Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 12, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 12, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Was it a deadly trap NBC, News has learned that Turks have recordings, they say prove a missing, Washington, Post journalist, was killed inside. The Saudi consulate. How will the Trump administration response. To a longtime, key ally, at the US and, of the president's, businesses, a race, against time to find people trapped as the death toll rises again. From Hurricane Michael at at Ground Zero of the storm 95, percent of the city is gone NBC. News has learned health officials, in 25, states are investigating. Possible cases that, mysterious, illness leaving. Children paralyzed. If. This can happen to our family it. Can happen to anyone, tonight. The warning, for all parents from a mom who lost, her son the, Republican, nominee for governor raising. Eyebrows, with this message to his opponent, you. Better put a catcher's, mask on your face, because I'm gonna stop all over your face with delft spikes. I'll. Take you to the front lines where more drugs floss into the country than anywhere, else by, land by sea and, by air power by opening, inside, look and, the amazing, surprise on camera, bringing so many people, to tears. This is NBC Nightly, News with, Lester, Holt across. America, live, from San Diego. From. The air a view, of some of the mighty warships, of the US Pacific Fleet in their homeport San Diego California, docked. In the shadow of downtown our, final. Stop on our journey across America, good. Evening everyone and welcome to our viewers in the West were on the deck of one of the newest members of the fleet the USS Portland. We're going to tell you more about the Navy and the Marines huge role in the life of this community shortly. But, we began with late new developments, in the missing Washington, Post journalist, whose disappearance, has ignited, an international. Crisis, NBC. News has learned the Turks have recordings, they say prove Jamal, khashoggi was, killed inside, the Saudi consulate and there, are growing questions over how the Trump administration will, respond Richard. Engel is in Turkey, for us tonight Richard what's the latest good. Evening Lester late tonight President Trump is demanding, answers and said he'll call the king of Saudi Arabia as evidence, is growing that this consulate, was the scene of a gruesome murder. Turkish. Officials say when journalist Jamel khashoggi walked, into the Saudi consulate here. He was walking right into a deadly, trap us. And Turkish officials tell NBC News, the, Turks have recordings. Proving. Khashoggi, was killed inside, according. To the Washington, Post also. Citing, US and Turkish officials, on the, recordings, you can hear, Khashoggi, was detained, when he entered killed, and dismembered, one, official saying you can hear how he was interrogated. Tortured, and, murdered, and now, a pro-government, Turkish, newspaper says khashoggi, secretly, recorded, the events on his, Apple, watch Saudi. Officials, insist they know nothing about khashoggi, x' disappearance. But, turkish authorities remain, unconvinced. To say the least they, also find it highly, suspect that, the security, cameras here at the consulate weren't. Recording, at the time khashoggi. A columnist, for The Washington Post, had criticized, Saudi, Arabia's, de facto, ruler the Saudi Crown Prince, strikes. Me at a minimum, if the Saudis are behind this as. Terribly, miscalculated. Move both.

Diplomatically And. Politically, but. As well operationally. Tonight, Saudi Arabia says it will cooperate with, Turkey, on an investigation. Richard. Engel NBC News. Istanbul. This, is Andrea Mitchell in Washington, the question, tonight can the president's, relationship with Saudi Arabia survive. Repercussions. If Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, from, the start president, Trump singled, out Saudi Arabia, for special treatment going. There on his first foreign trip and son-in-law. Jared, Kushner betting, that the young Saudi Crown Prince, would deliver Middle East peace and pay, the u.s. billions for weapons if we don't sell it to him they'll say well thank you very much we'll buy it from Russia the Trump Saudi business, connection, goes back decades in, 1991. When Donald Trump owed 900, million dollars on failing casinos, a Saudi, prince bought, his 20 million-dollar yacht and later, a stake in his Plaza Hotel, Saudi, Arabian, I get along great with all of them they, buy apartments for me they spend 40 million 50 million and since, he's president, the Saudis are spending lavishly at, Trump properties, but, now outrage, over khashoggi has led British billionaire Richard, Branson, to suspend, his projects, with Saudi Arabia and, others, to boycott the crown prince's investment, conference this month Congress, is demanding, action still so far the president is standing by his close ally Lester. All. Right Andrea Mitchell thanks, tonight an American, pastor, is free and on his journey back to the US after two. Years being held under house arrest in, Turkey, Andrew, Brunson, evangelical. Pastor, from North Carolina, was, convicted, by a Turkish, court on terror charges that, the US says are a sham turkey, had been under intense pressure from the Trump administration to, release him and President, Trump said tonight he'll welcome the pastor to, the Oval Office tomorrow, now. To the state of desperation of, the Florida Panhandle what, the governor described, today as unimaginable. Destruction and, at Ground Zero of the storm we're seeing the full scope of a city now. 95%, gone imagine, that the death toll it's risen again and officials, say it's, expected, to keep rising as they, searched through the rubble NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez is. There. Tonight, the destruction, here is hard to fathom Mexico, Beach decimated.

