Opening Up a Coffee Storefront - Start a Business From Scratch #4

Opening Up a Coffee Storefront - Start a Business From Scratch #4

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Hey welcome to start a business from scratch my, name is sean mccabe I'm joined by Cameron. And Anthony again welcome, guys a lot. Of things going on but a lot of big news it's been a little while so you. Know we have a sabbatical, the Sean West team takes off every, seventh week we work six weeks and then take off a week so we already knew that but, then we had another week that we didn't chat and like you guys had an event. I actually, went up to the Dallas area on my sabbatical so I got to visit you guys I got, the attend the event that you guys did at the market which was awesome but yeah. Listen can you catch everyone, up on you know what's been going on and then we can kind of get into things okay. Yeah. So. Yeah we just had that event this past Saturday, as we're, also super. Successful, but. Where, we are now is, we. Have had the opportunity, to open up a storefront. Partnering. With these ladies, that are a part of the, downtown. Area, of Raleigh, so. We're working with them and we're trying, to shoot towards, they. Say next month to open up the actual store so. All that's in the works it just kind of depends on how the. Whole process goes, but that's kind of where we're at and we're still doing events and. We and even when we open the store up we. Still want to do events we want a new you know graduation. Parties weddings, you know all those other things just. To offer. Something, different than most coffee shops don't necessarily, have get the word out yeah. Just. Kind of push the whole brand out and. In any way that you really can mm-hmm. So. Catch us up a little bit tell, me a little bit about the event kind. Of to. Take us there you know I want, to share a little bit of my experience, but. What was the event how, did it go you. Know if, you want to share numbers that's cool but you know just talk about like your expectations, and how it went and everything. Absolutely. We. Had this is our first event so there was a little bit of nervous and nervousness. They tied in with excitement. But, we were really, excited. To hit the ground running and kind of have, a really cool sense of professionality, and off the jump but. It. Was awesome I think whenever. We got there we set up a couple, hours early but, the event actually was a Main Street market where, there's other people you know there's ice. Cream cones, there's not not just produce but there's how about other people selling clothes and stuff like that's without the kind of vibe of downtown. Area that day but. We we ended up actually making double. What we had anticipated and. When. We talked to some people who were heading up the whole event they were saying that it was a relatively slow day and and, we rest man we, really thrived through all this. And it was partially due to Shawn, you were there with. Us and everything, but you're you made a little sign for us maybe, you could jump photographic, yeah, I hardly, take credit, for anything but we had, a little fun. You. Know you guys had your your, beautiful, stand with, the logo. And everything and. You. Know we're realizing there, wasn't really anywhere, that really. Big said coffee, you, know nowhere to catch someone's eye and I realized there was another there was like a roaster, on the other side of the street and they, had a little sign out you know cuz like you're walking by the booths and unless.

You Turn to the right or turn to the left you know you don't really see what they have to offer but these people they had a sign in, the, sidewalk like right in front of you and I thought that's a really good idea is there any is there anything we could ride on I'm just thinking something a little janky and of. Course the the people next door they, had a little chalkboard sign, and you. Know they had like a chalkboard pen and everything and so Cameron. Got got them to lend, him one and, I was like well I used to be a lettering, artist let, me take it out of this so. I made a little sign for you guys I I don't think it was because of me but that was really fun to help out well. I say it's because of you because we were overwhelmed with the support from just our media family, and friends. Because everyone. Was there it was about a five hour event but a lot of people who are there from start to finish or, for a good portion of it and because, everyone was kind of hovering around generating. Excitement people. Who are walking by weren't just seeing you guys in a bar they're seeing everyone enjoying our products, right. Next to us and there's just a really cool atmosphere and an environment, I think and it really helped generate. Interesting yeah, and alone, from just, support. From family, and friends I think, we made maybe like over. Two hundred dollars just from that just. From our just support, group which. Was it, was really. Cool for us because you, know we came in to just. Kind of trying to prepare for you. Know just that event and to see how everyone, come out that, that. Is personal. Friends or just family, very ground it was encouraging for us but. Yeah we had the cold bruised up there that we made we had the. Nitro, cold Bruce tub, with she goes out there and we. Had pour. Overs and we had our version, of, Japanese. Iced coffee. And. I. Feel like what. Was really cool not, only did we serve, coffee to people but, we. Got to engage with them on how we, prepared. Our coffee yeah or what our coffee tastes, like or how. We, make the best cuts that we can for them yes, and I think the. Customers, appreciated, that because, it wasn't just like oh here's your coffee you, know yeah I would say yeah, it really wasn't about like, caffeine. For anyone and, also I realized like people. Were just enjoying like you mentioned a couple a couple episodes ago they're they're, buying the experience, you know we, have these like, Chemex.

