, are so divorced who knows in what conditions, or species. They may one day call home, one. Way that such a virus, could infect divorce hosts, is if it is designed to do just that, this. Ties into alien abductions, where, an alien race survives, to play, collect samples, from its local flora and fauna and then sets about designing a doomsday genetic. Weapon that is capable of wiping out every species on that planet or at, least the intelligent, ones if. You design a big enough genome, and have a powerful enough computer, to design such a weapon I think you could pull that off this. Is similar to the shadows plague virus in the Babylon 5 universe. That, decimated, earth and destroyed, many other walls he. Was animated, in that had a parasitic, loading phase where, it quietly, infected, its host and loan, from the physiology of its victims without, actually, harming them and then, adapt itself before dealing, the final, deadly infection, phase that, quickly wiped its hosts out the. Shadows, in the Babylon 5 series. Also had a mind controlling puppeteer, caught a draw keeper, that they modified, to the biology, of the host and infected.

Them To do their bidding in a more traditional paler, side role so. You will probably never shake hands with an alien since, you'll both be potentially, walking plague carriers, and their, embassy if they have one in your system at all might, be on an island but, much more likely won't, even, be on the planet but on a space station with. Enough technology in play people, could presumably visit, and maybe eat the food which, of course they would if they could not. Only would people want to try exotic, alien cuisine, on general principle, but big an expansive, empires tend, to have the best selection, they'll, also fairly likely try the booze to which, aliens, might well have so, the diplomats, and traders are likely, to be up there in person and eat, and drink the stuff even. If it requires decontamination. Procedures, on your guts by some device of an unsettling, tentacular, nature, when, they get home they, are likely to rave about how excellent it was probably. Even if it wasn't of course, you can't let anything with a live course or down on a planet, and you need to be sure all the microbes, are gone you. Don't want those microbes, down here and the aliens might well be smart and benevolent, folks who don't want that either you. Could in theory, brew, up bats of B or yogurt, or cheese using. Alien, microbes, and maybe safely, by having the play the off ward or like a biohazard, lab but. Odds are it would be banned on general, principle, now. As everyone, knows the. Only thing that makes a cigar or drink better is if it comes for a place under embargo, and sanction, and let's, be honest if someone, offered you a forbidden, alien beer, you're. Going to have a rough time saying no and, aren't likely to report them, this, also means there is now a black market, for it only anyone supplying it isn't, likely remaking it in an autosave, biohazard. Land but, rather brewing it up in their bathtub, like moonshine, so, next thing you know you've, been invaded, by aliens, and your ecosystem wrecked, not, because they are parasitic, or bad guys but, because someone couldn't resist having a drink and who, can blame them, alien, beer is to, die for. Alright, so, some food for thought about alien ecosystems, and parasitic, aliens, personally. I don't think we need to worry about it much even. Ignoring my usual skepticism. About us encountering, any alien civilizations, at all because, I do think brain bugs or mimics able, to originate, in alien ecosystems. But, still get humans, is a pretty unlikely evolutionary. Scenario. Biologically. Or culturally. This. Is especially true when it comes to the divorce of biological, systems even heal on our own home planets and other plants will likely be so much different, form alone however. It's, not something, we can completely, rule out, regardless. It definitely, makes for some good stories and one the best of those is john w campbell as classic, novella who, goes there which, inspired, so many stories in spite, of being a classic, that's been toned into popular films, many times the, story varies, from them quite a lot and is, not one we can discuss without ruinous, spoil of those so. I'll limit myself to saying you'll, still be surprised even, if you've seen all the film adaptations, and you, will quickly realize why. John w campbell is considered, one of the grandfather's. Of science fiction whose, walk explores. So many fascinating, concepts. You, can get a free copy of who goes there today just, use my link in this episode's description,, slash, Isaak, or text, Isaak - 500, - 500 to, get a free book and a 30-day free trial, and that book. Is yours, to keep whether you stay on with audible or not and while, you're there you can explore they'll catalog, and find some more books you can listen to and enjoy while. Still out enjoying, your summer, so. We talked a lot about alien, biology, and Earth's biology, and next week we'll be taking a deeper look at ecology, in space as, you consider how you would we large and complete, colonies, on interstellar. Ships to, colonize, other walls, in exporting. North we. Also talked today about alien, invasions, and we'll be looking at that and other futuristic, warfare scenarios, in two weeks when, we examine, the use of drones remote, controlled and autonomous, as weapons, in attack. Of the drones for. Lords when those and other episodes come out make. Sure to subscribe to the channel and if you enjoyed this episode hit. The like button and share with others, until. Next time thanks, for watching and have, a great week.

