Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Finding Your Unique Path in Life and Business with Bri Seeley

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Finding Your Unique Path in Life and Business with Bri Seeley

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Shall, we do this let's. Do it let's, make it happen, right okay, so what's. Up everyone welcome, to another episode, of, hustle it's alive motivation, my. Main, goal here is to bring on world-class. Guests and actually. Expose, you to their mindsets, and to, their expertise, and secrets on how they manage to create amazing. Results and achieve holistic, success in their lives so, we, together, can follow in their footsteps and. Achieve. The same results, today I have somebody very special with, me this. Lady is a best-selling, author she's a speaker, and she's also a coach, she, has, some. Really wonderful, ideas. To share with us today just. To give you a bit of an intro she is. Someone. Who is, you. Can think of it as like a catalyst, she literally goes and changes, lives but, she actually has been featured on places. Like NBC's. The Today Show Forbes. Thrive, Global, Inc medium. PBS, and free. Enterprise so. Please welcome. Bri CD, Bri. Welcome, to the show hi. Thanks, for having me no worries it's lovely to have you here, first. Of all I have. To say this again I love the background the the, painting you have in the background is gorgeous. But. Can, you start, off by telling us a little bit about yourself, about your journey how did you get started and how, you managed to get this. Far yeah. I, grew. Up in a very very very small town in southern Minnesota, I'm a Midwest, girl at heart and. Was. Raised by a single mom and also, my grandmother you, know my grandfather. Was there as well but, you know he was working he was off mostly, raised by my mom and my grandmother and both. Of them kind, of told me that I could. Essentially. Do whatever I wanted, in life and they would encourage me and you know my mom has, I've always had crazy ideas, and my mom has never questioned. Me when I was 17, I decided. I wanted to leave high school a year early and go. Off to college full-time and she. Was she, signed. Off on everything and, I enrolled, in a school that I had never seen before her. And you know a year early I at, the age of 20 decided, I wanted to move to Italy and my, mom completely, signed off on you, know me going to a country where I didn't know a single person I didn't know the language and so, I uh, and. To, top it all off for the first 10 years of my life I was an only child and, so I I joke, that that was like my my. Training, ground for what I do because, I essentially. Grew. Up understanding, that. Whatever. I wanted, I could create, for myself and, so. You, know then fast forward and to finishing out my bachelor's, finishing, out my master's, degree I moved, to a small town in Washington to, do costume, design, hated. It but, I stayed in the town and so I got a day job and, then just started a business on the side and over. A course of eight years it, was a fashion business I was a fashion designer and over. The course of eight years grew, that business from, nothing into. Awards. Accolades. Covers, of magazines, you know being, I was dressing top, celebrities, like all of these things and really. Basically, created, the dreams that, I had always wanted in, real. Time you. Know so so I found. This, you. Know I don't want to say formula, cuz it's not really a formula, but I just found the, the. Way to. Take. Nothing and turn. It into something and. Then. So then you look past that and you look at my life in 2015. I had realized for a while that the fashion business was not fulfilling me I was. Frustrated, I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel, I, felt, like I was getting nowhere like, I was just beating my head against a wall day after day I would, get home just completely. Used up and spent and have. Nothing to show for it and. I. Rely. I went into meditation it, was like literally almost exactly, three years ago it, was spring equinox and, was like you know something. Has to give I don't. Know what it is but I can't keep doing this anyway, and got. A really clear message that it was time to shut down my fashion business and. So. I heard that message on a Saturday. The. Following, Tuesday I launched. My new collection and the day after that Wednesday announced that my brand was closed and. So. Within a course of four days I was just like alright if this is where the universe is guiding me I trust it and I don't know what's next but. I've done this before, I've started, off with nothing and turned it into something great and I. Did it you know over a course of eight years this time I can probably do it in shorter because you know I've gotten good at this stuff, and I. Basically within two weeks after that realized, that women had been asking, me to mentor them and essentially. Teach them just that how do you turn nothing into something and. Jumped. Off the deep end not, knowing what I was doing and said yes and started mentoring women and three, years later you know I felt a very.

