Owner Operator Trucking Business Calculating Transport Cost Per Mile

Owner Operator Trucking Business Calculating Transport Cost Per Mile

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Hey, what's, going on guys how you doing and welcome back to auto transport, Intel, I'm Jay, I'm the car hauling dispatcher, and, this. Is Tuesday, nights live so we're back again and, I, welcome you back to the show so thanks for joining me if, you're joining me live that's great please join the live chat if you're, watching this on demand well. You get the leisure of skipping, around so, you. Know if you want to skip ahead to 20 minutes 30 minutes when I get into cost per mile you're, free to do that and if you're live I just guess just. Kick back and enjoy the show so Mike M welcome, back to the show as you guys know I'm looking over here in the. Corners, where I'm seeing my live chat with you guys so, Mike welcome back to the show. Thanks. For joining me and I, hope you're ready to have an accounting, class about. Cost per mile so this. Is gonna be interesting. Roxy, Auto Transport welcome, back to the show man I appreciate, you coming back in, you. Becoming a real regular around, here and I like that so priest pretty soon we'll start calling you norm if. Anybody used to watch that show RSW. Northwest, what's up welcome to the show, awesome. Thank you for coming in, you. Know what's cool is so. I think, I've had like another growth, phase cuz I'm starting, to lose track of who's the first time here, RSW. I know I've seen you in here before, and. But, there's gonna be some there's, gonna be some newbies here tonight that, I haven't seen before which is awesome, and listen. If you're new and you don't want a live chat that's totally, cool that's totally cool but I'll tell you what and I talked to somebody else today I'm getting a lot of emails. And comments now, and I'm talking to a lot of people, in. Fact doing some consultations. Which is really cool, and, if. You've got a question request. Or you could use help from the community, feel, free to chat it I think. There's gonna be a couple chats tonight that they're looking, for something specific so, if you can help great, if, you want to make fun of them. You, can I suppose that's, what people do on Facebook. Crypto. Truck or first time all right see, I appreciate, it thank you for saying hello. Coming, out of the woodwork, you know whether you're I don't know now you get a truck stop are you at home are, you on your LD, break are, you, you, know just sitting, sitting. At your desk like, I am I'm just sitting here I'm always sitting here I'm always in my desk and that's, why you know I'm doing hey what's up trucking answers, alright, back, in the show that's cool I got, sidetracked and, I'm gonna run with it oh that's right alright so we got the one and only is back welcome back man, thank you for coming back, Ernest.

Martin Thank, You Ernest Martin for coming back and for your past generosity, pull. Dog transport. Is in the house what's, up Chris, so. And. I I sometimes, I remember people's, first names and sometimes I don't. So. You. Know I'm sorry if I don't if, I just go by your screen name you, know if you've got the screen name like you know don't. Call me Shirley that, I'm gonna call you Shirley, you know so VIPRE transport. Telling what's up Vinnie so, Vinnie's back hope you're feeling better Vinnie people, be like what is he talking about so. Let's. See so tonight we're gonna do cost per mile and I I don't, want to bore you you. Know nobody, wants to be bored but actually it's it's pretty interesting topic, and, it comes from George, so, we're gonna thank George, for episode. 38, cost per mile and we, need to thank George for episode, 36, know. Your numbers you. Know I try to follow a theme and, then from there you know, just. Kind of run, around and, follow whatever this is wherever the wherever, the story goes but tonight's, episode. We're. Gonna do some industry, news we're gonna kick that off in a minute do that for about 15 minutes about, 8:20, I'm gonna do, an introduction, into cost per mile calculation. Around. 8:30, we're, gonna talk to hotshot Dave, and he, shared a spreadsheet with me it's really good stuff we're gonna do a lot of Google Excel. Spreadsheet, stuff tonight and then, we're gonna do that for about a half hour it's gonna get crazy boring. It makes me think of a counting class I had a counting class in college I have. A business degree and, man. Accounting. Lets, some dry stuff man. So. And. Then after nine o'clock we're gonna go, into some hotshot, 101, with. Hotshot, Dave and Brian, who. Is a Freight, hotshot, Hall or, California. In California headed. Back to Ohio so, pastor. G is back with us awesome, thank you for coming back pastor G I appreciate. It Garth, Oh logistics. Is with us Gary and thank, you for coming on the show last, week Gary we, had. Trucking. Answers. Dispatch, garage, and, Garth, Oh logistics, on the last show that was a great show by. The way and welcome back to the show, didn't DP dispatch Davison. This. Is a good time to say this let's, go ahead and, minimize, this. You. Guys know the homepage, and. Thanks. For watching my videos I appreciate. The, my, watch time is going up my views are going up I can. Use more likes and shares actually, my likes are up but I can always use more. Shares. And comments are, the two things I really need shares, and comments. But. My youtube rankings, have, gone up my channel Authority's going up it's really pretty cool so thank, you guys I appreciate that, I did, not know when. I started this channel less, than a year ago what, was gonna happen I did, not expect. 2200. Subscribers. Before. 1. Year anniversary so. That's amazing. Let's, see here I want to say this last. Show cars, are Freight I got, some thanks, for expanding. Out of, car hauling, into freight. Transport, so we're gonna see some more of that, I've, got some thanks for talking about the financials. So we're gonna do some more of that and I've, gotten a lot of positive response about, the car hauling dispatcher training, which, is actually over there's only three parts there won't be a part four I mean, I'll be talking about dispatch. Raining so let me say this if you, are not a beginning, dispatcher, and, you're currently dispatching. I highly. Recommend, you watch part. 2 advanced. I go, through the locations. I talk about priority, of locations, I talk, about negotiating, with brokers, I also talk about the finer points and making sure the driver is taken care of and then you want to go into part three which I call it the expert, module, I know that's a little you.

