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Good morning, you guys I'm, so excited. For today, because, today is a day I got, my makeup storage, in yesterday. I'm so so excited I'm gonna be putting away all my makeup today so, I'm pretty much transferring, everything from, the Alex drawers that I had before transferring. My entire makeup collection to the new makeup. Drawer system so for those of you who haven't watched my beauty studio kind of like rearranging. Do-over. Makeover whatever you want to call it video, I pretty much declutter, my entire, Beauty room and a part of that was I really, wanted to get. My own custom, makeup, drawers made to, how exactly I wanted, it the exact dimensions, that I wanted it so I created, this, guy that you see back here and I'm so, in, love with it like this is exactly in my head what I wanted, but I could not find anywhere. Like. Nowhere, online I literally, mean my sister searched for. Weeks, to find just, sleek, white, drawers that were the perfect dimensions, for makeup but the, problem is a lot of places don't make drawers that are the perfect dimensions, for makeup because. A lot of places make drawers very deep but for me I didn't want really deep drawers I wanted drawers that, we're sleek enough or like big enough to fit compacts, and stuff like that but, sleek enough where. They look like makeup drawers I didn't want them to look like a dresser, or clothes drawers you know I mean we're actually planning on buying a home in like a year or so so I really didn't want to make it to fit this room because, this room is really small and honestly, when. I buy a home like on the, top of my list is going to be a really nice big. Size beauty. Studio because when I'm working in here it can get a little claustrophobic because. It's a really small room and, I'm always filming, and stuff so it's just gonna be nice to have a big room I'm gonna be keeping this makeup first for years, so I wanted it to be exactly how I want it in my head anyways, I am so excited, you guys like, I am beyond, excited, I have. Been waiting for this day forever where, I could just put all of my makeup into my new drawers, anyways. Before we get started I'm going to show you guys the drawers so if, you saw my beauty studio video then you already saw them but I pretty much really wanted like a similar vibe to the IKEA mom dresser, I like how there's like no handles, it's super sleek but I don't know if you guys can tell but I did a high-gloss, white so. I love that because it's wipeable so anytime I get makeup on it or anything like that it's, gonna come off really easily but I also love how sleek and shiny it looks you know and, I love how many drawers there are there are five drawers going up and down so I should be able should. Be. Able to fit almost, my entire pretty, much my entire makeup. Collection in, here I actually, let, me show you guys I actually, have, it planned out on my phone by the way we're missing the mirror I haven't, got it yet I think I'm gonna get one from Ikea but I haven't really decided I'm, so crazy so I made, this, little like.

Mock-up. On my phone of which, drawers, I think will carry what just so that I can like follow this plan because. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming when you have a big makeup collection so I kind of set on a plan anyways. When it comes to the drawers I made them open, up all the way which this was huge, for, me I really. Really really hate how the alux drawers they literally open up like this and then I all, this space, back here is totally wasted I can't, reach my hand into the compact organizers, and pick something out so, it's such a waste of space so it was really important to me to have a drawer, that opened up all the way that way I can see the entire drawer, and also, I made it soft. Closing which is really good so when it comes to the actual drawers I did not want them to be too deep because just, personally, for me I hate. Makeup. Drawers that are too deep, like even the alux drawers you know on the bottom they have like the really big ones I hate. It because I feel like my makeup products, are swimming, in there. And then I have to like dig into it these drawers have four inch high clearance which I measured all my makeup and I decided that four inches was good enough for me it's, about 16. And 3/4. Inch this way and about, 23. And 1/2 this. Way so I measured all my organizers, to make sure everything, would fit perfectly so like I said we have three drawers going side to side and five going up and down this. Is gonna be so much fun to put on my makeup way anyways, let's get started you guys. Okay. So this is where my makeup, has been living. He's. A disaster, for the past few. Weeks like it's been a disaster. I am so excited to have my beauty studio back and be. Able to put on my makeup away so I used. To have the wide IKEA, Alex doors all, that makeup is actually stuffed in. That. Dresser back there so we'll get to that but, I have my IKEA Alex drawers here, with. All. My makeup. Everything's. Kind of bit messy and dirty right now so don't mind that. All. Right so I have all my organizers, here and I moved all of my makeup and I think we're just gonna get started with the first drawer I really want the first drawer I kind of I've always liked my makeup collection to, be organized, in the way that I do my makeup so, like primer, foundation. Or primer concealer foundation, you know I've always just like that thought that was really organized, you, guys have I want to see no idea how, excited I am like you, know I love organizing I literally told everybody, today don't text me don't call me nothing, cuz I would be myself like I won a means to organizing she gets serious, okay, so I've kind of just emptied out all the primers and all of these setting sprays and I think I've decided I'm gonna make this drawer the. Primers, and setting, spray drawers but I do really think I have too many setting sprays so, I'm probably gonna go through this and see what I'm keeping because I honestly I don't use like I. Literally. Don't even use like 95% of this because I have my faves that I keep on my filming desk and then that's pretty much it okay so I actually just realized that these fit perfectly, in here and these I actually got from home since a while back they're from the brand inter, design I'm gonna try my best to tell you where everything is from today don't. Mind this like a product a makeup products pill they're like so long ago and, it, it would literally won't come off but anyways this, fits so perfectly so, I feel like I can put primers. And then maybe powders, back here and setting sprays okay. So I decided that I'm gonna be getting rid of all of these setting sprays not that they're horrible, or bad or anything it's just I really don't use them and I don't need them that's, gonna go in the back up drawer cuz I already have one on my filming desk and here's. What this drawers looking like so far I feel like this looks really good so pretty, much this drawers just gonna be all, Prime, and set so we have powders, and primers, and setting sprays just your whole prep and set. Section. Okay the next drawer is gonna be foundations, so I really want foundations, to be right after primers, and setting sprays and everything this.

Is Gonna be, fun. I think I really need to declutter and let go of a few of these so my sister actually came up this is all dusty, please. Ignore but, you guys saw this in my organize with me video I showed you my sister came up with this idea of, having. My, foundations, like on this like I don't. Even have to call this I don't, know like on a tilts like this and having them all laid out and it, would just look so good but I really think I really really really think I have too, many foundations, to. Be able to fit on this I could totally get a third one but I still think I have too many foundations, to fit okay so for foundation I actually found these really, big organizers. At home sent they're from the brand Harmon I just removed the sticker now these, are amazing they actually make the best, best, best, organizers, that fit perfectly in the Alex drawers all, of these over, here are all Hartmann, I have so many of them like all these right here Harmon organizers, so, I love them so much they come in all different sizes but they're extremely, extremely. Hard to find like you can't find them online you're, gonna have to go to like TJ Maxx winners, home sons and look. For this brand and sometimes, you see them sometimes you don't so anytime I see them I always grab a few and they're not horribly priced I actually got this one at a discount, because this one has a little bit of scratches, I don't if you guys can tell so yeah. Okay. So I decided to try and see, if I can make this whole tear thing work I'm missing, one I completely forgot to go to solutions, and pick up another one I actually got these at solutions, Oh again. It's by inter, design so you can pick them up at solutions, I'm gonna get another one what's really good about these is its customizable, so if your drawer is smaller you can actually lift it up and tuck it under so. If your drawer is shorter, or bigger whatever, so, I'm just gonna need one more I decided, to switch the top drawer to foundations, and then make this one prep and prime just. Because I, don't know I love foundations, I have a soft spot for them and I just feel like it just looks so good on the top on, the top drawer like a top tier I don't know I just really like it on the top so I'm pretty much going to put all of my favorite foundations, on the first row, so, next I'm going put the. Narns, foundations. And. I'm. Gonna try my best to get rid of as many foundations that's possible I already got rid of a few shades I want. To get rid of the shades that don't match. My. Fancy foundation. Georgia. Armani. Okay, so it's looking good so far so these, I have decided to keep from here on and then, from, back here to here I think I'm gonna get rid of all these I'm really proud of myself that I've gotten rid of a lot so, most, of the so most of these I'm getting rid of because of the shades like these. Huda beauty as much as I would love to hoard them because I love, the Hooda foundation, these, shades just don't match me we have dulce, de leche and today's, leches so. Yeah. They don't match me and then Stromboli, doesn't match me 310, doesn't match me.

Okay. So everything, fit in the foundation drawer I'm so, so so so so so happy so, all I need to do is I'm probably just gonna quickly stop by solutions, today and get one more tear and that's, it my, god I'm so happy looks, so amazing, anyways. The next drawer, so I decided to just combine primers. Concealers. And powders, all in one I won't be able to fit the settings phrase in there so I'm gonna rearrange this and see how it goes so. Here's how it looks now I feel like that's more organized so. Back. Here I have all of like my setting. Kind of powders and then over here is more like foundation, powders and then we have high-end, concealers. And drugstore, concealers, I kind of just want I want to keep this little k'kaw, guy. Here, that's like a brightening, powder and I did get rid of the k'kaw loose powder because I just don't like it I have, too cluttered so, what many products. And I'm so, so proud of myself because I literally just did a declutter, like a month ago but I feel good that I've decluttered even more this drawer is done and now we're gonna move on to, let's. Just move on to this section I think I'm gonna do I, kind of want to make this entire section, more, like cheek products, so highlighters, bronzers. Blushes. So this, should be fine I feel like this is gonna be the fun section, so let's go ahead and do that now okay, so for the highlight, drawer the bronzer, drawer and everything like that I'm gonna be using these compact, organizers, by the brand Shani, they're the perfect, organizers, literally even if you have the Alex stores they actually fit, perfectly, and they're the perfect diet, mentions, so, I also have another one here I'm going to clean that off and use that but, I act we have a coupon, code for, you guys to get a nice little discount, on them which is amazing, because they can run a little bit pricey when you're buying a bunch so it's just good to get a discount ok so here's what it's looking like so far I pretty much just transfer, everything from, there to here but. I wanted to kind of color-coordinated, a little bit so like black and we're getting into the brown Becca white and, you. Know some of the gold and colorful ones I don't know I'm weird like that and then we have some drugstore ones over here it kind of does make sense to have all the highlights in one drawer so I'm gonna go ahead and put the cream highlights, in here I just don't really know what organizer, to use so. I actually just thought of the perfect idea. So Sony, has these like half they, call them half C's which, is so cute they cut it in half and it's just like these I don't, know it's just like these bins so you can put anything in there so I feel like sorry, I'm just cleaning it off I feel, like that would be perfect, if I put, the cream products, in there and then, that way it's gonna leave a space at the back of the drawer here which I can probably put maybe. Highlight palettes, cuz I have like some face palette maybe I'll do that either way I love, how I have so, much space now like before my highlight drawer was drowning, and now I have so much space okay. So I have a bunch of these kind of highlights like liquid drop type of ones so, I'm gonna pop all of those here, and I like how they can stand up actually, so I'm gonna put them all in order of lightest. To. Deepest. And. I have the wet and wild ones as well. That. I will put here, and then. The L'Oreal. One. Perfect. I love how like cute that is I actually forgot that I have one of these highlights I'm gonna put that here, also. Another thing I love about these asani organizers, they have an entire organizer, just, for chunky compact, so you see how chunky this is it does, not fit, in here but they. Have an entire organizer, with a bunch of chunky ones but what I love about this one is they made a bunch, of regular ones and then they made some chunky, slots in the back so these three back ones are for chunky compact. Organized. Compacts. So I love that. Okay. Now I have all of like my cream kind, of highlights. And actually, I have enough room so that I can put the drug for clean cream ones over here and, then.