Solid. Business with. Some very great accolades I have coached thousands. And thousands, of people around the world and. You. Know written a best-selling book spoken. On stages, it's. It's, been a really great ride and and. You know it's continuing, that upward trajectory and. I, love. What, I do I love the people I get to help and I love that the universe is getting served. In. A really big way as well because, there's. A lot of stuff going wrong in our world and if I can do my part just to just, a sliver, make. Things go right for. A good handful of people then I feel like I'm doing what I came here to do, that's. Awesome Brianne thank you for sharing that that, sounds like a really amazing, journey you've been on and. There's. There's, so, many different things I want to explore but first of all the, this. Channel hustle is for life motivation, that I started, it's all about trying, to achieve holistic, success so I don't believe in setting a goal, in business, or just a goal in for. Example your finances. Your relationships. Whatever, it is it's about holistic, success, right it's about trying to be successful, in all arenas, of life and. You you always talk about the fact that you, were. Able to manifest, your dreams you kind, of you. Know discovered, the. Kind, of like the method, to actually go from nothing. To something. So. That sounds really powerful it's completely. Aligned, with what. This channel is all about and what I absolutely believe, in and I try to share with, everybody, over, you, know on the. Channel so can, you maybe tell. Us a little bit more about, what. Is it that you discovered, and how did you discover it. So. Basically, what I've discovered, is, that each. And every one of us has a different path right like the things that you're doing to make your business successful are, a little different than the things I'm doing to make my business successful, right not only do we have different messaging, but you, interview, people on your podcast and for me that didn't work for me I tried, interviewing, people and it didn't work and so you, know all of these there's all these little my new things, that, that kind. Of click together I've always been obsessed with puzzles right so you have all these different pieces and, they, have to be in the right configuration in. Order to make this picture well. What happens, and what we're kind of conditioned, towards, is that we, go buy puzzles. From someone else and we say well it worked for that person so. It has to work for me and the. The key to my success the, way that I built what I felt is that I don't buy other people's puzzles, I. Make. My puzzle, you. Know because I don't want to live I don't want to create someone else's picture I don't, want to make someone else's, success, right, I always say that if you want to get to your peak, you. Have to create your own path, yes. You can use inspiration. From people yes, people can take from this interview, inspiration. From what you've done what I've done all these things but, if someone were to try and literally. Follow in my exact footsteps, to make what, I've done in my life happened, for them it, probably won't work so for. Example two years ago I started a Facebook group and within. A day, of starting, this Facebook group I had I think 1200. People in this, Facebook group. Like just and I had expected 30, people to be in this group 30 and. I. Had 1,200, people join this group so. And so, I I talked, to a few clients and I was like well maybe you should think about starting a Facebook group and none of them were, able to replicate what. I did because, that wasn't their path that wasn't their journey and so.