Know. Presumptuous. But. It's. The big picture of how you fit, into the. Ecosystem and. The life cycle, and understanding. The other parts, of the industry because, you're. Gonna get in phone calls where, if you don't understand, other parts of the industry you're, gonna get trapped, you're gonna lose money or you're, just gonna lose your cool and, that. Isn't where you want to be you want to be a great, dispatcher, so part, three is that macro view so all right guys let's, drive let's jump into some, industry. News and. Oh. Let's. See what we've got here and we've got anybody also got your rates back URI, I'm so glad you enjoy this show I. Want, to say that I enjoy, doing it and the. Fact that you enjoy watching it so, then we've just got that synergy, and that's, just fun so thank you Yuri I appreciate, your kind words and, Mike. You know what Mike you are proof, positive that my, training works, which. I mean I knew that but you. Know when you train somebody that's. Why I like having, you on the phone for. The training modules, helped, me stay. Focused and, keep the momentum so, I mean that's a lot of patience, that was like seven to eight hours of your life that you're never gonna get back so I thank, you for that man and. Hotshot, dave is here with us so we're gonna be talking to a hotshot Dave so. What do we got let's, see here let's go industry, news. Okay. You want to cool down like a boss I'm telling you man it's hot right, I got I got. A I got a you know you got to get it a I need makeup where's my makeup artist okay all, right so I got a cool down. Because. It's it is it's hot it's now hot I'm officially hot, it's, June, and I'm so glad oh man, the winter drives me crazy so, bring it on let's do 110, let's just I'm gonna have sweat, coming down my face in July that's cool I'm in Kansas City and it's hot man it's hot all, right. We, have got a we. Got an 80,000, pound scale, reading that's pretty amazing, that. Is pretty amazing hey William, welcome to the show. And. This, guy knows a good deal when he sees it so as, you guys know like, I keep I keep the show clean but, I like to have fun so. You. Know. It's. Weird that's is, that a real add it's hilarious. That's. Not hilarious. My. Phone's already going off okay. Oh that's, laundry. You, guys see that, so. You got laundry, hanging between the trucks. So. That's. Real but. You know what that's life on the road and I think that's pretty cool you. Know Adam, and Eve trucking, um. You're. Right I couldn't say that live, okay. Um. That's. A real sign. That's. Sad man that, is sad, who's. That for aliens. This, is a real sign starting, at Mannheim PA attention. Friday. June 29, we will no longer manually. Print any gate passes, and the print centers in the lanes will be self-service. With wireless, air printers. Visit. Man I'm calm or the mobile app to access. All. Right well. You know attention. No more buggy whips. Hey. Who's been getting this did. You guys is are you guys getting. Requested. By. Central. Dispatch to, fill out a. Survey. Why. I got, like I got like three or four of these so I, don't know man I've only got one. Mein email, address I don't know. Anyways. You want to fill this out, I did. Okay, um this. Is pretty cool. So. I'm gonna have Daryl on the show Daryl I don't know if you're watching hey, what's up Kevin alright, good talking to you man. Daryl. Is the owner of carpooling, comm and I'm looking forward to having him on the show I believe. That he works in the Manheim PA location. And I think that this is some great marketing. It's. A great service, I mean if you're, a busy transport, or you know, carpooling. Is worth it and so we're gonna talk about pricing. Services. Hours contact, information. I'm really looking forward to that Daryl Philly. Hot Shot trucking, I think it's your first time Philly I think. It is man welcome to the show and, thanks for saying hello I appreciate, that I really do I thought. This was pretty cool, it. Says snazzy, getting his first full service, Cody Wilkerson. Is the only guy I let do this he's, great, actually, does everything you're supposed to do I trust the guy at the petrol, in Georgia, on i-85.

At Exit 160. Just. North of Commerce. So. There, it is man. Right. Everybody. Loves a good service provider, and that's another reason why since. I know dispatching. Dispatching. Is the one thing that I think I can absolutely. Give. Recommendations, and. Advice so. If, you need dispatching, advice talk. To me if you, need. Engine. Advice go, see Cody at. I-85. For. Your service, I call. This home work you. Know this, is what a car hauler does when. They're doing homework right. You, know some people have little briefcases, and, whatnot, and you know, you. Know maybe at Starbucks, on their laptops, or whatever which is more, like what I'd be doing but this is a car, haulers, homework, pretty, cool pretty cool you. Guys know that. You. Guys know that you, know. That. That, dish are, you serious. Who. Dispatched, to that I mean. Alright. That's fine man I mean some people know what they're getting into but I'm telling you I wouldn't book that oh my goodness. There's. One on top, that. Thing's heavy, oh. Speaking. Of man that thing's heavy are you serious. You can't be serious right now and look at that front tire all jacked, up, ain't. Going anywhere, literally, nothing ain't going anywhere oh my. Gosh aah, central. Dispatch started, to send a survey, yeah yeah, I know it's weird right I think your I think your comments about load board on the last show, took right, I don't know I mean you know I'm, not gonna I'm not gonna take responsibility but. People, are watching, the show like. A lot more than I thought so. Okay. That's pretty cool I'm liking it. Okay. I wonder, how that happened coming, around the corner right and just. Man, oh my. Gosh that's. Crazy. I know, some people would say taking a nap but. Taking. A nap right oh man why would you go down that road don't. Do it man don't do that I. Feel. Like I'm watching cars, it's, like right, out of cars movie. All. Right. Don't do that, yeah. And so that was sent to me this, is viewer mail right now I forget, who sent me this but, you know who you are thank you for sending me this if you, see crazy stuff send, it to me if you've, already seen it on Facebook, a year ago put. It in the comments. Either. Way it's engagement, okay now this is. A. Car. Hauler. Man. That sucks, that. Sucks, oh that's two parts of a car hauler isn't it oh man that sucks. I hate. To see that. I. Know. If you're a driver you don't want to see that. Okay. So, we got that not, connected, as they're disconnected. Okay. Why did you park my truck in. Why. Why. Did you park my truck in, I don't, know I don't get it why did you park my truck in. I. Think, it was written on three vehicles, oh and. Then the keys are in it I don't know why did you park my truck in.

Okay. This, is from. Saavik, right. Got to take a brunt he's got to take a break 20 minutes from the yard, and. He's 30 minutes from home. Awesome. Thanks. Ald is. Perfect, time to do this. Super. Safe super. Kool-aid. Ah that's. Right that eld kool-aid is good stuff. So, this is interesting, got a text, so the guy that paid 800, to ship the, Camaro, out, to. Denver, the. Dealer couldn't find anyone willing to go to Denver so after several weeks the, dealer shelled out an additional 400, the, customer, said they only paid 800, and the deal are paid 1200, to get the car moved and you don't see that very often, but. That's. What happens, if you are in the broker side of life say. Oh easy, peasy, and you misquote, whoa. A misquote, can, get expensive, don't. Do, it. Truck, driver arrested, for smashing, a motorist head with a hammer, don't. Do. It oh. Man. 9. Cents, a mile. Don't. Do. It what. Else we got here, the. 10 car flip upside down Oh on in PA oh yeah, that was you VIPRE you, sent me that one man. I, hate. That picture just, got in what's a good price Alabama. To Texas two three car hot shot all, right Sherman, Jack I'll. Tell you what we're gonna go into central dispatch actually. In about five, minutes ten, minutes so. If. You've got time to stick around or. Check back in ten minutes or I'll, tell you what I'll do you a favor, we're 19, minutes into the show and, if. You if you don't have time to stick around come, back watch it on demand go. To about 30 minutes into the show and we should be there see, man. I get, it man people are busy I'm busy too and you know what could i watch one of my whole episodes I don't know I really, know. Why, do he, block his truck in oh. Thank. You I don't know what he's talking about, that makes sense why he block his trucking and he wrote it on three vehicles, so he, was ticked off don't. Do. It all, right what else we got here oh. Yeah. This is a like, I guess this is like a fake scam. Thanks. Cam nobody talks like that I guess, this is a fake letter going around which, is essentially. A scam, I mean, one could argue that yeah, you can hire them for this stuff but, why it's a waste of money when you can do it yourself, so. Just. Beware of you know and I've seen this too like I like, to I like domains, okay, and I've seen like stupid. Letters you, know hey we, can buy this domain, for, you I'm like I don't need that domain that's stupid so, don't, do it, the, basics, of driver Fitness driver Fitness violations. Okay. This is is, this real I think this is real. Jumping. An imminent, hazard out of service order, yeah okay this is real driving. A CMV with a fraudulent medical, certificate. Yikes. Driving. A CMV with more than one license, so anyways you. Know go. Ahead and freeze frame this oh this, is why somebody, somebody. Posted this on Facebook, non-english, speaking driver a. Severity. Of four but. I think, they said that the state law said, that you, don't have to speak English or they. Have bilingual, they're. Signs that, are bilingual something, like that sounds like a catch-22, and. This is why you want to read up on the FMCSA. And. Know the, rules, oh man. Here's another one nine cents a mile oh. Dude. Kansas, City to Dallas for 50 bucks. Inoperable. Wow. Wow. You can't even get an inoperable. Over, you can't even take a bike, she. Can't take a ten-speed for 50 bucks maybe you can't I don't know that's ridiculous, that's that's shameful.

