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OMG We Did This Wrong! | OMG We Bought A House

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Previously, on OMG. Weave out how we have some really exciting news, we bought AHA, oh the. Master bedroom is where it's at this is like why I wanted. This house it's big it's got this really cool a dog, he's fresh door I hate the floors it has been raining non-stop ever. Since we got that driveway, out and now our, yard, is just one giant mud. Pit. Can't. Wait, to decorate. There's. So much we can make. How will it turn out. OMG. Me box house. Kate. Door coming. OMG. We bought a house episode. Five million, a million plan - wait, - uh-huh we. Are doing, a lot. Today guys we have done so much in this house we're like basically, at, the end I know we've been saying that but we really truly are well, what we've learned lit being homeowners of that it's really hard to end it there's always new and different things to do right yeah, and there's you know what there's a lot of redoing. You. Make mistakes, especially, when you do a lot of things yourselves you make a lot of mistakes we're gonna come clean today guys we're going to come clean on our mistake we're calling this episode, oMG. WTF. OMG. We. Did this wrong can you say with a little bit more, well. No I'm not. Excited. About I'm like OMG we. Did so. As first-time, homeowners, we've learned a lot and we thought it would be really helpful for you guys and also. Potentially. Humorous, to, witness. Some of our mistakes you guys remember when we first moved in we, had those red floors, in our master, the floors are brand new door, nice and shiny I thought they were veneer, I thought they were like fake wood, floor because they're so, darn shiny they're solid. Hardwood so the plan is to refinish. Them I didn't, mind them that much at, first but I came, to load them with Kate over the years and. The reason why they're different than the rest of the house is because the master bedroom was an extension, and the sixties so, they decided rather than doing the, small plank oak floors, that are throughout the rest of the house they, did these, weird, shiny, records. And the, mistake we made as we never replace them we were just like you know it, seemed like too much to tackle at the time. But. We. Wish we had changed them, we finally are changing it because we're finally taking out in five years later we came across this company rebel Woods who, we've, been talking to they're sponsoring, this and, they. Are, the. Coolest company actually the, things so intimidated, about doing, your floor's it's such a process right you have to go to the flooring, store you have to talk to sales people who don't they're, not really the nicest what. Is a good quality floor, like what should you spend your money on so, the whole thing with this company is they're disrupting, the flooring industry because. You can buy it all online, leverage. Dot. Okay. Get, started, let's. See here, so basically we take a quiz enter. Our project, name we, love a quiz it, gets to know you and, then Delta. I, guess the little man that lives inside the computer, it, gives you some suggestions, of flooring, that you might like. Well. We could put it in. What. Is the level activity, in this space know. I'm, gonna be sleeping. You get just like four different woods and they send you, samples. Of each of them oh okay, traditional. American contemporary industrial, rustic, and, not American, traditional, because. This is like an English storybook, house so, probably, like. Let's see like. Light wood medium. Or light clink I think. A white plank will be cool in there sure, because like do our house. Yeah. Okay. Let's. See what they recommend. Okay. Yeah, okay, so let's get a sample of that. That. Would be so Airy that's. A sample box what. Else do you want to try to get I like naughty. Okay. Good samples. It's a box like. This I inside. Although. That's, a little brown right yeah. I don't want because.

Also Like ooh peace bomber okay, that great, okay so then they've, got four samples, great, they'll, send us the samples, will side on the final, place, the order it's finally, happening. See. If we went to the store we'd. Now be like okay, we gotta go like fine now. Do. You be really stinky. Samples. Will just show up. Alright. I think I'm just gonna stay here should they enjoy the Nook. Wake. Me up when the samples, arrive I, love. All the samples of you picked so we got them all in our, little sample kit, and we. Had a variety of finishes, we, did some, like darker, ones some more rustic ones and then some, really light ones because, I have, this fantasy, of turning, the master bedroom, into just this like beautiful. Beachy. Really. Light. And airy room because, it has some, of the best light in our entire house with a gorgeous French, door and I ultimately picked the winnipeg, as a whitewashed. Look it almost has like a Scandinavia. Vibe to it so floors. Truck, delivery. Your. Shoe closet was never looked so good. I. Emptied. My closet. Cake. Gave up, so. I took out all of my clothing and put it in boxes I figured that would collect more dust, shoes. However I'm, oh, you're. Making this sound like it was a calculated. Plan. And. Not just you also, know, what I'm. Over this keeps, good it I'm gonna take half the stuff out of my closet and, put plastic over the other stuff, like. A big giant trash, bags and cut them bigger, and then you know it worked, all, right guys. Say. Goodbye. To. The red floors. Installation. Of all, its. Steampunk, vibes, guys, because. Why not one, last, floor. Cuddle, on the, red floors for good measure oh. I'm. Sweaty from the Haggadah category. We. Did one last rug cuddle, on the rad wood floors wood, cut off a wood cut oh yeah there there was no rock I mean, look we're hard on the red wood floors but. Like it's time to send them to college, yeah. We're gonna we're, gonna rip, them out. You. Know somebody's. Gotta throw, the kid, out of the house. So. You just demo out your old floors these floors were installed. With just nails into the wood, subfloor. We. Have our moisture. Tester, because. You want to make sure with, wood. Floors that you're not crazy. Moist. Okay. So. Let that hang out for a little bit pick up the moisture reading it's, a more, humid day in LA so it's gonna be a little higher but you want to in like between you know like 35, to 55, percent. Humidity or, scientists. You. Want to make sure it's just the, right amount of. Moist. No. Not, with a list, do not waste no. No. Sorry. I mean. No. You. Want to make sure it's not moist. Because. Obviously if there's moisture, your. Was, can, move, but that's, it, this. Is a technical. Term yeah because they space seats well you. Know what movin, swell no, no, they're, engineered, hardwood floors though so that's not as much of an issue fortunately. For us the. Subfloor, is in great shape there's, already a plywood subfloor really, thank you in. The 1960s. You're in. It lasted a while so now that we have the wood demoed out it's time to dry fit it is so. Dry fitting is basically, where, you take your wood, and you make a layout but more importantly, you're, cutting, your, edges. From one wall so that you see like we have like our doorway. Yeah. The doorway molding you. Made funny for, these and now you need them, safety. First Louise and gentlemen. They're. Comfy, huh. Go. Around, where. The room. Corners, right there we just gotta cut it around the molding and when you're driving just. Make sure that you're leaving, you know enough space for your. Boards. To, move. A little bit because the more you sometimes, go like this if, the. Moisture. Here, alright so the way we're attaching these forces we're using this sort of vapor blocking, glue. Which basically is this, really, heavy-duty. Glue. That, forms, a sandwich, in between your subfloor and your new floors and it serves a lot of purposes so.

