Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight major, new turns in the Supreme Court cliffhanger, as protests. Erupted at the Capitol, and we have details, on the new offer late, today from Brett Cavanaugh's accuser, about, testifying, before Congress, next week or, at the office another deadly shooting rampage. A woman, opening fire under co-workers. People. Inside texting, their families goodbye a murder mystery arrest a young tech executive, stabbed while jogging, just a mile from the White House. My. Daughter was, the most beautiful. Special. Vibrant. Young. Girl a stranger, now it's charging her killing her anguish, family, pleading, for answers, Ticketmaster, under, fire as an undercover investigation. Finds, representatives. Working with scalpers, and it means you're paying more for tickets, spammers. Calling, you day and night from phone numbers that look like yours at, a staggering new report robo, calls will soon be half of all calls made tonight. Critics who say there's a fix to help stop them so why isn't it being used and an, incredible, twist of fate. How. Golf Digest helped, free an innocent man after a quarter, century behind, bars for, murder. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt good. Evening there are late developments, in the delicate standoff, of our weather and when Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is accuser will testify, in Washington, the lawyer for Christine Blasi Ford sending word to the Senate Judiciary Committee, today, offering. Ford's testimony, as soon as next week but with key conditions, including. Ensuring, her safety it, comes amid fresh signs that Ford's accusation. Of sexual assault, is weighing, heavily on Cavanaugh's confirmation. A brand, new NBC, news/wall Street Journal poll shows. More people now opposing. His nomination, than supporting, it ranking. Louis for a Supreme Court nominee, in the history, of our poll our. Peter Alexander, has the latest, tonight. That new offer from Brett Kavanaugh is accuser Christine Blasi Ford coming just hours before the Senate imposed deadline for, her answer, her, lawyer sang Ford would be prepared, to testify next week. As long as senators, agree to terms that are fair and which ensure, her safety, noting, she's been receiving death threats as for, Monday the hearing date set by Senate, Republicans Ford's. Lawyer saying it is not possible, and the committee's insistence, that it occur then is arbitrary. In the email sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, obtained, by NBC News, Ford's. Lawyer emphasizes. It's Ford's strong preference, that a full investigation be, completed, before her, testimony, but, notably does not demand an FBI inquiry, into her accusation, of sexual assault from the 1980s, that Kavanagh denies Ford's. New move comes after Republicans, had questioned, her refusal to accept their, invitation to, testify in, public, or in private I really, hope that, she, doesn't pass up that opportunity, meanwhile. Kavanagh, spotted, this afternoon leaving the White House where he's been a regular visitor all week a source, involved, in the confirmation, process telling, NBC news on Tuesday Kavanaugh, spent about two hours behind, closed doors with a small group of senior staff preparing. For a hearing grilling. Him about his past his dating, life and Ford's. Accusation. Kavanagh and his family have also received, threats and hateful, emails but. The source tonight says Cavanaugh remains, determined and, hopeful, top, Republican, chuck Grassley, saying Cavanaugh has already, been interviewed under oath by Republican, staffers, Grassley.