The Thing that I have found is that it's really important, you have to do the inner work you're. Trying to go out and just. Duplicate. Or follow. Or copy what someone else has done you're never gonna figure, out what, that path is for you your journey is unique and so. What. I teach I don't teach the, path I. Teach. People how, to find, the, path within, and. So. That, is really, the only thing that's contributed. To my success you, know I've tried, and tried and tried to do all the, things that, all the experts, say are like proven, you. Know they. Have to work kind, of methodologies. And strategies and, systems and they've never really worked for me you know everyone says well you have to have an email list in order to make six figures I, don't have an email list I don't. Like all these things the, experts, are saying are like the the necessary. Things to be successful in business, what. Worked for them. But. My path is my path and no. One can tell me what that looks like except. Me and that's, really what I ignite. Within other people as well is you. Have to figure out your path and I can teach you the skills. To. Find it within yourself but it is not my job to give you your path it's, your job to find it. That's. Powerful and, what. I hear you say there is the fact that all. The, success. Really. Comes from the inside it's an inside, job you. Can go out and you, can try and leverage. What other people, have managed. To create or what. They're sharing with the world and saying this. Is what works and this is what's worked for me this is how I managed to get here but, each. And every, one of us. We're, different we have walked different paths we come from different backgrounds so. We need to look inside but. The. Question really Bree I. I'm. Gonna ask you is that for most people it's quite difficult, to, kind. Of look inside because they, they, don't, have any reference, points they're like well all I know is what, I have right now but, what I want is it, looks completely different, to my, reality, right now and, it's. It's, so, far. Apart, that I don't even know where to start. What. What advice can you give people there in terms of what's what's the first step they need to take what's the starting point so. I the, first starting, point for everyone that I work with is that you have to begin a daily practice and if, you do look if you look at all the top, 1% of, people that are like being successful, in business especially. They. Have a practice, they have a relationship, with themselves, because. In order to find, those answers within right like when I was meditating and I got that really clear it's time to shut down your business that. Wasn't the first time I meditated. That. Was like seven. Years of me meditating. Right. So. It's. Really, important. To start that journey now to, start building that relationship it's. I I, say it's like building a relationship with another person if, you're wanting to you know have, a girlfriend or have a boyfriend or whatever what.

Would You do to get to know that person. You'd. Spend time with them yeah you would communicate with them you'd see how they you, know what they need you you need to do that for yourself because. Consistently. Looking outside of yourself will only ever give you temporary, fixes. The. True true true answers. I believe that we all come onto this planet already knowing all the answers they're, there within you but. You have to do the work and put in the time and energy to. Build the relationship, with yourself in order for them to come to the surface so. I recommend, that everyone have a daily practice whether, it's a five-minute meditation, every day whether, it's an hour of, reading. Journaling, and gratitude, and physical, movement you, know like whatever that looks like for you again. People. Can give you a recipe for a daily meta for a daily practice but, it may not work for you you, still have to do the work to figure out what. Do you need every, day for, me my daily practice looks, different every single day yesterday. I took two and a half hours to, read and journal, and like, just, meditate. And you know do all the things this morning I started working at 6 a.m., so. Every. Single day looks different and you really have to give yourself what you need in the moment and in order to figure out what you need you have to begin that, inner practice. You have to it is literally, the only thing that. Will get you to where you want to be in life. Yeah. And, and load. Loads of things are coming to me as, you say that because. I've, tried lots of things I've tried journaling, in the morning I've tried you know working out in the morning first thing I've tried to do. Meditation, I've tried, to you. Know read first thing in the morning and things like that just to try and come up with morning, routine and there's actually a book called the, miracle morning written by oh yeah. Yeah a really great book and. You, know I came, across that and say hey I need to come up with a you, know morning routine and I, tried so many different variations, off it and literally, the only thing that kind of stuck with me that, you, know that that seemed like what I needed was. The meditation, and, pretty. Much everything else I couldn't, sustain it or like, I did, not have enough caffeine in my system to go ahead and actually you, know do that so I had, to top it off and. This is the other thing that I say to your routine. Might not be a morning routine or, maybe, you. Meditate. In the morning you, have a gratitude, practice, over lunch and you. Journal. You know what you're most proud of from your day before you go to bed right, like that could, be a daily practice as, well again. It's, it's so, individual.