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This has been a hot topic since the John Carter of Mars series in the early 1900's.

You forgot to mention parasitic cyborg aliens. Imagine an alien virus or gas that forces it's host to construct a walking machine, then straps the host's body into the machine as a power source.

Migi, handle the defense.

Head Crabs

I just bought some paper clip industry stocks, there is a bright future in paper clips. I pledge my support for the Grand Paper Clip Optimizer.

Why is Elmer Fudd narrating this story?

Toxoplasma gondii parasite affects humans and rat behavior like risk taking and "cat lady" behavior. 50 years from now it mutates and humans start....argh...cough...dribble... (deep growling)

Behind pbs space time has to be one of the best astronomy channels out there, thanks for years of great content :)

It looks to me like our reality is trying to construct good existence by using all kinds of super-evil and hurtful means - organisms and objects. The model is a totally parasitic and unfriendly to longer term life or existence. Basically pure hell

What? No mention of Babel fish? Tsk tsk... :p

man Im itchy!

Tardigrades possess the most foreign DNA so in a way they are parasitic to all other life forms at a structural level, we humans also have embedded virus DNA. " About 8 percent of what we think of as our “human” DNA actually came from viruses. In some cases, HERV sequences have been adopted by the human body to serve a useful purpose, such as one that helps pregnant women’s bodies build a cell layer around a developing fetus to protect it from toxins in the mother’s blood. The new HERVs are part of the family called HERV-K. The intact whole viral genome, or provirus, just found was on the X chromosome; it’s been dubbed Xq21. It’s only the second intact provirus found to be hiding in human DNA." -

Thanks for the scifi recomendations :P

Are you going to do a video about mechanical aliens?

Ugh now to wait another week. These episodes go so fast lol.

Don't worry about it much.... But what if Isaac Arthur is infected?


23:33 Experienced babysitter for hire.Will quarentee that your child wont get into any mischief.

No "Planet of the Damned" reference? Ah well. I just be satisfied with "brain eating fungus".

Paperclip jokes !! I love you Isaac

11:00 one could also imagine the host specise slowly loosing its intelligence while the parasite becomes smarter.

Host the movie is actualy quite corekt obout this topick.(sorry for bad english)

It's like fox news - first it eats you brain and than takes over control

It's like MSNBC. First it eats your brain, then it takes over.

the reason why all these creatures trigger disgust is because the human feeling of disgust itself evolved mainly as a mechanism to avoid parasites

My God it's "Biggus Dickus" the W sound in place of the letter R. It's quite oops I mean Quwuite Dwistwacting (distracting):)

All I can say about this is WTF, over?

Now...I know I'm not one of those Things. And I know most of you aren't either, or you'd just kill me and get this over which of you is it?

I got to watch stargate again.

I read the title as "plastic aliens"... I was not prepared for all the parasite stuffs

Kinda like the aliens from sg1 there was . The good ones and bad ones

Just read some comments before beginning the video. I'll be back after I eat.


I kept expecting you to mention "toxoplasma gondii," the parasite that infects cats, but can be transferred to humans. This parasite is thought to cause infected mice and rats lose their fear of cats, and thus become more likely to be eaten by cats. The cats poop out the parasite which is then picked up by the rat or mouse and thus the cycle is perpetuated. Interestingly, humans can be infected as well, and recent research has suggested that it has a similar effect on humans, making them less fearful in general.'' I can see that evolving into a general parasite that infects prey animals, causing them to be eaten by predators, thus perpetuating it's lifecycle, and perhaps evolving into a smarter and smarter form over time in order to become more effective at delivering prey to predators. -Ken

Lol! @ 6:20, NOT having a snack, but I AM having a straight up tumbler(8 oz) of Crown Royal! Great video, BTW! @ 14:00, you mention the Borg, my ALL TIME FAV(see my avatar-the Borg confederation flag), this is your best vid yet! One more thing, I've had a sub to Analog(Astounding) magazine starting in 1972.

