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These guys are, gonna be the, best dad's. One day. Big. Day for. Some I put a bowtie on Luke. Fancy. Fancy. We. Are about, to watch. Tennessee. And. Then. You said it free candy. It's so loud in here I don't know if you can hear it. I just, got like glimpses. Of his wedding. Day. Except. He probably won't be moving this. Let's, go find QB you. Ready go find it. I. Thought. Luca was going to get shy and kind. Of like freeze, all, the news he, was so confidence. Is also Elsa. Superior. Yeah more. Wow this is amazing. Puggy. You were so fluent. Buggie, buggie it, was so great baby I'm so, proud of you. Hi, sweetheart. Hey. I'm all the of all the people in the house that's, the one. We, were most deserving. It's. The biggest baby of the house. Okay. Hi. Say. Hi. Okay. Hey. Y'all by the time you're watching this it is probably Christmas Oh Merry Christmas. Today. Is Christmas, Eve Eve. You. Got, some static, going on I do yeah. What. Is this. Today. Is Christmas Eve Eve and because, christmas is coming up we want to do something festive and we're gonna go drive through, light. Exhibit. A light, exhibit, buncha, lights everywhere, in one specific spot we're gonna go check that out and, see. What it's all about my. Friend Brittany told me about it so they, went and they said it was super cool so I'm. Shocked. There's. A hole in it what. Do you call a Christian, sock a. Holy. Site. Did. You not see that coming. Can. You try hi-5 go, for it Oh. There. You go let's, go to the car. We. Just finished driving, through the light show and it was so cute. And amazing and, we loved it and the music the. Music to it was so fun, and. Now we're actually gonna go inside, this little place called winter wonderland, that they have here. It. Was so cool huh apparently. There's some fun things inside, I'm, excited. Oh okay. Nice. Did. You see me here who. Is it. You're, nervous man we're gonna be here I. Am. Gone make sure ready but always, ready. Nice. Job. He. Gave me. So, I give him herself. Give. Me hugs you, started, I know. It's. Like yeah. There's. Our Christmas. What, do you think. How's. The popcorn. Gillian, hits the whoa when he gets really excited.

This, Buddy the elf over here, look. At her there's, no more. How. Was it baby. What. Was your favorite part. The. Penguins. Yeah, though it's so much fun we're, finally heading home it's kind of late. I. Don't. Know. Merry. Christmas Eve. Y'all. Look. At our little worker bee. And. Something. We haven't told anyone is that we're actually leaving. Tomorrow, oh I, really. Don't want to be sick for our trip but we're going on a special no. Kids trip. To. Colorado to, do dude, are. You excited. It's. Gonna be great yeah. The. Kids want to open presents today we're, gonna do that today and just have our little, festivities. Oh. Look. How gooey it is Oh. Tea. Sweet I agree. Merry. Christmas Eves, it's. Not - why not back to reality. Reality. We're. Making gingerbread house. Our. Turn. Fun. Fact we used to make your tape that cold some. Mm-hmm. With the best. That's. Not true needs to make it really party yeah but if you'd come in. To. To get my, porn. When. You come in with those insane. Requests. Of you, know custom, orders that are not even supposed to be done I would make it happen. Mine, had, a little wreath. And, nothing. Else and, this, is a shame so with the help of Luca the. Like. He added a chimney chiminea. What's. The number one reason we celebrate Christmas. -. Choo choo choo choo Jesus. -. Jesus. Ok. So my, brother Theo, Mata Thea Alex, sent, the. Boy some gifts so we're gonna let them open these right now. Oh. You. Can pick stuff up outside. Like Rocky's, up. Thank. You. Okay Paulette baby. A. Little. Lizard. You. Gotta be gentle. You. Sing alone. Don't. Step on it okay. We. Are hanging, out playing, monk Allah. Which. Was, one of my absolute, most favourite games in the entire world when I was young. I'm. So. Good. Mon Cala fingers long colorful. Its. Present, time. Okay. We're ready let's. Go. Let's, open presents, con. Cuidado con, cuidado. Right. Ginny. Superfast. Do. You have a baby. You. Have. A baby like, you wanted. Yeah. What is that. Your. Your your, baby's, gonna drink it. Is, that it. Does it have a name, you. Know your nail Olien which it yeah. What's the baby's name. It's. You okay. Is. That awesome or what. Yeah. I can. Do art. This. Is a big one it's, for both of you. Do. You like, done. - done. I love. Them look how cool I look. It's. Your favorite color yes. You. Can pay me, more than. What. I. Used to have a pair of checkered, vans when. We met I met, her, with. Her, fine-looking feet, wearing those, so. I haven't had any in over 10 years now honey crazy, right, do you like them all. Right. What. You, got made, well yeah, well they're made well. You're. Worth day. These guys are, gonna be the, best dad's. One day cuz, they love taking care of babies and they're so gentle and sweet and I love that about them ha-joon, do. You want the pacifier, okay oh. My. Gosh I. Know. You're. So sweet I want, to do mr. URP we. Go like this. So. We have some tamales that are heating up right now I wasn't cool enough to make them this year but. We actually found some at HEB so we're rowing them up and then we're just gonna have to wait. I think you might need to fix your baby. Okay. That's better. That's. How you sit at the store huh, oh that's trash. Bye. Have. Fun oh. It's. Not the my list from me. I'll leave this house in. TJ, at, nochebuena. Mm-hmm. Nothing, comes close to that we. Had such a great day and now, there's. A kiss er. Nothing, so. When, the Sun comes up it's gonna be squid, Smith and, again. Yeah. Happy, it's, Christmas. You know. It. Didn't. Shut up in the car. Dings. As. Soon as the kids go to sleep Shan and I are actually gonna start packing for tomorrow because we are gonna be on our ski trip so ooh, screaming. And it's Christmas we're actually gonna be leaving tomorrow night, so if you want to see everything go homie on Instagram because everything, will be live over, there. Yeah. The Sun is going to sleep and so are you merry, Christmas. To. You. I hope, you had an amazing, Christmas. With, everyone, if you celebrate so yes thank, you guys so much for watching don't forget to love one another and, we'll see you in our next video bye. You. Will, lead me. Back, home. To you.

