Our buses are at it again.. Please send help! #yeeyeenation #grangersmith renegade rv

Our buses are at it again.. Please send help! #yeeyeenation #grangersmith  renegade rv

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so i ordered jimmy john's and jimmy john's  normally fast like takes like by the time you're   through ordering there at the door yeah i got mine  in about eight minutes so i uh waited and waited   and waited some more an hour later i called him an  hour and it said delivered on that so i called him   and they said we delivered that and i said well  you didn't deliver it to my room come find out   they delivered it to another room so they made me  another order and brought it i got through eating   it and then a knock on the door and it was the  maid she brought the order from the other room   down to me so i have extra chips and cookie i  couldn't i had to leave the sandwich in the room   they're the fastest people on the planet  and you let me order it and guess what happened it's 12 45 a.m we are in cheyenne wyoming getting  ready to uh go jump in the runner go to the buses   head to inman kansas it is about 570 miles  from here so it's a long one this episode   really doesn't have a whole lot of shenanigans  i guess we're driving sleeping driving sleeping   we had to drive a thousand miles to the first  show which is here in wyoming now we go 570 miles   then we have a short drive tomorrow night  switching back to nights and uh doing all that   stuff gets you all screwed up then we got another  show in kansas the next day in manhattan kansas   then we go to sioux falls and then we go you  know the thousand miles back home from there so   long trek ahead uh but it's good to be back on  the road so let's go well the runners not here   as usual as usual i would say the second  most important people are always the   the forgotten ones we always get forgotten  yeah i mean granger plays the show   and we get him in there yeah so i would say  we're the second most important at the end   of the night people the runners and the the  club owners and stuff they just get wasted   and they don't come get us they enjoy the party  yeah i'm so sorry you guys bought the drivers   yeah yeah i'm just the custom promoter from  colorado yeah i don't know if you can smell it we are almost well we're about 250 miles  in on our 570 mile drive and my turbo   is about to go out it's kicking on and off   it's making the bus jerk all over the place  i don't know if you can see that or not it's the two gauge cluster on the  left there the one on the right see that needle just bouncing up and down   shouldn't be doing that not  to go up a hill right now and once it kicks in if it kicks in  because sometimes it doesn't at all and it didn't so i gotta try  to get him to do something here all right i got it to come up  it'll just kick off periodically once i get back up to about 70 miles an hour it'll start kicking off like that we made it to our fuel stop in uh cane kanye  kansas and uh my turbo started working okay again   and i just went back and looked at it  everything looks fine i think the actuator   on the turbo may be going out so far so good  we'll see what happens on the next 250 miles i gotta find a place to edit in here  that's pretty much all i do every day   just edit edit edit edit  that's what i'm going to do too   after i just drove 600 miles let's go see  what's happening in here yeah i'm going to   try to find the green room there here here's  here's a green room right here hi how are you i figured butch was in here eating the grub   this looks good i'm gonna eat some it i'll  put this around here why don't you put one   of them or two of them on the bus okay if i  if at the end of the night there is something   if i unhook my hook in and i'll cook up to  you could do that get you going oh yeah yeah trying to make some water uh some water hoses  reach to where we need to reach and mine is cut   off on the end because that's how i fill it so  we're going to hook mine and butchers together   and that'll actually work for  my bus but it won't work for his   so a fella is going to get another hose for his well we could fill my bus with  these two hoses but his bus we n   your buddy just went to get another  hose for his more hoes more problems it's taking you so long that's a clean one too look at it just look at it what are you watching cnn did they have it on cnn same difference so for a college town it's awfully hard to uh get a  ride yeah get a ride up a little bit what's that yeah you got about four minutes till our  uber's here you got four minutes to get   whatever you want out for the bus back there  yeah that's fine does it fall that direction mine falls the other direction hey i got to  show you something for risky business one of the   biggest announcements we've ever done oh that's  right bristol and austin yi car will be racing   that's the september race the night  race in bristol night race in bristol   and then the austin the first nascar race  in austin ever oh i was just saying oh hey   that's sweet are we gonna be home for the june  one oh yeah we'll be at both those races we'll   go to the restaurant too we'll be able to  go yeah we're gonna try to all route it   i don't know if y'all have been to bristol  i've been to bristol for one night racism so is the circuit of america's  is where they're running   that's awesome that's gonna be  fun uh street race yeah yeah i wouldn't go that way we went that way to  give you that just slow rolling yeah people   are walking across the street it's all bars