Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 10, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 10, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight a monster. Hurricane, going off like a bomb on the Florida, coast it, was a powerful storm ever to hit the Panhandle, winds, of 155. Miles, an hour. The. Damage is catastrophic the. Storms blowing away neighborhoods, like a buzzsaw home, smashed, to pieces cities, under water our, team is taking you inside the ferocity of a disaster, like we have rarely seen I, will. Tell you in all my years of covering. Hurricanes. This. Is the first time that I felt necessary to actually retreat. From the room and in the end of the hallway. The. Night states of emergency, as the danger sweeps across the southeast, also. Tonight homicide. Charges after that horrific limo, crash killed, 20, a shocking. Arrest the feds moving, in to stop an alleged plot to set up a bomb on election day in Washington. 800. Points what, experts say is behind the hint to your 401k, new. Cases have been mystery, illness, striking, children, leaving them suddenly paralyzed. The, outbreak, spreading to more states and, an iconic American name, of the brink of bankruptcy can, Sears be saved. This, is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt hurricane. Michael, reporting. Live from Panama City Florida. Good. Evening everyone for the Florida Panhandle which, tonight is reeling, from the strongest, storm to hit this area in recorded, history with. Some storms it's the wind that's the biggest fear with others it's the water and with, this monster, it is both hurricane. Michael ravaging the coast with 155. Mile an hour winds, ripping, homes and businesses, to shreds, and storm. Surge living, cities underwater, the, governor saying he is scared to death for people who didn't heed the warnings I can, tell you personally it, was at moments a frightening, experience here. Today the power of this storm like we have rarely seen and tonight, it's showing few signs of losing steam as it barrels its way inland, and will take you through every, moment with all our correspondents. Starting, with NBC's Gabe Gutierrez down. The coast in Apalachicola. Tonight. Hurricane, Michael is on the move, better. Slamming. Into the Florida Panhandle, the most powerful, storm on record to make landfall here in, Mexico, Beach Florida destruction. Home submerged, and in pieces streets, like rivers. Near, by Panama City Beach a house, ripped apart by the hurricane-force, winds, windows shattered, buildings, collapsed. And boats overturn news are going to see unimaginable. Devastation. Michael. Rapidly, intensified, overnight into a monster, category, 4 hurricane eventually.

