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it's online business discussions and i have a very successful business partner here with me i'm going to be bringing her in very soon and our subject today is what are some of our biggest successes in this online business and i'm going to be being put on the spot today by my business partner colette mammy um yeah that's her that's her nickname a lot of people call her mammy they know her as mammy um but yes i know her as colette also so she's going to be asking me a lot of questions about my successes and kind of how i got there so stay tuned it's going to be a really really good one i like to do these to kind of give people an idea of what we're doing online i get so many people that are just like what are you doing what is this business about um and so many questions so many people come at me you can ask questions here by the way so um and i figured why not start doing fun little series to give people an idea of what we're doing what our successes are oh i got some rolex glasses that'll do um so my hair keeps flying in my face it's windy here um but long story short it's to show people of what we're doing in the online world and how they can get started um and kind of you know show we're real people and we're helping uh people all around the world and it's a legit business there's incredible products on the back end yeah um you get incredible commissions yeah so uh without further ado hold on skye without further ado let's let's welcome our business partners hello hello how's it going good good how are you i'm good i'm good uh just chilling here in the beautiful backyard i'm here this is what it looks like guys where i am i told nami i love being outside it's a little chilly but violet's gonna play some soccer so yeah she's practicing soccer yeah it's so beautiful it's singing she's been practicing all day she said and um i took off my shirt when i was practicing she got so hot she got off her shirt i wasn't want to see you that's good how old are you six and a half wow you got a big girl now i am she's a big girl i took my tooth out oh yes right how many it's only one i'm going um two more oh okay good all right we're going to talk about the online business rather you like our online business if you had to say one good thing about our online business what would it be manifesting oh i love it why why manifesting um i made this book from this little fairy book i had and and i made three little wishes and um one of them was a lollipop and a little candy chocolate bar and and the chocolate bar and dream came true ah our business partner bought her a whole big box of chocolates our business partner angela siegfried she came with her tesla and we got to test drive it yeah i saw it yesterday is it yesterday a couple of days ago yes i saw yeah we talk a lot about manifesting some amazing dreams like her tesla or my escalade or so much money in this business and she hears me saying that so when you believe you shall receive right all right why don't you introduce yourself for us uh mammy oh yes um my name is colette camanyana i live in south carolina i'm married and i'm mama of one boy and i'm a business owner right now sorry how old is your baby uh he'll be two in november oh awesome awesome yeah i knew he was gonna be too i just want everyone to know because i want you guys to see that you could do this business even if you have little ones bugging you yes um okay okay here we go yes i'm so happy to be here on your page it's such an honor just a successful woman i know right now and it's uh it's very i'm so happy to be on your page and it's such a pleasure thank you god bless you i'm really excited for you to be here thank you thank you thank you for taking time out today out of your busy day with your little one well so i guess uh what has been you know your obsessed since starting this business i'll get right to the questions here uh i'll say um first of all it was my dream it was my dream to be a businesswoman it was my dream to own my own business because i never felt good to work to go to work from nine to five it used to be a struggle for me and so it's like i want to be a business owner i want to work for myself so yeah for me that's a big success in this business because i am free now i am free i can take care of my baby anytime i can take care of my house i can do whatever i want to do and at the same time i can own like i can get an income so that's um that's um a good thing for me right now awesome awesome uh i think that goes a lot with i like you know one of the reasons why i started this is because i wanted to work for myself i thought about going to other places you know work for other people but i knew in my heart that if i take those jobs i would not be there for my children i would have to go out and so that's one of the biggest things that is in this business you would literally take your laptop wherever you want i honestly i am constantly outside with the kids playing with them doing and i got my laptop where i got my phone you're gonna carry a big laptop if you're going to the park or something take your phone if something needs to be done you can do it for a minute or so um after literally like i i take my little little breaks as i'm doing it like say for instance i get if i give the kids a bat they're getting dressed real quick i'm gonna check my business get back to some people check what's going on real quick and then they're dressed i'll read them a story or you know help them get to bed or we talk or we play or um you know or my son like say for instance we get in the car from going out to an outing my son buckles all the children after me and while he's doing that i check my business real quick so it's really simple it's really easy i like that it's very mobile um but i guess if you want to ask me the same question um so i guess one of my biggest uh successes in this business is becoming my own ceo i became my own yo i incorporated my business so i have my own incorporation um it's called the georgia williams uh it's called georgia williams coaching inc i was going to say the george williams foundation i have created the georgia williams foundation too um so that's been one of the biggest successes for me and uh you know i i surpassed you know far and above and beyond than what any of my family or you know uh even you know people in our nationality they always feel like they can't do what others can do just secluded you know or you know just do a business a small business or a family business or work in construction or work