Online co-business owner journey

Online co-business owner journey

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So, happy. special person and even if I say she's a dear more than like a sister to me and uh just because of her, I'm in this business and now. I want to miss her. So, difficulties but it's and and then the highest milestone achieved. So, I would like to share your story with us.

Definitely. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my success but that Canada So, daddy. and nanny and all that.

Oh, that's nice. So, uh to see a business health So, I just want you to share that one with our audience. and you so share. definitely. So, I'll start from day one the online uh that was in May. 2020 the uh surprisingly, and uh I just uh jumped into this business on Facebook accounts Uh it wasn't with my name um and uh caramelize uh social media use Facebook um or delete but uh in between.

um as a side but since he joined the bag, because masters, uh in between many people but uh after 2 months, in August, 2020 the within a month milestone achieved the October milestone business for about 6 months. I get There's a very healthy up to I went through four surgeries. So, will be focusing but in the background, my business was actually running So that that's the beauty of this business. even if I was not working that much, business background in this So, after That's after after six 7 months, I became a coach. My business coach and recently, I used to get a milestone so within 14 months of this is my Excuse me. Um for 14 months on

and off. with the experience where I am. like me. business. You need to only get in between, you know, uh but I just kept going. That's how I'm

at this level now. That's great. That's great to hear like uh okay. inspirational to me come in life to see me and uh with the milestone. Pretty much for sharing. Um your journey

with us. So, we hope to see you again. on our next uh uh I will forward to happy now. birthday on top of the uh uh on the screen hello How are you? Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you so much to come here and join us. We are so excited to be here. Yeah, we are. We

are excited to thank you so much. Yeah. So, can you tell our audience about yourself? Um where are you from and what are you do? and uh why you start this distilled be Uh hello, my name is Ara. Uh at the moment, we live in Western Australia I think we've rejoined this business like 5 months back. So, since past 5 months, we're doing uh and started working on this business and in the middle, uh we lost a dear one.

So, I took a little bit care but then I'm really concentrating and working on this uh distilled business that I took a step on it. So, it it's so far it's so exciting and adventurous as well. I would say Yeah, that's true. That's true and uh uh I want to ask you uh next question. So, what's your favorite part in this Venus Favorite part? I won't, I don't want to say only one. I'm going to say a lot but uh yeah. as well, I can uh I'm

going to do it. I'm going to tell you it's main thing is uh you know once we've uh once we heard about this business through uh happy uh happy saying so we went straight into the uh some research and we found that business. We didn't even think about it. We can't we didn't even wait for a week. We jumped into it and we did some research and uh it came to know and even in the Google also my it's it's it's a place to be business. So many

wonderful feedback. So, we joined in it and you know, one best part is training. Training is such a easy like a spoon feeding. Hope you all guys have uh uh uh uh uh This this thing. So, training is uh very uh easy and interesting and every week, we'll we a mastermind that's mind blowing in this business.

So, you you when you join, you won't be left alone. There are lots of thousands of people out there and and uh another second part is uh coach and mentor dedicated coaches mentor There will be always there if they are busy. You can make lots of friends in this group and uh another part is there's no competition You can uh do it on your pace. You don't have to rush. If you rush, you'll fall,

you'll get stuck because that's what I'd say. Uh yeah, that's the part and one thing is when you join in the group, you you won't feel by yourself. You won't feel Uh uh. alone. There's a lot of uh other people who are happy to help us. That's that's uh yeah I

mean but uh happy and there's a lot of things once only we're going to get into it. We will come to know uh yes. Interesting and favorite parts. Yeah. Thank you so much you guys here. I'm so happy. You're so happy. Thank you so much.

