Our Maternity Leave Plan - Running a Business as a Couple and with a Baby?! Q+A

Our Maternity Leave Plan - Running a Business as a Couple and with a Baby?!  Q+A

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Oh someone did ask, um hey does Ryan feel  insecure knowing that you're so strong I was actually wondering if you could just  tone it back a little bit, for the, for me. hello my strong strong friends Meg here. This is Ryan Usually Ryan is behind the camera  if you've been here for a long  time then you definitely know Ryan Ryan is my baby daddy my business partner we run buff chick supplements together we run um strong friends together and we run strong strong supply together He does most the work I'll be honest and then I am  in front of the camera talking about all the work   that he does taking all the credit just kidding  but we did ask you guys to ask us questions on instagram so we're gonna do a Q&A before baby so that we can personally remember where  we were at this very important time I am 38 weeks plus six days pregnant so I'll be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow which means I could have a baby any day now which is really exciting you want to start - why don't you   start I'm still screenshotting questions okay okay let's talk about baby, someone says Emma asked did  you have any baby names you automatically vetoed or any joke names  I was telling right I like  when people do like names we're not using so I thought we could do that we do have a joke name and that is jambalaya because I think the name jambalaya if it weren't what it is I think it's really pretty sounding - little jumbo little jumbo I really like the name Ruby and Ryan's dad's name  is Ramone and I wanted to call her Ruby Ramone I thought that would sound  like such a rock star name we also very seriously considered the name violet he liked the name onyx and I thought it just   sounded too - pokemon too pokemon and and then of course because   of onyx he wanted to name her - geodude that got vetoed quick sorry my cough sounds so awful favorite habit each person has, like what's my favorite habit that you have and your favorite habit that I have please, I can't wait to hear what you have to say -well I asked the question so you go first okay my favorite habit and  I learned this very early  was that when I said something  or expressed a concern you were very receptive to it and you could very I don't want to say easily but you can change your behavior to kind of not do that thing that I didn't like, you know what I mean I will say there's one that we still  kind of struggle with sometimes   not that you'll be able to tell in this video but sometimes Ryan will   interrupt you to like finish his sentence and  this is something that his entire family does so I can see why he does it  so I try to be understanding  but anytime I've said like hey you you keep like interrupting me can you not do that he'll take a step back and and that's just one example um of a bad habit  that he has that um is kind  of balanced by a really good habit because he's really receptive - I'm glad you shared that because  youtube's not going to believe you at all why - because I'm very quiet on youtube yeah you are - and second of all it's probably because I, I'm- I don't know if I interrupt  a disproportionate amount  but i'm 100% less likely to call you out when you just interrupt - okay let's not get divorced but okay   yeah fair enough a lot of people have very strong  opinions on the direction of toilet paper should it be over, should it be under,   Meg does neither she just leaves it on top - no I don't she doesn't replace the actual toilet paper roll she just leaves it on top - okay that's not as bad as interrupting people but what's your favorite actual habit that I have oh he's gotta think so hard I spent a lot of time thinking about the joke one that I don't know if I have a good one -I have a lot of great qualities uh your hair is good no Meg is, is - is it gonna be another joke no no no no - do you even like me because when i'm thinking about when we first introduced you  to my old weightlifting coach   when we lived in DC his name is mike choi great guy - i love this guy he's an awesome person and he was we were talking with another group with another mutual friend and he's like oh yeah  meg's really sweet and then  myself and the other person like looked at each other  and just started laughing  because we were like meg is many things sweet might not be in the top 30.  