on cars uh give me one second um that's been um an incredible journey seeing that i can get there and i topped that milestone against all odds i had a seventh grade education i have five children a single mom so where i am right now is incredible and i created the george williams foundation [Music] and just now i'm going afterwards just [Music] there's been a lot of amazing things that i was able to do because of this business and i created the georgia peace foundation so far i've been the only one that's been funding it we just got a donor a couple days ago that just decided to donate to the georgia williams foundation and of course um there's just so many oh my goodness i could keep going on and on i got an escalade i bought it cash um i restored my backyard i'm doing the same for my uh garage making in the gym um just bought uh a king size bed for the kids so they can sleep with me and play you know on the bed or watch movies together because i have five children and honestly the twins and violet the smaller ones they come in my bed out of nowhere while they're um what everyone's sleeping they're like i love have my children in a fancy online school you know pay 2 000 us for each child and it's teaching them you know what they want that's not your average curriculum i believe that um you know do what you feel in your heart go what you want and that's what my children are doing like they want to be an artist they want to be um you know into music they want to be a youtuber i want them to follow their dream so there's been many many many incredible uh successes since i started this business and i have witnessed many people who have successes in this business too um so do you have any other questions for me i might bug you i might bug you afterwards and ask you some more questions why to start this business why this one because people out here always text me and send me inboxes it's like okay are you sure are you sure this a good business why did you start this business i i tell my story but i want you to tell them your story why why did you start this business this particular business honestly um kind of like with me and miranda okay um kind of like what i was talking about miranda you know i seen the i knew the person who was living here in kamloops that i seen him talking about his business like he was just talking about it and so i picked my interest and i was like okay i want to know what he's doing because i know him um you know because i'll you know i know him that he was a car sales associate and i was like okay what is he doing now why is he doing this and i want to make some extra money so that's what take my interest and i didn't even know oh my goodness what i got myself into i was like wow like i wish i would have found the sooner i wish somebody was talking about this online and um so but you don't got to reach out to me we don't want to bug people you don't got to recruit people like it was just him simply talking about you know something that he's starting so when i started this business one of the main things that uh spoken spoke out to me like when i watched a free workshop guys you got to get to that free workshop it's today we'll give you the information when we're done with this live um one of the biggest things that popped out to me was that you're going to be receiving you're going to be receiving so many incredible like systems sales funnel website built for you like that's all included when you sign up when you start this business i had somebody messaging me today and was like do i have to pay for all those systems do i have to pay for a monthly fee do i have that i'm like absolutely not you do not have to pay for these systems on a regular basis a basis and pay monthly fees like if they was if we all had to pay on a regular basis for those it would be 20 30 000 like on a regular basis so glory goes to god that's all covered on the back end and it's really incredible so i like that that i often talk about that on my page a lot of people who follow me know that i had a brick and mortar business before this business so speaking of the brick and motor business i used to get phone calls from google or from these very well-known uh companies that wanted to get me online they wanted to set me up with a website and a sales funnel all that it would cost thousands of dollars one was like five thousand three thousand do this you get your web design three thousand will what you have to pay monthly and then another one like click funnels all of that fifty six hundred all these are you okay what you doing she went down the slide with her feet why you go down with your feet she was being cool you're okay silly willy um so that was the biggest thing mammy um and obviously for my children like when the automation part was the biggest thing because i figured okay all of this automation and all of this system i already knew people offered me a lot of people that come into the business for a lot of people that are questioned about this business we have an experience i've experienced um maybe they didn't have an offline business i'm sorry i just hear some background noise i'm going to mute you for a second so it doesn't interfere with the um uh the sounds because i know sometimes it interferes with the sounds and i'll go blank uh but yeah a lot of people don't haven't had you know on offline businesses and knows what it's like to get your business out there or to advertise it and the online world literally has tooken over so much especially since the pandemic but beforehand since the last five to ten years it has taken over right so i was like i gotta be in the online space and a lot of people don't understand how much money it is to get on the online space so a lot of people don't understand how much we're giving them when they start this business and it's all included so to have that and to also have the mentorship so um i liked the fact that when i did sign up i had a coach and a mentor and uh my mentor lived here in kamloops and my coach uh lived in lives in summerland so i was like oh my goodness shout out to paul and helena i absolutely love them they're incredible coaches and um they sold their truck and company and uh helena left the corporate world and they're living their dreams they're traveling the world they're doing they go snow uh he goes uh um like he he drives his little snowboo mobile out with his friends i know that he they love recreation they have their motor home their beautiful new truck they bought their house truck like they just are just free and um when i was talking