Thanks guys. It's a privilege to uh share a little bit of our journey. I know there are so many People are waiting. So,

yes, we will. Thank you so much. for organizing this and we could be able to see all of us on the on screen. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, that's fine. Thank you so much. Catch you later. Buh bye. Buh bye. See you. Bye. So, next, I would

like to invite man. So, she's hello. Hello, everybody. I'm good. Thank you So,

hopefully, first of all, you are feeling better. Mm hmm. You, the moment is going on but still the recovery is on the way. Yes. Okay. So, first of all, I would like to share a little bit of yourself, your intro to our audience. So, um Brisbane, Australia, uh professional wise, I'm a migration agent and tax agent and also a trainer and assessor for early childhood. Now, I'm

trying to be like going to be a real estate agent as well. Maybe the word is really nice for me uh and I have um three children and I'm just living happily with my husband in here and um I'm a digital business owner Yeah, that's that's great to hear about uh your journey. So, can you share a little bit about uh like when you started and uh uh Your life has been changed so far. Yeah. Um my life has changed a lot with this business um because before it started like I started this business, I never imagined that what it's going to be and how it's going to work out within my busy schedule because I was literally working like 60 hours a week and then um also with the kids, I was really busy but um a little uh just uh like a couple of months ago, I had an accident like a car accident so I'm totally free now. I couldn't go back to work and um how you can imagine that it's so stressful uh to all those things but the best thing about this business was that it was still going on while I was on my bed rest uh in the background and also throughout the meetings. I was yeah

communicating with them all of you guys um and uh I was also in touch with other people so that gave me a really positive spirit. So, I'm uh I was um uh I wasn't any negativity or anything at all while lying on my bed. So, I really enjoying um working on my business Oh, that's that's great. So, any special message to our audience that uh you would like to say to the action takers or anyone. So, Uh yes, I'm going to uh I would just say to everyone who's um sitting there and thinking either they press the buttons on the phone to enter into this business or not. Um I

would say that this is um a lifetime opportunity for you guys. So, it's going to change um uh all of your life. It's it's not a magic thing that will change overnight.

Obviously, you will have to work in it. Um but if you want to get in there, um I'll guarantee that um it actually give you a peace of mind It gives you creativity to do other things in your life. so you get more creative. You get to spend spend more time with your family because it's that flexibility and even I plan all the events um for my family now because my mind is working well and there's a training for you guys so you don't have to go out and have any experience. Don't worry about that because everything is set up for you and there's a small board now.

You can see that all the people are live. So, these are the people who we are together. Even though our business is a separate thing but still, we're working together This ongoing support for you 24 hours, somebody is online for to answer any of your questions because we are from the uh like the corners of the world. So,

um that's why you I think I'll just say to the people that if you are thinking to join it, this is the right time. So, just get in so that you can um take advantage of this Thank you, Mandy. Thanks. Thank you so much. people. I want to guys. um I think is happening. that you can do from wherever you want from India. that's the

best around. It's you can go with the flow with this business. It's very easy. We are you Everyone can do it. So, please Okay. or your background.

I'm I'm Sheila. I'm from Melbourne. Um I have my son who is 14 months old. Um my husband. I'm uh basically an accountant. I have almost 15 years experience and accounted but uh when it comes to this business, this is so simple and easy. Uh why I started this uh

because this business is legit. you know, uh we can start with complete uh uh believe it's a business. So, I have done a lot of RND about this time for joining and then I feel like, okay, this is the one of the best online business ever. You can trust this business. So, uh with that mindset like I have joined this business so yeah, that's nice. So, Sheila, you

full time Is it now? So, do you think is there any difficulty like you you are facing like uh you can't be able to give a time or something like that. Can you share with you our audience? So, yeah, it's like I'm I'm a full time uh II work full time for 5 days and I do have my son like a toddler. He's 14 months old but with that, II, do this this night. it's it's just not you know, um it's not for a time limit here. You can just do whenever you have time, maybe in a day. It's 30

minutes. Yeah. Or on the weekends you can do like one to 2 hours. It's uh there's no time limit for um in this business. It is it's a simple like you know any anyone can join this business. it is not going to Uh like you have to keep a lot of time for this.

