Online Class: Jewelry Business Essentials with Beadalon | Michaels

Online Class: Jewelry Business Essentials with Beadalon | Michaels

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Ximena Vargas: hi. Sara Lovecraft: Welcome kit it's so good to see everybody Thank you all so much for joining me this Saturday, this is gonna be a fun class we're not necessarily doing a project I say necessarily we're not at all doing a project actually. Sara Lovecraft: But we are going to be doing a lot of talking and I feel like this class has got some really good information. Sara Lovecraft: In it, for those of you who maybe you are building your new business. Sara Lovecraft: Or maybe you are just getting started with a hobby right, so I don't want anybody to. Sara Lovecraft: don't miss read the title of this class, because it does say jewelry business essentials, but I do think that this is going to be an informative class that's going to.

Sara Lovecraft: definitely have information in it little nuggets of wisdom for everybody who is into jewelry making whether you are a beginner whether you are a professional or whether you know you're just considering it as a hobby. Sara Lovecraft: So That being said, I do want to kind of preface this with with a little. Sara Lovecraft: Just a kind of a disclaimer I guess you would say i'm talking about jewelry business essentials, as far as just kind of an overall encompassing. Sara Lovecraft: Things that you're going to want to have the tools, the findings, the wire and the string and then some of the extras but i'm not necessarily going to be focusing on a certain type of jewelry making so. Sara Lovecraft: In other words, this is not necessarily going to be a one size fits all class because some of you are going to be seed meters, or you are a CV or some of you are. Sara Lovecraft: Your focus is wire work, why are weaving some of you, your focus is just stringing some of you, your focus is something completely different so.

Sara Lovecraft: This is really just kind of a broad general overview of some of the essentials that you're going to need, but for those of you who do something that is more technique specific. Sara Lovecraft: i'm i'm not going to necessarily be hitting on those things so, for instance, if you're a seed beater. Sara Lovecraft: Things like the thread that you use for seed beating and needles and those kinds of things I kind of left out not intentionally. Sara Lovecraft: But just because I wanted to keep this as broad as possible coming at this from the point of view of maybe you're just a beginner and you're building up your stash and you need to know all of the essentials and.

Sara Lovecraft: Then just building from there okay. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so before we get started i'm going to turn you guys around so you don't have to look at my face the entire time i'm going to show you these products, as many of them, as I have. Sara Lovecraft: Some of them that are on the list I don't necessarily have, but we are still going to talk about them so let's get turned around and we will get started. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so.

Sara Lovecraft: When you are a beginner Okay, in particular, this is for beginners like I said when you're very first starting out. Sara Lovecraft: it's very overwhelming when you go to your michaels and you go into the jewelry department and you're looking for things to buy may not know what it is that you need and it's sometimes hard to differentiate between what is a need, and what is just a a want right. Sara Lovecraft: So we're going to try to keep this as basic as we possibly can, and I will i'll definitely throw in some things that I think are extras that you might want to have, but again just wanted to keep this as basic as possible, it can be overwhelming there are so many different choices.

Sara Lovecraft: And these are just some of my favorites so we're gonna get started with the tools and some of my very, very favorite tools of all time. Sara Lovecraft: Are the beetle on sparkle pliers now, before I start talking about all of the pros about these I do want to mention. Sara Lovecraft: that these are definitely geared towards people with smaller hands, if you need something that has a little bit more cushion if you need something that has a little bit more substantial. Sara Lovecraft: grip on it, these might not necessarily be for you, however, beat along has a great selection. Sara Lovecraft: of tools at michael's to choose from, and there's definitely going to be a a set of players that is going to fit for you. Sara Lovecraft: So, because I do have smaller hands, I have smaller hands, I have smaller fingers I do like to have.

Sara Lovecraft: A handle that is small, and I also like to have as close to a precision tip, as you can get without buying a specialty set of tools and I find that the sparkle pliers whether it's the round nose or the chain nose have a really good tiny little tip on them that I use for a lot of things. Sara Lovecraft: will start with just the chain those partners so our chinos players come into different kinds of course. Sara Lovecraft: This is probably true for most brands, but for beat along in particular these you can get in just the standard. Sara Lovecraft: chain nose pliers and then can get them in the bit chain nose pliers now i've included both of these as an essential because I always have to pair suppliers on hand. Sara Lovecraft: having to pay our suppliers, is the perfect way to open and close jump brings it just makes life, a whole lot easier and it gives you a better a better grip let's just take a jump ring just. Sara Lovecraft: Since we're talking about it right, we may as well, so.

Sara Lovecraft: You can, if you want to take a jump ring and open it with your finger like holding it with your nose pliers. Sara Lovecraft: And then open it opening it with your finger However, I find that you just don't get a very good closure on it sometimes you can see, this one. Sara Lovecraft: It doesn't have a good closure on it so using two pairs of pliers I find is essential for things like this, where you're twisting open a jump ring or you're closing a jump ring same is true with head pins and I pins if you need a little bit.