um but I've actually come around and  it's probably because mike choi's a far wiser person than I am and he could like see through all the noise um but I think meg is a very sweet and endearing and affectionate person um and she she always gives great compliments and kind of finds the light  in, in people not always  in situations but usually in people um and that's a it's a great trait - I can see the good of people you think? yeah you might talk a lot of [ __ ] - I try really hard you guys Ryan how did you know meg was the one? - bro I have like eight screenshots of questions along that line  we first started dating in  dc we obviously didn't live together but we would probably spend every day after work together either at the gym or going to dinner or hanging out with friends or spending all weekends together I think we, we spent more time together during  that first year than when we  lived together in New York and I was working a lot   just because of like schedules and stuff but we we were pretty inseparable I think what do you think? - yeah and did that tell you like oh she's not annoying me yet so she's the one? -I think the other way around I think I'm, I find it easy to get along with  most people and I think Meg  has a lower pain threshold or like a lower tolerance for other people and I think when she wasn't bothered by me it was a good thing - yeah well you're hot so I remember distinctly because a lot of people asked this question like when did you know that it was time to like move to the next step I remember Ryan had an opportunity we were both living in DC and Ryan had an opportunity to move to New York and we had been dating I think less than a year at this point we were spending a lot of time together and I when he was talking about interviewing in New York I'm like okay well I'm coming with you like obviously - actually even before that because probably less than six months into dating probably four or five  I had a job interview for  a great company in Boston and you said okay I'll go to Boston then and you were not looking forward to it but that's that's probably a better sign too - New York is cool, I would have hated   to live in Boston not that, there's nothing I like visiting Boston it's just the winter - yeah would have been a struggle  for me uh it was just very  clear to me that we got along so well and we loved each other and we loved spending every moment of our time together someone recently asked me like are you and Ryan  really affectionate or like  really close and I'm like yes I just don't, we don't really  share it that much on the internet   and but we are like up each other's asses all day every day we spend every waking moment together obviously we run a few businesses together and we have, are growing a family together we also don't have that many other friends - yeah we're pretty gross at least not friends who live here so we um are very close and very affectionate but we try not to make other people feel uncomfortable by it which you know I think we did a okay job at hiding it so you like me - yeah you think I'm the one - you're - a one for sure tell us about Ryan handling   you at powerlifting meets - oh this is a cool question because I personally think if you have a solid relationship, if your handler well if you have a certain kind of relationship having your partner as your handler is can be an ideal situation  because usually your partner  is like your training partner they know how you've been sleeping they know how you've been eating they know kind of everything so they can have a perspective on all the things that you've been going through to best support you in that situation so for us it's always worked out but I think we get along so well and we have we've never gotten like a huge blowout fight we're not just not that kind of couple whereas I know some people like butt heads a little bit more I feel like if you're a  couple that doesn't butt heads  that much it can be a great situation I remember there have been times where you've like run an attempt by me I was so confident in that attempt that I could just look at him be like yep that's the one and he knew to take me  really seriously and not like  kind of try to coach me out or into any other decisions - your partner probably has more confidence in you than you do sometimes - yeah and that can be a strength if you know the circumstances now me handling him with that  same kind of relationship  I'm just not that good at math so it's not uh as ideal of a situation  so obviously if your partner  is really good at math and has a great memory those are  some of his awesome qualities that's going to set you up for success whereas like if the tables were turned I don't think I could be as  good of a handler partner if you guys could take a family trip anywhere within the next year where would you go keep in mind we're going to have a baby very soon so it's going to be like the park the park that would be great to go to the park some day that's a decent time frame we will probably try to go to canada maybe in 20 like the first half of 2022 - yeah hopefully while there's still some winter left to see my family and do some activities and enjoy whistler we are planning to go to the arnold this year planning to go - what family trips are you doing uh we're gonna be at the arnold, we're gonna be at our