Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 03, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 03, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Storm, a bombshell. President, Trump changes, his story after, Rudy Giuliani revealed, the President, did reimburse, Michael, Cohen for a $130,000. Hush money payment, to an adult film actress after, denying, any knowledge of it now mr. Trump is owning, up but claims no campaign. Laws were broken severe. Weather threat millions, at risk of powerful, storms tonight from Texas, to Massachusetts. Al Roker is tracking, it for us explosive. New allegations, against Charlie Rose the, new report claiming 27. More women have accused him of sexual, harassment, and several. Of his CBS, bosses, were warned, about his behavior, the, major warning, from Twitter if you're one of the social media Giants, over 300. Million users what the company says you should do right away and. Stop. Your engines. It's. So amazing, it's such a cool experience I'm so excited I get the chance to do the, all-female team, competing, in the fun race that's kind of like NASCAR, for clunkers. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester, Holt, good. Evening and thank you for joining us there are questions, tonight over whether President, Trump finds, himself in new legal jeopardy following. Some stunning news dropped by his new lawyer Rudy, Giuliani, over, that payment, to stormy, Daniels Giuliani. Divulging. That the president, reimbursed, Michael, Cohen for that, $130,000. Hush money payout, to, the porn actress over her claims of a sexual, tryst with mr. Trump Giuliani. Seeming, to contradict. The president, while raising red flags over. Whether laws may have been broken our, Kristen, Welker has late details. Tonight. Presidential. Flip-flop, president, Trump pressed about why he's reversed his account about, the 130. Thousand, dollar payment to porn stars stormy, Daniels. This. After, a bombshell the newest member of the president's, legal team Rudy Giuliani announcing. For the first time the president reimbursed. His personal, attorney Michael, Cohen for, that hush money payment, made to Daniel's in the days before the 2016, election. It's not campaign, money no. Campaign. Finance violation, so. They, funneled, it through the law firm, Sunna, law firm and the president repaid it oh. I. Didn't know what he did yeah the, president, initially claimed he knew nothing. But. For the first time today tweeting, he repaid, Cowan through reimbursement.

Daniel, Says the money was to keep her silent about, a decade old alleged sexual encounter, with mr. Trump which the president, denied today calling, the accusations, false and extortionist. Today. Giuliani, insisting, the president only found out what his money was used for several days ago so, was the payment illegal, an independent. Watchdog group, argues mr. Trump broke the law by failing to disclose the loan on his presidential. Financial, disclosures, and while Giuliani, insists, it was all perfectly, legal because the money was used for personal not, political, reasons he may have stepped on his own message with this statement indicating. Politics, may have been at play imagine, if that came out on October 15th, 2016. You. Know last debate with Hillary Quest legal, analysts, warn tonight there was a, knowing. And willful attempt, to evade campaign, finance, disclosure and that could make the, entire scheme of criminal activity. Giuliani. Statement surprised much of the White House and the president's, legal team adding, to the concerns, here NBC, News has learned federal, investigators. Were keeping a log of Michael, Cohen's phone calls and identified, at least one call placed from a Cohen phone line to, a White House line Lester. All right Kristen Welker at the White House thank you that'll, a major reversal, of that firestorm. Over the chaplain, for the House of Representatives. Weeks, after he was ousted by speaker Paul Ryan today, the chaplain rescinded, his resignation and late, today Ryan made an about-face announcing. He'll let the chaplain, stay on NBC. Capitol, Hill correspondent, Casey hunt has the latest, the. Prayer will be offered by our chaplain father Conroy father, Pat Conroy, the Catholic House chaplain, rescinding, his resignation tonight in a scathing two-page, letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan who. Demanded, just weeks ago Conroy, step aside. Father, Conroy writes Ryan's, chief of staff demanded, his resignation in. An April 13th meeting saying. He quote mentioned. Dismissively, something, like maybe, it's time we had a chaplain, that wasn't, a Catholic, father Conroy also, citing this prayer let us pray, on tax reform late last year as, a reason, he was asked to step down their. Efforts, these days guarantee. That, there are not winners, and losers, under new tax laws but. Benefits, balanced.