That. You have to figure out what works for you and if you know that you know journaling, at 6:00 a.m. doesn't, work for you then, don't do it but. Journaling. Is a great practice right like maybe you just need to journal while, you're microwaving. Your lunch maybe, you you, know like and then there's a lot of people that are like oh I don't have time to write five pages in my journal I'm like then don't write five pages. Personally. I write, like four to six sentences a day that's it that's my journaling, practice and it's so, powerful, so, it's. Like you you do literally, just have to go within and figure, out what works for you because, if you're trying to emulate, someone else's success it's like putting on clothes that don't fit why. Would you wear clothes that don't fit you, wouldn't you, wouldn't wear a pair of shoes that are three sizes too small why would you force yourself into that every day stop. Trying to fit someone else's mold you have to make your own mold you have to, yeah. Yeah and I think toad's is a great example of it that you, know you the. Way, you dress yourself is very, unique to you it's. The same way that I guess our diet as well like, the dive you need is very unique to you for, example you know one person might need a high carb, diet while another, person might need a, low. Carb diet and and that variation, only comes from you, know the fact that each, person is different their needs are different so, yeah, that that, that's a really good analogy to, explain that, and you, know talking about clothes I you know to be honest we I don't think I can pull off a red cocktail dress anytime soon. But. It works for me so you should try it hey it might work for you I know right, I mean you can pull it off but I'm, not sure I can pull it off but you know it's worth to try right I. Mean. But like look at how silly this is right like like this conversation, but this is what we try to do in business we. Think like oh well so-and-so got to that point by doing this so it's gonna have to work for me no just, like you said a red cocktail dress works for me that would never work for you like, why are we other. Peoples, you. Know like and I. Always say too I'm like anyone, that comes to you and says I know exactly, what you need for. Your business to make it work they're, lying to you they, know what they needed to make their business work and it might work for you but trying. To force yourself, into someone else's shoes just. Doesn't. Work and I we have got to stop doing, it I'm clearly, passionate about this I can feel myself getting up on my soapbox no, fun. No. That's fine I love it absolutely love it I'm glad because you know it's, a very important, thing and you know you're touching upon some really important stuff here and I think the the, people who are, in the audience they can really benefit from it they can they can see it from a completely, different angle. And, in, a different light and I think that sometimes really important, because you're, so bombarded, with a, certain. Type of information or, a certain message all the time that you, you, just don't get to see and an alternative. To what what, is being you. Know talked about all the time so I love it, but. Bri I want I want to dig a little bit deeper how. Important, is that for somebody to have a growth, mindset in, order to actually look. On the inside and you. Know make, the necessary adjustments. The changes, and actually act on the message that they. Find inside, so. I. Firmly. Live. By the fact, that your, thoughts, and, your beliefs, like. Again, what's inside, is what determines what, happens outside, you so, Oh for example if, you believe, that, you're. Alone and that you have to do it alone and that you can't like. No one else can help you and that you can't receive support, then.

You're Not going to be able to build a team outside of you right. Like if you believe, that it's impossible for you to be wealthy, then. Your business is never going to succeed in, bringing, in money if you, believe, what, are some other common ones. I'm. Not good enough yeah. If you believe you're not good enough then you're gonna continue to attract, things outside of, you to. Come to reinforce, I always, say we're, like self-fulfilling. Prophecies, right. So whatever we think and we believe is what. We create, and so. If you if. You don't believe in. Your. Own abilities, if you don't believe in your own power. To create the growth that what in the world then. You won't and. But. Again all of the change that, you are seeking, in the external, world has, to start from within you. Have to get a hold of your thoughts and your beliefs you. Have to change them to be in alignment with what you want in the world for. Example I was raised I love, my mom she owned a candy store when I was growing up and it. You know it was a small candy, store and in a little you know teeny tiny little town our average sale was like a dollar 50 or something right and. She. Told, me when I was growing up but as an entrepreneur you'll. Never take home a paycheck a day in your life, so. Here I was like, six, or seven years into my entrepreneurial, journey being, like why am, I not making enough money to play myself I'm, literally. Just making enough to sustain the business but I'm not making enough to pay myself and I had this moment where I was like oh my god I don't. Believe that I can earn a paycheck from, my from, my business and. If, I don't believe I can earn a paycheck from my business then, of course, I'm never gonna get paid for my business, Yeah. Right and. So I had to do that inner work to be like okay well if I don't believe that or if I don't want to believe that anymore what. Do I want to believe and I had to do the hard