NEW Niche Franchise Opportunity in the Non-Profit and Fundraising Sector

NEW Niche Franchise Opportunity in the Non-Profit and Fundraising Sector

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It's. Time for another episode of the, franchise, business, radio show. Broadcasting. Live from the pro business channel studios, in Atlanta sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info at franchise. Intellect, comm, also. Made possible in part by social. Joke the, social media experts, that provide a hyperlocal, presence, for your franchise, more, info add social, Joey com, and now, here's, your host, Pam curry. Hello. This is Pamela curry host of the franchise business radio show a platform. For bringing together franchise, professionals. And resources. To, connect educate, and collaborate, to serve the franchise, community, and franchise. Consumer. We. Have a great little set up here in the studio today and just, want to say hello to our listeners, as, it turns out our co-host, and sponsor, can, Douglas, with, social, Joey was not able to join us today Rick where is he and why or somewhere. Wishes. He wishes he was there yeah he's not feeling well we know the real deal we're. Coming we're having a little flashback you, and I can see, the way it kicked, off the original series whatever yeah, absolutely. Well we definitely want to give a shout out to Ken let, him know that he has me missed whether he's on the, beach or or at home or in bed yeah I'm healing. And that's the whole social, Joey crowd yeah. Absolutely. And although Kenneth's. Not in the studio he is gonna be here in spirit with us and he did give me some news and some announcements. To share in, regards to what's going on within the franchise industry. And, definitely. Share that with our listeners at the end of the show perfect look forward to that so, let's talk about who is in the, studio, I am. Very excited obviously. I have my producer and co-host for. Today's show rich Casanova. Right here hello, Shaq and rich I am super, excited about the show and specifically. Our guests and let me tell you why we. Are actually doing a spotlight. Show today with, a unique. Emerging. Franchise. Opportunity. In the fun raising, sector. And that's. Fun with a capital, F UN right. That's. Absolutely right and the, name of the franchise, is. Cg3. Battery. Fundraising. And our, guest is the founder and CEO. Charles. Gross, welcome. Charles thank. You for having me absolutely, we're, really excited to have you in the studio and before, we. Learn a little bit more about cg3.

Battery Fundraising, I just want to give my listeners, a, little, bit of information about you, yeah. Charles, has a background, and Eco. Econometrics. Econometrics. And. Did you just make that word up yeah yeah, high. Tech yeah what, can I do to sound. I. May borrow that one yeah exactly. Sir. Charles has a background in econometrics and, corporate, law Charles, served for over 25, years as the general counsel and held various business, executive, roles for companies like racetrack. Barco Glock and w, AI global, yep he. Currently lives north. Of Atlanta with his wife Sarah and two daughters would you like to give a shout out to your wife and daughters hi. Obviously. Charles is not all work he does have fun and some of his hobbies include golf, traveling. And competitive, swimming. And. Why we have Charles in the studio today is because Charles, created. And founded, cg3. Battery fundraising. With, the goal and the intention, of operating, a lean, and efficient, company, while. Offering a unique product, to, the fun raising, market. Obviously. In doing so cg3. Has, tapped into a lucrative niche, market, while helping, organizations. Raise. Much. Needed funds. For great, causes, really. Unique and and that's why one, of the many reasons I'm really excited about having you in the studio, how, about those first things, first, yeah. That's a little bit of history Charles, who, is cg3. Okay, so I, retired, four. Years ago was. Blessed to be able to retire a little bit earlier than what most people do and did. All the obligatory. Traveling. And and did the. First. Time since I was 14 years old that I was not. Working and then, about two years in decided, I wanted to start my own business and, I. Looked at purchasing, several. Different businesses and what I realized when I did that was that, I, was going to buy everybody else's problems, one way or another you get through the due diligence process and, and, and, and, it sort, of creeped into my mind why don't, I just start my own company and and.

That Would. Give me the opportunity as, well to take. The years of experience that I had both not just from the legal aspect but also from the business, aspect, of what I've been able to learn and really run it the way I wanted, to run it absolutely. So I. Remembered. Way back in my prior life I had visited a factory that had a battery a component. To it and, I. Have a very, good friend in Fort Lauderdale by the name is Steve dois skin' and and he he. He. Had also, visited this factory, for. And we worked together in a prior company and. He. Is an. Expert. At sourcing, and, he he, he, he. And I talked about it and he convinced, me that was the perfect thing to do and has has mentored, me a little bit along the way and, actually, a lot along the way and. And. Has, really, gotten it you know helped me develop. It, to what. It is today and it's sort, of a weird. Track, that we took actually be honest with you, we started off nice, as, a as. A battery. Company selling. Retail accounts, and selling on the Internet how can, pretty. Standard right yeah you. Know do you do the Amazon you do the eBay and you find out that the different, e-commerce and, you set your own website. Up and then, then. You you, go hit accounts, and you find manufacturers. Reps that that, no accounts, and get into accounts, and and and, like him and. It was it was I enjoyed, it I did sure one. Day and my wife was, actually playing. Tennis with her tennis partner okay and she. She. Brought one of our water resistant. Boxes, it was of one of the very. Brand-new ones that we did when we here I get it when, we first when, we first did it when. We first had it developed and, she brought it in and. Put with an assortment of batteries in it and, just to show her tennis partner, what, we were doing and, she and, the tennis partner loved it and, Jerry said can we use it for fundraising, for, a band booster. And, high school band and, Sarah. Came home and and, brought the idea to me and I thought about and I thought well I don't know how that would really work it's sort of out of the box. Put. It in the box, or. Anything when in the box it was definitely out of the box so, I crunched, the numbers a little bit and thought about the concept, of it and you, know just a bike like most, of your listeners are. We, you know we have had our share of fundraising, throughout the years, we've been exposed to the, daughters coming home with with, with all the catalogs and with all the.