Have you giving in thought to under water bases that could house a lot of people or raising the ocean floor to create more land sense the Earth is over 70% water it would be good if they can put colonies on the ocean floor, farm the ocean

watch two shows on Thurs. History Channel Alone which they just finish and Isaac Author

my favorite parasitic alien is Venus and the movie is coming up soon

Issac is a si-fi genious. Impressive mix of science and every si-fi book, movie, video, etc. under the sun.

That caterpillar fungus is considered to be a aphrodisiac and sells for $50,000 a pound...

No mention of the babel fish? Isaac…

Congrats to whoever made the alien beer animation. That was wonderful

Thanks that was me:) Had fun making it haha.

If we were able to jack the consciousness of other creatures and possess them VR style, I think we would.

Why do I get the feeling the Coast to Coast AM opening theme would have made a good intro for this episode? :)

Another Fantastic episode of what aliens could be like! We want MORE! Isaac, you rock!

The Asari from Mass Effect are a pretty interesting example of brood parasites too—they are very pleasant, xenophilic, and somehow universally attractive to all sapient species; and are socially and biologically driven to form monogamous relationships with members of other species. However, Asari are asexual, and so the children of these unions are not hybrids, but members of their own species who are raised by both parents. An Asari's partner is deprived of the opportunity to have their own biological progeny and instead helps raise that of their partner. Not only that, but Asari are so long lived that they are very likely to outlive their partners and go on to form new relationships.

u r so ugly

This explains a lot of modern politics :-)

Descolada virus from Enders Game series?

aww. the romulan ale will have to be pasteurized

Damn i want a blueberry muffin now

I learned quite a lot.

I'm wondering through what mechanisms do parasites induce cravings in their hosts?

The flood

Isaac. Thanks for the video just found your channel recently. Damn man impressive. Regarding speech crystal clear keep them coming. I'm trying to watch your entire back catalog.. This could take some time :)

I thumbed down your video Isaac, because I think it is focusing too much on the imaginary and therefore the speculative, in my opinion. I think parasitic life deserves more convincing evidence, surely. Love your show, every episode. Live the future!

Sexy aliens soon?

What is higher intelligence? According to this? Paracitic behavior! Lol

Audible ist complete crap... only one book a month for that price? No thank you. Spotify is a lot cheaper and they are starting to get a lot of audio books as well. And you can listen to a lot more than just one book a month. Audible is like having neflix and only being allowed to watch one series a month.

There can be millions of parasitic alien civilizations in this galaxy. However their technology at most would be a few centuries ahead of mankind. Those who are more advanced would of acquired atomic mass control technology which will allow them to change matter to any thing that suits its need. They no longer need to travel outside its star system to feed off another life form.

Awesome video. Also as an early fan I can say your control over your speech has shown massive gains! You should be extremely proud of yourself!

If the Borg were smart they'd invade civilizations covertly and "harvest" promising individuals and "unwanted"(criminals) while periodically absorbing the civilizations data stores. If Borg were allowed sentience and individuality while "asleep" during regeneration(like with Unimatrix Zero) they'd probably get willing converts., since bare in mind, Borg are immortal unless killed by external forces like violence, hazards or illness.

Where do you get the information you use in these videos?

Can't there be Happy Goofy aliens, that are just wandering around like in HEAVY METAL?

The merch link is taking me to a "Get free ipad" site.

These episode are always very thought provoking. Some interstellar empire civs might not even conquer you by the standard hollywood 'massive fleet invasion', but by luring you in with promises of tecnology and protection while it slowly turns your civilization into another version of itself.

isaac what of Bootes Void? wouldn't that answer your dyson dilemma?

Not gonna lie, the drunk alien ragdolling onto the ground as its compatriots simply looked on in fascination sent my sides straight to Alpha Centauri. (I only prey when they land the bacteria on them don't destroy any native life forms)

I'll have a fresh egg salad. wink wink*

Hello Isaac. I'm a Science CommunicatorL

I want to shout out my personal favorite little alien parasites the Yeerks from Animorphs. :)

Isaac Arthur, may I use clips from your video on Androids, so long as leave a link? I might make a video on the topic in relation to the supernatural. I'll use you as a source.