And Shared by all after. Receiving, the letter speaker, Ryan himself a devout Catholic deciding. To let Conroy, stay in. A statement tonight the speaker again insisting, Conroy's, firing, was about quote pastoral. Services, and had, nothing to do with politics, it. Was about pastoral, services, and, a, number of our members, felt. Like the pastoral, services, were not being adequately, served or, offered, Conroy's. Dismissal, angered Catholics, in both parties, when there's so much turmoil, in the country and everything else is actually firing, the House chaplain, midterm, which, is this outrageous, fuck on which case I've, seen no evidence why, she removed and. It's such an unprecedented, action to me it would only be taking it for very very serious, issues. Ryan's. Chief of staff saying tonight that he strongly, disagrees. With father, Conroy characterization. Of their meeting, speaker, Ryan says he'll meet with the House chaplain, next week to, clear the air Lester. Casey, hunt at the Capitol tonight thank you millions, are at risk of severe weather again tonight, from Texas, up through Massachusetts. Some areas facing tornado, threats, this after the Midwest got hit by a powerful, kind of storms tearing. Across the region with hail high winds and flooding our, al roker is on the plaza in New York tracking, at all al what are you looking at well Lester right now we're starting to see activity you really start to pop as we go to the radar you can see there's an area down through Arkansas but, what we're watching is from Kansas on, into, Oklahoma, and I should say Omaha, and on into Iowa we're starting to see tornado, warnings firing, up this is going to develop through the night tonight the storms down through Texas those kind of peter out but overnight the midwest storm stays strong we're going to be watching these overnight. Into, tomorrow more. Strong storms in the secondary. Developed, from central New York on through central Pennsylvania, threatening Washington, and the Northeast and they heats the big story after, setting records today in New York City also, in Baltimore. In Philadelphia, tomorrow, temperatures anywhere from 13, to almost 20 degrees above average and during, the day tomorrow that, heat extends, through the Northern Plains even, where you are Lester we're looking at temperatures a little above normal 81, seven degrees above, average, so everybody, for the most part feeling some warmth today and tomorrow I think we'll take it all right Al Roker in New York tonight thank you the, military, is now identified all nine Airmen, killed in the cargo, plane that plunge from the sky and crashed, under a Georgia Highway yesterday, all nine, were members of the Puerto Rico National Guard, some, had been working relief, missions, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the, cause is, now under investigation. None, of a scandal, rocking the NFL, a number, of former cheerleaders, accusing, officials, for the Washington, Redskins of treating, them in demeaning, ways during a photo shoot and forcing. Them to escort, male financial. Backers, of the team to a nightclub, NBC's. Tammy light there has the disturbing, details. This. Costa Rica photoshoot should have been paradise. Washington. Redskins, cheerleaders, on this 2013. Trip, tell, NBC News they, felt sexually, exploited. The first shoots of the week are about to begin, the cheerleaders, said they were required, to pose topless, though the photos did not show nudity, some, of the women added, they were told the escort, the team's financial, backers to a nightclub. Miss. Out per team policy. The cheerleaders, weren't paid and the team took their passports, upon arrival, the Redskins team said the organization, is very concerned. By the allegations. Adding, they're immediately, looking. Into the situation, and that they've spoken to current and former cheerleaders. Hearing, very different, first-hand, accounts, that directly, contradict, many of the details, NBC. News spoke with three, former Redskins, cheerleaders, who would not speak on camera for fear of retribution, one. Woman said the, sluttier, we looked the better the chance we would make the team I was benched for a game because, I gained a couple of pounds.