2019-12-27 13:27

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! My favorite gift this year was ALL OF YOU! I love you so much and I'm thankful every day. You are amazing! Shane is on vacation for the next few days, we are going on a very special ski trip with our friends. See y'all when we get back!

MEL me gusto ver a lucas cantando con ese movimiento de caderas, y a julian jugando con su bebe julian~ ㅋㅋㅋ. SE ven felices y espero que sea asi siempre. FELIZ navidad.

ADIOS MEL tengan un lindo viaje, nos vemos!!!

feliz navidad para tu familia mami mel!!

Selamat Natal

marry christmas love from indonesia


You guys take care

love you all, feel like i know you so well.. love from scotland x

See ya !

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Luca is so sweet

The ending thou

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8:19 i remember Joonie cried last year when he saw Santa

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21:07 Ahhhhhhh Julian is so cute☺️

Omgg so cuteee❤️❤️

Merry christmas from indonesia..

That is so funny, when shane hugs Santa

The game that you love which is mangkala if I spell it wrong

No more subtitles for Julian but I can understand him perfectly:)

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I just LOVE how you break the gender stereotypes by giving them a baby in a pink shopping cart! :D

Honestly speaking, Luca is becoming more and more handsome and so talented, didn't got shy at all during the performance. Julian also becoming soooo handsome and at the same time still so cute

luca so smart....cute.... big love from indonesia

Hola ! Mel Datugan

LUCA: Julian say Hi JULIAN: Hyung I'm sorry I have food This kid is such a foodie!!!! Hahahahahaha and GREAT JOB LUCA!!!!!!

What a lovely family you all are, be proud of yourselves you are raising two utterly lovely children in such a tough world. Lots of love from uk

Owww ur family is the cutest sweetest of all. Fills with love,Kind, happy, funny .. Love u all..

Happy christmas! Luka and Julian!!!

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Luca Julian merry christmas!!☃️

That was Awesome Luka looked like a little Sharp dressed James Bond. You were Awesome Luka you got some Talent little man you can sing and dance I'd say you got it going on Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless you all your such a wonderful family Love from N.C.

soooo many rewindable moments so cute!

Awww he did so good, love how you guys are so supportive ❤️

Merry Christmas and God Bless your wonderful family!!!!

Merry Christmas to Datugan family. Love you Luca n juni

Am I the only one tearing when julian say it's Christmas and tia tio will be happy etc?? Btw merry Christmas to you guys God bless you and your family. Love from Indonesia

Merry Christmas and thank you Mel for relaxing my mind all the time....love your family...GOD BLESS YOU

I was so impressed when Luca sang

Julian is really cute when he talk

Awww Luca helping Julian to highfive the santa was adorable

I laughed so hard at the end


WOWWW Julian talks so well using so many different words!!

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Julian's Christmas speech ought to be recorded for posterity! THE cutest thing ever.

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Julian is so cheeky and smart, he is getting cuter by the day!

줄리안 언제 이렇게 영어가 늘었대요ㅠㅠ 우리애기 말잘한다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 나도 이 마음을 영어로 쓰고싶지만 나는 영어를 못해요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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If I don’t find love like Mel and Shane I don’t want it

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We call mancala sungka in the Philippines. And that's really fun to play.

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Merry Christmas to Mel and Shane and their boys!!

Family vlog without prank was better.