Things That look like cool science experiments, how would prepare our coffee this like what in the world is that this is coffee so people are interested. And it's more of about the experience, and I realized. We. Can actually have our profit, margins, because no. One said I'm, not one person, said I mean that's that's a little steep of a price and we're gonna like, 435. 450, for one of our main drinks, so, we. Want we I would love for like 20 people out of 100 to be like yeah that's a little steep and have 80 other people pay, for what it actually is worth. So. That's something I noticed, talked about too but that, was a blast I was. Super impressed like, just the presentation, and. You guys and the interactions, and everything but, one of the coolest things was you, know I bought like several drinks and then I went. And I left a tip and Cameron. Goes oh thanks, for your tip a tip gets you a free cookie. Whoa. Like that's brilliant, you know Here I am thinking like alright you know I'm gonna give something to these guys but you you kept the reciprocity, loop, open right you provide, a great service I, give, you a tip you, give me a cookie now I'm like I'm gonna have to come back. It. Was super cool to see it everyone's, face when they. Throw around like a dollar or even somebody would just come by and like oh this cookies look good mm-hmm, and we just simply were like you, can leave a tip and then, they're like then. We're like oh go. Ahead just take the cookie for yourselves it's. Just like complete that makes their day and then they're like wait so when you guys doing and, then as they're grabbing the cookie they're like tapping. Their husband like Jim $1 you have a dollar and they're trying to throw a dollar into the actual, tips ourselves, yes, it's crazy how when. You go, the extra mile. And try. To. Give. More than what, you're receiving what, people want to give back - yes, so, it was super, cool seeing that and so. The other thing is where, you guys had the booth set up was. Right. In front of the, building that is going to be your storefront so can you tell me a little bit about that. Yeah. Yeah. So. There's. These like, I said in, the beginning of this there's, these ladies that were working. With who. Are. Wanting, to generate, more foot traffic for, the actual. Main. Street of downtown, Raleigh because. There's a new apartment that, just opened, up there there's a lot of new shops. Coming. In there and there's a huge, dart train, that. Is the central. Hub to, get to most. Places in Dallas, so. They're. Wanting to bring in more foot traffic and, they were trying to figure out kind, of how they can do that and so one of their initial thoughts was coffee, and. It was just, crazy. How we all kind of just came together. To, say to. Actually do this and. At first to start off as conversation. And then it just kind, of developed, into, let's. Actually do this. Yeah. Like their approaches, they realize, as an, interior design, store mother and daughter out there like, we, we, can generate a lot of sales having. A coffee shop next door in. This. Community. So. We're like yeah. You. Guys. Yeah that's what we can bring to the table we there's, a lot of value that we're providing in. Being a coffee shop and, again. A lot of the exposure. That they'll get just through through us being there. We're. Having though I kind, of. Really. Are to them because. They're. They're, willing so much for this coffee shop to be a reality that they're leasing the building for us and they're. Getting a contact. Or setups and see how we can redesign it they're saying hey when we this is up and rolling will, be. Furnishing. Your entire, store you know with, stairs, and seats and things like that so they are really wanting this to become a reality and they're doing you know whatever it takes and even they said you, know we're gonna buy a fifteen thousand dollar espresso, machine for you you like we, can do the latte art and all that kind of stuff like absolutely. Incredible the the lakes that they're going to but. That whenever. They were, they're. Talking about you know since we're doing this for you we just want a little bit of a pay cut or some of like a percentage, of the revenue you're making from the coffee sales so, that's where we are trying, to negotiate with them because again they've, been in business as a, as. An online interior. Design software maybe a year year and a half and then they've actually had their own storefront, for a full year now, so, they're, they're, still learning a lot of things themselves so when they say like, what they said it's like hey we want 50% of your coffee, sales, in store and if you do bar events that can be yours if you do merchandise, that can be yours but as far as this store that's next to us we'll get a pay cut of that the, 50 was a little tough for us to hear and.

