Online Trading: live trading, moving average explained on live chart with examples forex

Online Trading: live trading, moving average explained on live chart with examples forex

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Hi traders here's a new video first, of all the risk warning you're invested capital may, be at risk don't wait with money you cannot effort to lose and this video is not an investor buys so, this video is another life training explanation, video of those things which I had explained, in my evil get this ebook is for free or finds a link in the description this ebook contains, the most important, chemistry pattern chart pattern in binary option to boot training concepts market condition current identification rejection, chemists Achmed's and a, lot of more concepts which can be applied to any kind of financial, instrument and any kind of timeframe so get this evil it's for free you'll find a link in the description if in the description you will find also the link to the Facebook group so what the what, is happening here let me see what. Is happening here yes, in the money but what. Was, this yes that. Goes going crazy so, okay I will, show you an hour source code because this video is in particularly, the, second, part of this one what. I have, explained. Before. In. The previous video is where I showed, you how to understand. This drawings, here which, I have done because I got so many questions, from, users, who asked me that. All they asked me to do a live, chat examples, of those things because, they didn't understood, what I showing and the, last video was about the bowling event I have demonstrated those. Kind of things based. On the, live chat and now I'm gonna show you all, those. Things based on on. Ma CS and, also. How you have to do your trades so let me see I will, remove, here the, bowling event so, it's more clear to you so, that we remove them so that, is that and the first one what I'm both talking about are going to top is the constriction. Yes the, constriction, is this what I'm explaining, here what I explained here that. Part here is you see price. Let. Me show you the sales price here constrictions. You see here the. 50. EMA, yes and the 20, of 20 ma are combined, ganking, as they are getting together and, price, is. Channeling, yes in between, that is what the consultation, area is about yes that, is the. Constriction.

Constriction. Yes let me show you if I can show you another constriction. You have only to look out for the EMAs, and if. The MAS are together. Yes here for example here we have another constriction, it's not a nice one yes. But, that is a constriction, you see here the, 50. EMA, is going, up that is going down yes Enterprise. Is in between the, areas between, the EMAs, and doing a consolidation, area so here another constriction. Here yes this, is what constriction. Is about what. I have shown you here the 50 ma, the, 20, is going up yes and price is in between, that is what you have to know yes and that, is how consolidation. Areas are created, yes so, here again you see a constriction, we also ask that me show you this again, constriction. Getting, together yes, and to enter on one of those edges, yet or if, there's the break out that would, be here in this case let, me show you this a constriction, of this one for example you. Get here so, do, I get here's a constriction, here you have here the 100, ma and here you have the. 50 ma the, price is in between this and on the pullback here year after this one that break out interval rejection for Mia you can treat this kind of can there's a break out candidate after, the flat break out yes let me show you another constriction. So, another one would be for example is this one here yes, here for, example who, have here to. Go 20 EMA, goes, downs at 1, ma is flat this, candlestick, breaks, out of this, kind of well area yes and then you can create. This kind of the pull back yet and the same is valid here, for all, kind, of this fear this market is something obviously not, the best one to trade yes you see it's a really, risky it's a moment to trade because you. Have seen my trade was also a little, bit risky so at the same is valid here yes we actually the constriction, area. Friction conservation. Area yes and it's, going up and after this to get a rejection, from the scanner and then, you, trace this break I'll try that kind of yes this, is what I have explained, here is the, pullback this, kind of pullback it it can't be longer it can be one two or three candidates, it's going to be all to one candle only and that is what I talked about break. Out yes you can serve the 12 surfing's a Trent yes, is hoping the Trent that. I. Would. Yes it was this one kind of part is a break out yes or, they'll, try to pull necks or also the fake break RZ as you can enter also here at this kind of edges, but, it's a little bit the. Time candlesticks. Should, be great I guess and not, if they are so close together and, only so tiny the, candlesticks, should be greater so that was the constriction, yes the same you see here also.

