NEW YORK CITY VLOG! Time Square, World Trade Center & Highlights

NEW YORK CITY VLOG! Time Square, World Trade Center & Highlights

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Oh my, god, this is totally happening, I can alright now I ended, up choosing the, Teddy Blake bag to take me to the airport just because I decided, to bring so many things inside of it I'm wearing a black cami and I have my jeans on I decided, to just go all black I feel like it's just, classic. And then I have my New York sweater you. Guys. I'm. Just right now like currently, in this very moment as I'm filming this I am trying to take deep breaths, going, somewhere by myself I'm going to be that Airport by myself, everything's. Gonna be great so we, are gonna be on the way to the air for my mom is gonna take me by the way I'm loving, my yellow nail color. So. I'm gonna take you guys with me and let's, go to New York. That's. Such a long time before my flight so. I'm just kind of like walking around right now I think I have like two hours to wait I kind. Of want water and I kind of want something to eat but I'm not sure what I'm gonna get at the moment. Wait. Until they run into a Starbucks then I'll start to get excited oh my. God speaking. Of the devil. Okay. Guys I'm going to meet up with them I think I see them I think. Oh. My. God I am like shaking. Okay. Guys so today, is what's today because I lost a, birthday. Okay, Thursday, I am so, exhausted I did not get any sleep last night I think it's just this whole experience I'm just I don't know what it is I'm just overwhelmed. And. Today. I thought was tired I decided to, adjust. My passcode on my phone and, now I'm locked out of my phone, and my friend is laughing, at me right now so. I'm like freaking, out so, we're trying to figure out what to do but. That's how my day is going at the moment we're, gonna try to go to Alta, I definitely, want to make it to Alta today and by the way my friend came to the rescue, she has a second, phone and. I was like oh my god thank god so I'm still able to use Instagram, get revolution. Okay. So now we can find the other colors, right. Well. Right now I have f10, and f8, I think I'm gonna buy more of the other one. That's. Way too late cuz I have F 8 and 10 so I don't think okay actually the last time I have logged I was talking to you guys about my phone let. Me update you on the phone so my. Phone is working, which is great I'm just I feel a lot better about it because I'm. Able to go an IG which is what I needed I'm able to you know message my mom my sister if I need to so I said you know what I'm good with that and then once I get back home I'll have to, kind. Of get that back up and running but, I didn't explain to you guys that my friend actually lives in Connecticut so that's why some of you guys were saying you, know why are you only spending two days in New York so we spent yesterday around. Her area and today, right now we just picked up some Starbucks and we're gonna eat it on the train because, we, are heading to New York City I am so, excited we're. Both super, super excited, so, we, are headed there right now and I will be showing you when we're at Downtown. So excited. We're. On the train you guys we are on the way there they'll, think it's about the equestrian. Who. Cares what matters so we're going to get there, we. Made it you guys we're off are. Those assassins line. Okay. It's okay, as. Long as it leaves. This, was my first time by the way on a New, York to, read. And now I have to carry at my forty pound luggage up the stairs we. Had to stop and ask. Plays. With huge I already. Feel so amazing, oh my god I'm so excited. This whole place looks beautiful in here we're gonna go to the last right, but, she said straight when you get up here Amiga. I kids do you have yeah right now, my. Soul has a week yet oh, my. God. This, looks familiar, oh thank. You thank. You. You. Guys we made it. Okay. So now we have to plan our hotel right all. Right. Oh, because, I did all those buildings. That, is our hotel right there we're. Just trying to cross this crazy traffic we're, so excited we didn't even know what level depressed we're like we're, stuck in you were like oh my god this hotel boji my, friends like what, level do we day. Does.