with them was just normal conversation in it you know i i didn't even ask about the business hardly because i watched a pre-coaching call videos because once you sign up we send you to two hours worth of coaching call videos which explain everything so i didn't really have any questions i was like i'm doing this the commissions are crazy and i love the products like this is totally me so that's what made me then when i had the coaching call with her i was i felt at home i was like this woman i feel like i've known her before and um she's here in bc and they was coming here in a couple months anyways and i actually did meet them a few times but long story short it was just a beautiful phone call and i knew right away like this is it um mammy i've never been introduced to anything online that was scammy or bad i've heard of a lot of things from a lot of my business partners that they experience scams or no support or um they spent thousands of dollars and they got nowhere i never experienced that thank god um but to those who have i'm very sorry and i know there's a lot of things out there you can't trust we're real it's legit uh we have tax slips uh we get like we get our tax slips for those who are in the us you fill your w9 form out and you have to pay your taxes i got incorporated like i'm making a lot of money so you get incorporated it's better and you can also write off a lot of things we write off trips we take or if we go off for dinners with our business partners so you know all the coaches went to mexico a couple years back before the pandemic and you just write that off like it's your own business and you do your own you work it out with your own time so just give me a second there's two swings this is how weird it is there's two swings they all love the pink swing for some reason the blue swing is crooked this is what they you see and i tried to fix the blue swing i don't know what's wrong with it but they always fight over the pink one so that that's what that's what all that commotion was they was running there's actually running to get to the pink swing they do this every time they come outside so you might hear them again all right collette i hope i didn't go too much but yeah there's there's a lot of reasons why i started this and like i said obviously the big reason was not to go back um to my old lifestyle where african motor business i had nannies for [Music] i could not there would be no money okay if you if you but with this business you can leave and take your phone and you have tons of money coming in still you just get your checks in the mail go to your mailbox after yes you have saved a lot and that's that's that's your reason and it's really understandable and it's worth it see now you're spending time with your kids and you're online watching like doing your business so what can you ask what more can you ask so same as me i have i have only one boy and since i gave birth to him i felt like i don't want to leave him even for 30 minutes so when i came here in the u.s i was like i need to go search for for a job start applying or maybe add some courses so that i can be able to get a job or something but when i gave birth when i have my baby everything changed in my mind i was like no there's nothing i can i can go and spend 10 hours without this boy on my side so i was like no i have to stay with him no matter what so but i have to look for something i'll be doing at the same time being home even if it's not that much but i'll be just home with him but guess what it was not like that i got this business and i have time with him and the business is doing well my husband is happy we are happy so nothing else it's just amazing and my dream came true i came as i told you before i came from a business family and it's not new for me i've seen my dad i've seen my brother thinking over now it's me and i was like this is what i wanted to be this is a woman i wanted to be to to get income and be at the same time with my family there's nothing you can give me and we should replace that nothing amen and i want everyone to know that's watching we do this out of our own will to give our testimony none of us are told you have to come on here we're volunteering to go live you don't have to do anything like this ever there is platforms also that runs your business that you don't have to even be on social media if you're not one of those that like being on social media like literally look just looking on social media and you're not really a social media fan and um you have to can't come across this you know you like watching or you know you don't like interacting because i noticed a lot of my business partners that literally just watch what's going on on facebook and that's how they've seen my ad or see me talking about it but they don't like to interact on facebook and you don't have to do that we're not in the business of recruiting we're not in the business of spamming we're not in the business of reaching out to people buy my product by this by that we're in the business of marketing our online business and marketing what our website everything that's created for us on uh on social media so literally your ad all the products everything that is gonna be shown to you in the once you sign up you're gonna be seeing the whole business plan everything that literally comes from your ad after that your ad is like out there and it's connected to your website and then it's connected to your to your sales funnel and then a um leads get now they're your leads then they get information and it walks them through the buying process and the sale is cut on the back end and you get a commission so your goal is to advertise online and there's free advertisement sites too so i want everyone to know that because i've been getting a lot of people that say like i don't i'm camera shy i don't want to be online you don't have to you really don't have to so um we like posting on our pages we like doing that because it helps the algorithm of facebook to push our ads out more um but literally mommy's advertising on google um there's advertisements on youtube there's advertisements on linkedin and we're doing incredible we are actually uh the most successful online business out there right now and we have incredible testimonies from all over the world about our business and even about our products on the back end so we have lifetime buyers and that's a lot of the reason why we continue to receive such an incredible income continuously um so yeah i guess uh do you have any more questions for me manny yeah we cannot