Option Trading: Live Options Trades. [Watch NOW and Learn]

Option Trading: Live Options Trades. [Watch NOW and Learn]

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all right here's the last one April 5th hopefully   everything works okay because my hands  are sweating since i'm in the sauna   these are the trade alerts and if you want  to enroll in the seven day trial it's only 19   you can visit beststockstrategy.com memberships  that's beststockstrategy.com memberships   and let's go through the trade alerts so  april 5th s p is up 30. tesla is up 40.   here i closed out this position the original  i held it for less than a week and captured 60   percent of the premium here i opened up square  b plus grade picked up 57 cents per contract so   228 dollars in total s&p up 58. VIX  up 3.5 percent VVIX down slightly.  

I'm surprised that the vix was up you  know usually when you have a divergence   where you have a large up day with the  market where the S&P is up 58 points   to see the VIX up it's a little bit of a red  flag amazon up two percent tesla 4.4 percent April 6 the market's relatively  flat. MA is a decent opportunity   amazon new opening trade picked  up 800 dollars of premium high b   grade not great but there really aren't  that many opportunities at the moment   i'm thinking about being more aggressive  and selling calls closing trade on apple my phone didn't send a notification here's the  original so we sold it for 72 and we bought it   back for 35. s p down four volatility mixed and  relatively stable not much movement in any of  

the stocks we follow today good day for us as  our tesla and amazon positions get closer to   expiration april 7th the s p is up slightly  volatility is down slightly i don't see any   amazing opportunity see patience is really  important you have to be patient because   you don't if you trade when you shouldn't it's  very easy to make a lot of mistakes especially   when volatility is declining because when  volatility is declining then a lot of people   get lulled into a sense of the market's going  to continue going up and everything's going to   be fine and then you just get hit with a rapid  volatility expansion event and it just throws   everything into whack and all your existing  positions end up getting challenged so there   is a potential trade and zoom i didn't make that  it's only a b grade new opening trade in tesla   so i sold a spread because the vix is under  20. i sold the 560 and then bought the 520   amazon closing trade bought it back for  98 cents the original was there sold for   about a thousand dollars and bought it back for  around 300 s p up six fixed down five percent   the ix down two percent vix at 17. april 8th  bought back paypal closing trade for 50 cents   and i sold it for a dollar 27 closing trade on  square for 26 cents picked up around 50 percent   profit there fiverr closed it for a dollar fifteen  we sold it for six hundred dollars of total credit   and bought it back for 230 okay so now i  only have positions on amazon and tesla   at the moment so i only have two underlyings  that i have positions on in my entire account   and we have a lot of amazon and tesla  contracts expiring within the next days   which it within the next eight days  rather tesla bought it back for 35 cents closing trade on the top original on the bottom so  fifty percent profit a little bit more than that   closed for fifty percent profit in one day s p up  seventeen vicks down one percent vbix up almost   four percent that's the divergence  and volatility tells me that there   isn't much long-term conviction in this  in this run-up amazon up 20 tesla up 13.   close out a bunch of positions for large profits  april 9th so new opening position in boeing tesla you can see that i rolled it from june to  may i bought back the 550 then i rolled it back   or rather i rolled it in by about three weeks  and increased the strike price by ten dollars   and then i financed it by selling a may 7th  actually three may 7 expirations of 510 470   and this filled for 60 cents two new trades  one with tesla and one with ba ba is a high b   grade tesla's a low b minus so i really didn't  have any conviction in that trade for tesla if   i didn't have the june put to close and then to  roll to may i just have i just have sold i would   have sold the 510 470 puts right in this case i  just decided to use the majority of the premium   for the 510 470 to reduce the expiration from june  to may fiverr new opening trade picked up 53 cents   we have some amazon and tesla positions expiring  today let's see how the market is acting later on   perhaps we can open more new trades later if the  market accommodates us s p up almost 32 vix is   down vvi x up slightly vix below 17 amazon up  73 amazon has been incredibly strong this week   tesla down seven so this was a really good week  for the market this was another profitable week   for us as well april 12th s p is down fix is up  almost five percent tesla is up around 10. it'd   be great if there was a pullback if not we will  still open new positions let's wait and see if we   can get a better entry i'm looking at shop boeing  and fiverr none of these are good trades they're b   grades but i'll see how they're acting later today  and we'll probably open a new trade in one of them   shop new opening tree for 95 cents be great  i probably wouldn't make this straight if i   didn't have the alerts sometimes i feel  pressured to be more active than i would   like yeah i mean that's true and this is one  of those times will this make money probably   but um yeah it wasn't really a great trade   but it's still only a b grade which is pretty  low even so bix is 17 market is close to highs   there aren't going to be many opportunities  unless you want to sell calls which we do as well   s p down slightly tesla 25 profitable day for us  as our tesla positions continue to show profit   we have amazon positions that will expire this  friday too good opening market is flat volatility   is up slightly tech is up amazon and tesla up a  lot our shop trade from yesterday is up nicely   new opening trade in airbnb high b grade also  important i got a bad fill i should have tried   to submit it for a credit of one dollar and then  moved it down by five cents i think if i submitted   it now then it will get filled at 95 cents i  should have set my limit credit order higher yeah   that's the problem with some of these underlyings  that aren't extremely liquid when they have   a wide bid-ask spread differential then you  have to be extremely diligent in submitting your   your limit orders so that you get good fills  in this situation i probably could have got   filled at 95 cents but because it wasn't  extremely liquid markets and the markets   aren't extremely deep in airbnb then um i kind  of got i kind of got an inferior fill than usual tesla sold a call option picked up a dollar b  plus grade i'm only making this great because   it doesn't use up any extra buying power  since i have a lot of existing tesla puts   would i make this trade if i didn't have existing  tesla puts no tesla's up over 10 in two days so   selling a far out of the money call is fine the  problem is that the trade above will show a loss   of tesla goes up to a thousand it may trade at  three to four dollars before it expires worthless   on the put side we were selling puts for  sixty four dollars that are now trading at   thirteen dollars that's just how it goes you  need to be able to write out the volatility   so there is a position on tesla where it  shows like a five thousand dollar gain   s p up thirteen vix and vvi  x down one point five percent s p of twenty tesla up sixty good day for  us shop up so the tree from yesterday is   going well sorry my fingers are  sweating because i'm in a sauna   and it's a little bit i might have to  wipe the screen i'll try to pause it   april 14th so here i rolled in this position from  july to june i increased the strike from 510 to   540 i decreased the expiration by about a month  and then i financed that by selling a may 7th   575 put option and i collected a hundred and  twelve dollars small adjustment rolled the june to   july and financed it with the may 7 new position  picked up 112. that may be my last tesla judgment  