work and. This. Is why my entire world has changed in the last three years because I am constantly in a state of inner Inquisition. And, really. Willing to do whatever I need to change, what's. Inside, of me to, be aligned, with the growth that I'm seeking outside of me. Yeah. Yeah. I love that so what, you're saying there what I hear you say there Bri, is the fact that it's not about what, you achieve, it's more, about alignment. Because that determines. What you achieve. Yeah. The the I mean a really big one like you said it's this enoughness thing, right so we think that you. Know I have clients that are like well when I make six figures then I'll be happy or when. I get a million Instagram, followers then. It'll be enough you, know when I have. Blah blah blah then, it'll be enough, but. The thing is if, you're constantly looking, outside of you to tell you that you're enough nothing. Will ever be enough the. Year that I earned 25. Grand and the. Year that I earned 150. Grams I six, times to my business in a year yeah. It wasn't, enough Wow. It, wasn't, enough. No. Nothing. Changed, about my thoughts or, the stories I was telling myself, about. My success about my business about anything nothing changed. When I made more money, until. I did the work to change. Myself. That's. Amazing and. You. You, said, there that it starts, by. Identifying. What, are your beliefs. What are your essentially. What's your identity, I guess because you you hold your beliefs you know you hold on till you believe so strongly that it becomes, part, of your identity so. I, can. Literally hear some of the people in the audience you, know think, this so I'm gonna just ask because I'm sure they're thinking this is.

How. Do you actually start identifying those beliefs because if somebody, has never gone down this path before this is the first time they've come across any of this sort, of content. Then. For, them it's very alien. To kind, of look inside and be like well, I have beliefs well, I didn't. Even know that I had them and that's their determining, the way I think and that's the determining, you know what I'm able to achieve like. What. What, can they do to actually start identify, some of those beliefs what can they do to maybe. Start, to shift, some of those beliefs to to, more positive beliefs, or, something. I guess which which actually gets, them to move that, needle, yeah. So, the first step is to really start paying, attention so. The, biggest the best way to start, hearing, or learning. What your beliefs are are, is to pay attention to the thoughts that you're having, because. Say that you're, say, you're out at this store and you're. Looking at all these things and you just constantly, like the story playing over and over again in your head like you have this maybe dread, and you're, like oh I can't afford this I can't afford this I can't afford this I can't afford this, that's. Probably, indicative that you have a belief, that you can't afford things right. That you're not making enough money or that you know there's not enough money coming in that there's a lack of money of somewhere in your, life and so. When you start paying attention to, your thoughts and, this basically. You know I call them stories, there's stories, that you're telling yourself when, you start paying attention to the stories, that you're telling yourself, you, will start getting hints, about what, your beliefs are so, I always, encourage people have. A notebook with you carry. A notebook with you at all times or if you use I don't like but you can use your Notes app on your phone as well I just that's not my preference. But, like carry something, with you so that when you start noticing your. Thoughts you, can drop them down because. Of course we're like oh I'll remember that you. Won't remember it later write, it down like really put it in black and white and look at it and start. To ask yourself, do. I want, to. Believe that, do. I want, to be run by the program, that says I can't. Afford that, that I don't have enough money in my life do. I want, is that the reality I want to be living and if. It's not then. You get to start doing the work and mind, you this work it's not a one-and-done thing, this. Is not an overnight like. Oh I I didn't, believe that I could afford it and then I did right, like this is like, I said, the work I've been doing that you you, know the transformation I've had has happened over the course of three years and even, before that I started, meditating in, 2009. I think so. This, has been like a journey, for, me so it's. Not like flipping a switch it's, something. That you there it's habit building and you. Have to really get. Rid of the old habits, or the old thoughts in, order. To create new habits and new thoughts. Yeah. And for people in the audience right now I. Genuinely. Share, these converses, with you because I want you to I, want. You to learn the same stuff that I'm learning I want you to follow, in the same footsteps that, I'm I'm falling, and I want you to have the same sort, of, transformation. That, I want, to have so, whatever. Briefs, briefs share with us right now I think it's absolute gold but, my question, to you guys is what. Are you gonna do about it it's, very good to consume all this content but what, are you actually going to get hold off a diary are you going to get hold of a journal and you're going to start noting, down your thoughts your, beliefs and the, recurring, patterns. That you have in terms of what, is it that's holding you back if, you don't even know about them then how are you going to change them I'm going to shift them so it's very important that you start by identifying them, and then obviously follow brees advice in terms of once.