All Of the high-end cream, ones over, here. So. Four bronzers I feel like I'm gonna do the same thing and, use one of these organizers, where it has, some. Room for some chunky ones at the back. So. I'm just gonna slide like big ones right in that little nook back there. So. There we go I have my, cream. Bronzer and then over here I have all like the stick bronzers, and then we have these stick drugstore, bronzers and again. We have room back there if I decide to put kind of like face, palettes, okay, so I just quickly ran in two solutions, and picked up another one they come in a two packs well now I'll just have like an extra one but yes. I picked up another one of this so now I'm about to put. It in. I. Feel. Like that looks so, amazing I'm, so happy even though I have like no room, it just means I can't, hoard anymore foundations, but that's okay so, I'm working on the, blush drawer as you guys see here, so I have a lot of blushes, that are really chunky so I love this chunky blush holder by Sahni, really, nice but, I also have ones kind of like this that are just bigger okay so now I think I'm gonna move on to the everyday makeup drawer so I love having a drawer that's just all my favorite product on my favorite products but like the, go-to ones, like. I mentioned to you guys before I've always had this on top of my vanity but this time I don't want any clutter so. I'm gonna dedicate an entire drawer, to like you. Know the go-to products, so, I need to also update my go-to products, I love best a Lauder Double Wear foundation but, it's not really my go-to anymore. I thought that this would fit perfectly because it's kind of just an all-around organizer. So I'll be able to put like mascaras, brow products. Bronzers. You know I'm saying just like everything all in one. Okay. So everything, is in its place I decided to put the NARS and natural radium foundation, because it's currently just what I'm really loving and a. Bunch of concealers, that I like mascaras. Liners, all. That, good stuff and then some palettes, in the back that I really like I should have palettes in a highlight palette okay so I emptied out one complete Alex drawer and now I'm going to move on to lipsticks, I think so, I have this entire, organizer. Full of lipsticks and I'm literally just gonna pick up and transfer, into there so I'm gonna take a little break from the lipstick drawer and move on to liquid lipsticks I think I'm gonna dedicate this entire drawer to high-end liquid, lipsticks cuz I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fill it up I think we'll see but I think so. Here are all of my high-end, liquid lipsticks I have some. Lipstick. Stragglers, hanging around so I'm just gonna move those to the lipstick drawer but yeah. I'm, really in love with how well liquid, lipsticks just fit right into these Harmon. Organizers. So I'm gonna keep it exactly the same. Okay. So that's pretty much it for the liquid, lipsticks drawer that was really easy to do because I literally just transferred, everything, the exact same I'm so happy with it I just feel like it looks so, good, oh my, god you guys honestly, I'm so happy that I keep that bin of extra organizers, because in my head I remembered. That I had this like random little small organizer, that I was always like what am I gonna use that for you know but, then I saw that little empty space and I was like hmm I wonder if I can get lucky and if it fits and. It fits what. Do you know so I decided I'm gonna put lip liners right beside the lipsticks, and I'm gonna use another one of the half seas, organizer. Because it just fits perfectly I have three containers, of, lip. Liners I've kind of divided, it by oh this NYX one shouldn't be here but I've kind of divided, it by, high-end. News. And. Then. Drugs for lipliners. And. Then. High-end, colorful. Liners. And. Then there we go although the planners can live in this, drawer so. I literally just transferred, the drugstore, liquid lipsticks right into, this, drawer underneath the, high-end. Liquid lipsticks so now we have both on top of each other so I found one more of these and that's gonna fit perfectly, here but.

I Don't have any more so I think I'm gonna go to HomeSense tomorrow and see if I can find more so I have a bunch of my lip, glosses here, I'm just gonna go ahead and transfer them over I'm. Gonna leave the drugstore, ones out. Which. I'm actually gonna stand. I'm. Just gonna put these. Drugstore, glosses, in here for now until I get more. Containers okay, so I think over here I'm going to put eyeshadow palettes. Just at the bottom there's, a lot of eyeshadow palettes, so yeah. I'm gonna get to transferring. Okay so I think I like how that's kind of laid out I ended up using the other one that I had left over to kind of display these that way the drawer can just look a little bit pretty but if I ever run out of space obviously I'll just remove those and it would make more space but for, now I have an extra one and it. Works like this. For. All of my morphe, palettes but also for all of my Z palettes so. For, these more few palettes I am literally just going to keep them stacked, the only thing I'm going to do is keep them in the order that I would use it the most so, I'm going to put the colorful, ones on the bottom. So. I have a bunch of face palettes, that I've stuffed in here so now I want to take them and put them in the correct door so, I'm going to take the highlight ones and put them in the highlight or obviously bronze, ones put them in the bronzer drawer. Okay. So underneath, the blush, drawer I decided, to make, this kind of like the eye shadow and pigments, drawer so, I have a bunch of pigments, here and I'm gonna use the Sahni organizer. For eyeshadows and pigments and I have this here I haven't decided yet but I think I might need this too okay so I just finished putting away all my pigments, and, single, shadows, and then we have liquid glitters. And liquid shadows, and then, liners, more liners and brows and mascara, so that's pretty much it I have been doing this all day it's like 7 o'clock right now this, room is a mess so I'm gonna clean it up a little bit and we're almost pretty much done the only thing left is to do lashes, which I'm going to put in that last drawer so, I'll probably do lashes, and setting sprays tomorrow, and then that's pretty much it so I'm, gonna go ahead and eat dinner and I'm gonna come back tomorrow to finish everything up ok so it's the next morning and the last thing I have to do is just put away these lashes but I don't, know I'm kind of feeling like I really don't need all of these lashes I'm not even really into, lashes, that much anymore I mean, I like really natural ones now and a lot of these are super, dramatic that I don't even like I wouldn't even wear anymore so, I don't know I'm kind of debating on going through them and decluttering. Some ok so I realized that I had these two still that I was going to put foundations, in but now I can totally just put lashes in them that, way they have like something, to sit in but I mean you totally don't need to they're just lashes and they're pretty boxy, so you could just stack them in the drawer but I don't, have these too so I'm gonna do that so I finished putting in all the lashes and this is what I kept I feel like this is a much more. Practical. And, humble, collection. Of lashes, like this is all I need so, I have all these that I am getting, rid of so those back there I'm just going to toss them because I've already used them but, those back there are.

Backups. So those are my favorite lashes, called lashes for days so it's my favorite to keep those as backups. And then we have this skittle wala lash as backups, as well as my favorite but. All of these are ones. That I had like doubles triples and even quadruples. That's I think that's the word so. I had way too many of these so I am gonna go ahead and throw, these in a giveaway I had, pretty much tops it off you guys we are done with the organizing the last thing I'm gonna do is just put the Settings, Breeze in here. Alright. That is pretty much it for this drawer and for the entire tour, system, okay. You guys so that is pretty much it my entire makeup collection is organized, and in its new home and I'm so excited I can't, tell you guys how happy I am like this. Has been like a dream of mine to just be able to create my. Own drawer, system custom. To exactly, how I want it the. Exact dimensions. That I want so that every, single piece of makeup that I own fits perfectly, this is definitely my favorite drawer, and then I'd have to say my second. Favorite, drawer is probably. The high end liquid, lippies, I, want. You guys to comment down below let me know what your favorite drawer is is the highlight choice Foundation, droid lipstick, drawer let, me know what your faith is so. Yeah that's pretty much it I really hope you guys enjoyed watching me organize my entire collection, and I, will see you guys in the next video.

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This is goals girl!

I really wish you would have just put your camera on your tripod and showed us you doing everything. But I love watching you organize

My favorite drawers would have to be The High End Lipstick's and Eyeshadow Palette's.

I was so stressed over an assignment that’s due tomorrow and watching this was so relaxing and therapeutic

This was so satisfying to watch

Congratulation on new make up storage

I can’t have enough of lashes, I literally have 2 foundations and 3 concealers, 2 powders - one loose one pressed, two bronzers, one blush palette, and a whole drawer of lashes

curious on how much you've spent on just drawers

That organization though

Giiiiiirl we NEED a full makeup collection at this point, can't stop staring at those drawers

Wow...i denifetly need some of that, can I please have the stuff you getting rid of, dnt mind if it's used. It will be like a giveaway, love from South Africa❤

Ive been waiting forever for this, i love this

But why do I want to organize my makeup now love ya Amy

Very nice

Foundation drawer is my favorite!!!

Foundation drawer!!!

This video was soo satisfying!

All that makeup

This was extremely satisfying.

It’s unique

this was so satisfying

we need an in depth makeup collection now

I am obsessed with organizing myself. I have got to figure out my area soon it just isn't working for me anymore. Maybe the Sonny Organizers will work in my setup too! Thanks for sharing the link.

whats wrong with 32 dislike haha. This was so satisfying to watch :D love u

I LOVED this video !! I'm redoing my beauty area for filming really soon to fit my collection better and to also look the way that I want and this video gave me SO many ideas!!!

Are you selling the foundations or concealers??? You legit have my perfect shades

Can you make a Poshmark and resale omg the foundations

Can I have the makeup you’re getting rid of ????

All those setting sprays that you are getting rid of why don’t you sale them to me

That makeup drawer

Ps. All of the drawers are my favourite!! Let me know if you want to sell any of your acrylic Amazon organizers? I live in MISS and could pick them up.

Amazing!!! My favorite drawer was the foundation drawer...I love that idea...Hey Amy you think that would look good on the Alex 9 drawer? I would love to stack my foundations like that.

Purple Love Definitely! It would work as well!

So What are you doing with your Alex Drawers and acrylic storage??? Please sell them on Postmark or depot!!!

I'd love to see a review on the lawless foundation before you declutter it!!

Where is your rug from? Could you link it?

Sabrina Frasca It was a random find at Homesense!

the foundation drawer is my favorite

You lost me when you said that you’re not into lashes anymore

Miss Mariah Joy

I LOVE how organized your foundation drawer looks it’s so pleasing to look at

My favorite draw is the foundation draw ! I’m obsessed with collecting foundations

Wow makeup goals!!

What lipstick are you wearing here?! It looks so good on you! X

Best video I have ever seen in a long lomg time

My favorite is the giveaway drawer

I am envious of your foundation drawer. My Alex drawers are full, and I hate that I can't use the back of the drawers.