finish without me asking you to advise an advise like what can you advise people who are watching who are watching us and are just sitting there waiting for maybe i don't know what what what your what is your your advice uh for those who are just waiting around and not sure whether to start yet you're just money is flying out of your pockets i just i always think that way like a lot of people um they reach out to me a lot of my friends family just people that are just coming across my ad they reach out to me and they give it some time like some people they just wait and i know that their work got the best of them family time they have a little one maybe a health problem occurred maybe a death in the family you know covet hit i understand i totally understand but believe me i am a mother of five children i started this business my two little uh twins were two and a half years old i've been through a separation i was totally in credit card debt i couldn't get a mortgage nothing when i first started this business had nothing i have my family and that's my rock god and literally he brought me up and i worked on this business an hour a day or an hour every other day just because i didn't have time i had my little ones but look at what i built you know me going like this on my laptop and me having my phone i built an empire and now i'm a leader in our online business community helping so many people uh being a part of the masterminds being a part of the training i uh in my own ceo my own boss i could travel do whatever i want you know obviously right now it's got to be taking precautions but literally i can do whatever i want take my children out for outings um spend time with them you know get fit work out eat healthy you know have money to to buy the things that i didn't have the money before you know just to make my family comfortable make my family happy a lot of people say like you know what money doesn't make a person happy or money's root of all evil guys don't think that way it's okay to want to be wealthy it's okay to love buddy but not like you know i'm in love and you know no love god but god first everything else will fall but it's okay to want that it's okay to want to be successful don't think that way that you have to put your success aside and just keep living the life you're living and you're unhappy money can get you out of debt money can take the stress off of you that's making you unhappy money can put your kids through any schooling college art school acting school money can put you through whatever schooling and and you follow your dreams money can buy you a beautiful vehicle to be safe with your family uh money can pay for a beautiful home you know for you to have in your comfort you know take your trip take you you and your family on trips have an incredible experience of a lifetime uh to eat to drink we need money for all of these things so don't put it put it aside no longer start now start living your best life now i'm living my best life now i'm 33 years old now i'm living my best life before i was worried i was stressed i was from trade show to trade show constantly um you know hustling doing um uh things in my business like going out and you know giving out flyers or uh putting posters up advertising um having to pay the overhead on my uh work uh space and you know and where i am right now to think that i'm just doing this all from a laptop and a phone like i am so blessed and so honored to have this so i know god took a big part of doing this for me and i always feel that way about my business partners i always tell them like i understand because they were like i feel this godsend i said i feel the same way so if you're watching this today and if you are on any of my online business partners pages i would be your personal coach helping you every step of the way i am their coach and um they would be your mentor i would be your mentor just head to our websites mines is and you can add that into your bio sorry you can add that into your browser or i have it in my bio i was going to say same thing like colette you go to

when you add your name and your email into our websites our system sends you a personal email and that's the link to come watch us live so everybody gets their own personal link and also we're connected to you as your mentor and coach so if you have any questions reach out to us tonight 5 pm this evening 5 pm pst or 6 p.m mst or 9th or is it 8 p.m est we're having our live workshop and that's where the business gets down you see what we're going to set you up with what kind of website uh what the sales funnel is all about actual cost of what it would have been but we are not charging that it even breaks down you know what people would usually pay for something like that um it show we show you uh how to get started and we also have many people coming on from all over the world giving their testimonies australia canada us um you name it the caribbeans all over the world philippines um africa people are in this from all over the world and uh it's not saturated we are still young we're five years but we are um even though it's it's only i feel like it's only five years but i know there's a lot of online businesses out there that are gone in like six months and they don't they don't survive it's because they don't have support and they may have had a good product because believe me i've seen good products out there and they they didn't they didn't succeed so we have an incredible product it's not like amazon where you have to pick and choose your products we have the actual proven products that are going to sell we have an incredible proven system that's been helping all of us to make six figures six figures some people even make six figures in one month let alone a year it's helping us to make that i make it 20 30 000 months it's helping us to do that from all over the world doesn't matter what your age nationality what your um language like if you have an accent i there's a few people that said georgia english is not my first language and i have a heavy accent i said it doesn't matter one of my most successful business partners came into this business and she was like so worried about that and she surpassed everyone she made 10 000 in two months like i was like oh my goodness that's incredible look at you and you are worried about your your accent you don't have that doesn't matter you don't have to sit there and even talk online you know if you're worried about that you just literally run your ads and let the system do the work for you your main goal is to get