You Know what is it that you want to change then think about well what do I want to replace it with it's, just as simple as that so, it starts by asking questions, okay, you need to start asking yourself questions so you can start to direct your thoughts your, beliefs your, emotions, your identity, towards, more, growth, and you, need to be willing to drop all the baggage behind if, you, want to swim and break through the surface otherwise, you'll just keep sinking, down okay. So, I'm, sharing this with you because I, care about you I care about your growth and I, do genuinely. Want, you to. Achieve. Whatever, it is that you want to achieve in life to really see what's truly possible, for you and I and I really think. That what brief shared here, with us was was really powerful so. Bri thank you so much for sharing that with us that that's, amazing, I know. That you're actually working on launching, a program, as. Well I think you do you're launching it today actually so can you tell us a little bit more about your, program and what's that about because whatever you've shared with us so far I think is really powerful and I, think if if this, you're launching this program then this will be really you. Know opportunity, for people to go and take it to the next level yeah. So I mean the program is basically a lot of what we've been talking about it's called activate. The path within and it's, really about doing the inner exploratory. Work to. Change. That inner landscape, so, that you, can then change your outer landscape. Right so, in the first month is all, about awareness just, like we were talking about you have to know exactly where, you are you, need to know what your thoughts are what your beliefs are like you have to have a measure of exactly, where you're at right now in, order, to transform. It so, you get that awareness, then we jump from the now all the way into the future and we look at who is your future self we.

Are We get to meet that person we get to see what do they believe how. Do they operate in their life what, is their mindset like how, do they show up in their life every single day you, know like that kind of stuff and then we move into ok, well now how do we actually, so. Now we know where we are we know where we want to be how, do we start uncovering. That path within, how. Do you start activating. That so that you can take it out into the world then. In month 4 we look deep into the, roadblocks. And the barriers, of all, of, the things that really really hold us back then. In month 5 we take it out into the world so there's four months of inner work before. We even start, moving. It out into the physical world and then, month six is all about maintenance because, this isn't a one and done methodology like, I said this, is a daily. Habit, building. Practice. And if you're if you're if you're taking, this six-month course and really truly invested, in this it needs to become a way of life I just got on a big rant yesterday, someone posted about hole 30 and like oh I'm documenting my whole xxx journey in my health and I'm gonna, eat healthy, for 30 days and blah blah blah blah blah and I commented, and I said I think I'm gonna start calling my diet when, people ask me like oh what's your diet I'm gonna start calling it the whole 365. Because. For me it's not about being. Healthy for a month like. This is a way of life for. Me I don't, eat any of, that stuff ever. Because. I don't want to detox for a month and then go back to eating all the crap that I was eating before and feeling terrible. This. Is a lifestyle. Change so these six months, what I'm working with people is, not about you. Know creating momentum, for, a short period of time and then going back to how you were before it's, about okay how, can you use what you've learned over the last five months and make, that your way of life from here on forward so that you're not just growing, with me but. That you're able to take that and truly, create, the life and the success, and all of the things that you desire in the world. Yeah. Yeah, very powerful, but, I I have to be honest here I'm. Going to confess that I. I did. Have I did have a chocolate egg before I came on. Actually. Oh dark, chocolate, is one