There is a series that is a squeal to John Carpenter's The Thing about what happens after it escapes Antarctica and conquers the world... "Immortal Clay" by Michael Lucas

19:15 there he goes again, making me remember phoenix point is a thing

Sitting here eating my snack and its not tasting as good as normal for some reason when Issac says "you may not want a snack right now". Good times at SFIA.

3:55 talking about parasitism over the image of a pregnant woman xD

Hey Isaac, what do you think of James White's physiological classification system from his Sector General series? One of my favorite book series BTW. It's optimistic in a way that's rare in modern sci-fi.

Your videos are completely fascinating.

Is there any video available on why and how could mars have had liquid water on its surface 2 or 3 billion year ago when even earth shouldn't have had liquid water on its surface because sun was not as much hot as it is today?

My snack for this episode is burnt rice doused in soy sauce. It's more disgusting than the parasites.

BTW, I did those Pierson's Puppeteers for the game Spore in that picture. Glad someone noticed!

Thanks Isaac, thanks to you I gained 15 pounds with all those snacks and drinks.. more snacks :). Love your videos!

Before Ridley Scott ruined his own creation, I had an idea that the xenomorph was a genetically engineered organism designed as a religious tool. I had imagined a race of Engineers (not the pilot race) that used the xenomorphs as a way to be closer with their God, borrowing from a Dark Horse story that went along the same lines.

giving people heart disease but protein bro cant get that form plants again do some research

murdering trillions of sentient creatures every year in factory farms and slaughterhouses, decimating the environment, stealing grains from the poor to feed animals that consume 16 kilos of grains for 1 kilo of meat symbiotic? do some research before you promote bullshit

Most fictional zombie plagues can accomplish feats of regeneration and life support to the host well beyond the capabilities either of known evolution or present-day genetic engineering. Watching or reading such stories it has always occurred to me that we may be witnessing a screwfly solution.

In the broadest sense, when that something is alive, it's parasitism. So yes, to the plant, those ants are parasitic. However, I'd boil it down to just straight-up parasitism by "stealing" something from another creature "intended" by that creature for another use. That does leave consumption of dairy as a clear example of parasitism. You can't call the cuckoo's behaviour toward other birds parasitism and then go on and not call human behaviour toward cows non-parasitic. Both remove an animal's offspring from their parents in order to benefit from the parents' care in the offspring's stead. Use of wool does count as well, in my books. Bear in mind, that is not a negative or an accusation. I actively doubt any civilization could rise without developing some parasitic behaviour, because some parasitism is just good use of resources available, and deliberate parasitism (i.e. harvesting animal by-products) is likely one of the first technologies a young intelligent species develops. Ideally, such parasitism becomes symbiotic over time. Coming back to wool, there is little harm to the sheep and llamas in using their wool and the benefit there could be considered mutual. Cows are a weird case - while the overall species benefits from human protection, it comes at the price of many dead individuals in the form of surplus calves ending up consumed by humans.

Would you call Leaf-cutter ants parasites because they cultivate a fungus to feed on? There's a difference between using resources and being a parasites. Nothing can survive without using resources from something else.

One parasite that often gets overlooked is the AI parasite. Imagine a AI that moves from computer system to computer system, copying itself and exploiting the host systems' resources. Now imagine if you have cyborg, enhanced or downloaded humans, could an AI subvert and control such entities?

Whew, finally reached the end of your catalog. That took a while.

Had a rush of memories when I saw the Eagle from Space 1999 in the picture at the intro.

Upvote for Slurms McKenzie

to prevent plague, The First thing to do, set up One Way blocade. There Is No Limit export from eath to the outer Space , but There is zero in coming landing Craft or cargo alowed from outer Space all human coming back or other alien species turist diplomat cannot land, all interaction must be mediated using robotic proxies or in virtual simulation

Isaacs.. I have a theorie on gravity, dark matter and the expansion of space.. I know you might be thinking! another idiot who can't think! but I've thought this through for weeks now.. look I can't do maths or stuff like that.. I suck at it.. but I understand how things work and I figure out things easily.. I just know when something is right.. Anyways this is a theory.. I need help or advise.. can you converse with me? Bruce grant-oliver

"The Emperor is a parasite" What is this heresy.