Interesting. Products and useful. Products, and. So the more I thought about it we did a little bit of research and, the. More research, that it did the better I liked it and so we ran that very first fundraiser it was it was a success, it really it really surprised, us so so. What happened, is we spent the next six. Months doing the, market research finding. Out sort, of what is this whole fundraising. World like, did. Not in a million years know. That it was a 1.6, million dollar market, hey I'm sorry billion-dollar huge. Industry, right yeah huge industry very fragmented, very. Fragmentary. Localized. Mmm, and and, so, we learned a couple key things is in, doing, our research and doing our a little test market is one, it is a lot, bigger and we thought it was mm-hmm, to it. The. People that have been doing it for all these years have been doing it the same way with. The same products, so. The model, is has not really changed and, then, three, and probably the key point, that we really learned, and this when I realized, hey this is not just, ok. Something interesting. To do as a side this is a business in and of it. The. Fundraising. Organizations. Out there are. Not, only in desperate, need of, funds. A cash raising. Money budgets, just if, you're a school if you're a non-profit if, you are a church. The. Budgets, just they. Still don't add up and there's more requirements, and, from for capital, in and in. Less ways to get it problem, but. They. They, they, were in. To. A person, that we, talked to during our test run they were they all were, looking for something different they were all looking for something new something that. Wasn't popcorn. Candy, cookie. Dough wrapping, paper coupon. Books all the usual, sure. So. We. We ran a test market out, in the Midwest we picked a couple, states out there that we focused, on didn't. Put any marketing, into it didn't put any real. Effort other than we had a third, of our Midwest. Sales reps time was, spent going to some of these very local, PTA shows and we, had a certain goal in mind of how many fundraisers we wanted to generate for the spring in the fall and we, more than doubled it that's fabulous, I can almost see this crystallized, in your mind I see, the business forming right you you start, off kind of in a classic, way right, as a manufacturer. Of batteries, which I want to get into the the batteries, themselves from, the quality of the product it it. Somehow, you fall into this, fundraising, sector, and then all of a sudden it's sparks, fly. And you go I get it there is a whole nother, untapped. Industry, out here that's a billion. Dollar industry highly. Fragmented. Localized. No, real leader and you. Go oh wait a minute this is more than an opportunity, to give back this. Is the opportunity to build an actual, business oh yeah and, so, I totally, see it crystallizing. Here well, could. We do this let's talk about the, batteries. Obviously. That's weird look what started, was the manufacturing batteries tell, us a little bit about the product, the. Quality of the product, there are other batteries. Out there right, so. And, this transcended. All of the fundraising piece this was the very first, core. Principle, that when I decided to start the company that I absolutely, had. To have regardless, of the product it had to be not, just a. Really, really, high quality product. But it had to be at, a price point that that was not just competitive, but more, than competitive. And. I know everybody, in the business world says that right right well well there was no way what, I had in mind was going to be successful without hitting both of those those targets, spot-on, so, spent. With, again with the help of Steve Moscone. In. The factory spent a. Good. Six months probably. Closer to eight getting. The quality, of these batteries. Manufactured. Right making, sure that. That. Not only are the materials, used in these batteries, the absolute. Best that you can get but, the manufacturing. Process, is the, best that you can get and, probably. The most important. Piece of it is the, quality, control or the QC, procedure, that we use so every. One of these batteries, we. Test the raw materials, that go into them so, we make sure the metals are pure we make sure that the electrolytes, are pure we. Make sure that they meet all of our specifications. We. Monitor. And we have people actually, they are they're manufactured. In a factory in China okay, but we have our people actually at that Factory, that and they they make. Sure that the process that. Are being used is, absolutely, spot-on what we require. Okay, and then, before, any battery, gets on a, boat or a plane to get here to the United States to get into our US warehouse, what we do is we, benchmark. These batteries, against the Energizer Duracell, and rayovac okay.

So There's two key components that, that. Comprises. Of one the. The, batteries themselves have, to perform as well or, better than. Then. The. Name we call them the name brands the big I, think. He just called them yeah yeah. I. Think I called my he did. They, have to perform equal, or better and our in ours do and not just as a, one test but I mean every, single manufacturing. Run that we do that's how they that's how they have to perform and, just, to setback for saying we also have the, way we test is we use an independent. Testing. Firm how consumer, product testing firm to, do the, test so we'll pull off a random. A. Random number, of the batteries off the line fly, them over here they'll, test them benchmark, them against what you can get in the stores and. Then if. If, everything's good then they're on their way right and just, a be for our listeners, because I know we're in the studio and you might be watching us on YouTube to potentially. But I when, we talk about batteries, we're talking about your classic, right. Our double A's we've, got our triple. A's nine, volt season, we got our nine volt for ya and, our C's and our DS excellent. And and they're all coming in a. Custom. Branded. Water-resistant. Box. Yeah, and the the thing about the box just real quickly is that, box is designed there's, there's a lot of love. That went into this. First. Of all you that box. You. Can take in the shower run. Run, it and not a bit, of water will get into those bedrooms and that's how that's one of the ways we have a ten year shelf life guarantee on our battery so we'll guarantee those batteries, operate, with, ninety percent of their power at the end of ten years Wow as long as you don't use them okay right but. The, box, is a box, wait a minute backup for say 90% of their power yeah up to ten years right Wow, and that's, that's something other battery companies, do but. But we want, because sometimes, you have some everybody. Has that junk drawer in the kitchen right, those. Batteries that are still kind of sealed in that cellophane, from some widget you might you, know year or two ago and you go to use them and they're just they're. Empty yeah oh well, they're either empty or what you'll see is you get that like white oh yeah, corrosion, look, at that, put that over my salad whatever yeah that's right that's. A good seasoning. It's awful. What. That is just just let you know is those batteries, the metal is seamed there's, an actual seam where it were the two pieces of the metal connect and how you seem that. Battery. Is the gate change it is very very important, so the the actual process, that you use for that's important, well I think an interesting, observation I, made is that you have on site at the actual factory your team doing, QC we do yeah we do that's pretty impressive that was there. Is no other way, to. Maintain. The. Quality the levels that we we, have to have as our core portion, of our business otherwise you have to literally check every single battery. Manually. Sure, you know one by one so yeah it makes sense yeah we could you. Know we could do a master, level class on. Episode. Two that's battery talk radio yeah that's another show yeah but. The other thing with the boss in, and of itself not only does it protect the batteries in and you'll notice also with these batteries, you'll. Notice that the batteries themselves in, the box are self aimed right yeah that's just another, level, of, protecting, it from the elements but, the thing with the box is well in.