Adding We have no reason to doubt his truthfulness. But. Tonight Senate Republicans, are under fire me too protests, outside their offices, accusing. Them of trying to rush Kavanaugh, through. Tonight. Chuck Grassley's office says they are happy that dr. Ford's, attorneys, are now engaging, with the committee and light, tonight Cavanaugh, sent a letter to Grassley. Saying, that he will be there on Monday and wants a hearing as soon as possible, to, clear his name Lester. All right Peter thank you and as you know it seems nothing in Washington, happens in a vacuum and so the midterm elections, are a factor, in all this Senate. Republicans, navigating, across some rocky ground, now and we're learning new details tonight, about a possible, strategy, they may use to question, dr. Ford, let's go to Casey hunt on Capitol, Hill for more on this Casey, that's. Right Lester and it's a strategy that hasn't been used in. Decades someone who is not a senator leading. The questioning, Republicans, are now searching for an outside, lawyer preferably. A woman, to, lead the questioning, of judge Kavanaugh and doctor Blasi Ford this, of course because all of the Republicans, on the committee are men and those, protests, today really underscored, just how treacherous this terrain, is for. Republicans, telling emotional, me true stories, and it's, so clear that dr. Ford's, allegations. Have really, struck a chord with women, across America, Western. All right Casey hunt on the hill Forrest and I thanks and now to that horrific shooting rampage, at a Rite Aid distribution. Center police, say a woman opened fire on her coworkers tonight. Four people, are dead including the shooter at NBC's. Katie back has late details from Aberdeen, Maryland a. Morning. Shift at a working warehouse. Shattered. By gunfire. Just, after 9:00 a.m. calls, for help victims. Down a. Frantic. Text from a worker inside. Alexi. Charmin described the message she got from her mother take, care of daddy and the pets if something, should happen her mother Christine, got out of the building safely but, not all were so lucky three. People were killed three. Others wounded the. Suspects identified by authorities as, 26. Year-old snowshoe, Mosely of Baltimore, was, a temporary worker, at the Rite Aid distribution. Center authorities. On scene in five minutes, say Mosely turned the gun on herself before. They reached her and she, later died at the hospital the, suspect, shot herself at the head it was a single weapon a 9-millimeter. Glock. 9-millimeter. Glock which. Was registered. And owned by the suspect, Mosely, is the second, suspected, female mass, shooter this year after. One injured, three at YouTube, headquarters, in April they shouldn't have to go to work and fear for their life I can't believe it, happened again. Authorities. Have not yet determined, a motive in, this case or if the shooter was specifically. Targeting, her victims leaving. Many on answered questions, for grieving families, tonight Lester. All right Katie back thank you let's turn out of the murder mystery that's shaken the nation's capital, a young tech executive, stabbed while, jogging through out of DC safest. Neighborhoods, staggering. Into a restaurant, begging, for help as she died an apparent, strangers, now under arrest her anguish family, and friends pleading for answers we, get more on the story from NBC's, Garrett Haake. Heartbreak. Tonight in the nation's capital Oh God, everything, she was the best one of us the. First time since her murder distraught, friends and family of 35, year old tech executive, Wendy Martinez, talked, publicly about the young woman's life and tragic, death she, was on top of the world. She. Was marrying the love of her life she was doing well at work we, were. Newly. Engaged Martinez. Was stabbed to death Tuesday night while jogging just a mile from the White House her fiance, Daniel devastated. The tragedy. But. But. That's Wendy she's just. Amazing but, when there was no sunshine, she just. And. Now, her alleged attacker a man she did not know is in custody, 23, year old Anthony Crawford, captured, overnight and charged, with second degree murder my. Daughter was. A, fighter. My. Daughter was the most beautiful. Special. Vibrant. Young. Girl Martina's, death shocked, Washington, DC this, is an outraged, community. This is a woman, who should be going to work today surveillance. Video after the attack in one of the area's safest, neighborhoods, shows her staggering, into this restaurant, where customers, tried to help her we don't have anything to suggest, that there was any type of confrontation between. The two it. Looks like it was an unprovoked attack her, alleged attacker seen, fleeing holding, a knife the, arrest calming, an anxious City and providing, some comfort, to those who loved Wendy Garrett.