We're Just putting that down we're placing the would have your soft. Mallet, Sadhna, has like a nice rubber end so obviously you're not damaging any of the wood please as you're hammering them into place but. Yeah they're all you, know a tongue, and groove yeah. I. Don't. Know what. They've. Got like a little lip. Yeah. So you just basically, puzzle-piece, your floor pieces together put, them into place and use your rubber, mallet, to get a man. Such. A huge difference in there right guys the floors look so good you just have to do some finishing touches yeah I'm gonna redecorate, a little bit in there so we welcome it into this universe though with our cuddle. Yes. Of course okay, so these. Floors are gorgeous yeah I didn't, want to distract. Too, much from them I just want to keep things neutral. Right. Neutral, bit neutral, like, an almost beachy, vibe let's. See it. This. Is a really soft dude, welcome, new. Winnipeg. Fluorine, you. Will put you rug on you but not too big of a rug a nice small. Braided. Jute rug, that's soft for bringing a little bit you, know keeping with the beachy feel I might also do a matching one of those over under the bed but slightly bigger but you know not too big to cover up your beautiful let's keep the room simple, of. Course. There. Was a story, of, a. House. Built. In, 1927. And. Go. OMG. We. Bought a house. Finally. Change. Floors, of your dreams oh thank. You. Unflattering. Doll, oh no, not, a spoon or the sort of nos is how we sleep in it like a side spoon. This. Is like a chip clip you know I have another one that matters a little bit bigger the clinic order the bet. To, take every. Once in a while enjoy. It. Are. You doing it all, right. Another. Big thing that we like. Were lazy on and, in. Hindsight should have fixed right away is we never had blinds on any of our windows yes. We. Saw in the comments, like how do you guys take showers, and the. Truth is is our backyard is pretty protected. So, except. When the gardener's come over so yeah yeah there have been a few times, you, close code where I've had to do the naked, duck, down you know I see the gardener's out there as I'm getting ready to go and. Disappear down, below, the window ledge so you guys know we're extra so we couldn't just get regular blinds, yeah, we got these nice linen. Roller, shades that are automatic. It's like my I made, it moment where I wake up and the wiser. All. Right so obviously that was a big project we finally, did it five years later but you know it sucks guys. We. Did something else wrong. Remember. Those beautiful floors, we put into the, garage. Remember. That big pond that we had back there at that point, where we were fishing for monsoon when our driveway, flooded yeah so here's the thing here's. Nothing about water. You move into a house it's 100 years old and you kind of just assume it's got all its kinks worked out we were like you know this worked before so like let's just put the driveway back in and slope it to the street and yeah nice, little downward, slope to the street little dream. So. Don't. Do that because. It. Didn't, do that and instead what happened is all of the ground got so soaked underneath. Our beautiful. Finished gym and that made. The, floor that was in there buckle. Where's. Your broom oh my gosh I can't believe, we're. Back to this I mean. And. Then. We. Do, so. What are we gonna do differently this time what, are you my teacher or. My parent what are you gonna do differently this time Joey what you I'm here with date, moisture. Is your enemy. The, problem was we didn't voiced your test before her which. Was. I. Will. Take that we, thought our concrete slab was dry we put a self-leveling. Concrete, on top to just level out those old floors and. That. Didn't bond correctly, because there. Was still moisture in the concrete so, we had to completely.

Redo. A lot of things the biggest thing we do is we have to rip up a lot of our yard and put in proper drainage. So. You guys remember we landscape and painting all, that grass and plants well we had to rip it up in places we'd have to rip it all out and places, we put in 16, drains throughout, our yard. And. It all correctly. Flows. Out. To the street which is where you want your water, to drain to not, under, your new, pretty, gym and we've moisture, tested the concrete, now, that we've removed the, entire subfloor, we have our whole garage now on our driveway, yeah we had to move out everything, that we put into the gym previously, it's all piled up in the driveway covered, with a tarp it's, also now currently 110. Degrees so. All of our equipment gotta melt. We're. Gonna match the fluorine from, the bedroom which is a good. It's. A good win and out of all of the losses of that and then, we'll. Have a finished gym I know again. Round 2 finished yet we'll be back in business in no time I promise I, think the lesson there is like when you see symptoms. Don't. Ignore them right we, thought it was fun to just like go fishing, in the pond while it dried out we should have been like. Alright. We've learned a lot of little things also. Along the way one, of the things that bugs me kind of on a daily basis but we're still too lazy to get the ladder out is when, we put up our chandelier in the breakfast nook leaves a beautiful ceiling, medallion, but. We didn't paint it well it was white but. What happened, is whatever. Material. It's made out of has sort of a yellowed, over, the floor no one told me four. Years ago that you had to paint sillier than a. Paintable. Ceiling we're really good its way we'll just put it up there and that is the highest peak in our house we need like the extra, tall ladder to even be able to get up there it's. Are we gonna take it down and painting, sure. Yeah. We should or, just get up there with a paintbrush you get up there were there was, a paint brush your arms are longer. Anyways. Paint, your ceiling medallions before you put them up play a big, journey of trial, and error in this house has been the cat's because. Everyone, near your very precious. Members. Of our family, yeah if you have pets the struggle is real you know the struggle the struggle is, how to not have your house smell like that right you, want people. To come over and, not know that you have that so, you just like appear and they're like oh my gosh you have a cottage. Because. They're either going. To the bathroom or they're foods out or whatever there's just all kinds of things to deal with yeah they're either like right. Going out there more eating fish. So. You guys remember that we our first saw was, to put the litter in a fake, closet. That we built and we upgrade, it to the cabinet, which the solve there was we actually, put a hole in our wall to the outside and gave them their own personal. Event yes this, is a game changer you guys so, now they have a vent that goes out to the outside world so whenever they go in there and do their stinky Duty this. Smell just waft out into, the outside world. The other big thing we got them were these really cool high-tech.