The Design of it is that, that box has very specific. Dimensions. Okay, so, if you if you look at it the the the height. Of the box is small. Right that allows it to fit in any drawer and not just. Your. Kitchen drawer and so your message. We. All look, at me when you enjoy the kitchen yeah that's because we know yeah we've. Been told. Box. Is designed to fit into boat cabinets, it's designed, to fit into tool. Boxes tackle boxes it's designed to fit into backpacks, it's designed to fit into our V V's. And take a very, little space and so. Almost a side benefit once they ever, used the batteries and the box, itself is kind of a unique add-on, or just icing on the cake well we would love that they replace those batteries with our batteries inside that case exactly yeah but the but, the Box really is a product in and of itself it's, you. Know if you really wanted to put fish and lures in there it'd work perfect yeah if you wanted to put pencils and pens in there and work perfect, and. And the other the last piece of the box puzzle, is. It. Gave us the ability to brand. The. The boxes, to whatever, ke. To whatever organization. We wanted to so you, know, and. We do all of the branding, in, all of the assembly, of the boxes, in Atlanta, ok in our facilities, north, of Atlanta so, and we have all the printing capability. There so, literally. If someone, wants. Their. Box, personally. Branded to their school right they give us the logo we, have we have people, that do we'll just, quickly do the colors do the design we can make that this. Label as I'll show the people out here this label here we can make that look like anything I mean it is a blank canvas. So, it really gives it becomes a promotional, item on top of everything else yes personalized. Yeah, and that's another that. For the fun in the fundraiser world, okay, and, and, and what makes it a good. Franchise. Business, as well is is, that, gives you when, you can personalize, something for, the fundraiser world sells, a heck of a lot better ok, if you have a school's name on there it's, it's a it's it's different than if you're selling, popcorn. That has someone else absolutely. From the, but. We also have a whole division, that. Does promotional. Products, so this water resistant, box will take like for instance and, this will get off a little bit part of what we're talking about but, it but we can brand that say you're a realtor right, and, as, a Realtor you want to promote your real. Estate practice, there's really two ways you can do this all right the, first way is you can have, that branded, with your picture, your logo your contact, information so every time somebody needs, a battery they, open the bottle you see you right there's all sorts, of. Research. Out there that says you know you see something five times seven times six times whatever the number is it. Ingrained, in your brain okay and I've got plenty of coffee cups and pads. And. You can put your pins inside the box. It. Will hold the call yeah. But what makes it different than those those pens and coffee cups is this is something that when they open that box it's something that they need it's, something that they can utilize it's. Something in and that has an that has an effect. On on the overall, brand awareness the brand in this case being the realtor sure the other sort, of cool thing about it is we've, got Realtors, that what they do is they they get. 10. 15 20, of these in at closing, at. The house okay if they sell the house they've got the little they've got the assortment pack there because, everyone needs batteries when they move into the to, the new house right all, the stuff and then and then they've got a little little Welcome card and they do that on both sides of the equation yeah that makes sense well. Obviously. I mean once you start getting your when you start thinking about all the different ways that, you can use this assortment pack of batteries. Obviously. Quality product, custom.

Branded. Product. You. Also, found the niche in the fundraising sector. And. Then you decided well like any good business. Founder, and owner how. Do I want to take my concept. And grow. It yeah and that's, a that's a that, is you, know all of this there's no other I, couldn't. Tell you how from, the. Intersection. To this intersection we got down the road the way we did it all just happened, right, the. One, piece. That I spent, a lot of time, when, when we realized early fall, that our test, market, was not just, meeting. What our goals were but but just killing our goals and ended, hey you know what this is this is something you're on discipline that were on something here yeah and we've really. Got something that that fundraising, organizations. And, PTA. Moms and band directors, and nonprofits. They're really, really. Gravitating. Towards it and understand, it and and, really see it okay how. Do I expand, that right now how do I take that from okay we're doing this great little test thing with my Midwest, sales guy, into. Make this thing a business, and get, national coverage and, really, start to roll, it out so I looked at several different things right I looked, at hiring employees I looked at, hiring. Reps, just the traditional, manufacturers. Rep but here would be a fundraising rep okay, and then, I realized. And, it was I was actually watching YouTube, one, evening and there's. A gentleman. By the name of Robert Edwards with franchise city yeah saw one of his videos and, the. More I watched his video and we. Have a relationship with, Robert now and and I I think, he, he's. Great he said I could talk the whole show on the things that he's done from, a digital marketing standpoint that's really him that's really, propelled our company but, from a franchising, perspective, what. He what, what, what, those videos basically showed, me was I knew, I wanted a sales guy mm-hmm, our a business, executive or, or. A, business. Guy that, wanted his own business, right right almost like the almost like what I did like okay I'm sick of working for people okay, I'm I, want to do it. My. Way well well that that he focused, a lot on that on its video so called him up we. Talked about it. About. What the franchise, model would, look like in CG. Threes world right right. How to, structure, it in a way and in and, he gave me. Some really, really. Good feedback really. Good feedback in really, good direction and, and. Basically. Decided. Decided. In. October. Said late September early October of this year hey amo franchise, this is it this is how we're gonna do it and by. End of November, we, were starting, to market, franchises. Yeah and, and, and that's how I got introduced to right, I mean Robert. Edwards, is a colleague. Of mine who. Is, a fellow franchise, consultant, we collaborate, and do things together and he, brought cg3. To our group and. Well. Here we are now right and I and what sort of ironic is is when he introduced, you. To, me and I found out that you were actually in Georgia, well, then my, interest got even more sparked, and, it really started resonating, with me, in. Further for the listeners, and viewers out there Pam's awesome. Thank. You shout out to Pam's, I. Don't know we need to shout out to her yeah high-five family. So. That's in and, that really gets us to where we are so what we've been doing since. We've rolled out the franchise, model, is we've, really, been now focusing. On okay. How, is a company, are we going to support our franchisees, how. What, are we going and we're. Constantly. Tweaking. What we're doing and refined it we. Had a conversation the other day one of the core principles of the, company is flexibility. Yes if someone wants, something we're gonna do it we're gonna figure out a way to do it and, we're going and we're approaching the. The fundraising. Market. Differently. Than, most companies are so we have a. Very. Robust digital digital. Marketing, methods. And how we actually, generate fundraisers. And how we actually make, those fun or can, you walk through that. We'll. Go ahead go ahead no I was, just gonna say I do want to dive into that a little bit I want to. Obviously. Cg3. Battery fundraising. Is a. Unique. Franchise, opportunity, in the fundraising sector, that in itself makes, you unique. But. What else makes, your. Franchise. Model. And your business, model unique. If someone, was considering.