adjustment with 23 days within 23 days i vote  almost all of the positions expiring after 23   days i only have two put contracts so i'll either  let those expire or close them out we'll see   volatility is up slightly the market seems a  little overbought i'll monetary throughout the day   for a decent entry the tesla trade earlier was an  adjustment if i didn't have the existing july 510   then i wouldn't have made that trade regarding  new opening trades i'll continue to monitor   i was a bit too early with the tesla trade  not a big deal but i left money on the table   new opening trade on fiverr b grade s p down  17 volatility was up amazon and tesla are down april 15th decent opening tesla fiber square  zoom melee shop airbnb only airbnb is down   at the moment i'll keep an eye on it and wait new  opportunities i don't want to make a new trade now   because yesterday was too early on tesla  and i want to ensure that today isn't a   continuation of yesterday's fall so  i waited about an hour and a half   got a decent trade on airbnb high b  grade s p up 46 volatility is down we have a bunch of amazon positions  expiring today we'll probably have to   start becoming much more aggressive due  to decreasing volatility i don't think   we've had a losing trade in over a year but  even so we will have to be more aggressive   since volatility is also lower than it's  been in over a year new opening trade   b plus grade new opening trade b grade new  opening trade high b grade i have a lot of   amazon trades expiring worthless today so i want  to start replacing them picked up 555 dollars   i definitely should have done that trade larger  as i spread i'd buy the 2500 i'd sell the 2580   or perhaps a more aggressive strike like the  2650 and buy strike about 80 to 100 dollars lower   this just filled closing trade for tesla calls  close for around 50 profit originals here so decent day s p up 15 vicks down 2.5 percent  vvix down around one percent it was too early   with the fiverr trade a lot of amazon positions  expiring today for 100 percent of the credit   received slow and steady profits april 19th new  opening trade on boeing new opening trade on tesla   ba is a high b as a spread i consider  selling the 190 and buying the 170.   tesla's a b plus as a spread i  sell the 500 and buy the 470.

so notice how for the spreads i'm actually  increasing the strike price when you sell naked   it allows you a little bit more flexibility  because you're collecting more premium so   with a naked option i sold the 450 with a spread  it really wouldn't make sense financially and i   wouldn't collect enough premium by selling the the  450 by 400 vertical credit spread so instead i'd   have to increase the short put strike to 500  and also buy the 450. so you have to be well   you don't have to but sometimes i'm a little  bit more aggressive with my short put strike   with a spread in order to compensate for the  premium that i pay when buying the long put so as the spread i sell the 500 and buy the 470   so not the 450. i'll expand the um so  again just to be clear i sold the naked   450 if i was going to do it as a spread  i would sell the 500 and i'd buy the 470.   i'll expand the tesla position if it continues  to fall but i wanted to enter with a conservative   strike just to be involved since it has a decent  amount of available premium picks up five percent closing trade for tesla   the market looks weak and vix and vix  are both spiking so i want to reduce risk so i wanted to root i think i can get a better  entry we'll try to re-enter it later boeing   this just filled ignore the date on the left  that's when it was entered as a limit order   it's a closing order that's the original 47 cents  so bought back for around 50 profit s p down 22.  