Reaching Sustained winds of 155. Miles per hour. The, wind and water so powerful, they trapped a storm chaser, Alabama. And Georgia also, under states of emergency, the ominous I clearly, visible from the space station in. Apalachicola. Florida the, rain began overnight as Michaels, outer bands battered, the Gulf Coast like, dawn the wind and the rain picked, up and the water started to rise forcing. Us to move to higher ground a massive. Storm surge flooded, part of this historic, downtown, Cape we're seeing a raw power of hurricane Michael just within the past hour so, we have seen the winds intensify, significantly. As you can see behind me parts, of this town are completely, underwater, how, would you describe this it's catastrophic I mean. We were looking at some heavier you know some stronger winds which, we didn't get but, still it, was enough to do the damage like you see right here this is, replicated. Across the county and plus some of the roads that, are underwater now we. Don't know what kind of damage we're going to have when, the water receives hundreds. Of thousands, of people in Florida ordered to evacuate we, all knew this time was coming the storm is upon us there. Is nothing, else to be gained by leaving, where you are need. To shelter in place, Beverly. Didn't sense lived here 35, years. And. That. Was scary about the business. She. And so many others along the Gulf Coast now just beginning to assess, Michaels fury Gabe, Gutierrez NBC. News Apalachicola. Florida. This. Is Carrie Sanders, a. Powerful. Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico tonight. Extremely, dangerous. Crashing. Onto the coastline, and in some cases inland. An. Unprecedented. Storm, surge zone more, than 500, miles from Anna Maria Island up and around to Pensacola Beach, it's, 11, o 3:00 in the morning and the distance from the sand dunes to the Gulf of Mexico is about 50, feet already this Beach has been cut in half it's, 12:20, p.m., the full force of the hurricane is yet to hit and already, the distance, between the Gulf of Mexico and the sand dunes has been reduced to next. To nothing the, storm surge is coming. Storm. Surge is driven by wind as I was reporting today during Hurricane Michaels strongest, winds my safety, helmet was ripped off my head off, balance. I was steadied by the Weather Channel's, Jim Cantore. The. Storm surge threat is not over in some places it may exceed, 20, feet and, the power of those crashing, waves could erode 75 percent of the Panhandle sandy, beaches adding. To the problems, the unique geography here, the corner of Florida's Gulf Coast is shaped like a catcher's mitt the area, is subject, to higher storm, surges because. Of this shallow topography. That extends, more than 50, miles off the coast, that, lack of depth means the water has, nowhere to go but inland, in some areas, that storm surge threat is now over, but there could still be problems. Because, an unusually, high tide is expected, late, tonight, Lester. All. Right Kerry Sanders, and knowing that we were no match for this storm my crew and I wrote this one out in our hotel, but even that proved dicey, when the powerful I wall, blew through turning, our view of the storm into a risk simply not worth taking. Within. Minutes conditions. Deteriorated. Right outside my window. The. Power is now out we were outside for a little bit we're. Forced inside hurricane. Michael proving to be everything, it was was, advertised, to be, joining. My colleagues in another room with the balcony we, went live on air, an unobstructed, and, frightening view, of Michael, at its most ferocious. As I, have my hand on this window I can feel it Boeing, 150. Mile per hour winds, howling. Like jet engines. It's, like an airplane taking off if we were sitting at the end of a runway fellow, hotel, guests, hunkering down inside, hallways, as conditions. Worsen, and with safety the utmost priority, we, barricaded, ourselves in, a room we put this mattress in front, of the window. You. Know we want to be on the air but we've got to take care of each other and so, we're gonna do that so know, that we're safe, but. We're gonna have to sign off finally. What's seen to be the worst of the storm passing. Us the visibility, much better now so I think we're as, the radar, indicates we seem to be on the back side of this thing surveying. From our covered overlook we could see damage everywhere. And one, floor above in, my producers, room the, hotel window, shattered. This. Came up very quickly, this, morning I was even questioning, are we sure we're in the right place within. A few hours it, was incredible. Thankfully. My colleague was not in that room when the glass blew out but rather with the rest of us barricaded, behind that.

Mattress, We, want to go now to NBC's, Mariana, Atencio, she's down the coast and port st. Joe where the storm has knocked out, our teams broadcast, communications. Mariana, what can you tell us from there. Well. Almost a Ground Zero here I'm standing about 10 minutes from Mexico, Beach where the storm made landfall and, right now port st. Joe is virtually, in the island there's, no power trees, everywhere, I just, drove through the city and it looks like a massive tornado hit, churches. With the roof ripped off motels. By the water completely blew, out nursing. Home destroyed and, the, human element everywhere. We go a lesser people desperately, asking us to check on loved ones or houses this, community, will take a long time to, heal and pick, up the pieces laughter. We, are joined another line now by Linda Albrecht, she's a Councilwoman, for, Mexico, Beach the community, hit hard when Hurricane Michael came ashore we, saw some of the damage there can you tell us if you've had any casualties, any injuries. This. I do not know I. Can just tell you that much, of the town is underwater of four. Or five blocks away from the Gulf Mexico, houses. Are underwater. But. I do not know anything about the casualties the, police, chief was going around this. Afternoon. Early evening she, stepped on anybody, who, had decided, not, to be me. And, he was just checking it was a UH, rescue. Hopefully. That he would find some people that he could rescue. All. Right Linda. Thank you for talking us appreciate it and best of luck there, as the, storm crashes, its way inland, they're bracing for impact in Florida's capital city and a big college, town Matt, Bradley, has made his way to Tallahassee. For us Matt what's the latest from there. Last. Year this is one of the most powerful storms this city has ever seen and it's, a double threat tonight not just from hurricane-force. Winds but, from the threat of tornadoes and that's gonna last till tomorrow morning but, the real problem here is the, trees they're, the pride and joy, of Tallahassee. They cover about, 50%, of the city and as you can see they're, going down all over the place and this is emblematic, of what's going on here in Florida's capitol just, across the street from this huge downed tree is yet. Another downed. Tree they're, causing, extensive damage and they're turning lights out throughout the city but we haven't even seen the worst of the winds yet here Lester so it's, gonna be a dangerous night ahead. Matt. Bradley thank you and the question now is the storm rages is the federal, response ready, to move in Peter Alexander is at the White House monitoring. Developments from there Peter, what are you hearing hey, Lester good evening the president, was briefed in the Oval Office this afternoon by his Secretary, of Homeland Security and, the head of FEMA President, Trump says the White House has been in constant contact with state and local officials his, Saint plans are in place to send resources, food and water but.