For Shame shame. Shame shame. What. What. Is he doing, honey what's he doing um, how's. It going Alex welcome. To the show, right on welcome to check back in Oh beacon, of okay, this, is a joke I put in here because I like to have fun in the beginning of the show and. Then bore the heck audio okay. AC. More. AC. Wait. For it. No. AC. $1600. 12, hours later, no. AC, let's. Go back to AC no, I'm kidding all right let's move on okay. This, is a pilot. Oh. Yeah. The, the caption. On this was check. Your receipt because the pump says 250 and the, receipt says, 257. So. What's. Up with that oh the. Gallons, is over I don't know what did you spill 722. On the ground I'm just kidding I don't know what that is I don't. Know man anyways. And it's a large gas receipt cuz we're gonna start moving into expenses, okay here's some more expenses, best, pass right. What. A great app oh yeah our money's going down awesome. So. That's great yeah I mean it's I know it's handy, but. You. Know see. The money go down oh here's another one this sucks, so, this is a deduction. This was shared, by a freight. Hauler he. Got a citation, which, I think he says is the company's fault, and yet, they deducted, it from his paycheck, winning. Okay. Go, I've said winning in a long time felt good, it's. Terrible to hear though terrible listen to Jay, hey. What's up Brian the car hauler hey. Kimberly. Welcome, to the show. Why, Sean Gibson, what's up welcome back to the show that's cool. Louie Vargas, anyone here brokers needing to be added to insurance policy, and insurance, charging, up yeah actually, Louie, that. Sounds like additional, insurance to, me. I'm, guessing, that is additionally, insured, you know rarely. Do, you see a, broker, ask for, additional insurance. What, they'll say is yeah, we need to be listed as a certificate, holder and. Listed. As additionally. Insured, and I hate that phrase because. As. A matter of fact I'm just gonna share with you I I, had, a broker recently. They were not a large company, just, a single owner you. Know one, owner, operation. And they said they needed to be additionally, insured and I knew ok, we're probably not gonna book this then and I talked to them and explained you know we're, it's we're not gonna we're not gonna like, load, up the transporter. With, like brand-new Hellcats, with satellite, dishes on vans we're not doing it this is the nicest car on the trip everything. Else is you know not Junkers, but you know like I, used. You go so we. Do we really need additional insurance no, I said no don't worry about it do. A certificate, so listen Louie if you get asked, for additional insurance, if it's, a major broker. There's. No bones about it in fact this. One right here. If. They request, either. Additional. Insurance or. General. Liability. Depending. On the types of loads are gonna be moving I mean they're serious, and you know if you don't do it you're, not Hall informed that's just the way they roll, and, I mean you know the thing is that when you're a really, large company, Louie, man, thank you bro awesome, I'd say this is a this is a fair trade as they say in Dances with Wolves fair, trade. What. Does he talk honey what's he talking about, is, that, uh it's. They're a major company, and they're national, and they've got you know lawyers and, damage, claims and I mean you know it becomes. Part, of their business to manage. Damages and losses so. In, an effort to cut down on losses, they have to do things like additional. Insurance so this. Is again like I say you know as long as you understand, where someone else is coming from it, can ease the burden, and maybe help, on you know help the process, it's no fun doing additional insurance and, again, a lot of carriers just, won't, do it or can't do it or it's too expensive because.

Your Insurance agent, will charge, you either, per. Additionally. Insured or they'll, give you like you. Can do five additionally, insured for X amount of dollars so I hope that helps. Let's. See here. Subconscious. Trucking logistics, awake that, is a sweet name man. That's a UI okay I think I comment on one of your YouTube videos, right my. First week car haul I don't, know how I I know that name please. Remind me I can't remember. Silver. Mint is gathering. Intel. That's awesome. Oh Thank. You silver, mint and thank. Again Louie that was really kind and I'm happy to I'm happy to exchange information, and like, I said well. I think you're gonna see it in my scroll is that. Why his cars arrived on screen let's do some self-promotion. Here, like. I said in my or, I'm gonna say or I'm doing it now whatever if you need a consultation you. Know you can email me and we'll, set up a time and, we'll do an extended talk, and. You. Know I'll give you the best advice I can but. If you don't want to do that there's a lot of free info you, know about the videos and then this seems to be like, to date my. Best, blog post my best, performing, blog post to date the, 20 steps to car hauling, and, I. Do update, this so if you see, something that you think should be fixed, or updated or, changed send. Me an email comment. Below. Shoot. A flare, okay. Shoot. A flare is he talking about honey brokers. Should be on this show today they get paid top dollar to post a load for a cheap price brokers. Need drivers, drivers sometimes need brokers some of the time drivers, already have their own clients. So I, argue right I subscribe, to your channel awesome awesome, well, you know what DP dispatch and that is the truth I mean I actually. There's. A few brokers, recently, that I'd go, ahead and tell them I'm doing the show hey, I'm calling about a load on Central, and I have a youtube channel it's, a little odd but, why not and, I. Actually, I learned when I talked to brokers, actually. Talking, to brokers, like. Off-the-cuff, a few years ago is how I came to, understand, their business better and there. Are many good brokers. There. Really are so, just. Like there's good dispatchers, bad dispatchers, there's good brokers bad brokers, they're good drivers bad, drivers, there's, good Vegas dealers there's bad Vegas dealers. So. Okay let's go ahead it's 8:30, let's, go ahead and jump into some numbers, now. Dave. I'm running maybe, five to ten minutes late so hang in there for me and that happens, man I'm always running late it's crazy. Central. Dispatch okay. You, were talking, about was, it Alabama. To Texas, Texas to Alabama, I'm. Gonna get I'm gonna scroll back up into my. I'm. Looking in the Simon looking in the chat right now what, was it help. Me out guys was it Texas Alabama trying. To find it can't, find, it. Can't. Find it I feel like a dispatcher, staring, at loads, can't. Find it, can't. Find it dang. It where'd, it go I don't, know anyways, alright I think it was I want a four car three-car wedge financing. Truck and trailer came up to ninety-nine, cents per mile operating, cost okay. That's. Good that's good that you calculated.