YASS AMY! Finally Someone With An Appealing Collection To The Eye. Different & Isn’t So Messy!! Everything Had It’s Own Space & Every Organizer Fit! So Satisfying! Plus Hearing The Excitement In Your Voice Made It 10x Better ☁️

I am so in love with this! I wish I had your makeup collection

My makeup collection is so small it wouldn’t even fill up one of those drawers

Fav drawer is foundation overall loved the vid so satisfying

That’s how it’s done

SaneTresses Omg I’d love to!!! I would die

so satisfying to watch! I am in love how everything came out and I love the foundation organizer idea!! I have the Alex 5 drawers, will maybe two of those fit in the drawer? and will it fit in the small or the deeper drawer? I love you !!

Kathelin Gil Yes it’ll also work in those drawers! The trays slide underneath each other to make the size customizable/expandable so you can put two side by side and make it less wide by sliding it together/under if that makes sense!

The room looks great...definitely love the liquid lippie drawer!!!

I love the foundationdrawer just because of the acrylic spiceracks

do u sell your old makeup?? like those nars foundation that were dark for u??? id lovveeee to buy themmm

Wow!!! Dreaam

Organizational goals! The foundation drawer is so perfect! I never understand why people don't use some sort of container in their drawers for their makeup. They don't have to be expensive either. I've used acrylic from the dollar store and reused small boxes inside my Alex. It just keeps everything looking so neat and easily accessible. CANADIANS! Dollarama sometimes sells InterDesign acrylic pieces.

Take a shot every time Amy says sleek

I’ve been so obsessed with you seriously I love watching these kind of videos from you

You are so neat, my fav is foundation one it looks awesome

makeup collection goals

Is it just a makeup room??

What’s the link for that dresser??

Omg Amy

Omg Girl don’t throw those away give them to me

You made me want to organize and de clutter my makeup collection. I loveeee this! I love youuu

This is soooooooo satisfying

Amazing vid! Best video I’ve seen!

Love this so much omg

SOOOOOOO satisfying to watch lol. Love organizational videos!!! You did a great job!

Omg, the most satisfying makeup collection and organization ever

this is my ocd dream

Best makeup organizer video

she's the only person who's voice was so soothing during this whole video lol, love you girl

This video is so satisfying

Foundation and liquid lipstick FOR DAYS MY FAVORITE

Also you can definitely do a giveaway with all the de clutter

The whole makeup drawer is my dream now

The foundation and lipstick drawer is everything

Bronzer is my favorite

I want as much makeup as you!!!❤️

I get mad watching this she’s throwing out so much makeup !!

This was such a satisfying video to watch!! Can you do an updated pamper routine?

Loved your organisation skills, but can't believe how much makeup one person owns!! If you never bought another piece and lived till you were 100 yrs old you still wouldn't have used it all!

I have like on foundation one mascara, one for eyebrow and thats is omg i want this so bad

We want a collection


Hi amy .....l am new in this channel.....when l was see this video.....l can understands....why For what this large amount of make-up....I'm surprised

I was waiting for this video

Not finished the video yet but damn I am blown away you got rid of all your urban decay sprays and kept.. wet n wild, elf and NYX instead?! Am I sleeping on those products or what??

can you make a video were you just use Kylie cosmetic products ??

liquid lipsticks drawers

I love this! Send me the srtonboli nars shade!!!

Title should be bunch of make-up

i don't know why we're all talking about our signs but i'm an aquarius so there's that

this is my new favorite video on the internet, i'm being 100% serious wow its so stunning

love this,this is eaven to me. my fav is the lipsticks section because am a lipstick addict,lol

We need a full collection video girl

Omg so many makeup lmao

I love your set up. Love your pigment drawer and foundation drawer. Love your organization drawer.

OMG! My favorite section was the foundation it looks awesome !!!

Looks amazing and Iove the drawer. Thanks for the code I ordered a few organizers for my makeup that I so needed. Since I just room and am organizing my beauty/walk in closet I so needed these.

Omg it looks like a store ,u have everything

OMG I have been waiting for this since your storage haul!!!!

I loved watching this

I'm obsessed with collection and organisation! Especially the foundation drawer!!!

I love these videos so much they satisfy me is that weird?

What are those 3 huda shades!!?

Foundation drawer

Wow!!! Watching this is soooo satisfying & seriously a wake up call to how I need to have better organizing skills and how I need to do a serious declutter lmaoooo I love the way how you organized and also the custom made drawers. I need to stop being lazy & do the same, but for now I will just enjoy yours haha

do makeup collection!!

I love your drawers

where did you get the draws

I’m not subscribed and idk who she is but I loveeeee organization videos and she has such a calming voice I loved this video lol

New subscriber!!! Love your Heaney already!!!

foundation, highend liquid lippies & eyeshadow palette drawer are my fav!!! ❤

The way you organised the entire makeup drawers is my favourite

OMG!! So beautiful, this is inspiring me to organize my collection now!


perfect brows omg

This is so satisfying to watch lol . I love it!

They need to make these drawers buyable in those dimensions. So satisfying to watch!

Makeup organization goals!!

I'm a crazy OCD organizer too, & the foundation drawer makes me happy!!


Love your channel

I love videos where people are so organized with their makeup or anything in their house it just is so pleasing to me but then again that's probably my OCD lol

I can fit my entire makeup collection in one drawer lmao that’s including brushes too! Lol


I strive to have this much makeup

I love your foundation drawer and your high end lipstick drawer your organizations is on point everything is so beautiful

Love it

I would loooooooove to have that much makeup!!❤️

Omg can I just have everything that you decluttered??? All those foundation shades would match me lol

Any chance you wanna sell me your old Alex drawers???? Oh my... I just found you on here, and I am SOOOOO glad I did! No doubt, you are seriously my new best friend. Makeup and organization = heaven. I know how I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend.

Foundations by far

Instead of grtting rid of the makeup you dont want you shud totally do a give away!!Hello think about the less fortunate girl

Ahh, so satisfying. Waited til I had some time off to relax and enjoy this

Your collection is amazing


What dimensions did you use for your draws?

Is anyone else happy she kept sound i love this video i cant wait to get my vanity in on Friday !!! So i can organize I literally had to leave out of my home because me and my ex broke up and half of my makeup is completely gone shattered broken and i have my everyday in bags and i just couldnt anymore so i cant wait to organize this gave me great ideas ❤️❤️❤️ And my fav drawer is Foundation!

The leaning rack for the foundations is an in drawer spice rack!

Where is that clear table from??????

Everything fit and it’s so satisfying

Loovvvvvveee this vid !! I use the ikea Pax wardrobe as a vanity/makeup storage and I’m always looking how to organize the drawers :)

Future goals❤️ have such makeup collection ❣️

Please do a beauty room tour/makeup collection

I loved watching this !! I can only dream of a storage/ collection like this bbe it’s awsome xx

I want all of this

your eyes are beautiful

Omggg the lipstick drawer

Can you give you’re other makeup organizer jk I know you can’t do that love you have a great day

I loved this!!!❤️❤️

Real Life Goals❤️

What about all the makeup still on the other cabinet? That didn’t get put away.

Pls give me the foundations you’re giving away

no doubt that my favorite drawer is the lipsticks one, seen it was so satisfying

Can we get the dimensions for this drawer set? Ya girls collection needs help

I am PRAYING that she didn’t just throw out the things she was getting rid of

Damn I didn’t think those sonny acrylics would be so $$$ especially with shipping to Canada. Makes sense though I guess, they’re usually a tad up there. I’m jealous of all your organizers!!! I just bought the Alex drawers myself and hope I like them!

3:03 You’re welcome

Your everyday Makeup is all my Makeup

The ammount of makeup she threw is actually the ammount I have

This was so freakin satisfying, I def wanna buy these

Gorgeous collection but you don’t need any of that makeup because you are naturally beautiful❤️❤️❤️❤️

My favorite drawer is definitely the foundation drawer

can you please do a makeup giveaway!??

Why is this sooooo satisfying??

that foundation drawer is so pretty and so smart!! I have never seen anyone think of that and it is genius! Also new subscriber!!!!

I want drawers like yours

This video was so incredibly satisfying!!

Dude you have so much makeup that I want and like you throwing it away breaks my heart

soooooo satisfying!!!!

Wish I had makeup cause I can’t afford to buy any next time u clean again u could give me any makeup u don’t need no more

Can you do a video of all your favorite foundations and when you like to wear each one? Like what type of look/finish each one gives.

oh my, this gave my so much satisfaction, I love it!!

5:10 '...When Amy gets to organizing she gets serious' She is literally Amy Santiago (from b99) as a makeup guru/ makeup lover

What u gonna do with the other makeup products that doesn’t match you ??? If u don’t need them can I get some of them???


I love how organized you made it! The drawers looked like the perfect size!! That foundation drawer ouuuuu!

I am so happy for you! Your set up is beautiful! Thank you so much for this video.

1334cass Thank you ❤️❤️

OMG I need to organize my collection now! Haha

i literally felt myself relax, this video is so satisfying

Wow and here I am having literally no primer, no concealer, no setting powder, no setting spray, no contour kit and having only 1 foundation aspiring to become like Amy.

Goalsssss !

My favorite is the lipstick drawer

Amazing organization! The best way to storage foundation.


That organization is perfection!

This is the best organized closet/video/beautyroom ever!

It is such a good video, BUT you moved the camera sooo much it made me dizzy!!! I loved it!

You should have done as much as you could with the tier system. Foundations look so sleek then the primer, concealer drawer looks messy. Obviously your the one who has to look at it every day and you do it how you want just my opinion.

If this isn’t makeup goals i dont know what is

I envy the sense of satisfaction you must have felt doing this. BUT especially when the little container you had fit in that space in the lipsticks. I died. And my OCD heart sang.

That foundation drawer omg!

Where’s the mirror at 4:18 from?

ohmygod when all the organizers fit right into the drawers, that was so satisfying. entire organization is so sleek and beautiful. great job sis

Soo satisfying! My fave drawer is the high end liquid lipsticks

You can literally turn this into a booming business, having a company make you these exact drawers in different sizes and sell them, that would be brilliant, I would so buy one

I love organizing too and this level of organizing is just so satisfying. I hope I have that make up to organize

Very nicely organized

This was so satisfying to watch! Thank you.

'I made it open all the way' But did you really made that drawer all by yourself? Did you really? XD

The huda and the fenty beauty foundations are my color. I wish I would of seen this video earlier I would of asked to keep them. I love those foundations.

Can you do a give away of what you’ve decluttered

Ur eyes so pretty

kelly broussard Toasted Coconut, Latte, & Baklava

Katie Bishop Glad you enjoyed

I mentioned the exact dimensions at the beginning of the video at 3:48

Omg ... that’s far too much make up. How often do u change them over? Surely more than half of these products would’ve gone off? No hate ... just curious

Only watching this satisfies me a lot

Literal goals

hi subcribe niyo youtube channel ko search niyo po she suarez salamt

Can you do a big giveaway for the lashes, or even the makeup you don't want.

This was so satisfying to watch.....

Girl I watched this video 2 times in a row. Looove it omg so beautiful! I hope you do a giveaway soon so I can enter and hopefully get lucky and win some of the stuff love you girl!

What if you giveaway the other make up that u didn't need? Love yahhh!