Whatever Looks like, we're. Staying at the Gregory, I'll, show you guys the bathroom, I'm. Not gonna lie I like, nice hotels, I'm a little bit bushy I mean go when I saw this on the internet I was like it's got to wipe out through probably doing some good pictures in here I'm not gonna lie it's. So cute when we got in the, the maid was kind of like just finishing, up but they told us our room was ready and. She. Was Dominican, so I was like speaking Spanish with her I had a feeling like once they heard her accent, and she. Asked me where was from and I said Toronto, and then and, then she said oh do you speak French I said no I don't speak French benno Haram cookie toss pinyon and she's like oh my god. She. Was so surprised, it was so funny so if I'm naughty University me yeah, if you're a bad tonight that's it but, you know what this is not actually a bad place to sleep this is huge you. Guys this closet is bigger than what I have at home I'm not kidding you. Getting. Hey. Rich yeah. Somebody. Solos. We're. Learning. My. Way white birds that we ride in New York. Forever 21. Girl, we, are, we. Are here girl, we, just feel a drop of water. Yeah, I think we're here girl, how's. The forest over there. Pink is over there, so. Maybe let's yep. We. Made it. We. Did it. Next. Stop. Starbucks. You, know, it, we. Just got Starbucks you guys there a mantra is the end it's not unsweetened, so I just had to get. It with soy it is good but it's not quite like at home. Hmm. Where, Sephora. Oh yeah. But. Over there to the side right. When. You get weeds excited. Have, a theme going on. So, that's a Mac Bloomingdale. With every window. Okay, is, that Topshop. Best. Pop shop I see. It. There, it is. This is such a cute place to a. Okay. Guys, that's, it right there, I cannot. Wait to have New York Pizza. Oh my, god I. Guarantee. You the first bite it's gonna be like okay this is real pizza, oh of. Course this. Is what we're going, you. Guys have to, see this. And it even has a stand I've never heard piece on top of a stand at all he does in Canada but who, cares and why he does. How. Do you feel. Girl, that, saved my life. So. Good that. Was so good I can't use it. Well. I am very dewy, right now okay. Guys. We, are getting yeah. We are in the middle of times. Where, this. I remember there's. Another Sephora. Oh my, god. What. Are we me or me guys there's, another H&M over there. Okay. But mostly for any words that start I. Know. Pretty soon happening another one we need energy in this city okay nobody is well-liked I just don't understand you have to love this. Am. I crazy. This. Is the view right now you guys it's crazy down here it's like way, more packed, in Soho. Be late times for better or Soho. I think, there are two different experiences.

Different, Works yeah it is definitely a more. Bougie and this is the. You know what I got an open-end bujji side someone make me feel old. 20th. Timers. We, don't have to stay hydrated that's why and I've got to show you guys this I cannot. Look. Your. Ways are the, Nash and, I got a booty and apparently. Apparently, I'm in cycling, shorts a ferret. Last, night we went to bed super super late if we had dinner at the, restaurant, that was underneath the hotels, it, was a fun night we. Didn't really get to dance we didn't go out dancing, but that's okay we were super tired from walking downtown so, right now we just keep breakfast, and then we're gonna head off to World, Trade Center and oculus, and I will show you guys there. But their construction, around you - oh god. We have to show those cars bean parks when. I first saw that when I came here, I was like you have got to dgeni me I thought that that was like not even real. Yeah, so it's here. Mine. Kinda has a heart in it. What. Is yours blob. Not. A blob looks like an onion. Is this seriously butter though. Purple, butter. It smells like it. We. Just asked him what this was and it's blueberry butter. Why, did you touch that one because because. You think why'd, you touch that one so was it always you're in pain I am always right we always write we, we, as women are going day. What. Did you want me to say yeah. This. Is where we're at. So pretty. This. Is beautiful. Yes girl, this is what I wanted to see if. There's shops all the way around. There's. Like a bunch of shops around here at the bottom. Wow. This is definitely a must-see if you guys are definitely coming to New York City. Sit. Right. We're. All trades Center I'm so excited the view is going to be ugly. Yes. Here. We go guys. Wow. Welcome. To one world observatory. You. Only ready for this oh. My. God. Like. What. I. Died. When, I saw that view as you guys could tell from the footage are we like to walk over here and. Look. What is in our background. That, we are about to go see. The, oculus from the outside, the. Inside was just insane. I love. Love, love love the inside. Oh. That's, a beautiful photo amiga just like this way, anyways. The view was fake. Like. I I don't even know what to say from, the top it's definitely a must see. The oculus. This. Is the view from the outside of, the oculus. I'm. Not over this building and I don't think I ever will be I, don't. Even know how to describe this thing. No, that's why that's, why I probably don't know but, yes it looks like something futuristic. So. Gorgeous. It'd. Be nice if we found a table there. Yep. Having. Some good old sweet food I mean. I wanted a hot dog. It's. Probably the busiest talk of everything I like. The, NYPD is, always, around here. I definitely. Think in a concrete jungle like, this this is where you come if you want to like take. It easy and calm down a little bit so, we start the Starbucks and we thought there was no outlets then. I saw these guys put. My phone on top and, we. Charged a baby. You, guys like my new bag I'm obsessed, with it but, if it's everything that I need. You. Guys we're in the middle of starpha and we're looking at my pick and we literally just went full. I'm. Gonna miss these yellow pads even though I didn't get to go in one. So. It's gonna be on the right side. You, guys this is gonna be our last, sister. Off of New York City it's a little bit sad I'm. A little bit sad. So. Our last drop is going to be Magnolia. Bakery you, guys suggested, this and. I think I'm gonna get there banana pudding but we'll see if I want the coffee one do. You want your own. Pudding. I don't, know we'll have to see cuz I just what. I saw the dozen pudding but the regular stuff hip, now we'll get you something else Amiga. I'ma. Buy you one if that's what you are, we, found her nuts, we, found them she's dying. I've. Never tried these oh. My. God, this. Guy, what. Where's. The nut guy. Where's. The. We. Were wondering, where you were.