your um ads up on what platform you want it to run on you want to run on facebook you want to run instagram youtube social media is where to be right now everybody's on it day and night literally they're bored in the house from covet after they come home from work and stuff so that's why we're succeeding so much because people are literally on facebook instagram youtube linkedin morning day night where we're advertising so we show you how to market that online world and then you after that you have your winning ad up that's where the system kicks in and everything is done for you so our system is reaching out our system is walking people through the buying process um but your job is to continue to you know master those platforms and the more you master them the more you're successful and the more you're open to billions of people all around the world and you're going to make an incredible income but it all starts with a why why do you want to start this business so me and colette talked about that today are big whys so ask yourself that today what is your why why do you want to start this business why are you watching this um what made you click on my website what made you click on one of our websites what made you come here today and ask yourself no could i could i do this and you can and you will do not feel afraid do not feel like you can't do this believe me i have so many people from my nationality like i'm not smart enough georgia or i don't know if i have the education i'm like don't worry about it i'll help you every step of the way i will literally take you by the clicker and screen share you and show you what the press it's it's so easy our training is a piece of cake it will tell you actually where to click what to do and i like to open up the tab i always tell people this when i have their coaching call i share my screen with when i have my coaching call with you and when you sign up and you want to get started i share my screen and then i show them like look at this is our training i'm on google chrome go to the training and then open up another tab and then follow what that training says on the other tab so we'll want you to set up your ad account on google go back to the training watch 30 seconds of it click there back to the other tab on google literally that's what i do i click back i go back any of my business partners want my help i literally go to the training with them i'm like okay we missed this you're like how did i miss that i'm like don't worry i got you back they're like thank you coach i'm like no sometimes the coach's eyes have to look at it it magically appears something magically appears we always joke about that it's just i have to look at it and then it appeared something magical but um but all that means that it's really easy and we're just a text away we're a message away we will help you every step of the way we're not fake it's not like a lot of um uh online opportunities out there like everything is automated when it comes to them actually helping you so with us you don't have automated people helping you when you start the business the automated system is for you to bring in clients and buyers and you get checks when it comes to us helping you we nurture you you get your own coach and mentor it's real people you're not going to an automated system and waiting for an email for an hour or you've got to sit on the phone for two hours because they only have a few receptionists at that work place so uh and you know what to answer that question um mammy you were saying about um what made me choose this business too i did uh do other makeup companies like a couple other makeup companies i just wanted the makeup but they was like oh you know if i sign you up you'll make money so i bought the whole kit of makeup really truly for myself and then i was like a um you know a beauty consultant but the training was so hard it was unorganized and not to down the companies they're incredible they have incredible products just the way i said mami some of these places have incredible products but there's no money there was no money those products were not high um uh generating they were not they didn't produce high revenue okay and our products produce very high revenue so that's number one number two it was just too much out of it wasn't even out of my comfort zone i'm very social but it was just too much work like they wanted me to go and bug people and do and i i didn't even care about that honestly i'm very social but it was like i'm putting all this work for what ten dollars a sale twenty dollars a sale it's like this is not me i'm sorry i'm not used to that and you know and i might sound like oh like um you know pampered or anything believe me i'm not pampered but i will tell you um in my mind and in my life i want to reach the top i'm not going to go lower than where i was before so if i was making that much money my other business i'm like i'm not going to you know do all this work for 20 and 30 dollars a sale i'm gonna work higher so if you want to sell something sell something that is high revenue generating like you wanna you wanna you know get something that is going to get you that and that's exactly uh what i talk about um even on my website is high quality products that convert into high revenue and the automated systems to close the sale for you and we have to use social media to get high quality customers so that's our main our main goal we're helping you you don't want 500 people to give you a dollar each now that you're gonna have to do a lot more leg work how about we get one person i'll give you 500 bucks there you go that's the winning ticket so that's the winning ticket to this business and honestly 500 bucks is like nothing in this business there's a lot bigger bigger um uh payouts so god bless you mommy i won't keep you no more and i'll um but where would dad to watch our workshop tonight so please repeat i couldn't hear you because i don't know why it might have been interfering the sound i said why don't you repeat one more time where everybody needs to go if they want to come watch a free workshop oh okay sorry here they just have to go on our website and then they register themselves and then it's free they will just watch the workshop yeah awesome awesome and a lot of times we have it in our bio so if you go to our bio we'll have a link in our bio that you can actually click on instead of writing in your browser thank you miami thank you so much jojo see you bye see you all on the other side bye

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