@ 17:30 the most satisfying moment i have ever witnessed in my life

can you do an updated in depth makeup collection please ma’am?

And if u can send me anything u want to give away of makeup every month if u want.

This was just wow. So cleeeeean and the fact that everything fit perfectly is just too much

And some lashes please I would love them

How much did you pay for the drawer?

I would love to to get a lot of foundations from u because I don’t have any and I been needing some and what ever Moreau want to give me please and setting sprays and setting powder and primers and any thing else u want to give away. And if u do please let me know so I can send u my address.

I got some custom made makeup drawers as well and they're a lifesaver. I just wanted something different from the Alex drawers

I wouldn’t even need one door!

This was such a satisfying video to watch! I didn't realise how much I loved make up organization until I watched this hahaha! Love your channel! I have also most recently started a channel and would love if you could check it out!

What do you do with your old makeup?

OMG.. What do you do with the makeup you don't want anymore?

The only thing I can say is " Yesssss Girl "

this is so satisfying, i want my makeup collection to look like this one day

This is so satisfying to watch

Oh my goodness I enjoyed watching this so much

if this ain't goals i really don't know what is

am i the only one who was getting total asmr vibes when she was putting products down

Am I the only one who wants her to go through every single product

My bedroom is smaller than her beauty room....

I cant believe you're just throwing out all that makeup I would die, I need some new makeup ;) btw I love you and your videos xoxoxo

My makeup collection fits into one of those drawers

That's so satisfying!!! Everything fits and it's so nice organizing. Dream!!!


Foundation draw xx

wtf u have alot of makeup and expensive brands too!! i cant afford half of it with my payment though am a dentist.. :(

Would you sell some of these things on Poshmark?


You know what would be amazing bc I never see anyone talk about them but quo has some pretty great makeup. I know it's a Canadian shoppers thing but I would still be so down for that. They have amazing brushes too.

Organization heaven girl!

love this! also dollarama sells similar organizers to the ones you used to organize your foundations! thier meant for spices btw but work the same!

My favorite drawer is definitely the foundation one! Love this video!!

Dang thats a lot of makeup!

Foundation drawer

My favorite kind of video! TFS!

Wow thank you for sharing this wonderful video with much fun organizing with you and all I had to do was sit and relax and watch you do all the work. Congratulations everything looks amazing; you worked so hard to get everything the way you wanted satisfying. My favorite drawer was the eyeshadow no wait...the blush wait the highlighter drawer! God bless

I wish I had that much I love makeup and I chose as a middle school elective video production” to share videos that I love for people to like and enjoy

your making me feel bad since your getting rid of all this makeup when i would literally DIE if i had at least 5 of those

I love this :)


don't throw it away! give it to me!

mine is the lippie draw..good job Amy..ever think about getting labels??

Your makeup collection is goals ! New sub hope you'll do the same xo

Why do I love watching these so much

That was the most satisfying thing i've ever watched

This made me feel so freaking satisfied

imagine if this was your job

this is good for my ocd

Take a shot every time she says 'sleak' 'Deep'

This was my favorite video ever! My favorite drawer has to be palettes!

are you from macedonia?

I love organisation videos especially with makeup (What about brushes)

Inter design is on amazon !!! They have great organization products of various sizes and such.

very well laid out. love the shallow drawers. great use of customization. plus the high gloss finish is a nice touch.

I love to watch these kind of videos ♥

Should do a giveaway

Foundation draw

I’m a guy and I’m just hear for the makeup sounds. So relaxing

Woooow love this video so jelly of your collection

It would be great if u do palette collection video

You should sell them on poshmark so I can buy some from u!

This is soooo satisfying to watch!! I love the way you did everything xxxxx

You makeup artist

I lovee this

Lol I remember from when that makeup spill happened

Nyx is a high-end company. You can't find Nyx at Cvs like you could with elf.

Tooooooo much Cosmetics

Every girls dream world

You're eyes are soooo beautifulll

love the dresser drawer organizer, and love your makeup collection. im also a huge makeup collector, and enjoy watching other peoples collection...Hope u enjoy your new organizer.

Wish i could have some of her makeup and was moving and they stold my makeup my any one .

Your eyes

so aesthetically pleasing ❤️

lmao i hope you gave those things you got rid of to someone.

first time watching one of your videos and i literally fell in love ! i’m so sad you got rid of all that makeup though ):

I want your makeup

You should do a giveaway with the makeup you don’t want?

Were did you get your alex drawer? i need some really bad

Thats a bomb ass idea your sis came up with for the foundations. And ik the feeling of wanting your make up drawer just how you want it. Everything looks sleek and on fleek.

Omg plz can u send me the kkw loose powder I've wanted it forever but couldn't afford it xx

Your so beautiful

dude. desser are now like now a day. they dont pull all the way out. i got my dresser from room to go. i like that i dont have to build it. itself build. i dont want so makeup since im mostly stay home. maybe if i get marry; i might buy most of it

I want ur tarttttteeeee

Personally I can’t get myself organized, but I love watching other people organize!

And lastly where did u got the tray u use for the mascara/concealers?

Where did u got your concealer trays too? I’m trying to figure out if these can fit in my organizer cart. Awaiting your kind response.

Hello Amy, the new drawer with your primer, where u got those wide flat trays from?

I could only dream of having that much make up haha

i loveddd this video and the organization looks amazing! please do a full makeup collection next!!

I was literally drooling over all the makeup this whole video!! This has been my dream to have a makeup collection like you and organize it. I know when I get a house what the first room will be

Post the finished look!!!!!

I NEED a makeup collection!

Where does your make up that you're getting rid of go???

51 foundation wow !!!!!

I really enjoyed this video! I love organization and I like how you kept footage of you moving things around until you liked the positioning. Lol

This was so simple n easy to watch. I loved how you had it all planned out!

Seriously sooo satisfying and I’ve just watched this at 10pm and now I wanna do my collection hahah! I love how you organised your foundations!x

I can't believe that I am just watching this, I love watching this it so soothing and I got so many ideas from you since you put a lot of thought into it


You are so nice cute beauty person

thats a lot of makeup :0

I have no foundation, 1 mascara and some lipsticks but not more than 5

3:51 ‘4 inches is good enough for me’

I love the eyeshadow palette drawer

Jij fesfest veel

You need to create these drawers and sell them to us

I really hope I have this number of make-up

Lashes for sure xx

Can u do a makeup collection and go into depth xox


Omg I just love it

I would climb in your trash and take all of the makeup

So satisfied looking

Your eyes are such a pretty color!!!!

*I have exactly 1 really good foundation that I use and that's it...*

my fave is definitely lipsticks and foundation!! BUT NOW IM WAITING FOR A MAKEUP COLLECTION

Do a giveaway to the ones you didn’t use

OMG lashes for DAYZZZZ damn I'd need those but I love watching these kind of videos ❤❤❤

Okay but what where the songs that were played

i would cut my leg off for her makeup collection

that’s a lot of makeup

Your telling us what the measurements are in the draws Bro we don’t care Like stop

You said the same thing like 7 times. We get it I rlly don’t like u so stop talking so much


Where are your dresser drawers from? I need this furniture for my room. Makes organizing so much easier Looks amazing!

The thumbnail is so satisfying

Same with the Alex drawers like

You want to give me all the makeup your giving away I’ll buy it

im new but I love how positive u r :)

can you give me your 310 plz and thank you

Love the custom organised & clutter free☺️


dang I thought I had a lot of makeup but not anymore. she legit owns a whole store

All my makeup could fit in one drawer and there'd still be more room

The OCD monster is gone for now...

The foundation section is my best

You’re eyes

U should’ve used the darker foundations as contour


This is amazing!

This makes me want to organize my make up even though I only have about 1% the amount of make up you have

Girl we neeeeed a makeup Collection/ Beauty room tour

I love how you are more famous/popular on youtube in the beauty community yet you still have many drugstore products!

You said you're just going to do color coordinated but you put charlotte tilbury(bronze package)highligter after the blue ones. Like c'mon where is the coordination,it just bothers me.

looking at your make ups makes me think when will i have my own :< btw, you're my new favorite now

Can I please have some makeup please

She vas a lot of make up



The two pallets draw

I the foundation doesn't match your shade and its not expired you can donate them instead of throwing in

Such a satisfying video

Girllll please donate some makeup to me

Surely do a give away with the makeup you don’t want, I’ll happily have them hehe

Ur makeup collection is literal goals oh my god would die for this

U should give me the makeup I have a little bit please

dang girl you have a lot of makeup

Give me one foundation please

Why u got so much make up

Foundation is my favorite jore

I am a new subscriber and how I came across you is your thumb nail of how the foundation’s were organized so that’s my favourite drawer! Glad this popped up on my suggestions!

Omg the foundations your getting rid of are my skin color

girl if you getting rid of makeup even if it was used send it over here cause a girl is broke

so satisfying

Bi insan boş çekmeceyi niye bu kadar anlatır

Ne kadar çok konuşuyorsun ya

I would die to have that much makeup

Love u videos

OMG any makeup you don’t want me you could happily send me

You should do a giveaway if you haven’t used the make up instead of tossing it in the trash

Ugh. So pretty! My fave is foundation or blush. Or eyeshadow.

If you didn’t get rid of all those products yet I’d gladly take them

How are you doing the giveaway

This is so satisfying anddd heyyyy your girl is hereee if you want to send over the declutter ❤️

Where’s the eyebrow stuff

How do you have so much makeup? So satisfying to watch haha


Goals !

Why is that for me sooo satisfying ? Idk

it makes me Sosa how the makeup u don't want your just getting rid of it I would so buy it off you hahaha



Will you give some makeup away!! I would love to enter it if you did?

This video was soooo satisfying omg I felt so good after watching this video

And my friends say that I have alot of makeup!

All my makeup fits in a little bag

Do a giveaway

you should probably not throw all that extra makeup a giveaway or something but honestly to me thats just wasting stuff ...sorry if i sound mean ...not trying to be

love your videos and love the t-shirt also. xx

Girrrrrl you only need like 1 or 2 foundations lmfao

I’ll take them but there gone now

I love these videos! Organizing is so satisfying

Omfg this makes my OCD feel so satisfied

Eyeshadow palettes Is my fav draw x

Sooooo satisfying

You keep saying how you have decluted and stuff and that it’s a more practical amount when you have like more than 50 of everything but then normal people have like 2-5 foundations and the same with everything else except probably lipstick and thing like that I just think you wasting money on thing you probably don’t use and probably only use like two of each thing until they run out but you can always buy more when they run out but it’s your life but I do like you vids I just think you have two much

watching this just makes me jealous..

I have more then this a lot more this is nothing compared to what I have

I loveeeee makeup but I hate having too much makeup, I feel like it’s a waste and I won’t be able use lot as it will be expired in a year or so

lipstick and eyeshadow drawer love

Funda door!!!

I wanted to watch this video entirely but I'm getting way too dizzy :( so sad, I love these types of videos

So much joy in organization. Lol Girl Huda Beauty foundation shade Tres Leches and Dulce de Leche are my shades.. Waaahhhh

A girls can dream.............