Microchip. Feeders, yes because we've had to quarantine Winston. Into the other room while he eats because try, it eat Roxanne's food so we found these really cool high-tech feeders, that read, the, microchip. That your pet should already have you, don't rip, your back chip. Them it's. Just a tiny little bead of rice they put in their necks. Yeah. So, they have feeders that read those chips and also, when they're done eating they close automatically, so they keep the small. Right. Guys the moment you've all been waiting for. Ready. Mister, great experience wine in your eyes on three one. Two. So. I've. Already done. Yeah, you guys don't want to see any more episode no no, sorry, next, time we will be bringing you an epic, final house tour it'll be the last, video. In, this whole series OMG, we bought a house we've been living in it we, got to end this series once a for all with not the House floor oh man, get, excited that subscribe, so you make sure you know in that video hit your inbox, that's a thumbs up thumbs, up as well. Thumbs. Up to subscribe, leave us a comment below and let us know if you're a homeowner, and you've learned and, things and your mistakes we'd love to know right. Share the knowledge and. I. Might. Need to order. Some more floors so we can redo the rest of Lauren house. Yep. Tell. Me so fun you already know what it doing we've got those goggles gonna, be great. Yeah.

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They should do Morgan Adams!! She is a friend of Shane! Like if you agree

Winnipegger here! (love the floors btw)

It’s been a minute


Disfruto mucho sus videos, me encantan.

why don't u come to Pakistan

When are you posting the Dolan twins make over

Love this couple u guys make me happy and sad that i have bad taste in things u got an eye for that everything has a thing in this life if u know what i mean

I wish you could do my room...


I wish my house was this cute

omg :( i got chills when they started talking about the FINAL episode!

The red floors are actually really nice

are u guys gonna post a video with the dolan twins?

I used to watch your channel non-stop been a subscriber forever!!!!I love your channel

i live in ausrtalia and my room is soooooo small i cant fit my bed, draws and desk in together i need help pleeeaaaasssseee

OMG!! I just watch all three seasons today wow and let me say... it was AMAZING

I wish someone stared at me the way Joey stared at Kate @ 1:42

I just SUBSCRIBED!!!!!! I love you guys so much you dont even know!!!! plz shout me out. BTW i did the My Aesthetic Quiz! I love it you guys are my life im 10 yrs old but that dosent matter bc i LOOOOOOOVVVEEE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

XD woods swelling because of moisture.

The chimney though?

Why is your name Mr Kate?

I feel like flooring sales must be so different in the uk to the us. Like there’s companies here in London that are amazing. It seems bigger brands are the worst but small businesses are where people should go. Smaller companies care and want the best, not out of profit like bigger companies.

Mr.kate me and my sister need a room makeover because we have know Idea what to do so mr.kate we need your help

Waiting on the Doland twins makeover

Kate get a litter robot for the cats!!!! They’re pricey but they’re amazing and so worth it!!!!

The bedroom seriously looks GIANT! with the new flooring! Such a good choice!

Omg love you guys you are the best and truly my inspiration!

OMG the puns hhhhhh

I have literally been binge watching the videos on your channel for two days know. One of your videos popped up on my Youtube and I'm so glad I clicked it because your videos are so great. You guys are super creative and watching your videos makes me want to get up and makeover my own room... but that's difficult for me for a bunch of reasons. Anyways, I really enjoy your videos and I'm looking forward to many more!!!

Guys your guys are great!


Give this a like if you think they are the best and that they should do more episodes if they can because there really good

I closed my eyes and everything that was cruel! I'm really sad this will be over but excited as hell for the final house tour!

I AM TELLING U TO DO Sophie Michelle Says ROOM

Love you Mr. Kate!

Moist, moisture, poop looking stuff, swell... Oh my lawd lol

I am in my mom's account but I just want to you always make me happy when u am sad and I live all your seires

i screamed to see the tour. YOU GUYS HURT MY FEELINGS AWGG

collaboration with Emma chamberlain! she just moved to a new apartment !

What!!! Whyyyyy is it ending! Im so upset!

This whole series has been amazeballs and conflicting. I'm so grateful to you, for sharing so many things about your home, however, I would not. (phew! commas) My cousin's basement flooded more times than I care to remember as a result of a poor sewage system. It destroyed her carpet, left her home smelling awful and left her worried everytime it rained. Don't forget to check your septic tank on all floors before buying a home

Do another room in adelaines new house and another in laurdiy a house

My parents just bought a house and we didn’t have to do anything to the house ( except buy furniture ) but we didn’t have to do anything bc it’s was a brand new house so we will be the first people who live in the house and after I get back from my vacation in Turkey for 2 months. My parents will be building the furniture and setting up people so I’m super excited to be coming back to a new finshed house

omg I can't believe that the next one will be the's been such an amazing & interesting journey! I don't own a house/flat yet but I have learned so much and picked up useful techniques and creative ideas, so once I have a space I will be the most excited and ready to decorate/design it!✨ thank you for this series and for bringing us along for the ride! (and letting us learn from your successes and mistakes) Much appreciated!❤

The way he look at here fills me with love xx

I’m so ready for this full house tour

The glue looks like chocolate :/


I love your channel!