That Louie. What. Factors, did you use if you, would if you. Would just chat. Item. Comma item, comma item, comma we, got what truck payment trailer, payment, insurance, fuel. Right. Keep, going I want to see some line items please, that's awesome, man thank you Alexander. Calado is with us and thanks for joining the show oh we're, at 40 live watching, okay I'm just gonna share this I'm at as soon as I say it it's gonna drop like a rocket, but, 40. Is actually, is. Yeah. I just lost two it's okay, forty. Is is my is kind, of my new threshold, I've never been in the mid 40s or even 50 so that ought to be interesting that's okay. Cool. Filly hot shot truck and thank you very much man if you have a question, please live chat it I'd love to, answer. Something specifically, for you, so. I think that, I think that the request, was Texas, Alabama so, I'm gonna go ahead and put that in here I'm gonna do one through three I'm. Gonna do, five. Days, I'm, gonna do 40. Cents a mile minimum, because listen man coming out of Texas going to Alabama is not, the best paying route I'm, just gonna be straight with you. And, I've done this I I specialize. In the Midwest, though, I do know, better money's in the east-northeast it's totally true like, just the other last, week I. Didn't, know it so I was doing I was doing Louisiana, up to Baltimore. And I was looking, for like 60, cents a mile and I was pushing hard negotiating. Hard and, then I looked if I went from South Carolina to, Baltimore, I could get a doll or a mile so. Then let's go ahead and book Louisiana, to South Carolina at, 60. Cents a mile and then take the doll or a mile up to Baltimore which brought up my overall. Cents. Per mile that was pretty awesome so it's interesting on stuff like that happens. So. You want to look for a little you know if you're not having any luck start searching other states along the way, Houston. Birmingham, here we go this, is pretty normal 59 cents a mile for a sedan yeah. Houston. To Dothan, Dothan is a little harder to get to and it looks like you, know they probably listed it because they're not having an easy time moving, it but you're gonna see a lot of this 2500. Crew cab diesel, at, 66. Cents a mile but, Barco rent-a-truck knows, I mean they move trucks all day long they, know how. To you know, not. Use the system but they know the system now you know but not gonna list that truck at 66, cents a mile up in Baltimore, they. Might, but I mean there probably was probably pay more up there so they, know where different, areas pay like here f-350. For 70 cents a mile from Dallas, to Birmingham, I guess, that's not too bad but if you book an f-350, I mean, you may as well book two sedans a forty cents a mile than an f-350, at 72 cents a mile and, as we talked about this cents per mile o HC. To Texas KC to Texas, okay. KC, to Texas, Louie, why, don't you buy a used trailer, for around for 4k 5k financed the truck only truck payment insurance also, you save on insurance pretty, cool that's, a good recommendation Alexander. That's, cool man thank you for sharing that so. We're. Talking about the cents per mile that's gonna lead us into, you. Know as a, dispatcher, check. This out, you're, looking at the cents per mile you, think it's good right, dodge dart 81, cents for a while Houston, and Dothan right you, click view route, and.

You're. Like hey man this is cool. 81. Cents a mile car awesome, and then. When crappy Maps finally, comes up you realize, that, oh. Man that's not anywhere where we're really going. So. Guess what that 81. Cents. Drops. Because. When you add to deadhead miles, you're. Now like 60. Cents, or. A, less I haven't done the calculation, but I can tell you that, if you're really headed, to Atlanta and, you drop this car in Dothan, and you don't get a connection load, which, by the way you're not gonna get a good connection load, because. The, stuff that's down here in southern Georgia is either. Random. Good stuff or it's. Like Copart, stuff which, is gonna lock you up into, a time, frame maybe, a car or missing an axle, the, point is don't get so excited by, 81, cents a mile going, to somewhere, that ain't close to where you're really going and, that's. Where we're going to lead into why, it's so important. To study your cents per mile, wow. That's a terrible route yeah, and. You know what speaking, of I was talking to somebody earlier that, they. Were laughing how, I said, 60, cents a mile was good in a previous video and. Well. It was good for that route but. That's you know that's the Midwest, or, the South if you're, up in the north and northeast yeah, 60, cents a mile is not going to be good you're, probably looking more like a buck a mile or a buck. Plus so, different. Regions, have different standards. And if you're in California as, I said earlier Kevin, probably. 30 cents a mile is what you're looking at plus the emission standard so you're really just working for free in fact you're not even working for free you're working to go out of business no I'm kidding I mean I'm just having fun Georgia's, in California. And he's doing great but. There. Are some tough aspects. To car. Hauling in California, so am, i right George, William. Blake Thank You Man I really. Appreciate it you know any. Any, amount helps and, as. You can see you know I got I got the t-shirt now, and, I got a hat and I'm, still working on putting some business cards together that. I can send folks and they can hand them out of truck stops or, make. Origami, so, every, bit helps and, it really does let me tell you it's support and help support my dispatching. Income. Which is I don't. Want to talk about it I don't want to talk about that okay, I'm. Never going to kill. You. Don't want to go man um, let's. See here alright so since for most let's call Dave what's going on Jay sheesh. Into. The show already. Says. Young stacks oh. Yeah. Good numbers thanks Louie hey what's up Dave. Are. You doing. Oh. Perfect. Man while, you're doing that I'm, gonna type a couple things in here I've got I got, Louie Vargas, giving, me some numbers and I'm, gonna add him, to. What. I did was okay, episode 36. Two weeks ago remember, how is gathering, numbers. Okay. Well I took, that spreadsheet, and now. I'm gonna grow on that list, and then, we're gonna move into your, list and my, point of doing this is that um, you. Know there's so many different, ways to, look. At your costs, as we know I mean I took two calls two weeks ago and I, got I got, numbers all over the place. And. By, the way guys if you're, not familiar with hotshot Dave I know a lot of you are I got hotshot, Dave on the phone with me Dave. You've got your own YouTube, channel, what's going on with your business right now. Are. You serious, oh. My. Gosh. You. Work so much. Like. So. Much people working something can't jump oranges, and. Here listen, buddy. Now. You're in trouble. You. Know yeah. Now, you have, me I have. A $1700. Bill. That's. Got it go somewhere. You. Know. I'm, keen maintenance, people. Say maintenance, is to Harlem. On 301. Rubber. Cares I mean what'd. You give him for 300, bucks to these trucks. Yeah. Baby. You. Can do it yourself and.