Constriction. With 420, ma, 50, ma and the 20 you may are comprehending. A comp against they, are getting together and, then there will be the breakout so let me show you the next the next is, the expanding. Expanding. As, therefore. This I need the. 20s. Ma yes, the 20s, and a is the middle boiling up and I will put the middle pointing up at in here yes and then, you are going to show you what it's explained, so the middle body event is a white one and, mmm. If. The 20 ma is for example the. Say. Yellow one yes and I. Can show you now how it's. Explained. So, but I have to a Moose's so I remove. The other ones because it's, it's a little bit so only the 20, the middle boiling event is a white one yes enter, 20, is the yellow one so. And that is what I had explained, here is. If. They are getting. Wine. Ah it's a bad wife it's this wife is getting with, a wife scaling, Raja. Yes you get a strong, trend yes this is what I expect, all if. The two, was the 20 ma answer milk boiling up egg, forcing all you get a reversal, or a pullback, yes, is, what's happening, if they are getting. Expanding. As. They. Get out of issue. As I yes you get a strong trend if, they're getting together and, crossing, you get a reversal, or a pullback yes, and that, is what I want to show you here, so. We. Get this part here so it's, not so nice but okay, so, we see here there, are close, together more. They get out. From. Each other away yes more they expand, here is the maximum, maximum yes, you, get a strong, uptrend here, is the strong uptrend yes, you see how, price. Pulls. Back, from, the, one. Deviation. Pointing up and yes this is a one day be a Shambhala Nepenthe, yes and to, see how price pulls, back and then, is assigned for a nice pullback here pull, back here and pull back here is that. Is because. The, EMA. Is a twenty of a NZ 20s, and is the middle boiling event are expanding. And are going out of it each other as they are not complicating, this is a opposite. Of the companions, yes it's, expanding. Yes so, and when they get together so, that was the uptrend and when, they are crossing or get together yes, there, is a trend, change yes because. The balling of the. EMA. And the SMEs are letting you, get the trend change late. Yes you see the trend change already initiated, here, bath on this kind of a good thing candid yes but because the indicators, are lagging you get it after one two three after, four candles, you get the confirmation. That, we, are getting now into a downtrend, yes and that is what's happening here yes you see all, the, pool pegs are happening. Now here, on the one deviation. Boiling, a bad lower boiling event because we are in a downtrend and you see if, at, this point here, the downtrend, is extra, the strongest, one because the distance, between the 20. Ma. And the 20 is, a is the largest so, yeah, you get together crossing. Yes and all this crossing, you see there, is again a trend change yes, here we have a short. Uptrend. Yes and that. Is what, the EMAs, the, SMA, the 20s amazing little balling up egg enter. 20m a are telling, us this is exactly. That what I have explained. Here yes you see they are getting out of each other, this is here the 20s, and a is nothing, else stands, a minute, morning, our beds so the, finish righteous, I. Should. Have write. Down this portal, middle. Boiling. Our bed pulling, up a bank so that is this one yes so. 20. SMA, or, middle, point of that yes, so. That should be already. Known that we. Literally. Be okay so it's water. So. Okay, that it's okay little, baby yes, so, 20s mhm little baby and that is what those two lines are telling. You yes it's are getting expanding. You'll have a strong, trend and then, after, there are at the maximum and getting closer together you, know already the, trend is weakening. Yes the trend is weakening, here and this part the trend is weakening, here, it's going getting strong, as a trend and on this part that when this weakening, so let, me show you this again yeah so it's nobody. Can tell me, that it's not that it's so SIA in this part the trend is weakening, yes and on, this part here the, trend is getting stronger you see here they're giving out of each other and here's a get together and, that is how you can and here was the climax yes, that was a part where the trend was, strongest.

And You see here then, they came a concert. Area, and after, this the trend we can test, and you see here how it's changed, yes that is what those kind of EMAS are telling you so let me remove. The middle Bollinger Bands, into one deviation, and let me put again the other one so, we have now, discussed those. Two now, we are talking here about the flatness. Yes it's a the. Flatness, arranging markets the same stuff like I have, explained, here of the conservation only. That they are wider from. Each other so where do we have here this kind of flat market, the, flat market, is made, here yes, you see here how price is ranging as, price, is ranging because, EMA's, are flat, yes they are fled in the but, this is not this one this is this. Crossing one yes this ranging, crossing, threat. Is almost. This one let me show you. Yes. For, this the price has to be in between, of this yet so. I. Would. Say flatness. Is mostly. This. Kind of market, here is something like this yes. This one here where, a market, is ranging, here at least yes because of m8s, flat, yes but I would like or this one here yes you see this one is it yes, where it's in between of the 200. But it's so close together yes, if she would be a little bit more more. Wider. It, would be nice but the market is really bad at the moment yes so. It, was in the last hours so I cannot, show you this exactly, but this is already, good, to demonstrate this so this part it's only a small part yes but you see it's, the same what, I have explained, here yet price, is in between the two hundred, and the 100, and then, you see you can do the fake-out breaks, here all the, continuation, trades and that would be in this case trades. Here let me show you fake, break Algie and it's also you see there's also the two hundred and the 100, yes it's the same scenario which, I have explained, there and then you see the whole price is ranging, here fake break out yes he, a fake, point out and the continuation, that is, that other trait or this, call here the continuation. Of the trend the continuation, here of the trend and the, continuation of the 20s you see that, is what I have explained, and that is. Ranging. In between. Of the EMA's, but the Amaze have to be larger, as if they are getting together closer, together you have a constriction, yes so, okay that is this one and now I said I could show you this because at the end you see the market is not almost able. To show all kinds, of situations. Yet so, and then let, me show you if I can find the next one that is a steepness, yes. We. Are it's, trending, but. All in one direction so let me show you this for. Example. Here. We have here some kind of steepness yes yeah, but I want, this in-between of, this but. I don't. See. This so it's most deepest training so you see the, 20ma. Here yes you see the 28, how steep it is so that visualizes. So. We have here always. When you have to 20ma. So steep you see how how, strong this uptrend, is yes you get here sometimes, a retracement but yet to get the pullback pullback. Yes here pull back pull back always. A pull back because the trend is strong this. Is for strong training, yes because the.