Can you come over

Ahhhhhhhhhhh nooooo please

dear mr kate i am 10 years old and i love you two so so much and i have heard that i will be moving to England wich i am so so so so so upset about that and i am moving into a new room and i have tried to make it look nice but it doesn't and i need your help because i am moving in with grade so i have the last year of elametry school so i will have a big change soon and i have been excited to make my room nice but i can not do it alone please please please please please help me mr Kate

Hi love you❤

I was like: House tour!!! Then: Hahahaha... I knew it. Hahaha.

I love you guys so much I wish you could come to my house in my bedroom because your house is so pretty

Your house is so beautiful I wish my house was like that

Omg I love u guys I always tell my parent that I want to be an interior designer when I grow up because u guys are my inspiration


Omg I

I love you guys so much

I love when Kate films Joey

You guys are sooo in love with each other!

I'm really glad you guys shared your mistakes and struggles with us and informed us of what should have been differently. Lots of good tips and tricks and it's refreshing know you guys make mistakes too! Thank you for your content and sharing your lives with us!

I'm from Winnipeg!!

I love you guys soooo much but ugh u guys take like centuries to upload why make us wait

Yay! They're back!

Aww.... I wanted to see the finished job.. oh well...

Joey! I was so sure you were going to say "which was... a moistake" 15:48

I love you guys so much!! Always making me smile and giving me house decor and couple goals envy!

Mr Kate, any tips for maintaining your pink hair? Id love to see a video or blog post on favorite products/tips. I just did fun hair for the first time ever!

Winnipeg is a Canadian city I live in!!

I’m going to miss seeing this series, but I’m excited for you all on finishing your house!!

Nooo. Can u make a vlog channel so I won’t have to cry that u guys r leaving. Can u make a room unicorn themed!!!! I will miss u guys soooooooo much!

I have been watching y'all since the beginning. Y'all are goals :)

Lol. You can tell they had a hard time trying to be serious about this project with all of the innuendos. Very funny. Love the floors.

Love your earrings and the new floor is so cool

Weekly vlogs?

it's like a gift that gives again - I went to bed and decided to watch your vid, but fell asleep - only because I was I get to watch it again through to the end :) the length of kate's hair...and LOL moist...and love the new flooring...reading cats before granted feeding - so clever...

You guys will be dead by the time the house is done

Honestly y’all need your own tv show Bc I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU GUYS!!! Like seriously! I’m so obsessed with the series. I could watch for hours on end!!!

Heyyyeee!! I’m from Winnipeg Canada here

I love seeing all of u guys videos i feel like im obsessed i love everything yall do

Awesome video! Perfect tip about the concrete as I begin a reno that will include hardwood over partial concrete!!!!h you guys are so adorbs!

Love you Kate your gorgeous and so nice and I'm shmall also

Whoa not fair!

wow you can't do that dude I actually closed my eyes this time lol

I have learned SO MUCH about designing from you Mr. Kate, enough to design my new appartment bedroom. Amazing video, too!

I love this floor as much as I love the city lol (I was born in Winnipeg)

i fr closed my eyes and opened them on 3 and i got played

Awwww cheeky!!! :p your entire channel gives me life. Genuinely get so excited whenever a new episode is out. Then I save it up for later and then I get sad when it's over :P

Best name ever "The Master Bedroom Glowup 90210"

You are my inspiration and I love the amazing work you do, I am learning to express my creativity better by watching you and watching the way you work! Thank you so much Mr.Kate

your house is turning out beautiful

That tease though

Kitty vent is a litter box that airs out your litter box

Winnipeg represent!

Lost my shit at 9:20

Hi guys really love❤❤❤❤❤ to watch ur videos alot...very very interesting n creative content too.

Great flooring choice! I live in Winnipeg!!!!

He's so in love with you Kate. God Bless you guys.

Your floors are named after my city. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada! Love your videos, my daughter and I watch them together.

Hello Your work is very wonderful I am from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I follow you and I do not speak English very well but I want to consult you in my house and I do not know where to talk with you and I see pictures of the house

I like the intro better tbh heh


I love how wasteful you are. No one can just be happy with what they have. Oh I have to upgrade oh I need this. Just be b happy you have a home. Some people out there have nothing!

Pause & press here 0:15 you see a whole other side of kate

How do I get you to do my room because I just luv u guts

Where did you get that beach-themed, woven-like carpet?! I've been trying to complete my beachy room for a while now and I think it is perfect for it.

Hope you hit a million

I have a question when you have a big rug and a big coffee table u cant let go of and have to have as many seats for people comming over in your living room what do u let go of ,or u make it work just for the people living in the apt and not be worried whos comming over

It's so ugly (My room)

Omg I would die if u gave my room a makeover my room I so ugly and I want it to be OMG GREAT for back to school

omg, i closed my eyes


can you come remake my bedroom ilive in chicago

I like that Kate said just send them off to college sometimes you just gotta throw the kid outta the house

Finally!!! Me and my daughter just screamed the OMG WE BOUGHT A HOUSE theme song lmaoo

"That is a soft jute"

Watch next theyre making another series omg we bought another house

Mr. Kate can you do my room plz

can you guys remake Emma chamberlain house please

wow those floors are ugly im so glad you guys changed it


She sorta looks like halsey.

Wait, does Kate stand on something when they film? Lol

I need to see more of Winston and Roxanne.

I actually closed my eyes

That was rude

Does this mean it's time to buy a new house? ;)

Hmm I wonder why your cats' litter is smelly? I live in a 1-br apt with my cat and nobody has ever mentioned a smell

Can u guys make a how to accent wall video, me and my brothers are going to redo my parents room next month and I want to do dark chocolate walls with an accent wall. I just don't have any ideas yet. If u could plz make the vid I would be so happy ❤️

I'll have you know I actually closed my eyes only to be FOOLED! Can't wait for the next episode :)

OMG you need to come over

Do Bretman Rock for omg we are coming over!!!pls

Heyy, Kate and Joey, I'm curious why you didn't refinish the floors? Its more cost effective and less strain on the environment. You could have gotten the same finish of the new floor on the wood you already had. NO HATE. Im genuinely curious. My husband and I are starting the reno process with our home and its overwhelming! Haha


I love this series! Can't wait to see the end!!

