Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

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Ignition. System works dual, injectors do not work, we're. Gonna carburetors. Jaguar, v12. Even. Prettier than in the pictures. I think, she's gonna make it to Mike's yeah, I think so, it's. Got a really bad easier. Acceleration. Definitely. Needs some something, in the front end worth a thousand bucks the huh oh yeah. Ideal. For the gambler. Yeah. We'll take, it that. Didn't work. Hopefully. It just ran out of gas because it was super low so we're. About to find out. Well. It's, starting to get dark and then we have two problems no, I won't even crank yeah. But I mean this is the positive battery terminal, wires. And. This. Is the terminal they were on so. We. Did have it cranking at one, point but Jaguar. Gambler a good idea huh. We. Figured out why they're so cheap. We've. Tracked, down our problem - no injector, pulse there's, fuel pressure there's. No pulse and we've tried all of the things that the internet says might do it, Mike. Came up with a crazy notion, of. Car. Berating this engine. Car. Burning in v12 that's the idea yeah yeah. We'll, just make a custom, intake manifold, little fit a common. Carburetor, and it. Would have to really work that would be brilliant and then we can make it slip out of the hood yeah absolutely giant, air cleaner the ignition system works, Sam. Actually give it a crank real quick will show this. I'll. Do it this is gonna be the greatest thing ever. The. Ignition system works fine it knows when to fire the spark, plugs that's all fine so all it needs is the right amount of fuel roughly, when it deal is we already have a throttle cable oh we. Already have fuel we just need a pressure regulator does it be too much pressure for a carburetor yeah and we. Need to cut a giant hole in the hood so we can have our individual. Pipes. And the carburetor sticking out the top it's perfect for gambler. Be. Like you're a genius, a 12v. Fighter. Alright, guys we're gonna take a quick break from this bill to talk about our sponsor for this video, war, robot now, the sponsor, has been so good to us on this build in this project it'd be so hard to do without them and we are so grateful so. Check, this out. Now. War robots, is a mobile game for iOS and, Android were you gonna build and customize robots. To fight against each other on massive, multiplayer online matches, there's, a huge variety of maps skins, and game. Modes so the game never gets boring, the, game is constantly being, updated and, there's 20, different pilots, with different abilities to help you control your robot, the, game features, over 50 different types of robots and weapons that can accommodate any play style and with millions of players around the world there's always someone, new to join a clan with or start a fight so download the game for free using our link in the description, and you will get the bow a robot, a custom, skin and a bunch of in-game currency, that's gonna help you out a lot getting started, so make sure you go download that game it's, in the description and let's, get back to that Jack. That's. Our, intake. Manifold, and. The. Entire fuel, injection system basically and. That's. What the engine looks like without it. Way. Simpler. Now we have to make an intake we're. Gonna get day so you can grass her out of the way we, got a cap off this exhaust port back here and. So. We bought the Jag as our gambler car on the, way to that TV show that we've been teasing you guys about and this. Is everything we've brought right, here all the essentials. Barbi. Twins. We. Got camping, gear been. Camera. Gear been and. Racing. Equipment, been, the Rope fab tubing bender we're gonna. Get. Bending, and. This is a new logo by the way guys we'll hopefully have stickers, out in the store by now t-shirts, too so. Important. For those guys. I'm. Just cleanin up the intake. Ports. So, this brazen bleeding them off and we'll scotch-brite, and. Trying to get them cleaned for their new gasket. Flanges. We. Are going to draw, this, gasket. So. That we can cut out 12, of them and well. Tubes. To them to create an intake do you draw it digitally just measure and then create it digitally I'll just take, measurements, of it okay. Cool so that, bolt. Pattern is centered across that hole which makes it easy I drew, an arc from, the center of this. Hole to, the center of that hole and that, gave me get, a circle a circle around there that so that meant that that little, hole had to be somewhere as like a moon around a planet and then, I just did it from this, one as well and so. Then went where that, circle. Intersected. This circle is where that hole had to be. This. Is interesting playing, with the real tools.