down  there it's probably because they're from kansas   you need to go walk it no it's all  right we'll just back up into the park   get todd back here to block  traffic hey i'll get back there   just lay down on this yeah we'll go that way i was  telling you i'm not gonna back down that street   because there's tires there let me let me take  off my pants you don't want to back down there all right if you're ever at a show and you see my  bus do not knock on the door do not hit the side   of the bus because i will [ __ ] hit you with  the door when you're knocking don't be stupid so so got a bit of a dumpster fire here all right just got uh got ready in south dakota uh  getting ready to head to uh oklahoma city which if   you just watched this last video this is where  the 10 hour uh rule comes in we got to do 630   miles in 10 hours i saw a lot of you commented on  the video today about uh our routine uh i thought   maybe that'd be kind of boring for you guys but  she seemed to have liked it to show you guys what   we do every morning to get things going butch  has a couple other things that he does i'll try   to get him to film those one day because he has  a slide out and he has more people on his bus so   which usually means more issues uh we're actually  right next to the venue so we're going to walk   over there right now and get the buses started and  get moving strange they've got like a regular door where they can close off the elevator once again butch is already out there he always  gets out there before i do but he goes to bed like   right when we get into the hotel i usually stay up  a few hours i plan everything i do based on eight   hours so i will stay up until i'm exactly eight  hours until we have to until i have to get up   so i usually get about seven and  a half seven hours sleep that is   my ocd but that's how i stay on a schedule  where i could stay up all night and i don't   mess things up if i go to bed too early get up  too early then i'm tired halfway through the drive   go to bed too late same thing let's go see what  butch is uh he's walking towards me here sup   good news or bad news well it's not too bad okay  you come over here looking like you were about   to tell me something no it's not bad oh good  trash having a good time partying trash the bus   yeah everybody's on there yeah it's gonna be tight  tight yeah you have to watch every minute yeah   absolutely so i plan on rolling it exactly 12 15.  all right well then i better go get my together   wildflower sitting here all pretty even  though it rained uh it held up okay what's going on in here nothing a lot less sending  than the other bus uh waiting on tyler to get on   the bus apparently he's had a little bit to  drink today and he might need some help up   onto the bus we'll see butch said if we see  white shoes in the air we need to go out and help at least you didn't fall down butch  said you're gonna fall down so i was   just gonna get it on camera just take  care oh man come on man well we're about   50 miles into our drive from south dakota and  the check engine light is on on wildflower turds well uh butch is broke down in kansas his  turbo went out uh i'm still dealing with mine and he's trying to make it to  this truck stop where we're at   uh i don't know i don't know what we're gonna do we gotta get rid of these buses well we didn't die yeah bull i can't believe  you guys drove that long yeah we did we   actually did it with 10 minutes to spare  yeah we did what happened after 10 minutes   then we're illegal so we actually did 644 miles  in nine hours and 50 minutes which is hauling ass   did you stop at all for like gas or anything yep  yep but that doesn't count against your drive time   that's on duty time is different so that's what  we did we made it here to beautiful oklahoma city   we're at a bass pro shop and we're staying over  there at the uh residence inn there's there's   butch all right so earlier i said butch uh he  broke down he did for a few minutes we reset   some things on his motor it seemed to solve  the turbo problem he was having my engine   light's still on it comes and goes i definitely  have a turbo problem that's getting going to be   replaced uh but we made it to oklahoma city i'm  like right on the riverwalk whatever that is i saw a boat go by earlier so yeah it's  pretty cool not that we have time to enjoy it   because me and butch got to go right  to bed because we gotta turn and burn   get home we'll be home by about 5 a.m tomorrow so  gonna get some sleep we'll see you in the morning

all right folks last leg of  the trip oklahoma city to the   fire all right butch you  screwed up my my monologue buses kind of are running like [ __  ] uh witch's bus was making some god   awful sounds yesterday as i told you uh so  these are gonna be dropped off next week   for some major work again uh we're gonna  do some little stuff on them this week uh   hopefully the toilets for this turd come in right  chris yes sir are you tired of peeing in bottles looking forward to the home  bowl all right well here we go damn if you do i know wouldn't you know it just like that we're back   at the farm back at the farm i guess my  arm shouldn't be do a miss on your face uh in texas yep back in texas uh thanks for  watching this episode of risky business please   like subscribe hit that notification button  everything you need to know about this channel   is linked right down here in the description  we'll see you next time exercise your rights deuces   if you don't

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