manufacturing facility in the fall no yeah we're taking a california trip hopefully with uh our buff chick athletes we are also considering getting married uh and having a big wedding we should probably tick that off the list so in between expos we might get married I think you probably say canada because we are a little nervous because uh Ryan's parents are in spain right now it's been a really slow vaccine rollout in certain parts of the world which is sad and also I don't think europeans can come  to the u.s right now so borders  are closed for europeans and so we're a little nervous like when  can baby's grandparents lolo and lola I think that's what we're going to call them yeah which is the filipino way to say grandparents so hopefully we can meet them in canada or we can meet them somewhere else so that's kind of the biggest priority is making sure that baby can meet   her lolo and lola - that's up there but anyway baby meet and greet at the arnold uh what's the booth number - and during all these travels I'm sure people have a lot of opinions about traveling with babies don't do it  any kind of parenting opinion  that I hear on the internet is always like uh under the tone of like parenting is the worst thing ever we will be hiring or bringing  in support for any of these  travels so any work trip we'll probably have another family member come  and fly them out with us  so that we can have some help obviously because we'll also be working we're not shy about asking for help or hiring help still undecided about the whole hiring thing  but yeah I'm sure people  anytime they hear traveling with the baby they're like --- I'm just going to throw money at that problem and see what happens - I like it I like it there was one that said does he miss canada and then another was did y'all miss snowboarding this year do either of you have any snowboarding goals - my snowboarding goal   is to have our baby snowboard - yeah that's a pretty good one I that's the I think that's the coolest experience that I hope our kid likes people are always like oh  what if your daughter doesn't  like lifting, I'm like what if  she doesn't like [ __ ] snow that would be terrible - yeah yeah that's my only snowboard goal that   I can think of - obviously you  might have to wait a few years you don't have any personal goals - I'm a i'm a slow rider, I'm a soul boarder I don't have goals what would my goals possibly be maybe maybe to go on other mountains that would be cool - I guess baby focused goals count - yeah but I'm gonna be a coach - yeah - it's very serious I missed snowboarding this is my first  season not snowboarding since I was like- since I started - yeah I would love to go to I  think Jacksonville would be  like a bucket list trip for me and I'd love to do more backcountry stuff -the backcountry is what scares me a little bit but if you get the certifications and classes and take it really seriously I guess but um I'm not in full support of that -Meg will be walking in the village and   gets scared of tree wells so  thats too high risk for you - yeah that's why when you ask my goals like stay alive bro, I don't know I don't know my answer to this question what's one thing you were taught as a child that you will not be passing on to your child I have an idea so in my family sports were like everything and not to say that I won't encourage my kids to be competitive sports wise  but I will encourage them  to be competitive in other things not just sports that could have been a product of my like environment as far as like school and what was kind of like socially valued  was sports but I always  thought that like athletics was so much more- held so much more value than I know that it actually does which is funny to say because I started my career being an athlete on this channel but you know what I mean like there's other ways to be competitive and it's not just that - what was the question again - what's one thing you were taught as a child that you will not pass on to your child - [ __ ] perfect uh interrupting -oh yes full circle - yes that's it we'll try to break that habit what are you most looking forward to as parents I am excited to have my own family I feel like knowing and learning more about  my family's history and kind  of like the drama of like that follows everyone  I feel like I do have an  opportunity to kind of break some of the things that followed the generations that came before me not you know like a morbid way  but I feel like I don't know  without giving away too much or like throwing anyone under the bus and you just learn like these family secrets and I feel like I have an  opportunity to kind of like  stop that pattern of happening in in my family - hopefully helping little baby's as they grow, find their passions and interests um because I don't think it really matters whether  you're super into arts or  music or athletics or academic whatever it is but hopefully finding something that kind of brings you joy and giving a broad exposure  to opportunities um probably  broader than we either either of us had and letting them kind of find the things that make them take and flourish and happiness so - oh that's such a better answer than mine do you guys see yourselves settling down long term in texas long term yes we will raise our children here that's because we are close to family and my my side