Ur lucky

Her eyes are so pretty

Brasileira que ama esse canal.

You should do a giveaway on all of the products you don’t want

I wrote the whole thing or just like it I love it

Can you help me get organized

Oooooh my goddddd your makeup collection is amaaazing ❤️❤️


I love the noise it makes when you put the products into the organisers xx

will u donate the products u dont want or u’ll sell it? :(

Talking way to much. Just skip to the point

Do a giveaway for your makeup

Guuuurl you gotta whole lot of makeup! I'm amazed!

loved your video! and finally someone who doesn't just throw the eyeshadow palettes in a drawer but really organizes it. and your foundation drawer is so satisfying i can't

guns n roses

You have to mutch make up

OMG you have so much makeup!! Like i have one foundation and you have like 50 00

I could fit my entire makeup collection into one of those drawers

"this room is really small" thats literally the size of my room or a tiny bit smaller than my room

I would only need like 2 drawers

Your face. Shape is identical to Angelina Jolie’s hehe and same eye Color and I think yr beautiful

Scarlett Rosa she's a makeup artist, she'll use all of these. She does others make up too. It's her job.

I like conseller door

Dream makeup drawer

i like foundation drawer

The best foundation drawer

Like damn BTW everything looks amazing

Uhh can u like give me some makeup like I want some

Every thing that u throwing away u should give it away ❤❤

I'm your following from Saudi Arabia

Are you makeup artist???/really I love your makeup and the makeup organizer you are so pretty

My fave draw is the high end liquid lipstick idk why Tbh I wasn’t even gonna watch this video co it was 23 mins but I did


Omg I hope that makeup she removed didn’t goto waste, where do you take it or who do you give it to?

Drinking game(21+): Take a shot every time she says "sleek"

Very cool and lovely❤

That room is huge! I guess Americans are a bit spoiled with space because your 'little' make up room is probably bigger than my living room. Be grateful girl you have everything you need ♡ I love your custom drawers, they are perfection ♡

Pls give same make-up if u can I live in oman I love make-up but can't afford buying

can i have some your awesome and lucky to have that much makeup so can i have some i dont have mutch makeup i only i one lipstick and one single shafdow thats it and i am a fan of makeup you inspire me and i bet you inspire 1000 persent of the world so please how old are you zare you rich your sooooooooooo soooooo soooooo lucky and you have so much makeup

Do you know make up products go off?

when 310 is your shade and your just screaming at the video like "no i iilllll have your fenty!!!!!!"

Omg I loved this video soo much and this is my first time watching. New subscriber!!

Literally the best video I’ve ever seen

All that must be a million pounds

Why is there music in the background?

Send me all the things you dont want.. Girl i can I am your skin twin.. I love the foundation..

You can give me all the foundations that doesn't fit you

With all the money you spend on the makeup you could have helped those in need. Shame!

Are you a professional make up artist working from home ? Or just an obsessed person ?

Wow thats à lot

Why do You have so much makeup?

can you do a give away? and did you buy all of your makeup?


High end lipstick draw is my fav!

Way too much makeup. I bet that you will not live enough to use every single lipstick and eyeshadow color

Kya apka skion hai

Woah that is CRAZY xd

I hope you donated the toss aways to a women's shelter.

Loveee yr chanel!! Im working with yr mom!! Please do Falls make up

can i go shopping in your makeup room

1:40 it's a really small room. Me be like, my room is about half the size

honestly need these drawers i have so much makeup its super hard to keep it organized all the time definitely need to steal your idea. ❤

@vloggloss marcha dit moet je echt zien wat is dat georganiseerd zeg !!

Where did u customize it at?

Did you buy you makeup by your own ?

dont get rid of the other make up :( give them to meeeeeeee

this organisation made me subscribe. Love!

At 17:39 does anyone know what brand those blue lipsticks are???


Give me your old Alex draws

all i have is chapstick

I’m obsessed with all that makeup and the way it’s organized!! I wish my makeup collection looked like that

Can I buy your Alex drawers? And any makeup you don’t want

can i have your alex drawers? ill buy them

i feel poor

WoW I wish I had Many lipstick as you have


It's crazy

You should add labels on the drawers so u know were everything is!❤️

the foundation drawer is so satisfying


Hello, I am black skin and here in my country there is not much makeup for my skin tone. You could give me please. Sorry my English is not very good. Kisses

So satisfying!

I subscribed just because of this vid its one of the best I've seen on yt love the custom drawers couldn't look better I'm gonna get similar ones made thanks for the Inspo

Girrlll u have to declutter ur eyeshadow pallets cus there are so many

Personally speaking i wouldnt waste my money on 10 eyeshadow paletes 10 foundations 10 lipsticks and those types of makeup because idk

so much makuep

drugstore? oh right

At the first i said foundation section is perfect and then when i saw highlight section noo way and u come out with lipstick section all of them are hilarious

Omgggggg I love your all draws ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And love you too

Who feels poor after watching this videk

Girl what did you do with the other foundation?! Lol omg this is so pleasing tho


love the organized but you didnt need all that foundation and setting spray/power just one your favorite foundation and setting spray and power , then gonna throw away some of those smh what a waste of money ... just saying

This has to be my #1 favorite video on YouTube this is literally makeup porn

Omg get to the freaking point like it took you 10 minutes to actually get into the makeup Jesus!!!!!

Meant to have this face


Wish my makeup would be like 1/10 huge like this!!

Soooo jealous! OMG!!!

Who are you?

Oh My God!

can you show us your palettes’ collection? like colour ecc. love u baby

where did you get ur drawer?

This is amazing I wish I could have this much makeup its funny because you have like 100 foundations and I have 2

This was so satisfying to watch

*cries in potato*

Plsss i am a huge fan of u

Can u pls give me some of ur old makeup cause i am poor asf lol

Yassss! That foundation drawer is so satisfying

That's more makeup than I'd ever own in my life. But this was weirdly satisfying because it fit so well

I love these drawers! I'm only a few minutes into the video but I'm so excited to see what you do with them.

Thats not normal

where did you get the Nars and the fit me concealer

It’s been almost a month and I still can’t help watching this quite every day loving this kind of videos and yours its soooo satisfying

I would like to know what the dimensions are for a perfect makeup cabinet than I mean the height and width of the drawers

I just organized all of my lipstick from darkest to lightest it took for ever

Those trays you used for foundation! WOW! that's so smart

i’ll have the makeup you don’t keep ❌❌❌❌

please give me the makeup you won't use

Omg donate your makeup to me if u dont use it.

I can't even afford one foundation

What mascara are you wearing?? It's stunning!

Omg I need this much makeup

I’m sorry but why do u need that much makeup like there is no ways u use all of that

Can I adopt ur extra makeup? Satisfied watching that much of make up

I love when people put their makeup away it's so fun to watch and it makes me happy because it's organized and it's fun to see things organized. love ya

Was anything that was still new donated?

Omg, I just found your channel ... I love you

I only have 4 foundations, 2 concealers, 3 bronzers, 1 setting powder, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter kit, 4 mascaras , couple of lipsticks and 1 setting spray jeezus woman u have sooo much

I found this video so relaxing and inspiring! Great eye and detail to things

Can you make a giveaway with the makeup you don't want

I Love the draw with the Highend liquid lipsticks

You r crzy for mekup

Ikea and the container store are the places to go for makeup storage soultions

You should open a makeup store in your house!


LUCKYYY I wish I had as much makeup as you I’m young but I LOVE MAKEUP!!!

Brooooo I’m jammin everytime U let the clips of drake album play

Loving your organization of your makeup. How did you get the graph on your cell phone? That’s what I need to help me organize my drawers.

please help get makeuppp like you!!!!!!!!!!1

Hell for minimalist.


It’s funny, my last name it’s Macedo too.

I have like 2 mascaras

I want be a MUA but i dont have that much makeup like u, im so bad :(

My fav is the highlight jore


17:31 that was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen


Can i have the fenty beauty that not match your shade

Hi I love that is a good idea can u to tell me where did u get the new draw from. Please can I let me nowxxx


damn and i thought I had a lot of mekeup

So, I think the Sephora closest to my house has less makeup in store than you in your beauty room!

I love these drawers! How much was it to get these custom made?

Y u spend money on lots of make up bcz u can spend this money on sm orfans children nd sm othr gud things. One prsn cant use all this make up tht is waste of mny

I Think it really ridiculous to have THAT much makeup. Like why have a million shades of the color and brand it’s REALLY ridiculous and it actually makes me angry idkw. Like your never NEVER going to use all that makeup so just have like to highlighters like omg satisfying if you cut all your things down to to things

Mine and my Grandaughters Heaven.....OMG The lipstick draw ❤️

Your room make-up is very beautiful

you have got sooo much make up ahhh

who watched the full vid ?

my fave drawers was the foundation , eyeshadow and the lipstick


I want to be u that makeup is fav and you have soooo much

This was so extremely satisfying

i loved this sm

You can totally send the make up you don’t want my way

Woww likeeee


Your foundation and eyeshadow drawer!!! I love that so much!!! Especially ur eyeshadow!!!

Btw not even foundation B.B. cream

Sanaa Garbharran I only have one lipstick and 1 foundation

this is my actual dream oh my gosh

Oh my lord. I'm in love with this video. ❤

When all the ones she is getting rid of legit look exactly like your shade arggg I hate being broke

OMG you have ALOT of make up

Wow loving your new drawers for your make up my favorite are your foundation, and your lip sticks, liquid lipstick drawers love it especially how you organize everything very nice

Wow! You have alot of makeup.

I literally only own chapsticks

Honestly goals

this whole video is a brand deal for plastic organizers

Your organization videos are honestly my favorite to watch over and over again to get inspiration. You are an Organization Queen!!!

Please please please let me know the dimensions

The foundation drawer looks so satisfying

Huda foundations!!

I'll take all the makeup you don't use.

How do people afford all this? Like, you had 5 or so of the one highlight kit from Anastasia! Meanwhile, I have maybe 5 eyeshadow palettes, 4 highlight kits, 5 foundations, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, 3 or so eyeliners, 2 liquid lipsticks, like 10 drugstore mascaras & that’s pretty much it.

literally all my makeup could fit in one of those drawers

My favorite drawer is the bronzer drawer!!!

To much

I don't have Make up products

your drawers look like Sephora

Omg the foundation draw is my favvvv❤I wish I had so much makeup....I only have like about four shame on me

Its very tomuch...everyday u face wash with fresh alove vera u be very pretty more than anyone

i need the organisers but i’m broke

I would love to take your unwanted make up it would be amazing to have make up again. I have lost my confidence after I lost my daughter and have not been able to be able to get my make up back


OMG ur sooo cute (In a friendly way noone get any ideas) New sub here!!

Can I shop there? Do subscribers get discounts?