Sara Lovecraft: More control two pairs of pliers is the way to go, so why do I, I like to have one of them event chain knows, instead of buying two pairs of the just straight train those pliers is because in other situations where i'm wire wrapping, for instance, let me grab. Sara Lovecraft: A scrap piece of wire here, so if I am wire wrapping something let's just kind of start out with a rap loop so we're only doing a project i'm just giving you some examples here. Sara Lovecraft: If I want to do i'm going to just do really quickly i'm going to do a rap loop here and then i'm going to put a Bead on and i'll show you why those benching those hires come in handy so the big nose on those is really handy for when you have other things in the way. Sara Lovecraft: Now I know that that doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you see exactly what i'm talking about those of you who are jewelry makers, you know exactly what I mean so.

Sara Lovecraft: you've you've got your pliers here you got your loop whether it's an iPad ahead been whatever the situation may be and let's just say. Sara Lovecraft: you've got. Sara Lovecraft: This Bead you're going to do your raps loop with this and then you're going to want to attach this to something else right. Sara Lovecraft: and finish this off here.

Sara Lovecraft: let's say that we want to attach this to another loop on something else okay and we're going to do the wraps loop. Sara Lovecraft: holding on to this one with the big chain nose pliers or the other one after you make that loop. Sara Lovecraft: See how I can hold the Bead out of the way I can hold the wire out of the way right whatever is happening on this side of the pliers the tip of those pliers is not getting in the way, so I find that this is particularly helpful right when.

Sara Lovecraft: When you are. Sara Lovecraft: Working on something, and you you're working in a very small area let's say like you only have this much here right. Sara Lovecraft: Okay, so that's it's really, really helpful because you're not trying to like wrap around it so i'm trying to keep up with the comments as they go by that's why I kind of pause there for a second. Sara Lovecraft: that's going to be really, really helpful for keeping your pliers out of the way and if you've got to have to it's good to have one of them to be at least you're benching those fighters great. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so the other thing that you're going to want to have is around those pliers which i've. Sara Lovecraft: Already kind of shown you your round nose pliers are perfect for creating wraps loops and simple loops you can make coils you can make.

Sara Lovecraft: dumplings However, it is a tapered you know it's a tapered mandrell here, so your dreams are not going to all be the same, but. Sara Lovecraft: Perfect for lots of different things, so if you're going to be a wire rapper even if you're not a wire rapper in your a string or having a good pair of round nose pliers on hand is definitely what I would consider an essential. Sara Lovecraft: So your essentials, are going to be two pairs of pliers chain knows, one of which, being the bench he knows, one of them being the round nose pliers. Sara Lovecraft: And then you're going to want a good pair of cutters now I realized the cutters that I have here have a purple handle, however. Sara Lovecraft: If you're buying the sparkle pliers and you're making this investment for your jewelry business then definitely you want to include a good cutter and you can get. Sara Lovecraft: The semi flush cutter in the blue handle as well, I just couldn't find mine, so I got the purple ones, because they're exactly the same size.

Sara Lovecraft: Having a good cutter is definitely always. Sara Lovecraft: A must this one is a semi flush cutters you're not going to get a flush cut, but you are going to get a nice precision cut with this and you can get in there, see how it has that tiny little tip you're able to get in there, and you know really get into some small small places. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so another tool that I find to be an absolute essential is going to be your flat nosed nylon job flyers.

Sara Lovecraft: If you've taken classes with me before you know that these are essential for making your nodded head pins I cannot live without these you've got to have these for that that that kind of technique in particular. Sara Lovecraft: However, these are also good for straightening wire. Sara Lovecraft: And if you are making things where you don't want to mark up the wire you've got this nice nylon grip on these and that's going to help to keep you from getting pliers marks on things, so if you're making spirals or any of those. Sara Lovecraft: You know kind of fancy little things using these to hold onto your wire is definitely going to help keep you from scratching everything up OK. Sara Lovecraft: So the other standard tool that is definitely an essential for your jewelry making business is going to be your campers now, even if you are strictly a wire worker or, if you are strictly a seed beater having a good pair. Sara Lovecraft: Of crisper tools is definitely an essential thing to have I don't know if if everybody knows this, but you, you should particularly our beginners this is definitely.

Sara Lovecraft: Definitely a plus to have is a standard crimp or tool, so that you can current properly right, proper crimping technique is a must that's going to. Sara Lovecraft: make or break your jewelry designs and in CBD and in wire wrapping sometimes there are opportunities or situations where you're going to need a creeper tool, and this is a really great ones who invest in because. Sara Lovecraft: it's cost effective, but it also accommodate a wide variety of crimp sizes so with your standard crimp or tool you're going to be able to cramp sizes.

Sara Lovecraft: Two three i'm sorry one, two and three and that's that's that's pretty much the standard as far as crimped sizes are concerned and we're going to get into those here in just a second as well. Sara Lovecraft: But it definitely helps you to to take care of a lot of different sizes of your crib beads and. Sara Lovecraft: keeps you from having to buy multiple tools. Sara Lovecraft: There are other size cramped tools that are available there's a micro camper and MIT creeper that does larger crimps, but I find that if you're just starting out and you're just building your jewelry business, this is definitely one.