10:06 Headphone wearers, did you hear this? What about surround sound system guys? Does YouTube do 5.1?

Still cannot believe how much your speech has improved. Honestly love listening to your voice

We're parasites of every living animal we domesticated.

I'm surprised there's no mention on how we wiped out most of the Indian population. Unless I missed it. That's a great example. They were once visited by aliens. Plague them with deadly viruses and conquered during and after. Honestly, I haven't given this topic much thought. Pretty scary.

Have you ever considered using Space Engine for some of your footage? I think it'd help it look pretty good, along with portraying the vast distances of space.

Man, these are just so good. Almost too good... I can't even find time to watch them, because I hate putting them on and being interrupted or being distracted...

I like the nod to toxoplasmosis from cats, in the video thumbnail.

I'm still dealing with the implications of your Simulation Theory Video. and then I find this video =O

22:57 You want some romulan ale or perhaps some blood wine isaac

I think we are eating stupidity food already.

Les Moonves is stepping down.

Parasitic Alien: "The hosts know. Shut it down!"

0:09 Super Mario Odyssey? :)


I'm a conscientious omnivore. I don't consume domesticated meat and I rarely consume feral meat. Many dairy cows and hens are in pathetic conditions but I wouldn't define their relationship with us as host-parasite. What about honey bees? Active yogurt cultures? Show dogs? Equestrian? Are they oppressed creatures? Not being sarcastic, just sincerely provocative.

We? I'm of European descent but most of the decisive military victories for the Britsh, French and Spanish colonists were already gained before my ancestors migrated to North America in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Western Europeans were essentislly top tier predators being introduced all of a sudden into an unsuspecting ecosystem. I wouldn't call them parasites; aliens yes, parasites no. Maybe even "Crazy Aliens" from a prior episode. They never stood a chance. Kings, admirals and generals want glory and strategic advantages. Merchants want natural resources. The merchants used their ripe, defenseless new markets to swell profits and compete for political upheavals -- American Sedition, English Civil War and the "Glorious" Revolution, the French Revolution, Rothschild Bilaterally funded wars, etc. Many people simply wanted adventure or a new life. Others wanted religious freedom. The European Diaspora was largely an example of nature seeking an equalibrium of population and resources. Population departed, resources arrived. Monarchies and the elected representatives of new republics competed. It's a major aspect of Modernity but the theme is simple. It occurred multiple times in Antiquity and at least once in the Medieval Period. It's going on right now in multiple ways. We lament the American Aboriginal because they seemed so innocent and defenseless in retrospect. The truth is harsh: they killed, raped and robbed too, but they weren't as good at it. When our beloved Isaac mentions how good the human race has become at warfare he could exclude most of today's nation-states and just list the major victors of WW2, plus Israel: USA, Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Israel. Pakistan and India have nukes, thats shouldn't be neglected. Some other countries have legitimate Air Forces and Intelligence Forces but ICBMs with nuclear warheads are the weapons that deter lesser nations from engaging with you in the first place. This reply got out of control and I didn't stay focused. We must secure the existence of our r--- and a future for w---- children. Biologically speaking, the rest is trivial.

How would you feel about treating certain terrestrial nation-states with the same hospitality?

The parasites don't mind.

There are no long-lived vegan societies. That doesn't mean that daily meat consumption is necessary. Markets have expanded so we can consume game and humane livestock if we feel that we must.

European Colonization and the Merchants that played God with the Natives

It could run in the family. Dad could be a bureaucrat or a banker.

SFIA didn't show her husband. Do you think she is a welfare mom?

Interesting! I've never been very drawn toward biology but the more I encounter it the more fascinated I am.

Systemic yeast produces sugar cravings.

So... the bankers are parasites? I'll buy that.

I couldn't help but notice every other sentence in your reply ends with a mark of exclamation. Science fiction usually features some social commentary. Do you boycott sci-fi with parasites because you don't like the social commentary? Should we censor such narratives?