Where does all your left over makeup go? You should do a giveaway in future! xx

looks like molly burke

youve gota huge collection of makeup woahh

I like all of them

Bro shes rich


I didnt ever thought anyone would have so much makeup even in my dream What do you do with so much makeup utg

You should do a giveaway

Your eyes look so beautiful


I swear this was so satisfying to watch!!! Honestly feel like your collection isn't that big compared to others it nice compact and humble!!!

You could just tell how excited she was to do this just in the tone of her voice ♥️

4:29 Did you Said IKEA? i’ts a swedish store!!

Do u finish thm b4 thy expire?

Consider on doing some giveaways for your extras

Hi, where do you get all yours organizers at?

Can i please have all the makeup ur throwing away

Oh my god! My eyes like

Do you use all of that make up?

I need those Tier organizers I’ve never seen those before it’s so satisfying to look at

I wish beauty gurus would let people buy the foundations they don’t use for less $$, I would love to buy them for my freelance kit

I'd like to be able to do that with my art and textiles supplies - get a custom set up. Way too pricey though. :(

I have makeup envy. I’m only just starting with makeup so have a small collection. I love the drawers and separators too

Perfect!!! Makes me want to organize my Alex drawers!!! I want the organizers but they are so pricey

I wish your place had more color lol

I messaged you on Instagram last night and you replied! thank you so much

You have so much makeup wow it's so satisfying seeing other people organising their makeup

should do a give away for all the makeup lovers out there and just in general

why do you need so much of everything?

Terlalu banyak bachod

Gurlll my makeup collection can fit into one damn beauty bag

Oh my God

Gave me more makeup please

all these makeup and you cannot do one decent look


Love this video :)

Do less talking

Ocd has been put to sleep

Where did she get those drawers ?

Beautiful! Don’t get me wrong but you have enough to open a store!

It's great make up collaction and i felt really happy when i saw it orgnaized But I can't believe how much make up you just throwing away I can't even afford half of the things you'r throwing

Omg your skin looks flawless

C Cu Cut Cute Cut Cu C

Where I can buy the big drawer?? And how much it cost?

How can I get these exact drawers you have I love them

How do I get the exact same drawers you have I love them

And if you think foundation dror is the best then give a thumbs up

My favourite drore is the foundation

If any of those foundation shades are medium beige I would love to have them

I love the lipsticks and all ur eyeshadow pallete

Holy crap, I counted 51 foundations in that drawer. Um...I have 2 liquid foundations. One is almost finished, and the other is meant to replace it.

pleaseee do a makeup collection


I imagine a good amount is sent to these YouTube people for free to review. The rest is purchased with their own money as an investment in their channels. Buy makeup, feature on YouTube, get more viewers, make more money from ad revenue, then repeat. tbh I even find 5 foundations and 10 mascaras to be excessive, but then again, I have more blushes and a lot more lipsticks than you do :)

u have too much makeup..just like makeup factory

Aren’t those drawers just from Ikea? ❤️. Wish I had all that makeup

makeup remover?!

Love your foundation drawer! ❤

This is satisfying when you organize it!goal!!!!!!

lov it all

why need hella makeup? if you dont use half lol no HATE



I wish I had that much of



I keep all my makeup in bag till I can move into my own place

Here i was feeling guilty for having 6 different foundations. Girl you're goals!! Love your collection and organization. Most amazing makeup organization video on youtube. You should totally sell the customized drawers with organizers to your subscribers. We will all buy it!

Question....why does one person need so much make up?

I wish I could just come and take all the extra make up that you’re giving away ha ha

Your eyes OH GOD

hey! ur lipstick drawer looks like

omg are those contacts or your real eyes! im in loveee

You want half a foundation bottle or a half used lipstick?

holy sh

If you’re looking to donate, I am missing inventory, I do makeup on the side, I would love it!!! Ill be your trash! Lol

Please don't throw the products give it to your friends please don't waste money this is my kind request

i started feeling crazy after sometime though


This makes me so happy to see makeup organized and it’s satisfying

I have a lot of makeup too! But I have no where to put it all!!!! There's so much that I can't even organize it. But other than that love the video! I loved seeing it all organized i needed to be satisfied

R u crazy this much makeup. Whts ur source of income. That u spend a treasure on make up

You should do an eyeshadow palette collection and go through them all :)

oooooo my God too pretty organized

It feels like you have more makeup then the stores

I loved how you organised all your makeup in the beautiful drawers and top 2 fav drawers were foundations + concealers and eyeshadow palettes.

Lipstick drawer


how can you afford all that? jesus christ!!!

AMAZING!!!!! love love love ! mush i had that much makeup and options

Is it a makeup collection or an entire makeup shop???? Plzz do reply!!!

omg u had and have a LOAD of makeup

What’s the Morphée palette you open? It’s so beautiful

Love your collection!

Favorite drawer = all of them

omg that is so satisfying to see


holy god! i am so in love with this you have no idea. its beautiful!!!

I don't care if you have or have not used it but any makeup products you have can I have you can contact me on my insta @tbh.haley.duhh and I will give you my info thanks

This is so satisfying! It looks great Amy!

Take a shot every time she says sleek.

Can i get one?


My friend Gavin said he's proud of you .

I hate how expensive nz is hard to do up a beauty room on a budget long term goals

For some reason all of these liquid lipsticks and foundations with the different colors right next to each other looks soooo satisfying to me idk maybe it’s just me

The makeup organization is superrrrrrr

I bet you dont use most of that

Litteraly my dream!

I love these type of videos

Omg I only need one off those drawers and she needs it all Omg love her

Also, foundation drawer Nd liquid lipstick drawer are my favs too

Thank you for keeping the sound on when you sped through putting you makeup un the drawers...that sound is so strangely satisfying

Every girls dream

You have really too much makeup really really too much

who the hell needs all that makeup. I consider it a waste of hard earned money.

I loooovveee makeup but it's like, makeup expires and there is sooo much for one face. But I wish to one day have a collection like that just so extraaa

I want that makeup dresser

That's a lot of makeup

Your everyday makeup drawer is double my entire makeup collection I'm not even kidding!

Woow Ill just trew two Nice huda beauty foundations

omg your makeup storage looks unreal please could you do an in depth makeup collection like even if it’s an hour long like i you agree so Amy can see this xxxx

can u send me all that makeup u don't want anymore. i have one cheep fondation that my mom use with me

How do u get so much makeup

I loved this video but if you put u organising ur makeup in a time lapse I would of loved it more!!!

Omg send me those lashes

You honestly make me wanna Organize my snacks lmao oh ma gawd I feel soo motivated rn lmao

The whole time I was screaming in my head *”ILL TAKE IT”* when she was getting rid of things

اين انتم ياعرب

20:53 in loveee

omg i wish i had that much makeup

I love and hate watching de cluttering makeup videos. Everything that people de clutter I just want to have, even if is my wrong shade or like used, I still want it

Awww this is literal goals cannot wait for payday to get more makeup

you’re having a Sephora in your room

That looks like safia nygards makeup room

Insane, how much makeup you have! :D But really nice organized!

She kept the tarte foundation

Ur a makeup diva!!!! Ur makeup products is just soo gorgeous!!!! Love u amy❤️❤️

I wish I had this much makeup

hey girl I was wondering what the size of the Harman drawers are just so I know roughly what to look for. Thank you!!! xoxo

i wish i could have makeup and stuff like yours but i can never afford it thats why i cant wear it bc i cant afford it but i love your channel

I am ocd so this is so relaxing to watch


You should do a give a way

Lol i have one little bag with 1concealer 1mascara 1eyebrow gel and 1highliter

that makeup Asmr tho

Omg this is so satisfying to watch! I love how you organised everything, good job! ❤

Girl give me all the unused makeup lmao

Go straight to it by clicking this time stamp | It just costs 1 like :) \/ 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40 5:40

U have too much makeup give me some ur makeup

Danm i have 2 powders 2 foundation 2 concealers 3 mascaras 6 highlighters 1 blush 1 bronzer 1 setting spray a few lip stuff 3 contours

So I'm just gonna be real here for a second. Not hating on the organization. Super cool shit BUT are we missing the fact that no human being can use that amount of makeup within the expiration/shelf life printed on the label? (i.e. 6M/12M/18M etc) The product consistency will change over time---this applies to EVERYTHING that is liquid makeup. From clumps to makeup formulas breaking down so it doesn't even go on smoothly, there is also the risk that when it says SPF-so & so--that will no longer be valid in protecting you when you're exposed to the sun. I'm just being realistic here. I mean it's cool as hell being that organized but I didn't get a thrill from watching makeup go to waste. I personally would rather buy new clean stuff yearly knowing it'll stay high quality and look consistent. Again, no hate on the organization! I'm OCD myself but I'm more practical than that.

I love your foundation drawer!!

Me encantaaaa

your eyes

DO A GIVE Away on all the make up you don’t want

Omg I am trying to get to your level but it is so stressful I don’t know how you do it

for real who needs asmr this is soo satisfying

Are you Australian

You have Beautiful eyes

I love organizing too!! It makes me feel better... less stressed... ♥️

just found your channel and just found MY NEW FAVORITE OMG. you are soooo pretty I can't

Omg you have so much makeup

What about everything that is on top of the old drawer???

She have a lot of makeup

I don’t even have quarter of her makeup ....

I've been binge watching these makeup declutter videos and this one is my favourite.

I am gunna go dumpster diving in her house

Give me some makeup plz

all that makeups going to go bad before you even use half of them :'(

You used the exact same rug, drawrers and holders as sagfiya


I don’t even own one lipstick


her eyes are so pretty

I love those drawers, it looks AWESOME!!

How did you come to have so much makeup? Makeup is super expensive and I’m broke haha. Do company’s send you makeup... and then over the years you kinda just collect it??

you are one lucky lady. Beautiful job. wishing you all the luck in the world.

drinking game: how many times she says sleek

Honestly wish I knew that the alex drawers didnt open up fully upon saving my money and purchasing :/

Omg you should do more organizing videos you are so good and you make it so satisfying

Liquid lipstick

i have watch this video about 3-4 times

Just discovered you and am in love. Random question....but what camera do you use to film?

where did You buy huge white beauty?

You deserve 10 million sub

I need them for the amount of make-up I have I have around 42 different foundation's

Name twinning!

omg i am loving all that make up

Far out she has so much makeup


My make up is only in a bag I have: 1 concealer, 1 mascara, 1 Mua eye shadow palet, 3 bronzers, 4 highlighters, 4 eyebrow palets, 6 brushes, 3 loose powders, 1 beauty blender, 6 matte lipsticks, 2 lipglosses :)

you are American

can you talk with me please

I'm a India but it is so nice

What are u going to do with your old makeup dressers

Why so mich make up IM GONAA CRYY I WANT THISSS


I love how she kept the elf and nyx setting sprays and got rid of urban decay

*I can see my future in the reflection of that high gloss

دحين هاذا المكياج وش بتسوي فيه

I have no mackeup

WTF will you do with this much makeup ....are u going to sell these...??

Wooow! In love❣️❣️❣️

Can you share the dimensions of your custom made drawers please?

We’re the draws from

Why do you have so many lipliners, its all the same colour?!