Haake NBC, News Washington. There, was a serious, breach of security at, Florida, as Orlando Melbourne, Airport today, a student, pilot is now charged with trying to steal an American. Airlines jet after allegedly hopping, a fence and sneaking, onto the aircraft. Before he was eventually subdued, would, get the latest on this from our Kerry Sanders. The. American, Airlines Airbus 321. Was in a hangar, two maintenance workers installing improved, Wi-Fi when. Without warning 22. Year old Michel sang cot allegedly. Burst into the cockpit, one technician says he confronted, sang cot and when he didn't have the proper ID he, ordered, him off the plane but, then they say the suspect, who was not armed took off running, the technicians, jumped into a golf cart cutting, son cut off within, two minutes police, arrived, arresting. Him there is no evidence, to, indicate a connection to terrorism he is actually being charged with trespass. On airport property burglary. And attempted theft, of an aircraft, police, say son caught here on a visa originally, from Trinidad and Tobago jumped. An unmanned, gate to get to the plane unlike. The breach in Seattle, in August where an airline, ground employee, got into a cockpit and took, a plane for a joyride before, crashing, it in this, case FAA, records show songket, has a commercial, pilot's license, but if some cop planned to take off it, would have never gone anywhere at, the time the plane was in the hangar the nose facing, the wall and the Airbus, 321, has, no reverse, Kerry. Sanders NBC, News Miami, now. To the disaster, still unfolding, in the Carolinas, where rivers are still rising, nearly a week after Hurricane Florence. Made landfall in areas, where flooding has finally receded many residents, are returning to ruins, and scenes like this one a boat, picked up by Florence's, floodwaters, and ended, up in the yard of one North Carolina, resident, if you, have been to a concert, or game recently there's a good chance you've dealt with Ticketmaster. Or a scalper. Who jacked up the price a practice, the company, has criticized, but. An investigation. By our Canadian, broadcast, partners, CBC, has found. Ticketmaster. Is working, with scalpers, and you're paying more because, of it NBC's. Tom Costello explains. Big, concerts, and sporting events are big money and Ticketmaster, owns 80%. Of the market to, prevent scalpers from, buying up all the tickets only to charge more for the ticket you want Ticketmaster. Says it limits the number of tickets anyone, can buy but, an undercover investigation, by the CBC, and the Toronto Star found Ticketmaster. Representatives. At a Las Vegas convention. Actually helping. Scalpers, with hundreds of fake accounts making. Those huge purchases, I want to know the straight goods on whether. Ticketmaster. Is going to be policing us using our multiple accounts. To. Account, Ticketmaster. Runs another business, called trade desk for reselling, tickets but, the CBC, reports trade, desk actually helped scalpers, using fake accounts, buy, tickets in bulk then, resell, those tickets driving, up prices by 30% or, more it's. Not illegal, but Ticketmaster, takes a cut on both the sale and resale, they're providing, them the tools to, resell, vast quantities, millions. Of dollars worth of tickets in 2009. The then CEO of Ticketmaster appeared, before Congress I believe that scalping, should. Be illegal today, Ticketmaster. Said it prohibits, resellers, from creating, fake accounts, and it's, begun an eternal, review of reseller accounts, and employee practices, the, knock-on, effect, is the, the poorest, paid hardest-working. Music. And sports fans in North, America, are simply. Priced out of the market a, government, report already, found Ticketmaster, and parent company Live Nation, using. Their monopoly, position to drive up prices now. The Justice. Department, is investigating Tom. Costello NBC, News Washington now, to an incredible, story of murder conviction. Exoneration. And one man's long journey to freedom Valentino. Dixon has walked out of prison after serving, 27, years, for a murder he didn't commit NBC's. Miguel Almaguer. Explains. For. Valentino, Dixon a new beginning. Surrounded. By families, for the first time in nearly 30 years today. Is his first full day of, freedom. Dixon's. Story of redemption begins, after his 1991. Conviction. For a murder he always denied, committing, Buffalo. Police say, he gunned down toreano, Jackson. Despite, someone else's confession, Dixon.