Sara Lovecraft: That you're going to want to start with the others necessarily will come into play later, depending on what kinds of projects you're doing, but just as an overall standard tool to have this is definitely the one that I recommend. Sara Lovecraft: Now let's talk about the crimps that are going to go with this, because you don't want to invest in a ton of different cramps right you don't want to spend a whole lot of money unnecessarily when you are just starting out so. Sara Lovecraft: Excuse me, I like to grab the beetle on crimp variety packs there's one of them, that has four different colors, this is the crimp tubes right. Sara Lovecraft: So this one's got four different colors i'm actually missing the copper. Sara Lovecraft: So the crimp tubes or the current beads you can get these variety packs were there are three different kinds of metals, that is super cost effective right so you're not buying tons of crimps tons of different sizes trying to figure out.

Sara Lovecraft: You know what you're going to need these are great for just getting started right, you can buy all the colors that you need and just one fell swoop, and you can do that with the tubes. Sara Lovecraft: or with the crimp beads the tubes are my personal favorite just because they have a little bit more surface area to work with so you're just getting started, these are a. Sara Lovecraft: Great way to learn your proper crimping technique for sure, and having them in the little bottles, you can just throw these in your bag, so if you are doing a craft booth. Sara Lovecraft: If you are going to do a craft show somewhere having these and having all your essential tools to be able to just kind of throw in your work bag that's really, really going to be helpful because.

Sara Lovecraft: things happen right if you're selling your jewelry sometimes things break, we hope that they don't But worst case scenario, something does break you want to be sure that you've got everything you need and these little. Sara Lovecraft: Containers like this are super handy to just kind of throw in your bag, plus the fact that you've got them and all the colors of the metals, that you need. Sara Lovecraft: So again, these come in the crimp tube or they come in the crimp Bead and you can just pick the preference, you can see i'm kind of damage to the top of this, one here and just ignore that but. Sara Lovecraft: You you can buy these all in you know in one little package and you're good to go. Sara Lovecraft: Definitely a cost effective way to buy your essential findings and then of course there's another great way to buy essential findings and that's going to be with your.

Sara Lovecraft: Findings variety packs I talked about these all the time if you've taken classes with me, before I love these again, it is a small, I can toss it in my bag, I can take it with me. Sara Lovecraft: I have everything I need i've got tons of different sizes of dumplings i've got all the class that I need there the spring rings and the lobster class and there are a ton of in there are a lot missing here because I use them for everything. Sara Lovecraft: But really a cost effective way to buy a lot of findings at once, if you're just getting started building your jewelry business, you want to be as.

Sara Lovecraft: Mindful of where you're spending your money as possible and things like this and the variety packs for your cramps are definitely going to be essentials. Sara Lovecraft: You know, so that you can spend your money on the fun things which would be like your beads right. Sara Lovecraft: I mean that's that's where we all have the most fun, but unfortunately these things are necessary and so being able to do them in a cost effective way is definitely going to save you money in the long run.

Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so there are there are other findings that I do find to be a. Sara Lovecraft: really necessary and things that I like to have on hand, I think all jewelry makers should have on hand one of those things being the wire guardians, I find that. Sara Lovecraft: These are a lifesaver some of you may not be familiar with the wire guardian and what it does, but your wire guardian is exactly what the name says it is going to protect your wire between your beach drinking wire.

Sara Lovecraft: and any of the metal components that you're going to be using with your beach train wire, these are also great for seed beaters if you are using wildfire and you're doing a beating design and design and you need to add hardware to it, you can also run your wildfire through this as well. Sara Lovecraft: So it, it has a little chat channel in its here and that's going to be a barrier between your wire and your components so whether that's a jump ring whether it's a class. Sara Lovecraft: it's it's going to serve as the barrier, so what happens is you run your beads training wire up through it and then grab a pair of pliers here.

Sara Lovecraft: back down through it and you're being string your wires never going to touch your jumping or your class or whatever component, it is that you are looking at through. Sara Lovecraft: And that's going to keep that from from creating any abrasion here the abrasion happens when that be drinking wine or rubs up against something else, whether it's a Bead whether it's. Sara Lovecraft: metal metal is the worst for creating abrasion and that's going to cause your beads ringing wire to fray it over time where away that nylon coating on the outside of your beads drinking wire. Sara Lovecraft: And that will cause a weak point in your design which over time will completely break. Sara Lovecraft: So um, why are guardians, I definitely recommend if you're if you're just getting started and you're you're beginning to build your jewelry business I I definitely recommend grabbing some of these and just having them on hand.

Sara Lovecraft: and throw them in a little a little baggie toss them in your bag and take them with you, wherever you're going to go wherever you're going to be showing your pieces just to have on hand definitely important. Sara Lovecraft: Now the other two things i'm going to show you, these are kind of no brainers I feel like but good things to have just in general. Sara Lovecraft: Your wires that's always going to be something that you're going to need if you're making earrings whether you are a seed beater whether you're a string or whether you're a wire wrap or Whatever the case may be. Sara Lovecraft: Getting your ear wires and having those on hand is is definitely an essential for sure this just happens to be my favorite I find that with customers in particular.