Maybe, You, know we should just hard-nosed, it out and do like you. Know what. Find somewhere else or we could say yeah well this is a great opportunity maybe, we can take the 50 and renegotiate it later, I don't, know that was another delivery right now yeah, so. It's. It's very different because, they're. Not the. Average business, people who are like things. Have to be on paper before they move forward they sometimes just, move. Forward on their own because. They're excited, about it and like, I said they're not like just, a regular people that it's more relational, yeah. Between. This whole business. So, like, you said yeah when, we came on Saturday for the pop-up. Michelle. Which is the mother she. Came Justin she's like oh go ahead and tell everybody that you guys will be opening, sometime next month we, signed the lease you. Need to bring your DBA cuz we need a kid we need to insure the business, and. A bunch of other things that we're all just like Cameron our. Freaking, out but. At, the same time - I. Like. The idea because, what. They're wanting is never wanting. 50%. Of the sales of coffee sales. From. Just that location, and I, know for Cameron and I we, don't plan on just settling, in, just. One place we plan on expanding and. Expanding. Us, to, sell. Around roast Evan. Or bursaries of canning. Or own cold brew and selling that. Having. A whole line of merchandise. Like, cups. T-shirts. You know just, a variety, of things that we, want to do to expand the company that when, you really think about it if you, just drive, forward, and push, for all of that maybe. It's not so bad to give just a small percentage of sales yeah in one location, yeah, per se if you have three, locations and you get a hundred percent from the other two yes, that's. That's kind of how I view that so, got. Some thoughts on this first, of all I think it. Sounds. Like a really, cool, opportunity. Like to just quickly. Immediately. Have. Your own store, like it's pretty, hurt of you know you. Know boom there's your $15,000. What. Was it, espresso. Machine yeah espresso, machine yeah okay so, that's. Incredible. What. I think the the best thing to do would be is figure. Out what. They would charge or, rent, even. If that's not something you're gonna pay right now like. Actually. Get a number from them and then, this. Is just kind of work in progress right, but like have the option, at some point to pay them rent and I. Don't think that the percentage, should completely, go away because, they have invested, in you they, have given you you know they're gonna furnish the place like, they're giving. You the building. What. I think is get. A number for, the rent, you. Know let's say I don't, know this this might be like super low or whatever or super, high it could be anything I'm just gonna pick a round number of a thousand, dollars a month let's. Just say that oh go. Ahead and write 800. That. I dunno so you do have a number that. Rest of that building is $800. Yes but, you mean that's what they pay. Or. Or do you mean they told you that's what their rent would be, yeah.

When They when, they said that well before, this even before, they even wanted to actually. Come together as a partner with us they. Were just like oh you could rent out the building you could lease out the building next to you it's, only 800, a month to, do that yes and. Are you saying she was talking about. You. Paying them that or, their cost, no. The painting does tradies, which the stray tees are, the peep is the family that actually owns that. Building yeah. And so. She. Went ahead and signed the lease and. From. There I'm assuming, it's still hungry because that, was when they told us those 800 it was before they even thought, about partnering. With us and helping us out mm-hmm, okay so you, know you know that behind the scenes it is 800, obviously, she, could do what she wants you could charge a thousand she could charge 1200. Or whatever right like that's up to her so whatever, the number is that she, would decide to put on it for. Her come, up with you. Know figure out what that number is for her what she would be good with and. Then I think have, some kind of number, one you got to get all this in writing like even if even if they're okay, with just kind of moving forward informally. I'm not, saying go, pay an attorney thousands. Of dollars for a formal contract but literally, anything, written is better. Than nothing even, if you just type it up in Word and you both sign it you know like. Anyway. So get, it in writing but here's what I would say. Let's. Just for now say that you're good with the 50% I understand that you feel like it's kind of high maybe we can talk about that but to keep things simple let's say you were good with it let's, say the rent was a thousand, have. A clause, in, the, agreement that. Says at. Any point, it's, okay for us to change from a 50/50 split to paying you. $1,000. For the rent at, that point we, will also then continue. To give you let's say 10 15, percent something in that neighborhood of. Profits. So, that way it's still acknowledging. The investment, they made and. You know maybe they're like no it needs to be more because we gave you all the furniture, and stuff you know like like, you, can talk through that, but.