of the family and baby has   three girl cousins that are all here now in texas - within like four years of age - yes so they are um two and four two of them are two one of them is four so yes I want her to grow up next to her cousins - yeah I can't see us leaving  for over 10 plus years do you want to tell them the plan for whenever she goes to college well assuming she goes somewhere great we just keep saying new york I don't know why, obviously she's gonna go to columbia or um I mean if she goes to harvard that's awesome or yale great I'll take it but we will then be relocating to new york - we're gonna take a sabbatical to go be near - yeah young baby who's now you know 18 or whatever, she might have an opinion of this if she gets accepted to colombia   and moves to new york - we'll give her distance but we just want to go somewhere cool - yeah we'll be in the lower east side obviously that is something that we've discussed  because we do like living near big cities this isn't the ideal location  for us and our personalities  but I think for what our family deserves this is perfect for us baby's gonna be like a little cowgirl look at her little boots they're so cute oh yeah we haven't showed anything any baby stuff they're so cute how adorable they velcro in the back so they just slip right in so yeah I think we're pretty okay with um texas is a mood for now - adapting yes - to any kind of we could live anywhere - we could well anywhere with ubereats Ryan specifically to Ryan where does a man start when looking for an engagement ring I have that one and then there's another question that kind of ties in which was when did we talk about marriage   before getting engaged or was it a surprise we talked about getting married for a while um  I mean we were together  for like four or five years before we got engaged - yeah we're also not super  traditional in like orders and  sequences and stuff so like we had been talking about rings for a while I  think Meg gave me an idea  of like styles and cuts um what you know she usually wears yellow gold jewelry so we're like okay we'll go yellow gold she was saying um an oval or a pear ring with like a halo and a pave and all these things and sending you know screenshots and styles and stuff like that which was cool um but we ended up having a jeweler a local jeweler when we lived in la that we knew of um and had been recommended with a good reputation um so we ended up going together to try on rings  and as soon as we did she  scrapped like every thing that she thought she wanted um for like a clean simple solitaire um round cut and I think it was just a part of like hey trying something on because I'm sure you would have been happy with anything anything of a particular carat size or above but like she would have been happy with anything  in the end and the gesture  and the meaning behind it but finding something together was cool so we kind of picked out the stone together and then I worked with the jeweler on setting it and the type of ring um and then I think we had it for months before you actually received it um but it worked out well  and then we were in hawaii with  that cool instagram picture yeah so my suggestion for ring shopping  would be follow bulkinsnorlax on instagram he is a jeweler in LA and  if you're in LA definitely  go see him you can go visit him and work with him in person or you can work with him online do not buy a diamond ring from a retailer do not buy any diamond from a big retailer Kay Jewelers or online retailers I think it's super easy to get scammed and I would just find someone that you trust and you can trust him because he basically posts daily instagram stories where he will look at pictures, photos of rings and diamonds and he will let you know is this a diamond or is this glass and he'll kind of critique  the cut if it is a diamond  and he'll kind of show you how to look for a fake ass diamond which I think is super common for people to get sapphires or lab-grown diamonds um which is fine if you want those kind of stones but I think it's really easy to get scammed a diamond is really expensive - tiffany's not going to scam you they're just going to overcharge you on on for the same sort of diamond on paper so that's fine too if you if you want it to come in a really pretty blue box that's fair too you just pay extra for it okay I mean they're nice - yeah they're nice I'm working with bulkinsnorlax his name is dennis on an heirloom right hand ring for baby and I've decided to for this particular gemstone to choose a lab grown gemstone  it's cheaper obviously but  also since it's an heirloom for this particular gemstone this will last longer - this is like a five minute answer to say try on stones and rings even  if you don't do it together  you know hopefully she's  comfortable trying them on herself and then can give you some thoughts and then hopefully work with a well-known highly regarded jeweler who has you know good credentials - oh have either of you  always wanted to be parents  - um for me I think it was  probably always like in the cards I never like wrote it off or just assumed hey I should have kids by now but um I was always open to the idea - okay so did you always like dream about - I didn't wake up in the morning and write down baby names but I also did like I didn't have a scrapbook about a wedding either  