Sara Lovecraft: They find these to be the most comfortable, they are the Leader back we're live we're back to beating on how you say it your wires they fit really, really nicely in the year, and everything hangs from them beautifully. Sara Lovecraft: However, you can have your own preference and ilan does offer a couple of different styles of your wires that you can grab from michael's. Sara Lovecraft: definitely want to buy those up they're inexpensive and you can buy a lot of them and have those on hand for your designs or if you're traveling and showing your jewelry just to have these in case right you always want to have things, just in case. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, then, last but not least, and I I call this a finding it might not necessarily fall in the finding category. Sara Lovecraft: But that would be some change and, again, this is one of those things that does seem like a no brainer but those of you who are senior leaders, even those of you who are wire rappers and stringers you're going to need some chain at some point.

Sara Lovecraft: This stuff is great to buy in bulk you can get a lot of it all at once, this is the beetle on. Sara Lovecraft: chain, I like to buy the small changes because I can use this for drops I can use this for necklaces I can use this to hang pendants on. Sara Lovecraft: For so many different uses for this and it's easy to work with, and a lot of times I don't even bother with opening and closing the little links on them if I just need a small section i'll just use my cutter tool and trim off.

Sara Lovecraft: Whatever links that I need and having this to throw in your bag again it's a really it's a really great. Sara Lovecraft: essential to have you can never have too much chain, so I I tend to buy the small chains in bulk and then, when i'm looking for specialty chain, which is the larger link chain for specialty designs I you know I splurge on those but I tend to always have small chain on hand. Sara Lovecraft: All right now we're going to get down to the nitty gritty here, so all of the things we've talked about this far for building your jewelry business has been pretty. Sara Lovecraft: You know if you're a beginner you might not know where to start i've given you a good little jumping off point but. Sara Lovecraft: This is probably the number one thing that gets asked about more than anything, and that is wire and all of the different kinds of wires what kind of wire you're going to need for your business in particular. Sara Lovecraft: And what the differences are between all of those and what's going to be the most cost the most cost effective so.

Sara Lovecraft: we're going to start with the beach drinking wire, because not all wires are created, equal and different people are going to need different kinds. Sara Lovecraft: Of these wires for their different needs, but I do think that it's definitely good information, whether you are just getting started or you need a refresher. Sara Lovecraft: So these bringing one or comes in three different strands sizes, you can get 19 strands you can get 49 strand, or you can get seven strand. Sara Lovecraft: And the strands number is a.

Sara Lovecraft: Count of all of the little stainless steel wire So you see, this is 19 strand, that means that as 19 strands of very tiny stainless steel wire that has been twisted together, and then it has this nylon coating on it. Sara Lovecraft: So, the higher the number, the more drape and the more flexibility you're going to get out of that wire, so if you're a beginner you're just starting out you don't really know what you want, or what you're going to need. Sara Lovecraft: The first number you're going to pay attention to is going to be the strand count now That being said, I think there is a little bit of misinformation about what that strand count is going to mean for you and your jewelry making so if you're a beginner. Sara Lovecraft: A lot of times the seven strand is what you will go for because you see it, you see that it is the most cost effective, out of all of them. Sara Lovecraft: And it is you know you can you can buy a lot of it, whereas with the 49 strand it's very expensive the 19 string kind of tends to be in the middle of the road and that's true, as far as the price point is concerned, but that does not necessarily indicate. Sara Lovecraft: let's see how to say it doesn't necessarily indicate your skill level Okay, I find that the seven string is just appealing for those of you who are just getting started.

Sara Lovecraft: Because of the price point but that's not necessarily how you want to shop for this, so let me explain seven strand is the least flexible, out of all of them. Sara Lovecraft: That doesn't mean that it is inferior, by any stretch of the imagination 19 strand has better flexibility it's a little bit more supple. Sara Lovecraft: The 49 and has the best flexibility, you cannot with this has the best drape it really has more kind of a fluid feel to it, but I find that. Sara Lovecraft: picking out which strand you want is is tech or not not techniques specific there's going to be project specific okay so don't just go for the cheapest wire just because you're seven strand wire.

Sara Lovecraft: is going to be more it's going to have more structure to it right, so if you're making things like your wires. Sara Lovecraft: earrings not your wires i'm sorry earrings like hoop earrings or you're making some sort of pendant that is a hoop shape. Sara Lovecraft: And you want to use your beach drinking wire, for it and you're going to want that seven because it has that Nice structure to it right, you want it to keep that shape. Sara Lovecraft: Whereas if you use your 49 strand, it might turn into more of a teardrop shape, as opposed to that Nice hoop shape that you're going for.