That Way it's not it's. Not something so huge as 50% that when you guys really, get going you get serious you've got your own roasts going, you know like it's. Not going to be sustainable. At scale and the, main benefit, right now when you're small is wow, we don't even have to pay for rent but. As you get bigger you know the $800,000. Whatever that is that's going to end up being nothing so you just you, want a path to. Be able to grow, that's. Great that's. Really great advice yeah I agree, yeah. Man. That's. A big cat. House. At the same time we're like it's a really great opportunity. Yeah, I get it go yes, I mean especially if they're giving you equipment, they're giving you the building they're willing to furnish, the place I mean, the more I hear. That. Like. To be honest even, though it is tough it's tough to swallow the more I think the 50%, like. Kind, of makes sense like they're the ones putting more into this like it's, gonna cost them a lot up front, so. It's like let's help them recoup. That investment and, if that, was a good investment then it means you guys are doing good and you're. Making plenty, of money and you, could at some point switch, to actually, paying. For rent and then, you know still give them a cut because they. Deserve it. Yeah. And. The actually, the plans for. This is that they. Want to be temporary, temporarily. Be in those two building. Stocks. And what. They want to do is move to a larger building in that same, area in the downtown square but. It's in a way. A larger. Content. And. They eventually want, to move, there and I'm still I have modernized, yeah, and it just completely make. That like a central, place for the city yeah to do events. So. She. She, had mentioned that's where the 50% came from cuz she said we, believe that that would make a lot more money. So. I think there's still a lot of room to, to. Talk about all, the, logistics. But also at the same time they're, very just, like go-getters and Mike when they're ready to do something they go and do it absolutely and, even the, owner the. Daughter show me she. Actually, told us the other day that for. Her shop, she. Doesn't even really pay herself, for. Her own shop that she, would rather pay her employees, and. Empower. Them than. To give herself a cut which. Was to. Us was the surprise and, kind, of give us more of a better, feeling to trust them and as. We move forward in it. Yeah. I would, just I would let them know that it's, it's. Actually, you know it's it's not like oh we, don't want to pay you and we want to get more money out of this I I think it's actually the opposite, it's, because. Here's, what I see here's what I fear if we don't come up with some kind of that, accounts for your growth and making, sense, for both parties if you. Grow and, the.

50% Grows, with, you linearly, then. At some point you will be D incentivized. To show up and work you. Know it's like it's, it's kind, of like in politics, people are like oh if we want more money just raise taxes, and it's like okay that works. Up into a point you, know we, could argue over where that point is but if you if we charge 99 percent tax, no one will work because. There's, no point in going to work if you're gonna pay 99. Percent of your earring come in tax so. Similarly we don't want that we don't want you to not be incentivized to go to work because, one, this is your passion this is what you want to do and you know people they need, their coffee right but also that's. Not gonna help her if you're not incentivized, to show up and go to work you. Know it's. Not gonna give her a cut so you know that that's basically the thing is like we. Want to make, this make sense for both of us so that everyone. Wins. Yeah. So, as. We, move forward I guess. We'll have to just set up something some. Sort of a meeting with all, four of us to. Discuss all that. Yeah. Word, that's. What we're having yeah. So. What else is what else is going on or you know what what questions do you guys have about anything. That you're dealing with right now. We. Had an event Thursday, but the city actually cancelled it because. Some. Other vendors didn't, have the. Requirements. The house requirements. Because, it's a farmers market so. The city. Just. Said you know do it in the next time which is the 31st, of May so. We're. At a place where we, actually just restocked, buy, older and more coffee. Thinking. That we would have an event on Thursday, and that's cancelled so now we're, kind of like we're. Trying to just find, find out what we're gonna do now if. We just want to find. Another place to pop up at or. We, really don't know right now it's. Kind of like I was talking with Cameron. Because, Cameron plays music, you know piano and stuff and I, was like Cameron, pick your day what's. Your day of the week what's the day that you you, show up you know and. It's, just like alright this is I'm, gonna show up I'm gonna do music Tuesday's, right and so you know this. Is the day it's, it's not like well I can't do it cuz I don't have anything going on no I am, gonna do it cuz it's Tuesday, so I need to come up with something for it so what I like is that BAM, you already got another, thing you were planning on doing on Thursday not even a week after the big event you guys just did you're already you, know hit the ground running you're ready to go again next week it got canceled, but, what I like is you, know you guys are doing something every single week so I mean I would just keep that mentality like alright what are we doing next, week what are we doing the week after that and just like keep that rhythm going, ok. I. Think. It's also just up to, us I know we talked about say. I was in the door to door thing like you were saying earlier and where we talk about bouncers. And. Incentives, for people to help. Give and support but, we really need to. Again. I just start calling you know either cold calls or people we I think. It might generate, a good lead but a. Lot. Of these other organizations, like I said that we had been involved in we. Still, need to cost them with a few more of those people and set. Some stuff up like I have something that we could do in August, but, it. Just takes it just took me talking with someone they're like well we have this thing going on it's couple months in advance but you get more and more of those into your schedule starts to be booked and, that's, a good thing no but, we're also trying like it's, interesting because I I.