like I was just like yeah  it's probably gonna happen eventually - but you were pretty relaxed about it all right - yeah - I never wanted kids ever and then I met you and I was like we cannot waste this man's genes these genetics must be passed on - fair enough - he's really   smart and I feel like it's a disservice to the rest of the world not  to like make other people  who might get some of that brain power I'm doing this for the good of humanity really - it's a social net benefit - yeah - good what does Ryan do for work and what does Ryan do for the business what do you do - I mean what don't you do I do a lot of stuff that is behind the camera so I work for all the companies with Meg I've been full time since 2016. so coming up on five years - wow you should get a raise - I should what do I do on our coaching business I do everything kind of behind the scenes whereas Meg kind of works more on the marketing side so Meg does all the front-facing photo shoot  obviously all the training  videos and stuff like that I handle all of the back end stuff  so that's like working with  our developers on the app um working with our web developers on our current site and sales pages and all the design stuff I work on obviously programming and everything that after someone clicks purchase that will then happen probably because of me now that we have like other offers beyond you know our kind of core stronger by the day like our prenatal training and postpartum training and kind of educational videos Meg's kind of taken a lot more of that onto her plate  because she just has more  specialized knowledge there but I kind of handle most of our other offerings - If you've you ever bought  one of our nutrition courses  or our prenatal courses  obviously I'm the one writing a lot of the content and putting it together - creating the tasks and building - yes and I'm the ideas person and obviously I'm a person in front of the camera I'm also the person who has the specific knowledge  and certification so like I got  all the prenatal certifications I'm more of the coach and Ryan takes what the coach says and puts it into a helps put it into a package  that can deliver it in a way  that's affordable for people and accessible and just better - kind of more like project management stuff so that's on sort of the  coaching and training side  and then on like the buff chick side uh I probably do more stuff also behind the scenes  but it's like Meg will come  up with an idea for a product or maybe an ingredient she   read some research about or something  similar from there I'll take that the first step is usually  we work with a researcher  who's a you know MSC and a registered dietitian she will kind of take that  look at what the current body  of literature says come up  with either a formula proposal or if we have some kind of  idea that we've already done  she'll tweak and modify for us I'll take that we'll review  it together then I'll work  with our manufacturing facility on sourcing and procurement what can we actually do what's costing look like and Meg's obviously kind of   inside all of these parts as well but then we'll usually take that come up with formula move to R&D and sampling from that we'll hopefully find a flavor profile that we like lock that in then we go into like design which is like copywriting which usually Meg does more of but then we'll work on label design then you  have to go through multiple levels of compliance so we do manufacturing like QC compliance  we do compliance with like  a third-party phd officer who helps with all of the legal stuff so  I'm kind of working between  all the different parties to make sure it's safe and and effective and and legally valid to placing orders doing budgeting um  working with our accounting  uh teams and legal teams and then seeing the product go from nothing to something and then - I'm smiling because I'm the one online and  front-facing so I could say  I own all these businesses and Ryan is doing a [ __ ]  ton of the work obviously  so there's a lot involved with buff chick and strong strong supply those are physical products and companies the online stuff and like me creating a cool  nutrition course is pretty  straightforward um whereas - still a lot of work - yeah but there's so much more and this is a lot of things on the supplement side are very new to us and new to you so Ryan does a [ __ ] ton - supplements are just weird because you can there's nothing stopping you from selling anything or putting anything you want on a label  like you can just sell everything  it can bite you in the ass um on the back it's kind of like taxes where it's like you can file anything but if it won't stand up to an audit you could be kind of screwed so we do as much preventative stuff as possible before we go with the documentation not even by the book because there is no book but um very very conservative in every step - well there's just like not   necessarily safety things but more like risk of recall or fda action which would cost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars or no probably more  that are avoidable with the  right actions beforehand not everybody thinks about that right I mean it's also why our labels claims are not very sexy um know our website like even just the language we use is very very   yeah underwhelming - we also don't want to lie to