After Taking a direct hit from hurricane Michael, you just can't believe it's true it's like a nightmare, it's like we wish we, could just look, and all I know is I'm glad we left. Every. Hour critical. With urgent search and rescue missions underway emergency. Teams from across the country going door-to-door scrambling. To find survivors it was horrible, we, finally got into the middle of the house, and. Just prayed, it. Would be over, Troy, Gardner and his wife rode out the storm here his home is in tatters, and so is he we're, a little broken but. We're going to survive along. The beach once a popular tourist destination concrete. Slabs and cinder blocks where homes used to be this is a whole time that's just got white folks facing the earth Florida's. Governor rick scott toured, the devastation. Is, this the worst hurricane, since Andrew in Florida it hasn't this is the worst since I've been down there by a long shot Michael. Is the fourth strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the US and these thirteen people have died including an 11 year old Sarah Rodney, who was struck by debris inside, her grandparents, home after. Sweeping past Georgia, and the Carolinas, the remnants, of Michael flooded parts of Virginia today the powerful storm leaving, a million, and a half people without, power at, Tyndall Air Force Base, catastrophic. Damage aircraft, hangar shredded, a fighter jet on display flipped, in Panama, City this Black Hawk airlift, at desperate residents, to safety, did. You think you survived no, back. In Mexico Beach these walls collapsed, around Charles, Smith as the storm roared through the motel he owns the high-water mark was probably. Right. Around here this, is, all the crashing, waves left, behind, it's, Mother. Nature's the strongest thing I know the. Fire chief here estimates, that 95, percent of, this town is now uninhabitable. Tonight, there is no food no power and no phone lines here but this community is determined to rebuild, Lester. All. Right Gabe Gutierrez thank, you now the medical mystery that has doctors, scrambling, a rare illness that causes partial, paralysis in, children, our NBC, News team called health to carbons nationwide, today and found more than 80 suspected. Cases under investigation. In 25. States so far and tragic. News one of the young patients, we have covered in the past has died, here's NBC, News medical correspondent dr. John, Torres. Tonight. Doctors. And parents on alert as more, children across the country are developing, a mysterious, paralysis, called, acute flaccid myelitis. It might always stay like this she might never regain. Full recovery, of her arms, NBC. News reached out to health departments, across the country and learned, that so far this year there are at least 84. Cases being investigated in, 25, states we've, been following children, with this condition since, 2014, the majority, continue, to have some, element of disability, or weakness, even four years out from onset, if this can happen to our family it, can happen to anyone we met three year old Carter Roberts two years ago just weeks after he was diagnosed, he strikes me as a tough kid but like half, of the children with AF M Carter, never recovered, and three.