Like, You said you're coming their own business owner in a franchise. So. There's. Lots of franchises. In models. In the sort of the segments that we are at the, investment, segment that we are at that. That say they offer support. To the franchisee, okay we're, gonna we're, gonna offer you leads we're gonna do all, of this kind of stuff we're, going to make sure you have all, of the. Support. That you need we've, really, taken it to. Heart and we're taking it the next level so for instance we, have again. In with with the help of robert edwards and. Pam by the way. We. Have we. We, have, developed. A lead generation. Digital. Marketing campaign, where we generate leads, for, the actual franchisee. We, also we. Also have, your, local. Regional. And national presence. Where we we show up at national, trade shows we. Also. An, interesting. Thing for this that, i can announce today cuz we finished the right we got a scoop here yes yeah. So one, of the things we do differently. And. It ties in to the franchisees. World but it also has a fundraiser, piece of so one of the things we do differently than, other Frant the other fundraising companies, out there is we've. Actually developed, several. Corporate. Relationships. Or partnerships. With providers. That, provide things, to, schools, okay. We, have a thermoplastics. Playground, company where we help promote them and we become really basically a finance. Arm for that company for, if a school doesn't have them in this also the 3d printer guys and we do we do several other different styles, of companies but what we what we basically are as we do a joint marketing type of proposal where we market them they market us we, become a finance, arm for, a school, that can't afford. For. Instance the the product that's being offered okay or doesn't have the or they want it now but they can't wait for the next year's budget right so we've, been talking with the company, that, the, brand name of what they provide is shock, box okay, what it is is it's concussion, sensors, okay, something is very hot, topic right now. And. Not just you, know you gravitate. Towards football, sure right, but you've got lacrosse, you've. Got field. Hockey, you've got regular. Hockey any time where even, believe it or not contact, cheerleading. Right yeah you wouldn't think cheerleaders, get concussions but they do because. They get dropped on unfortunately. Doing. All those flips well i was on the checkers and chess team, i don't know if that. Depends. On town. But. So, we we've. Been working. With and and we've we've entered, into a sort of a joint marketing, and joint collaborative. Collaborative. Relationship. With shock box shock bugs where, they're, they're, going we're gonna they're gonna use us as their fundraising. Arms so they can actually get into access. Into more schools into, more. Local. Pop Warner league those awesome things in, the price points all match, up really really well what you can raise with the fundraiser versus, what, you can raise with a, what's. The cost of the product is and then, we're also going, to for instance if we. Can give give schools discounts, on those and in that ties into on the on their on their product, okay to to and there's a whole without doing the whole show on it but there's two key points to this that I wanted to raise okay the first point is it fits into our we like doing things that that I. Spectrum. At all it's. All the time we, we we we. We, tie into, we. Tie into doing, good, things for good people and, helping, people raise funds, in those, kind of things but also from, a franchisee, perspective, what it really does is it's. It's just another, way to generate business it, isn't what.