It's it's just uh uh as for your convenience, you can do this business Oh, good So, she's a good sorry. Uh yeah. You continue to love. Yes. she's happy. Yeah. my turn. So, yeah. Yes. And it's uh training. we have. you can continue Okay, I got one question. Uh yeah. Yeah, That's

what I got. one question for you. So, once you started how your family responses about this uh this year or uh let's say something, it's starting to be like, you know, everyone, my my husband was a bit skeptical. It's like, are you sure? Are you is this is this going to work? Because I have already my uh so much in my plate because I'm I'm a full-time mom and I do have a son to take care of him. Uh he was little

skeptical. But when I showed um when I told the business strategies how it works and it's almost like 90.5 thousand people globally there are in this business. Uh so, this is

just simple to start and after that, it is um in case of any difficulties I do have a lot of mentors like mentors and coach. I can approach them. So, after um uh checking everything my my husband really supported me a lot so he was like yeah Thank you. We can go ahead with this

business. so II do have complete support from my husband Like whenever I go on live and um so whenever I come for this um uh interviews or like whenever I have to talk to my uh uh colleagues uh and this person, he always supports me because this is not like you know, you have to set for 8 hours, 9 hours. It's just like you can like happily uh talking to a friend like how how do you uh uh like your friends. So, in the same way, we just do this person. There's no specify uh a

format for this Thank you so much, Sheila. Thanks. Thanks. Happy G and thank you all for coming here. So, you share your experience. Uh yeah and thank you again. Yeah. thank you.

Thank you, Sheila. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Uh it's 8 o'clock. Okay. Okay.

Thank you. Thank you. Don't have to start introduction and then your wife and I just take time. Here's the plan. Do you think? us.

5 months since I've started this business and I'm doing the family. financial freedom. She's baby. online business.

skeptical. but the scam personal Facebook page. Sure. Sure. Thanks, love. Um hi, my name is Uma. I live in Melbourne, Australia since last 13 years. Uh as a professional,

I'm a health care worker since last 10 years and I'm doing this business as a side hustle and it's it's going really really well. and um I have two kids and very supportive husband as well. I think there is some kind of network issues. I don't know. It's from my side. Yeah, It's all good. You love

you all. Good. So, yeah. So, why you joined this business? I just, for our audience wants to know like Um so, as I said, like I'm a health care professional. I'm a health care worker and um I I'm quite happy with my job but you know, especially after kids and I wanted to spend more time with kids. I couldn't go back full time to my work. so and at

the same time, I wanted to support my family as well to to my husband to uh financially and 1 day. you know, like we all use social media. I was scrolling down on my Facebook page and I see my mentors a and I was quite curious at what it is and because we all use social media and that we waste time on social media to just know that what is what is happening in other life and what is happening around the world um and after seeing um the business model business plan, I was so confident that this is something that I can do um because we all use social media and this is our main business to use social media. Um while uh while while earning like become financially independent as well to support our family and especially without compromising on time to spend with your loved ones. So, that was the main part was the main one that was attracted me to go ahead So, I got one question for you.

Can you tell me about the training? Uh how much training uh the provider when you join and uh it's hard or it is easy. Can you explain a little bit? Yeah, sure. Sure. So, the training is really really easy to start from really basic. So the person doesn't even doesn't have any business background. or they don't know anything how to do business even that person can really start this business because the training they they provide really step by step and start from really basic step.

Um so really easy. Anybody can do it. Literally will tell you where to click where to go, and what to do. So, it's really quite easy and um uh how long the training takes, it's totally like depend on person to person because it's a digital web based training.

They provide you. So you can you can you can finish quickly how quickly you are or how slow you are but I think on an average, it takes about two to 3 weeks or you can finish quicker as well if you are quicker reader No. Okay. Thank you so much. Thanks for your

time. Thank you so much for having me. Love and happy birthday. Thank you so much. Uh Thank you. Thank you. Buh bye. Thank you so thank you to the support. I really appreciate

the. Please share Please share. Thank you. So, thank you very much. Good evening here from Canberra and to all the viewers from rest of the other part of the world, good morning and good afternoon.