that's actually a large volatility  increase for the s p only down 22.   i'm currently monitoring tesla  fiber square zoom melee shop airbnb   boeing uber and spot shop uber square  and spot of the best opportunities   april 20th new opening trade b plus as a  spread i would sell the 190 and buy the 170.   so same thing here sold the naked the 175 as a  spread i'm increasing the short put strike for 190   and buying the 170 remember that we still have v8  positions from yesterday that we opened as well airbnb 97 so sold it for 97 or 97 cents new opening trade  i wouldn't mind doing it i wouldn't do it as a   spread it's a b plus grade so it's just simply not  enough premium to do it as a spread this friday   we have the tesla 550 puts expiring worthless and  also the 2700 by 2650 amazon spread i was a little   too early with boeing and airbnb yeah i tend to be  a little bit too early i need to be more relaxed   and trade later in the day amazon is down 30  the best thing to do is to wait for a good entry   new opening trade for uber 47 cents b plus grade s  p down 28 vicks up eight percent vvix up four and   a half percent amazon down 37. but tesla was up  a little bit 21st the market is down a bit vixx   is up again airbnb and spot are good opportunities  but it's best to wait until later in the day   i'm trying to get this to fill but these lower  liquidity underlyings are tough sometimes the bid   ask spread is wide and there's not much volume so  sometimes i have to guess a potential fill price   you know and that's true i try to fill it  at 120 but it's in fill around 80 cents is   the lowest i'll accept so i submit a limit  order to see if it'll fill good day for us   but i'm trying to open new trades on  netflix and spot netflix bothers me   because there's nothing that says  it can't drop a lot tomorrow too   on spot it's just not enough premium i try to  push this through but even that didn't feel   it's not worth it to go any lower it's a good  day for us the s p was up 38 volatility fell s p down eight volatility is flat tesla's  up six new opening trade in shopify   probably should have traded it larger  new opening trade in netflix b plus   grade will expand if netflix continues  to fall this is an opening trade too   so i did that as a spread a spread i'd probably  sell the 400 to collect more premium instead of   the 370 and then buy the 360 that's actually not  a lot of premium either around 40 cents so the   420 and 380 is likely something i do if it were  spread i mean so i'd have to increase the short   put strike by 50 if i was doing it a spread that's  a trade-off for sure here you're selling spread   with a naked option with a strike of 370 and if  you want to collect something comparable you know   here it says 52 dollars here it's pretty 51 you're  gonna have to increase your short foot strike by   50 bucks and you're giving up a lot of safety net  by doing that i'm not sure which one is better   i'm just saying i in this specific situation  i thought that the naked option was better   because even if netflix falls like 70 in the  worst case scenario i can roll it forward by   like two months and then i can get this 370 put  all the way below 300 in which case um you know   i wouldn't even mind accepting ownership of it  and then just selling calls on it and running   a wheel on it so it's really not the not the  end of the world like in the worst case if i   and and plus i mean i can i can not sell calls  against it to even get the the strike price down   probably to around like like the 250 level  which because i wouldn't even mind owning it   because if i accept ownership of it then there  would be tremendous upside potential so you   know really how you trade how you structure it's  all about risk mitigation and it's your decision really as long as you're selling premium with  the primary focus of eliminating tail risk and   eliminating those enormous volatility expansion  events that happen about once a year issue i   have now is that i have small positions and a  lot of different underlines in general i prefer   to be more concentrated yeah i mean you guys saw  where um just like two weeks ago i had positions   only in amazon in tesla now i have positions on it  a lot i have positions on it like seven underlines   smp down 20 if the market falls today  that will be the third out of four days   i had to pause the video and i'm not exactly  sure on where i left off so i might repeat myself bad day for the market vic's  up almost eight percent   decent day for us none of our positions  are challenged and we have large safety   nets so if the market continues to fall to  pull back we're positioned well to profit   from the elevated premium i wouldn't recommend  entering anything right now it's best to see how   the market opens tomorrow and how it trades  s p down 38 volatility is up significantly   amazon down 53 and tesla down over three percent  i'm really interested to see how the market acts   tomorrow recently the market's been weak we've  done fine because we've been conservative but we   can we can also handle a large pullback and make  money from it since we are well positioned okay smp is up 10.