Other People, are doing and and as, we grow and as we continue. Down this process we're gonna find other. Things like that yeah now as as a franchise, adviser and I am specialize in helping clients that are considering franchise ownership, some, of the things that I look at in a franchise, you've, already hit on right if, it's fragmented, market. Great. You, know industry, right to, be in no, leader. That's where franchising, can work really well and that's where cg3 is stepping in other. Other, things that you take into consideration, as a franchise advisors are you're saying why does the franchise we're doing from. A support. Standpoint, love. The fact that you're right. Every. Anyone, who's considering business ownership one of the first questions, I need to be asking themselves says how, am I going to go about acquiring my custom, right. Any business so, the fact that you were making that top of mind for your franchisees. Putting. Together a digital marketing, program, that's gonna drive leads, to your franchisees, on that level also. Like you said forming, these business, partnerships. That, are also going to help create stronger, credibility. Drive leads and, in the front of always, just already giving back right. Other. Unique, I guess, criteria. That I see, in. Cg3. And and you, let me know if I'm on the right lines here is, the. Fact that there, are a lot of concepts, out there that are out there that are home-based right, right cg3 is home base we know that, there. Aren't many that fall in the fundraising sector, we've already mentioned that but. But what is also unique, about. It's. Affordable, to get into. So. You have really created what I refer, to as, a. Franchisee. Friendly. Business, model and. Let. Me just tell you a couple things that come to mind when I think of a franchisee, friendly business model it's. An affordable concept. That, you're able to get into where, you're easily easily. Going to be able to recoup, your investment right. Large. Protected. Territories. Talk. To me about that why did you choose to offer such, large protected territories. The. Well. The short answer to the, question, is is it what's, important. For us is. This. Is a distribution. Model, for us we're, not I'm. Gonna say this on the franchise show right now we're, not in the business of selling franchises, okay, we are in the business of creating a distribution. Model that is not only successful. For us but. I wanted, to create, little. Local businesses. In each one of these territories, okay. In. Order, in. Order to do that and what I mean a little local business, I mean you control, your territory, your territory, is your business we, provide the support and we can talk a little bit later about what. We do and, what the franchisee. Does is a, balance, to give you give you good ideas about what yeah, to. Make it as easy as we can for a franchisee, okay, but. It is it is I want this to be a. Little. Business. In that territory that can grow and can be scalable, just like our business is scalable right so, so, in order to do that okay, we could have done and there are models. Out there where you, have franchisee. Upon franchisee, and and, you really don't have enough, pasture. To, support, not. Just okay, this is a sales organization. Type of thing okay this is a business this, is this is will generate enough revenue for, employees, this will generate enough revenue for. For, expanding. Trying different things in order, to do that you, have to have enough runway as. A franchisee. And so, when we create these territories. Your. Average, typical state, will have two or three territories that's, right which is very unusual in the franchise's, right, began, getting back to those large protected territories, giving. Someone, the opportunity to create a business or own business, inside, of a a larger, business and. You. Mentioned something else distributor. Model that's. Also, a very unique. Let's. Say approach, to how you've created, your, your financial, model so. There, are no royalties, nope alright, so. How. Does everybody, make money kind of walk me through this whether the franchisor, you're the franchisor obviously, you're the manufacturer. Of the, product right and handle the fulfillment, we'll talk about that a little bit later but talk.

To Me about the model well there's a chain okay there's sort of like a chain. Of events that happen okay so you're, let's, let's start with the let's. Start with the fun fundraising. Organizations, themselves for, every assortment, pack and for every clamshell, another. Product that we use and everyone can go to fundraising. Power orc and see our product so what we use during the fundraisers, in say. That site again fundraising. Power dot, will work okay okay and now give you a real good idea of all the the products, that we have it's not just in a sort of effect it's a different battery, offerings that we offer but. So, the fundraising organization in and of itself that fundraising, organization. Make a certain. Profit. Off of every, one of the products that are sold in the fundraiser so for instance, for these assortment, packs it's ten dollars so for every one impacts the, the school or the church or the choir or the band or the church or the nonprofit they'll all make they make ten dollars a piece and well there's another figure. For clamshells, so, that's, how they make their money okay. Shipping, to them is free shipping. Order. Forms branding, everything, that we do is is, absolutely free, to the school Wow, no pre product purchases, no minimums. No, no, nuttin, it's. Charles. Said no none ya quote. You on that. George. Your boy myself is it that shipping this is not a lightweight uh widget, here whatever yes so do free shipping is pretty awesome in it. It's done it has to be that way of complicity, reactants. We, try to make it as simple and as no-brainer for the, fundraising. Organization all the parties yeah right so now you're at the franchisee, level that's right franchisee. For, every, assortment, pack and for every clamshell, that's sold through a fundraiser okay. They. They. Make a certain, profit. Okay a certain there's a number there okay so so. Ten. Million for one in a million for another okay so. In, and then, that is their. Their, profit, okay and then whatever expenses, they have which. Will tie into our discussion about what we do versus what they do. Will. Will. That. Covers out of that profit and then, the balance is. Ours okay, and that covers our operation, so what, do we do a, good you know good segue what do we do for a franchisee, okay what does a franchisee, do and what do we do franchisee. Owns the territory franchisee. Does the marketing, in the territory, other than our national and. Efforts. And our in our lead generation those kind of things becomes. The face of cg3, in that territory they, are cg3, in the territory right what, do we do okay, we. Handle. All of the product the franchisee, does not touch the product so, no regard, inventory, by all of the development. And well everything. Is happening on, right. Outside the franchisor side yep, it all comes out of our our facility, here in Atlanta okay, and we ship direct to the schools well or, the, organization. Yeah yeah the all of the artwork the branding, all. Of that stuff is done in-house on our side now franchisees. Side okay, and that's not a small thing because, now once you start adding more, organizations.