Your Eyes

I can't believe anyone could own this much makeup im soooooo shook

My favorite the foundation

Watching you organise makes me feel like i actually have my life together

Hi guys if anyone needs me I’ll be standing outside her bin

this video is so satisfying

am i the only one who has barely any makeup?

So satisfying!!! Can you do a makeup collection?!

what do you guys think about the Maybelline setting spray? any thoughts?


I will never be able to afford that makeup

Can I have the rest of the makeup

What about brushes

Plz dude give me as a gifttt

bruh... that's so much makeup lol I wish I had it all but I know I wouldn't use 80% of it

I wish I owned that much

Wow! This is goals and being a 16 year old watching i really hope to get some make up one day !

I really want to be a makeup artist so I watch these videos so I know what to get to practice but I don’t really buy them because I can’t afford it

lol u have an obsession

it is so satisfying how everything fits so perfectly like how

I want to legit buy this from her

this vid makes me hate alex drawers ahahaha

I bought my first set of makeup brushes and I was so excited when I got them today now I’m like wtf she has a collection bigger than my clothing dresser. Donate anything to me I would die. Omg loved the organization it was aaamazingly thought out. Loved watching u organizer your collection


This is cool but it’s kinda sad

So much make up

My makeup fits in a small pencil case. I don't need anymore nor could I ever afford more than one foundation at a time. Y'all be way too rich


You have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much makeup but I respect that

all that fucking make-up.

so much foundation

Wish you give away some makeup to me

9:38 Lana my queen

its literally a makeup shop

You have SO much makeup Why do you need it all ??

Your makeup is enough for entire country! hhhhhh

WTF ..what will you do with this much makeup ....are u going to sell these...??

Girl I have a bag of makeup, not draws

Anyone else want to organise their makeup like this but hasn’t got enough and only has like 2-3 foundations

Omgg if I could take those fpundaothat don’t match you I would!

I just have to ask. For what the hell do you need so much makeup? Ok, I would understand it if you need something professionally and get paid for it. Is that so? Or is that just hobby Youtube and such a stuff? Btw you can organize very well

is anyone else having a panic attack because her eyebrows are two different shapes

what about brushes?

My Daughter love

Can we get a makeup collection video?

You could send me some of the leftover makeup

Someone please explain to me how someone can have a make up collection if it expires!! Like what do you do with all of it, especially with the foundations ??there is no way someone uses it all. I need answers

I'm living for the fact that you made a chart on your phone

super new to your channel but i was wondering how you've collected so much makeup? id love to have such a huge collection but its so expensive holy cow

My favorite foundation is touch it is the best I've ever tried

Thanks for the link to the custom drawers . I have a ton of makeup I need to organize myself

You dont need that Much make up ... your not even going to use that

You have sooooo much makeup!!

You can give me your foundations

I feel so... uh I don’t even know what to say

THAT LOOK SO PERFECT HOW ARE YOU SO PATIENT, also you are so beautiful you don’t really have to put make up on you have big blue eyes and that makes you look perfect, sorry if i made mistakes i’m learning english...

can you send me them pleaaaase

Oh my god

I can’t believe I just watched someone organise makeup for 20 minutes. (This is my first time watching your videos.) Ps. I don’t own any makeup apart from a highlighter my friend gave me for my birthday 2 weeks ago.

Maria Lobetos How do you know all of them are going to match you? They're all different shades. Do you change skin colors? lol

I have 13 lipsticks 1concealer 3 foundation 5 nail polish 1 lipgloss four eye-shadow palettes one highlighter one blush and makeup brushes


Please give some to me

I wish you could’ve done a giveaway with the makeup/lashes you don’t use

Girl how much makeup do ya need

I'm going nuts

Why do you have so much make up. You only have one face unless your sharing with your whole country

Should donate your old make up to women’s shelters

You’re de clutter is 10 times my collection :(

New subscriber

You're a great YouTuber

Moonlightsun96 oh ...Okay ...

From other comments I've seen like these, people said that her job is to test makeup, so she gets sent it all. Makeup its her passion so she's kept most of them and collected some.

Damn you have a lot of makeup! Lol

she has 66 foundations...

I love the new storage you got, looks more like a dresser and more like your own (obviously cuz you designed it) and NOT like 99.9% of beautubers setups!! I have a love hate relationship with these kind of videos I LOVE to watch them because seeing an abundance of makeup makes me HAPPY but then I secretly get envious at the same time

Where are ur brushes?

What Camera is she using ?

Ok I don't even own 0.001% of the amount for makeup she has!!!!!

Can i get some off the makeup if you have something left?? Dont know when this video came out. B

So any stuff...too many stuff...for what? I don't understand it

the only make up I have is just one liquid concealer and one stick concealer haha

U have lots of Foundation ... Please give me one know

I love how you are so prepared to organize your makeup!!

my makeup collection now looks pathetic

omg u should donate some of those things u never use to me …… I literally have nothing im not joking

What the hell do you do with your face

so. many. liquid. lipsticks

I barely have any.

You should donate the extra makeup

when i saw how much makeup she had, my mouth was dropped open for the whole vid.... OMG GIVE ME ALL YOUR MAKEUP!!

Oh my god i am surprised excellent quantity of foundations

you sould've done a give away!

Can you gift me a faundaisyen

Love your home/interior design videos


Omg so satisfying !

I am in LOVE with your eyes, they ære so Pretty

i want ALL of the makeup you got rid of

Its very nice

Most of her makeup is product review. Different companies send free makeup for her to test out and review.

I feel so poor after watching this

lashes, high end lipsticks and high end eyeshadow palettes are my favs.

u should donate any products that haven’t been used to women’s shelters and things like that :)

I only have one foundation.

OMG!! I freaking love your collection. Totally my dreams

You take to long to do some thing I hate you so far uuh

U just have a lot of stuff


Plzz give me al your make-up that you don’t use

These types of videos are heaven

Who honestly needs that’s much makeup ffs !


makes me want to organize me makeup * realizes i only one one of each needed thing because I'm so dirt poor to afford more than two foundations!

i have only one of everything and it’s not everything like i don’t have powder ughhhhhhhh imma start doing youtube tbh

You have loads of makeup! I only have like a bit in a little pink basket


This video is amazing

You might have said it in the video, but where did you get the drawer from?

it kinda hurt when she said she was gonna throw away a foundation that was my exact shade

*Looks at her foundation* Runs to my make-up bag *Pulls out my one sad, not my shade foundation* Sadly stares at floor

"Its a pretty small room" *Looks at her room* *Squints* *Looks at my room* *Squints harder*

Maybe one half of one of those drawers would hold my whole collection. Wow! It looks like the drawers of a makeup or dept store.

who needs all of this damm

On top of everything i said, i just felt so satisfied to see all of ur makeup so organised! Congrats on ur drawers!

I get the lipstick though bc theres a bunch of colors and types, but everything else is..... imma just stop talking

Doesn't foundation expire??? Omfg ur wasting so much product

the foundation and lipstick/liquid lipstick have to be my favorite drawers they look sooooooooo pretty

Beautiful, strategic organizational skills and ideas.

Where did you get that??

And this is what I need for all my goodies. Perfect. Having my dressing room redone and would loooove these dressers.

Never mind, but the makeup you're about to throw, don't throw it. Hey, give it to me!

Some mens here? I am only here to take up some tips, so I can surprise my girlfriend

This video makes me so happy

Sell those bunch of make ups or give it to your loved ones before it expires.

Could you possibly consider giving me some of the make-up you are trying to get rid of? I'm a beginner and finances are holding me back from getting the necessary make up so I'd appreciate if you gave me some of those that you Dont want.

Why buy so much make up? You don't need it. No one does for personal use. You're wasting your money

Soo much makeup and no brushes or beaty blenders??

This is a big make up collection

Love this video! Can you tell me how many inches in height the whole vanity is that you custom created?

y you called half of your makeup ""drug store makeup"

U have sooo much makeup I problaly have a quarter of one of the draws of make up

2?’s why is your foundation so dark and why do you need so much makeup

I want more makeup, but I don't want to waste it like just having it there collecting dust because I forgot about it.

How long can a person talk about a drawer

wow so many make up!!❤

You aren't going to use that much makeup in the time before it expires. Expiry dates last for like 12 - 24 months :|

I love you .

can you give me some makeup to me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Who else feels poor after watching this video...?

This kind organization gets me wet! Omg so OBSESSED

U have a lots of makeup. How u going to used it all?

I watched every second of this ☺️

I might of missed it but does anyone know what the foundation organisers are from or what there called?

Who else thought that it was satisfying when she was organizing the bronzer

Wow that a lot of make up

You have too much makeup!

I think I just found my soul mate

i love it!!

how the heck do you have that much makeup!

You calmed my OCD

شدعوه هلكد مكياج لازم عندج صالون

You are sooo beautiful !!!❤️

And I want

This video is very satisfying

who needs that much foundation?

Piper Hill her obviously...

Organization goals but no hate the video was kinda borin.

omg pls give me them

You should have a giveaway

gooooood morning every oooone!:every vlog ever

She has way to much makup no hate

I need this kind of organization in my life

I was trying to rink some water and I spilled it all over myself and my bed, so that’s great

this cured my anxiety❤️

i have never seen so much makeup in my life, but this really satisfies my ocd

Can I get in on the giveaway

The foundation is amazing, surely it all goes bad before you get to use it?

Not trying to be mean but she talks to much

that is sooo much money chillin in your drawers

omg I love how you organize your makeup , well I have like 10% of that . your my makeup idol now . I will follow what ever you do for makeup

You: Really wish I could buy more makeup Me: HOLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT!!

When you put the little organizer in the spot that fit it perfectly, I got so satisfied! LOL

Say that again

Unicorn Mad samee

Great video. Do you ever donate some of the makeup you get? I am a foster parent and we have a clothing closet and accessories closet. Teen girls would love the products you use. Thanks. Meeka101

Weird flex, but.......okay lol

What kind of drawer?


you arranged them in right place

how do u do this

How do you have so much makeup? I have like one small drawer full..

I'll take any donations sis !!!!

plz send same makeup

This was so satisfying to watch omg

This draws size is sooo big....... my makeup will take 1 corner of the draws

Ur makeup collection looks like a parlour

I have makeup shop

I love all your make hope i have all of that soon

Now *this* is how you organize makeup.


Do u really use all of these products?

I am so jealous of your collection. I could never afford the make up that you have. I’m so in love.

The makeup she got rid off i feel bad for it she got rid expensive makeup hunny nooo

I need more makeup


Watching you organize was so satisfying!!

your collection is so nice

Foundation will always be my favorite product from the whole makeup collection

Can I get everything you're getting rid of

Just saw this and I think a giveaway should happen if this happen again

i am in love with your makeup

Do you get things in PR or did you buy ALL of your makeup? I want to go through it all!

All that space gives you an excuse for more makeup!

Why are all your foundations 20× darker than you

throwing out all that foundation is a waste

May I ask where you got this dresser/make up storage unit. I need to get one for my daughter.

