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Thank. You. Lazy. Hey. Friends so as you can see my house was pretty messy, and on top of that I had plans to deep clean my whole house and also, do some organizing I'm, not sure when you're seeing this but this clean was right before, Christmas, done right before Christmas, we host Christmas at our house so I wanted, to do some major deep, cleaning, throughout the entire house, like, scrubbing baseboards. Scrubbing, grout scrubbing, floors and cabinets cleaning, blinds and windows and really, get in getting, into as many areas that, I could you know the areas that I don't get to it as very often so plan to organize in my kitchen so my hope is that you will feel motivated and, inspired to, get up and get moving we can definitely clean. It together I know, you have, some areas in your home that, you at least want to pick up or clean or maybe you. Just need the motivation to do some it deep cleaning or you're definitely going, to get it here so I want to do this together I'm also, going to be sharing a hack, with you a hack, a cleaning heck that you need, in your life it's a cleaning hack that, will help keep your house smelling fresh or smelling better fresher. When you have people over it's something, really little that can make your whole house smell really good, so. You know when we have people over and it's unexpected, and, I don't have time to turn, on my diffuser or light a candle I know, that my house is smell still smelling really well I ended up depleting my house for five hours so this video is sure to give you all of the cleaning motivation, that you're looking for. As you, can see I got started cleaning, downstairs, just by clearing everything, off of the floor and off the counters I honestly, didn't even know if I was going to clean tonight but, the house was such, a mess and it was driving, me crazy. That, after, my kids went to bed I got up and got moving and I felt so much better. I. Had just cleaned my blinds about three weeks ago and they're already dirty again so I'm trying to make cleaning my blinds a part of my regular. Cleaning, routines. I've, had a lot of people ask me why I always start, my cleaning in the kitchen or the living room and it's because those are the areas more, specifically, the kitchen that stresses, me out the most when they are dirty the, cluttered stresses, me out I absolutely hate when my kitchen is cluttered and messy like. This and I feel a lot more motivated. To keep going when, I can see all of the visual clutter gone from the countertops, it just makes me feel better more, calm and re energizes, me to keep going so that's why I always start, in my kitchen or the living room, so. You guys are probably wondering, why my kitchen, is so, crazy so, we got a new dishwasher. Or. Old one kept. Leaking it was like leaking all over the floor it was not good at all which, is crazy because, we. Got new appliances or. The, appliances, were in the house when we bought it and the house was a year older we've been in this house for a little over four years so the appliances, were about five years old so I don't think it should have been leaking or going out but it did so we had to get a new dishwasher, which. I'm just glad to have a working dishwasher, to be honest so, Mike spent the whole evening putting, the dishwasher, in I was. Taking care of the girls and they're, just always cranky at night so. Crazy. Night we grabbed Panera, for dinner so we ate Panera, I just. Have to pick up you know from, the dishwasher, stuff just, from the day the night and all of that so that's, how the kitchen is a huge mess but. Even though it's late and I'm tired I'm going to get it cleaned up just because I feel like I'll feel a lot better when, this kitchen is cleaned up I just hate, when. The kitchen is a disaster hate it drives me crazy so. I'm. Stumbling through, the dark and, Dawn I. Have. Found new. Ways. But. No, I, can't, be the one that you name. So make sure you stick around for that hack I'm gonna share with you at the end of the video it's one of those things that I've started doing and, I feel like it's a sneaky, way to keep your house smelling really good we, have, a dog and a cat and three kids so, I'm always paranoid about how my house smells and when, we have people over I want our house to smell like we don't have two pets and three kids so, I'm really self-conscious, about that and I found a few things I can do, so.