That, Are for, fundraising you got to start, all endless. Email exchange about artwork and all that other stuff yeah the the process, is easier, than what you think when it comes to the artwork side once, you get a logo and you create, a design, for them and we have standard, designs that we start with but if you guys are doing that in-house that's all completely off the table then for the franchise yeah. It's. It's it's, being. Able to you, know you don't have to know the. Programs. That do right you don't have to know how to do it in a way that the commercial would trial and, yeah we. Have when, we print, in-house though all the labels so we have commercial, grade label. Printers that create, that high, definition we, can do photos you name it so we handle, all of that all, of the customer, service if. There is a. If. There is a I. Don't want to say a complaint, because I'm tracking on an order or something like that stuff's handled in-house, with us right okay and then and, then the. The, the last thing that the franchisee. Will do is since, they're the face of cg3, in that territory. There, their role is to develop. The fundraising, program, for that individual, and we'll stick with schools for a second sure for that individual school right so they'll sit with the with. With the PTO they'll. Sit with the principal whatever the case may be and say okay what's worked in the past what. Hasn't worked in the past what. Can we do to make sure that this is successful right, okay what, can we do to, to. Drive. From our end not, just the number of kids, that participate. In the fundraiser, because that's a key portion sure, but the number of products each one of those kids sells if you can in, what we do differently than other fundraising, companies, is we focus, on that okay in, that and, that is a collaborative. Event. Between, the organization. And the franchisee, with, our complete, support, understand. It's almost like the branches he is not only the face of cg3, but they're they're really a fundraising consultant oh for sure right and they've got a quality product, you, know for to be able to be representative, so, I, kind, of want to wrap up this this. Particular, segment and, I want to understand, for, those that are out there and. You've piqued their interest and. Becoming a franchisee. And asking. Themselves will do I fit, the profile, what is it you're looking for, in a franchisee, that's a good question yeah you're, good at this. Clam, shell is also you come up clam shell what, is that. Jargon. Word okay. Fundraising, power org, and you'll see the pictures you'll say okay in the descriptions. And all the good stuff okay now back to Pam's question already in progress yeah, question. Profile. Yeah. So. Because. This is a distribution. Model for us and we're not in the business of selling franchises, as a primary, goal right the. The the people that we attract, are absolutely, key, to us, as an organization. But also other, franchisees, because there's a whole collaborative, franchisee. Network, they. All they they meet, monthly base. What's working on with you what can we do okay, that's a whole kind, of stuff we. Are looking for. Like. I said a, sales. People. That. Are good, at sales we're, looking for business. Executives, and business, people that, that, are that. Understand. How, from, soup to nuts, a process will work because, even. Though it's fundraising, it's it's a business right yeah so you got it you approach it like a business, so you approach how you acquire. Customers how, you handle, the customer service piece, how you customize. The offering. To these schools as a business, process so, we're looking for for people that are driven that enjoy that, and, and we're also we're, also looking. Or in as is not just a side point, but as a key point. Our, key quality that we're looking for you. Gotta want to help. Organizations. Raise money because that's really sort of the, the key. For us and it should be the key for our franchisees, as well so and there's a you know not to sound too corny about it but there's definitely a feel-good, factor when, you can help a school do something that they weren't able to do before when. You can make a PTO, mom's life so much easier by handling all the backend of the the fundraising, piece, there's. A lot, of joy in that rich, who do you think he just described. I. Don't. Know I, was, oh. I'm, thinking of somebody that maybe in the room maybe maybe. This. Is the scoop but, I've been waiting for my debut because I'm really excited. Very, very excited to announce that I personally have chosen. To become a cg3, battery fundraising. Franchisee, Wow. And. We. Do the drum roll now. So. You heard it first here on franchise business radio so this is exciting news I know we've. Been all biting at the chop to to get the word out on this it's been a bit of a scoop and you've been very excited about this we've, had a few phone calls and emails about this so, so.

This Is pretty big news so talk. To us about you. As a franchise. Consultant all the franchise's you've you, know come across in the past what kind of got your attention here yeah yeah, well and we kind of started going down that path a bit you. Know you're right obviously. I see many different printers concepts, out there and as a, franchise, broker. You. Frequently, are looking at different models and, a. Couple. Things that really appealed to me that we've already mentioned obviously, the industry, fragmented, market this, is a ground-level opportunity. I am a builder I very much enjoy. Contributing, and getting on that level naturally. I was looking for something that's going to complement, my current business I, liked the fact that this is. Home-based. Low. Overhead. I liked, the financial. Model, obviously. The high return on investment, and like Charles already alluded to the opportunity. To really, build my own business. Really build my own business have, an have, an asset, and. You. Charles, provides that opportunity. Other. Key things that I look for in a business model, not. Only is the opportunity, but reoccurring, revenue right. And the opportunity of that reoccurring revenue. Programs. Are being put in place to put a franchisee. In a position for success so, I ultimately. Was really, really able to see Charles, of vision, and and. Really where. You're where, you're going and what you're planning to achieve and, I wanted to be a part of that. Yeah. I would say another thing obviously. In a big big reason, Charles. Was I've looked at Charles's leadership, right, I, took, a look at that and I and I said okay well what do, I want to get involved with who do I want to get involved with and I, really, liked what. Charles was sharing with me oh stop. But, that's really important especially for a ground-level, franchise, opportunity, you want to know that the appropriate. Leadership is in place well. If I was considering, this as a franchise I'm thinking I'm listening to a person with your, 20 years in. Franchising, you've, the. Business acumen that you have but. Also in the nice last 9 to 10 years specializing, in clients find that right franchise and this just checks all those boxes in. Many ways and I had a couple questions maybe for both of y'all along this line so you're.

Eliminating, The real estate issue with socially. A lot of franchise right yeah, yep. You don't have to have a footprint, and you know that real estate involved, what. About employees. And. Inventory. We talked, about that right so. Are you looking at a lot of employees involved, in this operation or well you're eliminating, the the, real estate piece big time you're eliminating, the. Equipment. Capital investment, piece that's true yeah you, are and. It is a scalable. Model right, yeah because you're not involved in the production of it no not involved, in the production of it so when, you're ready to bring on employees. When you're ready to grow the business and again. We have enough runway or pasture for you to do so, in your territory you, can bring on, you can create that business as needed, yeah as needed yeah so. With that I mean with that being said. With. The with the business, that is obvious, that we're contributing to that we are going to be growing and developing and, Charles. Alluded to this also is this his philosophy, as a franchisor. And the culture he wants to create is one of openness collaboration. And flexibility, and that really resonated with me too. Another, thing that really resonated, with me was the type of business which you already mentioned there - Charles was which, is really the the opportunity, and the idea of serving the community and. Raising. Money for important causes you. Know yeah. Very important that resonated with me as well, but, with that being said what, I'd like to do is is we've been talking, about the franchise side. Of things I'd like, to we only have a you know a little bit more time here I want to go to the other side I want, to talk about. What. It is we're offering. To. The, fundraising. Organizations. Right. You. You've brought up a name a couple of times. Well. First and foremost let me back up and say and say one. Key, mission, that we are trying to achieve as, a, company. That helps, fundraising. Organization, is, we want to help, them reach, their fundraising. Goals, right, and, we want to do this by increasing participation, and. Increasing. Product, sales right so, the big question is how right, right, how do we go about how, we go about doing that is fundraising. Power right so. For those of you listening please go to Facebook, and fine, find the fundraising, power page and like us, but, one of the things that Charles and I have been talking a lot about is, when, we think about a fundraising, event it's. Really, important. For. It to come. From a platform, of what, we as coined as the fund, raise. E centric. Approach right, so what do we mean by that but the fund raised the eccentric approach, in. A fundraising event really, do you, really have three, important. Fundraising. Segments. Right because, basically three customer segments, the easiest way to think about three different customers one we have the organization, right the organization, is trying to raise money as well, as the fundraiser, organizer. Who's, spearheading that effort we're not an easy task, the, second, fundraising. Mentor, customer segments are the volunteers right, right you got fundraiser organizer, you. Have the parents, you have the children, all, of those that are actually. Actively. Involved, in raising the fund troops on the ground area. And then the third the third party, and all of that in this you know fundraising. Sector. We. Have to get the donors, themselves, right, we're.