I Was completely, horrified, and of course I believe these girls I know it takes a lot of courage to stand out and say that but I'm honestly, not surprised, that this happened former, NFL Saints, cheerleader, Bailey, Davis is one of two women who's filed a gender discrimination lawsuit. Against, the NFL. There's been many situations. That have left us feeling uncomfortable. But it's, nothing, we complain, about they, tell us so many times that there's a hundred girls that would do your job for free tonight, NFL. Cheerleaders, asking, for respect on and. Off the field, Tami, Laettner NBC. News, there. Are new allegations, tonight against Charlie, Rose and multiple. CBS, executives, after, a report, says they were warned, about roses behavior, the CBS News anchor was fired last fall and his show on PBS was, canceled, after a number of women accused him of harassing, and groping, them the, new allegations, involved, dozens of other women we get more from NBC's, Stephanie Gosk. Today. CBS, this morning anchor, Gayle King once, again found herself responding. To new allegations, against former co-host Charlie. Rose I feel sick to my stomach and I. Don't know what to say about this The Washington Post reporting. That 27. Additional, women have come forward accusing, Rose of sexual, misconduct over, the last 40, years when the story first broke I said Charlie was my friend I still, consider him a friend that said this. Is very troubling very disturbing, and you can't discount what these women are saying the, article says both the current and former executive producers. Of CBS, this morning were, made aware of Rose's, inappropriate. Behavior, in, 2011. Chris Licht who is now the head of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert confirms. To the paper that an employee told, him rose forcibly, kissed her at a holiday, party Licht, says she asked him not to report, it to HR, and that he then spoke with Rose CBS. Saying that Lix response, felt, within the scope of CBS, policy, at the time in 2017. An assistant, to the show's current executive producer, Ryan Kay drew says, she told him she was concerned, about Rose's relationship, with a young staffer, Keijo, told the post that assistant, did speak to him about but says she, did not tell me about inappropriate. Behavior Rose, did not respond to NBC news requests for comment but told the post your, story is unfair, and inaccurate, in, a statement CBS, News said we've worked to strengthen existing, systems, to ensure a safe environment we cannot corroborate. Or confirm many. Of the situations described the, lawyer for three of the women involved in the 2017. Incident, says his clients, will be filing a lawsuit in, the coming days Stephanie. Gosk NBC, News New York, Camille. Cosby the wife of Bill Cosby made, her first public comments, today since the comedian, was convicted, of sexual assault, last week she, lashed out at the media for what she called a frenzied, relentless, demonization, of, Bill Cosby and unquestioning. Acceptance, of accusers, allegations. Without any attendant, proof and she, compared her husband to Emmett Till a black teenager, who, was lynched after being falsely accused by a white woman in the 1950s. There. Is late word tonight from Twitter, which is advising, all of its users 330. Million of them to change their passwords, the, company says it's a precaution, after it recently discovered a bug that stored, passwords, without concealing. Them on an internal log twitter, says it has now removed those passwords, the company says it does not believe, the information left Twitter system, or was, misused. Could. Three Americans, being held prisoner, in North Korea, finally, be coming home as president. Trump prepares, to announce the date and location of, his, historic, summit with Kim jong-un unconfirmed. Reports say those Americans, may have been moved out of labor camps, ahead of a possible release, leading, up to the summit NBC's. Peter Alexander has. The story. President. Trump today delivering, a tantalizing. Hint you'll, see some very good announcements, very, shortly raising. Expectations about the fate of three Americans, being held in North Korea, the, president's, lawyer Rudy Giuliani hours earlier appearing to preview, an imminent development, we got kim. Jung-han impressed. Enough to be releasing three prisoners today encouraging. News for Seoul Kim whose father Tony Kim's been missing in North Korea for a year no, contact, with his family no news about his, health locked, away for unspecified, hostile. Against. Kim Jong Un's regime do you know of any hostile acts your, father was committing I mean, he was there as a professor so I don't know how.