Sara Lovecraft: Your 19 strand, this is probably the one that is the most people buy it the most just because it is the middle of the road, it kind of has the best of both the seven and the 49 strands and. Sara Lovecraft: Depending on what kind of project you're doing this is definitely going to be a good price point for everybody and it's going to fill most of your needs it's great for bracelets it's great for earrings. Sara Lovecraft: it's great for necklaces and all of those little components that you want to make out of your beads string wire. Sara Lovecraft: So if you're making a lot of pieces of jewelry if you're making lots of necklaces if you find that you're making lots of breath bracelets for your business.

Sara Lovecraft: 19 strain is really the way to go, I tend to buy it in the longest links that I can possibly get just to save money in the long run. Sara Lovecraft: But now, if you're looking for something in particular you're going to be streaming maybe some of your favorite gemstones and you want to have like a very luxurious fill. Sara Lovecraft: This is kind of the Rolls Royce if you will have been shrinking wire, this is what's considered professional grade. Sara Lovecraft: Do I do, I consider 1973 and professional grade I do because, again, I think that is project specific I don't think that those numbers indicate superiority of the wire at all, and so. Sara Lovecraft: Though this may be considered professional I really feel like it really kind of just depends if you're looking for, like the drape that you're going to get from maybe.

Sara Lovecraft: You want your Pearl necklace to feel like very luxurious your 49 screen is definitely the way to go, 19 strand, though I feel like that's a great wire for everybody. Sara Lovecraft: Just in general, so let's talk a little bit about the information that is included here so. Sara Lovecraft: The two that I have on the list of the essentials, is the bright, because of course you're being trained wire is going to come in a lot of different colors as well. Sara Lovecraft: I tend to get the bright it's a it's a dark kind of silvery color I find that it disappears in your designs and you don't necessarily see it, so I don't have to spend a lot of money buying. Sara Lovecraft: bright silver or gold colored or bronze this one is just kind of one of those it's it's what I consider camouflage and it really kind of just.

Sara Lovecraft: You know it blends in with everything so that's definitely why I consider this one and a central, I find that this color works with just about everything. Sara Lovecraft: on the front of your packaging, though you're going to notice a couple of different things you're going to notice, of course, the findings that fit that are going to go with your beads stringing wire so. Sara Lovecraft: it's going to tell you, while you're shopping again, this is a great way to save money and to save time is. Sara Lovecraft: You don't have to guess about what findings you're going to need this is going to work with size one crimped beads and number two current tubes the same with this one. Sara Lovecraft: And you can always look on the back to find what other things will work, so your script findings, those are also going to be listed here on the back it's going to tell you the sizes. Sara Lovecraft: Of all of the different diameters of the wire and what's going to work with it okay so there's no guesswork there you can buy everything that you need all together.

Sara Lovecraft: Now, as far as essential sizes are concerned, this is where it can become even more than just the color of the between your wire, this is where things can get a little overwhelming, particularly for those of you. Sara Lovecraft: Who are just getting started Okay, because the between your wires comes in a large large variety of diameters and you don't want to spend all of your money right. Sara Lovecraft: From your business buying every single diameter of be drinking wire, that there is.

Sara Lovecraft: You want to start out with something that's going to be right in the middle, the goal of your beads training liar is going to be. Sara Lovecraft: You want the largest amount of wire that's going to fill the largest whole of your beads so of course all designs are different in some designs are going to have beads that have. Sara Lovecraft: Large holes and small holes all mixed together what you want to find is the beach drinking wire that's going to accommodate all of those beads and it's going to fill up the most amount of that. Sara Lovecraft: That been opening cry, so why does that matter It matters because, just like where we were talking about the wire guardians and abrasion. Sara Lovecraft: The same abrasion can happen with your beads so if you're using a very fine been stringing wire and combination with a Bead that has a larger hole that beat is going to move around on that wire. Sara Lovecraft: A whole lot more than it would on a thicker diameter wire and, of course, over time, is going to wear away that nylon coding that's on the outside of the beads stringing wire and then it's going to start to fray.

Sara Lovecraft: So you want to be sure that you're buying a good size diameter, for your wire, but. Sara Lovecraft: Unless you're going to be using things like gemstones that have a very tiny hole or pearls that have a very tiny hole you're going to need to find something. Sara Lovecraft: that's the MID line for this right, so I keep two different diameters on hand all the time. Sara Lovecraft: I always have bright and I always have it in the point three eight millimeter and always have it in the point four, six millimeter I find that one of the two of these diameters is going to be. Sara Lovecraft: More often than not going to be the correct size, for whatever my project is right, so one of them is a little bit smaller than the other. Sara Lovecraft: The differences in the slides, but when you are using your beads you're definitely going to be able to tell the difference I don't know if I hope that side by side you're necessarily going to be able to tell a whole lot.

Sara Lovecraft: But I do find that these two diameters will accommodate most most of my projects and so. Sara Lovecraft: Having these two on hand is definitely going to save you a lot of money right you want to be spending your money and your jewelry business on the fun things not. Sara Lovecraft: 15 different diameters of wire, you can see the difference in the sizes is just very, very slight right you want to spend that money on.