This was put up on my birthday...

I love Mr.Kate bc it shows that “pretty girls” can do the same work as guys

I really hope you guys did something environmentally friendly with those floors. I do wish you had warned viewers to think long and hard before removing original floors or floorboards made from wood harvested before the 1940's as its a type of quality hard wood that is basically no longer available in mass. All new wood harvested is made from really young trees (10-20years) vs old growth wood made from trees that could be 200-300 years old which produces a much more quality/durable wood. I love your channel and the tips you give for decorating a space are amazing! I'm honestly just getting quite frustrated with the home industry in general constantly shouting REMODEL! RENOVATE! without thinking of the environmental impact of throwing away perfectly fine things that someone decided are 'dated'. We throw so much away already...

“The little man inside the computer...” LOK vibes anyone?

Mr.Kate I really need you in the Virgin Islands

Cringy i hate the word moist

Pretty art work and ideas! I am so obsessed with all the art work. Hapoe you can make small room ideas. Thanks in advance. New subscriber here

Mr Kate can you please do over fitgurlmel living room? She is Kim Kardashians personal trainer.

As much as I like her ideas, this intro song

Hi my loves, I have a question! I’m redoing my room and I really want to opt for a bigger bed. My room isn’t the biggest, but in which case should I not get a queen size bed? How can you tell if a room is just too small for it? I’m having a hard time deciding and don’t generally know the rule of thumb for this type of thing. Thank you so much in advance. I’m obsessed with your channel!

Omgg please tell me I’m not the only one that closed there eyes in the end!!!❤️❤️❤️ En I was so sad that this was the last season!

Hi guys first of all I love you're channel. Wanted to know if could enter to win so you guys could come to my house and help redo do my kids room I am a mother of 4 and me and my husband stay in the living room and the kids share the room I have been wanting to redo my kids room but we have not have the chance to do it do to we are always tight on money . it would be a blessing for me and my kids . hopefully you read this it would be a dream come true for them . Thank you

Where’s the Dolan video???????

I honestly dream of you guys re-doing my bedroom, you guys have given me so much inspiration with all the AMAZING make overs you guys have done!! ❤️ I really hope you guys see this and consider it!! My instagram is analee.xox if you ever see this! Love you guys ❤️❤️

you guys are the best as a couple and as a team

I really wish you can come to my house and decorate my room

Please do a collab with Ricky Dillon!!

I am looking forward to seeing the house tour and im really sad the series is ganna be over.

Do a DIY back to school

you too need to start a series omg we bought a trailer where you guys renovate a trailer

Cutest couple ever.

The floor makes the room look better

I will like to you can come to my house and fixed my room

I knew to get better insurance when we bought the house from Dad. It paid off in less than a month when a windstorm blew down a brick wall ONTO our pool equipment! The insurance covered it all, and our gardener had someone there that next day and got it going. It looks great and is better than when it was first installed! Still our 70's house needs well over $100k in updates and repairs. Eventually....

More under $300 videos please!!!

I closed my eyes

Hey Kate! how do I create a Bohemian interior with dark grey carpet throughout my house? Its a rental so i cant remove the carpet...but it feels like it doesn't go. Thanks :)

Yay it’s back!!!!!!!!

Wow I remember 5 years ago I searched ‘diy’ and you guys came up and you bought a house and now it feels like I blinked and we’re here

Are you guys sitting? Why does Joey look so short? Lol

the way he looks at Kate tho

My favorite couple in youtube

I'm waiting for you to do Colleens little man's nursery!

Me but for my room

Haha xD. I kinda doubt this is the end. What about redecorating?

I love u guys

I’m so sad this is over I have watched this for a 1-1/2 years but I binged watched the ones before. Also did anyone else see Kate twerk

OMG, I can't wait to see the final tour of the house... I love what you guys doing

I’ve been watching Mr.kate for about 2 years and I’m still in love with her channel!!! She’s my inspiration for my interior design carrier when I hit adult hood and I’ll always thank her and Joey for making me laugh with their relationship. Thanks Mr.kate ❤️

This video was so funny

Are y'all ok I just heard what's happening in Las angales I am keeping in my prayers love ya keep safe

I love how all of the flashbacks show Kate’s hair transformation over time!

Why do I need your house!? It is so beautiful, I love you guys!!

Love from Germany

Plzzzzz do my room you guys are sooo good at what you do

Me Kate!! Pls make a video about maintaining a house such as cleaning tips or if we run into an issue like if smth breaks. What would u do?

You guys should do more "omg we bought a house" videos, but you help others who just bought a house find their design style and decorate accordingly❤️

where are the linen rollar shades from?

Is Kate’s shirt replicating the heart? Or is that just me? It looks really cool whatever it is

I love you guys so much!!!! The floor looks great, you're both so smart and creative! Greetings from Poland :)

Omg! I finally caught up

Just found your channel. You are awesome!

Where is her shirt from??

How do I contact you guys to come to my house and decorate my bedroom? And do we pay you back? (If my mom will let me contact you)

That's the exact same floor as my living room!!

NOOOOOOO I don't want this series to end its the best in the whole universe

Is it just me or do they all of a sudden have bloopers at the end of this video

I closed my eyes when you said to and I was sad that you did not show me it actually felt like you were in my home and it broke my heart when you said sike

Everyone hates the word moist

This makes me sad but happy at the same time that you guys finally reach your goal for your house

yeah floor is uh... interesting to put it lightly

love this!