God, Those nuts are good. Those. Are addictive. No. Way no no way no. No, that's true I know me them. No you. You. Get off, I'm. Gonna have my. Magnolia. Banana pudding. Is, that the pen okay. So it's in there prepare. Water, after. Forever, I'm lucky. We, made it. Yeah. He's filling them all up over there. We. Just don't get the class okay first off this setup is so cute, like I can't this. Is my banana, pudding, you guys I'm gonna try it I like. A spoon though yeah. We, think. I'm. Like 10 at 10 said, there's. Writing, too this. Should be 36, now is it 36. Okay. Okay. We're heading to Grand Central, we're. Gonna cut your train back to Connecticut, forward. Ebert. Park, senior but anyways we're back to Connecticut and then my plane leaves a very very, early in the morning so, I have to be there for 3:30. So. Yeah but I am. You. See you happily, I don't. Have to. At. Some point, I got to girl. Or. Or. I could just move here. I. Am. Gonna miss this in my whole life oh. It. Is what it is. Yeah. I you know what you're so right like this trip really just swell. Pretty. So, this is where we get on our training. Are we here on time. Okay let's go. Beautiful. We. Are going to McDonnell, I. Like them mcchicken so make sure you. Yeah. Y'all. Don't have poutine and I go to Booty. No. Oh. So. I want um. Amigo. Use me American Express I don't have any more cash you, know oh. Okay. So I, want, a chicken sandwich, the. Combo. And. Then. You me like have nuggets, would you like nine years I'm, not gonna have a good I'm gonna have a Big Mac okay. I want the smallest pack of chicken mayo for peace is. It for peace I think it's six peace. Wow. Y'all go I'm. All here. No. No. I don't want. Six. Um I, need barbecue sauce okay, and you guys had hot mustard here. Okay. Hello. Guys so I just wanted to kind of do a recap, of my trip I am back home I'm so. Excited to be back. I'm. Not excited to New. York City was god, I didn't wanna get emotional uh it was more than what I wanted to be and I was only there for literally. In the city I was only there for two days we're on that train, and we get there and we, exit, out into New, York City and it, was just this instant. Feeling. And I just took this deep breath and I just I felt, so. Amazing I don't know how else to describe it I feel like I just belong, there I am, so happy when I'm there, Soho. Is where I felt, like I identified. Myself with the most Times. Square is just way too crazy for me is too touristy I I. Loved, it you know when I experienced, it and I've seen it before this, time I actually got to see it at night and I was so happy I did because I've, never seen it at night, kind, of forgot to vlog that far for you guys but it's, literally Times Square but dark okay I'm really starting with that I like here I'm never out at nighttime. That so, I was like how. Was this normal, like how are people this. Many people out here at this time of night seeing the oculus, was like, like. My top like my second top pilot I just I loved it so much I love seeing the architecture, we did Friday like a shopping day and then, we did Saturday. Like. Just. Seeing like architecture, and seeing the oculus the World Trade Center walking, around seeing Central Park so I kind of split it up to be honest with you the food I wasn't, really focused, on the food I was telling my sister when you're there personally, for me I wasn't. Concerned about like oh what am I gonna eat you know I was more concerned about seeing there's just so much to. See for. Those of you who. Are from New York, I, beg. You and I encourage, you to please discover, your city because. You guys reached out to me and you said you, know I've lived here all my life and I've never appreciated. It for what it was and as, I was watching you know your snaps and everything you were showing us now. You're making me want to discover it and I just don't understand how you can live in New York City or New York and not go. To New York City and see these things and I just had such. An amazing time in two, days and I did not want to leave it's way too short I kind, of used this trip to see if I would be okay with being in New York City and I surprised, myself. I spoke, to strangers, I went on the subway of course I had my friend with me but I didn't. Feel afraid I'm, not gonna lie I think of New York City as this big scary place because, I was, you, know raised, extremely. Shelter, kind, of been told that the city is this big you know scary place because, there's a lot of people I felt like I gained some independence, I felt.