Sara Lovecraft: You want to spend that money on the beach you want to find spend that money on the fun things that things that are going to draw your customers in. Sara Lovecraft: Not on you know, having every Bead stringing liar diameter, or that you could possibly find under the sun, now that does. Sara Lovecraft: There is a time and a place for that right, because sometimes you're going to need a specific diameter for a specific project, but if you're just starting, your business. Sara Lovecraft: This is a great place to start right with your point three eight and your point four, six, I really find that they accommodate most.

Sara Lovecraft: Okay, so another thing that I like to have on hand that some people either love it or they hate it that's going to be your elasticity and. Sara Lovecraft: I know that some people think that elasticity is inferior, for whatever reason, but I gotta tell you. Sara Lovecraft: Over the past probably five or six years i've noticed that there is an increase of high end designer jewelry that is on elastic.

Sara Lovecraft: stretch have some variety and my favorite out of all of the stretch is the elasticity the stuff is inexpensive it, you can buy a ton of it, it comes in three different sizes. Sara Lovecraft: And again, is something that you can just have on hand inevitably you're going to come across a customer who. Sara Lovecraft: Has dexterity issues, who does not want to mess with findings and elasticity is going to be the answer to that right you don't want to exclude any of your customers, just because. Sara Lovecraft: You don't have any kind of elastic courting on hand so again this comes in three different sizes so just like, with your mainstream wire it's going to accommodate a lot of different beads. Sara Lovecraft: The one millimeter is the one that I keep the most right, I have it the most on hand, it is the biggest out of all of them, it does fill up.

Sara Lovecraft: The the whole have a lot of different sizes of beads and again, you want to consider this the same way you do your been string liar you still want to fill up. Sara Lovecraft: The been streaming or i'm sorry the Bead whole with the largest amount. Sara Lovecraft: Of the elasticity that will fit right because abrasion happens, whether it's been training wire or elastic it really doesn't make any difference. Sara Lovecraft: It Those are all places where weaknesses can occur and so again, this is a great thing to have on hand for your customers who don't who don't want to deal with a class and i've got a lot of those so you can get it in.

Sara Lovecraft: The point eight millimeter and the point five millimeter comes in clear comes in a couple of different colors the clear is my favorite because it just disappears right just disappears into the design. Sara Lovecraft: And again it's just because it's stretch doesn't mean this is this is we've come a long way since kids jewelry right remember when we used to make. Sara Lovecraft: pony be bracelets with stretch elasticity is definitely your grown up version of your stretch cord this stuff last forever. Sara Lovecraft: And it tells you on the back, how to not this up so that you're going to have a not that's going to last, and your piece of jewelry is going to last as well it's inexpensive throw it in your bag have it on hand.

Sara Lovecraft: If you are showing your beads at a craft fair of you're showing your your bracelets and. Sara Lovecraft: A customer comes up and they've got one of those bracelets it's got a complicated class on it, you love that class so much, but the customer loves the bracelet more than the class. Sara Lovecraft: offer right have this in your bag and offer to take that and restrict it for them on some of this elasticity it is cost effective in definitely going to to keep those customers happy for sure. Sara Lovecraft: Alright, the next thing that we want to talk about is our our thicker gauged like not are between wires but our wire wrapping wires. Sara Lovecraft: OK, so my favorite wire and those of you who have taken classes with me before you know this about me German style wire, is where. Sara Lovecraft: I that's that's my love language with wire German style wire and I keep this in.

Sara Lovecraft: four different gauge, I have a ton of different guy just but the ones that I keep on hand the most that I consider essentials. Sara Lovecraft: are going to be your 18 gauge your 20 gauge your 22 gauge and your 24 gauge, I find that these are the four sizes, that I use the most so I snuck up on me now I realize, these are the great big huge. Sara Lovecraft: packages of this, this is not what you're going to find in michaels you're gonna be fine in the blister packs let me find one for you here. Sara Lovecraft: i'll show you, so this is when you're shopping, for this is what you're going to be shopping, for I just happen to have these great examples of it because that's how I use so much of it. Sara Lovecraft: But this is what it's going to look like when you're shopping for it now, there are two different kinds of well there's actually several different kinds of wire, but when you are a wire work are probably the ones that you are going to hear about. Sara Lovecraft: The most right is your German style wire and your artistic wire and these two wires are very, very different and, depending on what your needs are.

Sara Lovecraft: that's where you're going to want to spend your budget right your jewelry business budget you've got to allow for things like this right it's not all about the fun beads. Sara Lovecraft: And you're going to need to decide, out of the two which one is the one that you're going to want the most. Sara Lovecraft: Which one is going to be an essential for you, for me, German style wire is an essential but for other people, the artistic wire is going to be the essential, but I do find that the sizes. Sara Lovecraft: are probably going to be the same for everybody you're 18 gauge is perfect for creating jump rings it's good for creating components it's good for. Sara Lovecraft: You know lots of things where you need a little bit more structure 18 gauges, the way to go.