Weeks Ago he, passed away his, mother now warning all parents to be aware of the symptoms be, vigilant. And looking out for you no arms or legs not working that floppy, had, those respiratory. Symptoms, that don't seem you. Know consistent. With other basic, illnesses, tonight, an urgent, search for answers to why this rare disease is. Spreading, dr.. John Torres NBC. News an. Alarming, story we will continue, to follow, Pope Francis accepted. The resignation, today of Cardinal Donald Wuerl the, Archbishop, of Washington DC. A bombshell, grand, jury report accused, worrell of covering, up child sex abuse by. Predator, priests back, when he was the Bishop of Pittsburgh, but the Pope also sparked, outrage among, victim advocacy, groups to with, a letter phrasing, world's quote nobility. Now. To the latest moment, in American, politics, it has a lot of people asking what ever happened, to civility, it takes a lot these days to say something that stuns anymore, but, just 25, days until the midterms, a GOP, candidate, for governor did, just that here's, NBC's Kristen. Welker. Pennsylvania's. Republican, gubernatorial candidate. Scott Wagner endorsed. By the president, he's tough he's smart, Scott. Wagner's. Threatening, physical violence, in a facebook, video against, the Democratic, incumbent Governor, Tom Wolf's you, better put a catcher's, mask on your face because, I'm gonna stop all over your face with golf, spikes because, I'm gonna win this for the state of Pennsylvania governor. Wolf's campaign, called Wagner unhinged. And unfit, for office Wagner's. Campaign, said his comments were not to be taken literally, still, angry, rhetoric and a lack of civility seems. To be increasing. In political, campaigns across the country, former, Obama Attorney, General Eric Holder this, week Jowan, says, you know when they go low. They. Go low we. Told. Her later clarifying, he was speaking metaphorically, mr., Trump has long engaged, to his own tough talk like, to punch him in the face I'll tell you in, Pennsylvania. Wagner, the latest, politician. Under fire for, fighting, words Kristen. Welker NBC, News Washington. Now. One of the things that brings us here today on our trip across America more. Heroin, cocaine, and meth come through the San Diego border than anywhere, else in the US and while, the fencing, here has become more fortified, smugglers. Are stopping at nothing to get around it they gave us an inside look at their fight on the ground and, from, the air. Flying. Above the us-mexico. Border we, have a clear, view of where the wall ends. And the battle to stop drug smuggling, begins, once. You leave land where you have a wall. Everything changes, the. Whole game changes, really I mean because there's, just a vastness, out there more, heroin, cocaine. And meth cross, through San Diego's border than anywhere, else in the u.s. it's, a fight on land underground. And on, the Seas. Today. This border protection team, is on the hunt for sailboats, yachts and fungus, small, fishing, boats from Central America carrying.

Migrants, And narcotics, so I see a lot of boats down there how do you how do you tell the difference between good guys and bad guys the, bad guys in a sense want everything, to look local, it, could be that or it could be a fishing boat in, 2018. Alone Border, Protection's, air and Marine Division has stopped 54. Vessels, here already. Almost double, last year's says. Executive, director Dennis McCauley knee the, further out we can detect that vessel, coming from coming, to South I can identify it as a vessel that's not local, the operation, starts as far away as South America where. The Coast Guard has already, seized, 265. Thousand, pounds, of cocaine, bound, for the Pacific US this year we, want to stop them before they reach any sort of landmass because once it does reach land all those loads get real now many. Of those loads end up hidden among the 70,000. Vehicles legally. Driving, through the San Ysidro Port of Entry the, world's busiest land crossing. That's, a lot of cars, they're. Trying to blend into. Chief. Patrol, agent Rodney Scott says, 46, miles of border fencing, has slowed down illegal. Crossings, by drug smugglers but hasn't stopped them they can't just drive four or five trucks across the border at will like they used to in the 1990s, now they're happening to spend a significant, amount of money come up with more creative ways, invest. A lot more time and money to try to get their commodities, across. One. Of those ways when they can't go over, the wall is going, under, digging. Tunnels that connect, with the sewers here we, had one tunnel in there they pulled 34, tons of, marijuana out of there you're fighting this at every level choppers, on the sea aircraft. That's. Those absolutely, in, this ongoing battle to stop drugs the frontlines are rarely, defined. Borders. Just. This afternoon the Coast Guard announced that had seized another, load of cocaine, worth 87. Million dollars. Now. To an update on a story we first told you about here last night a Michigan, jury today convicted a man for opening, fire on a los teen, who knocked on his door for asking, for directions the teen ran away and barely escaped, unharmed. The homeowner claimed he thought he was being robbed today, he was found guilty of assault with attempt to do great bodily harm and possession. Of a firearm in, the commission of, a felony and, just, ahead tonight growing, outrage after, a woman calls and I'm one one on a black man babysitting. Two white children. And the aspiring athlete, in the moment he made history as the new face of Nike. Next. Tonight for the first time we're hearing the 911 call, from a white woman telling police something, she thought looked suspicious, a black man in a Georgia parking, lot with two white children turns, out it, was a friend babysitting. Them NBC's, Miguel Almaguer. On the growing outrage I. Am. Being harassed. As, Cory Lewis drove six year-old Nicholas and, ten-year-old Addison, home from a Walmart in Marietta, Georgia, the 911. And, I see this black gentleman with his two little white kid Luis, who was babysitting streaming. The incident, live on social, media. A. Youth, mentor, Lewis was approached by a white woman in the parking, lot who told police something, was off. Okay. Do you know these kids amigos one was nice as Louis and the children, drove away to follow me. I'm. Being followed on her ass that's what's up, police. Responded. Asking, the kids to get out of the car the. Officer, calling their parents how they ended, up on the, side of a road being, spoken, to by police was just, something, that I couldn't wrap my head around I was also worried like if mr., Lewis got arrested what would happen to us tonight, Lewis, says this, is his reality it's, 2018. And this is what I got to deal with but many today are calling, babysitting. While black, Miguel. Almaguer, NBC.