Yeah. Nice tools imagine, that so we have to cut off this EGR, pipe because. It's got a hole in it we need to cover, that up so. So. The threads don't start till right here so we are going to build spacers. Like this space, it out get, on those threads but, this is a v12 sorry needs 23, more of these. Sam's. On cutting duty I'm on deeper, duty. I, like. The assembly, line over here this is awesome. There. Are all the spacers, ready. To go, when. You're working with 312 never got lower ends up being a lot of parts oh yeah, now. We have to figure out how to build. A, plenum. For the intake and run. All of these twelve. Runner. Tubes, up to that we're, basically gonna make a metal box that sits well up, here so it's above the hood, and. Then. It'll. Have an angle on the side and. I'll have a bunch, of tube so I'm going to bend all the same and, so they'll come up and then angle a little bit and meet at that sloped. Part of the plenum and then it'll have a flat part on top it's. Wider than the bottom which means it'll be wide enough to fit the carburetor, on there's. Our shiny new carb. Ready. To party. Warning. Only use a t5 fuel, or your void your warranty. We're. Not putting the upgrade the air compressor, back home because just. Being able to go straight through to a 90 is awesome. Okay. No. Problem, so we did a 90-degree Bend with. The bender and we, got these two. In. The cut in half I've got these two pipes here the plenum is going to stress. Them out there it's. Gonna be flat on the bottom about four and a half inches and then it's gonna be a 45 degree Bend up. Either side and. Then these are just gonna go in we're just gonna make it symmetrical, just straight, across a box, a. Lot, more than enough clearance yes also. Well. Above the hood that's gonna be great just, yeah. We're, down to the last piece pretty, much used all the tubing yeah, this was a 10-foot stick. Their color intake runner. About ten feet of stuff to make an intro. We. Have the base of an intake, plenum for, k-12. You. Can see here we're on the plasma cutter might cut these little slots so that when we bend it these. Cutouts, for the for the tubes. Won't. Get distorted. When they Bend up and then we'll just once. It's all tacked together we'll just fill those with weld and make, it airtight again we, need to cut. Right now. Sorry. Not sorry. Or. We just need to move into Mike's good opening yeah. We. Got something, also it's basically midnight. Somewhere. Though. Yeah. Bad. Back stuff this is what. Are you more Mad Max than anything else yeah, that is the. Coolest, thing, so. We got our first look at what this thing's gonna look like and. Looks. Awesome. It is, truly. Awesome trying, to get it as level, as possible, tack. Some things in place. So. Now I'm gonna weld as, much of it as possible. Before. We unbolt, it from the car because if we were, not bolted and welded now everything, with more of a twist and not - so. Mike. Is working on cutting. Out the plate for the top which. We're gonna have a slight taper up to the carburetor and flat on top and. This. Is our new, t-shirt by the way guys it'll. Be for. Sale on our website leaks, in the bio. It. Supports, us a lot and we love seeing all the crazy. Places, that, these things end up going. So. Now doing the same process but for the top yeah. We're gonna make the top plate and then we'll just make it, let's. Make a square. Cut out basically, that these, four. Barrels, can feed into and then have the default pattern, so. We can flip it down. There. She is. Tripping, that's great. What. Do we have here. We're. Dangerously. Close. We're. Getting very much closer than we were to start we, were. I'm. A carbureted. Man. That really looks like she's gonna do the trick. We're. Gonna have to get creative with some other Mad Max accents, on this this. Is just full-on more, boys machine. Here yeah. Plenty of time to think of things oh yeah. We'll come up with some stuff this is our lid, to. Our manifold. Paketa. As much to Italy. And it's too. So. Why. We're out here all, night because. We. Lost, the day by, buying. A Jag that broke after a mile and. Then tracked me down at Oh dolly and u-haul being a giant, pain we, have to be in LA tomorrow to.