Tonight Rather than monitor the disaster, response from here the, president is in Erie Pennsylvania for. Private fundraiser, followed, by, a campaign, rally asked. If that was appropriate, tonight the, president said he didn't want to disappoint his, supporters, who've been waiting in line he, says he will visit the region the hurricane zone early, next week Lester. All. Right Peter thank you and as the winds died down here, and city it is going to be a dangerous night ahead for millions across the southeast, as the storm continues, north al roker joins us with the latest track, of Michael, al where's it heading well Lester, it's heading into Georgia right now tornado, watches from northern, Georgia all the way down to Gainesville right now it's 50 miles southwest of Albany Georgia one hundred and fifteen mile per hour winds moving, northeast, at 13 miles per hour the track brings it as a category, three storm first, time in they in 120 years they've had a category, three come across Georgia it continues, on into South Carolina and then makes its way out into, the Atlantic around, Norfolk it's the first category for landfall. In the Florida Panhandle it's the strongest October, hurricane, on, record in the United States and the strongest u.s. landfall, since 1992. And Andrew you can see we've got tropical, force winds still through. Tomorrow, making, away all the way up into the Carolinas, we've also got storm surge and anywhere, from five to seven inches of rain moving, from the Gulf all the way into the parts. Of the mid-atlantic States Lester. All. Right now thank you we're all stunned at how quickly this thing blew through here as Michael, blasts the coast we're seeing two disasters collide. Here in Florida, for months the coastline, has been, plagued with a. Red, tide it's been making life miserable for residents, the question that many are asking now is how will Michael's fury impact, this toxic, invasion. Tonight. Michael is hitting Florida, with devastating, force right, in the middle of another slow-motion, crisis, happening. Along this coast one, that's turned into a catastrophe for, captain Karen huger Thomas. Like a science, fiction movie but get in your boat and you go out and you see death. Everywhere. The. Commercial, and charter fisherwoman, now struggling, just to make ends meet during, the week I'm some days only taking, in 48 to 50 dollars on a weekday Florida. Is being battered by red tide a yearly, algae, bloom that feeds on a variety of pollutants, like fertilizer in, wastewater this. Year one of the most powerful, ever killing. Fish and producing. Toxic, air and. Now there are grave concerns, about hurricane, Michael will this monster, storm push. The red tide away or, make it even worse it. Could go either way and we have no way of predicting right now red, tide already, stretches, 145. Miles along Florida's, Gulf Coast line, and is, creeping, to the Atlantic, coast killing. More than 3000 tons of marine life the, normally. Crystal-clear, waters, a murky, Brown beaches. Left empty, in, August. The governor declaring, a state of emergency for, 15, days or so we did essentially, zero. In sales and scientists. Warned algae, blooms will get worse in other parts of the US and across, the world the, warming, of our planet means, the warming, of the oceans, so when you mix that up with, pollution, with, sewage waste with, fertilizer, runoff these, events, could be incredibly, catastrophic. To the environment, tonight, captain Hugh Gert hoping the tides will turn into a wake-up call we, all need to take pause and realize. What's going on here is awful. Experts. Tell us there will be two to three weeks before we know the impact of the storm on the red tide we'll. Turn now to some of the day's other big headlines, today was the worst day on Wall Street since, February, the Dow plunging, more than 800 points of the S&P plummeting. Over three percent as tech, stocks dropped, amid growing trade tensions, with, China a major. Development. Tonight in the case of that deadly limo crash that killed 20, people in upstate New York police today arrested the. Operator, of the limo company charging, him with criminally, negligent homicide. NBC's. Tom Costello has, late details, four. Days after that horrific crash State, Police arrested the man who they say runs the limo company. Twenty-eight-year-old knellman hussein the sole responsibility for. That. Motor vehicle, being on the road on saturday rest. With, Naaman hussein police. Say hussein had received written notices, that driver Scott listen akia did not have the license to drive the limo which, had been ordered off the road following, multiple safety violations, Hussein's.