When Someone stops over unexpectedly. And, I don't have time to light a candle or put my oil diffuser, on I still know that my house smells really good. I'm also. Going to be sharing with you a unique, way to clean grout in a way that I think makes it way easier so, you're not scrubbing, your grout like crazy. I. Would love to have you guys subscribe if, you already aren't, so please think about hitting the subscribe button and joining my journey and if you're enjoying this video can you please give me a thumbs up it truly does help, me out I make, videos twice a week here on my channel and hopefully you'll come to my channel and feel like it's a place you belong and a place, that you want to come back every week I'll be sharing cleaning, organization. Motherhood, lifestyle, videos. To improve your, life and with the new year I have a lot of decluttering, organization. Videos coming so make sure you join my journey. How, does a painter get that bad oh I. Go in there I'm gonna organize, it, I know there's probably old, food in here stuff we need to get rid of but just kind of organize it and then I'm kind of hoping after, start. In the new year that's kind of when I get that bug to. Reorganize. Like really, do some major. Decluttering. And organizing, maybe, I'll kind of do like a revamp, of the pantry let me know if you'd be interested in, that and. Also I plan, on doing, a, lot of decluttering and organizing. All over my house in the new year so make sure you're subscribed make. Sure you put the notification, bells on because. I, I. Already. Have plans on doing. Like linen, closets, kitchen. Cupboards I'm going to go through and clean and organize. All of these cupboards like. I said maybe the pantry, a lot. Of bathroom. Cupboards. All. Of that bathroom, cupboards and all of that so so, many different areas in my house I want to organize and declutter so, make sure you're subscribed for, that I, know I'm kind of it's kind of weird but I've kind of excited, for it because it just feels so good when you open a pantry or a. Closet. And everything is put. Away and, organized, so I'm excited for that but. I'm curious for you what areas do you need to declutter, and organize what areas are you planning, on organizing. For, the new year so let me know down below. I don't. Know how you do, it. Trying. To keep you, up, I. Can't. Hold, to, it. Susy. I. Just. Need you, to. Oh. Baby. Keep, up. I keep. Losing. Track. Of time. The, gossip, piece. I. Hold. It. I know. The amount of paper towels we have seems a little excessive, but I had a 20%. Off coupon I had to use right after Thanksgiving at, Target, so I wanted to stock up on some things that I knew we would end up using eventually. And here. Is my pantry. It's not perfect but it's definitely a lot more organized, and decluttered, and if you need some pantry organization. Motivation, my sister-in-law, just moved into a new home and she has requested, that I come and organize her pantry so, I'm going to be doing that in the new year. As I'm cleaning I'm curious, where you guys lived you have snow on the ground we have a little, bit out here here's. Our backyard, a. Little. Bit of snow on the ground but. I'm, curious do you guys have snow, on the ground where you are right now or at less than a week away from Christmas and, we're. Not gonna have snow on Christmas because. It's supposed to hit like 50. Or close to 50 here which is like a heatwave in, northern.

Ohio So, it's. Gonna be super warm for Christmas which I don't love so, I'm trying to get. In the Christmas spirit, with the little snow that we have on the ground but, I'm kind of like a weather nerd and. I. Was reading that, we were supposed to have like a milder. December. Which we have we, haven't had that much snow but then at the turn of the new year in January we're, supposed to get way. Colder weather and more, precipitation more, snow. I'll. A minute, I'm kind of excited for it I. Like. A good couple like good snowstorms a year so we'll, see we'll see if that prediction, is right but let me know if you have any snow on the ground where you live. The, last area that I wanted to clean downstairs, was the bathroom, off of our kitchen before I moved upstairs, and that was where I was going to do a majority of the deep cleaning a lot of scrubbing a lot, of scrubbing baseboards. Cabinets, and floors, what, you sleep is confident. To. Clean, my blinds I'm using n dust and I actually used, it on my baseboards, throughout the house and there's, a link down below that if you use it you can get a dollar off coupon this. Video is not sponsored at, all by n dust but I do, think it's a really good cleaning product to use so if you want a coupon I'll have, that link in the description. Below. If. I'd a superpower. I, stopped, the car. Wish I get super power. A. Separate. We, shall we. We, should. Shall. We. Like this I wanna see if, I, got superpowers. Yes. I'm gonna share this with you guys because this is something that I didn't even know existed until recently and. It's a smart plug so, so if you have an Alexa, or one of those you know voice. Devices. You guys know what I'm talking about you, can connect, it with this, so. If, you're like me I know, this is bad but I'll omit that, I'm constantly asking myself did. I unplug my. Straightener did I unplug it and I, second-guess, myself 99%. Of the time I do but. I kind of forget, every. Once in a while and so, if, you have one of these plugs you can just go into your phone and. Disable. This so. Even, if you left it on it would disable this which would in turn turn. Off your straightener or hot tool or whatever you're using so, we. Got this on a deal, on Amazon it was $1.00, so. I. Think they're normally like $30, I could be wrong here but either way I think it's totally, worth it not you, know for, having the peace of mind of not leaving your hot tool on so if you have anything, that you're constantly, asking yourself did I leave it on did I turn it off and. Get one of these smart plugs I'll have it linked down below. Every. Change, has. A reason. Baby. Let, it come here. Every, soul. Every. Season. Lose, outsider, status quo. So. I think my favorite, place to use end us is on my doors and baseboards, and I'll show you some close-up, pictures of how well it really cleaned my doors it might be sports here in a minute. And. Feel. Something. Is behind the clouds. We. Just have, to. Believe it. We, can let the Sun come now. Let's lose, ourselves. In the face. Can say what's wrong. The only ones. Who can. I, came across this online recently and I shared it on one of my other videos as, the cleaning hack but, it's just using resolved carpet, cleaner in your grout it's the foaming kind and I just spray it on the grout and let it sit for about 15 minutes or so and then I can go back and it just does a really good job of cleaning on its own so I don't have to do a lot of scrubbing and I notice a huge difference in, my grout it just, does a good job cleaning. It all around so I just sprayed it and then I went to clean up my bedroom well, the. Foaming cleaner was already kind of doing half of the work for me. My. Time. Baby. Which started. Now. Our. Hearts. Beating faster. In a minute. I'm high on slow, dancing. With you. One. Two, three, keep, it gonna last, forever all.