Save Money, but. How much you really. You. Know. Hey. Quicks. Yeah. Quick sidenote how'd, you do on the CDL test. Okay. That was, good thinking. Okay. That was good. Yeah. I've heard about the restrictions I think that was a good call man. What's. It what, in New Mexico, you. Got. Put out at services, they quoted me in size in a tractor, trailer. Driving. A truck. Wow. Well. And what's interesting you, know when you when, you talk about that, I mean. There's. A there's a short list of states where you got to be careful right Oregon. New. Mexico. Is. Kentucky. One of those I. Thought. I heard something about Kentucky, but. What's. He talking about honey oh. Really. Yeah. That's. Nice. I'm. Gonna go you I'm gonna go get some barbecue now, I. Can. Say that cuz I lived in Oklahoma for a while so I got street cred. So. Um speaking. Of all right so we're gonna get into the numbers now one of the things are. You looking at there or you got a computer pulled up there Dave. Alright. Cool so I'm. Plugging some numbers in here and the reason I'm doing this. Is. That, I, know. That. If, I go with the law of averages. That. I'm more, likely, to get. Closer. To. Numbers. That apply to others, right. So. Try. I'm looking at let's see Alexandra's got truck 700. Insurance. 600. Okay. Tolls. Yeah. This is a month. Well. By the way we're all talking about month, right we're. Gonna you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna say this. Monthly. We're, gonna we're gonna update this monthly. Look. At this look what I did guys, bang. I just updated it okay monthly, cost per mile okay so, we're talking. Thanks, man, awesome. Awesome awesome. We're. Talking monthly, cost per mile so I want monthly numbers, and I know it's small on your screen I know that if you're on a self and you're like dude, J what are you doing I realize, that I'm sorry. But. I, am looking for monthly numbers yeah, I know right then you're like. Man I'm leaving this guy's channel. 79. For central, Wow oh. Man. Now that it's on now, that we put it on my show, there. Goes your there. Goes your sweet, deal. Well. Now. You I, just meet I'm just talking. Away we're ambling away like usual, okay, all right see what you're still with me. Don't. Lose your job. Okay. So I got people, are. Chatting. Stuff and plugging in numbers okay. By. The way we do have someone asking about fuel cards, and I have somebody asking about fuel cards before but.

Let's Talk so we're, seeing my numbers let's say I'm gonna go down the list here all right and I'm gonna I'm gonna bring. This up we're gonna talk about line, items, and then we're gonna start getting into cost per mile so we know, truck. Payment. 800. Above, this I, created. A column for you and I want you to fix this number for me. Dave. What's. Um what's a, monthly truck payment. Okay. And this, these numbers don't have to be you they, just have to be what you consider. To be, within. Normal. Range okay. All. Right normal. We're I'm just gonna put. I'm. Gonna put average alright okay, so here we go so then trailer. Payment, monthly trailer. Payment, and, I want I want to see some live chat also okay. I. Mean. If you're doing 3/4. Right here okay. Sounds, good, 250, how, about insurance this, is the one that seems to vary a lot. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna put 17, cuz we're just gonna focus on one. Owner/operator, okay. And. We're gonna do one owner/operator, and we're gonna do. Three. To four car right. Is what we're talking that's our range okay, okay. All right cool. All right I got 1,700. All right now your licensing. Right. All. That good, time stuff, what, what do you if you work can you put that in a monthly number I know it's not a lot when you consider it monthly. 50. Bucks. Okay. Perfect. Eighty bucks a month now, do, you. Would. You include, would you put IFTA as its own line item would you do that. Okay. Perfect, so I'm gonna I'm gonna. Exactly. I'm gonna take that I'm gonna move that out okay, all right what about things, like cell. Phone internet, do you consider that a line item. And. Before, I say that I'm gonna hit pause on that one let me move maintenance. Alright, because we just talked licensing. Actually let. Me ask you this what should come after a licensing, tires. Fuel. Well. What what would you put I mean I did truck trailer. Okay. Well then let's do this let's, just do fuel since we're we just we, hit a big one with insurance, let's hit another big one what's, your you know fuel. What's. Your fuel. Monthly. I. Know. This varies. 38. So. You're doing ten ten thousand, a month. Right. Exactly. Ten thousand, miles a month that's. What I'm gonna put ten thousand. Miles. Ten. Thousand, miles okay and you said 3800. Yep. Okay, excellent. Exactly. I mean we got to figure out we got to be somewhere, let's. Do tires I know tires can be a big one. 200. Would say 200 times 12. 200. Times, 12. 2,400. Okay. And that sounds, like a reasonable. Range from. What I've heard the, reason to, as even, as a dispatcher, and again, I say this for I'm, saying this. Could. Be I've. Heard. Yeah. I think that's fair okay I think that's really good ah, okay. So now let's do hey. Man I know you're paying tolls right. All. Right what, are you paying in tolls. Wow. Man. That's, really, high, I'm. Just gonna put a thousand, me a thousand. You said one one five I'll put a one, one, oh one five Wow. 1o. 1015. Yeah. Okay. Cool and VIPRE says, 225, on tires so. That's pretty cool so we're all and if, I'm missing your numbers. You. Know cell, 300. Let's. See that's a good number, okay. So cool, so we got that tires, we got the tolls I, put tools and tolls. Let's, go into, what, about other maintenance would. You consider that a separate line item. Ten. Per mile. Interesting. All. Right well since you're doing 10,000. Miles. I'm. Gonna put I'm, gonna pull out the old calculator. What. Do we do there how, do we clear it. No. It's, not that trash, oh, man. Okay. So clear. Duh, what. You don't know how to use a calculator.

What's. He talking about honey point. Host seven, equals. Seven. Hundred. Seven. Hundred a, month, maintenance. All. Right. And I. Just wanted to say this before I, know as a dispatcher. When. I don't. Think about tolls I'm, just like hey man it's two bucks a mile let's. All go to Long Island like. Dude are you kidding me right. No. Man, yeah. So. Fired. Job. Opening. Let's. See, point oh seven sounds good tolls a thousand, a Viper says a thousand, on tolls okay. What. Else we got here now. He's. Northeast I want to say New York Vinny. I wonder, why my numbers. Yeah. Yeah. I'm pretty sure Vinny Vinny, is it's, New York or New Jersey I'm almost positive if, not its its. PA in that area. How, about food man what are you doing in food a month. You're. Smart you got a Walmart. Yeah. Well. Actually I heard somebody talking about that like. You know and that's why it's, cool there's a whole Facebook thread. Of like cooking in your truck so. Yeah. So. Let's say this lets say food and, then the cost of making food maybe, 200 bucks a month. 200. 150. 150. Do, I hear 150. All. Right Brian the car lore says you're eating Cheetos so now it's 200. He's. Eating me off branchy toes I know as a dispatcher, I'm eating the off-brand, Cheetos I mean like I. Got. Clancy, he, buys a case of it, Oh Viper's, dude Vinny's. Out of Long Island oh my gosh Long, Island a buffalo Wow. Okay. Louie doesn't count food or phone he. Eats his phone and uses his no I eat, and use the phone oh oh. All. Right Louie Louie, just said something really important, you know what it is. And. That's where hey Dave can you hang on one second, all right. We're gonna get to that Louie in taxes. This, is Jay. Oh. I. Know who this is. Man. Right in the middle of oh. You. Picked a weird time. Lady. Eufaula. How. Do you spell that again. All. Right just, in case just, in case just. In. Case of taking down your information. Listen. JD you, know we're doing right now by the way. Well. You, know I appreciate you, tuning in. You. Know I'm in, the middle of my show right now you know it's Tuesday, night and. We're. Tight we're talking about car hauling, expenses. So. Maybe, think. I can add you to my spreadsheet here. It's. Not a bed sheet it's a spreadsheet. Yeah. That's good it's, a family, show JD, okay, so um. Hey. So what, your expenses what's, your truck payment per month. Yeah. Your, big rig. Yeah. All. Right I think I'm gonna have to get my calculator out, all right so, five. Thousand. Do. You do you own it after, thirty six months. All. Right all. Right I'm. Just gonna put on 38. All right, plus. Interest I'm gonna put 150 I don't, know I don't. Know about I mean I don't know I don't know who gives you a loan but I'm gonna go with it alright what about your trailer what you. Said Peterbilt, what's, your trailer. I. Knew. You were gonna say that oh, alright. Trailer, pain so, do okay so so, what's that cost a month what. Your. Nine car. A. Month. Okay. Is that I'm, just gonna put 150. And. How, about insurance. Thirteen, hundred a month alright and a licensing. We're. Gonna skip it I don't know what you'll say alright, fuel, what are you paying fuel a month were. You driving on a. Five. Hundred, five. Hundred and, fuel a day. This. Is gonna be nuts, ten. Thousand. Really. Ten thousand a month today. That's five thousand, a month for 36 months. He. Did so funny you said five thousand a month alright. Oh okay, that makes more sense okay, trailer, thank you whoo man, you. Threw me off JD okay, so um, oh my, goodness, okay, see you've got um tires. What's, your how much you paying in tires a month on that. Couple. Brand. I. Can't. See your spreadsheet, right now cuz I.