My favorite series but I do want more of the fan decorating contest

Hello friends

Joey and Kate. When are you going to Joey Graceffa boyfriends room. Aka Daniel

Their cats are living the LIFE!

I really want you to do my room

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU BOTH!! I just started my youtube channel and would love if anyone subscribed to join me in my journey. xoxo Annika :)

Y'all should do bretman rock's house since he just bought his new house

Gasp! I live in Winnipeg. :)

Imissyou mr.kate

Can't wait to see the final house tour. Love you guys!

I need you to come to my house

Anyone else from Winnipeg, Manitoba watching this haha??

Speaking of Winnipeg....PLEASE COME TO WINNIPEG AND DESIGN MY ROOM! It’s all I have wanted for so long!

Thanks y’all for that information about moisture control. Same thang happening to me. But I need more info on the drainage of the yard.

More under $300 makeovers please!


I wish you could do my room

You should do Morgan Adams room

why i really closed my eyes when they told me to........

you should help emma chamberlain

Actually its episode 44 guys

how do i get you guys to decorate my upstairs loft

Mr kate can u plz suggest a wall colour for a living room with wooden furniture and black wall trims and black floor (vinyl sheet flooring)

Not every thing can be DIY people.... Respect those who studied and graduate from Architecture, Landscape, and other kinds of engineering jobs... They calculate for you. (I admit the Informations was very inspiring...thanks they exposed their failed DIY)

YAAAY! Good flooring!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m soo happy omg it’s gunna look soo goood

Omg I am so proud of you guys for admitting your mistakes publically so everyone can learn from them. That takes guts ♡♡♡♡ love you Mr. KATE!!! Follow me on insta: lovely_magick and never change your crazy self!! ♡♡♡

Has anyone else been her since they bought the house

Winnipeg, Winnipeg!!! That's the name of my city!

Please do a house tour of your new house soon I’m so excited

Please dnt stop making vedios. U inspire me so much i watch them every morning

Haha i got so confused when i opened my eyes but hen u guys were still standing there!!

Can you help me get my room to a fit my personality I'm Greek British Mexican and American lol. And I love track soccer singing dance writing acting and art and nature. I try to make my room fit my personality but I get stuck so I need a little help please i need some tips I live in el paso my instagramis: is_just_mads. I love you guys I'm really hoping you will this and I'm also going through something right now and I need a little happiness right now I try to do dogs like yours but I never have the right materials and if you do see this you can contact me on my Instagram then I can give you my number I love you guys your amazing and an amazing couple and can you give me advise on how you edit videos because I have YouTube channels and it's kinda hard one of then is sassy Bonnie ok bye love you :)γηονψ


How do I send you guys a letter

My parents turned one of the bedrooms in my house into a studio and gutted the carpet and then put a new floor in and it looks wonderful

Lol nvm just finished it!

What did they do wrong?

So will the next video be the last video ever???!!!!!!

Kate reminds me of Grey's Anatomy Arizona, right?


You guys, please do Jenna and Juliens place! That would be just the best thing ever

LOVE the shades! Where did you get them? anyone know?

Wow I actually closed my eyes to see your house...

is this just a youtube channel or is it a tv channel

Hahah I live in Winnipeg

Waiting for the Dolan Twins!!!

Loved this and so happy it's back

I literally move stuff around in my room every August

Yay more episodes!


0mg WTF lol

They should decorate for bramfam

Where is my House Tour. I want it soooo bad

please do merrell twins, shane dawson, or david dobrik

Who thinks they should do something with the attic

So excited for the final house tour!

I have really enjoyed your videos and you two are such a happy couple!  I really look forward to the rug cuddles and the other cute things that you do.  May you continue being creative weirdos and continue to encourage the creative weirdo which resides in all of us:)  Thank you for the gift your videos bring to us!!


Mr Kate I’m having some trouble. Would you pick boho sheets or modern sheets

OMG! I'm staying here.

Yeah the floors made such a huge difference

Finally finished binge watching all 44 episodes! Can't wait for the final house tour!

I’m so sad this series is over

Was Kate in princess diaries 2? Omg

Stay cool Kate, Joey, I hope that u will make another series like this one! Like if u agree!

I’ve got a question *raises hand* Do we request people houses or do they have to apply because The TFIL Traphouse is really bare and needs doing up btw love you guys

19:31 I have that so my dog doesn’t eat my cats food.

Floor porn,please children under 4do not watch floor porn.

Omg! I love you guys my more! Now that I know you’re cat people

OMG you guys are so cool I love you Kate and Joey you guys make me want to wake up and watch YouTube!!!

Please do Safiya and Tyler's apartment or Shane and Ryland's house

Where you in movie of the princess diaries 2 ???

Love this! We just bought our first house and we close on Thursday!!!! So I reeeeally appreciate this episode!!!! Love you guys!

You guys are so cute and I love you guys I want a relationship like that

Emma chamberlain

I can't do soggy. Moist I just think about cake. Soggy gets me heaving.

Currently sipping lemon water

Your house is $5.2m???? OMG

Will the floor you put in your gym be able to withstand high impact? The quiz made it seem like it was a low impact type of wood

OMG, This Video is SOOO Incredible! My dad and his girlfriend just recently bought this two-story house in Ladera, California. I have no idea when the house was built, but there are a lot of issues with the house that we are trying to fix as well as moving into the house. We move in at the end of August. It's going to be so exciting, and I already have tons of ideas of how to decorate my room all from you guys. The issues that my dad's girlfriend has with the house (including mine): #1: I have found at least 5 sockets in the wall that are crooked. #2: We had an issue with a window that's installed in the office upstairs that's overlooking the living room. #3: We have difficulties with deciding which colour paints we want to paint the walls in different rooms of the house. #4: My dad's girlfriend has problems redesigning the kitchen, the playroom upstairs, the living room, and the dining room. This one is pretty special, so maybe you guys could help us on this: #5: We're having issues with furniture placing, and decor all over the house.