Was Sentenced, to 39 years to life sometimes. I get angry and bitter some days I've been a lot of pain looking, up at the bars housed. In Attica, with some of the most violent inmates in the country, a prison, employee a sticks, into sketch Augusta, National, from, his 6 by 8 cement, cell the, former art student, with a checkered. Drew, vivid, fairways, he's never been to the. Artwork takes. Me to another place, the, golf channels Jimmy Roberts profile, Dixon's, art and the holes in the case interviewing. Lamar Scott who confessed, to the killing, Valentino. Dixon was convicted, of murdering Mariano. Jackson, yes did he commit that crime no he didn't who, did I did, years. Later lawyers. Who lobbied for Dixon's, exoneration. One, I always, felt this day would come but I didn't know when for the man who spent more than half his life behind bars this. Was the moment marking. The start of a new one. Gal, Almaguer, NBC. News still. Had tonight sick of robo, calls we're gonna say about the new technology, that could finally put an end to scams that cost Americans, billions a year also. Thinking about checking a bag on your next flight we'll get ready to pay even more here, why just, again. We. Are back now with a battle against an epidemic, spammers, calling, your home and cell phone non-stop from, phone numbers that may look like yours, or someone's you might know and soon, a report finds half of all calls made will, be robo, calls and some critics say there is a fix, available, to stop them so why isn't it being used here's NBC's Kevin, Tibbles a. Virtual. Explosion. In annoying robo, calls, estimated. By next year half the cell phone calls you receive, will, come from scammers do, you trust your phone not, at all I don't, ever answer it telephone, industry, programmer, Alec Finnish shell shows, us how easy it is with the right software for. Robo callers to swoop in you can call anyone, in the world pretending, to be anyone else in the world Jim, Dalton of Trans Nexus, says the industry has found a solution stir. Shaken, it's called there'll be some work but it's not a major, change, of the, telephone network phone. Companies, can use stir shaken, to authenticate, the number for every call with, a digital, fingerprint, calls. Without that special ID may, be flagged or even blocked problem. Is stir shaken, appears to be on hold the. FCC, tells NBC News we, believe that this industry-led. Effort is the fastest, way and hope some companies, will implement, it within the year today, an industry, spokesperson. Tells NBC News users. Should see improvements. By late next year but, consumer, advocate, Maureen Mahoney wants to know who, will pay for it, we want the FCC, to ensure. That it's, free for consumers, with. Consumers, scammed, out of more than nine billion, dollars, last year alone returning. Trust to the phone network is critical. Kevin. Tibbles NBC, News Atlanta. Coming. Up we'll tell you about the state launching, a major new salvo, in the war on plastic, straws and, the, airlines giving you a new reason to try and fit it all into a carry-on, bag. California. Has joined the war on plastic, straws it's the first state to bar restaurants, from automatically. Giving them to customers, now you're gonna have to ask for them but, the state is not banning, them all together like some cities restaurants. That don't comply face, up to 300 dollars in fines now. To the price you pay to fly, there's, word tonight that more airlines are boosting, those baggage, fees and it's about to cost you more unless you're traveling, light NBC's. Kristen Dahlgren, has, details. Tonight. The price of checked bags taking, off, American, Airlines the latest carrier, to announce a price hike following. Delta, JetBlue, and United all bumping. Up luggage fees in the past 30 days your. First check bag will now be 30 dollars up from 25, while, the second, will set you back another, 40, Southwest. Now the only major domestic, airline not, charging, to check even, though they're making billions that's, not enough for them they want to keep making billions baggage.

Fees Are already, big business, for domestic, airlines 2.4. Billion in the first half of 2018. Up 7. Percent from last year, some, in Congress pushing, for regulation, Senator Ed Markey tweeting, airlines. Have gone from nickel-and-diming, passengers. To absolutely. Gouging, them these, travelers, agree. People are getting squeezed all over the place it makes me angry I don't want to pay actually many. Complaining, the skies are no longer friendly, or free. Kristen. Dahlgren NBC, News New York, when, we come back the untold, story of a chopper, pilot who, went above and beyond to save lives in Puerto Rico. Finally. Tonight the untold, story of one of the heroes from Hurricane, Maria as we mark the first anniversary of. That storm hitting Puerto Rico where it killed nearly 3,000. People it's, part of our new nightly, films documentary. Powerless. Here's Gabe Gutierrez with, tonight's above, and beyond. I'm. A true Puerto Rican you. Know I carried, my eye on him in my heart a. Year. Ago as hurricane, Maria closed in Carlos, Benitez, says he was the last helicopter in the sky on, a frantic, mission, were. You evacuating, some people before my cellphone never. Stopped ringing you know at that point did you think this was life or death it. Was life of this the, monster, storm left the island underwater, and without power. But, risking, his own safety Carlos. Got back in the air there. Was no air traffic control noise traffic control um it was coming, morn and I can, tell you mornin beep dear Cora lying around same time do, you feel like you were all alone out here I feel, like we were in another world he. Rushed food supplies, and medicine, to remote areas evacuating. Sick patients, now, he's returning with us to that same area for, the first time and, how does it feel to know that some of these people saw those people right there some of the people over there might have survived because of you well, I. Just. Feel blessed in. The distance Carlos, sees two men still, grateful for the generator, he brought them oh yay, one. Year later the, power of Maria is still, overwhelming. Give. Me some goodness I. Feel. Blessed the opportunity. To give everything that I had in my heart I think, via, Camry I made everybody stronger, here, I can marry I change our life Gabe. Gutierrez NBC. News at juntos Porto Rico there, is more about Carlos, and Puerto Rico as, residents, struggle to recover in our documentary, powerless. It's in the NBC News app on Roku Amazon. Fire and Apple TV that's. Nightly, news for this Thursday I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank, you for watching and good, night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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This is ridiculous, how can she claim a 30 year episode, they were both young, at a party, probably drinking, where is her responsibility. Why didnt she report right away. That was her responsibility. Im sick of these women coming out years later, ruining a person a nd their family. In 30 years, with the mistakes people make, they can redeem themselves for the better. Im sure mr. Kavanaugh has an impeccable record, Are you happy miss ford, think you are a hero for women, I was assulted years ago, I reported right away, it was difficult but I did it. It should be done when report is fresh, and evidence fresh. Its not fair to come forward 30 years later, even if he did do this. Its too late, Kavanaugh deserves benefit of the doubt after all this time. In fact they should have a benefit of the law for cases that take years to report, otherwise some crackpot can make claims against a totally innocent person, especially the famous, unless there is 100% proof of evidence and witnesses.