volatility is down a little bit let's  wait until later in the day and we'll try   to open some new trades tesla and amazon  positions expiring today for large gains   netflix new opening trade b plus grade i'll  probably i'm probably trading it too small but   i want netflix to fall more and then i'll  i'll expand it as a spread i sell the 420   and buy the 380. actually i like that  trade more i should have done this a   spread tesla new opening trade b plus is  a spread i'd sell the 520 and buy the 470. so i picked up here around 760  dollars s p up 45 vicks and vdix   are both down seven percent this has  been a great week for us the market   has been very volatile this week it was down  three out of the five days over to the days   that it was up it was up a large amount all  right 26 very good opening amazon tesla up   actually every one of our positions is upset for  netflix i heard that musk was going to host snl netflix new opening position high b grade as a  spread i'd sell a higher put 425 by 395 melee did   that as a spread picked up 90. never traded melee  before high b grade i was thinking being more   aggressive than selling the 1200 but it's okay i'm  more comfortable with the strike uber close it out   bought it back for 19 cents sold it for 49 cents   decent profit and low stress  tesla new opening position 600 by 550 that was just an earnings play   but it's an earnings trade likely close  out tomorrow here's what i said about it you know you can read my thoughts the 27th closing trade original  is here so about 50 percent   tesla closing trade the  original was part of the roll so yesterday's trade closed it out for 26 cents  and yesterday the day prior we sold it for 64.  

closed for a nice profit due to the volatility  contraction after the earnings announcement   this is actually a very good situation  because tesla is down quite a lot but it's   within the expected move so there was a large  volatility contraction yet it still provides   an opportunity for us to open new positions in  tesla later today hopefully it continues to fall   many people who are along tesla stock are  losing money today since it's down 30. but   option sellers are making money as long as they  weren't too aggressive with their strike selection   sold an amazon call picked up almost 300 dollars it didn't use any additional buying power new opening trade on tesla picked  up 600 dollars as a spread i'd be   more aggressive and sell the 480 and buy the 400 new opening trade on shopify high b grade  as a spread i'd be more aggressive and sell   a short put that's 80 higher shopify closing trade so sold for 95 cents bought back for 25 cents kept  70 of the profit closing trade originals below   kept 75 percent of the profit sold for 200  bucks bought back for 50 new opening trade   b plus grade fill for a dollar oh eight new  opening trade b plus grade this just filled   closing trade the original was there kept  over 50 of the profit closing trade on amazon   so sold it for 267 so about 800 made  about 740 of profit on that trade tesla new opening trade b plus grade picked up around seven hundred dollars  there s p down three and a half   and um volatility was mixed april 29th  airbnb closing trade original was there   amazon reports earnings after the market closes  today new opening trade b grade as a spread   i'd be more aggressive and choose a  strike that's twenty dollars higher   paypal new opening trade b plus  grade new opening trade b plus grade here's a new opening trade  for uh uber high b plus grade tesla down three and a half  percent volatility of nine percent   square new opening trade high b  grade will likely close out early   amazon up 115 after earnings smp of 28  volatility up amazon calls close that out so made about two hundred dollars  there seventy percent profit   i should have said about it  close lower price so instead of   75 cents i probably could have closed it around  45 cents yeah the market price is 35 cents i think   when setting the buy to close price it's just  setting a price that i would accept to close the   position so it is what it is good trade  nonetheless b plus grade for paypal and   the opening group new opening trade closing  trade for amazon here's the original sold for   526 dollars bought back for 15 dollars needless  to say i should have traded it much larger   shopify is um 15. uh it's a b plus grade  so for a dollar fifteen s p down thirty volatility is up and then today s p up twenty amazon  down eighteen tesla down twelve   new opening trade in airbnb b plus  grade five or mellie square and uber   have earnings this week so we should be able  to close out those positions after earnings   i'm very surprised that volatility is down  many market leaders are down significantly   new opening or this is actually a roll i rolled  the 2580 to 2760 and picked up 160 dollars   i probably should have rolled in  the expiration as well to may 21st   but then i would have significantly ate into the  premium received i probably would have received   i don't know 30 or 40 cents a premium and then it  might not have been worth it s p up 11 volatility   down slightly amazing down two point three percent  tesla down three point five percent shot down five   percent so these are all the alerts to the present  day you can join the seven day trial it's only 19   you can enroll at beststockstrategy.com  that's beststockstrategy.com/memberships   so again if you want to enroll you can  go to beststockstrategy.com/memberships  

that is beststockstrategy.com/memberships

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