Actually Going through the friends the families the neighbors, who, are being asked to donate money and receiving, the product. Yeah absolutely so on that note and receiving the product underneath. Her fundraising, power program. What, we're really trying to focus on are what are some key best practices to, achieve, an increase, in participation and. An. Increase in product, sales right, key. One that we have really focused a lot on is the quality, of the product right right definitely, a best practice, right so that that's a big differential offering, a quality quality product, is gonna be happy to the donor mmm who's actually purchasing. The product, and. At a discounted, price right. The. Batteries, are actually. They're. Receiving batteries at almost, 50 percent less than they typically would in a retail store right correct. Also. Not, only are we pleasing now when we go back to that fund, raise these segments, so now not, only pleasing our donors, but. In dish that we've made our fundraising, organizer, happy, we've. Read our volunteers, happy, because, they're, the ones promoting. And representing. The product. So. So, cute so justjust they're that basic, best practice, is, we could check that box right. Quality. Product, and and, having, something that everyone. Is happy with the donor fundraiser, organizer, as well as the volunteers, just, there. Are two things that did highlight what we do okay we, talked earlier about the collaboration. Where basically, the franchisee, will sit with the fundraising. Organization. And figure, out what's how that's gonna work Alan's, gonna custom, we're gonna do a custom product, for you our custom program, for you the. Other things that we do we give everyone a, tips, and tricks guide that, that, lays out what we've learned and, and, best, practices, from how's your fundraiser gonna be successful and then we offer them tools okay. We offering different things that you don't necessarily get another with, other fundraising, companies, so we have a landing page which is an e-commerce site that ties into our back ecommerce site that's branded, also by the way to the school very important, not only does that allow, you to fundraise. And and. Which, generates, better sales for, the, organization, better revenue for the franchisee. But. Locally. Okay but we're taking these local, fundraisers, and we're making them national, now you can share that link to this fund to this landing, page throughout. Social, media you, can send. It to Grandma that's in Boise Idaho. One. Off just to Boise. And this is so huge and let me explain why and we're kind of going off in different tangents. So another. Key, practice. For the fundraising power is, just, like you said it's, it's the maintenance right it's. Actually, the, fundraiser, maintenance. Ease so. Being able to provide them with the tools and the guys on best tips and practices, to be effective, and running that fundraiser but, when we say tools we're talking about the online don't donor portal right we're talking about the order cards we're, talking about managing the entire, fulfillment. Okay all the way down to the shipping and we take it a step further and if you fundraising. Organizers. Are out here listening, to this this is gonna really really excite them yes. We do the pre, assortment. Of the, product, by. Participant. Correct so. Say it was huge okay, let me tell me if ya explain that yeah basically what that means is this once, when, the product, is shipped to the fundraising. Organization, you. Can imagine it then needs to be distributed. All, of the donors, that actually, purchased the product, so, to have it already, pre organized. Pre-sorted. For your donor based, upon, the.

The The participant. That sold it saves. A ton, of time a, lot. Of distribution. Ease yeah, because if somebody, buys five five pack they get bundled that five pack to be delivered based, on its exactly right so again. Another, key, best practice, when it comes to fundraising power a third, key. Item because I'm going to go back to our mission, here right and that. Is, to increase, participation, and. Product, sales. Charles. You just hit on something which is not, only the online donor portal, it really what we're doing is is rich, we're expand, we're, expanding our reach and this, is what I mean by that you used a great example I'm, gonna I'm going to give a personal story I, have. A nephew. His name's Heath he lives in Asheville North Carolina he, just recently, had to do a fundraiser and they, were their, product, coupon. Books local, coupon books guess. What cannibalized, him he. Could not sell local, coupon, books to aunt Pam in, Georgia grandma. In Ohio uncle. Jeff in Florida, so, so, all of sudden he, could have easily had ten, additional. Product. Sales just. By being able to have. An extended, reach that's a great boy having an online donor. Portal, to be able to do that and, that goes back to the e is for the poor parents, I always think about the, situation. And also all the candies, that are typically sold so this is calorie free. And. The shelf life was an issue with a lot of a similar. Type products and people for him you know you talk about logistics and just real quickly take. Cookie, dough is a good example Dido has to remain frozen big time so, the, order has to come in you have to be they're very time-sensitive have, to does yeah. You have to do I mean you it's a whole logistical, process where we don't have that but the other thing about that portal, just also real quickly is, it. Not, only does it take a local fundraiser and give it a national reach right yeah it, also allows you to run a continuous. Fundraiser, so you can run your fundraiser, and we keep that portal, up for as long as you want to to keep it up so that order lead stays up forever. Is. That what, you were talking about you alluded to earlier what, intrigued, you as a, potential. Franchisee. Coming on board is the, ongoing residual. Income is, that speak to that currency, could do a one-time campaign, but those orders, could kind of have additional. Shelf life absolutely, uh grandma. In Boise, hotels. A. Website. Actually now, typically, with the fundraiser there there is a set time sure is an event but you're right you can have, it carry on and one of the things that makes I'm going to go back to our fundraising power, key. Best practices, is. Having, something, we're trying to increase participation right, so, how do we increase participation, very. Often you do that with incentive. Programs, so, another. Thing again this goes back to Charles philosophy, and also his commitment, to us, wanting, to make sure that these fundraisers.