of the best things, for you I actually just, heard, someone speak this weekend and he named, ten foods that you should be eating right now and dark chocolate was one of them I. Consumed a lot of dark chocolate, oh goodness okay well I had to be honest with you I don't like dark chocolate because it tastes a bit bitter I prefer milk chocolate right not, that you've you've said that I'll try and I'll try and you know force, myself to have more dark chocolate it's, an acquired taste but, the recent dark chocolate, is better is because it doesn't have all the sugar in it right, so yeah, the dark chocolate I eat has like a gram, or two grams of sugar in it and it's, just but. It's it's, an acquired taste so you can take baby steps you can go from like 30 percent chocolate to like 50, percent chocolate to, like like you can you can up it until you get to I think I meant like 86, or 90%. Yeah. Yeah, that's impressive but, yeah I'll definitely try more dark chocolate. But. Breathe I mean you, are. Absolutely right it is a journey right it's not a marathon it's a journey you have, to walk on it consistently, and for those people who are sitting there thinking wow, so, many months is gonna be like six months like how am I gonna do it is too long etcetera, I'll think about it look those six months are gonna pass anyway, time. Is going to pass anyway, the only, difference. Will. Be do, you take action, and are, you going to make any changes within those six months to ensure that the rest of your life is, different. Basketball. I get a lot of people that are like well I'll check back with you in a few months and maybe I'll work with you then and I always say what. Is going to change in. Your, life between. Now and that. Three-month, mark that's gonna make that, the perfect time like, what are you gonna be doing over the next three, months that is gonna so, drastically. Change your situation. That. You'll be quote unquote able. To work with me then yeah. Because the reality is you're gonna walk away from this call and you're not you're gonna go back to how things were and then, in three months, you're, probably and, I say this not out of a place of judgment from a place of like this is what I see I never, hear from these people again because they walk away ashamed. But, they haven't done anything in, those three months and then they never reach back out to work with me again because.

They Haven't made the changes, that they said they were going to make it, is. So important, to get someone on your team you know I I joke, one of my clients messaged me on Monday and was like, thanks. For kicking me in the ass today, and, I was like. You. Know like we we. Get really comfortable and, we don't kick ourselves in the butt we just don't, yeah you. Need someone on your team, that is unwilling. To accept, anything, less, than greatness, from, you and the, cool thing about this program is that it's not just gonna be me it's gonna be me and 20 other people who. Are really, gonna help hold your feet to the flames and, support. You in making the changes, that you say that you want to make in your life yeah. Yeah, and, again for for the people who are in, the audience when, I bring on a guest is because I believe in them and when, we're talking about for example a program and we're talking about a product of course that they're offering or anything like that it's. Generally. Because I know that, it's going to be helpful, for you and it's. Truly. Coming from a, place, of care and. Empathy. And compassion it's. Not that I'm getting paid for any of this stuff it's absolutely, not I'm not promoting this for Bri I just, genuinely think that is a really good program for you guys to be on and and Brie's only gonna take 20 people so it's not gonna be like hundreds of people and you're gonna get you know lost in the crowd, literally, she's only taking on 20, people that she's gonna work really, really closely with and make, sure that, they, achieve, that. Transformation. Okay although the man they're able to achieve their dreams and that's, the whole focus so this, is why I asked. BRE to come on and actually share this with you guys so. Again, thank you for sharing that BRE I'm. I'm, actually, wondering right now what.