I've. Been out there working and. Get on the. Yeah. You. Okay. What tire should call maintenance with it sure. You can I mean some people split, it up but yeah tires, maintenance. Tools. Whatever. To. Grand a month. Alright. So, I'm just gonna leave you as a zero there so we can calculate it now. So your nine car helps you pay for your expenses, all, right yeah, all, right. I'll. Put 80 I'll put 80 with the pre pass so really, because. What happens if they if they try to pull you over at a scale what happens. You. Don't even stop okay. Yeah how. You doing on food JD. Hey. Yeah, you. Eating on the road or where do you what do you eat I don't know or do you II. You. Probably. You're. Probably what, they call like sinewy, right you're just, tendons. And, lizards. And. I'm. Just gonna put a hundred bucks. You. Got a cell phone, all. Right. Right cuz you're on your cell phone I'm gonna put a hundred bucks. Yeah. How much well how much you paying for your eld. I'm. Gonna put a zero I know you you don't you're not on the LD. Do. You have an office you pay, anybody to help you in the office or is that all you. Do. You use any software as, everything paper with you. Yeah. I knew it I knew it. Do you pay for central, dispatch or what you probably use somebody else's account, I. Knew. That and how. About a dispatcher, you paying a dispatcher, no. And. What about if do you ever set off with IFTA. Yeah. Sure. Sure yeah what would. You put if the as in as a line, item or, would you not. You. Probably should yeah that's what I thought, yeah. I would what, would you put is a, monthly, if the expense. Right. Cuz they they bury I'll just put it that. Sounds a little high 500. Sounds a little high doesn't it yeah. I, don't. Know I'll put 350. With. Me that's, money that's mighty nice of you JD. Alright. So, we get so we've got let's, go ahead and on my, spreadsheet here, we're. Gonna use the, do, you know how to use spreadsheet. On Google. Drive. You follow yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I figured all right well. I'm, gonna do it for you here so minute the dang, it okay so I'm, gonna hit the Sigma. And. Then I select. The cells, that, I want to add and then I hit enter, all. Right we're at about. Twenty, four thousand. A month of the, expenses, that you just said, Yeah. Right. All right, and how many miles are you driving. If, tavares, on wow. So. Ii. Thought so we're gonna say 8,000. Miles a month. So. We're gonna say miles, per. Month. Okay. This is monthly. Expenses. And. Now. We're gonna say, okay. Then this is. Expense. Expenses. Per. Mile which I'm just gonna say, it to be. What. Am i if. I say that what am I being. Specific. Right. But. Okay. So, 23 let's, see if we got okay. So we've got. 23,000. Miles, I mean. $23,000. Oh yeah this should be a. Dollar. Sign. There. We go and, we got 8,000. Miles, so. We're, gonna say our. Dollars. Divided. By our, miles. Dang. It I, did it the opposite way we've. Got. We. Got our miles. Divided. By our dollars. And. We're. At 33. Cents, a mile in, expenses. That, we've calculated. Well. I got to get to those guys that's. Why I wanted, to at least since, you called me he called me and a pretty good time really I just added you to the spreadsheet so, why don't you do this JD why, don't you let, me get back to hotshot Dave, I'm gonna keep going with him and then, let's see how all of our numbers shake out, how's that sound tear. Contest. Well. We. Know that JD, nobody's, nobody's. Trying to compete with you we're not going to Friday. It's. A family show JD. Man. See ya. JD. Once. Again we, haven't heard from him in a while that was pretty interesting let me call Dave back. And. And. Brian. Because. Of that Brian, you're gonna be delayed about another 10 or 15 minutes so hang in there okay. But, that was interesting. Okay. That's. Okay that's okay. Well. There's. A lot. With. You that seems low. Well. It's tuned it's well, and that's the one I did originally, and it seemed too high but. I agree, with you it doesn't seem right so let's go back, so, that's JD JD, doesn't, need my calculations. Anyways all, right we, got our money divided, by eight thousand miles so he's you think his cost is $2.99, a mile right. Right. Cuz I mean his numbers, are so his payments, are so high, so. It normal. Oh really, that is normal, Java seems high. Okay. But okay, those numbers, end though. At, the end of thin, - three years though right I mean that's gonna go down significantly over, time. Man. And you know what you know what's crazy is cuz if you look on and, I know as. I say you don't want to eat off Central Dispatch your, whole life.