Haven't, Moved forward on a lot of the scheduling. Or cold calling and stuff like that because. I was like well we're gonna be in our, store next. Month and yes, we want to have this bar like you said we can use that and leverage that not every coffee shop has a bar so we're definitely like one up. And. I was thinking maybe maybe sniffing we have our like Sundays, open or something like that we can always do or Saturday's open we can events, on the weekends, and. Just how people fit into that go. Ahead anything. It seemed like you might have had a question. A moment ago that I might accidentally, cut you off I think, my next thing was actually on the point of what cameras love to talk about saying, that like we, would like to schedule more events but also to with the next month coming up of like well, they're wanting, to open up the shop. Mmm, there's like how. How. Much do we push ourselves to, doing, more events how far in advance and we booked ourselves, yeah. Before. We have to put everything in taxi, opening, the shop because once the shop gets going I know it's gonna take more. Of our time as, you plan and prepare for everything. Every day thing rather than just, one, Saturday, sure. You know I mean on the one hand it's like yeah. You were planning on doing a bunch of events that was before the storefront, thing happened, so it could make sense to like okay, reconsider. Where the Energy's going but, on the other hand okay. You've got a storefront, and no. One knows you're there so. How are they hearing about it it's almost like you need to do both and when you do the events you're like yeah this, is a little pop-up but we actually have a storefront on Main Street or wherever it is right. Yeah. That's a great point a lot. Of people were like again. That the event people were so excited just for the experience if I coffee and how we prepared it but then we we throw in like hey we're actually posted up right in front of our store we're, gonna be in next month they're like what right here we've, been waiting for this that countless people just said like ah this is exactly what we need this is exactly what Riley needs our Main Street needs and, I was like that's awesome but people were so like they were genuinely, excited. And, so, we just need more people to be exposed to that you know be. Like going door-to-door and you just hanging something up or talking to people who open the door more, events. Yeah. I even. Thought about. Just. Making like a quick little you, know print out paper, sign and posting. It somewhere, on a pillar on the, darker the dark trainers app and just, putting, like proverb, coffee coming, soon yeah and. But, the location, that it's right there. Because, I think if you could really target. That train where, they said like 600. People a day take. That train, if. You can't get at least 10% of us like 30 years. Had. Another idea if you do these pop-up, events. I don't. Think do you guys have an email newsletter. No. No, we. Can I would. Say put, a sign up she or like you could even do an iPad or something right but, even if it's literally, a piece of paper and a pen. You. Know just ask people to sign up to your newsletter like hey we're opening up a storefront we're. Actually kind of we're sharing like the, behind-the-scenes, of it you know what it looks like to open up the store but you know we'll also let you know when, we do our launch you know we'd love to have you there at the opening so. If you want to hear about that we've got a little email, newsletter we're doing and and, just okay. Maybe only 30% of people sign up but you know if you got that. That's 30. People that are gonna come back to your opening that wouldn't have otherwise that you have you have no way of contacting, anyone, who's bought from you they walk away and you'll never see them again maybe, maybe, they maybe, they know about you maybe they find you again but, this. Is you know capturing their contact information so you can keep.