What, Are you goals for. 2018, how can people help you right now, so. Michael. I'm gonna, be running this program. Now. Starting. May 7 and. Then I think. I'm gonna be running it again later on this year so, if you or anyone you know is interested. In it I, mean there's literally. Probably going to only be 40, spots to work with me this year which is pretty, small comparatively. So, if you or anyone you know want to join by, all means. It is, my goal to, fill. Them and to really serve these people deeply. To help them bring their dreams to life another. One of my goals I'm actually in, Los Angeles right now but I'm leaving here in 16, days I'll. Be going back home to. The small town in Minnesota. For. About six months to do some deep personal, healing work, I'm going back you, know they in, the if you followed, anything about Joseph. Campbell and the hero's journey or even the alchemists like we talked about earlier they always talk about how, the, hero has to return, home and, there. Are some things about me, and, about who I've been in the world but, I'm unwilling. To accept, for myself any longer they, are not aligned with the greatness I'm seeking and I'm. Going home to, once and for all like, look. At that part, those parts of my life and, healed. Them, because, after. That I'm moving to New York and I. Will. Accept nothing but, greatness, well, me at the, city expects, nothing but greatness from the people that live there that's just the energy of it and so. So. Yeah I am gonna be going on a deep healing journey for the next few. Both, you know of course for myself and like I said supporting, other people on theirs and. Yeah. It's gonna be interesting I was talking with one of my heal arias and she was like she's. Like good for you for going back to Minnesota and I said why and she's like it's gonna be a lot harder than you think it's gonna be she's. Like going, back to Minnesota is actually gonna be more difficult for you than moving to New York and you. Could not go like you could not do this healing work you, could just go straight to New York and she's like and you are choosing the, path. Of, healing and that's remarkable. Wow. Well. I wish you all the best with with your path of healing and, we hope that everything, goes well and we. To. Be honest with you I love to have you back on and we can go for round two sometime. After. I get through the journey of healing and then I can tell you the depths of everything, I've been through well. That's that, sounds pretty cool actually if I you know we could I'm sure we can bought some tada yeah. Totally, awesome, awesome. So finally, where can people go to find out more about you, and find. Out more about the program so, I'm. On all, of the places that's BRE silly that's Bri s isn't Sam EE L EUI at, my website my, Instagram, my Twitter my LinkedIn my Facebook, everything, is under my name and I am the only breezy, Lea that I know of in the world. Awesome. Awesome, that's great and the work I'll do is I'll put all those links, below in the description, so for, the audience if you want to reach out you can just click one of those. Links. Or handles and you can you can reach out to breed directly, again, when I bring on a guess it's not because I'm trying to hold them back is like although they're that I guess, they're part of my network I'm sharing that with you I'm giving you that, access, so you can reach out but the key is for you to take action go ahead take action and reach out okay without action, like we talked about now you're, just gonna stay in the same loop you're gonna have the same reality. And and nothing's gonna change right so if you want to create that change you. Are either. Inspired, by it or you're. Desperate for it either way just reach out to restart, the conversation, and who knows where it goes right and. You, know the, really question, is for you guys to kind of dig deep and think about what's, your life worth. Seriously. What is your life worth, what are you dreams worth, and. I. Think once you've explored, that once you've answered those, questions. You. Will realize, that taking, action is the only option. Here. So. With, that I just want to say thanks, for brief for being here with us you share some awesome insights I learned a lot and I'm, going to be taking, action on everything. That we've talked about I'm going to grab. A journal, or a diary or, something there like a pocket-sized, one that I can keep with me I'll definitely be acting on that and, be more purposeful.

With My daily routine and my daily routine really kind of revolves it on meditation and I do multiple, meditation, different types and I'll be working on that so I'm sharing with with, everybody here including Bri by the way she's gonna hold me accountable and kick my butt if I'm not doing my, part, yeah. But. That's that's what I am going to be walking on um and. Try. And really dig deep and see what is it that I want to do I do know that I want to serve you guys and. I want to continue on serving you guys and share, everything, that I am, learning. And everybody that I'm connecting with with you guys to help you with your journey because, there, is a, lot, of talk about you, know how to set goals and how to be, a good entrepreneur and some business and you know be. Good in your relationships, and all the stuff but no, there's not a lot going, on about holistic success, and this is something that I believe that is possible and, then we can do it together so with, that thank, you so much for being here with us I, really appreciate it guys this, has been an, absolute. Amazing conversation, please. Make sure you like and share the video so. We, can spread this message it helps the channel grow and I really appreciate it please subscribe so you never have to miss out any of the more awesome conversations, that are still to come and finally. I just really appreciate you sharing this time with me and. I. Hope, to catch you all in the next one.

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