Parasitism seems like a short-term evolutionary investment; an unsure investment at that. Most parasites degrade the health of their host and if that host becomes fully aware of the relationship and can find a way to expel the parasite, it will. If the host pocesses any foresight it will eradicate the parasite wherever it can be found until it is extinct. Anecdotally, hunters and trappers are by definition, not parasites. Venus fly trap, not a parasite. Furthermore, would you suggest there is merit in biological or socioeconomic parasitism?

The Venus fly trap is a carnivore and does not have a central nervous system! It still shares the key characteristic of all life; self replication. The term "higher intelligence" is most commonly posited by those above to justify their regressive behaviour not the other way around! The presence of parasitic aliens in science fiction has always ever been a contemporary plot device devised to encourage thought and or dialogue on conceptualization. Not the plot itself! This is why the militarisation of science fiction always ends up being a horror story.

Humans are not obligative carnivores. We can survive and thrive with little or no meat. As for social parasites, some seem superior, others inferior. A finance capitalist collecting interest on a loan? Stock investors with no physical ties to a company's labor or production? Able-bodied welfare recipients that supplement their income through informal or illicit markets? What about serial rapists getting a warm bed and three meals a day? SFIA doesn't raise the question of what to do once you or your homeworld is infected.

Whoa, good points.

The boogeymen of the "Illuminati" comprise an association. The video is intrinsically concerned with biology and ecology. Disinformation bugs me. I like conspiracy facts over theories. What about the JQ?

+MachtUndEhre XIV Lol I'm talking about Halo!

The beloved Isaac usually doesn't touch religion and this comments section is already a powder keg.

Uhh, like with Noah? Or is this a Zecharia Sitchin thing? Ancient Aliens on SFIA was several episodes back.

Go on...

Just one particular subspecies. I'm with the Earth.

Neat. I reject Darwinism. Evolution is in progress but scientific method can't prove it to be more than a theory for explaining biological history. There are too many missing links. I lean towards intelligent design. Plato's objective idealism is a fascinating outlook on biogenesis as well. Anyway, very insightful. Thank you.

And they'll likely make it profitable.

The parasites excuse and encourage all sorts of secual deviance.

Hahaha, it is tempting.

What do you think we should use? ... gas


(((Parasitic Aliens)))

Fear of malaria deterred us from Sub-saharan for centuries. Then we discovered quinine.

+MachtUndEhre XIV We as a population. What I meant. I was talking about multiple events. Like later taking over large populations. Also how they were not immuned to disease. For example the French that gave them syphilis. Occurrences like that.

Mannnnn this shit is anti Semitic. Everyone knows what you mean by “alien parasites” Issac. Nazi asshole! Everyone should flag this guy.

It's the Neurax worm!

Have you any idea how much cake is baked on this planet everyday?  Its something to think about. Who is eating all of this cake?

I'm glad you mentioned the Vex. They might be my favorite sci-fi race.

calling the emperor of man a parasite.. HERESY!!!

Let's all go to the brainslug plannet.

let's go to the brain slug planet and just take a walk

What's up with the audio in this episode?

What do you mean by JQ?

Isaac Arthur NAILED Tyranids.

I'm at the point where I associate a speach impediment with superior intelligence the way we associated an Austrian "Arnold Schwarzenegger" accent with the muscled up, skillful, fearless hero... With the exception that Isaac isn't acting.

Can't believe you don't talk about Yeerks. :(

+Dutch Prepper, the jq = the j3w1sh qu3st10n. And the Mark of the Beast 6 points 6 triangles 6 sided polygon (hexagon) 60° angles of equalateral triangles 6 Day War aka 3rd Arab-israeli War 6,000,000 Lies aka Holocaust "The Star of Moloch/Rephan/Saturn" aka Star of David and Seal of Solomon the masters of capitalism, communism, and parasitism

How does flu make us more social? TBH all I want to do when I’m sick with the flu is stay at home and eat chicken noodle soup.

wait... metal fillings make me a cyborg? yaaay

Nice. :)

there is no great civilisation without beer!

You're awesome, Issac.

Isaac, are you the AI that the media keeps warning us about? You think excellently.