Sara Lovecraft: Your 20 gauge, this one is going to be good for whether it's the German style or whether it's the artistic wire, and this is going to be good for. Sara Lovecraft: Your REPS loops your simple loops things like that, so if you're doing a lot of wire wrapping either one of these, and the 20 gauge is this is probably the most. Sara Lovecraft: most popular size in wire, if I had to guess that's that's what this would be. Sara Lovecraft: For me personally, I prefer the 22 gauge that's why I always have it on him, so I find that you either fall into two different categories you're a 20 gauge person or you're a 22 gauge person decide which one you're going to be using the most in your jewelry making and then. Sara Lovecraft: stock up on that one So for me, I have a ton of 22 gauge I always have it, I have it in my bag, I take it, with me to craft shows I have it everywhere, because it's the one that I use the 20 is the one you use you definitely want to stock up on it. Sara Lovecraft: The 24 gauge this one's going to be perfect, whether its artistic wire, or if it is the German style wire.

Sara Lovecraft: This is much thinner this is going to be perfect, for your smaller gemstones not your small smaller gemstones but your gym since I have a smaller whole right. Sara Lovecraft: And just because it's still sturdy enough to do your rap solution your simple loops but you're going to need this one. Sara Lovecraft: for things that have smaller holes gemstones pearls. Sara Lovecraft: Now let's talk about the difference Okay, because that's the number one question that I always get asked is what's the difference between the German style wire and the artistic wire. Sara Lovecraft: Okay, so let's talk about that, just a little bit, so our German style wire is a medium temper wire, this means that it has a little bit stronger structure to it Okay, whereas your artistic wire is considered a dead software it's very, very flexible it's very, very bendable. Sara Lovecraft: A step up from aluminum wire if you've ever used aluminum wire for anything you know that aluminum wires very bendy it's flexible, you can make all kinds of fun shapes with it.

Sara Lovecraft: But it doesn't necessarily hold that shape, depending on the situation, so your next step up from that is going to be your artistic wires your artistic wires come in a ton of different colors that come in a ton of different sizes and it's a great step up again from your. Sara Lovecraft: what you would call your craft wires okay people use this for a lot of wire weaving a lot of wire working, and I find that. Sara Lovecraft: People who've been doing, why are working for years and years they prefer the artists acquire or the German style wire I don't have to be one of those people. Sara Lovecraft: But you can do almost everything that you can do with your German software, you can do with your artistic fire, it can be work hardened and it can it can be treated basically the same way, your German Sire style wire.

Sara Lovecraft: is just without that temper so it's really going to kind of be up to you, I do recommend right grabbing these little packs like this, so you can try them out if you've never you know felt the difference between the two, I definitely would try. Sara Lovecraft: One of each and see which one you think is going to be the best for you to kind of stock up on. Sara Lovecraft: German so wire with that medium temper this stuff because it is a little bit more Sturdy. Sara Lovecraft: is perfect for wire wrapping in fact that's what German style wire was created for it's perfect for your raps loops it's perfect for wire weaving it's. Sara Lovecraft: it's Nice and strong it work hardens beautifully, particularly when you're going all the way up to your 18 gauge if you work hard in an 18 gauge German style wire you've got a really dependable component. Sara Lovecraft: or jumping or Whatever the case may be, this stuff i'm fine that for beginners, in particular, if you.

Sara Lovecraft: have trouble with your rap loops are you have trouble with your your simple loops. Sara Lovecraft: Sometimes the difference is in the wire, so if you're having trouble and you're using artistic wire, to make your raps loops and they never seem to come out right try your German style wire, because you may see that. Sara Lovecraft: This makes all the difference in the world, this the difference in the feeling of them is slight.

Sara Lovecraft: But when it comes to the techniques and the in the ways that you're going to use it, you will be able to tell a difference right. Sara Lovecraft: But you may not find that you need both of these on hand right you're building your jewelry business you're trying to save your pennies you're trying to use your budget wisely. Sara Lovecraft: you're going to want to decide what kind of wire you're going to be needing what is the situation, are you making are you using your wire as accent you want it in lots of colors. Sara Lovecraft: Or are you really focusing on wire wrapping and wire weaving that's where your German style wire is going to come into play right.

Sara Lovecraft: Alright, so we've covered a lot of ground here for sure, I just want to hit on a couple of a couple of extras that I find are definitely worth spending the money on. Sara Lovecraft: And one of those things is my GS Hypo cement Now I know it's glue Why would I consider this a jewelry business essential. Sara Lovecraft: Well there's a lot of reasons I used to be anti glue can you believe that that that was. Sara Lovecraft: That was a thing for me for a really long time I used to be anti glue I felt like if you needed to use glue and your jury designs and you were cheating right, I felt like what you don't need glue.