Be Ready to film for the TV show the next day and. Then. The, day after that we're driving straight back up here and then that gives us Thursday and part of Friday to finish this car for, gambler so. They. Currently doesn't even run and we still have a lot of other stuff we need to do to it so. These. Blankets, might be my. Bed tonight if I ever go to sleep fall. Asleep at the intubation, oh. Yeah. That's. Definitely what, you want to see sticking out of the hood of your, 89. XJS. Know. Something it doesn't sound healthy but. Yeah. It's, got some one. Night this, is the most redneck, thing that's ever been done to a Jag I think. Oh. I've. Been asleep for two hours I. Went. To sleep after, it got light. Yeah. We were. Yeah. We were up till about 5:00. But. We. Did put a Chevy, 350 Carver, hit her on a v12, jag in one, night. And. It's sort of runs the fuel system currently, is gravity, feed from that XR. 400, gas tank. And. Now. We have more mystery problems but it. Does run. We. Have a few ideas Sam. Was just saying something about the. We. May have screwed something up with the EGR system. Or. It may have a giant blown head gasket who, knows so we are back from filming the TV show back, at night's garage, home. Of moto. Mule and, we. Had some head. Gaskets, shipped to us because, we. Blow them. We. Take it apart what's actually wrong but that's our guess, and. Paid. Extra for overnight shipping and it does not look like it. Was shipped well. Yeah. They. Shipped it faster by throwing, it everywhere oh. And. Also look at this in the background that's that's, Mike's build right there we're gonna show you that later. He's. Killing, it. Nice. Yeah. They just trashed the box also, their multi layer of steel gaskets, which is sweet I mean. One of them is a little wrinkled. But not enough to matter. We're. Gonna sawzall the cats out and. It's going to make it way easier than, trying to take the exhaust manifold, off or deal with the rusty boots go on come to the cat the. Exhaust manifold. Oh. Great. You've. Been decided to soak up some engine oil. These. Exhaust manifold. Bolts are no joke though. It's. Bad. Holy. Beans. How. Did that even happen not, that's, not us that was already there yeah.

I, Thought. It sounded a little naki. Wow. Well let's take a look inside then few, pieces maybe look. Cool. For how we, could the other side's brother just is that it is just as gross so we might as well because we do actually want this thing at all the. Underside, of that thing. This. Piston sleeve here, is. Cracked. Way. Down there, well. You got a big chunk taken out of there yeah I just removed some material so there's extra for the jb weld to stick to and the idea there is just to keep the water from going, into. The cylinder there's no going you're gonna be any pressure in that cylinder so that's just to keep the water from leaking through that crack. We're. Trying to make remove, the lobe from. That. Spot. At the cam so, we're just gonna spin it hold, the drivers bill and shall we remove. That load make it round. All. Right so you just got some full turns on that thing and. Yeah. We don't have intake. Valves. Moving at all and the exhaust valve is out we. Took out the extra pocket so it doesn't rattle. So. Last night we couldn't start the jag at 2:00 in the morning the, 11 with open headers and, we, wanted to give some time for the liquid gas suit to harden, and be. All good to go, so. The plan for this morning. Started. Up and see what happens. Yeah. Everyone's. Great. So. We just, got 5, Koenig. Run lights, 17. And. Now. Our rubber is here as well. Yeah. That, is gonna be, perfect. Yeah. Now. She's, a gambler. That's all it needed. Have. Five gorgeous. Falcon. Wild, PMT's. Few. Forty five seventy five sixteen which works out to about. Thirty. And a half inches yeah, go, grab one of the Koenig, run lights. Whoo. Those, are pretty. Yeah. That's. Gonna do it huh, that'll do it yeah. Even. Finished cutting out the back here so it latches now, nice and smooth the edge trim added. The jag. Element. To a redneck modification. It definitely. Does. Just. Came back with the tires mounted looks. Awesome. They're, the coolest thing ever yeah. It's. A perfect combo right there there. We. Do that Mike working on the wheel spacers, he just got this lathe yesterday. We helped him unload it and, we're. Already putting some hours on it. Sorry. To chop out the fender and see if we get the tire to fit. So, I've already cut up like. Two and a half or three inches off it. Our. Issue now is that within another. Three, inches on the inside in here we're gonna cut like this, across. Here and. Then we're gonna cut a little triangle out of the bottom we're gonna up this rib off and, break out the old slam, or a hammer, to, try to get breeze out the back. So, Sam's the sculptor, now he's a straight-up artist, yeah, no. Straighter, line. That's. How you do it, I. Started. Filming there on fire this, doesn't look great. Yeah. It's out. Okay. This blue Edwin's mine right. Here. No. Way. Way, and, that's how it's done no, they still existed. It feels like a safe it, knows the relationship, of all the tools but, we still need to tell it where z0. Is for the farm. There's. This beautiful, CNC. Machine, spacer, that Mike just finished making for us first one. And. I. Just pressed these lugs in so, you. Can throw it on. So. While the front two spacers, are getting made you, put it back on the little tires and then, we're gonna run it make, sure everything works okay, and start, cleaning out the garage because we destroyed, the place wait on it for the first time. Sam's. Holding, the fuel pump wiring together right now. Oh, wash, tirean, it's. Been a session. It's. Been a bit of a struggle every step of the way, but. We're here, and ready to. Gamble it, she. Goes. Pretty. Tip it. Yes. Hey. Guys Mike. Here from the YouTube, channel moto, mule I'm just gonna take up tuna to talk, a little bit about my. Current project which is this easy. Go golf cart. It. Has a Honda. CBR. 1100, black, root engine so it's a big street bike engine. Makes. About, 160. Horsepower beds to, over. 10,000, RPM pretty easily. Independent. Suspension, all the way around 18, inches of travel at each wheel and basically. I'm. Building this you guys are building the Odyssey, and. It's. Just a good excuse to go the dunes and have some fun, really. The purpose. Of the golf cart body is, all my friends have polaris razors and so, i wanted to build something that could keep up with them in the dunes and when they saw. This thing right on their tail in the river here it's. A golf cart yeah I mean there's a golf cart keeping up with you. Yeah. I, think you're gonna be doing more than keep up, the. Gearbox is made by a company called rpm, so. It's it, was designed to go behind a high, powered street bike engine so, it you just got the, chain. Coming from the counter. Shaft of the street bike engine and you just have about the same size sprocket, on it, so. Inside. Here is a this, particular one has five to one gear, reduction, so. That way you don't have to have a giant, sprocket, it also has forward.