20ma. Is steep, so, let me show you and that is also valid, for the other one here for example here. Sorry. Here. Here. The 20ma, is steep so this trend is strong yes you see, obviously. The 20, acres general, going down, yes but more. Steep steep. Say it is at Moses. The. Transformer. The trend town yes that is what, I tried, to show you here, here we have an uptrend, yes but because, we are here as it went one day it, could be not unfolds, this trend yes so you see this kind of ads it, would be here obviously, because, we have here is, deep 20, maybe would help a strong, uptrend but, because of the 2200. M, a which is, Fred we have here this kind of scenarios, that is what I tried to explain you and you see also here 20. Ema20. Ma steep yes, and what do we have here a strong, trend yes that is what I tried to explain here. With, this kind of scenario where, I was telling. You more, steep it is yes more. The trend more. Trending, it is yes okay. I think, I should. Hmm. Okay that, is also that was that was what I explained, was this one this, one here is the SNS, top that, most deep I it is more it acts, like a support, and resistance area so let me show you this so, I can explain this here, we are ranging, yes so. It's. Not valid. But you see it's steep so, I didn't show you this here for example look this. We. Have here is steep steep. 20ma. That means this kind of area is so work is so acting, like a support and resistance area that, this kind of christ, pulls. Back from it easily, yes it's a pathway, here, this is what, I had explained. Almost. Oversold. Areas this, is oversold, area and that's it's a reason why this is going away here, because, we have a steep trend, 20ma. So let me show you this in, some other scenario, yes the same the, 20ma, is steep, gone yes is going steeped also we have a strong downtrend and that, means that price not even, gonna touch this yes it's this, is a 20%. Of the, range trade page and this is overbought. Area he is and that's the reason why price pulls back here is because, the, 20 ma is steep if the 20 ma, is flat, like, here for example yes look here I'll show you some flat, here sir ma is flat and what is happening, the SLA is of, 12 the 20 ma is going, me too broken easily as, he a broken, broken s. Easily because the. 20ma. Is flag, and that is what I try to explain, you in this video and this image here where, I explained, to if, the trend is, if there is a, Asti, you. Have. Valid. Strong as an air yes, which, reacts, from far away already, and if you have a, flat. Flat. Flat. You, base you, can mostly, expect, that there where those will be broken so and the next one is this, one about the steepness and the trend which I have explained, before yes, if you have this kind of, steep. Yes. Deep. 20ma. You see here you. Get the pool bags almost everywhere. He are pulled back from the 20, pull, back from the 20. Pull, back from the 20 pull back from the 20 years and you see how the trend, is going down it and that, is what about if you have the steep a him, a you, know you are on a training as, its training and if they are getting flat there, is a trend, change going, on yes and the, trend can be changed, this is what you have to know that is those kind of stuff which you have to be. Understanding. Because.

This Is the this is necessary, to do, forex. Training aid as when I'm going to explain you the Forex trade and how to trade Forex, you, have to know those kind of basic, stuff yes, this. Kind of basic stuff of the email so it's the last one yes the last but not least because this is one of the most important, ones because, this is the dangerous. Market, yes that is when the EMAs, are crossing, and that is, the scenario here, and let me show you this where, do they cross the edge that, you see a crossing, of the DMA is also. If they are close together it's not only crossing, that is here. Yes. Here. Here. Yes, here when. They start to cross that, is where, you have to trade like, I have explained, with the bowling event their, edges, here here here. Here, here. Yes that, is where you have to treat the edges, because this. Is ranging, market, yes this is dangerous. Because you don't, know and you see here you don't know from what kind, of in a price, will, reject. And that yes. And that it's a reason why so dangerous, here you have almost in, between. Consolidation. Area of the, EMH. And that's the reason why you have to focus XE, engines, yes where the body depends up we. Have overbought, oversold areas, here. Is oversold, area here, is overbought, area and that's a reason why that you have to do the trade exactly. At this point if you have VN, any crossing, EMA's. Yes that is important, because the, if say cross only once like here you have a trend change but, if they are doing this all the time here is crossing, crossing crossing, crossing that. Means price, doesn't, know where, to go and that's the reason why. If. You have market. Doesn't know where to go how you want, to know where where price will go and so and you have believe. It's. A maximum, 50-50. Chance s and. Because. It can go up and down and to know what what, nobody. Knows in, what direction market, will go yes because it's ranging market and the DNA's are crossing that means they don't know what they are going to do so I had, explained, all those, things, which was. Important. Here about the emails I hope, these things would read clear, now yes, they. Do what kind of traits you and what kind of strategy you have to apply on this kind of things I hope, that, is getting, closer to your mind, and to get, you. Understood, sis and so. I would say that would be enough, I have explained, those. Six, things, yes about the e major who's also, yes. And. I, think that, was important. If you don't understood, till. Now watch, it again yes, and what, also is a deep explanation we just again so everything. Would be much clearer so I will, try to.

Make This five, scripts edition of the e-book as maybe. As soon as possible, but I agreed to cover, some more concepts, before I go to start with my phone wakes 20 so, I would say if you like this video do a like if you didn't subscribe subscribe. And if you have something to say drop a line in the comments section or join. The Facebook group or enjoined, the Facebook group so I would say stay safe and bye, bye.

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