Like I did some discovery, but, the airport, thing it was just I was very like. Anxious about that but I made it I made it there I made it back I did it I feel, like that's how you build confidence by, trying new things and, facing. Your fears I read, this quote that will always stick with me forever, it said, everything, that you have ever wanted, is that, the other side of your fears and when, I read that I could. Relate because, I was. So afraid of quitting, my job for. Longest, time and I. Knew that at the other side, of that everything. I've ever wanted you, know I'm saying my dream job was at the other side and I'm doing that right now I promise, you guys that code is real everything, that you are afraid, of if you. Just faced it you. Would have everything you ever wanted, on the very other side of your fear so, I'm just so proud of myself after this trip it's very eye-opening and, it. Just it's made me grow next time I'm definitely going for longer I definitely. Could see myself being in New York City and living. There I personally, want to go for a week just I can kind of you. Know and before I go I would definitely plan out what I'm gonna do and I think that the more I go there I can kind of see you know is this, really the place that I would like to be if, I were to live there I'm leaving, everything, behind and. Everyone. Meaning, you know my very close family let, me tell you something Amy is not going to New York City she. Would not live there my, parents would definitely not be going to New York I they, just would not go there it's just not the life for them I think I'm the most city. Girl out of anybody, and my family, my mom would come to visit me she is just too much my. Dad that's. Funny he, would never. York. City is not the place for my dad, whatsoever. So, yeah if I go to New York City I'm like, solo, Selita, like I am by myself because. Nobody's. Following me on the plane like nobody. But. It's extremely expensive to live there too so that's that's definitely another thing to think about and you have to think if it's worth, it for you so leaving your family extremely. Expensive to live my, family would be like behind. Me like they'd be left behind so. And I'm we're. Super, close you know name means so you know I go to breakfast with my parents every single weekend I see. My sister all the time I, wouldn't be seeing sugar I wouldn't be taking Bentley with me unless if. Anyone who come with Wilma to. New York you. Want to come with Mama to New York you. Do right I know. Ben. Is great there I'm telling you it's great you, would load their. Walk. You in Central Park. Okay. Just. You. Want to come with mommy to New York, my. Phone, is. Empty. Okay. Empty. I don't. Have any of my photos, there's nobody gets them back by the way there's third is gone okay locked it and I apparently, clicked, it asked me do you want to delete your fingerprint, and I I was, extremely tired extremely. Overwhelmed, extremely, excited and I clicked yeah I just delete it yeah. I just got, rid of it because why would I need that I don't, know staff maybe as a backup because you didn't remember your damn password. So. I go to put my passcode in and it doesn't want to recognize it so I don't know if my finger slipped when I was trying to do it I don't know you guys Thursday, was like the day from hell I'm not, gonna lie to you, and I, just I felt so bad for her because I'm like I'm ruining your day and, she's.

Like I feel bad for you because you don't have your phone she was just right, honestly thank you so much I love you so much like she was just so patient. She was trying to figure out everything she's, like let's stop here at the Starbucks let's fix it let's go home let's do it on my computer I had so much fun with her we got like two like an extra close level by, the end of the trip like we just got really super close and I felt really comfortable with her I raised everything on my phone and I said oh don't worry about it cuz I have a backup at home that I did you know from months ago it's okay if I lose a couple, of thought it was no big deal a shout-out to my mom to she was so patient she was like she's sent me like 20 verification. Codes I kid you not anyway, it's like at home my. Macbook, charger is not working, I. Quickly. Realized that I didn't, have a backup you guys, so. My phone is up to you as, you guys can tell that's a New York City background oh my, god the World Trade Center is right there. Anyways. My notes are gone all my passwords that I like put on my nose they're all gone I don't have progress photos I don't, have my weigh-ins that I had from a year and a half ago I don't have any memories, of my photos make, sure you guys do finger prints because it's, gonna help you out if you don't have a passcode and make. Sure you guys backup your phone because, it's, probably a really good idea because, staff should have done that I hope. You guys enjoyed, my experience, in my blog, I tried to remember to vlog everything. While I was there I was just having so much fun that I literally blacked out so many times she. Even. Had to remind me like when you want to take your photo when do you want to take your photo and I was like oh my god like this is why I need you cuz I'm so lost one on here but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog if you guys did and want to see some more travel vlogs make, sure you guys give it a big thumbs up and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel thank. You to all of my beautiful babes for watching and I will see you guys in my next video.