I'm. Actually and I'm and that's not against central that's just against lower boards you know you don't want to eat offload boards your whole life because, when you see full loads I mean, you could see a full. Load out there I want to make sure I get this number right but, nine cars, at. Thirty. Cents, a car. You're. I mean even, if it's what 32, cents a car I mean you're barely breaking even right. Okay. Check. This out Vinny says, the five thousand, includes the truck and trailer. Which. In my. Mind would, make more sense but. I mean it's. Yeah no Dahle. Okay. And we got another comment on, the. Original, tweet our auto transport, and I know your name cuz we talked before I can't, remember your name it threw me off with that original tweet or auto transport, name but, yeah he says three bucks a mile is, oh. We got somebody that just disagrees, entirely with JD well, that wouldn't be a first, but. $3 a mile and expenses. Because. Ultimately, excuse me what we're getting at here Dave, is that. Um. Well. Well. She I think she might, be talking about just in general, in life. But. His expenses, could be correct I mean we you know it's, hard. Okay. And Ziggy's at five and okay. Okay. Okay. And that's. Okay. And James is saying but it is a 36-month, note. Yeah. Okay. Interesting. All. Right so, let's do this I mean I think we have sufficiently. Looked. At, a. You. Know expenses, per month because we want to get to cost per mile so, I'm, gonna add up your. Monthly, alright. I'm gonna do Sigma, and. Oh. And thanks for holding while, you. Know we took JD's call there I appreciate, that. No. Crap so I got. I. Got. Oh, yeah. I know I appreciate it alright so oh wait that wasn't you so let's do. Well. Now well we didn't talk about what. About eld, and office, stuff do you you're, gonna include that aren't you. Well. Let's. Do this I'm. Gonna go to your spreadsheet enough, of that let's. Go to your spreadsheet, okay. So now, what I did was, Dave. Gave, me a trucking, cost per mile spreadsheet. And I've now pulled that up so we're moving beyond, my. Company. Expenses gathered. We're, gonna move on to Dave's finished, cost. Per mile so, you're, gonna guide us through what we're looking here okay, what. We're looking at so, you've, got your monthly, fixed costs insurance. Plates. Business. Expenses. At 3,000. Yep. You've. Got your daily cost that be variable, cost at 120. Okay. So gives, you a plus you got your fuel cost. Per. Month of 46. 76. Boat. Fuel cost per month and then, you've got vehicle, cost per month. So. Where's your, total. Monthly, expenses. Is that on this list. Right. Right. Okay like ice okay, I'm with you so like so. Like tires, you're at point-o - so, your two cents a mile. Right. Okay. And. So. Your. Spreadsheet, set up a little different, mountain than mine so. I. Guess. What I'm clear. Yeah. I see that I mean and that's that's pretty cool. I'm, gonna do this you know what's interesting is since we're looking at different ways of calculating. George. Who I mentioned, before, he's. Also talking, about. Considering. Not only cents, per mile, but. Including. Deadhead. Miles. So. Do you. Exactly. That's well that's what George said actually and that's what led George, to, telling, me that I had, to talk about this in a show because. Not. Only do, you have to include deadhead, miles but, ultimately, you. Have to include. Life. Expenses, I mean you. Know you'll you'll see right it's not just the expense of your truck and you, break even and, then you go home. You've. Got to, cover the cost I mean you've got to cover the cost really, of everything, you, know think, about your house payment, and what other stuff, so, where we go from, monthly. Expenses, of a truck. Down. To, spent. Truck expense, per mile, then. If, like with JD, if, I, add. If. I had another like, he's got life expenses, of. Let's. Say, five. Grand a month. Now. I've got. That's. My point. That's. Right, whether you want to call it salary, or whether, you want to call it life let's call it salary let's.

Say Salary, wise let's. Say as a salary, a reasonable. Salary would. Be what, I, don't. Know, 40,000. 50,000. A year. Okay. So. What. If I did how about this. Let's. See I've seen the number 35,000. Sometimes, that's a good conservative. Number so, I'm gonna do this salary. 3000. I'm just gonna say that. Okay. I'm, gonna say salary, 3,000. A month, so. If you take. Total. Like. Let's say total, you. Know total. Cost, per mile, like absolute. You know this cover is the truck, this covers, my life, let's. See where we're at here we're gonna do this we're gonna do our R we're. Gonna do our trucking. Our. Truckin cost ah dang, it hey. When you get that okay. I, told. You this to be an accounting, class we're, gonna do trucking. Cost. Let's. See here, twenty, three thousand, okay so this is also a dollar amount. See. Here, I'm. Gonna do a dollar amount here, okay. I'm, here too all right so here we go we're gonna do our monthly, trucking, plus. Our. Salary. Divided. By our. Miles. Per, month. Now. Dang, that didn't work I think, I need to add it and then do it so. There. We go. Still. Better than the chalkboard, okay so we're gonna yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sure, hey. Man this is a lot this is live we're live man. Okay. So we're, doing total expenses, so we're gonna do you guys in the chat still with me here ratio, of total models, loaded, models exactly. Exactly. It's, crazy so. Let's do all right so we're gonna do this. Number, and thanks for joining me Stan, we're. Gonna do. Okay. This equals, this. Cell, Plus, this. Cell, equals. Okay. Then now this is gonna equal this. Cell, divided. By this. Cell equals. Okay. 3:37, per mile that. Includes. The. Cost of the trucking business and. My. Salary. Divided. By the, number of miles i moved. So. When. We when. We then. Begin. To consider deadhead. Miles, because. There's always deadhead. Miles you're not loaded, every mile that you drive right, this, is. This. Is why I don't do accounting, for for, a business, it's, it's, tedious let's, see here I'm gonna see what some of your some. Of your comments, are ten-four, okay, I don't. Have the equipment let's see you have even, up active, insurance, to your team number and the free trial this is break-even, cost this is break-even cause. Absolutely. Let's. See or our tax ID get, a CDE almost, want I almost, want to vend most someone 50 bucks just to have access to their central account only, to look at it Louie. I'm telling, you if if. Central, Dispatch does, watch this show which is now a possibility. Please. Central, Dispatch, give. Drivers, a, sandbox. To play in. You, know where they can just play maybe. They can just see loads maybe, they can actually call, loads and maybe, there's I don't know some kind of control, over it I don't know they can only do a hundred searches, or whatever, it is but please give, new folks, an.

Opportunity. To learn central, dispatch, without, having to call me and then, me try and help and, do searches I don't mind doing it but, like don't. You guys let's, let's do that calculation again. Since. We're doing let's do central, dispatch. Millions. Per, subscriber if, you've, got ten thousand, carriers, all. Paying, a hundred and fifteen a month, that's, a million, a month and at, a million, a month times. 12 months, that's, thirteen, million, a year, in carrier. Central. Dispatch, monthly. Subscription. Annual. Revenue, is. That enough, to. Pay for a kiddie, sandbox, for, us to play in please. Okay. Okay. Thanks, Louie. Yep. You can send him an email I'll do some searches, yeah man well we're, all willing to help you out. Absolutely. I, suggest. That in a recent survey good, call guys, hotel. Fees Oh, hotel, fees good call that is a good call I, would. Imagine they'd, sell a lot of subscription, if it was like $12.99. A month oh please. Jacob. $12.99. A month. That's. The 80s I'm kidding Jacob that was the 80s. We. Missed, that, all right so weird what's. That. I'm back, oh cool, man. So actually, somebody just said oh. We. Are a moving company. Absolutely. That. Is good. You. Know isn't. It funny that I the. Just a sidebar the difference between when. You're working for somebody you, have all these different fears, and then when you're employing somebody, you, have a whole new set of fears. It. Is it, is so I mean I'm really glad to hear that's working out that's awesome man. All. Right, yeah, so, here we go Jacob, says that they can make the kitty Sam the, central dispatch, okay. The central dispatch, kitty sandbox. For, $12.99. I. Like. I like how you I. Like. How you've compared, our our meager. Wages, to. The 13, million, annual. Revenue. They're, no gray area, in there. You. Could Park a nine car in that gray area by, the way. Hilarious. Yeah. Hey. What about lodging. That was a good. Louie. Louie. Yeah do you have any lodging, Jayla. How. About parking, huh, right. What. Parking. Yeah. Well parking. Is now a factor. Like. I mean you could spend a couple hundred a month in parking, couldn't. You yeah. So. I'm gonna put 200, and parking, and I'm, gonna put. How. About lodging. I'm gonna put gosh, I don't. Know man. Should. Lodging and parking be the same line item. I'll. Just do lodging, and parking because that is the same thing yeah. Exactly it's the same thing. Okay. So. So. What I did with JD was, let's. Go ahead and zoom in here. And. I like calling it salary, instead of life expenses, that's a better way to do it business-wise. So JD's. JD's. Monthly, expenses, twenty four thousand, he.