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Everytime I see your vlog, I feel like crying cuz I want a happy family like yours. Hope I can have it soon

Sooooooo adorable

Wow Julian was talking a lot and i love it

It’s nice how you made friends so quickly after relocating.

Can you ask julian if what he wanted a baby sister or a baby brother??

What a sweeet vlog!! You two are amazing loving parents and it reflect as Luca is such a wonderful big brother and Julian is soooo sweet and cute that baby doll is a cherry on top!! Merry Xmas Datugans!!!

Admiro muito sua Família!!! Lindos!!! Muchas felicidades siempre!!!!

Wow Luca...you were great!! Merry Christmas Datugan family!

Me encanta que le hayan dado un bebe a julian, en algunos paises esta tan mal visto :c me encanta como son ustedes y adoro a su familia, que Dios los bendiga y cumplan todos sus sueños

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우리 아가..이제..나보다 영어 잘하네.. 세상에나 몇문장을 한꺼번에 하는거야..

I repeated hundred times of Julian's closing part and never failed to make me happy - i was sad and it made my day

Really your coming to Colorado can you confirm and visit me because I live en Greeley Colorado

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there is so much love in your family and it is such a blessing to see. there is no denying that you and shane are raising luca and julian with love, kindness and understanding because these boys are radiating those same qualities. watching you guys never fails to put a smile on my face. thank you for sharing your life with us

Luca is becoming more and more handsome, and i love how he take care of Julian, they both are so sweet and cute.. I am a big fans of Luca from India

13:14 WHAT A LOVELY MOMENT Que amoroso

Midnight train to Georgia ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Julian is so funny


Julian do not call Luca "Hyung" anymore

Oh! I know that games, Mel. "Lumbungan" in Javanese

the only 'woah' i am accepting from here on end is Julian's, no one hits the woah like him

Happy Christmas family

Luca is so kind with Julian

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Awww! Julian became such a big boy, now he can talk long sentences its really a sweetest moment to see him,

Delias Tamales are the only way to go if you aren’t making them yourselves! It’s located in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas but they ship them and they are AMAZING!!! (They are the only ones I’d ever eat that aren’t my abuelas

Julian es muy cuteee

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15:10 In Indonesia it's name game "congklak"

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Merry Christmas

Merry christmas and happy new year. New year also God will give happiness and everything for your family. Love you^♡♡^

한글자막이 없다ㅠㅠ 난 영어 못하는데ㅋㅋ 늘 본다 ㅋㅋ 새해복많이 받으세요~ 가족분들 모두~건강하시고 행복하세요~

Alright, you know what time is it? It's cute julian time! 9:14

Wish u all the happiness in life

Omg. Junie's part before the end. I had been smiling throughout the video, but Junie got me so good. He's so talkative, and I wanna listen to him talking more.

I keep spinning Julian's closing comment ~ It's sooo cuteee~

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We just can not get enough of you guys!!! love, love, love. More videos PLEASE!!!!

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Omg we also have that game in the philippines. We called it "SUNGKA" and we also use shells. It is also my favorite game we play when I was a kid

Lucas looks like a male model! OMG How adorable is that white outfit! Julian saying "Hi" every 5 seconds reminds me of our little Ari lol. Wishing y'all a very Merry Christmas!

Hermoso Luca Feliz navidad

Oooo....mangkala...we have similar childhood game in Malaysia too!! We call it congkak!!

Julian is way too adorable ❤️❤️❤️

He is such a handsome kind boy!

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No sé cómo decirlo en inglés pero me enorgullece mucho saber que le regalaron cositas a Julián que muchos padres dirían “eso es para niñas” me alegra saber el cómo los están educando!

the vans shoes are actually really cool !! this happened with my brother and i on christmas... i gave him a new wallet and he gave me one too lol

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*아 귀여워... 동윤!!!! 줄리안!!!! 귀여워 아아아아아아아 어떡하지 세 번 보고 있는 중인데 루카 너무 귀엽고 잘생겼고 동생을 위해 안아서 하이파이브 쉽게 해 주고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이 부부도 너무 귀여우시고 가족 모두가 이렇게 귀여우면 어떡해요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ soooooo cute!!!!!!*

Love Julian from INDONESIA



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Julian speaks so well OMG

I just realize you all have dimples how cute is that. I just love how loving your family is, I’m really happy of Julian and Luca’s growth as brothers and as a son, you two are really doing a great job. Junie’s chubby cheeks is life. ❤️

Julian ending so talkative was so cute... Love.. From singapore

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Feliz Natal ❤

Joonie: and then Santa's gonna come and bring us presents Mel & Shane: wait what

Luca is such a nice and sweet boy

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OMG luca was soo cute during the performance...looking at junny...I can't believe how adorable and lovely he is going to be thank to you and shane that raise all your children soo well, I can't wait to see your next video.emm btw here in malaysia we also have that kind of game that yoy play with shane we called it 'congkak'.