Them Informed and a lot of people who have bought from you they'd be like yeah you know I'd love to hear you know when your next thing is you know do, you want to know when we do the next pop-up event, you know if you enjoyed the coffee we'd love to have you at the next one. Oh. What. Are some services. That have that I would. Recommend, MailChimp. There. They're free, for the first two thousand, so, that's a great place to get started there's other ones that are paid eventually. MailChimp, becomes paid as well you know but it starts making sense once, you have a few thousand people anyway. Obviously. Social media is good you know follow us on Instagram all that stuff that's good but, email, is gonna get people who are older. Than 20 or 30 especially. Who, aren't as big on using social media also they're gonna spend more money, you know so like, that's why I wouldn't ignore it even though like you guys do, social, media you get it some. People are just more old-school with email so and. The heck even younger people still. Use email, and you, know how. Platforms. Like Facebook, and Instagram are with their algorithms, and stuff you know even if you get a bunch of followers they're not everyone's, gonna see it anyway whereas. You have at least more of it more of a shot with email, yes. That's. Great. Wait. You know we actually met the mayor of the city she, came by and. And. She bought some coffee. That's, awesome thank. You. It was interesting, she when she walked up she just looked like honestly, she doesn't look like a record, she looks like any other lady um. You, know it wasn't the caustic you know business, suit were you expecting like a white. Puffy, wig or something yeah. Seriously. What. I don't know why I wasn't expecting, to see the. Mayor walk by at any time and, I wasn't expecting it to be her but, I happened, to say like it, was something usually, I was like heavy you know someone, walking by like eight you want to try some iced coffee I happen, to say to her cause your afternoon, going that, was my initial question and, it, was the first time that I said that and she's, like it's wonderful, and I saw, her star stopped in her tracks and she.

Walked Over he's like what's the song I was like what were a coffee company and this, is our first event we, have a bunch of car, variations. Of coffee you can order here something that was she wasn't coming over, you just don't reached out and said hey how's your afternoon, going yes. So it's so cool and then yeah, this is our coffee company were actually posted up in front of our our, store which I gave her a walk through a couple, minutes later and she's, like whoa that's really awesome and, then she's like nice, to meet you guys I'm the mayor of Rio lat and I was like a wonderful. Camera. You. Know it. Was really cool like it I just happened to be extra. Special and, like a nice, to her for some reason that. Was really a blast and it really just it kind of just encouraged, me like anyone's. Out there anyone, can be anyone and, you got your. Best you, got to be the best person to do so at all times you, know I know, is that, who you think is important, but. It is a really cool opportunity she loved like the idea when I walked through told her about the stuff when you were there with us all, the things that we had planned for the space she's. Like I absolutely, love this make sure you. Guys have a ribbon-cutting for this we're gonna have an opening ceremony like, so you wanted to make it a big deal but. It's cool, that's incredible, that's so cool and and, you, know to your point you. Don't know who anyone. Is and. You. Don't know who. Anyone. Knows, well. You could me a kid who's, oh you. Know he's not anybody's just a kid but what if his mom is the mayor you, know like. Well, what, if he was the, shy girl you, know who's not really engaging not talking like what if she has a hundred thousand followers like, you just you just don't know that stuff. Yeah. Absolutely right absolutely, right like, we met another guy that's gonna be a he's. The French Baker. He's. Gonna own a bakery it's, actually right next to our store so imagine the ladies that were working with have this interior design store we're right in the middle of these three spaces and, that's going to be Prague coffee, this guy's a French, baker like we are all kingpin. In that that whole area of it that's emit and and you guys you got a partner and like sell, his goods yeah. You know. We'll. Sell your stuff. There, so. That's. Awesome man well. Anything else you want to cover today or, you want, to like open a loop for, any. Other big topics, for next time. Hmm. I. Don't. Know I was, wondering you when. You came up this past sabbatical. And I would happen to be mother's week her, Mother's Day. You. Encouraged me to do music Tuesdays through my personal page and things like that you even talked about the, avenue.

Of Doing, behind proverb, coffee, maybe. A story, or something like that which. I was thrilled with I was like dude people want us see what. You're putting forward you know start a business from scratch they, want to see behind the scenes like this, is applicable stuff. So, I was wondering is that best yeah behind, proper, coffee. Is that best to do as proper. Coffees Instagram, or should they do it as my personal like I'm Kevin McCabe I own a business and I. Think maybe that'd be better since not. Everyone knows about my business already, right now I. Don't. Know I just generate. More exposure so. I. Definitely, think the, proverb, coffee. Instagram. Should, be doing stuff, like that but I think you, could do it as well like there's, absolutely, no harm in that I think that would be yeah, that would be a good idea just like behind the scenes here's what it's like to be Cameron. You know working at this like this is what we're thinking about this, is what we're doing so maybe you, know it's really up to you you could be totally, behind the scenes with the official, account or you, can be a little more polished, like a little more branded. With the Instagram, account and then you personally, is like more, behind the scenes like hey you found, me you know this is my own account. Well. Well that's the let's go ahead and wrap it up here thanks everyone for watching if, you're new to Shamas TV go ahead and subscribe hit. The like on, this, video if you enjoyed it, we'll see you next week with, started business from scratch and, we'll see you with more videos tomorrow.

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