Has A three thousand, dollar salary so. His total expenses. Twenty seven thousand a month which, puts his break-even. Cost, per mile at three dollars 39, cents a mile and that's at eight thousand miles. Right. Well. And then if we talk about deadhead. Miles if, we, add in deadhead miles that number is going to go up a little bit more. Okay. So you are calculating, total. Totals. Okay, good that's good. Okay. But I think what and I if, George was with us tonight he's. I'm pretty sure, he's. Unable to join the show when I do the live show but, I think what he is talking about when he talks about deadhead, miles is now, if, you're a dispatcher, and you. Know you've heard you've, heard all this yeah, yeah yeah, you. Know cost per mile whatever. And let me tell you something I want to say this I, used. To say that all right, when I was a green dispatcher, and I, was on Central, Dispatch and, just, looking for loads and freaking out you know I was, looking at what's, a great paying load what's. A great cents per mile I don't, really care about tolls, and whatnot. Okay. I mean, that's real and, that's. One of the reasons I do the show because I've realized, how. Much more there is to it like. I. Can't. Get fat you I don't know what you make, or pay per mile, I'm. Not going. Well. I'll ten I'll tell you what. Once. The, more I know about, cost, per mile. The more discouraging. It is to be a dispatcher. Looking. At loads on, these load boards, I mean. It, blows, and. Trying. To, relate, this, information. To the brokers, oh man. In one, ear and out the other mean literally I mean. Really. Biggest say that again. And. You, know what's interesting when, you say that, did, you see the spike a few weeks ago on Central Dispatch. Cents. Per mile. And. You're, talking about what area the Midwest. Well. Right. I mean and there's still a lot of low ballers, but I think. But. Like like this I just, pulled a Bakersfield. To Tyler, Texas a, sedan. 71. Cents a mile. That's. Good man. I. Told. I've, got I've got a load on my screen, right now I told, Kevin. Today. You'll. Make note of the brokers, that, do. Not follow. The, trends. You'll. Remember them. You'll. Remember you'll remember the brokers, there are gonna be some brokers, that do not care, about. All, the factors, of reality. And they will post whatever they, want. You. Know I gave that up a long time ago. And. There are other brokers. That, you. Don't have to educate every. Time you call. It. Is great. Oh. And. Then you get a bunch of phone calls. Right now to Pennsylvania. Don't. Call me don't man I got cards on the Florida, oh, oh. I. Have noticed, I get, phone calls, one. Of my drivers, that I work with pulses. Truck I think it's great but. I get the craziest, phone calls like more. Dark, the trucks not post although what what it is is the trope they'll, call the. Truck is located in, the pickup state but. The states they're calling for delivery, have nothing, to do with what we're doing, that's. What you're talking about right. It. Is it, is, it's weird. You. Know it is funny I got I God did get a call today and. It. Sounded like they were telling a secret like hey, we. Have a we, have a car in Iowa. You, know like okay what's, the secret, that's. You. Know what I wanted to do was I pulled up okay let's, say we're looking for. Jd9. Cars LA, to Houston. Here. It is nine cars 40 cents a mile, and. If. His breakeven. Is. Third. Through like three you know 3:40, a mile, he. Could actually do, this load and and, make, the money he needs that's, pretty cool on, a load. Board no less. Well. No he's not gonna he's gonna he's, gonna make sixty cents a mile. He. He's. Gonna make sixty cents a mile at the rate, posted. I think. It's a, I. Don't, want to say the brokers name but I think that's a dealership, I think the larger, brokers, are going. To hurt him on his rate. I told you straight up, if. I poke you six. Chords, and you run through the time or, nine chords, you're gonna make less and I, poke, you three, blows but.

I. Have. Got to say, what. I'm looking at right now I did seven. To ten vehicles. California. To. The south and I'm seeing way, more good. Paying full, loads than, I've ever seen. I. Love. That you said that yes. That is an absolute, dispatch, technique, and where. I will, yeah. It's it's like it's like sitting, on the dock and I'm. Waiting. To lower the good bait into the water because I know there's. A good fish coming, I. Know. They're. Like well what am I gonna do I'm not booked yet I mean oh I'm just gonna park the truck it's, a hold, on hold on. But. You. Can't do that in all areas. But. Just as I say that you, never know what's gonna pop up it's, amazing. I. Left. Minnesota with one car I picked. Up morning, with caution and. Warning. A, whit charge in an Ohio take, Justin watches Minnesota. Walk. The little bored and don't be scared, on. That. On. That note let's. Bring in bra, let's bring in Brian okay, all. Right hang on one second. Okay. So we're gonna bring in Brian. And. Do. Some hotshot, training, this. Is a perfect, time I think that's what we're doing I, think. That's what we're doing. Dang. It Jay. Where's. Our map at there, we go. He's. Still with us we still doing this. Man. Detroit. To Long Island was paying really good. Nobody. Looks at Detroit, to Long Island. It. Better pay good about, three weeks ago how, high how high was it talking. Few bucks a mile. Detroit. To anywhere, but out west, oh man yeah, I love like, Detroit. -. Man. It's loud ringer. D. Trait -. Like. I'll, do it like Oklahoma, Texas. Basically, the south I love, Detroit to the South, have. Been forwarded, to an automatic well that went well, hey. He. Didn't answer. He's. So, he's 0, for 2 today. He's. 0 for 2. That's. Twice, I've called him and I can't reach him I try one more time hey what's a. What. You doing honey Oh watching, a guy dial phone. Thank. You guys for sticking around what, hey, what's, going on. Hey. How are you hey we're, here is everybody here. Alright. Okay. So it's time for us it's, time for s'mores everybody, get your graham crackers. Oh. Yeah. So. Okay. That. Was weird, so anyways, um. Okay. So welcome, to the show Brian, we got we got Brian you're, in Bakersfield, right. All. Right, and. Obviously. We still have hotshot Dave on the phone. And. So. What is it what, what are we gonna talk about gentlemen. Well. How about this how. About this let me start, I'll. Just say hey Brian have you been watching the show that's. What we know. Are. You driving, are. You driving or driving. Right now let's go. All. Right so what, answer um, yeah, no sure. Sure um, listen. Man we're. Talking about cost per mile. Okay. Cost, per mile and what, size trailer, do you have. Okay. So you're basically hauling boy, that's why your hotshot you're doing a mix of vehicles, and free right. Yeah. All right. So. Oh you. Know that's, cool that's cool.

And. That's how it is you know with this market. This industry, everything's, up and down and fluctuating. You gotta get in, yeah. For,

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Jay, did you come up with an average cost per mile on expenses between all the drivers you you calculated?

Good question, but I did not do an average calculation. Based on your numbers and my guests' numbers, what do you think would be a good average for: a) the business, b) the owner operator after including salary?

Hello sir, how can I contact you? I want to start car transportation business and want to work through you as my dispatcher.

Hello and thank you for your interest. I really appreciate that! But while I am personally unable to take on any more dispatch clients, I can give you a solid dispatcher referral. Please send me an email to: autotransportintel@gmail.com with your company and contact info. Thank you.

Y'alls dollar per mile is off.

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