In this country, women can tell lie anywhere and nothing will happen to them!! ****The American born white man gave women the power they have, and now they are using it against the men that gave it to them!!****

Oh look a black man kills a white woman jogging and barely anyone cares. A white man kills a black woman on a train and everyone screams racism.

should be a public hanging to the shitbag that killed that DC girl


What a dissapointment Senator Collins is while she sides with bully tactics by her colleagues. Ms. Ford has other options than bowing to her abusers' so called demands desguised as an invitation. Shame on you Collins.

The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him." Same poll that elected President Hilarious??? 50 people demonstrating is news worthy???

The shooter was a 26 yo dude who wanted to be a chick, but a dude is a dude. Are tranny dudes more inclined to be shooters than straight dudes.

Lawful and responsible gun ownership is the only balance we have between good and evil when it comes to life and death. Take guns from the lawful responsible gun owners and those who seek to cause harm will have a green light to inflict harm knowing law abiding people will not arm themselves. Never give up freedom for a false sense of security, especially in this country where Justice is nothing but a fairly tale.

Why are people terrified when someone opens fire on people but not when cops open fire on people which is just as deadly? People assuming just because a cop does it, then it must be okay. This is part of the mental health problem in this country which is leading to rampant misconduct among those who hold public trust. People fear for their lives period in this country. When a cop pulls people over many wonder if the cop is having a bad day, and if they will leave the traffic stop alive. When other people have a bad day at work and shoot people they get held accountable. Interesting though; all these recent workplace shootings have ended in the perpetrator committing "suicide." The reporting on all of this is working on getting people enraged enough to ask for more gun control. Anyone who is intelligent and has done their research knows that this is the kind of tactic has been used by governments in other countries before going for their guns. Lawful and responsible gun ownership is the only balance we have between good and evil when it comes to life and death situations. Take guns from the lawful responsible gun owners and those who seek to cause harm will have a green light to inflict harm knowing law abiding people will not arm themselves. Never give up freedom for a false sense of security, especially in this country where Justice is nothing but a fairly tale.

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RITE AID made employees RETURN TO WORK following the shooting! call 1-800-rite-aid

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Canadian news reporters uncovered Ticketmasters' corrupt practices while American reporters (those still not laid off) ignored the story. Just like the story last week in Veterans Today about Trump and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein currently being sued in federal District Court for sexual exploitation of a 13 year old girl.

Your polls are fake just like your so called news.

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FINALLY, The voice of someone else who does not understand how Republicans can say they hold the life of the unborn to be so sacred....yet their inaction on gun control shows how little thought and/or concern they have for the rights of the living. There is something wrong in this country when citizens (at least the ones that are not armed) no longer feel safe ANYWHERE. What about that part of the Constitution that guarantees citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

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