Probably the fourth time I started reading this. I can't go past two minutes without my brain going haywire and my primal instinct telling me there is something wrong.


Lieber Isaac Arthur, es ist sehr gut, das du nicht vom offensichtlichsten aller Parasiten gesprochen hast. Es sitzt direkt in dir selbst, hat sich in deiner zentralsten Körperposition eingebaut. Und du denkst, das du selbst denkst, richtig? Versuche es erst garnicht.

i'm so happy he referenced warhammer 40k this has made my day : )

So this can explain Trump, makes sense that he is getting investigated buy special agent Mulder...

not gonnal lie: Saw title, clicked play, turned off screen...

So it seems like the link doesnt actually give you a free book but a 30 day free trail of audible including an audio book unless you already have audible in which case it doesnt seem to do anything.

The god emperor of mankind doesn't eat a thousand people a day, those individuals sacrifice themselves for the emperor, the empire, and the greater good of their species willingly. Always remember in the nightmare that is the 41st millennium their is only war, an eternity of carnage, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

Yeah, i'm good. I'm gonna skip this one, sorry.


symbiotic brains sounds very plausible and also very fucking disgusting

all hail the brain slugs...ummmmm

#Animorphs don't forget the Yeerks!

happy to see Warhammer 40k make isaac's channel but equally as suprised as I never imagined something so over the top as that would have any scientific merit lol.

Innervoice. The international hearing voices network.

I wish they did a movie with Dr.Arcot and his gang. Islands of Space is probably my favorite Campbell book but that series is by far my go to when I can't sleep.

The first example of a mind controlling alien that I ever heard of was in the novel series Animorphs. In that series the main bad guys are an evil empire of parasite aliens called the Yeerks.

Awwww I thought I was a Cyborg because of my Defibrillator but Isaac quashed it flat... So I'll go back to being a Augmented Human.......

6:30 aaaaaand im done

This episode is better to listened to than to watched if you have a weak stomach

We humans often view parasites with disgust for obvious reasons but I think it would be interesting to write a parasitic alien species that views humans with disgust for being omnivorous because that involves killing and see their slow parasitism as the moral high ground.

Have you ever heard of the we are the aliens concept These videos are good

You really need to check out animorphs! So many good concepts in those, including some good parasites.

Snack? I'm having my Haribo Wummis! and diluted tea that is looking more like piss than the tea I started with this afternoon!

I love it when you get all Warhammer 40k lol

No mention of Venom (spider-man)? I’m disappointed!

If sapient life ever visits us in our lifetime, this man is a MUST for the initial staff of the ambassadorial team...despite the speech impediment.

Woah woah woah!!!! Emperor of Mankind equaled as a parasite to a Tyranid parasite form???!!!!! Dude... That is harsh and so heretical its.... Damn its.... Well I get a science fiction Telepath could become parasitic by feeding mind power from others, even when its human. But its VERY hard for me to see a human as a direct contact parasite or as a hive-mind or semi-hivemind parasite. KNow that I mentioned tv series SHIELD actually had a being that somewhat parasite like infected minds to serve as loyal yet not mindless drones as a semi hive mind... Damn I am rambling but the way you showed Emperor of Mankind.... Its weird that that I am sounding more loyal to a fictional half-dead, immortal emperor who may or may not reside in a universe in the same multiverse or more probably in a another multiverse's universe.

Does no one remember the Yeerks from animorphs?

"And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords..."

19:11 KITTY!

17:50 Never heard of it, so maybe they should just doit on youtube.

8:58 thats fucking spore!! the puppeteer on the right

I'm thinking aliens will require vaccinations before beginning diplomatic relations.

When I met the brain slugs in Stellaris I just said "Yolo" and let them join my Civilization.

Puppet Masters (Heinlein)

i think it was established that the goa'uld are not smart at all but just learn from the species they take over. They were pretty much primitive with the Unas species that were bipedal reptilian species that shared the same planet. This changed when a visiting unknown species with space travel came visiting their home planet and they took them over, and pretty much had a greater understanding of the universe. Then passed that knowledge down genetically to their offsprings which then hellped built up their tech. eventually, they found other worlds with better tech and they just "assimilated" the smartest people there, and expand their tech.

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