Wen thr mom and dad praising Luca for doing well Julian is like hi mommy hi mommy...

Porque hablan en español en su escuela?

21:04 on repeat!

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15.10 that game is pretty similar with my country traditional game

Why luca so handsome? Why julian so cute? Whyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyy?????! Happy christmas eve everyone! Xoxo

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julian dressing up like a kpop idol

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I've been looking whenever because because subscription. When Junjun was adopted, was so impressive that I was always looking for her. Thank you for being so pretty. Don't be sick. I hope Junjun grow well. Even though me are not good at English, me can use the translator. Even if it turns strange, please look pretty.

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We call that game sungka

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Blessings from Australia xxxxxx

Julian speaks English fluently right now!!

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21:02 주나 이모 앞으로 영어 공부 해야겠다 좀 있으면 우리 주니 무슨 말 하는 지 모를 것 같아 ☺️ 쏘스윗 그 자체인 루카랑 은하계 최고 귀욤욤 주니랑 앞으로도 건강하고 행복한 하루하루 보내렴 - from s.korea


Que lindos como se llama la escuela esta padre es cristiana y en español y esta en e.u ❤ bendiciones para todos linda familia ✨

Go to 100k viewers

Song name played in last ?? Anyone knows?

루카 .. 너는 천사야.....

I love that game I play it

16:51 surprised Junieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The board game you played with Shane is similar to "Congklak" in Indonesia

I need Korean subtitles


[ 21:02 ] the way julian spoke out of nowhere was soooooo cute and funny, he was like "okay mom, but hear me out"

I can't decide who is the cutest of this Family, Seriously, yall are sooooooo sweet, i pray to have a family like yours one day ❤

Good Job luca, so proud of you, wonderful family merry christmas and have a bountiful of blessing new year lots of love from CEBU, Philippines

우리 사랑둥이 줄리안 애기 2020년에도 행복해야해

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!!...

예쁜가족에게 항상 행복이 가득하길~^^♡


줄리안 많이컷네. 영어도 잘하고 루카도 넘 착하고. 고맙습니다

My favorite YouTube family

오구오구 우리 동윤이~♡ 루카도 너무 멋지네

Luca & julian

nooo cuando julian dijo que iba a venir santa con regalos JAJAJA bebito

Wonderful family blessed


루카.줄리안 넘 사랑스럽다~~♡♡ Luca is so lovely♡

i replayed the whole part where julian rambled on and on, he has really come so far in english !!

Todos pensaran ke los regalos dieron niño es de niña les diré sea muñeca o carriola o lo ke sea solo son jugetes eso no los define en hombre o mujer son niños es bellos la infancia de un pequeño ai que gozarla y disfrutarla orita ke están peques por que luego ya no podrás vivir esos bellos recuerdos

Ame a esta hermosa Familia, tienes 2 hijos precisos y bellos seres igual a ti y a tu esposo les deseo todo y todo lo extraordinario y que la vida los continúe guiando!!!

They are so much better than the Ace Family

Luka bello y elegante


Wow i don't watch family channels but woah lmao you guys are so authentic and funny

Im confused, does Santa not go to there house?

내 djbabyboss YouTube 채널을 홍보 할 가능성이 있습니까? 내 비디오 믹스를 듣고 공유하도록 초대합니다 https://youtu.be/E1t0U8nt92c

아가 잘 지내고 있구나

elinoteli I watch his speaking part starting 21:01 once a day

Gillsss congklak mendunia

julian so cute


heyy mel datugan... i'm always see your youtube channel and i'm so happy to see you and your family❤️ i'm from indonesia.. can i request you to make a content about your family morning routine again? because i'm so happy to see that. your childrens so cute❤️. hope you and family always happy..

soooooo cuuuuute♡♡♡♡♡


산타한테 안기는거ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ너무 소중하다

I love that y’all gave Julian a shopping cart and baby doll for Christmas! Usually people will say it’s “girls” toys or whatever, but Julian just sees fun toys for anyone!! Raising kids the right way!

Gak ad subittle indonesia nya jadi agak susah nonton

Julian’s little Naruto run at 16:44

한국어 자막 감사해요^^

3:14 Luca hugs Julian exactly the way a big hyung-i hugs his little brother, so warm and loving. He’s an Angel.

와 동윤이 점점 잘생겨지네 ㅎㅎ Julian is becoming more handsome

꺅 드디어 한글자막 달렸당 ㅎㅎ

So whos the Indonesian? Datugan or his wife?

I watch your vlog when you begin adoption Julian, in the title you say " Julian sayang", i think both of you from Indonesia..


Luca!!! You rock!!!❤❤❤❤❤

lucas singing got me in tears omg love him


잘생긴 루카와 귀여운 동윤이 항상 행복하길 바란다 ^^

It's so amazing how far Julian has come with his English! So precious.

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