people so this question goes into another one that I had because when you say that I mean we probably could continue talking about all the things that you do and I do for work but what is our plan because there's going to be a third person in the family who has a lot to say about how much time we're spending on work  so do you want to talk about  our paternity leave plan and how we're going to navigate - we've been on parental leave um I think we're at a stage  where the team that we have  working with us on the different businesses is really   epic like they're really good at everything they know their jobs inside and out and they're dependable nothing that we do is that time consuming but everything is kind of time sensitive  just because sometimes we  need to give the green light or place the order or do this or that to make sure that the rest of the team can do their jobs so nothing it's not like we need to sit down at our desk for 12 to 16 hours a day anymore to get things done it's just we need to give people the possibility to do their jobs so - it's more just being - sorry sorry to interrupt you - what okay I know uh it's more just being available  to make sure the team's  kind of steering the ship  still and doing their their job but other than that I don't think  we I think we're pretty  much planning on taking most of the summer off other than little check-ins and making sure things are still floating yeah and we did spend a few years where we were stuck at our desk for like 12 hours a day maybe more sometimes for Ryan probably more we did navigate our family planning around our business in a way I know I realized it's  totally possible to do it all  but we are fortunate in that our businesses are have a lot of support to  where it's not just a one-man  show or one one couple show so our plan is to take like about six weeks off of uh mostly off to where we're focused on baby and I think we will I'm still like toying around with this idea I think we will get some support as far as like a nanny after those initial six weeks I kind of want to figure things  out on my own a little bit  and sort of know what it's like to be a mom before bringing someone in and then I  can have some confidence and say like this is how we do [ __ ] so that's sort of my parental plan and we'll probably bring  someone in a few days a week  for a couple of hours a day I'd imagine I guess the cool thing is that it's not like a say regular desk job where you have to go back to work monday to friday nine to five it's like when you want to start dipping your toes back in you can kind of ease in gradually or start taking on a few tasks or projects or if you want to make a youtube video you can make a youtube video but you don't have to   be officially hands off after x number of days exactly so we're super fortunate in  that and obviously both of us  will be taking some time off of work so we'll have both parents at home at least for those six weeks and we'll be um we also make the same amount of money because our stream of income um are all wrapped up in the businesses so we are fully 50 50. that's not true we are 51 51.49 yeah she makes she makes four percent more money well I'm still more important than you just that's also true there's no financial discrepancy there's no um you know what I mean where some parents need to navigate some of those things trade offs well I'm the main breadwinner so maybe you can be the main caretaker I do have titties that milk will be coming out of so I think that will be something that we'll need to navigate and maybe that just means I should be 55 and you can have the rest so we can just figure that out you didn't think that was funny too no I feel like it missed the punchline I was expecting a little bit more hit oh sorry but yeah I think we're very fortunate in that way to where some families need to navigate certain conversations and like have to have tougher conversations or like what employers offer what kind of benefits yeah it's just tough for some yeah for sure so that's our parental leave plan uh it's not completely figured out but yeah I mean I think it's it's the same sort of thing that we're even  if we're taking like six plus  weeks of that we're calling off it doesn't mean that we're not going to talk to our developers for six weeks straight and just hope that they come back with something  or that we're not going to  be creating products still on the supplement side it's it's that we will be pretty hands off but expecting you know output from the team and stuff so yeah some involvement but not much so it's like I'm not gonna not  answer my email for six weeks  but it depends who's emailing yeah usually I do I ignore all of them you're not on the slack channel I don't wanna talk to you do you think we answered enough questions you got like 45 minutes worth outro? yeah do you want to do that um yeah I'll do the intro the outro we say like and subscribe um you know what we say  well I don't want to miss  anything I need a checklist like and subscribe it goes like this   thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please leave us a comment and a like um if you smash the like if you're new here uh this is not a typical video for us thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did yeah like and subscribe

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