Are Being successful. What, Charles, has stepped in and said you know what in order. To make a fundraiser, successful, very often there needs to be an incentive program. Yeah. And. To keep people motivated keep, them excited to increase that participation, and, one, of the things Charles has offered up is he, says you know what I want to do I actually. Want to also give, in to the fundraiser and how I'm going to do that is I'm, going to give 10%, of. The. Product, sales to, go toward, an incentive. Budget, and to, allow that fundraiser. Organizer, to, collectively. Work with the franchise, consultant, the franchisee, what's. The best way to use that budget. Right, yes, and. That funds, the, ability. For the front like you said the franchisee, to sit with the organization. To, implement. Something that's going to work because what you have right now in, in taking, your standard, elementary, school fundraiser is there's these little tchotchkes, right you, sell five of this you get this get a whistle yeah put your, hand. In the dinosaurs, mouth and see what comes out type of thing. And in in, while that's exciting, for the kids who you really need. To drive to be successful in, these in these fundraisers, are the, parents the teachers the the organizations, and give. Them the ability to custom. Create. A what, they think is going to work and using, our experience and using the franchisees, experience, is, is is a game changer I bring what I know this is very early on I don't know if you have an example of that or maybe in a future show like what an example of an incentive that. A, school or that PTO might. Look. To incorporate we're. Gonna, we're gonna do that as an add-on okay because that could be a whole showing. Itself as stories, from the. Whole. Showing itself one, other thing but along, lines of the incentive programs, and things like that that also feeds into what I consider to be a key, best practice, for fundraising power are, just, having fun right I like, you said putting the app UN.

Because. I was thinking earlier when you're talking about the franchisee, perspective, a lot of times you get excited about a franchise. But, then you've realized all the moving parts to it that you've taken off the table right because now I got to design the logo and so forth and I got to deliver the product and I get handle, the shipping, and so forth and that puts. The fun for, the franchisee. That's. My game plan. Fun. Breezy, and the fun and fun right, we're. On it, but. I do I do, think that's a big component of it and and batteries may not be sexy but you can have a lot of fun with the theme you, can have a lot of fun with the branded, custom, branded, boxes, all the way from I like, to say volt to victory, fundraising. Power get. Charged all right, there's so many fun things you can create we just finished a fundraiser down, in, the Jacksonville, area where. For a church, that, we're. Where. They, we, realized, that that having, a theme for a fundraiser, is, important. It's it's critical so we actually use the charge up for the playground, as one, of our franchisees came up with that and it, was very successful they really let. The, participants, get behind not, only the purpose but it was sort of fun with the logos and the art that we created with absolutely. We. Are we are going to have to we, could go on and on obviously, you can hear the excitement our voices about this emerging. Franchise, opportunity. And the excitement in my voice, to. Be AC. G3 battery fundraising, franchisee. So. I guess if, anyone, is interested in, learning more about becoming. A franchisee. Feel, free to either call myself, you. Know Pamela curry I'm always accessible, to you at eight four seven nine, seven zero. Eight seven six five and, naturally. You can always reach out to me via email email. Address is Pam at. Franchise. Intellect. Comm and I'm still here as your franchise advisor as well nothing. Has changed on that front Charles. If someone wanted to reach, you, how would they go about doing that the. Fundraising. Power org, for the website okay, excellent search. For fundraising power on Facebook, and make sure you like us that's. Important, I've been told. If. You want to call the, our, main number it's six seven eight two four seven thirteen, twenty three is is our main company, number and. We, can we can get you pointed in the right direction if, you're in a territory with one of our franchisees as well and and, let me say first of all thank you for having oh, and. More, importantly I haven't had an opportunity to say how excited we are that you're a franchisee, thank you because, when. We talked about the what, you do and what you need in a ideal. Candidate, your that and more so we're very excited, for working. Thank. You Charles that means a lot to me I'm very excited, and just, in closing I I do want, to, just. Kind of come, from the desk of Ken Douglas here a message from Ken. Ken, even though I was able to join us here in the studio he, did share with us that he, went to the International. Franchise Association, convention, in Phoenix a couple weeks ago and, apparently. It was the highest, attendance. For a non, Las, Vegas event. So. Wow, big news there and his. Takeaway, from all the keynotes, and the meetings, one, point that really stood, out and was very clear that franchising. Is exploding, and all. The economic, indicators are, strong. Not. Only in the economy, but franchising. As well so we like to hear that right those are some really positive signs, for. Those of you that are listening and, wanting to know what our coming events are occurring we have the multi-unit, franchising. Conference, being sponsored by franchise, update media, that, is happening in Las Vegas, April. 3rd through the 6th at Caesars, Palace. Another, event coming up right here in our own backyard is women's.

Franchise, Network which is on Tuesday April 24th. That's Tuesday April 24th, even, though it's a women's franchise network men, are invited, so please do not let that preclude. You from joining, us that is from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at. City Club in Buckhead and last. But not least there is also a franchise consumer. Marketing, conference, that's happening on June 19th. Through the 21st at the, Intercontinental Hotel, right here in Bekaa right right across the street from the studio. So. With that being said I think we are going to go ahead and say off sign-off, and I just want to say thanks. To our listeners, for tuning in to the franchise business, radio show once, again to learn more about franchising. Opportunities. And or, fundraising. Power please. Contact me, Pamela curry at eight four seven, nine, seven zero. Eight seven, six five I guess, I'm officially not only the, host of franchise business radio not, only the franchise, advisor that wants to guide you but I'd be happy to be your fundraising consultant to, thank. You for tuning in. Thank. You again for joining Pam, Korean, our guests, on the franchise business, radio show, sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info and franchise. Intellect, comm also. Made possible in part by social. Joie the social media experts, that provide I have local presence for your franchise, more. Info at social. Joey com, use. The social media links here to share today's show and check out more episodes, at franchise. Business, You.

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