Attorney Says the state bears responsibility. For, an unsafe, intersection. This road, was. A problem. It was a known, problem, to the state of New York the limo company is owned by Naaman, Hussein's father Shahid, who's in Pakistan, meanwhile. The families, of the 20 people who died are now preparing, for funerals, among, them Michael, Oh Kai's parents, he, was my baby, he. Was my heart. Tom. Costello NBC. News. We're. Getting a look at perhaps the biggest Clues yet at a mystery making headlines around, the world new, images of what's being described as an assassination. Squad allegedly, sent after a Washington. Post columnist, who, vanished, at the Saudi consulate in, Turkey Andrea, Mitchell with details. Tonight. New images, on Turkish television released, by authorities, they're showing. An alleged 15, man Saudi hit team arriving, in Istanbul, on two, private, planes then, leaving their hotels their, suspected, target a Saudi, dissident, Washington. Post writer Jamal khashoggi last, seen entering the Saudi consulate in, Istanbul, the same day some. Turkish, officials, tell NBC News they believe he was killed inside, today, the White House demanding, answers from the Saudi rulers after. An emotional appeal from his fiancee were in. Contact, with her now and we. Want to bring, it to the White House it's, very sad situation it's, a very bad situation and. We. Want to get to the bottom of it Koosh oh geez a leading, critic of Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed, bin Salman. The young leader closely, allied with the president and his son-in-law Jared, Kushner, Kushner. National security adviser John Bolton, and Secretary, of State Mike Pompeo have, all talked to the Crown Prince about khashoggi as pressure, builds for answers with this was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, if it did happen, it would be hell to pay the, Saudi leaders denying, any involvement in, the journalists, disappearance, Andrea. Mitchell NBC, News Washington. Still. Ahead new fears of a mysterious illness causing. Paralysis in, children, may be spreading, all sort of let's plot to bomb Washington. On election day coiled, by the FBI. Plus. The potentially, devastating news, for an iconic American retailer. We'll be right back. Next. Tonight new fears that a mysterious disease, is spreading in the u.s. and causing, partial, paralysis in, children, at at least 16, states with, no known cure, it has doctors, baffled, NBC's. Miguel Almaguer. Has the latest. Tonight. Doctors. In Chicago, say two year old Julia Payne has acute, flaccid myelitis. Or a FM, the, rare polio, like disease, on the rise her. Mother thought she had a cold I took, her to the ER because she turned blue I noticed, you couldn't hold her head up anymore, and she couldn't use her right now doctors. Believe a FM, which can cause partial, paralysis is, linked, to viruses, but say there's no known cure, hand-washing. The best protection. The CDC, confirming, at least, 38, infections. In 16, states now, investigating. Even more including. A new cluster in Illinois, we started to see clusters of it back in 2014, and. It went away relatively. In 2015. And then we saw a resurgence of, cases again in 2016. Tonight doctors, scrambling. To solve a medical mystery, y're son children, falling ill from, such a dangerous, disease, Miguel. Almaguer, NBC, News. Coming. Up the election day bomb plot the FBI says, it oil today.