And Reverse so you could this is a way, you can get reverse, out, of a street bike engine the. Outputs of that gearbox are a Porsche 930, C D flat so, you just run Porsche. Seavey's, and. They're 28 spline axles. That the. Same kind of things that high-powered. Volkswagen. Or Subaru, or all those kind of long travel sand cars run so. Very. Stout for, the amount of power this thing's gonna put up right. Now it's got Fox ear shops on it they're, super easy to set up and. Kind. Of get things going if, if, the car handles, really well and it turns out to be a really. Fun thing I may upgrade to coilovers, in the future but for now these are fine to get it going okay how, many inches of travel does your lifted G pounds right, probably. Seven. Wow. So. I think it's we. Measured it the other day and I think it's 86, inches, wide so it's just stupid wide you're getting close the engine runs I got. The axles in the mail so put those together but, before, I put those in I'm, going to take it all apart and finish. Welding it because everything right now is just tack welded and, I know if I put those axles in I wouldn't be able to resist testing.

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Didn't Ford own Jag at one point? Coyote swap anyone? No? OK.

saw this at gambler town!!!... with the head gaskets on the back and the air cleaner out the hood I thought it was a 350 v8 swap... now I find out it was a true Jag v11 the whole time! Nice work boys!

It needs two carbs !!!!!

never go full retard

Imagine they have done dual carbs the jag purists will have a brain aneurysm

Mad Max stile

17:38 you aint seen Top Gear

v11 nice

The V11 jag is so sick, and the Barbie carts are unreal, got to see them (and hear them) at the gambler. Can’t wait to see when you guys are all done with the odyssey.

Is the one guy REALLY high all the time?

My bestfriend moved up to Sweethome, Oregon from southern California. Went up there last year for 3 months and it is so beautiful. Maybe we'll do the Gambler one day soon

Oh yeah..We can close the bonnet. No holes.

We have an 85 xj6. Bought it at an auction. Engine knock. Cool. Removed the engine/trans. Replaced with a gm crate 350cu 350hp 350turbo trans. Gear benders o/d Holley injection many more. Wife drives it. Loves it. Friend had one of the v12 cars and we did the same thing to it for him. Loves it. Very reliable.

PCM controls the ground circuit for the injectors.


W a t I s o l d t o p g e a r

Good video

I would have gone with 2 smaller CFM carbs, but other wise, great!

Make it more mad max? Put bigger tires in the back so the back is jacked up... that would be sick! And put bars in the windows, or dont use windows and put nets in... then put a fire shooting kit for the exhaust.


This has to be one of the best automotive videos in YouTube history!! Look what these guys can do with a full arsenal of tools.... wow! Rock on Grind Hard Plumbing Co!!

they works in the middle of the Woods but i cant see any mosquitos and he works under the light interesting

Ahhh you had the opportunity to duel carb it

That’s amazing but you should use two carbs

Now thats one mean lean gamblin machine ol son!! Awesome job, love the way you put the video together with cnc/lathe action. To cool.