Lol I have 5 lipsticks a mascara one poweder a bronzer a brow pencil and a brow mascara

This is so satisfying

Ang daldal ehhh

give me pls

can I have the foundations you gotten rid off

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love your make up collection

can I have some of your makeup that you were gonna get rid off????????

Wow amazing!

i think laura lee win for this. sorry girl

OMG she has a makeup store in her house. You should only keep makeup for 6mths to 1yr.

i thought i had alot of makeup.. this makes me want to become a beauty guru and buy all this makeup

Love the way you organized your foundations it's so pretty!!

Wish i had those


My favorite is the foundation one


Thats a small room?

I would like to see a organization of all of your PR. Deliveries!!! Where do you keep all of these free products? If you want to get rid of half of your makeup biggest Declutter it would taken care of as the new owner. I love free makeup and other free stuff making room for the brand new items coming in on a day to day basis.

i think you have more lipstick than anything else

So I have 1 Foundation and Concealer 2 Mascaras 4 Lipsticks 1 Eyeliner 2 Blushes 1 Pallet of Eyeshadow 5 Brushes And that’s it! How do u have so much

Her eyebrows though

She says the room is super small that’s the size of my bedroom lol

Omg literally I would die if I has this much makeup (in a good way )

Give me some of ur makeup pls

This sooo satisfying to watch

when she was working on bronzer that was amazing amsr

Amy if you have makeup that you don’t like I would be glad to take it of your hands like plz

So many people are commenting hateful things but they don’t realize that Amy honestly doesn’t give a fuck about it

I’m a 16 year old. I have NO interest in makeup whatsoever, and all I can actually do is put on lipstick and mascara, when I have to. I literally clicked onto the video because it made me happy how pretty the makeup looked in the drawer, and now I’m in a good mood from this video

Rich ppl!

All my makeup can fit in 1 makeup bag

Thankyou for blessing my eyes and mind❤️❤️❤️ I feel like i just organized all of that

The lipstick and foundation draw looks so satisfying all organised

all I want is a makeup organizing video that has no talking and just the timelapse with a little talking!!!!!!!!

5:20 is when she starts to organise


She’s a show oed

I am in love with how you organised your colors by light to dark/numbers. The only qualm I have is GIRL, you have way too many nude/pink/peach/mauve lipsticks that all look about the same shade (on camera). (I'm a first time viewer so maybe you're a MUA and need all that for the various ppl, IDK.)

My favorite one was the foundation one because it was just so satisfying

Starts at 6:10 to thank me give a like

Watching this video made me want to organize my school supplies, thank you

*coughs in poor*

I bet you spend over 10 000 dollars for EVERYTINGH HAHA

where does the money for ALL OF THIS come from aahhh

Yes I love this

I'm shocked.....OMG



i'm getting rid of these me: *cry in laura lee*

I need foundation

I am screaming. Bet she doesnt use half of this stuff.

This is my first time on this channel...and I LIVE I subscribed and btw her eyes are so freaking pretty

Hope you don't mind me asking. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks for the organization tips BTW

do I hear give away?

this was so pleasing to watch

Oh Gott warum hast du so viel Make-up

You should probably use a camera stand .. u move your camera a lot

I seen those plastic organizationers at the dollar store

Can you please send them all to me

Do you still Stromboli and 3 10 or have you already gaven them away

I want that

Huge makeup collection.... and my favorite ones was foundation......

eyelashes is my favourite

cant waste this much money in makeup at all

you are so pretty and you have a lot of makeup

Ok I wish I had that much foundations as you

*1 face 1234million face products*

At 20:16 did the audio stop or is it just me?

I loved this video great work Amy! Edit: okay Amy if you see this or any one that knows do you have a James Charles Morphie palette if you don’t can you please please please do a review on it because i just got it and i want to see how other people could do it or more ideas for it so yeah good luck with the rest of your videos btw the first video i watched from you my friend recommended you too me she loves your Chanel I will definitely be watching more of your videos they are great plus I subscribed! Love you Amy

My dream

This definitely gives me some ideas.

I love the eye shadow drawer!!!

Omg... this would last me the rest of my life, no joke. This is sooo ridiculous

Your make up drawer looks amazing but you should donate all that makeup to me because my family don’t have enough money to spend on makeup

Excellent on aime beaucoup votre chaine

Foundation draw my fave

I just had an epiphany: makeup is to a woman, what tools are to a guy. There. The meaning of life is solved.

Anyone else get bothered whenever she said 'high end' and then 'drug store' like just say here's my lip liners.

I REALLY would like to organize and re-do my make up because it’s way to squishy and I have these super small doors with some one gave which boo I’m not gonna use them which I don’t and I’m jelly you’re inspirational so yeah I’m subbing and this was satisfied so yep...this was long

why this gurl got so many Foundations goddam woman

I have a bunch of your highlighters!!!!!

I feel like she is saying high end products and then showing us how much she has so she can rub it in our face and brag about how much she has.

So. Much. Make up. Gimme some pls

OMG can I have some lashes?

When I saw all the makeup u were getting rid off...I wanted it all

Why can’t we just be happy for her? She’s worked very hard and put a lot of effort into her channel to even begin to have the opportunity to obtain such an amazing makeup collection! I’m so proud of her, personally, and I have nothing compared to what she has. Not only that, but for those upset as to why she has so much makeup, she is a makeup artist! Painters, hairstylists, special effects makeup artists, or just professional makeup artists in general are all in the same boat. Nobody would question a painter for having more than one shade of paint, nobody would question a hair stylist about buying a new pair of shears when they already have several pairs, y’know? Secondly, makeup looks for parties, springtime, summertime, winter months, funerals, etc. all require different products! You probably need heavy duty primers for parties, thin foundations for summertime, cream highlighters for dry skin — you name it. She makes videos to show her viewers what they can do for their face type based on the occasion. Plus, it’s her passion! I collect dream catchers, that’s my passion. Nobody can tell me I have too many. If anything, be happy for her that she has hustled hard to buy/be sent all of the makeup she has, and does her best to provide for her viewers. There’s a lot more to it than you think. ♥️

My favorite door was the liquid lipstick

Hey @amymacedo can I get this same drawer shipped to me in saint Louis Missouri?

Hi I was wondering that what ever makeup that you don't want I'll have it

Am I the only one who buys little makeup, uses them for six months, throws them and then buys new ones, then the cycles goes on?

omg! i have the same guns n roses shirt!. how funny

I need the make-up you don’t use anymore

Dont throw anything away I would love to have want ever ur throwning out


I love them all

you can mix a lighter Huda shade with the darker one(or add dark to light.) to get the correct shade you need instead of throwing them away

Beauuuuuuuuuucouuuuuuuuuup de maquillage....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so confused. On the outside the drawer looks deep and the inside is like half of that.

My favourite drawer is the Lipsticks and Lip's just sooo perfect!!! xxx

Omg it looks like you’re in the Mac store

Llama Love nope me too


*-so organized-*

I like how she says humble but a regular person doesnt spend thousands on makeup

I love!

Hi ma'am pliz give me all makeups you not using anymore... i luv ur makeup collections❤❤❤

I want the makeup storage so bad anyone know the price ?

Hi Im fro Philippines super love your channel ❣️

Can I buy this makeup dresser???

I want to have all the makeup she got rid of

I want to be in the giveaway

OH my goodness live you so much and your makeup collection is bigger than anyone's I've ever seen!! Live your videos and I live all the drawers so much

You should do a giveaway

*watches this* *looks over at my makeup spilled all over my dresser/vanity* Maybe I should clean up...

First time watching one of your videos ✨ Love it ♥️

I would love a walk through of all your products like a declutter and why you kept what you kept. It would help myself and a lot of people kinda know before we spend our money on products that just don’t work as great. Thank!!

yeah we get it, you're rich.

I love watching organizing videos and cleaning videos so this was beautiful !

I'm hoping you do makeup as a job because I don't see how a human could have that much makeup.. I have like 1 of everything!:)))

Wtf is Drugstore, I’m Swedish just letting u know

I could probably fit my entire collection into one of these drawers... but I also exchange everything once per year, because expired makeup seems quite unhygienic to me

I feel like she is saying high end products and then showing us how much she has so she can rub it in our face and brag about how much she has. No hate tho i still loved the vid

+Dandymite or maybe you should just let a girl state her opinion

Or maybe that’s just your jealousy peeping through

Yeah same

I have a suggestion I think u should put labels on the front of the drawer btw I luv u so much

Esa mujer podría tener perfectamente 1000 pinta labios

Now I kinda wanna chokejdjdjsjsj

Hi I'm poor what's ur name?

Hi Amy, from where do you have the mirror? 4:18 Thanks xx


You have to much make up

She must’ve spent like over $2,000 dollars on all her makeup because it isn’t exactly cheap and she’s got drawerS full of it

She has so much makeup that she could open up a Sephora in that room

I bet some of these products are yeeeeaaaaars expired. Sure a large makeup collection LOOKS impressive but most of it is going to be old, crusty and unusable . I do respect that she is self aware and agrees that she only uses 1% of the actual makeup.

Thank you for the code I just did this with my makeup but I don't have as many high end makeups as you!

Can we just talk about that foundation drawer

I always find these things super relaxing to watch and do eventhough I don’t have that much makeup. Just swatching and looking at them is fun

I think if you send me one piece of everything you will not notice their disappearance

why do you need all that make up you can only wear one at a time

Too much

Watching this is the best thing to happen to me today

Your makeup room is the size of my bedroom

Palette drawer

I would die to have all them lashes

What you should do is if you buy one foundation you will have to bin one to replace the one you just bought


Please give me those make ups that you throw cause i barely have anything pleaseee

if yu have ur ‘go too’ why have everything else?...

I always wonder why a lot of beauty gurus keep their drugstore makeup separately. Why is it important? I dont understand

Love this

She has so much makeup that she could open up a Sephora in that room

This is like a visual of my makeup goal.

This was beyond satisfying, wanna do this with all my make up even though it’s like 20% of what she has

girl how much makeup do you need.

lips door my favorite door

your quality is just.. i'm in love.

this is my first time finding your channel! you are so pretty! for any of the older subscribers could y’all give me some of her videos that you guys love for me to watch i’m binge watching a bunch of beauty gurus haha

Holy shi~

When will I find someone who doesn’t talk too much?

My heart hurts so much I don’t have enough money to buy make up and it hurts to see that ur getting rid of a lot of make up. If I could have enough money to buy I would be so happy to just have one each of the make up :/

Primer!? All the sisters will know that primer is a scam... sorry, it came out of James’ mouth so we shall listen to the God of beauty

Amy: “This is a very small room” Me: “Well it’s a bit bigger than my room.”

If she sells all of this she is just gone be perfect

Can I have all those stuffs that you put away?

drugstore means it's sold in regular not high end stores

what a waste of money :|


I want some of the make-up products that you have

Monique Cunanan po

She talks to much just get to the freaking point


Video started a 4:55

The sounds are so satisfying

I think she donates all the makeup she doesn’t want

You have SO MUCH make up it is lake a dream come true

New subscriber

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