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I loved this vlog! Your excitement and appreciation is so sweet and genuine! Happy you had a great time!

Your honestly the cutest steph

And there’s so much more! There’s so much more outside Manhattan as well! You just gave me a new appreciation for New York! ❤️❤️

I feel anxiety coming on watching those crowds in Time Square - couldn't do it! No f-ing way could I go up in the observatory! So glad you enjoyed yourself - I know it was a dream for you to go by yourself.

NYC trips are some of the best trips! I've been twice before ( in May and for US Thanksgiving) and the next time I go I'd love to go in the Fall when the leaves change or during December when all the lights are out.

Preach Stephanie!! I enjoyed your NYC vlog SO much and I especially loved how full of joy you were. Keep your positivity, it will take you everywhere you want to be

Check out Brooklyn it’s so niceee. I live two hours away and I definitely don’t appreciate it

Look at you living your best life in tha big apple

❤️ Yassss

Does anyone know the name of the hotel she stayed at?? Asking for my future stay in New York

Stephanie Macedo Thank you so much

It’s the Gregory

Girl I love your energy!!

Thanks babe!!

Yes girl enjoy it you’re lucky!

Thank you ❤️❤️ I’m happy you enjoyed watching!


Lol Ben & Steph come to New York

Thank you

Loved this video! Very interesting... Check out mine! I have different vlogs

You miss , Brooklyn and long island lol queens .. so much to do .... I alway go to the city it take 30-40 mins to get there I live in bk and for me it quick lol and now Brooklyn is nicer then when I was younger ...

Did u go to fifth ave

i loveeeeee your videos and your so inspirational , thank you for sharing

something is on your teeth

A few days late but I still made here.

I feel like I went to New York with you and back. Love New York especially during Christmas Time!!!!

I can see you moving there

Sbucks soy and almond milk are also sweetened!

Where did you get the shirt that you’re wearing at the end ? The nude/tan one Btw loved the video! ❣️

Thanks babe

Yes I’d love to go around Christmas

I've always wanted to go to NYC. It looks like you had fun! xo

What’s your ethnicity??!! You were speaking a little bit of Spanish and I’m like yass girl.

I’m Portuguese babe

Glad you had so much fun in NY; welcome! But girl trust, when u live here a few years, you get jaded real quick.

That red really suits you hun x

As a New Yorker you guys should check out Central Park it takes you from the city vibe to a more nature easing vibe

I showed it in the Vlog love I loved it

a good video. I like your channel. support for you. invite you to visit me. thank you.

Love from Costa Rica

I been for my dad birthday in march

looks like downtown Toronto. You should of went to LA

New subscriber here! Just loved your energy. Don’t ya just love NY!! I live in jersey and love to go to the city.

Thanks babe! Yes I dooo

Is there a morphe store in nyc Times Square?

I didn’t notice one love

Loved this video! I actually live about 30-40 minutes outside of the city, but I go to college in the city. I have ALWAYS loved going to the city and being there. It’s made me such a more independent person! When I first started going into the city I couldn’t even tell what was uptown versus downtown, but now I start directing people if they get confused, LOL! I’m so happy you enjoyed your time, and hopefully next time we can bump into each other!

You aré hilarious

Thank you

I love your video

i went To NYC For my Bday Them crowds are horrible but it's a fun tourist Attraction.

no way! I live in CT and I knew the background looked familiar! Super small world.

Sorry, but got a headache watching video. Too jerky and moving side to side so fast

I live an hour from NYC and every time I go (which is often) I feel the same way you did before you left. Every time I have that same 'magical' feeling as a like to describe it.


Lmao I fucking love it when Canadians say "eh"

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