"What are you, my teacher?" Lol.

I like seeing all the mistakes and lessons learned.

Long time no see, but I loooove this show and missed it sooo much!! :D

i love mr.kate.You guys have made me inspired to do some of my own renovations

just want to watch something sparky and interesting - Mr Kate's channel...2nd watch on this one - omg you guys are great.

U should shane dawsons house

I’ve now watched every omg I bought a house and omg were coming over episode. In 2 days lol, absolutely love you guys!!

I just found these series and spent all of yesterday and today watching it!! This was awesome. Watching you guys from 2014 to now was so cool. I was super impressed how professionally this was filmed and how well it was edited. These series should be on Netflix!!

LOL, I was like "OOH Nadi- That's my name and then you both said "ooh the Nadi!" and i was like "THATS MEEE!!"

I love Mr Kate . I watch her because she is so creative and I don't have an imagination

I love your intro soooo much

its a given to be genius in decorating houses.... u guys bought a house and decorating it itself .. what an another level of exciting and fun it is

She looks like Halsey

Merrel twins x mister kate yasssss

What!!! OMG!

You should get a pet dog like if you agree!!!

We’ve been in our house for over a year and I regret not painting before moving in now we are too lazy to move everything to paint so our wall are dull with no shine paint

So impressed with all the projects that you did as homeowners saving so much in labor costs and in styling skills and resources that amped up the house for great profits down the road. Give yourself a break! You actually saved a ton of money by just being Mr. Kate and Joey.

If you buy it all online when do you see the floors in person and not just pictures

I’m debating on when I buy a house just buy a new one that I love or a Reno that I can customize

That awkward moment when I actually closed my eyes

Ahhh I hate the word moist

Those red floors were nice, and I hope they got a new home.


Guys you are hilarious! God bless your marriage and more years to come! I laughed the whole video!

It is really commendable that you have this episode recorded with all the mistakes that have happened while putting everything together for house renovation. Not many people around would go and do this, however you did this so that others can hopefully learn. Thumbs up for the effort.

Kate - you have a certain "glow" in this video :o) and I love the way Joey keeps "knowingly & lovingly" looking at you.

You guys are so funny. I love that you guys have made mistakes honestly. It makes you so relatable and makes us see that no one is perfect! Love you kate and Joey ❤️

I really participated in closing my eyes

Ugh that cliffhanger tho x.x haha

Such a lovely couple!


For example if fgzg 11234567890gx

This was in my recommended, Ik why now. I LUV IT! youtube knows me :D

I wish I could just keep pushing the like button for yalls adorableness!

Moisture is your enemy

pls remember about the final house tour!!! I really want to see it

Hey dude

Nooo!!!! I loved watching this series!!!!

What happened to your gym/garage is exactly what happened to the whole floor of our house when it flooded ugh so annoying!!❤️

OMG I finished all episodes in one week. what I am gonna do now. you guys rock

5:07 He Mister Kate licked his lips before kissing Mrs Kate on the cheek!

Do it soon plzzzz

The wood swells when it gets moist ahhhhhahahaha

Heeey... I closed my eyes and resisted to peak... Why you tease, guys? HAHA. Will be waiting for the final house tour fo sho!

He always licks his lips when he goes to kiss her and she always wipes. It kills me.

Omg i just watched the entire series in 2 days! Im obsessed

Can't wait to see the final house tour. Awww it's bittersweet but exciting

A tip about eliminating cat smell is to put your fur babies on a high quality raw food diet!!! I have two cats in a 900 sq foot apartment and it does not get smelly! I refused to have my apartment smell like a giant litter box, so I decided to try buying raw food. Worked like a charm! They maintain a healthy weight easier, their coats are super shiny, no hair balls, less shedding, less stinky litter smell, no cat food sitting out all day! I highly suggest looking into it :)

im so sad its the final episode but you still have more love your videos❤❤❤

Is it only me or even u fell like joey’s nose looks a bit different?

Wow now there House is going to look nice just think about all the things they can do with it wow I would pay them just to go inside lol

Can’t believe the floor is called Winnipeg I live in a city called that

why is your name mr.kate

Today Joey looks like one of those 30 year old actors that play teenage kids in movies lol

I tought your house would be better

I just couldn’t stop staring at your beautiful glowing face. What kind of foundation and highlight was that?! So gorgeous and radiant.

I live in Winnipeg!!

"moist and swell, no no no" well at least both parties are represented

Idk if y’all have more kitty boxes around the house that you haven’t shown, but the rule of thumb is to have a kitty box for each cat plus one! just a btw. Love your home! Please upload the house tour already! I’m dying of impatience!!

I’m so excited for the final house tour! I have definitely binged watched this whole series!

can you show the entire house!!

I’m new to your channel and I just watched all 3 seasons in two days Hahahah I feel so accomplished! You guys are so inspiring and gave me so many great ideas for my new apartment! I’m officially moving out on my own for the first time and I can’t wait to decorate Mr.Kate style! You’re re awesome and I love you guys so much! Looking forward to seeing the house tour!

Is your home tour up already??

I love it when people show us the problems they face as well as the successes. I have an old house myself and it's a headache dealing with old electrical, patchy subfloors, and old wood windows. So thank you !!!

i`m really bummed it`s gonna end , but so excited for the final tour

Looks beautiful

Please do a dorm makeover for someone!!

"Moist and swell. No no no!"

when are you guys doing a house tour ??!!!

The words moist and wood together, just.. omg lmao.

Kate, you're looking lovely in this outfit x I've been wondering for a while if you guys have struggled with any mistakes on any of your client projects. I think that would make a great video too!


“We gone rip them out” OMG!! That was so funny, I rewind it like 20 times to see. I laugh every time. Kate you are so damn cute and Joe you are such a supporting and loving partner. I am in love with your videos.