Sara Lovecraft: But I have since seen the air in my ways and the Hypo summit is one of my very, very favorite glues to use it has that pinpoint precision tip on it. Sara Lovecraft: And it is perfect for any any little emergency mine's kind of dirty, but you can see it's got that little precision tip on it. Sara Lovecraft: If you're a senior leader if you're a wire worker, if you are stringer you've got to have some glue okay. Sara Lovecraft: Inevitably you're going to have a situation where you're going to need some glue for something, and this is definitely the one that I recommend. Sara Lovecraft: grab it throw in your bag take it to your craft booth with you, you never know when the need is going to arise it's perfect for knots if you're nodding your. Sara Lovecraft: Your elasticity if you are nodding, so core and if you're nodding leather this stuff is going to work for everything and even works on metal.

Sara Lovecraft: So a really great thing to definitely splurge on I don't know that I would consider it a splurge because I do think that it does fall in the category of essentials. Sara Lovecraft: But by one of these throat and in your bag, make sure that you're taking this with you, wherever you're going with your jewelry Okay, and the last but not least thing is going to be your beating matt. Sara Lovecraft: I know that also kind of seems like a no brainer but believe me that. Sara Lovecraft: For those of you who are just starting out and you're working on a shiny flat surface or you're working on just your table. Sara Lovecraft: And you've dumped out your beads here you've got your CDs on here and they are rolling all over the place you're going to wish that you had invested into beat matt and fortunately for us.

Sara Lovecraft: beta launch Bead mats are very affordable, you can buy several of them at a time, Michael has a great selection of them just grab them throw them in your bag. Sara Lovecraft: keep them on your table is going to save you a lot of headaches you're definitely not going to be using your sentence enhancers. Sara Lovecraft: For your projects because your beans are not going to be rolling all over the place, again, I know that seems kind of like a no brainer but you would be surprised at the number of people who get started with their jewelry making business. Sara Lovecraft: And don't have a Bead matt so grab some of these consider this an essential for sure, even with your glue even with your bs training wire grab yourself a Bead matt get three of them in a pack and just have them. Sara Lovecraft: Alright alright guys i'm going to turn you around just so that we can just kind of recap here, I do want to address a couple of things that I saw as. Sara Lovecraft: The comments were going by and then I will i'll let you guys go for the day so.

Sara Lovecraft: I saw at the beginning a couple of people were like I don't understand this is supposed to be your jewelry business essentials well here's the thing so. Sara Lovecraft: I previously did a class about building your jewelry business and like how to set up your booth and. Sara Lovecraft: Things like that how to build your website and all of those things, so if you are looking for that kind of information definitely go back to the michaels YouTube channel and check that one out because that was another great class that we did that was very informative. Sara Lovecraft: and definitely goes hand in hand with today's class and the reason why I consider these things to be jewelry business essentials, is because you're building your business on these things, these are essentials.

Sara Lovecraft: Are they the same things as you're packing supplies or your stickers or your shipping products, you know your your bubble mailers not necessarily. Sara Lovecraft: But your business has to start somewhere and your business has to start with your basics, it has to start with your tools it's got to start with. Sara Lovecraft: You spending your money in the right places and that's what this was all about so you kind of need to decide, you know where are you going to budget. Sara Lovecraft: you're going to budget into a really good set of tools now where you're going to.

Sara Lovecraft: you're going to buy kind of the the most cost effective tools and then invest in tools later, so those kinds of choices that all is where your jewelry business is going to begin. Sara Lovecraft: And then having things on hands like your blue having things like your crimp tubes in your little containers that you can have with you and all of the different metal colors. Sara Lovecraft: Those are definitely essential for your business because you're inevitably going to come into a situation where you're going to need those right then in there. Sara Lovecraft: And, of course, those are things that you're going to use every single day in your designs. Sara Lovecraft: So you gotta you gotta think about your jewelry business essential, starting from the ground up right and for those of you who have already got your jewelry business going or your hobby going, this is still just a really great. Sara Lovecraft: You know, a broad kind of look an overview of things that I feel like spending your jewelry budget on are these are definitely your necessities so.

Sara Lovecraft: I hope that I have helped you, I hope that i've given some of you who are just getting started. Sara Lovecraft: A good place to start and giving you some information about the products that are available and the ones that maybe you should choose over others. Sara Lovecraft: You definitely want to do your research don't go into your michaels and go to the jewelry section.

Sara Lovecraft: and think that you've got to have one of everything you really don't there are some certain things like these essentials that you're going to need to have to get started. Sara Lovecraft: Before you decide whether it is you're going to be a seed meter or whether you're going to be a wire rapper or where you are going to fall in the jewelry making. Sara Lovecraft: World, these are things that I definitely think are going to be the stepping stones to taking you to the next level so.

Sara Lovecraft: I appreciate everybody coming and hanging out with me today, I hope that I have given you some information some food for thoughts. Sara Lovecraft: Please if you've got other questions don't hesitate to reach out and be sure to check out the other class that I did about your jewelry business because. Sara Lovecraft: Again, these two classes, I think, go hand in hand men definitely have both of them have very different knowledge and information, but things that. Sara Lovecraft: You may you may need and find practical in your your jewelry business or your jewelry hobby right alright guys Thank you Thank you so much, again, I appreciate it, and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon with another fun class, thank you, Michael and thanks to all of you bye guys.

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