News. We're. Gonna take a short break and then coming up meet the new face of Nike and a big surprise and his tears of, joy. Move. Over LeBron, and Serena and Nike he's got a brand new face he's a long-distance runner, making, history and inspiring people all across the country NBC's. Joe fryer and the moment he got the surprise of a lifetime. Justin. Gallegos, never lets cerebral, palsy stop him from becoming a member of the University, of Oregon's, Track Club we've. Never. Told. No. I can't. Run his, goal now is to run a half marathon in. Less than two hours he even started working with Nike, to find a shoe to help him break that barrier but. After a recent race a surprise. We. Just neck yeah. A. Historic. Run that's, just getting started, Joe, fryer NBC. News, oh, my. Goodness what a what, a moment up next, inside the Pacific fleets mission, here in San Diego to. Defend America, right now NBC. Nightly. News across. America, is brought to you by Allstate. Are you, in good hands. Welcome. Back we have sailed a few hundred yards our way to give you a better look at where we've been broadcasting the, USS, Portland, is, designed, to carry up to 800, Marines along, with their landing, craft and helicopters. To virtually, any corner, of the world, this, fleet projects, power across, the Pacific, and its importance, has never been more critical. San. Diego is a quintessential. Navy, town. One. In every six sailors and a quarter, of all Marines call, this region home contact. The. Military accounting. For one in every five jobs that's. Quite a few captain. Hey Suz Rodriguez, commands, the amphibious, transport dock USS, Portland. One, of 54, ships based here, do you ever get awed by the amount, of power that this. Vessel and others of the US Navy can project as they head up overseas. It's. Almost larger than life and the mission is growing, the Navy plans to add a dozen, more ships here over the next seven, years as focus. Intensifies. On the region to counter rivals, like North Korea and. China, which, is rapidly, expanding its military, capabilities, and presence, in the disputed, South China Sea. We're, in an era of great power competition, Rear, Admiral Alvin Halsey, commands, Carrier Strike Group 1 aboard, the USS, Carl Vinson, one, of two aircraft carriers based, in San Diego. NBC. News was aboard the Vinson, this week as 5,000. Sailors pilots. And crew trained. Somewhere, in the Pacific we, are one of the nation's most lethal, military forces, the, aircraft carrier, shows up you are in the world and a place of potential, conflict, region. Or actors it can help shape their behavior and, this. Is where it all begins for the elite Navy SEALs, you, learn how to be comfortable, with being uncomfortable. Senior, chief AJ, James recalls, the intensity, of SEAL training it's, it's all about you working with your teammates and being able to accomplish a task it's great to be here in this town be able to do what we do they, call it America's, Finest City a nickname, that's subject to debate but, a reputation. In no small part due to the quality of its men and women in uniform and, some, of those folks right here we want to thank captain Rodriguez, the crew of the Portland for letting us come on board see what they do every, day to protect our, country it's a great finish through our across America, journey we've met a lot of great people doing, a lot of great things in their community and inspiring, all of us that's nightly, news for this Friday I'm Lester Holt from San Diego good, night everyone. Hey. NBC, News viewers thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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