Loved this! Seriously grinning the whole video.

the title should be: how to build a tunnel ram intake manifold for any car. or how to convert any engine from EFI to CARB. Super cool vid and a lot of good info that could be used for a lot of different stuff. thanks guys!

you killed it with aerostart.....

my only request that you add to this beauty is an external role cage i think it would set it off

ah, the flashbacks to Top Gear India special are strong in this one. Lov ethe build, especially the quick fix of the dead cylinder. Didnt know JB weld can be used like that

me encantan sus videos no me pierdo ninguno

you need intake restrictors in the runners under the carb. else the back and front cylinders will lean out considerably.

dig the synth-wave jams!

Don't trust the British rubber! some GM parts swap over to it as well. Kirby Palm wrote the bible on those cars. My father has a 1990 XJS v-12 'vert and has gone through a lot of the heat aches. cars have loads of potential but poor execution. cheapest v-12 out there

Great job and amazing video. Saw you guys the Friday before the Gambler on the side of Hwy 97 as I was headed north. I did a huge doubletake and told my buddies about the V-12 (turns out. V-11) Jag I saw with intake tunnels sticking out of the top.

Those long tube plenum runners just killed any useful low-end power.

thanks for the greatest content on youtube and sensible merch pricing, just bought a shirt and some sticks!

Nada como un V 12

Off-road Jaguar v12: exists Buggy: am I a joke to you?

why go from a fuel injected system to a carbi system?

uuuffff men uuuffff

@YeehawTV yes..... Bitchface

So, what's the math behind the fuel just dumping into the box? How is each cylinder equally pulling the same amount of fuel, as any small descrepency could alter that?

Curious, why not make one piece manifold pieces?

The king of Jags already exists Google Rust 2 rome BLACK PEARL

Hear me out: twin carbs with a scoop Or even stick a supercharger through the hood

For people with no fancy cnc machine. You could of cut the flanges of the old manifold and weled ur pipes from it.

Why are these guys a 'plumbing co' if they do car stuff??

That jaguar is amazeing, cant wait make a build of my own to gamble next year. Thanks for the sweet video

So cool! You might like my husband's Jag pickup build. Here is a link to the video of his finished Jag. He also has some build videos on his channel.

i watched this while copying the Qur'an into a discord server. very helpful

Tunnel ram?

You could put if your crazy enough put 6 carbys on it

Which is basically what you guys do Good job

I take it back, this XJS build is cool

Super awesome build, so unique and fun. Also seeing a fellow Cadkey 98 user to draw up those exhaust gaskets brought me back to sitting with my grandfather as a little kid learning CAD. Very cool to see someone else using a software that can no longer be found

Descent work on the intake, but you wasted all that time by not adding any plenums or baffles to control & direct airflow once inside the intake. Your sitting on nothing but heated air, because it's not being directed by the intake. That is a very narrow area for air to circulate into the rear of the intake, basically choking the front & rear intake plenums.

i love how it wears its old head gasket, kinda like a war trophy

I hope you guys don't mind some razzing. 'Koz here it comes. You went from FI to carbeuration?! Are you nuts?! Why not just convert the thing to steam power and be done with it? How do you even get fuel into the cylinders without injection pressure? There can't be any real vacuum. Leave the Dune Buster Barbie ATV on the roof. That's your ride home. And spacers on the rims? Who needs alignment? One last question and I'm done. You gotta tell me, was the very last deLorean in the US gone when you started this project?

How can something so stupid be so cool?!

Y'all should start building and selling these Barbie buggies.

please put rally style fog lights in the front

ill take the leftover jag parts if you dont need them bc i have an 85’ jag v12

Damn Fellas went beast mode! As always... and I just found this channel last night, been binge watching. Say that 3 times fast!

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I love these Jags and I've always wanted to do a stupid crazy offroad build with one! Thank yoU!

Absolutely incredible, you guys work so hard and it shows. Best YouTube channel out there

love the slow MO mig wire stuck to a bare finger shot :)


I like y’all 2 remain me of MaX Payne 3...I luv y’all niggas keep doin your thing

Wow. Nice. Great time to be alive, that we can watch this awesomeness!

the sweet sweet sound of a well balanced v11

`So righteous

Tremendo como laburan estos yankees

Metal Fab, my line of trade

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it an 11 cylinder?

Русский комент:заколхозили бедный Jaguar

Take it to the Hoonigan burnyard


Just wanna give you guys a shout out and I’m blown away at the team work and knowledge put into all your projects you guys are awesome and make really COOL shit... keep up the good work

Yea bro no mare kids car lets do the real deal now

Crazy . I guess the shot of the fender cutout eating through the brand new tire . fixed itself .