The. FBI says its foiled an election, date bomb plot targeting, Washington, Paul Rosenfeld. Of New York has been charged with building a bomb with 8 pounds of gunpowder inside. Plywood. The whole thing weighing 200, pounds which he allegedly, planned to use to blow himself up, on the National Mall officials. Think he was acting alone with no link to terror, groups. Iconic. American retailer, Sears is on the brink of filing for bankruptcy this, week according to CNBC, sales. Have tanked, nearly 60 percent over, the last seven years amid. Fierce competition from, online Giants. We, are back in a moment with the next, threat from this storm in just a moment stay with us. Finally. From Panama City where, we'll continue to, monitor this storm all throughout the night the path through Florida, into Georgia and South Carolina where, time is running out to get ready we'll, be back on the air with any major developments, and full coverage from our team tomorrow, morning on today, that. Is NBC, Nightly News for this Wednesday from. Panama, City I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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Being alive is not the same as being OK, after an event like this. I know from experience that it will probably be years before they are "OK." Last year, Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall almost directly atop my house in Rockport, Texas. Rockport is a small, very pretty coastal town 30 miles north of Corpus Christi that is particularly attractive to bird watchers, fishing enthusiasts, retirees, and people fleeing the cold and snow of northern winters. Harvey's destruction here was massive, similar to what you see in this news video, or possibly worse. During storm cleanup, a debris pile was formed that was a mile long, 30 or 40 feet high, and probably 50+ feet wide, and it represented only a portion of the debris. Considering that this is just a small town, the size of the debris pile should tell you how badly Harvey devastated our town. We are still in recovery mode, with many people still homeless or living in homes that are unfit for habitation, and many businesses have shut down forever. Here's a hint for Michael's victims -- If you have insurance, prepare for a long, drawn out battle to get your house or business repaired. Don't expect to get a Fema trailer, (though a few people might somehow get one), don't expect to get as much help as you will need from agencies such as FEMA and the Red Cross (which got lots of donations and said they were giving us all $400 but immediately said their computers were down so some people never got that money or another sum they offered later). Sorry to break this news to you, but unless things have changed, that's the way it will go. Note -- The Red Cross took credit for providing shelters in Austin, but the city paid for the shelter space, most of the food seemed to have been donated, and volunteers did most of the work. But the Red Cross did provide cots and dinky blankets and ran the places. They also gave us soap, shampoo, etc. I know I sound pretty ungrateful, but millions of dollars were donated to help Hurricane Harvey victims and most of it seems to have disappeared. Many of us (including me) are still trying to rebuild and wonder where all that money went. We are now getting help from individuals and church groups, and I am very grateful for that. My house is totally unlivable but is fixable, and now I'm fighting to stop the city from bulldozing it.

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It’s not.

Too bad you did not take the vaccine to counter your stupidity!

What a president lol he is a joke and the devil's son in law.

Bernie is the worst. Socialism is trash nuff said

Yeah, Clayton, get used to it. A president who's too busy campaigning to be bothered with national disasters. Good man. I'm thinking a lot of Floridians, and everybody else affected by these ongoing disasters, are rethinking THEIR votes. Eyes are opening all over this country.

Clayton Callandret Get used to it muthafukers

Marcelluki GSXR - but not better than Berrnie

Still better than Hillary

Stopp taking vaccines and deadly diseases will rise. Thank Trump for more destructive storms and green poisoned waters. Impeach Trump.

On line giants? Everbody knows it's the greedy jew WALMART that puts every small or big store out of business.


Sears and Roebuck Company is not paying in full Because they want to lose the supply. They are not using the tool, So the whole shopping chain must die. Out of business is all the stores, And all lights should be turned off While contractors lock all doors As commanded by Mr. Popoff.

Hurricane Michael is a storm Of a very high category. The harsh event is in an allegory Filmed in an area that is warm.

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