by profession. I'm a chef by profession and uh uh husband to my lovely wife, a father of two adorable daughters and uh like it's a great feeling like from 2017 I'm living here in uh Canberra like before I lived in uh Grand Cayman Island 4 years from 2010 to 2014 and basically, I'm from India. So, like in uh hometown is in Chennai in Chennai. Yeah, that's my bit of short introduction. loves you as you know, like I started this digital business uh around like it's been less than 3 years, 3 months. Uh sorry for the era and that's a great feeling and uh yes, please. So, why do you

have joined the digital Yeah. So, why you have joined this business only? So, that is my question to you. Yes, I told as I told, yes, as I told earlier that I'm a chef by profession. So, I've been working all these years and uh like to be I was looking for some second source of income like uh you know, like part time or apart from my full-time job. Uh so while

looking, I saw an ad uh uh through my mentor and uh then I checked all my I had checked and I like how I'm going to do it. What made me to do it? Why? why I want to do it. So, all the all these three questions uh like is in my mind then after looking at business idea and online space and training provider and everything. So,

that's the main reason like I'm starting it as a second source of income and the time flexibility and it's a great platform to like develop my personal thing like how I want to do my own work and so yeah, time. flexibility. Yeah. That's the reason I have uh started as a as a part time but uh hopefully that's potential to convert it as a full time. Yeah, that's what I can say. So, do you think we need any special skills for this business or anyone? Anyone can do it. Uh if I talk about training, do you feel it's hard for you or uh it's not like. No. such any special

qualification required because as you know, I know only like cooking or I'm in a hospitality sector. So, here are professionals who are doing it are from various different professional backgrounds. So, uh as uh according to me like no, yeah, no such any qualification or experience required and uh we are provided with the user friendly system support and video-based training uh like which holds our hand right from setting up online business like starting an online business and uh like you know, running it and uh like how successfully we are going to run it all the way. Guidance is provided. So, I

think yeah, they don't need anything. We need a sort of like learning ability like how we are going to learn how quickly or how fast it totally individual thing like they can uh they can learn it according to their pace and they can do it. Yeah. So yeah. So happy birthday. I hope you answered the question. on the Uh can you give me a one ounce as well? Uh do you feel any changes after the joint Venus? Yes. massive changes as I can say like uh you know, I have I'm able to develop my personal like skills of presence, presence like, you know, previously, I was not using my screen duration wisely and now, I'm able to use my screen duration into business and that's a great advantage I can say because uh in a lot of like previously, uh people have mentioned in Hindi and Punjabi I would like to say for English viewers who are watching it Like we can use our screen duration efficiently into a business rather than wasting it uh because you know, we can uh use social media, leverage, social media, and we can um like uh we can uh get assistance from the automation system like even uh how to like create income but even while you're not working in the front stage or when you're not running physically 24/7 because system runs for you in the background and you don't need to about like as I as I told earlier, the changes you changes. I was looking for

another part time job apart from my full time job. So, if I do that, then, I will be running physically 24/7 and mentally also. So, this business has provided me that uh beautiful comfort and that's a massive change. I can mention it here because apart from a full-time job, I don't need to run anymore like, you know, I don't need to go to places for any other like part time job or any other business. For

example, I said earlier like if I do any if I open any take away shop, I have to go personally and spend time So, that's the beauty of the thing. Yeah. Time. flexibility. Is there peace of mind? Is there Thank you. you. Thank you so much. You are here. Thank you again. Thank you. Thank you. As

I said earlier, thank you. Happy and uh love you. it was uh it was a great experience.

Alright. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Thank you. Okay. Okay. man. Nobody does, you know has been supportive. in partners.

to help. So, that is really like impressive thing. both. Easy step by step. Step by step. I'm a mother of three children and I work in a health care sector for past 8 years and I recently joined this um this online digital business Okay.