Being. A professor, can. Be hostile to anybody. Kim, was teaching accounting last year at this North Korean tactical, university founded. By Christian donors, he loved the North Korean people yeah I would say he paid less than the earth can be fought but after classes and did Kim was arrested at the airport another, American Kim hak Seong who taught agriculture, at the same University, jailed, one month later the, third prisoner, Kim dong-chul a missionary, held since 2015, a. South. Korean group working with abductees, families, tells NBC News they believe the three have been relocated from labor camps to the North Korean capital for, medical care the, North Koreans should understand, that, they're not going to get much. Understanding. From the American people if they, hold American, citizens, captive, the, White House tonight not confirming, the Americans are being let go but, saying their release would, be a sign of goodwill Peter. Alexander NBC. News Washington. A, fallen. US soldier was returned home today the body of Army Specialist, gabriel, condi of Loveland, Colorado arrived. At Dover Air Force Base in Delaware this, morning a military. Honor guard, conducted, a dignified transfer, of his remains the, 22, year old soldier, was killed by small arms fire in Afghanistan. On Monday. Still. And here tonight the outrage as three African, American students competing, at a NASA science, competition became. A target, of racial slurs also. The mystery tonight over the car found dangling. From, a bridge. We're. Back with a story that is prompting outrage tonight a team of three, african-american, girls from Washington, DC the, target, of racial, attacks as they competed, in a prestigious NASA, science. Competition with. An invention designed to solve a problem at their high school we. Get details from NBC's Ron. Allen. India. Skinner Michaela Sharif Andrea, schnell explaining. Their invention, that makes water contaminated. With lead clean, finalists. In a national NASA science, competition hidden. Figures in the making they say like, the math whizzes in the movie we can calculate. Launch, and landing but without this conversion the capsule stays in orbit it's really exciting, it's, kind of you know surreal still feeling like it's a dream like pinch, me but tonight their hopes and dreams under, attack when the competition moved, online for, the public to vote users. In an anonymous forum, known for racist and misogynistic, comments trying, to sabotage, the only all-black female, team in the competition with comments like liberals. Of voting for these girls just because they're black many. Full of racial slurs tonight. NASA says the online attacks, were based on their race and encouraged. Others to disrupt, the contest, and manipulate. The vote now nASA has shut the online voting down we just drop this whole thing remain, positive and, just remain, appreciative. Of the opportunity, that we receive we have so much support from, people from all over and, it's, just kinda you know uplifting. NASA experts, will now judge the competition whatever, the outcome the, students, who aspire to be a surgeon an anesthesiologist and, an engineer more. Determined, than ever to follow, their dreams, Ron, Allen NBC, News. We'll. Take a break we're back in a moment with a big recall, of ground beef the potential, problem, and where it came from also. The shocking video capturing, the moments before and, after, a plane goes down in a fiery crash. A. Major. Food safety warning, to tell you about a supplier, to Kroger, the, nation's, largest supermarket. Chain is recalling, more than 35,000. Pounds of ground, beef the, USDA, says it may be contaminated. With hard plastic, the beef has a sell-by date of April 9th 2018. From. Scottsdale, Arizona newly, released video shows, the moments before and, just after a small plane crashed at a golf course the, plane burst into flames less than a mile from the Scottsdale Airport, from where it had just taken off the, scene recorded, by a traffic, camera all six, people on board were killed.

And. Police are trying to solve a baffling, mid-air mystery, who left a car dangling. By a cable, from a busy bridge in Toronto, it, caused quite a stir with commuters. But emergency. Workers eventually, cut it down at first, it was thought to be part of a movie shoot now police think it was just a prank, but, they aren't laughing when. We come back we'll check in with girls, making their mark at the racetrack and driven, to success. Finally. Tonight the world of cars and auto mechanics is still largely dominated by, men but in North Carolina, one high school program, is trying to change that taking. Young women in a new direction from, the classroom, to the racetrack here's. NBC's Rehema, Ellis. This, is a lemon trees a two-day. Corner, competition. The exhaust, that's coming down a fan-favorite is the high school team with women, in the fifth group and behind. The wheel it's. Just where sophomore, liz montgomery wants to be. It. Began in charlotte with the first ever girls auto mechanics, course at myers park high the. Girls now working, with the boys and racing, with enthusiasm, when you hear people say this, is just for the boys it's, 2018. And women can do exactly what, men can do even, better honestly. Getting, dirty doesn't, matter whether. Or not they're going to get in this industry as a career they'll at least have knowledge of their own vehicle, I want to know how to attain your target without a guy to help me I don't know I do myself. Ladies. Tell me something you do on the, car in, expection. Changing. A tire oil. Changes, bodywork, right here and back at the race panic, ran firts in the pit and you put time and effort into it you learn. Fixing. Cars building. Confidence and driven. To succeed. Rehema. Ellis NBC, News, Shirley, with Caroline. We. Appreciate, you spending part of your evening with us that is nightly, news for this Thursday night I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching a good day. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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