It's Awesome my mad brothers

Disabling that cylinder in the way you did (remove exhaust valve, disable intake valve) means your exhaust pressure will be blowing straight past the rings into the crankcase. Shoulda disabled exhaust and removed intake.

Max max

Talk about a high rise intake

Was that you on the gambler !??

Add two more carbs and turbo for more hotrod fun ;)


Should’ve made a custom intake for a supercharger lol

32:40 Americans trying to say Porsche is allways a funny thing xD

You need like triple carburetor 4 barrel setup (one barrel per cylinder) and it would be actually better than stock bosh fuel injection. Seriously k-jetronic was shit. Keep up the good work guys

This like roadkill but, WAY BETTER good content

Amazing.. Great video. You guys rock!

who needs precision and tolerance in a power plant pushing 190 hp

When i looked at the thumpnail MAD MAX

What's da princess jeep for?

This is a very good channel :) respect from Europe :)

@gtaguy23 There was no metal shavings.... They very obviously clogged the holes when they were welding. That cylinder looks like it's been that way for a while already.

WTF is wrong with you guys? Do you have nothing better to do then to make badass shit?

Looks like mad max

I love this

All cause you put big tires on it doesnt make it offroad worthy you need a lift or your gonna destroy your tires first bumb you hit

thank you for NOT filming while you's just instinct to NOT look at the arc

This is like b is for build but without the educational parts and better cinematography

Hebat siak hangpa ni

Morons with too much time, money and resources on their hands.

Needs 3 - 4 barrel carbs

Great feel, innovative engineering, 24.7 fab. keep it up.

Gonna use a 89' Marelli for a swap.

I bet when u run out of gas it sucked loads a crud out of petrol tank n blocked everything up.

You are crazy, i like ;) big up by France

v11 jag

I just love your videos guys like it just make me more motivated to become a mechanic and make my own shit like for real this Chanel is the best

Jesus 160 Hp Dune buggy. Good lord. Lol.

epic video. my new favorite channel

Yeah, Lucas injection systems were not known for reliability. Also, most jags had crazy tall gearing in the axle. My XJ12 would barely spin the tires in wet grass, and first gear ran out to like 60 mph. How is it with those tires?!

You could tow a camel. With that!!

Nice, how was your windscreen after all the grinding and welding btw ?

You know your in a shop when there’s a FIRE and a touch of extinguisher and it’s “ya it’s out” with no fear

...all that work for one easy fix..

Two carbs,,, just sayin

THATS not a V12 its a V11.

31:25 - dangeroud driving this only with tacks. whats going on there?

I'd pay money for that car. looks dope, best rim and tire choice. Awesome!

So this is technically an 11-cylinder?

i told moto mule he wouldn't have any problem getting some attention that gearbox is very cool but not as cool as the golf kart that is the best i have seen

the only thing you guys are missing is if you had rather be welding their he could have just made you guys a lave lol

cool build Mr moto mule has one hell of nice shop the fabricators are coming together great stuff things are looking up great teamwork good luck guys and long may you build

11 cylinders is more than 8 right?

Poor Jag....

Looks like fun. With a proper set of tubular headers and a free flow exhaust these things will sound like Formula 1 cars. This one sounds like an irrigation pump. Two thumbs up!

Lets carbonate an freaking V12 xD best video ever

After the gambler yall should replace the motor in the jag

I had the joy of working on a Jag V12 way back when(it was my grandpas that I inherited), and there are some really funky things with that engine. One that comes to mind, the fuel runs through AC cooled pipes. So the AC has to come on randomly when the engine is running, to prevent hydrolock in the fuel rail. So when the AC inevitably fails, the engine starts having issues.

Awesome! I love getting the entire build in one video too.

Woulda gone with at least two carbs.

Show your subscribers and I'll download it plus subscribe myself

love your show. just use hearing protection more..... from experience.......

volume for music and voice and engine noise are completely off

Max Rockatansky liked this video...

V11 What !!!!! Classic English V12 !! How not to ( Bodge ) build cars , how do you guys find the time to waste your time !!??

Shout out to the Logitech Trackball! Have you tried the new one? It's *perfect*

That doesnt sound like any Jag Ive heard before! Next you gotta transform it into a trar and take it rock crawling! Anyway keep up the good work! Fun stuff!

screw roadkill then. motortrend can keep their stuff on their site if they wanna

so you guys just take power wheels around with you? ok


и что это за говновидео

Driving this car is like inviting accidents, with that engine blocking the view is so unpractical.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post such an enlightening statement. The average YouTuber can only hope to be as great as you someday.