So you're already working in health care. So, why digital business? Why are you doing like you're looking for side hustle or something? So, why isn't to join this business as everyone, like most of us have issues with the family. See, we are happy with our jobs and everything. The biggest issue of yours with your family when you have to work and then uh you know, hustling with your children. So, I spend much of the time with my children. So, that was my biggest reason to get into this business. So,

it's a flexibility. You are your own boss, You know, so that's my biggest reason Okay. So, what's the best part of this business like for you? So, the best part, I already said that you are your own boss, you know, and it's flexibility. that you don't need any hardcore degree to join this business. Anybody, anybody can join that. You know, it's really easy. There's a webinar

trainings in there and there are a mentor and coach always available for you to help you if you're stuck with something but it's really, really easy and anybody can do that, you know, with their own time with the flexibility, and more about this runs with you which means if you go anywhere with your children, you go to the park, you go anywhere and this business actually go with you. So, that's the best part. Thanks for joining with us. Uh

so, everybody, would you like to have something Thank you all. Thank you so much. thank you so much for organizing this opportunity for us. That's such a big um you

know, thing to organize one Really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Love you. Have a good to see

you after a long time. just started the business. and that's how I came to know about this opportunity. The accountant by profession. then,

yeah, I've just started and looking forward the That's my opinion. I'd like to say to all the action takers. one is jumping. You can't find what it is until you're jumping or like approach your mentor. Yeah. So,

basically, main thing is like sometimes some people might be skeptical because of like, you know, maybe it's not legit or something. Uh you know, so but you got a plus point because you got a, you know, have to trust. Sometimes I've I've seen your posts to have this post too but as I didn't ask the person before, I don't think I would have messaged you guys. Sometimes you feel it's a scam but when you jumped in, my first call was like, okay, is it what is it? That's the person that makes a big difference too. Yeah. this time, thank you so much. for coming. Thank you guys. Thank

you. Thank you. Hello, Happy birthday. Love Benji. and that's so much Yeah. Actually, uh my name is Aisha and I'm come from Melbourne. My husband.

Five-year-old. or Facebook pay. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks both of

you. Okay. Well, I'm uh that's it for a month. our training. basic English Uh I can just learn a little bit. tell you about myself. Uh

my name is Nepali. I of course used to live in a part in for 10 years and I just back to Melbourne for the last 3 years. I have a one son and uh my profession I'm working in travels So, definitely uh this business is uh my second income uh since I was looking for some second income in my life and I come across in social media about this really good online digital business and I inquired through the detail and I'm really looking forward in the future for the great success. Uh okay. So, are you doing the training or you finish with the training yet? I already know. Are you finding the training? Yes, definitely. I love to say

about the training is really amazing and really well organized. Anyone can do the training. The best part of this one to running the business or doing the training. you can do anytime, anywhere. So, there is no particular timing about where you have to go to nine to five for training for Monday to Friday. Nothing like So, I did

my training during the lockdown in Melbourne particularly with my little one in a home learning So, I'd buy, of course, he's doing his online schooling and whenever I get a chance, I'm doing my training. So, it is a really great path for me like when I'm staying at home but still, I can on something and I can run the business and yes, I finished my training and I'm looking forward to going ahead Now, Okay, Thank you. Thank you for coming in. Such a short notice. Um definitely and yes and thank you so much. Love and happy for organizing this amazing life. Okay, thank you. It's a

pleasure. Thank you so much. Uh uh you are here. Thank you so much again. Thank you. Hello. I'm going to

happy. uh Nikki uploads. is like really entertaining Yes. We are making Thank you. me. Finally, you are here.

Thank you for appreciating the uh like staff who whoever is there. Uh they help to do it on my phone. So, that's why I'm able to come online now. Yes.

Yes. So of the screen. Thank you so much.

uh to see the full time business real estate business Bodega. the best. business. which gives I came to Australia in 2013 and I'm living with my family and my husband and my son, a businessman in the beginning of this year and uh yeah, so enjoying every bit of this journey because I know that a baby on their business I think that's the beauty of this Most of them. I liked the experience and skills. and there are quite a few things I like about this business. They

only it's a baby this is the most beautiful thing about this business. and thank you. Thank you so much for joining us today Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So, I will let you go now because some of us are waiting to you Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hello, everybody. everybody.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hello. Hello.

Sorry. I'm I'm really sorry. Sorry. That's good. I love

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