Please come in Pakistan

Great job. I've slowly been fixing mine for 15 years. Maybe one day I'll finish. Wish I had your talent for seeing space and pulling the vision together. You should think about doing an older person home. I love watching all you do, but nothing for the go go grandma?

the floor is horrible

You should do a house makeover to James Charles new house !!

Ooooh but new couch cos ya’ll gave it to that other couple

Can you make another series please

When is next time :(

OMG wheres the house tour?!!

Ugh! This was posted in July! When's the final house tour?!

Where is the final episode?!?! Keep checking back and it's not up!

Oh hey!! I’m from Winnipeg! Those are some great floors!

It's gorgeous.

We have three cats

Oh noooo I love this series

Is the final house tour coming soon?!

If it's moist the wood swells. Just like people

Hi! My grandma and I have been thinking about maybe you doing two of the rooms in her house. Aesthetic look maybe? Dm me if you can! Ily

When's the house tour?

It's amazing that your inspector that you hire to look over your house before buying it didn't tell you that you needed drainage in the yard.

Cherry wood floors are gross. There not call red floors or red wood it's cherry wood.

When you buy wood floors you are supposed to open the boxes n wait 24 hours before installing so they can breathe n acclimate to the room temperature that way they don't expand or retract later on causing squeezing or boards to pop up.

I take it you guys never heard of nation wide lumber liquidators? It's a flooring company that you can order online it's been online for at least 10 years now. They sell a huge selection of wood floors n other types so online flooring stores is not new.

Also direct buy does flooring online there's tons of flooring companies you can order online.

I loved the series! so much inspiration for my own spaces and I have learned a lot too. When are we going to see the final updated house tour?

Hey mrkate I just finished watching all your videos and you are amazing we are getting a new house and would you want to do the decorating?


You guse are so funny

Ahh when is the house tour coming out?

*still waiting for the finale*

So, when is the final episode coming then?

As someone who just binge watched the entire series, i was so freaked out by the flooded backyard, and i was shocked they never installed a drainage system!!

im so sad its over

Where is the finale guys

This is the second to last episode... SO MOVE HOUSE! Start all over again!

when is the final house tour!?!?!?!!??!?!?!??!!?!??!?!?!?!?

when you finish can we have a house tour in detail

I’m acc triggered!!! I closed my eyes and everything!!!

Where’s the house tour it’s November!

I mean lmao I think

Omg what does lamo mean

Me kate do the grand finally video

This is the final episode

sigh*... i love your guys' relationship haha

I am the saddest person in the world,they are leaving omg I am so sad

Omg love u guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please please please help my room really needs help,but can't pay for the expense so yeah. I subscribed and liked every video in OMG we bought a house,so please help with 10,000 dollars.I've always wanted a desk and monitor I literally watch every vid. I live in Newport news,Va in needed call 810-3840 my mother's phone I'm only a pre-pre teen aka 10


is the final video up yet?

If you want them to do a full house tour like this comment

Pleeease do a full house tour!!

Winnipeg! woo! aka Winterpeg lol

I actually closed my eyes during the count down.... this is why I have trust issues.

I love you guys so much that I closed my eyes!!! I myself have actually just began renting my first apartment so extremely different level than a home, still in my eating off of cardboard boxes stage haha.. all in the process so looking forward to decorating! However, my parents are planning to move in the next year to a new 'old' house. Excited for them to be downsizing to a fun, smaller, more personal to them space. Also, I'd like to say congratulations to you two!! It's been entertaining and enlightening watching y'alls transformation and journey while bringing weirdness and joy to so many of us out here. Thank youu. I'm guessing the little one will be a girl. Xoxo much love.

We want to see the finale!! Were is it???!?! ♥️

Damn they microchip pets well us humans are next

Talking about hmmm on a designing channel, im her for it ahahahah

when will you do a final house tour

Loved loved loved this series

When will the final episode come out! Its been nearly 6 months!

Can't wait for you guys to update your guest room to a nursery room

House tour?! Actually not yet you guys are pregnant!

When is the final walk through? Such the cliffhanger. I

I love the wood!

What about finally fixing the fireplace!?

the ex master floor looks suspiciously like circa 2000 lumber liquidators bloodwood flooring! KITTIES!

OMG We’re making a nursery?...

Umm mr Kate where’s the finale? It’s November now !

Idk maybe because I live in FL where it's disgustingly humid and work at Lowes, it's why I thought the gym mess-up would have been obvious... Either way, you guys are amazing at what you do. We all gotta learn the hard way sometimes.

i cant find the final house tour video, help! can someone plss post the link thank youu

I litteraly watched the whole thing in 2 days!!!

It took them 4 years?

I have totally enjoyed watching this series! I’m a new subscriber and we just had our offer accepted on our first house! We will move in around April so this series has been such a thrill to watch. But.... where is the whole house tour?! I need to be creeper status and see your entire house lol


That's so cool that the wood's called Winnipeg, I'm from Winnipeg!!!

OMG I'm sad it's over.

I'm soo goin to miss this series... I have been binge watching all the series... Love u guyzz...

Ok Mr. Kate & Joey... The comments are from 5 months ago, so..... Where is the final whole house tour that you made us all wait for?????? We can NOT wait any longer!!! PLEASE guys???? Show us the long awaited finally house tour, that you both said would be coming next..... That was over 5 months ago. I know you got GREAT NEWS with the baby coming & I'm so very happy for you both, truly!!! But we really want the promised " final house tour" PLEASE??? All my love, thoughts & prayers to you & your new family life, but please don't forget.. were still here waiting


House tour? Ya guys gonna do the nursery first? Or do we get to see the house pre-baby and post-baby?

That’s probably why the final house tour hasn’t come out yet!

Duuuuude where is house tour


I’m still waiting for the DOLAN TWINS MAKEOVER

i started this series yesterday morning and it's currently been like 38 hours since then and I am now caught up and I can't believe it's been five years!!!! I loved seeing it come together , can't wait for the final reveal

please make the house tourrrr

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