Fucking shill.

Straight out of mad max holy shit.

I need a video about the cabin with the container in the background !

nice "fuck you enviroment" car

This is what people do when they don't understand tpi...

its your fule pick up filter in the gas tank

@haywoodyoudome Thank you for giving me a platform that warrants a response down to your level.

I've owned two of these. My first had a Chevy 350 v8. Second one was v12. I'm always tempted to get another.

Mike its amazing!

/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ bang bang

Very nice, brings some Roadkill vibes back. Does it run only on 11 cylinders now? And is there a possibility to set the whole car higher, so that the wheels have some actual clearance to retract without getting sliced open by the fenders?

FYI: Those little holes on the intake flanges are for the air injection. (You can actually delete the belt driven air pump too). They go right through the heads into the exhaust ports. When CNCing the flanges you should have used the flanges to cover the holes so exhaust doesn't blow out of them. I'm 2 months late on watching this video, so you probably figured it out already though. But if you didn't, just seal up those holes on the intake flanges with some jb weld or something.

Looks like something straight outta Madmax! Great build!

Awesome video .chingon Jaguar cabrones

Justin Timberlake's scuff twin brother living large with the jag

I bet all that damage was you guys. You were grinding, welding and cleaning the intake with nothing keeping dirt out of the engine. It most likely sucked in slag or metal.

@Cherokee93 yes..... Bitchface

Why so meany dislike .how rude men great video cheers hello from new Zealand

Please give me a skin

My dude in the laptop hella mad scientist

This is by far one of my favorites channel.

That’s the great thing about having 12 cylinders, you have cylinders to spare lol

This car is legitimately the spirit of the gambler 500.

No shit yall in eugene Oregon that's not far from me and my cousins go to the gamblers all the time my cousin flipped his red Subaru last year now there gonna try some black Kia he had

To all you younguns talking about win Xp and floppies. You would be amazed how many "state of the art" factories still run old software because, guess what, it works. 3 of the 8 computers I deal with at work are still XP. The rest are win 7. Hell, some equipment we have only had 3 years still uses floppies to back up the programs. They have USB ports but absolutely no option to back up or recovery to usb.


Nice Chevy! That your guys pick-up??

If the guys from road kill quit or something these guys could take their spot easy

What degrees and what not do these guys have to do this cuz this seems mad complicated

I like your video

V11 jag

Hey just seen your channel that’s awesome ! That’s my boyfriends old jaguar He traded still have pictures with the same license plate

Yall sure know how to have fun

I want to see the build on that cart ( golf cart ).

The erector set mentality that saturates most nowadays is clearly evident here with this manifold. Fortunately, nearly the entirety of your viewership are completely ignorant to the physics that distinguish a dry manifold from a wet manifold, allowing for your lack of technical proficiency to foster more erector set mentalities which spawn and grow more of your ilk at an exponential rate. Gentlemen, may I suggest: instead of masquerading as Charlatans of Technical Wizardry, try to take some responsibility in guiding your malformed Millennial Base towards something other than technically obtuse eye-candy fodder. Unimpressive and Failure.

I love how different people come up with different solutions to different problems. When I needed to build a custom air intake for my project car, I started with off the shelf velocity stacks then just connected everything with wet layup carbon fiber.

I’d love an underglow on that

Oh great, now we need to see a Jeep XJ vs Jaguar XJ offroad. Lol.

U should start selling them intakes.....

Xjs v-11

18:40 the car sounds like its crying

U guys live in Oregon. That's were I live. Would love to go for a ride. Got four wheelers. Next time u go for ride in Oregon let me no

@Xx_.Cherokee._xX yes..... Bitchface

I said it in another one of your videos too, but I know you guys can't possibly read all of this. Lol. I am so sorry! I met you guys at Crater Lake, and you told me about converting the Jag to carb and I wasn't NEARLY as impressed as I should have been. This is AMAZING work! You guys are killin it! Keep it up!

@29:52 "How much power that beast putting down? Well. it'll almost rev to redline if you stay in it in neutral hard enough! :) Love it!!!

@YeeYeeTV yes..... Bitchface

Dude just burn a edelbrock manifold to your headers!!

Volumetric efficiencies..

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