Blacked, Out them flying with, you I. Care. That my, lungs gone insane. And my heart. A person. I don't care about the. They just, don't let. Yeah we all know. Right. Going. Faster, getting, Wilder, don't, care if I get out, like. You. Feel that, be, getting. I said. Please foot. That. I've. Been using this dish one to clean my tub and shower for a while but I still get a lot of questions on it so I just fill it with Dawn dish, soap and vinegar and I don't think the ratio is really that important, it just does a really good job of scrubbing our tub and our shower and it's just a handy tool to keep around. In. The hallway. I'm. Just real. Oh. Yes. If, you guys have been around for a while then you understand, this but I had to put away our laundry, that had been sitting out there in the hallway from the night before and the night before that, now before I hit the twins I used to always say go do your laundry you know wash. It dry it put it away or you're gonna put it off now. I feel like things have changed totally since, I've had the twins and it, just makes me laugh because, it's, funny how things change, as. Your life changes and your circumstances change sell, old Jamie, would not be happy with me but hey at, least I'm getting the laundry done. It. Was pretty late and I wasn't going to push myself so I, stopped, there and then the next morning I woke up and got cleaning in the girls room I want, to just pick things up wipe things a few things down in both of their rooms and then Avery was going to help me clean her room and then, that way I could feel like I had pretty much cleaned my entire house and it was ready for the holiday. If. You guys watch a lot of my videos you know that sometimes I like to go in and just clean Avery's room or even the basement, where a lot of our toys are by, myself, and, not. Having her help me even though I know it's good for her to clean up her own messes, but. As you will see in this video she just wants to put things where she wants to put them you know where she thinks they should go she, basically doesn't clean up like I would and sometimes like today it's, not a big deal I let it go it's not a big deal and I, let her put things where she wants because whatever. I guess but then there's sometimes I like to go in and make sure I put. Things away where they go put, things in their proper place so I try to do a mix, of this throughout. My week. So, fast, I. Can't. Wait. The day. Because. I am, losing. All, right so now it's time for that hack that little hack that's gonna make your house smell fresh, so. What I did was I put some fragrance, booster, beads in a delicate, bag that I use to wash our delicates, and the laundry and I also use dryer, sheets and I will place some all around the house I place some in couches and the ottoman where our blankets, are so people pull the blankets out they smell fresh and also when people sit down on the couch you get a rush of this fresh smelling air you, can also put them in your dressers, to help your clothes smell even more fresh even, though they're clean so, it's just an easy way to keep your house smelling fresh all over.

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Happy Holidays to ALL of you!

Jamie's Journey Happy Holidays Jamie! Yay! I love this video so much! You look so beautiful and motivated

I'm in southwestern Illinois. We had a big snow-ice storm roll through a little over a week ago... Had about 6" snow and .5" of ice. It's mostly melted now and we've had 50+ degree weather for the past couple days. Supposed to have record breaking highs for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I'm kinda sad. I like a good snow storm too, and Christmas is just not supposed to be hot.

Definitely no snow in Melbourne, Australia. It was really hot last week.

I'm cleaning With you Jamie... it's 850pm right now here in edmonton Alberta.... ..

hey i love your channel so much good inspo!

Meu Deus rs que energiaaaa...

I just moved! I moved 15 minutes away from my old home. Not a long distance but I do need to organize my new home! So I definitely will be watching you organize your sisters house!

I think moving into a home is the perfect excuse to get organized!

I just found your channel and looking forward to the motivational videos.

Thank you Michelle!

We moved into our home about a year and a half ago and I currently have 7 junk drawers in my kitchen and a huge pantry that is just packed full of stuff. I need to declutter and organize my drawers and figure out how my kitchen works best. Thank you for your videos. I love them!

I hope you can get all of that done here in the new year!

Merry Christmas! ❤ This video was super motivating! Ready for the new year & new videos! ☺

Merry Christmas to you too!


Jamie you get me so motivated to clean my house I love you so much and have a nice Christmas with your family xx

Thank you Jessica! Merry Christmas to you!!

How do blinds get so dirty? Here’s to vacuum lines, clean sinks & a very Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays to you and your.  Its okay that Avery want to put a SPIN on her room and put her thing where she want to, just vacuum around it and KEEP GOING, I thought it was cute.  She have to start somewhere (express her self). LOL.  Love the MOTIVATION (I really need it with the holidays here).

I agree! It’s cute to see her clean her room!

I watched your video while cleaning my kitchen and getting ready to bake cookies. I made peanut butter blossoms, which my family loves. Wishing you, Mike, Avery, Addison, and Emery a very Merry Christmas!

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